Penrith AFC v Team Northumbria 3rd February 2018 Match Day Programme Issue No 121

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Welcome to Frenchfield

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A warm welcome to our visitors, Team Northumbria, their officials, travelling support and welcome to the Bonny Blues faithful here today. A big welcome also to our match sponsors the Blues supporters for Penrith Golf Club AKA Bunch of lads, Stuart’s mates! Today I’ll have my Eden FM head on with Bradley our Mascot, so we’ll be broadcasting live from the back of the stand from around 2.30pm. Some great contributions to the programme today. Thank you to all who have helped both in writing and financially. I did have the opportunity to catch up with Kyle May for our ‘Direct from the Dugout’ report which follows this opening. After our initial discussion, I can confirm that we do have a few injuries today. Mally and Sam are out and at the time of writing this opening report, there was to be a Saturday morning fitness check for Kelvin. More strength comes into the side today as we have the return of ‘Whizzer’ (Mathew Read) welcome back. Kyle is also available today, so we have another strong team. For those of you who were here to see Referee Steven Lennon, who was taken ill during the Sunderland RCA match and saw the Ambulance at ground for a long period of time, Steven was admitted to hospital on the Wednesday evening and kept in overnight. We understand ulcers in his stomach had burst and it was a relief for us all that he was discharged Thursday lunch time. The club transported him back to Newcastle and Steven was very appreciative of the support from the Club. We wish him a speedy recovery and we have also received a note of thanks from the F.A. As a club, we would like to show our appreciation and thanks to Colin Bainbridge, a retired Northern League referee, who stepped into the breach, to run the line and what a

grand job he did. Thank you Colin on behalf of the club. We have the usual details on the visitors and looking at the last ten fixtures before they came to Frenchfield today, they’ve had 8 matches at home and just two away. Their last away match was over a month ago, which was their last defeat. That was against Shildon. In their last four games they’ve beat Ashington 3 - 1, Washington 2 - 1, Bishop Auckland 4 – 2 and drew 1 – 1 with Newtown Aycliffe. I think it’s worth saying thank you for those results lads! Meanwhile, 10 points separate our teams as it is 19th place taking on 12th place in this Ebac Northern League Division one match. Enjoy the game and have a save journey home. Come on you Bonny Blues! Lee Programme Editor In Today’s Programme Direct Line to the Dugout Match Report Billy’s Blog A Taste of the Future Welcome to Our Visitors Meet the Visitors Back to Southend Road Today’s Teams and Officials The Penrith Ladies In Reserve The Academy Supporter Selfie N League Div One Table Vivendi Innovation Next Up the Fixtures

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Direct Line To The Dugout

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Quite a different conversation to our last call on the afternoon before the mid-week Sunderland RCA match.

Photo by John France

Its Friday lunch time and it is time to put the ‘direct from the dugout’ conversation I had with Kyle in to a summary report. We had a massive boost on Tuesday night at Whitley Bay, but our conversation went straight to what had happened in our 2 – 1 defeat at home. Over to Kyle. “Looking back we took our foot off the gas. I was so confident that we had the best squad we had put out all season. We didn’t have the performance. It was a real disappointment and we knew as a team we weren’t together. For the first 20 minutes, we looked like we really wanted it, but it just never came together. We didn’t convert the chances we had. We lacked quality, organisation, we didn’t play as a unit, we didn’t play as a team and we let each other down. We weren’t communicating with each other. It was frustrating and I shared my thoughts with the team. We needed a response in our next match. We had a strong team for Whitley Bay. It was going to be a tough game. We tried a different system 3 – 5 – 2, but after 10 minutes we switched back. The pitch didn’t play well but both teams just had to get on with it. It was a scrappy match. We both came close and the way we played together was . A massive credit to the lads to get to where they were before the West Auckland match. Keeping a clean sheet was a massive achievement, holding out for the full 90 and the reward came. We’re still learning, we’re still developing and we have a strong side for our visitors Team Northumbria. If we keep them out, we’ve got the attack to take the game to them.

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Stoneybeck Inn, Bowscar, Penrith CA11 8RP

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Away at the Bay in the 3rd round of the Brooks Mileson Memorial League Cup. A short report salvaged from social media and a quick phone around by Lee Quinn With the first chance coming after ten minutes to the home side when a 20 yard shot on target was pushed over the bar by Stuart Dixon. It was to be the first of a few he was to make as the game progressed. In first half stoppage time an overhead kick from Bay’s Jasper struck the post.

