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Come and visit u at the Skelton S Jim Walton (Penrith) Limited Your local family firm with over 40 years


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Jim Walton (Penrith) Limited Your local family firm with over 40 years

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Contents Join the Jim Walton team at Skelton

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A camera for all occasions

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Summertime to shine

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Local Government update

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To drive is to be independent

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Take Care

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Cumbria Oak Summer Sale

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Skelton show feature

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New cars and new dealership launch

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The new network for Eden businesses

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On the right track, next stop the Pot Place

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Peaks & Pathways - Buttermere

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Wainwright Televised

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Thackawatch June 2015

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Carpet Corner Sandgate House

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Eden FM Competition Time

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Summer Pudding Specials

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National Futsal update

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Temple Sowerby CC update

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The Local tree company you can rely on

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Nunwick CC Update

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Welcome to the June edition of your Cumbrian Local Welcome to your June edition of the Cumbrian Local. After completing the May Cumbrian Local last month, I was out delivering once again and as a matter of routine at the moment, once I have completed this opening editorial, the magazine will be loaded via the internet to our printer and then 4 to 5 days later, the team will be out delivering once again. Around 7 to 10 days on, I’ll pick up with the July magazine when the deliveries are complete. My opening this month is more commercial, but may be quite an eye opener for many of you. For those people who work from home, for those people who don’t actually live at their work premises, well you might think it a strange one, but a part of the uniqueness of this magazine is it isn’t only delivered to homes but it’s also delivered to businesses and a lot of people do live where they work. They don’t all catch buses, trains or drive to their place of work or walk. A short while ago when someone asked me if they could reach their target audience, I said yes. I made the point that if they lived in the area of distribution, not just worked but lived in the area, they may own a business, they could be the head of marketing, head of a department, they might be, like me, working from home today. The area the magazine is distributed to has one of the highest populations of people working from home, as well as those who do more than one job and many employers will know it is one of the lowest areas for unemployment in the UK. This is quite a challenge for employers. I’m hoping it simply reaches everyone, but particularly those who might be involved in posting through letter boxes and as it’s not reliant on sales like other magazines and newspapers, if we

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can find the letter box, it is very possible you’ll get this magazine every month. Full details of the delivery areas are at and it is constantly updated; some more rural, less populated areas receiving the magazine every other month. I have talked about deliveries quite a lot recently. I am still looking to grow a bigger team, a person, two people or even a small team of people to help deliver is all that is required to distribute in a town, village or parish. This would enable us to expand towards 17-18,000 per month. Local knowledge is so important in getting the deliveries right. This of course comes at a price and depending on how long that route takes, how complicated it is, the weight limits of the holdall for the magazines, it doesn’t always mean that the routes with the most magazines to deliver are the most expensive. For delivery to a small village and some of the rural areas around it, we pay £20-£30 for delivery. Some larger villages are worth more. In my auditing of many of the routes, I have calculated the time, fuel costs if transport is required, even some of the average times, just walking the distance up a long drive. Some businesses only distribute to what some call ‘affluent’ areas. The Cumbrian Local tries to cover all, but taking 5 minutes to deliver a magazine that hasn’t got a letter box at its gate, we are not the Royal Mail and those drives that are thousands of yards long, unfortunately we haven’t got a fleet of vans or drivers, but we do what we can. During my deliveries, I have met thousands of dogs, many of these happy to see me, but some, those that are waiting at that low level letter box, many times my fingers have been on their minds as a snack or two. I hear the

magazine being eaten or ripped to shreds as it is grabbed out of my hand on a few occasions. Every door is different, every dog is different! One thing I do think, however, is that the designers of doors and letter boxes were not postmen and knowing your letter boxes as a postman must be as important as a London cabbie learning the knowledge without a navigational gadget. Dogs can bite, but letter boxes show no mercy! As a door to door delivery business we do not take risks. I praise the postmen and women who take on this task every day and with that knowledge of the letter box! I mentioned that as a magazine we do also deliver leaflets, but as explained to many new and existing customers, designing a leaflet, then printing a leaflet and then distributing a leaflet, I believe it is not cost effective. Even whilst the Cumbrian Local will still offer leaflet distribution as an insert with the magazine, they still have to go into the magazine. Anyone who has inserted a leaflet in a brochure or magazine will understand this, but 16,000 inserts are quite a task and quite time consuming. Many will disagree and do, but a simple advert with your name, what you do and your contact details put through over 16,000 doors for as little as £30, in Penrith and across the Eden Valley is unbeatable. It is affordable to everyone and it is cost effective. Some will argue that print in itself and all that paper, with the powers of the internet is much better for the environment and the user but as I have discovered on my rounds and since my first self publication in 2007, there are so many people who, yes have TV, but they do not know what Facebook is. To them surfing is still on a wave on a surf board and tweeting is more of a

A huge thank you to all our advertisers, volunteer writers, photographers and the team that is Cumbrian Local and Eden Fm from design to delivery. Front Cover: Rape Seed by Paul Witterick


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

CumbrianLocal •

dawn chorus. Quite a few of these people don’t buy or read a newspaper, but they do get a Cumbrian Local. As a business, would you advertise in both? And here is another point for the person who might run a business with hundreds of employees or it might be just you. Chances are you are sitting at home and you’re reading your Cumbrian Local and you don’t have to be rich to get one. When you go into the dentist or doctor’s waiting room, the reception at the garage, or the local shop and see a Cumbrian Local lying next to a magazine that cost £3.80, reliant on sales, you will rarely see last week’s newspaper or a leaflet lingering close by, so please keep this in mind. With over 16,000 magazines going through doors ever month across two towns and over 80 villages, we wish it could be more. If you have some time, it might be an hour or two worth £20 or up to £200 or more depending on your availability and the area. You will get to meet people, get some fresh air, you’ll also get to be aware of the dog and learn all about the safety and the challenge of using a letter box! My thanks to all those people I met last month in Newton Reigny, Skelton, Blencow, Greystoke, Motherby, Penruddock, Laithes, Lamonby, Johnby, Ellonby, Temple Sowerby and Kirkby Thore for your feedback.

