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The locally sourced network Story Giants Seasonal Spring Tips for selling your home Prep for National Pet Month 30 minutes with the Mallet

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Breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea, make a visit to your local cooperative a part of your day Free home delivery is provided within the Society’s area of activities only. Please check before purchasing that free delivery is possible. Also check what delivery date and time is possible. Our delivery vehicles are not refrigerated, so do not order chilled or frozen foods. If purchasing in store and asking for home delivery, please take these items straight home yourself once purchased.

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Dear Residents I always thank a lot of people in the opening editorial and the real positive I take from this is the list is always growing. The success of Eden Local and the support from businesses, local groups and local people is, at times, overwhelming. The idea of setting up a local magazine, that would help local businesses, link with the community and give local people an opportunity to try their hand at contributing towards a local magazine, has been well received. Here we are with the 6th edition and with 6 months of thanks and a feeling of adoption to the local community, I can’t put into words how appreciative I am. I do have some news to celebrate and share this half birthday. To all those people and businesses in Penrith that have the postcodes CA11 7 & 8, as of next month, Eden Local – the Penrith Town and Rural publication, will be extending to CA11 9, CA11 0 and CA10 1.  Including our local outlets, this takes our distribution up to around 15,000, which is a jump of 8,500. Your Local, your community magazine in just 6 months is an amazing achievement attributed to local interest and local people. Thank you. Feel good about it, it’s your publication. This month once again, I’ve been talking to local groups, local businesses and people who basically want to have a word and I’ve taken about 3,000 photos. It’s the final push for our cinema this month. Please support this in any way you can. For more details, visit At Eden Local it’s a constant push for our local economy and if I can get more people to shop locally, think about what they are buying and where they are buying it from, then we really will be achieving something.

The locally sourced network Story Giants Seasonal Spring Tips for selling your home Prep for National Pet Month 30 minutes with the Mallet

Issue Six

Distributed to Homes & Businesses

in CA11 7 & CA11 8

Eden Estate Agents


The locally sourced Network


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What came first the chicken or the rabbit?


Water into Wine


Story Giants - PACT


From the Chopping board to your home


Here is a short story to finish with about cheap versus local. I fell into the trap once of buying a TV via the internet, cheap, I hear you whisper, please hear me out? Here is a thought. A locally purchased TV generally comes with local guarantees, just like any local purchase. On the internet what a great deal, but then you make that call to tie up the warrantee and then you get told its another £120-150 more. Where is the saving? Where is the headache? Where is the person sorting out the problem? Five minutes away or 5,000 miles away? Just because it’s not made locally, this doesn’t mean you don’t get a gold service from your local retailer. Look after them please….. now is a good time. You know who they are…..  

A great place after school - Beth Dutson


25 years to celebrate


Come in and explore Eden Valley indoor

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Seasonal Spring Tips for selling your home

16 / Wall Art at Sandwell Furniture


The Property Gallery

18 & 19

Lee Quinn, Editor

Ideas for Surfing at UCC

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Why the Long Face?


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The Local Sourced Network

It’s encouraging when people comment about the positives of Eden Local articles and the focus it gives to the local economy. Here is the start of yet another focus on a local business, quite central to the town. With so many articles looking at the growing of local produce, I met up with David and Mark of Starfruits, Penrith, to discuss the next stage of our local food cycle. This links to the distribution and sales of locally grown farm vegetables, which where possible, are taken from our community farm on the borders of the town on the A686 at Carelton, Penrith and sold across the town and the surrounding areas. David has been heading up the family business with his business partner Mark for over 20 years. EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085


I first met him at a Chamber of Trade meeting back in September 2010. David and Mark have been serving the community in Penrith and the surrounding areas for some time. They know a lot of people but do you really know them and their business?

what your are trying to achieve.

SUPPLIERSSeeing OFimportant FRESH links from locally produced farms and being sold FRUIT AND VEGETABLES and distributed from Penrith, is a network success for the local economy. I’m looking forward to working with David, Mark and the other staff behind the growing success, which is Starfruits today. I think I was hooked the moment David said ‘I get my carrots, swedes, potatoes and whatever is available from Neil at Carleton Farm. If I tell him I want 50 kilos of carrots for tomorrow, he goes and digs them up today or first thing tomorrow morning and they’re straight into the shop’.

RETAIL - WHOLESALE & CATERING They both, strangely enough, had a career like me, carved working in food retail with a large supermarket chain. There isn’t anything that the team at Starfruits don’t know about quality, service and price. There isn’t anything they don’t know about freshness and the importance of sourcing where they can get locally produced goods. In business, there are various business clubs and the word and mouth institution, which generally thrives on letting people know what you do and


David Whipp

That must be about a mile, if that, from field to counter, but something I didn’t know was that every day, 6 days a week, fresh stock is purchased and delivered

Tel: 01768 890255

EdenLocal • 

to the shop. Carleton Farm is just one of a number of suppliers. The produce and dairy provisions are not only sold from the shop at 9 Angel Square, but are delivered to local businesses like restaurants, hotels, pubs and catering companies locally and across Cumbria. They are also delivered to anybody, you or me, by just picking up the phone or sending them an email. It’s fresh produce. You get it the day it has arrived into Starfruits. Well, bananas, exotics, even starfruits have to be sourced from around the world, but if you’re shopping for the season, this is a great local and seasonal choice in town, that hasn’t done a few laps around the distribution centre and spent a few days refrigerated on the road, before relocating to another fridge until the shelf space is available Fresh home delivered produce 6

days a week, for free. No minimum orders or weights, whether if be a cucumber or a sack of potatoes, a weeks supply or just your daily 5 a day. Chances are Starfruits are already delivering in your street, so to add another order, a few items isn’t a problem and of course for some people who can’t get out, it’s a service that saves everyone time. A vehicle doing the rounds like a milkman, has got to be better than 20 cars doing the same. Heavy items can be delivered, you know the ones that normally are a pain, that squash the other items in your basket or you trolley. But its not just fruit and veg. They have a wide range of other essentials like milk, bread and eggs. These guys certainly know their onions, but they also know the importance of supporting the people and businesses in the community. If you can’t get

to them, then let them come to you. If you need to source local and fresh quality produce, that can be delivered daily at a better than competitive price, contact Starfruits. This Easter, if you are after a healthy option with a lot less chocolate, as a gift or something for the family, why not try a Starfruits Fruit basket. Prices start from £5.00.


