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New Toyota Corolla Design 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1.8VVTI HYBRID 122HP AUTOMATIC. by Lee Quinn

At the end of February, many of us were reminiscing about the weather this time last year, recalling how cold it was then and how it was 27 degrees higher than the same time last year, taking into consideration we were in the minus Celsius situation in 2018! It was in fact on 27th February 2018 that I took a Toyota RAV4 for a test drive, on and off road and it turns out I got a call from Alan Walton of Jim Walton, Penrith on the same day this year, asking me if I could take the new Toyota Corolla 1.8 Hybrid Synergy Drive 5 Door Automatic 122HP out for a drive and get some pictures. "Where is it I asked?" "They are just unloading it Alan replied". By 5pm it was unloaded and I was handed a 63 page presentation on this new straight off the car transporter vehicle. I pointed out to Alan there was a lot to. Alan’s response was, “That’s okay there’s a lot of pictures!”

longer as pleasing on the eye. Distinct lines, curves and nothing poking out, it has an individual style. This theme continues in the interior design. Its consistency in its style lines, feels good to touch as it features synthetic leather rather than soft plastics. Its re-engineered seating position gives greater comfort and a higher seat with a better view of the road. This car has had its centre of gravity lowered, which you notice as it improves all aspects of the drive and ride comfort. It has a new double wishbone rear suspension that absorbs the bumps in the road giving you a flat ride. The new 1.8-1 Hybrid engine is the same featured in the Prius and C-HR.

The first in the New Generation of the Corolla family has now arrived at Jim Walton Toyota of Penrith. It will be available in 3 different body styles. For now, in the showroom we have the Sporty Hatch. You can look at this car and take it for a drive of course but can you compare it? The first thing you notice is the eye-catching design. Modern cars have been pushed and pulled in so many directions that some are no 2 • EdenLocal

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The Corolla safety includes carryover features with new upgrades like Pre-Collision System (PCS), Adapted Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Departure alert (LDA), Road Sign Assist (RSA) and Automatic High Beam (AHB). On the new Toyota Safety Sense Features we have an Accident Avoidance – Night-time Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection and with the Advance Drive assistance we have the full-range Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Trace Assist working together. It would seem as standard all the boxes are ticked on this Corolla. On the dashboard

we have a new 7” TFT (thin-filmtransistor liquid-crystal display) which allows the driver to swap between digital and analogue.

Call 01768 864555 and book your test drive today.

Price from £21,300 to £31,300

Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN 01768 864555 • The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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Peter Andre Meets Local Celebrity by Lee Quinn



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Ingrid Grayling

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Rates of Pay & Holiday Pay by Quinn HR


In the Frame by Lee Quinn


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ConserVClean Page 15 Behind the Noise by Lee Quinn

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Living as an 18 Year Old! by Emily Quinn

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A Counter Proposal By Lee Quinn

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Steve’s Story (Part Two) by Lee Quinn

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Switching on Carlisle by Lee Quinn


Current & Local News by Lee Quinn

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The Junk Food Experiment by Lee Quinn


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Happy Chaps at Shap



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Pennine Pods Page 32

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Welcome to your March Eden Local It’s the bit I enjoy, welcoming you to your March Eden Local, whilst also in the back of my mind I’m thinking, that’s another magazine completed, we’re off to print! No sooner had the February magazine gone to print, I found myself out and about on a wonderful sunny morning in Lowther, going to meet Ingrid Grayling, her daughter and granddaughter. All I can say for now is we talked and talked and I’m pretty sure there’ll be more to follow up with Ingrid. I have many highlights from February. Making a call to Peter Andre’s agent in a place called Cowfold in Surrey, was well worth it for a special neighbour who many of you know. Meanwhile, just a few days from print, we still had new businesses signing up, and as the magazine process from design to print and delivery is all controlled in house, we

Ingrid Grayling

Steven Wallace & Alan Walton do have some flexibility. On the increase is enquiries. I asked a friend, “what have I done to make this happen?” “Exactly what you have always done,” he replied. I find that with a lot of the people I meet. On our front cover we have Alan Walton and Steven Wallace. I first spoke to Alan when I was on holiday in Greece in 2012; I’d left my phone on by mistake, I answered and that was our first conversation! On pages 2 and 3, here we are with the new design Toyota Corolla. Many of us in the week leading up to print were reminiscing on the weather and this time last year, how cold it was then -7 degrees and how it has been recently +20 degrees. I jot things down in my diary; not necessarily things that I plan in the future, but things that are happening currently, which I transfer into my new diary.

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So, thank you to those businesses supporting this month’s Eden Local, making it a free publication. I understand we have more joining next month. I estimate I have been engaging with over 80 organisations in February with the teams I work with via the magazine and the radio. In businesses and organisations, I worked out the other day, it could be 20-30 people in a day when I am in the office; that’s physically talking, but on emails, text and social media, the figure is much higher. If I’m out and about, it can run in to hundreds in any one day. So, don’t be concerned if you can’t get me immediately on one of the five emails I have or on one of the four phone numbers that I am contactable on. By the time a few of you are reading this, Purdah could be imposed on the District and Parish Councillors standing in the local elections, meaning those in positions cannot be seen in or heard on local media, as it is seen to be for self-gain and voters. In recent news, another Councillor resigned at Penrith Council, leaving just 8 in office with 19 seats. It’s almost irrelevant just weeks away from the nominations coming in for these wishing to stand as councillors, but with so many seats available in parishes and at district uncontested, this will feature in the April Eden Local, along the lines of why you would want to vote for a councillor and why or why you wouldn’t? I’ll be presenting some snippets from people in the street, so please write to me at before 4th April. Looking through our March Eden Local, we do have some new businesses. Thank you to all those who have chosen Eden Local

this month. Thank you to all those helping hands! Off on a tangent, I worked out that including family, friends and businesses, that’s 9 or 10 people within about 5 minutes from my office. We also have an update on our radio recruitment morning in Appleby. Congratulations are in order for the Shap Chippy. Stephen’s Story, part two continues and that was some second interview, but what a great new member to the Eden FM Team.

Matt and Ashley Phillips If you remember, I did confess recently that I had started running and playing football again. Well, it’s on hold due to an injury which has set me back. On the upside, with a passion for football and an FA coaching badge which I acquired some years ago going to waste, I was approached by a local mens’ football team who play on Saturdays, to ‘maybe’ consider a position which would involve me shouting a lot from a touch line

Help deliver your Eden Local Routes from £10 to £120

Call 01768 862394 6 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

on Saturday afternoons and I have to be honest, it was Mrs Q and the girls that said it’s something I probably should do so I’ll keep you posted on this! We have included some recent news which came in on the day of print. I have spent quite a lot of time on the debate about the relocation of the Penrith Post Office, which I hope throws some light on this after several conversations with the Post Office Head Office in London. This was spurred on by my local MP asking me and 1000’s of other people, I imagine, to sign a petition. So, before I move into April, I have added a small reminder as a free publication for the community we serve and which is posted through doors in Penrith and the villages around it. We’ve also started deliveries to areas of Appleby and Carlisle. We do have to run on a very tight budget and with affordable advertising and more support, we will make it in to year 10, which isn’t that far away. We have for many years supported local charities and organisations with free space to promote events and allowed text to help spread good news. Unlike the local paper we do not charge our readers. We have now introduced new rates that are available on application, which is at

