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History that comes to life – the Brougham Hall Wartime Weekend by Lee Quinn Last year whilst watching the Penrith Lions Carnival parade, I spotted a lady and gentleman in WW2 style British army uniforms. The lady was carrying a banner promoting the Wartime Weekend at Brougham Hall, which was the following weekend from the Friday to the Sunday. It was a warm weekend, so Charlotte and I took a walk with the dog to Brougham Hall on the Sunday. We were so impressed that I contacted the organisers, to see if in 2019 the Eden Local and Eden FM couldn’t help get the word out there more. I met with Chris Hallam on 15th April to discuss the event; it was a long meeting. I came away with a buzz. This year’s Wartime Weekend was a year to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the 80th Anniversary of the reformation of the Women’s Land Army. Chris also informed me that there would be new exhibits along with a Field Kitchen and a Field Hospital

Last month we advertised the event in this magazine. On Saturday 11th May, Eden FM arrived at Brougham Hall with its outside broadcasting kit. On the Wednesday before, I had pulled a bag of CD’s out that were once my grandfathers. He was an Argyle and Southern Highlander during the war but he was also a drummer in the band not just while

he was a soldier but well in to the 60’s. I unzipped the bag and out came the 1940s, which Stevie Dee ripped (copied onto the laptop). Some war time announcements were then added in and some sound effects, air-raid sounds etc. At 10 o’ clock, Eden FM switched back to the 1940s. The Air Raid siren went off, Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minster at the time read out the Declaration of war. With the transmissions up and running it was time to do interviews live on the radio, take pictures, meet a lot of people and also do some film clips that were then loaded up onto social media. We were joined by another member

Paul Meadows as William Mullins 2 • EdenLocal

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of the team, we call him the Count, but he is also known as Anthony Harrison or Count Anthony Jackson-OssalinskyJackson-Harrison. There’s a story there which I’ll come back to on another day. Front Cover is Suzie Newbold, sitting on one of her latest acquisitions. Between her and her husband John, after meeting at school, 40 years on they had nine vehicles and they are the two key people behind the organisation of this event and a number of others. When I was talking to Suzie, she mentioned that they would be heading over to Normandy in France for the 75th Anniversary and most of the vehicles attending and the exhibitors would be making their way there too. Now John has one Chevrolet. Away from the events he also has his own garage and workshop, so he is everyone’s best friend. On the back of his vehicle he has a 2-tonne crane, which comes in handy and on occasions due to the height of the vehicle, it has been out in fairly deep water as well as snow to pull a number of modern vehicles. Now I met a lot people passionate about what they do. Angela was baking bread and just putting the sausage rolls in the petrol heated oven whilst I interviewed her. Between Angela and her husband, they had 200 uniforms and I can’t remember how many vehicles.

John Newbold with his Chevrolet

I had many highlights, but for me Phil Meadows came up to the microphone with his pipes. He played Amazing Grace and told us all a story about Lord Lovat. His uniform he wore was a replica of William Mullin’s, better known as Bill or Piper Bill who was the personal piper to Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat, Commander of the 1st Special Service Brigade at D-Day. There is a story, however, the short version is that Lord Lovat ordered William Mullins to march up and down the beach on the day of the D-Day landing and he lived to tell the tale. It was a great day. We completed the transmission, we signed off at around 2.30pm and we even got some fantastic drone shots. A big well done to everybody involved in the weekend.

Angela putting the Sausage Rolls in the Oven

David Salisbury and his dear lady

The Yanks are back

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Introduction and Contents

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In the mix on the May Bank Holiday by Lee Quinn

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Well I Never! With Pam Waggott

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Did Eden Follow or Stray Away By Oscar Pickup


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Cumbria Oak Pages 16 - 17 Summer Financial Mindfulness by Emily Quinn

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The New Rav4 Dynamic by Lee Quinn

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The Radio and Publishing by Lee Quinn



Pathway to a Profession - by Summer-Rose Latham


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Eden FM Update Page 23 SsangYong win the Double

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Build Your Home, Build Your Community Event


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Eden District Council Election Results


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Penrith Parking and Litter by Lee Quinn

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Show Home Opening Soon – at Reiver Homes

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Welcome to your May Edition of Eden Local Welcome to your May Eden Local. Busy is such a small word, but time can make it much bigger than it really is. Busy, hectic, total madness is where I have been since the time when the April magazine was posted online, which is usually 5 days before it’s posted through doors. Being out in the community delivering the magazines is always rewarding, meeting people and taking in the positives is very special and very motivating. The positives from so many readers outside of Cumbria and the UK are all equally motivating. Like a number of you, I do have the not so good days, but no matter how hectic it gets, it’s the people out there who keep me positive on those grey days. The strength of this little magazine, however, as it heads towards the start of its tenth year is a credit to those that read it and those who have been following it, but importantly those who have provided the funds to make it happen. Among those busy times, in April and early May in bouncing around between the bank holidays, there have been some very interesting times. Since last month’s Eden Local, I have been involved with four outside broadcasts in my voluntary role as Chairman and Director of Eden FM Community Radio. I attended the hustings event on the 18th April at the Parish Rooms in Penrith, hosted jointly by PACT and Penrith XR. Whilst it was the evening before Good Friday, Eden FM recorded the whole meeting, then Stevie Dee edited it and we then broadcast it at the beginning of the following week. Easter Sunday and Monday we were busy! I was surprised there weren’t more hustings

for the local Eden District Elections. One of our newest volunteers at Eden FM has made a comparison to how Eden compared to other districts and trends in England, this is on pages 14 and 15. Before I go too far into the contents of this issue, you would have seen the front cover and the article which followed on, as you will probably detect from the article Wartime Weekend which commemorates the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the 80th anniversary of the reformation of the Women’s Land Army. Whilst Eden FM only attended the Saturday, by the feedback we’ve had from the organisers, it turned out to be a fantastic three-day event. So Saturday 11th May was the outside broadcast on location at Brougham Hall. It was the last OB in a series of four for the Eden FM team of volunteers. On Friday 26th April I found myself being interviewed at the Eden FM studio and then, Friday 3rd prior to the live broadcast by Eden FM of the Election Results as they happened from the Leisure Centre in Penrith, I found myself in the media studio at Carlisle College for another interview. The full details are on pages 14 - 15. As promoted last month, the Penrith Lions May Day Carnival despite a few showers was a fantastic event, a credit to the Penrith Lions. In the centre of the event, Eden FM were live from 10.30 to 3.30, details of this event are on pages 8 – 9. From the 29th April to 11th May I took over 750 photos. If you have access to social media, you’ll be able to see a good selection of the events we attended. We have our usual writers and some new writers. I was a little stunned by the 17-25 article this month and so was Charlotte. I also got to drive the New Toyota Rav4 Dynamic, which in one word I said to Alan when I dropped the keys back, ‘Amazing’. More details on pages 20 – 21. On page

