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Introduction by Lee Quinn

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Politics Aye? By Lee Quinn



Eden Paving and Driveways



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Well I Never! With Pam Waggott

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The Arches Carpet and Flooring Centre



Local Election and Strange Decisions by Emily Quinn


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Opening the Doors for Better Mobility


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Marshalls Conservatory Conversions



Pong Free Campaign Gains Momentum

Pages 20 - 21

Eden District Council Plan


Appleby 563 Bus update

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How does Radio Work?



Penrith Town Council Support and Funding



Blue Badges for People with Hidden Disabilities



Eden Bans Lanterns and Balloons



Saving Freshwater Mussels

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New book releases Page 30 Memories of Lowther



The New SsangYong Korando



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Welcome to your September issue of Eden Local Into September we go! Yes, it’s a new photo and for those of you who did notice that look that wasn’t staring back at you last month, as I took part in the recent Eden District Council By-Election, I didn’t want to confuse the Election with my work in producing the Eden Local every month. Looking at the current political climate at the top of the country and here in Penrith and the Borders, I think there is enough confusion out there already, and I have reflected on this in my first report on page 8. There are quite a number of things impacting on our everyday routines, is how I see it for many of us. Standing as an Independent Candidate, I was at the polling station from 7am, and being the only candidate living in Penrith South, I was the only candidate who could vote. It was quite a day as I’ve explained in my article. I had many readers confirming how much they enjoyed reading their Eden Local, and one lady mentioned it was her way of keeping in touch. There were quite a few high points throughout the day. The low points were in those 15 hours that I stood at the Polling Station when less than a dozen people came in to vote. The real low point was being handed a piece of paper by one of the Conservatives, asking me to contact them in order to join their party; yes, that was the real low point. In the May elections I was

constantly canvassed to stand for this party, but in my experience of once being a Conservative, when I left 10 years ago I left because I chose the people, in all aspects of the election and processes from designing and posting leaflets, to knocking on doors, seeing the postal vote count, a full election day and the final count which concluded at 11pm. I think one of the low points of Emily’s day was also being asked to join the Conservative Party. Emily’s full report is on pages 14 – 15. Personally, I’ve watched for too many years millions of pounds wasted through parties not working together with other groups or parties. I’ve seen perfectly good ideas taken off the list because the party in control would not accept being influenced and having to work together on an idea that wasn’t theirs. I live in the hope that one day, locally, we see the current Eden District ‘Rainbow Council’ succeed, that includes a variety of all main parties, the Independents and the Green Party. I really do hope it will work to the benefit of the people and the future of Eden. So, back to earth for a moment and away from planet politics! It’s been an interesting month as it is most months since your last Eden Local. I just haven’t had the time to be bored I suppose. It was the morning of 20th August I attended the opening of the

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new Cowper’s Mobility Centre in Friargate, Penrith which was officially opened by Lord Blencathra, the RT Hon David Maclean who gave such a wonderful speech and had everyone captivated. The full story is on pages 16 – 17. As the Eden Local continues to expand, purely on the rate of properties being built, I was out again in August getting the measure of just how many new houses are being built in villages like Clifton, Culgaith, Temple Sowerby and the Newbiggin between these two villages. I also had a few routes audited like Langwathby, Great Salkeld and Edenhall, whilst also ordering in extras for seven more villages. Unfortunately, with the battling monsoon weather we had in between sunny spells, we did lose some magazines, and as a result, for the first time we actually ran out, so this month we’ve ordered an extra 400. As winter approaches we may have to review some of those villages which we have been unable to recruit teams for. Subject to how many people we can recruit between now and when the clocks go back at the end of October, over winter we may have to deliver to some villages and areas alternate months. In this month’s Eden Local, we are advertising again for delivery teams. Delivering the Eden Local is regular, monthly paid work for the teams. Payments for delivery depend on the size of the delivery area, how difficult it is to deliver to it and how long it takes. Pretty much every route is different, so this is reflected in what we pay. We have a number of disciplines for the teams to guide them. As a business, we try to have teams based in a village delivering to the village that they are based in or close to it. For some this might be one village or three, and the rates that Cumbrian Local Publications pays, also cover the cost associated with driving to a destination if needed. To complete our current routes, we need around 30 teams as we do have the best circulation and probably the highest readership in the area of print media. As new doors arrive in the areas of distribution, we aim to add them in, however, when we come across a driveway which potentially is a drive or a 5 or 10 minute walk to get to a door, we are not geared up to do this and it’s not cost effective. Royal Mail charge a standard rate to post a letter 1st class of 70p. For the Eden Local delivering in a town, delivering to terraced houses or flats, it can be a simple door to door process of posting. There are, however, a growing number of flats that we can’t access, and they do not have external letter boxes. The Royal Mail postal

6 • EdenLocal

charge is the same for a town house as it is for a property off a track or off a private road, and we wonder why the postage prices jumped so high! Well, Royal Mail as you may remember was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2013. The UK Government initially retained a 30% stake of it, but all the remaining shares were sold in 2015, ending 499 years of public ownership. Royal Mail Ltd has to make a profit like any businesses, but unlike Royal Mail, for your Eden Local to be a free magazine every month through doors, means yours truly being out posting, which as I have always communicated is something I still enjoy. In the years I have been involved in door to door deliveries, I sometimes think that if all properties had letter boxes at the end of their drives, like they do in America for example, would Royal Mail have put their prices up as high as they did in order to cover their costs and make that profit? So, what I’m saying with regards to delivery, as we are not Royal Mail, we tend not to cover properties off the beaten track, or accessible only via long drives that do not have a letter box at the entrance to their property. We do, however, leave additional magazines in any pubs, village shops or other hubs. Something we are keen to do is to utilise Parish magazine delivery people who are already delivering every month, who may want to be paid or have a donation towards their own parish on a monthly basis for assisting with the Eden Local delivery. September is quite a busy time. We’ll be doing the routine of collecting the apples, getting the chimney swept and ordering the logs shortly. A lot of readers will be organising what can be done before Christmas now. I have a list of DIY projects to complete in various parts of the house, garage, loft and garden. It will come around very soon, and as Autumn blows through, there will be the organising of which room has to be decorated and carpeted. Then there might be the who might be coming to stay, what furnishings do you need, is the roof set for winter etc... In the middle of all this we could have a general election! I’ll maybe come back to that and the local implications next month and maybe for the first time, tackle Brexit at a local level. Something that has been on my radar or rather actually ‘up my nose’ for a number of years, has been the Penrith Pong, so for the first time after seeing press releases and like a number people over the bank

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

holiday smelling the air which was not ideal if you were outside, I have started to follow a new campaign currently online, the PAPP, Protest Against Penrith Pong on Facebook. If you feel strongly about this there are more details on pages 20 – 21. I had a conversation with a reader recently who asked the question, do you write all of the articles? Well it is varied. It’s an honour to be asked to write about any business, local group or person, but if I have current stories coming in or people out there need to be seen and heard, both the magazine and Eden FM are the perfect platform in communicating this. From pages 20 through to 31 we have local reports and stories relating the area, as well as changes nationally that affect people in the Eden Valley. As a lady said to me recently at my day on that Polling Station door, “Getting the Eden Local is the only way I get to know what’s really going on, thank you.” So, before I forget, with the exam results in, for Daisy Quinn Sixth Form has already started. I’d like to wish all those parents, guardians, teenagers and young adults embarking on the new challenge of Sixth Form, college, an apprenticeship or university, the very best of luck!

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A busy month and time which has been well documented. On Friday 6th September I was physically shattered and mentally drained. From my device that I wear on my wrist every day, in August I walked in excess of 90 miles and my average sleep each night was 7 hours 45 minutes. I worked out that the family car travelled over 3,000 miles in that month. I even had the bike out for the first time in a while. I will of course be back again next month. Thank you all for your support and your continual appreciation for the Eden Local team in the office and out delivering and the Eden FM team out and about in Eden.

