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Cumbrian Local Publications • Issue No. 141 • December 2018


Wishing you all A Merry Christmas from N & J Dowding Butchers Christmas Hours Sun 23rd 7.30am - 5pm Mon 24th 7.30am - 5pm

Appleby Creamy Cheeses are available from Cranstons, Booths, Grahams and Rheged plus Cocklakes for your Christmas

Sparkle & Shine It is a weekend that the Eden FM team will remember and with Eden FM already booked to go in 2019 for Sparkle Weekend, it’s in my diary to make sure I’ll be there and I’ll be hoping at that stage to have the Penrith Eden FM link with the Appleby Eden FM team. Sunday 25th November 2018, the day after a long day at Appleby, was the 8th anniversary of Eden FM switching on its campaign to get a full-time community licence, which it achieved and went full-time from June 2014. The response and the commitment we have witnessed from the commu-

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nity of Appleby has been one of the most positive we have received as its community radio station. These are just some of the images from the day, with Mr Sparkle, Santa and clips of the day. As promised, ‘Appleby Sparkle and Shine’ two-hour programme is now being produced; details are on page 24-25. Meanwhile, as a thought, when people like you this much as a station, the very least we can do is to work towards Appleby having its own part of Eden FM in Appleby. So, in 2019, we want Appleby to have its own two hour show every week. We need a team

of 4 - 8 volunteers and we’ll aim to have the Eden FM Appleby team up and running before we return in the Summer for the Appleby Carnival!

Jennie and Mark Allison Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from Low Howgill Christmas Hours Sun 23rd 9am - 4pm. Mon 24th 6am - 1pm

A picture paints a 1000 words, so I’ll leave you with the images of the day and some Christmas wishes. Many thanks to the Appleby Sparkle Weekend committee for a great weekend. Merry Christmas from the Eden FM Team.

Picture Kevin & Jordon Hindmarch Wishing you a Merry Christmas From Stephens of Appleby Christmas hours: Mon 24th 7am - 3pm

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Contents Sparkle and Shine – Lee Quinn

Pages 2 - 3

Introduction and Contents

Pages 4 – 7

A World of your Own (Part 1) – Lee Quinn

Pages 8 – 9

Employment Issues or Advice with Quinn HR

Pages 10 - 11

Nursery Rhyme corner with Pam Waggott



New Year at the Globe Inn



The Holiday Season 17-25 - Emily Quinn

Pages 14 – 15

The History of N Arnison & Sons Part 2 – Tim Scott

Pages 16 – 19

Winter As it Was - Gwen Moffat

Pages 20 – 21

Wainwright On Childhood – Derek Cockell



Local Churches



Eden FM to expand - Lee Quinn

Pages 24 & 25

People in the Community

Pages 26 - 29

A Christmas Verse – Linda Jervis



Cumbria’s Community Christmas – Tom Rose

Page 30

Penrith AFC Ladies making progress

Page 31

Marshall Conservatory Conversions

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Welcome to your December Eden Local An outsider looking in or someone who was on the inside who chose to get out? Communication can be such a strength but also a terrible weakness. On many occasions I have probably expressed too many times that I am not a writer, or a photographer and I’m certainly not a journalist, however, I still have a dream to write and we all have to have dreams. The circumstances we find ourselves in possibly are not always where we wanted to be, but what I have reflected on is that those things that happen around us have more of an impact on our lives than we actually can have ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a person; it could be a pet or it could be a memory that is triggered by seeing something or hearing something. If there is one thing I’m going to do straight after Christmas, it is print off all my family photos I have taken from the last 3 months before and up to Christmas and I’ll put them in a photo album. I’ll be in Penrith Posters for a while doing that! I’ll then be working my way back to the day I took my first digital photo! So I’ll probably have to rent a desk from Chris Murray, the owner. Too many memories are lost on mobile phones, and with data being lost on phones and computers, our lives are more than just clips of memories; they’re moments to be shared and must be around to help us remember life before technology took over. How many people reading this have dogs? During watching Paul O’Grady’s ‘For the Love of Dogs’ programme, how many times do we look at our dogs and give them a huge hug whilst watching it? It’s not the sort of thing I would normally watch, but the 5th member of our family likes to watch it, I think mainly because of the attention? Wishing you a warm welcome to your December Eden Local and thank you for picking your Community magazine up once more. Welcome back to the businesses and the people of Appleby and thank you to the Appleby Sparkle Committee for inviting the Eden FM Radio team and I to assist

with the event this year. With so many trips to Appleby these past 12 months, I came home after that day, worked out my figures and decided I had to get this magazine, this month, back into Appleby, and we have. Before the November delivery was completed, we had our first idea arrive from Linda Jervis - thank you Linda. Our next piece to arrive came following a delivery in an area, which I did myself the previous day. I received a note from a reader. I recognised the name and the more I then discovered sent a ‘positive’ shiver down my spine, especially with them being a writer, with sales around the world and 35 publications to their name! Naturally, I had to visit the lady who was born the day before my grandmother, in the same year, in the same month, in the same town, yep and that was when I had that shiver, because they were both in the same ward and in the same hospital, which is 350 miles away from here in Brighton, now both in the Penrith area. Gwen Moffat, is a worldly lady who had a passion to climb and write and it was a real pleasure to meet her. Life sometimes can be a coincidence. What are the chances from 350 miles away from where they were born of actually being in the same place together once more over 94 years later? Meeting people and talking to people is something I thrive on. I like to share the success of others. Maybe one day someone might interview me? Saying that, when I sat down with Gwen, I felt a little like I was being interviewed as I looked around the room and saw bookshelves of her work. This month and in the months to follow, and indeed I hope in years to follow, we’ll have more short and long stories about the people in our community to bring to you. N Arnison & Sons have been like a phoenix coming back from the ashes, with a new set of feathers which I know many have witnessed and seen as inspirational to others. Even Emily (my daughter) has been caught up with the recent attention they have had. Much a part of their own creation I believe, they just needed an open door opportunity. I do not think it would be wrong to assume or suggest that we hope more will take a feather out of this cap and maybe the unveiling of windows will be the normal event for Penrith, shared by many of its retailers next year, with

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windows being covered, whilst dressing them, ready for an unveiling day, which could be a wonderful early evening event after work and school. A lot of events set out as ideas and maybe if the Winter Droving marking the start of the winter festival, which it was when it set out, could include the unveiling of windows with a huge audience already in town, scheduled two weeks before the Christmas light switch on, it could be a thought. We might even have the re-introduction of the Halloween Festival at Halloween which could also be considered? My thanks to the Scott family and a special thank you to Tim Scott for putting the version of the history of their business together which we have presented in the November Eden Local. This now concludes their history up to December 2018. I have put some thought into that, which you may notice? My thanks also to the staff who have been so nice on my many visits. As it is the Christmas edition, yes we have food, wine and festive menus, but what we also have is a personal take of food optimisation and an experience shared in the choice we all have in taking control of wanting to feel better on the inside and maybe look in the mirror this time next December and think, what can be achieved by just taking control of what you can. So, an experience shared of Sleep Apnoea and how Slimming World started the road back is something we’ve also put together this month. For those who don’t want to snore, reduce snoring, not have to sleep in the spare room and then feel tired all day, it might be an eye opener. Whilst, I have mentioned meeting a lot of new people, I am pleased to also share the experience of catching up with people in businesses that I haven’t seen for some time. There are a few things to read and digest or not, it’s your choice. There is one small

