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107.5 Eden Cumbrian Local Publications • Issue No. 82 • July 2016

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The changing face 107.5 Eden of Eden FM

First meeting of Eden FM vounteers 6pm Tuesday 22nd March 2011

The dream for a studio 3 months from here June 2011

The second build of studio one Dreams to the reality, with a little help from a lot of friends

This months Eden Local as you will see is full of new ideas and aspirations. New initiatives offered to the community it serves. For those of you not following Eden FM on Facebook and Twitter, you may have missed this posting. Note from Chairman and Managing Director of Eden FM Radio Ltd Well done everybody and thank you for six amazing, challenging and rewarding years. It was 7am on 23rd June 2014 that Eden FM switched on its transmitter and started broadcasting on 107.5 FM. It was 4 years almost to that date (20th June) it was in Penrith transmitting live on a temporary licence covering the route of the Olympic torch through Eden, entertaining and preparing thousands of people in Market Square. Six years ago, Eden FM (June 2010) was of course just an idea and Eden FM sent off a letter of intention to Ofcom registering an interest as a ‘not for profit’ organisation, to be the Eden Valley’s first and only Community radio station. It was an idea and just a room full of junk, which eventually by June 2011 was to be the site for Penrith and the Eden Valley’s first Community radio studio. This the first studio of 7 to be built by the Eden FM team of volunteers in its first six years.

Live from Penrith the Olympic Torch June day 2012 When you set up a voluntary organisation, after just moving into the area 3 months before, apart from the normal challenges faced with any set up of an organisation, there are a lot of needs. One of them is financing that idea. There are basic needs like electric, telephone and possibly premises. You need a game plan, a business plan and you need to let people know who you are, what that project is and what its objectives are. EFM continues to grow in the community. It is used as a source of communication by many local groups and businesses across Eden. The need to be heard and to deliver important activities, news and updates is an essential part of getting everyone inolved in the area in which we live. Some local charities, sports clubs, businesses and even the District Council use EFM as a form of instant communication already on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This must be allowed to grow. With the right equipment and facilities, EFM can reach further into the community. It can help link up the community that is Eden. It can assist with tackling and sharing problems together, sharing the outcomes, the positives as well as the negatives that make Eden a special place to live, work, enjoy and develop.

Live from Greystoke 2012 EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

As a district, EFM continues to promote our community

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with two studios, it can produce special programmes and content. For tourism, under the ‘Visit Eden’ concept, which could be networked via other community radios to other communities, it could help attract more visitors to the area. Back in December, interviews at EFM, via phone for the flood appeal, were tested and were aired in December 2015 on Sussex and Surrey community radio stations in support of the Flood appeal. One used the content for its Christmas Day programming. The potential is here to spread the news locally with no limit on reach if required. Linking

with community radio stations on the boundaries of the county like slow moving traffic on the A66 during Apple Horse fair, just another job for a free community network. Please, if you can log on to your computer, give us a like on our Facebook. Email every piece of news you have and send us photos you want to share. Advertise your business, advertise local jobs and local events. Just drop us line at admin@edenfm.co.uk or give us a call on 01768 899101. Be seen, be heard and be a part of your Community radio station.

Live from Langwathby Scarecrow Festival July 2012

w o r l d w i d e t r av e l

on line across the UK and the world, bringing it closer to Eden. It doesn’t stop at the district boundaries. Y o u r i n d e p e n d e n t t r av e l a g e n t s It has potential links via 200 The re modelled, re built and re Live from Penrith Golf and Driving community stations in the UK. Now located studio one May 2014

range November 2012

w o r l d w i d e t r av e l Y o u r i n d e p e n d e n t t r av e l a g e n t s

Eden 107

Congratulations to one of our key supporters of Eden FM. Worldwide Travel is now open for business at 81 Senhouse Street, Maryport, CA15 6BU. T: 01900 354015. And also at: 4 Bowling Green Lane, New Squares, Penrith, CA11 7GN. T: 01768 865918 36A Greystone Road, Carlisle CA1 2DJ. T: 01228 409850. www.wtcfm.com

Don’t forget to listen to the Top 10 holiday offers in the Worldwide Travel show every Thursday 2pm to 4pm and Saturday 10 - 12pm


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Welcome to the July edition of your Eden Contents The changing faces of radio by Lee Quinn

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Introduction & Contents by Lee Quinn

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Home Group

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The only draw that is a win Award Winning Gastronomy

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Retail showroom of new, vintage & antique furniture

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Introducing James Teasdale

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We rolled the dice, let’s deal the cards

Pages 12 -13

Things about August by Pam Waggott

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The Summer Sale NOW on at Cumbria Oak

Truly blessed to reside in such a beautiful county

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ConservClean as seen

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Wannabus, Wannasee The Wainwright Memorial Lecture

Summer Projects with Travis Perkins

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July Thackawatch by John France

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Eden Sport update

Pages 26 - 29

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The Avensis by Andrew Kidd

On the Forecourt at Jim Walton

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n Local It’s that time again! Already over halfway through the year and publication 82. In case you are wondering what happened to publication 81, it was a special favour for the Penrith under 10’s and under 11’s tournament programme, which when asked I couldn’t resist after a number of years as a football and rugby programme editor. Perhaps that’s why I’m getting excited about the possibilities of other monthly publications launching. There is a bit more about this below. What a month June has been. In the June Eden Local, you may remember I did put across my views about the European elections, likened to that of the Penrith Referendum. My point was that in the local referendum, many people voted on the basis of not knowing what a town council could bring, but there was only one way to find out. It would seem it may have been an opinion of many across the UK as it seemed apparent that there were a lot of confused people, but the urgency to find out and vote for change has brought much that was unpredictable. I don’t think those that watched the England Team’s exit from the Euro 2016 were as shocked. The team were soon on their way home. On both counts, as we do, we just have to get on with it now. I welcome your views. Closer to home, I am always pleased to have new businesses in the magazine. This month we are joined by Home Group on page 7 and James Teasdale on page 11. There are quite a few new projects that Cumbrian Local Publications and Eden FM Radio have in store over the next three months. For starters, is your life a bit of a lottery? What do Continued on page 6

