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February 2012

Wedding & Events Fayre 19th Feb full details page 17

Your Venue for Weddings Events & Conference The Stoneybeck Inn, Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RP phone: 0176801768 899111 / 01768 862394 mobile: 07881 530085 862369


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your local store

Home @19 is the place to visit for those cosy,

functional furnishings and those personal home improvements for that extra special touch. Thinking of refreshing your kitchen? Would you like some inspiration? Whether you want traditional, classical or something totally different, come in and have look around our cookware department. To brighten up any room with a new splash of colour, we have a large range of curtains, blinds, carpets, rugs and soft furnishings. Something for every room in your home can be found in Home @19. Be inspired whether you’re looking for that something that makes your home that little bit special or looking for ideas in furniture and furnishings. We have every room in your home covered. A must have is a visit to your only department store which has everything under one roof. All can be delivered to your home from your department store that is practically next door. Free home delivery is provided within the Society’s area of activities only. Please check before purchasing that free delivery is possible. Also check what delivery date and time is possible. Our delivery vehicles are not refrigerated, so do not order chilled or frozen foods. If purchasing in store and asking for home delivery, please take these items straight home yourself once purchased.

19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD TEL: 01768 862366 We also have branches throughout the area at Keswick, Shap, Lazonby, Hallbankgate, Westgate, Frosterley, Stanhope and St Johns Chapel EdenLocal phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394 mobile: 07881 530085

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Dear Residents and Businesses A warm welcome to your February edition of Eden Local! No opening editorial would be complete without thanking those who have contributed. I have been overwhelmed by the number of new businesses signing up. This month is no exception, with Northern Pet & Equestrian, Hearth & Home, Salsa Bistro, Brunswick Deli, Murray Electricals of Penrith, Witt Woo Photography and Penrith Golf Club. These businesses all appear on the main pages of the publication and many new businesses have signed up to our newly launched CA Business classification, which can be found on pages 28 and 29. A huge thank you to our existing businesses too for their continued support. Passing the baton, Sam has been busy collating stories, with some new features this month, which we plan on running throughout the year. My thanks to Martin Cowen, for bringing us up to date with the History of Brough on pages 20 and 21, in what will be a regular feature on Eden Valley villages and towns. My thanks to Nick Jones at the Watermill in Little Salkeld, who will be helping me to raise the profile of local producers on a regular basis. Details of this can be found on page 18. After a year of collating many articles and working with so many local businesses, I now have some Eden Local businesses presenting themselves. And why not? My thanks to Nick Miller at Eden Estate Agents (pages 12 & 13) for having a crack at this; to Jonny Miller at Full Circle Accountancy ( Page 7) for his regular contribution and enthusiasm; to Nick and Shirley at Sandwells (page 22) and to Alan Smyth at Walkers Funeral Directors (pages 8 & 9). Have I missed any one? Probably. Putting articles and advertising together can be fun. It shouldn’t be a chore and from the feedback we receive, this seems to be coming through. We aim to present positive stories from positive people. I’ve always said that if you have a bad day, just remember it can only last a day! My thanks to photographers Paul from Witt-Woo in Appleby and Donna of DMR, based here in Penrith for helping with the presentation of businesses. Over 300 words on thanking people! I almost forgot to thank John, who is the number one supporter of Eden Local. I cannot thank John enough for all his support and he has also convinced me to finally have a crack at golf, but not at the weekends. This will be a story in itself! So this month we have new features, more for you to read and in a weeks time you will also receive your first copy of the Eden Valley CA Business Directory through your

door. This is going out to just under 26,000 homes and businesses. Hold on to it as there are businesses in there that have never been seen in print let alone in colour. Now with so much going on and the CA Directory arriving through your door, are there any more ideas to come out of the Eden Local bag? The answer is on page 26! Lee Quinn


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More than ½ price kitchens to clear 24 hours a day because we care Driving your Accounts Winter at Walkers Peaks & Pathways Northern Pet & Equestrian tips Before you put your property on the market Don’t Panic we’ll fix it Witt Woo has arrived Welcome home The Stoneybeck Inn Events A day in the Life Of A Special Valentine Dine Brough The business that is Sandwell Take it Away at Salsa Bistro Eden FM live on line 24/7 The new Route is 66 Your daily bread and more from your Deli Membership Drive CA Business Classified And Finally Independent insurance solutions you can trust Monster Sales up to £1500 savings

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Phone: 01768 899111 / 07881 530085

Email: Front cover photo, Nick Jones. Printed by: H & H Reeds Printers, Southend Road Penrith

Eden Local Notice: Eden Local prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in Eden Local, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

Now available from Penrith Outdoor Pursuits phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

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Step in to Eden Valley Windows, for i

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

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ideas on how to improve your home.

New displays, new ideas, constantly changing with a variety of tradition and innovation.

Ex display sale to make way for new displays £6,593


For more details check out or just drop into the show room and let us show you why your local installer of Windows, Doors, Kitchens, Conservatories, Bedrooms and £3,993 Solar can offer and deliver the now best in Eden Valley



Appliances not included

Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens, Bedrooms & Solar Friargate House Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR Open 8.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, 10.00 am - 1.00pm Saturday

Telephone: (01768) 866790 Fax: (01768) 891030 Email: phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

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Make Ullswater Road Garage your one stop service shop. The people who care 24 hours a day

•MOT Station •Vehicle Diagnostics •Air Conditioning re Gas •4 Wheel Alignment •Budget Tyre Sales •Extensive Parts Department •All Vehicle Servicing •Full Valeting •Your local 24 hour breakdown service •Free courtesy cars available •Door to Door collection and delivery available (booking conditions apply) At Ullswater Road Garage we offer a professional service at affordable prices and we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide our customers with a service second to none

MON 19th 24 HOUR TUES 20th 24 HOUR WED 21st 24 HOUR THU 22nd 24 HOUR FRI 23rd CLOSE at MIDNIGHT SAT 24th CLOSE at 9PM


The who care 24 hours a day TUES people 27th 24 HOUR WED 28th 24 HOUR

Ullswater Road, Penrith Tel: 01768 864546 THU 29th 24 HOUR



EdenLocal phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394 mobile: RE-OPEN 07881 530085 SUNDAY 25TH DECEMBER CLOSED SUNDAY 1ST JANUARY 8AM

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Down the road to greater profits

This is the first of a series of short articles intended to give an insight into how, by employing a few simple ideas and with effective systems and techniques your business could generate greater profits. Offering practical solutions we will demonstrate with real examples how good practice and procedure have improved other businesses. To kick off, we’ll start with an obvious question – “Just how well is your business performing?” Do you just guess from your bank statement or wait for the annual accounts? Let’s be blunt – for a business that intends to progress neither approach is good enough. There are at least two reasons for preparing accounts, one is comply with legislation and work out the tax bill, the other is better business management (i.e. make more profit). In reality this means two types of accounts – “financial” (i.e. year end) and “management” (perhaps better described as “Strategic Management Accounts” or SMAs). A set of accounts doesn’t in itself make a business successful but the right accounts will be a major contributor, and as a business owner, you shouldn’t be guessing your way to success. Without accurate and timely financial information running a business becomes a bit like driving in thick fog; using SMAs will shift the fog and give you a clear vision to the profits ahead. phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

SMAs show past results like financial accounts but in more detail and are effective when reported with budgets &/or forecasts. SMAs track progress and assist with cash management with their orientation on the future. SMAs require certain skills to take advantage of properly. A business may rely on its book-keeper to prepare the basic accounts which are handed to the accountants who prepare the year end accounts. There can thus be a skills gap which needs to be bridged by a “management accountant” who takes the core accounts and makes them into SMAs.


