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Delivering Your Local Route 66 this summer Peaks & Pathways Catbells Coast to Coast with Shap Co-op Eden FM online New show guide Spring offer at your local Penrith branch on Back Cover

Support local, with your Penrith Society Grown local in the Eden Valley from a 6,000Co-operative distribution to a 27,500 distribution Eden


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Penrith Co-op Society You need one of these, to now make savings at one of these local businesses every month here in Eden Local and with the Society marketing activity and website. He is now offering a £24 saving on all his sittings, with include additional 9 x 6 prints for free up until 31st May when you book with your membership card.

This photo was taken at their 160 Anniversary fun day.

This month, John Richardson and Son’s Timber Merchants will be offering various discounts on a whole range of their products for your home improvements, to all Penrith Co-op Society Privilege Card holders (conditions apply). Penrith Outdoor Pursuits are continuing to offer 10% off everything to card holders and Cumbrian Oak are also continuing with their 7% off deal to all card holders. There are more businesses negotiating with us every month to link with the Society and offer our members special deals and offers on the production of their card. Paul Witterick, the owner of Witt-Woo Photography and the Eden Local photographer, has his studio in Appleby. Much of his work is seen

From May we will have a list of all the businesses and their offers on our website. Many of these we hope will be attending our members week 22nd April and a special Members day event in the main Penrith store at Burrowgate. The Pot Place & Garden Centre at Plumpton will be joining the scheme from mid May. Instructions are to follow and more businesses are now negotiating offers. If you would like your business to join our scheme, please drop a line to In May, using your Members Privilege card, we will be offering products and ranges at a discounted rate, so if you haven’t got a card now, would it be a good time to sign up and get one? It’s a simple form, which can be completed with you or for you in any of our nine stores. The lifetime membership per person is just £2. 5 minutes of your time and a £2.00 investment that comes with a lifetime of savings. Sign up this Spring and enter our members draw for our Local Spring Hamper, which is a combination of local fresh produce and other Fairtrade treats.

Tune in to Eden FM Community Radio 7.6 FM, news as it happens on the day

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Now at you Local Penrith Co-op Burrowgate and on route via Shap, Lazonby, Keswick, Hallbankgate, Westgate, Frosterley, Stanhope and St Johns Chapel

At the Heart of your community Penrith Co-op Society 19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD Tel: 01768 862366 Log on today and see what’s happening at your local Penrith Co-op Society, for special offers and in-store demos.

Dear Residents & Businesses Welcome to your Eden Local. One would hope a welcome to Spring. What a time we have had - an unbelievable start to 2013! I had to explain the weather situation to a friend just recently who lives in the south, when they emailed me with their concerns after seeing the national news coverage that the weather across Cumbria was 6 to ft snow drifts. It was a conversation I will now share. I described Cumbria like a small country when it comes to weather, with varied weather fronts and weather systems. So what happens in the north might not be the weather in the south of the county. In fact what happens in Penrith with a few snow showers, 20 miles down the road in Brough means road closures and in some areas people cut off by snow drifts. Cumbria is about 2,600 square miles. It’s the second biggest county in England. This is a larger area than Southern Cyprus. The Lake District National Park is bigger than West Sussex, where my friend had emailed me from, which is almost 00 square miles. South Cyprus has its Troodos Mountains taking up 1200 square miles. In Cumbria, we have 150 mountain peaks. Both West Sussex and Cyprus are densely populated with almost twice the population of Cumbria. The Eden District is the most sparsely populated area in England with 24.5 people per square kilometre. Don’t you just hate that switch from miles to kilometres! When things happen in Cumbria and closer to home here in Eden, we have a large area to cover, with half as many people as other counties in England. As I explained, many problems are problems shared and whilst the county is large, it’s like a community in how it just gets on with no matter what it gets thrown at it. The emergency services we have around us, some paid and some volunteers are pillars of our community. I write every month about the commitment of supporting local businesses. I have lived in a town 320 miles from here, a very similar size and set up to Penrith, its population, however, twice the size. Picture this image for one moment - a leisure centre like the ones in Penrith and in Appleby with twice, in fact almost three times as many people using the facilities. In this town, one butcher survives. To get your local turkey on Christmas Eve,

Continued on page 4 Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 27,500 whendistribution you return