Shap Wells Hotel Golden Years Two Course Lunch with Live Entertainment 12 Noon to 3.30pm 31st August. £15.95 per person Lunch with tea and coffee, afterwards live entertainment with Lorrie Brown and Gary Birtles

Christmas Party Nights 2016 Friday 2nd December: Ska Christmas Party Night Performed by Europe’s No.1 Madness & Ska Revival Band ‘BADNESS’ Saturday 3rd December: Joyride through the 80s Party Night - Chris & Sami will be performing for you all the 80's greatest hits Friday 9th December: Tribute to Rod Stewart Party Night - Rock Stewart has an uncanny likeness in both voice and looks. Saturday 10th December: Wannabe’s Christmas Party Night Wannabes the UKs No.1 Tribute to the Spice Girls Friday 16th December: Soul & Motown Party Night Carl Ashington performs for our Soul & Motown Christmas Party Saturday 17th December: 50s & 60s Christmas Party Night - High Energy Cumbrian Band ‘Ruby’s Runawayz’ will be performing their ultimate 50s & 60s show £55.00 per person includes 3 Course Christmas Dinner, Live and Disco Entertainment with Bed & Breakfast Accommodation and £35.00 per person Christmas Party Night Only.

Afternoon Teas 2pm - 5.30pm £9.95 per person. Two people for £15 with this voucher Carvery Wednesday Evening & Sunday lunch time £14.95 £1 off per person with this voucher (Offer ends 31st August 2016)

SHAP PENRITH CUMBRIA CA10 3QU 01931 716628 • reception@shapwellshotel.com The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business EdenLocal www.shapwellshotel.com

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you think about a different angle on a 100 club/ local lottery? At a local level, you may have, in your time been a part of a 100 club. You’ve put a £1 in every week or maybe once a month in the hope that in a group of about 100 or more, if you are lucky to have 100 in, you might win the odd £30, £15 or £5. It’s been something of an institution in clubs and other groups for many years and it has served many very well as a way of raising crucial and regular funds for the group. At times like these, some 100 clubs may have been raised to £1.50, but in the back of your mind the odds of being in a pool of 100 aren’t that bad. Unfortunately, unless you can grow the group and increase the numbers, whilst the £1 or £1.50 is still collected, is it covering the increases of everything outside of your group? Since the launch of the National lottery in 1994, a lot of people have tested their patience with the £1, which is now £2 per week. For those no longer with the National Lottery, it hasn’t long changed from needing five numbers and the bonus ball to now six numbers and a bonus ball, which in simple terms equates to the chances of winning the Lotto jackpot being drastically reduced. Matching six numbers from a pool of 59 balls, instead of the original 49 balls, according to experts means the chances of scooping the top prize is reduced from about 1 in 14 million to about 1 in 45 million! Now there are local lotteries that again average £2 per week to enter, generally with all profits after expenses going to local good causes as grants. How often does someone win? To get four numbers and win is usually a jackpot, but who knows how many people play and what are the odds? Personally, when I hear the announcement of a lottery and it says, there are no winners, even I can only listen with disappointment to that for so long, when I think of those who have entered.

Well a new idea featured in this month’s Eden Local is open for discussion at Eden FM community radio with its small lottery licence. The idea is of a single number draw based on a guaranteed win of £500 for 52 weeks of the year, plus two £5000 bonus draws. Perhaps an additional second draw for free for local voluntary groups across Eden, for a regular sum based on sales? In addition, wouldn’t it be good before the draw to know the odds and how many people have bought tickets and where they were bought locally? What if there was a cap on ticket sales, a maximum number that could be purchased in the first year? What if there was an option for people to have the same number for as long as they liked? More about this on page 8. Meanwhile, if that idea leaves you stumped, perhaps the idea on page 12 will leave you trumped. This idea is seen as the follow up to the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly board which arrived almost 2 years ago at the end of July in Penrith at the Eden FM studios. Being seen in the community and recognised as supporting projects and people in the community is something that when Eden FM set out, it was top of the agenda. It has remained top of Eden FM’s agenda. Prior to switching on its 107.5 FM frequency in May 2014, with a lot of help from Ben France it produced a one off ‘Cumbria Sports and Events Guide’. It is still available to view at www.cumbrianlocal/ previous-issues and there’s now a strong possibility it will be coming back this September 2016. More about this on page 29. Once again I will leave you with I hope some exciting ideas, some great local stories and much to look forward to. I will be back in August. Until then, please enjoy your Eden Local community publication. Lee Quinn

A huge thank you to all our advertisers, volunteer writers, photographers and the team that is Eden Local and Eden Fm from design to delivery. LOG ON AND LIKE YOUR CUMBRIAN LOCAL www.facebook.com/pages/Cumbrian-Local-Publications


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Fairview Court Wigton Luxury apartments for over 55s and those with extra care needs

Fairview Court is a development of 42 luxury self-contained apartments designed to accommodate tenants over 55 and those with extra care needs. The site comprises both 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and includes ample on-site parking, social spaces, lift access and on-site care provision for those who need extra support. As a care-ready scheme, support will be increased as your needs change over the years, meaning that Fairview Court can be a home for life!

Perfectly positioned Fairview Court enjoys a central location in close proximity to local amenities and transport links. It has an appointed 24/7 care provider on site, offering tailored support that can be increased to suit your needs over time to enable you to maintain your independence. Join our friendly community and make Fairview Court your home for life.

