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12. Careers Become a Qualified Professional ..................................... 12-13 ................................................................14 Jobs available in the Insurance Industry ........................................... 15-17 Tertiary Education Opportunities... 19-20 rcfha úYajúoHd, m%fõYh wfmalaId fkdlrk isiqka fjkqfjka ;D;Shsl wOHdmk ud¾. .21-22 ke.sákak" f,dalh Tn tk;=re n,d isáhs ....23




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26. IT Savvy Design Your Dream Job And Make It Happen....................................... 26-27

28. Green


A Green Perspective "Jack and the SOY Beanstalk"....... 28-30 foaY.=K fjkiaùï yuqfõ Y%S ,xldj uqyqK fok wNsfhda. .............. 31-32 Sustainable Urban Planning in Brazil...................................................33 Greening your Business.................. 34-35

CIM Toastmasters........................... 36 CIM Toastmasters iudch fY%aIaG;ajfhka bÈßhg.......................... 37 English Language Qulaifications .. 38 Clfj;Jiw ,isQh;fSf;F xU rthy;!................................................. 40-41

42. Youth Books I Love to Read The Holcroft Covenant.................... 42 Educational Movies The Prestige..................................... 43 Pirates of the Caribbean................. 44 Crossword . ..................................... 45 rEmjdyskS fj<`o oekaùï l,dj ¦ m%lg ikaksfõokh wm%lg ikaksfõokh iy ,xldfõ ;reK mrmqr................46-47 Youth and the Importance of Good Role Models . ...................48-49 ,izantspAk;> r%f ,ilntspAk;> ,isQHfSk;......................................... 50-51

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52. EDEX Notes World Environment Day ................. 52 cyf Rw;whly; jpdj;jpid....................... 53 Await EDEX 2012............................. 54 P.S. I Love You EDEX+Plus............. 56




36. Education

Protecting all at the Pinnacle...........3,4,6 wdrCIs; /ljrKhla lrd........................8,10



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The fourth issue of the EDEX+Plus Careers magazine showcases the Insurance Industry in its Careers section, and highlights the opportunities available in this lucrative industry in Sri Lanka. We hope that you will get an insight into the dynamics of insurance and will be encouraged to find jobs in this sector. We also focus on alternate Career paths for those who are unable to enter the University system, but posses diverse talents and skills.

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Continuing our spotlight on sustainable living, we highlight Green stories for you to gain an insight into Green thoughts and habits. The Royal College Drama Society’s captivating “Jack and the Soybean Stalk” comes alive in pictures that paint a thousand words, for all readers young and ‘young-at-heart’ as a special feature. We hope that you will write back to us and let us know your thoughts on the magazine.

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Published by EDEX+Plus EDEX Secretariat RCU Skills Centre Royal College Union Rajakeeya Mawatha Colombo 07

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Opinions expressed in the articles and in other material are those of the authors; they do not necessarily reflect the views or the policy of EDEX or the attached institutions.


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EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

Protecting all at the Pinnacle The Insurance Industry is thriving in Sri Lanka offering opportunities for those with a liking for finance and money markets, while being at service to people

Sharlene De Chickera and Prabath Fernando had an indepth discussion with the 'Giant in the Industry' to get an insight into this profitable industry for youth... Q. What is the nature of the insurance industry and what are its services to the country’s economy? Insurance companies play a significant role in wealth creation of a nation. Just like any other company, insurance companies create products, services and innovations, provide employment to many and pay taxes to government and spurs economic growth. The Sri Lankan Insurance industry is currently on a growth momentum and has recorded a 19.63 percent growth in 2010, compared to 2009, according to Insurance Board of Sri Lanka, which is the main regulatory body or ‘watch-dog’, of the industry. The life Insurance sector grew by 31 percent, and general insurance sector posted a growth of 11 percent last year. Moreover, funds and investments of the industry are used for development of the country. Through the apparatus of risk analysis and loss compensation, insurance industry provides strength of security to all economic and social sectors, enhancing freedom of individuals, nurturing entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring that economy remains smooth.

Ajith Gunawardena Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Ceylinco Insurance PLC (General Division) · 1978 - Joined the Ceylinco Group as Sales Manager, The Finance, Polonnaruwa Branch · Speedily rose to the position of Assistant General Manager-City Office · 1987 - Appointed Director, General Division of Ceylinco Insurance · His brainchild, On the Spot Claim Settlement transformed the sphere of insurance, which won the coveted Innovation of the Year Award at the Asian Insurance Awards in 2003 and 2006. Considered as the “father of on the spot” claims settlement; innovator of a globally recognized unique process in an industry that is centuries old and has been continuously fathered and nurtured by Westerners. · Under his leadership, Ceylinco Insurance received a rare accolade for being among the top four General Insurance Companies in Asia in 2000 and has held the position of market leader in Sri Lanka continuously since 2004

It is also a sector that has many opportunities for youth of this country, both in urban and surburban locations. EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine



Q. What is the significance of the insurance industry in finance markets? Without insurance contracts, transactions would be more costly and difficult, and most likely, a bulk of them would never take place, economy would lag behind, never reaching its potential. Also insurance gives strength and a sense of guarantee to financial products thus lowering costs. Q. As an employer, do you see the insurance industry as having a potential to create more career opportunities in SL? Yes. The insurance industry currently has 19 players and all these companies need human resources. It has lot more potential to grow in the future and when the industry grows, with expansion of branch networks for example, we will need more people. The incentive schemes are an attraction to employees and prospective employees, as beyond a basic salary, a sales person can earn commissions. This component becomes attractive to such people who thrive on performance based incentive schemes. Q. What career opportunities are available for youth in the insurance industry? They have many opportunities in areas such as sales and marketing, finance, technical, risk management, etc. There is


EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

With anticipated growth, all players in the insurance industry need human resources. It has a lot more potential to grow, with expanding branch networks

also scope to employ automobile engineers. We employ over 200 qualified automobile engineers at present. If you look at the number of jobs created by the industry, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure the figure will be over 50,000. Q. Is it an industry that can provide opportunities, in greater numbers to rural youth? Yes, of course. When penetration increases there will be more outlets in rural

areas. (at the moment the penetration level of the industry is just 10-12%) Moreover, when economic activities reach villagers and when the potential of these areas increase, opportunities will be enormous. For a company it is always advantageous to recruit people from the respective areas as they will have a better understanding of the area, opportunities, people, their habits etc. and also they will have more time to dedicate to work. When youth see successful seniors in the industry, they are also drawn to join the same industry and do well. Q. Is it an industry where youth can earn while they learn? Of course yes. We have school leavers who have advanced to a six figure monthly income within one year of joining us, while advancing in their careers at a rapid pace. They can enter the industry at postsecondary education level, and complete further exams related to ACII (Associate of Chartered Institute of Insurance â&#x20AC;&#x201C; UK) conducted through the Insurance Association of Sri Lanka or CIM, CIMA or by any other professional body. Otherwise one could join the industry on a part time basis not necessarily to do two jobs but could work as an agent and earn some extra money. Many are self employed in doing this and this is an accepted norm worldwide.

EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine


Pinnacle Q. What categories of employees are necessary, such as skilled/ unskilled, professional, trained, etc? Mainly it is skilled in a chosen field. Almost all industry players offer training for new recruits. When employing youth we generally look for personnel who have perseverance, dedication, honesty and integrity as qualities that ‘stand the test’ of work ethics.

The Future is Now


Q. In your estimate, what will be the nature of industry’s human resources requirement for next 10/ 20 years? As you know general insurance is very closely linked with the country’s economic activities. Hence, when the economy grows potential for insurance and opportunities will increase. Networks of all industry players will see a growth. Similarly HR requirements will also increase. It is not an easy task to give numbers but it certainly will be significant. Q. As an industry person, do you think we can fulfill those human resources requirements? Yes of course. During the past we experienced a heavy brain drain. If you could arrest this we need not worry at all. We have every reason to believe that this could be done with changing times and with the new peace that prevails, the future is bright for the country. This country produces an intelligent work force. Q. Are special skills/ qualifications necessary? Skills are needed. Qualifications will always be an added advantage. Q. What types of soft skills are necessary for the industry? Soft skills are needed for any industry or for any kind of employment. Similarly we too need them. More over, we are in the service industry. Today, the name of the game is speed. Customers are extremely demanding, they expect on the spot solutions. You need to be extremely alert and prepared, always.


EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

Maritime Campus School leavers with good skills advance to six figure monthly income levels within a short period of taking a plunge into the insurance industry Q. Will there be opportunities for other professions (nor directly related to insurance industry) to be part of this industry, with gainful employment opportunities? Yes, risk managers. IT professionals, engineers, accountants, automobile engineers, marketing professionals as well as an enormous amount of suppliers. Q. Is the insurance market enough for all the insurance companies to thrive? What are the new options available? At the moment, the market seems to be somewhat saturated with too many players, and the number of players are adequate for next few years. Q. What are the new trends, policies, changes taking place in the insurance industry? What potential growth is anticipated in the industry? An area of concern for the insurance industry will be natural catastrophes that

ravaged the Asian region and the world in the recent past which have claimed many lives and resulted in losses amounting to billions of rupees. This highlights the need for insurers to increase their efforts and to analyze risks in much greater detail to provide insurance at affordable rates. It is incumbent upon the industry at large to play a pivotal role in educating the masses about benefits of insurance. As I said earlier, penetration levels are quite low compared to other nations in the region. Many innovations will drive the industry to a new paradigm but one needs to identify such a need or a vacuum in the market. Living in an age where technological marvels have become a part of day to day lives, the world is increasingly more demanding when it comes to the speed of delivery of a product or service. This is another area the industry should seriously take note of.

The Colombo International Nautical & Engineering College which is popularly called and known as the CINEC Maritime Campus nestles in the picturesque suburbs of Malabe. Established in the year 1990 CINEC bears the unique distinction of having its foundation on four distinct quality management systems which is rarely found elsewhere. ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Standard, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management system; and DNV Standard for Maritime Academies collectively provides for the quality of the human resource produced through the network of academic excellence at CINEC. CINEC is the only organization in Sri Lanka to win the Prestigious National Quality Award for three consecutive occasions and it is the proud winner of Asia Pacific Quality Award for “Best in Class Education Organization” year 2010. There are countless Universities and Colleges throughout the world and a myriad of educational programs. Moreover, higher education is the key to a successful career path and there are hundreds of Sri Lankan students who wish to do their higher studies after completion of their O/Ls and A/Ls and what better place than in a world class campus right here on home soil. CINEC presents an expanding horizon for a value added education system that could successfully deal with the mismatch between student demand and market needs that currently prevail. CINEC, Sri Lanka's largest private institute of higher education with branches in Colombo City, Trincomalee and Jaffna provides World Class Excellence in Education and Training. It caters for over 14,000 students annually, who follow a range of over 150 study and training programs on offer, all leading to highly sought-after opportunities of employment in fields of Maritime activities, Logistics and Transportation, Engineering, and in Information Technology. Help is on the way and it's in the form of a premier and a pioneering higher educational institution launched by a group of eminent educationalists, CINEC offers programs to suit everyone and the choices are many. CINEC offers internationally recognized degree programs affiliated with foreign universities: in Australia, UK and China, giving the opportunity for Sri Lankan students to

excel in higher education in the different fields. The organizational structure of CINEC consists of 4 main faculties delivering over 150 quality educational programs, all leading to gainful employment in Maritime, Logistics, IT and General Engineering which Disciplines from certificate level to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degrees. The academic faculties at CINEC are amongst some of the best found in the country. Our staffs are both qualified and competent in the relevant subject areas with long years of teaching and counselling experience. The Faculty of Maritime Sciences offers courses in Navigation, Maritime Safety and Survival and Marine Communication. The Faculty of Marine Engineering offer courses in Marine Engineering, Marine Electrical and Electronics and Industrial Engineering. The Faculty of Engineering Sciences offer courses in Electronics and Communication, Mechatronics, Mechanical, Automotive Systems and Engineering Design Management as well as Ocean Engineering, Marine and Offshore Systems Engineering and Naval Architecture. The Faculty of Management offers courses in International Transportation and Logistics which paves the way for students to secure highly desirable positions of employment, locally as well as internationally, in fields of Logistics, Transportation, Freight Forwarding, International Trade, Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Management. CINEC IT is an associate ICT education and training institution of CINEC, which delivers quality ICT training in Sri Lanka. Programs conducted at CINEC IT offers courses leading students up to Diploma, Advanced Diploma and which leads eventually to a degree in Information & Communication Technology. CINEC has some of the best sports and recreational facilities for students which provides for the opportunity to keep them both physically and spiritually active enabling them to excel academically. CINEC students are can participate at Yoga sessions, social dancing, music and other social activities within the Campus which gives them the right balance to cope with the rigours associated with employment.

