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Welcome to the October edition of your Cumbrian Local Welcome to this month’s Cumbrian Local, which marks our 60th publication in Cumbria, since our first publication, Eden Local went to print in October 2010. This also means we enter our 5th year next month for the Cumbrian based magazine, which, whilst it has been called Cumbrian Local since May 2013, for some it will always be known as Eden Local. I have been asked why the name was changed. A full answer is on pages 8 – 9. Apart from the lean towards Christmas, next month there will be a little look back over the last 4 years in the ‘Movember’ edition of Cumbrian Local. We’ll take a look back and you can still read all the ‘locals’ on line for free at Launching a new publication in a recession was probably not the greatest idea, but for many businesses, when has there been a good time these past 6 - 7 years? Much of it has been about surviving. Whatever the state of economy, our communication has to be strong. In setting the stage for the 5th year, we’ll be looking to get the publication through more doors and expanding the distribution, but importantly, we need to make sure that the magazines and leaflets we distribute are always delivered. We would like to hear from you on this matter, so also on page 19 is a new idea of how you might help get the best distribution for your local magazine. Just after the print of the September publication, 18th September saw some key announcements from Eden District Council. The local news at the time was released first on Eden FM 107.5 and through those instant channels of communication like Facebook and Twitter. The Eden District Councillors voted, recommending that Penrith should have a Town Council. Penrith AFC was granted a 25 year lease at Frenchfield and Eden District approved a £1m affordable housing fund. All these stories were covered on Eden FM, including interviews with those present at the meeting. Eden FM also welcomed Billy Williams to the studio from Penrith AFC the next day, to discuss the decision and the Leader of Eden District Council, Gordon Nicholson OBE was also on hand to discuss the decisions made. Following the decision on the Town Council, the following was press released and relates to the next stage of the process; ‘in the meantime, the 11 Eden Councillors for Penrith wards will have the important task of making the initial arrangements for setting up the new Council’. What happened to the people Continued on page 8 A huge thank you to all our advertisers, volunteer writers, photographers and the team that is Cumbrian Local - From design to delivery Front Cover – Bassingthwaite – By Lee Quinn Pages 4 – 5 image – Bassingthwaite – By Lee Quinn CumbrianLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

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Customer Satisfaction with SsangYong Discover the Best in Real Oak Contents continued Neighbourhood planning, its catching An Appeal to the people , LOGIC renewables The Crown Inn Christmas Menu & More Dream Doors, new Kitchen this Autumn Well - What do you know? Nicoll’s Dental Practice and Laboratory Early to Bed, Early to rise When there gone there gone Roland and Rory on the Radio Put a lid on it with the Window Outlet enitiative media Fall into Fitness Pedal Power vs Super Power Love Solar – Tyla Services Scafell Pike – Peaks & Pathways Pure Vision HD Stove Range Wainwright Society Update Sports update Coming up in Movember Local Cars Cumbria Halloween & Firework Festival

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Continued from page 4 involvement from Penrith? Eden District Council has also decided for the people of Penrith that there will be 19 Town Council seats and it will be called a Town Council. So whilst the people did get to start the process, battle through a campaign and get the vote, Eden District Council, not the people of Penrith but the Eden District Councillors, will now decide on its future still. Are they creating enough seats to ensure that Eden District Councillors could potentially run the town via a town council in May 2015? Scott Jackson one of the leaders of the Town Council Group takes this point further on pages 10 and 11. Cumbrian Local will keep you posted on the developments of the setting up of the new parished area of Penrith. Its leaflet distribution was a key factor in communicating the need for a town council, what the needs are and who voices these between now and May 2015 will be vital to the success of the town’s future. As a publication based in Penrith, your ‘locals’ current distribution in Penrith and key areas of the Eden Valley could be said to have the highest readership in this area. It is not based on sales but letter boxes and doors, but as I have said before, readership is a guessed unquantifiable figure. I don’t know and won’t pretend to estimate how many people in your house have read this magazine, or how many of you in the dental surgery waiting room, or any waiting room from Carlisle to Tebay will read this magazine. Importantly, one thing that won’t be happening is a decline in letter boxes to deliver to in the area, unlike the local papers that continue to decline in sales at a frightening rate. I cannot stress the importance of local newspapers and the important service they provide in the community. The readership of local press calculated like the listenership on the radio, no one knows the answer. People repeatedly ask me, how many people are listening to Eden FM radio. As nobody knows, including me and you, how many people have radios, there is no way of anybody actually knowing the real answer. As a business or local group, would you spend money on advertising if you didn’t know the answers or would it come down to cost? More details on these costs are on pages 19 and 25. Between putting this publication together and the next, I do meet a lot of people each month. In meeting so many people, I learn so much about the people and the area where we live. I find hosting the breakfast show on Eden FM 107.5 every Friday, with my co-host and next door neighbour Pam, known on the radio as Pamelarrrrr, we cover so many topics and research, so many things, some quite random. In this issue, we introduce some of those discoveries. ‘What do you know’ is now a feature, maybe every month or once in awhile in your Cumbrian Local. This month it’s on page 14 and 15.