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the queue begins just after 5 am and can take up to an hour. The fishmonger only 26 miles from the coast closed in early 2004. The local greengrocers have gone but there are lots of national brand coffee shops. Yes, there is always coffee! In this area, there are many campaigns to encourage the return of local. There are transition groups working towards getting local food back on the table. Here in Eden we have it all - local producers, local independents, a local paper communicating the importance of local news across the community. Do we take these things for granted? We can park for free for one hour. Ask any visitor to Eden if this exists anywhere else. Some things we learn to appreciate when they are gone. An empty shop window - our thoughts, ‘I was meaning to pop in there’….too late. The destiny of what we have around us isn’t just about what we can or can’t afford, it’s about what we believe in. It’s not always about price; it’s about people, service and quality.We have them all at the moment. It’s a longer opener to your Eden Local than we usually have. I am as always so pleased to welcome new businesses like Travis Perkins, Eden Mortgages, Reflecta and North Country Leisure, the return of the Pot Place & Garden Centre and Nick Wells Peaks and Pathways. I always feel a thank you is a must to all those who have helped this month. Paul’s photos once again are exceptional and thank you to Dalemain for our photo shoot with the Cumbria Mini Centre. In between the gathering of content and advertising for this month’s Eden Local, I have met some great people in Brough, Kirkby Stephen and Langwathby in my preparations for future activities. I’ve been working at Eden FM most days and we should at the time of this Eden Local have our first free to download audio summary sample of Eden Local - a click and listen option on our website via our website and the Eden FM website. I have attended a number of local events and in all that I do, I am always searching for new ideas for both the magazine and the radio that would benefit the community.

Content A membership must at Your Local Co-op Making the Right Move Delivering your Local Solar Tariff Review in May Reflecta for your glass Pot Place & Garden Centre Ahh There you are Cumbria Oak Coast to Coast with Wainwrights Linked thinking in Shap Co-op A class of its own The Silver Bullet IAM with Matty Sports fixtures Spring Hybrids Peaks and Pathways returns beActive in Eden Why Make a Will? Bespoke Quality Fencing On the Air 24/7 The New Fork Indian Sandstone offer

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Phone: 01768 Delivering Your Local Route 66 this summer Peaks & Pathways Catbells Coast to Coast with Shap Co-op Eden FM online New show guide Spring offer at your local Penrith branch on Back Cover


Support local, with your Penrith Society Grown local in the Eden Valley from a 6,000Co-operative distribution to a 27,500 distribution Eden


Front Cover – Walker on the Coast to Coast route by Gary Richardson. Printer – Bishops Printers, Walton Rd, Portsmouth, Hants P06 1TR

I’ll be back in May

STOBARS HALL Residential Home

The aim of Stobars Hall is to offer our guests maximum independence in order that they can lead full and varied lives, cared for by trained staff who provide physical, emotional and social support every hour of the day.

If you would like further details, or simply a chat about life at Stobars Hall, please telephone Euan or Beryl on

017683 71291

Stobars Hall, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4HD Tune in to Eden FM Community Radio 7.6 FM, news as it happens on the day

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Raising money in your community delivering your local magazine, page 6

Cool on the inside, Hot on the outside a classic , page 12

Coast to Coast with Your Co-op, Penrith Outdoor Pursuits and the Wainwrights Society, pages 10 - 11

Hybrid Synergy Drive - Do You Understand

Coast to Coast YourisCo-op, what allwith the fuss about, page 15 Penrith Outdoor Pursuits and the Wainwrights Society 10 - 11

Peaks & Pathways Catbells with Nick Wells page 16

New Shows, New volunteers, Your Voice Your Choice Eden FM is online for you 24/7, pages 20 - 22

The New Fork, page 23

Indian Sandstone offer, page 24

Grown in the Eden Valley from a 6,000 distribution to a 27,500 distribution


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Making the Right Move From 2 April Full Circle Accountancy will move to new premises at “The Office” in Mardale Road, Penrith. Our new location offers easy ground floor access for clients with visitor parking, whilst still being in easy reach of Penrith. So there are some clear advantages for our decision to make the move.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS When? 2 April 2013

And we can demonstrate advantages of moving your business to Full Circle Accountancy. Full Circle’s “raison d’etre” is to provide first class practical advice and support to individuals and businesses in the small and medium sized (SME) sector. We can provide the advice and support that you need specifically tailored to you and your business.

Full Circle Accountancy’s telephone and email contact details remain exactly the same, so call us on 01768 580058 or email

Where to?

12 The Office Mardale Road Penrith Cumbria CA11 9EH Telephone numbers – NO CHANGE

Delivering Eden Local might help your local charity So how do you print and deliver 2,500 magazines in the most sparsely populated area of England better known to us as the Eden District, especially when its snowing and the roads are closed?

to consider. As you are already delivering why not help deliver your Eden Local and raise money for a group in the Parish.

This month was an exception, but in the nightmare comes an idea and an interesting short story. In order to keep costs low, we print your Eden Local at the best price we can get, we have now reduced our distribution costs by half in taking this on ourselves, recruiting local people to deliver the local publication. Recently a group of ladies in a village approached Cumbrian Local with a simple request. Can we deliver our Eden Local and with the money we get we’ll donate this to our local toddler group.

Eden Local needs local people to deliver the community magazine. It might be a small row of 7 properties or village with 150 doors. We will deliver the publications to you, you don’t need a car. The more help we have the more we’ll be giving away and for all those groups helping we’ll also give you a space in the Eden Local. Its all about community, its all about communication.