Join us and experience in first hand after your O/L’s and A/L’s… EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine



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EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

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EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

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EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine




Become a Qualified Professional By Prabath Fernando

Qualifications are the most important aspect that defines a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s career. Qualifications coupled with the amount of experience a person has obtained in a specific field determines the employability of that person and the value of that person to employers. Therefore to go higher up in the career ladder, it is very important to posses correct qualifications in the corresponding field or profession. Taking correct decisions on the type of qualifications one should obtain, as early as possible, is the key to a successful career There are two main types of qualifications, namely academic qualifications and professional qualifications. The academic qualifications are the qualifications one can obtain from an educational institute by


EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

satisfying specified evaluation criteria after completing a course of study. In contrast, professional qualifications are the qualifications offered by professional associations and the assessment criterion is varied from one qualification to the other.

Many professional qualifications require passing an examination but also will depend on other assessment criteria like on the job experience. The assessment criteria are determined by professional bodies established to govern different professions. When deciding on a career path, it is very important to understand the type of qualifications required to practice that profession. There are some professions where it is mandatory to hold a qualification recognized by the professional association that governs the corresponding profession. For example, to become a practitioner of legal profession in Sri Lanka, one must pass the examinations held by the Law College which functions under Council of Legal Education. There are other academic qualifications in the legal profession such as LL.B. degree program of the Colombo University which does not entitle a person to be a legal practitioner. But these academic qualifications are recognized by the Council of Legal Education which allows successful candidates to enter the legal profession by passing certain stipulated subject wise examinations of the Low College. Similarly, to practice the medical profession, one must obtain a degree from a medical school that is

individuals to engage in continuous professional development to keep current with the latest developments of the industry or profession. This practice ensures that individuals practicing each profession continue to develop their kills and learn the latest developments in the industry they work in. The continuous professional development of individuals usually takes the form of participating in industry specific workshops, participating in activities of the professional body, publishing papers and related activities. This aspect of professional membership enhances the value of a professional in the eyes of employers.

recognized by the Medical Council of Sri Lanka. Some foreign medical degrees would still require you to pass the Examination for Registration to Practice Medicine conducted by the Sri Lanka Medical Council before being recognized as a medical practitioner. The important point to note is that, holding any educational qualification will not enable you to enter into the required profession by default. There are other professions where it is not mandatory to possess a professional qualification or affiliation to a professional body to practice the profession in general, but the professional recognition is required to carry out some activities related to the profession. If you take the accounting profession for example, anyone with a proper academic qualification in the field of accounting can become an accounting professional, but would require professional membership of an accounting body to authorize or certify certain accounting material such as company accounts. Similarly you can practice the profession of architecture if you have a proper academic qualification in architecture, but would require professional membership of Sri Lanka Institute of Architects to provide statutory recognition to building plans submitted to certain government institutes and local authorities. Chartered professionals Many professional bodies award the status of chartered professional to individuals that satisfy requirements to become a full professional member of the corresponding professional body in terms of qualifications, experience and other relevant criteria. Usually, it is mandatory for the individuals to pass a professional examination conducted by the professional body after completing a proper course of study. In many instances, equivalent academic qualifications offered by recognized higher education institutes are also considered in place of examinations conducted by the professional body. The more important aspect of gaining professional membership is capability to carry out related tasks, demonstrated by way of on the job experience for a specific period. During the assessment to award the professional membership, depth and breadth of an individualâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s experience in the relevant industry is evaluated to ascertain this capability. By

Code of conduct

There are some professions where it is mandatory to hold a qualification recognized by the professional association that governs the corresponding profession awarding the professional membership to an individual by a professional body, it endorses quality, skills, capability and ethical behavior of the relevant individual to engage in that profession. This is a high level of professional recognition one can obtain and will enable rapid career growth and provide more career opportunities. Therefore, it is very important not only to choose the proper educational qualifications, but also to choose relevant training and employment required to obtain necessary experience leading to chartered professional status. Continuous professional development Most professional qualifications or membership in professional bodies require

Every professional organization has a code of conduct and expects its members to strictly adhere to provisions laid down in that. The code of conduct typically governs how an individual should engage in the profession, how to handle issues like confidentiality, aspects related to marketing the services, etc. It is very important that every professional properly studies their relevant code of conduct and adhere to it in all instances. Any breach in the code of conduct usually leads to the individual being expelled from the professional body and will lose the privilege to engage in that profession. Pure academic career paths If a person is only interested in a pure academic career path, then that person should not worry about professional qualifications or membership in professional bodies. For example, if you are interested in a career in legal education, it is sufficient to obtain only an academic qualification in legal education. But you will never get the chance to practice as a lawyer. Similarly, in other professions, there are academic or research based career paths available for individuals who do not posses professional qualifications. As an aspiring youth seeking a successful career, it is important to decide on the type of career you wish to pursue as early as possible and make the correct choices and select the correct options and grab correct opportunities in order to climb to the top of the career ladder.

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Jobs available in the Insurance Industry

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The Insurance Industry offers many interesting options for youth seeking job opportunities. EDEX+Plus maps out some key positions in the General and Life insurance segments, with entry level qualifications


Risk Management

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Job Description

Entry Qualifications


Starting Salary

Risk Engineer

To carry out pre and post underwriting inspections, loss assessments and risk improvements while constantly reporting to management.

B.Sc Engineering or equivalent with experience in Civil or Mechanical fields at a reputed company.

Minimum 3 - 5 years field experience in risk assessment.

Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 35,000/(based on experience)

G.C.E (A/L) and professional qualification from ICASL or CIMA. Finalists from either examination may also be considered.

Suitable previous experience in insurance.

Loss Adjustor/ Accountant

To investigate complex or contentious claims and help policyholders restore their properties conduct investigations at site, determine causes for ‘loss’(damage or destruction of property); present comprehensive reports to management for decision making.

Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 35,000/(based on experience)

G.C.E. (O/L) with credits in Math & English.

No experience required.

Rs. 14,500/- to Rs 18,000/-.

Insurance Analyst

Evaluate and underwrite risks and handle claims as per Company guide lines; fulfillment of basic underwriting formalities in accordance with underwriting guidelines.

G.C.E. (A/L) with a related Diploma or Certificate in Insurance from a recognized institute.

2 – 3 years experience.

Junior Insurance Executive

Evaluate and underwrite risks and handle claims as per Company guide lines; handling customer complaints and inquiries and preparation of statements and management information.

Rs. 16,000/- to Rs. 22,000/-.

Evaluate and underwrite risks and handle claims as per Company guide lines; handling customer complaints/ inquiries; supervision of counter/ line staff; preparation of management information.

G.C.E. (A/L) with a related Diploma/ Certificate in Insurance from recognized institute.

More than 3 years experience.

Rs. 17,500/- to Rs. 28,000/(based on experience).

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Insurance Executive

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Job Description

Entry Qualifications

G.C.E. (O/L) with a course related to motor mechanism, with academic content of minimum 2 years from a Vocational Training Institute; or 4 year fulltime automobile & motor mechanism course at CGTTI or NAB.

Minimum 6 months – 1 year experience.

Rs. 15,500/- to Rs. 24,000/-.

Technical Assistant (Automobile)

Asses damages to vehicles either at site or otherwise with impartial & professional assessments and available on-call for inspections. Educate customers on repair options.

Junior Technical Executive (Automobile)

Asses damages to vehicles either site or otherwise with impartial & professional assessments and available on-call for inspections. Educate customers on repair options.

G.C.E. (O/L) with overseas experience in automobile trade; certificate course related to automobiles & motor mechanism from City & Guilds or any other recognized institute.

Considerable overseas experience or 2 – 3 years experience in automobile trade.

Rs. 16,500/- to Rs. 28,000/-.

G.C.E. (A/L) and Higher National Diploma in Engineering (HNDE), National Diploma in Technology (NDT) or equivalent qualification from City & Guilds with industrial training experience from a recognized institute.

3 – 5 years experience in automobile trade.

Rs. 18,000/- to Rs. 32,000/-

Technical Executive (Automobile)

Asses damages to vehicles either site or otherwise with impartial & professional assessments and available on-call for inspections. Educate customers on repair options.

Asses damages to vehicles either site or otherwise with impartial & professional assessments and available on-call for inspections. Educate customers on repair options. Supervise Technical Executives.

B.Sc (Mechanical Engineering) or National Diploma in Technology (NDT) or equivalent qualification from City & Guilds by a full time course with 5 years experience.

Minimum 3 – 5 years experience. (No experience required for graduates).

Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 40,000/-

Handle all customer inquiries & complaints received in a timely and accurate manner, ensuring highest levels of customer service at all times.

G.C.E. (O/L) with a credit in English. Excellent command of spoken English.

No experience required.

From Rs.12,500/- to 18,000/- .

Handle all customer inquiries & complaints received whilst shouldering additional responsibility of a shift leader.

G.C.E. (O/L) with a credit in English. Excellent command of spoken and written English.

More than 1 year experience in a similar capacity.

From Rs. 13,500/to Rs. 20,000/(based on experience)

Marketing Executive (Contract Basis)

Achieve given sales targets and maintain customer satisfaction through service excellence.

G.C.E. (O/L).

No experience required.

Marketing Executive (Permanent Basis)

Achieve given sales targets and maintain customer satisfaction through service excellence.

G.C.E. (O/L).

Sales / Marketing

Customer Care

Automobile Engineer


Customer Care Assistant

Customer Care Executive

EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine


Starting Salary


Sales / Marketing



Job Description

Assistant Sales Manager

Achieve agreed sales targets and maintain customer satisfaction through service excellence. Conduct underwriting inspections, evaluate and facilitate prudent underwriting and monitoring performances of a team of marketing executives.

G.C.E. (A/L), with two credits in Maths & English and passed G.C.E. (O/L) with Professional Qualifications related to Marketing .