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

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Neighbourhood planning; it’s catching

EdenLocal •

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As an unparished area, all planning applications for Penrith are made via the Eden District Planning Department. Lazonby and Asby are the latest parishes to be designated as Neighbourhood Areas under the Localism Act. This makes Lazonby and Asby the 25th and 26th parishes in the District to take advantage of the new powers. As a parished area, Penrith would also have the option to be designated as a Neighbourhood Area under the Localism Act. Should this be one of the first objectives of the new Town Council from day one? A Neighbourhood Area application was received at Eden District Council from Appleby in Westmorland Town Council on 25th September 2014. Following a six-week consultation period which ends on 10th November 2014, the application will then be considered by Eden District Council. If approved, Appleby in Westmorland Town Council will have the right to produce their own neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development orders. Neighbourhood Planning

Distribution 15,040

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These rules have to be followed by the District Council when making individual decisions on planning applications for development. The new laws also allow neighbourhoods grant approval for certain developments without the need for planning permission from the District Council. For more details on Neighbourhood planning, go neighbourhood-planning/

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The company Meridian Sport Ltd was originally set up in May 2007. It was the business behind producing match day programmes for local non league football clubs and rugby clubs, but also it was a publication called Meridian Sport & Events. The publication was sold in the region and was also key to communicating the launch and raising the profile of a community radio station, which is now in its 9th year. Eden Local was set up as a regional magazine to launch Eden FM radio, with a number of people thinking both were the same business and as the magazine was developing into other areas of Cumbria, back in November 2012 the Company name changed to Cumbrian Local Publications Ltd. Rather than print three titles in areas across Cumbria, the publications became one title from May 2013. It has been the main business behind the Eden FM Radio project and as you can see and have witnessed, it is the only local printed media that has continually supported the campaign for Penrith and the Eden Valley to have its own community radio station. .indd november12




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Times •

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sold) £1.00 (where


Town and country planning laws were introduced in 2011, giving local communities the right to make development rules for their own areas.



10 • CumbrianLocal

An appeal to the people by Scott Jackson

The desire for a little more control or, at the very least, a little more say over our lives would appear to be universally held. It is not hard to find examples, and profound ones at that, of ordinary people engaging in efforts to progress the relationship between citizen and government. We see in Hong Kong for example thousands of people

demonstrating for the right to universal suffrage as promised at the 1997 handover from Britain to China. A promise threatened by Beijing’s right of veto over any changes to Hong Kong electoral law. We also see in these protests the very best spirit of democratic participation as the actions of students and the Occupy Central movement have been peaceful and entirely civilised with diligent (some might say obsessive!) litter picking common. Here in the United Kingdom we have just borne to witness to one of the greatest shows of democratic participation in history. Where else could a section of the population, on the basis of selfdetermination, decide to debate the merits of independence over union and then vote to enact the conclusion? And here, in our own small corner of the world in Penrith, we too have engaged in a referendum to establish new governance for ourselves and although different in scope, the intent and character has been the same. It has been


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

the endeavour to alter and improve how we as a town seek to govern ourselves and that on any scale is special and worthwhile. What must be considered next however, is as important, if not more so, than the decision to create a new council in the first place. What comes next is the form and the function, the institution born of the idea and I fear we may not truly be the masters of our own government that we intended to be. It has been decided for example that the new council will be comprised of 19 seats, eight more than the representation Penrith enjoys on Eden District Council. Considering that the concern was raised that not enough people would come forward for election to the new council and that extremist parties might benefit, would it not make sense to reduce the number of seats to seek quality in our representatives over quantity? Furthermore, what of the special expenses added to the Council Tax on Penrith homes to pay for services Eden District Council

