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BUSINESS COLLEGE Established 1988

Overview EDENZ Colleges was first registered in 1988, teaching English language, and since then has developed courses in response to students’ needs, including TESOL, Film Production, and business courses. We attract students of many nationalities from Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Since 1999, EDENZ Business College has been offering a variety of Certificates and Diplomas in both general and specialized areas of business, such as Management, Marketing, and Accountancy in particular. These qualifications can be used as pathways to degree study, but some can also be used as pathways to Residence. We are constantly reviewing our programmes and courses to ensure that they are relevant to student and employment needs. In 2012 we began a partnership with the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) a government funded degree awarding institution, to offer degree and graduate level courses at our campus in Auckland. Graduates of our courses are well equipped with good written and oral communications skills, flexibility and problem solving that New Zealand employers want. All our teachers are highly experienced in teaching, and in the field that they teach. They are dedicated to helping every student reach their goals.

New Zealand Qualification structure We offer Certificate courses at Level 4 (pre-university level), and Diploma courses at Level 5 (1st year University), or Level 6 (2nd year) and Level 7 (3rd year), which can be combined to make a Bachelor Degree in Business, in partnership with EIT.

Also in partnership with EIT, we offer Bachelor of Computing Systems, one year Graduate Diplomas (Level 7) in Management. We plan to offer further EIT qualification in the near future.

Structure of New Zealand Education qualifications (NZQA) Qualification


Pathway EDENZ University Foundation Certificate


We try to make it as easy as possible for students to move from one course to a more advanced course or level, either within EDENZ, with EIT, or in another institution.

Appropriate University Level Diploma(s) • Level 5, 6 or 7

Pathway to further qualifications

Work while studying 20 hours per week on a Student Visa

• Any job, any time (provided you meet school attendance requirements)

Work after studying 1 year Graduate Job Search Visa (Open) If 1 year Diploma (Level 7), or 2 year Diploma study (Level 5/Level 6)

Work to Residence 2 year extension with job “related to diploma” Residence possible with permanent skilled job further information available at

Depending on their background, students can start on our • University Foundation Certificate (Level 4) followed by a Diploma with EDENZ, or Degree with EIT, or with Massey University or other institutions OR • a Level 5 Diploma in Hospitality Management (2 years) OR • a Level 5 Diploma followed by a Level 6 Diploma, or transfer with credits to a degree* OR • a Level 7 Diploma with EDENZ OR • a Level 7 Graduate Diploma *Our Business Diplomas have formal and generous cross-credit arrangements with several institutions around the country, and our graduates have been granted credits at most Universities in New Zealand and Australia.


EDENZ has NZQA approval for using our own Engli Level 4


1 year

Guaranteed entry to Massey Univer


IELTS 5.5 + some Hig

Diploma in Hospitality

Level 5


* Approval expected early 2014 * Courses begin July 2014


1 year High School completion


Level 6

Diploma in Business


1 year Level 5 or equivalent




Level 7

1st year: for those students with no degree or equivalent diploma

2nd year: accounting subject


• Hea • Tour • Spor


Diploma in Business Developme (emphasis on advertising and marketing)


Diploma in Study focus areas: • Health Services • Tourism & Hospitality

1 year Level 6 or equivalent

Diplo Diploma in e-Business


IELTS 6.0 ** Approval expected July 2014

ish test to meet IELTS equivalency.

y Foundation Certificate

rsity; acceptable for most degrees at many institutions

gh Schooling (varies in different countries)

oma in Management

alth Services rism rts

Diploma in Business

Degree 1st year Content similar to Level 5 Diploma, some cross credit possible



Bachelor of Business Studies in many • Universities • Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics • Private Tertiary Colleges


NZ Diploma in Business

(specialisation in management or accounting, or marketing - 2 years)


Degree 2nd year Content similar to Level 6 Diploma, • some cross credit possible • some additional paper may be required

n Applied Management • Finance & Accounting • Engineering • Education


Degree 3nd year At Degree Institute

Level 4

Papers we offer • Accounting Principles

• Academic Skills for Business

Level 5


• Accounting Practices • Economics • Business Law

• Business Communications • Marketing

• Hardware/Software basics • Business Computing • Intro. to Animation • Intro. to Multimedia • Website Development • Intro. to Programing