PODIATRY/ CHIROPODY Available at Penrith Leisure Centre with James Pittam Health and Fitness

Tel. 07812 217302 or 01768 840084

a non-commercial price for local groups. This is on the basis that over the last 12 months we have run out of space for free entries most months as our space is limited. To guarantee spaces, we can accommodate most even for a small charge, although we will still share the space we have to small groups and charities generally run by volunteers. A new price is available on www. website along with all of our contact details for enquires and other correspondence. So, to conclude, it’s probably the first time we have had Pods and Podcasting in the magazine, both totally different entities but both very innovative! Until next month. Lee

60 Years Repairing Radio & TV Visit Bakewell's today for the all round experience 9 Market Square, Penrith

01768 862319 The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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Peter Andre Meets Local Celebrity 'Mysterious Girl' by Lee Quinn Peter Andre's second studio album was released, reaching number 1 on the UK Albums Chart, which included hit single "Mysterious Girl” that peaked at number 2 in the UK Singles Chart. Lisa had a gallery of posters on her walls and a scrap book that had to be shared. Sometimes you just make a decision, so first I sent an email and then made the call. The day before Lisa was off to the concert, we let her know she would actually be meeting Peter.

We see a lot of good people around us who have so much drive and enthusiasm towards helping others and raising money for good causes. You could say there are those that don’t get the recognition they deserve for what they do - only from close friends and family and of course, the people they spend hours with raising funds. One evening I was working a late night in front of my screen and a message popped up on my social media about one of my neighbours. How many people ‘do not know’ Lisa Wong-Bamber? She worked in the old Penrith Co-op in Burrowgate for 24 years, but you may have seen her in more recent years in photos presenting some big cheques for charities.

So, what did Lisa have to say…. well, Lisa along with her sister and brother-in-law got to meet Peter and Lisa also had the opportunity to share her scrap book with Peter! Lisa also gave him a bracelet she had made, which he wore throughout the concert and of course he signed her scrap book. She was given a copy of his latest book which he also signed. They also had time to sit in on the sound checks before they were shown to their new upgraded seats. Peter enjoyed it so much he insisted on having a selfie and asked our local celebrity to join him in other photos. By all accounts a good night was had by all!

However, on this occasion the message I saw was from her mum, Edith, who happened to mention that Lisa in the weeks that followed would be attending the Peter Andre concert in Carlisle at the Sands Centre, as her sister Claire and brother-in-law Craig had got Lisa the tickets for Christmas. The dream was to see her idol, who she had been following I estimated since September 1996, when 8 • EdenLocal

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Well I never...! This month there is going to be ‘no barking up the wrong tree’ and I’m not going to give you a ‘cock and bull story’ about the origins of these phrases. It will be the ‘real McCoy’; so everything will be ‘tickety-boo’! To ‘bark up the wrong tree’ is a well known saying to express the idea that something is totally wrong or an action is not going to be successful. The phrase it appears, dates back to the 1800’s and the sport of raccoon hunting in America. The hunting hounds are especially trained to identify and mark the tree in which the hunted raccoon takes shelter. As the hunting takes place at night the hounds mark and howl at the base of the tree to indicate to the hunters where the quarry has hidden. If the dogs mark the wrong tree and therefore ‘bark up the wrong tree’, so taking the hunter to the incorrect place, the fortunate raccoon is able to escape. By the early 19th century the expression increased in popularity even being used by the ‘King of the Wild Frontier’ himself: Davey Crockett! That explanation is no ‘Cock and Bull’ story but the origins of this particular saying are often disputed. One theory goes back to the 17th century and the days of travelling by coach and horse. It has been suggested that as the London coach changed horses at the Bull Inn at a place called Stoney Stratford on what is now the A5, and the Birmingham coach at the Cock Inn, passengers would spend time exchanging stories and jokes with the tales becoming increasingly expansive and exaggerated as the Inns rivalaries increased! There are other suggestions that the phrase refers to ancient tales and fables of times when animals talked with each other, or the French phrase ‘coq et l’âne’ (cockerel and donkey) where a fanciful tale is passed from one person to another. Whatever the background in modern day phraseology it is often shortened simply to ‘bull’ or ‘what a load of bull’ discreetly avoiding the full word...for politeness sake here let’s just say ‘bull-poop’! The ‘Real McCoy’ originated in Scotland and is recorded in the Scottish National Dictionary in 1856

as part of the phrase ‘a drap of the real Mackay’ referring to a longstanding and ancient family name. In the late 1800’s the export of Mackay whisky to America resulted in the phrase being used as an advertising slogan. Around 10 years after the slogan was in regular usage it was applied and adapted to refer to a famous boxer of the time Kid ‘the real’ McCoy. The spelling has remained McCoy ever since. So that’s every thing explained and tickety-boo; which may refer to the practice of charities in the 19th century distributing tickets to those in need for things such as soup, coal and clothing which led to the phrase ‘that’s the ticket’ or it may be attributed to the days of the British Army in India and the adaptation of the Hindi phrase ‘tikai babu’ - ‘it’s alright,sir’ You decide! More next month...! References: PARKINSON, J. Spilling the Beans on the Cat’s Pyjamas. London:Michael O’Mara Books Ltd. 2009

FINESSE JEWELLERY Vintage, Antique & Collectables

43 Middlegate, Penrith 01768 895244 10 • EdenLocal

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MARVIN’S JEWELLERS for Fine Jewellery & Watches since 1962 2-3 Angel Lane Penrith 01768 862938

BIRTLE’S SPORTS Covering all Sports & a Specialist Swim sport stockist. Engraving service for sports medals & trophies Central Buildings. Cornmarket, Penrith, CA11 7HT 01768 865129


Ingrid Grayling Does your dog walk to heel? Will your dog sit and stay on command? Does your dog come back to you every time on recall? If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions then a visit to renowned dog trainer and behaviourist, Ingrid Grayling, could be of great benefit to you (and your dog!). West Cumbria is home to Ingrid Grayling who offers dog owners all over the country bespoke dog training courses to suit the individual’s needs. From 1 and 2 days courses to 6 week basic training, Ingrid offers her extensive expertise and over 25 years of knowledge to help dog owners everywhere to train their dogs. The 1 and 2 day courses are highly informative and totally hands on, clients who come on these courses will leave having had a great time learning new and extensive training skills. They will also be armed with the confidence and knowledge to be able to train their dog back in their own environment on a whistle, hand signal and without treats; as well as knowledge of how to handle any problems that may have arisen during the days training program. As well as basic training the day courses include many other aspects of owning a dog, such as nutrition, social skills and behaviour. One local Lancashire resident, Mrs A.Gregg, made the trip to see Ingrid with her dog Rosie and said of the training: “Not having owned a dog for 30 years, I knew when I got Rosie that “we” needed a level of training that would become a way of life for us both. Ingrid is an excellent dog trainer, passionate about what she does with a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of training. She gave me the confidence and guidance to help me train Rosie. Training

with Ingrid is fun with the added bonus of learning so much. The journey from Lancashire to Cumbria was well worth it. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to train their dog to make the trip to see her”.

time together with you and your dog, I am not only passing on my professional advice and skills, but during the course we have quality time to achieve what we need to in a relaxed and focused environment”.

