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Penrith Co-op Society This Autumn at your local Penrith Co-operative Society Welcome and thank you to all of you that turned up at our members meetings to show support for the transfer into Scotmid. It is going to be an exciting period for our store teams getting to grips with a bigger organisation and the added resources. What will you see change? Well, initially nothing will change. The coming months be all about Scotmid colleagues getting to know stores and what they need to do to improve our service to you, what they can bring to our Society to enhance your shopping experience and what they can learn from us to help the wider Society. In next month’s Cumbrian Local, we plan to show you what the enlarged Society is about, some of the interesting community activities that have been going on, how you can get involved and how your Society will fit into the enlarged group. We haven’t decided on the society name yet but watch this space……. John Mills CEO Penrith Co-op Society

Coming to a society store near you. It wasn’t available last year but the season has been kind and we are looking forward to the arrival of 100% pure organic Apple Juice from fruit grown, pressed, pasteurised and bottled on site at Eden Valley’s Beech Tree Farm, Reagill, Cumbria. We will be catching up with Jane and Alister Woodstrover for the pressing at the end ofSeptember, so from orchard to pressing and bottling until it arrives in the store, will be featured in your Society update next month. Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Maggies Bakery, Sandgate

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Welcome to your Cumbrian Local Welcome to your September Cumbrian Local One would hope all of our readers have had a great summer. The weather has been kind and the shows and the seasonal events have been fantastic, attributed to a lot of hard working committees and local groups, which I am sure has been much appreciated by the communities and the visitors to the area. Well done to many, many volunteers. Last month, as a distribution business, we trialled a number of new areas with our Cumbrian Local team. Some locations were re-introduced to a publication with our logo, but it was the first time in the history of Penrith RUFC, that their pre-season campaign for rallying support has been the posting of their match programme through almost 24,000 doors across the Eden Valley, North Lakes and the North Pennines.

From 10 am Friday 27th September 2013 in-store Demonstration with John Crouch. The Honey is being spun and soon to arrive in-store and John Crouch will be in our demonstration kitchen on the ground floor at Burrowgate wherewill be cooking with your Society, locally produced honey.

If you have one of these, you can save money on a pair of these from Penrith Outdoor Pursuits

19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD Tel: 01768 862366 Log on today and see what’s happening at your local Penrith Co-op Society, for special offers and in-store demos.

Many of you have received either the Lakes Local, Eden Local or Border City Times in 2012, so for those of you now with your first ‘Cumbrian Local’, a very warm welcome. It’s one magazine for all now, since May 2013. If you have missed an issue, back copies of Cumbrian Local and all other titles are free to read online at www.cumbrianlocal. and we do have some paper copies of most magazines dating back to November 2010. On page 16, there is more of an explanation about our distribution, our costs and some key pointers about what we class as a good distribution and the importance of giving everyone accurate and up to date information about what your Cumbrian Local, as a local, independent, family run printed media business is striving to achieve. In this month’s publication, we have a summary update about your local Penrith Coop Society following its merger with Scotmid, which was finalised in August. We have a special feature on Scotmid on pages 6 and 7. There is a lot happening in Eden at the moment. The petition for a referendum for Penrith to have a town council is covered with the third update in this edition and enclosed with this publication is an information leaflet about the campaign. As a local publication and the editor and owner of your Cumbrian Local, I do believe Continued on page 4

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that people should be given enough information to make an informed decision on whether or not a town council is the right route, for the future of people at local level to have a democratic process. At this stage, working with the group supporting the referendum as the petitioner of the campaign, we can only communicate what we know. What we don’t know we have to find out and then we communicate this to the people of Penrith so that they can make a decision. More about the group activities and how they are going about this is on page 8. Whatever the outcome of the campaign, it will be another chapter of the history of Eden and on a lighter note, as an alternative to raising funds to keep Eden FM community radio on air and help it secure new equipment and better facilities, which it shares with the community, after years of proposals, finally it has been given a contract to design, produce and sell a special, limited edition Penrith & Eden Valley Monopoly board game. The well known and most successful board game of all time is to be produced under UK license of the area where many of our readers live. The full details are on page 14 and 15. There will be many opportunities for free parking, as the design incorporating local villages, our towns and famous landmarks take a place on the board, with opportunities to see local names on those familiar Community Chest and Chance cards. As with every month, the good news magazine through your door has arrived. I’ll be back in October and I have a strong feeling there is going to be a lot happening between now and then!

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Unit 4D1 Ullswater Road Business Park Penrith, CA11 7EH Front Cover – Ron Kenyon, Grattan Bowen and Lee Quinn at Penrith Town Hall by Paul Witterick Printer – Bishops Printers, Walton Rd, Portsmouth, Hants P06 1TR

Town Council for Penrith? page 8

Content Penrith Co-op Society Update 2 & 3 An introduction to Scotmid


Why do we need a Town Council?