Bridging that gap to greater success requires a bit of investment in time and money – but your efforts will be rewarded and the results can be dramatic. Next time we will look at how to implement SMAs and how easy and cost effective it is to do. But don’t wait, call us now to see how we can help your business.


If you would like a friendly no obligation chat about where you want your business to be in 2012 call us at Full Circle on 01768 580058 or email

mobile: 07881 530085


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Winter at Walker’s Funeral Directors As far as getting around the area is concerned the weather this winter has been kinder to us than in the past, but it is still early days! On many occasions over the years we have called upon the snowploughs and gritters to help us in the more rural areas, and to date thankfully, they have never let us down. I have many vivid memories of perishing cold, wet and snowbound funerals at countless outlying villages. Martindale, Alston, Patterdale, Bampton, Gamblesby, Ainstable, Ousby and many spring to mind, if you have been to any of these you will not be surprised. That said, I am proud that in over 50 years, and then only once, has the snow beaten us. The family were from near Mallastang and the service was to have been at Carlisle Crematorium. Early that dark, snowy morning the family decided that it would be better for them to meet us at Carlisle rather than travel that distance in procession through the snow; I agreed, we got to Carlisle but they didn’t! Need I say more? We had no choice but to delay the funeral for over a week. As the winter progresses, we never cease to be amazed at the quality of the flowers and arrangements that arrive from all our local florists. The work they put into these is outstanding; all are second to none, how lucky we are. On another topic, in a past issue of Eden Local I mentioned that we are receiving an increasing number of requests for particulars regarding pre-paid funeral plans. This might be as good a time as any to explain things a little more fully, they are much simpler than you would imagine. Should I be thinking about a funeral Plan? Have you ever given thought to how your loved ones would cope if they were called upon to arrange and perhaps pay for your funeral should it happen next week or next year? Each of us should have done, but few of us have. With everyone’s purse strings being pulled slightly tighter than normal at the moment, people are more and more

aware of the necessity to plan and make provision for the future. Making arrangements for a funeral, especially your own, is something that many of us don’t like to think about, when actually it is something that can benefit greatly from thoughtful forward planning. That is why taking out a funeral plan gives you the satisfaction of knowing that the arrangements for your own, or your loved ones funeral are in place, will be carried out according to your wishes and equally as important that it can be paid for at today’s prices. This will not only give you immense peace of mind, but puts you and those you leave behind in a much more positive position; The worries of a funeral bill dropping onto their door mat have been removed. Peace of mind for yourself and those left behind. Alan Smyth from Walkers, said “We have had several funeral plans taken out recently by people who have had insurance policies maturing and wish to look to the future by putting the funds to a more useful purpose; others find they are receiving little or no interest from their savings and with some, the little savings they have, would soon be depleted if they were to find themselves in need of residential care. Far easier to take out a plan now and forget it” A recent report* has shown that the average cost of a funeral has now risen to over £3,000, which is a rise of 61% in seven years. If this trend continues, and judging by the increases which are imposed by Crematoriums, Cemeteries and Councils etc. every year, taking out a funeral plan will be a sensible investment for the future. With a Golden Charter plan from an independent Funeral Director, you gain the wealth of knowledge passed down from generation to generation, as well as the sensitivity and care that is put into a family run business. Taking out a plan is simple and straightforward, leaving fewer decisions for your loved ones to make at the time of the need. Their recommendation is that “If you can afford it, pay for it either up front or by instalments; a funeral plan is cheaper than an insurance policy”. When you purchase a Golden Charter funeral plan at today’s prices the funeral directors costs are guaranteed and the money is safe in the Golden Charter Trust, which is a separate entity and is run by an independent Board of Trustees. Your money grows, and when the time comes, your selected funeral director receives the payment, including any growth, and uses this money to provide the agreed services to your family. No matter how much costs have risen in the intervening period, your loved ones will not be asked for a penny more for the guaranteed services included within your plan. Also, if you move to another location, you can move your plan to another funeral


phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

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director in the new area, meaning you are not tied down to one location and you have the freedom to change any part of it in the future. Walkers are a family firm, now well into its third generation and they have continued to serve and support the local community at a time when they are most needed, Peter and Eileen continued on from Eileen’s father and a couple of years ago they were joined by their daughter Susan and son-in-law Alan who, although having a modern outlook, are only too pleased to go along with the almost ancient traditions connected with the profession. Over the last few decades, people’s expectation and wishes have changed, this particularly applies to funerals and Walkers have continued to adapt and move with the times. Building on over 50 years of experience and know-how, Walker’s Funeral Directors of Tynefield House, Penrith, bring along that extra something to your arrangements. Golden Charter Funeral Plans come in various forms; Standard, Traditional or your own personally designed plan; each intended to meet your specific needs and pocket, they also include advice, guidelines and a list of things you may require, perhaps a ‘green’ option would be your choice. However, with all our plans you can make it as traditional or as modern as you like, from the simplest provisions to a horse drawn hearse, a religious service with your choice of Hymns etc. or non-religious ceremony, any request can be met. Walker’s Funeral Directors have had a long partnership with Golden Charter, the UK’s largest funeral plan provider for independent funeral directors; over 2,600 independent funeral directors have selected Golden Charter plans for recommendation to their customers and Walkers have a wealth of experience in creating a funeral plan that hopefully encompasses everything you wish. If you would like more information, you can telephone Walker’s Funeral Directors on 01768 892211 and they will send you the details, or if you would like to speak to someone face-to-face they will be more than happy to arrange a home visit or you can call in at Tynefield House, Penrith. Alternately for the more modern, you may wish to look at their website

Alan Smyth of Walker’s Funeral Directors, and Helen Byrne from Golden Charter.

Funeral Plans from Walkers Funeral Directors

Planning ahead for peace of mind A funeral plan provides peace of mind for you and those you care about. You make the arrangements in advance, specify your wishes and take care of the costs. We recommend funeral plans from Golden Charter, the UK’s largest independent plan provider. With a Golden Charter plan you’ll benefit from: • Paying at today’s prices for a service you may not require for many years • A guarantee of nothing more to pay for our services • A choice of a range of plans – with the option to personalise your own • The reassurance that your wishes will be carried out

For more information come in and see us at

Walkers Funeral Directors, Tynefield House, Bridge Lane, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8HY.