matter I would also like to raise and that is that whilst delivering this month, I hit a record number, not on posting magazines through letterboxes in doors, but in coming across door keys left in doors. I always knock on the door to let the owners know, which is what I also advise all the teams. I came home that day after working out I knocked on 8 doors, probably 20 doors across the month with keys in them, which is quite a scary statistic. I’ve done it, left keys in a door, a mid-distraction, it’s easy to do. What happens when you realise you’ve mislaid your keys? Then on tracing back your steps, you work out the last time you used them was to get in, but you can’t find the keys and they are not in the door and you’ve never found them? Could that be the start to a crime novel, I don’t think so. I’ll leave that to Gwen Moffat! So, the end result of the month means your Eden Local is now in your hand, but as you know a lot happens from the time it lands on your mat before another arrives next month. Covering the areas we do, it has been predominantly Penrith and the areas around it which currently incorporates over 70 villages every month. We do not cover every door; we do not have access to every door. I personally have a phobia of entering a garden where there is a dog with a head bigger than mine, ever though I love dogs! We’ll be recapping 2018 in the January Eden Local which commences delivery 3rd January. As I cast my eye through this edition, I always have a habit of looking at previous December issues. This one is totally different from any we have previously created. If you have access to the Internet, you can look at the previous December issues at www.cumbrianlocal. co.uk/previous-issues. The cover I used on my first December magazine was a brilliant photo by Tommy Martin called ‘Christmas Tree’ Helton. I wonder if the

Finesse Jewellery Vintage, Antique & Collectables

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year Our December Hours are 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday We are open 10 am to 4 pm every Sunday in December

Don't just Look in the Window in 2019 6 • EdenLocal

43 Middlegate, Penrith • 01768 895244

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businesses that booked into that edition realised they were purchasing 8 years’ worth of advertising? The front page is quite different this month. It was last month, so why you may ask? Well, one of our customers suggested a change a few months back and I listened. There are some other changes. Over the last 3 – 4 years, the December magazine has featured about 18 – 20 businesses. This month we have over 40 and in this magazine we have more stories and information than any December magazine we have produced before. When you’re posting your Christmas cards this year, which I hope you still do, please think about what it costs, think how heavy it is, then you may be close to understanding how tight a budget we run to for delivering this magazine to you. As a family we still post Christmas cards, so the address book will be out and for what we pay and what get, we do we get a lot of miles and at the end a lot of happiness is delivered and greatly received, especially if you slip in a note, all included in that price of stamp. It will outlive any electronic Merry Christmas and Best wishes sent. For local deliveries in Penrith, we’ll be using the Penrith Lions. It’s no secret what we do; the advertising revenue, through adverts and advertorial helps maintain the balance between text/stories, local news, charity and voluntary group contribution. Without our voluntary writers and our own delivery teams, it would not be affordable to provide a free magazine. Without the other members of my family and friends also helping out with our delivery, it would be a near impossible task, especially as we also audit our routes. A post box at the end of a drive is very handy when a drive is a 10-15 minute walk and if the teams covered these deliveries, the costs would not be sustainable. Our national mail prices rocketed not so long ago and that’s probably why delivering a single letter to a house in a row of terraced properties in a city is now the same price as delivering to a house with a 2 mile drive, but this is also to feed profits, whilst post offices up and down the country close. Most of the post office services are now on line and we can thank the likes of our online shopping for devastating the delivery side of the business once handled by Royal Mail. It’s that time when I say we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are; the lady I handed the magazine to in the garden, the man I handed his door keys to who was inside his house trying to find them, the regular reader on line. We’ll be out delivering week commencing 3rd December, we may see you then. Lee

Just Greek is basically that; you won’t find a kebab in here, but you will find Yeeros which is either pork or chicken. It’s also certified Gluten Free. Kebabs are Turkish, lamb and chances are it could be processed meat, but Yeeros is meat and if you still think it’s kebab, then you’ll need to go in to Just Greek and ask Yannis Babamelelis to cut a piece so you can taste it. Then you can decide if you would like pork, chicken or both along with a traditional range of Greek dishes to take out or to eat in. You may have noticed that Just Greek did have to close for a short while as Dimitrios was quite poorly. He is now on the road to recovery, now he has the best man on the job. Yannis is quite new to Penrith. He used to run his own Greek Café & Grill in Greece, but he hopes to stay and make Just Greek that small Greek Island of tastes and experiences which he brings from home. Closed Mondays Open Tuesday to Sunday 3pm – 9pm 48 King Street, Penrith CA11 7AY

01768 744120

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In a world of your own By Lee Quinn

I wasn’t one for getting on scales and weighing myself. Many times I tried the odd diet, I bought the books, tried the Atkins Diet, ate a lot of eggs and bacon, but it wasn’t for me. I’ve joined a gym three times in my life, but not for long! As someone that used to run in half marathons regularly in between playing football most weekends, by my late 20’s I’d stopped running, but I kept playing football until 2010. I could never eat small meals. I rarely ate sweets or cakes, but cheese with white crusty bread always, not biscuits! To have a glass of wine always lead to a bottle. Takeaways yes, maybe one a week, but not every week. I like real ale. I never did breakfast cereal or bran and I couldn’t do wholemeal bread. A full fry up, yes please. Full fat milk and two sugars. I didn’t eat fruit and I was never keen on salads. I’ve always loved veg. So, for the best part of my life after about 24-25, my body was carefully crafted, probably from craft ales! I let the exercise drift and by the time I was 33, most of my work was at a desk. I’d stopped doing the ‘I’m a little over weight so these trousers are a bit tight, but I’ll buy them and adopt the I’ll fit in them one day plan’. That was 22 years ago and I still have those trousers that I bought which were a 34 inch waist. I also have some 36-inch waist ones that I bought around the same time; I chose to keep them for that ‘one day moment’. At the time I found it just easier to buy bigger or looser clothes. My body became a barrel XXXL size and my legs rubbed in my jeans. They would wear thin in the crotch and my waist size became a tight 44 inch. I had an XXXL body grown from XL foods! We are all different, so I’m going to keep this article simple if I can. I used to truly believe that the longer you leave a matter that is dependent on you to address, the harder it becomes over time to address. Losing weight or wanting to change who you are, how you look and feel isn’t an overnight process, but it was a kind of overnight process that finally made me realise what I had to do. Charlotte used to say I snored and if I drank wine or had a few beers, I would get the nudge or the dig in the ribs or back to make me turn on my side. Lying on your back makes you snore is what everyone says, but I found that it wasn’t just lying on my back. I snored on my front, on my side, sitting in a chair and then I found out one day I was hardly sleeping at all! I was waking up because of my snoring and I was conscious that I was waking everyone else up. 8 • EdenLocal