Now if this happens we have something unique. Funds for local groups, charities and all types of voluntary organisations have seen their funding cut. So the concept of a community group, raising money for a community group delivering a magazine might be a win, win, win situation. If your Parish is delivering its newsletter every month this might be an option for you

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Spring offer at your local Penrith branch on Back Cover

Support local, with

Delivering Your Local Route 66 this summ er Peaks & Pathways Catbells Coast to Coast with Shap Co-op Eden FM online New show guide

your Grown local in the Eden Valley Penrit from a 6,000 h Co-op distribution toerativ a 27,500 distribution e Societ



One other small favour, if you can go online, please join our facebook page, we’ll be posting your news and your events as you let us know . Please call 01768 862394 or email

EdenLocal Local stories,Out local every music, month, local freenews, to read, local no bad people, news,Eden a positive FM Radio in your post

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riff Ta o y! in o g a ed e t n M Fe du n i w do

Solar PV Returns on Investment (ROI), 17%+ per annum.


SOLAR PV HAS NEVER BEEN SO GOOD! A) Cost of 4KWp System B) Annual Feed in Tariff @ £0.152 per KWh C) Annual Export Tariff D) Annual Saving ( 100% of production) E) Total Annual Earning & saving B+C+D = F) Payback period- A/ E = G) Return on investment (ROI) -

£6500 £523 £76 £544 £1143 5.7 Years 17%

Calculations work on 3400KWh generated per year, 100 % use of generated electricity@16p per unit.

The price of PV keeps dropping; the price of electricity keeps rising. We have the technology for you to utilise every KWh produced from your solar PV by diverting all excess production to your hot water tank and you still get paid the full Tariff rate!

Contact us now for a no hassle, no pressure sale, no nonsense survey and quote. We are a local company for local people, our reputation is everything. Penrith; 01768 899722, E mail web;

w.r efl


76 : 01



93 001


Window Film & Tinting




for Conservatories, Offices, Shops, Public Buildings, Commercial Premises and Vehicles

We are the premier provider of window film and tinting solutions in Cumbria for solar film, security film, safety film, frosted effects and vehicles. t1SPUFDUGSPNUIFTVOt&MJNJOBUFIBSNGVM67SBZTt3FEVDFglare, reflection and fading t&OIBODFBQQFBSBODFt3FEVDFIFBUCVJMEVQBOEIPUTQPUTt*ODSFBTFTBGFUZt*ODSFBTFTFDVSJUZ t'SPTUFE&UDIFE(MBTTFGGFDUTt*ODSFBTFQSJWBDZt4BWFFOFSHZ

Reduce Heat & Glare in commercial premises

Reduce Heat & Glare in conservatories

Protect stock and reduce fading in shop windows

Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 27,500 whendistribution you return


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Ahh, there you are.... Article is by Melanie Vincent

Well, that was a bit of unseasonal weather and no mistake. Snow is good for bees, they can handle loads of the stuff, so long as they don’t get covered completely and suffocate. I went to check the ladies yesterday as I heard the snow was drifting to 6 feet in places locally, but luckily the hives were completely clear of any snow. I ought to be able to go through the hives at this time of year but clearly the weather has decided to change our schedule a little. This time last year the bees were already making loads of honey and yet this year I am still feeding them. Ah well, that is the story of nature. The bees will hopefully come through ok. Put it this way, while it is true that we have only half the number of bees that we did 25 years ago, if bees were shy pathetic types, they would have died out centuries back. I have been a bit naughty and I peeked in last weekend. I was worried about the two hives I thought I might have heard buzzing in so I lifted the feeders to look. To my very great relief there were bees doing bee things and quick enough to sound annoyed with the sudden draft, so all good. I hope. My friend and mentor, Mr. B, commented the other day that he has lost some colonies already this winter, so I am counting EdenLocal

myself very lucky. My shed has been delivered but it is in about 1000 bits in the garage. There is only me to build it and the instructions clearly state I require ‘2 adults’ so I will do what I can but I’ll have to do it on a day with no wind, which as we all know is trickier than it ought to be at the moment. Especially as I live on top of a hill. I still have hope though that it will be up in time for the hives to be delivered. So all in all I am quietly twiddling my thumbs. I can’t tell you what’s going on inside the hives as I don’t know, other than they are alive. I’m guessing they have food and pollen but I’ve no idea. I can only hope, along with many of you, that the low pressure hovering over us will shift off and the temperature can come back up again. Not much of a report this month I’m sorry to say but with some reasonable finger crossing and some luck we will have lots to say next month. Until next time.