(01768) 892211

or call Email for a brochure -

*Source: Mintel 2011 phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


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Red Pike Buttermere Peaks and Pathways by Nick Wells my favourite of all views. Walking toward the fell I turned right at the bottom of Red Tarn’s stream, and onto the flatland to Crummock Water which is only a couple of hundred yards wide.

Red Pike stands on the west side of Lake Buttermere in Lakelands western fells and this area holds a special place in my heart, as this is where it all started for me. I can usually find a parking slot somewhere in Buttermere village, or there is a pay and display behind the Pub. Whilst putting on my walking boots, I was carefully supervised by a recently shorn Herdwick ewe and her lamb, leaving them behind I set off down the path behind the pub towards the northern end of Lake Buttermere. At this point the view of Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike accross the lake is only worthy of the deserving, and probably

I headed left across some fairly boggy terrain before reaching the steep ascent to Scale Force. The path zigzags upward and eventually I came to the waterfall of Scale Force, which is worth a closer look, the gorge is very slippery and it’s fairly hard to get near to the falls proper. After that, I took the zigzagged stepped path to the left of the falls and carried on up. The path then took me up by the stream, before turning left towards Red Pike, this part of the walk is long and uneventful, however, I was rewarded with some spectacular views as I reached Lincomb Edge. After taking in the views of Lake Buttermere and Crummock water, I headed along the ridge and then up the final steep push to the summit of Red Pike. The mountain is given its rich red colouring by the presence of Syenite in the rock and subsoil of the fell.

Looking towards the two lakes, High Stile stood next to me on my right, reachable by a short ridge, then in front, and several hundred feet below is Bleaberry Tarn. Enclosed between and below the two peaks, and after a very steep descent, I reached the Tarn and took a well earned rest. After several minutes Oscar’s impatient barking echoed around me, this being the cue to carry on. The concave amphitheatre shape which surrounds the tarn, is open on the downhill side and I followed the Tarn’s stream down for about another thousand feet or so, through Burtness wood and back to where I turned right for Crummock Water earlier. Then a short walk heading back to the car in Buttermere. This walk is about seven miles in all and took me five hours. I would grade it easy to moderate. This is also one of my favourite walks so far. If anyone would like to suggest a walk, please email me at

25% OFF *

NOrth Face

WiNter clOthiNg aNd dOWN Jackets 37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30 Shop online at *Up to 25% off – limited stock colours and sizes – check in store for full details. EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

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Northern Pet and Equestrian has moved

Leanne’s key tips: MUD FEVER/MUD RASH This usually happens between October and March depending on how much rain we have had and how muddy the fields are – as we are writing this there has been a substantial amount of rain.

Northern Pet and Equestrian have moved – only by a few hundred feet, but are now at Units 3/4 of Robinson Street just round the corner from Bowman’s Carpets. As you will have come to expect from many of our advertisers, this is a local family run business, managed by Leanne Huschka and supported by her Dad Raymond and Uncle Frank. The doors opened in 2009 and there are now a large number of loyal pet and equestrian customers. There have always been horses around for Leanne, growing up in the Eden Valley. Raymond, his brother Frank and friend Willie have been involved in horses and trotting for over 20 years. Finally their dream came true when they won at Appleby Fair, trotting this year with Premier Dream. When she was 13, Raymond bought Leanne her first fell pony and the love of horses grew from there. To run a successful Pet and Equestrian shop, you really need to know your stuff and have a passion for animals. In her younger days, Leanne had plans tobecome a vet, but in her words, she didn’t have the brains but more importantly she can’t stand blood! Leanne sells herself short here because boy does she know her stuff when it comes to pet and horse care. Look out over the next few months as you will see Leanne addressing some of the issues relating to pet care, in particular horse care, including recommendations on her favourite products in the shop. The family make a bold statement they WILL NOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE!! Leanne and the store’s assistant manager Simon, work hard on ensuring this happens. To give an example, Hickstead Economy mix for horses is the largest seller. The price is only £6.50 for a 20kg bag. Horse feed and rugs have been the biggest sellers this year – the low price and choice are the 2 reasons why. And as the name suggests, it’s not just for horses. If there are pets in your home, it’s worth a visit: • Horse feed • Poultry feed • Dog food • Cat food • Wild and cage bird food • Small animal food • Animal supplements

• Horse grooming & healthcare • Tack and rugs • Pet accessories and beds • Rider gear and country wear including the Oliver Townend’s range – choice of champions

Northern Pet & Equestrian Supplies Ltd Units 3/4 Robinson street Penrith CA11 9HR tel: 01768 840295 phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

• Frequently hose down the area with warm water to prevent mud fever from happening and apply a antibacterial water resistant cream or powder, Leanne recommends Muddy Buddy powder or ointment which give a powerful soothing protection • Look out for sores, scabs and or flaky skin appearing on the horse’s lower leg or heel, if the symptoms are present then first wash in Muddy Buddy scrub – this contains a powerful antibacterial agent to help combat harmful bacteria whilst soothing and cleansing. • Follow this with Muddy Buddy magic rub – this is proven to kill the bacteria responsible for mud fever. You will see the improvement in days – as if by magic.

Muddy Buddy range priced from £6.99 - £15.99 If you have any questions on caring from your horses or ponies then please email Leanne at

Offer £21

Order online or pick up in store

2 x 20kg bags hickstead economy mix, 1 x 20kg bag of hickstead nuts and 1 12.5kg bag Mollichaff – enough to feed one pony for nearly 3 weeks!



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Eden Estate Agents


t’s traditionally the busiest time of year for us, as people start to think about their plans for the year and about moving house; this leads to a full diary of appointments for valuation and marketing advice. This is when house sellers make the very important decision about who they entrust with the sale of their most valued asset. It’s also a time when sellers who are already on the market, trying to sell, review what they are doing. For Eden, it’s the time of the year when we talk to more people about the difference that we can make when they sell their home. The best presentation, expert advice, ongoing communication and committed negotiation make it easier to sell your house and achieve the best price available.

When we established Eden Estate Agents, we imagined an estate agency that would be unlike others, where there was no place for the old clichés about how estate agents work. Our simple aim is to do the best for our clients in a transparent way. We began by creating a service to give property buyers the best experience, because when you’re selling your house it’s the buyers that need to be impressed and nurtured. By doing that, our seller clients get what they want – better sales and their own great experience. So when we go out on valuations, it isn’t just about talking about the pounds and pence of price and commission; we need to know about a seller’s motivations and priorities, provide them with an understanding of the market conditions and show them the success of the Eden approach. What is needed is a realistic valuation and an approach to each property which ensures that it is marketed to its best. Within reason, local estate agents will value a property within a range of prices; that’s only a small part of house selling. The asking price can be set and changed to suit market conditions. When we’re valuing and advising, our view of the market and the experience of our team is crucial. Our key staff have local knowledge but also a wider perspective which comes from working and living, for example, in London and Manchester. We sell around 40% of our clients’


phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

EdenLocal • 13

properties to buyers from outside Cumbria and have particular expertise in advising our clients how to tap into that market. We have a track record of dealing with a very wide range of buyers who come from all over the UK and sometimes abroad. Factoring in our knowledge of what these buyers are looking for, and their budgets, enables us to value individual houses on their own merits, taking demand and buyer’s requirements into account. The Eden Valley and the wider Eden area are aspirational places to live. All properties are individual and to get across their selling points, you’ve got to see the bigger picture and see things through the eyes of these buyers, who have a different perspective and different expectations. The best way to achieve the best result is by matching the right buyer with the right property – by adopting this approach we can often achieve higher prices than the valuation given by a competitor. With the right properties, we can be ambitious and often achieve exceptional results. We can only do this because of the Eden culture of ‘client first’ and a personal approach to valuing and presenting individual properties. So when we give you our view on the asking price and discuss this with you, there’ll be a range of figures to discuss before arriving at the starting price, taking into account what you are trying to achieve with your move – and who the target buyer is. It’s always important to take into account your planned purchase when you set off, to make sure that your targets are realistic. Once you appoint us to act for you, that’s when we start work, advising on getting ready to sell and discussing the marketing. Then the important bit - putting together the presentational materials we’ll use to promote your house. At the heart of this is a professional gallery of photos; all our clients get this service, it’s base camp for selling a house. We often pay more than one visit to a property, to make sure that the images are right – there’s no point in having external photos that are taken on dull days with grey skies. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. In a tough and competitive market, you need to stand out. For each property, we create not a ‘set of details’ but a unique sales brochure, which is professionally printed, to maximise visual impact. We aim for all our properties to look ‘best in class’. Our website has been designed to give buyers sitting at home everything they need to assess a property – a great slideshow, online brochure, floorplans, location map and Google Streetview. Our marketing material and website presentations are specifically targeted at people who don’t have a local’s knowledge, so that they can get a really useful and exciting introduction to our clients’ properties. Whilst we are producing our photographic images, a written description of the property is prepared. We threw phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

out ‘estate agent speak’ long ago and our plain English narratives are designed to give a relevant and concise sketch of what the property comprises and where it is, along with essential information about services and location. We also commission a set of measured floor plans and an Energy Performance Certificate and these are incorporated into the brochure. A large A3 display board is made and printed for our big office gallery and once you’re happy, we load all our marketing material onto our website and Rightmove…. and … your property’s on the market. Next month we’ll look at what happens next and what we’re doing behind the scenes, to give you an insight into how we earn our living.

If you’re thinking about selling, look carefully at what the estate agents have to offer – look at how their websites work from a buying perspective and visit their offices to see what reception you get and how your property will be displayed. See how they are going to present your property. What advice is there on how to prepare for selling and what is their approach to photography and brochures? Many properties have been on the market for some time. If you are one of these people, look at what support and advice you’re getting from your agent, if any. What kind of service are you receiving? Is their only response to you to reduce your price? What about better presentation, more communication and a more committed approach? Whether you’re thinking of selling, or you’ve been on the market a while and you wish for better, then look at our website, our office, our brochures and our displays and give us a call.

01768 869000

mobile: 07881 530085


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Tel: 01768 863020 25 Middlegate CA11 7PG


phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

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Welcome Home

Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd 6 Brunswick Road, has traded as a stove showroom for the last 36 yrs with Fraser and Judith Hogg taking over on the 1st December 2010. Hearth & Home is a specialist retailer and installer of Stoves, fires and fireplaces, associated fireside accessories, spares for stoves and fireplaces, flue systems and components as well as quality furniture, ornaments, gifts and household goods. Fraser has been in the heating and building industry for over 20yrs starting as an apprentice plumbing and heating engineer and ending up running a team of heating engineers covering both servicing and heating installations before taking over this business. This

experience is a real benefit when advising clients on the installation of stoves fires and flue systems . When choosing a stove the fact is you get what you pay for, the cheap end of the market are generally poor quality with a very short life span, we have chosen to stick to quality manufacturers whose core business is stove design and manufacture and who have a great deal of experience in this which means a quality stove should give a 20 – 30 yr lifespan possibly more. Stove spares • Baffles • Grates Door glass all within our showroom and include Paints • Cleaners • Glues • Ropes • Cement Silicone • Polish • Thermometers • Moisture meters Cowls • Delivered logs • Hods companion sets Log baskets • High quality furniture We also keep a wide range of cast iron goods - door stops, boot jacks, scrapers and brushes a wide selection of ornaments, pictures, clocks, gifts and baskets. 6 Brunswick Road, Penrith 01768 867200 phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


16 • EdenLocal

Your Venue for Weddings Events & Conference

Forthcoming Events 2012 Friday 10th Feb. Doors open at 7pm

Beatles night Tickets £5.00 per person. Doors open at 7.00pm, performance from 8.00pm. Burgers & Hotdogs will be on sale at this event. Hand in this voucher when you purchace your tickets and receive £1.00 off per ticket

Comedy Night Saturday 10th March 2012 Headline act for the evening is Jo Caulfield, GQ Comedian of the month, seen on Michael Mcintyre’s Comedy Roadshow & Mock The Week Brian Higgins seen with Al Murray on ‘Time Please Gentlemen’. Andrew Stanley seen on ITV’s Take the Mic. Tickets £20.00 per person. Doors open at 7.00pm, first act on stage at 8.00pm Hand in this voucher when you purchace your tickets and receive £1.00 off per ticket

Murder Mystery Evening

Inspector Clouseau Theme (Murder at Lowther Castle Lords & Ladies) Saturday 21st April 2012 Enjoy a 3 course meal while trained actors provide the evenings entertainment. Tickets £30.00 per person. 7.30pm arrival for dinner at 8.00pm. The winner of the evening receives a bottle of Champagne. Hand in this voucher when you purchace your tickets and receive £1.00 off per ticket


Contact The Stoneybeck Inn for ticket details on these events mobile: 07881 530085

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

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Wedding & Events Fayre Sunday 19th February 2012 1.30pm – 4.30pm Free Admission Are you planning a special event for 2012 or beyond? Come along to our Wedding & Events Fayre and meet our dedicated team who will welcome you with complementary refreshments and a selection of delicious canapés The Stoneybeck Inn is now licensed to hold Civil Marriages & Partnerships, Renewal of Vows and Baby Naming Ceremonies Over 20 local exhibitors will be on hand to assist you with those special finishing touches including:- Bespoke Table & Venue Décor, Bridalwear, Cakes, Flowers, Photographers, Entertainment, Stationery, Casino Tables, Hairdressing & Make-Up, Gifts, Marquee Hire and many more Enjoy our bridal catwalk show during the afternoon Join us for what will be a great chance to experience the quality the Stoneybeck Inn can offer

The Stoneybeck Inn Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RP

01768 862369 www. join our facebook page and keep up to date with all our events phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


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A day in the lifee of Part on