Bridal &Jewellery Over


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Preloved & Immaculate Bridal gowns | Tiaras | Bridesmaid Dresses Shoes | Veils | Bouquets | Mother of the Bride

I might just see you soon out and about, maybe at the Skelton show with Eden FM broadcasting live. The team and I will also be at Dream Doors, New Squares, Penrith from 22nd June for one week from Monday to Saturday 10 – 4pm Lee Quinn

A finishing touch or that extra sparkle to your day. The full range of accessories for your wedding day 43 Middlegate, Penrith CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 895244 www. The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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A camera for all occasions Our man behind the lens, you may already know him, Paul Witterick, the owner of Wittwoo Photography in Appleby-inWestmorland and behind many images in this magazine these past 3 years. Seeing one of Paul’s pictures of the Appleby Horse Fair, which was selected from hundreds of professional press, national and international photographers for the Daily Telegraph, isn’t just about the picture, it’s about the story and the moment. Let’s not forget, it’s not only having the camera for all occasions but, skill and the passion to capture that shot. Well done Paul! There are many Cumbrian Local customers and readers who know exactly what I mean. It’s true what they say - a picture paints a thousand words.........


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

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Summertime to

at the North Lakes Hotel & Spa

Stay in shape this Summer with a 4-week Spa membership Join anytime between 20th June and 9th August 2015 A great way for you to sample the Spa with our scorching summer offer - we’re sure you will love your visits and enjoy a healthier lifestyle in the process. Join the Spa before your 4-week membership expires and receive your first month free and one of the following*: • 25 minute Spa Taster Treatment • One Hour Personal Training Voucher • Spa Branded Sports Bag

Memberships available from £55.00 per person Please visit to view our facilities and Spa membership benefits. For more details on membership please call 01768 867141 or e-mail *Terms & Conditions apply please see website for more details.

North Lakes Hotel & Spa, Ullswater Road, Penrith, Cumbria, Lake District, CA11 8QT The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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Your Government by Scot Jackson

What is the greatest concern of any population when they send their representatives off to govern? Will they keep their promises? Will they remember my concerns? Will they go native and fall under the thrall of a wannabe Sir Humphrey? All are reasonable concerns because these slips do happen. Whether by accident or design even the very best and decent and honest of politicians will struggle to fulfil the hopes of every one of their constituents all of the time. This is why it so important for us all to keep them in check. Proper representative democracy requires proper safeguards and the more of these protections there are the better. These of course start with the law itself, including the constitutional structure of the country. The conventions of the process are a safeguard, they prescribe that things can’t be done because they are just not done, read for example clapping in the House of Commons. Clapping is frowned upon, the Speaker enforces the tradition, infraction is thus likely to result in less speaking time for the member. The existence of opposition parties also bars excess with a dedicated cadre of effective opponents making it their business to offer an alternative. An inquisitive media is of course vital, the raison d’etre of whom is to uncover wrong doing and applaud success. Finally there is what I consider the most important check on the power of politicians, the ordinary voter. An engaged and informed electorate is the greatest part of a democracy, indeed it’s fundamental, and the existence of journalists, lawyers and politicians are only useful insofar as they serve the electorate. While we rightly look to the whole gamut of political actors to inform our opinion it is also important to directly engage with the politicians ourselves. The website of Eden District Council is being updated to include the contact details of the new members. Similarly the new website of Penrith Town Council will shortly be up and running with corresponding information for the Town’s Councillors. Both will also be sources of information to keep residents updated on the business of the respective councils. Speaking as the Deputy Chairman of Penrith Town Council, I know that this new body is passionate about keeping local people informed and involved. I am personally exploring all methods of communication from social media to notice boards in the street. What I ask of you is to take in what you read and please take the time to respond. I assure you of my dedication to open government and to keep you in the loop. Please also keep us in your thoughts and lives. Write, ring and email and come to the meetings. It’s the only way it will stay as YOUR government. CumbrianLocal

To drive is to be independent whatever your age Recently sent to me below, a shorter version of something which the magazine and Eden FM 107.5 will be following closely and working with over the summer to raise awareness. I urge you not to wait for the next article and I would like to thank Robin Bell who is an Institute of Advanced Motorists Examiner for this area. With the current ageing population of this area and the demise of public transport, this article may be of some reassurance to many local residents who are thinking of handing in their drivers licence There comes a time when many residents who own a car may come to a decision that they are probably not safe on the roads or cannot cope with the modern hub of modern traffic conditions and then are left high and dry without transport as such for shopping or visiting friends or the local doctor’s surgery or even hospital. Taxis are quite expensive for those on restricted incomes. It is a fact that the numbers of drivers over the age of 70 will double over the next 20 years and DVLA indicate that there are currently over one million drivers on the road over the age of 80. Do you think a member of your family is at risk behind the wheel of a car? So for £35 the I.A.M. can give a mature driver the following:•

A 60 minute drive with the IAM approved assessor often a Class 1 Police Driver.