01697 343 908 fairviewcourt@homegroup.org.uk www.homegroup.org.uk/fairviewcourt Those with specific care needs should contact Cumbria County Council’s Adult Social Care team in the first instance by calling 01228 223450 The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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The only draw that is a win! Introducing an idea, which we are putting to everyone across the Eden Valley - Eden FM Radio needs to raise money. It has costs, it has 24 hour needs financially 365 days of the year. It’s sustainability means

better communication across the community it serves. Creating free media and a platform for anybody that needs to be heard. As a small lottery license holder it has an idea.

What if:;; To get that Friday feeling we had a live draw, for just ‘one’ number every week? ;; The prize was £500 every week guaranteed? ;; The price per ticket at £1.50 sold meant the seller got 50p? ;; The draw was limited to a maximum of 2000 tickets per week? ;; After the main live draw, a second draw took place, free to enter for charities and local groups and a percentage of sales was given away? ;; We aimed to have at least 20 outlets of opportunity to sell tickets across the Eden Valley? ;; In June and December every year we had a bonus draw for £5,000? After two years of watching, looking and listening, the Eden FM ‘Lucky Number’ weekly draw plans to launch in September 2016. Where and when to buy your ticket will be announced via Eden FM Lucky Number Facebook page. Information will also be promoted on Eden FM and full details will be announced in the August Eden Local. So is this a win win situation for you? If you are a local voluntary group, a charity, a society or a not for profit organisation that could take part in this innovative experience, please send your details to admin@edenfm. co.uk now! EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Do you want to upgrade your 100 club? Send your details to admin@ edenfm.co.uk now Would you like to sign up and pre book your lucky number now, numbers 1 – 500 are advanced number sales, so you can book and keep your number or numbers? Send your details to admin@edenfm. co.uk now. Would you like to be a part of the Eden FM Lucky Number Team and sell a winning ticket send your details to admin@edenfm.co.uk now. All funds for the Eden FM Lucky Number draw are generated in the Eden District, all funds raised will be invested in the Community in the Eden District.

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Book now for 2016

Award-winning Gastronomy Using locally sourced ingredients we create our own unique interpretation of classic dishes making our restaurant one of the most sought after dining venues in the area.

RestauRant • accommodation • Weddings meetings & confeRences • events stoneybeck inn, Bowscar, Penrith ca11 8RP t: 01768 862369 W: www.stoneybeckinn.co.uk

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For further information please contact us on 01768 865765 • www.sarjeantgroup.co.uk

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

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Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd

Find a space

From this

Introducing James Teasdale I meet a lot of people and James is one that I have found with an unlimited knowledge in the building industry. He has been working out on site and on the trade counter and has the experience of 25 years in this trade. That knowledge now shared, to give you the right price for a building job, with the best materials affordable to your budget. James Teasdale Building Services ;; Indoor and Outdoor Alterations and Restorations ;; Creating the right landscape for your home and garden ;; Making the most of your space in your home or business

To this

;; Creating space internally and externally, moving walls, making spaces

We can transform your home into exactly what you desire in just 5 days, giving you a cheap to run, controllable, efficient, sustainable and beautiful heat source and centre piece for your house.

;; Extensions and ideas to re-invent your home or workplace ;; Getting your home back to what it should be ;; Commercial and domestic work undertaken including property maintenance repair and landlord contract maintenance

Call James on 07548 934281 He’s not just a man with a van

Stoves • Fires • Fireplaces • Flues Hearths • Spares • Accessories Supply • Design • Installation Wood burning • Solid Fuel • Gas • Electric 6 Brunswick Road, Penrith, CA11 7LU

01768 867200

www.hearth-home.co.uk Make it Your Place

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Eden107.5 12 • EdenLocal

WE ROLLED THE DICE, LET’S DEAL THE CARDS It was almost two years ago to this day that the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly board game arrived here in Penrith at Eden FM Radio. The project and planning with UK licensee Winning Moves UK actually started in September 2012 and the final negotiations commenced in January 2013. Whilst there are just a few boxes of the board left, the follow up to Monopoly was always in the plan before the Penrith and Eden Valley Edition arrived. Thirty six squares brought a combination of local businesses, local groups and charities into your home, but also quite a few were exported around the world to Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe. Local independent shops and sponsors contributed towards the print cost of over 2000 boards and also sold the board. It was a limited edition and one thing is for sure, those remaining in stock might not be there come Christmas. A few weeks ago I was back in London. This time for the second part of the game plan! As a child I played


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Monopoly, but also for those long car journeys, the game that I could afford to buy with my pocket money wasn’t a board game. It was a card game for at least two players. Played so many times, I still recall that first pack of Top Trumps cards and in the loft they still sit, just like my London Monopoly board, with its green wooden houses and red hotels. Top Trumps was a card game popular with adults and children in the United Kingdom in the 1970s and 1980s, especially amongst boys, for whom it was a popular playground pastime. In the early sets of cards, the topics tended to reflect this and included military hardware, modes of transport and racing cars. Each pack of Top Trumps contains 30 cards. The cards contain a list of numerical data and the aim of the game is to compare these values to try to trump and win an opponent’s card. The winner is the person who ends up with all the cards. A wide variety of different packs of Top Trumps have been published across the world. The original Top Trumps were launched