It had been on my list of things to do and we had

spoken so many times, but work had prevented us from taking time out to meet and talk about things. We get there eventually though! Three hours was never going to be long enough to meet Nick and Ana Jones of the Watermill at Little Salkeld. After a lot of talking and a lot of writing, we had fresh toasted bread made from flour ground almost in the room next door, made and baked traditionally, with local honey and local apple juice. We talked some more before I had a grand tour in a time warp. So much to see and so much to take in, I believe I will need more than one snack around the kitchen table! I could write about Nick and Ana, but as we launch a new feature in Eden Local this year about local producers, I asked Nick to give me an introduction. This is the first of a two part story covering almost 28 years of hard work in the community for Nick and Ana, supporting a belief that has been fuelled by passion. Nick Jones writes : Back in the summer of 1974, Ana and I were fresh out of university and art college and dreaming of finding a smallholding, growing organic food, milking goats, and making bread. Although we were already grinding wheat by hand in a useful wedding present - a coffee grinder - we had not thought of looking for, let alone running a 250 year old Cumbrian watermill. However, my arm was getting a bit tired from turning the coffee grinder (it’s hard work grinding wheat!), so when we came across a mill for sale in the Eden Valley, we decided to go for it, much to the consternation of friends and family! We’ve been milling ever since, and have a national reputation as specialist millers of high quality organic and biodynamic stoneground flours and cereals. We continue to pioneer new initiatives - we’re the first traditional mill in the UK to specialise in biodynamic grains and flour; last year we developed an outdoor ovens project. Nearly three quarters of our production is sold in Cumbria, mainly to home bakers. As well as milling, we run a great tearoom, and have just won the Cumbria Life Top Tea Shop Award 2012. The tearoom was also highly commended in the Cumbria Tourism, Taste of Cumbria Awards in 2009 and selected by the “Independent” newspaper in December 2009 as one of the best in the country, along with Betty’s of Harrogate. We use fresh and mostly local organic EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

ingredients including produce from our smallholding. The skill, dedication and experience of our staff have helped us to build a great reputation for the quality and variety of all our food, but perhaps especially our bread, scones, and cakes. But there’s more…Ana runs her very popular breadmaking, baking and cooking courses throughout the year. They take place in a mill kitchen and the approach is relaxed, informal and friendly. Ana says “If you have the best of ingredients you do not need to do anything complicated with them. All courses use organic, seasonal ingredients – some you can grow in your garden, others you can pick from the hedges and a few you have to buy! Everything we make is simple and doesn’t take much time – but is very tasty…! If you have a busy life and not much time you can still make simple but wonderful meals! We all cook together and do almost everything by hand.” Then there is our children’s programme, run by Kate Durdy and Ana, including art, baking, and making workshops. These run in the school holidays and half term weeks. So what’s a day in the life of the Watermill like ? Two years ago we commissioned Cumbrian artist Sophie Martin to spend a few days with us, drawing and painting different aspects of life at the mill. The resulting illustrated book “A Day in the Life of the Watermill” goes behind the scenes and describes beautifully the animals, the gardening, the baking, the milling, managing the water and more….hard work, yes, but dull, never !

mobile: 07881 530085

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BROUGH by Martin Cowin The full title of Brough is Brough-under-Stainmore and the town is in two parts: Market Brough and Church Brough. The word ‘Brough’ means ‘Fortress’. The earliest record of Brough is the Roman fort of Verteris, established 71 AD, when it was occupied by an army drawn from all quarters of the Roman Empire. During the building of the A685 road to Kirkby Stephen in the 1960’s, a Roman cemetery was discovered on the site of the works. The Romans occupied Brough up until the arrival of the Vikings in 793 AD and the Scandinavian influence of the Viking armies are still in evidence, as placenames including or ending with ‘beck’, ‘fell’, ‘by’, ‘thore’ and ‘thwaite’ were given their names by the Viking settlers. The Viking armies remained in the area until 1066, during which time Brough was also resident to the Carvettii people, a name still evident today following the merger of Brough Football Club and Kirkby Stephen Football Club over a decade ago, to form Carvettii United Football Club. Next to occupy Brough were the Normans, who took the site of Verteris and built the Castle keep and extended the grounds. The Normans arrived in Brough in 1092. The Castle keep and grounds were finally improved by Lady Anne Clifford in the seventeenth century.

Transport links were improved in 1369 with the building of an improved bridge, which allowed animals from great distances to be brought to Brough markets. Cattle with metal shoes, geese with feet coated in sand and tar were also driven great distances. On Brough Main Street is Old Hall, the oldest house in Brough, built in the seventeenth century. There were seventeen inns in Brough in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A tradition which continues to this day is the Romany Brough Hill Fair, now held in a field beside the A66 close to Warcop, which first took place in 1661. To the north of Brough is the hamlet of Helbeck, which also provides a couple of landmarks visible from the town: Helbeck Hall and the Fox Tower, built in 1726 as a folly by the landowner, who also built a cotton mill below the Fox Tower. Another historical building is Swanson House, formerly the Post Office, the White Swan Inn before that, which was built in 1770.

St Michael’s Church was built in 1150 and includes a sloping aisle and a stone tribute to a Greek boy who died at Verteris during the Roman occupation.

The former George Hotel, built 1771, was an overnight stopping point for the London – Glasgow mail coach as the building was the main postal office for the district – long before the arrival of Royal Mail! It was during this time that up to sixty carriages a day called in, stopped or passed through Brough. The Golden Fleece Inn dates from 1779.

Brough was granted a Market Charter in 1330, a copy of the charter can be seen on the wall in the Memorial Hall.

In 1856, the directors of the Stockton & Darlington Railway visited Brough to propose the building of a line which would run from Barnard Castle to Penrith.


phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

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Opposition from the coaching inns and authorities made the directors visit Kirkby Stephen, where they were met with enthusiasm and co-operation. Kirkby Stephen became the railway town of the district. It was up to the 1860’s that the mid winter fire festivals took place in Brough, which involved the carrying of a burning holly bush and barrels of burning tar through the streets! Brough School was built in 1875 and a notable design feature of the building is the high windows – designed to allow light into the building, but also avoids the pupils from being distracted by the outside world! Opposite the school is the Market Brough – Church Brough boundary stone and the former farm opposite the school was a cornmill in the nineteenth century. Other buildings of historical note include a former Quaker meeting house, the Wesleyan Chapel and Rose Cottage, which was the original school building in Brough. Also the cobbles of Swan Yard are of interest. Mains water was connected in 1910 to the households of Brough, prior to which all washing was done in Swindale Beck. The Clock Tower on Main Street was built 1911, with the original Market Cross on the top. The remains of the Market Cross can be seen on High Street. Mill House, some distance behind the Castle Hotel, was the source of local electricity before the 19141918 war, making Brough one of the first places to have public street lighting. Brough Memorial Hall was built in 1926 as a tribute to

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

all those that had fought in the 1914-1918 war. The site was previously a Baptist Church. Brough is now divided by the A685 (Brough – Tebay) and A66 (trans-pennine) roads. The old road to Kirkby Stephen leads down Bridge Street, passes the school, runs through Church Brough and continues as a track to Brough Sowerby. The increased use of road transport led to the building of the A66 bypass in 1977. In the year 2012, Brough is an expanding residential town with a number of small businesses. Please do call in and visit.