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23 it’s a short update about Eden FM, with the details of the new premises. Hard to imagine maybe, but since the station started and the magazine, trying to find the right location isn’t that easy. To be within easy reach, be on one level or have access to everyone, whist being in a larger space to develop, to run a live station and train people with a small budget is a challenge in itself. At last, a local charity with a vision to increase its property portfolio has meant Eden FM and Cumbrian Local publications have the opportunity to be on one site. The new studios and offices are at Cumbria House, in Gilwilly Road on the Gilwilly Industrial Estate. We also have the luxury of free parking. It is quite an investment in the radio’s and the publication’s future. With a new five-year extension to the Eden FM Community radio licence just granted by Ofcom to 2024, the team are building a new studio that is possibly the biggest out of the nine it has built to date. Another bonus is the transmission site will hopefully also be shortly on the same site. Life will be a lot easier after battling for so many areas of Penrith with poor broadband which has been challenging and costly to the radio for almost 9 years. After being a candidate in local elections on a number of occasions, it was a great experience with Eden FM, being in the Leisure Centre at Penrith broadcasting all the results as they were announced live on 107.5 FM, which also

broadcast online. None of the team had ever been at an election count, so it was a great experience. With the Elections now complete, we have got the results here for you, which is a summarised version of that taken from the Eden District Council website. I have spoken to some officers at EDC relating information only available on the website. As we know, not everyone buys a paper and not everyone is online and can view the EDC website. Pages 28 to 29 is a space not paid for by EDC, but one sponsored by Cumbrian Local Publications. Every page has to be designed, printed and posted and unlike a bought magazine or newspaper, we have to cover all our costs through our advertisers. Whilst we extracted the figures from the EDC website, we have raised some queries relating to turnout percentages and accuracies on electorate and ballot papers issued. This does not affect the results, however, we would like to know, the turnout figures, how many voted and how many did not. Our final article is one that relates to parking and litter which I describe as an age-old problem. With so many new faces at Council, I hope it will create some opportunities to revisit some past failings and address some problems that haunt Penrith and some of the villages around and have been outstanding for quite a few years. On that note, as we do have a few new faces now joining the Eden

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District and Parish Councils, I have allocated some space for introductions to who the new members are and how they got to be the ‘fresh pair of eyes’ in the Chamber. Here is the first introduction Paul Connor "About 12 months ago, I wouldn’t have run for a bus never mind as an elected councillor for EDC. The nearest I got to politics was watching the news and wanting to throw my shoe at the TV. I was annoyed that it seemed that certain councillors on Eden District Council were not listening to the people who elected them into their positions. Several times they ignored petitions, or large gatherings of people at council meetings. I spoke to several people who were of the same thinking as myself and stated I have a good mind to run for EDC . I only received positive comments so thought why not. There was a bit of paperwork to get started. I had my 10 proposers quite quickly and so the wheels were set in motion. I set about contacting the Independent Group who gave me ideas for my leaflets. Then I printed off and delivered over 1,400 leaflets in the Penrith South Ward talking to several people about what I was trying to do. I received a couple of negative comments,

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which I put down to them not liking my face. I do have a face that is perfect for radio! On the day of the elections, I was very surprised to win the Penrith South Ward and be elected to Eden District Council. Up to now I have been to several training sessions with more to come. I am finding it interesting and am now realising there is a lot more to being a councillor. I would like to have more contact with people in the Ward and will try to be approachable for any queries or help they may need. If I cannot help them with their problems, I will definitely find someone who can. I know the first 12 months will be a big learning curve for me and all new councillors, but in time I hope to prove worthy of the trust given to me by the electors in Penrith South." We will have another new councillor or two next month. Thank you once again for picking up your Eden Local. Next month, I do believe we will be talking about the 125th Skelton Show. With my passion for local football, I’ll be introducing you to a local team who are probably unlike any other in the local football league, as they set out to make a difference in the 2019-20 season. Lee

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Penrith May Day Carnival 2019 on Sunday, there was a very good chance of some rain from teatime. My plan was to get around to see as many things as I could, get pictures of everyone in the parade, but also some dry photos of the May Queen, Jesse Bowman and her attendants Anna Kirkbride, Caitlin Padgett and Summer Davidson, which I did at 2.40pm. After that everyone got wet! It was a still a brilliant day. Congratulations to the Penrith Lions and all the voluntary groups and societies and organisations taking part. For the first time, Eden FM were going to broadcast live from the Musgrave Clock, in the centre of the event, almost opposite the Lions’ stage. It was an early start

and a long day so members of the team would be alternating and taking turns to interview and commentate on the event. The position meant that we would hopefully get some great shots as well as also be seen. The pictures are a very small selection of 200 that I took with so many activities going on at various locations around the town from 10.45am to 15.45pm. Events like the Crowning of the May Queen was at 2.30pm and the Grand Parade was scheduled for 3.00pm. When I did the weather forecast

8 • EdenLocal

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Well I never...! Welcome to May! We’ve left behind the weather that’s been ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’ and are heading, hopefully, into warmer days. There’s a slightly explosive feel to this months information so without further ado, and as I don’t want to ‘take French leave’ and be ‘hoist with my own petard’ by using all of my word count in the introduction, we’ll just get on with it...! Let’s begin with ‘French leave’. This phrase was referenced by Smollett in 1771 and originally referred to leaving a reception with announcing ones departure; it is more commonly used now to refer to doing something without permission. And why ‘French’ leave in particular? At the time it was a way of snubbing the French through anti-French usage and coinage in everyday language. It has simply stuck! If it’s ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’ it’s not as risky to the monkey or as risqué as it sounds! The origins lie in the days of fighting sailing ships , and was first recorded in common usage by 1835. A ‘brass monkey’ was the name given to the brass plate on the deck of a warship that the cannonballs were neatly stacked on. When the temperature dropped significantly the brass would contract and the so the ammunition would fall onto the deck. But where does the monkey come into it? There was a common slang gunnery reference to a particular type of gun or cannon used at the time that was known as a ‘monkey’. The young lad who carried the powder to the gun or cannon was know as a ‘powder monkey’. So when the ‘monkey’s’ cannon balls fell off the brass plate...the phrase was coined. Now the phrase is often shortened to ‘brass monkey weather’ when referring to a particularly cold snap. Be assured no