Match Reports

The Bonny Blues through Andy Murray Jones, midway through the second half came close with his attempt pushed around the post by Tom Flynn. The next opportunity fell to Bay’s Chris Salmon, which required another 20 yard save from Stuart Dixon. There was attempt by Bay from Walker but it was into the save hands of Stuart Dixon. On came Matty Moynan and possibly with the best chance of the evening for the Bonny Blues he side footed just wide from in front of goal. With just nine minutes remaining, Kempster struck the top of the bar and four minutes later he flicked the ball on to the post, the rebound went to Patton who knocked the ball over the Penrith bar from about six yards. A foul on the edge of Penrith box gave Bay one final chance but it was struck over the bar. With the Full–Time score 0 – 0 it was on to the Penalties. After 5 each, it was 3 a piece and Bay fell at the first sudden death. Two great saves from Stuart Dixon during the shot, he has to be the Bonny Blues man of the match Final score after Penalties 4 – 3 to the Bonny Blues and in to the 4th Round we go! This was an identical score to the one when the sides met in the semi-final of the League Cup nine years ago, also at Hillheads Park. Penrith v West Auckland Saturday 13th January By Bradley Hodgson On a cold night cold it was all West Auckland in the first half. West Auckland scored through Alex Francis. At half time it was Penrith 0 West Auckland 1 Penrith had a half time substitution with Kian Smart off and Andy Murray Jones on. Penrith scored through Andy Murray Jones, then Penrith went down 10 men with Kyle May getting a red card after two yellows. Penrith made another change. Brandon Robertson went off and Bradley Hayton came on. Soon after Adam Main picked up a yellow card West Auckland scored through Nathan Fisher. Penrith made final change with Matthew Moyman off and Sam Bell on, but the score remain. Full-time it was Penrith 1 West Auckland 2. Man of the match was Kelvin James as he was really good through the whole 90 minutes. 1 Stuart Dixon 2 Robbie Hebson 3 Kelvin James 4 Matty Moyman 5 Kyle May 6 Grant Davidson 7 Kian Smart 8 Adam Main 9 Martyn Coleman 10 Conner Shields 11 Brandon Robertson 12 Jordan Lawson 14 Bradley Hayton 15 Andy Murray Jones 16 Sam Bell 17 Kieran Wallace

Billy’s Blog

Kyle May having missed the last two games through suspension, will no doubt have had the opportunity to look at his players from a different perspective. I have also missed these games, but I have kept in close contact with Kyle with regard to the progress we must make to recover from a poor start to the season. I know Kyle is really pleased with what Tyler Bowman adds to his squad. Getting him back on board is a massive plus. Tyler along with Sam Bell have been out for a while; both local young players with Northern League experience that are a pleasure to see giving their all for the club. In fact the full squad are top lads and I know they will be giving their all until the last ball is kicked. We are in the last eight of two cup competitions and every game means something. The inconsistency with home fixtures is very frustrating from a supporter’s position and of course it doesn’t help the cash flow needed for our club’s wellbeing. Behind the scenes we keep up the fight to retain and improve the facilities here at Frenchfield. The more together we are the better chance we have of enjoying some happy times together! C’mon You Bonny Blues……


Service an Beehive

So, a visit to the Beehive it was for the first of our new features about your local. It was back in September that I met Chris Callow, the man who took over the management of the pub a few years ago. It was then that the caption, ‘Everyone’s local, no matter how far you have travelled’, was created, which went into two publications we produced, so doing a feature this month on the Beehive was my way of saying thank you to Chris for his support. I popped in and met some of the team and sat in the bar with Head Chef, Rob and Front of House, Tan. There was going to be a possibility of them serving whilst we were doing the interview, so I sat with Rob first and I asked him how he got to be a chef. “Well, I started cooking with my gran when I was about 4 or 5, just baking and general stuff really. When I got a job as a gardener I enjoy growing my own veg and then cooking my own veg, then I made the move into the kitchen full time. I enjoy the stress!” I asked him whether he really said he enjoyed the stress! “Yes, you never know who is going to walk in the door and what they are going to want, so every day is different. No day is the same and timing is everything.” Before the Beehive Rob, a local lad, Rob worked in some of the top pubs in Cumbria, he then headed off to Edinburgh to learn his trade in some top restaurants before coming back to his roots here in Cumbria Joined by Tan, who has been in hospitality for over 20 years, I asked her what trends she had seen.

