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Cumbrian Local Publications • Issue No. 135 • June 2018


A fresh look at Cumbria Oak Having worked with Cumbria Oak over the last 6 years I have seen quite a transition from when Graham Whiteley first started to advertise in the Eden Local back in March 2012 edition with a half page.

seen Cumbria Oak operate and build trust throughout Cumbria and its surrounding area.

The relationship I have with Cumbria Oak is the same that I have with many of the businesses which advertise in Eden local. As explained to you on many occasions, what I do is not just about advertising. I feel I have a duty to be socially responsible when putting businesses in front of my dedicated audience. The same can be said in a similar way in how I’ve

Now into its second generation, what started out with Robert Whiteley who set up Cumbria Pine in 2005 at Wetheriggs Pottery, 3 years later it became Cumbria Oak and Graham took over the main running of the business, although Robert is still there as an integral part of the business. A name change following the changes in the market place, some would say a

2 • EdenLocal

At Cumbria Oak it is not just about the products it advertises. Behind it are the services to support that sale and behind this are its people.

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

fashion trend in furniture to move from Pine to Oak. Every time I visit, no matter how many times I do, I come away knowing something I didn’t know about that business. I don’t do short meetings. So many times I have walked around the Cumbria Oak showroom, which with over a 1000 products in stock I’ve always noticed the names of the ranges. Sawrey, Coniston, Foxfield to name a few. We have a very interesting article next month where I’ll be presenting the story behind Cumbria Oak, its ranges of oak furniture and a member of the Cumbria Oak team who was born in the village of Foxfield and we’ll be finding out if he was technically born in Lancashire or Cumbria in 1974. What I know now and share with you are the names of the ranges that have links to family going back four generations in the local area. I thought they were supplier brands, but I was wrong. They are ranges introduced and supplied by Cumbria Oak with exclusive designs many changes have been made to over the years due to changing trends and customer feedback. There’ll be more about this in next month’s ‘The story of Cumbria Oak’. This month we are talking about Continued on page 6 The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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So we are into June It’s that time when all the artwork for the advertising has been signed off by the clients. It’s also that time to remember May and think about the summer. But first a walk around the block with dog. It might be 11 pm, but it’s still daylight in one half of the sky and a lot of blue sky there is blending on the horizon into an orange mass that starts to fade behind Blencrathra. Welcome to your June Eden Local and our summer, which is still here! It brings happiness to so many after the battering of weather we’ve had. The seasons were a bit mixed up a few months back with the cold snaps, but I’m pleased to announce on a personal note that our Wisteria made it through, albeit late, so I just had to put it on the front cover. Last June, the Foxgloves got in just ahead of it. In May, we continued with some new ideas with the stories we wrote, as we will do this month. Whilst we might post through up to 12,000 doors every month, our ‘Scene on the Street Standing on his Feet’ article about Tattie Tim Lorton reached 17,000 people on Social Media and our Jim Walton Article ‘Connecting with our Customers for 50 years’ also reached 20,000 people via Social Media. Building on this with so many comments on the 50th Anniversary of Jim, we’ve shared some with you this month on page 31 as we appreciate not everyone has access to modern media and social media. Our first article this month on pages 2 - 3 and 7, features a ‘Fresh Look at Cumbria Oak’, a Cumbrian Local Publication Customer since March 2012 and I am still learning more about this business that I didn’t know. It’s the first of a two-part story

4 • EdenLocal

to continue in the July Eden Local. Wow, July month seven already in 2018! Is the Earth spinning faster? Where have the first five months of 2018 gone? Building on the success of a previous article ‘The Other Side of the Wall at Calthwaite Hall’, that featured in April Eden Local and the recent publication of the two open days that are coming up in last month’s edition, I was invited to return to Calthwaite Hall to meet Neil Dodd, the Head Chef responsible for weddings and events as well as the Globe Inn opposite the Hall. What a nice guy and what knowledge and experience he shared. I could have written a book, but a few pages over on pages 8 and 9 ‘The Perfect Place on a Perfect Day’, gives you an insight to Neil and the future plans he’ll be working on with the team. Introducing one of five new businesses coming in to your Eden Local this month, our article on pages 10 and 11 ‘The Open Road can be yours’ is about a local family business and their ‘home from home’. It’s certainly made me think about a short trip north across the border in style. We have more celebrations to share with you with a lovely good news story about Greystoke Primary School celebrating its 180th year sent in from their Chair of Governors, Mel Kavanagh. Thank you for the story and the wonderful photos Mel. We’ve done it before and we’ve done it again, but for the first time it’s Skelton Show who have the centre page as a pull out, should you require it to take to the show, which includes a map of the show ground. Our thanks to their sponsors for making this possible and to John Slee and Nina Oxley from the Skelton Show committee for using us for this initiative. In the second half of this magazine, we have our 17-25 feature on pages 20 – 21. This is certainly drawing in some feedback

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Contents A Fresh Look at Cumbria Oak

Pages 2 – 3 & 7

Introduction and Contents

Pages 4 – 6

A Perfect Day in a Perfect Place

Pages 8 - 9

The Open Road can be yours

Pages 10 - 11

Recruitment – Tips and Advice

Pages 12 - 13

June’s Nursery Rhyme corner

Page 14

Your Skelton Show Guide

Pages 15 - 18

A Brief History of Skelton Show

Page 19

17-25 The Education System - the Pros and Cons

Pages 20 - 21

If I hear the letters GDPR Once More….

Pages 22 - 23

New Studio and New Approach for Eden FM

Pages 24 - 25

An All Season Fire with a lot of ‘Skope’

Page 25

Introducing May Lloyd

Page 26

Historic Season for Penrith AFC Ladies

Page 27

The 2018 Wainwright Memorial Dinner

Page 28

Moving House, Moving Home

Page 29

Greystoke Primary School Celebrates 180 Years

Pages 30 - 31

Celebrating 50 years of Jim Walton on Social Media

Page 31

Marshall Conservatory Conversions

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E L A S E L A S E L A SALE S some items you may not have considered immediately. We all know a furniture shop sells tables and chairs, beds and mattresses, but take a look and you will find a free standing Larder cupboard, the oak desks that would blend in to your home for home working but not distract from the function of your room, occasional tables made from the roots of trees, oval dining tables and sideboards ranging from 29’ wide to a massive 86’.