9 Angel Square, Penrith, Cumbria. CA11 7BT Telephone: 01768 890 255 Telephone: 01768 866 573 Web: Email:


Home deliv

phone: 07881 530085


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Worth a visit This month’s visit to Carleton Hall Farm was a bit different with the temptation to talk Parsnips! When my mother- in-law tasted some recently, when we had a roastie, she asked if they had sugar on them. Then there’s the Swedes. Equally as tasty, but I’ll come back to them. I took a walk around the yard with Neil Hodgson and thought the dairy side would make a good story. Have you any idea how much a cow costs or how much milk it can produce? Next month, the chances are we’ll be back out in the field as Neil pointed out that they had just planted up the leek plugs (seed pots), which are currently under cover to protect them. So this month I’ve kept it simple. I sat down with Jean Hodgson, had a coffee and we talked shop and about the local network of suppliers to the shop. Traditionally the shop stocks all of its own produce and an abundance of local goods from other local suppliers and farms. In terms of the dairy, milk, butter, cheese and eggs are all available. The Farm also stocks local meat, sausages and bacon from Slacks of Orton, Penrith, locally produced pies from Burbush’s of Penrith, flour and porridge oats from the Watermill in Little Salkeld, bread from the Beacon Bakery in Penrith, Jeremy’s soups from Appleby-in-Westmoreland and Country Puddings of Dacre. These are all just a small sample. Altogether, Carleton Hall Farm shop has 52

suppliers and that equates to a large selection of farm products from the region and other local producers, like 25 jams and preserves, 14 marmalades, 25 types of honey and 29 pickles should give you an idea. They also have a frozen range and a gluten free range of products. This time of the year, Jean will be making up Easter Hampers, which are made to order containing a selection of the locally produced goods sold in the shop. Just like the rest of the farm, it’s a seven day a week operation and like any local business, it needs your support.

Open Hours 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm Sunday

Easter Hours 9am - 5.30pm Good Friday 22nd 9am - 5.30pm Saturday 23rd 10am – 4pm Easter Day 24th 10am – 4pm Easter Monday 25th Carleton Farm Shop Carleton, Penrith, CA11 8RQ Telephone 01768 210027 EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

EdenLocal โ€ข 

Eden House of Cakes

This Easter perhaps you can work it out, which came first the Chicken or the Rabbit? We can recreate an object, a scene or theme so come in and talk to us about creating your dream Special occasions, Seasonal celebration, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Christenings, Retirements, Corporate or even a gift, traditional or innovative.

Sandgate House Penrith CA11 7TJ Tel: 01768 899225 Email:




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Days a week

y Food for the famil meals & deals

Kid s one eat f Pen or ny

It was almost 6 months ago that I was first invited to the Stoneybeck Inn which was still under construction at that time. By December 2010, there wasn’t a builder in sight and the first of the Christmas parties had arrived. The conferencing client base is now increasing and specialist evenings are being planned, like wine tasting and dining evenings with Thwaites. Use of the private dining areas for special celebrations are booking into 2012.


meals for kids

6” Homemade Pizzas

After writing the story about Timmy Mallet in the January Eden Local, I was fortunate enough to actually spend half an hour with him on my own (30 minutes with the Mallet, page 30), before he became the first guest to take the stage in the new Ullswater banqueting suite. I stayed around for the show, which of course was totally wacky, but for the team at Stoneybeck Inn, it was the first of many large events that they have now completed. Birthday celebrations, weddings, seminars and award ceremonies are all now regularly in the weekly rota. The Stoneybeck Inn has very much a catering for all with a high standard, ethos and its success in a short time is attributed to the local people and businesses that have been supporting them. Its strategy strap line as ‘The Stoneybeck Inn-ovation of Food and the way your family eats’ is a message which aims to do just that. Healthy options, affordable, quality food for all the family and a mission to support the local economy and more recently the development of future budding chefs. Olly McGeorge from UCC was invited to do just that and The Stoneybeck Inn extends this invitation to any budding young chefs in year 10 and above. If they have a creative, healthy option dish and would like to see it on the menu and have a chance to prepare it in the kitchens, please drop Kathryn a line and email your details to with your recipe. Locally sourced and healthy food are served, a specialist children’s menu from 4 - 7 on Wednesdays at the cost of one penny, giving mums and dads, grandparents or guardians a night off from cooking. Straight from school or after the school club and you’re still home at a good time on a school night. Anyway, about that stage. At the time of this update, the nominations are still coming in for the Local Hero awards. It’s another big event for the local community and it will be staged at the new Stoneybeck Inn……….

The Sto neybeck EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

Homemade Burger’s, Wedges & Peas Shrimp Rissotto Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad Local Sausage, Mash, Peas & Gravy Chicken & Bacon Carbonara

Healthy Options, real food, real tastes *Terms and conditions apply. 1 full paying adult. 2 children

n o i t a v o Inn-

o f f o

April Wine Offer Monday to Thursday.

Bookings only. Quote ‘wine’ when booking.

We have our

water into wine deal

Tables of 4 people Buy a bottle of water and exchange it for a bottle of wine to the value of £12.50

n a d

w e h t d

Fish on Fridays

EdenLocal • 


Fish Menu: Natural Smoked Haddock Topped with Poached Egg & Butter Sauce Lemon Grilled Red Bream with King Prawns & Chardonnay Cream Pan Seared Scottish Salmon with Prawn & Dill Sauce Classic Wainwrights Beer Battered Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas Sharing Platter of Tempura Prawns, Salad Leaves, Fresh Lime & Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

u o y ay

s t a e y l i r fam

oo The Stoneybeck Inn

Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RP t: 01768 862369 e: w:

phone: 07881 530085


10 • EdenLocal

Story Giants

Dawn Hurton with the Giant “Angel” and students from Beaconside Primary School

On Monday May 2nd, students from many Eden schools will be telling local stories at Penrith’s May Day Parade in St Andrews churchyard, accompanied by huge carnival Story Giants representing each story, with processional music from samba group Blue Jam. Stories passed on by word of mouth through the generations are part of the DNA and heritage of our Eden community. To revive these oral traditions, a vibrant and innovative project “Story Giants of Eden” has been unfolding through 18 schools across the district. This exciting project is all about unearthing and sharing local stories, many of which may have survived for thousands of years. Through these stories, young people are once more learning about these oral traditions, where people recall stories and myths from a communal folk memory of many generations, and understanding why they were told and what they teach us even today. The stories evoke days when candles flickered in draughty homes, and people amused themselves round the fireside talking about witches, devils and ghosts. They also connect EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

Storyteller Dominic Kelly introducing the Story Giants project at Penrith Leisure Centre

us with our landscape – for example there are Viking and Arthurian legends linked to locations in and around Penrith, and of course stories about ancient sites, noble families and their halls, follies, castles and abbeys. The Giants project is coordinated by Dawn Hurton (Extended Services Adviser, CCC), with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, delivered in partnership with local environmental group Penrith Action for Community Transition (PACT). Throughout the Spring term, professional storyteller Dominic Kelly has been running workshops in each of the schools, helping them

develop their stories from initial ideas to preparing a full Story Giants performance. Some schools have also been working with members of their community and groups such as local history societies to delve into oral tales from their area. After the May Day parade, the stories will be written up in a commemorative Story Giants of Eden storybook and exhibited at Penrith Museum. The progress of the project is also being documented on film, as can be seen at the website where you can contact the project.