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Politics Aye? By Lee Quinn where this country has never been before. It was like it was voiced 'silently' at the polls on Thursday 5th September by 76.4% of the voters.

It’s a short review of the Penrith South By-Election, which whilst many in the villages might think well it’s Penrith, so it’s something that doesn’t concern you, but as the town of Penrith expands and many villages also expand, I think as we all live here in Eden, the importance of what happens needs to be shared. By the time you get to read this, where will we be with Brexit? Still in a mess or close to a resolution? As I mentioned in my opening, I think the downer on the day was being approached 'again' whilst at the polling station by a senior Conservative to contact the party and become a Conservative 'again'. Here’s something you might not know about me. It was over 10 years ago that I took 44% of the votes with 1,599 votes to win a seat for the Conservatives that they hadn't had in 20 years. This out of 3,591 votes cast, with a 41.2% turnout. As I stood at the polling station on that occasion, so many commented on and congratulated me for just trying to win the seat, knowing the work I had put in to get to that day. I do put a lot into whatever I do, and I do put the community first, and I always will work in creating better communication in the community to the benefit of the community. Back then after winning that seat, it was less than six months after that I realised that I was actually in the wrong party and the one I needed to be in didn't exist!

An historical low point is where our Government, along with those not in power have chosen to go against the public vote. I'd say this is probably rock bottom, and, possibly one of the lowest points for politics and democracy many of us have ever seen in our lifetime. As a Country the United Kingdom appears to be an embarrassment to Europe and the world as a result. As for a District Council By-Election, who really lost in Penrith South Ward? I know that 189 people did vote for me, who didn’t need to be chased, called, or have someone knocking on their door, although some maybe did. As an Independent, our team was my two daughters and my wife, because without their support and them agreeing that I could stand, I would not have done so, because I don’t do things by halves! I do believe that people are stronger than politics, and that reason I will be communicating to the 189 people who did vote for me, and to the 76.4% of people who didn’t vote, just to give the benefit of the doubt that much can be achieved without politics, votes being cast and counted, but purely through having the right information on a regular basis, to motivate and guide people in a way that should they want to see a change, they can be a part of that process without having to wait for another election to find out what their local elected members have or have not achieved. All I will say now is, if you haven’t already thrown your election leaflets away, put them somewhere safe until you do get that knock on the door. It might make a good checklist for the future!

I can't change the way I put people before politics and in an Eden District Council By-Election in Penrith with just a 23.6 %, we saw just 480 votes cast. The next day I reflected on that time from 7am to 10pm on the door of the polling station. I witnessed firsthand the damage caused and the embarrassment of Conservatives and other parties on Brexit. It has left so many people disillusioned, and in a place 8 • EdenLocal

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Eden Paving & Driveways We have all seen over the years the variation of block paved driveways, so recently I was invited by James Teasdale (who heads up Eden Paving and Driveways) to meet one of his customers, to view for myself what has been described by Tobermore as the digital age of Paving. Tobermore supply the materials for James and his team. Tobermore was established in 1942 and it is a family-owned company with sustainability at its core. They have more than 75 years’ experience working with concrete, so they truly understand the ever-evolving needs of the industry. All their products in the UK are made from materials sourced largely from their own quarry. As you see from the images I took, Eden Paving and Driveways can create character with texture and scale. They can create the perfect balance between paving texture and scale, along with an impact of colour and tone in paving design, with the option

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The Quinn HR Retainer Service Whilst we are very happy to provide advice on an ad hoc basis, the monthly Retainer Service can be more cost effective. The HR Retainer Service is designed to support you and your team in dealing with HR issues and to give you peace of mind that your business is compliant with employment legislation. For a small, fixed monthly fee, timely, pragmatic advice can be provided to one or more user in your business. You and your team can access advice and support whenever you need it, giving you peace of mind every day. We recognise that managing HR situations in the workplace can take up precious time and often leaves you or your line managers feeling frustrated or unsure about how best to resolve these situations. Some HR issues are ongoing, such as performance, absence, redundancy, policy and procedure implementation and others arise suddenly and unexpectedly, such as misconduct, employee grievances and policy queries. The HR Retainer Service covers all types of HR issues.

How does it work?

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Once you have decided which level of service you require for your business, the agreed users will be able to contact me or a colleague for advice on any aspect of HR or employment legislation. We will be available during normal working hours (excluding Bank Holidays and weekends). We will normally respond via email but are happy to discuss issues on the telephone if you prefer or if we think it might be quicker and easier for you. We guarantee a response within 48 hours and normally within 24 hours (excluding Bank Holidays and weekends).

So, what’s included in the HR Retainer Service? The following are examples only. Services will be tailored to your requirements and will reflect the size of your business. Example 1 • Named user from your company (up to 2) • Up to 1 hour of telephone/email advice per month Example 2

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Well I never...! Here we are in September! A new school year, cooler autumn mornings, the nights really pulling in and another opportunity to tell you about the origins of some well known phrases and sayings. So without further ado let’s run full tilt at this months ramblings! To be at full tilt (meaning at full speed or full force) probably has its origins in the 14th Century when ‘tilting at the quintain’ was a sport of medieval knights. The knight on horseback would gallop at full speed towards a dummy head that was fastened to an upright pole fixed into the ground. The ‘head’ was on a rotating spar and as the knight approached he would tilt his lance and aim to hit the ‘head’ at the optimum point to allow him time to ride clear. If he failed to do this it would spin around striking him on the back, perhaps dismounting him. As a sport this became more of a rural pastime to provide entertainment, particularly at weddings, until the middle of the 17th century. Staying with the striking theme, ‘to strike while the iron is hot’ is a fairly straightforward saying directly from the blacksmith’s workshop. Meaning to act immediately when the opportunity arises the reference of working the hot iron before it cools is fairly clear. The idea of taking action quickly is also found in many other sayings (see April edition for the origins of making hay while the sun shines) and is recorded as far back as c.600 BC by Pittacus who wrote ‘Know thy opportunity’

To ‘lick into shape’ in order to make something more presentable or efficient or add the final touches comes from the old belief that new born bears were shapeless forms that had to be licked by their mothers in order that they became recognisable as bears! I suppose once they were recognised as bears they would be ‘as happy as Larry’! Australian in origin, Larry is thought to be a reference to Larry Foley (1847 1917) who never lost a fight, or it could also refer to ‘larrikins’ a 19th Century Australian term for rowdy young hooligans who wore particularly bright clothes! No doubt being so happy and highly elated, they could also be described as being on ‘cloud nine’ . This phrase is much

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more contemporary, coming into usage in the 20th Century. The US Weather Bureau divides clouds into different classes. Cloud nine is the classic large fluffy cloud, cumulonimbus, which is characterised by its form of masses of cloud vapour heaped on top of a flat base, reaching heights of 30-40,000 ft making it very high indeed! Join me again next month for some more of the same...who knows what we’ll find out! References: PARKINSON, J. Spilling the Beans on the Cat’s Pyjamas. London:Michael O’Mara Books Ltd. 2009 REES, N. Cassell’s Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins. London:Cassell 2004

