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What is tattoo? Tattos are permenant marking in the skin usually made by way of ink & needles. Once ink id deposited into the dermis the second layer of the skin the wound scrab over. The skin heals to expose a design under the new layer of skin.  When it's complete heals it's beautiful art on the body caleed a tattoo.

History of Tattoo Over 5000 years ago tattoos used for different purposes like celebrating different religious & methodological functions,cosmetoc purpose and different other issues.That time design of tattoo's based on the things like flower, animals, monsters etc. In India, China and Egypt the tattoo art was very famous from long time.The people of philippines use the tattoo for religious purpose and as well as for the ornamental purpose and we can see that they prefer the use of full body tattoo. The art of tatttoo even very popular in some parts of Europe but christianity prevented them to go fot it. But, in the later part of thesixteen century the art of tattoo was again reintroduced in Europe.

Types of Tattoo  Natural Tattoos - It is belived to have occured from any accident and from the injuries.  Amateur Tattoos - These are considered to be the result of religious or any mythological commitment,mark of position,showing of bravery etc.  Cosmetic Tattoos - It is done with help of cosmetic surgery which are even considered to be the permanent markup and it finally occures in dis-colorization.  Medical Tattoos - The medical tattoos are resulted from radiotherapy.

Why do people get tattoos?  To

look cool or fashionable.

 For religious region.  To show others what they believe in.

ConclusionTattoo is very common all the world & it is done from ancient times also it's types are quite different & intersting.

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Look fashionable by Tattoo  
Look fashionable by Tattoo  

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