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March 2012

March to Cagney’s this month

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Open 5pm - 11.30pm 7 days a week

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Celebrating 25 years serving Penrith and Eden 18 King Street Penrith CA11 7AJ Tel 01768 867721 / 01768 867503 phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

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Available in Keswick, Shap, Lazonby, Stanhope ,Frosterley, Westgate,, St Johns Chapel , Hallbank Gate and Burrogate Penrith Stores EdenLocal phone: 01768 899111 / you 01768 862394 530085 E&O Excepted *When spendmobile: £5007881 in one transaction. in store for details.

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Serving Plate 31cm

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! E E R F



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Dear Residents and Businesses Wherever we are and whatever we do, let’s not forget we all have a mother somewhere. It’s the reason why we are here. Welcome to the March Eden Local. This month, we have some special pages dedicated to Mothers Day. An opening editorial across two pages - it’s a first, but then there is a lot to say! We have, as always, ideas about how you might want to consider writing a few lines in future Eden Locals. We are now building stories about the village communities across the Eden Valley, so please let us know if you would like to help with putting an article together about the place where you live. Last month, Martin Cowin put an article together about Brough. We are preparing articles for Greystoke, Melmerby and Kirkby Stephen at the moment too. We are working with local businesses and residents in these communities, so please drop us a line if you would like to put your village into print with Eden Local. This month we have some key focuses, starting with this opening article, which is about businesses and what Eden Local is trying to achieve with businesses. We have many projects starting and many projects developing, all through needs that have been identified. Supporting businesses is key to protecting and maintaining a thriving community. There will be an article in next month’s Eden Local dedicated to the thousands of businesses in Cumbria, that are just one person or a handful of people who have businesses that serve the community and who need all the support the community can offer. Many of these people are selfemployed. If they have any time off for any reason, they do not earn any money and whilst many long to have a holiday, they ask the question on a regular basis - why do they do it? A warm welcome to our new readers in postcode CA4 9. We have now expanded our distribution to these areas. For those of you not familiar with postcode CA4 9, it includes Armathwaite, Ruckcroft, Croglin, Ainstable and Aiketgate. Our distribution will be increasing throughout 2012 in Eden Valley and very soon it will be increasing again as we expand further south and west from our base in Penrith. For more details about our distribution and our numbers to the nearest magazine dropped through your home and business, please go to page 10. Of course the numbers can change slightly but the bonus that Eden Local has over many of its competitors that are also striving to advertise businesses in order to make ends meet during these difficult economic times, is that we do not have to rely on sales for our distribution or how many people turn up at a collection point. We do rely on and trust local people, who come rain, snow, whatever the elements, turn out Monday to Saturday. Our thanks to all the Royal Mail staff across the Eden Valley.


Eden Local is relatively new, but the systems and support behind it are long established. The General Post Office (GPO) was officially established in England in 1660 by Charles II. Of course it’s a bit different now as it’s the Royal Mail, but the concept and end result, established 352 years ago means you get your mail to your home and business. It may sound simple, but I recently popped into our local hub and distributor of communication, the sorting office at Penrith and it was a real eye opener. I hope to do a story about our local business with a national presence that has served the community and employed generations of local people for hundreds of years soon. In the community, Eden Local needs to reach everybody and we believe we have the best team on our side to do this. Our distribution can only increase, as new properties appear, new letter boxes open and within a month of new people moving into a new home, they will get an Eden Local, so new readers are immediately on board. Eden Local is almost a part of that welcoming pack, with its localised focus. Recently you would have received the Eden Valley CA Business Directory. This was distributed to 25,747 doors, CA4 9 & 0, all of CA10, CA11, CA16 and CA17. I have to make the point that it’s not just a directory, it’s a local directory. Many of the businesses represented in it have never been seen in print before. Price is a key part of why many micro businesses cannot publicise themselves, so we were very pleased to get this process started. We are now booking the 2013 Eden Valley and the new North Lakes Directory, which goes out 7th January 2013. Why so early? The directory you see was put together in just 6 weeks by a team of three. Every business signing up has to be seen, artwork co-ordinated and to get around to about 130 businesses in between putting the monthly Eden Local together, was quite a task. Put Christmas in the middle of this, the seasonal close down of some businesses, holidays and the focus of everyone at this time of year and the current economic climate, equates to giving ourselves a challenge! Could we have started it sooner? Well the team was a team of one up until December, so to conclude, I have many thanks for a lot of people who worked to the early hours and quite a few weekends. At the end of the day, we, like many of the businesses in the directory, are a small business. In media, we are competing in an arena with major companies and major groups - competing I suppose with fully staffed teams of sales and marketing people and administration teams. It’s part of the everyday challenge for many of the Eden Local businesses. Thank you to all




11 Little Dockray Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7HL T: 01768 866 624 E:

Online now #3!! 1)#.1) . *  "!5 )1# 1*#** *.!* # 5 066/'  &) $1)*!2* $# (1!.5 # *)2 *$" $ . 1)#.1) 3 *1&&!5  .!* * # 3))$* # . "#"1" $ **"!5 2)5.# !* $"* )5 $) 1*'


phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

 * $1) *. *!!) # 3 $ $1) 1."$*. .$ & &)* $"&..2 !.$1 3 $ 2 (1.  !)

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those new businesses. We estimate around 70 have now signed up to support our independent business in promoting their local business. A key difference with our directory we believe, is it’s personal and next year like the Eden Local was in 2011, a whole new concept in its second year we believe the local directory will be a lot bigger. More details about prices are on page 10. It has been said before, but as a reminder and introduction to our new readers, as a small business locally based, we have set some personal ground rules from the beginning. One rule has always been not to print bad news. We don’t do press releases. This area is more than covered at a local level and needs to be fresh and current, so we don’t bank press releases that are sent in and then at a later date release them to fill a space. We are not a team of reporters. We are just a growing group of people living in the Eden Valley, who get invited to write stories and articles by local people and local businesses. We get tapped for ideas and offer a choice of traditional and new approaches to marketing. We have volunteer writers. Some just want the opportunity to have a go. We do encourage businesses to write about themselves and we do help with this, but who better to present their business than the people working in or owning that business. At Eden Local we will continue to strive in delivering low cost, affordable, quality advertising for local businesses. Our strength is in our growing network and in our dedication to support everything that is local that supports the local community. Each month, new businesses join the campaign to protect the Eden Valley pound and you will have seen regular support in the Eden Local for this, so we hope and we are starting to believe that we are getting this right. This month’s content, apart from our Mothers Day feature, includes an article which is part 2 of a ‘Day in the life’ at the Watermill, Little Salkeld (Pages 26 & 27) by Nick Jones. I caught up with Kelvin Dixon on his last evening as President of the Penrith Chamber of Trade, marking the end of a very positive 2 years, which he writes about on page 12. A few days prior to print, I caught up with Laura Martin, who is heading up the marketing for North Country Leisure, the company with the new contract for the running of the Penrith Leisure Centre, the Appleby Leisure Centre and the Frenchfield facilities on the edge of Penrith. An insight to North Country Leisure is on page 25. Just before I leave you to read on, we did receive a call, as we do most months for Eden District Council. Apart from stressing once again we are not a part of EDC in any way, I will say that we do enjoy working with them in communicating and publishing their work. A chap also called us in search of Gluten free details. Last year in our Eating out in Eden Guide, which is on our website with all previous

publications to read for free at we published details of some local restaurants. Next month, we want to feature for free, businesses that stock, sell, and prepare Gluten free products. More details are in the closing editorial on page 30. We have of course passed this on to EDC, but let’s work together on a listing for next month. Finally, please remember, Eden Local, Lakes Local and CA Business Directories aren’t about sales or how many get collected or picked up from a stand. It is about distribution through doors to homes and businesses spreading good news and stories. Thank you again for reading your local community magazine.