It is important when training your dog not to feel rushed or under pressure which is why Ingrid’s one-to-one training approach is so popular and works so effectively. Ingrid says; “ I believe that spending quality training

If you’d like to learn more about Ingrid Grayling’s courses please visit her website for further information and contact details. 01931 715282

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Rates of Pay and Holiday Pay National Living Wage & National Minimum Wage Annual increases to the National Living Wage (NLW) and the National Minimum Wage (NMW) will take effect on 1 April. Are you prepared and making the necessary changes? Whilst employers are not required to advise employees of the changes to NLW and NMW rates and how they may affect them, it is probably a good idea to do so in order to avoid numerous queries. So, what should you be paying from 1 April?

• The NLW is the minimum pay per hour most workers aged 25 and over are entitled to by law. It will rise to £8.21 (currently £7.83) The NMW is the minimum pay per hour most workers under the age of 25 are entitled to by law. There are different age brackets as follows:

• The adult rate for workers aged 21 and over will rise to £7.70 (currently £7.38) • The youth development rate for workers aged 18 to 20 will rise to £6.15 (currently £5.90)

serious penalties for breaches. Also remember that there may be reasons why your staff may not actually be receiving the correct, minimum rates of pay. This could be: • where they are required to purchase part or

all of a uniform

• you require them to take unpaid breaks or attend meetings unpaid • you make deductions from their wages for work-related events • if you are offsetting benefits in kind against their pay

Holiday Pay Are you paying the correct amount of Holiday Pay? Did you know that if any of your employees work regular overtime, receive on call allowances or perhaps shift premiums (this list is not exhaustive), they may be entitled to a higher amount of average weekly pay than they are currently receiving for the first 20 days of their holiday allowance each year.

• The apprentice rate will rise to £3.90 (currently

Well, I am still meeting many employers who are not paying the right amounts of holiday pay and this is leaving them open to challenge and claims. The law has become much clearer over the last few years in relation to how holiday pay should be calculated, so there really is very little excuse.

Don’t forget it is against the law for employers to pay workers less than the NMW or NLW and there can be

The Government has also now confirmed that the reference period for calculating average weekly pay for the purposes of holiday pay should be extended

• The young workers rate for those aged 16 to 17 will rise to £4.35 (currently £4.20) £3.70)

12 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

from 12 weeks to 52 weeks. This will take effect from 6 April 2020, but you need to think about it now and make any necessary changes to the systems you have in place. I believe this is a sensible move as for most employers, only having to do the calculation once each year has got to be better than every 3 months! If you haven’t already, please get holiday pay up and running as soon as you can, as you are likely to get caught out and claims for backpay can be costly. If you need assistance with setting this up for your organisation or you aren’t sure what should be included in the calculations for holiday pay, please let me know. I’d be happy to help.

How else can I help? Whatever your employment-related query, I am happy to help. The following are typically some of the areas I cover:

• Employee relations – disciplinaries, grievances, whistleblowing, bullying and harassment • Attendance issues – sickness related and other • Performance issues – appraisals, managing poor performance and capability • Staff Handbooks – policies, procedures and standards • Employment contracts – terms and conditions of employment • Recruitment and selection – recruitment exercises and job descriptions

STAND FOR PENRITH TOWN COUNCIL IN THE MAY 2019 ELECTIONS You don’t have to be interested in politics or be a member of a political group to become a Penrith Town Councillor. A passion for Penrith and a desire to make a difference are the key attributes to joining the Council. It takes all sorts of individuals from different parts of the community, of different ages with different life experiences to become a councillor. As a councillor, you can become a voice for your community and affect real change. Town councillors are the most local part of our democratic system and are closest to the public. No special qualifications are needed, and the most important thing is to have a keen interest in Penrith and be prepared to play an active part in the Council’s work. Have a look at the Penrith Town Council website which provides information on the committee structure, frequency of meetings and the activities the Council has been involved in. We also have a Facebook page which you can follow. If you want to know more about being a councillor please come and talk to us. We are open to the public Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm.

• Pay and benefits – pay structures and job evaluation • Reorganisation and redundancy Advice and support can be provided on an ad hoc basis or through a retainer service, where for a small fixed, monthly fee, you can access support as and when you need it.

Unit 1, Church House, 19-24 Friargate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR Tel: 01768 899 773 Email: Web:

I’d be delighted to hear from you, whether you need some immediate advice or whether you would like to discuss ongoing support.

Please contact me at or on 01768 862394. The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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In the Frame by Lee Quinn

At the end of February, I went on a short trip from Penrith to the Old Barn at Skelton and behind a very small door I met Mark Simpson and his brother Jonathan. As I went through the door, I passed the store of long lengths of various timber mouldings, in different shapes, sizes and colours which then led into their studio. A family business now in its second-generation of bespoke framing, between Mark and Jonathan they are just one year off 50 years between them in framing. What do we really know about a craft that dates back to an Egyptian portrait in tomb dating back to 2nd century A.D. in which a Fayum mummy portrait, the modern term given to a type of naturalistic painted portrait on wooden boards, attached to upper class mummies from Roman Egypt was discovered at Hawara? Many of us may have a special photo, a picture, or even signed sports shirts framed on a wall. What is in the frame can have more than a monetary value to us, but is it in the right frame? Is it something we bought already framed, or is it something that was so expensive when bought it that we saved money on the frame? Why do we put things in a frame? Well that is a question and it’s one that I discussed with Mark and Jonathan.

Do you try to fit the frame to the picture or the picture to the frame? I don’t want this to sound complicated, but finding the right colour, texture and border are important; this advice comes with experience and professionalism. I discussed with the brothers not just the types of frames that they make and use but also the types of glass they use, which comes in various levels of UV and light protection grades and at the top of the list are the museum grades of glass. However, as I researched for some pieces to be framed under glass, except for the most disposable and inexpensive posters or temporary displays, the glass must be raised off the surface of the paper. This is done by means of matting, a lining of plastic "spacers". If the paper or surface were to touch the glass directly, any condensation inside the glass would absorb directly into the art, having no room to evaporate. This leads to the art sticking to the glass and allows mildew or mould spores to grow inside the frame. Glass must also be raised for charcoal or pastel, to prevent smudging. I had about an hour with Mark and Jonathan, but to find out if you’ve not only been framed but wrongly framed, requires a small investment of your time to

Mark and Jonathan find out or to see something you cherish not perish. A lot of the work the Simpson brothers do is not just new frames, but also replacement frames, cleaning and refurbishment of frames and restoration; giving something special a revitalised look. Do you make the picture to the frame or the frame to the picture? That and many questions like this can be answered at J & M Simpsons Picture Framing. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please email them anytime or ring them during business hours. Please let them know in advance if you wish to visit, so they can allow sufficient time for your consultation.

Email: Open: Mon-Fri 9-5pm The Old Barn, Skelton, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9SE Tel: 017684 84072

14 • EdenLocal

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“To clear out your gutters and remove the green. Call the professionals - ConserVclean!”