In the home today we have a lot of clutter, bits and bobs and things that we just need to put away for another day. Items of importance like the best dinner service, or china. It could be that pile of paper containing bills and other statements that you still want to keep and your idea of a ‘paperless environment’ isn’t not to have a statement or bill posted to you, but the need to have just somewhere in your living area, so it can be filed and your work from home means

you don’t lose your dining room, spare bedroom or another part of your house. Cumbria Oak has furnishings for every room in your home, covering many functions from floor to ceiling, for relaxing, sleeping, reading, playing and its built to last.

Finally, after several cups of tea with Graham, we talked not just about trends but also about getting the right quality for the right price without compromising on customer service. It was clear they cater for all. Whilst they have their traditional solid oak ranges, they also have part painted, part oak ranges available in different colours. Furniture which is ideal for a spare bedroom or children’s room. With so much to choose from, it’s easy to make a decision about what will suit you best.


Enjoy fantastic savings on solid oak furniture for your A visit to Cumbria Oak willhome, open up ideas and options. They are open with a large selection of rugs, table lamps gifts 7 days a and week, 364 days aalso year. There are also many guarantees included in the sale.that come with the service at

Cumbria Oak. ensuring As a local family From our store to your home, we take pride in our customer service you have business, they can guarantee that long lasting quality furniture that is affordable and delivered in perfect condition. you are free to stroll around their showroom, a guarantee they won’t

You’ll be glad you made the short journey us.try and pester you to and visit they won’t

sell you insurance. A guarantee that there are no hard sales, just a lot of quality Oak furniture which is usually available to take away the same day or have delivered free of charge throughout Cumbria.

The Pot Place Garden Centre, Plumpton Nr Penrith CA11 9PA

01768 894528

www.cumbriaoak.co.uk 6 • EdenLocal The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales



M6 To W


A6 J41


from parents and grandparents and I know in between work and university commitments, Emily is working on getting back on Eden FM with a show based on the concept of her articles these last few years. We’ll keep you posted on this. Cumbrian Lass had some great feedback this month. She has been busy and with a Cumbrian Lass 1 Ants 0 score line, you’ll find her article on page 22. Taking the Eden FM studios down at Mostyn Hall finished for me and Steve Hall at 2am on Saturday (26th May), technically a Friday night. It took from January 2016 to June 2016 to build them. Previously, as a group of volunteers on 7th June 2014 we were building studios in a cabin at Ullswater Road Garage. There is a summary on the Eden FM studio move on pages 24 to 25. The article ‘New Studio and New Approach’ highlights how Eden FM is mapping out its next 5 years. What else do I have to say on May? Well ‘all work and no play makes me a dull boy’, but first a thank you to all our writers, some regularly contributing and some sending in good news stories for the first time - Charlotte, Pam, John, Emily, Cumbrian Lass, May, Kath, Derek, Jon and Mel. With just 32 pages, we try to pack a lot in but please check out our website and Facebook page as stories that we couldn’t fit in and events we’ve attended after print are posted with lots of images. We had a great afternoon at Brougham Hall in May. It was like walking out in to a World War Two film set! I took about 100 pictures which I shared and with the development of our new

Cumbrian Local Publications website, this will be with a story and images only on line, along with other news and interesting stories, so you can have a look at www.cumbrianlocal.co.uk May has been a month of madness with some ups and downs. The first highlight of the month was Friday 11th in Hartsop, on the Friday night with two family friends, Alan (Weir) and Allen (Dobinson), we were invited to eat the ultimate salad as part of a regular Friday evening tradition, prepared to order by the Travellers Rest in Glenridding. It was to be a takeaway that I was to remember above all. I suppose I’m a bit of bistro salad, warm salad with Rocket (looks like dandelion leaves) type of person, however, with 21 components that included meat, shellfish, a range of salad, veg, fruit and a boiled egg thrown in for good measure, it was a salad for champions! What a meal and what a discovery. How lucky are the people in Glenridding? Engulfed by the evening I did leave my phone behind as I wasn’t driving home. Well it was not as if I was going to work in Hartsop, so I don’t know why I took it. It did come as a bonus, however, the pictures surrounding this introduction were taken on my journey back on the Saturday morning to collect my phone. My thanks to Pamela, our good friend, neighbour, contributor to the Eden Local, but importantly hostess for the best Eurovision parties. The Club Tropicana themed evening was amazing, especially with that bloke coming as George Michael! Fun to be had but much work to be done, was May. As for June, well it’s going to be busy, but I’ll be back in July. Lee Quinn

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A Perfect Day in a Perfe by Lee Quinn.

It was a perfect summer’s day and sitting on a bench, next to the Marquee in the Gardens of Calthwaite Hall, I was joined by Head Chef, Neil Dodd, whose responsibilities include not just what is prepared and presented for the tables in the Calthwaite Hall Marquee for events and weddings, but he is also responsible for every starter, main course and dessert that leaves the kitchen at the Globe Inn, situated opposite the Hall in the village. A perfect day in a perfect setting; the only interruption being the peacock’s hoot which is hardly a distraction and before I sat down, I walked past the pond thinking it won’t be long before the Black Swan’s signets are hatched. I like food and I love cooking. I’ve attended a few classes in my time and I worked in preparation and cooking in a pub kitchen. It was something that graduated from the skills I had as a butcher, which 20 years later took me to Rick Steins Cookery School as I enjoy catching or harvesting anything edible from which I can then cook. It helps if you understand the pressures of that waiting customer and the realisation that it is not just the co-ordination of the work and ingredients required, but the skills required to manage people, time, leadership and problem solving that gives you 8 • EdenLocal

the end result. An introduction to Neil Dodd, Head Chef of Calthwaite Hall. I asked Neil why he does it and how he got into being a chef. Neil is now 48 and he was born in Carlisle. He is well travelled as a chef, but glad to be close to home. His parents ran a pub and from the ages of 11-12, he was very much involved in helping out with the family business. He recalls that it was the buzz of it that meant when he finished school, he went to Carlisle College to do catering in 1986. In the beginning, whilst qualified and straight out of college, he was left to run a kitchen in his first week. For some this can be their last week when they realise it’s not just preparing and cooking. For some the pressure is too much. The experience, however, was a massive learning curve in understanding his own abilities and strengths for Neil’s Journey out of Cumbria and those in Cumbria. Experiences close to home in working at Brunton Park with Carlisle United and at Carlisle Race Course in hospitality with 2,500 guests along with his work at Shepherds Inn at Rosehill, his work at the Punch Bowl and the Queens Head at Askham, were quite different environments, but other experiences banked.