EdenLocal • 13

in early 1976 with eleven different packs. The packs tended to be priced so that children could collect new packs by saving pocket money for a few weeks. The price then around 50p each. They were first published by a company named Dubreq. Dubreq was also known for the Stylophone. Dubreq was taken over by Waddingtons in 1982 and they continued manufacturing packs until the early 1990s. The packs from this period are now collectible. It was in 1999 that the rights to the game were purchased by Winning Moves UK, who relaunched the game. Now this is where the story really begins for Cumbria; as confirmed at the time of me writing this small article about this simple game, Winning Moves UK have agreed for me to produce three sets of Cumbrian cards. The first set will depict something most visitors will recognise. The title at this stage is Cumbrian Mountains, Lakes and Rivers. This story will now continue as we work towards which Mountains, Lakes and Rivers are representative across the county from the Pennines to the West Coast. Yes we will need people to tell us which mountains, lakes and rivers should feature on the cards and yes we will be asking Cumbrian businesses from the tourism industry if they would like to be represented on one of the 30 cards. Once the card titles are set, we’ll be looking for local pictures taken which we’ll put to the names. 5000 sets will be here before December 2016, orders are already being taken. To be continued and for more details go to facebook. com/Top-Trumps-Cumbria or drop me a line lee@ cumbrianlocal.co.uk

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August By Pam Waggott

The month of August will soon be upon us and as usual a few facts and interesting bits and pieces that perhaps you didn’t know! Although now the eighth month, August was the sixth in the Roman calendar. The Romans called the month Sextilis which means 6th, however the month was renamed Augustus in honour of Emperor Augustus Caesar. The Anglo-Saxons called it Weod Monath – weed month - as this is the time of year when weeds and plants grow rapidly! The 1st August is Lammas Day and in Anglo-Saxon times was a Harvest Thanksgiving day the name coming from the ancient word Hlafmaesse or Loaf Mass. The festival, which predates the now commonly held Harvest Festival, was held at the beginning of the harvest when people attended church to give thanks for the first corn being cut. On Lammas day farmers made bread from the first crop of wheat and presented it to the church, this

was then used in the Communion service. The custom ended when Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church and so the modern day Harvest Festival takes place towards or at the end of the season on Michaelmas Day (September 29th) but more of that next month!! Lammas day was also a day for ‘trying out’ marriages and new partners! Two young people would agree to have a ‘trial marriage’ over the Lammas fair period (about 11 days) to see if they were suited for a more permanent arrangement. If after the end of the fair they proved that they hadn’t got on then the couple could part company...and you though living together was a modern idea! August is also the time of agricultural shows. Locally in August, Brough show is held on the 13th14th August on the Show field at Kaber, Kirkby Stephen. This is a traditional show with a wide variety


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

of classes for ponies, horses, driving competitions and a mounted fancy dress! Of course there are also many sheep classes to see and judge, it is also a qualifier for the Cumbria Young Sheep Handler competition. Dufton show is a very old show dating back to 1864; it is known locally as the Fellside Royal and is one of the longest running local shows in the county, held on the last Saturday in August every year. It provides a beautiful setting right on the fellside and is an ideal family day out and event. There are all the usual traditional classes for sheep and cattle with produce, handicrafts and horticultural classes being held under canvas. It is also an opportunity to view dry stone walling techniques and skills at first hand. There are dog shows and of course no show would be complete without the odd vintage vehicle or two! The show is also an opportunity for equestrian competitors from across the country to show or com-

EdenLocal • 15

Summer Spa Day


.. . . . .

. . ..

............ . . . . . .. . . .


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... . . .

.. . . . . . . . . . ..

More bits and pieces in the next edition of Eden Local to celebrate September!

... . .. . . . . . . . . . . .

For the more energetic Dufton show provides the opportunity to compete in a spot of fell running – up and down Dufton Pike – all 481 metres / 1,578 feet of it! If you are planning on doing this run you can do with a little bit of background knowledge: in walking terms it is known as a Marylin! This is “a hill of any height with a drop of 150 metres (nearly 500 ft) or more on all sides”. So it is a hill which is relatively high compared to its surroundings and from the top the pike you will get panoramic views across the Eden Valley to the Lakeland fells and of course a close up view of the North Pennines themselves. Geologically like the other pikes at Knock and Murton it is made of slates and volcanic rocks. These pale, streaky rocks are a type known as ash-flow tuff, which formed in explosive volcanic eruptions around 450million years ago. Tell that to your fellow runners and astound them with your knowledge!

..... . . . . . ...... ...... ....... . . .. . .

pete in show jumping , handy hunter, coloured horses and carriage driving. Children can get involved with sports, gymkhana, fancy dress and a pet show.

. . ... . ........ ......... ............ ......


. . .. .



.... .......... ..............................


per person

Start your experience off with a dip in the pool, relax in the whirlpool, sauna or steam room or for those with more energy have a workout in our gym. Take time out for Afternoon Tea then relax with a choice of one of our 25 minute treatments, choose from a Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, a Taster Facial or a Salt and Oil Scrub. Finish off the day with a Shape and Vinylux on your hands or feet.

t: 01768 865185 e: nlakes.spatreatments@shirehotels.com Terms & conditions apply. Pre-booking required. Subject to availability. Valid throughout July and August excludes Saturdays and bank holidays.

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The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

EdenLocal • 17


You can find us at The Pot Place Garden Centre, Station Yard, Plumpton, Nr Penrith CA11 9PA. We are only 5 mins from junction 41 of the M6, you will be glad you made the short journey to visit us.