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A Day for Mothers Process, Presence and Price How will you choose your new windows? The Chains are off The Valley of Three Red Hot Chilli Celebrating 25 yrs of spice Inside Property Sales Focus on Farming Simple Changes to Save money The key to Success Last minute for Mum Crush and go Down the Road to greater Profits part 2 The Great North Drive Through New Look all in a Days work at Eden FM Cumbria Pine Murray Electrical Peaks and Pathways These boots were made for walking - in mud! Refreshing Approach at our Local Leisure Another day in the Life of CA Business Classified Close Feast like a King at the George Hotel

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Our thanks to local photographer Keith Wood for our Cover Page Printed by: H & H Reeds Printers, Southend Road Penrith Eden Local Notice: Eden Local prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in Eden Local, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

Collect - a - Card at Cagney’s from now until 2013To To celebrate our 25th anniversary

Every time you dine or takeaway we will treat you to card with an amazing offer just for you. Thanking Penrith and Eden community for your friendship and your business over the last 25 years

18 King Street Penrith CA11 7AJ Tel 01768 867721 / 01768 867503 phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


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Delight your mum this Mothers Day, pamper her with love and treat her with our special Mothers Day Package at Beautique:

Hair Cut and Blow Dry, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage only £30 38, Great Dockray, Penrith, CA11 7BN 01768 866653

The Box Tree Country Chic Home Interiors and Gifts Perfect for Mothers day 8 Poets Walk, Penrith. Open Tues - Sat Tel: 01768 864222

The most beautiful flowers for Mothers Day, make her day extra special this year. Each bouquet is expertly prepared and can be delivered by hand in time for Mother’s Day

34 Great Dockray, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 78N Tel/Fax: 01768 864987 e-mail:


Afternoon Tea

at The Fat Lamb Ravenstonedale Sandwiches • Fresh Cream Fancies, Delicious Cakes Tea Breads, Scones with Jam and Cream Bottomless pot of Tea or Coffee • All home-made £7.95 per person (Special diets catered for by arrangement) Served from 2.30 to 5.30 pm Call 015396 23242 to book

Handcrafted Chocolates and Mothers day hampers full of lovely local produce only at Ruby’s 5 Bridge Street, Appleby 01768351923 EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

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M thers Day Sunday the 18th March

Traditionally in the UK, Mothering Sunday is a Christian celebration and falls on the fourth Sunday during Lent. Increasingly we refer to the day as Mothers Day, as it is in many other countries, where the origins of the day differ to ours. There is evidence across the world of worship of the mother goddess dating as far back as 6000 BC and many goddess temples were built to honour the mother. The Romans held the Hilaria Festival in honour of the mother goddess Cybele and it took place during mid-March. When the Roman Empire and Europe converted to Christianity, the

celebration became part of the liturgical calendar as Laetare Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent to honour the Virgin Mary and the mother church. The mother church is, where the family would attend often nearest to home, for those living and working away, Sunday worship would take part at the nearest parish. On Mothering Sunday, people would return to worship at their mother church. In the Victorian era, when daughters would work away as domestic servants, it would be a day off given to visit their mother and family.

The food item most associated with Mothering Sunday is the Simnel cake. Legend states that a man called Simon and his wife Nell disagreed over whether the cake for Mothering Sunday should be baked or boiled. In the end they did both and the cake was named after both of them: SIM-NELL. This special day has now become a time when people give thanks to their mothers and offers an opportunity to express both love and thanks for the work, care, support and affection that they give us children, no matter what age you may be. Sam Eggleston

Perfect for a Mothers Day Walk Here is our suggestion but there are a lot of lovely walks in Eden and you will find some of them on these two web sites:, then click on family walks, followed by the leaflet for your selected walk and it will download for you

Hallin Fell by Nick Wells Hallin Fell joins the likes of Gowbarrow, Loughrigg Fell and Haystacks as minature Lakeland classics. Because of where it is hidden (around the backside of Ullswater) the fell is climbed less than the others but this is no great shame as the paths are in even better condition. Hallin Fell is situated in the crook of Ullswater which basically means there are views directly up and down Ullswater in addition to pretty but very quiet Martindale. Once the summit has been reached, a full circuit can be walked round the entire fell. You can start at Martindale Church. This will take about an hour in all, perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Š Keith Wood


 • EdenLocal

Mothers Day; of t ou st be e th g gettin A mothers Guide in

People learn through repetition, so remind them early and often. Use notes, discuss it at dinner and tape a poster on the ceiling above their bed. A simple “Mother’s Day is coming!” repeated 1000 times will go a long way.





Avoid mixed messages. Let your children know, loud and clear, that although you have been harping on them to clean their room for the last month, if they do this on Mother’s Day it will NOT be considered a gift to you.

It takes a whole village to raise a teenager. So get on the phone with your teenager’s friend’s mum and share your strategies.

ences consequ Set the his by nd. Do t that beforeha your children g be in d s y in a rem alw will you o not only er, you will als th ther to o o m m d ir e n th ra be the g ities y il a ib d ss e som The po . n e r d ss. il le their ch e here are end g n e v e r for 9.



Set clear expectations . Place a note with you r wants on the refrigera tor. Be concise. Examp le: ‘1.) Breakfast in Bed - complete with dishes washed afterwards; 2.) Flowers - from a florist, not the neighbour’s gar den; etc’ and/or unique gift (place our featur e pages open on their pillow every night). 4.

Don’t miss any opport unity for open communication. When your children ask for something, like a ride somewhere, start your answer with, “Yo u know, Mother’s Day is only (insert # of days) days away.” Do this before you ans wer them!

Create a unified front with your husband. If he is unwilling at first to help with you r cause, remind him that whatever your teenagers are unable to do for you on Mothe r’s Day, he will be expected to accomplis h. In the case of you nger children remind him that it his respon sibility to teach them for future years. Therefore making his jobs easier as the yea rs pass.


If your teen expresses how un-cool it is to conform to the commercialism of soc iety by observing Mo ther’s Day, tell them that you are pro ud of their views. An d that the view should be carried acr oss to Christmas and Birthday’s and you will honour their bel iefs.

