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It is our third visit to the Eden Stone Emporium in as many months, with our first article detailing the origins of the stone, sourced locally and around the world and the differences in textures. For those of you reading this for the first time, you might well be thinking it is cheese we are talking about. There is the rough, the smooth and it is regional, but unlike cheese, this product began its life when time began. Last month we introduced some facts about the Emporium; the 20 types of marble, the 12 types of travertine and slate, the 5 types of limestone and the 41 types of porcelain. Also presented in our two previous articles, was the additional use of the Stone Gallery at the Emporium as a location for exhibitions. The key objective last month was having the pleasure of announcing the official opening on 24th April, which was attended by over 200 people. So, this month, we have even more to talk about. The evening featured foods from around the world, served on slate to compliment the local and global origins of the project. The new exhibition was by Bob Campbell, AKA ‘Stig’, the self taught English sculptor, who has an amazing ability to design and create one off pieces of furniture and objects of beauty from redundant mechanical and industrial parts, including old chain, nails, even bits of old tractors I have been told. These were on display for the evening and sold that very same day. CumbrianLocal

On display but not for long, the food, which was also an education, prepared by chef John Crouch with his parma ham wraps, bringing to us the taste of Tuscany, complimenting the Carrera marble from the Tuscan Hills. Greg Forbes of Smoked served up many mouthwatering selections of his goods, including smoked Cumberland sausage, smoked Brie and duck breast. John Hendy, from For the Love of Chocolate, delivered an education in chocolate and the cocoa beans he uses, which I learned are only grown in those warm climates 10 degrees either side of the equator. So whether it is Belgian, Swiss or Austrian chocolate as an end product, the beans are all sourced from the middle of our world. The Turkish dancers took many by surprise and whilst all this was going on, John split himself into small pieces to entertain the masses and talk stone, whilst also raising money for charity. Full details about a little boy named Ryan who was born on 3rd October 2010 weighing 2lbs 8oz, are in our story which continues with three year old Ryan on page 30. In our third trip to the Stone Emporium, what else can we bring you this month? To close, it’s a trip to Honister, so I’ll sign off and leave you with John Williams to bring you up to date. Taking Honister Slate to the world and more, a partnership in stone by John Williams. I first introduced myself to Honister in December

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Chocolatier - John Hendy

Greg Forbes - Smoked

2013. Working with tiles and natural stone that is imported over the years, I found it hard with anything I had seen, that compared to the Honister green slate. The characteristics and colour tones are pretty unique. There is only one other slate that can stand up to the Honister green and that is Burlington sea green honed finish. These two slates are compared to the best in the world and probably are........ Honister and Burlington stone are well known for their durability and multipurpose uses. They can be used for worktops, lintels, fireplaces and when working with home design, it creates a one off finish, that is a unique masterpiece. Meeting up with Joe and Michelle from Honister and discussing the potential locally, nationally and globally of what we can all achieve in working in partnership with this pure and natural resource is just one idea. Now in the making at the Stone Emporium, a new feature dedicated to our local slate range including the five Honister lines with chiselled, honed and riven finishes. A variety of sizes made available to suit small or large spaces in and around your home. On display the full versatility of local slate including floors, walls, worktops and ideas for you to create from local slate. To be continued…

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Welcome to the May edition of your Cumbrian Local I always get excited with a bluebell cover. Something that never ceases to amaze me is just how many seasons we have all going on at once in the Eden Valley. I popped up to Greystoke Forest with the dog for a walk and saw daffodils looking like spring had just started. In my garden in Penrith, the tulips are just finishing and the bluebells are out. I asked Martin in Brough whether there are any bluebells out and it was a simple no. I have been out and about looking but it’s a big thank you to Paul Witterick once again who captured the beauty of the bluebell at Murton Pike. Since I was very young, the bluebell has been my favourite; the perfect picnic in a bluebell wood was my mum’s favourite time of the year. It obviously had an impact on me for life when I set up my management consultancy which is now in its 20th year, which I named Perennial Process, adopting a simple message of the perennial that is the bluebell, with its bluebell logo and theory that if we create the right environment for learning and developing in business, like a bluebell it will thrive year on year and move forward. It was quite a few years later I discovered that the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) has quite a modern bluebell graphic as its logo. In the United Kingdom, the Common Bluebell is a protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Landowners are prohibited from removing common bluebells on their land for sale and it is a criminal

offence to remove the bulbs of wild common bluebells. This legislation was strengthened in 1998 under Schedule 8 of the Act, making any trade in wild common bluebell bulbs or seeds an offence, punishable by fines of up to £5000 per bulb. Did you know that Britain is home to more than half the world’s population of bluebells? There are some interesting times ahead for Penrith and the Eden Valley this summer. In case you haven’t heard, Eden FM Radio will be officially launching on its 107.5 FM frequency on Friday 20th June 2014 (p6 & 7). I had a feeling we would get there! Well done to the team. By the time you get to read this, the new 64 page Eden FM Sports and Events guide will be out (p8) and the Penrith Monopoly Board will be off to print (p12). Details of how you can buy or even win a Monopoly board is also here in your Cumbrian Local. With regards to the campaign for Penrith Town Council, it’s moving ahead. The Community Governance review has now commenced with Eden District Council, which will lead to, well? (more on P2223). As a local magazine, this month we are trialling an ‘interview from outside’ article. We do get sent quite a few stories. I couldn’t resist this one with AC/DC Brian Johnson (p 26–27). As always, a big, big thank you to all those helping with this month’s Cumbrian Local and our advertisers for making it possible. I’ll be back in June. By Lee Quinn

Front Cover – Murton Pike by Paul Witterick ‘Bluebells’ on Content page by Paul Witterick Printer – S & G Printers: 4 Woodside Place, Charing Cross, Glasgow, G3 7QF CumbrianLocal

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It’s as simple as tuning in your radio to 107.5 FM In last month’s publication I presented the article ‘The Landscape of local news and media is about to change forever in the summer of 2014’. Some of you may have been thinking when? Some of our readers have asked how? Some have asked when will you finally be on air? Eden FM Radio Ltd registered as a

not for profit limited organisation in July 2010. We are finally here marking almost 4 years of this campaign. I am so pleased to announce on behalf of the Eden FM team, that we’ll be switching on the FM transmitter on Friday 20th June. You will finally be able to listen to your local radio station based in Penrith on your radio.