CumbrianLocal • 11

provides for Penrith but not for the rest of the district? It would appear that this is not to be reduced in line with the new Council taking up some of these responsibilities. Are Penrith residents to pay for the same services twice? Is it not reasonable to assume the bureaucratic cost of administering a service is somewhat reduced if one is no longer providing it? There are of course going to be one-off costs extraordinary to the running the council associated with setting up the thing but I for one would like it made plain and clear exactly what I will be paying Penrith for and exactly what I am paying Eden for and this leads me on to my main and most important point. It is not enough to ask of our representatives that they do, or create or fund something it is incumbent upon us as citizens to hold them to account, to write the letters and to seek the answers, to raise the concerns and to voice our opinions. I believe it is also a necessity that involvement not merely be the engagement with our representatives but the very act of ourselves becoming representatives. The definition of democracy is rule by the people and as such to fulfil the promise of that we the people must be the rulers. Democracy on this local level should and must and can be that, so if you want and believe in what Penrith can be... … Then help make it happen.

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T h e C rown I n n Pooley Bridge

Christmas Menu Starters

Homemade curried parsnip soup, with a warm rustic roll Prawn cocktail, everyone’s favourite, juicy prawns with a thousand island slaw and fresh crusty bread. Christmas cajan strips with a BBQ dipping sauce Roquefort & Brandy Mushrooms, Pan fried mushrooms in brandy and Roquefort cheese sauce — a rich and indulgent treat. Served with golden garlic bread.

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Dessert Christmas pudding Christmas Classic served with brandy sauce Sherry Trifle Sherry lovers, this is a must, traditional trifle with fluffy cream and custard Chocolate Fixation Rich and full of indulgence, warmed and served with cream, ice cream or custard.

2 course £14.95 • 3 course £18.95


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Freaky Friday 31st October and concluded on Saturday 1st November is The Crown Inn Halloween Weekend with:-

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14 • CumbrianLocal

Well - whatBy do you know…?! Pam Waggott Interesting and random things that have been ‘discussed’ on Eden FM 107.5 over recent weeks…

and poor concentration! Some schools have adopted a later start to the school day…great for teenagers, not so good for ‘older’ teachers whose performance declines later in the day!

Sleep… • Save your bed for sleep and romance! If you associate your bed with catching up with emails or completing that presentation for work tomorrow it will be harder to wind down and get good nights sleep. Use your bed for sleep or romancing your loved one…that way your body gets a powerful cue to sleep or snuggle!! • Boost your melatonin levels at night…this helps you nod off so turn off your TV or computer, read a good old fashioned book, don’t use a backlit e-book, avoid bright lights at bed time and obvious as it may be make sure your bedroom is dark! • Get in touch with your circadian rhythms… these are natural daily rhythms that control your mental, physical and behavioural responses on a broadly 24 hour cycle. They are the cycles that are result in jet lag. Did you know that jet lag is worse travelling west to east? Your circadian rhythms find it harder to reset to a shorter day than a long one! A time difference, for example, of 3 hours backwards means that if you look at your watch and it says 07.00 a.m. your body thinks it 04.00 a.m. • Adolescents can’t help being grumpy in the mornings! Their bodies and rhythms are resetting. Their hormone levels are erratic, they need 8½+ hours sleep, but because melatonin (the sleep hormone) is being produced later at night that means they are sleepy later, but they still need to be up for school at the same time = sleep deficit = grumpy mornings


• Oh and yes…in response to the question…do plankton have circadian rhythms; the answer was ‘yes’ but they are cycles adapted to an environment with no or limited light! Weather lore… • A red sky at night does mean shepherds delight. A red sky is the result of dust and small particles trapped in the atmosphere by high pressure systems scattering blue light from the spectrum leaving only red light. High pressure coming from the west when the sun is setting shows the red light at its best. Red sky in the morning shows that the high pressure system has moved east taking with it the good weather making way for low pressure and wet and windy weather. David Buchanan – Chimney Sweep, dry stone waller and lifelong resident of Penrith and the Eden Valley supported this when he told Eden FM 107.5 that if you look out towards Blencathra the weather conditions that you can see over the mountain will be in Penrith in 2030 minutes! • Cows do lie down when it’s going to rain… research in the US in 2013 showed this to have some accuracy. Cows stand up for longer periods when it is warm to keep them cool. They are able to sense changes in atmospheric pressures and they lie down when it becomes cooler in order to conserve heat and energy… the temperature generally drops before rain!