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

ect Place He was more than prepared for being part of a team of 29 chefs catering for up to 70,000 guests at major events like the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Grand National, which was a highlight and clearly a buzz; a massive experience once again banked for Neil. I asked him whether it is about the food or the venue? Neil’s drive, passion and ambition is simple and always has been for customer satisfaction. We talked about the changing views of food. In the late 80’s, roast beef, turkey and chicken were wedding favourites and pub favourites. Portions appeared identical, portions the same down to the last potato! Street Food has come a long way. Barbecues and good food served well always works. Fish and chips isn’t just eaten on the beach anymore and burgers aren’t just a cheap takeaway. Salads and dressings have world influences and leafy options with chilli and other spices. So, Neil with responsibility for all of the catering surrounding the functions at Calthwaite Hall and the Globe Inn also on his plate, is a man looking forward to the tastes of today and the future and has welcomed the opportunity to join Tony, Gill and the rest of the team in developing a name for good food, great events and of course the best in customer satisfaction. The Globe Inn Calthwaite, Cumbria, CA11 9QT Tel: 01768 885238 Email: info@globecalthwaite.co.uk

Will Calthwaite Hall be the venue for your future event, wedding or special occasion? Come along to our first Public Open Day on Sunday 29th July from 10am - 4pm or our special 'by invitation only' day on Sunday 5th August. Be one of the first to see a new historic landmark, back to its original former glory and discover what is on the other side of the wall, at Calthwaite Hall on these special open days. After many years of renovation and restoration, come and see the Calthwaite Hall Gardens and Grounds and have a guided tour of the wedding ceremonial areas (5th August only) inside this wonderful home. Gardens recreated to celebrate its designer and famous Lakeland artist William Sawery Gilpin. Walk with the Peacocks and follow the trail of the Enchanted Garden; sample a taste of what Calthwaite Hall has to offer.

Calthwaite Hall Calthwaite, Penrith, CA11 9QU 01768 894529 • calthwaitehall@gmail.com www.calthwaitehall.co.uk

To book ‘your special look’ around to our ‘invitation only’ exclusive day on 5th August please email calthwaitehall@ gmail.com to book your place. Numbers are limited on this show case day. The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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The Open Road can be yours (Forward by Lee Quinn)

How many times have you packed your case, picked it up and when some else picks it up, they say you’ve got 'everything including the kitchen sink'? What about a home from home? You arrive at your destination and you get on with your holiday or weekend break. A minibreak for four starting at £350 for 3 days? Are you thinking of buying a motorhome? Is part of your retirement fund for the open road? Have the family holidays been parked up due to expense? As a family of four, we did the camping thing for many years. We were thinking of doing it again just for a weekend as we still have all the kit, 10 • EdenLocal

maybe just to Keswick from Friday night then back Sunday as we are only in Penrith. The logistics of this and the weather experiences, however, are always at the back of our minds and facilities, then you add it all up, the time the packing. It’s a working break and after 3 nights we haven’t always come back feeling like we’ve had a break. The importance of going away drives the need to just have a change of scenery on a low budget possibly? Introducing Ullswater Motor Home Hire with a bit of feedback from some customers last year and a message from Rob and Dawn, the owners. “We are a local family run business living the dream

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

of owning and hiring our motorhome. We are based on the shores of Ullswater, hence the name Ullswater Motorhome Hire. We started last year in July and were happy with how it all went, so the plan is to expand and eventually get another Motorhome to hire out. Our Motorhome is 6 berth, but comfortable for a family of 4. It has all you need and is a home from home. Just bring your clothes and your toothbrush! Just a short distance off the motorway, within easy reach of the beautiful Lake District or head off to Scotland, Yorkshire or the North East.

Ullswater Motorhome Hire Our Zefiro 690 is ready and waiting to hit the open road for you to experience the beautiful countryside we live in. We offer a 6-Berth motorhome equipped with all the home comforts you could need, including Fridge, TV, Shower and fully kitted out Kitchen. Ullswater Motor Home Hire 2 Lambgill Bank, Watermillock, Penrith CA11 0LR Phone: 07979 931028 www.ullswatermotorhome-hire.co.uk

Prices start from £350 £750 for 3-7 Nights. For bookings, visit our website www.ullswatermotorhomehire.co.uk or follow us on Facebook. Hopefully we’ll see you soon. Rob & Dawn, Happy travels. The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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Recruitment – Tips and Advice Over the next couple of months, I thought I might provide you with some tips and advice in relation to recruitment and selection. The recruitment process can be costly in terms of time and money and regardless of the type of business you are and whether you need to recruit regularly or not, it is really important to get it right when you do! There are so many pitfalls. Over the years, I have witnessed many organisations trying to cut corners with their recruitment campaign or rushing to recruit quickly because an employee is leaving, only to find they have recruited someone who isn’t right for them or they have not been able to attract the calibre of candidates they’d hoped for. Every organisation needs to tailor their campaign to the nature of their business, market conditions, the role on offer, where they are located and the values and culture of the organisation. One size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to recruitment! So, if you are contemplating starting a recruitment campaign, you may want to think about the following, after all, you do want to give the impression that you are professional and that you value your employees: 12 • EdenLocal

• Creating an information pack for

prospective applicants. It could contain a short document about the history of the business and what it does, a job description detailing the duties involved and the job purpose and a person specification that details the essential and desirable experience, knowledge and skills for the role.

• How best to advertise the role to get

a good number of quality applicants, taking account of internal candidates and external candidates. It will depend on the type of role and the seniority, however, company websites, recruitment agencies and professional networking sites are often used and be aware that more people are searching for jobs online these days. It is important to consider internal candidates looking for development and progression as this is likely to promote engagement and retention.

• Social media is being used more and more

by organisations to either source applicants or to look at people’s online profiles. There are pros and cons to both.

• How you manage the process. You need to ensure you have timescales that are met and that you respond to applicants throughout the process, regardless of whether they apply online or with a paper application form. All information shared with you must be kept confidentially.

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

• CV or application form? Whether you allow

the submission of a CV plus a covering letter or you ask for the completion of an application form. A CV is less restricted, however, an application form provides a consistent format that often makes shortlisting easier and less subjective. Just make sure that the application form is well-designed, isn’t too long and is appropriate for the role you are advertising. One application form is unlikely to suit all roles.

• The criteria you will use to shortlist

the applicants, assessing whether they have the right skills, experience and knowledge to proceed to the next stage of the process

• The assessment process you will use.

This could include an interview, a presentation, psychometric assessment, group exercises and so on.

• Who from your organisation should be assessors as part of the recruitment and

selection process. The assessors should be trained and have a good knowledge of the role.

• Be realistic with your recruitment budget as roles that are harder to recruit to may demand a greater budget!