On Air Advertising rates Product

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Sponsor name tag played 3x per hour Sponsor name tag played 3x per hour Bullet Advert played 3 x every day for one month Standard Advert played 5 x every day for one month Single slot 1 minute played 6 x every day On the hour every day 7.07 am to 6.07 pm 11 plays Minimum of 5 per day Mon – Fri and some weekends

£10 £15 £39 £129 £199 £145 £99

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Off Air Advertising Product

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Front page of Website Sponsor a presenter

Your logo on both sides of the vehicle for 2 years, package includes web page and some on air promos Rotating banner with business details and link Featured on presenter web page

Sponsor of online streaming

Everyone clicking to listen online, via your name

2 x 365 days of the year £100 From £50 Unlimited clicks

Eden FM Radio car sponsor

Conditions apply

01768 862394 / 01768 899101 Please email or visit for more details. CumbrianLocal

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£199 per year Three months Per quarter £400 per year

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How did we get here? The full catalogue of events for the last time will be in next month’s Cumbrian Local and this will feature in the radio’s very own magazine, which will be available to buy locally and across Cumbria, including Carlisle, the West Coast, that area between Penrith and the coast, but also reaching Wigton, Brampton, Alston as far south as Tebay. It was in the first Cumbrian Local Publication produced, Eden Local, that went out in November 2010 that the campaign was launched for Penrith and the Eden Valley to have its own community radio station. The magazine then went to about 6,000 addresses in some parts of Penrith. Now it covers 95% of the unparished area of Penrith and a large proportion of the Eden Valley, taking in areas also like the North Lakes, areas south of Carlisle and the North Pennines. In May, Cumbrian Local Publications will be putting out over 20,000 magazines and this is set to increase.

What does this mean for Eden FM Radio in the future? As I have always maintained, local radio needs to be seen as well as heard, every month the people in the transmission area will receive updates as they have always done with Cumbrian Local. Not many radio stations have this type of marketing, let alone their own publication. 107.5 FM will of course feature on the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly board and with the launch of the radio merchandise and new projects it will be embarking on in 2014/15, everyone will know about the local radio station, there to serve the community.

Offering a friendly, qualified, professional service. All aspects of gardening with an eye for detail and a passion for home grown produce. | 07866 993122

TAXIS 01768 899 298 4 - 6 - 8 Seaters • NVQ qualified • CRB checked

Good Companions are a leading provider of high quality home care services. We provide both domiciliary support and 24 hour live in care depending on the needs of the individual. Our services can include all aspects of personal care, shopping, domestic tasks, social outings and companionship. This list is not exhaustive so please contact us if you require a service not listed. For further details of any of our services please contact the team on 01228 594153 or email The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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On Sale Every Month

Here are just some of the outlets that are selling the New Eden FM Sports and Events Guide Plumpton P/O, Beechtree Barn, CA11 9NS -01768 894200 Stainton P/O , Kings Arm, CA11 0EP The White Horse, Kings Meaburn CA10 3BU - The White Horse Orton Village Stores and P/O,- The Square, Orton, CA10 3RH - 01539 624225 Kirkland Stores, Caldbeck, Wigton, CA7 8EA - 01697 478252 Market Place P/O, Whitehaven, CA28 7JD - 01946 693088 Patterdale Stores, Patterdale CA11 0NW - 01768 482220 Hills of Corby Hill Ltd, Carlisle CA4 8PL - 01228 560434 Hills of Corby Hill Ltd, Penrith CA11 7NN – 01768 862175 Hills of Corby Hill Ltd, Dearham CA15 7EE - 01900 814374 Hills of Corby Hill Ltd, Wigton CA7 9PZ – 016973 45234 Hills of Corby Hill Ltd, Carlisle CA3 0JN – 01228 534300 Hills of Lakeland Ltd, Carlisle CA4 0AA – 01228 592479 Hills of Lakeland Ltd, Carlisle CA2 6QU – 01228523463 Hills of Lakeland Ltd, Carlisle CA3 0BN – 01228 523 031 Hills of Lakeland Ltd, Stainburn CA14 1SY – 01900 61993 Hills of Lakeland Ltd, Lillyhall CA14 4JT – 01900 602068 Hills of Lakeland Ltd, Whitehaven CA28 6EA – 01946 599696 Kirkby Thore P/O, Kirkby Thore CA10 1UD – 017683 62454 Bells Market, Wigton CA7 9PZ – 016973 42689 Kingstreet Newsagent Penrith CA11 7AG – 01768 865417 Penrith Tourist Information, Penrith CA11 7PT – 01768 61893 Ullswater Road Garage Penrith CA11 7EH – 01768 884546 The Card Shop, Cleator Moor CA25 5BD 01946 814317 Dents Newsagents, Appleby CA11 6XB – 017683 51411 Greystoke P/O, Greystoke CA11 0TW – 017684 83301 Harpers Newsagents, Keswick CA12 5BL – 01768 773535 Pooley Bridge P/O, Pooley Bridge CA10 2NP – 017684 861168 Andersons Newsagents, Shap CA10 3NL – 01931 716 450 M &J Mcdowell Newsagents, Whitehaven – 01946 693051 Grahams Newsagents, Carlisle CA3 0BW – 01228 524 797 J Balchin & Son, Carlisle CA1 3AH – 01228 523825 Cockermouth Paper Shop, Cockermouth CA13 9JS – 01900 822076 Flimby Paper Shop, Flimby CA15 8QN – 01900 815566 Central Stores, Maryport CA15 7RZ – 01900 812802 Village Stores Brough, Brough CA11 4BL – 017683 41260 Kirkby Stephen TIC, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QN - 01768 371199 Appleby TIC, Appleby, CA16 6XE - 01768 351177 Maryport TIC, Maryport Aquarium, Maryport, CA15 8AB - 01900 817760


by Ben France

It’s not that often that we are graced with the presence of a former world champion in our county, but with the help of Rotherham United’s goalkeeper Adam Colin it was all made possible on a fantastic night at Langwathby village hall. A fundraising event featuring Eric Bristow helped to raise £400 for Nunwick cricket club. The money raised will go towards the running costs of the club for this season. The former five times world darts champion entertained a crowd of over one hundred people. On the night tickets were raffled off to spectators giving them the chance to play a game of darts against the former world number one. Out of the sixteen legs that were up for grabs, six people managed to beat the legend himself, sending the crowd into raptures of excitement. Eric also held a Q & A session, and there was a live sports memorabilia auction held by MC Paul Booth. Eric applauded the standard of some of his competitors proclaiming that they were “very good darts players” and this was shown when the local talent hit quite a few 140’s. The “crafty cockney” couldn’t let the audience get the better of him though and managed to hit two 180’s to which the crowd went wild.