2 – 3 years experience in a similar capacity.

From Rs. 15,000/ - to Rs. 25,000/- (based on experience) and Commissions averaging from Rs. 15,000 to One million.

Sales Manager

Achieve agreed sales targets and maintain satisfaction through service excellence. To conduct underwriting inspections, evaluate and facilitate prudent underwriting. To handle a sales force and be responsible for targets whilst maintaining relevant sales records.

G.C.E. (A/L) with two credit passes for Maths and English at G.C.E. (O/L). Professional Qualifications related to Marketing (SLIM or CIM) preferred.

More than 3 years experience.

From Rs. 25,000/ - to Rs. 35,000/-(based on experience) and Commissions averaging from Rs. 15,000/- to One million.

Check & prepare documents for payments, bank reconciliations; prepare of final accounts.

G.C.E. (A/L) with AAT stage 3 or Foundation level qualification at examinations conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICASL).

Minimum 2 years experience.

Rs. 15,500/- to Rs 18,000/-. Rs. 15,500/- to Rs 18,000/-.

Assist line managers at recruitment interviews and administration work related to personnel; coordinate induction training programmes for new recruits and other activities related to training.

G.C.E. (A/L) with Foundation course in Human Resources Management at Institute of Personnel Management (IPM).

No experience required.

Rs. 12,500/- to Rs 20,000/- .

Supervise implementation of HR policies & procedures, manuals; handling HR information systems and provide information required by management.

G.C.E. (A/L) with Certificate course in Human Resources Management at Institute of Personnel Management (IPM).

2 – 3 years experience in a similar capacity.

Rs. 18,000/- to Rs 24,000/-.

Financial Services Assistant

More than 1 year experience in similar capacity.

Rs. 8,000/- + Commissions, averaging from Rs. 15,000 to One million.

Rs. 10,000/- + Commissions, averaging from Rs. 15,000 to One million.

Ancillary / Office




Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Executive

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Entry Qualifications


jkJ njhopy; njhlh;ghd eph;thf epajpfisf; fw; w pUg; g Jld; mtw; i w midj; J re; j h; g ; g q; f spYk; fUj; j pw; nfhz;L nraw;gLtJ kpf Kf;fpakhdjhFk;. toikahf> eph;thf epajpapd; VNjDk; xOq; F kP w yhdJ xUtiuf; Fwpj; j njhopw;fsj;jpy; ,Ue;J mfw;wTk; mj; n jhopypy; njhlh; e ; J <LgLtjw; f hd rYifia ,of;fTk; NehpLk;. rPuhd fy;tp> njhopy; ghijfs; xUth; rPuhd fy;tp> njhopy; ghijnahd;wpy; kl; L k; Mh; t k; cilatuhapd; > mth; njhopy; r hh; jifik my; y J njhopy; epWtd mq;fj;Jtk; vd;gd njhlh;ghf fUj;jpw; nfhs;s Ntz;ba mtrpakpy;iy. cjhuzkhf ePqf ; s; rl;lj;Jiwapy; njhopy;

Starting Salary

Ghpa tpUk;gpd; rl;lf; fy;tp rk;ge;jkhd fy;tpj;jifikia kl;Lk; nfhz;bUj;jy; NghJkhdJ. Mdhy; cq; f shy; xU rl;lj;juzpahfg; gzpahw;w KbahJ. mNj Nghy; NtW njhopw; JiwfspYk; fy;tp my;yJ Muha;r;rp njhlh;ghd njhopypy; <Lglf; $ba topfs; ,Ug;gpDk; jdpg;gl;l xUth; Njitg;gLk; xU Fwpj;j njhopy;rhh; jifikiaf; nfhz;bUf;f rhj;jpakpy;iy. vdNt ntw;wpal P l ; f; $ba njhopy; Jiwia NjLk; ,isQh; $ba tpiutpy; jdf;Fg; nghUj;jkhd njhopiyj; jPu;khdpg;gJld; mj;Jiwapy; Kd;Ndw;wkilaj; Njitahd rhpahd njhpTifis mwpe;J mtw;iwj; Njh; e ; n jLj; J nghUj; j khd njhopy; tha;g;igf; fz;lwpjy; Kf;fpakhdjhFk;.

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Tertiary Education Opportunities for those Not

Entering the Conventional Universities

By Prof. Dayantha Wijeyesekera Now that the selections to the state conventional universities in Sri Lanka are being finalized with the cut-off points made available, it would be relevant to those aspiring other avenues of Tertiary Education to be made aware of the opportunity. For various reasons even those who have obtained eligibility to enter the state conventional university, prefer to pursue and are searching for other avenues of Tertiary Education up to degree or degree equivalent level. Tertiary Education is post secondary school education including higher education of which a major component is University education along with Professional education, Tertiary education, Vocational training, Skills development etc. While 195,112 students out of 310,641 who have sat for G.C.E. O/ Level have secured entry to the G.C.E. A/ Level, the admissions to conventional university system which is usually the highest preference has the possibility of only about 22,000 places. This would mean that there are nearly 173,100 assuming they all obtain the minimum GCE A/L requirements would have to seek non- state conventional university higher education, such as Higher Diplomas, National Diplomas in the Higher Education system or other forms of Tertiary Education as the diagram above and also in the table shown below. While some Member Associations of the Organization of Professional Associations (OPA) have recognized degree equivalent Professional Courses, there are many other opportunities available in the Tertiary Education system for those with or without GCE O/L or GCE A/L qualifications respectively. These Tertiary Education opportunities should be pursued through TVEC registered courses of study and these


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FIELDS OF STUDY IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS Agriculture Plantation and Livestock


Art Design and Media (Visual and Performing)

Leather and Footwear

Automobile Repair and Maintenance

Marine and Nautical Science

Aviation and Aeronautics

Mechatronics Technology

Building and Construction

Medical and Health Science

Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication

Metal and Light Engineering

Finance Banking and Management

Office Management

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Personal and Community Development

Food Technology

Printing and Packaging

Gem and Jewellery

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Hotel and Tourism

Textile and Garments

Human Recourses Management

Trainer Training

Information Communication and Multimedia Technology

Wood Related

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Most of these courses of study are now being aligned to the National Vocational Qualifications framework (NVQF) which ranges from NVQ levels 1 to 7, where level 7 is at degree level for some selected fields at the University of Vocational Technology are available in the fields of study as shown below in the table, with most of them in many provinces in Sri Lanka. Most of these courses of study are now being aligned to the National Vocational Qualifications framework (NVQF) which ranges from NVQ levels 1 to 7, where level 7 is at degree level for some selected fields at the University of Vocational Technology at Ratmalana. Since there appears to be a lack of sufficient awareness among senior secondary school students, parents and school authorities of these TVEC registered

Institutes and courses, further information should be sought for the pursuance of these courses on Tertiary and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) from the TVEC at the 3rd Floor, “ Nipunatha Piyasa” located at No 354/2 Elvitigala Mawatha or by contacting tel. no. 0115849291. Furthermore, these details could be obtained from the website www.tvec. and linking to the TVET Guide 2011. While some of these courses of study would be competency based, they could be pursued on a part time basis, while being in employment or training. In addition, to the state conventional university system,

the Open University of Sri Lanka (through open and distance learning), other Higher Education Institutes, there are many other avenues and opportunities for Tertiary Education which should be sought by those who have left the secondary school seeking further education outside the conventional state university system and higher education. It is very important and relevant that careful early decisions are taken rather than wasting time on repeating secondary education examinations, which can also be done if strongly desired, while being in tertiary education and vocational training.

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EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

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IT Savvy



IIT proved through their recent success stories, that they turn out students who highly employable and widely recognized as the best in the field.

The perfect job is one you would do even without a pay

IIT has won a series of prestigious awards. The gold award was won at the National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA) by Mohomed Hamzeen, in the tertiary category. This is the second time in succession IIT won the Gold Award. Last year Lahiru Lakmal Priyadarshana, won the Gold award in the tertiary category, as well as the award for the Best Product developed using Open Source Tools for his iDisplay project. Another student of IIT Amani Soysa was awarded the Bronze award for her Chord a Tune project. Lahiru and Amani won these awards competing with the cream of software engineering students from more than five state universities and private institutes.

IIT offers the BSc(Hons) in Business Information Systems and The BEng(Hons) in Software Engineering degree, affiliated with the prestigious University of Westminster UK. IIT has an excellent campus environment, with a state of the art library and well equipped laboratories. Their computing faculties are linked to the intranet of the University of Westminster, enabling students to access the digital library, lecture material and past papers. The lecture panel comprises industry experienced lecturers who employ a diverse range of teaching strategies including case studies, video presentations and project work. These teaching methods are used to develop students' knowledge, skills and ability to identify and solve real world problems.

By Shriwanthi Amarasinghe

Salaries in Sri Lanka for QA

Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Career Profile â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Software Quality Assurance Engineer :

In December 2010, SLASSCOM confirmed the appointment of PwC in order to carry out a salary and benefits study for the IT and BPO sector companies in Sri Lanka. The following chart is a summary of their study.

Slary Matrix - IT Sector (Overall Analysis) (Assessed Mean monthly fiures in LKR)

Overview - Software Quality Assurance A Software Quality Assurance Engineer is involved in the entire software development process to ensure the quality of the final product. This can include processes such as requirements gathering and documentation, source code control, code review, change management, configuration management, release management and the actual testing of the software. Software QA is often confused with Software Testing, but should not be. Testing is a big part of Software Quality Assurance, but it is not, by any means, the only part of it.

Education - Software Quality Assurance A Software Quality Assurance Engineer often has a Computer Science or similar degree.


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Becoming a Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Software Quality Assurance Engineer Career Path

Software QA Engineers must be familiar with the entire SDLC in order to be effective. They may start out as Software Engineers or as Testing Engineers. They should have strong communication skills, be good at documenting their work, and must be able to work well with different groups. They often become the middle person between the Developers and the Customers, so they need to be able to understand, and convey, both viewpoints.

A Software Quality Assurance Engineer usually starts out as either a Developer or a Testing Engineer. As they become more proficient as Software QA Engineers, they may more on to more complicated projects with more complex code. They make take on more responsibility for the process, being promoted to Senior Software Quality Engineers and eventually on to a Software QA Manager role.