If all else fails, guilt should be employed. No need for exaggeration, the detailed story of their birth, including the number of hours you were in labour, will do.

r is now a Mother 10. And finally if your daughte ance, and if your guid no need ld then she shou est he gets the sugg son is now a Farther then all she is the r afte her, Mot ’s child his help of your needs. ate reci app ly real only one who can

Get an extra Mothers Day treat when you buy from our Joules collection Free pair of Joules Socks

37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30 Shop online at EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

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Mothers’ Day is when we say “Thank you, Mum!” Let The Gem Den help you say it with lots of love. Give her something she can keep: a piece of gem-set silver jewellery, any colour you can imagine. 31 King Street Penrith 01768899989

Hair Beauty & Nail Salon PAMPER YOURSELF FROM TOP TO TOE MOTHER AND DAUGHTER SPECIAL FISH SPA AND GEL POLISH (which will last 4weeks) £25.00 for 2 26 Middlegate 01768863248

Mothers Day in the Eden Valley Treat Mum to lunch on Sunday 18th March at one of our three traditional country inns, all individually run, each with it’s own particular character. All three establishments have one thing in common – freshly prepared food from local ingredients cooked on the premises by our own chefs.

The Black Bull

The Fat Lamb at Ravenstonedale

At Temple Sowerby

Susan and Miro invite you to spend Mothering Sunday with them at The Black Bull. Spoil Mum and the family with some fresh and delicious home cooked food in our lovely country pub with a roaring fire and warm friendly hospitality.

Come along and enjoy a lovely Mothers Day lunch, prepared by our own chefs from locally sourced produce. Then relax in one of our lounges or go for a gentle stroll around our 7 acre nature reserve.

On the edge of the village green in Temple Sowerby. We can help make Mum feel like a Queen in our comfy restaurant with a relaxed and friendly ambience combined with chefs who insist on only the best.

Bookings – 017683 71588

Bookings – 015396 23242

Bookings – 017683 62944

2 Courses £11.95 per head 3 Courses £13.95 per head

2 Courses £12.75 per head 3 Courses £15.75 per head

2 Courses £12.95 per head 3 Courses £16.95 per head

at Nateby

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

The King’s Arms


10 • EdenLocal

Process, Presence, and Price Lee Quinn

Eden Local is an independent business, family owned and based in Penrith. Is this a bonus to its advertisers? Firstly, we offer a personal service as much of our business is conducted face to face. It takes time to get it right. When Charlotte, Sam and I have put the magazine together, this is then collated and set with our designer Chris. It can take up to 7 days to do this and it then goes to H & H Reeds in Penrith to be printed. It then has to go to the Royal Mail Distribution Centre in Warrington in order to be sorted to come back to Penrith. For the total production process, we have to allow 21 days. We try to schedule stories and articles that don’t date and we find that many readers keep the publication. We get constant feedback that many houses across Eden usually have a publication somewhere in magazine racks or on book cases. Recently, one of our advertisers got a call with reference to the service they provide in Watermillock. Their ‘new’ customer had their Eden Local advert pinned to a board. Not sure where the rest is pinned, but the customer confirmed what we like to here and that is that they found that business in the Eden Local. This an established business. At the end of 2011, a lady wrote to me with a request asking if we could put the month on the front cover to help her when she was filing the publication in order. From January it happened. We also had requests last year for the publication to be printed for the visually impaired. The audio format will also be available before the first swallows arrive. Away from the home, Eden Local is found in waiting rooms, glove boxes, on trains, on tables in restaurants and tearooms across Eden. Described repeatedly, it is a ‘handy size to keep’, easy to pick up and easy to read and easy to store in a bag or put on the side for later. I suppose being free and having a month to read it, means it does get passed around a lot. Back to our Eden Local production. Once Sam and I have signed off the magazine for the printer, 80% of the rest of our time is spent with our existing customers, meeting new customers, co-ordinating new stories, articles, designing new marketing campaigns but also constantly evaluating and measuring the results of our existing campaigns. EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

If you would like to check the exact distribution numbers, it’s simple. Here is the link door/find_customers.asp. Alternatively, go to our website and hit the tab for Distribution. If you put in this link, then enter in the box marked ‘Search by postcode’. You can then one by one enter CA4 9, CA10 1 and CA11 you will come to a figure around 15,023, this is the total number of consumer and business addresses that this month’s publication will be going to. In addition to this, we print an additional 500 magazines, which are distributed around local shops and the areas not covered at present like Appleby, Brough, Kirkby Stephen, Askham, Shap and others. I have already mentioned the expansion of Eden Local, well here is again, some more good news. We are launching Lakes Local linking postcode CA11 to CA12. This is already being collated and we are now booking articles, advertising and putting marketing campaigns together for businesses that feel the need to be in either or both Eden Local and Lakes Local publications. As a starter, the combined distribution for both of these publications from June onwards will be approximately 21,748 per month. For a full coloured box ad in both publications, through all of these doors, a total distribution in excess of 22,000, it will cost local businesses £30 per month. For a full colour box ad in Eden Local or the Lakes Local it is only £15 -£19 per month. If you want to advertise for 6 months or 12 months, you don’t have to pay for it all in one payment 6 months to a whole year up front. We do offer affordable payment plans, which will suit your budget. There are no extra charges for colour, no charges to the residents and businesses for their Eden Local and it is free to read on line. EdenLocal • 

Still looking for a catch? Well let us know if you see one. If you are a business, an organisation, a club or a charity that needs to advertise every month or just once for that special event, please call us now on 01768 899111 for the best price and the best distribution across the Eden Valley.

mobile: 07881 530085

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The Eden Local is sponsored by Eden Valley Windows

March 2012

March to Cagney’s this month

meals & 25% off All takeaways

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

Open 5pm - 11.30pm 7 days a week

1st-31st March

Celebrating 25 years serving Penrith and Eden 18 King Street Penrith CA11 7AJ Tel 01768 867721 / 01768 867503 mobile: 07881 530085


EdenLocal • 11

How do you choose your new windows and doors? conservatories and door agent in this area. Working with Eden Valley Windows Ltd, Network Veka has the national solution with the neighbourly approach. It is a unique organisation with the overriding commitment to policing a series of strict national rules, standards and guarantees, governing more than 140 independent local home improvement companies all around Britain and Ireland.

So what makes an established double glazing window company and how, if you are in the process of considering new windows , doors or a conservatory, do you make the decision on who to use? New windows are a big investment and whilst they can make your home look good on the outside, they can make your home more efficient and possibly lighter and brighter on the inside. These days, windows and doors play a major part in home security, but at the end of the day, they are not just windows. Windows and Doors come in a variety of quality and standards. Since the first issue of Eden Local, Eden Valley Windows have been loyal in supporting the publication. In the last 18 months, I have spent many hours with Dale and members of the team at the office premises and showroom in Friargate House, Penrith, so this month I get to write not just about the local business, which for over 25 years has employed local people and served hundreds of local families and businesses across the Eden Valley and Cumbria, but I get to make a point.

Before you do make that decision on buying new windows think is it a local business? Are they contributing towards the local economy? Are they readily available and at hand to offer you, before, during and after sales advice about the product, the installation and the longer term looking after and maintenance of your investment? Can you drop into their showroom or premises to see what you are buying? Can you discuss the value of all the information you have been presented with? For me yes, price can help with a decision, but I have also found what sometimes what was a good price on the day, comes at more of a price long term. It does play a major part in a lot of decisions at home, but many decisions are made about people, trust, reliability, quality, reputation, experience and knowledge and there is something about meeting the people that you wouldn’t mind meeting again. Across 2012, I will be presenting case studies and projects as they happen at Eden Valley Windows.