I reckon there will be people reading this that have sent their partner to the spare room and some because of the situation are still there now. In order for my wife to get a good night’s sleep, if I had a glass of wine or I had a few beers out with my mates I knew I was in the spare room, to spare the ears of the rest of the family. But it seemed to be getting worse. I didn’t have to have a drink to actually snore and I was looking at the 46-inch waist to sort the problem. I used to work late, then when everyone was asleep, when I went to bed I was so tired I snored even louder. I was so tired every morning and by midafternoon, if I sat in a comfy chair I went out like a light. I would be sitting at my desk and wake up lying on the keyboard! One day I was on the A66 coming back from Keswick. I felt so tired I pulled over, thinking a 5 minute nap would work. Over an hour later I woke up. The next day I called the doctor; we discussed it on the phone and he mentioned Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and asked me to complete an online questionnaire called the Epworth Sleepiness Scale Questionnaire. It’s a simple test and you have to be honest. It asks how likely you'll be to doze off in a number of different situations, such as watching TV or sitting in a meeting. You are scored on your answers and then I had to go into the doctors to discuss the results and what they meant. So here is the website with what you really need to know www.nhs.uk/conditions/obstructivesleep-apnoea/diagnosis and here is some of the information for those of you who aren’t online. Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is a relatively common condition where the walls of the throat relax and narrow during sleep, interrupting normal breathing. This may lead to regularly interrupted sleep, which can have a big impact on quality of life and increases the risk of developing certain conditions. Apnoea and Hypopnoea - there are two types of breathing interruption characteristic of OSA: Apnoea – where the muscles and soft tissues in the

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throat relax and collapse sufficiently to cause a total blockage of the airway; it's called an apnoea when the airflow is blocked for 10 seconds or more. Hypopnoea – a partial blockage of the airway that results in an airflow reduction of greater than 50% for 10 seconds or more. People with OSA may experience repeated episodes of apnoea and hypopnoea throughout the night. These events may occur around once every one or two minutes in severe cases. As many people with OSA experience episodes of both apnoea and hypopnoea, doctors sometimes refer to the condition as obstructive sleep apnoea - hypopnoea syndrome, or OSAHS. The term "obstructive" distinguishes OSA from rarer forms of sleep apnoea, such as central sleep apnoea, which is caused by the brain not sending signals to the breathing muscles during sleep. The symptoms of OSA are often first spotted by a partner, friend or family member who notices problems while you sleep.

The Barbara Holliday Collection

of Modern British Art, Jewellery and Antique Furnishings removed from The Gale, Cumbria

Tuesday 15 January 2019, 10am in our Stansted Mountfitchet Auction Rooms

Signs of OSA in someone sleeping can include: •

loud snoring

noisy and laboured breathing

repeated short periods where breathing is interrupted by gasping or snorting

some people with OSA may also experience night sweats and may wake up frequently during the night to urinate

During an episode, the lack of oxygen triggers your brain to pull you out of deep sleep – either to a lighter sleep or to wakefulness – so your airway reopens and you can breathe normally. These repeated sleep interruptions can make you feel very tired during the day. You'll usually have no memory of your interrupted breathing, so you may be unaware you have a problem. Source www.nhs.uk/conditions/obstructive-sleepapnoea/diagnosis I had to make a new start and in the January 2019 edition of Eden Local, I’ll tell you all about it! 2015 to January 2017 it was very hard, but I eventually got on the scales and weighed in at 17 stone 2 lbs in January 2017. I made a fresh start, not an easy route, but one I had to stick to. In the April my wife had joined Slimming World and by the Summer of 2017 I joined. To be continued….

guyschooling@sworder.co.uk 01279 817778 fully illustrated catalogue online

www.sworder.co.uk Stansted Mountfitchet | Essex | CM24 8GE

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Employment Issues or Advice Who do you call? Quinn HR is a local business that can provide you with HR advice and support as and when you need it. This can be on an ad hoc or retained basis – whatever you want.

The HR Retainer Service is designed to support you and your team in dealing with HR issues and to give you peace of mind that your business is compliant with employment legislation.

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The HR Retainer Service Whilst we are very happy to provide advice on an ad hoc basis, the monthly Retainer Service can be more cost effective.

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How does it work? Once you have decided which level of service you require for your business, the agreed users will be able to contact me or a colleague for advice on any aspect of HR or employment legislation. We will be available during normal working

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hours (excluding Bank Holidays and weekends).


At Hearth & Home

We will normally respond via email, but are happy to discuss issues on the telephone if you prefer or if we think it might be quicker and easier for you.

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Nursery Rhyme Corner So December is here and time for the final nursery rhyme in this series of articles. All of the nursery rhymes previously covered from Humpty Dumpty and Jack & Jill to Georgie Porgie have mixed origins; some based on historical fact others are a little hazy and difficult to authenticate. However, this final nursery rhyme is based on a true story.

Mary had a little lamb, It's fleece was white as snow; And everywhere that Mary went The lamb was sure to go. He followed her to school one day Which was against the rule; It made the children laugh and play, To see a lamb at school. And so the teacher turned him out, But still he lingered near; And waited patiently about Till Mary did appear "What makes the lamb love Mary so?" The eager chldren cry; "Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know," The teacher did reply.

The very first version of this rhyme is noted in a mid 19th century collection of rhymes with the opening words being ‘Roly-poly Pumpkin Pie’. However, the most common version is the one we all know from childhood. There are a number of theories that indicate the character Georgie Porgie refers to various historical figures including George Villiers the first Duke of Buckingham, a sexually flamboyant character favoured by King James I of England, and George I. However as is often the case there is little serious evidence to support these ideas. There is another theory, again with little authenticated evidence but which suggests that it is a rhyme linked to Scottish families which supported the Stuart line to the throne and relates to the Jacobite rebellions led by Bonnie Prince Charlie and the attempts to depose George. Implying that as the Jacobite army headed further south (the boys coming out to play) King George fled from England (Georgie Porgie ran away).

On the other hand there is another completely different theory that as the Great Fire of London of 1666 started in Pudding Lane and was finally controlled at Pye Corner, then ‘the boys’ may refer to the firefighters of the time and Georgie Porgie was the arsonist making his escape. I think it is fairly safe to say that there is little evidence of any historical meaning behind this nursery rhyme; and it is perhaps as ever, simply a childish tale of a young man chancing his luck with young ladies of the parish who was less than brave when the other young lads were in the area! Join me in December for the final nursery rhyme in the series; then I’ll have to decide what 2019’s focus is going to be! References: rhymes.org.uk & wikipedia.org

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NEW YEARS EVE Join us for New Years Eve 2018. The Globe will be offering a 3 course set menu served from 5pm – 8pm to those booked, and then all are welcome to join us for a superb disco set and free late night nibbles.

SET MENU £31 per head STARTERS Tomato and Lentil Soup served with a warm bread roll, Smoked Salmon Mousse with melba toast and salad Haggis Bon Bons on a tomato chutney with a Whiskey cream sauce. MAIN COURSE 8 hour Slow Braised Beef steak, served on a mustard mash and topped with red wine gravy Marinated Lamb Henry on a bed of creamy mashed potato, smothered with minted gravy Vegetable Lasagne with freshly toasted ciabatta, home cut chips and salad Pan Fried Seabass fillet coated in a white wine, prawn & dill cream sauce with new potatoes. DESSERT Vanilla Crème Brulee with berry compote and a shortbread biscuit Baileys Cheesecake served with an espresso cream Chocolate Torte served with fresh cream Assorted sorbets Local cheese board with crisp biscuits, grapes and chutney

THE OPENING HOURS OVER XMAS ARE: Xmas Eve - 12 til late, food 12-2 and then 5-9 • Xmas Day - drinks only 11:30 -1:30 Boxing Day - 12-7.30, food 12 -5.30 New Year’s Eve - set menu served 5pm-8pm, afterwards free disco & late night nibbles New Years Day - Open 12 until late food served 5-9pm

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17-25: The Holiday Season! By Emily Quinn very attractive lingerie with eye catching extras which really works. It’s modern, slightly raunchy, youthful and very different for Penrith. I see it as a real positive for Penrith, as one of the oldest shops in town modernising itself and keeping up with today’s trends. We shouldn’t assume that because it’s an old shop (with an amazing history) that it’s full of ‘fuddy-duddy’ clothes. Far from it! When I went in, there were some really lovely things and they’re very reasonably priced. I’m a bit of a bargain hunter and I will definitely be going back into Arnison’s before Christmas.