Application Support Associate Application Support Engineer Application Support Engineer Application Support Manager Business Analysis / Consulting Business Associate Business Analyst Business Analyst Senior Business Analyst Business Analysis Manager Software Quality Assurance Associate Quality Assurance Engineer Software Quality Assurance Engineer Senior Quality Assurance Engineer Software Quality Assurance Lead Associate Quality Assurance Manager Software Quality Assurance Manager Software Engineering Associate Software Engineer Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer Lead-Software Engineer Associate Tech Lead Tech Lead Senior Teach Lead Associate Software Architect Software Architect Senior Software Architect Software Development Manager Senior Software Development Manager

BS (1) 21,250 40,167 140,000

TGC(2) 21,250 40,167 140,000

TC(3) 29,311 53,128 173,192

31,525 75,417 126,000 233,000

32,463 78,087 131,583 266,042

41,559 94,273 158,074 317,090

35,482 55,000 73,731 112,063 153,850 176,167

36,031 56,057 75,833 114,406 159,475 201,537

46,990 70,406 93,925 144,203 193,532 255,705

38,480 63,869 97,302 115,256 112,833 151,085 180,000 174,300 215,030 369,750 206,142 300,636

39,157 64,763 98,783 116,566 114,326 152,798 181,563 182,967 228,582 372,563 219,969 320,599

50,345 80,586 121,594 143,635 143,875 189,467 226,016 229,318 289,486 468,687 266,493 411,487

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Green Rainbow

Green Rainbow

Wind Tuk-Tuk

Shadow Puppetry Jack the Protagonist

The Wind powers the Wind Tuk-Tuk

Jack and the Golden


The Golden Goose

In the giant's world


Jack and the Soybean Sta Jack in the giant's world

Wind Tuk-Tuk

The Soyben Stalk

The giants

l farm

The industria Jack in pursuit of the fertiliser bag


EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine


Green Rainbow


foaY.=K fjkiaùï yuqfõ Y%S ,xldj uqyqK fok wNsfhda. Today we are in the 21st century and Jack is a struggling kid in a capitalist world - oil prices have sky rocketed, it's impossible to match wages against living costs and Jack must use his wits to find ways to live sustainably Continuing in its grand tradition of excellence in theatre and the dramatic art, the Royal College English Drama Society presented, “Jack and the SOY Beanstalk”, a modern take on the age-old classic replacing old demons with current culprits who exploit people and resources for short term gain - leaving nothing for future generations, at Navarangahala recently.

Principal Royal College and Head of English Drama Society, who initiated this unique production to go on boards.

Adapted to suit a Sri Lankan setting, the energetic and vibrant musical was interlaced with a valuable message of sustainability apt for today’s society. The audience of all ages was held spellbound by giant puppets, shadow puppets and largerthan-life visual elements inspired by daily sights and sounds from our own lives. The unique production pricked the conscience of audience to engage in conservation of natures resources for future generations.

‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ is a classic, a children’s tale known to all about a little adventurous boy who trades his family cow for a pocket full of magic beans and enters a giant's world by climbing the beanstalk. Today we are in the 21st century and Jack is a struggling kid in a capitalist world - oil prices have sky rocketed, it's impossible to match wages against living costs and Jack must use his wits to find ways to live sustainably. Giant multi-nationals are controlling the world’s economy and they are only concerned about one thing – the bottom line. What happens when the proverbial giant is replaced by CEO of the most powerful company in the whole world ?

“Drama develops aesthetic intelligence, emotional intelligence as well as helps students to gain inter and intra personal skills. It incorporates different aspects of learning and demonstrates how such standards can guide and energise students”, said Lakshmi Attygalle, Deputy

In ‘Jack and the SOY Beanstalk’ (by Jerrod Bogard, produced by special arrangement with Baker’s Plays), Jack and his family are on the receiving end of this individualistic world and are struggling to make ends meet in an economic recession where people lose jobs overnight to save


EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

profits of giant companies. They must sell their only asset –family vehicle – as they can no longer afford the fuel to drive. Jack thinks up a nifty solution to move the vehicle without fuel and is blown to ‘Big Aggie Reaping Farms’(an industrial farm), where security guard scoffs at his invention and shows him that a farm of that magnitude has no space for such cute creations in their impressive fleet of company vehicles. Jack, however, doesn’t lose hope and is blown to Magic Acre Farms, where he does the unthinkable – exchange his most valuable asset for seventeen magic beans. And the rest is a crazy adventure up a beanstalk to a surreal land that craftily pin-points how self-centered and unsustainable our social, political and cultural priorities have become over time. For those who joined Jack and his friends his green adventure, magical journey, was not only memorable but pricked the conscience to establish practices that will sustain our planet for a greener future!

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Green Economy

Sustainable Urban Planning

in Brazil yegka keIk, nexl=jg mQ¾K wkqnoaêl iud.ulA f,i 2001 jif¾ wdrïN jqkq HNB weIqjrkaia miq ld,Skj fldgia fj<|fmdf<a ,ehsia;=.; iud.ula njg m;ajQ w;r wdrïNfha isgu ,dN;dhSFjh iy jHdmdr msßjegqu hk fowxYfhkau ia:djr j¾Okhla fmkaùug iu;aúh' mdß wjYH;d uekúka y÷kdf.k iïm%odhsl l%uj,ska neyerjQ kuH rCIK ie,iqï ks¾udKh lsÍu" jir 10 la ;=< w;am;a lr.;a fuu oejeka; id¾:lFjhg m%n, fya;=jla f,i i|yka lrk tys wf,ú yd fnodyeÍfï l<ukdlre ,,s;a m%kdkaÿ uy;d iud.fï kj;u rCIK ie,iqï l%uhla jk zuhs *kaâZ wm yuqfõ úia;r lf<a fufiah'

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wvq fyda jeä ùu ke;fyd;a j¾Idm;k úp,;djhka wêl ùu ;j;a .eg¿jls' fï ksid yg.kakd wdka;sl wjia:d tkï .xj;=r iy kshÕ Wmøj we;sùfï ixLHd;h by< f.dia we;' fnda. m, iïmdokhg wjYHh c,h ysÕ ùu" tneúka j.d bvï w;a yerSu fyda fjk;a lghq;= i|yd fhoùu" wiajekafkys m%udKh iy .=Kd;aul nj wvq ùu" .xj;=r iy kshÕ ksid j.djkag iy wiajekakg ydks isÿùu" iy frda. m,sfndaO by< hdu j¾Idm;k rgdjkays fjkiaùï fya;=fjka oekgu;a w;aú|sñka isÜk whym;a m%;sM, fj;s' Y%S ,xldj ÿm;la jYfhka msysáu fndfyda jdis f.koSug iu;a idOlhla jqj;a foaY.=Ksl fjkiaùï yuqfõ th ndOdjlaj we;' f.da,Sh WKqiqï ùu ksid whsia l÷ oshùfuka we;sjk id.r c,uÜgu by<hdu wm rgg fndfyda wjdis odhl ;;a;aj f.koSug iu;ah' id.r c, uÜgu by<hdu;a lDISld¾ñl ìïj,g ,jK c,h ñY% ùfï wjOdkug oekgu;a f.dÿrej mj;S' fjr< wdY%S; ìï ,jK;djhg iy laIdrSh;ajhg


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fuu.ska Ôú; rCIKdjrKhla ,efnkjd fiau .súi.;a ld,h ;=<§ f.jkq ,nk jdßl uqo,aj,ska úY%du ld,h i|yd jQ ;j;a wruqo,la f.dvkÕd .ekSug yelshdj ,efnkjd' mqoa.,fhl=g ;uka /lshdj lrk wjêfha§ wu;r úY%du wruqo,la f.dvkÕd .ekSug fï ;=<ska yelshdj ,efnkjd' fuh Ôú; rCIKhla iuÕ iïnkaO ksid rCIs;hd hï wk;=rlg m;ajk wjia:djl jqj;a hefmkakkag úY%du wruqo, yelsh'

mS%;su;a iy jeo.;a wjia:d i|yd fhdod .; yels wdldrhg rCIK l%u ilia lsÍu jeo.;a zuhs *kaâZ rCIK l%uh úfYaI jkafka;a ta ksidhs'

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Brazil has the fourth-largest urban population after China, India, and the US, with an annual urban growth rate of 1.8 per cent between 2005 and 2010. The city of Curitiba, capital of Parana State in Brazil has successfully addressed this challenge by implementing innovative systems over the last decades that have inspired other cities in Brazil, and beyond. Particularly known for its Bus Rapid Transit system, Curitiba also provides an example of integrated urban and industrial planning that enabled the location of new industries and the creation of jobs.

wjqreÿ 18 - 50 jhiaj, ´kEu flfkl=g fï i|yd we;=<;a úh yelshs' ta whg wjqreÿ 30 la olajd rCIK l%uh j,x.= fjkjd'

zuhs *kaâZ fndfyduhla rCIK l%u w;ßka iqúfYaIS fjkafka fldfyduo @

m;aùfï Wmøjho y÷kdf.k we;' rgl lDIsld¾ñl miqìfï w;HjYH idOlhka kï ñksia Y%uhhs' foaY.=Ksl fjkiaùï iu. w;aje,a ne|f.k meñfKk jix.; frda. ñksia Y%ufha M,odhs nj iy ñksia Y%ufha ysÕùu flfrys n,mdhs' fuu .eg¿jo wm rgg uqyqK oSug isÿjk ;j;a wNsfhda.hls'

Rapid growth of urban areas presents both environmental and socioeconomic challenges to residents, businesses and municipalities. With inadequate Planning and limited finances accommodating the increasing urban populations often results in expansion of informal housing in cities or suburban developments requiring high use of private transport.

fya;=fjka mfiys .=Kd;aul Ndjh wvqùu Wiaíï l,dmh wdY%s;j olakg ,efnk m%n, .eg¿jls' wkd.; mdrsirsl wNsfhda. jYfhka m%Odk k.r ;dm ÿm;a ^Heat Island& njg m;aùu" id.r c, uÜgu by<hdu ksid osjhsfkys fjr<; l<dmfhys ish¿u lghq;= flfrys n,mEu ^úfYaIfhkau ixpdrl l¾udka;h iy ëjr l¾udka;h&" by< fN!;sl úYu;djhlska hq;a rgla ksid Wiaìï l,dmj, kdhhï nyq, úu" ñrsosh c,dY j,g lrosh ñY% ùu ksid ta wdY%S; isÿflfrk wd¾:sl lghq;= wju ùu iy jix.; frda. me;srhdfï wjOdku uQ,sl fõ' we;s ù ;sfnk wNsfhda. fyda wfmalaIs; wNsfhda. yuqfõ wmg m,d hd fkdyel' yels ;rï tu wNsfhda. wju lsrSug mshjr .; hq;=h' mshjr .ekSfï l%u iy wkq.ukh lrk úl,am l%u úl,am idOl yels;dla ÿrg mrsir ys;ldó ùu fuysoS Ndú;d l< yels iqÿiqu l%ufõohhs'

Sustainable planning for growth in Curitiba Through its innovative approaches in urban planning, city management, and transport planning going back as far as the 1960s, Curitiba has been able to grow in population from 361,000 (in 1960) to 1.828 million (in 2008), without experiencing typical drawbacks from congestion, pollution and reduction of public space. The population density in the city has increased three-fold from 1970 to 2008. At the same time, the average green area per person increased from 1 km² to over 50 km². One of the key elements of urban planning was a choice for growth in a ‘radial linear-branching pattern’, which served to protect both density and green areas. This pattern encouraged - through a combination of land-use zoning and provision of public transport infrastructure - a diversion of traffic from the city centre and the development of housing, services and industrial locations along the radial axes. Economic and environmental benefits Cities offer considerable opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions when applying coordinated approaches to emission reductions in transport and buildings, which are the two of largest

sources. As a result of integrated urban planning, Curitiba has the highest rate of public transport use in Brazil (45 per cent of journeys), and one of the country’s lowest rates of urban air pollution. The economic and resource efficiency benefits of such initiatives are considerable. Curitiba’s fuel usage is 30 per cent lower than in Brazil’s other major cities. Excessive fuel use due to severe traffic congestion – estimated at a value of US$1 million for Curitiba in 2002 – was about 13 times and 4 times less in per capita terms than those in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, respectively. The per capita loss due to time spent in severe congestion in Curitiba is approximately 11 and 7 times less than in those two cities, respectively. Policy and city planning for ecological infrastructure and industrial activity By turning areas vulnerable to flooding into parks planted with many trees, and creating artificial lakes to hold floodwaters, Curitiba has managed to address its potentially costly flooding problem, in terms of flood control and drainage. The cost of this strategy, including the relocation costs of slum dwellers, is estimated to be 5 times less than building concrete canals. Also, as a result, the

property values of neighbouring areas appreciated, and tax revenues increased. The local government established the Curitiba Industrial City (CIC) on the city’s west side, taking into account wind direction to avoid polluting the central city. The CIC has strict environmental regulations and “polluting” industries are not allowed. After three decades, the CIC today accommodates more than 700 companies, including an automaker producing BRT buses and information technology companies. The CIC has already created about 50,000 direct jobs and 150,000 indirect jobs, and about 20 per cent of the state’s exports are from the CIC. Curitiba has also promoted waste management infrastructure and public awareness on waste separation and recycling. With 70 per cent of the city’s residents actively recycling, 13 per cent of solid waste is recycled in Curitiba, as compared to only 1 per cent in Sao Paulo. All in all, Curitiba presents a case study of how smart urban planning can avoid significant costs in the future and improve efficiency, productivity and quality of life for its inhabitants.