The Out best everyrates month, in advertising, free to read,with no bad the best news, distribution a positive for in your localpost business

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Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 27,500 whendistribution you return


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The Coast to Coast Walk Wainwright’s memories of Shap

Alfred Wainwright devised his Coast to Coast Walk in 1972 and the guidebook was published the following year. Since 1973, thousands of people from all over the world have walked Wainwright’s iconic route from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay. The Wainwright Society is celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the Coast to Coast by raising money through its annual Challenge and sales of the Society Calendar to fund waymarking of the route and the placing of information boards at St Bees and Robin Hood’s Bay. The Society is also planning to donate sums of money to Mountain Rescue Teams that operate along the Coast to Coast route.

Before the opening of the M6 motorway in 1970, Shap lay on the main route between England and Scotland and in his book; Wainwright recalled some of the history of the village.

was a red letter day for some Shap folk, a black letter day for others. The A6 suddenly became quiet. Commerce suffered but, overnight, Shap became a better place to live.’ A Coast to Coast Walk p. 57

‘Shap has been a by-word amongst road travellers since stage-coach days. For many the very name invokes vivid memories of hazardous journeys in snow and storm and mist over the A6, the highest main road in the country, nearly 1400’ at its summit in a wilderness of moors. The A6 is a road with a notorious history of accidents but its importance as a main traffic artery to Scotland, however, was greatly diminished at a stroke by the opening on a day in October 1970 of the motorway M6 … This

Perhaps the A6 through Shap has become busier over the intervening years, but for Coast to Coast walkers, Shap remains an important staging post along the route.

After crossing the Lake District, the route crosses the Westmorland limestone plateau, commencing at Shap. The crossing of the M6 motorway represents one third of the distance travelled and is a significant milestone. After a long walk from Patterdale, Wainwright advised his readers on reaching the A6 at Shap to ‘Turn to the right to seek a bed and food.’ A Coast to Coast Walk p. 57 EdenLocal Local stories,Out local every music, month, local freenews, to read, local no bad people, news,Eden a positive FM Radio in your post

If you would like to know more about the Society, log on to the website at or email Derek Cockell Press & Publicity Officer The Wainwright Society

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Penrith Co-op Society at Shap, the Coast to Coast Range

With many months of progressing with developing better relationships and linked thinking with other local businesses, a new venture working with Penrith Outdoor Pursuits based in Penrith has now introduced a new range for the Shap store. How did this happen? As you know, the Wainwright Society have featured in the Eden Local publication since it was launched. It’s no secret the network of local is all about linked thinking and this project is about in hard times out there for many retailers, in working together more can be achieved. Conveniently placed on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, we have pulled together the Wainwright Society, Penrith Outdoor Pursuits and your local Shap Co-op in now presenting a

mini oasis of essentials for walkers on route. The Shap Co-op Branch manager Brenda and Janis the owner Proprietor got their heads together to come up with a range of Coast to Coast essentials and this is now available at Shap. But it doesn’t stop there. Residents and co-op card holders who would like to purchase any products from the Penrith Outdoor online can order from stock online and can collect next day from the Shap store. Of course there is a lot more to come out of this project. This is just the beginning. The Society will also be updating their members and Penrith Outdoor Pursuits and the Penrith Co-op Society will be building on this relationship with Society newsletters and other links at the Shap store.

If you want to be a part of the bigger picture with your local Penrith Co-op Society, drop us a line

Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 27,500 whendistribution you return


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Cool on the inside, hot on the outside, a classic


ria minicentr


BMW MINI ONE 1.6 2DR CONVERTIBLE £6995 Registration: PX55XZC Year: 2005 Gear Box : MANUAL 5 SPEED Fuel : PETROL Colour: CHILLI RED Interior: HALF LEATHER Miles: 43000 Insurance Group: 6



Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7EH Tel. 01768 864545 Local stories, local music, local news, local people, Eden FM Radio


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Eden Estate Agents The Silver Bullet?

At this time last year, the amount that the Government had put into rescuing the Banks was standing in excess of £220 billion. Since the financial crash the Government has also created money to the tune of £375 billion – through asset purchases from the Banks, or quantitative easing, by its official or euphemistic title. All of this money was deployed with the stated intention of creating economic activity, and specifically to promote bank lending and stimulate business and the housing market. Can’t say that we’ve seen any ripples from that rather large stone in the pond. There has been no significant change in activity in the local economy and the North Cumbria housing market remains short of buyers who are able or willing to buy. This is a shame because more than ever we have sellers who are keen to sell so that they can move on.

1.75% of the loan; that fee will rise each year after that by retail price inflation plus 1%. This gives the Government a 20% stake in the property, including any increase in value. All buyers can use this scheme except buy-to-let investors and those buying second homes. Under the second scheme, buyers with a 5% deposit can secure a 95% loan from participating lenders. (Pausing there, this scheme is voluntary for lenders, so it is up to them if they take part. If they do, they will have to pay a fee to the Government for the guarantee and take a 5% share of any loss that may occur.) It applies to all buyers, except buy-to-let investors, and to all properties up to £600,000. This also has the potential to help so-called mortgage prisoners – those who cannot move home or remortgage, due to a lack of equity.