The Love Solar, personal touch


Pot Place and Garden Centre


What’s on live on line Eden FM


Cumbria Oak


Not just a Stop


Low mileage savings at Jim Walton


It’s Time to Get on Board

14 - 15

Getting you through the door


Time for Me at North Lakes Spa


Carleton Farm Shop

Fresh fish every Friday Mon-Sat 9am to 5.30pm Sunday 10am to 4pm Carleton Farm Shop, Carleton, Penrith CA11 8RQ Telephone 01768210027 Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Maggies Bakery, Sandgate

Penrith and Eden Valley it’s time to get on board pAge 12-13

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TruckStop More than just a stop page 14

A Season Behind the Lens by Paul Witterick 18 - 19 Wainwright Society Update by Derek Cockell 20 Pool Parties Penrith & Appleby Leisure Centre


Efficiency of Your Fire with Hearth & Home 22 The Honey Project by Melanie Vincent

behind the lens with Paul Witterick page 19


Peaks & Pathways by Nick Wells 24 You’re listening to Eden Fm by Martin Cowin 25 -26 Eden FM Dynamic Duo Live on stage 26 On and off road at the Cumbria Mini Centre 27 Resin Drives UK 28 All articles above unless stated are compiled by Lee Quinn

Living for today page 22

listening to Martin Cowin page 24

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An introduction to By now you have probably heard the news that Penrith Co-operative members voted to confirm the merger with Scotmid Co-operative. Here, we find out a bit more about Scotmid, their businesses and their community initiatives.

Scotland’s largest independent co-operative

Scotmid is Scotland’s largest independent co-operative society and can trace its history back to 1859. Like Penrith, Scotmid is a co-operative society and is guided by the same values and principles of democracy, equality, self-help, concern for community and many more. Scotmid is owned by its members, who each have an equal say in how the organisation is run.

Scotmid Quick Facts

1859 year Scotmid was founded Jigsaw the popular Scotmid member magazine

350 Although its head office is in Edinburgh, Scotmid operates 350 retail outlets across Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England, from Glasgow to Thurso, and from Enniskillen to Carlisle. Its businesses include Scotmid Food convenience stores, Semichem health and beauty stores, The Fragrance House perfume stores, funeral branches, post offices and a property division.

retail outlets operated by Scotmid

Sir Sean Connery most famous ex-employee

£250,000 amount Scotmid gave to local communities last year

5,000 staff employed by Scotmid £260,000 amount Scotmid raised for Maggie’s, its most recent charity partner’

Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Eden Estate Agents, Little Dockray

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Supporting the community

For over 150 years, Scotmid has worked hand in hand with the communities it serves, helping them prosper and improving the lives of their customers and members. Last year, Scotmid gave almost quarter of a million pounds to community groups and projects. From small local organisations to national causes, Scotmid aims to make a difference.

Helping hearts

Scotmid recently worked in partnership with the Scottish Ambulance Service to roll out public access defibrillators in 35 stores and provide staff with training. Defibrillators are life-saving machines that give the heart an electric shock during a cardiac arrest to restart it. Scotmid also supports Edinburgh’s first community alcohol partnership to target underage drinking and improve the health of young people.

Scotmid and Fairtrade

Scotmid has been a champion of Fairtrade for many years and has helped many towns, cities and schools achieve their Fairtrade accreditation. Scotmid continues to support Fairtrade groups and events, including Fairtrade Fortnight, and is proud to sponsor the Lord Provost Fairtrade awards in Edinburgh each year.

Sponsoring champions

Scotmid is proud to sponsor community events and sporting teams, from the Dundee Relay for Life to the Broxburn Colts under 11s girls football team. The Society also sponsors the Scottish and World Ladies Curling Champions, Team Muirhead, who will soon be representing Team GB at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Find out more about Scotmid... @scotmid

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Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at The Town Hall

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Why do we need a Town Council for Penrith? by Lee Quinn

On the front cover of this month’s Cumbrian Local, we have a picture of three people; Ron Kenyon, Grattan Bowen and myself, which is taken in front of the Town Hall in Penrith. We have a simple message on the card we are holding. It says ‘Yes’. With this magazine is a leaflet (Penrith unparished areas only) which we hope will shed some light on the subject. Many of you know Ron. He has been active on many committees that serve the community for as long as many of you probably can remember. I was on a committee with Ron a few years back called ‘Save the Cinema’. It was a campaign that woke the town and the people around it, that working together prevented closure of this institution in the town. In the current climate and in the future, there will always be challenges and potential threats. Some of these driven by changes that are totally out of our hands. On the day of the rally through the town, there was a lot of support. The community rally, which wasn’t about a yes or a no decision, it was about a simple sign the petition, one of the objectives was to buy time to raise funds, to do whatever it takes to keep the cinema open, then keep it afloat. If the town had a town council, do you think this would have had an impact on the campaign and its outcome? The focus was to keep the Cinema