The Christmas holiday season can be by far the most stressful holiday season. You’ve got two major events; Christmas and New Year celebrations! It’s also the coldest holiday season and in some ways the most unsafe. I’m going to talk a little bit about shopping this Christmas and about the importance of keeping yourself safe throughout the cold, winter months. Many people stress about Christmas shopping. Some people love it and some people hate it; but many stress about it! I’ve recently come across a hidden wonder in Penrith; a place that you maybe wouldn’t give a second thought to when you walk past it. I’m referring to N Arnison and Sons. As regular readers will know, Arnison’s featured in last month’s magazine, so I thought I’d give it a whirl and check it out as a young person. It doesn’t exactly look like a shop for a young person like myself, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I went in. They have a very modern selection of lingerie as well as make up accessories and night out essentials such as small bags, emergency mini mirrors and quick fix shiny for your lips. Some of you will have seen they have recently changed their window display for Christmas. They have taken a very modern approach. They have some 14 • EdenLocal

Changing the mood a little, the winter season is probably one of the most dangerous and it’s so it’s important to keep yourself safe and be responsible. You probably don’t want to be one of those people in the New Year with no money, a chesty cough, a written off car and a baby! I mean, that is the worstcase scenario, but they are all possibilities after the party season is over and the New Year is beginning. You need to money manage over the Christmas period. Plan where your money is going. You don’t want to leave yourself short on bills or have your card declined when you’re doing your weekly food shop. You just need to budget and plan. It’s getting very cold now and you need to keep yourself wrapped up. It’s too easy to get ill this time of year, especially with cold and flu preying on us trying to ruin our Christmas. Just remember to shove you hat, scarf and gloves in your bag or your pocket when you leave the house. Don’t give yourself a reason to feel rubbish and run down this Christmas. Stay warm, stay healthy. You need to keep safe in terms of driving too. As it gets colder and the roads get icy, there’s a greater risk of having an accident. Just be that little bit extra vigilant and wary of the road conditions and others around you. Go slower and take the necessary precautions. These could be the things that save you from having an accident. I covered this last year, but don’t party too hard!

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Maybe act more responsibly this year. You can have fun and not get completely smashed every weekend. Christmas and New Year are the times for parties and holidays and time off work, so people tend to go a little crazy. I know I do! But you have to remember, getting drunk, late nights, not being completely in control of your actions, they all have consequences, some more so than others. You don’t want to be the one in the New Year lying in a hospital bed. This isn’t me being extreme; this is me being factual and sensible. Every year some people push it a little too far and maybe have just one more bottle or one more shot and that’s where it all goes wrong. Just be responsible; for your own sake, your family’s sake, the sake of the NHS and the sake of people who really care about you. Give new shops a whirl. Try new places you haven’t been to before and you’d never see yourself in. Give new things a chance. Remember to budget your money, be vigilant on the roads, be safe at parties, drink responsibly and stay warm! Next month, I will be looking at the wind down after Christmas and the Sales in town; spending the pennies left over after party season and perhaps the money you’ve be given for Christmas.

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The History of N Arnison & Sons (Forward by Lee Quinn)

Mary Sylvia. Vera Winifred joined the business in 1922, having worked in London for the Bank of England in Threadneedle Street for a number of years. Later in 1922, she married Henry Arthur Scott (nicknamed Binks) who also joined the business. He was a Major in the Scottish Kings Own Borders Regiment from 1940 – 1945, during the Second World War. He looked after the ammunition dump at Longtown. He became Managing Director in 1952. George Arnison became president of the Chamber of Trade in 1927. The story continues In last month’s November edition of Eden Local, Tim Scott presented us with the first of our two-part story about the history of his family’s business. We finished the first part in the 1900’s and that is where we begin. The picture to the right is of the shop in 1905 following the gas explosion mentioned in the text below. The business had already been trading for 163 years. In 1905, Edward VII was in his 4th year on the throne from January 22nd 1901, after the death of his mother, Queen Victoria. His reign was called the 'Edwardian Era', named after him, it was the start of a new century and heralded significant changes in technology and society. To refresh your memory, Tim wrote: Business prospered until a minor disaster happened in 1905 when there was a gas leak in the shop. In those days, as the story goes, the engineer dispatched from the Penrith Gas Company to locate the leak used a lighted candle and as a result, there was a huge explosion due to such a large build-up of gas! My poor great grandfather, George, dressing a window at the time, was blown through it and into the street. He was extremely lucky to escape serious injury and was left with glass splinters in his face and some bruising. Part of the men’s department had to be rebuilt and exists today with the mahogany woodwork and wooden storage boxes. The cost was borne by the Gas Company, which 16 • EdenLocal

amounted to the sum of £900, which in those days was a small fortune. The business had a huge sale and people came from all parts of the country to buy items at substantially reduced prices. One of the unique features is the metal decorative fireproof ceiling in the men’s section, which was put in after the explosion. Edwin died in 1923 and George was left to manage the business. George married Miss Mary Irving Montgomery, a doctor’s daughter who lived in one of the old Adam’s houses where the Penrith Town Hall is sited today. Purely by coincidence, Mr T J Scott, solicitor, gave her away. (My initials being T J H and his sons T J). They had two daughters, Vera Winifred (my grandmother) and

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The Company became limited on 24th November 1943 and at the first official meeting, father George was appointed Managing Director, Mrs Lee, Director and Vera Winifred, Company Secretary and Director. George died in 1952. George’s wife Mary also had an interest being a shareholder. My grandmother, Vera, retained this position until the time of her death in 1982, a total of sixty years. She maintained the accounts and the books right up to her death. Everything was added up in her head; she never used a calculator or adding machine! She never trusted them! She was involved in many things; most notable was her involvement with the WRVS for which she was awarded a British Empire Medal. She was also involved with the Penrith Golf Club and was made the first lady Vice President for her hard work and County commitments. Mary Sylvia (her sister) married Mr Edwin Lee who was a bank manager. They moved away from the area to Oundle near Peterborough. Mary retained an interest in the business up until her death on February 9th 1980. Her daughter, Rosemary Arnison Giddings has this interest today.

