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1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK Before starting a new job you should know everything there is to know about your new employers: trawl their website, have a quick search on LinkedIn and take another look over the induction pack sent across with the initial job offer. Unsure about your specialist subject on Mastermind? The new company of course! 2. NIGHTY NIGHT A good night’s sleep is essential if you want to kick some serious ass on your first day. And if you’re feeling fretful, make yourself a cup of camomile tea, turn on a soothing radio drama and dab a couple of drops of lavender oil on your pillowcase. Yep, we know it sounds old-grannyish but the soporific combination of heady lavender scent and dulcet Radio 4 tones will send you to the land of nod in no time. 3. PREPARATION IS KEY Whether you’re showered, dressed and ready in a cool 20 minutes or a more leisurely hour, make life that little bit easier for yourself by choosing your outfit the night before. If you’re super-efficient, you could even check the weather forecast to avoid donning the wrong footwear (flip flops in a thunderstorm is never a good look).

if traffic’s looking dodgy you can always rely on a trusty Uber to get you where you need to be. 7. FOOD FOR THOUGHT (II) To bring lunch or not to bring lunch – that is the question. On the one hand, rocking up with packed lunch in hand might help you feel prepared; on the other, you’d be surprised by how many people favour taking their new colleague out for a bite on their first day. Whatever you decide, don’t pass up on the offer of a team lunch: it’ll be vital for building those relationships and settling in with your new workmates. 8. I NEED A HERO! Within a few hours at the new job you might be able to spot a particularly friendly and approachable looking colleague who could be your go-to for any questions. Whilst your manager should be on hand to help out, it’s probably best not to bombard them if they’re looking super-stressed (remember, Google search can be a lifesaver). FIRST DAY DOs AND DON’Ts

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4. EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES Unless you’ve been informed of a dress code, steer clear of aforementioned flip flops and t-shirt, and instead don something a little more formal. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted what your new colleagues were wearing at interview stage – take your cue from the smartest amongst them and you’ll fit in nicely. 5. FOOD FOR THOUGHT A good brekkie is guaranteed to set you in good stead and hopefully settle that fluttering stomach. Whilst some people like to grab a croissant nearby, others plump for a filling bowl of porridge at home – perfect if you want to avoid stomach-rumbling munchies at 11am. 6. MAP MY ROUTE The last thing you need before a big day is a stressful journey that sees you arrive at the office door a sodden, bedraggled mess. Check your CityMapper app for up-tothe minute updates on bus, train and tube routes – and

“Don’t pass up on the offer of a team lunch: it’ll be vital for building those relationships and settling in with your new teammates”

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Ask if you can make a cup of tea for your new colleagues Introduce yourself to every member of the office, even if they’re not part of your immediate team Make a little office desk plan to remind you of people’s names Get involved in office chat Go the extra mile with any task, no matter how straightforward it seems Say yes to after-work drinks (even if it is your first day – you can always leave after a swift shandy) Write everything down (you’ll have forgotten it all by 9am the next day).

DON’T • • • • • • • •

Rock up late Ask what time you finish Text your mates – even if you do need to arrange when you’re meeting for the cinema later Say that you don’t have any questions when asked – you must do, you’re new! Bring tuna or egg sandwiches for lunch – just don’t…. Assume cigarette breaks are the norm Stay late for the sake of it Forget to smile!

Ole October 2015  
Ole October 2015