animals were involved and least of all their nether regions! Staying with armoury if you are caught out in your own trap or by your own actions you are said to be ‘hoist with your own petard’ (in contemporary terms is could be said to be similar to ‘scoring an own goal’) By 1600 a new explosive device had been invented known as the Petard. It was used to blow up walls, barricades and other barriers by filling a bell-shaped metal grenade with 5 - 6lb (2.2 - 2.7kg) of gunpowder. These were then dug into a trench by the barrier to be blown up and set off by lighting the fuse. Unfortunately they were not the most reliable of devices and often exploded unexpectedly which sadly, and invariably, proved to be fatal for the engineer planting the petard. The word ‘hoist’ refers to being lifted off the feet into the air by the explosion. The actual phrase was coined by none other than William Shakespeare himself in Hamlet: ‘For ‘tis the sport to have the engineer Hoist with his own petard’ Hamlet (1600; 3:4) A quirky additional note to this is the root of the word petard. It comes from the Latin word ‘petare’ which means to break wind - a bit of an understatement given the noise of the explosion that would have ensued! Join me next month for more stories behind everyday well known phrases and sayings! References: PARKINSON, J. Spilling the Beans on the Cat’s Pyjamas. London:Michael O’Mara Books Ltd. 2009 REES, N. Cassell’s Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins. London:Cassell 2004 Photo: HM Gunboat William Construction. Pg 12. JoTiKa Ltd.

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Probationary Periods – why bother? Introduction Many clients ask me whether it is worth having a probationary period for their new starters and whether employment rights are different during a probationary period. Well, my personal view is that probationary periods, if managed well, can be very helpful to both parties. Employers can use the time to really get to know their new employee and assess their ability to carry out their new role. The new employee can use the time to find out more about the way their employer operates and decide whether the job and the organisation is right for them. A good ‘employment relationship’ is important and like any relationship, it needs an investment of time and energy!

How does it work? Most probationary periods last between three and six months, however, you can make them longer or shorter, depending on your organisation and the role. Probationary periods can also be extended if they have been well managed and the organisation believes an extended period of time could be beneficial to the employee achieving the required standards. Any extension should be equally well managed with clear timescales. Performance, conduct and attendance should be monitored throughout the probationary period. A written record of review meetings and any other discussions should be kept and referred to as and when necessary. Areas of concern and required improvements should be discussed and noted, so that both parties are clear what is expected. Depending on the individual and the role, I would 12 • EdenLocal

advise having at least three review meetings during the probationary period. There should be more if there are concerns. Any new starter should receive an induction into your organisation and all necessary training should be provided for them to be able to carry out their role satisfactorily. Advice and guidance should be offered and I would advise assigning a mentor or buddy to the new starter for support, if it is not possible for their supervisor or line manager to perform this role. Regular feedback on how they are performing is essential. If the probationary period is completed to a satisfactory standard, employment can be confirmed, however, if it is not completed to a satisfactory standard, employment should not be confirmed. You should explain to the employee why their employment with you cannot be confirmed and inform them that their employment with you will be terminated. From time to time, it may be quite obvious early on that a new starter is not going to be able to achieve the standards you require. You do not have to wait until the end of the probationary period to inform a new starter that their employment is not going to be confirmed if you have serious concerns about their performance, conduct or attendance. You do, however, need to follow a fair and reasonable dismissal process to terminate their employment and be able to demonstrate why they did not meet your standards and expectations.

New employee’s rights Many employers believe new employees do not have employment rights during their probationary period. Please note that new employees have continuous

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

employment rights from the first day of their employment with you. Whilst the new employee may not be able to make a claim of unfair dismissal as they will not have the required two years’ continuous service, they do have other protection under employment law. This includes the right to claim:

Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd

• automatically unfair dismissal • unlawful deductions from wages • protection from discrimination – if they can link their dismissal to a protected characteristic The new starter should also be issued with a written statement of employment particulars (often referred to by employers as a contract of employment) within two months of joining your organisation.

Conclusion Probationary periods are likely to be a good investment of your time. After all, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make the employment relationship work, particularly when you consider the cost of recruiting, inducting and training someone new for your business! If you’d like any more advice or guidance on them and what may work for your business, please let me know.

How else can I help?

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Whatever your employment-related query, I would be delighted to help. In addition to Probationary Periods, the following are typically some of the areas I cover: • Employee relations – disciplinaries, grievances, whistleblowing, bullying and harassment • Attendance issues – sickness related and other • Performance issues – appraisals, managing poor performance and capability • Staff Handbooks – policies, procedures and standards • Employment contracts – terms and conditions of employment • Recruitment and selection – recruitment exercises and job descriptions • Pay and benefits – pay structures and job evaluation • Reorganisation and redundancy • Health and Wellbeing Advice and support can be provided on an ad hoc basis or through a retainer service, where for a small fixed, monthly fee, you can access support as and when you need it. I’d be delighted to hear from you, whether you need some immediate advice or whether you would like to discuss ongoing support.

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Local Elections: Did Eden follow or stray away from national trends? By Oscar Pickup throughout the UK have punished the two main parties for a lack of fundamental leadership on the Brexit issue. In light of these set-backs the primeminister, whilst addressing the Welsh conference, said the “people were giving a simple message, to just get on with it”.

In local elections which saw the two major parties of the United Kingdom lose seats and a surge of popularity for the Lib Dems and Independents, we analyse if Eden followed these trends. With British politics’ absolute focus on Brexit, the narrative coming into the local elections focused on what “Remainers” and “Leavers” would vote. However, the election results reveal that not only are people becoming disillusioned with Brexit, but local politics is still very much alive.

Eden District Council was perhaps the largest change in Cumbria, as the Conservatives lost their majority with 14 seats. The Lib Dems and Independents gained 10 seats respectively, showing the low confidence in the Conservatives seen nationwide.

The Conservatives and Labour both suffered net losses (-1330 and -84 respectively) as voters in councils and districts

The major victory came from the Liberal Democrats (+705) with Vince Cable

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describing his party as “the big winners”. This gain harks back to the perceived in-efficiency of the major parties with Brexit. However, it seems that Brexit may have had less of an impact than once thought. The party gained only marginally more in remain councils than leave councils. The staunch leave area of Chelmsford, for example, voted for the Liberal Democrats.

