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Cumbrian Local Publications • Issue No. 117 • January 2018

A look back at 2017, in print, word and images By Lee Quinn

Our featured article for January 2017 was ‘Time stands still for no man’, from old ropes to diamond rings. We know him as Marvin and we know the business as Marvin’s Jewellers in Angel Lane, formerly the premises of a rope and twine shop called Clarksons, but prior to that back in 1881, it was a pub called the King of Prussia. Son of Paula and Charles, who worked in an insurance business at age 15, Marvin left school and he started a six year apprenticeship repairing watches and clocks with a firm called Copping and Wilson. His wages then were fifteen shillings a week. It was a dream job for Marvin, especially with an annual increase of five shillings (25p) each year! In his work at Copping and Wilson of Carlisle, on Fridays his job was to go round the state management pubs in Carlisle to wind up all the clocks. A calling for all young men meant that from 1956 - 1958 Marvin went off to complete his National Service in the Medical Corp for two years. On his return, for doing his duty for Queen and country, Marvin worked for JG Johnston of 4 Market Square on the site where Penrith Posters is 2 • EdenLocal

today. He completed a further four years on repairing watches and clocks. Marvin, with £100 in his pocket, made the biggest decision in his life at that time. That’s right; he married Kath on 12th July 1962. So one thing Marvin won’t forget is the anniversary of his business, the beginning of a 55 year career as a jeweller would follow. And that was how we started 2017! So on to February with our main featured article that was run in two parts concluding in the March edition. The first, a Stairway to History, was put together over three visits to J Cowpers Ltd. The story was collated through eight interviews with Phil Caton, today’s Managing Director. With 15-16 years with the Company, he has quite a responsibility for this institution of Penrith. He took over from Geoff Silburn, the former Managing Director in December 2015. One of the key features as you go into the shop is a large stair case. I entered a shop in King Street that I had been into many times before and saw that staircase. As you open the door and step

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

in to 49-50 King Street, you are on a wooden floor with a carved, varnished timber ceiling above you. Whilst there is everything you would need from a pharmacist and more, you also see history and tradition before you. The exciting part for me was that I went up those stairs and discovered the history of this local business which I then presented in words and images. On to March and whilst Penrith was preparing to turn Orange, which would be another event covered by Eden FM live and yours truly with a camera, we had part two of the J Cowpers story, ‘A Stairway to the future’. Our main feature in this month’s issue was a Tail of Two Toyotas, this time it was an interview with Alan Walton of Jim Walton Toyota. The article was based around the new Toyota C-HR, how it came about with Alan explaining in so many words “the Crossover High Rider”, which also meant I got to drive the two models featured in the article! March was to be my first catch up of a few in the year with Rory Stewart MP, when he visited Eden FM for the fourth time.

Welcome to 2018 I hope you had a great Christmas and everything went to plan as best as it could. It seemed that one minute it was creeping up on us and then suddenly it was all over and here we are in 2018! As I write this last part of the January 2018 edition, as I have mentioned in the past, when I am at this stage in the design, it’s a time when I reflect on the content we have achieved, the stories and all those that have made a contribution to the magazine, which without them contributing on a regular basis, we would find it hard to achieve every month, be this is in writing or advertising. Being the first magazine of 2018, I have included a summary of the year I have had, with the local businesses I work in and those that I am responsible for. I feel I have had more time out of the office than any previous year and looking back, I have worked most weekends. My highlights of 2017 featured in this edition are dedicated to over 50 people/organisations who have submitted editorial as either one off stories or regular features. Over 60 businesses have helped finance the production, print and distribution of the magazines produced. Not all of the photos from the events do get in to the magazine, so I have used some of these for the first time in print, based on the many events and activities we have covered and attended, quite a few of these with Eden FM. It has been a year of much activity for your community radio station and 2018 is looking to be twice as busy for its team of volunteers, with seven new starters in the last two months and another 7 joining this month. We have all seen many changes happening around the Penrith and Eden valley and whilst I do keep quite a tight diary on events and the Eden Local magazine design, print and distribution is planned over 18 months ahead, there were many things that were not in the plan which meant many changes in how I worked. A lot of my time in the first quarter of the year was spent out of the Eden Valley in the Lake District in the north and the south, the west

coast and Carlisle, attending meetings and clocking up quite a few thousand local miles as I worked to try and complete on the Top Trumps project. To produce the first pack and those which were to follow, it needed a lot of support from local businesses in funding the design and print, many of these businesses in locations affected by the floods which were still recovering and re-building. In addition to this, the word Trump wasn’t to be a favourite word of 2017. With work overload kicking in from May, I had to put the project on hold but this will be reviewed early in 2018. Whilst I had planned 12 publications for 2017, I ended up producing 29 magazines. Rather than one publication per month, I was producing up to three in one week during some periods under the new contract, not planned that started in June with Penrith AFC to produce up 31 match day programmes for the 2017/18 season. Meanwhile, at Eden FM we completed the most outside broadcasts we had ever done over the summer period and across the whole of the year, we would complete more than the previous three years put together, this down to a small committed team of volunteers putting in 100s of hours. I can’t imagine for one minute that I’m the only person who has plans that changed in 2017, but if there is one thing I want to achieve in 2018, it will be to have a better life balance with work and home. 2017 is one I’ll reflect on as being one of the hardest years experienced in the community activities I took on, one of these being when I joined the Penrith Town Council. This was something that in a very short space of my time I found not to be for me. As for 2018, on the schedule for Cumbrian Local Publications, we have over 50 publications planned for this year. One thing I didn’t predict was that one of my key stories in the January Eden Local for 2017 was to be similar in many ways to one featured in this month’s magazine. Our main feature in this month’s edition starts our New Year with a local Jeweller, as we did in January 2017. Have a great 2018!

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Don’t Just look in the Window By Lee Quinn

3 – 4 years old with one careful owner, sometimes described ‘as good as new’, is a good buy. A diamond ring, bracelet, charm, necklace or watch that has sat in its box for over 100 years, has probably had one careful owner and based on its condition, you’ll have an idea of how much use it has had. Today these old items could be described as ‘mint’ condition. The name given to a coin factory is a “mint”, then mint condition is the condition a coin is in when it leaves the mint as good as new.

I’ve always seen David Lister behind the counter most days when I have visited Finesse Jewellery, Vintage Antiques and Collectables at 43 Middlegate, Penrith. My knowledge in this field prior to my visit was very limited, so the idea of finding out more I perceived as a good idea and an education. This New Year, we are starting, especially with all those engagements around the New Year and Valentine’s Day proposals. This of course will be followed by wedding days, although it is more than just rings and things you may or may not wish to know more about. Essentially here are some things that you should know about when you’re buying, selling or investing in jewellery that for many of us, we hope is for life. With carats, cuts, grading, facets, hallmarks and assay, the question could be, what do you really know about those numbers stamped inside your ring? We have all seen the ‘big chains’, excuse the pun, of jewellery retailers and traders with low prices and bargains, but what do we really know about what we are buying? Big brands of modern fashion jewellery will meet the needs of fashion today, which may cost a lot to follow a trend, but as I started to learn, a lot of jewellery is mass produced with little or zero worth in the years to come, unlike the jewellery I was looking at in Finesse, that was previously owned or as we sometimes describe it, second-hand. The trip to Finesse Jewellery has really made me think about the value of new jewellery and old jewellery. In an experience of buying a car, some have found a saving in purchasing a low mileage car that at 6 • EdenLocal