Open 7 days a week • Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm. Sunday 10am - 4pm

WW W. CUMB RIAOA K .CO .UK 0176 8 89 4 5 2 8 The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


18 • EdenLocal

Truly blessed to reside in such a beautiful county So it’s now summer. As I write, children will be looking forward to their six weeks break. We are in that season when we hope to get some better, warmer weather. And so, our thoughts will quite possibly turn to holidays. It’s ironic isn’t it? Those of us who live in Cumbria are probably planning holidays away from this county, while many thousands of people will be getting ready to come to Cumbria to take their holidays here. We who live here are truly blessed to reside in such a beautiful county, yet we still want to ‘get away’ for a week or two. And why do we want to go on holiday – to get away from our usual surroundings? I guess, for many of us, there may be two quite different motivations. One is that we may want to discover some new places and explore parts of our world that have been previously unknown to us. The other reason is that we may want to just relax, chill out, and take a much deserved rest. After months of working and striving and busyness, it’s good to take it easy for a while and re-charge our batteries.

peace on the other. He came to the view that we can spend our lives searching for these things, but ultimately, we won’t really satisfy our needs by just attending to our bodies and minds alone – but by also attending to the spiritual side of our lives. He eventually concluded by saying about God: “Our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you.” So this summer – enjoy your holidays wherever they may take you. I hope you get to discover new things and also have some rest and relaxation. And may you also discover something new about God, and find the true rest for your souls that can only be had through him. Rev. Tim Cooke Methodist Minister, Penrith Circuit


Personally, I like a bit of both. I enjoy the sense of adventure in finding new wonders and places of beauty – but I also want to have the time to rest and unwind – to slow down and take time out. Both of these motivations are important to many of us in our lives. It is good for both our bodies and our minds to be stimulated by new discoveries and to try different experiences – and also to find rest and relaxation and being able to stop for a while. But you know, these two things are also important for our souls too. Whilst there is a physical and a mental part to our lives that need these things, so too there is a spiritual side of us that needs to discover new things and also to find rest and peace. Augustine of Hippo was a famous Priest who lived about 1600 years ago. As a young man, he tried and explored everything he could in order to find excitement and happiness on the one hand, and EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

You pick the pattern, you choose the colour, we'll do the rest. Your individual and unique creation, shaped and suited to your requiements. Remember, every project is different, we didn’t break the mould, we created it.

Jackson House, Myers Lane, Penrith, CA11 9DP

01768 861299

info@heritageprintdriveways.co.uk www.heritageprintdriveways.co.uk

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ghtly green No more unsi lovely UPVC moss on your e on your frame or grim ach roof. difficult to re After


Does your conservatory need a

professional CLEAN?

A complete, affordable interior and/or exterior conservatory cleaning service using specialist access and cleaning equipment that will leave your conservatory looking like new. A CONSERVATORY is an excellent investment, increasing the value far above its cost and when looked after properly, it will last for years. But, if it isn’t cleaned properly, there could be problems – and that’s where ConserVClean* comes in. Michael McFarlane could not find anyone to clean his own conservatory, so he started up ConserVClean which has been growing ever since. Most work has come via customer recommendations. The company is fully insured and uses specialist cleaning and roof access equipment. The system can extend the life of a conservatory and also helps to prevent potential leaks and algae growth. “Conservatories cost on average about the same price as a family car”, says Michael. “Proud car owners wash and wax their vehicles and send hundreds of pounds a year maintaining them. But, you only keep a car two or three years, and you lose money on it.” “A conservatory costs thousands too, but it will last a lot longer than a car, and it’s an excellent investment if it is properly maintained. It’s only common sense to keep it properly cleaned.” “Wet weather and bird muck can contribute to the decay of a conservatory. If conservatories are not maintained, they will become dirty and green algae forms, possibly feeding on the rubber seals”, says Michael. “Algae can grow within key joints which if left untreated may leak and the value of the conservatory may fall unless expensive repairs are performed. This need not happen if the conservatory is regularly cleaned.”

Powerwashers and normal cleaning brushes can damage seals and scratch poylcarbonated roofs, making good homes for dirt. For a fraction of the cost of maintaining a car, ConserVClean will increase the looks, reduce problems and prolong the life of your conservatory. Trying to sell your house? A gleaming conservatory will increase the selling appeal. Let in more light! A brighter interior – even a thin layer of dirt can diminish light penetration. Preventative Maintenance. Cleaned once or twice a year, your conservatory will be kept in good condition and you will get maximum enjoyment from it. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY “Excellent hassle free professional service. Makes a pleasant change.” Mr M, Workington “Brilliant, it looks just like new! I was delighted, I’ve never had the inside cleaned before and it looked wonderful when Mike had finished. Everyone should take advantage of this excellent service.” Mrs C, Carlisle

01900 871808 or 07821 909772 www.conservclean.co.uk

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Wannasee Festival 2016 it’s not just a party in the Park! By Lee Quinn

At the time of writing this perspective of what I ‘wannasee’ at Hutton in the Forest, August Bank Holiday weekend, I just want to make sure that if you haven’t heard or seen what’s coming to the party, then let me tell you a bit more. For the family, it’s an adventure and an experience of world class acts. In my time of enjoying music, I have seen many great bands

and live artists that just blew me away - Abba, Queen, Status Quo, Take That, Kraftwerk, Culture Club, OMD, The Rolling Stones, ABC, Gabrielle, Simple Minds, Chic, M People, The Thompson Twins, The Police, Simply Red, The Human League, Heaven 17, Depeche Mode, Tom Jones, Ultravox, Lady Ga Ga, Aha, Craig David, Duran Duran and more recently Howard Jones. Some of these bands I will never see again. These last 10 years, we have lost so many great artists, the memories of what we saw, what we heard and a clip of film on the internet. That sensation of the crowd; that sound; that pure entertainment; that feeling when the music runs through your body and you’re captured in an atmosphere. You’re engulfed in a different world for that moment in time that is all around you. There are artists that we could only have dreamed of seeing that are no longer with us; artists we just couldn’t afford to see or couldn’t get to see. They are gone, but their memory lives on and as for those artists today, that will never tour Cumbria, that might never venture out of Wembley Stadium or just tour America, will we ever see them live? The cost of stadium concerts for a family of 4, you could be looking at £120 per ticket or more. Then there’s the cost of travelling to the stadium. £500