I’m wondering therefore whether the two latest schemes – announced in the Budget and intended to move the property market - will have any effect. Anyway, here are the headlines, so that you can see what’s on offer. Let’s see if it does what it says on the tin – Help to Buy.

As with all Government initiatives, the devil will be in the detail. In providing additional liquidity, we can only hope that at the very least it provides some pump-priming for the property sector and lead to an increased number of properties transacted.

The Chancellor announced two iniatives, that will run for three years -

The fact that this is a nationwide scheme is important, as at Eden Estate Agents historically we sell 40% of our clients’ homes to buyers from out of Cumbria. We have interest expressed in many of those on our books, but the buyers are stuck without a sale. If buyers are able to take up these offers, and lenders are prepared to undertake them, then just maybe there will be a few more people who can get on with their lives.

• From 1 April 2013, a shared equity scheme open to all housebuyers buying a newbuild property up to £600,000 • From January 2014, a mortgage guarantee scheme to back purchases at up to 95% loan to value for all new and resale properties up to £600,000 Under the first of these, a buyer with only 5% deposit can borrow up to 20% of the value of their newbuild property from the Government. This loan will be interest-free for 5 years. Then buyers will pay an annual fee – initially of

01768 869000

Grown in the Eden Valley from a 6,000 distribution to a 27,500 distribution


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I Can With IAM By Matty Buck

Driving is a skill used by most, in fact an estimated 67% of adults hold a full driving licence and at IAM driving this gives you the opportunity to increase this skill with almost a guarantee on you becoming a better driver.

of writing this article, meeting Ken Hodgson, one of the IAM volunteers, on a brisk February Sunday morning. To begin with we went through the standard procedure of checking license and insurance details, before going through an Appraisal sheet, discussing driving practices such as, braking, steering etc, with three boxes ‘Good’, ‘Average’ and ‘Need To Improve’, to take your Advance Driving Test you have to achieve ‘Good’ in each of the 32 sections.

IAM driving is a nationwide company with 214 branches, including one here in the Eden Valley. Based at the old Fire Station, Bridge Lane, Penrith, IAM driving is the UK’s leading independent driving charity, with over 100,000 members.

The IAM advanced driving is completed using your own car throughout, however, as it was my

I myself, having only passed my driving test less than a year ago, decided to take up this opportunity as part

Penrith AFC March Fixtures April 2013

Kick Off

Tue 09



Thu 11 Sat 13 Tue 16 Thu 1 Sat 20 Sat 27

19:45 15:00 19:45 19:45 15:00 15:00


Opposition Billingham Synthonia Celtic Nation Whitley Bay Team Northumbria Spennymoor Town West Auckland Shildon

Type League League League League League League League

Penrith RUFC April 2013




Opposition Birkenhead Park Chester

Sat 06



Sat 13


Sat 20




Percy Park




Call us now Office 01768 899111 Studio 0176 99101 email EdenLocal

The Out best everyrates month, in advertising, free to read,with no bad the best news, distribution a positive for in your localpost business

first week we went on a short 30 minute drive with Ken at the wheel, here, we again discussed driving, road safety and observations (turns out I don’t quite know as much about signs and car mechanics as I had originally thought!). We got back to the Fire Station and after very quick pit stop, we swapped roles. One thing the advanced driving course is particularly good at is amending bad habits (crossing hands for me!), as well as improving upon the skills you already have. The drive itself went well and I am looking forward to progressing and completing my advance driving in the coming weeks and months. IAM Driving is for any age, with the Penrith & North Lakes Branch able to assess both Cars and Commercial Vehicles (up to 7 tonnes) and advanced motorcycle test in Carlisle.


Do you understand what all the fuss is about? We all know, and are reminded constantly about Global Warming, it’s effects, and how we all need to try and adjust our ways to protect our planet, & of course make the right decisions for future generations to come. Car manufacturers for one have been working flat out for some years now, to create vehicles that are cleaner and greener, giving many more miles per gallon, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and thereby reducing whole life running costs for those of us that rely on the motor car as our mode of transport.