Fergus Vecqueray telling Dominic Kelly a story, accompanied by Ella Fears and Connie Hurton

From the chopping board to your home

Indiagate, 11a Burrowgate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7TE tel: 01768 210020 / 01768 210050 It’s a chop, chop, chop ‘til five o’clock from the chopping board to your home How many of these articles about the Indiagate include me describing how many dishes I have tried? The concept of working my way through the menu is a hard task but it is one I enjoy! The difficulty I have is one faced by many with a family and that is getting to my food. Without takeaways, where would we be? As a restaurant, Indiagate opens

from 5pm ‘til late 7 days a week. Our article this month is not about a special mouth watering dish, a unique taste or blend or an infusion of cooking. I’m not even researching the origin. This month’s visit to Indiagate and the purpose of my meeting with Abu, was to talk about service and how some things that look simple and taste delicious, are a part of a well timed and executed skill. It’s not just about Saturdays. Just because you may have heard about a Saturday Night Takeaway, doesn’t mean they can only be on Saturdays. For some the weekend starts Thursday, for some they don’t know what a weekend is. My point is that sometimes I wonder how I fit a Sunday roast in, but then those who know me can answer that question! Yep, I’ll fit it in! I can’t talk about Indiagate without a bit of research. Takeaway or across the nearest border carryout, in some countries Takeout – as defined in some dictionaries;- (Cookery) preparing and selling food for consumption away from the premises; sample a takeaway Indian. That’s handy! It is a key skill and service of Indiagate.

What does it mean? Well, in simple terms, a phone call and inside 30 minutes a meal that would take you hours to prepare and cook at home, is available for you to collect and a lot less washing up and no drive home. It’s not a drive through. I forgot to mention the words ‘quality takeaway’. This takes more than a 5-10 minute wait. When I spoke to Abu and I visited the kitchens previously in the early hours of the evening, the theme isn’t cooking, but chop, chop, chop until five o’clock. We just see the end result and we get to sample in our own homes, with friends, families, as a couple, or just as an individual, the comfort of having professional food in our own space. What a great thing to do on Tuesday night, on Monday night or what about on Thursday night? But a takeaway at the weekend or a banquet with friends at home is just as good. When was the first ever takeaway? Well I can’t find it. When I search on the web for the first takeaway, it keeps coming up with an insect and something associated with playing cards. Take the night off, take it away from Indiagate, 7 days a week…….

phone: 07881 530085


12 • EdenLocal

A greatByplace after school Beth Dutson, year 11

For a lot of pupils at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, the activity doesn’t stop at home time, and the library is still a hive of industry long after most people have gone. There are many different activities and clubs for students of all ages, all of them led or supervised by Mrs Hancox, who does a brilliant job of getting everyone involved and happy with what they’re doing, and never letting a dull moment arise. For film fans there is Film Club on Monday nights, led by 6th former Duncan Edwards, who says: ‘I run the club because I want other pupils to experience different films to what they’re used to.’ This has certainly been the case so far, as, along with classic films and animations, pupils have watched films such as ‘The Boy in Striped Pyjamas’- a harrowing tale of the Second World War. With over 40 members, the club is extremely popular. As well as supervising band practices and the enthusiastic Young Magicians’ group, Mrs Hancox runs a craft club for pupils interested in making their own toys, gifts and textile items. Year 8 pupil Emily Bainbridge comments that ‘I get to talk to

my friends without having to do school work - it’s really useful’. She has made many toy animals including a penguin and a frog. Another member of the club, Beth Thompson, said that Craft Club is ‘fun!’ and a “great way to be with friends”. I am part of a textile and dressmaking group who Mrs Hancox taught to create clothing from patterns, and so far we have all made something that, we are proud to say, we would actually wear! Dressmaking has been a brilliant way to learn new skills from someone who is very talented in this area. We have all thoroughly

enjoyed having something interesting and inspiring to take our minds off endless exams and homework! For modelling enthusiasts with a good eye for detail there is an Airfix group. Year 10 pupil Harry Wharam says that: ‘Airfix is a great thing to do whilst I am waiting to get picked up late after school.’ This applies to a lot of students who have to wait behind after school. The clubs enhance this time, are a welcome alternative to homework, and make sure that as much activity is squeezed into a short time as possible!

Sam Scotts for Socks

Have you tried Sam Scotts for your socks, top names like Ben Fogle, Pro-Trek, Bamboo, Soft Top, the original non-elastic sock, the Indestructible, Executive and Prosport.

Sam Scotts 14 Little Dockray, Penrith Cumbria CA11 7HL 01768 866961 - EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

Nutkins Nursery and Hunter Hall School

EdenLocal • 13

celebrate their 25th Anniversary this year

It is 25 years since Hunter Hall School was founded in Great Salkeld. Since then, it has moved to Frenchfield and continued to develop, providing a broad and outstanding education for boys and girls from 3 to 11. Results of those leaving this year have been excellent - all receiving offers from their preferred secondary schools. We would be delighted to hear from former pupils, parents and friends who would like to be informed of the events planned to celebrate the jubilee – please contact Lucy Stanford on 01768 891291 or email There are limited places available in most classes for September 2011 entry – please come and have a look round to see how your child could benefit from the unique atmosphere and education we provide. Lucy will be pleased to make an appointment for you.

phone: 07881 530085


14 • EdenLocal

g n


e l Sa ff

Come in and ex improvements


% an s 0 s

n om p 4 e o S t h o up

ti c edr K b

Friargate House Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR

Open 8.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, 10.00 am - 1.00pm Saturday


phone: 07881 530085

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w co in d annse ow d rv s fa at do sc o o ia rie rs s s

Telephone: (01768) 866790 Fax: (01768) 891030 Email:


Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens and Bedrooms


xplore the possiblities for your home s and discover some amazing deals

16 • EdenLocal

Eden Estate Agents – Seasonal Spring Tips If you are serious about selling, there are some fundamental and basic things you can do to prepare your home for a seasonal sale and give you an edge over other sellers. First impressions are vital - viewers will make a snap judgement on what they see on the outside even before they set foot inside. Unlike books, houses are often judged by their covers.

