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SHAP WELLS HOTEL We Present Our Festive Season Programme...

Christma Day Lunc s h B

Santa’s day Magical Sun ncheemsber 2010 L5, u 12 & 19 Dec .95

uck’s Fiz z Festive L and Canapés • unch • A Gift for everyone A Children dults £54.95 3 to Children 12 £26.50 un Free of C der 3 harge

Sundays 3 to 12 £8 95 Children Adults £16. der 3 Free of Charge un n Santa Childre & Visit from Magical Show Present for Small n the Childre

Chr FayreisDtimas nner & D i sco Frida

ys 1 11, 18 D 0, 17 & Saturda e v E ys ecembe s r ar e Y r w e Ne

n n i D a Gal ance D

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on, B&B

nner ala Di y to G , n o i cept t Awa ale Re ce the Nigh the UK’s y o R r f n o Ki nd Da , One s Sing a E DREAMZ bute Band i D r t E n A o B SW s r B e A p top 0 per £69.0

From £ from £2 21.95 5.00

Boxing Day

Special s Christmas Lunche

Carvery Lunch

ber &21 Decem Tuesdays 7 stmas Lunch ri 3-Course Ch nment Entertai ce Pies Tea and Min rson pe £10.95 per

Sunday 26 December 20 3-Course Carvery Lunch Adults £17.95 Children 3 to 12 £8.95 Children under 3 Free of Charge


...A Company Conference or Function...A Birthday Party...A Club Dinner...An Anniversary... Whatever the event we would be delighted to cater for your hospitality needs. We have �lexibility to cater for 2 to 400. BEST WESTERN

Shap Wells Hotel

Shap, Penrith, CA10 3QU Tel: 01931 716628 Website: www.shapwellshotel.com Email: reservations@shapwellshotel.com EdenLocal phone: 07881 530085 www.edenlocal.co.uk info@edenlocal.co.uk

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Dear Residents Welcome to this first edition of your Eden Local Community Magazine. It’s a publication that we hope will have a bright future across the areas it is distributed to. It has several aims and objectives and some of these are explained in the 36 pages of local information you are now presented with. The publication has only have been achieved with the support of local people and businesses in our community. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those people who have made a contribution, particularly the businesses whom, without their advertising revenue, we would never have got this far. My special thanks must go to Andy Jackson at Reeds Printers, who has been a key player in helping get this project to press and to Derek Cockerel from the Wainrights Society, for providing important local knowledge and contacts. Perseverance with unconditional support from my wife, means we now have our community publication and whilst some may say the hard work starts here, I am a firm believer that many hands make light work. You will see on the final page of our first issue, a list underlining the potential of the magazines we could eventually have. For my youngest daughter who

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ventured downstairs in the early hours of the morning recently and said, ‘Daddy you’re up and dressed early’, one day I will explain what can be achieved when small children are in bed! There are just two more people to thank; Val Corbett for some wonderful photographs and this month’s competition prize and last but not least, Chris Miller, someone I have worked with on countless projects, all hours of the day and night and who I count as a good friend but above all a fantastic graphic designer. Thank goodness Chris never sleeps!

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Contents Positive plans for Penrith Chamber of Trade


Vitality of Penrith


Eden Fm the campaign for Community radio


NBM on tour - Around the world 8 times in 365 days


The Eden project with a difference


Re-Discover Rheged


Christmas lights Helvellyn walk


Pull out your Penrith Lottery


Café Oswalds Celebrates its first birthday


Cook with Cranstons, Nick King, seasonal recipes


A year in the life of the Eden Valley, Val Corbett

22– 23

Wainwrights Society


Qegs Sponsored Walk


Eden Sports Unlimited


What do we need?




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An Eden project, with a difference....

Do we need a local magazine coming through our doors? Can local businesses really afford to advertise in the current climate? These are just some of the questions that I have been asked prior to launching the idea of the Eden Local community magazine. I also discussed the idea with my wife and my children. We discussed the idea of sharing good news on a regular basis and above all, something that would fit in with school runs, poorly children and all those things that we do that we don’t list. Starting a new project, which requires generating revenue from the local community at a time when many cuts are being imposed throughout the county and the country as a whole, our family, like many is a part of the present and the future. We wondered whether we, as a family should be taking this on - the stress, the worry and all those things that you would associate with collating a magazine, printing a magazine and distributing it. Well the answer is evident in what you are reading now. Eden Local is now here and we hope it’s a good news read. Our aims are to have local news, stories, articles and events from the community published monthly. It will be written by and supported by local people, local businesses and printed in Penrith. To start with, it will be distributed to over 6,000 households in the post codes CA11 7 and CA11 8. We hope the advertising is affordable and from £14.95 per month it is hoped that local businesses will support this project. We have a lot of ideas and as the editor and co owner of the Eden Local and someone who has run a small family business for nearly 17 years, we value your ideas and any contributions or suggestions for your local magazine. I have, for a number of months discussed this idea with local businesses, schools, organisations and societies . We are EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085


© Val Corbett

honoured that many of these are here in this first issue and there are more to come. Eden Local is offering low budget advertising, which we hope is not overpowering and the editorial content and quality, which we are hoping to build on in every issue. We want the magazine to have more pages and we want to distribute it to more areas, but this can only be done with the help and support of the local community. We need more stories and on page 33, there is a list of potential features we need your help with. Eden Local is the platform for the community to support the community and we hope this is in some ways reflected in this first issue.