ConserVclean offers a professional cleaning service using state of the art equipment for:  

Specialist Conservatory Cleaning  Cleaning UPVC Gutters & Fascias   Clearing Gutters 

The process, operating safely from the ground,* is captured by video so that you the customer can actually see the work has been professionally completed.** * Gutters and fascias only ** Gutter cleaning only



For a quote please contact ConserVclean on:

01900 871808 or 07821 909 772 The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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Behind the Noise an Introduction by Lee Quinn

For the readers of Eden Local, I always present things that you might not see or hear, especially with quite a number of you that don’t dabble much on the internet. I’ve been following Behind the Noise Podcasts for a short while now and after a recent conversation with Marc Farquhar, who hosts the Cumbrian based podcast called Behind the Noise, I decided to create a snippet of temptation for you to try something new if you haven’t already. Launched in February 2017, Behind the Noise is predominantly a music industry show where Marc sits down face to face in his studio and talks to various people in and around the industry. In 2018 he decided to branch out and also talks to comedians, broadcasters and radio personalities, many of whom are Cumbrian based. Working alongside Marc, hidden from camera, his No 2 and his producer “Tek”, who handles all of the technical aspects of the show. This enables Marc to focus purely on having the best conversation possible with his guests. Tek also pops up on the microphone and surfs the internet during the interviews to source information ad hoc based on whatever topics come up on the show. Tek has

been working on this project since day one and Marc admits he simply couldn’t do the show without him. Late in 2018, Marc expanded the Behind the Noise team and added a booker to help him book the guests for the podcast, as it was becoming more and more time consuming, plus he wanted a more professional approach to how he booked guests for shows. Marc says this has been a game changer and has greatly improved things in terms of time keeping, liaising with guests and sorting the dates, times and the logistics side of things generally. Behind the Noise recently celebrated 2 years and is gaining a larger international audience with regular downloads from

Marc Farquhar over 30 countries, but a large proportion of their audience and guests are Cumbrian based. Some of the guests on the show to date include Glastonbury Festival, The BBC, many international artists, SEE Tickets and other industry companies, but also Cumbrian musicians, Cumbrian comedians, Cumbrian podcasters, Tim Lorton (Tattie Tim) and many others. More recently Marc interviewed Matt Bainbridge and Andrew Elliot from the Alhambra Cinema in Penrith who also have their own film podcast. This was Marc’s 46th podcast and at the time of writing this, he has just released #47 with 48 and 49 already in the pipeline. A musician himself and the founder and frontman of Die No More, a Penrith/Carlisle based metal band who toured all over

16 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

the UK and Europe, in my discussion with Marc I sensed his music is never far away. The Behind the Noise Podcast idea was once maybe thought of as a hobby, but could well be where his future is going based on its success to date, which is growing around the UK and the world, whilst still keeping a spot on his roots in Cumbria. Finally, I asked Marc what he enjoys most about what he does and he told me, "One of the best things about my role as host of Behind the Noise, is the fact that I get to have face to face long form in depth conversations with very talented and creative people, all of different backgrounds and occupations. One of podcasting’s biggest attractions is that it's a much more free medium in that you have no time constraints, advertisers who you have to be sensitive to regarding your content and you are able to take your time and really go deep in to many topics”. I also asked Marc to give me his top 5 episodes. He said, “Here are my thoughts on my favourite 5 episodes over the last 2 years on Behind the Noise, in no particular order:

1. Tim Lorton(Tattie Tim) Episode #41 I had no real expectations before recording this episode as I've spoken to Tim on many occasions and he was a big fan of my band Die No More. But when he sat down in my studio and we got into his history and the story of how he ended up in Penrith and how he met his wife and started their baked potato empire as well as the unbelievable story of how he helped save a woman’s life in Penrith town centre last year made for a pretty special conversation and one which we received great feedback from our audience about.

2. Caroline Robertson(BBC Radio Cumbria) #19 Caroline is the afternoon presenter on BBC radio Cumbria and I knew from listening to her show that she would be a great talker which proved to be true and ended being a really fun conversation. Considering we had never met we instantly clicked and the episode just flowed very smoothly with her telling stories of mishaps on air as well as embarrassing moments with guests and outside broadcasts. It was one of those conversations which just flew by with you even noticing it.

3. Ben Challis(Glastonbury Festival) #18 It was an absolute pleasure talking to Ben who although very busy being an entertainment lawyer and also working with Glastonbury Festival was kind enough to spare some time to join me in my studio to talk about his career and the festival in great detail. I learnt a great deal from this episode and he is a very

knowledgeable guy and great to talk to.

4. Simon Robertshaw(Skaparis Orchestra) #43 I had shared the stage with Simon in our respective bands many times over the previous few years but when I heard he had left a very promising band to pursue a career as a conductor in a symphony orchestra I knew I just had to get him on the show, and he did not disappoint. His story of how just a few short months of starting his own company and symphony orchestra was approached to work with the legend that is Gary Numan is worth listening to alone!

5. Barry Mills(Massive Wagons) #31 Barry is the singer in one of my favourite band who came up around the same time as my own band but has now far and exceeded any expectations. His band Massive Wagons have gone on to sign with one of the biggest independent labels, a fantastic management company, had their latest album chart in the iTunes top 100 album chart and recently sold out many dates on their recent headlining UK tour and to top it all of have just been asked to support Lynard Skynard and Status Quo on a UK arena tour! It was such a great experience getting to spend a couple of hours in his company going through his thoughts on the industry the way it is and discovering what really makes him tick. My thanks to Marc and his team for sharing something special that certainly needs to be shared. So, how do you get to Behind the Noise I hear you ask? Well, there are a number of ways making it very easy, whether you are a podcast listener or not... Website - - This is the main way to directly access the show. From here you can listen or download each episode which is listed chronologically and it also has links to all of the various ways the show can be found on the internet. YouTube - - Every episode is filmed using a 3-camera setup and can be found by simply searching "Behind The Noise Podcast" while on YouTube. Spotify - - If you are already a Spotify user, then you already have full access to Behind The Noise. Just do a search in the app and you will find it. Below are the Apple and Android Apps you can use on your phone to access the podcast. Apple Podcasts/iTunes - Google Podcasts -

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17-25. Living as an 18-year old! By Emily Quinn

of 18-years olds as it currently stands are in work, whether that be full or part time work. At the start of the millennium it was 60% of 18-year olds. Between 2005 and 2017, there was a 13% decrease in the amount of young people drinking fairly regularly. One in three people were ‘binge’ drinking according to data collected in 2005. These statistics had improved to one in four by 2017. Smoking amongst young people has also been on the decline since the start of the millennium. With the legal age to purchase tobacco being moved from 16-years old to 18-years old, this has had a massive impact on the amount of young people smoking. The increasing popularity of vapes and e-cigarettes has also made the number decrease. This month I’m doing something different. I’ve recently read an article I found very interesting, so this month I am going to share some of the things I found out when reading it. I’m trying a slightly more academic style of writing this month. It’s all about how life has changed for 18-year olds since the start of the millennium and just how different things are now. The article is entitled ‘Being 18 in 2018’, and as I was in fact 18 in 2018, I thought it very relatable. You can find this article on the Office for National Statistics website. Following the millennium, the number of 18-year olds steadily increased until 2009 when the statistics then started to go the other way and we saw a decline in the numbers. Another thing that has become apparent since the millennium, is that the number of 18-year olds getting married has decreased massively. There are now five times fewer than the start of the millennium, as well as a huge decrease in 18-year old couples conceiving babies. Between 2000 and 2016, the birth rate for women aged 18 had dropped by a massive 58%; and for men aged 18, it had dropped by 41%. This could be as a result of a government strategy put in place in 1999, which aimed to half the amount of 18-year old pregnancies. This strategy enabled young people to access contraception and sexual health advice far more freely, as well as sex education in schools. In the 2008 recession, the number of young people in work and looking for work took a fall. The figures were already on the decline, however, events made this decline happen much faster. There has, however, been an increase in young people in higher education, but this is one of the restrictions contributing to the statistics for our country. 43% 18 • EdenLocal