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It is clear then, that despite dominating headlines, there is far more on the minds of “the people” than just the Brexit crisis. Highlighting this, is the rise of independents across the UK, who had a net gain of 660. Described as “hyper-local” these parties and individuals have seen a surge in popularity as they are seen by many as anti-establishment whilst also having a self-interest for the local area. In Allerdale for example, this was also the first outing for “Putting Cumbria first” independent party who won a seat. More generally in Cumbria, the districts loosely followed the described trends. Labour managed to keep control in Copeland and Barrow despite the Conservatives overtaking them as the major party in Carlisle. A story which has featured in national news is Yvonne Clarkson who lost her seat after 34 years of being a councillor. High media attention on the climate protests taking place across the country and the “climate change emergency” may explain why Eden District Council now has two Green Party councillors. With gains across over 60 areas in the country, their co-leader Sian Berry said their “gains showed a response to Brexit” and reflected “huge concerns for the climate”. Similar districts to Eden in the South, both Lincoln and North Norfolk, experienced similar trends to that in Eden and Cumbria. Lincoln remained a Labour hold like that of Barrow and Copeland. North Norfolk saw a loss of seats form the two major parties and a Lib Dem majority for the first time since 2010. The local election results show some expected trends. Leave voters becoming restless about how long Brexit is taking and the decisions to cut policing and schools has led to people having a lack of trust in the current government. What was unexpected, given the statistics, is that many on both sides of the Brexit argument are untrustworthy of the government. As seen by the Local Eden result and the UK, many voters seem to have more faith in Independents and the Lib Dems than they do in the current main parties.

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17-25 Summer Financial Mindfulness By Emily Quinn

a perfectly honourable price for more room than you know what to do with.

So, for many of you, you’ll be doing exams, working or at school or maybe college. But me, I’m in the summer party season already! For some reason I’m paying £9,300 a year to be in uni two days a week from September to April, excluding Christmas and other breaks in-between amounting to minus another month. At least it means I get lots of time to relax. This is my baby sister’s first summer of being 16; I’m going to be on clubbing watch. It’s scary stuff watching your siblings grow up.… So, the party is on, but maturity and relaxation are also setting in. Sadly, I don’t feel the need to go out and drink myself into oblivion anymore like my early teenage years. I do love a girl’s night in with pizza, wine and face-packs to be honest. Or maybe I’ll just have 18 • EdenLocal

some wine nights with a stack of movies and my fella. There’s also nothing like having a lazy morning chilling in bed with my book. So many options and only 5 months of summer until dissertation stress sets in! The cost of university isn’t the only thing that frustrates me though. The other thing that REALLY frustrates me is the lack of affordable housing in Penrith. Do you know how difficult it is to find a one bedroom flat in Penrith? It’s impossible! They are so expensive. Even with money saved away, the cost is too much for a student like myself with a part time job; even with my other half working full time. Ironically, two-bedroom houses and flats only cost slightly more than a one bedroom. So, you’re paying a stupid price for what you want or

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

A lot of people may struggle with finances as it’s one of those things a lot of people struggle to maintain. Existing is expensive, no matter where you are. I have to take a step back from my finances. Especially as a young person, budgeting and saving really stresses me out. It’s actually pretty easy to do though as you just have to set your goals and stick to them. I only work part time and yet I have to keep my car running, fund money for my university expenses such as books and food, travel around Cumbria for training as well as save money for a deposit and house furnishings and holidays. Although the list may seem short, it is not cheap to live. The world would be so much easier if money wasn’t such a demanding concept. It’s just one of the many issues individuals face globally. It’s important it’s not something you struggle on with though. Personally, I would never advise someone to borrow money from these ridiculous companies on the TV who charge extortionate interest rates. There are ways to get support with your finances – you need to ask for help if you’re unsure or worried about something. Banks are always good to go to if you’ve got concerns or worries. But there are lots of online websites and the likes of financial advisers who can give you the support you need. Christmas is a very financially demanding time of the year.

However, people don’t realise how expensive the summer period really is. Some people go away on holiday which can be a huge expense in itself, but even getting an ice-cream from the ice-cream van or going to the outside swimming pool or taking your kids out for the day is an expense you wouldn’t normally have. It’s not in (what I like to call) your basic living budget. Everybody deserves a summer treat, especially the likes of children, finally off school. You just have to be sensible and budget your money. Something I have learnt with money, is you can’t spend it all a once. I know that may sound ridiculous, but I mean for example, if you are saving £1,000 for something in particular, why not try and make it £1,200, just to be on safe side so you’ve got something left over in the case of an emergency. Emergency funds admittedly haven’t always been my strong suit. I’ve over relied on the bank of mum and dad. Moving on and growing up though, that option isn’t there. You begin to realise how hard they work for their money and appreciate how much they do. The bank of mum and dad is no longer an option. Saving and back up funds are now my option. So, I’m no financial adviser, and clearly you are an individual who I have no intention of telling what to do, but I think it’s just important to stress the financial difficulties in our society today and remind people that there are people who care and will help if you are worried or struggling. It costs to exist, that’s the bottom line, but no one is ever alone in this world. Even with the depressing and boring subject of money!

PENRITH GEARING UP TO ‘BLOOM AGAIN’ Following Penrith’s amazing successes in the ‘Cumbria’ and ‘Britain in Bloom’ campaigns in 2018, Penrith has been selected once again to take part in both the regional and national 2019 competitions. The ‘Penrith in Bloom’ Team (see our Facebook page) are looking forward to this year’s Cumbria and Britain in Bloom challenges, and to welcoming both sets of judges to the town later in the year. As in previous years, Penrith Town Council, will co-ordinate both the ‘in bloom’ entries and the judges visits, and will fund planters around town as well as several new projects, including the planting of an additional 12 new trees at Fairhill, a historical Richard IIIrd theme for Great Dockray, and a children’s after school gardening project at St Catherine’s RC School. Penrith volunteers are busy preparing plans and creative themes: ‘Seedy Saturday,’ encouraged local people to share seeds, floral and edible plants and in-depth horticultural and environmentally friendly knowledge. Penrith’s edible trail, which began 6 years ago, is being extended this year to encourage people to grow their own vegetables and fruit and learn more about what they are eating and how to include local produce in healthy recipes. Penrith Bid are planning their greening initiative, while the Community Gardeners are busy developing new planting themes at different locations around town: replacing trees that have been removed, donating 6 apple trees to local schools and planting new fruit and walnut trees. The Methodist Church are planning a ’Sew to Grow’ weekend of plant exhibitions, displays related to heritage, remembrance and history as well as a plant sale. Penrith & District Gardeners & Allotment Holders Association are hosting’ Gardeners Question Time’ at the event. Penrith’s inspirational volunteers help the environment, increase economic sustainability, improve the visitor and pedestrian experience and raise the level of community spirit.