Please send your feedback to feedback@edenlocal.co.uk

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Celebrating 25 years

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page Eden Local



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Community radio It’s the launch of a community


magazine and with this, the launch of a campaign for something totally new.

of the revenue can be generated by on air advertising. You cannot have a single sponsor providing the revenue.

In 2006, Ofcom, the regulator for radio licencing, launched a strategy, which commencing in the north of the UK, worked through 9 regions across the country, inviting applications from the communities in these regions to apply for full time community radio licences. Ofcom has finally arrived in the last area, inviting licence applications for the area inside the M25.

Eden Local is a good news publication. Before the June 2010 deadline, a formal intention was registered for Penrith and the surrounding areas to have its own full-time community radio station. In July 2010, Eden Ltd was registered as a ‘not for profit’ limited company. www. Edenfm.co.uk is where all the questions you are asking now can be answered.

What has this got to do with Penrith or Cumbria? Well, with the whole of the UK completed via the strategy launched in July 2006, Ofcom posted on its website in April 2010 that it would now be reviewing this strategy. Posting a list of regions, which were now not available, any region wishing to consider setting up a community radio station had to formerly register intentions by 10 June 2010.

But here is a thought - the key project underpinning the campaign will be the Eden Local community magazine. Driven by the community, it is the first project to raise the interest in the local community. If the magazine is successful, it will potentially be one of the main sponsors of Eden Fm community radio, off air, advertising income.

Community radio has many rules and regulations. It basically runs legally like any public or private sector radio, however, some clear differences are that a community radio station has to be a ‘not for profit’ limited company and with so many community radio rules relating to transmission and licencing, one other I experienced, was that only 50% EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

Do you want to be a part of the first ever full time community radio in Cumbria? Community radio is about having your radio, your station, in your community. It’s not owned by a profit making business. It’s owned by the community and shared by the community. It’s not run by shareholders but by a committee, which is made up of the people in the community it serves. We will need volunteers with and without radio experience of all ages, but above all we need to know if the community wants this campaign in the long-term.

Email us at info@edenfm.co.uk



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Solar Protection, Safety & Security, Energy Efficiency & UV Protection 4 Good Reasons To Read On

Solar Gard Solar protection

Nothing adds life to your home more than great natural light, but it’s also possible to have too much of a good thing. With natural sunlight comes unwanted heat and hotspots, which can really affect your overall comfort and make for a less inviting atmosphere. Solar Gard films reject up to 79% of solar energy - providing you greater temperature stability and comfort while reducing solar heat gain and bothersome glare.

Solar Gard Safety and Security

Your home is more than just a place for possessions. Which is exactly why it’s worth protecting from anything and everything that can do it harm - accidental or not. Specially designed to hold shattered glass in place, Solar Gard Armorcoat does more than just protect you and your family from flying shards, it also provides a deterrent barrier against burglary and storm damage - giving you peace of mind that you, your loved ones and your valuables are safe and protected.

Solar Gard Energy Efficiency

More and more, homeowners are interested in helping our environment and preserving precious

resources. You can make a difference everyday simply by reducing your air conditioning usage. Solar Gard films help you do that by rejecting heat and keeping interior temperatures more controllable and stable. By running your air conditioning less, you consume less energy, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utilities

Solar Gard UV Protection

Even inside the house, you and your valuables are more exposed to sun damage than you probably realise. Ultraviolet light and solar heat coming through any window can cause fading and irreparable damage to the things you value most. Everything from your expensive artwork and furnishings, to hardwood floors, carpets and custom draperies are at risk - and even more important, so is your skin. Solar Gard films help by filtering visible light, rejecting solar heat and blocking over 99% of harmful UV light - significantly reducing your potential for damage and protecting what you treasure most Local Supply & Installation Eden Locks Ltd. Tel 01768 361201 m 07832 286087

Are You Blinded by the Light but Would Like to Enjoy the View?

You Can Enjoy the Ambience of natural light without unwanted hotspots or glare, that leaves you closing the blinds & switching on the lights

Window Films for Solar, Safety & Energy Saving Solutions

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Whether protecting your merchandise, family, furnishings or artefacts, these films block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, creating a more comfortable environment, improved visibility of computer screens minimising eye strain


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Paul Barker m.B.l.i Master Locksmith

tel 07832 286087

01768 361201

meadow Bank


Kirkby thore info@edenlocal.co.uk

cA10 1uA


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Vitality of Penrith Champions call for community help to improve Penrith

The new Vitality of Penrith Group Champions are calling on local people to join them at a Beacon Community Event at Penrith Methodist Church on Monday 13 December to contribute ideas and offer practical help to improve the town.

Community Event gives local people the chance to offer help with projects to improve the town. It also presents an opportunity to illustrate past achievements and help local people look to the future.”

Colin Maughan, the Vitality of Penrith Champion for Public Engagement, said: “This is a great opportunity for local people to really influence long term improvements for the town. I am especially excited by the prospect of local people saying how they can get involved in projects to bring about lasting change.”