But why Hybrid Synergy Drive, and how do they work? Being a bit green, ( Pardon the pun ), I decided to ask Alan at Jim Walton’s, on Penrith’s Gilwilly Estate, to explain just how is it that they sell so many, and why they are now so popular. Alan told me that having been involved with the World’s number one car manufacturer for some 40 years now, it had become clear at the launch of the first Hybrid car,The Toyota Prius, way back in 1997 that Toyota saw Hybrid technology as the way forward for many years to come, and so popular are these cars now that Toyota has extended its Hybrid range into the popular Auris and latterly the Yaris range, as well as the New Prius + which is the first Hybrid 7 seat people carrier. But what about the drive and reliability of such technology? Alan explains that many people have now embraced this modern technology, and are enjoying driving vehicles that return class leading MPG and of course zero road tax year upon year. I for one was curious as to how the batteries were charged and, was pleasantly surprised to learn that these are cars that run on battery until 30 mph or until harder acceleration is required, where the petrol engine instantly cuts in, giving the performance as lively as a conventional petrol engine. The batteries on these Hybrid vehicles are recharged by energy produced by kinetic energy while braking, meaning that recharging happens as you drive along, without any intervention by the vehicles owner, so no fancy charging stations needed here then.

absolutely second to none and has never known any batteries to fail since production began some 15 years ago. Curious to find out more I took a test drive in one of the many used Toyota Prius that Jim Walton’s have on display and, I must say how pleasantly surprised I was by the car as a whole, whisper quiet round town ( so much so that people often stare as you glide by, ( as there is of course no engine noise ), but yet incredibly lively out on the open road with ease of drive assisted by Toyota’s 1.8 petrol/ electric power unit and the CVT ( continuous variable transmission ) gearbox, fitted as standard on all Toyota Hybrids. All in all I found the driving experience an absolute pleasure and not in the least complicated, as i had previously imagined. But hey, why take my word for it, call in at Jim Walton’s on Gilwilly Estate and take a look at whichever Hybrid takes your fancy, whether it be the Yaris, Auris or Prius, your sure to find a vehicle that suits your requirements. My thanks to a number 1 family firm for enlightening me on vehicles produced by the World’s number 1 car manufacturer, but more importantly the world’s Cleanest Greenest car manufacturer.

Every new Toyota Hybrid also comes with an 8 Year 100,000 mile warranty on the vehicles batteries, showing just how much faith the manufacturer has in this technology, and Alan assures me reliability is

Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN

Telephone 01768 864555 Fax 01768 867280 Parts Direct 01768 865428 Fax 01768 892979 Showroom open Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm

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Peaks & Pathways Nick Wells

Catbells is one of Lakelands great favourites, a family fell standing on the west side of Derwent Water overlooking Keswick. No Keswick holiday is complete without a visit to Catbells, a low altitude makes its summit easily reachable, but for the more adventurous it is the first step on a glorious ridge walk along the side of Borrowdale. The name Catbells might have derived from Cat Bields, ( the shelter of the wild cat ) although this has been disputed by the authorities, however the crags below the top on the west side have the name of Mart Bield ( the shelter of the Marten ) which supports this suggestion. The best way to walk Catbells in my opinion, would be to take the ferry accross the lake from Keswick

arriving at Hawse End, or you can take the road through Portinscale towards Newlands arriving near Hawse End. At the foot of Catbells, there is a small field provided for parking by a farmer for free, bless him. I made my way along the road for a hundred yards or so, through the kissing gate and on to the path at the foot of the mountain. As I zigzagged up toward the lower sumit I thought of Peter Rabbit, this was his home after all. The walk starts off with a steep ascent for about half an hour until the lower summit, then I was taken down to a depression and up steeply along an easy rock stairway to the main summit. The view from here is one of the best in the Lake district for me, albeit I was on a mountain top Derwent Water felt so close, spanning from left to right it was busy with ferries, small sailing boats and school parties in

kayaks. Causey Pike towers up to the west, and the hamlet of Little Town can be seen down below, but it is to Derwent water that the captivated gaze returns again and again. From the summit I went on down to Hause Gate, there is no gate here but a geographical term for a way or opening through the hills or across a ridge. Hause is another good Lakeland name for a pass. From here I took the very steep descent down a well constructed stone staircase arriving at the Old Green Road very close to the lake. It must be about a two mile walk back to the car from here, so an ice cream from the van along the way was very welcome. I must have walked about four and a half miles in all, and took two and a half hours. I would grade it as easy.

t ou ily oc am Cr e f th

37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30

Tune in to Eden FM Community Radio 7.6 FM, news as it happens on the day

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beActive in Eden Choose from swimming pools, fitness gyms, exercise classes, sports hall facilities, family friendly cafe, climbing wall, indoor bowling, conference and events facilities, sports fields and lots more!

Penrith Leisure Centre 01768 863450

Appleby Leisure Centre 01768 351212

Frenchfield Sports Centre 01768 863450

Excellent Sports and Leisure for All North Country Leisure is supported by Copeland Borough Council & Eden District Council. Registered Charity No. 1075009





A leisure partnership

Grown in the Eden Valley from a 6,000 distribution to a 27,500 distribution


Why make a will? half held in trust. The spouse is entitled to the income from the trust, but not the capital, which goes to the children on his or her death. “Common law wife” or common law husbands” are not afforded the same legal protection as a married couple. So, a long standing partner to whom you are not married has no automatic right to a share in the estate. He or she may get nothing!