Unit 1, Church House, 19-24 Friargate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR Tel: 01768 899 773 Email: office@penrithtowncouncil.co.uk Web: www.penrithtowncouncil.co.uk The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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Look, Listen and Drive by Lee Quinn In short a summary. We have the pictures and the specs for the RAV4 Dynamic 2.5 Hybrid. As featured, this is the car which I took out for a drive on and off road. This 5 door automatic, with Twin Electric motors, as an AWD (All Wheel Drive) was quite special. I could have just kept driving it, I literally didn’t want to stop. It wasn’t just a driving experience, but a pure experience which needs to be driven. It was difficult to define not what this car has but what it has not got. Is it your car of the future? As simple as it is, on this occasion, I’ll come straight to the point. It’s not for me to say, as it is there for you to test drive today at Jim Walton of Penrith.

20 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales


EXCEPTIONAL DYNAMIC GRADE For those who insist on the very best, the supremely equipped Dynamic grade takes the All New RAV4’s refinement to new heights.

Main features (additional to Design)

Optional features

— 18" black painted alloy wheels (5-spoke)

— Toyota Skyview® panoramic roof

— Black bi-tone roof, rear spoiler, antenna and door mirrors

— JBL premium sound system with Panoramic View Monitor

— Gloss black wheel arches and front and rear bumpers

— Protection Pack

— Dynamic sport, heated front seats and power-sliding, height-adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support — Ambient lighting in cup holder and centre console tray areas — Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) — Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) — Puddle lights on door mirrors

— Style Pack — Towing Solutions — Side steps



On the Road price £36,640 Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN 01768 864555 • www.jimwalton.co.uk The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business EdenLocal • 21


The Radio & Publishing experience by Lee Quinn Eden FM as many of you know, is your local community radio. As an idea I set it up as a not for profit limited company in July 2010. It is a shelf funded organisation, which is run by volunteers. I’m one of them. This magazine your Eden Local was set up to launch the radio project in September 2010. Have you ever asked yourself the question what has Eden FM ever done for you, or your business? It’s almost invisible to some, that’s radio I suppose. Some people are reading this magazine for the first time, especially if they have moved into the area recently, this month. They probably don’t even know Eden FM exist, well they do now. As for asking this question on what we do, whilst I could write a list of all the events covered and locations we broadcasted from. I could also do a list of all the organisations and businesses in the private, public and voluntary sector we have helped. Recently, I was interviewed twice as the chairman and director of your community radio. It was the first time in almost 9 years that I was asked what I do and why did I choose Eden as brand for Eden FM? So I would like to thank Thomas Ridley from Queen Elizabeth Grammar school for choosing me to be a part of his Silver Arts award course work. Thomas also attended the local elections count live with Eden FM which I know was a great experience for him. My thanks also to SummerRose Latham one of our Eden FM presenters for inviting me to Carlisle College to be interviewed as part of her level 3 media course work. Offering students like 22 • EdenLocal

Summer-Rose interviews Lee Quinn Chairman & Managing Director in the Media studio at Carlisle College Thomas and Summer-Rose a first hand opportunity to be a part of a team like Eden FM is something we have been doing since November 2011 with Eden FM. So I’ll leave you with an experience shared. A Pathway to a Profession – By Summer-Rose Latham Hi, I don’t think many of you know me as I only present the Tuesday

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

drive time show on Eden FM and I have never wrote for a magazine before. My name is Summer-Rose Latham and I am a level 3 media student at Carlisle College. At college we do a lot of projects such as shooting short films or making a music video. I only started college in September 2018 so I have nearly finished my first year and I have learnt so much!

College for me was defiantly the best choice as I struggled at school especially with finding people with the same interests as me. College helps in that situation, as the people on your course will most likely have the same interests as you and you will make friends with everyone quickly as there are all in the same position as you. At the start of college I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do or what part of media I enjoyed as school doesn’t really have the right equipment for you to realise that, especially in media. In September I was really struggling because everyone knew what they wanted to look into about the media industry and I was so confused as there is so many different aspects. This is when I found out about Eden FM and I emailed Lee about it and he taught me how to present my own show.

Eden 107

I was a nervous wreck! I had never spoke to so many people at once before and I was terrified in case I

messed up because that is a lot of people to mess up to. After a while I realised that I’m talking to myself because I couldn’t see these people, I was just sat in a room saying things to a microphone saying the things I would normally here on the radio and after a while I got more confidence and I could add more and talk more and now I couldn’t imagine not presenting my own show and it is something that I would love to do for the rest of my life and expand my experience in. For college at the moment, I am trying to expand my audience and contacts for my projects, as I would love more people’s opinions so that I can learn of people with more experience. At the moment I have my own Instagram and Youtube so that I can promote my work further. My Instagram is summer.latham.media and my Youtube is Summer-Rose Latham and I would love more support on my projects. My work means the world to me and I want people to see how my work changes as I progress and learn new things.


We Have Moved! Eden FM Community Radio & Cumbrian Local Publications Are now at Cumbria House, Suite 6, Gilwilly Road, Gilwilly Ind Est, Penrith CA11 9FF Same phone number 01768 862394 Next month we are celebrating the completion of our first 5 years of Full time Community radio. As a Community station we had to apply for a 5 year Extension in December 2018. 26th February 2019 the extension was confirmed by Ofcom to June 2024 Why not pay us a visit soon The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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2 tonne maximum towing capacity‡ Intelligent 4x4 2 tonne maximum towing capacity‡

2.2L diesel or 2.0L petrol engines ne maximum towing Intelligent 4x4capacity‡

ligent 4x4 2.2L diesel or 2.0L petrol engines



Dealer Name diesel or 2.0L petrol engines * Rd •address, Ullswater Penrith Address, address, address, address, address, address, Phon FROM Dealer Name Fuel consumption figures in mpg, Urban 27.1 – 43.5, Extra Urban 40.3 – 61.4, Combined 34.0 – 55.3. CO2www.ul emissions in g/km 01768 864546 • Address, address, address, address, address, address, address, Phone and a Rexton Ultimate at £39,595 including optional metallic paint at £600. *Korando SE petrol and Rexton EX both including VAT, deliver


tonne towing capacity on automatic transmission. ‡2 tonne maximum towing capacity on diesel models. Prices are correct at the time of g