Looking good – inside and out Exterior - check and repair any garden gates or fences, paint the front door and window frames and clean window panes, clear paths of weeds and make the entrance to your home inviting with some freshly planted pot plants. Giving your home kerb appeal is the first step to engaging with a buyer. Interior - keep it simple, and you don’t need to spend a fortune. Consider a neutral look, and make it less personal. A few strategically placed throws and rugs will keep interiors up to date. Create some optical illusions by placing furniture at angles around the room – make the space look its best

Ensure your home is fresh, and if you have a dog get someone to take it for a walk if you are expecting a viewing.

Garage Storage Garages are useful spaces. If like most people your garage is used for storing everything apart from the car, keeping it clutter free will give viewers an idea of how much space there is. They may have their own ideas for garage use – so keep tools, Christmas decorations and other items stored in boxes or hooked on the wall.

Outdoor Areas Get any outdoor entertaining area ready for sunny days. Clean the patio and outdoor furniture and ensure it is looking good. Repair crumbling walls and damaged fences; make sure the gate opens properly. Do some maintenance to the garden; mow the grass for an easy on the eye appearance and tidy up the flower beds. Viewers can make the most of any views, if you’ve cleaned the windows.


Finishing touches – for viewings

It’s the perfect time to de-clutter and make some space or give the illusion of more space!

Make sure:-

Pack away any items that make things look crowded. Avoid hanging things on the back of doors. Ensure laundry is put away, and clear away any paperwork in your home office area. For viewings, put away articles on kitchen worksurfaces and ensure that the sink is clean and tidy

Points on pets – and hobbies! You may be an animal lover and proud of your dog (or other animals) but not all your potential viewers will share your enthusiasm. Often animal owners don’t realise that their pets cause household smells and a boisterous dog will put off viewers.

• curtains and blinds are open • the air is fresh, or the coffee or bread machine is on! • the washing up is done, floors and surfaces are clear and the house is generally tidy • the door bell is working! Most importantly, invest your time and money with an Estate Agent who put presentation of property at the heart of their business. This means effective and exciting photography, good quality sales brochures and a website which displays your property at its best. For further help, contact Eden Estate Agents for a free valuation and marketing advice: 01768 869000.

Eden Estate Agents EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

EdenLocal • 17





New Wall Art Selection 11 Little Dockray Penrith Cumbria CA11 7HL T: 01768 866 624 E:

Visit our website for standard, composite, internal doors - any type of quality long lasting internal or external low maintenance door

01768 866790

phone: 07881 530085


18 • EdenLocal

Eden Esta

Railway Cottages | Newbiggin


Powleys Garth | Langwathby


Arthur Street | Penrith


Penbury House | Penrith


Stagstones | Penrith


Monnington Way | Penrith


End of terrace renovated cottage, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 receptions, bathroom, corner plot garden, outbuilding, off road parking. Penrith 01768 869000

Elegant town house with basement apartment (1 bed), 3 bedrooms, kitchen, open plan living room, dining room, beautiful generous garden Penrith 01768 869000

Elegant terraced townhouses, 2 remaining, within private grounds near town, 4 bedrooms, outstanding outlook to the Pennines. Penrith 01768 869000

Beautifully presented village home, 3 bedrooms (1 ensuite), bathroom, kitchen, dinng room, lounge, conservatory, rear garden, garage. Penrith 01768 869000

Exclusive apartments, 2 remaining, 2/3 bedrooms, around 1300 sq ft with high specification finish and equipment. Penrith 01768 869000

Detached house, 4 bedrooms, garage, large terraced rear gardens with decked recreation area and luxury summerhouse, superb views. Penrith 01768 869000 for the full picture visit our stunning new website

EdenLocal • 19

ate Agents

Wordsworth Street | Penrith


Tremendous opportunity for total renovation, 6 bedrooms, cellar, kitchen, 3 receptions, yard, onstreet parking; poss B&B. Penrith 01768 869000

Fallowfield | Colby


Detached house, reversed accommodation, 3 bedrooms, beautiful mature gardens, Pennine views, large garage, parking. Penrith 01768 869000

It’s that Spring time of year, when home owners start to think about moving house. Gardens are beginning to come alive and there are some lovely sunny days providing uplift from the Winter grey. Those sunny intervals can have a huge positive impact on our view of the world around us. That’s why we try to create that same impression when we present our clients properties for sale, all year round. We take each property on its own merits and present it at its best, irrespective of the size of the property or the selling price. For us, this is the starting point for selling houses… and for achieving great deals. Last year all the houses we sold achieved, on average, 95% of their asking price. Better presentation produces better deals. Our way of doing things brings a big investment from us, but also from you - a commitment to best preparation and presentation. It’s a partnership to get the outcome you are looking for.

Low Fell | Penrith


Fine 5 bedroom spacious residence within superb garden, views to Lakes fells, cellars, kitchen, utility, 2 receptions, garage. Penrith 01768 869000

Visit our acclaimed new website to see how your home can be benefit from our approach or call 01768 869000 for a free marketing consultation.

Presentation, presentation, presentation

20 • EdenLocal

September 15 , 16th, 17th & 18th 2011 th

“The organising of this fantastic event goes on” The closer to the event we get the more exciting things become. The local organising committee is now all systems go for the WORLD SHEEP DOG TRIALS, FOOD & COUNTRY FESTIVAL 2011. Planning on site is being finalized with the trials fields and caravan and camping areas pegged out, the display arena and marquees marked out and locations for the food courts identified. This will be a completely different layout to the International Sheep Dog Trials which were also held on the Lowther Estate at Thrimby in 2009. The event has been designed to bring as much as possible to the local economy and give locals the chance to have a bite of the cherry. Even now if any local business would like to be involved in any which way, whether by way of sponsorship, trade/craft space,

gifts for the competitors goody bags or whatever we would really love to hear from you.

you too would like to join us please contact Clare Savins whose details are set out below.

Accommodation is almost full up within the local area, so we urge anyone who currently has a free holiday cottage, B&B or Hotel space to let us know.

One local company is looking to decorate its shop window in the run up to the event. This is “Eden House of Cakes” in Sandgate, Penrith.