Participants will drive their own car on routes they are already familiar with.

There will be immediate feedback plus a confidential written report. A friend or relative will be allowed to sit in the car if requested.

A certificate for those judged Excellent or Competent.

It is not a test but it is simply an impartial opinion on your standard of driving and can offer you valuable reassurance prior to renewing your driving licence, which we all have to do for the next 3 years when we reach 70 years of age. It will help safe drivers retain their independence for longer and ensure that unsafe drivers are aware of the dangers and encouraged to take appropriate action which makes our roads safer for everyone. For more details, you can call 0300 303 1134 and ask for the Mature Driver’s Assessment or select the internet and visit You can also contact the local IAM Group on secretary@ or telephone 01768 881085.

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Take Care

CumbrianLocal • 11

By Megan Wilkinson, Solicitor

April 1st saw the introduction

of the Care Act 2014. This will have significant implications for anyone who owns their own home and was hoping to pass this asset on to their loved ones upon their death. Councils are now taking an aggressive stance in respect of people self-funding the care they require in later life. If, at the time of entering into the care system, you have assets (which is inclusive of the value

of your home) exceeding £23,250 there will be no assistance from Social Services and you will be classed as a self-funder. Often the family home is the only asset that individuals possess and in which case a charge can be placed on the property or a court order obtained to force the sale of the property in order to pay the care fees. This means that you are then unable to leave your home to your loved ones.

Keep control of your home and speak to Butterworths today.

For a fixed fee of £750 plus VAT P Draft a Will P Implement a Will Trust P Deal with ownership rights to your home

10% Discount

Cut out this voucher and bring it with you to receive a 10% discount on Wills Trust only. (Valid until 31th July 2015)

Butter wor ths

29-30 Cornmarket, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7HS. Tel 01768 868 989

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Living • Sleeping • Dining

Oak bedroom

M assi v e summer

Plus we also stock: Rugs, sofas, lighting, mirrors, gifts


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

CumbrianLocal • 13

Oak Living and Dining

summer sale now on

You can find us at The Pot Place Garden Centre, Station Yard, Plumpton, Nr Penrith CA11 9PA. Open 7 days a week • Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm • Sunday 10am - 4pm

For more details give us a call on 01768 894528 orThego to www.cumbriaoak. co. uk best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business Cumbrian Local

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Skelton Show

Sat 4 July 2015

Hutton in the Forest

“A great day out for all the family”

SKELTON SHOW SCURRIES AHEAD Organisers of the popular Skelton Show have just announced details of an action packed day of entertainment on Saturday 4th July. Held in the delightful setting of the Old Park at Hutton-in theForest, this traditional country show has earned a reputation for being an excellent day out in the countryside for all the family. Show Director John Slee says ‘We have planned another action packed day to provide even more entertainment and enjoyment this year. We are delighted to announce that our main ring entertainment will be some very special ‘Scurry Racing’ organised by the family of this year’s president the legendary international carriage driver George Bowman. We are also pleased to have been able to secure The Lake District Wildlife Park Meerkat Roadshow – come and learn all about these popular animals. Skelton has also been chosen to host the 2015 Manx Loaghtan Breeders Group sheep show. Maintaining the focus on family entertainment a wealth of activity is available for children. This includes the popular inter schools challenge and Creation Station Kids Zone who will provide hands on activities for primary school aged children. Children are encouraged to bring a pet and enter the Child with Pet competition. Donkey rides and street entertainers will add to the party atmosphere. Chairman Adam Fawcett is also keen to promote the traditional agricultural aspects at the heart of Skelton Show. ‘As well as a large selection of cattle, sheep and horses there is a large marquee full of classes for children, cooking, painting, floral arts, vegetables and walking sticks. Other attractions include a dog show, pony sports, vintage vehicles, over 120 trade stands.

This year’s Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling will have its own ring and there is the ever popular terrier racing where you just need to turn up with your dog’. Skelton will also host the first qualifying round of the Cumbria Young Handler competitions, the idea of livestock secretary Jane Crocker, which will be held at a number of local shows throughout the summer with the final at Hesket New Market show on 5th September. Our ever popular horse section continues to grow and equestrian secretary Caroline Brier says ‘we are pleased to introduce several new equestrian classes building upon the new layout introduced last year’. The extensive Skelton Food Hall sponsored by Cranstons and the Gifts and Crafts tents provide a wide range of local produce and the continuing success of our expanding Fur and Feathers tent promise plenty to do and see. Music this year will be provided by the Penrith Town Band and the Esk Valley Jazz Band. A wide variety of food and bar facilities all add to the enjoyment of the day. Treasurer Beverley Bargh adds ‘For the fourth year running we are pleased to be able to hold admission charges to Adults £10, OAP’s and youths 14-21 £5 and kids under 14 free thereby continuing to provide a good value day out in the countryside’. Schedules are now available from the secretary Mrs Antonia Reid on 01768 484122 or visit our revamped website where trade stand and sponsor applications can also be made and paid on line. Entries close on Friday 19 June 2015. Simplified admission prices: Adults £10, OAP’s and 14-21 £5, Children under 14 and Car Park free ENTRIES CLOSE 19 JUNE 2015 Full details available from