Over this year you will see many advertising campaigns for double glazing. Many will not be local businesses. Business sizes vary and so do their advertising budgets and their buying power. However, something which all businesses, regardless of size or budget can afford to do properly is deliver good customer service and with people employed at a local level, working on your windows, this falls into the category of priceless. Customer service shouldn’t come at a price. Knowledge and experience is a price without a tag. Eden Valley Windows are a local company offering windows, doors, conservatories, kitchens, bedrooms, solar and home improvements. I learnt a long time ago that Eden Valley Windows may be a locally based business, but for many years, they have come with the support and guarantee of Network Veka. They are listed as the only windows,

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens, Bedrooms & Solar Telephone: (01768) 866790 Fax: (01768) 891030 E:

mobile: 07881 530085


12 • EdenLocal

The Chains are off by Kelvin Dixon As President for the past two years, I can certainly say that it has been an interesting time to be involved in The Chamber of Trade. I have always felt that if you are prepared to stand for a position within an organisation, then you should be prepared to implement ideas and changes that ultimately make things better when you leave than when you started and I take great pride in having worked with a group of people who not only shared ideas, but also had the knowledge and ability to bring them to fruition.

Eden District Council and this has been instrumental in the town’s businesses having the opportunity to create a Business Improvement District in the Autumn. We have seen membership grow by about 30% in the past six months following on from our annual dinner. This year’s had a Hollywood theme and was used to launch our new logo, new website and we were pleased to welcome Rory Stewart MP as our guest speaker who endorsed the work we were doing in the town.

One of the ideas that we, as a Chamber initiated, launched and managed is The Pride in Penrith Lottery, which thanks to public support, has been able to donate various sums of money to local organisations and groups.

As well as our regular monthly business meetings, this year we have been able to offer breakfast meetings, lunchtime seminars, behind the scenes tours of local businesses and social events including a curry night and even walks up Helvellyn and Blencathra.

We have also worked to establish a good working relationship with

I have always tried to be positive about what Penrith has to offer.

I believe that there has been too much negativity in the town for too long and I don’t accept that there is no future for Penrith and its businesses. It is a great place to live and work and perhaps it just needs to decide on its own identity and then provide an outlet for community groups, businesses and residents to be able to drive it forward. Perhaps the answer lies in the formation of a town council and as a Chamber we are very much in favour of this happening . Now I have handed over to a new president (Philip Cranston) and although it may mean one or two less meetings a month, I still remain involved as a member of the board looking into the Bids Process. I am also involved with The Vitality of Penrith group and I am a board member of the Lottery. In my spare time, I have been known to play golf, tread the boards with the Penrith Players and still, occasionally find time for my very understanding family. Who knows, if we ever get a town council, I may well run for mayor!!


phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

EdenLocal • 13

New for 2012 with an exciting menu which includes traditional Indian Dishes & Thai f of y s % a 15 eaw k Ta

Lunchtime Special Menu from Mid-Day Open 5pm - 11pm every day of the week 9 Bridge Street, Appleby-in-Westmorland 01768 353550 / 01768 352225

Serving the community & its visitors for over 10 years Open 5pm - 11pm every day of the week

Ta 20% ke o aw ff ay s

11a Burrowgate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7TE tel: 01768 210020 / 01768 210050

Well established with Bangladeshi Cuisine of the Highest Quality Open 5pm - 11pm every day of the week Market Square Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria CA17 4QT 01768 374960 / 01768 374959

f of ys % a 15 eaw k Ta phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


14 • EdenLocal

Red Hot Chilli

Spice up your life

7 01

68 86454



phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085






Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7EH Tel. 01768 864545



ria minicentr



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25 years ago Cagneys opened the doors for the very first time, the building was acquired in 1986 just in case you notice the 1986 on the signage out side – I don’t want a host of complaints on our maths! It was actually May 1987 when the doors opened, and Haque and his team will have served somewhere in the region 1/2 a million Indian dishes in this time! Next month we will tell you more about the amazing 25 year celebration this coming May. In fact Haque has got some fantastic treats in store this year and it all kick started with a great offer in February. There is no doubt that most visitors to Cagneys Tandoori return again and again to sample the outstanding cuisine. And to say a great big thank you for all this support your loyalty will truly be rewarded, with the new collect - a - card at Cagney’s loyalty scheme. Every time you dine or take away you will collect a card with a fantastic offer just for you. Fine food is one of life’s most exquisite pleasures; with Cagneys Tandoori the philosophy is to take great care, pride and satisfaction in creating the finest cuisine. Cagneys Tandoori reputation for gourmet meals is based on modern and imaginative interpretations

of classic Indian dishes and sauces. Your meal is produced using only fresh ingredients of the highest quality, making good use of the very best of British and local produce where possible, for example Cagneys use James fresh fruit and vegtables. Consideration is given to the combination of colours, textures, originality and presentation of every dish, ensuring a feast for your eye as well as your palate. I asked Haque what brought him to Penrith - ‘Having visited Penrith and the Lakes, like many people who come to this magical land, I did have a soft spot for the area and the people. After moving here I discovered I made the right decision. Living and working here for the last 25 years has been great. I like the friendly and kind nature of the people they have been very kind towards me and my children. And for me its only few minutes away from the fantastic mountains where I enjoy mountain biking and walking. After working in various top class restaurants and learning from some great Chef’s and Restaurant Managers I wanted to open my own restaurant so I could have the freedom to create as I wanted too’ by Sam Eggleston.

Cagney’s Tandoori 18 King Street Penrith, CA11 7AJ Tel 01768 867721 Tel 01768 867503 phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

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Eden Estate Agents

Last month we explored the things that sellers should be thinking about when they’re deciding who to trust to sell their most valued asset, their home.

come from a number of sources - our websites, ‘for sale’ boards, our buyer database, staff talking to visitors to our office etc.

There are the visible and tangible things, such as the sales office, the staff, the website, the photography, the brochures, the Eden Local presence and so on. Then there’s the invisible stuff, the part of the iceberg that’s under the water.

Personal, email or phone contact with buyers in the market is vital. Everyday we talk to prospective house buyers, spending time to establish what they’re looking for and their buying position. This information has to be maintained by regular contact, as buyers’ needs change, or they find a property to buy. As a buyer, there’s nothing worse than receiving a load of out of date or irrelevant mail from estate agents.

As we saw last time, this includes local knowledge, ‘bigger picture’ advice based on a grasp of the national perspective, a detailed consideration of your personal circumstances and objectives, an honest and realistic evaluation process with a plan for review, the best in marketing materials and a great website presence which gives sellers the best visuals and buyers what they need. The Internet is the No 1 choice for advertising property. Eden recognised this early on and has developed our website to give our clients a marketing package which ranks alongside the best anywhere.