Nick Hill of Eden Mortgages

You are run over by a bus and you haven’t made a will. Where does that leave your loved ones? In a terrible mess is the answer. You will be deemed to have died “intestate”. Your property and possessions will be distributed according to the “rules of intestacy” first laid down in 1925. And this may result in your estate being handed to the wrong people, with those that you really care about missing out. There are many misconceptions. Some have not made a will because they assume that their husband or wife will automatically inherit all their assets. This is not the case. If you have children, your spouse will receive only the first £250,000. The remainder is split in two, with one half shared equally between the children and the other

The other big question is, who gets the kids? If you fail to appoint guardians via a will and your children are orphaned before they reach 18, the courts will appoint the guardians instead, but they won’t necessarily choose the people that you would have preferred to take care of your children. Then there is the emotional and financial cost of not making a will. Great bitterness can be caused when family members feel unfairly disadvantaged. Lengthy delays and substantial solicitors bills can be incurred when decisions as to how an estate is to be given away are disputed.

for most it’s a “hassle” which they will get around some time in the future. When making a will, It is little wonder than that many find that dealing with a trusted Financial Adviser with the relevant training and experience in their own home to be a simple and straightforward solution. Just to finish on a lighter note…. • Anthony Scott, in his last will and testament wrote: ‘To my first wife Sue, whom I always promised to mention in my will. Hello Sue!’ • Jack has died. His lawyer is standing before the family and reads out Jack's Last Will and Testament: "To my dear wife Esther, I leave the house, 50 acres of land, and 1 million dollars. To my son Barry, I leave my Big Lexus and the Jaguar. To my daughter Suzy, I leave my yacht and $250,000. And to my brother-in-law Jeff, who always insisted that health is better than wealth, I leave my treadmill."

Clearly, making a will solves many potential problems. Yet only three in ten people in this country have a will. Most understand the importance, so why such apathy? Confronting their own mortality may be an issue for some, but

Free Will & Testament Eden Mortgages are celebrating over 20 years in business and are offering a free joint or single Will & Testament (normally £110 joint or £85 single) Free to the first 20 readers of Eden Local. Valid until 31/05/2013 Telephone Nick Hill on 07980638609 or email quoting VL3104 Tune in to Eden FM Community Radio 7.6 FM, news as it happens on the day

Alfred Wainwright photograph by Derry Brabbs

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John Richardson & Son Quality Timber

Quality Timber Suppliers

Quality bespoke fencing, supplied and fitted to meet your Spring budget

Roper Street, Penrith Tel: 01768 895000 Mon-Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm Sat 7.45am - 1.00pm Grown in the Eden Valley from a 6,000 distribution to a 27,500 distribution


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LISTEN TO Eden FM RADIO NOW IT’S ONLINE log on to the Eden fm website and with just one click you can listen

The Penrith Co-op Society Station Sponsor

We are still here - Eden FM Community Radio is available ‘online’ 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It’s a strange one that 2nd July 2010 was when the campaign for Penrith and the surrounding areas was launched, but even though many do know that whilst we have had three trial transmissions, we do get calls in asking us what frequency we are on. It wasn’t until November 2012 that we could actually apply for a full –time, 5 year community radio licence, which would allow us to transmit via a radio mast on an FM frequency that you find on the dial of your radio like the BBC or CFM. We had the window to apply to Ofcom by the end of January. We did apply. This opportunity only comes around every 3 to 4 years, but as a radio station, whilst we have been waiting for this opportunity, we took the route back in November 2011 when we trialled out first test broadcast, which was 4 weeks of radio 24 hours a day on the frequency 7.7 FM. This is the maximum you are allowed every five months when you haven’t got a full-time licence. Whilst we had to switch our hired transmitter off and take down our temporary mast, we remained on the airwaves via the internet. Some people still haven’t quite understood this. To be a full-time radio is a lengthy process. It’s not as easy as flicking a switch and getting a licence. We are very fortunate, however, that so many people do listen online. We do have a very active Facebook, which we post and update everyday, which is linked to Twitter. We get emails every day at the station via In the second part of this update, we provide a snapshot of just some of the shows broadcast every week by our team of volunteer presenters. As a not for profit limited company (a requirement of Ofcom the regulator) run by volunteers, we, like many local groups, have to raise money to