Level 6


• Financial Accounting • Management Accounting • Managerial Economics • Finance • Taxation • Auditing • International Trade • Business law

• Marketing Research • Marketing Planning • Buyer Behaviour • Advertising Briefs • Advertising Campaigns • International Marketing

• Applied Computing • Systems Development • Information Systems • Web Development • Internet & Social Media • E-Business Strategies • E-Business Models • Evaluate Business Opportunities

Level 7


• IELTS (for Foundation Certificate)

• Financial Accounting • Management Accounting • Corporate Finance

• Business Statistics • Small Business MANAGEMENT

• Management • Tourism Industry • Health Services Industry • Sport & Fitness Industry • Budgeting Process

• HR Management • Leadership • Strategic Planning • Operations Management • Employment Relations • Applied Management • Tourism/Health Services/ Sport & Fitness Management

• Basic Cookery • Food Safety • Barista Skills HOSPITALITY

• Liquor Management • Facility Management • Function Planning

• Applied Management • Strategy and Planning • HR Management • Industry Based Learning Project (internship)

Work & Study in New Zealand The current New Zealand government policy provides advantages to students:

• A permanent skilled job, or job offer, related to the Diploma, will almost certainly lead to Residence.

• A Student Visa for any of our Diploma programs will be for the study period plus one month, and entitles the student to work 20 hours per week during study times and full time during vacations.

• Normally, it is fairly easy for students to find work, both part-time, and on completion, but that depends on personality and persistence of the student. (Our surveys show that 85% of students have part-time jobs within 2 months of arrival)

• Completion of a Level 7 Diploma (or 2 years Level 5 and/or Level 6) entitles the graduate to 12 months Graduate Job Search Visa to find a permanent job.

• Normally, a student could expect to earn enough to live modestly while studying. However, to get Visa approval, they must prove that they have the funds to support themselves

without working. • During their study + 12 month Graduate Job Search Visa period graduates are likely to find they can support themselves, and save enough to repay a good portion of their tuition fees.

• We provide Job Search Support to help students find part-time jobs, but with more emphasis on full-time jobs after completion.


Questions from parents Is New Zealand safe?

New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. Like every country, there is some crime, but if students are sensible, the risks are very low. There is no religious tension in New Zealand.

How safe are the fees that I pay?

EDENZ is registered with the New Zealand government (NZQA), and is required to hold students fees in a Trust Account, so that they can be refunded if the student does not start the course for some reason. Students enrolled on EIT courses will be on an EIT visa, and their fees are government guaranteed.

Is New Zealand nice to live in? The 2011 Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked Auckland 3rd equal place in the world on its list, while The Economist’s World’s Most Livable Cities index of 2011 ranked Auckland in 9th place.

Can EDENZ arrange accommodation for me? Yes, in fact you can stay in one of our shared apartments on the top two levels of our Airedale Street Campus. It’s a great way to save on the cost of public transport and you’ll never be late for class! Two hostel supervisors are in residence 24/7 to maintain student safety and monitor behaviour. You can also stay with a real kiwi family and practice your English outside of class - we can arrange a carefully selected Homestay family for you. Many business students go to a Homestay for their first few weeks, before finding friends to share an apartment with.

Can I keep in contact easily? The internet is widely available, and students have plenty of access for email. Many students find it simple and cheap to get a new SIM card for their GSM phone while in New Zealand.

EDENZ Colleges cares about the global community and our planet We believe in helping the global community, which is why for more than 20 years EDENZ Colleges has been contributing to a number of charities and projects around the world. We also do what we can to improve the environment. This prospectus was produced from paper that uses 100% recycled post consumer fibre with FSC certification, using non-toxic, harmless de-inking residues. It’s also been printed using vegetable-based inks.

Auckland Campus 85 Airedale Street, Auckland CBD 1010, New Zealand Telephone: +64 9 309 5208 Fax: +64 9 309 8136 Queen Street


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2014 EDENZ Business College Brochure  

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