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Penrith South Ward election & strange decisions being made by the town… By Emily Quinn made by the people it affects, not people who can control society so take advantage of that power. So, recently it has come to my attention that the use of balloons and Chinese lanterns has been banned in communal council areas of Penrith such as Castle Park. I know times have changed, but a five-year-old having a birthday party picnic with balloons and a clown on a summer’s day is an important part of a child’s life. Balloons mark a time of celebration. Who are the council to take that experience of living from a child? And as for Chinese lanterns, they also mark a celebration. They are more modernly used in ceremonies for the celebration of someone’s life. I understand the concern for livestock ingesting these things could be potentially life threatening, but it can be avoided without haven’t to completely ban them all together. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been very involved with the local elections for Penrith South Ward. It has been quite an experience being part of the whole process. I did some canvasing and spoke to many local residents about their views and what is important to them. I was also present at the postal count and the main count. My issue with the whole thing is that less than 25% people turned out to vote. That is not a majority vote. Another issue I had with the election is the way people assumed. What I mean by this, is you can say politics and immediately everyone becomes disinterested and doesn’t want to know. But this local election wasn’t about politics and I feel that is what a lot of people didn’t understand about it. This month’s article is something a little bit different to what I normally write about. I have focused on what, as a community we should see as important. Sometimes it’s the boring things that take 30 minutes out of our day to read up on, which are the really important things; and differentiating between politics and individuals wanting to just make improvements and changes for the better in the community and area of living. Basic things in society should be a decision 14 • EdenLocal

If you look at the last five years, even the last ten years, what positive changes have really successfully been made that make this area a better area of living? Another thing that astonished me was that when I was at the polling station greeting people, there were people from certain parties also greeting local residents, but these people didn’t even live in Penrith or the Eden District. That for me was a concern. It’s a local election and the local candidates should have

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

been the ones greeting residents. If a candidate standing has to bring people from all over the county into their campaign to help them win, are they really the kind of person we need?

Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd

The whole of the experience of the election for me was just overshadowed by confusion and understanding politics and what these elections stand for. I understand the result is final and what has happened e (Cumbria) Ltd have earnedBut a reputation for 25% now cannot be changed. with a less than turnout, should it really count for anything. Personally, and quality installations. Our highly experienced a minimum of 50% turnout uited toI think helpthere you should sourcebe the right Woodburning, order forFire, the decision to take effect. Especially ElectricinStove, Fireplace or Accessories for amongst young people, there is a complete lack your home design and budget. of understanding of the importance of voting and they are for in elections ou takeunderstanding a look at ourwhat website orvoting Facebook page like d have athis. firm idea of what you would like in your

ing in toAsthe Showroom you then seethat a young person, Iwhere feel there arecan many issues d discuss your needs then we can bespoke your need to be addressed and with a large population cially for you. You will we seemust thatgive ourthem installations of elderly people, the care and al Inglenook, Hearth, Black Stove & Beam (al-things support they need, but there are many other toohelp that you needfind to becolour done. Things like expanding , we can and texture, ensureducation; youth–issee justthe as important our 2 elders. me Magazine finish photos ofasjust of A lot of decisions that are made by higher authorities our stunning installations.

aren’t necessarily beneficial and the right decision for

ers are us Woodwarm, Dean Stovax/Gazco, all. The people whoForge, make the decisions need to be Dovre, encouraged motivated to make changes and a, Morso, ACR,and Yeoman, Focus Fireplacpositivewe differences decisionmeaning making. No matter ds although, also useinothers, that how young or old, we are all of equal significance eam is, we can make it reality! We have recently and matter. m too giving our customers access to even more fantastic inspiration! So, this month was focusing on some of the decisions that the people controlling the people have chosen to make. I have tried to stress the importance of everyone being involved in making this decision. As a town and a community, we must all of us make decisions together and make sure there is equal choice between members of the public and people with higher authority, who push for things to be done and change.


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Opening many doors for better mobility to all Like almost every project, it starts with an idea. My wife knows my mind is full of them, but I know I’m not the only one! After writing about the history of Cowper’s Chemist in the Eden Local back in February and March 2017, it was one of those articles that was both historical and full of traditional values which have set a standard from 1899, by doing pretty much what they have always done in serving the community, since Joseph Cowper opened the doors. Almost 2 years exactly to that time when I was writing about the history Cowper’s Chemist and Cowper’s Mobility, Managing Director, Phil Caton had an idea. In her own words is how Phil’s wife, Sarah Caton described what happened: “In February, when my husband asked me to oversee and manage "a little project", I didn't know quite what I was letting myself in for! However, after months of hard work and with the help of some very patient professionals, I am delighted with the finished premises. With our two showrooms, we, at Cowper's Mobility Centre, are now able to display and demonstrate a much wider range of equipment, giving our customers a superb service." And there I was, 11am on 20th August, standing in the new Cowper’s Mobility Centre in Friargate, Penrith, with my camera ready to go for the official opening of that idea. Before David John Maclean, Lord Blencathra, who many of us remember as the Member of Parliament for Penrith 16 • EdenLocal

Left to right: Sarah Caton, Sheena Graham and Phil Caton and The Border from 1983 to 2010 unveiled the official plaque, it was time for Phil Caton to welcome all those in attendance and open the ceremony. His speech was as follows: “The Transforming Communities Equipment Scheme (TCES scheme) began in 2009 and we initially ran it from our chemist shop at 49-50 King Street. Occupational therapists, carers and service users would collect items on a Cumbria County Council prescription from our shop and occasionally we would deliver and fit certain items in people homes. We also advised on the safe use of these items. We soon became overwhelmed with stock and when it arrived it took over the whole shop. Our offices and stockrooms were at times unusable due to the large items. Carrying these up and down the stairs became a problem and eventually we had the opportunity to rent next door, No.48. This allowed us to have

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a display area but was less than ideal as we had a mobility shop with two steps at the entrance! Up until now we had run the operation using existing staff, which was placing pressure on our pharmacy operation. Eventually we outgrew no 48 and in 2015 we bought no. 34 King Street and appointed a manager. We were then able to sell and service mobility scooters. We also appointed Sarah Saunders to assist the manager and together they built the business. Sarah succeeded the manager on his retirement and has continued to build the business since. We reached a point where expansion was the only way to continue. We were fortunate enough to find these new premises and after extensive alteration, installation of a disabled toilet, service lift and a stair lift, we opened last Monday (12th August). Before I thank those involved in this project, I would like to pay tribute to the members of Joseph

Cowper's who helped us get this far. It should not be forgotten that these staff got this project off the ground and dealt with all the stock storage issues in the early days. When we moved they operated the showroom and then provided cover for no 34 on many occasions. Unsung heroes and in particular, I want to thank Diana Cannon and Angela Sowerby for stepping in at the last minute on many occasions. But my biggest thanks go to the lady who started it all and who sadly is no longer able to be part of the team but is here with us today.” Phil Caton then presented a bouquet of flowers to Sheena Graham and thanked her publically to applause. He continued:

Celcius Doors, Decorators Mark Millward and Mick Mills, Fellside Flooring – carpets and lino, Ast Signs, a special thank you to D Richardsons (tarmac and pavement extension), Pam and Neil Swainson our utilities consultants, Sean and Dan from Shine networks for our phone system, Beacon fire and security for the fire and burglar alarms. Then Phil continued, “Despite all that help, none of this would have been possible without the supervision, organisation, determination and sheer refusal to accept defeat of the project manager, despite so many problems and obstacles. I’ve known my wife for over 25 years, but I stand today in awe of the way she has delivered this project

on time. Given the issues she has had to deal with, I have to offer her on behalf of myself and the company my heartfelt thanks. Sarah Caton.” There was then a presentation of a bouquet of flowers to Sarah Caton. Phil went on to close his speech with, “We have taken on new staff and the new Cowper’s Mobility Centre will soon be employing 4 staff. We are also working in partnership with Age UK, Hidden Hearing, Seni Ltd and local care homes. We are confident with this new facility that we can offer scooter and wheelchair hire, a wider range of products to facilitate rehabilitation following hospital discharge or assist people to remain in their own

“My wife, Sarah Caton is now also a director of Joseph Cowper Ltd and has been the project manager of the whole refurbishment. Wherever possible we have used local businesses to carry out the work from re-roofing, altering walls and preparing the building to receive a new lift. Decorators, carpet fitters, plumbers, joiners, builders, sign writers, windows and door companies are all local. Sarah is very proud of the finished product.” Phil then went on to thank a whole list of people and businesses for their help and support in the project which included the following: Richard Forrester (Manning Elliott – architects), Tim and Anthea (Planning Branch) planning consultants, Trevor Walton (Tweddle & Slater) Structural Engineers, Shaun Marston (Builder) plus his team of builders and joiners, Electrician John Harkness, Plumber John Bowman, Roofer Martyn Coleman, Barry Rose and team (Gartec Lifts), Andy and Mark (Acorn Stair lifts), North Lakes Glass,

David MacLean, the Right Honourable, Lord Blencathra EdenLocal • 17

yourself in my hands and we can fight it, but it’s up to you.”