To ensure the Community Event on 13 December is a success, a variety of innovative ways are being planned to capture people’s views on how Penrith can be improved, these include:

The Vitality of Penrith (VoP) involves organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors which have been brought together by Eden District Council with the principal aim of securing long-term improvements in the economic performance of Penrith town centre. To take this work forward four themes of activity have been identified and a Champion appointed for each. They are: • Environment and the Public Realm – Peter Ward (PACT) • Culture and Events – Adrian Lochhead (Director, Eden Arts) • Marketing and the Economy – Bob Clark (Chief Executive, CREA) • Community Engagement – Colin Maughan (Editor, Cumberland and Westmorland Herald) “Eden District Council has recently announced that it has made £200,000 available for a two year regeneration programme for Penrith,” said, Councillor Mary Robinson, Deputy Leader of Eden District Council. “The hope and expectation is that this money will be matched by others to make a bigger investment fund. The EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

• A video booth • A positive Penrith ‘ideas wall’ • Demonstrations of successful Penrith events from the past Workshops will also be held where people can discuss their ideas with the VoP Champions. Alongside this a ‘community fair’ (consisting of small exhibition tables or ‘stands’) will be available for local organisations to promote their services and show how they can contribute to improving the town. The ‘fair’ will present a positive atmosphere, encouraging an interchange of ideas across the exhibition hall. VoP recognises the importance of the local business community in contributing ideas and support to make any projects a success in the future. Kelvin Dixon, President of Penrith Chamber of Trade, said: “The vitality of any town is more than just its Christmas lights and one or two events. This community engagement event is about effecting real and lasting change, by identifying projects from the community which can be delivered. We have spent too long talking about things. Now is the time for action.”



More information about the Community Event will be announced shortly and locals groups and organisation will be receiving information encouraging their members to participate. Cumbria County Councillor Helen Fearon, Chair of the Eden Local Area Committee, said: “The County Council is committed to supporting this event as a real way for the local community to bring their ideas forward. We are delighted that Penrith Methodist Church is donating their facilities for free to host the event and this shows the type of community spirit needed to help Penrith succeed.” The VoP Community Event is taking place at Penrith Methodist Church on Monday 13 December from around 4pm-8pm. If you would like to have a display stand at the event or require more information visit www.eden.gov. uk/vop or tel: 01768 817817.

e e Fr

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with every car Sold before 30th november


Sony Playstation 3 complete with the 40th anniversery Blue ray edition of the italian Job



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Finance can be arranged

Mini Servicing from only £79

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NBM on tour Day Trips 20th Nov

Metro centre Shopper


24 Nov

Gretna Gateway


28th Nov

St Nicholas Faye, York


30th Nov

Castle Howard At Christmas




Concerts & Shows 21st Nov

Joseph & his Techicolour Dreamcoat £49.50

Top price seats at Edinburgh Playhouse

NEW DATE!!!!!!

Limited availability

26th Jan



1st March Boyzone – Live in Newcastle


26th March





Day Trips 3rd Dec

Bury Market

5th Dec 11th Dec



Barton Grange at Christmas £12.00 Christmas Lunch at Hundith Hill, Cockermouth 3 Course Festive Fayre and Scenic Drive £23.00

12th Dec

Metro Centre Christmas Shopper


18 Dec

Darlington Christmas Shopper




2010/2011 Tours & Short Breaks Dec 5th (3 Days) Edinburgh Christmas Markets, DB + B, Jury Inn Edinburgh

From £139.00

Feb 21st (5 Days) Folkstone Entertainment Special, DB + B


Mar 11th (3 Days) March Mad Mystery Tour, DB + B

From £109.00

Mar 21 (5 Days) Warwickshire – The Heart of England, DB + B


April 3rd (8 Days) Eastbourne & the Sussex Coast, DB + B



April 26 (5 Days) Discovering the Dales, DB + B


May 9th (5 days) Panoramic Scottish Highlands & The Isle of Mull, DB + B



Call us on 01768 892727

E-mail us at sales@nbmtravel.co.uk | Fax us on 01768 899680 Visit us at: Cromwell Road, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7JW EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085



EdenLocal • 11

Around the world 8 times in 365 days What is a mobile phone? In 1980, Space Invaders made its way to the Atari system and became a legend. On the big screen, we could have been watching Airplane!, Elephant Man, Raging bull, Gregory’s Girl or Blue Lagoon. If you were very rich, you may have owned a Betamax video recorder and taped Johnny Logan winning the 25th Eurovision Song Contest, with ‘What’s Another Year’. Billed as the ‘clash of the titans’, Steve Ovett beat Seb Coe to gold in the 800 metres in Moscow. Revenge was sweet in the 1500 metres days later, when Seb Coe took the gold in the 1500 metres in the summer. Nationally, the average house price was ÂŁ23,500. Out on 7 inch vinyl (compact disc ‘CDs’ didn’t arrive commercially until

1982) were records like Geno by Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Brass in my Pocket by the Pretenders. There were sad times in December with the death of John Lennon, the single (Just Like) Starting over, the Christmas No 1, also a group of young lads by the name of Duran Duran signed a deal with EMI. Of course in 1980, we had mobile music with a new gadget called the Sony Walkman! Here in Penrith, at a site some call ‘Busy Bee’, Neil Bousfield started fixing cars and Neil Bousfield Motors then, probably didn’t know that 30 years on NBM, still on this site, would be the success in the community it has grown to be today. It is still a garage and together with an MOT station, it offers

servicing and repairs. When did the coaches appear? Well, it was in the late nineties, following the retirement of the owner of Castle Taxis, with NBM on the same site, that a new venture with 4 to 5 mini coaches started. The handful of vehicles then, has grown to over 20 vehicles today. Serving the community where it is based, working through the week with local authority contracts, transporting our children to school and part of the population around the area.

NBM Travel can cater for private hire, weddings, day trips and days away covering enough distance last year to have been around the world 8 times...