Courtesy : United Nations Environment Programme (2010) 1. Eco 2 Cities: Ecological Cities and Economic Cities, World Bank, 2009

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Green Economy

Green Economy A whole range of environmental problems that we face today can be traced back to a root cause in business. • Habitat loss • Use of fossil fuel • Water pollution • Lack of fresh water • Ocean pollution • Over use of chemical fertilizers • Toxic chemicals

Greening your Business

There is another a school of thought that all these alarms and warnings are being made by myopic environmentalists, supported by exaggerated statistics, who want to spread the prophesy of ‘Doom and Gloom’. “...our traditional knowledge about the environment is quite simply based on preconceptions and faulty statistics. Our doomsday predictions of the environment are not correct”, says Bjorn Lomberg in his intriguing book, The Skeptical Environmentalist. The debate will rage on as to who is right. Whatever we say or do, nature inevitably has an impact on the environment, and will cause major changes over time, whether we like it or not. The ice age and demise of dinosaurs, are examples for how powerful the nature is. There is no doubt that humans are causing a great strain on the earth’s natural resources. Therefore, whatever the skeptics may say, it makes a profound and common sense to ensure that we minimize negative impacts on our environment. At the same time businesses today, are driving the global economy like never


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De forestation Hazardous waste etc

Hence, making a business more environmentally sustainable and energy conscious is always a good, and correct thing to do.

By Srilal Miththapala

Today there is no doubt that we are facing an array of profound environmental problems impacting humans, which are already beginning to affect the very foundation of our lives negatively. Species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, the impact of climate change is quite dramatic and the earth’s natural resources are dwindling exponentially. Environmentalists would have us believe that this is all due to human development, industrialization, and our materialistic and opulent life style.

Global warming Acid rain Damage to Bio diversity Air pollution Over fishing

before. Businesses large and small are having huge financial impact on all walks of life, while having an enormous impact on every facet of life on this planet. Businesses have the ability to reach the public at large to confront and correct some of the most serious environmental problems. Therefore, businesses today have the responsibility to change the way they manage their businesses, and to help this cause for environment.

Sustainability Sustainability, both in energy and environment activities, which was the sole custody of the environmentalists, has now encroached the boardrooms of the corporate world. Today most big companies embrace some form of sustainable practices, as a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies.

Sustainability generally has three critical components of; Economy (higher quality of life), Society (to all people) and Environmental (without destroying nature).

This is sometimes referred to as the three P’s of sustainability – profit, people and planet. Sustainability Economy



However, most businesses in the world question whether sustainability makes financial sense. It is commonly assumed that there will always be an added cost of environment ‘premium’ in pursuing the right thing for environmental conservation. Therefore, businesses have to understand, and be motivated as to why being more sustainable and environmentally conscious, is good for business. There are several very strong and compelling reasons as to why a business should be more environmentally sustainable. Cost saving Operating a more efficient and ‘cleaner’ business can result in dramatic cost savings in energy, water and material inputs. With energy costs rising rapidly (at a much higher rate in Sri Lanka) new technological applications and alternative energy sources, which were hitherto not economical, are now beginning to make greater financial sense. A case in point is photo voltic electricity generation. Up until now, this was expensive even to be considered, because of high costs of solar cells, resulting in more than a 15 year pay back. However, with rapidly rising electricity costs and advancement in technology allowing ‘net metering’ by CEB/ LECO, (which effectively removes necessity for large battery banks for storage which comprised of about 3040% of overall costs of a scheme) photo voltic generation is worth a serious second thought.

Businesses have the ability to reach the public at large to confront and correct some of the most serious environmental problems. Therefore, businesses today have the responsibility to change the way they manage their businesses, Waste reduction A detailed analysis of waste generated by a process will show business managers the true cost of waste. Cutting down on waste therefore has a direct impact on costs, while helping environment. Recycling waste is another important facet in the now famous 3 R principle of Re-duce; Re-use; Re-cycle. The real cost savings are made by moving back ‘up’ along the production processes to reduce production of waste at source itself ( ‘nip in the bud’ ) which will then reduce more costly ‘end - of- pipe’ treatment. Employee motivation A ‘greener’ business culture can have a very positive effect on employee motivation and moral. People will feel more loyal and proud to work in a company that is making every effort to operate in a cleaner environment, in an honest and progressive manner.

Customer loyalty As much as greening a business can have a positive impact on employees, it can also instill a sense of loyalty among its customer base, by holding true to the mission of creating an environmentally sustainable and ethical business. Most customers are today much more environmentally ‘savvy’ and are concerned about global warming, climate change and damage to environment. In pursuing ‘green business’ practices, a company will develop customer trust that will enhance its reputation in the industry and community. Competitive advantage Michael Porter’s competitive advantage still plays a major role in business success. Greener businesses operate on a more efficient and streamlined manner, where overall operating costs are often less than that of competitors, who do not practice such principles. Therefore, it stands to reason that ‘greener businesses’ will have a distinct competitive advantage in all spheres of business. Social responsibility Today with rising public opinion, there is a need for businesses to be more transparent and ethical in what they do. Hence, going green is one of the best methods by which a company can show its commitment toward corporate social responsibility. Many companies are now beginning to include a ‘sustainability report’ in their annual reports. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a structured and standardized format for sustainability reporting is steadily making inroads into formal corporate reports. In Sri Lanka also, a few large corporates have already started this form of reporting, which will soon become an international standard.

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CIM Toastmasters Igniting Excellence

CIM Toastmasters -

iudch - fY%aIaG;ajfhka bÈßhg fï wdldrfhka CIM TOASTMASTERS iudchg we;s yelshdj kï" Tnj iïmQ¾Kfhkau fjkia mqoa.,fhla lsÍughs' m%isoaêfha l:d lsÍug we;s ìh ke;s lr" Tfí lÓl yelshdjkag kj uqyqKqjrla ,nd fohs

Going for an interview? Or getting prepared to get that dream job? Undoubtedly you are impatient to advance in the career you have chosen. Dreams are very powerful. There are no limits for dreaming. Just as much as it could have a strong positive impact on yours and your friend’s lives, it might also affect them negatively. That may be why someone once said careful what you wish for… You are about to witness how dreams have actually made an impact on people and changed lives of all those around them, as you read on. It is a tradition in western countries to have a Toastmaster to host any special function such as a wedding or thanksgiving ceremony. However, Toastmasters were rare, since most people were afraid of public speaking. Dr. Ralf C. Smedly, with the intention of driving away those butterflies that mingle with someone at a podium or stage, formed a club called Toastmasters. The first ever club meeting was held at the basement of YMCA in Santa Ana, California on 22nd October 1924. 87 years later many changes have been brought upon this wonderful club by many leaders and visionaries. Today, there are 260,000 Toastmasters, 12800 clubs in 113 countries, around the world. Mirroring on Dr. Smedly’s vision in creating successful Toastmasters for ‘events’, CIM Toastmasters President, Harsha Subashana, had a similar vision last December. That was when he decided to host a Wine Tasting and Toasting Session at the Ceylon Continental hotel on 22nd December. With the help of Area

Dreams are very powerful. There are no limits for dreaming. Just as much as it could have a strong positive impact on yours and your friend’s lives, it might also affect them negatively Governor Toastmaster Priyanka Mendis, the evening was a splendid blend of how to toast like a Toastmaster and taste like a Sommelier. With the expertise of Mr. Asela Kumaranathunga, of Alpha Orient Lanka in wine tasting and wonderful Toasting by Priyanka and Harsha, the evening was a perfect pitch keeping with the Christmas spirit which was just around the corner. If you were wondering how CIM Toastmasters was born, it was a dream of Dayan D L Fernando, a Chartered Marketer, MCIM, who was the Head of Education at CIM Sri Lanka regional board who convinced the CIM regional board to give its blessings on starting a Toastmasters club of their own. Dayan being a former president of Serendib Toastmasters Club, had been awarded with the Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advanced Leader titles from Toastmaster International and is also the only Sri Lankan to have won awards for International Speech, Humorous Speech and Table

Topics speech in a single division. He is also the champion Impromptu Speaker in 2009 of District 82, which comprised of India and Sri Lanka. His vision of starting a Toastmasters club for marketers was mainly to give an opportunity for budding marketers to come, learn and sharpen their presentation, communication and leadership skills which he believes that books alone cannot provide. This dream of him was made a reality when CIM Toastmasters had its grand inaugural at the Taj Samudra Hotel in 2009 with Dr. Uditha Liyanage as the chief guest and many other distinguished invitees. CIM Toastmasters in Sri Lanka is the first CIM Toastmasters Club among the CIM community in the world. CIM Toastmasters is one club that opens doors to opportunities. It takes the voice in you and transforms it to a message that can be heard by thousands of people while at the same time takes the talent in you to mould you to be a leader. It transforms an individual from a person who fears public speaking to a one who will fall in love with public stages. From one who had been led, to a leader, from a one who knew very few from one’s own social circles, to a one that is well entertained by multiple social circles. A person who had a little family at home, will be a part of a family of 200,000 brothers and sisters, spread across 133 countries. CIM toastmasters is also a place that organizes many exciting events often for which anyone can participate while giving opportunities to perform.

Ignite yourself with CIM Toastmasters by visiting them at their Facebook page: CIM Toastmasters Sri Lanka.