mobile: 07881 530085


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11 Little Dockray Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7HL T: 01768 866 624 E: W:

#3!! 1)#.1) . *  "!5 )1# 1*#** *.!* # 5 066/'  &) $1)*!2* $# (1!.5 # *)2 *$" $ . 1)#.1) 3 *1&&!5  .!* * # 3))$* # . "#"1" $ **"!5 2)5.# !* $"* )5 $) 1*'

 * $1) *. *!!) # 3 $ $1) 1."$*. .$ & &)* $"&..2 !.$1 3 $ 2 (1.  !) )# $ #  ## $*3$$ .$$'

1) 4&)# # )#!5 &&)$ #*1)* .. 3 " .$ $) !! $1) 1*.$")* . *. *)2 # )!!.5 3 &$**!5 #'

! $  # ! !  $!    "$     $  "  $ ! )"*  $#.$#* &&!5

% ..! $ )5 #). 1") "! *#3!!1)#$!'$"

%% + !&$# 6%+, ,,,0 333'*#3!!1)#.1)'$'1

We are a local family business which has been selling furniture for almost 9 years. We started out on the internet for the first year, then decided to open a shop in Penrith town centre. Over the years we have developed a good customer relationship with the locals and visitors, some who just pop in now and again to see Oscar (he is the friendly family dog... although everyone local knows Oscar!). Over the last couple of years with the recession and the constant road works in and around town, business has slowed down; so we decided to take the plunge and add online shopping to our website. Our shop is not big enough to show all of the ranges we have in stock however, we do try to have one item from each range on show to give you an idea of the quality and style variations available. To complement the furniture we have a selection of accessories, some of which are on show and lots in our catalogues. These accessories range from lamps and mirrors, to wall art and root furniture. If you cannot see what you are looking for on the shop floor or our website, please just ask, as 9 times out of 10 we can find it for you! Why not call in and see us, or visit our website on EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

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Take it away in 2012 TAPAS Garlic Bread Garlic Bread with cheese and chillies Cheese & Chorizo Quesadillas Cheese & Re-fried Bean Quesadillas Spicy Barbecue Spare Ribs Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings Mexican Meatballs Crumbled Jalapeno Chillies

£2.45 £2.95 £3.75 £3.75 £4.50 £4.25 £4.25 £4.75

stuffed with creamy cheese

Seasoned Potato Wedges


topped with chilli sauce, cheese & sour cream

Tortilla Chips & Dips Combination Platter for two to share Vegetarian Combination

£2.95 £7.95 £7.95

MEXICAN NACHOS Melted Cheese, salsa & jalapeno chillies Re-fried Beans, cheese, guacamole & salsa Shredded Chilli Beef, cheese & sour cream The Works!.

£3.95 £4.50 £4.50 £4.95

MAIN COURSES Sizzling Fajitas Choose from: Tender chicken Breast Sizzling Vegetables Chicken Suiza,soft tortilla wrap

£8.95 £8.25 £7.95

filled with tender chicken & mushrooms in a creamy cheese sauce

Chilli Beef Enchilada


oven baked tortilla packed with shredded chilli beef

Vegetable Chimichanga, fried vegetable parcel Chicken Chimichanga Mexican Meatballs Stack of Spicy Barbecue Ribs

£7.95 £7.95 £7.95 £7.95

All main courses served with fresh salad & jacket potato or Mexican rice, or a choice of the following: Spicy Wedges Spicy Wedges with chilli sauce & cheese

75p extra £1 extra

Tel: 01768 868666 1 Castlegate, Penrith CAll 7HX phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394 mobile: 07881 530085



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Last month we celebrated the success of Eden FM radio’s first ever transmission. I wrote the article 6 days before the trial transmission had finished so we will pick up from that point. The feedback from the community has been fantastic, in one word ‘unbelievable’. In the joy of the achievement, however, there was some sadness. Following emails and phone calls, I popped into my barbers for that Christmas trim and the question voiced by many on the morning of 23 December was ‘I switched on the radio and it wasn’t there.’ Firstly, Eden FM radio has been embraced by many. Building a radio station at community level is a massive task and it requires endless hours of work on air and behind the scenes and its all done voluntarily. The rules it has to operate under are the same as for any professional, commercial or public radio station. The equipment has to be of a high specification and the licencing is granted under strict guidelines from Ofcom. The laws of radio are not negotiable and the cost of getting on air is a challenge. To run a radio station at any level 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, requires a lot of people in the right place at the right time. For 4 weeks, local volunteers at Eden FM radio gave the community a taste of the potential of what can be achieved and in the future with further development, a major communication hub for Penrith and the surrounding areas around the Eden Valley. It’s not a charity, but it’s not far from it. Here are some frequently asked questions. Why can’t Eden FM be on air all the time? In July 2006, Ofcom invited the whole of the UK to apply for community radio licences. The licencing

termed as the first round, has only just been completed. Round two, for those who missed the regional applications or failed to get full time licences, is now taking place. To start this process, communities wanting a radio station had to submit their intentions to apply by June 2010. Eden FM did this. So when can Eden FM be full time? The regional application round for Cumbria is the summer of 2012. No dates have been released yet (at the time of this report). When the application window opens, you have 3 months in which to complete and submit the application form before the deadline. Ofcom then review the application. This can take up to 3 months and then announcements are made. So do we just need to fill in the form and send it back and wait? The simple answer is yes, however, any errors in the application will mean a simple no and you then have to wait until the next licencing round. What does the application process involve? As chairman, or the person heading up the project, I am preparing the team and the community now for the application. The Eden FM radio application is the second that I hope to complete. Approximately 30,000 words and appendices almost equal in size to the application, it is not a tick box exercise. The application has to prove that in the community, a radio station can exist, be financially viable and supports

First Driving Lesson FREE! Make sure your driving gets the best possible start with - CARLETON DRIVING SCHOOL To arrange a free lesson call or text Bert on

07715 177611 or 01768 864034 Bert is a Grade 6 Instructor and is in the top 7% of Driving Instructors Nationally EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