# 3 !! 1)# .1) . * " !5 )1# 1* # ** *. ! * # 5 066/' &) $1)* !2 * $# (1 ! .5 # * )2 *$" $ . 1)# .1) 3 *1&&!5 . ! * * # 3 ) )$ * # . " # "1" $ ** " !5 2 )5. # !* $" * ) 5 $) 1* '

* $1) *. * !! ) # 3 $ $1) 1."$*. .$ & &) * $"& . . 2 !. $1 3 $ 2 (1 . ! ) ) # $ # # # $* 3$$ .$$'

1) 4& ) # # ) # !5 &&)$ #*1) * . . 3 " .$ $ ) !! $1) 1*.$" )* . *. * )2 # ) ! ! .5 3 &$** !5 #'

! $ # ! ! $ ! " $ $ " $ ! )"* $# . $#* &&!5

%% ..! $ ) 5 #) . 1" ) " ! * # 3 !! 1)# $!' $"

%% + ! & $# 6%+, ,,,0 333'* # 3 !! 1)# .1) ' $'1



phone: 07881 530085


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Positive plans from the Penrith Chamber of trade What can we do better? Communicate -- with each other, with non members and with media sources.

Improve benefits of membership -- establish more reasons to become and stay a member.

Plan Ahead -- establish a long term vision for Penrith, a calendar of events in advance, try new ideas at meetings.

Educate -- offer training and advice sessions from in-house and bought-in companies on various topics.

Network -- let each other know who we are, where we work and what we do.

How will we deliver? A new Committee structure has been put in place to work from the following briefs

Policy & Representation Will work from Penrith Masterplan to deliver ideas and plans for the future of Penrith and the future of Chamber. Be involved in lobbying on appropriate topics.

Network & Events Will work to look at Business to Business training, a programme of events and meetings, establish links between the Chamber and local people to develop contacts.

Membership & Services Will look at delivering better benefits of being a member, membership advice facilities and therefore adding value to being a member, increasing interest and membership.

Marketing & Communications Will look at improving the communication from Chamber to members, press and non members by all available sources therefore raising awareness of what we are doing in and around the town and raising our profile as a Chamber. it is anticipated that the improvements will contribute to the continued success of the Chamber with even more of the towns business community seeing the benefits of membership to one of the countrys oldest Chamber of Trade andCommerce Groups. Kelvin Dixon, President Seagraves and Dixon Ltd, 24 Cornmarket, Penrith, CA11 7HS t: 01768 862126 e: kelvin@seagravesanddixon.co.uk EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085



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Genny OC, these boots were made for off roading..... Introducing to your feet this winter, comfort,

warmth, balance, super tread, on pavement and off pavement, 2X2 control. Helping you to maintain your direction in icy

conditions, whilst in the comfort of your own boots

Now available from

Sam Scotts 14 little Dockray, Penrith cumbria Ca11 7Hl 01768 866961 - www.samscotts.co.uk

Slimming Worlds philosophy is based on a deep understanding of how people with a weight problem feel – and a passionate desire to help them achieve their goals. Losing weight without ever going hungry may sound too good to be true but this unique approach to losing weight has helped millions of Slimming World members to achieve their weight loss dream and more importantly to maintain them. It will help you achieve that slimmer, fitter, healthier lifestyle and maintain it for life too. Food Optimising is the easiest, most generous, flexible, liberating and effective healthy eating plan ever. With food optimising you can fill the

biggest plate, go back for seconds and still lose weight! It’s all about choice: you choose what to eat and when. Every day fill up on free foodspasta, potatoes, rice, eggs, beans, meat, fish plus loads of fruit and vegetables whenever you like. Adding healthy extras to make sure your body gets the vitamins, minerals and fibre it needs. Finish off with a selection of sins for those things you love like a glass of wine or chocolate. Enjoy those foods that others diets ban!

You can join these groups – on Monday 5pm and 7pm at Penrith Cricket Club, Contact Andrea on 01768 864218 or Thursday 5.30pm at Penrith Leisure Centre, Contact Claire on 07503 870156. info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


14 • EdenLocal

Rediscovering Rheged It’s been an exciting year for Rheged, the highlight probably being their 10th Birthday Party in July! The celebrations started with a bang with their Big Birthday Bash, where the main attraction (and VIP guests) were Peppa Pig and her brother George! Over 4,000 people queued to see the celebrity pair as they met locals and ‘oinked’ with children of all ages. Unfortunately there were no muddy puddles to splash in, but everybody enjoyed themselves none the less! Regular visitors to the Centre were greeted with a very different look as Rheged’s entrance foyer has had quite a bit of a facelift! The new Box Office has been brought into the main entrance area, and now doubles as a brand new Information Centre, answering questions from locals and visitors alike. Complementing the new Information Desk are two new Information Stations, with an Outdoor Adventure Information Station in Mountain Life (outdoor shop) and a Food and Drink Station in the Taste Farm Shop. From these Information Stations and the main Information Desk, well informed staff can help you find and book, not only accommodation, but also over 30 different outdoor EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

activities, from adrenaline pumping ziplines, to more sedate guided walks. And the changes just keep coming. Rheged have been preparing for Christmas over



the last few months by working hard on their shops, and the new Toy Shop opened its doors to the public just in time for the October half term holidays. The new shophas some great present ideas for children