exist. Our main station sponsor since May 2012 has been the Penrith Co-operative Society and the Eden Local publication has been raising funds for the radio since October 2010. To run an internet radio station 24 hours a day 7 days a week, licence it, maintain it, insure its volunteers, pay its electricity, travel costs and keep its outside broadcasting vehicle on the road and maintain the equipment it has, costs around £600 per month. Not bad for a 24 hour communication service which is free to be used by everyone in the community, which is available to anyone with a computer. We do have some regular advertisers and we do now have our own ‘Business 300’ draw every month, which takes place at the end of every month. It’s a £1 per month investment for a business to enter. The prizes range from an advertising campaign on the radio, to having their business logo on our outside broadcasting vehicle for one year, or a full page of advertising in the Eden or Lakes Local publication. There must be over 2,500 businesses in Eden - we just need 300 to sign up. Drop us a line at If you would like to sponsor a show, for example the lunch time show, which is 2 hours 12 – 2pm Monday to Friday, it will cost just £5.00 for the two dedicated hours. If you have a lunch-time menu that you want to share, get it live on air. On our full show guide at www. your business name will appear next to the show and directly link to your website, just like The Fish Cellar in the Devonshire Arcade sponsors Fish on Friday, the morning show 10 - 12. Eden House of Cakes sponsor Tea on a Tuesday 4pm – 6pm. We don’t need many sponsors to cover our costs and with funding greatly reduced, if we can raise what we need, we can help those raise what they need to promote all fundraising events in the community for free.

The Out best everyrates month, in advertising, free to read,with no bad the best news, distribution a positive for in your localpost business

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The new show guide on Eden FM Your Voice, Your Choice As a radio station, even at our level, we have a standard to meet and maintain. It is our intention to have our day time live radio schedule with volunteers from 10 am to 10pm Monday to Friday As an example here is our Tuesday Show guide





10:00 - 12:00

The Morning Show

Music / Interviews

12:00 - 14:00



14:00 - 16:00

Stef in the Afternoon Music 60’s to current Stef, Nick, Neil

From April

16:00 - 18:00

Tea on Tuesday


Dave, Lee

From mid April

18:00 - 20:00

Panos Pick

Music Mix


Now live

20:00 - 22:00

Eden Folk

Folk & Acoustic

Hairy Dave

Now live

Morning Crew, Martin, Lee, Stef Lunchtime Crew Paul, Lee

Status From May From April

This is a typical weekday schedule. The evenings are always specialist shows - some of these are repeated between 22.00 hrs and 02.00 on other days via a rewind schedule Monday to Friday and some early evening at the weekends. Have a look at the full guide on our website We have dedicated shows covering various decades and types of music and influences up to the current day. Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 27,500 whendistribution you return


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Here is our proposed weekend show guide




09:00 - 11:00

Breakfast Show

Music / Chat / News The Breakfast Crew

From Mid April

11:00 - 13:00

Schools o

Music / Interviews

The School Crew 14+

From May

13:00 - 15:00

Eden Country

Country Music


Now Live

15:00 - 17:00

Eden Sport

Live Sport / Music


Now Live

17:00 - 19:00

EdenFM Rewind

Sound & Vision


From April

19:00 - 21:00

EdenFM Rewind

A Show of two Halves Lee

From April

21:00 - 23:00

Eden FM Club Mix

Current Club scene The Club mix Crew

From April

23:00 - 01:00

Late night smooth part2 Love songs

01- 00 - 09.00 Till Dawn

Special tracks


The Captain & the crew

From May

Selected & introduced by the team

From May





09:00 - 11:00

In the Village

Music / Chat / News

In the village People

From April

11:00 - 13:00

Peaks & Pathways

Music / Interviews


Now Live

13:00 - 15:00

Classical Sunday

Classical Music


Now Live

15:00 - 18:00

Eden Animals



Now Live

18:00 - 20:00

Eden FM re wind

On the Road Music

The OB crew

From April

20:00 - 22:00

Eden FM re wind

Folk and Acoustic

Hairy Dave

From April

Something you do need to be aware of is that our team of volunteers, with the exception of a small number only started their radio careers when the radio switched on for the first time in November 2011. Some of our volunteers travel up to 30 miles to be apart of your community radio. Some work full-time then after their day or on their weekends they are there for the community. Some are students, some are people that are seeking employment, some are retired. A 40 mile round trip on a bus is some kind of commitment. Sponsoring one show on Eden FM covers a lot of miles. Help us help the community, log on and listen, log on and like us on Facebook. Write to us admin@edenfm. and send us a date in your diary that you would like us to promote you event, your regular club, society or organisations regular meeting time. Link our website to your website, help us promote you.


Call us now Office 01768 899111 Studio 0176 99101 email EdenLocal

The Out best everyrates month, in advertising, free to read,with no bad the best news, distribution a positive for in your localpost business

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R&S Whatever the weather New and Used Sales, Hire, Servicing and Maintenance


Our Products include: Excavators • Cranes • Fork Lift Trucks • Tractors R & S Plant Sales, Milestone House Garage, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9NQ Telephone: 01768 866539 Mobile: 07836 777943 Fax: 01768 868623 E-mail: Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 27,500 whendistribution you return



Open to the trade & public


Indian Sandstone

£18.99 + VAT

per m2

15.2m2 patio packs (not inc circles)

01768 899333


Travis Perkins Trading Co. Ltd Gilwilly Trading Estate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BA The Out best everyrates month, advertising, free to read,with no bad the best news, distribution a positive for in your localpost business

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