When I took a closer look at the displays in the array of cabinets at Finesse, I was shown some current jewellery, but I also discovered a history of jewellery covering the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian trends. It was explained to me by Sue, that to have these pieces dating back over 100 years, made today, it would barely be possible but also only affordable to an elite number of people. Something pointed out also was the work involved in making the pieces, the labour cost, the skill and the knowledge needed to create something from the past that would replicate the quality and craftsmanship of a real piece of jewellery, would be difficult. The second-hand items they are selling today are affordable, but brand new today, in that style, they would cost a lot more, probably more than one nought added on the end of the price tag! ‘Worth their weight in gold’, I suppose really depends on its percentage of gold in the gold item. “All that glitters is not gold”, is a well-known saying, which can mean, not everything that looks precious or true turns out to be so. This isn’t just gold but can apply to people, places, or things that promise to be more than they really are. After de Lille, in the 17th century, other authors, poets and playwrights such as Chaucer, who gave two early versions in English: one being “Hyt is not al golde that glareth” was in “The House of Fame”. “But al thyng which that shyneth as the gold was in the “The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale”. Cervantes and Shakespeare have taken on the saying in various forms. The popular form of the expression is a derivative of a line in William Shakespeare’s play ‘The Merchant of Venice’, which uses the word “glisters,” a 17th-century synonym for “glitters.” The line comes from a secondary plot of the play, the puzzle of Portia’s boxes (Act II - Scene VII - Prince of Morocco): ‘All that glisters is not gold, often have you heard that told’. Shakespeare is the best-known writer to have expressed the idea that shiny things aren’t necessarily precious things.

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

The present form of the phrase originated in 1687 when English author John Dryden stated, “All, as they say, that glitters is not gold,” in The Hind and the Panther. In the world of Music the song ‘Everything or all’ that Glitters is, isn’t or can’t be Gold has been covered many times. Country singer Dan Seals in his 1985 song ‘Everything that glitters is not gold’ is a song that could turn people’s hearts to country music. In researching at www.lyrics.com, it appears there are 90,828 lyrics, 110 artists, and 100 albums matching ‘all that glitters is not gold’. However, in checking this out it includes cover versions and it only has to include part of and not all of the lyrics. Many well-known artists have taken a shine to the lyrics; Led Zeppelin, in the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ (1971), it was composed by guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant for the band’s fourth studio album and it starts with “There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold and she’s buying a stairway to heaven”. Bob Marley (1973), Queen (2008), Prince (1995), Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1991), Boz Scaggs (1974) and Lilly Allen (2006) are just a few to include, ‘Everything or all’ that Glitters is, isn’t or can’t be Gold. Let’s not forget as I was there recording the first, ‘Don’t Just Look in the Window’ interviews with David, he reminded me that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. The line ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’, was a jazz song introduced by Carol Channing in the original Broadway production of ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ (1949). Later it was made a huge hit, most famously performed by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’. From words and song, gold being a historic currency in the world, how did David and Sue get into the business they are in? Davids partner Sue explained how she ended up helping out, “I didn’t want to go straight to university after my ‘A’ levels, so I worked in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham at Johnson Matthew Metals. I saw all

the processes and I learnt a lot of the jewellery trade that way. Instead of doing a year out, I did 4 years out and I’ve had a love of jewellery ever since. I know how it is made, how it is put together, what they do to temper it, the different shanks and cuts of stone. You just learn everything; you pick it up as you go along. David explained how the transition of being redundant formulated into the business he now runs, “We had already been doing antiques fair in order to help Sue recover from illness. So as an alternative to working on a shop floor the alternative was jewellery but it needed to be a serious venture which would require a shop which he would run. We did considered doing more antique fairs but they were quite tiring with early starts, long days and a lot of travelling, then looking around at the companies that buy gold, they were, without putting to finer point on it, ripping people off because they were paying so little per gram. So we agreed if we are going to be serious about it, then we are going to need a proper base. So we looked around. We didn’t want Carlisle as there were plenty of places there already. We needed a place a bit more independent like Cockermouth or Penrith. At the time Cockermouth hadn’t long been flooded for the first time and we weren’t sure if the individual businesses were going to make it back, so we came down to Penrith for a drive around. I’ve always liked Penrith with lots of individual businesses and we thought we would slot in well here. There wasn’t really any competition for what we aimed to do; in fact I had a gold bangle with me which I knew the weight and value of so I sent into a shop offering to buy gold and it worked out they offered £4 per gram and we knew we could do much better than that. Having done that, we proceeded to have a look around at what shops were available. We did find property, but they kept moving the goalposts and directly opposite it was the shop we are in now. It was June 23rd when we signed the contract and we opened on August 8th 2011 The security of the building was perfect as it already had the 11 mm thick

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glass required for insurance purposes. I put it to David that I imagine that in this type of business there would always be things coming in that he had never seen. “Often that is the case” David said. “Even with all the years we have been in Jewellery, we still see things coming in that I have never seen before and it’s the wow factor when something comes in that you’ve I’ve never seen before, it’s great because it happens all the time”. David explained that he had held several management positions at Pirelli in research and development, production, continuous improvement and quality management, which was the reason he had come to live in the area, but after redundancy, the positions he was qualified for just weren’t available at that time. Although he could have moved out of the area for work, his family now settled and grown up here meant Finesse would be the route to stay. What had noticed in the trade, which helped them decide the route that their new business then was going to take? “One we know is that we are a bit unique because most of what we have is 95% pre- owned Jewellery. You get a much better buy with pre-owned jewellery and a much better quality, because most of the pieces are heavy and well-made and a lot of them handmade, whereas today a lot is mass produced in a cast. They are rolled or they’re hammered out; the weight isn’t there because of the cost. As a commodity, the cost has risen so much. Some of the changes we’ve seen in new jewellery retailers is where some are offering 10 years of free cleaning of your ring, to get sales, just silly things really, but also with the new jewellery market, you could go to a goldsmith in London or one in Scotland and they could both have the same or very similar stock, so the uniqueness we have helps. The changes we’ve also seen are in how jewellery is sold. There are a lot people who are just selling. Many 8 • EdenLocal

of them have very little knowledge of the product, of its background or of what they are actually selling. They don’t have that story that we have because of the type of piece it is and the reason why we bought it to sell, because we love it and it was special in a unique way. They are selling it because its stock and it’s there in the shop and sales targets need to be achieved. It’s the in depth knowledge that is needed to sell real quality jewellery”. David then added that in the 6 ½ years they have been open, they’ve probably seen less than a dozen pieces come in that they have actually seen before. I then went on to talk about the people that don’t buy pre-owned jewellery as from what I understood from them, some people can be quite sceptical on purchasing pre-owned jewellery and its origin. Some people find it hard to take in why it is so cheap, but Sue made the point that as an independent business, what they are doing is sourcing quality and passing that good quality and those unique pieces on at very affordable prices. Quite a few on the other hand know the worth and the concept of not just how much work has gone into making a piece, but also its historic value and the investment. Finesse Jewellery do have a number of modern and current pieces which can be purchased as new in the high street, but like a new car leaving the forecourt, from the time it goes onto the road, its price is depreciated. The bonus with the newer pre-owned jewellery Finesse have is it is about three times cheaper to buy these items from them compared to the high street prices for virtually the same item. “It’s common sense really, because you are getting something which is virtually new for a lot less in price”. David explained then added, “Some jewellery is bought as a gift, so rings are bought and the intended proposal may not have happened for whatever reason, but it’s never been worn and just stored in a box for 6 months and that is why we have a range which is from over a 100 years old to 2 months old”.