EdenLocal • 15

of all ages including Brio train sets, micro scooters, classic wooden toys and Airfix kits with everything you need in the box (although, if you’re anything like me, they’ll probably be just as popular with the grown ups). But it’s not just toys, Rheged are also stocking beautiful children’s clothing from the likes of Pili Pala, Toffee Moon, Lily and Sid as well as a large range of Pediped shoes!). Perfect for Christmas Shopping, and with 9 shops, all under one roof and free parking, it really is the hassle free way to get those special little gifts that aren’t so easy to find on the high street. Of course, if all that retail therapy is making you hungry, Rheged have three excellent cafes, where all the food is homemade by an inhouse team of chefs and bakers who use the freshest local ingredients, for instance, all the lamb and beef they use comes from their own farm at Orton, just 15 miles down the road. But enough on the past, and on to the future! Rheged have got another lineup of fantastic events and entertainment in the runup to Christmas with Panto, Live Music from shows such as Camp Rock, Glee and High School Musical in their Class of 2010 stage show, Visit Santa in his Cumbrian Country Cottage, and 3D films on the largest 3D screen in the north west including Shrek Forever, Toy Story 3 and Christmas Carol! But the one we’re most looking forward to is Avatar. Yes, like most people who are into their cinema, I have seen it already, but the opportunity to see it again, in all its Special Edition glory on the biggest 3D screen for miles around is just too good to be true. The Rheged Centre is open from 10.00am to 5.30pm every day (except Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Day. Parking and Entry to the Centre are free. For a Christmas Events leaflet and more information, visit www.rheged.com, or call our helpline on 01768 868000 info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


16 • EdenLocal

Christmas Lights Helvellyn Walk

As part of the fund raising for the Penrith Christmas Lights a walk was arranged up Helvellyn followed with a visit to the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Centre. An intrepid dozen together with two dogs were blessed with fantastic weather as they set off from Glenridding for the ascent. A quick visit to the picturesque Lanty’s Tarn was followed by the long climb up Birkhouse Moor from where the summit and the adjacent “Edges” could be seen. The number of people increased as Striding Edge neared and thoughts of Piccadilly Circus came to mind. Eventually the summit of Helvellyn was gained and “that view” of the Lakes and Eden Valley. Bodies were EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

refuels at the Shelter before a descent via Swirril Edge. The group made their way to the Patterdale Rescue Team Centre to be met team member John Ellerton who talked about the Centre and the activities of the Team before showing the group around building, now 11 years old but still very much state of the art. People on the walk gave donations towards the Lights and also the Team. A memorable day with a few stiff limbs afterwards !!

The Switch On for the Lights is on Sunday 28th November – donations toward the Lights can be sent to Ron Kenyon – Saint and Co., 4 Mason Court, Gillan Way, Penrith 40 Business Park, Penrith – cheques payable to Penrith Chamber of Trade.



EdenLocal • 17

Outstanding Value

Spot On flea treatment for cats and dogs

Small Animal Hay / Straw Shavings Rabbit & Guinea Pig Food, Ferret Food

Bird Foods Wild Bird Seed, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds Canary, Budgie, Cockatiel & Parrot Food

Wellies Waterproofs Workwear Clothing

WCF Dog Food - 15kg Chicken & Rice Complete & Beef & Veg Complete

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& Wormers for cats and dogs

Cat & Dog Treats & Toys, Cat Litter, Brushes, Collars & Leads, Beds


Champion Easy Cubes 20kg only £4.80

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Champion Easy Mix 20kg only £5.50

Cat & Dog Food

Nag Bag Haylage 20kg only £5.95 Cushionbed Bale only £6.50 or 2 for £12.00

Many more offers in store

HORSE Dodson & Horrell, Dengie, Ride & Groom, Feeds, Shavings, Horsehage, Supplements, Wormers, Bridles, Headcollars, Rugs, Grooming Accessories, Riding Hats, Body Protectors, Jodhpurs, Riding Boots and much more

Visit your local WCF Pet & Equestrian - everyone welcome Brunswick Road, PENRITH – Tel: 01768 862207 Station Street, COCKERMOUTH – Tel: 01900 822249 Allenbrooke Road, ROSEHILL – Tel: 01228 818058 Mintsfeet Road North, Mintsfeet Ind Estate, KENDAL - Tel 01539 723684 info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


18 • EdenLocal

Café Oswald’s celebrat

customers the opportunity to take a break from shopping and relax with some tasty food.” On the 23rd November Café Oswald’s at Cranstons will celebrate its first Birthday. Cranstons first ever restaurant is situated above the award winning Cumbrian Food Hall in Penrith and was launched as part of a £1 million Food Hall extension project last Autumn. Managed by Head Chef, Nick King , Oswald’s serves up a Cumbrian inspired menu of classic dishes using Cranstons award winning local produce. As Philip Cranston explains a restaurant was an obvious addition to Cranstons popular food hall “with so much fantastic local produce on offer in the Food Hall we wanted to inspire customers to eat and cook local food. Oswald’s acts as a show case for the produce on sale downstairs and gives our EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

The busy restaurant provides a modern, light and airy setting for diners with distant views to the Lakeland fells. In keeping with Cranstons philosophy of supporting all things local the walls are adorned with the work of local artists. Katherine Gayle a Penrith resident who works with oils on canvas to re-create Cumbrian landscapes is currently exhibiting. Open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm Sundays (last orders 45 minutes before closing) the menu offers something for everyone – the friendly team serve up breakfasts, lunches, home-made cakes and special Oswald’s blend coffee created by Farrers of Kendal. Children are welcome and can choose from Ozzie the Owls kids menu. Its been a busy year for Head



Chef/Manager Nick King ‘’The initial demand we experienced after opening was fantastic, if at times a little over-whelming. We literally had to hit the ground running serving over 400 breakfasts and 600 lunches in the first week alone, on opening week we had people queued down the stairs. With a completely new premises and new team it would be fair to say we had our share of teething issues. A year on it’s a different story - we have an experienced, well oiled team in place providing excellent customer service at a much faster pace and consistency’’