Fuel consumption figures in mpg, Urban 27.1 – 43.5, Extra Urban 40.3 – 61.4, Combined 34.0 – 55.3. CO2 emissions in g/km: Name and a Rexton Ultimate at £39,595 including optional metallic paint at £600. *Korando SE petrol and Rexton EX both including VAT, delivery c Eden tonne towing capacity on automatic transmission. ‡2 tonne maximum towing capacity on diesel models. Prices are correct at the time of goin , address, address, address, address, address, address, Pho 24 •


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales











3.5 tonne maximum towing capacity†


3.5 tonne maximum towing capacity† Selectable 4x4 with low range 3.5 tonne maximum towing capacity†

Selectable 4x4 with low range

2.2L engine 420Nm torque† 3.5range tonne maximum t Selectable 4x4 with low

2.2L engine 420Nm torque†


* FROM £28,995

† 2.2L engine 420Nm torque Selectable 4x4 with lo

* • Web Cumbria CA11 7EH ne, Address, • Web Address FROM £28,995 m: 218-139. llswaterroadgarage.co.uk eb Address, WebWeb Address e, Web Address, Address

2.2L engine 420Nm t

Models featured are a Korando SE at £19,495 including optional metallic paint at £500 ry charge, Road Fund Licence & first registration charge. **Korando SE 4x4. †420Nm torque and 3.5 going to print, but may be modified or changed at any time. Warranty covers 7 years or 150,000 miles.

Models featured are a Korando SE at SE £19,495 including optional metallic paint :. 218-139. Models featured are a Korando at £19,495 including optional metallic paintatat£500 £500 ad Fund Licence first registration charge. **Korando SE 4x4. †420Nm torque charge, Road Fund & Licence & first registration charge. **Korando SE 4x4. †420Nm torqueand and3.5 3.5 , but or changed at anyattime. Warranty covers 7 years or or 150,000 ng to may print,be butmodified may be modified or changed any time. Warranty covers 7 years 150,000miles. miles.

one, Web Address, Web Address

EdenLocal • 25


TV’s architectural designer is key speaker for Eden Self-Build & Community-led Housing Event Build Your Home, Build Your Community Thursday 4 July at the Rheged Centre, near Penrith from 6pm Do you have a grand design planned for a dream home? You may be wanting to build your own home or are part of a community-led housing project in Eden District? Then attend the free Build Your Home, Build Your Community event on 4 July 2019 at Rheged, near Penrith to receive the latest advice on self-build, custom-build and community-led housing projects.

• • • •

The event’s key speaker is architectural designer and writer Charlie Luxton, who also presents TV programmes Building the Dream, Homes by the Sea and Homes by the Med on More 4.

• •

Eden District Council is very pleased to be promoting this event in what is national Custom and Selfbuild Week. Eden District Council’s Planning Policy Manager, Kevin Hutchinson, said: “The Council supported by central government, is keen to encourage more self-build and community-led housing projects and this free event is bringing together industry professionals and key speakers from the self-build industry.

“The Council recognises there is a demand for selfbuild housing projects locally, which was evidenced by last year’s District-wide Housing Needs Survey, which showed that 445 local people are looking to undertake a self-build housing project over the next five years. So the event on Thursday 4 July is a great opportunity for anyone contemplating a self-build, custom-build or community-led housing project to find out more information and explore their ideas in an informal way with industry experts.” The event will provide an opportunity to chat with a number of industry professionals (between 6-7pm) including prior to a series of short presentations, which will begin 7pm. Exhibitors at the event currently include: • • • • • • •

Andy Lloyd – Community Land Trust Network ACT Cumbria Community-led Housing Hub Atkinson Building Contractors 2030 Architects Ben Cunliffe Architects JIW Properties Eden District Council (Planning, Building Control and Community-led Housing)

26 • EdenLocal

• • •

Thomas Armstrong Kit Systems Ecomotive Key speakers at the event include: Charlie Luxton – architectural designer, writer and TV presenter Patterdale Community Land Trust/Eden Housing Association Partnership Lancaster Forgebank Co-housing Ecomotive, a social enterprise supporting selfbuild and custom-build group projects with an emphasis on sustainability and affordability Rob Jerams, LoCAL Homes – supplier of high performance low carbon housing Rod Hughes, 2030 Architects Bruce Armstrong-Payne - self-builder Michelle Stevens – Penrith Building Society

National policy recognises that self-build and custombuild housing is a great way to create high quality, value for money housing to help increase diversity in the UK housing market and will provide for an important element of the market in Eden. Custom-build housing can comprise either: • Self-Build Individual plots – where an individual purchases a plot of land and builds a house with/ without the support of builder, architect and project manager. • Collective custom-builds – where groups constitute themselves as a body to design and develop a custom build housing development which they then live in. • Community-led housing projects - usually (though not always) focused on providing local affordable homes where a community sets up a company to deliver homes itself or in partnership with a Housing Association. • Developer-led builds - Developers can offer self or custom build plots as part of larger sites or as specialist developments, and can offer a bespoke design and build service to ease the development process. • Cohousing - involves a constituted group of people creating their own neighbourhood of homes with shared facilities.

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales


Ev RE en E t!

Do you have a grand design planned for your dream home? or are you wanting to be part of a community-led housing project in Eden District?

Thursday 4 July 2019 The Rheged Centre, Penrith For the latest information and advice on self-build, custom-build and communityled housing projects. Book your place at the free, Build Your Home, Build Your Community event on Thursday 4 July 2019 at The Rheged Centre Penrith. An opportunity to chat with industry professionals about your self-build ideas. selfbuild housing

custombuild housing

communityled housing

Places are limited, register your interest at:

www.eden.gov.uk/selfbuild Email: loc.plan@eden.gov.uk

Call: 01768 817817

Develop the homes your community needs

Key speakers include architectural designer and writer Charlie Luxton, who presents TV programme Building the Dream on More 4.

Build your Home, Build your Community event

Sponsored by:

Hosted by:

The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

Register NOW!

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Eden District Election 2019 Results Greystoke - Uncontested Election.