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Tn /lshdjlg fyda iïuqL mÍlaIKhlg hEug n,dfmdfrd;a;=fjka isákjdkï" tu ia:dkfha iaÒr ;k;=rlg m;aù" ÈhqKq ùug wksjd¾hfhka isysk ujkjd we;s' isysk - ñksia ukfia we;s n,j;au Y;a;shls' ksjerÈj yeisrjQ l< Éka; n,hg Tfí Ôú;hg;a" Tn wjg .ejfik whf.a Ôú; j,g;a iDcq n,mEï we;s l< yelsh' fuu fÊo lSmfhka fmkakqï lrkafkao" isysk ienE lr.ksñka" ;" ;uka wjg isák whf.a Ôú; j,go úúOdldrfhka Okd;aul n,mEï we;s lsÍug yels jQ mqoa.,hka lSm fofkla .ekhs' Tn oekg;a okakd mßÈ" weußldj" hqfrdamh we;=¿ ngysr rgj,a nyq;rhl" W;aj wjia:d j,§ ^újdyd ux.,Hhl" ia;+;s lsÍfï Èkh&" iõÈh msÍfï w;a Woõlre fyj;a TOASTMASTER, W;aijh yeiqreùfï fmruqK .kakd whfõ' kuq;a fndfyda fofkla" fõÈldjlg ke.S odyla bÈßmsg l:djla meje;aùug melsf,k neúka" RALF C SMEDLY kï ;eke;a;d Tyqf.a hy¿jk lSmfofkla /ia lr" TOASTMASTERS kñka iudchla ia:dms; lf,a" lÓl;ajh we;s" fkdìhj" m%isoaêfha iudchg woyia m%ldYlsÍfug yels mqoa.,hka ìys lsÍfï wÈgks' le,sfmd¾kshdfõ" idka; wekd kï m%foaYfha msysá YMCA ys .nvd ldurh 1924 j¾Ifha Tlaf;dan¾ ui 22 Èk meje;a jQ tu m<uq reiaùu" wo jir 87lg miq" rgj,a 113l iudc 12"800 la yd TOASTMASTERS idudðlhka 260"000 lg jHdma; jQfha Lalf C. Smedly tu mqxÑ isyskh uq¿ f,dj mqrd úisrekq idudkH whf.a Ôú; fjkia lr we;' CIM TOASTMASTERS iudcfha wdrïNh vhka m%kdkaÿ f.a

fufyh ùu hgf;a isÿúh' CIM iudðl yd CHARTERED MARKETER iïudkfhka msÿï ,o vhka" CIM Y%S ,xld l,dmhg úfYaIs; jQ TOASTMASTERS iudchla ìys lsÍug we;s wjYH;djh f;areï .;ay' firkaäí TOASTMASTERS iudcfha wdÈ iNdm;s OQrho" Wiia ikaksfõol (Advanced Communicatior Bronze) yd Wiia kdhl;aj (Advanced Leader) molalï" cd;Hdka;r TOASTMASTERS iudcfhka w;a lr.;a vhka" cd;Hdka;r lÓl;aj (International Speech) úys¿ lÒl;ajh (International Speech) yd laIKsl lÓl;ajh (impromptu Speech) ik ;rÕ 3kau tlu ÈYdjla hgf;a ksfhdackh lrñka ch.%yKho w;alr.;a m<uq Y%S ,dxlslhdo úh' vhka 2009 jif¾ 82 jeks Èia;%slalh hgf;a laIKsl lÓl;aj Y+r;djho ysñlr .kakd ,§'

m%Odkh lsÍu" ri ne,Su yd W;aijhl§ ms<s.kakd wdldrh .ek iïmQ¾K oekqula tys isá whg §ugh' fuu W;aijfha jhska y÷kd.ekSfï yd ri ne,Sfï wxYhkaf.ka mqyqKqj ,nd §ug" ALFA Orient Lanka iud.fï" ^jhska yd iam%S;= m%ùK& wfia, l=udrK;=x. iu. W;aijhl§ jhska ms<s.kajk wdldrh ms<sn|j mqyqKqj ,nd §ug fkaIkaia g%iaÜ nexl=fõ TOASTMASTER m%shxld fukaäia yd iïnkaOj Life Serve wdh;kfha Eastmaster y¾I iqNdYK lreKq meyeÈ,s lrfok ,§' 40 lg jeä msßila iyNd.S jQ fuu W;aijh w;s id¾:lj ksu jQfha tys meñks ish¿u fokdgu jhska msßkeóu iïnkaOfhka mQ“ oekqula ,nd §fuks'


tod fuod ;=r CIM TOASTMASTERS ys wruqK ù we;af;a CIM yd iïnkaO ish¿u wf<ú jD;a;slhkag ;u jD;a;sfhka by,g hdug;a" jHjidhl;ajh ;u Ôjk jD;a;sh lr.;a whg;a M,odhS f,i ;u jD;a;s ud¾.hkays bÈßhg hEug w;aje,la ùughs'

fuu iEu wruqKlgu uq, mqrñka 2009 jif¾ Prof. Uditha Liyanage f.a m%Odk;ajfhka CIM TOASTMASTERS iudcfha iudrïNl /iaùu uy;a yrißka TAJ Samudra fydag,fha meje;aúks'

fï wdldrfhka CIM TOASTMASTERS iudchg we;s yelshdj kï" Tnj iïmQ¾Kfhkau fjkia mqoa.,fhla lsÍughs' m%isoaêfha l:d lsÍug we;s ìh ke;s lr" Tfí lÓl yelshdjkag kj uqyqKqjrla ,nd fohs' Tnf.a kdhl;aj yelshdjka Èhqkq lr" fydo kdhl;aj .=Kdx. Tma kexùugo" iEu flfkla iuÕ iqyoj yd úfkdaofhka l:d lsÍug;a" úúO W;aij" mqyqKq W;aij j,g iyNd.S ùug fyda ixúOdkh lsÍug wjia:dj ,nd fohs'

wOHdmk wdh;khg iudchla iïnkaO lsÍfï bÈßoelau jQfha wf<úlrKh ;u jD;a;sh lr.;a ish¿u fokdg ;u lÓl;ajh" bÈßm;a lsÍfï l=i,;d (Presentation Skills) yd kdhl;aj l=i,;d jeäÈhqKq lr .ekSug /l=,la ùu msksih' CIM

jir 87lg fmr ia:dmkh jQ m<uq iudcfha kjuq wruqKg kj mKla ,nd foñka CIM TOASTMASTERS iudch we;s wk¾> wOHdmksl W;aijhla ixúOdh lf<ah' jhska fÜiaáka yd fgdaiaÜka (Wine Tasting and Toasting) kñka ye|kajQ fuu wOHdmksl W;aijh 2010" foieïn¾ 22 Èk Ceylon Continental fydag,fha mj;ajk ,oafoa ksjerÈj jhska j¾. y÷kd .ekSu" TOASTMASTER

iEu CIM TOASTMASTERS iudcfha /iaùul§ fydou lÓlhd yd fydou úksYaphlreg isysjgk iïudk msßkefuk w;r" W;aij úfYaIs; /iaùï j,g iyNd.S ùug;a ixúOdkh lsÍug;a wjia:djka rdYshla we;'

CIM TOASTMASTERS iuÕ iïnkaO Tn;a fY%aIaG;ajfha bÈßhg hkak wm yd iu. tlajkak Face Book iudc cd,fha CIM TOASTMASTERS CLUB Sri Lanka. EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine



The increasing pervasiveness of English means a mounting rise in the value of

English Language Qualifications

English language qualifications are increasingly becoming the passport to wealth and opportunity. Young people are finding more employment opportunities, as well as enhanced prospects abroad. The significance of English language competency is hard to overstate. It’s already an essential requirement for almost every profession and the means by which a third of all internet communication is conducted. Planes take off and land in English. UN officials negotiate war and peace in English. Protesters in distant countries scrawl their demands on placards in English for the world’s cameras. The latest statistics reflect the importance of learning English. Last year the British Council taught English to 300,000 learners worldwide, in 80 centres spread across 40 countries. Some 10.5 million unique visitors worldwide accessed the British Council’s free access English learning websites, of which nearly 70,000 were in Sri Lanka; meanwhile, downloads from similar teacher websites reached more than 21 million students. And in the 20 years since it was launched, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) has been taken by more than 6 million people across 135 countries; today, roughly 1.5 million candidates


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sit the test each year. There is further evidence of the real value of English to those who learn it. A poll commissioned by Euromonitor, an international market research company, across five developing countries – Cameroon, Nigeria, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Pakistan – found clear evidence that people with Englishlanguage skills, including those living in remote villages, typically earn at least 30 per cent more than non-English speakers. Senior managers in Bangladesh who speak English earn $960 a month, compared to $720 for their colleagues who do not. English-speaking carpenters in Pakistan and Nigeria can, respectively, expect to bring in just under and well over twice what they would otherwise earn if they only spoke their native tongues. For receptionists in Rwanda the premium is even higher: $270 per month, against a basic wage of $110. In Sri Lanka, for a few generations English language may be have been confined to only a small segment of society. Now however young people are making the most of their English qualifications. Muna Noorie Latif used her English qualifications gained through the British Council (Cambridge’s Preliminary English Test – PET) to secure a job as a teacher in an international school in Colombo.

On the back of that experience, she is now undergoing training in a government College for Education for English Teachers. Iroshan Kulatunga credits his Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) for securing his current job at HSBC. Sudarni Abeykoon also attributes her FCE for helping secure her place on the Model United Nations team, the simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. Examples such as these illustrate how certified proof of ability in English not only demonstrates their ability to follow a course of study in English, but also gives individuals the confidence to live and travel in other countries, and also provides a competitive advantage in workplace opportunities for appointment and promotion. There is also a growing interest in Cambridge’s Key English Test (KET), which at A2 level as per the Common European Framework for languages, satisfies the UK Border Agency’s requirements for partners of main applicants. Meanwhile the PET, next level up, satisfies the visa requirements for a course in the UK below degree level.

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EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine


Movie Review

Books I Love to Read

The Holcroft Covenant

Movies that will delight you!

By Chandika Ariyarathne

This book has it all, tragedy, morality, heroism and romance

By Vinura Welgama The Holcroft Covenant by Robert Ludlum is in one word a masterpiece. This story is typical of all Ludlum novels, the action is incredibly fast paced, a death occurs every few pages and the storyline itself is incredibly catchy, with Nazis, terrorists, assassins among many others added for good measure. But what makes this book stand out from other thriller novels is actually the depth of the story and the elaborate twists in the novel, which will grab hold of your eyes and mind until the very last page is turned. The Story begins with Noel Holcroft , a young American meeting with the director of a Swiss bank about an inheritance he has gained from his long dead, German, father. At the end of the meeting both the reader and our young protagonist is left feeling stunned, equally by the two letters that are part of the inheritance and the vast sum of money in question. What happens next is the stuff of dreams. You will travel across Europe with Noel Holcroft, meeting stealthy assassins and deranged Nazis along the way, trying to unravel


EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

the mystery surrounding the inheritance at any cost. This book has it all, tragedy, morality, heroism and romance. Also a whole world full of hues of gray is opened for the reader. It’s never simple to decide between good and bad or friend and foe. Sometimes the actions one takes in the name of justice may itself not be justified, highlighting the message of the book. Does the end ever defeat the means? All in all this is a book is recommended with utmost conviction to anybody who enjoys a good read, with a deep story, plenty of subliminal messaging and even more fast paced action. Equally important this book gives a vast insight into a world which no longer exists, that of the Second World War, which Ludlum brings into modern context with prodigious skill. This book is sure to make you look over your shoulder once in a while, just to make sure that you are still in your room and not in the dark streets of Europe, with your life at stake. That is, if you can somehow manage to wrench your eyes away from the Holcroft Covenant.