Buyers range from serious cash buyers through to people who turn out to be dreamers and hobbyviewers. In today’s market people are less likely to buy a property on a gut or emotional feeling. Instead, they have a comprehensive list of expectations and wishes, which often are ambitious or elusive. This means it takes a long time for a buyer to really understand what they want.

We can reach housebuyers wherever they are. Last month nearly 25% of the visits to our website came from outside the UK. In the UK, just under 20% of visits come from London. This reflects the aspirational nature of our area and our ability to reach those people.

It’s also an opportunity for us. Our housing stock is very diverse and rather individual, so it can take a while for buyers to understand the market. We help in that process by putting ideas in front of them and giving information about housing stock and local geography. This generates interest, often in properties that they hadn’t even considered or known about.

So, once a property is on the market, the initial leads

We often say that the sign over our office should say


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“Estate Agents and Counsellors”, because of the time we spend advising, motivating and informing people. Our objective is to get the right people through the right doors. Someone who came in looking for a period cottage can end up going to look at a contemporary townhouse. The key to this is looking at this through buyers’ eyes – every seller, of course, feels how very saleable their house is! Our role is to create positive and honest impressions to help buyers. This is especially true when dealing with buyers from outside the area. Viewings are the next and most important element of the house sale. A feature of our ‘patch’ is the large area we cover and the distance between places. An estate agent in an urban area would probably find all his properties within a few miles of his office. Our viewings service is a serious commitment of time and money. Our experienced staff offer buyers their knowledge of the individual property, and comparative properties, and knowledge of the location, setting and amenities. It can be a frustrating experience trying to sell the house that you know well and which has great appeal. It can be frustrating to deal with buyers who enthuse on a viewing and then either won’t respond to requests for feedback or say ‘it’s not for us’ without further explanation. It’s no less frustrating as an agent, after all the time and effort put into creating and carrying out each viewing! Following up on viewings and getting feedback for clients is vital, as is ongoing support, advice on pricing and market conditions and giving insight into the comments and behaviour of buyers. It’s a key part of what we do for our clients. There are many sellers who never hear from their agent once their house is on the market – we believe in having frank discussions with our clients on a regular basis. It’s all part of the Eden culture of ‘client first’. Once someone is seriously interested in a property, then comes the offer, or offers if you’re lucky. This is where we can really earn our money. Asking an estate agent who does the negotiations on your house sale can be a very revealing question; you may find that a junior or inexperienced person can deal with this vital and responsible step. At Eden all our negotiations are handled by seasoned negotiators and overseen in every case by one of our directors. This is where we finalise our mission to do the best for our client. We often earn our fee literally at this stage, by achieving a sale price above the offers made - the best that can be achieved, and sometimes at a level above expectations. In the current market, timing is vital. Several sellers have missed out on sales because they were too slow to respond to an offer, or insisted on trying to secure phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

too high a price. It’s a buyer’s market and a buyer can easily change their mind. So, sometimes there has to be some frank talking with clients. If you are serious about selling, you have to deal with what is in front of you, the bird in the hand, and that’s where it’s important to factor in the related purchase and the reasons for moving. It requires a wider view, and that’s what we give. As part of the offer process, we confirm the buyer’s ability to finance the purchase and then issue a note of the sale to the parties’ solicitors. The legal process is often laborious and time consuming; we have a member of our team who follows each transaction, monitoring progress. Eden has a unique offering here our Managing Director is also a Solicitor with extensive experience of the conveyancing process and how to get things moving. Through his involvement with a specialist conveyancing law firm on our doorstep, we arrange the conveyancing for our selling clients. This makes a big difference, a ‘one stop shop’, having clear lines of communication to try and complete the legal process as soon as possible. But, the job’s not over until the contracts are exchanged and then completed. In the intervening period we often have to deal with issues on surveys and assist buyers to conclude the transaction. Our experienced staff, with a lawyer in the business, resolve these on a routine basis. With the sale is completed, sellers’ money in the bank and keys handed over the buyer, we look forward to the reward for our efforts. Remember, for us the process is speculative - we don’t get a penny until the sale completes – but the key difference with Eden is the effort, commitment and passion that goes into making things happen. This makes for happy endings for selling clients and a satisfied buyer who will be our client next time around.

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A Focus on Farming With our strategy in place to introduce regular articles about community producers and our invitation to local people to have a crack at writing about their village community, we now build on a process which first started just over a year ago. From January through to December 2011, I spent many hours with Neil Hodgson, the local Farmer at Carleton Farm Penrith, who with his family and a devoted team, put many hours into tradition, which includes livestock, dairy and growing many variations of local produce that include carrots, potatoes, parsnips, swedes, peas, marrows, leeks, beetroot, courgettes and barley. They also run a farm shop, based at the farm and open 7 days a week.

As a local publication story, it was fascinating, enjoyable, interesting and I covered so much, but above all, it is an experience that I hope to build on. As Eden Local presented a reminder of just what goes on all around us and how hard it is to achieve, we received so much feedback that we feel it important to keep this momentum. There are many farms and there are, I hope many stories that we can bring to readers, just as we have with Neil and his family. We have covered other farm producers in our advertising and articles, like Jacksons Family Butchers, Cocklakes Fishery and Farm Shop and Highgate Turkeys. We have also presented details

A shadow of a key is hardly a pair make sure you have a spare

Call Monument Locksmiths, mobile auto key specialist 07877 690 267 or 01768 806 014 EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

about many suppliers. What we need is more. Every month we would like to feature at least one local farm from the Eden Valley, so please call 01768 899111 or email us at so that we can come out and see you. You do not have to stop what you are doing. 95% of the discussions we had with Neil took place in the field, in the shed or the shop and on the odd occasion, we did grab a cup of tea, but that’s how it was. It is our intention also to use the information and if time can be spared, to link these articles with a regular farming show on Eden FM community radio. Again, a lot of this can be done out in the field!

Now available from

Penrith Outdoor Pursuits mobile: 07881 530085

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Perennial Process is a small business with a big track record since 1994 carved in retail, manufacturing, construction, sports and leisure. Clients have included Birds Eye Walls, Superdrug, BP Oil UK, Ford Motor Company , Shering Health Care, Tesco, Anglo American, Homebase and Ecclesiastical Insurance. Also on the list would be the local butcher, local restaurants, the local museum, a local football club and a local estate agent.

many methods stay the same.