• When you make the appointment,

ensure you carry out all the necessary preemployment checks. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the person has the right to work in the UK and that they have checked the successful candidate actually has the appropriate qualifications. References are normally sought when a provisional offer of employment is made. You should only ask for a medical to be completed if there is a legitimate business reason to do so and the role requires this, for example, recruiting a train driver.

• Offers of employment should be made in

writing, setting out the basic terms and conditions of employment. Don’t forget that if you make a verbal offer of employment, it is as legally binding as a written offer.

• It is good practice to acknowledge and respond to applicants throughout the

process, regardless of whether they are successful or not. Where candidates are not successful in the final stage of the recruitment process, it is also good practice to provide feedback to individuals if you can. This may not be possible where you have a large number of applicants.

• Induction. Once the process has finished, a well-

planned, professional induction should take place that introduces the new employee to the organisation and provides them with all the basic information they need to get started. This is a great opportunity to create a good first impression, so it is worth investing time and energy in getting it right.

• In terms of records, ensure you document the process you have followed accurately as you may need to refer to it. Also ensure that access to documents is restricted to those who have been involved in the recruitment and selection process, keeping things confidential.

• Only keep documents for as long as is absolutely necessary, for example, long

enough to be able to provide feedback and deal with any issues that arise from that. Don’t forget the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations that came into force in May. Don’t hang on to people’s data unless you really need to. If you do, they need to know what, why and for how long.

Next month, I will explore some of these tips in more detail. In the meantime, if you would like any advice on recruitment or any other employment matter, please give me a call on 01768 862394 or email me at charlotte@quinnhr.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Nursery Rhyme Corner May’s Nursery Rhyme Corner takes us back to Medieval England for the history behind one of the most well known and simple nursery rhymes.

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes, sir, Three bags full; One for the master, One for the dame, And one for the little boy Who lives down the lane.

In medieval times in England the wool trade was an important part of the economy. There was a huge demand for wool in order to provide the raw materials to produce cloth and as such any one who had any land from the lowliest peasant to the richest landowner raised sheep. The most affluent landowners included lords, earls and the bishops and abbots of the church. Because so much emphasis was placed on the value of the product they began to measure their wealth in terms of sheep and the amount of wool that could be produced. Some landowners flocks where huge, perhaps over 8,000 animals and so had many fulltime shepherds looking after them. In around 1272, when the crusades ended, King Edward I imposed wide ranging taxes of 6 shillings and 8 pence (6/8d) on each sack of wool produced. Some sources suggest that this was in order to pay for the cost of the crusades. So it would appear that the wool tax provides the basis for the rhyme. One third of the price of each bag (or sack) of wool sold was for the king - The Master and one third went to the church - The 14 • EdenLocal

Dame. But what about the final third? Well, the original rhyme ended - “...and none for the little boy who cries down the lane”. In this instance the little boy referred to the poor shepherd who did all the hard work but didn’t get a fair payment for looking after and protecting the flock.Perhaps the final third was allocated to the land owner who would pay the shepherd a pittance for his efforts? Alternatively, as significant numbers of the land owners at this time were the monasteries it is also suggested that for every three sacks of wool produced one portion of the taxes was for the King (the master) with two thirds of the tax being retained by the church (the dame) and nothing went to the shepherd. The current version, introduced in the late 1500’s, where there is ‘...one for little boy who lives down the lane’ was intended to make the rhyme a bit cheerier and more appropriate for children! References: historic-uk.com & treasuryislands. wordpress.com

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A great day out for all the family

• • • • •

Stannage Stunt Team WW1 Tribute Scurry Racing Concours d’Elegance Display Penrith Town Band

• •

Visit Cumbria’s largest village show Fantastic display of livestock including cattle, sheep, dogs, horses and ponies Cumberland & Westmorland wrestling Fur and Feather Show Large horticultural and industrial marquee Over 150 trade stands, gifts and crafts and food hall Kids entertainment Bar and food Vintage vehicles

• • • •

Saturday 7th July 2018 at Hutton in the Forest, Penrith (3 miles west of M6 Junction 41)


• • •

Entries close Friday 29 June 2018

ADMISSION PRICES Adults £12.50, OAP’s & 11-17 years £7.50 Children under 11 FREE Car Park Free Ringside (limited) £15 Advance Discounted Tickets Available Online

When looking for value, we’ll give you more Over 30 Years’ Agricultural Insurance Experience www.hhinsurancebrokers.co.uk

Visit us on the H&H stand for refreshments andThe a best chance to win* a luxury hamper rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business *Terms & Conditions Apply

EdenLocal • 15

SKELTON SHOW 2018 15 11





Full details of all exhibitors can be found in the Show Catalogue available from the Secretary’s Tent on Show Day. 16 • EdenLocal The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

PROGRAMME OF EVENTS 8.30 a.m. 12.00 p.m. 12.45 p.m. 1.00 p.m. 1.45 p.m. 2.00 p.m. 2.20 p.m. 2.45 p.m. 3.15 p.m. 3.30 p.m. 3.55 p.m. 4.20 p.m. 4.35 p.m. 6.45 p.m.


Judging of cattle, sheep, horses and vintage Skelton Companion Dog Show Marquee open to public Scurry Racing Concours d’Elegance Child With Pet Stannage Stunt Team Grand Parade Parade of Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds Parade of Vintage Vehicles Stannage Stunt Team Terrier Racing Pony Sports Compline in Hutton Church

Throughout the day from 11am: Magician, Chainsaw Carvings Dog Show, Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling and Music by Penrith Town Band.


Kitchen Demonstrations @TasteSkelton food festival 12.00pm Steve Pott - Head Chef, Dockray Hall Hotel Penrith 1.00pm

James Whitesmith - Head Chef, The Oddfellows Arms Caldbeck


Ben Queen-Fryer - Head Chef, Dog & Gun Skelton


Marc Myers - Ennerdale Craft Brewery


Secretary Information & Presidents Tent


First Aid/Doctor


Police Control


taste@skelton Food Festival


Gifts & Crafts


Catering Tent




Take Away Food


Fur & Feathers


C&W Wrestling


Penrith Town Band


Chainsaw Carvings


Equestrian Secretary


Disabled Toilet & Baby Changing


WWI Tribute

A - H Trade Stand Avenues RN

Ring Number Hardcore Access Road

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Best in Show Cumbrian Homes – championing the best in British house building.