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

CumbrianLocal • 15

Skelton Show Saturday 4th July 2015 at Hutton in the Forest, Penrith

(3 miles west of M6 Junction 41) A great day out in the countryside for all the family

Adults £10, OAP’s & 14-21’s £5, Children under 14 and parking free or telephone Antonia Reid on 017684 84122

Including fabulous food hall with demonstrations The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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The new SsangYong Tivoli

Visit us and see our Ssangyong range at:

Skelton Show 4th July 2015







Call Now 01768 864546/5 • Cumbrian The magazine that relies on doors for circulation sales wARRAntY Local


CumbrianLocal • 17


e stan h t g n i k a M


0 2 w o h S n at Skelto

Your new MG Dealership Now open


Born in the uk Cumbrian ULLSWATER ROAD GARAGE, Penrith, CA11 7EH The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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Eden Business Netw forward to opening f We’ve already been asked if it will be “a stuffy club full of men in suits, talking about golf, and wall to wall accountants”. The simple answer is NO! We are a network, which works best if we have people from all walks of business life, whether employed, selfemployed, franchisees etc. Our strapline is ‘Achieve and Succeed Together’, and we can only do this if we have a range of talent, and experiences, to call upon.

Give New Life to old Kitchens with a make-over from Dream Doors • Specialists in Kitchen Makeovers and New Kitchens • Huge choice of Doors, Worktops, Appliances, Sinks and Taps • Trusted Local Business

Networking isn’t about racing around a room, aggressively thrusting a business card into the palm of everyone you meet, nor is it ignoring people who you can’t see immediately benefitting your sales target, and it certainly isn’t an opportunity to reel off the company spiel to anyone in earshot. So, with that said, what is networking? Networking, when done well, enables you to grow your sales force, gather market intelligence, share experiences, support others, inspire yourself, discover new opportunities or suppliers and, encourage positive interactions with people from a range of businesses. What will the network offer? In return for a low monthly fee you will be able to access monthly events at a range of locations in Eden, support from Eden FM and Cumbrian Local, access to 5 hours free mentoring and the services of a Workplace Learning Advocate (help to source free training for you and your team). One month we might be in a pub, the next a castle, then a farm....who knows? Part of the plan is to move the meetings around Eden, the largest and

Call Sue or John on

01768 758743

to arrange a convenient, free no-obligation home visit. Visit our showroom: 3 Brewery Lane, New Squares, Penrith, CA11 7BU CumbrianLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Shop local every week

CumbrianLocal • 19

work.....looks for business in July sparsest district in the county. This will help different people make the get togethers, and allow us to visit places on our doorstep, that we often overlook, or have yet to visit. Who is behind Eden Business Network? Two local business owners, both of whom have many years experience in networking, and can vouch for its efficacy, namely Lee Quinn and Caroline Gunning. Lee runs his own business consultancy, Perennial Process Ltd, and is a director of Cumbrian Local Publications and Eden FM Radio. Caroline is a director of Crimson Chameleon Ltd, co-ordinator for Eden Ladies Business Network and is a business mentor with SFEDI and Modern Muse, inspiring girls and young women, and is a Workplace Learning Advocate. Another question we’ve been asked is “what sort of meetings will they be?” Some people have experience of attending regimented groups, or some that were more akin to a drinking club. We will utilise a variety of networking methods, that will enable members to learn about each other, some formal sessions, guest speakers and, if you need help in perfecting your 60 second ‘elevator pitch’, we can even help you hone your skills in delivering a powerful punch. Our website goes live soon, but in the meantime you can follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @EdenBusinessNet. If you would like to sign up for email updates, please contact us rsvp@

Windows and Conservatories

We look forward to meeting you. Caroline and Lee


Come visit our showroom for some great ideas

01768 899 298

Telephone 01768 865 331 4 - 6 - 8 Seaters • NVQ qualified • CRB checked

Open 9-5 Monday to Friday. Saturday 8-12 or look at our website

North Lakes Glass and Glazing Ltd. Fenestra House, Hartness Road. Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9BD

The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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On the right track, next stop the Pot Place

Plumpton station before demolition July 1967 and Title - Plumpton LNWR style Signal box. © Cumbria Railways Association

It was back in May 2012 that the local garden centre, The Pot Place made its debut in what was then the 16th edition of the Eden Local magazine. Now three years on, I have been given the opportunity to reflect on a local business, which having begun in Plumpton more than 10 years ago, has come through the recession and shown how a passion for hard work can result in a terrific local success. A wealth of knowledge and a focus on quality continues to provide their customers with inspiration when developing their gardens throughout the Eden Valley and beyond.

advice and customer service that is available when you visit the Pot Place. A landmark building, you may have seen it as you come down the M6 heading south just before junction 41 on the left, the original Plumpton Station House is now an integral part of the garden centre site. The Old Station House Tea room is open every day serving traditional daily baked scones and cakes and light lunches. I like to eat in the part that overlooks the plant area but you can choose to eat outside or

Knowledge shared is a valuable currency, so one could only compare this value when you have experienced the unlimited