Originally set up as an outdoor team development, training and development business, it graduated into the design, the co-ordination and implementation of strategies to develop people in business. With expertise in Investors in People, recruitment and assessment and development centres, Perennial can also deliver tailor made programmes in the workplace at all levels that lead to certified BTEC qualifications in supervision and management. How the climate has changed, but

in completing these tasks, they would develop

01768 862394 phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

If someone with a business background approached your business and put a daily rate on the table with a proposal that said their company ethics are based on your company achieving better performance , saving money and making more profit with the team you have, what would you think? If they then followed with the fact that an income for their business generated from the savings and profit, which you could then afford, what would you think? It’s not a fairy tale. It’s a fact that for 18 years, Perennial Process, as a small consultancy, has been supporting businesses of all sizes to become better businesses. In the current climate, we help businesses to establish what is realistically achievable. mobile: 07881 530085


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Sunday Open 8am - 24 hours • Monday 24 hours • Tuesday 24 hours Wednesday 24 hours • Thursday 24 hours • Friday close 10pm • Saturday 7am - 10pm

Ullswater Road Garage, Ullswater Road, Penrith Tel: 01768 864546

Crush and Go

You can fill a skip or you can hire one of these The 5000 series will crush concrete, kerbstone, marble, paving slabs, bricks, tiles, blocks, stone, porcelain, flint, gravestones, etc. Output will vary according to jaw setting, loading method, loading equipment, input material, and familiarity of the loading operator. In excess of 15 tonnes per hour has been achieved. On site recycling • Simple to use • Safe & efficient • Transportable • Can produce 80 ton per day Turn waste into reusable aggregate • The hire charge includes the provision of a trained operative.

Telephone Steve Graham on: 01768 864 546/545 07717291131 or email EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

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Down the road to greater profit Following on from our previous article, let’s try you with a few simple questions What was your profit last month? How much profit have you made to date? Who owes you money? How old is this debt? These are just a few questions to which a business owner should know the answers – that should in fact be provided by your “Strategic Management Accounts” (SMAs). If you don’t currently have these, then we can prepare these for you more easily than you probably realise. Creating SMAs starts with a business’s accounting system and processes. Dealing with software systems first, there are packages available (including webbased ones) to suit virtually any business. Software prices vary and some can be paid on a monthly basis, but they are not expensive. We can advise on the right software, computerise your accounts and enable you to have swift and easy access to key data. Implementing new software requires a bit of planning and co-ordination but together we can do this efficiently and quickly. Ok, with the right software in place, what about the accounts process? Things like entering invoices, bills and payments onto the system? This is the core accounting data and it must be entered promptly and accurately. By us reviewing your existing processes, we can identify if they are “fit for purpose” and if they should be amended, updated or simply replaced. We can also provide training for your accounts staff. How rapidly can we produce SMAs? Well, if we focus on monthly accounts, depending upon the size of the business, we would expect to have these on your desk in about 7 days after the month end. There should be no delay such as in waiting for bank statements as online banking means that the bank account can be reconciled every day if needs be, but monthly is usually adequate.

With the core data entered in and verified and the bank account reconciled, it’s now a question of us making some “technical” adjustments such as accounting for depreciation on fixed assets. We can then apply simple analysis to make sure that the figures actually make sense based on what we know about the business - and if not, why not? This is when together, we really get down to business.


In the current climate, it really is important to know how your business is performing and where it is heading; our expertise in preparing and advising on SMAs can perhaps ease some of your stress and worry and be a real positive force for action.


If you would like a friendly no obligation chat about where you want your business to be in 2012 call us at Full Circle on 01768 580058 or email The great northern drive through is here. The Eden Local ‘Route 66 England’ Guide from Coast to Coast is now being collate, the pocket guide and the website will be launched for this summer. If you want to put your business in front of visitors this summer call us for more details 01768 899111 . phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

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New look, all in a days work by Lee Quinn

Firstly thank you for your comments, which followed after last month’s Eden FM Radio update. It is the project, which as many of you appreciate from your feedback, hasn’t stood still, but again as voiced, it is a must happen and must be achieved - a positive community project. Sian Whittaker, the breakfast presenter, the host of the Wednesday ‘Girls night in’ show and one of two deputy chair people on the Eden FM committee, is a lady of many talents, on a mission when it comes to being a volunteer at Eden FM. Since the trial transmission completed in December 2011, Sian has been the key driver behind keeping the station streamed on line, in that the computerised system, which requires regular programming, management and scheduling has been co-ordinated by Sian. Sian has been assisted by Martin Cowin from Brough. Martin is the presenters’ committee member and helps out around the bus schedules from Brough. Andy Neen (deputy Chair) with his technical and practical mind, has been wiring and setting up the communications side of the IT with Kevin from Beacon Computers. Trudie (office administrator) has been kept busy helping the team co-ordinate the production of policies and procedures and with the gathering of

information for the full time radio application. This month, my duties have also included catching up with Harry King (presenter otherwise known as ‘the ledge’). Harry has a wealth of knowledge and in between his commitments with his show at BBC Radio Cumbria, he has agreed to help with the training and development of presenters, as a volunteer. The images are of our new look studio one. Over the next few months, the rebuild of studio two will be completed and the remaining monies from the EDC Community Fund will be invested in the purchase of the studio one desk. Toby La Rone (committee member) has also been on the scene assisting with our low voltage lighting system and JB Has been doing his bit with DIY. Whilst I cannot thank the team of volunteers enough for all their work behind the scenes these past few months, the lady who has been almost living in the studio, driving its redevelopment and new look which many will agree has been a fantastic achievement, deserves the biggest thank you. She has done this ‘all in a days work’ on her days off and after work hours. Thank you Sian. For local news, press releases as they become available, local events, local music Eden FM Radio your voice, your choice in the community is online and on air 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Log on to and have a listen. Have a look at the new presenter schedules too.

Carleton Driving School

Special Offer FirSt LeSSOn Free plus

Everything you need to pass your Theory Test FREE DVD & HIGHWAY CODE BOOK INCLUDING ONE TO ONE TUITION IF REQUIRED. to arrange a free lesson call/text Bert 07715177611 01768 864034 EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

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Tel: 01768 863020 25 Middlegate CA11 7PG phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

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Helm Crag

Peaks and Pathways by Nick Wells the way. This part of the walk is very steep, but soon the path gets easier and eventually reaches the shoulder of Helm Crag. Looking to the west I could see Easedale Tarn with Harrison Stickle of the Langdales just comming into view. The path switches back on itself then continues until it reaches the Helm Crag stands overlooking Grasmere village in Lakelands central summit of Helm Crag, here the views are fantastic from Grasmere to the fells, anyone driving from Keswick to Ambleside will have seen the prominant Helvellyn range. The summit has two famous rock features of rock on its summit. outcrops, the first you will reach is I parked up on Easedale lane at the ‘The Lion and Lamb‘, this feature can same place I parked for Easedale only be identified as so from the lake Tarn, then walked along the tarmac side of Grasmere, it has one large track sign posted to Helm Crag. rock towering over onother close by. I followed the path that zig zags The more northern rock and highest through the old quarry, there are a point of the mountain at 1,328 ft, few cairns to help navigation along is known as ‘The Howitzer’ or ‘The

Old Woman Playing The Organ’, a tricky scramble, best avoided when wet. This is probably the only summit Wainright didn‘t conquer and me neither, as Oscar would have tried to follow me which was too risky. From Helm Crag I followed the path down towards Easedale Tarn, reaching Easedale Beck just below Sour Milk Ghyll, then the path eventually returned me to Easedale lane. This is a walk of about three and a half miles, took me approximately 2 hours and from a walkers point of view perhaps too short, however a perfect evening walk. I would grade it as easy to moderate. If anyone would like to suggest a walk, please email me at

Units 3/4 Robinson Street Penrith CA11 9HR tel: 01768 840295

Tick tock tick tock forward goes the clock, the longer days are nearly here, so lets get walking with or without a dog kit yourself out at Northern pet and equestrian.