YOUR Independent small animal vet for your local area The Green Veterinary Surgery Skelton, Penrith CA11 9SQ Call us now on 017684 84258 for appointments (Open Mon - Sat)




www.greenvetskelton.co.uk 24/7 friendly professional care for farm animals, horses & pets all

year round


• Full Hospitalisation Facilities • 24 hour Emergency • Car Parking

to find out more visit VETS4PETS.COM/ GREATREASONS

Open Weekdays: 8-30am - 6-30pm Saturday, 9am - 1pm

Call: 01768 866540

or visit: vets4pets.com/penrith Vets4Pets Penrith

Inside Pets at Home, Castle Retail Park Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7JQ Opening times: 9am - 8pm Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm Sat, 10am - 4pm Sun 18 • EdenLocal

Consultations by appointment Carleton, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8TZ


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

The Skelton Show by John Slee

Skelton Show began in the 1880’s and has been promoting both horticulture and agriculture ever since. From humble beginnings when most villages held an annual show, Skelton has developed into one of the premier events in the county and holds the honour of being the largest village show in the north of England. As well as a wide selection of classes in which over 2500 exhibits compete for £13,000 of prize money and associated

trophies, the show has a reputation for being a great day out for all the family. Held in the picturesque setting of Hutton in the Forest the event is easily assessable from the M6 and represents good value for money with discounted advance tickets available from their website www. skeltonshow.com The special main arena attraction this year is the Stannage International Stunt team who will delight the crowds with their skills involving

motorbike, fire and high fall stunts. As a complete contrast there will also be a Concours D’Elegance display where the audience will learn about this new class where both riders dressed in elegant customers are judged alongside their horses The committee are once again delighted that `Eden FM” will be broadcasting live from the show field so that those unable to attend in person can savour the show day atmosphere.

Bespoke to Budget Flooring

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17-25! The Education System - the Pros and Cons By Emily Quinn Firstly, I would like to thank the people who helped me put together last month’s article and also the people who have so kindly given me positive feedback about my articles and the issues I write about. If people feel there are issues in society with young people, I’d be more than happy to hear what you have to say and look into it as an issue and express it to everyone else. This month I am going to address issues and concerns about the education system. I will look at both the pros and cons of schooling and the power teachers may or may not actually have

these days. I will express this through my own experiences and the views and experiences of others throughout their schooling. I am going to explain my own view to start things off and deal with just some of the things I think need to be improved in schools. My biggest fear is that teachers have completely lost control. I only left school a year ago and I don’t believe things could have changed for the better as dramatically as they needed to since that time. I have a younger sister who tells me stories of what happens in her classes and outside classes day to day and it is exactly what was

happening when I was at school. Because of some of my own experiences and the stories I have heard from numerous people, I also fear for our children of today and how they are going to look after me when I’m old. Another thing I’m worried about in schools is things that teachers don’t see; the things children hide very well, for example, being in a classroom and when the teacher goes out for a couple of minutes, several children pull out their “vapes”. As well as the amount of taboo that very young children are exposed to every day, in my time working at primary schools, they were even using inappropriate and rude language; words they didn’t even know the meaning of. Is this really how we want our children to spend their childhood? One source said one of the flaws of schooling is that they need to teach more useful things; things we will apply to our lives later on, for example, being taught about how to deal with taxes, mortgages and other financial matters. Maybe creating some form of financial studies in later years in school. In the later years when children are maturing and wanting to gain some understanding of the real world is the right time to impart this knowledge, not when they’ve left school and have to try and

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figure it all out for themselves. Especially as some people don’t have parents or others to explain it all to them. Schooling might be their only way of gaining knowledge, therefore they should be supported in all areas in school. Several sources told me that bullying in schools is always the same. Teachers say they are there to help and they won’t tolerate bullying, but once it starts it often doesn’t stop. They told me stories of how they were verbally, physically, emotionally and in many other ways bullied. They told me stories of people taunting them in front of the teachers’ eyes and then the teachers watching them sit there crying and never asking why. Are children expected to suffer in silence like this? Speaking from experience, I know the bullying doesn’t stop. There will always be a kind heart to help you (though it may take time to find them), and they will help to ease the pain. There are so many bullying cases in schools, I appreciate it’s hard to get it under control. Teachers can only do so much because they only have so much power and sadly teachers can’t always make the bullies go away. Another sources told me that actually one of the pros of schools is now they get to do practical things. This person told me that they much prefer vocational studies in which you get to physically do something rather than sit at a desk with pen and paper all the time. They told me they’re glad that schools are moving forward and developing new subjects which make

people enjoy education more. I believe this is a real positive for schools, adopting new subjects into schooling, things that really motivate children and make children look forward to going to school. In some cases, if it keeps the child in school, then the school, the child and the family of the child are all gaining. Finally, I’m going to address the issue of security in and around schools. I see children walking around town throughout the day in their uniforms when they should be at school. I see children talking to ‘thuggish’ characters standing at school gates at break times. I walk past children swearing and making rude remarks in the street whilst in their uniforms. This gives a bad impression of the school to others seeing them. Does the child not care? This is a regular occurrence and has been brought to my attention by more than one person. When working in a supermarket I meet a lot of young people and some of my older customers get really quite offended by the way some young people present themselves and

speak. Could this be influenced for the better in school? In conclusion, I feel, and many other individuals also feel that schools are deteriorating and improving in different ways. I also think it’s important that you know that this article isn’t just focusing on state schools; it includes grammar schools and private schools. There are some serious issues that many people feel could be addressed better, especially that of bullying and drugs and smoking in schools. They can be addressed. It just needs to be done in the right way and maybe that is where schools are going wrong at present. Next month’s article will again be a broad insight into young people in society as I am yet to decide what subject I will write about. Thank you again for the feedback and kind words from people taking the time to read this article, as I think it’s important people of all ages understand what is going on in a young mind of today, as well as the views of children, parents and even grandparents.