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

CumbrianLocal • 15

Did you know that … • The first appearance of Robin Williams, who passed away in August 2014, was in the TV series ‘Happy Days’ as the alien Mork. He went on to appear in the spin off series ‘Mork and Mindy’ that ran from 1978 – 1982 …Na-nu, Na-nu! He also voiced the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin – much of the script was improvised and the part was written especially for him.

nicoll’s Dental Practice & laboratory

• Giant Squid can reach an enormous 43 feet in length! • Crows and Jackdaws build nests in domestic chimneys causing blockages and nests should be cleared before fires are lit in the winter. They don’t just build the nest in the top of the chimney but build low down in the flue to keep out of the weather and the rain. They are likely to return to the same chimney the next year! • A Haiku poem has three lines. The first has 3 syllables; the second line has 5 syllables and the third 3 syllables. The Thursday morning breakfast show is Haiku time on Eden FM 107.5. • Three of the best words said in a Geordie accent are: Toblerone, Kawasaki and Roller Coaster! • Kerbside recycling started in July 2012 in Eden with the introduction of green bags, boxes and bins. There are many, many more interesting, random and serious topics discussed throughout the week on Eden FM 107.5 from local issues such as the town council and proposed public transport cuts to suggested walks in the Eden Valley and the Lake District; local sports clubs and sports people to local arts and music. Eclectic music – folk, rock, pop, classical, indie and soul. Specialist shows including weekly farming update, current local affairs and wildlife. There is never a dull moment!

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16 • CumbrianLocal

©Karen Priestly Photograhy

Early to Bed, Early to Rise... is how Rick Skelton aims to win the prize As the sun still sleeps, Rick can be found pounding the streets for an early morning run, the start of a long day of training, honing his technique and sparring. In between the rigorous training schedule he still has to hold down a job and, most importantly, make sure he gets time to see his family. In the days that his publication goes to print, Rick will be celebrating his 21st birthday. Unlike many his age, he won’t be having a big night out instead it will be a quiet night in. Boxing is one sport that requires absolute dedication in all aspects of life, from the food you eat, the exercise you do, the type of work you are able to take and can seriously limit your social life. It takes a rare sort of individual who is able to commit to this all consuming lifestyle, it also requires a supportive and loving family around you to help you keep focused when the days are dark and long. Here is what does a typical day holds for Rick when he’s in deep training for a fight: CumbrianLocal

7am: no matter what the weather, the day starts with a run. 8am: breakfast – porridge, bananas, blueberries & honey, how much depends on what stage of training he is at. 10am: into the gym for a morning session, 20minutes of skipping, 4-6 rounds shadow boxing, sparring in a round robin. 1pm: lunch – salmon, tuna or chicken 2pm: back to the gym to for another couple of hours to do exercises that stretch muscles, encourage cardiac endurance and weight loss. 3pm: brief break followed by circuit training, working on the pads with his trainer Karl Ince, in his purpose built gym which for many of the boxers becomes a second home, followed by skipping and a cool down. 6pm: the day at the gym is over and it’s time to rest, have some dinner and relax. 9pm: bedtime.

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

CumbrianLocal • 17

“Boxing expresses me and chills me. It helps keep me calm. I was a bit of scrapper at school, always in fights. As soon as I stepped into the ring, it calmed me down. Boxing really does teach discipline and respect”, explains Rick. He went on to say “I don’t like to boast or be over confident. I will say that I’ll do my best, instead of bragging that I’m going to win. You don’t know what the fight is going to be like. Respect for other boxers is important.” With his tenth professional fight under his belt, he is now looking to step up his game even more by working on technique and stamina, all under the watchful eye of his trainer, Karl Ince, who has worked with some of the best in the ring. Rick will next be in the ring on Saturday 18th October at the Victoria Warehouse, Manchester. Tickets can be bought direct from Rick by calling 07510 098 548. Amongst his professional ambitions Rick hopes to bring a Lonsdale Belt back to Cumbria. The Lonsdale Belt was a boxing prize introduced by Hugh Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale. You can keep up with his training, sponsorship opportunities and forthcoming fights by following him on Facebook (Ricky Skelton – Professional Boxer) and Twitter (@Rick_Skelton).

©Karen Priestly Photograhy The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


18 • CumbrianLocal

When the’re gone there gone

present, we recommend you do not leave it too long.

purchase direct from the Eden FM Studios at Ullswater Road Garage and from the following outlets across Penrith and the Eden Valley:-


We had 10 pallet boards of the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly games delivered at the end of July, in what was a quiet time of the year for people to even consider buying a board game that they would associate with being inside in the warm, or in keeping with tradition, pull out of the cupboard and play in the Christmas holiday break. In the last update, the message was ‘Call us today and don’t delay’. Well, we have had quite a few calls and based on the stock that has gone out from our ten pallet boards, we are now down to our last two pallet boards.



c The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game c

The boards are available to 8+








c The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game c

c The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game c PENRITH AND THE EDEN VALLEY