24 • EdenLocal

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nd a taste of the future at the e, Eamont Bridge, Penrith by Lee Quinn

customers have become lifelong friends. With the Lowther Caravan Park nearby, many people who return to the site regularly return to the Beehive. After all, it is their local.” As Tan says, “everyone’s a local!” Is there such a thing as a normal week at the Beehive?

“Drinking trends have changed. We have lots of local breweries, local distilleries. Just lately, it’s been local gins, different flavoured gins.” One mentioned was the Kendal Mint Cake gin, which Tan described as being really nice. I then put the same question to Rob relating to food trends. Rob explained a number of trends they have to meet and cater for. “Good home cooked food now is still good home cooked food, but the gravies and the sauces have been changed. Niçoise salad has changed. It’s got a lot more going on in it now. A lot more effort is going in and we’re really pushing the flavours a lot further. I think it’s the direction that food is going in now. Everyone is trying to improve constantly. It’s just like a race to the top, in a sense. We’re still sticking with traditional food, but adding a different sauce or a different veg. Our old school English vegetables have really come through these last five years. Also, fish has changed. With the increase in prices, we are using a lot of different fish and cheaper cuts. We used to use monkfish for scampi. Now it is far too expensive.” As a venue and as your local pub,

it has a lot of areas for dining indoors or outdoors, in front of an open fire, or taking time out in the large dining-lounge area in front of the recently installed 82 inch HD screen, which covers all major sports events. Tan explained, “you do you see a lot of new people and I don’t think there is anywhere that has a beer garden of this size with a climbing frame and a great space for kids that’s within five minutes of Penrith, which is only a short walk.” The Beehive certainly aims to please everyone. It even has its own non-alcoholic dog beer, which is handy I suppose if the dog’s got a driving licence! However, 5 minutes from the town is a pub with a lot going on to build on its growing customer base. Head Chef Rob went on to explain: “We get a lot of people visiting with special dietary requirements and we always re-adapt and change the ingredients or the way we prepare or cook something to meet the requirements of the individual. It’s something that works well between the front of house staff and the kitchen.”

Tuesday night is Pie Night, followed by a quiz at 9pm. Wednesday night is Curry Night. Friday night is Steak Night and on Sunday, traditional Sunday Lunch is served. And finally, I had to ask the question about why I sometimes struggle to cook steak. Rob explained that cooking steak is about the textures of the meat and how tight it is. You have to examine the steak, look at the textures, the fibre of the muscle and the fat content as it all cooks at different speeds. For example, for some steaks, you have to cook them fast on a high heat, then let them rest, or nice slow cooking may be required, with less time to rest. You have to know and you have to watch when it’s cooking. You’ll see how the fat’s rendering down and how it takes shape as you cook. The final word was with Tan. She explained why you should go to the Beehive. “It’s friendly, welcoming and good crack!” Rob’s final words were, “and it has good food!”

Tan explained to me how much she enjoys meeting people.

Beehive Inn Eamont Bridge, Penrith, CA10 2BX

“I’m a people person and I meet someone new every day and some

01768 864355

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Welcome to the visitors

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Team Northumbria Club History Founded in 1999 under the name Northumbria University F.C., the Club started its journey by joining the Northern Football Alliance Division Two. Over the following few years, the team progressed through the divisions culminating in becoming Northern Alliance Champions in 2005–06 gaining promotion to the Northern League Division 2 Following a number of years competing in Division 2, the 2011-12 season was one of huge significance as Team Northumbria became Champions and secured promotion to Division 1. In the same season, they lost 4-2 on penalties in the Northumberland Senior Cup final against Newcastle United reserves at St James Park, after drawing 4-4 after extra time. The club remained in Division 1 until 2013-14 when they were relegated back to Division 2. Unfortunately, this period also witnessed two back-to-back bottom of the league finishes in the BUCS Premier North University League with relegation only avoided through the play-off system. It was before the 2014/15 season that saw significant changes to the football programme at Northumbria University with a completely new staff team and a return to students taking up the vast majority of squad places. Whilst having a squad that predominately consists of young student players from across the UK and the wider world poses many challenges it is also what makes Team Northumbria unique in the Northern League. At Team Northumbria, the focus is on developing both the student and player, and achieving success on both counts. Team Northumbria will always seek their football success through the development of good technical players willing to express themselves in a positive environment. In 2014/15, this new approach to football was adopted and the players are now actively engaged in sessions across a broad range of areas. Whilst success was not achieved instantly, the 2014/15 season saw a 4 th place league finish, missing promotion by just one point. In the BUCS Premier North League, the university improved with a 4th place finish. The 2015/16 season was another season of progress as although the universitybased team missed out on promotion by one point, Team Northumbria finished off the season equalling the highest number of points previously achieved. All of the other indicators were positive and the team once again finished 4th in the BUCS League. Promotion back to Division 1 of the Northern League was finally achieved in the 2016/17 season where the team finished 2nd despite being top for the majority of the year. The team achieved 89 points from only 40 games instead of 42 as Norton & Stockton withdrew from the league half way through the season. In terms of points and statistics, it was the best season in Team Northumbria’s history.