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Your Local Garden Centre, Tea Room and Farm Shop

Help us make your garden that little bit special for you Make a splash this summer at the Pot place, with a unique tranquil water feature Both Lee Quinn and I had the opportunity to go head to head with Eric. The village hall watched Adam Colin defeat Bristow in a great leg of darts who then left the stage open for me. After shaking hands with Eric and having a few warm up darts the leg was underway. Eric soon found himself down to a finishing total; whilst I still needed well over 300 (this was amusingly pointed out by MC Paul Booth). Eric struggled to hit his final double, and I somehow managed to find myself needing double ten with one dart left to beat him. Amazingly I managed to hit double ten and secured an extremely fluky victory over one of the greatest darts players to ever play the game. Next it was Lee’s turn to take on the former jungle celebrity. Stepping up to the stage after a few warm up darts Lee greeted Eric and the leg was underway. By this time Bristow was in full swing as the leg of darts against Lee came towards the end of the night. The “Crafty Quinnster” put in a valiant display but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to beat Bristow on the night. All in all, a great night’s entertainment that raised money for one of our local cricket teams and is sure to give people great memories for many years to come.

A Great place to meet friends for a Coffee and home made cake!

Open 7 days a week 9am - 5pm Mon - Sat, 10 am - 4pm Sun

01768 885500

The Pot Place, Station Yard Plumpton, Penrith, CA11 9PA

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How companies in Alston & Australia help you sunbathe..... By Caroline Gunning Ahh the joy of being your own boss, the carefree days of sneaking off to enjoy a quiet pint in the garden, hitting the shops, turning up late if your warm bed was keeping you captive etc. An idyllic image, isn’t it? However as most self-employed or owner managers know, life tends to be more about whizzing around carrying an overwhelming sense of responsibility, constantly trying to catch up with yourself and, in between delivering the work, you somehow need to take time out to plan for the future. So, what do you do when you need an extra pair of hands in your business - sometimes for a very short project, the odd few hours a week, specialist support for a specific project etc? One of the best and most flexible ways to expand your skill set is to outsource. According to the Chartered Management Institute’s ‘Dictionary of Business & Management’, outsourcing is “the transfer of the provision of services previously carried out by in-house personnel to an external organisation, usually under a contract with agreed standards, costs and conditions”. It goes on to say that outsourcing is “often introduced with the aim of increasing efficiency and reducing costs, or to enable greater flexibility or to continue to concentrate on core business activities”. Wow! A gift from the business gods? The answer to our business prayers? But, in real terms how can such an arrangement work? Curlew Secretarial Solutions, based in Alston, provide a virtual administration service, which includes everything from typing student dissertations, collating customer mailings & Christmas card distribution,

preparing spreadsheets, keeping your book-keeping records in good order to help save you money when you visit your accountant because instead of receiving a shoe box full of tatty bits of paper, they have a neat pile along with a typed up record. Gwen Backhouse is the proprietor of the business. It has been my pleasure to meet Gwen on several occasions. When she’s not off on a camping trip with Alston Scouts, her idea of a top Friday night is a filing cabinet reshuffle – a good start for someone who works hard to help keep other people’s businesses ship-shape. Gwen explains “at first some clients are wary of how such a relationship could work, they worry if they will have control over what happens, and confidentiality is a big concern. However, as we work flexibly we find the best way for the client, which might be email, post, phone or meeting up. It’s all about being an extra pair of hands to provide a service doing something that could take you ages but we can do in a shorter period because it’s what we specialise in. Overall it saves you time and money – and hassle!” One of my favourite outsourcing companies is Moneypenny, a telephone answering service, who handle incoming phone calls for your business, then transfer the caller through to you on a specified line or pass messages to you via text or email. Many B&Bs, beauty salons, consultants etc. use this kind of service so that potential customers are able to speak to a human rather than having to leave a message on a crackly answer phone. The service is available 24/7. However, and this is a stroke of genius, they do

To celebrate the opening of our office, we’re offering new clients 10 hours of business support, consultancy, mentoring or coaching at £10 per hour. We cover everything from credit control skills to management support, so why not contact us to see how we can help you and your business. Office address: Unit 2 The Tilery Building, Cross Croft Industrial Estate, Appleby-in-Westmorland, CA16 6HX Please contact us to see how we can help develop, define or diversify your business. E: • T: 0845 643 0557 CumbrianLocal

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Is your garage a ‘no go’ area? Is your shed bulging at the seams? Is your loft a hiding place for treasured possessions? If so, why not consider spending a little time de-cluttering and sorting through things to create some space. Have a proper spring clean, work out what you need on a regular basis and consider putting everything else into our storage facility.

not employ UK based call agents through the night because they felt that the employees quality of life would suffer so, they shipped some employees out to Australia where during UK night time, the Australian based English staff take the calls whilst basking in the Auckland sun. Tah-dah! Calls answered 24/7 by happy employees, with an English accent and your business is seen to be open all hours. Step back and take a look at what you do. Are you using your time effectively? Could someone else do elements of your work more easily? How much would using their services cost versus the lost income if you did it yourself and took twice as long? With the return of the Lapwings there is a rumour that summer is on the way, why not free up some time and share your workload?

We’re bold enough to stand out, bright enough to blend in......

You could be in between moving, having some home improvements done, or faced with the challenge of scaling down your goods and chattels as you downsize your home. For commercial, domestic or legal requirements, Eden Safe Store can hold on to your treasured possessions until the time is right. With flexible rates and varied space, we can provide you with the assurance that your goods are safe. Whether this is short or long term, it only takes one call to Eden Safe Store. You can deliver to our site in Appleby or we can collect and store it for you, leaving you with an inventory of goods for you to keep in a safe place.

Secure Storage for all your needs Archiving • Historical or Sensitive Data • Temporary Warehousing • Short & Long Term Storage

Eden Safe Store – storing your world! Call us now 0845 5197 355

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Passing Go and off to print!