Alston Moor Seats: 2 Candidate Party Hanley, Michael T Labour Party Holt, Andy Independent Lincoln, Paul Conservative Party Sharp, Lissie Labour Party Appleby (Appleby) Seats: 1

Votes 575 239 193 584

✔ ✔

Candidate Party Votes Greenwood, Karen E Independent 232 Kenyon, Ronald J Conservative Party 39 Appleby (Bongate) Seats: 1

Candidate Connell, Andy Kendall, Valerie Myler, Tony Askham Seats: 1

Party Liberal Democrats Conservative Party Labour Party

Candidate Fearon, Henry Harker, Laura Brough Seats: 1

Party Votes Conservative Party 162 Liberal Democrats 236

Candidate Party Cheetham, Chistopher Labour Party Hall, Maurice Edward Conservative Party Simpkins, Graham Liberal Democrats Crosby Ravensworth Seats: 1

Votes 293 146 33

Hartside - Uncontested Election. Hesket Seats: 2 Candidate Grisedale, Lesley A Martin, Elaine M O’Brien, Richard K Ryland, David B Candidate Baker, Lorna A Quinn, Sean W Sawrey-Cookson, H Candidate Cleeveley, Neil J Dew, Phil Garner, Donna J Lancaster, Sandy Simkins, Ian D Kirkoswald Seats: 1

Candidate Kerrey, Liz Raine, Joan E Dacre Seats: 1

Party Votes Liberal Democrats 189 Conservative Party 321

Langwathby Seats: 1

Candidate Derbyshire, Judith M Shaw, Jason E E Eamont Seats: 1

Party Votes Liberal Democrats 370 Conservative Party 107 Party Liberal Democrats Conservative Party Putting Cumbria First

Votes 101 228 152

Candidate Bateman, Olivia Potts, John Robinson, Mary Candidate Banks, Douglas Hugh Beveridge, Michael R Henry, Richard G

Votes 167 85 243

Party Labour Party Conservative Party Liberal Democrats Independent Labour Party

Votes 96 494 173 368 104

Party Conservative Party Labour Party Independent

Votes 54 68 325

Party Independent Conservative Party The Green Party

Votes 347 52 102

Party Votes Conservative Party 232 The Green Party 227

✔ ✔

Lazonby Seats: 1 Candidate Nicolson, Gordon M Tidbury, Wade

Long Marton - Uncontested Election.

TAKING YOUR FIRST STRIDE AS A 2019 BRIDE Finesse Bridal 40 Middlegate, Penrith 01768 866799 28 • EdenLocal

Party Liberal Democrats Conservative Party Independent

Kirkby Stephen Seats: 2

Candidate Banks, John C Chambers, Ian E Davies, Jonathan

Votes 336 443 269 372

Kirkby Thore Seats: 1 Electorate: 1182

Votes 33 194 234

Party Conservative Party Conservative Party The Green Party Independent

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales


BAKERY 01768 891825 31 Sandgate, Penrith CA11 7TJ

Penrith Pategill Seats: 1

Morland Seats: 1 Candidate Henderson, Isa Hughes, Neil Tonkin, Michael C

Party Conservative Party Liberal Democrats Independent

Votes 83 87 248

Orton with Tebay Seats: 1 Candidate Medic, Shelagh Todd, John A

Party Votes Liberal Democrats 142 Conservative Party 250

Penrith Carleton Seats: 1 Candidate Breen, Paula Lawson, Douglas

Party Votes Conservative Party 132 The Green Party 439

Penrith East Seats: 2 Candidate Eyles, Michael D Fallows, James Lynch, John C

Party Liberal Democrats Labour Party Conservative Party

Votes 375 176 271

Party Liberal Democrats Conservative Party The Green Party Liberal Democrats Putting Cumbria First Conservative Party

Votes 898 311 679 736 223 236

Party Independent Independent Conservative Party Labour Party

Votes 256 261 210 94

✔ ✔

Votes 100 154 283 159 108

✔ ✔

Penrith North Seats: 3 Candidate Holden, Deb Jackson, Scott M Ross, Ali Rudhall, Mark B Toma, Lucian Whipp, David

✔ ✔

✔ ✔ ✔

Penrith South Seats: 2 Candidate Clark, Margaret Connor, Paul Fearon, Helen J Hawkins, Nicola S Penrith West Seats: 2 Candidate Dixon, Mary E Knaggs, Dave Taylor, Virginia C Thompson, John G Thompson, Neil C

Party UK Independence Party Labour Party Liberal Democrats Conservative Party Labour Party

Candidate Party Baker, Peter G Liberal Democrats Barnes, Gillian E Conservative Party Snell, Hilary J Labour Party Ravenstonedale Seats: 1 Electorate 794

Votes 164 65 34

Candidate Party Votes James, Kelvyn J S Liberal Democrats 123 Meadowcroft, Angela M Conservative Party 127 Shap Seats: 1

Candidate McCall, Neil Owen, John M Wilde, Kerryanne Skelton Seats: 1

Party Liberal Democrats Conservative Party Putting Cumbria First

Votes 167 273 94

Candidate Beaty, Kevin Strevens, Tim Ullswater Seats: 1

Party Votes Conservative Party 275 Liberal Democrats 182

Candidate Hogg, Alistair R Smith, Darrell J Warcop Seats: 1

Party Votes Conservative Party 196 Liberal Democrats 214

Party Conservative Party The Green Party Independent

Candidate Cox, Graham John Lawson, Kimberley J Patterson, William

Votes 72 71 226

Conservatives 14, Independents 11, Liberal Democrats 11, Green Party 2, Labour Party 2 The above information has been converted to a print format from the Eden District Council website. We have, however, noted some inaccurate figures in the Electorate numbers, Ballot Papers, Issued Ballot papers rejected and turnout percentages which we are now checking with Matthew Neal, Returning Officer. These figures do not affect the results in any way but in order to present the accurate turnout figures we have decided at this point to hold on publishing these. The tables have been modified to fit on to the pages which are sponsored by Cumbria Local Publications in order for those not buying a local paper or not able to access information via the internet get the Election Result information.