Left to right: Sarah Caton, David MacLean Rt Hon Lord Blencathra and Phil Caton neurosurgeons. As he described homes safely, and an opportunity to see products first hand and get from the notes of his speech advice on mobility issues. which he gave me: Thank you all for coming to this official opening. Thank you to all the occupational therapists and carers and customers, without whose continued use of the service we wouldn’t be here. Please join with me in wishing manager, Sarah Saunders with her staff Brenda Davidson and Kelly Holingmode every success in the future.” And then it was time to hand over the opening ceremony to David MacLean, the Right Honourable, Lord Blencathra, to complete the official opening of Cowper’s Mobility Centre. David MacLean started with, “It is a marvellous and exciting facility for Penrith and indeed all of Cumbria. I wish it was here in 2007 when I needed my first power chair scooter.” In a personal rendition, David MacLean then addressed everybody on a personal note of his experience from the time when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 1996, (what he thought was a trapped nerve) and he found himself in the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle and was seen by the brilliant professor Bates, one of the UK’s top neurologists and 18 • EdenLocal

“After two days of tests he came in and said,” “I have good news and bad news. The good news is I know exactly what it is, absolutely text book. The bad news is that it is Multiple Sclerosis. I will come back in an hour and I will answer every question you have, including the stupid ones; not that you are stupid, but some of your questions will be.” “When he came back in, I said, how long do I have to live? He took a piece of paper out of his pocket and read out,” “How long do you want to live? Do you want to curl up and die now or are you going to fight? That’s the stupid question taken care of. Put

David MacLean continued with his story from that time. He was told that he might be in a wheelchair from 2001 and he was advised to get a less stressful job, not to drink alcohol and avoid stressful travel. He recalled a visit to his consultant in 2001 and his consultant commenting that he had disobeyed all his advice. However, his consultant concluded that, “It seems to be working so carry on doing it.” “That applies to others too,” David MacLean then said and he continued and concluded with, “Of course there are people with far worse conditions than mine – those with motor neurone disease cannot do a fraction of these things and fail quickly, but there are tens of thousands of others who should not regard a disabled condition as an end to working, or travelling or going out or living as normal a life as possible. And this brings me back to this wonderful Cowper’s Mobility Centre, where there is the kit to keep one going in as normal a life as possible. I congratulate Sarah Caton in bringing this project to fruition, Sarah Saunders for managing it aided by her excellent team, and Phil for having the sense to marry Sarah Caton. I now declare Cowper’s Mobility Centre well and truly open.”

Cowper’s Mobility Centre

Friargate, Penrith CA11 7XR Tel: 01768 867555 • 2 large showrooms • lift access • stair lift • disabled toilet • scooter hire • service area Come and take a look!

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This image was taken from a recent Marshalls Conservatory Roof conversion in the Eden Valley

Here are some reasons why people replace their glass roof with a real roof.

• We save up to 85% on conservatory heating bills • Reduced over heating in the summer months • 90% noise reduction from the weather • Massively reduced glare from the sun

Replacement of conservatory roof, from poly carbonate to solid and plastering work. “Would be impossible to improve. Impeccable manners, hardworking, always obliging. On time and kept informed of work status - first class service” (Carlisle) Replacement of poly carbon roof with fully tiled and insulated roof on conservatory.

• No less than 10 years guarantee on all conservatories

“Excellent job by skilled tradesman. A couple of unforeseen problems were dealt with and certified at no extra cost” (Penrith)

And if the reasons and the pictures aren’t enough

Conservatory roof

For regular and current feedback, you can see recent feedback from customers by following the Checkatrade link

“I have already recommended them to other people. They are easy to deal with and listened to what I wanted. High standard of workmanship, reasonable price and good quality” (Penrith)

www.checkatrade.com/ MarshallConservatoryConversio For those who do not have access to the internet, here is some feedback from Carlisle and Eden about the work Joseph and his team have completed, which has been verified with the customers.

We guarantee to beat any genuine ‘like for like’ price by at least 30% or more Call Marshall Conservatory Conversions today

01768 758706 • 01228 809874 • 07588 888553

Eden www.marshallconversions.co.uk • sales@marshallconversions.co.uk

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‘PONG’ FREE CAMPAIGN GAINS MOMENTUM An insight into a new campaign to stop the Penrith ‘pong’ The Penrith ‘pong’ is legendary. It is the odour from animal waste, trucked to Penrith from abattoirs across the country, and processed at an expanding rendering plant at Wildriggs, on the outskirts of the town. Jeff Thomson, who semi-retired to Penrith at the beginning of the year, now lives in the Castletown area, and was shocked one morning in May. “The smell that hit me when I opened my front door was sickening, a strong obnoxious odour which made me feel nauseous,” he said.

He identified there was an Omega Proteins community liaison group with four councillor members. What he then found was the group met in secret with no minutes published. “There seemed to be no accountability at any level by anyone concerned with Omega or the liaison group. No one is representing local residents who are affected by the offensive, prolonged odour nuisance which causes distress and inconvenience,” said Jeff. So, in June he decided to do something! He created his own

Discovering this was the Penrith ‘pong’, he began asking ‘why has no one done anything about this?’ “I discovered and was dismayed to find acceptance of the odour. There was no positive action by the Penrith establishment, particularly councils and councillors, to do anything to stop the smell which has blighted the town on a regular basis for years,” said Jeff. 20 • EdenLocal

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campaign ‘Protest Against Penrith Pong’ on social media. The Facebook page has 100 likes, the group page fifty members, the 38 degrees online petition nearly 500 signatures. There have been newspaper articles, radio and tv interviews, and posters and petition sheets in local shops. After lobbying MP Rory Stewart, he visited the Omega plant. “Sadly, the MP seemed to use the visit as a PR opportunity for himself. He forgot why he had been asked to investigate the problem. He did not meet

residents or come back with results of the meeting, as he had said he would,” said Jeff. His campaign goes on with a newsletter and further local lobbying. He says the Environment Agency should suspend Omega’s permit to operate a category 3 rendering plant until all the odour leaks are stopped. And Eden District Council should refuse any further expansion plans at the Omega site. To find out more, or support the campaign, see Facebook PAPP Protest Against Penrith Pong. The petition to stop approving planning applications can be signed online at https://you.38degrees. org.uk/petitions/stop-the-penrith-pong or in local Penrith shops - Pet Store, Devonshire Arcade, and Finesse Jewellery, Middlegate.

Have your say on Eden's future Eden District Council has published its draft Council Plan for 2019-2023 around the four themes of

Protest Against Penrith Pong is an independent resident-led campaign for a ’pong’ FREE Penrith !

• Sustainable • Healthy, Safe and Secure • Connected • Creative

Overcome the languid Penrith ‘establishment’ system which has allowed animal rendering to grow on an industrial scale without challenge. We want to ‘ stop the pong, not talk pong ‘!

Read more about the plan online and have your say in a short seven-question survey at www.eden.gov.uk/councilplan


The consultation closes on October 4th

Overcome the languid Penrith ‘establishment’ system which has allowed animal rendering to grow on an industrial scale without challenge. We want to ‘ stop the pong, not talk pong ‘ !