We cannot predict how many boards will be left come the next Monopoly update in November, but in case you do have aspirations to purchase a board for a Christmas


8+ 2-6 PLAYERS




The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

© 1935, 2014 HASBRO. Manufactured and distributed in the UK by Winning Moves UK Ltd, London W2 1NJ We recommend that you retain our address for future reference. Colours and contents may vary from those shown.

c The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game c PENRITH AND THE EDEN VALLEY EDITION

Made in Ireland

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Roland and Rory on the Radio what could be next? By Lee Quinn

In October, Eden FM 107.5 will move into its 5th month of being on air and broadcasting live from its studios at Ullswater Road Garage, Penrith.

107.5 Eden

With many new faces on the radio, the team grows in strength and more and more people are showing an interest. After two and half years on the internet, broadcasting 24 hours a day 365 days of the year, its three 4 week trials, to now have a team of volunteers manning your community radio station from the early hours in the morning till late evening, some days manned now 19 hours a day, we are going to get noticed.

How far can our signal reach?

I have already covered the issues that surround how many people listen to Eden FM. We do not know. But what we do know is this. From our website statistics, we know that on average we have nearly 500 new visitors to every week. This is increasing every month. It has increased by 800 per month since we switched on.

We do have a Topography report, which based on our transmitter position and strengths, shows us the potential area we can reach. This is populated by 50,000 people. I was in Brough a few days before I wrote this article dropping off some Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly boards at the village shop and I could hear Eden FM very clearly. Around most of Appleby


It’s not an exact science. We do know that as the leaves come off the trees, we’ll reach further, but we also know we cannot transmit through a mountain.

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22 • CumbrianLocal

the reception was very good. Unfortunately we cannot get into Lazonby at this time as Beacon Fell is directly between us and Lazonby. We are working on this and for those that can’t catch all the hours we broadcast, all of our interviews, if you miss them, will be available to listen to via the website. The number of guests visiting the studio for interviews is adding valuable content to our programmes. Visitors are on the increase now and more recently we welcomed two local celebrities who have already committed to coming back. The dynamic duo that has been seen together on many public appearances was that of Roland Bateman and Rory Stewart MP. I suppose it may only be a matter of time before we’ll tap into Dicky Dippinson’s busy schedule. This interview will be re run. We’ll post this on the web via Facebook and Twitter but it will also be available on our website following some website updates this month. At Eden FM we continue to have an open door policy, inviting volunteers to come forward and join the team. Running a radio station 24 hours a day every day of the year is challenging enough. Generating the funds to ensure this happens is a challenge but can easily be supported. Sponsoring one hour of radio costs just £10. A business can sponsor an hour; you can even buy an hour as a birthday gift. More details are on page 25. Eden FM is not a charity. Under its Ofcom radio licence agreement, it has to be a ‘Not for Profit’ Limited company. It has no shareholders, it is run by a committee and is a non commercial radio station, in that every £1 of advertising on air has to be met £1 for £1 with off air advertising. Your community radio station is run by local people for the benefit of all those it can reach. Offering free airtime to every charity, association, organisation or local business to give them a voice in the community. If you would ‘like’ to support your local station and make it not just a great community radio station but the best community radio station, follow us on facebook and give us a ‘like’. Tell everyone to tune in to 107.5 Eden FM or log on to and listen on line. It’s Your Choice, it’s Your Voice. CumbrianLocal

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Over 60 Websites Designed, built & hosted for Cumbrian businesses