Eden 107

In addition to promotion to Division 1, Team Northumbria finished a record 2nd place in the BUCS Premier North League and made it all the way to the BUCS National Championship final coming within 5 minutes of a famous victory only for two late goals from Cardiff denying Northumbria a win. The 2016/17 season saw the squad play a total of 84 games in all competitions, by far the most of any team that play in Northumbria colours. Returning to Division 1 is no doubt going to be a massive challenge but one in which ‘the students’ have worked hard for and looking forward to.

Honours •

Northern League Division 2 Winners: 2011-12

JR Cleator Cup: R-Up: 2012

League Cup: 2011-12

Ernest Armstrong Memorial Cup:

Northern Alliance Premier: 2005-06

Division 1 R-Up: 2002-03

Division 2 R-Up: 2001-02, 2016-17

Amateur Cup: 2001-02

Challenge Cup: 2000-01, 2003-04,

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Meet Our Opponents Tonight

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Greg Purvis - Goalkeeper Another new recruit for the 2017/18 season. Previously with Sunderland Academy and will provide strong competition amongst the goalkeepers. Stefan Holden - Goalkeeper New recruit for this season; Stefan has a wealth of experience playing in the Northern League after a couple of seasons at Dunston. Standing at 6�5, we are hopeful Stefan will be keeping plenty of clean sheets. Liam McNamara (Captain) - Defender A product of the university football system, Liam has played a pivotal role in the recent successes of the football programme. A regular starter for both the university and Northern League with versatile skills and attributes. Angelos Eleftheriadis - Defender Arrived near the beginning of the 2016/17 campaign from Whitley Bay. A very talented Greek centre-back who is confident on the ball and not afraid to tackle. Nick Green - Defender The backbone to the TN defence, Nick has been a key player since joining the university back in 2012. An attacking fullback who is keen to take the ball forward and deliver a dangerous cross. Liviu Cristea - Defender Originally, from Romania, Liviu is a defensive full back who is full of energy and not afraid to make a tackle. Aidan Heywood - Defender A versatile defender willing to play in several positions on the pitch. A consistent performer last season providing vital goals where needed and helping the team to success. Matty Lowrie - Midfielder Athletic centre half who is not afraid to run the ball out from the back with a keen eye for an accurate pass. Previously, Matty was associated with Newcastle United academy. David Webster - Midfielder Signed for Team Northumbria this season after many years playing in Division 1. An experienced and solid midfielder who will provide leadership and structure to the squad. Kevin Carr - Midfielder Non-Student attacking midfielder who has been present for a number of years. Scored many goals in a Team Northumbria shirt and hoping to continue this form into the new season. Robbie Spence - Midfielder A regular in both the TN and Northern League team, Robbie is regarded as the engine of the midfield who often pops up for an important goal.

Ryan Redford - Midfielder Having recently returned from travelling Thailand, Ryan has resigned with Team Northumbria for another season. A regular starter with a creative presence when on the field.

Theatre Company

Elliot Jones - Midfielder A new signing for Team Northumbria. A Tough tackling, young midfielder who arrives in the North East from Bradford City.