Views can also be emailed to customer.services@eden.gov.uk or posted to Eden District Council


THE CHALLENGE ! Overcome the languid Penrith ‘establishment’ system which has allowed animal rendering to grow on an industrial scale without challenge. We want to ‘ stop the pong, not talk pong ‘ !


Like & share on Facebook PAPP Protest Against Penrith Pong

2. Sign the petition at https://you.38degrees.org. uk/petitions/stop-the-penrith-pong Pet Store, Devonshire Arcade, Penrith Finesse Jewellery, Middlegate, Penrith 3. When you smell it, report it ! Environment Agency 0800 807060

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Eden District Council Plan An ambitious vision of a creative and sustainable Eden has been unveiled by Eden District Council which is now urging everyone to have their say on the ideas. A new Council Plan has been published which will set its priorities until 2023 under four headings: Sustainable; Connected; Creative; and Healthy, Safe and Secure. It is now encouraging businesses, parish and town councils, voluntary and community organisations and members of the public to have their say during the public consultation which runs until October 4. The plan has been written by councillors in the coalition of Lib-Dem, Independent, Green and Labour members and has a strong theme of sustainability running through its proposals, coming as it does just a few weeks after the council voted to declare a climate emergency in Eden. Their vision for Eden is ‘a place where people act together to meet the needs of all and ensure the wellbeing of future generations.’ The Council Plan also includes a list of commitments for action on a wide range of issues including: superfast broadband coverage for all of Eden; renewable energy schemes; supporting business growth; housing; improving town centres and supporting arts and culture. Council leader Virginia Taylor said: ““The key theme of our plan is sustainability - which includes preparing to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030 for EDC's operations, but we are serious too about economic and social sustainability. “That means encouraging more businesses to set up in Eden and working with them to provide high paid and creative jobs so young families can stay and flourish in our rural communities as well as in the towns. We’re now inviting people to add their ideas to those we have put forward because the only way we achieve these changes is in partnership with the community.” Businesses are being encouraged to engage with the consultation at a breakfast meeting at Rheged on October 1st which will be followed by an afternoon session for voluntary groups and the general public as well as an evening event for parish councils. Deputy leader Mary Robinson said: “We need 22 • EdenLocal

business leaders to tell us how we can really offer support that will help them to grow. We want to be more proactive in encouraging businesses to see Eden as a place to do business “Companies like theidol.com could be based anywhere in the world, but they have chosen Eden. Superfast broadband is an essential element for all businesses wherever they are based in Eden and is obviously going to be key to attracting more people like that.” Eden chief executive Rose Rouse said that once the Plan has been agreed by the Council following the consultation the authority would ensure the ideas were put into action. “These are not just words and aspirations. The Council Plan has to be about delivery and because we want to collaborate on these objectives with the public and businesses we will be as transparent as possible. “We’ll report in detail online on a regular basis to show the progress we are making.” The consultation on the Council Plan runs until October 4 and responses can be made by email, writing to the council or via the short survey at www. eden.gov.uk/councilplan Find out more and have your say at www.eden.gov. uk/councilplan

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563 Penrith to Appleby Bus Service - Good News! What will you become? #BrightFuturesAtRazzamataz

Stagecoach have announced that the 563 Penrith to Appleby bus service will operate until September 2021, provided current passenger numbers are maintained. This follows Stagecoach being awarded another school bus contract into which the 563 service is dovetailed. The 563 service was launched in autumn 2017 and runs between Penrith and Appleby, Mondays to Fridays, providing 3 return journeys between 9.15 and 15.00 and calling at Kirkby Thore and Temple Sowerby. The service includes stops in Penrith centre and at Penrith Rail Station and in Appleby centre. The timings of the journeys provide the opportunity to spend several hours in Appleby or Penrith eg for shopping, personal business such as health appointments, to use leisure facilities, to visit historic sights and also enjoy some refreshment. New users are always welcome on the 563, along with existing users. Timetable leaflets are available in Penrith at the Library, Tourist Information Centre and Rail Station and in Appleby at the Tourist Information Centre and Rail Station. Timetable details are available online at www.stagecoachbus. com

Call today to have your oven, hob, extractor or Aga professionally cleaned Jamie Watson Tel. 01768 868336 Mob. 07437 582583 www.ovenwizards.com

Gutter Cleaning from £20

Fully Insured Family Run Business New Roofs • Roof Repairs • Chimney Work Dry Verge Systems • Storm Damage Insurance Work • Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

01768 865416 info@onecallpenrith.co.uk

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How Does a Radio Station Work? Eden FM is your only Independent Community Station in the Eden Valley. It transmits on an FM frequency and via online radio. AM and FM radio stations work by sending out shows via radio masts or towers. Listeners that have receivers in their car or at home can tune in. FM stands for Frequency Modulation; AM is Amplitude Modulation. Both are transmitted over the air via radio waves. This is done via electromagnetic waves, which are all around us, but at different frequencies. They're generated by alternating currents, which is the electrical power used to run every appliance, like your computer or phone. AM can reach quite some distances due to its strength. However, these signals are more susceptible to noise and interference. FM doesn't have this problem, however it is limited to barriers like buildings and hills. The topography of the Eden Valley has made it a real challenge for Eden FM. Being in the Valley with small fells dotted around, means the signal can be lost if it’s not in the line of site. This is why you can pick up certain radio stations when in the car or listening at home, but not always Eden FM. In a recent report by Ofcom, who regulate all radio stations in the UK that broadcast on AM or FM, it identified the challenges Eden FM has had since its launch. In order to broadcast AM or FM radio, you need a transmitter. There are a variety of different types. Eden FM currently has one which broadcasts on 107.5 FM, however we are now working on 24 • EdenLocal

an additional transmitter which will have an additional frequency for the Appleby and Kirkby Stephen area, so as soon as we have completed tests, Ofcom tests are completed, and checks are completed by the Air Aviation Authority and the MOD, we will be doing some serious fund raising to get these sites switched on. Eden FM is not a Digital Radio and it is one of over 300 community radio’s operating across the UK. Digital radio needs a transmitter to broadcast, just like FM. In order to work efficiently, digital transmitters have to relay from antennas to boost their signal. Our governing body in the UK regulates who can and cannot broadcast on Digital. Like FM, you need the right equipment and license from Ofcom. Online Radio is quite different. You do not need a transmitter or the configuration of technical equipment. You just need audio

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equipment, a microphone, headphones and a mixer connected to a laptop. This is the equipment Eden FM uses for its outside broadcasting, which it streams to its transmission site to be broadcast on the FM frequency. Talking on line is straight forward, but playing music on line is monitored by PRS and MCPS which Eden FM have to provide data for annually and pay a contribution towards the Performing Right Society and Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society. That’s an insight and all you need is a dedicated team! Like any club, its members pay £60 per year membership and they are also tasked with raising around £60 of funds per year. By attending outside broadcasts, Eden FM receives donations which is an important part of revenue generation. Running the station, even a small

Community Support Grants Penrith Town Council is supportive of the important work of community and voluntary groups and charities operating within the Town. We offer oneoff community grants to these groups to help them achieve their aims. Organisations can apply for amounts between £100 and £5000. However, applications for larger grants may be considered at a meeting of the full Town Council. In all cases, groups applying must be able to meet our criteria and demonstrate that any grant provided will be of some benefit to people living in Penrith.

one like Eden FM is challenging when you add up the normal costs of a small business. Premises and utility costs are just some, and in order to develop and sustain it as a not for profit non-commercial station, it has to raise around £15,000 per year. A simple solution we are working on now, is what we call a 1200 pack, which we are now signing local businesses and organisations up for, which puts them on air on 107.5 FM and on line 365 days of the year, whilst also being seen at the Outside Broadcasts and in the Eden Local every month, as well as a presence on social media. In simple terms, £100 per month to be seen and heard in the community your business or organisation serves.