open. How this would move forward if the group achieved this was a question that had to be discussed after the first object was achieved. Then what followed on was discussion, negotiation and a process which secured the cinema’s future for the next ten years. What will happen at the end of this period is a question that will eventually come around. Up and down the country, cinemas that are theatres are run by town councils. When threatened with closure, the local community, working with the local people on the Town Council have ‘working together’, not just solved the problem but resolved the problem long-term. The local councillors are trustees of these local community cinemas, theatres, museums, famous monuments, buildings and treasures of the town. Through democratic process and through the changes of just life itself, the local people serving on the Town Councils change, but the processes in acting within the best interest of the town, is always consistent despite what happens outside its boundaries. I served as a town councillor once. It is something that is a wonderful experience. A group of people all with their own political views, but all pulling together as elected members, working in the best interests of the town; working together as a team, protecting its town, making sure future generations hand on those assets, those important elements that make a town sustainable. Grattan Bowen and Margaret Clark are two people that I have only recently met. Both District Councillors and both were on the Scrutiny Group which started the process

Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Penrith outdoor Pursuits, Middlegate

that has led to me setting up an online petition on the Eden District Council website which gives the people of Penrith a simple choice, to sign and say ‘yes’ to Penrith having a town council. Across the town are petitions in shops which need signing. These are presented at the bottom of every page in this Cumbrian Local. Signing the petition does not mean the town is guaranteed a town council. Like the Cinema Campaign, we need to get past the first stage, which will then give those supporting this project the opportunity to look into the feasibility of the costs, the actions and activities which are required to get a town council for Penrith in place. Unlike the Cinema, there are no immediate threats, but unlike the petitions, the projects, the concepts that come and go, once a town council is in place, which will take years to put in place and years to develop, it will become the future of the town and the voice of the people in the town for generations. The truth is no one knows what a town council would do or can achieve or what it will actually cost. What I hope is there are at least 1250 people who do read this article living in Penrith who will sign the petition either online, in a shop or when someone does knock on your door.

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The Summer of 2013 delivers record breaking figures for solar energy production as PV Systems around the county have been delivering outputs of up to 20% higher than predicted outputs.

‘’We only had our 4Kwp system fitted at the start of the summer we have been blown away by how well it has worked, We have received our fist cheque for £220 and we have had constant hot water from the surplus electricity that would otherwise been exported to the grid and we live in Shap!’’ Mr J. Torrac ‘’We just can’t believe everyone has not got solar PV on their roof. We got the lower Tariff but I’m convinced it’s the best investment we will ever make, it certainly beats any return from savings account and we have the pleasure of knowing we are generating and using our own electricity and doing our bit for the environment’’ Mr and Mrs Barnes Love Solar Ltd is a local family run business servicing the Penrith and Eden Valley ‘’ The solar industry has changed so much in the last 3 years it’s ridiculous, so many companies have come and gone. The only way to survive in the solar industry these days is to be small, efficient and competitive. We offer a very personal and high quality of service, you talk to the boss every time. Our previous customers are our sales team, almost all of our jobs come from referrals from happy customers.‘’ Ewen Estill M.D Contact us now for a no nonsense survey and quote. Tel; 01768 899 722, email;

Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Hearth & Home, Brunswick Road

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Are you listening to local voices live on Eden FM Radio?

Your local radio available online via www.edenfm. 24 hours a day 7 days of the week, every day of the year

from 10pm

Local news, local views, local bands and local brands

Catch up on local sport Saturday’s 3 - 5pm

Join your Local team of presenters, for breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea or for a relaxing evening. Try the show of Two Halves on Monday night 70s and 80s with Lee from 6pm Neil’s on from 8pm - 10 and he’ll take you through the Roots of Music

It’s Emily on saturday morning from 10 am, Eden Country from Midday Sunday Talk the walk Wells from 10am, Classical lunchtime with Thomas from 12pm and Mr Animal Magical Terry from Wetheriggs Zoo and Animal Sanctuary from 4pm. For full programme listing go to Click and listening

Enjoy an evening with ‘Hairy Dave’ Eden Folk on Tuesday night 8pm till 10 What about daytime Wednesday with Zoe from 12pm, or Stef in the afternoon from 2pm to 4pm Evening Wednesday with John Sound and Vision from 6 pm - 8 and then it goes off to planet Wingo till 10pm Andy’s in the chair on Thursday with Soul & Motown 8pm - 10 Friday its a busy schedule with the Matt & Dick finale

Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Mansion House


Call us now Office 01768 899111 Studio 01768 899101 email

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Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Kings Street Newsagents