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

in their summerhouse and there is free wifi throughout. For many businesses, it’s all in the name and for The Pot Place, Kevin Roper and Paul Thomas, co-owners of this business can’t really hide behind this one. Well maybe they could as some of their pots are large enough to hide in, just like Ali Baba! Kevin is a graduate in ceramics and I have never met someone as passionate and as knowledgeable about pots which has resulted in them stocking a huge range

CumbrianLocal • 21

from around the world. ‘It’s all about the clay’ Kevin tells me, and explains that certain parts of the world specialise in a ceramic that suits their natural clay. They even have their own range of large pots sourced from Vietnam after Kevin travelled there last year in search of the best producers. There are Terracotta, Earthenware, Stoneware and Salt Glazed pots and details of how these pots are made, are available at www. A point made by Kevin was that it’s not just about the pots; it is what you put in them. He once described to me, that when planting in a pot, you are able to control the growing environment to benefit the plant and no matter how large or small your outdoor or indoor space, you can make a feature with a welldesigned arrangement of pots. On a recent visit, I had a walk around the 3 acre site with Kevin and had the opportunity take in many of the other products that they specialise in. Sheds and greenhouses supplied by the best quality producers in the UK and unique gardeners polytunnels from Belgium. It highlighted the innovation that lies behind a business that has been constantly looking for the best and sourcing the best in everything it does. Every season new products are introduced to enhance what they can offer to their ever expanding customer base.

Like hundreds of people, I go to The Pot Place for flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, yes those things that many garden centres have, but the attention to detail for me in how these plants are presented, reiterates the work and I’ll say it again the passion behind it. It’s been a great experience for me to share what I have learnt about The Pot Place with my customers on behalf of one my customers.

My final image of my visit with Kevin was seeing over 200 hanging baskets waiting to be delivered to the streets of Penrith. By the time you read this they’ll be decorating the town centre so take a look next time you’re passing through. Specially designed, recyclable and re-usable baskets have been used that even have a small reservoir for holding water, that’s innovation and that’s really thinking ahead!

In the tunnel with Roger watering 200 baskets ready for Penrith Town centre

Your Local Garden Centre, Tea Room and Farm Shop Open 7 days a week 9am - 5pm • Mon - Sat, 10 am - 4pm Sun

01768 885500 • The Pot Place, Station Yard, Plumpton, Penrith, CA11 9PA The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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Red Pike Buttermere Peaks & Pathways by Nick Wells

Red Pike stands on the West side of Buttermere in Lakelands Western Fells and this area holds a special place in my heart, as this is where it all started for me. I can usually find a parking slot somewhere in Buttermere village, or there is a pay and display behind the Pub. Whilst putting on my walking boots, I was carefully supervised by a recently shorn Herdwick ewe and her lamb, leaving them behind I set off down the path behind the pub towards the Northern end of Buttermere. At this point the view of Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike accross the lake is only worthy of the deserving, and probably my favourate of all views. I turned right at the bottom of Bleaberry Tarn’s stream, and headed accross the flatland to Crummock Water which is only a couple of hundred yards or so wide. I headed left accross some fairly boggy terrain before reaching the steep ascent to Scale Force. The path zigzags upward and eventually I came to the waterfall of Scale Force, which is worth a closer look, the gorge is very slippery and it’s fairly hard to get near to the falls proper. After that, I took the zigzagged stepped path to the left of the falls and carried on up. The path then took me up by the stream, before turning left towards Red Pike, this part of the walk is long and uneventfull, however, I was rewarded with some spectacular views as I reached Lincomb Edge.

to Haystacks, a great option some day maybe. In front and several hundred feet below is Bleaberry Tarn enclosed between and below the two peaks of Red Pike and High Stile, after a very steep descent I reached the Tarn and took a well earned rest. After several minutes Oscar’s impatient barking echoed around me, this being the cue to carry on. The concave amphitheatre shape which surrounds the Tarn, is open on the downhill side and I followed the Tarn’s stream down a very steep and well maintained staircase like path for about a thousand feet or so, through Burtness wood and back to where I turned right for Crummock Water near the start of the walk. Then a short walk back to the car in Buttermere. A circuit around the Lake is also well worth the extra half hour if one still has the energy. This walk is about seven miles in all and took me four hours. I would grade it as easy to moderate. There are many great walks that can be walked from Buttermere, this one and Haystacks are my favourate.

After taking in the views of Buttermere and Crummock water in front and the magnificent Pillar across the Ennerdale Valley behind me, I headed along the ridge then up the final steep push to the summit of Red Pike. The mountain is given its rich red colouring by the presence of Syenite in the rock and subsoil of the fell. Looking towards the two lakes, High Stile stood to my right, reachable by a short ridge. At this point a wonderful ridge walk is possible from High Stile to High Crag and on CumbrianLocal