Bargain deal on wellie’s this month reduced to £20!!

Pinks, Blues, Purples, Patterned non Patterned! EdenLocal

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A lot of the work we take on starts when people contact us. Word gets about that we like to E D E N write positive stories, so after A Leisure Partnership one email from the Marketing Manager from North Country Leisure a week later, we had the opportunity to not just talk advertising at the Frenchfield site, but discuss strategy and many positives with her. North Country Leisure (NCL) are the new managers of the contract for Penrith Leisure Centre, Appleby Leisure Centre and Frenchfield and these are the key sites they will run from 1st April 2012. A tender process for a contract of this nature and scale is a process as deep as an ocean, which Eden District Council had to get right. It’s early days for NCL. They don’t have the keys yet, but after a meeting with NCL, Sam and I came away feeling very positive. As I always maintain, it’s not just about advertising! So what is it about with NCL? Words like community, customer service and statements like, local people steering the future of their leisure centre and the importance of making leisure affordable, are just a taste of what is to come? To give a brief insight, we have grabbed some information from the NCL website. North Country Leisure is a not for profit, charitable trust, which means that any surplus income generated must be reinvested in improving the facilities and services they offer. Financially according to the website in 2010/11 they anticipated an income of £7.3 million, of which 77% was direct from its customers. Any surplus was then to be invested back into the service. NCL manage leisure centres, sports halls, a tenpin bowling centre, a civic hall and run a range of activities and training courses throughout Northumberland and Copeland. It is one of a growing number of charitable leisure management organisations in the United Kingdom. The company was established in 1998 and started operating on 1st May 1999. NCL are a non-profit distributing company established for the benefit of the community. Their aim is to offer ‘excellent Sports and phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

Leisure for all’ and they believe that their charitable status and the involvement of the community through the Board of Directors, helps them to achieve this. NCL has a Board of Trustees with an independent Chair, three area Boards covering the three main areas of operation (North and West Northumberland, and Copeland). A wholly owned non-charitable subsidiary, NCL (Trading Ltd) manages catering and training services. They were set up as Leisure Tynedale to operate the leisure services previously operated by Tynedale Council and have continued to develop these. From April 2003, they took on the operation of Alnwick Council’s leisure services, and from April 2006, the operation of Copeland Council’s main leisure sites. As a company they work very closely with Northumberland County Council and Copeland Borough Council as their main funding partners in providing services to the community. North Country Leisure employs close to 300 contracted staff. Staff training and development is an essential part of achieving their aims and they employ their own Training Manager. Last year 281 work related qualifications were obtained or renewed by their staff. They have the ‘Investor in People’ accreditation and they run an apprenticeship programme under contract to the Skills Funding Agency. Around 290 casual staff are usually ‘on the books’. North Country Leisure is a major local employer in Northumberland and Cumbria. All this to me, as a person looking in from the outside, is very positive. Their track record in community projects and organisation is important. All this information is available on their website at including the final positive that I will leave you with until our next update in April, which is the values of the charity; • Embracing peoples diverse needs • Working positively with partners • Challenging, learning and improving • Being fair, efficient and enthusiastic • Working to sustain the environment • Supporting and developing the local economy by Lee Quinn

mobile: 07881 530085


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A day in the lifeo of Part Tw

In this article Nick Jones goes behind the scenes at The Watermill to explain why he and Ana are so committed to organic and biodynamic principles of food production, and what they are doing to share their ideas, ideals and pleasures with you. Ana and I would like to start with a big THANK YOU to you, our customers in Eden! Every year around 50,000 bags of our flours and cereals find their way into Cumbrian households – locally milled, locally baked, locally enjoyed. Many of our tearoom customers are local too, and it’s heartening to know that you appreciate what we are doing and why we are doing it. When we started in 1974, people thought we were cranks, favouring old, slow and local over new, fast and global. Well.. cranks make revolutions…and now it has come full circle again, and people agree that there are lots of good reasons for eating local, eating organic, living in the slow lane. Some consider organic agriculture unable to feed the world in an affordable way. We would argue the opposite to be the case, that it is based on care and respect for the planet, and that most food production is unsustainable, wasteful, damaging to the climate, dependent on fossil fuels and over long supply chains which are literally “costing the earth”.

organic food is grown using oil-based fertilisers and energy consuming chemicals, at prices that don’t reflect hidden costs such as long term environmental damage and loss of fertility. Apparently the production, processing, transportation, storage and cooking of food accounts for around 50% of global emissions, much generated from fossil fuel consumption, including production and use of nitrogen fertiliser. Of that 50%, a further 50% is wasted somewhere along the line from field to compost heap. So only 25% of food is actually eaten, and 75% of the energy used to produce it is wasted in heating up the planet. Quite simply, by investing in organic food we are investing in the wellbeing of the planet and all who live here. Organic agriculture is sustainable, resilient, strengthens soil fertility, and produces food which often tastes better, and can have better nutritional quality too.

Pundits report falling organic sales recently in the UK, but they don’t realise some supermarkets deliberately limit shelf space for organic food, reducing demand. Yes, it can be more expensive, but that is only because we’re eating on borrowed time and borrowed resources (sounds familiar ?!). NonEdenLocal

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Close up of Loaf - Photo Nick Jones

EdenLocal • 27

You’ll notice that I’m qualifying my words “Ovenista” Peter Dicken making pizzas in outdoor oven here. I’m no scientist, but I’m backing gut- Photo Nick Jones feeling, literally. We specialise in milling biodynamic quality grain (a higher standard than organic), and, for whatever reason, biodynamic flour has qualities such that several customers tell us they can assimilate bread made with our flour, but not anyone else’s. Wheat intolerance is growing, but it’s not surprising really, as most plant-baked bread uses roller-milled superfine white flour with many of the best bits, like wheat germ and high-fibre bran, removed, and a host of improvers, and other additives put in. Traditional stoneground flour, by contrast, retains the full flavour and nutritional value of the wheatgerm, the part of the grain high in oil and vitamins that imparts a delicious Breadmaking course with Ana nutty taste. Yes, it is denser, but it will keep Photo Nick Jones you going longer! Most white sliced bread is made using the superfast Chorleywood process, using modern breeds of wheat that produce a flour that absorbs large quantities of air and water, to make a light, fluffy loaf. The problem is, the speed doesn’t allow time for all the enzymes and proteins in the dough to be broken down and digested, so the human stomach has to do this, and often it’s not up to it, so people get bloating and other unpleasant symptoms. It’s usually easy to cure by making your own bread, using the slower sponge method, allowing fermentation overnight or all day or by developing your own sour dough with natural yeasts. An important part of our life at the Watermill is showing people round the mill, offering lots of delicious breads, cakes, scones, tarts and more made with our flours - and teaching breadmaking skills (much easier than you think!). But not just breadmaking, and not just for grown-ups. The mill is a great favourite with schools and children, who love everything from the big wheels to the hens, to getting their hands covered in dough, and eating the bread of course! Kate Durdy and Ana also run lots of other arts and crafts workshops in the holidays; and, this summer, you will have a chance to work with Niall Wildwoode, and try your hand at building a beautiful outdoor, woodfired cob oven for making your own delicious pizzas and bread. Looking forward to seeing you!