Cumbrian Sports, Events & Gig Guide

Nicholas Hay - Midfielder Having played for TN last season, Nicholas soon established himself as a keen, attacking midfielder and is regarded as an important member of the team by his peers and coaching staff. Harry Simpson - Midfielder Tall athletic midfielder who has progressed through the university ranks into this seasons Northern League squad. Steven McCarthy - Midfielder Previously with Sunderland Academy, Steven is an exciting attacking player with an eye for a goal. Scott Gunn - Forward After signing with TN from Ashington near the beginning of last season, Scott featured regularly in the starting line-up creating and scoring many goals. Ryan McKie - Forward Another new recruit joining TN from a college background. A tall athletic forward looking to make his mark on the squad and challenge for a starting spot. Gerard Richardson - Forward Another TN regular who has been present for a number of years. Fast, athletic striker who likes to run the ball through and score goals. Ben Dibb-Fuller - Forward Fast, energetic winger who is keen to beat their opponent to deliver a dangerous cross. Not one to shy away from scoring a spectacular goal and featured many a time on the scoresheet last season. Lewis Shorrock - Forward New signing for the upcoming season. The attacking midfielder joins the North East team from Fleetwood Town. Andrea Ardelean - Forward After joining at the start of last season, Andrei quickly made his mark featuring regularly and scoring goals on his debut season in the Northern League.

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Back to Southend Road

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The Football Association representatives met with the Northern League Management Committee,in December,to discuss their proposals for re-structuring non-league football,and specifically the implications for the Northern League. The most significant changes to affect our League would be mandatory promotion into Step 4,and a reduction to 20 teams in both our divisions, meaning that several clubs would leave the Northern League.Concern was expressed by the Management Committee about the financial implications of the proposals,for both promoted and relegated clubs. Both the F.A. and the Management Committee do agree there is a need to restructure football in the North of England.However the Management Committee believes that it is possible to develop football in the region at Steps 4-6,while at the same time protecting and defending the quality of the Northern League and minimising the potential impact of promotion and relegation for our clubs. Specifically,the Management Committee formally applied to the Football Association for the Ebac Northern League to adjust its position within the system to include a Step 4 division,covering this region. The proposed adjustment would see the addition of a Premier Division,at Step4,which would feed into the Evostick Northern Premier League Premier Division,at Step 3. The Management Committee submitted its counter-proposals to the F.A.,who duly turned them down.An appeal has been lodged against that decision,and will be heard shortly.Once the outcome is clear,a meeting of all Northern League clubs will be heard. There is no further news on the potential impact of any lateral moves on Penrith AFC.

Penrith Ladies and Girls Report

Page 18

Development Team get 2nd Chance After Rules Mix Up All seemed lost for Penrith AFC Development after Sundays League Cup Quarter Final tie against Sir Tom Finney Development. After a very close and competitive 90 mins the game finished all square at 2-2 with Penrith’s goals coming from Sarah Smith and debutant Clare Almond. Into extra time it was Sir Tom Finney who took the initiative and pulled clear as Penrith heads went down.

JP Smith Photography © The score after extra time was 6-2 to Sir Tom Finney and that was that. Or so we thought. However information came through on Monday for the League Committee saying that both teams had inadvertently broken the rules. After 90 mins the game should have gone straight to penalties and not to extra time. The League Committee has therefore ordered the game to be replayed this Sunday 4th February Frenchfields 2pm k/o.

JP Smith Photography ©

JP Smith Photography

JP Smith Photography ©

JP Smith Photography ©

Penrith Ladies into League Plate Quarter Finals By Kath Savage City of Liverpool Ladies 2 – 4 Penrith AFC Ladies

YOUR LOCAL UK AND CONTINENTAL HOLIDAY SPECIALISTS Please telephone 01768 863594 for our latest brochure Georgia Campbell Penrith made the long journey to Liverpool for a tricky League Plate tie. On a tight pitch Penrith played the 1st half with the wind at their backs and this proved beneficial when Penrith took the lead on 19 mins. Georgia Campbell’s cross was caught by the strong wind and drifted over the keeper and into the far corner.

Travel Office: Central Buildings, Corn Market, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7HT

Air conditioned coach travel All coaches non-smoking Local pick-up points

Liverpool equalised when a well guided free kick squeezed under the cross bars giving Penrith keeper Michelle Jones no chance. Liverpool then took the lead from the penalty spot just before half time after Jade Williams was adjudged to have brought down the Liverpool striker. HT 2-1 Penrith started the 2nd half in determined fashion and turned the game around with 2 goals in a 5 minute spell. Firstly Nat Broad was first to react to a loose ball in the Liverpool area. Then Hannah Coulthard finished off a well worked corner. Liverpool fought to get back into the game while Penrith looked threatening on the break. This eventually earned Penrith a 4th goal as Campbell got her 2nd goal of the afternoon. FULL-TIME 2-4 Penrith now await the Quater Final draw. Penrith : Jones, Nelson, Williams, C.Smith(McCormick), Han Fawkes, Hea Fawkes, Nutter(Johnston), Coulthard, Broad, Hopton, Campbell.