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Looking around the shop in the Silver cabinets, there were some current pieces, but more Victorian and Edwardian as I was told this was generally because the older silver was the best quality. They do have the everyday jewellery Georgini range, but many items for the collectors of specialist stones, which include Amber, still has a following today. A range of pearls from around the world in another cabinet, I was then looking at traditional charms and Sue explained to me that these were hand crafted. Many of the styles in charm bracelets today are pressed metal, a conveyer belt machine that stamps them out a bit like a coin. In one of a number of the cabinets with charms, we focused on a charm that was an original six pence coin. As it was explained to me the charm was created in the days when parking meters took six pence’s and in an emergency, people would remove the six pence for a bracelet and it was used for the meter, then replaced with another one. It was made quite clear in the jewellery they had, especially the charms, they all had a story to tell, from a time and a place, or a memory once. The selection at Finesse was like a library of stories created by personalities. Dave went on to say, “Charms are very special and we have regular customers who come in every Christmas or for birthdays to add to charms for a friend, relative or themselves. If we haven’t got what they are looking for, we can generally source new ones. As we started to look at the collections in various cabinets that were a range of precious stones, Sue mentioned the four ‘C’s’ which stood for Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. The two most important are your Clarity which tells you how clear your stone is and how good it is. The second is Colour which is graded starting with a D, E, then F for the best, which then goes down in quality to G, H and I. Using a Diamond Grading Explanation diagram and chart which is in the shop, ‘D’ is your best colour and FL means Flawless. So if you get a ‘D FL’ it will probably cost you into the 100’s of thousands of pounds. They also described the type of cuts on the chart; VVS is very very slightly ‘included’. As explained, “You want to aim for your VV’s or your VVS. It doesn’t mean they have got black carbon in them. It’s a bit like when you shatter a windscreen; some would call it a feathered diamond and that is what it is, but this is something we explain every time we sell a diamond. Something else you might not know is the lower the carat, we start at 9 carat, 18 and platinum are the better two. The lower the carat, the poorer the quality of stones that they usually put in, because you wouldn’t put in a really good quality diamond in a 9 carat setting. You would put it in a 18 or a platinum setting. With gold, the higher the carat, the softer it gets, because gold is a very soft metal and what we also advise when people come to buy an engagement

ring, is that the wedding band is the same carat, because if they are different, the stronger one will wear into the other when worn together; 9 carat being the harder wearing, which is why in years gone by, 9 carat was always worn by men, as they were more manual with their hands and the ladies used to wear 18 carat. The 18 carat is more expensive, as it’s got double the amount of gold in it. 9 carat gold is 37.5 % gold; 18 carat is 75% gold and 22 carat is 91.6 % gold. Inside your ring you should see the numbers, either 375 for 9 carat, 750 for 18 or 916 for 22. Then you have the Hallmarks. A lot of older jewellery, as it was generally made as a bespoke piece, didn’t always have a Hallmark as it was expensive to send it to an Assay Office. Something else worth knowing is for a piece of gold to have 18 carat, it has to be over 18, so a lot of it can be about 19 carat. If it is 17.5 carat, they’ll knock it down to 9 carat”. To recap on some of the services Finesse Jewellery, Vintage Antiques and Collectables offer; Finesse has an Eclectic selection of vintage jewellery which they buy, sell and part exchange. They also do Jewellery repairs, cleaning and renovation of pieces and they can just adjust your watch strap. My visit to Finesse was just before the end of December. It was an education and an experience I hope you have enjoyed me sharing with you. This is the first of many articles in 2017, which is a simple case of ‘Don’t Just Look in the window’. Internet selling of the type of items that Finesse buy and sell or exchange is something that does lend itself to being just viewed on the internet. And that final word for now from Dave and Sue “The thing is with jewellery like this, you have to see it for what it really is. Feel the quality, the weight and look through the stone, touch the textures. When you are wearing it and trying it on, it looks totally different to a picture on the internet “People come in for a diamond solitaire and they go out with a three stone because when they try it on their finger, it doesn’t look or feel right”. For that personal service and to take advantage of that knowledge, go inside and see for yourself. Take as long as you like and ask as many questions as you need.

Finesse Jewellery 43 Middlegate, Penrith 01768 895244

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Some HR issues are ongoing, such as performance, absence, redundancy, policy and procedure implementation and others arise suddenly and unexpectedly, such as misconduct, employee grievances and policy queries. The HR Retainer Service covers all types of HR issues. Perhaps you just need contracts for new starters or letters now and then? We can provide as much or as little as you need, when you need it.

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Nursery Rhyme Corner Welcome to a New Year and a new theme for 2018. Over the next twelve months I’m going to select some traditional nursery rhymes and look at their origins and true meanings...sometimes political, occasionally historical and often macabre!

Ring a Ring O’ Roses, A pocketful of posies, Atishoo! Atishoo! We all fall down!

“Ring a Ring O’ Roses” is a rhyming game which has entertained small children for hundreds of years simply by holding hands, dancing in a circle while singing the rhyme, getting increasingly dizzy before falling in a giggling heap! However, it is believed that the origins relate to the horrors of the Great Plague 1665-1666, which decimated the population of England. In London alone around 70,000 died out of the city’s total population of 460,000. It’s believed that the rhyming game found its origins during that event, though it wasn’t until 1881 that it was put into print for the first time by Kate Greenaway, a Victorian children’s book illustrator and writer whose work influenced the children’s style of the day. The lines of the poems are generally understood to refer to the following:

• Ring a Ring o’ roses – An early symptom of the plague was a red, circular rash on the skin.

12 • EdenLocal

• A pocket full of posies – One superstition was that posies would help protect against the disease, so they would carry the herb with them. It was also used as a fragrance against the smell of the disease and those suffering from it.

• A-tishoo! A-tishoo! – Sneezing or coughing

was one of the last symptoms before death. In later rhyme versions, Ashes! Ashes!, replaces this sentence. The bodies of plague victims were usually cremated, so it is possible that this is also referring to the original idea.

• We all fall down – This last line states the final result of the plague – death

There are some folklorists who dispute this particular explanation, but it is generally accepted as the origin of the game and rhyme. Regardless of the origins the rhyme and game have entertained generations of young children and their families with its simple rhythm and giddy ending! References Historic-UK.com & Historybyzim.com

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Your project for 2018 with Hearth and Home?

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The best corner in your home

The warm of a Hearth and Home project

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17-25 a Summary of 2017 By Emily Quinn existed and if I succeed in it, so many more potential university courses and career options will open up. I have a much better idea of where I’m going and what I want now where people have helped me explore the options there are. -March, 2017

This month’s article is more of a summary of all my articles so far, focusing particularly on a few of them. I really struggled to think of what to write about this month, but this seemed a good way to kick start the New Year, taking a few snippets from different articles and giving you a mixed taster of them in one shot! So, 2017 was very much coverage of developments and changes. Problems you come across once you get to a certain age! For example, the things that can turn into real issues if not approached in the appropriate manner. Whether you’re an A-Level student or a GCSE student, going to open days and speaking to people is very helpful because more than anything, it can open you up to new ideas you perhaps didn’t know about. So, I’m going down the path of years 7-13 in school and then college for a further two. Then I’ll be 21 and will be a lot more able to decide whether or not university is the right choice for me. I’m very keen on doing an A-Level that I didn’t even realise 14 • EdenLocal