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If I hear the letters GDPR Once More…. E Marra, I swear to god this month I have been running around like a blue arsed fly. I’ve started a new job role and it’s stressing me out, I’m trying to organise my wedding, trying to spend time with my CumbrianLad, visit my friends and family, my washing machines broke and ants invaded my kitchen. So, as you can imagine, this weekend I will be necking the last 3 bottle’s of Brack N Brew real ale, courtesy of the BrewMaster Ben Clementson leaving the IPA til last then swaying my way to bed by half 8 and not getting up til Sunda. I had a full scale meltdown on Monday when I found the ants crawling all over my kitchen workshop. So I did what any respectable CumbrianLass would do in that situation…. I rang me mam and cried down the phone to her for a good hour about how my life was over, I couldn’t hack it anymore and I wanted to come home…. Her response “Pick yersel up, dust yerself off and remember who’s daughter you are, otherwise I’ll come through there and slap yer hand hands fyace.” So I did just that; I picked mesel up off the kitchen flooer, dusted my knees off and remembered who I was. I drove round to my nearest DIY store, picked up a smoke bomb and went back home to start chemical

warfare with the ants. CumbrianLass 1 Ants 0 This whole debacle was just the icing on the cake as to what had been a hectic couple of weeks. I had to go and pick up my copy of March’s Eden Local to give myself a reminder of my top tips for dealing with stress and anxiety. What kind of role model would I be if I didn’t take my own advice?? And it worked, I prioritised, especially my new work load. I’m in that weird time of wanting to impress my new boss but not appear to be a brown noser to my new colleagues. But I reckon I’ve got the hang of it, BUT…. if I hear the letters G D P R once more, I think might cry… I bought myself a brand new shiny diary to write all my important dates and times in…. and left it sitting on the side untouched…. Its still there now, like who am I kiddin’… I’m never gonna be one of them organised people, its just not gonna happen. So I’ve gone back to putting things in the calendar in my phone… works a treat I just need to keep on top of it. I made time to spend with my CumbrianLad, and we spent an awesome night at Aphrodites Lodge in Bowness on Windermere… what a place that is. I had seen it advertised over the last couple of years and always wanted to go, but had never had the spare spends to do it… so I thought I’d treat us, and I surprised my fella. We stayed in the Windermere suite, which consisted of a hyowge double bed, a cinema room with massive tele and a sofa seat to lounge on but the piéce de résistance was the private

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spa; consisting of a hot tub, a sauna and waterfall shower in the roof. There was loadsa gadgets, the fires were oil fires in the wall, the cinema room had surround sound Sonos system, you could watch tv from the hot tub… but see that weekend that we had a couple of weeks ago, when it was red hot and you were sweating from places you didn’t know could sweat… yeah, that’s when we went. So we took a trip into Bowness to get some scran and see the sights. We ventured down to the waters edge and had some pub grub in the Ship Inn. We dined alfresco (I had the biggest lamb shank I’ve ever seen in my life, and my fella had fish and chips of which the fish was freshly caught that day. We looked out over the lake and I had another “Cumbrian Moment”. That moment when remember just how beautiful our county is and how lucky we are to live here. And yet again me and my CumbrianLad resolved to make more of an effort to spend more of our time out and about it Cumbria instead of behind laptop screens…. So we need your help… where can we go? What’s your fav Cumbrian day out… What has been a massive success this month was the wedding planning, we finally have our guestlist done and all the addresses to send our save the dates out to? But here, what’s your opinion on save the dates? Do I send them or do I just send proper invites? What’s the protocol for save the dates? Help!! So this month has been a proper rollercoaster, ups and downs and smoke bombs… but once again, my beautiful county brought me back to earth and reminded me of how much I love my life and everthing in it… that and violent threats from my mam to slap my hands and fyace. So ‘ere I am, living proof that my top tips actually work and it’s orite trying to be a know it all and give out sound advice, but you actually have to live by your ethos and follow your own advice. So, my plan for July, keep prioritising, make more time for family and friends and explore more of Cumbria…. Until next month…. All my Love CL xx P.S. A message to Claire…. Did you complete your list?? Let me know when we’re celebrating… xx

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New Studio and New Approach for Eden FM by Lee Quinn

Pictures paint a 1000 words and here are some pictures of your community radio station, that set out in July 2010 to raise a team and raise funds to serve the community. You seriously cannot imagine what a journey it has been for a group that has to change and adapt so much, so that the community has a voice it can use which is purely for the community. With its first studios built for November 2010, it modified one room that was in the Cumbria Mini Centre at Ullswater Road to become three rooms, an entrance lobby, Studio One and Studio Two for training and production, borrowed equipment and most bought second hand. By November 2012, these studios had been rebuilt three times as a necessity. The facility was good in that we shared a kitchen and toilet and it was also suitable for disabled access. In 2013, the Mini Centre was to change its shape. A partition was built between the studios and the showroom, so Eden FM had to invest in windows for the wall if it wasn’t to be in total darkness during the day and a rear entrance door, but this investment was a waste of money, as before the year ended Eden FM were informed that the showroom required the space it occupied. It was a move across the yard to a portable cabin at

short notice, in order to launch the station on its fulltime frequency of 107.5 FM, which was scheduled in June. The picture is a clip of the task that Andy Neen and I had in building a studio that we could switch on at the end of June 2014. Lucky for us a local builder helped. There was a buzz about launching full time. We also had the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly boards arriving in July. Unfortunately, the buzz was to turn to a burden. Based in an uninsulated cabin, it was warm that summer, but come winter it was very cold. It was also very noisy with a forklift truck based next to the studio, even noisier on the occasions when it hit the cabin. During our first winter we couldn’t heat the cabin whilst boiling a kettle as the power to the cabin wasn’t suitable to run the studios, the transmitter, the heater and a kettle. Unfortunately, there were more changes to come. Soon after moving from the showroom studios, Eden FM was instructed by its landlord that it couldn’t use the kitchen or toilet facilities but would have to use the toilets based in the Garage’s reception. By December 2013 the opening hours of the Garage Reception meant it wasn’t open early morning and it was closed most evenings, so we had no toilets! We were told that the building the reception area was in was going to

Studio One 2012

Eden FM studio site the Mini Centre March 2011 24 • EdenLocal

The building of Studio one in the cabin 2014

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Studio One October 2014 the in the Cabin


The building of studio one and two at Mostyn Hall February 2016

Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd

An all season fire with a lot of ‘Skope’

Introducing the new Gazco Skope Electric fire. Visit Hearth and Home to explore the possibilities of this specialist bench and chimney breast that we have put on as live display in our showroom. When you love the flame effect but don’t need the heat, the all year round glow at the hub of your home and focal point of your room is there now at the flick of a switch.

Mostyn Hall Studios Mid 17th May 2018

be taken by another business in October 2013 as the Ullswater site was being re-developed. In search of a new home I found Mostyn Hall to be affordable and with parking, but it meant building the studios as free-standing rooms within a room. We got the keys early 2016. A problem we found was the broadband wasn’t good enough for the radio. We were assured by BT, who’s exchange was behind Mostyn Hall that fibre was being installed in March 2016. So, we cracked on and started building. Ullswater Road Garage continued to develop and in May 2016, we were asked to leave by the end of the month.