“Magical” is what you can call this movie, directed by Christopher Nolan, it tells about two magician wannabes, played by Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, who become enemies, when one trick they were assisting goes horribly wrong. Calling themselves the Professor and the Great Danton, they become rival magicians, always spying on each other trying to figure out what

the other is doing. One trick that the Professor develops is called “The Transported Man”. In it the magician travels from one side of the stage to another in a split second. It’s a ‘pretty neat’ trick. The Great Danton finds it hard to figure out how the Professor does it so he employs the aid of his beautiful assistant, played by Scarlett Johansson. He finally figures out how he does it, or does he?

This is another one of those movies which will play with your mind until everything is revealed at the end. This has Christopher Nolan written all over it. You will notice it in the first few minutes of the movie as his style of storytelling is unique. If you’re a fan of puzzles and magic this is a must watch movie. So go ahead and watch it!

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Movie Review

Movie Review

By Kanchana Ranasinghe

By Senith Abeynaike Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Captain Jack is Back!!!!!! Rob Marshall steps in to take the helm as director, as Johnny Depp continues his reign as the titular Jack Sparrow in the 4th edition of this highly successful movie franchise. And Geoffrey Rush, Kevin McNally and Keith Richards too are continuing along with Penélope Cruz and Ian McShane joining them. And the celebrated composer Hans Zimmer's excellent score pulls together all the rogue threads, keeping well within the range of the first film and injecting a vigorous dose of fun. Although it received mixed reviews, the movie has been a major box office hit and its sure to bring you loads of fun and laughter in the swashbuckling pirate way. Story line Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is in London, England to rescue his former first mate, Joshamee Gibbs (Kevin McNally), who is about to be hanged. The two are captured, and Jack is brought before King George II (Richard Griffiths), who wants him to guide an expedition to the Fountain before the Spanish find it. Heading the expedition is Jack's old nemesis, Captain Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), now a privateer in service to the British Navy after having lost Jack's ship, the Black Pearl, as well as his leg. Jack escapes, and is found by his father, Captain Teague (Keith Richards), who warns Jack about the Fountain's tests and asks about Jack's ship and crew, revealing that Jack has an imposter. Jack soon discovers that the impostor is Angelica (Penélope Cruz), his former lover and daughter of the ruthless pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), who


EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

possesses supernatural powers and practices voodoo magic. Jack is forced to join Blackbeard's crew and to lead them to the Fountain. Meanwhile, Gibbs, who memorized, then destroyed, Sparrow's map, barters with Barbossa to lead him and his crew to the Fountain. Aboard Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, Jack learns that the Fountain's water must be drunk simultaneously from two silver chalices once belonging to Juan Ponce de León. The person drinking from the chalice containing a mermaid's tear has their life extended, while the other person dies, their years of life drained from their body. Blackbeard intends to use the Fountain's power to circumvent his fated fatal encounter with a one-legged man, and sets a course for Whitecap Bay. There he traps a mermaid (Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey) that Philip Swift (Sam Claflin), a captive missionary, falls in love with and names Syrena. Blackbeard then sends Sparrow to retrieve the chalices from de León's grounded ship. Sparrow arrives finding only Barbossa: the Spanish have already taken the chalices. Barbossa only wants revenge against Blackbeard for having captured the Black Pearl that forced Barbossa to amputate his own leg to escape. He and Jack plot to defeat Blackbeard, and then steal the chalices from the nearby Spanish camp. Meanwhile, Syrena, who returns Philip's love, is tricked into shedding a tear, which Blackbeard collects, then leaves her to die while forcing Philip to go with him. Sparrow returns with the chalices and Gibbs, who he had reunited with while helping Barbossa. Jack negotiates with Blackbeard to return his confiscated magical compass and to free Gibbs in

exchange for the chalices and his leading them to the Fountain. Blackbeard agrees, and Gibbs departs with Jack's compass. At the Fountain, Blackbeard and his crew are attacked by Barbossa and also the Spanish, sent by their king to destroy the Fountain, believing its power is an abomination against God. After an intense battle, Barbossa stabs Blackbeard with a poison-laced sword, but Angelica is also wounded by it. Barbossa claims Blackbeard's magical sword, and assuming command, leaves with Blackbeard's crew. Philip, mortally wounded, escapes and returns to free Syrena. After finding the chalices that the Spaniards tossed into deep water, Syrena gives them to Jack, and then retrieves the dying Phillip, taking him underwater. Jack brings both chalices to Blackbeard and Angelica, who are each dying from their respective wounds. Blackbeard tells Angelica to give her life to save him, and she agrees to do so, but Jack tricks her into drinking the chalice containing Syrena's tear, thus killing Blackbeard and saving her. Although they declare their love, Jack, knowing she may plan to avenge her father's death, strands her on an island, intending for a passing ship to pick her up. Jack then finds Gibbs, who used Jack's compass to locate the Revenge and retrieve all the captured ships that Blackbeard had magically shrunk and bottled, including the Black Pearl. The two head off, hoping to find a way to return the Pearl to its original size. And the movie is going to hit the Sri Lankan cinemas on the 17th of June and its sure to leave Colombo singing, “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!!!”

The stunning sequel to the 2008 magnum opus ‘Kung Fu Panda’ reveals a few fresh characters, including Thundering Rhino, Master Croc and Storming Ox. Nevertheless a major role is handled by the oldies, Po and Shifu as well. The main plot decorated with a few sprinkles of comedy, surprise and tension truly succeeds in grasping everyone. The story is indeed intriguing with all its sudden twists and turns. The characters too seem to have fully fitted themselves though quite regrettably the furious five gets little attention. On the other hand, Lord Shen



turns out to be a key sensation with his spectacular evil-peacock voice. Also the growing friendship between Po and Tigress is noteworthy. The fabulous ending puts all off. Together with Shifu, Ox and Croc, Po rescues the five from the hands of Shen and with his newly gained inner peace performs the miracle martial art shot destroying the entire enemy armada and eventually defeating Shen. Finally, a happy reunion with Mr. Ping in the Valley of Peace wraps it all up. The marvellous animation mixed with this splendid tale of passion, humour and revelation certainly denotes a movie of remarkable and astounding calibre.






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Across 1. A large sea going boat 3. Courage in face of danger 6. Oliver Twist asked for this 7. A place providing accomodation and food 8.Mid-day 10. Carpet 11. A young child 13. Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-on15. New or unusual 18. Examination 19. A sum offered for detection of a criminal 20. Always Down 1. Hottest season of the year 3. Animal doctor 4. Not closed 5. Govern 7. Information 9. A semi-transparent gemstone 12. A slight earthquake 14. A female relative 15. At a short distance away 16. A scene or act of seeing 17. Modern


The star of DreamWorks animations, Po the giant Panda returns to town as ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ hits cinemas. The masterpiece creation presents the novel antagonist, Lord Shen, heir of the peacock clan, setting out to accomplish his destiny of destroying Kung fu and conquering China. Meanwhile, action fills the Valley of Peace where Po struggles to achieve ‘inner peace’ searching vainly of his origins.

Note  The first correct entry eill receive a prize of Rs. 1,000/ Send all your entries to the Editor, Edex+Plus Magazine, Edex Secretariat, Royal College Union, Rajakeeya Mawatha, Colombo 07.  "Please Mark "Crossword 02" on the top left hand corner of the envelope.

EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine


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Youth and the Importance of Good Role Models: "What is Needed to


By Dr. Maneesha S. Wanasinghe – Pasqual

Youth One in every four people in the world falls in the category of ‘youth’. Moreover, “nearly 70 percent of youth live in less developing countries” (http://www.prb. org). These impressionable individuals face numerous basic human needs that have not been realized. In the process, they require positive role models to emulate. They need to have people who have achieved successes to strive to achieve themselves. The Ideal Youth and the Role Model As Tejomayananda notes, an ideal youth would be morally good with strong principles and values that give him/her inner strength and at the same time, be helpful to others with a clear conscience, love the learning process and aspire for advancement (http:// TheSuccessfulYouth.pdf ). It is difficult to emulate such youth since this is an ideal picture. Positive Role Models are flawed humans with an inner strength to overcome obstacles in their quest for basic human needs. Basic Human needs and Youth John Burton was puzzled by juvenile delinquents and therefore examined what their needs were. A juvenile delinquent is an adolescent or a youth who has committed an anti-social act or a petty crime. Burton’s research provided him with insights that youth – and humans in general – have needs that go beyond basic needs. The traditional ‘basic needs’ would involve water, air, food, shelter, warmth, etc. To


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Burton, this understanding of ‘needs’ could not explain why some youth felt dissatisfied and often ‘acted out’ through anti-social behavior. Burton therefore introduced to the world his interpretation of human needs. He called it ‘basic human needs’. John Burton’s Basic Human Needs theory examined nine needs: safety/ security, belonging/love, self-esteem, personal fulfillment, identity, cultural security, freedom, distributive justice, and participation. When any one of these needs are unmet, tensions arise leading to conflict. Youth face tension and conflict in their day-to-day lives. They do not always lead to frustration, nor does frustration always lead to conflict. However, Sri Lanka has witnessed youth unrest to insurgencies. What is possible that in order to achieve safety/security, belonging/love, self-esteem, personal fulfillment, and identity, youth require role models. Role models provide youth with a road map to emulate. Role models provide youth with hope that their needs can be met. Positive and Negative Role Models While it is important to focus on role models youth can get inspiration from, it is also pertinent to mention that there are both positive and negative role models for youth of today. Youth are swayed by negative role models who use violence and corruption to achieve their ends as much as positive role models. Youth remain impressionable.

Role Models and Media The significance of positive role models over negative role models, especially in the entertainment industry, influence youth in the short and long-term. For every film on Gandhi and Mandela, there are movies on the use of violence as the first instead of the last resort in resolving a problem. The portrayal of women in television and movies continue to be degrading. Indeed, the media continue to provide heroes who are ‘not worth emulating’ (Mueller 2008). Rather, “the only qualification for being a hero or role model today is not what one stands for, but one’s celebrity status …For better or for worse, media also provides young users with role models for what it means to be a mother, father, man or women.” (2008). Despite this fact, the influence of role models is crucial and the significance of the media in highlighting some individual as heroes over others for youth to emulate is powerful. Parents, Peers, and Educators There exist other role models who are often unrecognized or unexamined by the mainstream media – the peers, the parents, and the educators of youth. These three groups – in the formal, informal and the non-formal sectors – have the potential to become positive role models for youth. The parents, family, friends, and educators, though not often recognized by youth themselves as ‘role models’ are the critical support system for youth in their endeavor to succeed in life. Indeed, as noted by Benson, Galbraith, and Espeland (1998), there are 20 good things youth need in their lives to achieve success. They include

the “people in your life who love you, care about you, and are there for you in good times and bad … They’re about having places in your life where you feel care for, supported, comforted, and welcome” (1998: 21). Role Models Role models should have a ‘positive’ impact on the lives of youth since youth observe and replicate or pattern the behavior of the role model. Individuals position themselves in accordance to the person they perceive to be their role model. In terms of education, role models are “one of the most important pedagogical agents in the history of education” (Bucher 1997: 620). Youth of today require role models who show them the path towards success: i.e. help in showing the road map to gaining Basic Human Needs. Significance of Role Models The Center for the Advancement of Health in 2002 stated that “Positive role models among both peers and adults … may help protect young people from using tobacco” ( These include adult and peer role models. They are someone youth “admire who possesses and projects positive qualities that have helped him or her develop and grow, personally and professionally, and that inspire others to follow in his or her footsteps toward success” (Spearman and Harrison 2010:5). Adult Role Models Adult role models are often unofficial mediators who assist youth achieve their unmet needs. In the education field, it is often the educator – the exceptionally dedicated or the feisty teacher who pushed the youth to succeed. It is, as noted so aptly by Kiplin, “No printed word, nor spoken plea can teach young minds what they should be. Not all the books on all the shelves – but what the teachers are themselves.” (Kiplin DuBois and Karcher focus on the “importance of a significant adult … as crucial to providing guidance in making choices in risk-filled society, as well as being a good role model outside the immediate family.”(2005: 393).