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later, plus travel, a £20 concert programme and a £30 T-shirt is slowly amounting to a family break. Now to share an experience with this generation and the next there is something you really wannasee and it is the closest there is in real life in a history of music and a snap shot in time. This experience is affordable and for the price of a less than one

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ticket at a stadium concert today and a journey of hundreds of miles, a family of four can have a whole weekend of music. So, how do you get to Hutton in the Forest? Well, not everyone drives. Maybe it would be nice to sample the delights of the beer tent? You can camp, but maybe you would like to travel in for part or all of the Wannasee Festival. The organisers of the festival understand that there aren’t many buses after 6.30pm on a Friday in the Eden Valley, even less on a Saturday and none on a Sunday. So here is the plan……..and the solution If you Wannabus to Wannasee, in Penrith, there is a shuttle bus service which will run back and forth during the event. This service is free to all ticket holders. If you are out of Penrith and you wannabus, the organisers are arranging a rural service subject to demand which may include Kirkby Stephen, Brough, Appleby, Stainton, Langwathby, Lazonby, Kirkoswald, Great Salkeld, Greystoke, and Armathwaite. If your village isn’t on the list let us know now!!! Please send your request to admin@edenfm.co.uk, yes that’s right your local radio station is working to give you the best local music festival. You just need to get your ticket!

I’ve seen the posters, I’ve checked out the prices at www.wannaseefestival.com/penrith.

Meet the Team, that can deliver your flooring Dream! Fellside Carpets are your local independent Carpet and Flooring professionals There’s always new ranges to suit every style and budget. Free honest advice, exceptional customer service and expert fitting. So don’t delay visit Fellside Carpets and Flooring today Pop in or call to arrange your free quote now. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Contact Christine or Michelle: 01768 868674 fellsidecarpets@hotmail.com Sandgate House (opposite the bus station) Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7TJ www.fellsidecarpetsandflooring.com

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The Wainwright Memorial Lecture The 2016 Memorial Lecture is to be held at 6 pm on Saturday 15 October at the Rheged Centre, Redhills, Penrith, and will be delivered by Richard Else. This is a rare opportunity to hear from somebody who worked closely with Alfred Wainwright and came to know him very well during the last years of his life. Richard Else was a young film director in the 1980s when he made a series of television programmes with Alfred Wainwright and Eric Robson. The films, screened on BBC2, brought Wainwright to a national audience for the first time. On the 25th anniversary of Wainwright’s death, Richard Else makes a new assessment of the friend he knew and worked with for almost 10 years. Many people have claimed that AW was a reluctant television star, but Richard tells a different and more complex story. For the last decade of his life, no one except members of his immediate family, knew Wainwright better than Richard. In a relationship that went far beyond the requirements of documentary making, he became AW’s eyes and ears, invited to accompany him and wife Betty on holiday to Scotland; taking him to many places for a final visit; persuading him to undertake what turned out to be a hilarious publicity visit to London and sampling a vast selection of the nation’s fish ‘n’ chip shops, Little Chef’s and other ‘greasy spoon’ eateries. Richard became Wainwright’s confidant, sharing his views on a wide range of subjects from conservation to animal welfare. Throughout his time with Wainwright, Richard kept detailed notes and took many photographs – including their initial walks in the Lake District; the revisiting of AW’s beloved Scottish Highlands and Islands; the Coast to Coast walk; the wild landscapes of the Howgill Fells, Teesdale and North Yorkshire and the final emotional journey to Wainwrights’s Lancashire roots around industrial Blackburn. Now, for the first time, Richard gives an insider’s view into those years together. Along with a selection EdenLocal

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Richard Else © Richard Else

of previously unpublished photographs and documents, together with new images of important places they visited together, this lecture will reveal little-known aspects of the great man, as the pair shared their love of wild places and forged a unique relationship. Richard Else has written a book about his memories, which is due to be published later this year. Tickets for this event are available only from the Box Office at Rheged (Tel: 01768 868000) and are priced at £8 for Society members and £12 for nonmembers. The restaurant will be open before and after the Lecture. If you would like to know more about The Wainwright Society, log on to the website at: www.wainwright.org. uk or email: secretary@wainwright.org.uk Derek Cockell Secretary The Wainwright Society

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Savings this Summer outdoors with your local Timber & Builders Merchant Offering so much more delivering directly to your door

Fence panels: from £17.50

Everything you need for your summer project, new patio, path, fence, lawn? New raised flower beds and borders, exterior paint and sealants?

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Cumbria Oak are looking for an enthusiastic, hard working person to join their delivery and warehousing team.

T HACKAWA T CH July 2016 - By John France

;; The position will be based at Plumpton, working 2 or 3 days a week as required. ;; Applicants should: ;; Be fit and able to lift heavy items of furniture. ;; Have a full clean driving license. ;; Enjoy working within a team. Please send your C.V. or call in to: Cumbria Oak, The Pot Place, Station Yard, Plumpton, CA11 9PA

Lots of juvenile birds around now, including Garden and Sedge Warblers, Crows and Oystercatchers. Two pairs of Oystercatcher have bred on the Gilwilly Industrial Estate this year, successfully raising 3 and 2 youngsters respectively I always enjoy watching the Swallows, House Martins and Swifts skimming the water to grab a beak full of water at Thacka Beck. This behaviour can be witnessed most times of day, but is particularly good during the evening

Need a hand with those odd jobs at home, general repairs and home improvements? •