Telephone 01228 549612 66A Millbrook Road, Kingstown, Carlisle CA3 0EU

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24 • CumbrianLocal

Pedal Power vs. Super Power It’s the time of the month when Lee starts getting twitchy and reminds me of the looming deadline for the content for Chameleon Corner. Usually I’ve already started penning an article when the first call comes in. Often there will be a few half composed pieces on the go, eventually one emerges as the front runner. However, this month I have been somewhat distracted, thanks to a visit to see family in Surrey. For those who don’t know, I have to use crutches to walk if not being chaperoned by someone, so negotiating central London with a suitcase and two sticks makes me the equivalent of a tractor trying to perform The Nutcracker – not impossible, but not very graceful and, very exhausting. This recent visit to the very sunny south was for one whole week, and it gave me the opportunity to catch up with family and friends, without having to rush back the following day, or being constrained by train timetables because I was able to drive down and spend a day recovering. Even after 13years living in Eden, as much as I love this part of the world, I still miss the accessibility of living in the south. There are some days I’m unable to drive, so occasionally I need to use public transport, which down south is amazingly convenient, with timetables of trains and buses aligned to create near seamless journeys, enabling students to get to school alongside commuters, and at the end of the day return you close to home. A stark contrast to my experience of trying to negotiate public transport in Cumbria, specifically Eden, where the last return train from Carlisle to Appleby is 18:15, not very helpful if attending a business function and wanting to partake of the complimentary bubbly. Trains are so sporadic that running a car is a necessity if you want to travel for work. On a few occasions I tried to pre-book taxis, but they baulked at the thought of running from Appleby out to Warcop at anything beyond 9pm. Whilst visiting a friend in Aldershot, we talked about moving around Belfast, during peace time using black cabs (seating 6-8 people) rather than buses (the cabs originally running instead of buses which were easy targets during The Troubles). The fares were kept low and people would jump in a black cab and go out of the city or simply two streets along. The taxi drivers said it made it easier for people to move around, neighbours would club together for shopping trips, colleagues would plan a route for pick-ups on the way to and from work and school children didn’t have to hang around CumbrianLocal

for hours for a bus that had to do an hour long route. When talking to parents who live out of town, they have considered moving into Appleby when their children become teenagers, to help them be more self-sufficient and save on Mum/Dad taxi runs. Young people won’t use mopeds or cycle because they’ll get windswept or knocked off on the country lanes, which to be fair did stop me from cycling up here. I used to love cycling to Greystoke from Laithes on my trusty old steed but, there’s only so many times you can be launched into a hedge, breaking the French sticks and sending the ham and cheese flying into a murky ditch, before you think that a car would be safer. A friend of mine has become car-less, on a temporary basis, and wanted to try travelling to work from Appleby to Kirkby Stephen by bus to help support Grand Prix but other users who need the service. The first bus leaves Appleby at 09:05, arrives Kirkby Stephen 09:33. Understandably her employer was not impressed that one of his key employees would be over 30minutes late for work every day. Perhaps she could stay on to work at the end of the day to make up time? No. The last bus from Kirkby Stephen to Appleby is 17:20. She can’t dare be late for the last bus. I know there are issues over demand, cost efficiencies, peak times, school runs etc. however, if we don’t want our district as a whole, to be a place that holds some members of the community prisoner in their own town or village, we need to seriously look at ways of enabling people to move about safely, at times that fit the needs of students, employees, shoppers and visitors.

“Hopefully, sometime I get a superpower. I would like to be able to transport myself wherever I wanted.” Chloe Bennet

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Scafell Pike

Peaks & Pathways Nick Wells

Scafell Pike stands on the western side of the Lake District and is the highest Mountain in England. The summit at 3209ft was donated to the National Trust in 1919 by Lord Leconfield, this was in memory of the men of the Lake District who fell for King & Country in the Great War. Parking up in a small layby at the head of Wastwater, we took the path towards Scafell. Crossing the footbridge of Lingmell Gill, to our left was Great Gable with the impressive Napes Needles introducing a great mountain, to our right was Rakehead Crag then Lord’s Rake leading to Scafell. I should point out that it is sometimes confused with the neighbouring Scafell Pike,which is only twenty feet less in altitude and connected by the col* of Mickledore. The name ‘Pikes of Sca Fell’ were originally applied collectively to the peaks, known now as Scafell Pike, Ill Crag and Broad Crag, which were considered subsidiary tops of Scafell.

We followed the Gill for about an hour on a well maintained step like path. It had been raining the night before, so the Gill was a torrent of the purest water I had ever seen. The path at this point could either take us left to Lingmell fell, or as we took, right onto Scafell Pike itself. The higher we walked, shattered rock debris made the path hard to follow, so we used the Cairns for guidance taking us through the highest altitude example of a summit boulder field in England. We were near the summit now, and were walking in thick cloud hoping it would clear for the views to come. Standing on the highest point in England, the clouds briefly let us see in all directions, but soon closed in again. On a clear day, it is said that one can see Snowdonia. We made a hasty departure as the summit became congested with tourists, and made our descent by the

Jacksons Family Butchers or Adam on


Jacksons Family Butchers 23 Great Dockray Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7DE

4 - 6 - 8 Seaters • NVQ qualified • CRB checked

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The Heart of Your Home

way we came. Wastwater, Englands deepest lake,was in full view as we made our way back down toward the start of our walk, a coincidence I thought, you have England’s tallest mountain next to England’s deepest lake. This is one of many routes to Scafell Pike, and the shortest. It took us four hours to walk about six miles, and I would grade it easy. *The lowest point of a ridge connecting two mountain peaks, often constituting a pass.