EdenLocal • 19

tes its first Birthday

Popular dishes include ‘The Cranstons Full English’ featuring award winning dry cured bacon & Cranstons much loved Cumberland sausage and ‘Oswald’s fish cakes’ made daily with fresh fish from The Fish Cellar. For the more adventurous the weekly specials show case seasonal local specials such as salt marsh lamb. For Nick the opportunity to create his own menu using Cranstons produce has been a wonderful experience ‘’The set up at the Food Hall is every chef’s dream with unrivalled access to top quality fresh local produce and the chance to talk to skilled butchers about new products and specialist cuts of meat’’. Alongside the day to day operation, Café Oswald’s has launched a calendar of ‘foodie nights’ which take place bi-







monthly celebrating local foods and speciality products. The first evening ‘A Celebration of Herdwick Lamb brought forty food lovers together to enjoy a three course meal with a centre piece of locally produced Herdwick lamb and a talk from Herdwick farmer Will Rawling. Oswald’s Cumbrian Beef evening, Cumbria Life Dining Club event and Salt Marsh Lamb dinner followed all proving popular. Tickets are now on sale for the next event a ‘Sausage and Ale’ evening which will take place on 26th November featuring Cranstons award winning Sausages and local ales from Hesket Newmarket and Geltsdale breweries. The Food Hall continues to evolve and to win awards, recently being named as winner of the Northwest Foods Business

Excellence Award and being shortlisted as one of 3 finalists in the prestigious BBC Radio 4 food and farming awards ‘best local food retailer’ (winner to be announced on 24th November). Despite the success Nick has no plans to sit back and relax... ‘We are continually developing the Oswald’s offer. In December we will launch Oswald’s Sunday Carvery serving up a mouthwatering selection of Cranstons locally sourced roasted joints’’ For further details please visit www.cranstons.net or contact us by phone 01768 868 680 or e-mail info@cranstons.net.


(Last orders 45 minutes before closing) info@edenlocal.co.uk



phone: 07881 530085



20 • EdenLocal

Salt Marsh Lamb Leg Steaks with a rich root vegetable gravy 1. Dice the vegetables (apart from the beetroot) into 1-2 inch cubes, add salt and pepper and sweat in a deep pan.

Cook with Cranstons Nick King, head chef at Cafe Oswald’s shares his favourite seasonal recipes.... This autumn enjoy the best seasonal produce with Cranstons. - My recipe for salt marsh lamb leg steaks in a rich root vegetable gravy makes a simple soothing supper 4 x Cranstons Salt Marsh Lamb Leg Steaks • 2 x Medium sized carrots • 1 x Parsnip • 1 x Large leek (root off) • 1 x Raw Beetroot • 3 x Tablespoons Tomato Puree (heaped) • 1ltr Lamb Stock • 1 bunch of fresh sage • 1 bunch of fresh rosemary • 2 Garlic cloves • Salt and Pepper • White Wine Vinegar

Tickets are now on sale for

OSWALD’S SAUSAGE & ALE SUPPER FRIDAY 26TH NOVEMBER £15 per person Inclusive of a 2 course hearty supper and 1 bottle of ale.

2. Sweat off the lamb steaks in frying pan with the crushed garlic, sage & rosemary and some salt and pepper. 3. Once sealed put the steaks into a casserole dish and transfer the vegetables briefly to lamb pan to transfer flavours (high heat). 4. Pop the vegetables back into the deep pan and add the tomato puree, sweat them off for a further minute (low heat) then add the stock, bring it to the boil and simmer for a further two minutes. 5. Pour the vegetable and stock mixture into the casserole dish over the steaks, cover with lid and heat in oven for 40 mins on 165*c/ equivalent temp. 6. Meanwhile dice the beetroot into 1-2 inch cubes and lay the cubes in an ovenproof dish ½ cover with a 50/50 mix of hot water and white wine vinegar and place a lid on the dish, put in oven at the same time as the lamb mix. 7. To serve dish up the lamb up and garnish with the roasted beetroot – enjoy!

Oswald’s Steak Night proves a hit Cafe Oswald’s hosted its first ever steak night on Friday 30th July. The restaurant was fully booked with diners who were keen to enjoy some of Cranstons famous locally sourced steaks expertly cooked by head chef Nick King. Alongside traditional favourites, sirloin and gammon, Nick served up slow cooked Pave rump steak and fresh griddled tuna steaks supplied by the Fish Cellar.

Autumn Breakfast Offer


ONLY £5 Valid between 8 – 11:30pm Standard price after 11:30 is £7.45

Cumberland Sausage on course to achieve PGI status The Cumberland Sausage famous for its long coiled appearance, coarse texture and distinctive seasoning is on course to achieve Protected Geographical Indication status early in 2011. In July the EU approved the Cumberland Sausage Association's application, a major milestone after almost 6 years of campaigning. When the legal process is completed in the new year the Cumberland Sausage will join a small and elite list of PGI protected products including Jersey Royal potatoes, Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, Stilton Cheese, Parma Ham and Champagne. PGI legislation was created by the European Union in 1992 to protect the reputation of regional foods. Philip Cranston "as a member of the Cumberland Sausage Association Cranstons are thrilled that the application has finally been approved safeguarding the future of the Cumberland Sausage and its and long established reputation"


phone: 07881 530085



EdenLocal • 21



Gammon Joints SAVE £2.00 per kg WAS £7.48 NOW £5.48 Offer valid up to and including Saturday 27th November

Penrith Shop 10 King Street, CA11 7AJ 01768 865667 Cumbrian Food Hall Ullswater Rd, Penrith CA11 7EH 01768 868 680 www.cranstons.net - full details of Cranstons Christmas Ranges info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