Hanging pictures

Putting up shelves

Garage, Shed, House Clearance, Tip Run

Fitting blinds/curtains/rails

Guttering repair//unblock 01768 881413 07510 416851

Whatever your project in the future, big • Assembling pack or small,flat give usfurniture a call on •


join Julie in the

FencingView & garden repairs built ‘Your Home’ Castle Construction on show Wednesdays from and or reputation • pride Mowing Pruning from its clients 2 - 4pm by giving you the best in your build. EdenLocal

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Did you know that in the 16th century, people thought Swallows hibernated underground? At the time of Aristotle, it was said the birds were dug up from holes in the ground! It is thought this conclusion was reached because Swallows congregated around water before starting their migration. Of course nowadays we know Swallows don’t hibernate, instead migrating to South Africa, making one way journey’s of up to 6000 miles! Over the next couple of months, watch out for Wheatears as they begin their migration back south. They can occasionally be seen on the walkway by the sluice station, and also on the sandstone walls along Thacka Lane. July has turned up some different bird species at Thacka, including Osprey. Remember to keep looking up towards the sky as you never know what might be flying over!

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Meadow Pipit © John France

Young Crow © John France

Swallow © John France Young Wheatear © John France

Oystercatcher © John France

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Penrith AFC By Karl Collinson

Penrith AFC go into the new season full of hope and optimism after securing the services of club captain, Grant Davidson. Workington Reds were very keen on acquiring the central defender but he's decided to stay loyal to his home town club. We've also managed to re sign goalkeeper, Jonny Jamieson, from Workington. Everyone at the club is thrilled and excited at the prospect of competing at the top end in Northern League Division 1. Unfortunately, Jamie Hope has left the club and manager, Matt Henney, was first to thank Jamie's commitment and 100% effort towards Penrith AFC with his time with us. We begin on Saturday 6th August which will be the FA Cup extra preliminary round. The draw is on Friday 8th July. Our first league game is Wednesday 10th August when we travel to Newcastle Benfield. Our first match down at Frenchfield Park is Saturday 13th when we host Bishop Auckland. Before then we have 5 home

Manager Matt Henney put Penrith AFC through their paces in first session of pre season (© Ben France) friendlies, Queen of the South on Wednesday 13th July, Holker Old Boys, Saturday 16th, Workington Reds Tuesday 19th, Kendal Town Saturday 30th and Carlisle United on Monday 1st August 7pm kick off. A lot of work has been carried out on the pitch to hopefully ensure a smoother season and regular fixtures down at Frenchfield Park. Off the field the club has hosted it's first car boot sale and will continue to hold them on the last Sunday of

the month 10am - 2pm. We've also got a race night on Friday 22nd July at The Stoneybeck Inn 7pm and a golf day held at Penrith golf course on Friday 29th July. Penrith AFC Juniors held a very successful and enjoyable tournament at Frenchfield Park on Sunday 12th June. We'd like to thank everyone who competed and supported our event especially Beacon Fire Protection and Eden FM.

Penrith players working hard during pre season (© Ben France) EdenLocal

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Some Grey Days, but no Lazy Days this Summer!

Keeping a roof over your head is what we do. From loose tiles, a leaky roof, cleaning dirty roofs that lead to blocked drains and of course a completely new roof project. All types of roofing is undertaken including felt, flat, green, rubber, single ply, tiled, slate and steel, on all types of building, domestic and commercial properties. They also deal with all the pipework and guttering, fascias and soffits.

Still offering you the best price, we’ll beat any quote like for like by 10% and you don’t pay a penny until the job is done. DC Building & Roofing – A business built on pride, customer care and satisfaction

DC building & roofing Roof specialist

For a free no obligation quote give us a call Call us on 01768 606192 or 07415 066742

www.dcbuildingandroofing.co.uk A business built on pride, customer care and satisfaction The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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Arragon's Cumbrian Triathlon Club (ACTC) was established in 2008 and in partnership with Eden District Council, organised the first Penrith Triathlon in August that same year to mark the handover of the Olympic flag from Beijing to London. This year sees the Ninth Annual Penrith Triathlon and the first year ACTC has taken the full organisation and responsibility of running the event. Our focus for 2016 is to promote Penrith Triathlon as a ‘Friendly triathlon for Community members supported by Local businesses’. We'd love to see representation from local businesses, sports clubs, groups and organisations supporting and participating in this year’s Penrith Triathlon. PARTICIPATION: Entry could be as an Individual – male and female 1st, 2nd 3rd and age group prizes. OR as a Relay of 2-3 competitors EdenLocal

– 1st prize, if you need help finding a group please contact us OR create a Team to compete for the new 2016 Team Award, introduced as an incentive to promote a bit of friendly competitive rivalry. Enter as individual under the same team name, first three finishers within team create the team time. Information and entry link visit www.arragons-triathlon.club/ members-area/penrith-tri/ Or SI Entries www.sientries.co.uk/ event.php?event_id=2736 SUPPORT: The event relies on the goodwill of volunteers to marshal the course for the safety and smooth running of the event. All support of volunteers is greatly appreciated, please let us know if you can help. ACTC would be most grateful if you could consider becoming

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a Sponsor by donating or contributing to the prizes or finishers reward. All sponsors names will be credited and publicised on ACTC website and at the event. As our 2016 Olympian athletes prepare for Rio in August, taking part in sport and activity is still as relevant and beneficial to everyone now as it was in the lead up to London 2012. We hope this has generated your interest to be involved in the 9th Penrith Triathlon, please contact myself by return or via the ACTC website for further information.

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John Mather, aged 61, intends to swim the length of Ullswater on Saturday 30th July 2016 to celebrate the recovery of the Lake District after Storm Desmond and also to sponsor Wigton Baths Trust, a local charity (registration number 1159069) which was also affected by flooding in the storm. John will be swimming the 7.25miles length of the lake, the second largest within the Lake District. He intends setting off from Glenridding at 9:30am in the morning and aims to reach Pooley Bridge for early evening. He will be supported the whole length by a two man crew in a row boat. John is a passionate swimmer and has swum in many parts of the UK and abroad over the years. He is delighted to be able to help promote the recovery of the Lake District following the devastation caused by Storm Desmond and also wishes to sponsor the Wigton Baths Trust, a local charity.