Eden 107

For more details on joining or advertising on Eden FM, please email lee@edenfm.co.uk or call 01768 899107. Twelve local businesses signing up for Eden FM can make all the difference to your only local independent radio station.


To ensure fairness, transparency and accountability, we have clear guidelines. Grants will only be provided to recognised, bona-fide, non-profit making organisations or groups. However, grants cannot be made available to individuals, nor can they be made available to business or profit-making organisations. Limited companies may not apply. Completed applications will be considered by the Town Council’s ‘Community Culture and Economic Growth’ Committee whose decision will be final. Examples of the town’s community and charitable organisations supported include: Triple A Project, Eden Mencap, NWAS Cardiac Smart Project, Penrith Pre Nursery, Penrith Credit Union, Penrith Remembers, Penrith Chamber of Trade, Fairhill Group, Carlton Park Group and Penrith Beekeepers among others. Feedback from some of these groups providing insights into how each of them used the grants may be helpful to those thinking of applying for funds. Audio recordings of their presentations at the Annual Town Meeting on 20th May, 2019 are available on the ‘Podcasts and Videos’ Page of the Council Website (https://bit.ly/326DQR5).

For help or further information, please email: economicdevelopmentofficer@ penrithtowncouncil.co.uk or call Carol on 01768 899773

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People with hidden disabilities can now access Blue Badges for the first time Extension to Blue Badge scheme came into force in England from 30th August 2019 for people who have non-visible disabilities, making travel easier. New online eligibility check launched to make it simpler for people applying for the badges. Today marks the biggest change to the scheme in nearly 50 years. People with hidden disabilities, including anxiety disorders or a brain injury, can apply for a Blue Badge for the first time. The Department for Transport has issued new guidance to councils in England on Blue Badge parking permit eligibility, along with a new online eligibility checker to make the scheme clearer for people before they apply. In the biggest change to Blue Badges since the 1970s, the DfT has been working with specialists to expand the eligibility criteria for the badges, which now includes people who cannot walk as part of a journey without considerable psychological distress or the risk of serious harm. The Government’s ambitious Inclusive Transport Strategy, changes to the Blue Badge scheme and the Access for All programme will continue the UK’s internationally-leading plans for fully-accessible transport. The Blue Badge scheme already means people with physical disabilities can park closer to their destination than other drivers, as they are less able to take public transport or walk longer distances. Plans to extend the scheme to those with non-visible conditions were announced last summer following an eight-week consultation. It is an important 26 • EdenLocal

part of the Government’s drive for greater parity between physical and mental health. It will offer a lifeline to people who often find road travel difficult by providing better access to work and other amenities, while also helping combat loneliness by helping them stay connected to family and friends. To help councils with the expected increase in applications, the department has agreed with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to provide £1.7 million in the first year of the programme. The expanded scheme coincides with the launch of a review intended to improve enforcement, and help councils tackle fraudulent use of the badges. At the end of 2018, the Local Government Association estimated that the theft of Blue Badges had risen by 45 per cent in 12 months and was up six-fold since 2013. The review will look at ensuring Blue Badges are used correctly and improving public understanding so that those with non-visible disabilities can use

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

the badges with confidence. A task group will also be set up with key organisations to gather ideas and evidence on how to improve the consistency of council enforcement to tackle fraud and misuse. While the new criteria will give clear and consistent guidelines on Blue Badge eligibility for the whole of England, not everyone with non-visible disabilities will qualify for a badge. It will be up to the relevant local authority to decide if an applicant meets the eligibility criteria, as is currently the case. Councils may need to review parking provision to increase the number of spaces, both in terms of the availability of disabled parking, and the overall number of parking spaces if disabled spaces take up other existing parking spaces. Last year, the Government set out its plans to improve accessibility across all modes of transport in the Inclusive Transport Strategy, which aims to make the UK’s transport network fully inclusive by 2030. Contact Information: Freya Smith freya.smith@dft.gov.uk


Eden District Council bans the release of sky lanterns and balloons from its parks and buildings Council concerned for environment and animal welfare Eden District Council has banned anyone from releasing sky lanterns and balloons on its property. The ban covers all council-owned buildings and land including play areas, allotments and parks such as Penrith Castle Park and the Coronation Garden in Penrith.

after a thoroughbred foal at Harrogate choked on a balloon, breaking two legs and its neck as it ran in panic. Safe alternatives for anyone wanting to celebrate special occasions include using static lanterns or night lights and keeping balloons indoors, or having a virtual balloon race.

The release of balloons and sky lanterns – also called Chinese lanterns – has become increasingly popular with an estimated 200,000 lanterns sold and released in the UK each year. ‘We have taken this step to protect the environment and also animals and livestock,’ said Jane Langston assistant director commissioning and technical services. ‘Sky lanterns, which can float for miles, have caused fires. Also the wire frames can injure animals including livestock which may eat parts of them or become entangled. ‘There have also been a number of cases of horses and livestock dying after choking on balloons. ‘We love to see people enjoying our beautiful parks and property, but we all need to make sure no harm is accidentally caused in the process.’ The ban is also in line with the authority’s move in July this year to declare a climate emergency and to always consider its own ecological impact. ‘We are committed to caring for the environment,’ said Jane Langston. The RSPCA has asked all English councils to ban lantern and balloon releases on their land. Lanterns have been banned from council land in Wales since last year. More than 200 firefighters fought a huge blaze at Smethwick in the Midlands in 2013 which caused £6m worth of damage and was thought to have been caused by a sky lantern. In June this year a bullock was found to have choked to death on a helium balloon at a farm in Northumberland. Vet Ben Stugnell from Farm Vet Mortems in County Durham said the animal died a ‘slow painful death’ adding; ‘people need to know that if they release these objects animals will die.’ The RSPCA renewed its calls for a ban two years ago The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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Saving Freshwater Mussels from Extinction! the aim of breeding mussels in captivity until the rivers have been restored and the juveniles were old enough to be reintroduced. The first mussel populations were brought to our Ark in Windermere in 2007, and the first juveniles from the adult mussels were collected in the summer of 2008. These juveniles are now 11 years old and they have recently released larvae (called glochidia). Captive Bred Mussels Produce Their Own Offspring for the First Time in UK History Since 2007, scientists at the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) have been breeding the critically endangered freshwater mussel (Margaritifera) to help save it from extinction. 12 years on and these captive bred young mussels have produced offspring of their own for the first time! “This is an amazing achievement for the mussel team at the FBA which will help conserve this critically endangered species. Great to see the hard work and dedication over the last 12 years is paying off and that these juveniles will contribute to their population over the next 100 years or more!” Dr Bill Brierley, Chief Executive of the FBA. Freshwater mussels are classified as critically endangered across Europe, and only a few populations remain in England and Wales, with Cumbrian rivers being a stronghold. In most English rivers, no juveniles are surviving to adulthood; resulting in aging, relict populations, which are at high risk of extinction. Habitat degradation and loss has seen this species decline by over 90% in the last century. These mussels play a vital role in the rivers as they can filter 50 litres of water per day, removing particles like algae and bacteria from the water column. By doing so, they improve the habitat and water quality for fish, invertebrates, birds and aquatic mammals. To help save this species from extinction in England, the FBA, with support from Natural England and the Environment Agency, set up a Mussel Ark, with

Freshwater mussels have a complex but fascinating lifecycle (Image 1). They can live to around 130 years old; however, the oldest one ever found was estimated to be 257 years old! Males release sperm to fertilise the female’s eggs in late spring. The females brood their eggs on their gills for approximately 6 weeks before releasing the glochidia in late summer. These glochidia look like mini mussels that “snap” as they are looking for a fish for the next stage of their development (Image 2) (Video - www.facebook.com/freshwaterbio/ videos/659841514494581/ ) They attach themselves to the gills of young Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) or brown trout (Salmo trutta), where they remain over winter and develop into juvenile mussels. In spring, they will drop off the gills and must land in clean, well-oxygenated gravel beds, where they grow into adults. They become sexually mature between 11-15 years old. Our juveniles from 2008 have now completed this full cycle and this is the first time in the UK that captive bred freshwater mussels have been confirmed as mature and able to produce their own offspring. The glochidia that were released have now successfully attached themselves onto the gills of Atlantic salmon (Image 3) and will start growing into juvenile mussels. This 2nd generation of captive bred mussels will be collected next June. This is a great achievement for the staff working at the Ark, demonstrating that mussels can successfully breed and produce viable offspring in captivity in our hatchery. It will also mean that when these juveniles are released into their native river next year, they will help contribute to the recovery of the wild population.