22 • EdenLocal

A year in the life of the In our first issue of Eden Local, we are delighted to have brought you some remarkable photographs, courtesy of established and local photographer Val Corbett. Val has been a freelance photographer for twenty-five years. You may already have seen some of Val’s superb landscape, seasonal and garden photographs, which have appeared regularly in national publications such as English Garden and Country Life. Closer to home, her book ‘Gardens of the Lake District’, won the 2008 Lakeland book of the Year Award. Val’s new book ‘Winter in the Lake District’, has just been published and will feature in the next issue of Eden Local. To help us celebrate the launch of Eden Local Community magazine, not only has Val allowed us to include some of her wonderful pictures, but she has also given us a signed copy of her book ‘a year in the life of the eden valley’ for our first competition.

To enter, you just need to answer the following question:

How many railway bridges cross the river Eden? Please email your answer with your name and contact details to info@edenlocal.co.uk. The correct answer will be drawn by Dale Edmondson at Eden Valley Windows on 30th November. Good luck! EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085



EdenLocal • 23

Eden Valley - Val Corbett

To see more of Val’s work and details of other publications go to www.valcorbettphotography.com info@edenlocal.co.uk

www.edenlocal.co.uk phone: 07881 530085


24 • EdenLocal

The Wainwright Society ‘There is an argument that the last thing Alfred Wainwright would have wanted is an appreciation society with a website. His idea of a website was a spider-infested cave on the approach to Caw and appreciation was what he felt in his beloved mountains. He never asked anyone to return the compliment.’ Eric Robson Chairman of The Wainwright Society Whether or not Wainwright would have wished it or not, 98 people attended the inaugural meeting of The Wainwright Society, which was held on 9th November 2002 at Ambleside Youth Hostel. This date was chosen as it was 50 years to the day since Alfred Wainwright had penned the first page of his remarkable Pictorial Guides to the Lake District fells. This was followed by a walk to the summit of Dove Crag, the ascent that AW had described on that November evening in 1952. Since that first meeting, the Society has grown in numbers year on year and is fast approaching 900 memberships and includes some notable members such as Julia Bradbury, Sir Chris Bonington, Stuart Maconie, Cameron McNeish and Doug Scott. The primary aims of the Society are to keep alive the fellwalking traditions promoted by Alfred Wainwright through his guidebooks and other publications and to keep faith with Wainwright’s vision of introducing a wider audience to fellwalking and caring for the hills. The Society has raised thousands of pounds for causes which we believe AW would have appreciated and supported. These have included the Mountain Rescue teams, SARDA rescue dogs, Fix the Fells and Animal Rescue, Cumbria based at Kapellan, the animal charity which Wainwright did so much to establish before he died in 1991. Every year since 2005, there has been an annual Challenge, which has been one of the main fundraisers. These have included members climbing all the 214 fells described in the Pictorial Guides and Outlying Fells, and this year’s challenge, The Best of the Rest, which included the walks on the Howgill Fells and in the Limestone Country of the Yorkshire Dales. EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085


Alfred Wainwright, photograph by Derry Brabbs

For the past two years, a Wainwright calendar has been produced using photographs donated by members together with sketches and quotations from the works of Alfred Wainwright. All the profits have been donated to charities. A quarterly magazine, Footsteps, is produced with many interesting articles written by members. A discount scheme has now been established with a number of businesses in the Lake District and Yorkshire offering discounts to Society members. There is a varied walks programme throughout the year as well as an annual Wainwright Memorial Lecture, held at Rheged. Speakers have included, Hunter Davies, Stuart Maconie, Cameron McNeish and Derry Brabbs. If you would like to know more about the Society, log on to the website at www.wainwright.org.uk or email publicity@wainwright.org.uk Derek Cockell Press & Publicity Officer The Wainwright Society


EdenLocal • 25



phone: 07881 530085


26 • EdenLocal

QEGS Sponsored Walk Some days it tips it down, sometimes it rains cats and dogs, but when QEGS go for the Sponsored Walk it tips it down and rains cats and dogs. But we still remain in high spirits whatever. Thus when the students set off for their annual Sponsored Walk in September, the rain was falling, the plants were wet and the paths were muddy. The paths then became muddier as 800 people walked the 10 kilometre walk to Dalemain and back. But despite the rain and mud, spirits were high as people walked and chatted with their friends. We started at QEGS, took the bridge over the motorway , went through Stainton, through Dacre and to Dalemain where we stopped for lunch and cakes sold by school and the year 11 girls fundraising for their PE trip to Doncaster, and thanks to our energy boost from the cakes we were able to set off on the return trip back to school. Some people decided that they would prefer to run back to school rather than walk, although that was regarded as an eccentric move by most students. The funniest bit

for most walkers was on the hill just after Dalemain where they could watch their friends sliding down the incredibly muddy hill in their attempt to walk up it. By the time nearly 800 people (and some runners) had scrambled up it, it was a pure mud slide. All participants felt that they had earned their sponsorship money, which the School Council decided will be donated to The Pakistan Flood Appeal and the Starlight charity, which grants wishes to

Established supplier of school uniforms and embroiderer, name tagging, labelling and embroidery

terminally ill children. Worthy charitable causes and live music events have gone hand in hand for many years and now Queen Elizabeth Grammar School are getting in on the act. On December 8th, there will be a fabulous night of live entertainment as several bands, all made up of QEGS students, will be playing a gig, again in aid of the Pakistan Flood Appeal. Written by Ellen Regan, year 10, and Josh Judson, year 11

all seasonal clothing for all of the family, indoor and outdoor sport and leisure clothing