Young enthusiasts and school children are key to this world wide event as they are our future and will be the organizers, competitors and supporters of this event in the future. All local schools are very welcome to come along on Thursday 15th September and turn this into a learning activity for their children. Some of these children may be dog runners themselves one day!!! Schools are being contacted and we look forward to welcoming them to the event. Head Teachers; - if

Do look out for the icing sugar figurines of sheep and dogs! Would any other businesses like to do something similar? Please let us know. This is the first time the World Trials have been held in England. This is your event in your locality so do make the most of the opportunity to be a part of what is going to be a fantastic experience. Contact: Clare Savins on 01931 712516 or on

Photograph by Tommy Martin

EdenLocal • 21

2011 Tours & Short Breaks April 26th (5 Days) Discovering the Dales, DB + B


May 9th (5 days) Scottish Highlands & The Isle of Mull, DB + B


May 23rd (5 days) Snowdonia & the Panoramic Welsh Mountains DB + B


June 6

(8 days) Spectacular Somerset - Weston-Super-Mare DB + B


June 20 (5 days) Stratford-Upon-Avon & Shakespeare Country DB + B


June 27 (5 Days) Gems of Northumberland DB + B


th th


July 6


(3 Days) Hampton Court Palace Flower Show B + B


July 10th (8 days) The English Riviera and Devon Delights DB + B


July 30th (8 days) Llandudno Summer Fair DB + B


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Making a splash and giving it some serious Welly at Sam Scotts The Regatta Oxwood

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Sizes: 7-12 (Euro 41-47) Waterproof Footwear. Waterproof Construction All seams on all waterproof styles are internally sealed, greatly reducing the chance of water entering the footwear

Sam Scotts

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The Wainwright Society celebrates the

80 Anniversary of Alfred Wainwright’s Walking Tour th

in the Lake District – Whitsuntide 1931

Eighty years ago, Alfred Wainwright planned a Tour of the Lake District to be undertaken at Whitsuntide with three of his pals from the Treasurer’s Office in Blackburn. It was a six-day marathon covering 102 miles with nearly 35,000’ of ascent to be undertaken at Whitsuntide 1931. Details of the walk did not come to light until the year of Wainwright’s death in 1991. Eric Maudsley, the only surviving member of the party, had kept a copy of Wainwright’s original itinerary and AW described the walk thus: ‘This tour is a most comprehensive one. Limited as we are by time, it is impossible to visit every corner of Lakeland, yet the programme, if followed conscientiously, will lead us everywhere worth mentioning. It will be ARDUOUS, but the reward will be well worth the work. It will avoid the tourists, the roads, the picnicspots. It is the claim of this programme that EVERY lake, EVERY valley, EVERY mountain will be seen if not actually visited.’ The six-day walk starting at Windermere actually took the party seven days and, even then, not all the route was completed. But Wainwright’s tour is a glorious high-level ridge walk amid Lakeland’s finest scenery. To celebrate this 80th anniversary, and as their annual Charity Challenge, members of The Wainwright Society are walking the route in sections and are visiting all the significant landmarks along the way. This will take place in three weeks from 7 – 28 May 2011. Details of the route can be found on The Wainwright Society website: http://www. Money raised by members from donations and sponsorship will be given to The Lake District Calvert Trust, the Society’s

Alfred Wainwright, photograph by Derry Brabbs

main beneficiary this year. A Society walk is arranged for the last day of the Challenge which will coincide with the planned last day of Wainwright’s 1931 Tour. It is hoped that some Lake District Calvert Trust visitors with disabilities will join us on the final part of the walk into Grasmere, in order to prove that Wainwright is accessible to all, no matter what their ability, and to emphasise the motto of the Trust - ‘it’s what you CAN do that counts!’ If you would like to know more about The Wainwright Society, log on to the website at or email

Cumbria Employment Solicitors Expert advice at an affordable price

• Specialist, high quality employment law advice for employees and employers • Extremely competitive rates • Free initial advice/assessment • Face to face service from a solicitor local to you

For a free initial assessment contact us on 017684 84938 or via our website at EdenLocal

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Bowscale Tarn By Nick Wells

This walk is a decent family walk of about 3 miles in all. I did not want to go too far from home this time, so I chose Bowscale Tarn. The walk starts off at Bowscale, about one mile north of Mungrisedale. It was a very popular walk in Victorian times and is supposed to be one of the most beautiful Tarns in the Lake district. After about 40 minutes of walking

up a slight incline you come to the Tarn surrounded by a high ridge. Such a short walk to reach such a beautiful place. It was dead calm, so the surface was like glass which created some amazing reflections. There is a very large rock on the Tarn edge which must have been a seat for many over years gone by.

then I went to the back of the tarn over a low ridge and rejoined the well worn path back down to Bowscale.

After a bite to eat, I decided to off road it up the side of the basin like ridge to take some photos,


Treat your feet this spring

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Over the coming months, I will be working very closely with the team at Frame, Swift and Partners, the Veterinary Centre at Carleton, Penrith. Firstly, a snapshot of how the practice has developed from when it first started in the late 1940s by Fred Duncan. Jimmy Frame joined him in the early 1950s and at this time, the surgery was based in Angel Lane in Penrith. Neil Frame became the second generation of Frames to work at the practice when he joined with Rona Frame in 1982.

the level and depth of service the practice could offer, Frame, Swift and Partners moved into a purpose built site to cater for the needs of the community it serves. The practice is now situated on the A686 Penrith to Alston road, just outside Carleton Village, Penrith.

There will be a number of areas that I will be looking at that cover small animals, farm animals and equine. To get an idea of the day to day events and to familiarise myself with the topics that I will be covering, I was invited by Jess Gillon (Partner) who works mainly on the By 1984, the practice had expanded small animal side of the practice, to enough to have outgrown the get behind the scenes, to meet the premises in Angel Lane, so the team and explore the facilities. surgery was moved to a larger centre in Brunswick Square. Then due to I had 3 visits to the practice prior to the increasing workload throughout writing this introduction. I spent my the 1980s and 1990s, the number time mainly being amazed at the of vets rose to eight. “Frames” scale of the operation undertaken on became “Frame and Swift” in the site, stepping back and seeing 1994, when Chris Swift became the pressure, which just seems to be a partner after joining the team absorbed and the professionalism of in 1982. To maintain its ethos of the practice and its staff, performing continuing to develop and enhance procedures I did not know were


• Small Animals • Farm Animals • Equine • Full Hospitalisation Facilities • 24 hour Emergency • Car Parking Open 8-30am to 6-30pm weekdays Saturday, 9am to 1pm Consultations by appointment Carleton, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8TZ