18-year olds are now spending less time socialising and more time on social media, gaming, and watching television, which I’m sure isn’t a massive surprise to most of you. At the beginning of the millennium when television and radio wasn’t as it is now, young people went out and physically socialised with people on a more regular basis, in comparison to now where the socialising is done behind a screen. I found the facts and figures in this article very interesting, but also quite alarming. The children and young people today don’t remember the other side of the millennium where things seemed to be so drastically different. I was born in 1999 and even as a ‘going on 20-year old’, I see a huge difference in myself and people only a couple of years older than me. For example, I remember starting secondary school and going out on my bike with the other children from around my neighbourhood, (before the time of the smartphone). I walk through town now and see VERY young children, looking a lot older than they are, trying to act a lot older than they are and with a phone ‘stuck’ to their head. When I was their age, I had the coolest phone ever. The Nokia brick! Phones were and STILL ARE something for emergency purposes. But you can no longer explain that concept to many young people. So, this month’s article was a mixture of facts and figures, followed by some opinions. I was trying to stress how drastic this change actually is for young people now. If I was born 10, or even 5 years earlier, things would’ve been so different. Laws have changed, the term socialising has changed and being a child has changed all together. I find it scary and I think it will be a challenge when I eventually have children of my own and have to bring them up in a society like ours.

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A Counter Proposal

Based on a request from my local MP to sign a petition against the Penrith Post Office closing, I replied to my MP immediately as I was somewhat confused by his decision, why? Well as I put it to him, he had campaigned for many years in getting a better broadband connection for his constituents, which was essentially so much information only available online and for many businesses it is crucial. Of course, the internet is not just for work but also pleasure and ‘shopping’ (related article on page 26-27). More recently before Christmas, my local MP issued a press release on the Hermes depot he had visited in Carlisle and he had praised it for the work it does from its distribution centre, albeit that one of their main clients would probably be Amazon, which has made quite an impact on the high street. This distribution business, one of many established with this global giant and so many other distribution centres starting up over the last 10-20 years, has possibly taken a major share of what the Royal Mail distribution network was. I reminded some whilst writing this that as part of the Postal Services Act 2011, Post Office Ltd became independent of Royal Mail Group on 1 April 2012. A ten-year inter-business agreement was signed between the two companies to allow post offices to continue issuing stamps and handling letters and parcels for Royal Mail. How many people selling on line, have their own scales at home, weigh the item, then drop it at a collection centre/ hub which could be a newsagents, or another type of retail outlet, which was trade once dealt with at the post office counter? 20 • EdenLocal

I was still a bit confused because I haven’t seen an actual list of all the negatives, but whilst the proposal is to move the Post Office into WH Smiths, I see this as relocating, so shouldn’t the petition be stop the post office relocating? To relocate it, it will of course have to close. The Post Office like many retailers has had to change. Some of these reasons relate to the above and some listed below. But to relocate its facility and extend its hours of opening to be 7 days a week would be positive and create more jobs. I asked for a list of reasons from the Post office Head office in London and some photos of what it might look like, so here is a statement of points sent from the Post Office and some images of a recent installation at a WH Smiths.

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

• We know how much our customers rely on their local Post Office and understand the concerns they may have about these changes. We would like to reassure all our customers in Penrith that they will still be able to pick up their pensions, buy stamps, collect and return home shopping or access their usual high street bank account, in just the same way as they do at present. • The branch will be open longer, including Saturday afternoons and on Sundays, making it more convenient for customers. • The Post Office is not immune to the pressures facing all retailers. We must respond to the unprecedented change taking place on high streets and adapt to changing customer needs. A key element of this is providing greater convenience, by making sure that our services are available when and where people want them. This means easily accessible locations, with longer opening hours. • Longer hours and seven days a week opening will mean people can access services such as cash withdrawals or deposits into bank accounts, or collecting and returning online shopping at a time that’s convenient to them. • We are not making these changes lightly – but we need to make them if we are to ensure that branches like Penrith remain at the heart of towns and cities, not just in the short term, but for the long term too. • Regular visitors to the branch will no doubt know the branch team as friends and want to know they are being supported through these changes. We care about our people and we are keeping the team fully informed and discussing their options with them.

• We’d really welcome the opportunity to explain why changes need to be made; to highlight the stringent standards we have in place to ensure good access for all customers in our new branches; and to listen to your comments too. • We are seeking views of the local community on areas such as accessibility, both inside and outside the branch, or wider community issues which should be considered. However, the element of our plans that we are not seeking feedback on is the principle of franchising this branch. This is because the change of management at Penrith Post Office to one that is operated by a retail partner rather than Post Office directly is a commercial decision, and we believe it is the right one in order to sustain Post Office services in communities - not just today, but for the long term too. Unfortunately, by the time you get to read this, for some of you it may be too late for the public consultation on the proposals as these finished 13th March. The customer forum on 6th March at Tarn Hall, Penrith Parish Centre, St Andrew’s Place, Penrith also passed. If you did not know this, then someone has failed in communication. Someone said to me that the queues would be longer if the post office moved. I don’t go to the post office much but go back 20 years and the queues were so bad they installed screens to watch and sold advertising. The layout in front of the counter just like an airport, designed for queuing. From experience as a retailer going back many years, queues in place for services and paying were the norm in the nineties and the effects then of adding extra opening hours had an immediate effect of reducing queues and waiting times on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays when the hours were increased to full days Saturdays and Sundays.