You can light your fire as a feature and not have the heat. Ideal for that chilly evening when it’s two warm for the central heating but just needs a boost to you room? In the winter when the heating goes on you can flick the switch and light your room with a warm glow without worrying about the gas bill, or if you have enough solid fuel or fire lighters. A range within your range and budget is now available at Hearth and Home

We did move but broadband was delayed. In fact it never was installed to Friargate. It was rescheduled to March 2017, then March 2018 and now it’s 2019! The transition that Eden FM is now taking as a voluntary group, is with a new structure and premises, new members joining, which next month celebrates the 8th anniversary of an idea that was called Eden FM. It has a lot to look forward to. With a new Eden FM premises being built, it’s a new start and virtually a new station. Thank you to all those who have helped us through a very difficult 8 years!

6 Brunswick Road, Penrith, CA11 7LU

01768 867200


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Access Bars® Facilitator and Access Bars® Body Process Facilitator by May Lloyd

and stress and yet anyone who would like more ease in their life can benefit and that many people come back and say that they have more ease being around people who usually push that red button in their life.

You may be wondering what that means and what it involves? In this article, May explains what it is all about: “The Bars® are 32 points on the head that when touched begin to release limiting beliefs and values that have been held in place in the body-mind and now no longer serve us in any way shape or form and yet they are never cleared out. The 32 points on the head are relating to all aspects of our lives and include money, control, creativity, kindness, gratitude. A session is usually 60-75 minutes. Imagine a fridge with all the jars you bought. Opened and barely used and some of them may even be past their use by date! How many of those jars do you have sitting there waiting to be cleared out? Or you could imagine the delete button on a computer as it is a really useful button when clearing out old files and it is easy.

The Bars® is the core class in Access Consciousness® and is often the first treatment people choose as there are now many practitioners across the UK. I have also taken a number of additional classes and offer 50+ body processes. An Access Consciousness Body Process is a hands-on method that uses different hand placements on various positions on the body and then asking specific energies to run at each spot. These energies are the natural energies of the body. You will be lying down on the couch fully clothed. These processes facilitate the body's own healing response, which can be different for each person and each session. There are 50+ different processes, which work on specific areas including physical aches and pains,

Everybody (children as well as adults) could benefit from "having their bars run" - as the treatment is known; that is if those receiving a treatment desire to change something in their life. The treatment works really well on people with depression, anxiety 26 • EdenLocal

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trauma, flexibility and contribute to a body receiving chemotherapy. and what else is possible? As a Bars and body process facilitator, I can facilitate the one-day bars class as well as body processes as either 1/2 day classes or full days. In addition to this, I can also offer treatments of the Access energetic facelift (beyond botox) which are an amazing nurturing body process that will reverse the appearance of ageing and create similar effects throughout the body - and the process is so much more than a facelift - the energy in this treatment is truly comforting to the whole body”. If you would like to know more about any of this, May would be delighted to answer any questions. She can be contacted by telephone on 07586 349 410. She has also provided the following links that you may find useful: www.accessconsciousness.com/ www.youtube.com/ watch?v=p2axqedXMnw youtu.be/5UjO-LC-RHs


Historic Season for Penrith AFC Ladies by Kathryn Savage

home to Burscough Dynamo knowing that a win would seal the title. So, the scene was set at a sunny Frenchfields Park Stadium. Surely Penrith couldn’t miss out again. However, Burscough turned up in determined mood and took the lead in only the 7th minute. Penrith worked extremely hard to get back in the game and equalised before half time through youngster Georgia Campbell. In the opening minute of the 2nd half, Penrith were again caught napping as Burscough took a 1-2 lead. After many near misses and much heartache, Penrith AFC Ladies have finally won the Division 1 (North) League title and secured promotion into the North West Womens Regional Premier Division. This makes them the highest ranked Cumbrian womens club and the only one to be playing at this level (Step 5 of the National Womens Pyramid). Manager Simon Savage said, “This is a massive achievement for a small town club like Penrith AFC Ladies. We are punching way above out weight. We’ve topped a league including Bury, Preston North End, Cammell Laird(Birkenhead) and Carlisle United and only lost a single league game on the way. The dedication and commitment required to achieve this has been massive”. Penrith AFC Ladies formed in 2000 as the Sapphires and quickly established themselves in the NWWRFL Div 1 (North). In recent seasons, Penrith have flirted promotion and have agonisingly just missed out in 2 of the past 3 seasons. Penrith have used these moments of despair to build character within the squad. It motivated them to come back more determined than ever on each occasion. This season the professionalism within the squad has been better than ever.

Penrith were forced to up the tempo still further and gradually began to dominate. In the 68th minute Penrith again equalised when Nat Broad’s in swinging found its way into the net. Penrith were now camped in the Burscough half and finally, in the 84th minute, the pressure was rewarded when local girl, Hannah Coulthard fired into the top corner of the net. Penrith professionally saw out the game to claim the win and the 3 points that sealed the historic title win and promotion. Wild celebrations followed as the team savoured this long awaited moment. Big challenges lie ahead in the Premier Division where the likes of Tranmere, Wigan Athletic, Stockport County and FC United of Manchester all await. However, for the moment the players and coaches plan to enjoy their success and celebrate in style. The hard work will start again all too soon.

Captain Kim McCormick commented, “The players have trained harder than ever and committed to every game. We put in extra training sessions over the festive period which allowed us to kick on in the new year period”. In a thrilling finale to the season, several of the clubs challenging for the title had to face each other. Penrith faced tough trips to leader Cammell Laird (0-1) and Bury Women (3-5). These wins meant that Penrith went into their final game of the season at The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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The 2018 Wainwright Memorial Lecture

This month sees the launch of the UK’s first regional currency: The Lake District Pound. The designs for the four banknotes feature people who have made a significant contribution to Cumbrian life and culture and includes Alfred Wainwright on the LD £5 note. The idea behind the project is to encourage visitors and tourists to use the local currency to support local independent businesses and raise money to help enhance and protect the landscape and support local community initiatives. The designs celebrate the unique character of the Lake District represented through four themes: ‘Fun & Adventure’, ‘Creativity and Freedom’, ‘Resilience & Determination’, and ‘Love for the Landscape’. Alfred Wainwright, author of the Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells embodies the theme of Creativity and Freedom on the LD£5 note. The drawing of 28 • EdenLocal