EdenLocal • 25

the community it serves. We also need to show evidence that it is accepted. What are our chances and what can be done towards submitting a good application? The work started in June 2010. The recent transmission is a bench mark. Eden FM radio, as a requirement of a community licence, is a not for profit limited company. It has the minimum requirements to be a limited company for registration and it is to be run by a committee of local people living in that community. No one person can own the radio station. Run like any group of volunteers, it has a working structure. Run like a business, it has to generate income. What has to be proved in our application is that Eden FM radio Ltd can deliver. The intention of the current strategy is to be delivering these things before the application is submitted. How is it possible to deliver what you intend to do if you’re not a full time community radio? With its local support, Eden FM has already secured the bare minimum of equipment to broadcast 24/7. As a community based, licenced internet station, it is already on air. It already has business and financial planning in place to sustain this and build the future for a full time FM frequency transmitting station. Can Eden FM afford it and prove it can be worthy of delivering a full time community radio? There is no short answer but we can provide an explanation. Proving you can or want to be a community radio station is the hard part. You need on air experience, to have financial planning in place and you

can only do one 4 week transmission every 5 months. This is called an RSL, a restricted service licence. The maximum term you can have is 28 days. The licensing cost of this, including the 4 week application cost, is not far short of £3,500. This is made up of a licence fee to Ofcom (£820) including application (£400), a PRS licence (£1240) and a PPL licence which is £35 a day (£980 for 28 days). Specialist equipment is required that adheres to industry standards and specifications. The recent transmission required £2,500 worth of hired equipment. But here is the positive! Eden FM radio, through the support of local businesses and the hard work of its volunteers, has secured equipment and funding, which means a large reduction in the hiring of future equipment. It has already commenced a rebuild of its studio one and using funding from Eden District Council to a tight budget, it will be purchasing equipment required for this studio.This means it will have two studios. Thanks to sponsorship, it has its own outside broadcasting vehicle. Thanks to 15 local businesses sponsoring the vehicle, this secured the funds to MOT, tax and insure the vehicle. This is an asset banked and we have a strategy in place to secure and maintain future funding. Here is another positive! A full time community radio licence costs £500 per year. Under the conditions of the Ofcom licence, the fees are based on a percentage of on air advertising income. This is capped. Only 50% of the funding for a full time community radio station can be raised from on air advertising. This strategy and those required disciplines, have already been put in place one year before the application for a full time community radio station will be submitted. There were many more questions asked, but as always some more good news. Eden FM radio is on line and available via a web stream to 45,000 people at any one time. As from 6 February, you can listen to your local presenters every day at It’s your voice, it’s your choice, so please log on.

Have you recently moved in? Have you changed the lock? Here is another question. How many people have the keys to your front door that you don’t know about?

How much does it cost to replace the lock on your front door? An investment in a new lock costs around 21p a day over one year. Compared to the investment in your monthly mortgage or your rent 21p a day for better home or business security is a very small investment

Call Monument Locksmiths now

07877 690 267 or 01768 806 014 phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


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Something new for the Summer of 2012 Approximately 124 miles coast to coast, the A66 was officially named in the 1920’s when all roads were named with numbers, but of course it had to exist to be named. The better known Route 66 in the USA officially opened on 11th November 1926 and is a coast to coast drive of 2,448 miles. There are many roads named 66 around the world. Which is the oldest? It’s a debate - one that the Romans might have had a say in? Whether it’s riding, trekking, cycling, driving, walking or hiking - for the visitors to this part of the world, camping, caravanning, hostelling, staying at a B & B, a hotel, a motel or a traditional inn, either on the route or off the beaten track, eating, sleeping, relaxing or discovering, this might just be the ultimate guide. Are you a local business, which needs to raise its profile outside of the county or do you need to be seen or noticed when visitors arrive in your area?

This builds on the success of the Eden Local’s pilot ‘Eating Out in Eden’ guide, which was distributed from May 2011 to campsites, caravan sites, B & B’s, pubs, inns, café’s, restaurants, shops and areas where there are high foot falls of visitors. Capitalising on the growing audience reading Eden Local on line, out of the county and out of the UK, we hope that www.route66england. and the route 66 guide will be a hit this summer as we plot a new route for visitors and local businesses. Email for more details

The Brunswick Deli The Brunswick Deli has real quality and taste available this Valentines – in fact you don’t need a saint to give you the nod for experience in foods which really are something special. Any time of the year is just fine.

Love is.......... Cheese Boards (by order only from £20) Waxed Godminster organic mature cheddar, a smooth and creamy flavour, but with the crunch that only vintage matures can give – a real taste experience. Fresh fruit apple and cider paste, a perfect, clean tangy flavour which goes extremely well with any cheese or meat board and beautiful handmade biscuits for cheese – exclusive to Brunswick Deli! Camembert is also used. With the paste, the taste can only be described as divine.

Love Leaf Tea At Love Leaf Tea, they simply love tea. Some blends enflame your passion, whilst others soothe your senses. Cochrane Cottage Strawberry and Prosecco Jam, Red Raspberry Drizzle, Sweet Balsamic dressings, the list goes on but one thing to remember, they are all FAT FREE! Yum yum.

9 Brunswick Road Tel: 01768 210500 EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

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Penrith Golf Club Membership Drive


t Penrith Golf Club’s Annual General Meeting last month members approved changes to encourage membership for adults and juniors. The entrance fee of £300 was temporarily suspended in order to encourage new members to join the Club. Of course the annual subscription of £480 for 7 day members or £430 for 5 day members must still be paid. Arrangements are in place to allow all members to spread this payment over 10 months at a rate of £52 per month for 7 day members. This annual subscription, very much in line with other Cumbrian clubs, helps to pay for all the work required on the course and for the clubhouse facilities. All existing members were pleased to hear that the Club’s financial stability required no change in the subscription this year.

Penrith Golf Club had also looked carefully at how to encourage young people to take up the game. There has never been an entrance fee for juniors. At the meeting it was agreed that junior members’ annual subscriptions should be cut to £50 from £90 for those under 15 and it was also agreed that the subscription for 15 to 17 years be reduced to £50 from £110. These sweeping reductions are designed to bring more young people on to the golf course. In addition, in the 2012 summer season, there will be professional-led coaching at the Club every Monday evening for both junior members and potential junior members. This winter a “TriGolf” initiative for primary schools in the area will be trialed and the professionals will be going out to certain schools. Interested primary schools should contact the professional shop at the club. (01768 891919) The main men’s competition day is Sunday, though other arrangements for official games are in place. The Club publishes a “Yellow Book”, a calendar of all the competitions for the season.

The course is open throughout the year although steps are taken in the winter to protect the fairways and greens. An excellent online booking system has recently been installed which allows members to book in advance from home and it is also possible to book by phone during daytime. The summer greens are always admired by visiting golfers. For those keen to improve their golf there are excellent practice facilities with a driving range, practice ground complete with bunkers and, of course, a putting green. The pro shop is staffed by Penrith Driving Range personnel, who will advise on new or second hand equipment. They also provide golf lessons, both at the Club and at their driving range on the left on the way back from Rheged.

So now is the time to take up golf!

All enquiries to Dennis Wright, the Secretary/ Manager on 01768 891919

The Ladies Section, with 79 members, has priority on the tee on Tuesday morning and with a slot on Sundays. They have an active membership with their own Captain and Committee. The Lady Captain has also recently become a member of the Club’s General Committee. Then there is Dad’s Army, the senior men’s section – a sort of club within a club for men over 54. The subscription is £2 per year and formal competitions take place on Thursday mornings throughout the summer and more informal games are arranged in the winter months. In addition they play against seven other local senior clubs both at home and away. phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


28 • EdenLocal

Business Leisure The Shepherds Inn Melmerby

...come and enjoy the food, the wine, the local beers and our famous village pub atmosphere. 01768 881741


Now opeN 9 Bridge Street Appleby

Cumbrian Food Direct


open 5pm - 11pm evenings 01768 353550

Plug & Play     

 "#  ! # 


!$ #$!