Mahatma Gandhi

Peer Role Models “Research suggest that people are more likely to hear and personalize messages, and thus change their attitudes and behaviors, if they believe the messenger is similar to them and faces the same concerns and pressures” (Slone 1993). Mason examines that power of peer education and comments that “trained peers educators are a more credible source of information for some youth than are adult educators because they communicate in readily understandable ways and serve as positive role models while dispelling misconceptions” (Mason 2003: 2). Trainees of trainers and Youth Mentoring are but two avenues for youth to become mentors themselves. The Great Souls The individuals below all used nonviolent means to achieve their Basic Human Needs. They fought for needs which they believed were vital for their groups: i.e. personal fulfillment, identity, cultural security, freedom, distributive justice, and participation. The two examples presented below highlight the potential of youth since both these individuals were youth. Mahatma Gandhi or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was only 24 when he traveled to South Africa as a lawyer. There he faced numerous challenges, initially because of his skin color and subsequently because of his non-violent methods. Gandhi was pushed, shoved, and barred from places; threatened; imprisoned; beaten, and faced other hardships. He began the civil rights movement with the African National Congress, which was ended by Nelson Mandela in 1990.

Martin Luther King

Gandhi became a social activist – both politically with the founding of the Natal Indian Congress (1894) and through the satyagraha movement. This positive role model changed the understanding of nonviolence into an act of bravery, a show of strength, and a symbol of defiance. Even his most ardent enemies – Smuts in South Africa and Thesiger, Reading, Irwin, Wllingdon, Linlithgow and Wavell of India – admired his courage and convictions whilst being against his stance. Martin Luther King Jr. was only 29 when he wrote his first book on nonviolence and the civil rights struggle of black Americans. His first protest was against segregation – a policy in which black people were not allowed to eat in the same café, drink from the same tap, nor ride together side-by-side with white people – when he was only 26 years old. Just like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. was threatened, spied on, imprisoned, stabbed, and finally shot. This did not reduce his convictions and belief that nonviolence could achieve any outcome and that no-matter what the cost, non-violence would give the black community in the USA their civil rights. The intriguing thing about the above two individuals constitute ‘youth’. The United Nations General Assembly defined youth as those between the age of 15 to 24 while the Sri Lankan expanded the end limit. In Conclusion Youth have numerous role models and the media must highlight the positive role heroes at the expense of the negative role models.

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Professionals and Future Leaders APIIT Sri Lanka was established over a decade ago in partnership with APIIT Malaysia and Staffordshire University, UK and, with the objective of promoting quality and diversity in higher education through global partnerships. APIIT has been successful in winning the confidence of the public as the leader in high quality tertiary education in Sri Lanka. The quality of education is the outcome of seamless integration of several spheres of activity including selection of appropriate programmes, effective teaching, and provision of outstanding resources, creation

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of a supporting academic environment and value system, and efficient management. To put it in a nutshell, the British degree programmes are selected and appropriately modified to suit the Sri Lankan context; the faculty is recruited on the basis of qualifications and competence in teaching; the resources provided for teaching/ learning are of international standard and create an environment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge; and finally, APIIT is managed by educationalists with extensive experience in all aspects of higher education.

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APIIT now offers the largest choice of internal British Degree programmes in Sri Lanka in the fields of Computing, Applied IT, Management and Law. These degrees are exclusively from Staffordshire University, which is one of the top universities in the UK for business management, computing and legal studies. Students can either complete the entire degree programme in Sri Lanka or transfer to an affiliated university either in the UK or in Australia in order to complete the programme, and thus forming part of an international collaboration in cross border education.

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EDEX Notes Royal College and EDEX THINK Green collaborate to mark

“World Environment Day”

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

About Us ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. We aim to offer business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. Founded in 1904, ACCA has consistently held unique core values: opportunity, diversity, innovation, integrity and accountability. We believe that accountants bring value to economies in all stages of development. We aim to develop

capacity in the profession and encourage the adoption of consistent global standards. Our values are aligned to the needs of employers in all sectors and we ensure that, through our qualifications, we prepare accountants for business. We work to open up the profession to people of all backgrounds and remove artificial barriers to entry, ensuring that our qualifications and their delivery meet the diverse needs of trainee professionals and their employers. We support our 147,000 members and 424,000 students in 170 countries, helping them

to develop successful careers in accounting and business, and equipping them with the skills required by employers. We work through a network of 83 offices and centres and more than 8,500 Approved Employers worldwide, who provide high standards of employee learning and development. Through our public interest remit, we promote the appropriate regulation of accounting. We also conduct relevant research to ensure that the reputation and influence of the accountancy profession continues to grow, proving its public value in society.

EDEX Think Green collaborated with the Royal College authorities which launched a programme with the objective of educating, activating and engaging students in the waste segregation and disposal system on 6th May 2011 to mark the World Environment Day. This programme was initiated as a prelude to the establishment of a durable waste disposal system leading to recycling of waste paper and plastic, to be implemented with the technical and financial support of the Central Environment Authority, coming under the purview of the Ministry of Environment. On 6th May, during the first period of the school, students of all classes were briefed about the planned process by the respective class teachers on the advice of the Principal and thereafter they engaged in cleaning their class rooms and the surroundings. Each class above Grade VI was issued a potted


EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

plant entrusting them the responsibility to maintain same. A unique feature of the function was the use of “Street Drama” team of the school to enact skits that showed fellow students the importance of waste segregation. These renditions were aimed to promote Green practices that would be instrumental in keeping the environment green and clean on a sustainable basis. EDEX Think Green provided banners and display boards with Green messages, badges for Green Marshals of the Environment Conservation Society of the College who will be engaged to drive this programme and monitor progress.

EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine


EDEX Notes Nwhay; fy;Y}up EDEX THINK GREEN cld; ,ize;J

ESOFT ties up with Buckinghamshire New University UK

“cyf Rw;whly; jpdj;jpid” ESOFT has entered into a collaboration with the Buckinghamshire New University to offer Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Sri Lanka. ESOFT leads the market for Professional ICT qualifications due to the market-share it enjoys for the BCS Examinations in IT and the BIT Degree of the University of Colombo. The inauguration ceremony for the tie-up was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Galadari Hotel on the 26th of May amidst a large gathering of distinguished invitees. The Programmes are offered in Colombo and Kandy initially, and we hope to expand to more centres in order to take our educational products to the widest market.

epidT$WKfkhf ,t; tpohtpid Vw;ghL nra;Js;sJ. cyf Rw;whly; jpdj;ij Kd;dpl;L Nwhay; fy;Y}up epu;thfpfspd; xj;Jiog;Gld; EDEX THINK GREEN epWtdkhdJ fopTg; gpupj;njLg;G kw;Wk; mfw;wy; Kiwik njhlu;ghd tpopg;Gzu;r;rp epfo;r;rpj;jpl;lnkhd;iw Nk khjk; 6k; jpfjp nraw;gLj;jpaJ njhopy;El;gk; kw;Wk; epjp rhu;ej ; kj;jpa #oy; mjpfhurigapd; cjtpAld; Rw;whly; mikaj;jpd; Fwpapyf;fpd; fPo; fopTj;jhs;fs; kw;Wk; gpsh];upf; Nghd;wtw;wpd; kPo; Row;rpf;F ,l; L r; nrd; W eP b j; J ciof; f f; $ ba foptfw; w y; Kiwf; F Kd; N dhbahf ,e;epfo;r;rpj;jpl;lk; cUthf;fg;gl;lJ. Nk khjk; 6k; jpfjp ghlrhiyapd; midj; J khztu; f Sk; > Mrpupau; f Sk; > mjpgupd; mwpTWj;jypd; fPo; KjyhtJ ghlNtisapy; tFg; g iwiaAk; kw; W k; mJ rhu;e;j #oiyAk; Rj;jk; nra;tjpy; <Lgl;ldu;. juk; 6w;F Nkw;gl;l midj;J tFg;Gf;fSf;Fk; jyh xU jhtur;rhb tPjk; toq;fg;gl;L mjid rPuhfg; guhkupf;Fk; nghWg; G k; xg; g ilf; f g; g l; l J. fopT gpupj;njLg;gpd; Kf;fpaj;Jtj;ij jq;fs;


EDEX+Plus Careers Magazine

rfkhztu;fSf;F fw;gpf;Fk; nghUl;L fy;Y} upapd; ehlf FOtpdupdhy; NkilNaw;wg;gl;l “njUf; $ j; J ” ,e; e pfo; r ; r pj; j pl; l j; j pd; jdpj;Jtk;kpf;f epfo;thf mike;Js;sJ. epiyahd fl; l ikg; g pd; fP o ; #oiy gRikahfTk;> Rj;jkhfTk; itj;jpUg;gjw;F fUtpahf mike; j pUf; F k; gRikg; G ul; r p gw;wpa njsptpid Vw;gLj;Jk; Nehf;NfhL ,e;j epfo;T xOq;F nra;ag;gl;Ls;sJ. ,e;epfo;tpid Vw;ghL nra;J mjd; Kd;Ndw;wj;jpid fz;fhzpf;Fk; Kaw;rpapy; jk; i k <LgLj; j p nfhz; L s; s Nwhay; fy;Y}upapd; #oy; ghJfhg;G mikg;gpd; mq;fj;jtu;fSf;F gRik Rw;whly; gw;wpa jfty; f s; mlq; f pa gjhijfs; kw; W k; f h l ; r p g ; g y i f f i s EDEX THINK epWtdkhdJ toq;fp ,Ue;jJ.

Dr. Dayan Rajapakse is the CEO of ESOFT, and he had the following to say, when we asked for a few words on the occasion of the launch. "ESOFT is proud to offer these programmes. It provides the opportunity for academic advancement and will be value for money. The Learning experience at ESOFT will be unique as students will receive specially prepared text books for each module, and will have access to our dedicated full time academic panel and other valuable resources.” Classes will commence in September with the M.Sc Degree in Information Systems for Strategic Management, and the top-up B.A. (Hons) in Business and

Finance & B.Sc (Hons) in Computing. A B.Sc. in Business & IT will commence in January. One of the reasons for the success of ESOFT students is that ESOFT has a dedicated full-time academic panel including those with Degrees and Masters, as well as professional qualifications. Students will also have unlimited access to our state of the art computer laboratory with more than 50 workstations as well as Library facilities. Our students are gainfully employed in the ICT industry due to their high knowledge and skills in par with the qualifications that they possess. Visit for more details. Tngu .e,fmk l=i,;d ixj¾Ok iy ;dCIKsl mqyqKq mdGud,d i|yd fjí wvúhg msúfikak' Powered by

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We thank all our readers for writing to us form all parts of Sri Lanka. We truly appreciate you feed back....

P.S. I Love You

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