You have now arrived on the Monopoly page and we are just passing go. In the September 2013 Cumbrian Local, I wrote the first introduction to explain that Eden FM 107.5 Community Radio had been granted a one off opportunity of a life time to produce a Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly board game. To get Eden FM on air for its launch, a huge sum of financing was required. As part of the regulations pertaining to the full time community licence awarded to Eden FM Radio Ltd in November 2013, it is not permitted to generate more than 50% of its annual income through the playing of adverts, classified as ‘On air’ advertising revenue. Any money, therefore, raised on air would need to be matched. Other rules stipulate that one person or business cannot contribute the other 50%. The challenge set for the team quite simply, was that Eden FM would not only have to run a business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but it would also have to raise funds to purchase equipment of radio quality. It could not rely on grant funding and in the midst of a recession, attracting clients to invest in air advertising for a radio that could only run online until the 3 year radio licence application process was complete, would mean a large investment at the end before FM transmission. Negotiations with Winning Moves UK Ltd, the UK CumbrianLocal

licence holder of the board game, Monopoly, started before the campaign for Eden FM was launched. The strategy of magazine, radio and Monopoly, had to come together at the right time. As you are reading this short update, the Monopoly box and lid will be completed, the design of the board signed off and thanks to over 50 local businesses, our order for the first Monopoly board has now been placed. These graphics will be posted on the Eden FM website, the Penrith and Eden Valley Website and the Cumbrian Local website. So after reading this, you can go on line and purchase your Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly board. The process from print to delivery, as the artwork has to be finalised with Hasbro Toys USA, can take up to 8 weeks. Next month, we will release the delivery date, which is anticipated to be in the second half of July. The Eden FM Online shop switches on 1st June 2014. Meanwhile, if you would like to reserve order your board, please do this now as close to 2,000 boards have already been reserved and at a maximum probably only 4,000 will be available. Get on board with Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly now. Email to reserve your board. Confirmation of reservation will be received within 7 days.

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A new opening and the perfect closing For the complete service from design to installation in Windows & Doors. Use a local reliable Cumbrian business you know you can trust.

Look good on the outside, feel good on the inside with your new windows this summer give us a call. Need we say more.....its what we do best

Steve Davis recommends Network Veka

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The Cookery School by Peter Sidwell Its been a busy year so far for me, I have completed a follow up TV series for Britain’s Best Bakery on ITV that achieved sum 4 million plus viewers. However, I am getting my teeth stuck in to my next product, a new cookery school in the Rheged Visitors Centre right next door to Penrith. I am planning for the school to be open from June, where people can join us for the day to enjoy a fun packed, informative and relaxed day cooking all kinds of dishes and bakes. Local Cumbrian produce will be at the heart of the school. There will also be a program of evening classes, where you can learn to cook a spectacular

dinner and then sit down and enjoy the meal altogether in a relaxed atmosphere. We are going to be opening the school for private parties and events. This gives you the opportunity to get a few friends together for a day or evening. I have developed for the cookery school a new recipe app called Simply Good Food by Peter Sidwell, which enables you to upload lots of new recipes and videos for you to use at home. For more information and a full schedule of courses go to

sso C ake EspFreruit This is based on a traditional Yorkshire fruit bread recipe given to me by my wife’s granny. It has been adapted a little to suit my style of cooking.



250g butter 4 large eggs 250g sugar 400g self raising flour 700g chopped dried dates Six shots (200ml) of espresso or strong coffee 100g whole hazelnuts 4 tbsp milk

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Here’s how Soak the chopped dates in the espresso for 10 minutes or so ,until the liquid is absorbed and the dates have softened. Rub together the flour and butter, then add sugar. Whisk the eggs and add to the mixture. Pour in soaked fruit, any residual coffee and the hazelnuts. Finally add the milk and mix well. Divide the mixture between two greased 2lb loaf tins lined with greaseproof paper. Bake for 45-50 minutes at 150C/300F or gas mark 2 until cooked right through. To test if it is cooked press the centre of the cake gently and if it springs back its cooked, if not turn the oven down to 140C/275F or gas mark 1 and cook for a further 10 minutes.

CumbrianLocal • 15

Spring Spa Days at North Lakes Hotel & Spa

Relax this Spring with one of our indulgent Spa days...

Spring Spa Day • Use of our Spa facilities • A choice of one of our 25minute taster treatments • Afternoon Tea £50 per person

Deluxe Spring Spa Day • Use of our Spa facilities • A luxurious Back, Face & Scalp Massage (90 minute treatment) • Afternoon tea £80 per person

To book call Spa Treatments on 01768 865185 or email

Gift vou ch e rles a va il a b

North Lakes Hotel & Spa Ullswater Road, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8QT Terms & conditions apply. The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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Let’s Celebrate Our Local Writers! One of the lovely things about owning an independent bookshop is that we have the freedom to choose our own stock, meaning that we can support and celebrate the talented writers in our midst. In return, we are supported by a loyal community who look forward to having the chance to participate in our poetry evenings, book launches, author talks and slideshows. We have a cracking Cumbrian collection for you to consider this month, as just a taster of what you can enjoy reading and attending over the next few weeks! All of our bookshop events are usually free and everyone is welcome, although prior booking is essential. Thursday 29th May at 7pm Local photographer and writer Simon Whalley, who has a gallery at Brougham Hall, will be presenting a slide show of the spectacular scenery along the Settle to Carlisle line, and talking about what inspired him to produce his new book Spirit of the Line. Simon’s interest in what he calls “northern harmony” (i.e. how people in the North live especially in rural locations in harmony with the landscape and wildlife) is apparent in the stunning photographs taken along the Settle to Carlisle railway line which manage to convey a sense of emotion and imagination. We are then dedicating the month of June to celebrating Poetry in the bookshop and are delighted to be welcoming a fine selection of local talent. Tuesday 10th June at 7pm Award winning Cumbrian poet Helen Farish (who recently judged the Mirehouse Poetry Competition 2014) will be treating us to readings from her critically acclaimed poetry collections Intimates (Vintage 2005) and Nocturnes at Nohant (Bloodaxe 2012). Helen Farish has been a Fellow at Hawthornden International Centre for Writers and was the first female Poet in Residence at the Wordsworth Trust. In 2005 Intimates won her the Forward Prize for best first collection and was also short-listed for the TS Eliot Prize.

in his role as Literature Officer at Dove Cottage for the Wordsworth Trust. His first full-length collection, Fear of Thunder was published by Flambard Press in October 2007. This was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection in 2008, and two poems from it Horse Whisperer and Brothers, are included in the new AQA GCSE syllabus. Thursday 24th July at 2.30 – 4pm Every fortnight on Thursday afternoons in our coffeehouse at 2.30-4pm we enjoy hosting a Poetry Reading session led by the Wordsworth Trust, for people living with dementia and those caring for loved ones with this illness. We have a special event on 24th July which everyone is welcome to attend where we will be joined by three fabulous poets who will be sharing their own work over tea and cake. Millom poet Kim Moore, who also won an Eric Gregory in 2010, whose first full length collection will be published by Seren in 2015. Alston based poet Josephine Dickinson was educated at Oxford University, where she read Classics, later becoming a composer and studying under Michael Finnissy and Richard Barrett. She has published four collections of poetry: Scarberry Hill (The Rialto, 2001), The Voice (Flambard, 2003), Silence Fell (Houghton Mifflin, 2007) and Night Journey (Flambard, 2008). David Tait now lives and works in Guangzhou, China. His poems have been published in magazines including Ambit, Poetry Review and The Rialto and his pamphlet “Love’s Loose Ends” won the Poetry Business Pamphlet Competition in 2010. He was “House Poet” at Manchester Royal Exchange for the Carol Ann Duffy & Friends poetry series between 2010-2013. His debut collection “Self-Portrait with The Happiness” is recently published through Smith | Doorstop.