Sam Scotts 14 Little Dockray, Penrith cumbria CA11 7HL 01768 866961 - www.samscotts.co.uk EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085



EdenLocal • 27


Equestrian Supplies Ltd “All You Need For.... ....Your Horse, Pony & Rider”

• Riding & Country wear • Saddle fitting • Rug washing & repair service • Full repair service • Horse Feeds & Supplements • Wormers We are a small family business with a big friendly service. To all our Customers - new and existing, Pam, Victoria, Lisa and Jess are always on hand to give assistance and help will all your needs. We stock a wide range of horse rugs and riding clothing plus a good selection of new and second hand saddles of which we will fit to the horses needs. We are all trained to fit body protection and riding hats, so come browse and see for yourself Slack’s Equestrian Supplies Ltd The Paddock, Gilwilly Ind Est, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN

Tel: 01768 890079 info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


28 • EdenLocal


phone: 07881 530085



EdenLocal • 29

Snow me where to go for unlimited sporting activity this winter Penrith Leisure Centre offers 10 weeks of evening sports activities for under 19s Are tired of being stuck inside during the long winter nights? If you are aged under 19 and want to get active this winter don’t stay in with your Nintendo Wii! When Penrith Leisure Centre’s is the place to be. From 15 November, people aged under 19 can try a range of subsidised sporting activities at Penrith Leisure Centre as part of Eden District Council’s sport unlimited programme. Courses range from sport specific activities such as Squash, Golf, Climbing, Bowls and Trampolining to fitness sessions in Circuits, Spinning and Body Pump which will enable participants to improve all areas of fitness whether it be strength, power, CV fitness, toning or weight loss. The table below outlines the courses available and the day of the week, the time which they will take place, the venue and the cost for the whole 10 week block.

Each course offers a 10 week progressive series of activity specific sessions led by qualified instructors running from w/c 15 November for 5 weeks each side of the Christmas holidays. Participants will have the chance to receive regular coaching and instruction in their chosen activity over the course of 10 weeks to further challenge and improve participants as their skills, confidence and experience levels improve. The programme provides great value for money, with each course being substantially subsidised by the Sports Unlimited initiative which aims to provide under 19s with every opportunity to participate in sports and fitness activities. Further information and booking forms can be obtained from: Penrith Leisure Centre: Southend Road, Penrith, CA11 8JH Tel: 01768 863450 Eden District Council: Mansion House, Penrith, CA11 7YG Tel: 01768 817817 web: www.eden.gov.uk email: leisure@eden.gov.uk






Climbing – Beginners


Penrith LC

Fri 4:30-5:30pm


Climbing – Intermediate


Penrith LC

Fri 5:30-6:30pm


Climbing – Advanced


Penrith LC

Fri 6:30-7:30pm




Penrith LC

Fri 4:00-6:00pm




Penrith LC

Tue 4:30-5:30pm


Spinning & Body Pump


Penrith LC

Thu 4:30-5.30pm




Penrith Driving Range

Mon 4:30-5:30pm




Penrith LC

Wed 4:30-5.30pm


Trampolining & Gymnastics


Penrith LC

Wed 4:15-5.15pm




Penrith Squash Club

Mon 6:00-7:00pm




phone: 07881 530085


30 • EdenLocal

What do we need?

Next month’s challenge and next month’s issue. Based on the support from local businesses and those organisations already on board and the perseverance of my family, the issues to follow will be out on 13 December 2010 and then 10 January 2011. We need budding local reporters, researchers, distributors and photographers. We always need future seasonal articles and topics. Help with pages we want to introduce include: ● Gardening tips and advice ● Pets page – veterinary tips - my pet report ● Gig guide – who is playing where – monthly article about a local band ● Volunteers page – does your organisation need help? ● Youth notice board – what’s on and what’s coming – a feature on a recent event or activity ● Sports features – local people in sport - club and team updates - fixtures etc ● Community notice board – the place for your community notice to be posted ● Events board – future events and activities – featured event

© Val Corbett

● Local jobs notice board – local positions locally advertised through over 6,000 doors (500 businesses) ● Tradesmen’s page – 16 vacant spaces - wanted plumber, electrician, carpenter, gardener, window cleaner, housekeeping/ ironing etc ● Craft feature – local craft – local group – monthly article EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085


Help make it your community magazine, with your contribution

To advertise in Eden local from £14.95 per month please check out our prices at www.edenlocal.co.uk


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The People Who Care 24 Hours A Day

• Class 7+4 MOT Test Station • Servicing And Repairs • Bespoke Stainless Steel Exhausts • Car Sales • Vehicle Hire • 24 Hour Breakdown Recovery

ULLSWATER ROAD GARAGE Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7EH

Tel. 01768 864546

8 8645










ria minicentr



ULLSWATER ROAD GARAGE Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7EH Tel. 01768 864545 www.cumbriaminicentre.co.uk info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085



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Season’s Greetings

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A5 Inc Envelopes

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25 from £65 50 from £79 75 from £94

25 from £58 50 from £67 75 from £76

Don’t have a festive photograph? Let us work our magic to give that winter sparkle*

Original Image Orig

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2010 F S S S S 2010 uary uary Febr T TF Febr TW W M MT

www.reeds-printers.co.uk | 01768 864214 All prices quoted are subject to terms and conditions. Prices exclude VAT and are subject to change without further notice. *Digital manipulation will incur an additional artwork charge - quote given after initial consultation.

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