Wainwright is inspired by one of his own sketches of himself that he drew in every Lakeland Pictorial Guide; this sketch appearing in his first book, The Eastern Fells on the summit of Clough Head. For Wainwright, just being amongst the hills, valleys and mountains unlocked his creative energy and inspired him to write about and draw a landscape he loved. But it was more than that; the hills brought freedom in both body and mind. He wrote: ‘Some people escape in dreams but I was fortunate enough to live in a perfect dreamland that actually existed. I was always happier pulling on my boots in a morning than putting on my shoes. On a day when I didn’t have to wear a collar and tie I was a boy again. If I was heading for the hills, and not the office, I could set forth singing, not audibly, heaven forbid; just in my heart. I was off to where the sheep were real, not human.’ Fellwanderer

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Alfred Wainwright is wellchosen as a representative of ‘Creativity and Freedom’ on the new Lake District bank notes. In his introduction to Book 1 of the Pictorial Guides, he wrote: ‘This book is one man’s way of expressing his devotion to Lakeland’s friendly hills. It was conceived, and is born, after many years of inarticulate worshipping at their shrines. It is, in very truth, a love-letter.’ It is a love-letter that has inspired many thousands to follow in his footsteps and discover for themselves the joys of walking on the hills and mountains of the Lake District. If you would like to know more about The Wainwright Society, log on to the website at: www. wainwright.org.uk or email: secretary@wainwright.org.uk Derek Cockell Secretary The Wainwright Society


Moving house, moving home!

Moving house is one of the more complex and often stressful experiences of life. If it involves buying and selling, there is the complex legal process, and the uncertainly of last minute delays. Having to switch utilities and services, changing address details with the numerous accounts and contacts all takes time and effort, plus there is the puzzle of making sure furniture fits and finding the bottle opener or vase in the pile of unpacked boxes! But it can also be part of an adventure such as a new relationship, or a new job and can signify a new beginning, the start of new possibilities, new friendships, and even new family. I have moved house more times than I can remember. When I got married at the age of 21 I had already managed to live in 27 different houses. Since then we have done our fair share of moving house, but have managed to stay put in Penrith for 5yrs now. Having helped move friends as well, I have become an expert at getting odd shaped furniture in and out of the most impossible spaces

and loading the removal van, filling every available space. Recently our church, King’s Church Eden, had its own ‘house move’ as we relocated from our former home at The Playstation, on Huntley Avenue to the larger Newton Rigg Conference Centre. A growing family needs more space, and we have navigated similar practical issues as we have started making ourselves at home in our new venue. Having a place to call home is a vital part or a healthy life. Home, wherever that is, ideally is a place of safety, somewhere to belong, and enjoy the love of family and friends. It’s somewhere to rest, and eat, to look after and be looked after. Sadly, however where we live isn’t always the idyllic reality we long for. It doesn’t take long to realise that a nice house isn’t the same as a nice home, and moving house doesn’t guarantee leaving problems behind. Have you ever thought about what the difference is between a house

and a home? I guess there are loads of things that will contribute to this distinction, but one that stands out to me is that home is place where you feel that you belong. A sense of belonging is deeply personal, and seems to be part of what makes us who we are, it shapes our sense of identity, worth and wellness as a person. Lacking a sense of belonging can leave us feeling lost and anxious. Belonging is at the heart of Christian community – we describe our church as being “a family enjoying and sharing the goodness of God.” It is a place to belong, to be at home in a loving community. Our sense of belonging is made possible through the personal invitation we receive from Jesus Christ to come home, and the powerful loving welcome we receive from our heavenly Father when we accept that invitation. Why not come on home, a warm welcome awaits. Jon Cook King’s Church Eden.

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Greystoke Primary School wins National Lottery Support

Greystoke primary School proudly celebrates its 180th anniversary this year. Since 1868, the Grade II Listed Building has been used as a school in the village of Greystoke. At the end of last year the children of the school received £9,800 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for an exciting project to celebrate this anniversary.

teaching and an older way of life in the village. Old ‘punishment’ books exist and some of the names in the books are grandparents of the pupils in the school. The children will learn from the older generations about what life was like in Greystoke and the history of some of the stone buildings built at the turn of the century.

The project focuses on local families, who have lived in the village for generations, as well as key buildings and sites in the village.

This project is led by the children, taking place over 6 months with 3 months spent on researching the Heritage of Greystoke and 3 months taken to pull all the information together into a booklet, with support from the staff, teachers and volunteers. The older children are managing the project and helping to organise the pupils into different groups to take

The children are exploring more recent history through old documents and records at the school which demonstrates a different approach to

30 • EdenLocal

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Celebrating 50 years of Jim Waltons on social media

P H Pluckrose "I remember going out to Johnby, where my dad bought a Ford Cortina off Jim." forward different aspects of the project. The work is supported by different experts by helping to promote specific aspects of the project from interviewing community members to the layout and design of the booklet. Finally, there will be a celebratory community event to share the learning with the community and for the community to then share the booklet with their friends and family as well as with the wider public. This is fantastic recognition for one of the oldest and most educationally successful village schools in Cumbria. Mel Kavanagh Chair of Governors, Greystoke Primary School.

M Bleakley Townsend "I've been a customer of Walton's since they opened Southend road garage, not as much these days as I bought an avensis 02 reg new 16 years ago still a lovely car to drive" R Glasson "Got a 97 starlet from Jim Walton’s, still got an original rear plate" T Liddle "Lovely family business,always excellent service" C Wilson "A great family business, best service, best, chraik, most important, nice people" J Bowe "Excellent customer service" S Gardiner "Lovely family and nothing is too much bother. Couldn’t meet nicer folk"

www.jimwalton.co.uk Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN Telephone 01768 864555 Parts Direct 01768 865428 Showroom open Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm

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Is your conservatory too cold in Winter and too hot in the Summer?

• Save up to 85% on Conservatory Bills • 90% noise reduction from weather • Reduce the glare from the Sun • No less than 10 years guarantee on all conversions These are just some of the benefits of the Marshalls 5 star, 5 layer insulation roofing system. Recently (April 2017) Joe Marshall and his team completed a Conservatory Conversion in Penrith. Cumbrian Local interviewed the customer as part of its pledge to audit its advertiser’s products and services it promotes.

Paul and Anne C of Penrith: We were really pleased with Joe and the lads. The installation was completed in 3 days and they made a great job of the conversion and we were impressed with the insulation, the ventilation and the finishing, inside and out. Their price was a huge saving compared to the quotes that other companies were offering for the same or a similar service, some quoted through cold calling. We made the change as it was too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer and the noise when it rained meant we couldn't enjoy it.

We guarantee to beat any genuine ‘like for like’ price by at least 30% or more Call Marshall Conservatory Conversions today 01228 809874 or 07588 888553

www.marshallconversions.co.uk • sales@marshallconversions.o.uk