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Wainwright televised! In 1985 at the age of 78 Alfred Wainwright consented to appearing in a television programme in which he revisited a number of places that were special to him in Lakeland and other selected locations. It followed earlier unsuccessful approaches by the BBC to get Wainwright to agree to appear on camera. It seemed he didn’t want the publicity. The story of the making of the first programme is well documented in Hunter Davies’ excellent biography of Wainwright. Eric Robson, a BBC broadcaster and now Chairman of the Society was engaged to ‘interview’ Wainwright on a walk that was filmed in the Dales on Penyghent. But it seemed that Wainwright had other ideas and had come up with his own script for the programme in which he would meet Robson on the summit of Penyghent and they would talk on the walk back down to Horton-in-Ribblesdale; Wainwright’s true identity only being revealed to Eric Robson at the end of the film in the car park! Eric recalled: ‘It was a terrible idea, and would have taken Alec Guinness at least to have carried off that final bit in the car park. … I tried to chat to him as naturally as possible. I wanted to get him talking about himself – he wanted to talk about sheep. … I was getting nothing usable out of him at all, so I broached the subject of his early books, asking how he’d started. “You can’t ask me that,” he said. “You don’t know who I am yet.”’ Wainwright The Biography pp. 290-1 Hunter Davies

A room with a view. A corner with a ray of light. Your home is where your heart is. For the best advice, the best products and quality assured, come to Hearth & Home

Although this programme caused the makers a few post-production headaches, it was the start of a four-year television career in which Wainwright made three series of programmes with Eric Robson, which brought him to the notice of a new audience of armchair ramblers as well as delighting his fans and admirers. In 1990, work began on a fourth series, but after filming had begun on the first part, Wainwright was taken ill and had to return home. The programme was never finished as Wainwright died in January 1991. If you would like to know more about the Society, log on to the website at or email Derek Cockell Press & Publicity Officer, The Wainwright Society.

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Oystercatcher with chicks

© John France

June 2015

The bird breeding season is well under way at Thacka Beck Nature Reserve with Oystercatchers, Mallards, Moorhens, Starlings, Blackbirds, House Sparrows ,Wrens, Blue and Great Tits all producing young during May. Noticeably the numbers of Common Whitethroat are down on the reserve compared to previous

Sedge Warbler in song flight

© John France


years, however up to 4 pairs of Sedge Warbler and 3 pairs of Garden Warbler are present. House Martins can be seen on a daily basis during the spring and summer months at Thacka, collecting mud for nest construction, catching insects and skimming the water to drink. The House Martin is in rapid decline in the UK and as such The British Trust For Ornithology has organised a House Martin survey over the next 2 years to try to learn more about the species and provide scientific evidence to help inform policy decisions that could reverse the declines. Volunteers will be covering Thacka, Castletown and other areas of Penrith, counting House Martins,and noting where and what type of construction they are nesting on if birds are present! Keep an eye to the skies over Thacka during June looking out for young Swallows, House Martins and Swifts. If you are lucky you may also see family parties of our largest crow family species the Raven, which can be identified by its’ diamond shaped tail, heavy dagger like bill and distinctive ‘pruk pruk’ call.

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Carpet Corner at Sandgate House

Young Starling calling for food

© John France

Oystercatcher Chick

The House formerly of cakes, is now the House of Carpets and Flooring. It is a new venture for the mother and daughter duo, Christine Sowerby of Salkeld Dykes and her daughter Michelle Crompton of Kirkoswald. They opened Fellside Carpets and Flooring at Sandgate House, Penrith on 18th May. Already known to many in the area with a combined experience of over 20 years in the Carpet business, formerly with The Arches Carpet Centre. Sharing their product knowledge and experience, Christine and Michelle have always enjoyed building up a friendship and rapport with people. “we’re looking forward to working with customers old and new”.

© John France

Andrew Blaylock and Steven Crisp with a combined experience of over 40 years of carpet fitting complete the team.

Free measure / Qualified fitters Contact Christine or Michelle

01768 868674 Thacka Beck Nature Reserve is managed by the Cumbria Wildlife Trust, for more details

Sandgate House, Penrith Cumbria, CA11 7TJ

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A welcome win of £500 worth of radio advertising

The June winner, Dave Hudson Electrical of 31 – 32 Great Dockray, Penrith already has their 30 second advert scripted and into production. It will be played at least 5 times a day. Unlike commercial radio, you will remember it when it’s played alongside only 2 – 3 others. They are a local family business that has followed Eden FM since the beginning and like every local independent, we to urge you to support them. Thank you to all the team at Dave Hudson Electrical for entering the Eden FM Business 500 month draw.

Would you like to enter? It’s just £5 per month - that’s £60 per year and about 16 pence per day. A small gamble that makes a huge difference to your community radio station, self funded, not-for-profit on air 24 hours a day every day of the year and presented by local volunteers. Please email so you are in the June draw that takes place on Friday 26th June. For our current advertising rate card, please email the same address.

Eden FM Business 500 We are aiming for 500 businesses, the prizes are as follows:Win once - £500 worth of radio advertising (3 month package, on air advert every day, 6 times per day advert) Win twice - Your logo on our Outside broadcasting vehicle for one year and website advert for 3 months Win three times - Show sponsorship for two hour show on Eden FM for 3 months Win a 4th time - £500 worth of radio advertising (3 month package, on air advert every day, 6 times per day advert) Win a 5th time - Front cover sponsor of Cumbrian Local for 3 months (conditions apply) Win a 6th time - £500 worth of advertising in Cumbrian Local (conditions apply) Email or call 01768 862394 for more details

Eden FM new starters

It’s all about the music Summer competitions with Eden FM 107.5

After an appeal last month for more people to come forward, we do have some new volunteers joining the team this month. Please remember these people are volunteers. At Eden FM, we have an open invitation to everyone in the community we serve, should you wish to join the team, regardless of your skills and knowledge we want to hear from you. Full details are on our website at www.edenfm. For local news and weather updates on the hour, tune in to 107.5 and please follow our Facebook, which is updated throughout the day seven days a week.