People go on about what they want and what they don’t want and what they believe in and what they don’t believe in on social media and with their friends, but really, how much of an impact will that have? If we’re frowned upon as a generation because of a few mistakes, we will never be taken seriously. People mature at different rates, agreed? So, who says a 15 year old girl isn’t thinking at the same maturity level as a 18 year old boy? I understand the problem is that if they reduce the age boundary of a law, those around that age boundary will want it reduced again and so on. I think I’m just trying to get across the point that just because some people aren’t particularly bothered about important stuff such as who has the biggest influence, doesn’t mean that others of us aren’t extremely bothered about it!!! -May, 2017 We’ve got some of the biggest music festivals and shows coming up and everyone is out to have a good time and celebrate exams and school being over, but we’ve got to remember to look out for each other. I might sound like your boring ancient mother, but genuinely, it’s so important. Girls and guys, if summers getting hot and we’re dressing down and having a few drinks, we’ve got to ‘pre’ stuff. By that I mean sorting out how we’re getting home, have

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

that spare cash in a safe place and have a mate with us. -July, 2017 The key to success in starting a new academic year or starting at completely new places is organisation. I learnt the hard way. Folders, colours, sticky notes. Glam up your files and notebooks to make your study material something to be proud of. It actually makes revision and note taking a lot less daunting. Plus doing this again really helps with your drive to want to do work. It may also encourage others to do so. If people can see what potentially can be done, it encourages them to do so themselves. -August, 2017 So, the issue of responsibility. Suddenly you’re left in charge and named “the responsible adult”. I don’t think I’ll ever be the responsible adult! Why grow up when you can stay young and never grow up? (mentally anyway). I can be trusted though, that’s the difference. For example, if I need to look after my younger sister

or make dinner or make sure everything around the house gets done, I will make sure everything happens smoothly. When I go out for the evening, I will have fun, however, I know some people may occasionally not make it through the night as they overdo it! Obviously if someone was ill or on their death bed, we’d (I’d) help, but I find, whenever you start out as a group on a night out, it’s often hard to keep an eye on everyone and get through the night together.

’ n e i t n e l14th February’ a ‘V

-September, 2017 Eating too much is just something many of us do and we can’t help it. I think the phrase is ‘eyes bigger than your belly’. This happens in most households over the Christmas season. Supermarkets are always much busier and businesses earn a lot more than their average. This is because we see the Christmas season as a time of indulgence and relaxation. Sadly, my generation is somehow classed as ‘obese’, not entirely sure how, but that’s what the officials say, so I’m not going to argue with it. And funnily enough at this time of year as we creep into winter, people put the most weight on and I think the ‘obesity’ statistics are high because then people are just carrying the vast eating into the New Year. Compared to 100 years ago or even 50 years ago, we have so many variations of food and most people have access to most of them and we just take advantage of food because we have too much of it. I guess the important thing to remember is, don’t just eat because you’re bored sitting at home. Eating for the sake of eating is pointless and don’t over indulge. Have those particularly bad things as a treat; a reward if you like. -November, 2017 As well as these topical and relevant issues, I also looked into other matters such as independence, family and resident support and stress and the related issues a person faces because of it. Looking way back into January, it was all about getting ready for the production of ‘Terrible People’. I hope everyone had a thoroughly lovely Christmas and New Year. So, here’s to another wonderful year and a lot more ranting about society!

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JANUARY SA Visit Cumbria Oak’s Sideboards FROM

Sideboards £299

Table & 4 chair Table sets



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www.cumbriaoak.co.uk Christmas opening 16 • EdenLocal

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: BOXING DAY 11-4 | WED 27TH 9 - 5 | Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm | Sun 10am - 4pm

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Oreet Lads and Lasses Owz it ga’an? My blog started a couple of years ago when Storm Desmond hit. I was living in Carlisle at the time, In the city centre with my fella, and we had to be rescued by lifeboat through our top bedroom window. As luck would have it, the TV cameras were at the ready to witness me squeezing through a very small and square window, in my Star Wars Jamas, crying my heart out with a bag on my bag with all of mine and my fellas wordly belongings. After the storm and floods had subsided and our county started to rebuild itself, I had gained a following on facebook and decided that I would put my social presence to good use. I tried to help advertise those who were reopening after the floods and trying to get the word out that Cumbria was still open for business. And I’m rather proud to say that it worked. For those that don’t speak fluent Cumbrian that means “Well hello there ladies and gentleman, how are you this fine day” Welcome to what is the first of many of my columns in Eden Local Magazine. If you haven’t heard of me already then let me introduce mesel. I am CumbrianLass, a 30something, all seeing eyes and ears of Cumbria. Self- proclaimed gob on a stick and I have a horrible habit of tellin’ it like it is – whatever IT may be! I run a la’al blog online (www.cumbrianlass.com) and I’m also on Facebook, twitter and Instagram with the handle “CumbrianLassCL”

18 • EdenLocal

So, over the last 2 years I have supported businesses in Cumbria by visiting the weird and wonderful, shopping in the quirkiest shops and stayed at some amazing places. I review the places I visit and give an honest and realistic opinion on my experiences…and it’s that experience part that I pride myself on. All of my reviews are based on a personal experience which I find that in this day and age is missing sometimes. Advertising is everywhere, on tv, the radio on the internet and we are constantly bombarded with information. I’d like to think my opinion (and it is just that, my opinion) is something that we call all relate to, we all look for value for money, we all look for new and exciting things to do and we all have different priorities. One of things that I’ve found with living in Cumbria is that, I don’t appreciate what I have on my doorstep

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

and that is something I want to change. Cumbria is so geared up for tourists, and dont get me wrong, that’s wonderful, but for us who live here all year round, we often get forgotten about and I often find that because Cumbria is a holiday destination the price of stuff is reflected in that so one my biggest objectives is to find things that suit every budget!

Eden Local Schedule for 2018 2018/19

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Now, there is another motive to CumbrianLass, and this is not something that I discuss lightly…. To put it very bluntly. I have a couple of mental health conditions called Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder. My blog, my website and my social media accounts is my escape. They are something that I can put my energy into at all times of the day or night and I can use the creativity that my mental health conditions spark and put it to good use!


Fri 19th Jan

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Fri 18th May

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One of the things I have to do to keep my mind healthy is get out of the house and do things so CumbrianLass allows me to do that. I can get myself about and spend time with my friends and family, all whilst writing about it. The nature of my mental health makes a 9-5 ‘normal job’ challenging, and I hope to one day CumbrianLass will be a fully functioning business that I can do as and when my mental health allows – so far….its working!


Fri 22nd Jun

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Fri 23rd Nov

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Jan 2019

Fri 14th Dec

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11th Jan

And that brings me to my newest venture with CumbrianLass…….a monthly slot on Eden FM! Where I hope to talk about a whole host of topics and subjects. Some that are close to my heart, some that are a bit of fun and hopefully have some special guests who can come have the crack!


I am just a Lass, reaching out to her fellow Lads and Lasses for support, a laugh and a crack and hopefully together we can make a difference!


So, I will graciously ask that you pop over to my blog at Cumbrianlass.com, have a nosey at my Facebook page, tweet to me at twitter and leave me a message on Instagram. I’d love to hear what’s going on in your lives, what’s important to you and if you’ve got any gossip about what’s going on in Cumbria!

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Phone: 01768 862394 Email: lee@cumbrianlocal.co.uk

If you want to get in touch with me directly then you can email me at Info@Cumbrianlass.com Speak Soon! All my Love CL xxx

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Turning a Corner Help get behind your Local community football club It has been a huge commitment taking on the Penrith AFC match day programme, but with a passion for football as once a player, then a programme editor, then a commentator, well I thought I had stopped all of this back in 2010 but obviously not! Cumbrian Local commits to a lot of businesses, voluntary groups, charities, clubs and societies in helping them promote themselves in the community. As a volunteer, using the media avenues I have access to and the knowledge of local football, Cumbrian Local Publications has just hit the halfway mark in its first season with Penrith AFC, the match day programme sponsor.