01768 862454 EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

possible! No surprise that in 2008, Frame, Swift and Partners became a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Accredited Tier 2 Practice in Farm, Equine and Small Animal disciplines. The practice today has 11 full time vets, 2 part time vets and 10 support staff, which includes 4 qualified veterinary nurses. I am a pet owner and when Jess suggested this month’s article to be focused on pets and linked to National pet month, which runs from 2nd April to 2nd May 2011, I couldn’t agree more that it was a good place to start our feature about the practice and how it serves the community. Recently my youngest child had a friend around to stay and when they were on the subject of best friends, the two 7 year olds both agreed that theirs were their dogs. It brings home to me that pets of all shapes, sizes and creations do so much for their owners and families. As pets or working pets, they are companions, helpers and best

EdenLocal • 25

friends. To many they are eyes, ears, independence and protection. For the lonely, someone to talk to, for the child someone who always pretends to listen. At the practice, the breakdown of their small animal cases are generally dogs, cats and rabbits, but occasionally the odd bearded dragon will appear! In three visits, I witnessed animals receiving minor, major and routine procedures, which put them back on the road to a better life. It was amazing to see animals receiving care and treatment that looked so much like procedures everyday people have. Just like we have the responsibility to look after ourselves, this becomes a parallel with our pets. The wrong diet and not enough exercise for us can lead to problems. For pets it’s just the same. We pull muscles, we fracture and break bones. Some can be prevented but some can’t. I was watching one day as x-rays were being taken as an investigatory procedure. I couldn’t believe it when the images were then sent off to a bone specialist in Kendal. I hope to be covering a lot of case studies and looking at some tips of how you can help your pets to live happier and longer.

Top ten pet tips  Think carefully before getting a pet and learn about its special requirements.  Ensure your pet is sociable and well trained.  Provide a nutritious and well balanced diet.  Provide suitable housing and bedding.  Clean up after your pet and worm it regularly.  Protect against disease. Your vet can provide you with advice.  Prevent unwanted litters and neuter your pet when appropriate.  Groom your pet regularly.  Control your pet and ensure it is properly identified.  Take out pet insurance for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses to cover against unexpected veterinary fees and third party liability.

National pet month 2nd April - 2nd May 2011

We only have the space to tell you a little about National Pet month, which is a registered charity and its aims of the month which are to: • promote responsible pet ownership • make people aware of the benefits of pets for people and people for pets • increase public awareness of services available from professionals who work with animals • raise awareness of the role, value and contribution to society of working companion animals • Millions of people had the opportunity to see National Pet Month articles in the national, regional or specialist press, with nearly 350 pieces of coverage • A record number of events – over 1200 – the length and breadth of the UK were held ranging from a 2000 dog sponsored walk to a library session creating pets from household cardboard tubes. • Over £79,000.00 (with more to be declared) was raised for at least 30 animal charities

Whilst we are raising awareness and focusing on National pet month, there will be many references that come back to these aims. I visited the Eden Animal Rescue to meet Tricia Graham, Animal Administrator and John Edmondson, Centre Manager to research the links with the practice for next month’s article. Looking further ahead, I also spoke to Sergeant Mark Yielder of the Police dog section based at the Carleton-Penrith, Cumbria constabulary. For links about what you can do during National Pet Month, log on to uk for more details

phone: 07881 530085


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First Driving Lesson FREE! Make sure your driving gets the best possible start with - CARLETON DRIVING SCHOOL To arrange a free lesson call or text Bert on

07715 177611 or 01768 864034 Bert is a Grade 6 Instructor and is in the top 7% of Driving Instructors Nationally EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

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Redundancy and Unfair Dismissal Cumbria Employment Solicitors

Redundancies are up and Employment Tribunal claims for redundancy pay nearly doubled between 2008/9 and 2009/10. Many employers do their utmost to follow a fair redundancy process but I am regularly approached by employees and employers

where something has gone wrong and an unfair dismissal claim is likely. I hope you find the following summary on the main features of a fair redundancy process helpful.

Michael Bauer

Basic Requirements An employer should ensure that the following basic steps (including putting things in writing) are taken in any redundancy exercise: Warn and consult employees and/or their representatives about the proposed redundancies; Adopt a fair basis on which to select employees for redundancy; Consider alternatives to redundancy (including vacancies within the organisation).

Consultation If 20 or more staff are facing redundancy then specific consultation requirements apply. However, if less than 20 staff are at risk, fair consultation usually includes an opportunity for the employee to: Comment on why he/she has been selected for redundancy including the chance to challenge the selection; Put forward suggestions about avoiding redundancy including discussing alternative jobs that might exist; Raise any other matters or concerns that he/she may have.

Redundancy Selection A common way of selecting individuals for redundancy is by way of a scoring system set by the employer with the lowest scoring employees facing redundancy. The system should, as far as possible, be objective with measurable criteria rather than being based on a manager’s personal opinion. Potentially fair selection criteria include:

Performance and ability; Attendance records;

The scoring should be fairly marked and with more subjective criteria (e.g. performance and ability), it is sensible to judge the mark against clear guidelines and have more than one manager undertake the marking so as to minimise bias.

Alternatives to Redundancy An employer need not create alternative employment for redundant employees but should consider whether there is alternative employment within the organisation. This responsibility continues up to the employee’s leaving date.

Further Advice and Assistance If you are an employee, we can advise on any redundancy procedures you are facing and consider a claim if fair procedures were not followed or if payments are outstanding. If you are an employer, we can draft your redundancy procedures, advise you on how to approach a redundancy exercise and defend any claim resulting from a redundancy situation. We offer competitively priced specialist employment advice to employers and employees. We are happy to give free initial advice in the form of a preliminary assessment of the issue. Please contact us in complete confidence on 017684 84938 or via

People, business and organisational development EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

Length of service; Disciplinary records.

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Register to vote for local elections and voting system referendum

With local elections and a referendum on a voting system taking place on Thursday, May 5, it is important that everyone ensures their name is on the current electoral register - so that you have the right to vote in the local elections and can ‘have your say’ on what voting system is used in general and local elections in the future. Local people will only have up to 11 days before the election to register as a voter – so the last possible date for registration will be 5pm on 14 April 2011. Anybody needing to add or update their details to the register of voters should contact the Council’s Elections team. Any applications received after that deadline will not be added on to the register in time for the election. The same deadline applies to postal vote registration – people have up to 5pm on the 14 April to either apply for new or amend any existing postal votes.