Hue and Cry burst onto the UK music scene in the late 1980’s with the outstandingly successful albums ‘Seduced and Abandoned’ and ‘Remote’. This period saw the band produce some of their most auspicious hit singles such as ‘Labour of Love’, ‘Violently’, and ‘Looking for Linda’. Their award winning style of intellectual, yet appealing pop songs, fused with their unique brand of soulfulness gave rise to their continued success as the band advanced ‘full-steam-ahead’ into the nineties, releasing acclaimed work which includes the chart storming Top Ten album ‘Stars Crash Down’. 2012 heralded the release of the album ‘Hot Wire’, which featured a collection of brand new material inspired by the sounds of New Orleans funk. In 2013, Hue and Cry joined forces with Go West and The Christians as part of a spectacular, one off UK tour.


HUE & CRY (The Hits & More) play a ‘full band’ show NEWCASTLE – 02 Academy on Saturday 8th August 2015

2015 will see Pat and Greg taking to the stage with their full band line up as part of this year’s collection of Rewind festivals (Scotland, North, South), alongside announcements of both ‘stripped’ and ‘full band’ dates throughout the year. With a return to the studio to work on the first new collection of songs since the album ‘Hot Wire’, this year is promising to be an eventful one.

Would you like to see Hue and Cry? We have two tickets to give away.

Answer this question - Are Hue and Cry related? Email your answer to admin@ marked Hue and Cry Comp before Thursday 23rd July. All correct answers will be entered into a draw for one winner that will be drawn on Friday 24th July.

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NEWCASTLE – 02 Academy. Saturday 8th August 2015. Box Office No: 0844 477 2000 (24 Hour Booking Line) Website –


The Lowry (Lyric Theatre) on Thursday 10th September 2015 It’s no wonder that Leo Sayer is considered a music business legend. 43 years since his first album, he’s had 5 worldwide No.1 hits, is a Grammy winning songwriter, and is considered one of the world’s most thrilling and entertaining live performers. Born in Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex, he now lives in Australia, where he tours, performs and currently records. He’s just released his 13th studio album ‘Restless Years’, which he produced and wrote all the songs for. He feels he’s as prolific now as he’s ever been, with no thoughts of slowing down. Now he’s back in the UK again for the RESTLESS YEARS 2015 tour. We have two tickets to give away. To quote Leo’s very first hit: ‘The Show Must Go On’! In his appearance on stage for this debut how did he dress? Email your answer to marked Leo Sayer Comp before Thursday 30th July.

Summer pudding SpecialS pudding night Wednesday 8th July Arrive 7pm to eat at 7.30pm £15 per person

All correct answers will be entered into a draw for one winner that will be drawn on Friday 31st July. More details are available at Box Office No: 0843 208 6000 Website –

Scotty D SingS

Sounds of Soul

Saturday 11th July. 8pm -12am Tickets £10 available now Book in advance to avoid disappointment

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The FA National Futsal League FA announce structure for 2015/16 by George Pacitto. Courtesy of England Futsal website League will look very different. The top two club’s from each of the three leagues will progress into North and South Promotional PlayOffs where they will be joined by the bottom team from each Super League. Four clubs will battle it out for the one promotional spot in each Super League.

Since the turn-of-the-year when The FA announced that they were planning to restructure The FA National Futsal League for next season, all clubs within the League have had an air of uncertainty hanging over their future. Today The FA has announced which clubs have been selected in next season’s restructured League after a marathon of interviews, meetings and application forms over the past six months. Next season will see Division 1 change from three regional leagues into two: North and South. This Division will be renamed the

FA National Futsal Super League and will consist of eight clubs in both leagues. At the end of the season the top four clubs from both leagues will progress into the Grand Final Play-Offs which will consist of Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and the Grand Final itself to determine the National Champion and the club that will progress into Europe. Underneath the Super League, Division 2 will remain unchanged in terms of its structure. There will still be three regional leagues (North, Midlands and South), although promotion to the Super

These exciting changes to the FA National Futsal League will also be supported by the introduction of an FA National Futsal League Club Licensing system. In an attempt to continue to push up the standards and quality of the League, The FA have established a set of minimum requirements for both the Super League and Division 2 that clubs will have two seasons to achieve. The Club Licensing system looks at improving all aspects of running a National Futsal League club from the first team, club academy, coaching, marketing and promotion, commercial development amongst a range of other areas. The FA will support clubs in achieving the License, but any club that fails to make the grade by 2017 will suffer automatic relegation. superlgThe big surprise in The FAs decision for next season’s Super

Potting sheds • Green houses • Cold Frame’s Sheds Log Stores • Tack rooms • Stables • Home Office Summer Houses • Playhouses • Pet houses • Bike store Garages • and even metal sheds too. Custom Built Sheds, Summer Houses & Garages. Bespoke and top quality - not shed loads of money! Unit 6 milestone House Penrith Tel: 01768 840378 / 07557442777 CumbrianLocal

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League is London Baltic and University of York not being selected, with Enfield, London Kaunas and Derby also disappointed not to make the cut. Division 2 see’s five new clubs being selected to join the FA National Futsal League: Salisbury, Solihull, Liverpool, Cambridge Utd and Southampton. There will be clubs across the country that will be delighted with The FAs decision and there will be others sorely disappointed.