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Cumbria CA11 7SP Tel. 01768 862078 www.arnison.com

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Vera Winifred and Henry Arthur Scott had two children, my aunt, Anne Patricia Omerod Scott, born in 1923, and my father, Charles Deryck Omerod Scott, born in 1929. Patricia was first in the WAAF during the war, stationed at Jurby, Isle of Man, after which she had a number of teaching posts. She later joined the Company in the 1950s and remained in control of the mantles and the ladies’ section on the upper sales floor until 1985 when she retired. She then decided to sell her bungalow at Pooley Bridge and move up to Gatehouse-of-Fleet in Kirkcudbrightshire. She moved back to Penrith and died in 2015. Deryck Scott, my father, started to work for the Company in May 1950 after completing his National Service. He learnt his trade with the firm of Ely’s of Wimbledon in London between 1950 and 1952. Just before he started his training, his father, Henry Arthur Scott, became President of the Chamber of Trade in 1948. Apart from working, Deryck was renowned for his ability as a full back at Penrith Rugby Club. Golf was also a big interest in his life. He was

captain and a past President of Penrith Golf Club and in December 2000, he was made an Honorary Life Member. He also became President of the Chamber of Trade in 1962. On his father’s death in 1962, he became Chairman and Managing Director, a position he held until his death in February 2010. Like the generations before him, he was hard working and astute, with a great knowledge of his trade, which is a rarity in the clothing business today. In 1957, he married a farmer’s daughter, Evelyn Mary Burne from Holme Farm, Glassonby. In 1959 I was born, Timothy John Henry. After leaving school, I joined the Midland Bank in 1977. I worked in various branches in Cumbria until I left in 1987, when I joined the Company as manager, having gained valuable financial experience. I studied and gained a diploma with distinction in Buying, Selling and Merchandising. I am also a member of the Chamber of Trade. My brother, Nigel Deryck Ian was born in June 1964, and on leaving school in 1980, went straight into the Company. When grandmother died in 1982, he was thrown in at

the deep end and became Company Secretary. He became President of the Chamber of Trade in 1996, making ours the only family to have had four generations as president. My mother, Marilyn, joined the Company in the 1960s and runs the ladies’ section on the upper floor. Her main interests are buying and selling. Lingerie has become her speciality. She also had a Bric a Brac/Antiques business which was situated at the back of the shop which she ran for a number of years. This used to be where the solicitor practiced back in Nathan’s day. I married Janet Stephenson in 1983, whose parents were business partners in the printing firm of Airey and Stephenson. In 1988, we had a son, Thomas John. Nigel married Dawn Taylor in 1990, whose father worked for Eden District Council. They have a son, James Nigel Frederick and a daughter, Zoe. We had great celebrations in 1992 when we were 250 years old. The history of Arnison’s Drapers is continually changing. It is in its 7th generation. It may be in the Scott family now, but our link with the Arnison’s will always be there.

Below is a Picture of the main double fronted window that faces down Devonshire Street. Judging by a clue we spotted in the double window, we can say the year is 1922, which we believe is a display that is a celebration of the engagement of Prince Albert, Duke of York and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who were married on 26th April 1923. On checking with Tim, he remembers his grandmother, Vera mentioning it to him when they were looking through a lot of the memorabilia many many years ago.

Christmas 1922

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We hope to continue in business to serve the local people and valued customers from all parts of the country for many years to come. We believe we are one of the oldest, independent, familyowned business in the UK, with more than 276 years of history. Business is changing, as is our way of life and our surroundings. In 1971, decimalisation was a great change. Brexit seems to be another hurdle we shall have to adapt to!!! We have invested heavily in the fabric of the building, having undergone external refurbishment. This has been carried on inside with more improvements which are continually ongoing. The men’s section has undergone a re-fit without destroying the traditional image. The ladies’ department has also undergone a refurbishment with more to follow. New ventures into Floris & Taylors of London toiletries together with Burts Bees have proved very popular. Men’s formal shoes by Loake, Trickers, Barkers and Camel Active are another new venture that has proved to be highly successful. Most of the shoes are still hand bench made!!! We look forward to continued success supported by you and our customer friends from all over the country and far stretching parts of the world!!!

My thanks to Tim and Nigel, their mother Marilyn and all the staff at N Arnison and Sons. We have had some fantastic feedback and their story has been literally shared and read by tens of thousands already on line and in print as you see it. N Arnison & Son Christmas 1922 and Christmas 1918. Yes, I was at the unveiling of the N Arnison & Son window at 1pm on Friday 23rd November. I also found it to be very encouraging and positive, to see as one of the oldest (if not the oldest) businesses in town, Arnison’s had stepped up for Christmas, as you can see for the 96-year old picture, from 1922. It’s what they have done for many years. Importantly, it also showed some linked thinking between John Youngs Furnishings of Keswick who celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2015 and N Arnison and Sons, which as we know has been established for 276 years and are still here presenting something which is better to view in person than on a phone or screen. Somewhere in the middle of this was Tracey Hetherington of Market Sense who I understand got this idea together. Current owner John Young is the fourth generation of the same family to own and run the shop which was opened in the summer of 1890. John attended the unveiling of the window

with Elizabeth Weightman, the Manageress from John Youngs Furnishings. ‘Liz’ combines a creative flair with over 20 years’ experience in the interiors industry. So in a building first built in 1645, during the Civil War 1642 - 1651 which was when Cromwell won the first battle for Parliament forces at the battle of Naseby in 1945, this is what John Youngs Furnishings had to say about the afternoon on their social media page. "We had a lovely afternoon at Penrith with the team from N Arnison & Sons Ltd - our furniture created the 'home' backdrop for their Christmas story - another independent family business on the high street." To close, I would like to ask one favour. Please don’t just look in the window this Christmas. Go inside and have a look! Clothes as a need, a present or a treat? Men’s wedding hire, your linen for your bed, towels for your bathroom, your dry cleaning? Don’t tell me after all these years you thought it was just a clothes shop for people of a certain age. Well it’s no secret; it’s a town treasure waiting to be explored! N Arnison & Sons 17-18 Devonshire Street Penrith 01768 862078 www.arnison.com

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To my Reader who is a Writer By Lee Quinn

It was a wonderful experience meeting you Gwen and thank you for this short passage from your book, first published in 1974, which is now being republished for today’s generation and future generations digitally through www.endeavourmedia.co.uk Gwen Moffat was an army driver in the Auxiliary Territorial Service stationed in North Wales after the end of the Second World War, when she met a climber who introduced her to climbing and a bohemian lifestyle. During the 1940s and 1950s she lived rough, climbing the mountains of the UK in Snowdonia, the Lakes, Scotland and the Alps. Back then, among her many jobs to earn a living, Gwen worked as a model for artists; a really ‘outdoor girl’ at heart with skills also in forestry, farming and driving a travelling shop. In 1953, Gwen became the first female British certificated mountain guide, and for ten years she was closely associated with the RAF Mountain Rescue Service, making a living from her passion that was climbing. Known often for climbing barefoot, Gwen claimed it was better contact with the rock without constriction of the toes in boots. Gwen is also an honorary member of the women-only Pinnacle Club and the British Mountaineering Association & Honorary Member of the RAF Mountain Rescue Association. Gwen’s writing career began in the 1950s working for BBC Radio and she featured in the BBC film ‘Eye to Eye’ which was broadcast in 1958. In 2015 Jen Randall and Claire Carter made a film, ‘Operation Moffat’, based on Gwen’s autobiographical book ‘Space below my Feet’ which was Gwen’s first book published in 1961. The film was premiered on the Banff Mountain Film Festival UK tour and has won more than 20 international film awards. Gwen is