01768 899408

28 Devonshire Arcade Penrith 7SX 28 • EdenLocal

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TAKING YOUR FIRST STRIDE AS A 2019 BRIDE Finesse Bridal 40 Middlegate, Penrith 01768 866799

The Ark is currently holding adult mussels from six different rivers in England and Wales. For some river populations we have more juveniles in our hatchery than there are mussels in the river! Now that we know we can successfully breed from the juveniles we rear, this gives the Ark a unique and crucial role in the future of these rivers. According to this discovery, our rearing system should be capable of supporting fertile juveniles from all six rivers, providing us with multiple populations for reintroduction into our native rivers. This has given us hope, and confidence, that we can truly make a difference to the fate of the mussels in the UK. This specialist work is so important for freshwater mussel populations, but there is much more that needs to be done to ensure their longevity in their native rivers. You can help to secure the future of the mussels by supporting us at the FBA. Donations to the mussel project can be made over the phone (01539 44268) or by sending an email to info@ fba.org.uk (we will get back to you). You can also join forces with your local River’s Trust or wildlife groups, partaking in activities such as tree planting, fence building and gravel cleaning – all of which will improve the river habitat for mussels. In your home, simple steps such as properly disposing of your household chemicals will help to protect water quality in your area (which mussels love!). We would like to acknowledge the support from Natural England, the Environment Agency, Sir John Fisher Foundation and Biffa Award for their contribution to the project, without which, this work would not be possible. To find out more about the plight of these freshwater oddities, and our work with them, you can visit our website: http://www.fba.org.uk/ or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @freshwaterbio.

Assistant Manager required 40 - 45 hours per week To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter to: cumbriaoakuk@gmail.com www.cumbriaoak.co.uk

Penrith Christmas lights

COINS 4 CANDLES Here is just one way you can help raise funds for the Christmas lights. It’s an activity and event you can all take part in. Bring a jar with that loose change and exchange it for a candle. You can help raise funds and join the Town Christmas Procession. The Switch on is Saturday 30th November in Market Square, live with Eden FM Radio. More details to follow.

Rooting 4 U

Fruit & Veg Retail & Wholesale

BIRTLE’S SPORTS Covering all Sports & a Specialist Swim sport stockist. Engraving service for sports medals & trophies Central Buildings. Cornmarket, Penrith, CA11 7HT 01768 865129

Piano, Violin, Singing, Theory One-to-one lessons for all ages & abilities

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35 DEVONSHIRE ARCADE Opening Hours Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Sat 8am-4pm. 07773 749 777

60 Years Repairing Radio & TV Visit Bakewell's today for the all round experience 9 Market Square, Penrith

01768 862319 www.bakewells.net

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Merlin Unwin Books, Palmers House, Corve Street, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1DB Book Telephone 01584 877456 Fax 01584 877457 Informationemail: books@merlinunwin.co.uk www.merlinunwin.co.uk

RACING THE WIND Merlin Unwin Books Ltd Palmers House, 7 Corve Street

A Cumbrian Childhood


Racing the Wind

This powerful and beautifully-written account is Racing the Wind

Racing the Wind

Tel: 01584-877456 books@merlinunwin.co.uk Have you ever wondered why a particular bird is www.merlinunwin.co.uk

Racing Wind of Patricia Nolan who lived in a tiny the the memoir

found on a particular moor or mountain range or powerful and it beautifullyvalley? Why a certain plantThis grows where does, written account is the memoir of and nowhere else? Patricia Nolan who lived in the tiny The Pennines are a range of magnificent community of Boot in Cumbria and the end of an era in the hills which form the spine itofcaptures England, creating The Pennines are a range of 1950s. from which rivers run east and west magnificent a hillswatershed which form the backbone of England, creating a ‘Whenmoorlands, the first organ-transplant watershed from which rivers run a east series of upland heaths, through and west through a series of upland was taking place, when computers heaths, moorlands, blanket bogs, blanket bogs, woodlands and limestone woodlands and limestone pavements. were starting to revolutionise our Ramblers, birdwatchers, locals pavements. lives and television was arriving in and tourists will be given an insight, through informative photographs and the sitting-rooms Author Doug Kennedy takes you on aof Britain, in my words, into the abundant wildlife they are likely to encounter in the house we were still dipping buckets different areas of the Pennines, journey through all of the Pennines fascinating region by region. into a stream to make a cup of tea eco-systems, explaining why the geology and going to bed byand candlelight,’ she landscape has affected the writes. plants which can survive there, and therefore the Theanimals, tale coversbirds three? years of and insects which thrive orthesurvive author’sin life,the made particularly vivid by a traumatic event which differing habitats. opens the book, but which goes Ramblers, birdwatchersonand day-trippers to depict a poor but close £20 will be given an insight, through informative rural community with its village school, its annual photographs and words, about what they country are show, its Christmas celebrations and its likely to encounter in the different areas of the local characters - all set against the Pennines – and why. dramatic back-drop of Scafell and

communityPatricia in Cumbria and •itPRICE: captures£12 the end of an AUTHOR: Nolan era in the 1950s.DATE: September 2019 PUBLICATION

A Cumbrian Childhood Have you ever wondered why a particular bird is found on a particular moor or mountain range or valley? Why a certain plant grows where it does, and nowhere else?


‘When the first organ-transplant was shetaking writes.place, The tale covers three This powerful and beautifully-written when computers were ourauthor’s life, made account is the memoir of starting Patricia to revolutionise years of the liveswho and lived television was arriving in the sitting-rooms Nolan in a tiny community particularly vivid by a traumatic Doug Kennedy inof Cumbria it captures thewere end still event Britain,and in my house we dipping buckets which opens the book, but ofinto an era in the 1950s. a stream to make a cup of tea and going to bed which goes on to depict a poor by candlelight,’ she writes. but close rural community with its ‘When the first organ-transplant village school, its annual country was taking place, when computers The tale covers three years of the author’s life, show, its Christmas celebrations were starting to revolutionise our made particularly vivid by a traumatic event which and its local characters - all set lives and television was arriving LE: Wildlife of the Pennine Hills opens the but which goesinon toagainst depict the a poor the surrounding hills and moorsbook, on dramatic back-drop of HOR: Doug Kennedy which Patriciasitting-rooms and her friends ran the of Britain, in my free. BLICATION DATE: 5 September 2019 but close rural community with its village school, SELLING POINTS DING: Jacketed hardback Scafell and the surrounding hills Patricia house we were still dipping buckets Merlin Unwin Book • The first book to illustrate the Pennines’ varied USTRATIONS: Colour throughout its annual country show, itsofChristmas celebrations N: 978-1-910723-96-8 and moors on which she and her House, 7 Corv into stream to make a cup tea eco-systems in a popular way, showing the a reader Nolan Palmers RMAT: 214 x 230 mm £12 why the plants, insects, mammals and and birds they its local characters - all set against the dramatic GES: 224pp Ludlow, Shropshire SY and going to bed by candlelight,’ friends ran free. encounter, live there. CE: £20 back-drop of Scafell and the surrounding hills and Tel: 01584-877456 • A relevant book to the millions who live on either books@merlinunwin.c side of England’s backbone, the Pennines, and whoon which she and her friends ran free. moors TITLE: Racing the Wind Photo