Contemporary local poets Kim Moore and Andrew Forster will be reading a selection of their own poetry.

Signed copies of all of the books mentioned in this article will be available at the bookshop. WE very much look forward to welcoming you to some of our future events – these are just a taster of the many we have planned over the coming months. If you would like to get involved with our fortnightly Poetry Reading group led by the Wordsworth Trust give us a ring at the bookshop for further information.

Kim Moore’s collection If We Could Speak Like Wolves was chosen as an Independent Book of the Year in 2012 and was shortlisted for the Michael Marks Pamphlet Award and the Lakeland Book of the Year Award. Some of you may also know Andrew Forster

Wordsworth Bookshop and Coffee House, 8 St Andrew’s Churchyard, Penrith CA11 7YE

Tuesday 24th June at 7.30pm


By Andrea Dennison

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Maybe They Plateaued By Zoe Badder

At first glance, Downhill looks like a lower budget version of The World’s End (the film starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) but with no aliens and more views of the countryside. And on the surface, you wouldn’t be far wrong. The story follows four men in their forties, who have all reunited for the first time since their school days to do the Coast to Coast walk, starting in St Bees and ending up in Robin Hood’s Bay. That’s a real walk as well, which adds to the realism of the film. The foursome is made up of “team leader” Gordon (Richard Lumsden), Steve (Jeremy Swift), Julian (Ned Dennehy) and Keith (Karl Theobald). That’s the basic idea, but it’s not as simple as that. As they trek through the Cumbrian landscape and stop at pubs along the way, their characters emerge in a wonderfully unprocessed way, not in the contrived way bigger films often do the ‘big emotional reveal’. The tiny but beautiful moments of overheard phone calls to people back home, alcohol influenced honesty and ‘for the camera’ discussions over a full English breakfast show their true colours wonderfully and gradually, and even at the end we are still left wanting to know more about each of them, even if we know all we needed to for the story. The whole journey is filmed by Gordon’s 20 year old son Luke, and the camerawork does an excellent job of making this believable while still keeping the quality needed to ensure a pleasant watch for the audience. The film ‘Once’ springs to mind, which was a low budget film with ‘home video style’ camerawork, but that was slightly too shaky and low quality for my liking (which was maybe the intention) so I was pleased that

Downhill did not do the same. There is also a running joke where Gordon has to keep reminding the others, his son and sometimes even himself that Luke is merely a “fly on the wall” and should remain invisible, and this kept me smiling all the way through. My first reaction to the cast was the terrible sort of excitement you get when you see an actor that has previously been in one of your favourite shows. I am speaking of my reaction upon seeing Karl Theobald, as he played the villain in Series 2 of Primeval, and I’ve not seen him in anything else since, so that was a great point-at-the-screen-and-say-”That’s him!” moment for me! It automatically made him my favourite character before I had even got to know any of them! I also noticed that Jeremy Swift has been in one of my favourite episodes of MI High, and I recognised Richard Lumsden too, but I couldn’t place where I had seen him before (upon investigation online, I realised he had been in the wonderful show that is By Any Means). I had to also grin widely when I recognised places in the film that I’ve been, such as The White Lion at Patterdale, Robin Hood’s Bay and breathtaking views of the Lake District landscape. I must admit, I was scanning the faces of people in the background to see if I recognised anyone (I didn’t), but it did give me an interesting thought. I can only assume, though I don’t know for certain, that from the looks on their faces those people in the background didn’t know there was an actual film being filmed, they just thought those four men and the person filming them were just five friends. There is an excellent scene where Keith is rather intoxicated, standing up and talking at a generous volume in The White Lion, and folk at the bar behind him are either terribly good actors or reacting genuinely to his outburst. And I think, as they weren’t credited, they are not actors, but normal members of the public. This, to me, made it all the more amusing. Each day of their journey has its own ‘chapter’ in the film, introduced by a lovely style of animated artwork showing a map of the day’s intended route and drawings of the characters and the perils they


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face each day. It’s does a nice job of organising the film into its time frame, and there’s always a quote to watch out for at the beginning of each chapter. “Impossible is nothing.” The film does a good job also of presenting friendship across the years. They don’t all understand each other as well as they once did, they fall out and complain and blame each other, and they have their own battles to fight, but the bond they shared when they were sixteen is still strong, even if they say it’s only for “old time’s sake”. They may not have managed to go up in their lives during the course of the film, but though it would have been easy to, they didn’t go downhill either, because they had each other to keep them steady. I think maybe they plateaued. The ‘fly on the wall’ element really helps to make their journey believable. In fact, if I hadn’t seen the actors in anything else, I really would struggle to believe they were actors. There’s something awkwardly natural about the way Keith and Steve comfort Gordon when he’s down (even down to the way Jeremy Swift is standing), there’s the relatable comedy of Julian mocking Keith in the background of the shot as he’s being interviewed, and best of all, the fourth wall is broken so many times it barely even exists. I really felt like I was on the journey with them, and I had a tear in my eye towards the end of the film. A tear of pride and

happiness, and a little bit sadness at it almost being over. The film only lasts the length of the walk, so I don’t know what happened to them afterwards and if their problems got resolved or not, which disappointed me slightly but I can see why it ended how it did, because that’s how stories can end in real life. We lose touch with people, we go our separate ways and never quite manage to find out the rest of their story. But despite wanting to know more, the story still had the most perfect closure and the last line before the credits from Luke behind the camera sums the film up perfectly; “It’s just my dad. My dad and his mates”. It’s not about alien invasions, or death-defying stunts. It’s not full of expensive special effects or Hollywood stars. It’s not scripted like a blockbuster, or filmed from twenty different angles. It’s about real people, real lives and real life issues, filmed in a real way that gets you closer to the characters than you can ever get in most other films. So Downhill may look like a cheaper version of The World’s End, or a middle-aged version of The Inbetweeners, but it’s got more heart and soul than both of them put together. Downhill is released in cinemas on the 30th of May and the premiere is being held at Zeffirelli’s in Ambleside on the 27th.

w FR h E Of en E H fe yo ob rE u nd spe and s nd E 31 o xt st v r M er act ay £3 or 20 50 14 0

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07922 636840

to arrange a convenient, no-obligation home visit. Visit our showroom: 3 Brewery Lane, New Squares, Penrith, CA11 7BU

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Our Story about Ryan

Release the Potent

Ryan was born on 3rd October 2010, weighing 2lbs 8oz, two months early, by emergency caesarean due to being breach.