also included in Herrington's photographic work ‘The Climbers’, which features 60 climbers considered legends of the 20th century. In 2017, Gwen contributed to a documentary, ‘Give Me Space Below My Feet’ for BBC Radio 3. Maybe we’ll get that on Eden FM one day? In the 1970s she started to write crime fiction, and the Miss Pink series featuring Melinda Pink, a middle-aged magistrate and climber was created. What started off as a commission by Gollancz publishing to follow the California Trail and produce a book, Gwen went on to write 11 mysteries set in the American West. Her last novel ‘Gone Feral’ was written when she was in her 80s and was originally published in 2007. It features a boathouse on a lake in Cumbria inherited by Sophie Daynes. However, when the pleasure steamer churns up more than mud from the lake floor and a terrible package is revealed, it changes the lives of all connected with the Boathouse. In a short opening to Gwen Moffat’s life, I hope to have given everyone a small insight to a fantastic lady and life. There is an excellent interview that I found online at: www.ukclimbing.com/articles/features/reading_ between_the_lines_-_gwen_moffat-9478 which by Natalie Berry – UKC, was written in June 2017. I highly recommend it. The Winter as it was by Gwen Moffat. One time in the sixties I skied over a car. I wouldn’t have known but coming back on a different line I saw my outward tracks and a metallic gleam in the drift. I cleared some snow from a window but the occupants must have reached the safety of the hotel which, in fact, had been my destination. Outward Bound, Ullswater, was cut off, and all the lakeside villages. Drifts topped the walls, it was cold enough to freeze the lake, someone drove a car across the ice above Pooley Bridge, and I skied to Brackenrigg to pick up the school’s meat delivery. After Ullswater, I went to live in an old farmhouse under Stainmore. When the east wind blew, and before the snow came, at night I could hear the lorries grinding up A66 to Bowes Moor and when they stopped I knew the road was blocked. My sunken lane was impassable for weeks (I left the van in the village and skied out). I always had stocks of food and fuel, in fact it was I who fed the cattle if the bailiff couldn’t get down, but warm and dry, well-fed, with a book to write, a radio, and cats and cows for company, despite the security I still knew

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the atavistic thrill of dusk creeping in at three in the afternoon, when there was a raw smell on cold air and a blanket of silence as I strained for the first sign, the first rustle of dead leaves and a sense rather than sound of the helm coming, high in the rocks above Helbeck Wood. This was my first experience of that tremendous wind that came surging up the long eastern slope of the Pennines to meet the warm air of the Eden Valley and create a turbulence of powder blizzards that could last for days. And when it stopped drifts might reach the house eaves, roofs collapsed, sheep were buried; one night two shepherds died. I was a mountaineer, I had researched disasters in the hills; I holed up when the helm wind blew but when it was fine, I roamed the county (chains on the van, a shovel and survival gear in the back, a sleeping bag, iron rations). I quartered the Lakes, the Valley, the fells, negotiating the frozen groughs of Mickle Fell and the pikes, tracing the route from High Force to High Cup Nick. It’s called research. I gloried in it. I attended parish council meetings, curious local rites - surely pagan in origin (after all, Cross Fell by right is Fiends’ Fell); I was entertained lavishly in farm kitchens, pubs, drawing rooms, a pele tower. Occasionally my journey home would be vastly lengthened when one pass was blocked and I must find another. More than once I gave up, stopped by a drift, slept in the back and dug myself out in the morning. Back home, safe and warm , in the long nights (hearing the cattle moving in the barn on the other side of the kitchen wall) I wrote my book on the East Fellside, knowing what it was like to lose one of my nine lives in a blizzard, knowing the high country and all the little villages at the foot of the fells, knowing the people, being part of it. And there I placed my people: a cult seeking enlightenment through subsistence farming, an investigative reporter, two London cops, and a girl with violet eyes drowned in the Pool of London, a girl who asked too many questions in a castle below a great glen not a world away from High Cup Nick. And there was the helm. In my book and for the London cops, the first indication of something alien was unexpected. They had paused on the snowy village green and heard “an unfamiliar sound; a soft rushing noise like a wind in summer foliage. There was nothing to be seen: only the stolid stone houses, the church, and smoke rising from the odd chimney. The object seemed to approach slowly, yet the rushing had a quality of peculiar urgency. They didn’t look at each other but stared in amazement and some trepidation at the place which they could now identify as the site of the noise, or rather the sites, because it moved. Then about

fifty feet away, a spurt of powder snow rose some six feet in the air, spiralling fast, and went slowly past them, but twisting furiously so that its movement was curiously twodimensional. At short range it made an odd fluttering sound like a stone which has fallen a long way. They watched the whirling white devil until it vanished through the bottom gangway.” ‘Would that be a miniature whirlwind?’ Page asked. ‘I hope so. I wouldn’t like to think it was anything else.’”* We don’t have winters like that anymore but sometimes when the east wind blows and the white cloud lies along the high plateau of Cross Fell, I remember how it felt half a century ago when it grew dark at three, the air smelled of snow and you waited, listening for the first whisper of the helm. *The Corpse Road will be published by Endeavour on December 21st. Enjoy it on your Kindle on Boxing Day, preferably snowbound and at home.

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Wainwright on childhood For Alfred Wainwright, childhood was a magical time of discovery, wonder, imagination and childhood innocence. He often made reference to childhood and children in his writing. Some might consider this surprising given that he had such a poor start in life with very few material pleasures. But surely that was the appeal of a childhood without possessions; imagination took the place of ‘things’ and the free entertainment of being outside provided all the adventures that one could wish for – in Wainwright’s case it was a love of the hills, solitary walking and maps that stayed with him for a lifetime. In Ex-Fellwanderer, written when he was eighty, he declared: ‘I often tramped twenty miles in a day’s walk, interested in all I saw; I liked looking around corners at fresh scenes. These early excursions out of sight and sound of the towns bred in me a love of lonely uplands that has persisted ever since, and a fascination for maps that has never faded; …’ In the introduction to his first Pictorial Guide, Wainwright describes Lakeland like a place of childhood imagination: ‘Here, in a small space, is the wonderland of childhood dreams, lingering far beyond childhood through the span of a man’s life: its enchantment grows with passing years and quiet eventide is enriched by the haunting sweetness of dear memories, memories that remain evergreen through the flight of time …’ The Eastern Fells Introduction It was Lakeland that captured his imagination and he wanted others to experience the joys and wonders of the hills for themselves, particularly children. He recalled letters written to him by the readers of his books: ‘Many were from fathers and mothers who had been encouraged to take their children on the tops and by doing so had transformed their family life and forged new bonds between themselves. And many, a great many, were from the children themselves, telling of their wonderful adventures in simple words that are often the most effective. Do take the children on the hills early, in a rucksack on your shoulders if they can’t yet walk. Children are born scramblers and don’t hurt easily: it’s yourself you want to watch, not them. They will be in a seventh heaven of delight.’ Fellwanderer Alfred Wainwright never lost that childlike enthusiasm for the hills and through the pages of his books many others have come to love the high places as much as Wainwright did all those years ago. 22 • EdenLocal

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December News The last 12 months seem to have flown by and now we are in December, and Christmas cheer begins to bubble up. The retail industry has been gearing up for its busiest time of the year. People are lighting up the trees or shrubs with lights of different colours illuminating the night time landscape. Our houses will be decorated in many different formats, some may be sparse others a bit extravagant. I remember when we were appointed in the midlands going around an estate as there seemed to be a competition going on as who could decorate there outside with as many bulbs as possible, lovely sight to see. Its very difficult to turn anywhere without seeing evidence of Christmas spirit or at least seasonal marketing. Some people love these lavish displays others may not. Others may like to have the time off work, or the extra get together’s with friends and family. The crucial question isn’t how others observe Christmas but we need to consider what the celebration means to us. The advent season is a time of preparation, preparing ourselves for the coming of Jesus. The children of our town will probably be telling the story of Jesus coming as a baby, with the shepherds, angels and wise men.