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Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd

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Photograph of Alison O’Neill: © Ian Lawson

Interview with Alison O’Neill

The 12th Wainwright Memorial Lecture is to be held on Saturday 25th October at the Rheged Centre, Penrith, commencing at 6 p.m. The guest speaker will be Alison O’Neill, also known as ‘The Barefoot Shepherdess’. Tickets for the Memorial Lecture can be purchased direct from Rheged (Tel: 01768 868000) and are £12 each. Recently, Alison agreed to an interview in which she talks about herself and her work. You were born and brought up on the Howgills. Was it a happy childhood? I was a free-range child full of romantic notions with parents who were practical and every day. I was happy and thrived very much in my own world. I would wander the hills with Pip my dog by my side. I would roam for miles without a care in the world often arriving home with the dark. What is it you love most about living in the Howgills? I love the solitude of the Howgills. I hardly ever meet a soul; often the only company is that of a skylark. I adore their green and velvet slopes. I know every inch, yet every day they change, sun, rain or snow. Home. CumbrianLocal

How did you come by the title ‘The Barefoot Shepherdess’? I gained the title ‘Barefoot Shepherdess’ after an article in a national newspaper and in a local newspaper where the headlines read, “Shepherdess bares her soul”. I walk barefoot at some point on all of my walks; I like the connection to the earth. What do you find most frustrating about your life as a farmer? I suppose it’s the old chestnut of people leaving my gates open. It happens a lot and causes chaos. A mixed flock can take hours to re-sort. How do you go about looking after the landscape? Looking after my landscape is quite simple: I respect it, I don’t use chemicals upon the land, I work the farm in a traditional way. I have re-wilded many fields, encouraging wildlife to return; the tiny efforts of many like me will make huge changes. If you would like to know more about the Society, log on to the website at or email Derek Cockell Press & Publicity Officer, The Wainwright Society

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Sports Round Up


By Ben France

After two high profile pre-season games against Blackpool and Blackburn under 21s, Penrith AFC’s season got off to a sluggish start losing their first three games in both league and FA cup with a thumping 7-0 defeat away at Markse United. Penrith’s season then got underway with a 3-1 victory over Billingham Synthonia. In recent weeks Penrith have started to find there form with convincing victories over South Shields and Crook Town which has lifted them to 14th in the table, 2 points ahead of local rivals Celtic Nation. Former Penrith AFC record goal scorer Steven Rigg netted his first goal for Carlisle United on his debut for the club in a 3-0 victory over Hartlepool which lifted the Cumbrians off the bottom of the league two table. In Downhill Mountain bike racing local star Tiree Taylor took part in the BDS final at Bike Park Wales near Merthyr Tydfil. Race day on Sunday saw Tiree have a great first seeding run, but he crashed on the race run. Despite this, he was delighted with his final overall position of 15th in his first year in Youth in the British Downhill Series Championship. The following weekend Tiree was up in Scotland at Fort William. Saturday Practice dawned with glorious sunshine and warm if not hot conditions, which for Fort William in September is very rare. Tiree was matched against 34 lads he has raced against all year. First run saw him in 4th place which his equal best position all year. His second run was marred by a crash which took him to 12th overall with which he was happy with as

© John France

© Phil Rigby/Carlisle Living

he again had the fastest Youth Speed trap time. He secured a fantastic 8th overall in the Scottish Series Championship. After relegation last season, Penrith RUFC have had a strong start to the season with impressive victories over Carlisle and Wigton which sees them in 5th place in North West One. The back to Hockey team in Penrith is going from strength to strength, meeting every Thursday between 8pm and 9pm at Penrith Leisure centre. There is definitely something special happening with Hockey in Penrith and it would be a fantastic time to get involved with the developing friendly team. To find out more information about your local sports teams, make sure you tune into Eden FM 107.5 every Saturday between 2-6pm. All the fixtures, results and sporting stories both locally © John France and nationally are discussed and debated over the four hour show. If you would like your team to have a regular feature on the show please send an email to Ben France

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2 • CumbrianLocal 30 • CumbrianLocal

Wainwright’s barn

Coming up in your Movember Cumbrian Local Coming up in your Movember Cumbrian Local, we’ll have an update on the Events this Christmas in the Eden Valley. Those of you in the immediate area, in and around Penrith, will receive a Penrith Winter festival programme with their Cumbrian Local next month.