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Penrith and Eden Valley A monopoly exists when a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity. Monopolies are thus characterised by a lack of economic competition to produce the goods or service and a lack of a viable equivalent or substitute. When we arrive at the verb “monopolize”, this relates to the process by which a company gains the ability to dictate or raise prices or exclude its competitors. In economics, a monopoly is a single seller. In law, a monopoly is a business entity that has significant market power, that is, the power to charge high prices. Although monopolies may be big businesses, size is not a characteristic of a monopoly. A small business may still have the power to raise prices in a small industry or market place. So have Penrith and the Eden Valley cornered the market with the Monopoly board game? The simple answer is yes. Eden FM Community Radio, you know the local radio station that’s based in Penrith, run by volunteers, which is online and you can listen to it via your computer, phone or tablet 24 hours a day 7 days a week, has secured a contract with the UK licensee to co-ordinate the design, the production and sales of this once in a life time unique board game. Monopoly originated in America. There are quite a few claims to fame, but it was back in 1903 that Elizabeth J Magie Philips created the game, which she hoped would explain the single tax theory of Henry George, with the intention of illustrating the negative aspects

of concentrating on land in private monopolies. The game she created was called ‘The Landlord’s Game’. The idea was developed. The game was used by college professors and their students and another variant, called The Fascinating Game of Finance, was published in the Midwest in the late 1920s and early 1930s. From there, the game travelled back east, where it had remained popular in Pennsylvania and had become popular with a group of Quakers in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Charles Darrow, domestic heater salesman, sounds like a plumber to me, from Germantown, a neighbourhood in Philadelphia, was taught to play the game by Charles Todd, who had played it in Atlantic City, where it had been customised with that city’s street and property names. Darrow created his own version of the game in1934, which he called Monopoly. It was virtually identical to the version he learned from Todd. Modern historians credit Darrow as just one of the game’s final developers, which Darrow sold to Parker Brothers and it then became licensed by Parker Brothers in 1935. Hasbro is now the owner and licensee of Monopoly, which is now licensed in 103 countries and printed in 37 languages. Since 1994, Winning Moves has been the licensee for the UK and this is who we are doing business with. You can research how many variations of the Monopoly board game have been introduced, but generally under license, four national boards are produced each year in the UK. They are generally boards representing cities. There was a Carlisle Monopoly board

Sign the petition forevery Penrith to have Council Maggies Bakery,inSandgate Cumbrian Local ‘YES’ Out month, freeatoTown read, no badatnews, a positive your letter box

CumbrianLocal • 13

it’s time to get on board By Lee Quinn

game introduced a few years ago which featured many landmarks. So why Penrith and the Eden Valley? Unlike the regional boards produced by Winning moves like Newcastle, Sheffield, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Norwich, the list is quite long, six years ago I persuaded Winning Moves to produce a national board for a town. It had never been done before and I don’t think they’ll do it again, but what they have agreed is for me to create a unique, one off board for a region. I searched and researched, but I’ve never seen this done; a board with the famous landmarks, towns and village parishes of the Eden Valley. These boards don’t get created, printed and given away and there are strict guidelines in limiting the profit made from such a project. After what has been almost two years of emails, phone calls and proposals, a contract has been agreed for Eden FM Community Radio, a not for profit limited company to create, coordinate and sell the first and only Penrith and the Eden Valley Monopoly Board game. Local Businesses will be asked to sponsor the famous coloured property squares and all the other squares. The Community Chest and Chance Cards will be written to include Eden life and activities, bringing this whole Monopoly a community feel. There will be competitions and opportunities for local people, local businesses and local organisations to appear on the board or on the cards. The date for launch is Spring 2014, a celebration of

80 years on from the first Monopoly being created. Subject to pre-orders, businesses and organisations coming forward to appear on the board, which will help finance this project, the minimum print will be 2000 and the maximum print will be 5,000. There will be opportunities to book on line, buy vouchers at Christmas and competitions to win boards. In the October edition of your Cumbrian Local, we will be taking the lid off this project with a full update as we ‘pass go’, travel down some famous streets of Penrith taking full advantage of the ‘free parking’, before we continue on through the Eden Valley villages, towns and view its historic landmarks. If you are a business and are interested in being on this board and you would like to see your name in print forever, please drop us a line at You will all soon have the opportunity to build as many houses and hotels as you like without planning permission and get to hold a large fist full of cash, even if this might be just for a short time. If you are thinking outside of the box and have any ideas about what you would like to see on the board, please write to us at the admin address above or post on our Facebook page, which is of course ‘Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly’.