Eden District Council’s Returning Officer, Paul Foote, said: “If people wish to exercise their right to vote in the local elections it is imperative that their details are included on the Electoral Register. We are keen for as many people to turn out to vote as possible; so if you are new to the area and need to register as a voter, or have you recently changed address, or just turned 18 and can vote for the first time, let our Elections team know and we can help.” To register to vote either telephone 01768 817817, email or visit the Democracy/Elections pages of If you feel you could make a real difference to your local area and would like details of how to become a parish or district councillor, contact Eden District Council’s Democratic Services Team telephone: 01768 817817 or email:

Copies of the Electoral Register are held at Eden District Council’s Town Hall office in Penrith – so check to make sure your name is there. It’s your right to vote, so don’t miss out.

phone: 07881 530085


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30 minutes with the Mallet After my initial article ‘The other side of the Mallett’, I was asked by Kathryn at the Stoneybeck Inn if I would like to meet Timmy when he came up for the show on 19th February. A few weeks later, I was grabbing my camera, my notebook and then I thought, digital recorder and I was on my way for a 9pm meeting. Timmy arrived shortly after me, so we sat down in the bar, did our introductions and then he said as we sat down, ‘Have you got your recorder then?’

Where do you start? How long did I have? I had some questions that I had jotted down, but I didn’t really want to get my book out. For the first ten minutes, it was like Timmy interviewing me. He helped me relax and maybe it helped him too. I couldn’t help thinking we haven’t got long and I had so many things I wanted to talk about - radio, TV, football and his passion for painting. So we just sat down, like two blokes in the pub and talked. Our first topic was community radio. His first bit of advice was ‘make it visible’, so we talked about how a community radio is seen in the community, we discussed outdoor broadcasting and our experiences. Timmy had only just recently done two radio interviews. Our second topic was me planting the seed that he didn’t seem to be getting older. We talked about his energy, his drive and enthusiasm for so many things and he had to admit he loves a challenge. Timmy is a person who wakes up in the morning and sees every new day as an adventure. I suggested he doesn’t generally know what he is doing that day until he’s had breakfast, which he agreed and added to my point, ‘that’s pretty much a good description of it, yeah, I think it’s nice to fill everyday, make every day count’. The point he went on to make on the subject of how young you feel was that ‘age is an attitude of the mind. You can be ancient at twenty but very young at eighty’. I didn’t mention this to Timmy, but I think he has a bowl of enthusiasm for breakfast most mornings and he enjoys seeing people being positive. He made reference to this when he described his visit to Morecambe to watch his team, Oxford United. He applauded the achievements of the club and the Morecambe fans for having a wonderful new stadium. The trip was rewarded EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

with a 3 – 0 win for Oxford United. We discussed the show and the venue. Timmy was very impressed with the venue. ‘It’s really fabulous what they have done to this place’. Timmy has known Kathryn and been a friend of her family for, as he described it ‘donkey’s years’, but then for those who didn’t know it, Kathryn was once an ‘Itsy Bitsy girl’. With regards to that night’s show, he explained ‘I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to be the opening act’. We talked about the show from the positioning of the microphone table to rehearsals of the girls, who for one night only would be the ‘Itsy Bitsy girls’ assisting him on stage. Finally, one thing I really wanted to discuss was the creative side of Timmy, so I asked him how he got started with his painting. Timmy described how he used to head off into the Lakes with his dad as a boy, like the moment was only a few hours ago. He had a ‘Wordsworth’ moment in spring capturing the essence of the poem ‘I wonder lonely as a cloud’, which he recited and the experience of the daffodils, setting up and just painting. His paints basically went everywhere with him. When he was on the road with the Wac-aDay show, he always created an opportunity to paint. I asked him about his friend Rolf Harris. Well, that could be another article in itself. My thoughts to describe the moments when these two get together, must be a bit like two Timmy Mallet’s in a room, then add paints, with a double helping of creativity, please use your imagination on this one. It was a quick 30 minutes and I do hope I get a chance one day to do it all again. Maybe when the radio station switches on.


EdenLocal • 31

Studios taking shape My first car was a bright orange Mini, with a hole in the floor and no heating, no radio and windscreen wipers that worked when they felt like it. I used to drive to college in the early 1990’s with a hot water bottle on my knee, singing my heart out to Kylie and hoping it didn’t rain..... Not quite like the lovely shiny (and pretty sexy) Mini’s I saw on my first visit to The Cumbria Mini Centre on Ullswater Road – the home to Eden FM. As I walked through the door to see Eden FM’s premises for the first time I was embraced (quite literally) by Steve of The Cumbria Mini Centre and a volunteer for Eden FM. Ullswater Road Garage have agreed for Eden FM to use the space which will become studio 1, studio 2 and our office space, which means that we are able to move forward with modifying the space almost immediately. With the aid of glass and stud partitions and some sound proofing we will have 2 identical studio’s which will enable us to broadcast live and produce recorded output simultaneously. The majority of our output (music, commercials and jingles) will come from a computerised play out system; we have decided to use one called RCS Master Control, which is used worldwide and is extremely user-friendly and easy-to-learn. Essentially all the presenter has to worry about is pressing “next” and the next song will start playing, even I can use it! It will contain approximately 5000 songs plus all the required information on each song such as the duration, composer, length of the intro and much much more. This is a very tedious but essential job – do you fancy taking on such a task? We are looking for someone to input all the songs and information during the summer. Get in touch if you think this is a task you fancy taking on. Unlike most radio stations who have now removed all evidence of vinyl from their studios we will be installing record decks so that once again you can enjoy the nostalgic crackles of a 33, 45 and possibly even 78rpm. We will also be using mini discs and of course CD’s to give

you the widest listening experience of any radio station. So we have a studio site, we are now raising funds for equipment, we have some of our presenters and we are currently applying for our first RSL (Restricted Service Licence). We hope to be broadcasting in time for the Christmas period to boost the local economy so we’ll be looking forward to hearing from Ofcom. Following our first transmission, if we are successful in getting an RSL, we plan to keep broadcasting on line at and aim to do our second trial broadcast around May/June 2012. These trials along with the internet streaming will enable us to identify any technical problems which we can alleviate so we are ready an in a position to apply for a full time community radio licence, once Ofcom invite applications.