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The Stats and the Facts in Reserve and where we stand James Cropper Westmorland Association Football League Division One Table POS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

P 12 13 13 12 14 13 11 13 12 12 12 11

Keswick Appleby Kirkoswald Endmoor KGR Wetheriggs Utd Ibis Windermere SC Penrith Res Kendal County Res Sedbergh Wanderers Ambleside Utd Shap

W 11 10 7 6 6 5 5 5 3 3 2 2

D 1 1 3 2 1 3 2 2 1 0 1 1

L 0 2 3 4 7 5 4 6 8 9 9 8

GD 22 28 22 6 -7 7 9 0 -32 -16 -15 -24

PTS 34 31 24 20 19 18 17 17 10 9 7 7



The Reserves Last 10 matches 2-1








Read more at Appleby overcame tedDivision=1591141&psSelectedCompetition=0&psSelectedLeague=3882517#BJ Colin Watson © Penrith Reserves GIpfii5WiG2rzG.99 2-8 away at Frenchfield. Appleby, reduced to ten men after a deliberate hand ball on the Appleby goal line, scored four in the first half and four in the second and those goals were from Jordan Crawford (2), Ben Jackson (2), Jack Overs, Dan Robinson, John Coward, and Antony Lund. Penrith scored one in each half, and their goals were from a Hayden Wilson penalty and Catherine Allen © Connor Shields Report by Ben Challis

Next Up 3rd Feb Away to Ambleside United League Division One 10th February Home to Shap League Division One 17th Feb Away to Appleby League Division One

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Penrith Players of the Future

Page 22 It was a defeat again for the lads and this one was a difficult one to take. On what was a very poor surface it looked like would not be able to play our usual passing game. After an even 20 minutes our lads had a couple of chances to take the lead through Hayden Wilson but it was just after the half hour mark when we did take the lead with Greg Hall finishing well from distance after superb work down the left flank from Luke Whalley. 0 -1. It was just 3 minutes later we went 2-0 after Wilson drilled the ball across the box which was goal bound and an Endmoor defender tried to keep out but couldn’t. The Academy were well on top and in control of the game and went into HT 2 goals to the good. 2nd half started as the 1st finished with the Academy pushing forward and asking all the questions and on 52 minutes it was Hayden Wilson who latched onto a big keeper kick and finished expertly. 0-3. The Academy continued to dominate and were awarded a penalty on 62 minutes which was saved from Greg Hall and we couldn’t follow up with the loose ball. This changed the game as in the 70th minute Endmoor got a goal back after some sloppy defending from the away side. 1-3. This gave the home side belief and the momentum and 5 minutes later were awarded a dubious spot kick which they scored to get back in the game and only 2 minutes later were level after some poor marking by the Academy. Now 3-3. With 10 minutes to go this game could have gone either way but Endmoor went ahead from a deflected shot which gave Waugh no chance in goal and the homeside scored again late on to make the final score 53 to the home side. MOM - Jake Marshall & Kieran Hodgson who were both outstanding. As I said a difficult one to swallow but there were huge positives and we move on and learn from this. Matt Rogers

James Cropper Westmorland Association Football League Division Three Table POS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Ibis Res Kirkby Stephen Burneside Endmoor KGR Res Kirkoswald Res Sedbergh Wanderers Res Penrith Royal Lunesdale Utd Penrith Academy Langwathby Utd Penrith Saints Ambleside Utd Res DATE/ TIME HOME TEAM 03/02/18 14:30 Penrith Academy 10/02/18 14:30 Lunesdale Utd 17/02/18 14:30 Penrith Academy 24/02/18 14:30 Penrith Academy

P 17 12 15 14 14 14 12 10 14 14 13 11

W 13 11 9 8 8 7 6 5 4 2 1 1

AWAY TEAM Burneside Penrith Academy Penrith Saints Langwathby Utd

D 3 0 0 2 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0

L 1 1 6 4 5 6 6 4 10 11 11 10

GD 35 54 15 5 7 1 -1 9 -5 -24 -59 -37

PTS 42 33 27 26 25 22 18 16 12 7 4 3

VENUE COMPETITION Frenchfield 5 Division 3 Maurice Park Division 3 Frenchfield 5 Division 3 Frenchfield 5 Division 3