Don’t worry if you are away, there will be an Eden Local waiting for you when you return


14 • CumbrianLocal

More than just a stop

By Lee Quinn

There are not many days when I don’t find something new in Penrith or in the area around it. Whilst many of us have probably driven past the site of the AWJ Penrith Truckstop in a car or in a commercial vehicle, driving up or down Haweswater Road on our way into town or on our way to the Penrith or Gilwilly industrial estates, better known these days as business parks, do you just think of the Truckstop as a Truckstop. For those of you living in the town for many years, you already know it’s more, so this is a reminder. For those moving into the town over the last 10 or 20 years like myself, I didn’t have a clue. It is a truckstop, but as a facility it is open to all. Locally it is a place where you probably wouldn’t stay, but it would be ideal for visitors on a low budget who need a rest rather than a hotel. What impressed me most on my first visit was the sheer size of the facility. A massive carpark and a restaurant that would hold volume, also good for two people, but the real find for me was on the first floor. Situated just minutes from probably the major junction of the county, junction 40 of the M6 with the crossroads of the A66 and Ullswater Road A592, it couldn’t be better placed for an assortment of activities. The first floor houses the business conference area, a large lounge area and a bar which is also available to hire as a function room or an extension to the business conferencing. As someone travelling through or someone popping in for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, unlike any facility I know, the Truckstop is open 24 hours a day every day. The only time the restaurant is closed is Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday opening Monday at 6am. In addition to what I have mentioned here, is some more information:

• • • • • • • •

Bar with large screen satellite TV Games room Free to use Internet Enabled PCs Comprehensively stocked shop Cash machine Clean and spacious showers Fully automated refueling forecourt Secure parking with 24 hour patrols

The Truckstop has 37 compact, comfortable rooms available in various combinations. It’s only September, not far from December, so if you want to take control of your Christmas party and budget, or you want to save on those business meetings away from the office, without having to think about parking, give Dorothy a call. If you are always out and about on the go, most of everything on the menu is available as a takeaway. Much of this is traditional ‘English’ takeaway, like steak and chips to go or there are vegetarian options.

Current Prices Single Room - £22 Twin Room (En Suite) - £36 Showers - £2

Haweswater Road Penrith CA11 9EH Tel: 01768 866995 Fax: 01768 899038 Email: Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at the Penrith Leisure Centre

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TOYOTA AURIS SPORT 1.6 Vvti 5 Door Exceptionally Low Mileage




(price new £15, 265)

(price new 18,995)

2012 Reg Mileage: 8888 miles Automatic. MPG: 55. Road tax: £30

2013 reg. Mileage: 500 miles 6 Speed manual. MPG: 47.





(price new £16,045)

2004 Reg, Manual, Blue, 82800 miles, Full Service History

2013 Reg Mileage: 2000 miles Road Tax £30. MPG: 72


TOYOTA AYGO BLACK 1.0 Vvti. 5 Door £6995



2010 Reg Mileage: 3500 miles Rad Tax £20. MPG:61

2002 Reg Mileage: 48500 miles Manual • MPG: 48




£17495 +VAT

Registration: FP61EKW Year: 2012 Mileage: 15000 miles MPG: 54

2011 Reg Mileage: 22400 miles Many extras, A Bar, Leather Trim, Mountain Top, Liner & Towbar

(price new £23,990)

Full details and listing of all vehicles at

Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN

Telephone 01768 864555 Fax 01768 867280 Parts Direct 01768 865428 Fax 01768 892979 Showroom open Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Tattie Tims Potatoes, Market Square

16 • CumbrianLocal

Publications & Distribution By Lee Quinn

Recently, as I do every month, I met with a potential new customer. We discussed advertising in the Cumbrian Local. We discussed the price. It’s not a secret, freely available as it should be on our website, via the phone or as they are presented here. This should be the case with everyone selling advertising space. We have to advertise prices, but we are in a climate of negotiation. This means that someone will also try and beat that price to win business. This, however, doesn’t guarantee the same service. We have learnt this as a business in developing our business and being a customer ourselves that has to be served. When it comes to distribution, it shouldn’t be based on last year’s sales and with printed media, it shouldn’t be based on potential readership. What is your view as a business? Should these figures be current sales and current distribution and should they always be available and prominently displayed on the website and in the publication? Placing advertising can involve design. We include this with our price, but what we also include is the team of people and the cost of distributing that advert through around 21,600 doors, which follows a set pattern each month by road, on organised planned routes through villages and towns in the Eden Valley, the North Pennines, the North Lakes and to the immediate south of Carlisle. There is a timescale to this. The more people we have working for us who live in the distribution areas with local knowledge, the more efficient and accurate our delivery becomes. Cumbrian Local, whether it is delivering its monthly magazine, leaflets or brochures, knows where it is going and we don’t hit every door. To send a person 1 mile up a lane with a magazine in hand is not economically

viable. To send a person up that lane with a magazine and other advertising can be considered, however, because Cumbrian Local knows the areas not covered, it’s no secret and we do now drop additional magazines in village shops, pubs, churches and village halls. We can provide a list of these points. When ‘placing’ advertising, it’s important to know where it’s being placed. As explained in many meetings, the value of your investment has to be measured. Some small businesses cannot afford to advertise every month, but every month can be more of an attraction than every week when we look at cost, distribution and the life of that advert you are placing. Will it sit in the local hairdressers for a month? I am told there are 42 hairdressers in and around Penrith. As we approach that time in the year where we are reviewing next year’s budget, as a business, please think hard on what you are going to spend and how you can measure the return. Also consider whether you are advertising to the same people every week or is your chosen media also accommodating new customers or new businesses. Cumbrian Local, by going through doors and being picked up and left by different people more than once, will also be in new hands and the same hands every month. We don’t have an office and we don’t have a sales or marketing team. We don’t have a team of reporters, but from 9 - 5 Monday to Friday and most Saturdays and generally out of hours we are available. This organisational process will save you a small fortune in advertising. Call us now 01768 862394 for your best option in local printed media and for immediate savings and performance related marketing and advertising for your business.