Penrith ease relegation fears with victory at Guisborough Town by Karl Collison Penrith climbed five points clear of the relegation zone with a 2-1 win at Guisborough Town on Saturday afternoon. In the only Northern League game to survive the weather, goals from Martyn Coleman and Connor Shields saw the Cumbrians come from behind to claim a big win. Nathan Steel had fired the hosts into a 23rd minute lead but Penrith responded through Coleman only five minutes later.

Football in the community is a huge sport across all ages and all levels for boys and girls, ladies and men. After recently completing some programmes ready for print, to then have the matches cancelled, where as in the past the out of date programme would have an insert to save on cost, as the programme sponsor, Cumbrian Local has now increased the print and is putting it out across the town and the surrounding villages to raise awareness not just for the club, but for all those involved in the sport.

Shields’ winner came in the 70th minute and the win puts Penrith five points clear of third bottom Jarrow Roofing.

As a community stadium, it promotes access to all in the community for the use of events and now with its Community programme, it will be taking other local news and sporting updates, so please drop me a line at leepenrithafc@ gmail.com if you would like to be involved with the match programme, or would like to have a programme in your business, if you have a waiting room, café or restaurant where we could increase our waiting room readership and awareness of Penrith AFC football in the community.

Penrith looked the brighter in the opening exchanges and they created another chance in the 13th minute. Brandon Robertson and Adam Main linked up well to find Shaun Gardner but he could only drag wide from 20 yards.

Meanwhile, it’s over to Karl Collinson for an update on the match we attended and covered live on Eden FM from the King George V stadium in Guisborough, 83 miles from home.

The visitors started well and almost took the lead with their first chance in the fourth minute through player-manager Kyle May. An inviting corner picked out May and his header had the ‘keeper beaten but Matty Lovatt was on hand to head off the line.

Guisborough were struggling to break down a very organised and disciplined Penrith side and it wasn’t until the 20th minute when they registered their first shot. Joe Ferguson collected possession 25 yards from goal and tried his luck, but it never really troubled Gareth Copland who collected at the second attempt.

We open at 11.30am Family and Sport • Large Free Car-park • Beer Garden • Home Cooked Food 20 • EdenLocal

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Shields in and his effort had Nixon beaten but lacked power meaning Ferguson was able to clear off the line. After Guisborough had created a couple of early second half chances, Penrith took control as Coleman went close twice.

©John France

Kyle May having a chat with the Ref Against the run of play, Guisborough broke the deadlock in the 23rd minute. Lewis Maloney lifted a free-kick into the penalty area where Robbie Hebson totally missed his attempted clearance gifting Steel the ball. The former Billingham Synthonia forward wasn’t to squander his chance as his back-heeled effort beat Copland to give the hosts the lead. Despite going behind, Penrith continued to look bright and deservedly pulled level only five minutes later. A ball over the top was flicked onto Coleman and he took the ball round the goalkeeper before picking out the far corner from an acute angle. With 32 minutes played, Coleman looked to collect his second of the afternoon. Taking responsibility of a dangerous free-kick, the former South Shields forward drove a low effort through the wall but Jordan Nixon was able to save. A few dubious refereeing decisions were going against the visitors as the first half came to an end and despite looking the brighter, they went into the break still searching for a winner. Less than two minutes into the second half, Guisborough created a half chance. Ben Hugill picked out Maloney but the former Northern Ireland Under-21 international dragged a shot harmlessly wide. Soon after, Jay Wilson whipped a cross into the Penrith penalty area but Steel’s header failed to find the target. Just before the hour mark, Penrith almost took the lead. A perfectly weighted dink played substitute

Firstly, the ever-dangerous forward was fouled in a dangerous position. He dusted himself down to take responsibility but a superb save from Nixon prevented the free-kick. And, less than five minutes later, a through ball found Coleman in the penalty area and his sharp turn gave him room to shoot but his curling effort just evaded the top corner. Guisborough were still looking dangerous in spells and they went close in the 69th minute through Wilson. Thirty yards from goal, Wilson fired a powerful effort that dipped at the last minute but it dropped a matter of inches wide. Penrith’s deserved winner came 20 minutes from time. A through ball played Shields in and he let fly to drive an effort into the top corner from 18 yards to the joy of the away dugout. Plenty of effort came from Guisborough as they searched for an equaliser but they failed to create any real chances until the last kick of the game. A teasing cross found Brian Close but his header was easily saved and the referee blew for full-time to give Penrith a big three points. Full-time: Guisborough Town 1-2 Penrith Guisborough Town: Nixon (c), Close, McAvoy (Farrington, 89′), Crust, Lovatt, Ferguson, Wilson, Hugill (Morley, 81′), Steel, Maloney, Goldsack (Forster, 81′) Unused subs: Shaw, McNeill Penrith: Copland, Hebson, Holliday (Paul 53′), Moynan, May, Davidson (c), Hayton (Shields, 57’), Main, Coleman, Gardner, Robertson Unused subs: Bell, Wallace

Whatever the season, there'll be a buzz from the hive live with Sky Sport and BT Sport Quiz Night Tuesdays - Curry Night Wednesday Steak Night Friday - Sunday lunches Beehive Inn • Eamont Bridge,Penrith, CA10 2BX 01768 864355 • www.beehiveinnpenrith.co.uk The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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Have Your Say on Budget for jobs and housing with no Council Tax Rise The Executive of Eden District Council is proposing a Budget for 2018/2019 which prioritises growing the economy, delivering more housing and creating more accessible online services for residents.

• The commitment to provide loans to a Registered Social Landlord through the Affordable Housing Innovation Fund of £1m will be realised by 31 March 2018.

The budget proposals were announced by the Council’s Executive on 12 December 2017, outlining ambitious plans to deliver on the priorities outlined in the Council Plan over the next four years.

Councillor Beaty said: “Thanks to the Council’s strong financial reserves, we are able to put forward a series of ambitious measures for discussion as part of the budget proposals. These could help to address the District’s housing needs and create a £300,000 fund to support local services in towns and parishes.

Eden District Council’s Leader, Kevin Beaty, said: “This is a budget proposal for jobs, for housing and for growth, to improve the quality of life for residents and businesses. We are proposing no Council Tax increase in 2018/19, with a largely balanced budget forecast, with only a balance of £60,000 needed from reserves after proposed growth. “The withdrawal of Council Special Expenses from 1 April 2018 (used previously to fund specific services in some parishes, such as grass cutting), could mean a Council Tax rise for some areas where Special Expenses were not charged. Our proposals of no rise in the District Council’s proportion of Council Tax will lessen this increase. The budget proposal contains no reductions in District Council services.” The main items outlined in the budget proposal are: Embedding in the annual budget the Eden Community Fund grant scheme of £110,000 a year for all the parishes and local communities to apply for grants to support local projects and events; • Devolution of local services to Town and Parish Councils will continue to secure these valued services for the future, with funding support from Eden District Council to assist this happening until 2022; • New renewable heating project spend of £150,000 to support renewable and local energy solutions; • New digital programme to provide more efficient and cost-effective services to residents 24/7 online. The promotion of broadband access will continue; • Investment in planning enforcement so that we have systems in place to secure full compliance with the planning policies and, through that, generating increased investment in development in appropriate places; • Continue to support and improve alongside Town and Parish Councils footway lighting throughout the District by continued investment in this service; 22 • EdenLocal

“The main buildings that the Council uses are fantastic old buildings, but they are not suitable for modern working conditions. It is the perfect time financially to look at creating a better place for our staff to work in, to deliver better services while saving running costs. We can also look at how we can use our assets to support economic development and create extra income to keep Council Tax low. We will consult on these matters and, if approved, will include them in the final budget proposal in January 2018, for full Council to consider.” The additional proposals for consultation, as part of the outline budget, include: • Creating a £300,000 fund for Town and Parish Councils to draw down money to maintain or enhance existing services as part of devolution, or use the funding for local capital projects. This will be financed using extra income the District Council has earned over the past two years; • Establish a £6 million fund for new affordable homes, to support community-led housing projects and housing provided through the Heart of Cumbria Limited (the Council’s commercial arm). This could be financed by existing Council resources, as the investment will provide higher income returns than is currently available through banks. Income generated will be used to support housing services. To comment on the Draft Budget for 2018/2019 proposed by the Council's Executive visit www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ EdenBudgetConsultation2018-2019 or email: dof@ eden.gov.uk or write to: The Director of Finance, Eden District Council, Town Hall, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7QF. All responses need to be submitted before Wednesday 10 January 2018 and will be considered by Council Executive at their meeting on 28 January 2018.