Greg Wilson & The Big Caffeine Fix 3 Feb Heidi & Tony Acoustic Soul at Sat 4th Feb Pete Lashley 10th Feb Highly Strung Friday 24th Feb rd

34 Burrowgate, Sandgate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7TA Tel: 01768 210099 Email:

Retail The Gem Den

Setting the standard for Indian Food in Cumbria. 18 King Street Penrith, CA11 7AJ Tel: 0176886 7721


Lunch Time special Menu from Mid-day

Penrith Golf Centre & Driving Range is just the place to come for ALL of your golfing needs. Whilst boasting some of the very best practice facilities in the North of England, the facility also offers an extensively stocked golf shop with professional staff on hand to deliver quality advice. REDHILLS, PENRITH, CUMBRIA, CA11 0DR TEL: 01768 892167

Advertise in this space for ÂŁ14.49 per month call now 01768 899111

Beautiful Silver Gemstone Jewellery Rocks Fossils Crystal Carving Restringing and Repairs 01768899989. 31 King Street, Penrith

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas



# # "

Jacksons Family Butchers supporting eden Valley Farmers Wholesome quality meat and food products. 23 Great Dockray Penrith, ca11 7De 0176886 8689 Carleton Farm Shop Fresh Local Produce Mon - Sat 9am to 5.30pm Sun 10am to 4pm Carleton Farm Shop Carleton, Penrith, CA11 8RQ Telephone 01768 210027

Eden House of Cakes Complete beginners to experienced riders Trekking and lessons in riding and carriage driving. Kids club and parties BET ride qualified Certificate of training and Examination Centre for The British Equestrian Tourism Exams

Wedding, Birthday and speciality cakes Cake tin hire and baking accessories Sandgate House Sandgate Penrith, CA11 7TJ 01768 899 225

 for valentines

For all your embroidery needs

Tel: 01768862153 / 01931712028 Mob: 07919386004 EdenLocal Angel Square. Tel: 01768 890255

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

Sam Scotts 14 Little Dockray, Penrith Cumbria CA11 7HL 01768 866961

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Find a local business at your local online database of local businesses in your postcode. It cost 27p a day for a full website page and an entry in the printed Eden Valley directory. Email or call us now 01768 899111




eden taxis


6 SeaterS available • lady driverS available

(01768) 865432 (01768) 867890 email:

Professional advice, support and guidance on employment matters. Free initial assessments

Call Charlotte on 01768 899111

Alison Noble Dog Grooming

All aspects of dog grooming Purpose built grooming room in a stress free happy environment Bathing, clipping, stripping & grooming

Tel: 01768862153 22 years experience


Low rates, great vehicles & a free pick up service! For cars, people carriers or vans, pick Enterprise. We ‘ll pick you up. Enterprise-Rent-a-Car Haweswater Road, Penrith, CA11 9EU Tel. 01768 893840

Double glazed sealed units for any type of frame – retail and trade. Quality personal service over 36yrs exp

01768 899040 Custom Built Sheds, Summer Houses & Garages. Bespoke and top quality not shed loads of money! Unit 6 milestone House Penrith Tel: 01768 840378


InterIor Stone Care All Restored back to new, Stone stripped and re-sealed Full after care advice given and Free Bottle of Specialist Stone Cleaner with all projects Contact Stuart : 07515 155814 or email for quotations :


Your local Ceramic Tiling Specialist Call Graeme Lowes on 01768 891392 or 07970 304620 for Wall & Floor Tiling

Beacon Computers

Problem with your PC or Laptop? We are your local, mobile IT specialist. We offer computer and laptop sales, repairs, upgrades, servicing and virus removal. We also supply New & Re-Conditioned Computers, Printers, Scanners, Peripherals & Consumables that YOU need, not bulk packs with things you are never likely to use. Based in Penrith, and operating throughout Cumbria for over 10 years, Beacon Computers is the leading local provider of High Quality computer related goods and services.

Telephone: 01768 864800 Mobile: 07876 128911 E-Mail: phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


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And Finally...... So looking ahead to next month, there will be many more new stories, with local businesses and people from the community having a crack at writing in your community magazine. We do have some new features planned. As a reminder, the world of marmalade will be heavily spread at the end of February! The 7th annual World’s Original Marmalade Awards and Festival signals the start of National Marmalade Week. The first ever National Marmalade Week will take place from 25 February to 3 March 2012, thanks to the boom in the number of people making their own marmalade. The inaugural awareness week has been created by the organisers of The World’s Original Marmalade Awards and Festival, who are seeking entries for the 2012 contest. The week will celebrate all things marmalade and will kick off with the quintessentially British Awards and Festival at the historic Dalemain House in the Lake District on 25 and 26 February 2012. All marmalades entered are on display. In 2011, they had over 1100 from amateurs, artisan producers and from B&Bs and hotels, who make their own marmalade to serve to their customers. Entries for the Artisan & Bed & Breakfast/Hotel Awards must be received by 10 February 2012 and amateur entries must be received by 17 February 2012 and can be accepted from now on.

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Distribution 15,040

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Distribution 15,040

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StoreValley Opening Exclusive The Eden Local is sponsored New by Eden Windows

ÂŁ1.00 (where sold)

Pick a Card, Any Card you like Eating with your Eyes Peter Sidwell Taking on the devil in your Pen Nico Chièze recommends The New Jewel in Appleby is Ruby

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Your Venue for Weddings The & Eden Local is sponsored by Eden Valley Windows Events Conference Follow us on facebook

February 2012

The Stoneybeck Inn, Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RP 01768 862369

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394tomobile: 07881& 530085 Eden live Issue Thirteen Distributed Homes Businesses in CA11 7,FM 8, 9, 0 & CA10 1 87.9 FM • Peter Sidwell Christmas tips Eden radio now Local

Nico Chieze selects for Christmas • Advertising from 27p per day Open 24 hour farm shop • Inspire with Desire • Free Rooster breakfast!

Christmas Trees delivered to your door and much more Get Fit in 2012 page 7

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394to mobile: 07881 530085 EdenLocal Issue Fourteen Distributed Homes & Businesses in CA11 7, 8, 9, 0 & CA10 1

See page 14-15 for more details

Sale starts 3rd January 50% off Kitchens & Bedroom 30% of windows, doors & conservatories

Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens and Bedrooms

Telephone: (01768) 866790 More details on page 6 and 7

phone: 01768 8991112012 / 01768 862394Distribution mobile: 07881 53008516,040 EdenLocal Issue 16 January Across the Eden Valley

And finally, please don’t forget that a week after you receive this Eden Local, you will receive through your door, the Eden Local, Eden Valley full colour business directory.

Wedding & Events Fayre 19th Feb full details page 17

Your Venue for Weddings Events & Conference The Stoneybeck Inn, Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RP phone: 0176801768 899111 / 01768 862394 mobile: 07881 530085 862369 EdenLocal-Feb12.indd 1




phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


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Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7EH Tel. 01768 864545 phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085


32 • EdenLocal


phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

Eden Local February 2012  

Eden Local February Issue 2012

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