We need your help Eden FM needs volunteers to help with all aspects of the radio station - from building the stud partition walls to setting up the IT equipment, admin to sales & sponsorship, broadcasting to adding the thousands of songs onto the play out system. You don’t need experience as training will be given, however if you do have broadcast or technical experience we’d welcome hearing from you too. I began my career at the age of 15 at my local hospital radio station where I gained invaluable experience as well as having great fun, so I would urge you to get in touch if you want to be a part of something which is undoubtedly going to be the main topic of conversation in Penrith and Eden during 2011/2012. I’m very privileged to be part of this exciting community project and I look forward to hearing from you.

phone: 07881 530085


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adgett The GL ive a Show NEC the ril p 17th A £45.50

Grease The Musica l on Tour

Iron Maiden Live in Concert

Dolly Parton

23rd July £59.50

Paddy ness McGuin ht Live

y Nig Saturda 4.50 Tour £4 tober 15th Oc

21st M ay £59.50


10th September

The W iz of Ozard

2 nig ht Lond s in on 19-1

8 Au g £199 ust

Call us on 01768 892727

Cartr Alan s xy Bea Spe

Tour ctober 30th O £49.50

E-mail us at | Web | Fax us on 01768 899680 Visit us at: Cromwell Road, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7JW

‘ARTHUR SMITH EXPOSED!’ Top class comedian, writer, broadcaster and all-round British institution Arthur Smith will be providing an evening of laughter and off the wall humour in Penrith Leisure Centre on Saturday 30 April. Arthur visits Penrith as part of the Eden Arts’ programme of monthly live events, which also includes a wide range of top quality performances throughout the coming year. Arthur Smith is one of the ‘alternative comedians’ who shook up the world of light entertainment in the nineteen eighties and nineties and joins us in Cumbria as part of his UK spring/summer tour.

‘Grumpy Old Men’, ‘Q.I.’, ‘Have I Got News For You’, ‘The One Show’ and Radio 4’s ‘Loose Ends’. Expect an evening of sublime playfulness, crammed with jokes, anecdotes, short stories, poems, songs and readings from his recently published memoir ‘My Name Is Daphne Fairfax’ which has won praise from literary critics. Tickets £15 All tickets available online at or by calling 01768 863450. Doors open 7pm, 7.30 start. For more info go to

A BBC regular, well known for his appearances on TV’s EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

What a wonderful game

EdenLocal • 33

The 2011 cricket season is rapidly approaching – the opening fixtures will be played on Saturday 23rd April – a season during which Penrith Cricket, Sports and Social Club will field an incredible 13 teams.There will be 5 senior teams, a women’s team and 7 junior teams including, for the first time,an all girls team.Just 12 years ago there were only 4 teams (3 senior and 1 junior) based at the club, highlighting the amazing progress that has been made over a relatively short space of time. If you would like to play the wonderful game of cricket and get active in the process or perhaps watch a few games there is something for everyone at the club in Wetheriggs Lane.Whether you are a total beginner, an experienced cricketer,spectator, male or female, 4 years or 60+ years old come along and give it a go! EVERYONE IS WELCOME. For junior players in school years 7,8,9 and 10 there are coaching nights on Mondays from 6 to 7:30pm starting on Monday 18th April whilst on Wednesday nights coaching from 6 to 7:30pm is available for those in school years 1 to 6 starting on Wednesday 20th April. We have 6 junior teams for boys and girls from under 10 to under 15 age groups.Under 10 and under 11 teams play mainly on Monday nights, under 12’s and under 13’s on Sunday mornings and under 14’s and under 15’s on Friday nights. There are girls only coaching sessions on Sunday mornings from 10:30am to 12 noon commencing

come and see! on Sunday 17th April and the Lower Eden girls team will play matches in the Cumbria Junior Cricket League mainly on Monday nights. Please contact Mark Osborne on 07831 893754 for further details regarding junior and girls cricket coaching. Senior nets sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 7:30pm.All 5 teams play on Saturday and /or Sunday afternoons throughout the summer.The 1st and 2nd teams compete in the North Lancashire League whilst the 3rd, 4th and 5th teams all play in the Eden Valley League. Please contact Andrew Hall on 07968 445883 for more information.

Women’s coaching sessions have been taking place at QEGS Sports Hall during February and March and there will be outdoor sessions throughout the season.A number of fixtures will take place for the women’s team against teams from Cumbria and the North East. In addition a number of senior girls played for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5 th teams last season and we are looking for a similar involvement from women and senior girls during the 2011 season. Please contact Martin Montgomery on 07880 605297 or email for further details. All we need now are some fantastic sunny days & all participants & spectators will have an excellent summer!

Batting For Local Cricket The cricket Specialists

33 Middlegate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7SY 01768 865833

phone: 07881 530085


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And Finally...... Well, its another Eden Local complete I do hope you have enjoyed it. I do have an apology and few more thankyou’s, which I couldn’t fit on the front. In Ben Eggleston’s article last month, there was a reference made to a piece of radio equipment widely available know as ‘Ham Radio’. These systems are used widely by professional groups and amateur radio societies and no offence was intended towards these groups in this article. There is current and historical data, which describes the use of these radios, modified to transmit music from various locations including garages, mobile vehicles and disused properties, in the form of unlicensed pirate radio stations. I have experienced this previously when a community radio frequency was taken over using modified equipment. So, an email has been sent to local groups, apologising for any offence unintentionally caused by this article. I would like to thank all those who have sent in emails in appreciation of the new magazine size and in relation to one request asking if the publication can be provided in another format like on a CD or in Braille. I am now looking into this and am also looking at the possibility of it being available via the website in audio, recorded by all of the writers and advertisers. Thanks to our reader in Carleton, who donated some IT equipment towards the radio. It’s much appreciated.

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Refueling over Chris For every day and

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Wishing you, your families and friends a Happy Easter from Eden Local.


& Businesses in CA11

7 & CA11 8 Your New VeNu e for eVeNts & CoNf weddiNgs, ereNCes

Work to start on Eden Now boo kiNg 2012 -201 FM studios


availa bility remai Pledg 3 ing for the stoney beck to Save ning inn, bowsc ar, Penrith 2011!Our Cinema , CumbrClimb 01768 862369 ia, CA11 ing, 8rP Because its there www.t heston eybeck .uk info@edenloc The

So on to next month. Of course we’ll (Bekah, the team and I) be following up and continuing with the current stories. We are also introducing our gardening article. I’m looking forward to welcoming potentially 9,000 new readers in May. Bekah is helping me with further expansion of the Eden Local and now we have a committee formed at Eden FM, we have our first meeting with our first group of volunteers. Something else coming up, is additional updates and features to so log on and check these out. Unfortunately we can’t fit everything in the magazine, so when we get larger topics and extra images, we will be posting these on the website. If you have any ideas for your Eden Local, please drop me a line at or give me a call.


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Prep for National 30 minutes with Pet Month the Mallet

Issue Six

g your home

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Eden Estate Agents



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Why the long face?

7 01

ria minicentr



Minis from £4995 Mini servicing from £79 Part exchange welcome Finance facilities available


Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7EH Tel. 01768 864545 mini-april11.indd 1

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