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...the morning after the night before

January can feel a bit, or indeed a lot like that! Hangovers take many forms; alcoholic, calorific, financial, relational and, perhaps as a result of some or all of these, emotional. I am writing this four days before Christmas and know something of a few of these stresses. However, I am wonderfully supported by family, friends and our local community. I live in relative affluence, am in good health and consider myself to be very fortunate indeed. We all know of individuals and families, in our community and further away, who not only cope with what most of us would consider to be intolerable burdens and hardships throughout the year, but who do so with dignity, resilience, courage and yes, even good humour. Such people inspire me to be my best, to see the best in others and to try to choose the best in the coming year. Characters in the Christmas story, however you understand it, all make choices. There are no direct instructions given that leave no room for personal choice; Mary’s ‘Yes’ brought the possibility of the angel’s message to real-time fruition, Joseph chose to follow the strange dream and stick with her, the shepherds decided it was at least worth a visit into the village to see what all the angelic fuss was about and the magi (whoever they were, however many of them there were and wherever they really came from) opted to make the journey west rather than remain in the comfort of their distant homeland. God chose to come in beside us. And Herod too

made choices, catastrophically evil choices of cruelty and misery. Our choices always have an impact; even the decision not to do anything affects ourselves, our network of family and friends, our local community and our environment; but our choices can also bring change for the better. We know that the coming year brings many difficult headline matters for our country which those in government and authority will have to deal with as wisely as they can, but there will inevitably be plenty of situations in which each of us will have to make choices. I hope that in this coming year I will learn to listen carefully to the best within me and the best in others as I face these choices and to act out of this more hopeful perspective. In this way, when I react to a situation or have to make a decision, I will be less likely to do so out of self-interest, narrowmindedness or prejudice, but rather out of a fraction more wisdom and honest awareness. To be free and able to make choices is a good indication of personal well-being. It is certainly a sign of a healthy democratic community. I hope that the choices we make in the coming year will be ones that leave us not with a regretful hangover, but instead a hopeful sense that we are becoming our best. Rev David Sargent (on behalf of Churches Together in Penrith)

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The Wainwright Society announces its main beneficiary for 2018

The Pride of Cumbria at Thirlmere, in the Lake District © Great North Air Ambulance Service The Wainwright Society is delighted to announce that the Great North Air Ambulance Service will be the main beneficiary of funds raised by the Society in 2018. The money raised will be used to purchase the latest ultrasound machines for use by doctors and paramedics in the helicopters owned and operated by GNAAS. The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) is a charitablyfunded organisation that provides essential support for lifethreatening incidents or potentially life-threatening incidents across north-east England, Yorkshire and Cumbria. This can include injuries sustained in places completely inaccessible by road or in adverse weather conditions, which can expose the patient to further danger or risk of exacerbating their condition. The ethos and mission of GNAAS is to take the hospital to the patient. They see a large range of both illness and injury in remote areas, from cardiac arrests and heart attacks to multiple injuries from falls and leisure activities. 24 • EdenLocal

Their ability to treat patients often depends upon using ultrasound. Currently, GNAAS uses firstgeneration ultrasound equipment and it is hoped that the funds raised by The Wainwright Society will be sufficient to supplement this with the latest ultrasound machines. The cost of three of these, one for each helicopter in the fleet, is approximately £10,000. Funds raised by the Society will have a direct impact upon their ability to carry out many critical procedures. Money will be raised from donations by Society members taking part in the annual charity ‘Challenge’ together with sales of the 2019 Society calendar.. If you would like to know more about The Wainwright Society, log on to the website at: www. wainwright.org.uk or email: secretary@wainwright.org.uk Derek Cockell Secretary - The Wainwright Society

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

New Year, New Start the New Year with something new, try Volunteering! Come along to the Volunteering Fair on Friday 9 February 2018 , Public Hall, Boroughgate, Appleby, CA16 6XB. There’s a huge rush at the start of the year to join a gym or commit to new hobbies as we all make an effort to improve our lifestyles. But these activities involve long-term financial investment, and more often than not we quickly lose interest. However volunteering can help you achieve many popular resolutions by getting fit, more active in your community or gaining new skills. Cumbria CVS is inviting anyone who is interested in getting involved in volunteering to come along to the next Volunteering Fair. Organisations attending include Appleby Emergency Response Group, Age UK Carlisle and Eden, People First Independent Advocacy, Eden Independent Living, Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakeland, Cumbria County Council, East Cumbria Family Support Association, Depaul UK, Eden Carers and Cumbria CVS. Why not come along and find out about how you can get involved in your local community! Whether you’re looking to meet new people, gain experience, share skills or improve your confidence and self-esteem, come along and find out about volunteering! Judith Smale, County Volunteer Support Officer said: “The Volunteering Fair is a fantastic opportunity to find out more about volunteering and exploring the wide range of volunteering opportunities available in areas such as ermergency response,


You - Make A Difference & Volunteer in Eden! care, older people, retail, administration, families, children, mental health, fundraising, disability, health and social care, driving, youth, etc. I would like to encourage anyone who has some spare time on their hands and is interested in volunteering to come along on 9 February 2018! Clare Stratford from Eden District Council says, “This Eden Volunteering Fair is a great way of meeting local charities and organisations and an opportunity to learn about how valuable volunteers are to them . Eden District Council’s Eden Community Fund is proud to be sponsoring this event. I hope lots of new people that are interested in volunteering come along to the event as it’s not often you will get the opportunity to meet so many local Eden groups in one place.” If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or attending the Cumbria CVS Volunteering Fair then please contact Cumbria CVS on 01768 800350 or e-mail: info@cumbriacvs.org.uk. Alternatively just drop into the Public Hall in Appleby on 9 February 2018.