Do you think that Eden Council notDistrict going to comeshould true. Ifirstly think you present all the services theyalways currently cover these should have anwith ambition.’ costs highlighting profits or losses? Should they be asking anLocalism the people to decideER‘Well, by using did the you ruleshave of the uncomfortable night when you Act of June 2012 in relation to the Community right to stayed here in the barn, then?’ Challenge? This allows voluntary and community groups, AW chain-smoking. I parish councils or two or‘No, moreI was members of local authority was afraid to get aoff to sleep in staff to express an interest in running service currently case the came. I had commissioned or delivered by farmer a local authority.

This month I have been working on an article with Walkers Funeral Directors, which is a follow up to last month’s three page article ‘In memory of a man we know fifteen cigarettes that night ... one as Peter Messenger’. The article was very well received by ... until light so many and I have been asked to pass on how much this The Community rightafter to bidanother came into forceitinwas September enough to move off.’communities 2012. The Community right-to-bid allows has been appreciated by all at Walkers to the Cumbrian Local readers. Should you require any additional copies of to nominate buildings and land thatCoast they consider Wainwright’s to Coast Walk: 1 be (St.included Bees Head the September issue, these are available from Tynefield to be of value to the Programme community, to on to Haweswater House in Bridge Lane Penrith, but would ask that you a local authority maintained list. If...) any19 9 of the assets call them first on 01768 892211 . The article centred on on the register are put for sale,Hillary the community is **up Edmund and Tenzing Walkers Funeral Directors today and their plans unfolding given a window of opportunity to express an interest in Norgay finally reached the summit with the new generation of the family, will all be part of purchasing the assetofand another window of opportunity Mount Everest on Friday 29th but the news did not the article next month. was to permission bid. What are you May views1953, on this? When Alfred Wainwright this barn without the

reach the UK until the morning of conducting research in the 1950s of the farmer, and, er ... felt a bit Coronation Day, June on 1953. Scott be bringing you an update on the Jamie Jeeves Ayres will be bringing you2nd a report the for hisJackson Pictorialwill Guides he would apprehensive in case he came often spendofnights on the fells‘shadow in along ... so I was offJob at dawn progression the plans of the Penrith Town Centretoproposed closure, its effects on the people If you would like to know more favourable It wasn’t wild District catch the first bus from Grasmere Council’ nowweather. steered by the 11 Eden Councillors of Eden and as the bus services are reduced by the about the Society, log on to the camping as all he would take with back to Kendal where I had to be that represent Penrith. They’ll be formulating the plan on County Council, he’ll be reporting on this impact to those at him was an old armywill blanket the offithe ce at nineaffected o’ clock.who rely on website how the new council be runto and whatat services public transport as a way of life. or email keep out the night chill. new formed town council will have. We would like yourback to the office, When I got uk To advertise But ononCoronation night (Tuesday I found that, um ... Hillary and in Your Movember Cumbria Local, views this so please send them to info@cumbrianlocal. call 01768 2nd 1953) he these passed Everest ...862394. Derek Cockell co.ukJune and we’ll pass on to Scott. Tenzing had climbed the night in a barn in Grisedale the same ... on Coronation Day, Press & Publicity Officer, after a day walking the fells. He the same day.** And that rather The Wainwright Society recounted the storyHere to Eric pricked a bubble for meDecember because Booking to delivery:areRobson the deadlines for November and in the television series about the I had always had an impossible Coast to Coast Walk, filmed in ambition first man Booking/Pay Sign off to be the Print on Publish on Delivery 19 9. on Everest. So, it’s a day that I November Tue 28th Oct Thu 6th Nov Tue 11th Nov Wed 12th Nov Fri 14th Nov remember. AW ‘And this barn ...Tue has a ...Nov has December 25th Thu 4th Dec Tue 9th Dec Wed 10th Dec Fri 12th Dec a memory for me. On Coronation But, it’s a good thing to have an Day it wasIfayou public andahead, I ambition, though you know ... areholiday looking the dateseven from January to December 2015 are available came over here, spent the night in it ... it’s going to be a dream that’s


Its simple The ‘dirty’ Carrots are now arriving at Carleton Farm, Penrith. Straight from the ground to the shop, Carrots, Turnips, Beetroot and you can’t beat a local potato. Drop into your local farm shop and get yourself the fresh taste and real taste of local vegetables Carleton Farm Shop Carleton, Penrith, CA11 RQ Tel: 0176 210027 CumbrianLocal CumbrianLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

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Halloween & Firework Festival

Commencing 25th October to 3rd November Halloween weekend, Ghost Walks, Bonfire & Fireworks For full details and booking information CALL 017683 51077 or visit Ormside, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria CA16 6EJ The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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