Lawn treatments start from as little as £15 - less than the cost of buying a DIY product to do the same job and they apply it for you! You can “Pay-As-You-Go” per treatment, which is just four times per year. Give Frazer a call on 07936 938616 or 0800 0111 222. For more details, go to Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Eden House of Cakes, Sandgate

NL Cumbrian Local Treatments 0913_Layout 1 28/08/2013 10:29 Page 1 CumbrianLocal • 17


for me

at North Lakes Hotel & Spa

Beat the postholiday blues and recharge your skin with a relaxing Spa day. Enjoy time in the Spa followed by a facial - choose from an ESPA Intensive Facial or a Gents Purifying Face, Shoulder and Scalp Massage. Then sit back an enjoy a two course lunch - head home feeling refreshed and revitalised.

£75 per person £125 for two Valid in September and October (excluding Saturdays) Subject to availability. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer valid September and October 2013 only and excludes Saturdays. Terms and conditions apply.

t: 01768 865185 e: North Lakes Hotel & Spa Ullswater Road, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8QT Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Seagraves & Dixon, Cornmarket

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A Summer season

behind the lens with Paul Witterick

So with the blink of an eye we are almost into autumn, but what a summer its been, weeks and weeks of sun, then once the schools broke up, I think the sun did too. The camera and I have had a massively busy time and met some great people out and about and in the studio. The summer started off with a visit over to Newcastle to watch Girls Aloud Farewell Tour (wife made me), on the coach there I was thinking “I’m probably going to be the only guy in there” how wrong was I, then I realised they were all probably dragged there too! I didn’t tell you the Girls Aloud gig was won by a simple RT on twitter, as was the next gig I went to, but this time I didn’t take the wife I took along 80’s guru Lee Quinn, who had a smile from one side of his face to the other throughout the whole set. We went to Carlisle to see Simple Minds play a huge two and a half hour set. I must admit I only knew a handful of their songs, but they put on a brilliant gig, and what a loyal following they have, the silk scarf crew were in town that night. Later on that month, a last minute decision was made to go and catch The Vaccines rocking out to a capacity crowd at The Sands, the place was buzzing, with people all ages dancing to all their recent hits. Well its not all been leisure, Stef in the Afternoon and I were asked to go along and interview/photograph Bez from the Happy Mondays, as he warmed up for the recent Electric Eden event in Appleby, if anybody know’s much about Bez they will know that an entertaining night was had. Well done the Electric Eden team. So what else have I been up to, well throw in a few Lakeland Weddings, numerous commercial shoots for businesses wanting to raise their profiles, one or two garden parties, a charity calendar shoot for Teenage Cancer Trust, which involves a pub, a Vespa, a load of beer barrels and four blokes, (thats all I can say at Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Jacksons Butchers, Great Dockray

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the moment, until these go on sale nationwide in November). I also did Kendal Calling, which was bigger and better than ever. Every person you spoke to there couldn’t believe how friendly and family orientated the event was.

for big things in the future, Manchester’s I am Kloot & Scottish rockers Primal Scream, who closed the main stage on Sunday evening.

Meeting Public Enemy was a massive thing for me, as youngsters they ruled in our house, so to photograph them, and for them to ask for my card was surreal. They were really nice guys, just soaking up the atmosphere, if you told me 20 years ago these guys would be playing in a field near Penrith, I would of said that you were bonkers.

Being asked to judge the photography classes in an Agricultural show is a huge privilege, well what about being asked by two societies. Yes, Appleby & Dufton Agricultural Societies both contacted me and asked if I would like to judge the photography classes, well what an honour, I was overwhelmed and the answer was definitely a yes. I must say the standard in both show’s was excellent and there was some tough decision to make.

Other highlights over the weekend were The 1975 who are destined

So its time to put the shorts away and get the thick socks and

jumpers out. As it’s coming up to a busy time with, dare I mention it, Christmas, we will be gearing up for our busiest time in the studio. We are also adding a new feather to the bow offering an ariel photography service. For now it’s time to enjoy autumn, catch you soon Paul

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The Wainwright Society Calendar

For the past five years, The Wainwright Society has been selling a charity Calendar, with the funds raised being donated to our main beneficiary. The idea for a calendar came from a discussion on the Society’s Forum, and from small beginnings, it has grown into the main fundraiser for our chosen charity. In order to make this calendar unique, Society members were invited to send in photographs of the Lake District fells and each month included a Wainwright sketch and quotation to complement the photograph.