Mill interior cogs © Andrew Turner

The Watermill, Little Salkeld, Penrith, Cumbria. CA10 1NN Phone: 01768 881523 phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


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Business Leisure

Put your name through over 15,000 doors in colour from ÂŁ14.90 per month. Now booking for the 2013 Eden Valley CA Business directory and the North Lakes CA Business Directory, you can be in both and online at call us now 01768 899111 for more details about putting your business through around 40,000 doors.


Carrs Billington Agriculture Jacksons Family Butchers

Setting the standard for Indian Food in Cumbria. 18 King Street Penrith, CA11 7AJ Tel: 0176886 7721

Carr Billington Agriculture

supporting eden Valley Farmers Animal Health, Crop Road, Sprays, Feed,Penrith, Haweswater Cumbria CA11 9EH Fertiliser, Animal Handling Equipment, Clothing, Machine Parts & Accessories, Full Range of Machinery, Tractors, Combines and Equipment, Lawn Mowers, Chainsaws and Garden Equipment, Ride on Tractors & Toys.

01768 862160

Wholesome quality meat and food products. 23 Great Dockray Penrith, ca11 7De 0176886 8689 Order on line Deliveries available

Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN 01768 864555 You’ll always be assured of a warm welcome here at the Shepherds Inn.

Roaring open fires , great locally sourced and well presented food served daily which is complimented with a fine range of local ales and fine wines. Andy and Ceri look forward to welcoming you to our lovely Eden valley Inn Good Food, Good Beer, Good Cheer

01768 881741

Showroom open: Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm

Brunswick Deli

Local quality taste Quality lunches to go Cheese boards to order Quality homemade meals to go 9 Brunswick Road Tel: 01768 210500

Penrith’s leading supplier for all brands of Animal feeds, bedding, pet and horse accessories. Country and riderware 01768 840295 Unit 3/4 Robinson St Penrith CA11 9HR

The Gem Den Beautiful Silver Gemstone Jewellery Rocks Fossils Crystal Carving Restringing and Repairs 01768899989. 31 King Street, Penrith

Hearth and Home

Take away’s available Tel: 01768 868666

Specialist supplier and installer of quality wood burning stoves fires and fireplaces throughout Cumbria. We also stock premium quality furniture and accessories in our showroom at Penrith 6 Brunswick Road 01768 867200

Trekking & lesson’s for complete beginners to experienced riders, plus carriage driving Kids clubs and parties - BET ride qualified

Custom Built Sheds, Summer Houses & Garages. Bespoke and top quality not shed loads of money!

Mexican tapas and meals plus a great range of Mexican lagers, Tequilas and the best Margarita in town!

T: 01768862153 / 01931712028 / 07919386004

 for Mothers Day Angel Square. Tel: 01768 890255 Carleton Farm Shop Fresh Local Produce Mon - Sat 9am to 5.30pm Sun 10am to 4pm Carleton Farm Shop Carleton, Penrith, CA11 8RQ Telephone 01768 210027

Unit 6 milestone House Penrith Tel: 01768 840378 Cumbrian Food Direct


 "#  ! # 

01768 899111 A perennial is a type of plant that with the right conditions and the right environment, thrives with the ability to expand over time. A process is a method of generally moving forward. Imagine this strategy in your business. Its not just about marketing, its about people, its about creating the right environment in business to sustain and move forward.


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!$ #$! The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas

# # "

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Alison Noble Dog Grooming

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The Ultimate Health Bracelet combining microTeNS®& BrodPod®

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Hair, Beauty and Nail Salon • Garraruffa Fish spa • Kids and Adult parties catered for • Wedding Specialist - on location packages available

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eden taxis

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AndrewServices Briscoe Cleaning and Supplies

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InterIor Stone Care

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Thacka House Penrith


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And Finally...... Thank you for taking the time out and reading your Eden Local. As I put the magazine together, Iโ€™m always thinking about the closing editorial and those final words to say. We are already into March and Sam and I will already be over half way through collating the April content, advertising and articles. A key feature we do need help with for April that I have already mentioned in my opening statement, is collating as much information as possible about Gluten free products and places to eat. Please email us any details you may have for this free listing advertisement for all local businesses. It is something that will also feature in our Route 66 pocket guide.


Eden Valley



This month we have raised a few points for you to consider. Please let us know more about your community. We are building new articles to include the Focus on Farming. We also need to develop the features on the towns and villages in the Eden Valley. Are you a local producer? Do you know a local producer we need to write about? Much of this work will also be on the schedule for the launch of our Lakes Local publication, so spread the word and tell any friends in the Keswick area that it will be arriving on their door mat soon!

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24/01/2012 11:36:51

EdenLocal โ€ข 

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The Eden Local is sponsored by Eden Valley Windows

March 2012

If you have any ideas about articles or features you would like to see, please let us know. We are here to listen to your ideas, which will help us make your local magazine the best community magazine. On the agenda apart from all those things already mentioned, is a crossword section. Is there anything else? Next month we will be pushing on with our Spring Garden and Easter feature. We already have some fantastic stories and features, but we always have room for more. Until next month, have a nice Mothers Day celebration

March to Cagneyโ€™s this month

meals & 25% off All takeaways

Lee Quinn

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Open 5pm - 11.30pm 7 days a week

1st-31st March

Celebrating 25 years serving Penrith and Eden 18 King Street Penrith CA11 7AJ Tel 01768 867721 / 01768 867503

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Feast like a King at the George Hotel... Devonshire Restaurant

Full Ă la carte menu also available

4 Courses & Wine

Enjoy 4 courses from our new choice set menu plus a bottle of wine.

ÂŁ19.95 pp

Everyday from 6pm. Minimum 2 people, 1 bottle of house wine

ÂŁ13.95 pp

2 courses

Weekday Specials

3 courses

Dine from our new choice set menu lunch and early evening throughout the week

ÂŁ15.95 pp

Available Mon - Fri 12 - 2.30pm & 5.30 - 7pm.

Sunday Lunch

ÂŁ16.50 pp

Every week choose from three Cumbrian Roasts plus much more! Available 12pm - 3pm.

Pre-booking essential. Please call 01768 862696

Why not try our bar & steak menu?

ÂŁ16.00 per couple


Great for sharing

Including Spanish Omelette selection, Albondigas (meatballs), Brushchetta, Breads & Oils, Pollo Frito, Calamari, Mixed Olives with 2 glasses of house wine red, white or rose.

Get a big jug of love!

Cocktail Pitcher (2 pints) ÂŁ15.00 Cider Pitcher (4 pints) ÂŁ12.00 Carlsberg Pitcher (4 pints) ÂŁ10.00 Every Friday and Saturday.

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

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32 • EdenLocal


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Eden Local March 2012 Issue  

Eden local community magazine march 2012. Delivered to homes in eden Cumbria

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