Volunteering Fair  


Come along and talk to local organisations about a range of volunteering opportunities: Appleby Emergency Response Group

Eden Carers

Hospice at Home

Eden Independent Living

Carlisle &Eden Districts Citizens Advice

East Cumbria Family Support Association

Age UK Carlisle and District

Depaul UK

People First

Cumbria County Council

Cumbria CVS

HITES Cumbria

Get involved and make a difference For more information call 01768 800350 email: info@cumbriacvs.org.uk www.cumbriacvs.org.uk

Company Limited by Guarantee number: 06178269 Registered Charity number: 1119671

Cumbria CVS Organisational/ background information There are over 2,300 charities operating in Cumbria. Cumbria CVS offers help to third sector groups throughout Cumbria. By third sector we mean voluntary and community groups, faith groups, sports groups and social enterprises – in fact any non-statutory group or organisation. The help we offer covers a wide range of topics including: • funding advice

• HR support • payroll and other financial services • helping to write a business plan • training and workforce development • support for people who volunteer • support for organisations who manage volunteers • support in tendering for contracts • ICT support We can help start a group or organisation from scratch, or we can work with established groups to make what they do even better. We represent groups and organisations to service planners and commissioners. Together we form a powerful voice. Website: www.cumbriacvs.org.uk

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Andy Beeforth and Philip Cranston Cranstons Quality Butchers are warming the homes of older people in Cumbria this winter with the sale of a very special pie. Cranstons are supporting Cumbria Community Foundation’s Winter Warmth Appeal, which helps older people who are having to choose between eating a meal or heating their homes. The butchers will donate 30 pence from every ‘Steak and Eden Best Ale’ pie they sell from Tuesday 2nd January to close of business on Saturday 10th February. Philip Cranston, owner of Cranstons Butchers, said: ‘’We are delighted to be helping to raise funds for the Winter Warmth Appeal, which helps some of the county’s most vulnerable elderly people with their fuel costs. Our steak and ale pies are a popular choice at this time of year; what’s not to love about a rich steak, ale and puff pastry topped pie? It’s the ultimate winter comfort food! We are hoping to raise awareness of this worthy cause and to donate a sizeable chunk of money to this year’s appeal.’’ Cranstons, who have been members of Cumbria Community Foundation since 2003, will also be taking part in the Big Sleep 2018, which has raised almost £100,000 for the Winter Warmth Appeal. They’ll be joining other fundraisers on Saturday 27th January for a night sleeping out under the stars opposite the Low 26 • EdenLocal

Wood Bay Hotel in Windermere. Andy Beeforth, Chief Executive at the Foundation, said: “Older people are more ill in the winter, and it’s very important for them to stay warm so that existing conditions are not exacerbated. When you’re older you don’t cope with cold as well. “We know that demand for help is greater than ever before, so we are very excited that Cranston’s are helping to raise much-needed funds and promote our Winter Warmth Campaign this year.” Cranstons Quality Butchers Ltd was established in 1914 by Stanley Cranston in the village of Kirkoswald, and remains a family run business. They have traditional butcher’s shops in the old market towns of Penrith and Hexham, and food halls at Penrith, Orton Grange, Carlisle and Brampton, which opened in 2016. A winter special, Cranstons Steak and Ale pie combines tender chunks of steak with an Eden Best Ale gravy and dry cured smoked bacon pieces, this tasty rich filling is then topped with puff pastry. For information about the Winter Warmth Fund Appeal and the Big Sleep, contact Cumbria Community Foundation on 01900 825760 or email enquiries@ cumbriafoundation.org.

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Shake off the Winter Blues This time of year can be a challenge for some people, so here is an invitation to a free community event where you are guaranteed a warm welcome ….. The Annual ‘Stone Soup Day’ will be held again on Saturday 3rd February in Penrith. It is usually so popular that we are planning for 200 servings of free homemade soup, bread, cake and a hot drink (12 different soups). Again we are asking for volunteers to help. The event is an opportunity for people to come together, have a good chat and share lunch. This year will be slightly different, if possible we are asking folks to bring something along for the local food bank. Also it is hoped that those attending will invite and bring someone who has just moved into the area and/ or country or bring along a neighbour who doesn’t get out much. We think this is the only stone soup day in the country maybe the World!! A warm welcome awaits those who join in. First session: 10.30 -11.30 for coffee and biscuits, 11.30-1.30 half hour servings of homemade soup, cake and drink. Thank you to the Salvation Army for allowing us to use your Hall in Hunter Lane. Any donations received will go to the Salvation

Army Local Community Fund and Community Gardening.

What is Stone Soup? Peter, the storyteller at the soup day will recount the folktale. It goes like this… one day a long time ago, a traveller was passing through a village. Times were hard, and people were not particularly warm or hospitable to strangers, or to each other for that matter. Hardly anyone responded to the traveller’s hearty greeting or to his cheery attitude. So he lit a fire, took out his cooking pot, filled it with water, placed a stone in the bottom and waited. Curiosity started to creep in amongst the villagers and each time someone approached him, he would explain that he was making the most delicious of soups from his ‘magic’ stone. He would add ‘well it would be much tastier if it had a carrot in it…’ With the promise of sharing the soup a villager with a secret store of carrots ran off to get one. Eventually there were lots of vegetables in the soup even the butcher added bones.

them to find their own stone and make soup to share. Not only had the traveller got them sharing what they had, they were freely chatting and enjoying each other’s company and promising to get together soon. We have found our own ‘magic’ stone here in Penrith and will be making our own soup(s). Come and join us! Contact me if you can offer to make bread, soup or cake. Offers of help to serve would also be welcome. 07754773701. Alternatively, find your own ‘magic’ stone! Joan Robinson, Community Gardener fb: Garden of EdenPenrith Community Gardeners

The villagers stood around eagerly chatting as the soup boiled. When they tried it they agreed it was the most delicious soup they had ever tasted and wanted to buy the magic stone but the traveller refused to part with it and told The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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a digital recording along with over 200 images. Also featured in the May edition was the celebration of 300 years of Freemasonry and the history of Freemasonry exhibition that would be on for two months at the Penrith Museum. We launched a new feature with Joan Robinson titled ‘Out and About with Joan’, who heads up the Penrith Community Gardeners. The results of the Local County Elections were included along with an insight into a door to door election campaign. Helen and Henry Lynch - The Lemon Tree

Continued from page 2 A Trip to the Lemon Tree Café Bistro was the main article for the April edition as Henry and Helen Lynch celebrated their first 5 years of the business launched in July 2012. Also featured in this month, we had a great article from Ian Edgar of the Penrith Lions on the Centenary of the Lions Clubs International. This was in preparation for the Lions Mayday fair, which I attended with camera in hand. So we were on our way to May and ‘On the Green at Langwathby’, also featured in the April edition which commemorated the May Day that originally started in 1906, it was to be another event I would be attending and doing the usual capture on camera, recorded interviews, then in print one day. Back into Penrith for another weekend feature, as one of the main articles covered with the Eden FM team and something very

topical at that moment in time. The Fair Funding for Cumbrian Schools – Protest Rally, which took place at the Cornmarket, Penrith, on Saturday 6th May 2017. Organised by concerned teachers and parents, this rally in Penrith came about in the space of a week and was potentially the first of many. Key concerns raised by the NAHT at the outset included: • The quality of care schools are and will be able to provide for Cumbria’s children. • Figures being based on Government data and are not being made up. • Currently the Government commits 5.9% of the country’s wealth to education. This will fall to 4% in 2020. This will be the lowest it has been in 60 years. The event was covered with a live broadcast by Eden FM. It was streamed live on Facebook and the whole Rally was captured on

Langwathby May Fair 28 • EdenLocal

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Almost half way through the year, our June Eden Local was to feature an article on Rob Cubby, the owner of Fin Forest Logging and experience, which involved me spending the morning in a Bluebell Wood on a beautiful day, learning as Rob put it, “today we are here to do some Woodland management, as we like to call it; some felling, a bit of forwarding work and some winching in a lovely bit of woodland where we’re running a sustainable management programme.” A Passion 4 Fashion, the charity fashion show was also featured and a report from Penrith AFC, ‘We have a New Pitch’ illustrated with images of the significant work undertaken at the Frenchfield Park Stadium on the pitch during the closed season. Staying with Penrith AFC, Cumbrian Local Publications took on the design and the coordination of production through to print of the Club’s match day programme for the 2017/18 season. The first programme was going to be the pre-season friendly with Carlisle United on Tuesday