In last month’s Cumbrian Local and seen in local press from the start of the year, the debate continues. It’s round three in the Town quiz of whether the people of Penrith will get to decide on whether they believe a town council is needed.

He was taken to a special care unit and he was resuscitated twice then placed on a ventilator as he was unable to breath for himself. He had to have a chest drain inserted due to a collapsed lung. He was then transferred to the RVI in Newcastle where he was incubated and remained on a ventilator. He was receiving antibiotics as he had oedema. An air bubble popped in his lungs which caused his organs to be pushed to one side. He was on steroids to support his lungs. He was unable to take food orally for the first three months and had to be tube fed. In January 2011 he was transferred back to Carlisle hospital and finally allowed home. Ryan is still on oxygen 24 hours a day. He has arrested several times at home and his father David had to resuscitate him. Ryan is now 3 years old and he receives regular physiotherapy and lots of medication several times throughout the day. He needs 24 hour care which his mother Debbie and nana Joyce do. There is still no official diagnosis for Ryan’s condition. He is also deaf and sufferers severe muscle spasms. He is still unable to take food orally, so is still tube fed. He is a regular visitor to the Cumberland Infirmary’s Children’s Ward and the RVI at Newcastle which is where he is at the moment. Nobody knows what the future will bring for Ryan but we do several fund raising events to raise money to get the equipment needed to make Ryan’s life as happy and as comfortable as can possibly be. His home needs to be adapted to cater for this, which costs a lot of money. His parents have had to fight hard for everything that Ryan’s needs. Funds have been put in place for the pod extensions needed to make home life better, but red tape still stops it going ahead. He needs special wheel chairs and standing aids but these need to be changed regularly as Ryan grows. Ryan is getting a big boy and as he is unable to use his legs. He has to be carried up and down stairs which is not safe for him or his parents. Even bath time is a challenge. You can help Ryan by donating what you can afford into the Eden Stone Emporium. The opening evening may be over, but life carries on. CumbrianLocal

Supporting Ryan

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Interestingly enough, it’s not a quiz, because in a quiz, the quiz master always has the answers and this seems to be a problem. There have always been many questions thrown in that are often not answered. The information is either not available or the timescale set in the process is not long enough to gather the information. The People of Penrith will be served up a cost for a town council, but will they be given the information on how many services, currently run by the District Council that could otherwise be Town services that generate these costs, actually not only go towards covering these costs but actually put money in the pot for the people of Penrith to invest in its town’s future. If we know how much revenue can be generated by a town council and how much revenue can be invested by a town council back into the town, then the balance sheet might look a little different. It was on 23 April 2012 that an Eden District Council Scrutiny group ‘Review of proposals for a Penrith Town Council’ commenced. The current status on the Eden District website Source scrutiny/scrutiny-reviews/scrutiny-reviews-list shows the status as current. I have contacted the Scrutiny Office at EDC and asked the question in relation to the report. After all, it was the findings in this

CumbrianLocal • 23

tial of the People

Recently I received an email from Donald at Sound Advice. It was a simple request, which I was only too please to help with as my grandmother (age 89) is one of many who benefits from the team at Sound Advice Cumbria in Penrith

report that led to the EDC Democratic and Legal Services Department press releasing the request for someone to accept the offer of starting an online petition to gain public opinion.

His message Sound Advice Cumbria - We Need Your Help – Please Call Us

In 2006 there was a Scrutiny Group report produced titled ‘Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating a Town Council’. The report is available to download from the Eden District website. The report ‘concludes’ with many questions not answered. It also uses the term ‘guessing’ relating to questions not answered. The status on this review is completed. The truth is there is so much information, but the answers to questions and the important information you need, isn’t there. When it is put to people what the cost of a town council would be, it is also presented as the cost to Band D. What the people need to know is the cost, but also the cost for all Council tax bands and also, how many properties are in each. This presented with how much revenue is raised through otherwise town services run by Eden District and where this money is spent. The comparisons made at a local level as to how much money can be made and saved by local people that are in tune with their town, could not only save money but also help the district in areas where it is simply undersourced in resources and funding. From 19th to 23rd May, it is ‘Create A Council Week’ campaign. It is driven by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC). ‘Create A Council Week’ is set to become the largest celebration of neighbourhood (community, parish, town and village) democracy, inspiring people and communities to join 9000 other councils to improve people’s lives.

Sound Advice Cumbria

Statistically, 1 in 7 people have a hearing problem: so it’s more than likely you have a family member or friend that has a need for a hearing aid. Sound Advice Cumbria (run as a charity) is a ‘drop-in centre’ for the hard of hearing. With this article we are hoping to encourage new volunteers to join us. We operate from 3 sites in Penrith, Keswick and Appleby. Currently there is a pool of around 16 volunteers who staff the centres. In most cases the only alternative to using the drop-in centres is to attend the Audiology unit at The North Cumbria University Hospital in Carlisle. Most visitors to our centres will be attended to within 10 minutes, during which the volunteers can exchange old batteries for new, re-tube hearing aids and give advice on using hearing aids. We can also demonstrate many pieces of equipment such as amplifiers that can help with listening to TV / radio, loud / flashing door bells and amplified / text telephones. As you can imagine, the services we provide are very popular. Currently we have a requirement for 30 volunteer sessions per month to staff the centres, each of which lasts around 2 to 3 hours. If you can help or know anyone who may like to help, would you please contact Lorna on 01768 864139. You will always be working with another volunteer and training will be given where necessary.

The ‘drop-in centres’ are held at: Unit 1 Mostyn Hall, Friargate, Penrith CA11 7XR. Thursdays 4 pm to 6 pm – Fridays 10 am to 3 pm

Tel: 01768 895553 Email: Web Site: Keswick Hospital. Second Wednesday of the month 9 am to noon Appleby Health Centre. First Thursday of the month 1 pm to 3.30 pm The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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A great day out day out A great for all theforfamily all the family


So Many Choices... But here is another simple one….. When the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly boards arrive, how would you like to win the first Monopoly out of the box and with it, your very own set of traditional Monopoly pieces made of solid silver? You will not see many of these and there may be an opportunity to buy a silver set at some point which will be in the region of £375. It’s one raffle, one prize and the draw will take place live on Eden FM 107.5 at 1pm on 5th July 2014 at the Skelton Show.