A Christmas Message from Scott Jackson Mayor of Penrith Welcome to another festive period, the most wonderful time of the year! A time for twinkling lights, rich food and the company of friends and family. While it’s easy to get carried away with the magic it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year as the pressure to be at our best and create special moments adds up. I know I don’t need to tell you that it’s not the size of the feast or the weight of the present that makes Christmas wonderful but the little things. It’s an eight-year-old running round a bean bag singing Christmas songs (yes that was me); It’s the smell of a mince pie (I like mine topped with frangipane); it’s a crisp walk on Christmas morning and wishing a complete stranger a Merry Christmas. Put simply, Christmas is what you make it. So, make it simple or make it lavish but make it yours. I hope you have a marvellous Christmas and a very happy New Year!

As Christians, advent is a time to prepare ourselves for when Jesus will return again not as a baby but as the saviour of the world, and we need to respond personally and be ready for that time. The Gospel of Luke tells us that in our word today, there is untold distress and suffering: earthquakes, droughts, famine and disease. We may feel helpless in the face of such things, but we can imagine what it would be like if these things were multiplied or intensified. Locally and nationally we see the increase in the needs of people as they struggle through their day to day lives, not sure how to cope or even think to the future, and yet there are people who are willing to help and support in any way possible. I am always amazed at the generosity of people not just over the Christmas period but all year round, for me its showing love to our community through simple acts of kindness. Christmas is a wonderful gift. May everyone of us find peace and happiness this Christmas, and throughout the new year. Major Alan The Salvation Army

A Message from the President of the Penrith Chamber of Trade & Commerce Wishing everyone in Penrith and beyond a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The Chamber have been busy of late and looking forward to having a rest over the Christmas break. We are looking forward to coming back refreshed in the New Year all ready to take on the challenges of 2019. Looking forward to seeing you out there over the coming weeks! Kind Regards Penrith Chamber of Trade & Commerce

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EDEN FM morning service from St Andrews in Penrith. The Good news is that we are doing this again this Christmas! Following on from our trip to Appleby Light switch on and the Sparkle weekend 23rd – 24th November, we interviewed lots of children with Christmas wishes; we gathered lots of poems by the children and we interviewed a lot of businesses that have a Sparkle Day show which we’ve called Sparkle and Shine Christmas show. This will be aired on Saturday 22nd December and repeated on Christmas Day from 12pm – 2pm.

Eden FM on the road last Christmas recorded the Eden District Carol Service which it then played over the Christmas period. It also did live broadcasts of the Midnight Mass and Christmas Day


Christmas is a busy time for all of us and for the team of volunteers at Eden FM that keep it on air 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, it seems to get busier every year.

With visits to Queen Street Nursery to record something special and a visit to Lonsdale Court (Pategill, Penrith) for memories of Christmas live on 20th December from around 1.30 - 4pm, we’ll also have a whole bunch of wishes collected from the people and children of Penrith which go into a Special Penrith at Christmas show that will be aired Saturday 22nd December from



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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

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Seasonal, Sensational & Affordable, but also Adorable FIVE • 5 Angel Square • Penrith CA11 7BT • 01768 204016

The Old Station, Plumpton, Nr Penrith CA11 9PA 01768 894528


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I MET JASON RADCLIFFE AT APPLEBY SPARKLE DAY. He is based down at Troughfoot farm, Petril Green, Calthwaite. He has a coal merchant business and markets stalls selling bedding plants, hanging baskets, perennials, shrubs of which most are grown at his nursery in Calthwaite, Xmas trees, wreaths and grave pots, fresh farm eggs from their own ducks and hens. He is in Penrith on Tuesdays and Saturdays, next to the bandstand, Appleby on Saturdays and Kirkby Stephen on Mondays, in March to July and November and December. It was then when I realised how many times I had probably walked past him. Have you? Well have you got an excuse anymore? It's a family business with eight of the family members helping out with some part of the business. The business is only in its 3rd year and it has grown from strength to strength. With the coal business, he delivers from Carlisle to Kirkby Stephen, covering all the villages this side of the Pennines.

BIRTLE’S SPORTS Wishing you All a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Thank you for all your Support in 2018 Covering all Sports and a Specialist Swim sport stockist Engraving service for sports medals, trophies and that special gift for Christmas

Central Buildings, Cornmarket, Penrith, CA11 7HT 01768 865129

Has he got an offer? Of course he has - one very popular one - the locally made stove max ovoids of 10 x 50kg sacks for only £135. Check him out on FB. His pages are jrradcliffe coal & jrradcliffe plants or call him on 01768 863308 or mobile 07502 469489. 26 • EdenLocal

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Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas

Marvin’s Jewellers for Fine Jewellery & Watches since 1962. December Christmas Hours We are open Monday to Saturday 9.30 - 4.30 & Christmas Eve 11 - 3 for those last minute ideas.

Marvins Jewellers 2-3 Angel Lane, Penrith, CA11 7BP 01768 862938

BLACK HAND WINE including several exclusive wines he makes every year in Burgundy with his good friend and fellow oenologist Romain Chapuis. He does not sell online so please do drop in for a chat about wine, vines or whatever takes your fancy!

Black Hand Wine is a small shop situated within Brunswick Yard Salvage and Antiques Centre in Penrith selling honest wine, craft beer and the odd quirky spirit. It is run by friendly, trained winemaker

and grapegrower Sam Jary, who has 15 years' experience of making wine in NZ, France and N.Spain. Particular focus on organic and biodynamic wines (plus a few with 'no added sulfites'),

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-5pm. Late night Christmas shopping on Saturday, December 15, from 10am until 7pm. See www.brunswickyard.com or Black Hand Wine's Facebook page for more details.

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Your Best Catch for Christmas and the New Year

Award winning Scottish Smoked Salmon 100g Packs £3.50 or Two for £6.50 The Fish Cellar is taking orders for Christmas It will open normal hours Tuesday 18th to Saturday 22nd December Please note there will be no fresh fish between Christmas and 8th January We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

01768 899408 28 Devonshire Arcade, Penrith 7SX



Finesse Bridal

40 Middlegate, Penrith • 01768 866799

Have a Great Christmas and let’s make it a Special Year

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Almost one year in at 35 Devonshire Arcade, Penrith for Neville and his wife Hazel since they took over the Fruit and Veg shop, whilst also continuing the wholesale and delivery side of the business. So it's their first Christmas and whilst stocking all those festive favourites that we take a fancy to, like chestnuts, sprouts on a stalk, real cranberries, Hazel has also been developing the cheese and chutney side, along with a range of other preserves, honeys and syrups. Some great ideas for a cheese board or even a cheese and chutney mini hamper. It's another business that can thrive, but it's up to us to keep it alive. Christmas Hours : Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Sat 8am-4pm. Sun 16th & 23rd 10-2pm