The first calendar was produced during 2009 and an initial 500 copies were printed. When they sold out another 500 were printed and they too, sold out within weeks. The total raised from sales was £3800 and was donated to Fix the Fells, but with 2:1 matched funding was worth £11800!

purchased direct from the Society website and cost £10 including p&p to addresses in the UK. The link to the site can be found at: uk/calendar/index.htmlnwright Society Chairman.

Following the success of the first year, the decision was taken to print 2000 copies the following year. This raised a total of £9000 for Mountain Rescue Teams in Cumbria. The 2012 calendar raised in excess of £10,000 for The Calvert Trust, based at Bassenthwaite, Keswick.

If you would like to know more about The Wainwright Society, log on to the website at www. or email Derek Cockell Secretary The Wainwright Society

Last year saw the most spectacular success when 10:1 matched funding raised the equivalent of £100k to support the Uplands for Juniper project organised by Cumbria Wildlife Trust. And so to the 2014 calendar. The calendar is raising funds to support the waymarking of the Coast to Coast Walk, with any remaining money being donated to Mountain Rescue Teams along the route. Once again, 2000 copies have been printed and are for sale at various retail outlets throughout Cumbria. Calendars can also be

New Season stock arriving daily 37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 • Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30 Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at The Red Rooster Ullswater Road Garage

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6 Brunswick Road, Penrith CA11 7LU

01768 867200

How efficient is your fire??? You may not realise, but, if you still have an open fire it will probably only be around 25% efficient which in simple terms means that if you buy £100 of fuel £75 will disappear straight up the chimney. Also if you have central heating, with radiators in the same room fed from a gas or oil boiler, then the radiators have to work harder to overcome the heat lost up the open chimney. That open chimney is the same as sitting with the window wide open. Installing a stove would massively improve the efficiency, A closed stove is typically around 80% efficient which with the same £100 of fuel only £20 is disappearing up the chimney and with the vents closed your radiators don’t have to work as hard making a further saving on your gas or oil usage. We are regularly are told by past customers that by installing a stove they see overall fuel savings of £500 £700 per year which means a stove installation could pay for itself in as little as 4 years dependant on installation.

Stoves, Fires, Fireplaces Wood, Coal, Gas or Electric

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Ahh, there you are... Article by Melanie Vincent

Well this summer has been busy. We have taken bees to Loweswater for the heather honey. We put the hives on a trailer and drove them from Cockermouth. One of the straps came loose and the hive shifted and opened a little, which would usually have been a bit of a disaster, but surprisingly the few bees that came out flew along with the hive as we drove. Don’t think we lost one! They are at the foot of Melbreak and seem to be doing quite well despite a slow start. We will bring them ‘home’ sometime in the middle of September. The others have been playing games again. Last year they decided to both swarm and supersede so in effect they requeened themselves twice in the year. This year only one of the hives has decided they didn’t like the queen. I found 16 queen cells last week end. A bit late in my opinion to be larking about like this, but hey, there isn’t anything I can do about it as the queen wasn’t in the hive despite an extensive search. This weekend I saw the queen cell had hatched so fingers crossed she will find some drones to mate with but I fear she will need to be replaced next year as her chances are slim. I certainly don’t want to be left with a drone layer which could happen if she doesn’t mate. That is certain doom for any hive.

Penrith Co-op Society Honey Project I took some honey off two hives and there is a little more to come but the weather has turned again so I am tempted to leave it for the bees to eat. I will be buying Ambrosia soon; the bee food rather than the custard variety. It is almost as good as honey, as it gives the bees the food they need so they can pack it away for the winter and hopefully they won’t starve or get too cold again like they did earlier this year. I have also tried a new Varoa Mite treatment which increases the concentration of formic acid in the hive. THis occurs naturally but I hope the increased levels will do the trick better than the eye wateringly strong treatments you can buy. Not that formic acid isn’t

eye watering in itself. Hopefully the mites will drop off the bees in whatever numbers there might be. I have not seen evidence of them in the hives at all so far this year but it doesn’t mean they are not there. Other than that it’s time to prepare the hives for winter. The queens ought to stop laying eggs once the flowers stop their nectar flow and we can only hope that the bees born now will last until he nectar starts again in spring. I will remove supers which are on for honey and make sure the brood chamber is on ‘a brood and a half’ with at least a gallon of Ambrosia and then I shall start checking them fortnightly. Fingers crossed. Until next time...