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Page 24 Under 10s Match Report January 28th 2018 Penrith Blues V Castletown Blues After a long run of cancelled matches and no game for two months, Penrith Blues were excited to play their first game since a strong and promising performance away to Appleby before Christmas. The last time they played this Castletown team it resulted in an evenly matched affair so this was a great opportunity for Penrith Blues to register their first win of the season. Despite the long break, the lads didn’t lack any focus or effort as they grew into the game throughout the first half. Castletown Blues are a year older than the Penrith team with the same experience, having been together as a group only since the start of the season. This made for a physical game but not one that Penrith shied away from. Dylan, Alex, Archie, Ellis, Ted and Nassim all battled well for the ball in midfield throughout the game, with Ross and Finnan at the back putting in strong challenges to nullify some of the early Castletown attacks. The occasional first half breakthroughs were palmed away to safety by Giorgio who was as brave and committed as usual between the sticks. There was a minor scare when the ball slipped into the back of the Penrith net, but luckily it was through the side netting and no more than a goal kick was awarded. Penrith held a better shape than the away team and this enabled them to find plenty of space to hit Castletown on the counter attack and leave them exposed at the back. Eventually, Penrith used this advantage to devastating effect. From a Castletown corner, Alex cleared the ball from the edge of the box and the ball ended up quickly down the other end of the pitch where Dylan played in a good pass to Ellis, and the fresh legged first half substitute poked home the ball with ease. End to end quick team play, a joy to watch. At half time you could feel the exhilaration already in the air but the game was far from over. The manager provided his usual level headed team talk and set them up for a cracking second half performance to match the first. The away side pushed hard straight from the second half whistle and were using the wind to their advantage, penning the Penrith team back into their own half. This pressure was awarded with a goal early into the second half and once again it looked like Penrith Blues might squander their opportunity to come out with a positive result for the first time. From this point on the home side started to take control of the game dominating the opportunities and breaks and starting to play together as a unit. The space behind Castletown Blues opened up even more this half and when Finnan played in top scorer Ryan, he had a lot of work to do, holding off the defender and finding the opposite corner of the net with an accomplished finish. The third and final Penrith goal of three crackers came from a short corner by Dylan and Ryan. The move ended in a curling cross to Ted at the back post who finished beautifully off the side of his raised foot ‘Dele Alli style’ via the inside of the post and into the back of the net. Wow! Parents and kids alike couldn’t hide their emotions as the elated parents watched the lads jumping in celebrating on each other in the middle of the pitch. Penrith had multiple breaks behind the Castletown defence and with some improved passing in the final third, could have scored twice as many goals and run away with the tie. At 3-1 to the home side it looked like the game was done and dusted until Castletown clawed one back to make it 3-2, it provided a nail biting final few minutes. Giorgio pulled off an amazing save low down inside his right hand post to keep the 'never give up' Castletown out. The final whistle eventually went and all the hard work from Graeme and the boys had finally paid off. The parents and kids have all had to be patient this season but as Mr Miyagi said in Karate Kid; “First learn stand, then learn fly, nature rule Daniel son, not mine”. The lads had certainly learnt to fly in this game with an outstanding and committed performance from each and every one of them.