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EdenLocal • 21

Stephen’s Story - Part 2 If you missed the first part of Stephen’s story (one of our new presenters on Eden FM who you can tune into on the Rock show on Friday nights from 8pm – 10pm), you can still read the first part for free online at www. where you’ll find the February Eden Local. Stephen’s story is on pages 8 and 9. As we closed part one, we were talking about Steve’s passion in the 80’s for CB radio and music. This developed further when Steve started college in 1985 where, he joined up with some friends and started up a pirate radio station, broadcasting mainly to other students at the college. it did, surprisingly, have a radius of about a quarter of a mile, and outside people used to listen in also. At this stage, his job wasn’t in presenting, it was more technical. He himself describes it as switch cleaner, blue tac and sellotape! On leaving college, he moved from his home town of Belfast over to Maidenhead in Berkshire where he started working for the Tax Office. After a year, he decided he’d rather try to help people make money than taking it off them, so he became a Financial Consultant providing help and advice to many of his friends and their families. This was based in both London and High Wycombe, which meant daily long commuting. Working on a self-employed basis with work that was infrequent and commission based, Stephen and his new wife, whom he met at college, had just had a baby boy, so, when things became a bit difficult, they decided to move to South Wales where the cost of living was considerably cheaper. This though was only after Steve worked for a further three months in the Personnel Department of Mars Confectionery in Slough. He’d taken a temporary post there where a new Department was being created and he was promised a position in their new International Communications Department which, unfortunately, at the last moment never came to fruition. So, now living in Ebbw Vale with no job and a wife and family, he took the decision to go back to college in Hereford which, was relatively close and meant he could come home some nights and at weekends. He went back to retrain in computers and in business studies. Towards the end of the next two years, they’d had another son. During his time at college, he’d also formed a rock band called Fallen Angel where he played bass, rhythm and lead guitar, though not all at once! In addition, he also did some pirate radio work again, this time though, doing a weekly heavy rock show. The completion of these two years saw Steve enrol into University where he started a Computer Degree in Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, but only about four months into the course, disaster struck his family 22 • EdenLocal

when, shortly after Steve had painted the garden shed with a protective coating of creosote, he had a raging infection in his only-sighted eye. Within a week of painting the shed, he went to bed around 11 pm one night and at 5:00 the next morning, he woke up and couldn’t see a thing. He’d lost all his vision. The Consultants tried desperately to control the infection but the damage had already been irreversibly done to his optic nerve. This caused a great upheaval to both Steve and his family. In many ways, there was a reversal of roles and Steve had to drop his course as he’d missed out on so much work. There was just no way he’d catch up. Also, with having no vision, he’d have to learn so many new skills and ways in which to do, even the most basic of things. It took Steve a year or so to really get to grips with everything. He’d been such an active person before. His greatest regret though was not being able to see the faces of his sons, and now, his two beautiful daughters. Although he never really experienced depression, he was extremely down with life. It really was only his Ham radio and his children that spurred him on. In addition, prior to his sight loss, he was also doing some work with Hospital Radio. This was just going around and speaking to the patients though. One day though literally, he woke up and smelled the coffee! He realised that moping around doing nothing and being miserable would achieve absolutely nothing. With some replenished drive, he went back to a local college in Ebbw Vale and studied management. He’d always been a person who liked working with people and was always considered a good communicator. In his first year, he did a post graduate certificate which he developed the following year into a Diploma. Whilst doing this, he was also taking a Professional Development Certificate in Counselling. His life started to take a leap forward at this stage as, during his last six months of his Management Diploma, he had to undertake a project as part of the course. His project was the creation of a Business Plan for an Assistive Technology company that specialised in the support and training of other Blind and Vision Impaired people. This was to help them with the latest technology such as speech and magnification software and hardware. Steve attained the highest projected grade for that year and his lecturer called him in one afternoon and told him that he’d be extremely silly not to take the plan to a bank and actually do it. The plan was perfectly outlined with all the background work already in place. He took the advice, and with some success, has been in this line of work for the last 20 years or so. Whilst running the business, a specialist resource

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

centre opened only a few hundred yards from his home and he was asked to run several training courses for them after he’d set up their Assistive Training suite. His success with them was ongoing and he was eventually asked to join them where he was employed as the Training Manager in charge of the whole of the Training Department. He took the centre all the way to being a fully accredited Open College Network Training provider. Unfortunately, after the centre encountered financial issues and with the unfortunate breakup of his marriage, he left and moved up to Carlisle. This was in 2005 shortly after the terrible floods. He re-established his business and had a new partner. A few years later they had their first daughter. Steve continued with the business, but was now working with the local blind society along with Action for Blind on a joint partnership project, providing computer training for their blind and vision impaired service users. This continued for two years when Steve took a job with Action for Blind People covering someone’s maternity leave. He ended up being there for a further 5 years after which he was made redundant when, Action for Blind had been taken over by the Royal National Institute for The Blind and when the project funding ran out, they decided to withdraw all services from Cumbria. This obviously left a huge gap in the provision of vitally needed services. Steve’s own drive and determination led him to the next phase of his life, the new charity…

Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd

Same stove - different settings Its funny how different a stove can look in different settings, which one is your choice?

Where Steve is now, is where he set off to be. Our Steve, former Technology Co-ordinator for Action For Blind People, himself blind with 20 years’ experience of working with people of varying levels of sight loss, both within the voluntary sector and as a freelance Trainer/Consultant, is now the Chief Executive Officer of the Charity, Lakes Vision Services, based in Carlisle. Steve uses his disability and turns it into a positive ability. His experience gives him a unique empathy into the various issues and challenges faced daily by those with a vision impairment, as he himself faces many of these. Steve’s vision is to provide a technology service to people in Cumbria, to promote equality, to raise awareness of sight loss and to enhance people’s quality of life through reducing social isolation and improving their access to information and to technology. For the last two and a half years, Steve has also been doing radio shows including an afternoon show, Trance Music show and another rock show on TAFN Radio. This is an organisation for people with varying degrees of sight loss. Steve is also the Chairman for this organisation Working with Eden FM Radio Ltd and Eden FM Radio (Carlisle) Ltd, Steve is a key member of our community radio organisation, but let’s forget all work and play! This Friday from 8 – 10 pm online at and in Penrith and the Eden Valley on 107.5 FM. The dates for Steve’s next gig as the band is back together, ‘Big Society’ will be announced shortly… Thank you Steve for letting us in to your life.

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Switching on Carlisle with the Community by Lee Quinn need for better communication in the community. If you can imagine an independent radio station run by the community, not for profit, which has a studio in Carlisle, Penrith and Appleby and for those who can’t travel easily, or for their own reasons need to log on or dial in and do a show from their home, that’s the future.

The deadline fast approaches for the Eden FM Carlisle Full time Community Radio licence application. No sooner had the first part of the campaign started, support has been coming in from across the city and importantly, a lot of interest from people not just wanting to support the project, but also who want to become a part of the team. If you missed this article, it is available to read online at previous-issues in the February edition.

In February, members of the Eden FM team attended the Cultural Bazaar at the Richard Rose Central Academy. It was on air, broadcasting its transmission out of Penrith and across the Eden Valley and online to the world. At this stage, we can only imagine the impact and the potential of a community radio station that overcomes the logistics of the county, the rural isolation and the

Those people showing a keen interest in the project, people like Vince White, have been out and about communicating updates for 18 months now. The Eden FM Penrith team have been making themselves seen and heard in Carlisle and via a pop-up radio studio system, have been presenting shows from the Old Fire Station in Carlisle since 2017. 24 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

We are in the present and since 2010 as a community radio, Eden FM Radio Ltd based in Penrith as a not for profit organisation, presented and run by volunteers, has been putting systems in place to do exactly this and that is why it was able to do a live show from the Cultural Bazaar. On Saturday 2nd March, it was live from the Old Fire Station and now it is training a team and raising funds for two pop up studios, which cost around £700 so the team in Carlisle or Appleby can have regular slots in the Eden FM programming throughout the week. Can you imagine a breakfast show from Penrith, a morning

show from Carlisle and a lunch show from Askham? An afternoon show from Appleby, then back for the drive home from Penrith. Now, using the evidence of the potential of what Eden FM Appleby, Carlisle and Penrith can bring to the community, we are submitting our application. Meanwhile, the Eden FM team is meeting members of the Hospital Radio Echo. Following a move from their old facility to a new one on the Cumberland Infirmary Hospital site in 2017, the station was closed. Whatever the future holds for the team is still in the balance, but a proposal has been sent to the NHS Trust which incorporates many needs of the team to be back on air and local radio programming restored on the wards.