Seasonal, Sensational & Affordable, but also Adorable Piano, Violin, Singing, Theory One-to-one lessons for all ages & abilities

www.edenvalleymusic.co.uk 01768 870048

01768 899408

28 Devonshire Arcade Penrith 7SX

FIVE • 5 Angel Square Penrith CA11 7BT 01768 204016

10% off

The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

EdenLocal • 29


Is it time to solve some age-old problems in Penrith? Whilst out and about, working with local businesses, many of them independent and owners of small businesses that employ two to half a dozen employees, whilst keeping a business running is a challenge in itself, on too many occasions the point is raised on the need for parking for employees which is often overlooked. For volunteers helping out in a shop, or for example doing a show for the community radio, it comes at a price. Is there enough affordable parking for people working in town? Helen Ingham sent in her thoughts on email to me in April, after we discussed and debated the parking issue in town. I couldn’t fit it in to the April issue of Eden Local, so here it is now. Dear Lee Further to our conversation earlier, I would like to be involved in any debate regarding parking in Penrith. Penrith needs more parking! People who work in the town centre just want to be able to park their car without paying over £4 per day £135 for 6 months or over £200 per year. Quite rightly people who live on streets which don’t have a resident’s only car parking pass are annoyed with people who work in town leaving their cars on their streets during the day but not sure what else can be done as paying such a huge amount for parking would take a large chunk out of people’s wages. I work in the town centre whilst living in a surrounding village which doesn’t have any public transport and currently have no choice but to be dropped off and collected each day as I simply cannot afford the large parking charges in town and, unless absolutely no choice when have to bring my car into town, parking in front of someone’s house on one of the remaining streets available is not something I would normally wish to do. People of Penrith and the Eden area don’t like seeing empty shops but unfortunately the Before we move forward we have to look back, when it comes to parking. The Eden District Council Executive on 1st March 2011 had a Penrith Parking Study – Final Report in front of them, which identified improvements, to increase parking, with major reductions in traffic flow around the centre of town. A Penrith Master Plan published in 2007 was also mentioned in the report. The Master Plan was looking ten years ahead to provide vision and direction for the future of the town. In the 62 page Penrith Parking report, it relates to the Master Plan of 2007 and has ideas on the movement of traffic and parking. In 1.4.2 Section 7 Movement and Parking, existing conditions in Penrith were appraised. A visual assessment of general operations, conflict provisions and any barriers to movement for pedestrians and 30 • EdenLocal

parking situation has a large influence on people when choosing to work or open a business in the town centre. There are more and more houses being built in Penrith but many of them don’t have adequate parking, if any at all, (New Squares is a prime example) yet more people than ever own cars which need to be parked somewhere, what are people supposed to do? Absolutely nothing is being done by either Eden District or Cumbria County Council, in fact Carlisle has a similar problem and was reported in Local Papers on Friday 22nd March. I would have gone as far as to stand as a Councillor if I felt that I could do anything to help resolve this but I’m afraid it would fall on deaf ears as it wouldn’t be as profitable for those sitting behind desks in the Council offices making decisions regarding income generation. The hard working people of Penrith need to be heard. I’m certain that the people in neighbouring businesses feel the same, as I have heard or they’ve heard conversations by all of their employees. Helen Ingham - Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd

cyclists were assessed. The results of this study informed a number of identified problems and provided recommendations. These were summarised as follows: • Multi storey car park be installed in the Bluebell Lane Car Park; • Additional deck be considered in the Sandgate Car Park to create a well-designed multi storey car park using the changes in the level across the site; • Parking Guidance system to be implemented which directs drivers to the locations that have available spaces. The primary impacts of this proposal would be: • Major reduction in traffic flow on Middlegate; • Major reduction in traffic flow on Market Square;

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• Major reduction in traffic flow on Castlegate; • Slight increase in traffic flow on Portland Street; • Slight increase in traffic flow on Meeting House Road; • Reduction in traffic flow on Brunswick Road. So has the town moved forward and based on the how many people we have working in the town who drive in, do employees of local businesses struggle to park still? How many people do you know who have had a parking ticket in the last 5 to 10 years? To be honest, when I first moved here in 2002 I got a parking ticket when I was actually carrying things from my car to our new house the day we moved in. That was in the centre of town, but with all the car parks then, for example, there was the huge car park at Southend Road which now has The New squares now on it, there were plenty of other car parks. The report even had comments on the need to ensure development of the town had to include parking. How many flats have been built since 2002? Concerns in the report on action required with development of the town stated parking must be included. As a visitor destination I believe it was much easier for visitors and businesses then. So as an idea, with new Councillors in place at town and district, maybe now is a good time for some joint working with the existing County Councillors to set a target of putting an actual plan and strategy in place which is more than just having a report, which will involve inviting everyone to take part, not just the larger employers with car parks. A strategy with an implementation deadline to actually make the change required happen. The answer, put forward by a few people I’ve talked to isn’t just about putting more yellow lines down and over issuing permits, whilst shuffling vehicles around the town onto residential roads in the estates. Someone did ask me whether those that currently make decisions on parking have parking places? Do they have to pay and display? I can’t answer that. By working together, could this be solved in the next 4 years or sooner? Between now and the next Eden Local issue, I’m going ask a few questions and email a few local businesses, local councillors and officers for their views on what they feel needs to be done and how potentially it could be solved. I’ll ask what is current with regards to building, congestion and parking. I’ll share this next month.

I spoke to Stephen Clarke recently who has a business in Middlegate who raised this issue and sent this email. Hi and good afternoon Lee. Please find my thoughts re our discussion about cigarette ends littering our town. As I walk around Penrith, I am very disappointed about the number of cigarettes that I see littering our pavements. Last week I walked along the length of the Co-op (Burrowgate) and I counted 147 cigarette ends littering the pavement, that is not counting the number in the doorway of the Co-op (next to the Grey Goat). As I walk around other parts of our town, I find that this, in my opinion is more of a common problem than I expected. I have taken it upon myself to keep the area outside my shop clear of cigarette ends and I would ask other shop owners, managers and staff to take a little time to clear the pavements outside their establishments and together hopefully we can improve the image of our town for ourselves and our visitors. Stephen Clarke What is the answer for Stephen? Litter in the town is varied in what it consists of. In a 24 hour day, can the bins hold enough in a 7 day a week? There is a lot of fast food, which leaves bins overflowing at night into the early hours. In the early hours the only traffic in Middlegate is unfortunately the rats. I have seen them from the old studio window which use to overlook the street, when I was on the odd late show at Eden FM. Last winter when the temperature dropped, I had to clear away a dead rat from outside the door to the radio. Are our bins in town adequate for the rubbish the town produces? How much of the rubbish could be recycled? How many bins are there for the smokers related to Steve’s point? Can we put a lid on our litter? In residential areas, how many people put their rubbish out for collection only to see the seagulls rip the bags apart? Is that the only problem we have with the seagulls? More to follow on this in June?

Yes we have been here before, so we’ll start by getting some regular updates in the Eden Local and on Eden FM radio. I would like your ideas and your views, so please email me at lee@cumbrianlocal. co.uk by the 5th June. Social reports and updates will be posted. Litter is something else which has come up in conversation. The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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