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Chin Chin for the Gin

Christmas is coming – the season of excess! By Linda Jervis

Christmas is coming so I’ve donned my party hat; I will gobble up the turkey, the mince pies, and in fact – My fridge it runneth over with rum butter and goose fat A short trip to Pooley Bridge and I met Andrew and Emma Kaye, the owners of Chestnut House, established in 2016. Wall to wall gin, miniatures or go large. But it's not just Gin, you'll drip on your chin. In the spirit of Christmas, they have an amazing range of Malt Whiskeys, a large run of Rum and then they have all those little extras associated for people that obviously like Gin and 'Pimping their Prosecco.' How did I get there? Well I met Darren who had some samples at Appleby Sparkle Day and this was my swallow up, sorry follow up visit! Chestnut House is only closed one day a year, 'Christmas Day', so it's open 9 - 6 every day. Treat yourself, treat a friend and Mondays they are open till 8. But if you can't get over to Finkle Street, for your treat you can cast your eye over all the range online, including almost 300 Gins. Finkle Street, Pooley Bridge CA10 2NW Tel 01768 486444 - www.chestnuthouseonline.co.uk

Ready for the roasties and the pud. The sparkling cava’s chilling With the canapes beside The port is on the sideboard With the brandy and mulled wine The presents have been purchased, All wrapped and bound with tape; The sherry’s in the trifle And the icing’s on the cake; The cards are on their merry way to folks I rarely see Decked with jolly robins, snowmen, holly and ivy …but there’s someone I’ve forgotten! Must have missed Him off my list, And He’s the reason for this special time; So let’s raise a glass to Him who was born to save us all And give thanks when we remember what this celebration’s for.

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Cumbria’s Community Christmas By Tom Rose

For the past few months, if you’ve been reading my articles, you’ll know I’ve been writing about the charities we have in Eden and Cumbria, I’ve been meeting some truly inspirational people that are doing some amazing things. I think it’s clear I have a real passion for charity work and wanting to help others. That’s why this Christmas my partner Milli and I are running a Cumbrian Community Christmas. Christmas for many is a really happy, joyous time of year. We want to make sure that everybody in Cumbria feels included in the festivities. Running from the Penrith Girlguiding Hut from 5.30pm till late on Wednesday 19th to Monday 24th and for Christmas Day and Boxing Day we will be there all day, 10am till late. There will be lots of tea and cake, and of course mince pies! We have activities organised and there will be traditional games and so much more and it’s all free to enjoy. If you want to be involved in any way that’s great. We want as many people there as possible to share in the celebration. If you want to volunteer, we have lots to do, if you want to donate cakes, decorations or anything festive that would be wonderful too. Or if you fancy turning up on one of the days and engage with people in your local community for some festive cheer then this is the place to be this Christmas.

buffet on Boxing Day. What more could you ask for this Christmas? All made possible thanks to people with big hearts in Cumbria that want to make Christmas special for everybody this year. So wherever you are and whatever you find yourself doing this festive season put Cumbria’s Community Christmas at the Penrith Girlguiding hut on that list. Whether you come for an hour on one evening for some tea and cake or if you’re with us everyday getting involved with everything, it doesn’t matter as you can come and go as much as you please because you’re all invited this Christmas. And lastly I just want to personally thank my fiancee Milli for making all of this possible. Her vision, her brilliance, her innate desire to help people made all this possible and in that time she’s also had to put up with me, which I can assure you is no easy feat. When looking for my local hero this month, it was an easy choice, she has always been and will continue to be my own personal hero. So that’s it from me this year. I hope to see you all at our Community Christmas event and I wish you all, wherever you are this Christmas a wonderful happy festive season. 2019 is set to be an exciting one.

Both me and my partner have experienced difficult childhoods and we’ve both navigated some pretty difficult Christmas’s too, I don’t want to go into too much detail here in case it upsets people, but if you’d like to know more of our stories you can talk to us or visit our blog on; www.cumbriascommunitychristmas. wordpress.com Milli’s resilience and her heart of gold are what inspires me everyday. It was her idea to start this Cumbria Community Christmas, and we’re so happy that so many of you from the community have already agreed to be involved. You can see the full list of brilliant people that are helping us on our blog and on our Facebook page at; https://m.facebook.com/ unitingpeopleccc From decoration and wreath making on Wednesday the 19th with Mel Steventon, whom I wrote about last month. To Mindfulness on Thursday the 20th with Carrie Phillips, there’s so much planned, anybody in our community is welcome and it’s all free to attend. Free cake, free tea and coffee, free activities and even a free Christmas dinner on Christmas Day with a

Your Community Christmas... let’s celebrate together Find us at Penrith Girl Guide hut off Brentfield Way No need to book! Just pop along for some festive cheer.

Wednesday 19th to Monday 24th December From 5:30pm onwards

Christmas Day 10.00am till late Boxing Day 10.00am till late facebook.com/unitingpeopleCCC cumbriascommunitychristmas.wordpress.com 07508740294

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In association with UP Uniting People in Cumbria


Season Update: Penrith AFC Ladies (November 2018)

remained high. Savage said “The Ladies have been amazing. Despite the defeats they remained confident. Each defeat has just made them more determined and they have worked harder and harder even requesting extra training sessions in an effort to turn the season around.” This level of commitment finally appears to be paying dividends as in their most recent game they produced a shock 1-2 win away at 5th placed Manchester Stingers Ladies. Captain Kim McCormick said “To be fair this result has been coming. We have been unlucky in several games but we are learning and this time we held out for the win despite coming under a lot of pressure late on”. The step up to North West Regional Premier Division football hasn’t been easy however Penrith AFC Ladies are relishing the challenge that it brings. Playing the likes of Stockport County, Wigan Athletic, Tranmere Rovers and FC United every week was always going to be tough with their large urban populations and large pool of players to select from. In contrast the Cumbrian minnows are punching above their weigh as they battle to consolidate their place in the Premier Division.

Next up for Penrith AFC Ladies is the visit of Sir Tom Finney Ladies to Frenchfields Park on Sunday 2nd Dec. Finney are currently bottom of the table however they have improved their performances recently and will offer a stern test. It promises to be a true “6 pointer” as they say. Fixtures: Sunday 9th Dec – Tranmere Rovers Ladies (away) Sunday 16th Dec – Tranmere Rovers Ladies (home)

Manager Simon Savage said “Every team in the Division is strong, every game is a real test and every point has to be earned”. After a bright start to the season, beating Sir Tom Finney Ladies 1-2 on the road, Penrith really struggled to find their feet. The writing appeared to be on the wall as Penrith suffered defeat after defeat. Despite some promising performances the results just were not materialising. However despite seven straight defeats, belief and confidence within to squad

Merry Christmas from


BAKERY 01768 891825 31 Sandgate, Penrith CA11 7TJ

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Is your conservatory too cold in Winter and too hot in the Summer?

Wishing our customers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year • Save up to 85% on Conservatory Bills • 90% noise reduction from weather • Reduce the glare from the Sun • No less than 10 years guarantee on all conversions These are just some of the benefits of the Marshalls 5 star, 5 layer insulation roofing system. Recently (Oct 18) Joe Marshall and his team completed a Conservatory Conversion in Penrith. Cumbrian Local interviewed the customer as part of its pledge to audit its advertiser’s products and services it promotes.

Mrs C and Miss C Penrith Fantastic job done which has made a massive difference to our conservatory - the guys worked hard and were not intrusive at all. We are more than happy to show people the work but 100% recommend joseph and his team. Thank you Joseph, .what a massive difference from our cold damp and leaking conservatory before!

We guarantee to beat any genuine ‘like for like’ price by at least 30% or more Call Marshall Conservatory Conversions today 01228 809874 or 07588 888553

www.marshallconversions.co.uk • sales@marshallconversions.o.uk