Fair Funding for Schools Rally


Rob Cubby - Fin Forest

11th July, which meant 20 new local business links that I would be working with. July was upon us and away from the Eden Local magazine, it was to be a full day and live broadcast at the Skelton Show on Saturday 1st July for the Eden FM team, followed by another full day live broadcast the following Saturday 8th at the Appleby Carnival from the castle, followed by another live broadcast on Tuesday 11th at the Frenchfield Park Stadium for the full live commentary. Then yet another full day broadcast on Saturday 15th from Penrith at the Penrith on a Plate event. August was to be a mixture of more live broadcasts for Eden FM, match day programmes and the main featured article for the Eden Local was local business Just Greek in the article, ‘A man who I know as Dimitrios’, a fun article with the man himself and his wife Panogiota, who opened their business in March at 48 King Street. As a current piece of news, I have seen their new 2018 menu and I’ll be sharing this with you very soon. In the centre page was the promotion of the Wannasee Tribute Festival, just weeks away from the Eden Local going out and being delivered. I also attended the event and had a fantastic time behind stage, on the stage and front of stage. Autumn was almost upon us a new project was announced for Eden FM in the September Eden

Make it the best £7 you spend in 2018 For just £7 per month you can be on the radio As a bonus you could win the Hamster Ball Draw and win a professionally produced 30 second advert played 6 times a day everyday for 3 months Drawn the last Friday of the month, every month live on Eden FM 107.5. Full details, Term and Conditions are available at www.edenfm.co.uk/hamster

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Interior and Exterior Decorating. Household and Contract work For a Free Estimate Telephone 01768 862025 Mobile 07786 612133 or 07780 924933 8 Portland Place, Penrith CA11 7QN

Panogiota and Dimitrios The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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Available for all aspects of photography including, sport, weddings, photobooth, events & commercial.

Local. A small room suitable for Eden FM to use as a studio became available at the Old Fire Station in Carlisle from the City Council. As part of a new initiative to recruit a larger team, Eden FM set its sights on expansion in 2018 and an additional Carlisle team to be based on the site. With over 700 photos taken and around 30 clips of film, the Wannasee Festival was the main feature of the magazine that month, which also featured the Penrith Rotary 10K Run and 4K run at Lowther Castle. In to October with suitable representation of Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve had arrivd and with many spaces across the year offered to good causes in the Community, we featured the We Will Remember schedule of events from October 2017 to October 2018. My wife Charlotte has been involved in the Eden Local since we set it up, helping with my dyslexic challenges in reading through all that I write and also delivering the magazine to some areas every month. This month she appeared in the Eden Local with a regular HR update. Our main feature in this month was the Stoneybeck Inn who have been working with the Eden Local since December 2011. Their 2017 started with the recovery of a kitchen fire, which happened between Christmas and New Year, but they still pulled out the stops and have now fully recovered.

Marketing, website design and social media management available 07821848393 The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales ben_france@hotmail.com

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Do you remember our November? The Bonny Blues appointed new manager Kyle May on 1st November as the Blues were in a struggle to take any points with 14 defeats in the league prior to Kyle stepping in. We had three key features and a return to the Arches Carpet Centre summed up the importance of just what can be achieved by

Create your perfect Spicy Kitchen curry - all dishes £7.50 including a .00 side (1 rice or 1 naan) OuRSES .00 OuRSES Select from: .00 OuRSES our perfect Spicy Kitchen .60 perfect Spicy Chicken Beef Lamb our Kitchen l.60 dishes £7.50 including a our perfect Spicy Kitchen l dishes £7.50 including Prawn aVegetable ce .60 or 1 naan) dishes £7.50 including a ce or 1 naan) Select your sauce: e or 1 naan) om: 63 Butter Chicken ........ 64 Korma .70 om: 65 Mr Vicki Special Chicken (hot) .70 m: 66 Tikka Massala.......... 67 Garlic Bhuna .70 68 Bhuna ....................... 69 Dupiaza .70 70 Saag Walla .............. 71 Balti Massala .70 72 Rogan Josh .............. 73 Balti ur sauce: 74 Jalfrezi ...................... 75 Karahi ur .55 sauce: icken ........7664Madras Korma ..................... 77 Vindaloo ur .50sauce: icken ........ 64 Korma Special Chicken (hot) your side dish: .50 cken ........ 64Select Korma Special Chicken (hot) Pilau Rice ssala.......... 67 Garlic Bhuna Special Chicken (hot) Boiled Rice Bhuna ssala.......... 67 Garlic .40 ................... 67 69 Dupiaza Plain Naan Bhuna ssala.......... Garlic .45

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Spicy Kitchen

Spicy Spicy Kitchen Kitchen

................... 69 Dupiaza lla 71 Balti .45 .............. 69 Swap yourMassala side dish for £1.00 extra: .................. Dupiaza lla ..............7871Fried Balti Massala Eden FM Live from Appleby Castle .45 Rice osh .............. 71 73 Balti Balti Massala la .............. osh Balti Rice .45 .............. 79 73 Mushroom ................... 75 Karahi sh 73 Balti .95 .............. 80 Vegetable Rice a local independent business in offering the largest ................... 75 Karahi .70 8177 EggVindaloo Rice range in carpets and flooring. Dominating the centre ................... .................. 75 Karahi ................... page was the Vindaloo Exhibition of Light by DF Auto Services .70 82 77 Special Fried Rice held at the Stoneybeck .................. 77 Vindaloo .95 side dish: 83 Garlic Naan Inn and almost a year on to ur the news of the 563 bus being cancelled, we had the ur .95 side dish: 84 Peshwari Naan 563 timetable for the new services now back in place eur side dish: .95 85 Appleby Korma Naan e between and Penrith. .20 86 Cheese Naan ece And finally December, I’ll keep it short and sweet, ce an it was only last month! Eden FM - well a special ce an thank you to those volunteers that were working n sideondish the outside broadcasts live from St Andrews on ur for £1.00 extra: mass and Christmas ur sidemidnight dish for £1.00 extra: Day Live, Boxing Day e sidelive fromfor Penrith AFC extra: and all those doing their shows ur dish £1.00 e throughout December up to and after midnight on Rice31st. The main feature of the Eden Local was ‘An em m Riceintroduction’ to local Cumbrian Artist Lisa Charters, e Rice m who not known possibly that well before the article, is le Rice Rice e Riceknown now to thousands of people in and around the Eden valley. ried Rice ried Rice So here’s to 2018. aan ried Rice aan Naan an Naan aan Naan aan Naan aan Naan Naan

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Open 7 days a week 4.30pm till late 7 Devonshire Street, Penrith CA11 7SR Lee Quinn and Vince White Live from Carlisle The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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Happy New Year to All Local Roofing Specialist based here in the Eden Valley Stop those blocked gutters and drains this Autumn. Get a hedge hog brush fitted in your gutter by River Valley Roofing today. Stop leaves and other debris blocking your drains this winter!

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Richard and his team proved to have a great deal of skill and expertise between them with a determined and creative approach to any unforeseen problems that arose. The new roof progressed smoothly and quickly despite the notorious Cumbrian weather. They were polite, friendly and considerate. they did a great job and they cleared up and whisked away the rubble afterwards. We can't praise them enough. Richard came and got the job done and saved us money. We had new lead valleys put in roof, not only did Richard beat every quote we got he also done a little extra work free of charge, would highly recommend

We are a family run business working with domestic and commercial customers. Call for a quote 01768 606 192 Newlands Place, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9DT