Raffle Tickets are £1 and at the moment they are available from:-

Cumbria. Tel: 01768 864214 Fax: 01768 890485 Ullswater 864214 Fax: • 01768 890485 Road Garage, Penrith

• Eden FM Radio, Ullswater Road, Penrith • Cumbria SsangYong, Ullswater Road • Maggies Bakery, Penrith

An extensive summer of livestock, vintage vehicles, sheepdog trials, tents filled with handicrafts and fine produce, terrier races, showjumping and all manner of trade stands begins at 1pm on Wednesday 21st May, when Mungrisdale Swaledale Ram Show ushers in not just the first sheep show of the year, but also the first agricultural show of the year. Keswick www.skelto Herdwick Ram Fair follows on Thursday 22nd May and Stainmore Swaledale Sheep Show on Saturday 7th June.

Saturday Saturday 3rd July List of Pr List of Premiums

The first major show of the summer is at Carlisle Racecourse on Saturday 14th June, as the Cumberland County Show marks its 176th event. Greenholme Show takes place on the same day.

• The Red Rooster, Penrith • Jacksons Butchers, Penrith • WilkesGreenHill, Penrith • Tatty Tim, Penrith • Lonsdale Alhambra, Penrith • Indiagate, Penrith • Harpers Toys, Penrith • Jim Walton, Penrith • The Boot & Shoe Greystoke • Crown Inn, Pooley Bridge Check out the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly Facebook for more locations in Appleby-inWestmorland, Lazonby, Langwathby, Little Salkeld, Great Salkeld, Kirkby Stephen, Clifton, Culgaith & more. CumbrianLocal

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July begins with Skelton Show at Hutton-in-the-Forest on Saturday 5th and ends with Penrith Show on Saturday 26th – This is the 180th Penrith Show. Livestock and entertainment for all the family is the key to Dalston Show, taking place Saturday 9th August. Also that weekend is the Lowther Horse Carriage Driving Trials. The Barley Field, near the Golf Course, is the location of Appleby Show, taking place on Saturday 16th August. The following week includes shows at Hawkshead (Tuesday 19th), Brough

this summer (Thursday 21st), Ravenstonedale and Patterdale Dog Day (both Saturday 23rd).

CumbrianLocal • 25

The Heart of Your Home

The summer fields continue to host shows on Bank Holiday Monday, 25th August, at Keswick; Thursday 28th at Crosby Ravensworth and on Saturday 30th is Hesket-New-Market Show and the “Fellside Royal” – Dufton Show.

lage Show”

The summer show schedule comes to a close in September, with Alston Show on Saturday 6th and the Westmorland County Show at Crooklands on Thursday 11th. The final show is Sunday 21st September at Borrowdale. Take pride in the countryside this summer and do enjoy the shows.

July 2010


At Hearth & Home we supply and install fires and fireplaces as well as stoves We have a vast range of gas, solid fuel or electric fires available with everything from traditional to contemporary and can design something to become the heart of your home. For all you essential accessories, the maintenance and cleaning of your fire or stove we have every thing you’ll need in our showroom and shop, along with sound and safe advice

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Hearth & Home (CumbriaLtd )

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As lead singer in AC/DC, Brian Johnson is used to dangerous, high-octane rock n roll music (not to mention the lifestyle that goes with it). But the Gateshead born 64-year-old also gets his hazardous kicks from his other love - speed racing vintage sports cars. When Freeview channel Quest approached Brian Johnson to make a series, Cars That Rock, about his relationship with four wheels, he positively jumped at the chance. “They came over to see me in Arizona and we went for coffee and the producer asked if I’d like to do a six part series on cars. I said I didn’t want to do just another car show with flames coming out of my arse, a general thing, I would like to do it about the people that build the cars, who built them in the early years, the pioneers, the vision that they had, the dreamers. These cars are still being made. I couldn’t believe they were going to let me loose on the television screen!” They may have let him loose, but for someone whose personality comprises what you might expect from the singer of the biggest rock band in the world - extroverted, bold and very funny - it took Johnson a while to convert to TV presenter. CumbrianLocal

“I told them I was a little bit nervous about doing this. First of all, my accent is a little hard to understand in certain parts of the world. But they said, ‘Brian, you’re fine’. And once I got started it was great. I had to pick six iconic cars that I thought have had a big impact on the world and that was harder than I thought. “Watching documentaries is one thing, but suddenly you have to do research, and think of things to say. The first thing I said about Rolls Royce, I’ll never forget. I walked down the stairs… ‘action’… (puts on very droll, boring RP voice) ‘in 1905, Charles Royce and Henry Rolls met for dinner at the Midlands Hotel in Manchester….’ ‘Er can you do that again’? Then, you suddenly realise what you need to do. They walked us through it, just let us gabble on”. Gabbling on is something Johnson is very good at: ask him about the roots of his love of cars and expect an enthusiastic answer.

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

CumbrianLocal • 27

“I was interested in cars because there weren’t any in our street. Regular guys didn’t have cars. This was the early 50’s and there was petrol rationing, they were expensive. It was the same for any young kid, especially in the early 60’s, that was all getting exciting and Sterling Moss was about and the Brits were just the best. We had the best pop music with the Beatles, we had the best cars with the Mini and everybody loved Britain and wanted to be in England.” Given his first car, a Ford Popular, by his father at 17 (“it was a horrible car, but for me it was freedom”) it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that Johnson took his love of cars up another level into speed racing. Before buying cars as renowned as Royal RP 4, Lola T70 Mark 1 and The Pillbeam, Johnson cut his racing teeth with a Cortina Mark 1. Not that his first foray went too well. “I took it out for the first time in Road Atlanta and I crashed, 90mph, rolled over and had to get cut out. But I did get a helicopter ride to the medical centre, which was fun! But no, the rain came down and we were so unprepared. We didn’t have rain tyres, we didn’t even have a wiper on the bloody thing! A Georgia downpour is a vicious thing, we couldn’t see a thing”. He has raced the world over ever since - “Seebring and Brans Hatch are my favourite tracks” – and finds the unmistakable thrill that he gets from putting his pedal to the metal akin to that he gets from belting out the rocking AC/ DC classics in front of thousands of people. “To me, it seems so bloody obvious. Everybody else is just getting it. The crowd, the noise, the excitement, the finish line, the end of the show - it all goes together. When there are 100,000 cheering it is such a rush. When they are cheering for you and it is a personal, special thing there is nothing that can beat that. But it comes a close second when you’re standing at the starting line with about 40 V6’s and V8’s from the 60’s and 70’s, I mean big stonking roaring gits like McLaren and Lola’s and Chevrons. And when that flag drops - oh! It’s like Zeus breaking wind - it’s just ridiculous!” Cars that Rock with Brian Johnson airs on Thursdays at 9pm on Quest from 8th May (Freeview 38, Sky 167, Virgin Media 172)

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Red Pike Buttermere Peaks & Pathways Nick Wells

Red Pike stands on the west side of Lake Buttermere in Lakelands western fells and this area holds a special place in my heart, as this is where it all started for me.