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Some of the team have been to the Eden FM studios in Penrith and are now presenting on Eden FM, so on the new programme that will appear on the Eden FM website shortly, you may recognise some of the faces. For more details on Eden FM Community radio station, to join or advertise or just have more information, you can call 01768 862394 or email admin@

Eden 107


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The Junk Food Experiment - did you watch it?


Go Local, Go Worldwide 14 Angel Square, Penrith, CA11 7BT. Telephone: T: 01768 865918 Carlisle office: 01228 409850 36a Greystone Rd, Carlisle CA1 2DJ Penrith office: 01768 01228 409850 Email:

Britain is a nation hooked on fast food. It consumes 22 million takeaway meals every week and fast food outlets are dominating high streets across Britain.


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Penrith Posters is the printer behind a number of localised events in print. Cumbrian Local Publications since 2007 has been behind the marketing and profiling of many community events that include event posters, concerts and event programmes and promotions. No matter how small or large your event in 2019 or 2020, talk to two local businesses that may be able to help, save money and even generate funds for your community event. Call Penrith Posters on 01768 899063 or Cumbrian Local Publications on 01768 862394.

Find it at:

If you didn’t watch the Junk Food Experiment on Wednesday 27 Feb 2019, please try. In this 90-minute programme, six famous faces agreed to put their bodies on the line and become guinea pigs in an extreme scientific experiment to find out what junk food lifestyles are actually doing to us. Singer Peter Andre, The Chase mastermind and barrister Shaun Wallace, politician Nadine Dorries, actress Hayley Tamaddon, Olympian Tessa Sanderson and TV personality Hugo Taylor, all gave their bodies over to science in an overfeeding study used by scientists to understand exactly how food can affect our bodies. For 21 days, the six celebrities were going to eat just three types of junk food for lunch and dinner. Put in to pairs, one pair were going to eat burgers and chips for a week, the second pair were going to eat fried chicken and chips for a week and the third pair were going to eat pizza for a week, all of which happen to be Britain’s top three favourite junk foods. By eating 50% more than they need, over a short period of time, the effect on their bodies was hoped to mimic that of long-term consumption.

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This was an extreme trial, facilitated by Dr Michael Mosley as a controlled experiment with the effects carefully monitored and measured. Every seven days, they all had a full-body MOT at The Harley Street Health Centre, which was kitted out with a suite of over 60 different medical tests designed by their experts to reveal exactly what is happening to them. As the days passed, the celebrities, who started out

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

as quite a fit bunch, found that their bodies couldn’t handle the food their bodies were processing. It is regularly reported that the UK’s consumption of junk food, high in fat, salt and sugar, is alarming, with some Brits admitting to eating it twice a day and as a thousand new junk food outlets open every year, it was a good reason, I believe for an experiment of this type. To be honest, we just happened to switch it on just as it was starting. Within a few minutes I had pressed record as it was one to share with the family, Charlotte and I thought!

Is your conservatory too cold in Winter and too hot in the Summer?

There were some rapid results which were astounding. Within a matter of days, the participants suffered side-effects like liver damage, raised blood pressure and heightened anxiety, whilst Olympian Tessa Sanderson responded so badly, she was forced to quit early due to risk of a stroke. We were quite taken in and of course there were some dramatics given they were celebrities! We found we could relate to how some of them were describing how they were feeling. Certain foods affect us in certain ways, but to wake with a hangover if you haven’t be drinking alcohol but you had a takeaway the night before, was something I have done. Waking up and drinking pints of water is something I have done after a takeaway, as I feel so thirsty, washed out and tired after a sleepless night, when it ‘wasn’t’ due to eating a large portion of Cheddar.

• Save up to 85% on Conservatory Bills • 90% noise reduction from weather • Reduce the glare from the Sun • No less than 10 years guarantee on all conversions These are just some of the benefits of the Marshalls 5 star, 5 layer insulation roofing system.

So, if you read this or have seen the programme, what do you do?

Recently Joe Marshall and his team completed a Conservatory Conversion in Penrith. Cumbrian Local interviewed the customer as part of its pledge to audit its advertiser’s products and services it promotes.

Well, everyone I’ve spoken to was also quite concerned, because it hit home what damage can be and may already have been caused by excessive consumption of burgers, fried chicken, pizza and other takeaway foods. There are some foods I have stopped eating. I cannot recall the last burger I had from a national chain and I can’t recall the last pizza I had from a large takeaway chain. I’ve always liked my fried chicken and think with the experiment, they punished their bodies based on the battering they gave themselves in a very short space of time.

Paul and Anne C of Penrith: We were really pleased with Joe and the lads. The installation was completed in 3 days and they made a great job of the conversion and we were impressed with the insulation, the ventilation and the finishing, inside and out. Their price was a huge saving compared to the quotes that other companies were offering for the same or a similar service, some quoted through cold calling. We made the change as it was too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer and the noise when it rained meant we couldn't enjoy it.

Surveys show that across the UK eating habits have changed. Takeaway delivery to door and the hours we work, leading to the convenience of a takeaway is all too easy. We may have cut back many years ago if we knew then what we know now. Losing weight from 20 years of not knowing, and reconditioning your body and your eating, is one decision you can make. Many friends I know have either reduced their takeaways or cut them out completely. The reality is, we have a choice.

We guarantee to beat any genuine ‘like for like’ price by at least 30% or more Call Marshall Conservatory Conversions today

01768 758706 • 01228 809874 07588 888553 The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business Eden • 27 Local


Lack of sleep causing havoc at work for exhausted Brits •

28 per cent of people have arrived late to work because of a lack of sleep

Almost a fifth of British workers have fallen asleep at work

17 per cent have made serious mistakes at work because they are tired

According to new research out 7th March 2019, lack of sleep is causing bad working habits amongst the British working population as 64 per cent of people say that their work life has been negatively affected by a lack of sleep. The research commissioned by Sealy reveals how 28 per cent of people have arrived late to work because of a lack of sleep whilst almost a fifth have actually feigned an illness and not gone into work at all because they are tired. Punctuality and attendance are not the only workrelated issues caused by tiredness. 18 per cent of people admit they have had arguments with their work colleagues because they are tired whilst 17 per cent have made serious mistakes at work. In contrast, 17

per cent of the British workforce is nodding off during the working day because they haven’t had enough sleep the night before. The top five worst bedtime habits adopted by people in the UK which could be contributing to poor sleep health, are: 1. Using electronic devices in bed (47 per cent of people currently do this) 2. Eating sugary foods within three hours of your bedtime (35 per cent) 3. Drinking caffeine within three hours of bedtime (31 per cent) 4. Drinking alcohol within three hours of bedtime (25 per cent) 5. Eating a meal within two hours of bedtime (23 per cent) When asked what they think would help them stay alert at work, 44 per cent of people said more fresh air at work would help, whilst 34 per cent say more regular breaks. A cheeky 18 per cent would like to be allowed to have a nap in the middle of the day.