Penrith AFC Under 10s entertained Cockermouth JFC, who they had narrowly beaten in the reverse fixture earlier in the season. Starting without our regular goalkeeper and also missing 2 others, Penrith started well, full of confidence from winning our 3 previous games. A strong first half for the home side ended, with Penrith repeatedly testing the Cockermouth 'keeper throughout. It was Cockermouth though, who opened the scoring but the goal didn't have an adverse effect on the home team. Playing some great football, Robin Taylor scored a deserved equaliser and now Penrith were looking for a winner. Top scorer Tyler Todd did what he has been doing all season, scoring a well worked goal soon after the first. The game ended with a deserved 2-1 win for Penrith, with Louie Eyrl Man of the Match for a very strong all round performance. U14s league Keswick v Penrith Panthers - On a very wet and heavy pitch and almost gale force wind the two teams put on a real battle of a match with the home side edging a 7 goal thriller. Keswick took the lead with a very soft goal from the Panthers point of view. A throw in on the right side let their striker run on to it and shoot across goal into the far corner. Panthers were soon level when Josh Harrison picked up a loose ball inside the box and swivelled to volley home. Panthers were adapting well to the wind being in their faces and deservedly took the lead when, man of the match, Harvey Forster scooped a 15 yard shot over the keeper and into the net. But Keswick kept threatening and with the Panthers down to a bare 11 players due to holidays, the lack of pace at the back was clear to see as the home striker calmly levelled it up just before the break. Keswick exploited the Panthers weakness in the second half with 2 very similar goals played down the middle and finished cooley despite the visitors bossing the possession. Panthers could have been trailing by more had it not been for goalkeeper Harvey Reay pulling off a couple of superb saves. Callum Wills slotted home when he beat the onrushing keeper to make it a tense finish but Panthers just couldn't find that equaliser. FT Keswick 4 Penrith Panthers 3 Report by Karl Collinson Penrith AFC Juniors enjoyed an afternoon at Brunton Park to watch Carlisle United v Forest Green last Saturday. I t was part of CUFC community ticket scheme which the club offers free child tickets, a walk around the pitch, a goodie bag and to meet the players. CUFC also send a couple of players to a PenrithAFC Juniors training session to join in with the children. “It's important to keep the good relationship going between the two clubs as it is beneficial for both parties on and off the pitch”, said Penrith AFC Juniors Chairman Karl Collinson. “Two of our junior players have recently signed for CUFC so it just goes to show the quality of local junior football. All the children/parents had a great afternoon and we're already planning on attending a game in the near future” Over 120 children/parents attended the match which Carlisle United win 1.0 and Penrith AFC are holding a 'Juniors Day' for their home match against Dunston UTS on Saturday 7th April which 1st team coach Andy Coyles will be presenting a coaching session and then the Juniors will be leading out the 2 teams. The club are also inviting everyone involved with the Juniors to free entry into Frenchfield Park for the match.

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Name: Dez Wilson. Age: 43 How long have you been supporting the team? Since the 80s when my uncle, Mala Wilson, played up front. Most memorable match and why? Doncaster Rovers away in the FA Cup we got beat 3-0 but it was my first away game and was great day for the club. Best player past and present, and why? Mala Wilson for obvious reasons and Grant Davidson a Penrith lad who epitomises the club. Other club supported? Carlisle United Best England player, past and present, and why? Bryan Robson who was England captain when I was growing up; and Harry Kane probably our one world class player at the moment. Photo: Dez Wilson (with son Jacob and wife Nichola). Welcome to the Selfie supporter gang the Wilson family

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Team Morpeth Town North Shields Marske United Consett Shildon West Auckland Town Whitley Bay Sunderland RCA Stockton Town Ashington Dunston UTS Team Northumbria Seaham Red Star Newcastle Benfield Bishop Auckland Newton Aycliffe Guisborough Town Ryhope CW Penrith Jarrow Roofing BCA Washington Billingham Synthonia

P W D L F A W D L F A GD Pts 28 12 2 0 41 15 11 2 1 43 15 54 73 28 7 2 4 32 20 10 1 4 36 20 28 54 21 9 1 2 31 16 8 0 1 25 5 35 52 28 8 2 4 33 22 8 1 5 31 29 13 51 27 6 6 3 30 24 8 1 3 27 15 18 49 27 5 5 3 33 22 8 3 3 34 22 23 47 25 3 5 3 21 17 10 0 4 34 22 16 44 27 6 3 4 20 15 7 2 5 28 24 9 44 29 9 0 7 38 31 5 1 7 23 28 2 43 28 6 2 5 25 17 4 8 3 26 22 12 40 24 4 0 6 16 22 9 1 4 33 19 8 40 28 8 1 7 23 21 4 1 7 17 22 -3 38 25 6 1 6 26 25 4 3 5 17 18 0 34 22 5 1 5 21 22 5 2 4 27 18 8 33 28 7 1 6 29 31 2 2 10 19 40 -23 30 27 4 2 7 19 25 2 8 4 13 15 -8 28 28 6 4 6 26 28 2 3 7 25 38 -15 28 -3 24 3 0 8 14 26 6 1 6 24 29 -17 28 29 3 1 10 23 37 6 0 9 17 28 -25 28 25 2 1 8 14 32 4 1 9 23 35 -30 20 28 2 4 9 15 29 1 2 10 11 37 -40 15 28 1 2 11 8 42 0 3 11 6 37 -65 8

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Consett Dunston UTS Washington Shildon Guisborough Town Team Northumbria Ryhope CW Whitley Bay Morpeth Town

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