StobarS Hall residential Home

The aim of Stobars Hall is to offer our guests maximum independence in order that they can lead full and varied lives, cared for by trained staff who provide physical, emotional and social support every hour of the day. If you would like further details, or a simply chat about life at Stobars Hall, please telephone Euan or Beryl on Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4HD 017683 71291 Stobars Hall, Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Penrith Outdoor Pursuits, Middlegate

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You’re listening to Martin Cowin on Eden FM radio online MUSIC, radio and sport have always been long-held interests of mine – I’ve always lived in the Eden Valley and the highlight of the week as a youngster was to travel to Penrith by bus or car to visit the Woolworths store on Middlegate to purchase the latest vinyl singles – which at that time were priced between 79 and 99 pence – or a current album on vinyl or cassette. As we all know, collecting your favourite music in whichever format you prefer – Vinyl, cassette, CD, minidisc, digital download – is an interest we all share. My interest in radio stems from that time too – Growing up listening to the Radio 1 Roadshow every summer, as it progressed around the coast of the UK, listening on medium wave, as at the same time the now-defunct Atlantic 252 launched on long wave. Closer to home, BBC Radio Cumbria would have their own ‘summer tour’ and I recall seeing them broadcast live from Kirkby Stephen and Brough during a summer many years back. All this tuning of the radio bands cemented my interest in radio generally and a curiosity took hold – I would tune the FM band and hear the national broadcasters and the local broadcasts from Cumbria and beyond – Including Manx Radio from Douglas, the Isle of Man! Though it was one evening on television I saw a documentary regarding Radio Luxembourg, which was still on air at the time, which led me to listen to Luxembourg on 208 metres (1440 kHz) medium wave. It was tuning the medium wave band that I heard various local radio stations from around the UK and my first international broadcasts

– BBC World Service broadcasting to Europe on 648 kHz and the European English service of Radio Sweden, broadcasting on 1179 kHz. It was then switching to the short wave band of my radio that I could hear the BBC World Service broadcasting to the world from, among other transmission sites, Skelton, here in Cumbria. Hearing the European broadcasters was good, but it was discovering the American broadcasters, such as the Voice of America from Washington DC and then extending the ‘net’ to ‘catch’ Radio Australia, broadcasting from Melbourne and Radio New Zealand International, broadcasting from Wellington, which really fired the interest in international radio. It was learning of the intention of a small group to launch a community radio station in Penrith that I enquired to join Eden FM as a volunteer in October 2011. As a presenter, my role was to present the weekly Country music show ‘Eden Country’, which was originally broadcast on a Sunday evening at 6pm. Since the spring of 2012, Eden Country has been broadcast on a Saturday

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lunchtime, which was followed swiftly by the launch of Eden FM Sport. I have also presented various weekday programmes which I have enjoyed, but I enjoy continuing to present Eden Country and Eden FM Sport, the latter allowing Eden FM to build links with the sports organisations in Penrith and the Eden Valley, including Penrith AFC (Penrith Football Club) and Penrith RUFC (Penrith Rugby Union). Over the almost two years Eden FM has been broadcasting, I have been delighted to be a part of many events covered by the radio, from the Christmas events in Skelton and Penrith in 2011, the summer events of 2012 including the Olympic Torch relay and continuing to broadcast throughout 2012 and 2013, including this summer, meeting so many people at the summer shows at Skelton and Penrith. All of this has been facilitated by the Eden FM team members, past and present, to whom I will always be grateful, but the biggest thank you goes to you, who has listened and continue to listen and support Eden FM. Thank you.

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Eden FM Radio’s Dynamic Duo Live

Maffa & Dick On Stage Raising the Roof to Raise money for Your local Community radio station. Local live music support

The Penrith Leisure Centre 8pm till midnight Saturday 26th October It’s your Voice, Your Choice Doors Open 7pm • Ticket price £8.00 (no concessions) Ticket enquiries to or call 01768 899111 For more details go to Eden FM Facebook or

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Haystacks Peaks & Pathways Nick Wells

Haystacks is situated at the south-eastern end of the Buttermere valley. Although only 1,958 feet, it has become one of the most popular fells in the area, partly due to Alfred Wainwright writings, (and also his final resting place). Looking at it from a distance, there are a series of stacks arching across it’s back, hence the name Haystacks. Setting off from the car park at Gaitsgarth Farm at the foot of Fleetwith Pike, we made our way to Peggy’s Bridge and started our ascent of Buttermere Fell. Already the views being offered were spectacular, as Crummock Water comes into sight further down the valley, and we reached Scarth Gap Pass, then Pillar came into view across Ennerdale valley. Here the ascent of Haystacks really starts, as the pathway leads us round its side to steeper walking and scrambling up toward the summit.

At the top lies a small unnamed Tarn offering views of Pillar, Great Gable, Fleetwith Pike and down Buttermere valley. After a short break we headed off toward Innominate Tarn, where Wainwright’s ashes were scattered by his wife Betty. Not a bad place to end up. All the tarns were frozen solid, and with the crags sticking up around them, made it feel like I was in a totally different world, quite incredible. Wainwright was right, there is a surprise around every corner. I made my way along the path, passing a series of small tarns, until I reached a trail between Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike, leading back down to Buttermere. This walk is four and a half miles long, and took me three hours in all. I would grade it as easy, and is one my top five walks so far.

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