Bid to Government’s ‘Future High Street Fund’ for a more vibrant Penrith How Penrith town centre is sustained and improved in the future could be supported by a potential bid for grant funding from the Government’s recently announced £675 million Future High Street Fund. Eden District Council’s Executive has approved that the Council’s Economic Development Team work working with partner organisations to develop and submit an expression of interest in the Future High Street Fund

before the 22 March 2019 deadline. The Future High Street Fund has been set up to help address the significant structural changes that are currently having an impact on towns and high streets throughout the UK. This includes the huge growth of online shopping. Between 2007-2018, online sales increased six fold whilst growth of in-store sales has lagged behind. In

TAKING YOUR FIRST STRIDE AS A 2019 BRIDE Finesse Bridal 40 Middlegate, Penrith 01768 866799 28 • EdenLocal

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2000, online retailing accounted for less than 1% of retail sales while in August 2018 almost a fifth of all retail sales took place online. The effect of online shopping and the competitiveness of online retailers has had a detrimental effect on the fabric of the high street. A number of chain high street retailers have ceased trading or significantly reduced their presence on the high streets. Locally, the effect of this has been somewhat reduced, as Eden District still has a healthy level of independent retailers in the four market towns, although these retailers still face ongoing pressure from online competition. The Government is mindful of the vital role that high streets and town centres play in the economic as well as social success of an area and has set up a fund to assist areas to adapt to the future needs of residents, visitors and businesses. The Future High Street Fund’s purpose is not aimed at the revival of retail as the dominant factor on the future high street. Instead, the initiative is looking towards bids that will build on high streets and town centres as places where people want their high streets to provide convenience, provide a sense of community and to provide added value through services not offered online. Eden District Council’s Leader, Kevin Beaty said: “We are keen to increase the vibrancy of all of the market towns in Eden and have supported Alston Moor with its successful bid for the Townscape Heritage Initiative, we are partners in delivering Appleby’s Heritage Action Zone and are delighted that Kirkby Stephen has no vacant retail premises on its high street currently. The Council operates a Business Hub in this area to support local companies.” “Looking at the current funding round and criteria for the Future High Street Fund, out of all District’s market towns, a bid for Penrith has the most chance of success, as Penrith is the service centre with the most extensive catchment population. Council officers will now work with partner organisations to create an expression of interest for this funding. This will set out the challenges that Penrith faces and a strategy for the future. At this stage Government are looking to decide which places need support and any specific projects will be worked up in the next stage. These projects will need to look at how we can create a town centre experience that people can enjoy alongside a quality retail and service offer.” For more information about economic development in Eden District visit

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Bespoke to Budget Flooring

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Working at home has its positives, but where do you go for your meetings? Are you: A larger business or organisation in the centre of Penrith that’s run out of a room? A small business that needs to meet clients away from the shop? An organisation or society that needs a regular home and locker, or small storage area in the centre of town? Are you fed up with all the business mail you get? Would you like to separate the two? Central to Penrith, Eden FM have created a locker area, with an office and meeting room facility. For a small monthly fee, you are guaranteed your own office space and letter box locker. Call us now on 01768 862394 to find out more details on a Hub from Home.

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Two Very Happy Chaps at Shap Matt and Ashley Phillips took over Shap Chippy in July 2018 and have since gone from strength to strength. In October 2018 they achieved their Quality Award, which is run by the National Fish Fryers Federation. Now they are celebrating winning the Best Fish & Chip Shop in Cumbria, thanks to England’s Business Awards. But who are these guys and where have they come from? Ashley has held various retail, hospitality management and human resources positions for the past 15 years. Matt has also held various hospitality management positions and has been working in training and development, restaurant management and running his own business previously in the south. Since taking over the business, Matt and Ashley have renovated the restaurant, reviewed all the processes and really focused on food quality, looking at locally sourced products, making more products from scratch and making sure their key product, the fish, is at its absolute best. ‘Winning this award is not just about us, it’s about our team as well. We couldn’t have achieved this without their passion for the industry and honestly their focus on delivering the best product with the best service. We are so happy with the result as we were nominated by our customers. Their votes put us into these awards and our team helped us win by smashing our Mystery Shop Visits’, said Ashley. ‘Now we have won this award, it has really shown what a positive impact it can have on our local area and our industry, so moving forward we are going to continue to compete and help develop the industry where we can, working with the NFFF and other Fish & Chip Shops to make sure our Nation’s Favourite Takeaway is the best it can be’, said Matt. 30 • EdenLocal

Penrith AFC Ladies and Girls are set to achieve one of their long term goals as they look towards the 2019/20 season. In what will be the 20th season of female football at the club, Penrith AFC will achieve the elusive goal of providing a player pathway for girls right through to the Ladies team. Girls Football Coordinator Lucy Peart explained “Female football is thriving in Eden and we have seen numbers growing year on year. Next season we expect to have teams at every age category. We have girls joining our “Angels” squad from as young as three years old. They can do so knowing that there will be a player pathway for them right through to the senior Ladies team should they wish.” The club now boasts around 100 female players at present and new players are turning up every week. A team of dedicated coaches look to shape and guide the girls in line with the clubs ethos. The aims are three fold. Firstly, to provide a safe environment for the girls to play football. Secondly, for the girls to develop as football players and as people. And finally, for the girls to have fun. Angels coach Izzy Savage said “I just love coaching the Angels. They are so cute and we have such a fun time. They really progress quickly and it does so much for their confidence”. At the other end of the player pathway the club now has 2 senior Ladies teams which is testament to the success of the player development programme.

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Right to Left Anya Brough, Florence Rafe, Katie Prentice, Rosie Murray, Charlotte Peart, Charlotte Savage, Lara Vogts, Becca Alderson (Development squad) and Kim McCormick (Ladies squad). Ladies team manager Simon Savage Said “Many of the current Ladies squad started their football journey in the girls teams and have progressed and developed from there”. The current Ladies team includes Lily Gaulton, Hannah Coulthard, Charlotte Smith, Becca Alderson, Livvy Johnston and Geogia Campbell are all products of the junior girls football. While the majority of the senior Development squad have also been developed within the club. Any Girls or Ladies wishing to join the club can contact Lucy Peart on 07901-554006 or Simon Savage on 07752-872920 Photo shows the Player Pathway at the Club. Three year old Anya Brough recently joined the Angels squad. She is joined by a player from each of the female teams at Penrith AFC right through to the senior Ladies team.

It’s decision time! Eden FM Needs a Team - Volunteers are required for the Appleby Eden FM Team • No experience necessary • All training provided • At least six volunteers needed Would you like to help present, help run the studio and help with the outside broadcasts in Appleby with events like the Carnival, Sparkle Weekend or local Agricultural shows? Come and meet the team! 10 - 12 Saturday 6th April The Conservative Club Boroughgate Appleby For more information, please contact: or call 01768 862394 or 01768 899107

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