Temple Sowerby CC Well hopefully the promised heatwave is on its way as the last few weeks have not felt like cricketing weather at all. Lets get the worst bit out of the way... The First XI were bowled out for 17 against a very strong Appleby team but since then our performances have improved dramatically and we have beaten some strong teams and had some excellent individual performances. The 2nd XI have started slowly but picked up their first win on Saturday and the younger members of the team have certainly looked promising and are all improving. This will hopefully be the stepping stone they need to start working their way up Division 3. The junior coaching has been very popular and we have almost doubled our numbers, with over 60 children attending junior coaching on a Monday evening. Due to our successes last season we have added new sponsors and we have had good attendance at our Bingo Night and Race Night fundraisers, with the funds going to the junior section and the general running of the club. We have a busy few months with senior fixtures, junior training and matches and fundraising events and hopefully all teams can keep up the recent winning ways.

Are you a Cumbrian business owner that uses bread?

Calling all independent Bakery retailers, Food retailers, Convenience Food & Village stores, Cafe’s, Hotel’s, B & B’s and other outlets selling or using bread products. From everyday brands such as Kingsmill and Burgen - to our very own Hetherton’s bread that’s baked in Carlisle and is exclusive to Cumbria.

Morning goods

Afternoon tea

Your daily bread

By James Farmer

Wordsworth Mobile Caravan & Motorhome Servicing & Repairs Your local qualified mobile service and repair engineer based in Penrith. We cover the Lake District, the whole of Cumbria and beyond. Damp repairs undertaken For more details contact Andy on 07789711287 Gillian on 07944842743 Home on 01768 866887

For your nearest stockist go to To order, please contact us on Freephone 0800 160 1912

Unit D2, Kingmoor Park, Earls way, Carlisle, CA6 4SD

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Nunwick Crick

A Local Tree Company You Can Rely On. We are a local business with over 35 years’ experience in arboricultural management. Our big ambition is to be your contractor of choice, with the ultimate aim of creating better environments for people to live, work and play.

Our Products and Services  Emergency Tree Response  Site Clearance  Felling and Dismantling  Dangerous Tree Removal  Remedial and Formative Pruning  Stump Grinding

The Eden Valley season 2015 is now in full swing and both Nunwick Senior teams have made good solid starts to the season. The 2nd team were the first of the Nunwick sides to get under way, and they have played 4 games so far and lie 3rd in the Eden Valley 3rd division. The top performers so far with the bat are Steve Hather and Mark James who lead the run charts and with the ball, Mark James jnr and Mark James snr along with the evergreen Chris Malpas top the bowling stats. The 1st team had a great start to the season beating Stainton at home in a very close game, since then results have been hard to come by with some frustrating defeats coming there way. The 1st team lie 8th in a very competitive Eden Valley premiership and the team this season has a good blend of senior and junior players which bodes well for the future of the club. I am in no doubt with a little bit more luck the tide will change and results will go our way and we will start climbing the league once again. The star performers so far this season with the bat are Graham Bain, Adam Collin and Chris Walker and with the ball Graham Bain, Joe Walker, Adam Collin, Nigel Fowles and Ali Mawson top the stats. Off the field the club has now received a ECB grant which help the club buy there first ever set of mobile covers plus a water hog machine. The club continues to run a successful junior set up on a Tuesday evening with their U15 team playing on a Friday evening.

 Mulching, Planting and Transplanting  Hedgerow Management  Tree Health Reports

017683 54188 CumbrianLocal

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©Alan Roberts

ket club 2015

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By Adam Collin

The 2015 season is in full swing and with a bit sunshine and a bit more luck, things could be looking very bright at Nunwick cricket club. You can have the inside look outside, or the outside look inside. Why stop at the door with your floor? Low maintenance on the outside, a traditional feel on the inside. Come and visit the Eden Stone Emporium for ideas indoors and out for all seasons.

©Alan Roberts

Solar PV isthe what we do Farm sun

Purchase your inside Stone or Tiles, receive your outside tiles all Summer

20% off

Love Solar Ltd have been trading for nearly 5 years and in that time we have installed many hundreds of PV systems in and around the Eden Valley and we have just as many happy customers. I am pleased to say our core values still remain the same • Honest, trustworthy and reliable • The best customer support • Top quality of workmanship • Competitive and fare prices.

Sizzlin g Summ er Solar S ale

4 Kwp systems from as low as £5500 Return on investment; 12% • Payback 8 years If you would like a no hassle, no hard sell survey and quote

Call Ewen on 07775897980 or e-mail

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WHY SHOULD YOU INSTALL A RESIN DRIVE? That’s simple; our product naturally drains water through the finished surface which means no more puddles. It is also resistant to frost attack, hence giving it all round better traction for tyres and making it better for walking on. Last but not least its up to 10 times more eco friendly than concrete. And don’t forget, we have a great colour range to choose from to give it your personal touch!

NE W OR TRY OUR STEM OVERLAY SY h to n’t quite stretc

does If your budget hy not try e install then w riv D in es R ll a fu Overlay r cost effective pe su w ne r ou low or visit the number be System? Call find out more. our website to


Phone today for your free quotation…

0800 007 5733 Visit our website to learn more & find our showrooms… CumbrianLocal

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