Patricia Nolan

22/07/2019 19:47

THe Penn

ISBN 978-1-910723-96-8

make regular trips there

The Pennines

AUTHOR: Patricia Nolan • 150,000 people p.a. walk on the Pennine Way, the author 9 781910 723968 PUBLICATION DATE: September 3500 walk the 2019 entire length BINDING: Jacketed hardback ILLUSTRATIONS: b/w photographs AUTHOR: Helen Shaw • PRICE: £14.99 Unwin Palmers House, Corve Street, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1DB ooksMerlin Ltd. Registered in EnglandBooks, No. 5441657 ISBN: 978-1-910723-97-5 PUBLICATION DATE: 5 September 2019 Telephone 01584 877456 Fax 01584 877457 FORMAT: 216 x 138mm email: books@merlinunwin.co.uk www.merlinunwin.co.uk and going to bed by candlelight,’ This powerful PAGES: 144pp and beautifully-written PRICE: £12is the memoir of Patricia she writes. account

The Pennines a celebration of England’s backbone

07/08/2017 13:17

ISBN 978-1-910723-97-5

Nolan who lived in a tiny community The tale covers three years of the in Cumbria and it captures the end author’s life, made particularly of an era in the 1950s. vivid by a traumatic event which opens the book, but which goes ‘When the first organ-transplant on to depict a poor but close was taking place, when computers 9 781910 723975 Helen Shaw rural community with its village were starting to revolutionise our school, its annual country show, lives and television was arriving in its Christmas celebrations and its the sitting-rooms of Britain, in my the surrounding hills and moors on Merlin Unwin Books, Palmers House, Corve Street, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1DB local characters - all set against the house we were still dipping buckets which she and her friends ran free. Telephone 01584 877456 Fax 01584 877457 dramaticNew back-drop of Scafell and into a stream to make a cup of tea email: books@merlinunwin.co.uk

www.merlinunwin.co.ukTITLE: The Pennines

Book Information

Wildlife of the Pennine Hills AUTHOR: Doug Kennedy • PRICE: £14.99

Doug Kennedy

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Telephone 01584 877456 Ramblers, birdwatchers and dayemail: books@merlinunwin.co.uk trippers will be given an insight, through informative photographs and words, about what they are likely to encounter in the different areas of the Pennines – and why.

found on a particular moor or mountain range or valley? Why a certain plant grows where it does, and nowhere else? Have you ever wondered why a particular bird is found on a TherangePennines are a range of magnificent particular moor or mountain or valley? Why a certain plant grows where it does, and nowhere else? hills which form the spine of England, creating The Pennines are a range of from which rivers run east and west magnificent a hillswatershed which form the backbone of England, creating a watershed from which rivers run east through a series of upland heaths, moorlands, and west through a series of upland heaths, moorlands, blanket bogs, blanket bogs, woodlands and limestone woodlands and limestone pavements. Ramblers, birdwatchers, locals pavements. and tourists will be given an insight, through informative photographs and Author Doug Kennedy takes you on a words, into the abundant wildlife they are likely to encounter in the different areas of the Pennines, journey through all of theletterhead.indd Pennines1fascinating region by region. eco-systems, explaining why the geology and landscape has affected the plants which can survive there, and therefore the animals, birds and insects which thrive or survive in the differing habitats. Ramblers, birdwatchers and day-trippers £20 will be given an insight, through informative photographs and words, about what they are likely to encounter in the different areas of the Pennines – and why. 22/07/2019 19:47

30TITLE: • Eden Local The Hills magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales Wildlife of the Pennine AUTHOR: Doug Kennedy PUBLICATION DATE: 5 September 2019

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The Pennines are a range of magnificent hills which form the spine of England, creating a watershed from which rivers run east and west through a series of upland heaths, moorlands, blanket

Tel: 01584-877456 books@merlinunwin.co.uk Have you ever wondered why a particular bird is www.merlinunwin.co.uk


ISBN: 978-1-910723-95-1 FORMAT: 214 x 230 mm PAGES: 192pp PRICE: £14.99 ISBN 978-1-910723-95-1

Th from pleasu by rec or lon dram touris water west a

Have you ever wondered why a particular bird is found on a particular moor or mountain range or valley? Why a certain plant grows where it does, and nowhere else?



AUTHOR: Helen Shaw PUBLICATION DATE: 5 September 2019

bogs, woodlands and limestone BINDING: Jacketed hardback ILLUSTRATIONS: Colour throughout pavements.

fascin The Pe that m make

Author Doug Kennedy takes you •N on a journey through all of the B Pennines fascinating eco-systems, Yo • explaining why the geology and pr landscape has affected the plants P • which can survive9 there, 781910 and 723951 pr therefore the animals, birds and insects which thrive or survive in Merlin Unwin Books Ltd. Registered in England No. 5441657 the differing habitats. Merlin Unwin Books, Palmers House, Corve

Merlin Unwin Books Ltd Palmers House, 7 Corve Street WILDLIFE OFShropshire THE SY8 PENNINE Ludlow, 1DB


ting he way rmined ore the urvive




MEMORIES OF LOWTHER Sunday 6th October, 2019 A chance to reminisce To coincide with International Grandparents’ Day, Lowther Castle is running its first Memories of Lowther event – on Sunday 6th October 1.005.00pm in the newly refurbished Sculpture Gallery. The event is aimed at anyone who has memories or associations with Lowther Castle as it was, before demolition in the 1950s. Grandparents or greatgrandparents perhaps who were staff or tenants, visitors or neighbours or friends of the family. Charlotte Fairbairn, coordinating the event, said: “We would like to hear from anyone who has a memento or a memory of events or people attached to the Lowther Estate of old. Did you have a relation who worked at Lowther? On the estate? In the park? In the castle? Were you or a member of your family posted at the castle during WWII? Did you go to the demolition sale in 1956? Or even better, the contents sale in 1947? Perhaps you have an item that a relative bought from that sale. “Our plan is to assemble as many stories as we can and as many artefacts as we can that are associated with the Lowther Estate before the castle was demolished. Artefacts could be anything from photographs to newspaper cuttings, from wooden spoons to cooks’ hats. The artefacts we will display on the day and, with the owner’s agreement, put them on show

for a limited time in The Story of Lowther exhibition. Stories will be garnered and saved as future exhibition or guidebook material. “Anyone who brings a story or a memento or both will be offered free admission* to the Castle & Gardens for that day. We will also invite memory-bringers to be interviewed in the Sculpture Gallery and share their story with the assembled audience. Tony Rumsey, a Lowther Castle volunteer and former head photographer at English Heritage, will be on hand during the day to scan photographs and material, if required. There will be a powerpoint display of old photographs of Lowther. And the Carlisle Archives Centre will have a stand explaining their services to members of the public and letting them know how, for example, to go about family research.

“So if heritage and the history of the local community are your passion, then please come. And if you think you know people with stories to share, please spread the word. Or if you yourself have a story to tell, please get in touch. “The Memories of Lowther day will be a lovely opportunity to come and hear some of Lowther’s past come to life. And for those who have prized memories to share, it will be a wonderful chance to do so with interested parties.” *Tickets to Lowther Castle on 6th October are free for memorybringers but should be reserved in advance by ringing 01931 712192 and speaking to either Ben Melling or Charlotte Fairbairn. Lowther Castle is open 10.00am5.00pm. The event itself will take place in the Sculpture Gallery from 1.00-5.00pm.

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