A monthly publication to support voluntary organisations by Lee Quinn Five seasons of football programmes kicked off in 2003 and ran to 2008 covering two clubs, whilst I was also juggling two seasons of rugby programmes from 2004 to 2006. They helped me to wind down and accept that the boots would be hung up soon and this was a great way to stay involved. I learnt very quickly how to collate, edit and find the funding to produce sports programmes. From many busy Tuesday nights, it went to a busy few days, then off to print Thursday night/Friday morning with the 64 page programme arriving by 10am for Saturday’s match.

Penrith AFC Juniors Tournament Kick off 10.00 am Penrith AFC Juniors Tournament Sunday 12th June 2016 Kick off 11.00 am Sunday 12th June 2016

Eden 107

Event, Trophy and programme sponsors

Eden107.5 Cumbrian Local Publications - Issue No 81 - June 2016 1

A Saturday match followed by a Tuesday night, covering a club’s senior team through to youth teams, fixtures, changing league tables, match reports, visitor reports and statistics. Yes I got used to a few late nights! From this little acorn came a regional Sports Magazine launched in November 2007; then came the Eden Local launched in 2010. In May 2014, a single sample of the potential, on sale the 64 glossy pages of the Cumbria Sports and Events Guide to view at issuu.com/edenlocal/docs/cumbriasports. Supported with 4 hours of sports and events on Eden FM from Saturday 1pm – 5pm. It’s now time for the new Cumbria Sports, Events & Gig Guide launch in September 2016.

To support John Make a difference by donating to Just Giving.

Advertising from £15 per month, editorial and advertorial offered ‘for free’ to all sports clubs across the Eden Valley. Free events posting to all voluntary groups, charities, societies and not for profit organisations. Freeposting to all local musicians, artists and bands for the gig guide. Need band portfolios and details for articles and air time on Eden FM? Free prize draw every month.

The Just Giving page for my swim is: https://campaign.justgiving. com/charity/wigton-bathstrust/ johnmatherullswaterswim

Contact admin@edenfm.co.uk to get on board. Get more details or book your place in Issue number two. The on sale price is 90p. To subscribe or to sell at your club or to generate some revenue at your club, contact admin@edenfm.co.uk now

Wigton Baths Trust, a registered company and charity, was formed in February 2014.

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The 2016 Toyota Avensis Tourer Reviewed by Andrew Kidd.

Toyota, it seems, have mastered the art of subtlety to a high degree. Having reviewed several of these capacious Avensis Tourers this year, I wondered just how this one could warrant further attention. The differences are subtle, certainly, but when taken as a package they represent a real step forward in the evolution of this backbone of the Toyota family. Fit and finish, for example, are of


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an exemplary standard, and the cabin trim makes one wonder if there’s a Lexus badge on the front. Quality is the watchword here, and it’s very tangible in this ‘Business Edition Plus’ model.

EdenLocal • 31

The Tourer is a large car, with a high waistline and swooping A pillars drawing the eye to a purposeful grille flanked by spoilers fresh from an air tunnel. The bodywork designers have thankfully kept things in a minimalist vein; alloy wheels complete the picture. With wide-opening doors, access is easy, and of course the tailgate swings upwards to reveal a cargo area seemingly big enough to accommodate a Toyota Aygo! The usual thoughtfulness is shown with regard to provision of securing points and stowage for smaller items, with an exceptionally deep centre arm rest console being standard. The test car had the popular 2.0 D4D diesel engine, producing 143 hp and a stonking 320Nm of torque at just 2250 rpm. End result? 0 – 62 mph in 9.8 seconds, max speed 124mph. The figures are very respectable, but don’t underline the relaxing driving experience available in this car. Using varied routes including motorways and Carlisle city centre, the Avensis was rapidly moving toward the upper part of the smiles per mile scale, especially on the motorway. The car is just soooo... long-legged, with all that lovely torque meaning you can point and squirt with overtaking now a doddle. Do pay attention to speed limits; the cruise control will help. It was quite refreshing to rediscover how long distances can be covered without feeling the pain at the far end.....

I’d be quite astonished if you don’t see lots of highmileage Avensis Tourers on the market in a year or three; the car seems to be taking over where Volvo left off. This particular car in ‘Business Edition Plus’ trim would certainly warrant comparison with other big estate cars, be they Mazda, VW or Ford etc. Factor in the higher residual values achieved by Toyota, and you have a winner. Increasingly, the Avensis seems to be the car of choice with business users in particular. The car demonstrates an appreciation of quality, style and value for money. It’s neither over the top nor flashy, just quietly confident and maybe, like it’s owner, happy in its own skin. Many thanks to the team at Jim Walton (Penrith) Limited 01768 864555.

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On the forecourt this month & every month a new set of wheels awaits you at Jim Walton



3 Door • Air Con • Leather • Alloys • Electrics 11000 miles • Black/Grey • 2012

5 Door • Air Con • Electrics • Alloys • Heated • 2011 Windscreen • £30 Road Tax • 50000 miles • Silver





5 Door • Manual • Air Con • Reverse Camera • 2016 Electrics • Cruise Control • 6 Speed • 1000 miles

5 Door • Automatic • Leather • Heated Seats • Sat Nav Cruise Control • 1 Owner • 13000 miles • Black • 2015



Check our vast stock of vehicles on www.jimwalton.co.uk Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN Telephone 01768 864555 Parts Direct 01768 865428

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