Red Pike, this part of the walk is long and uneventfull, however, I was rewarded with some spectacular views as I reached Lincomb Edge.

I can usually find a parking slot somewhere in Buttermere village, or there is a pay and display behind the Pub. Whilst putting on my walking boots, I was carefully supervised by a recently shorn Herdwick ewe and her lamb, leaving them behind I set off down the path behind the pub towards the northern end of Lake Buttermere. At this point the view of Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike accross the lake is only worthy of the deserving, and probably my favourate of all views.

After taking in the views of Lake Buttermere and Crummock water, I headed along the ridge and then up the final steep push to the summit of Red Pike. The mountain is given its rich red colouring by the presence of Syenite in the rock and subsoil of the fell. Looking towards the two lakes, High Stile stood next to me on my right, reachable buy a short ridge, then in front, and several hundred feet below is Bleaberry Tarn.

the flatland to Crummock Water which is only a couple of hundred yards wide.

Enclosed between and below the two peaks, and after a very steep descent, I reached the Tarn and took a well earned rest. After several minuits Oscar’s impatient barking echoed around me, this being the cue to carry on.

I headed left accross some fairly boggy terrain before reaching the steep ascent to Scale Force. The path zigzags upward and eventually I came to the waterfall of Scale Force, which is worth a closer look, the gorge is very slippery and it’s fairly hard to get near to the falls proper. After that, I took the zigzagged stepped path to the left of the falls and carried on up. The path then took me up by the stream, before turning left towards

The concave amphitheatre shape which surrounds the tarn, is open on the downhill side and I followed the Tarn’s stream down for about another thousand feet or so, through Burtness wood and back to where I turned right for Crummock Water earlier. Then a short walk heading back to the car in Buttermere.

Walking toward the fell I turned right at the bottom of Red Tarn’s stream, and onto

This walk is about seven miles in all and took me five hours. I would grade it easy to moderate. This is also one of my favourate walks so far.

37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383


The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30

CumbrianLocal • 29

The Wainwright Society Challenges Every year since 2005, the Society has organised an annual Challenge event. This has now become a Charity Challenge and over the past few years several thousand pounds has been raised for local charities, based mainly in Cumbria. The first Challenge was simple in concept: put a Society member on the summit of every Lakeland fell in Wainwright’s seven Pictorial Guides and Outlying Fells books. Dubbed The Great Lakeland Challenge, it enabled the Society to double its membership and had some well-known participants such as Sir Chris Bonington and Lord Clark of Windermere. Three further Challenges raised funds for two Mountain Rescue Teams (Keswick and Cockermouth) and the Search & Rescue Dogs Association (SARDA). For Keswick MRT, the Challenge was called Everest the Easy Way. It involved members climbing Skiddaw from Keswick – every ten ascents being equivalent to an ascent of Mount Everest! For Cockermouth MRT, the Challenge (The North Western Ascents) was to climb all the routes of ascent described by Wainwright in The North Western Fells. And, for SARDA, it was The 214 Challenge – climbing all the 214 fells in the Pictorial Guides. Since 2011, the Society has chosen an annual beneficiary with funds raised by the Challenge and sales of the Society Calendar being donated to The Calvert Trust (2011), Cumbria Wildlife Trust (2012) and the Coast to Coast walk (2013).



Tl 01685 388888 w w w. s t e p h e n s a n d g e o r g e . c o . u k




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As well as raising money through donations by Society members, additional funds have been raised through sales of books, written by the members describing their Challenge walks. To date, a total of six books have been published and copies of all but the first can be purchased from the Society’s website. The Challenge is now firmly established as an important part of the Society’s charity work and this year is no exception. The Society is celebrating Wainwright’s love of ridge walking by walking all the ridge routes depicted in Books 1 - 3 of the Pictorial Guides. The 84 ridge routes will be walked in May and a significant sum has been donated by Society members. This money will be presented to our beneficiary, the Brathay Exploration Group, after a walk from Gibson Knott to Helm Crag by Society members on the final day of the Challenge. If you would like to know more about The Wainwright Society, log on to the website at uk or email Derek Cockell Secretary, The Wainwright Society


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I Promise By Caroline Gunning

Every year Scouts throughout the UK renew their Promises on or around St George’s Day. Last year 1st Appleby-in-Westmorland went up Dufton Pike and let fly the Union Flag. This year they decided to build a pontoon raft, float out onto the River Eden and renew their Promises with as many members of the Group aboard as possible. The Scouts and older Cubs constructed the pontoon and the Beavers built two flag poles to fly the flags of Westmorland and World Scouting. The Group haven’t yet decided what they’ll do next year. There are places available in all sections, including Young Leaders, and we’re always happy to welcome leaders or committee members to join our friendly group to help us continue delivering a varied programme that is a mix of the silly and the serious. Contact Caroline,

Jacksons Family Butchers Call Frank on

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StobarS Hall residential Home

The aim of Stobars Hall is to offer our guests maximum independence in order that they can lead full and varied lives, cared for by trained staff who provide physical, emotional and social support every hour of the day. If you would like further details, or a simply chat about life at Stobars Hall, please telephone Euan or Beryl on Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4HD 017683 71291 Stobars Hall, CumbrianLocal

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Having a barbecue? Need some Gas? Need some charcoal?

Welcome to Ullswater Road Garage • 24 Hour Breakdown Recovery • Vehicle Diagnostics • Car Wash/Jet Wash • Petrol Forecourt - With LPG • Convenient and easy parking Situated east of Junction 40 on the A592 (Ullswater Road), which takes you into Penrith, we have the garage, which is convenient for all your everyday and weekly essentials and more. If you’re on holiday, you don’t want to be in a supermarket car park or queue. Save that moment for when you get home. Self catering, camping and those provisions for your day out or your walk.

OPENING TIMES Sunday 8am - 24 hours Monday 24 hours

Dairy, cooked meats, bakery, ready meals, pies, pastries, pizzas, sandwiches, fruit, veg and salad are all available. Everyday non perishables, non foods, pet foods, beers, wines and spirits and soft drinks are also available. Is it just like a supermarket? Well the prices are but the car parking and queuing aren’t, so drive in and fill up!

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Newspapers and magazines, special offers throughout the summer. Your oasis for this summer is Ullswater Road Garage

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