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Contents Cumbria Oak

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Introduction and Contents

Pages 4 - 7

One Small Step For Man by Lee Quinn

Pages 8 - 9

Well I Never! With Pam Waggott

Page 10

An Open Door to Ideas by Lee Quinn

Page 11

A Tweet for your Garden Visitor by Lee Quinn


12 - 13

A History of the Skelton Show by John Slee


14 & 19

Your 125th Skelton Show Guide and pull out

Pages 15 - 18

Meet the Penrith Town Council

Pages 20 - 21

New Town Mayor for Penrith

Pages 20 - 22

17 – 25 Moving on and up by Emily Quinn

Pages 22 - 23

Managing Your Absence by Charlotte Quinn


24 - 25

One Small Step For Man by Lee Quinn (continued)


26 - 27

In the Know on Ewe Grow by Lee Quinn



Barking About the Parking by Lee Quinn

Pages 28 - 29

Out and About with Eden Local and Eden FM

Pages 29 – 30

The Ssanyong Turismo Tourist


Show Home Now Open at Reiver Homes

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Welcome to your June Edition of Eden Local Welcome to your June Eden Local. It’s obviously been a bit of a cooler start than we had hoped for. I have been as busy as ever. As we have had a few delivery teams away, I took advantage of auditing a few routes and posting a few magazines. I visited a few places that I hadn’t been to and delivered to for quite a few months and some possibly for 18 months to two years. With my Penrith Carleton team away, I decided to do this one by myself. The new parts were just starting to be built the last time I delivered there. Obviously I’m aware of the increase in doors because most months for the last two years we’ve been ordering extra Eden Locals to cope with the increased number of homes. In 10 years, Penrith has increased by well over 1000 doors. I actually went out with Charlotte and we did Clifton for the first time since it started growing. I think the total we delivered was 315 magazines. Whilst in the space of about 2 weeks, out for 3- 5 hours a day delivering, I walked just under

41 miles. I loved it! However, something I am growing more aware of is the amount of empty properties everywhere. I noticed this on Carleton, Pategill and in all the villages I covered, there must have been 100 or maybe 200 empty properties. Why? Something I’ll probably ask the teams to do is make a not in June of any empty properties they see as well as any properties for sale, because a number of properties that I noticed empty weren’t actually for sale. I think it has possibly been the busiest month we have experienced with the Eden Local. As a regular reader, you’ll probably notice a number of new businesses this month along with many that have been with us for some time. So, I have done miles walking and a few driving this month, but I do have a lot of highlights to share. Whilst out on deliveries, I met so many lovely people which did mean I took that little bit longer, but as I have said, when I write this opening, it gives me so much satisfaction meeting readers as well as handing them the magazine personally. I know one who didn’t want me to mention his name he said when I handed him the magazine. Whilst we talked about a number of

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things and whilst he didn’t know who I was, he said he had seen me before. So, I opened the magazine to refresh his memory! Thank you to all those people for their kind words. Now about that front cover – wow! I have known Stuart Harper for many years, but he’s probably only really known me as he does now since he got involved as a sponsor on the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly. Before then, I was just a customer. The fact that he lived in the Station House at Little Salkeld, which my wife’s mother and her husband bought from his mother a number of years ago, didn’t really figure until we were talking about his life over a coffee. The article runs across four pages, starting on page 8. My thanks to Stuart and Patricia for sharing their time and their story of 50 years. How many thousands of words have I written this month? I had a great catch up with Terry Oliver at the Arches Carpet Centre (page 11) which echoes a lot of the need for people to support local. Sound advice in the products we buy which is freely available locally, this is echoed by Stuart Harper, and

in writing an article and returning to the Birds’ Bistro, which for maybe a number of people who have moved into the area, might not know it, the story is on pages 12 and 13. As we head towards the centre pages, it’s show time and you’ll see we have the pull out in the centre for the Skelton Show, but as it’s the 125th show, we start with a story on page 14 which should you pull out the centre and take it to the show, this story of 125 shows continues on page 19. My thanks to those businesses supporting the Skelton feature. In addition to this pull out, Cumbrian Local Publications is also putting together a 125th Skelton Show programme, which is about the history of the show. Some great stories and lots of pictures and it will be available around Penrith and Eden in shops before the show and also at the show, with all proceeds going to the show. We featured the results of the Eden District Council elections in last month’s Eden Local and in this edition we have the gallery of the new Penrith Town Council and the first statement from the new Penrith Town Mayor from

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pages 20 – 21. As a family magazine, Mrs Q has her regular Quinn HR article on pages 22 – 23 and it happens to us all as parents, on pages 24 – 25 Emily Q is moving out. We have a short story which did involve me donating a product to the Community Gardens that will help towards the Penrith in Bloom. We have a new local product by Ewe Grow featured on page 27. My thanks to Ernest and David for letting me help with this. Last month we discussed Parking and Litter. This month we continue with parking, the article Barking about the Parking on pages 28 – 29, and with the busy Summer time ahead, we have a reminder about some events that Eden FM will be attending in June and July, including a new one organised by the Penrith Lions called Tea in the Park at Castle Park on 14th July. That’s all I have time for. I will be visiting the new Reiver show home very soon, so I’ll keep you posted on social when I do, and hopefully have a write up for you. On with the Summer. Lee

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One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Stuart Harper By Lee Quinn

An institution that is surrounded by generations of happy children, mums, dads and grandparents, it was 50 years ago on the morning of Monday 2nd June 1969 that Stuart and Patricia Harper opened the doors of Harpers Cycles, which evolved as we know into Harpers Toymaster today. If they had the time to see it, the weekend before they opened, ‘Carry On Camping’ was released and went on to become the year's most popular film at the UK box office. So in a year that the United Kingdom shared winning the 14th Eurovision Song Contest, in a four-way tie with France, Spain, and the Netherlands, Lulu represented the UK, singing "Boom bang-a-bang". The number one record in the UK charts was Tommy Roe with Dizzy, just for the one week though, only from that Monday. It was 39 days later on the evening of Sunday 20th July that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, watched by 720 million people around the world. A world of 3.61 billion then which is today 7.7 billion as of June 2019, according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by Worldometers. So, to the story and if you think it’s going to be all about Toys, well it’s not! Stuart told me that from an early age he had two ambitions in life; one was to own his own business and the second was to retire at 45. As we know, he has his own business and that’s all we’ll say on that! As a lad Stuart lived in the Station House at Little Salkeld; his father Thomas Harper, was the station master and on leaving school aged

12a Castlegate front view 8 • EdenLocal

12a Castlegate front view 15, Stuart’s father had lined him up with a job at J.B. Milburn, just across the road from where Stuart’s family business is today. Taken on as a mechanic, he was trained as a motor bike and cycle mechanic, which included the early three wheelers, like the 3 wheeled Bond and Reliant Regal, a small threewheeled car and van manufactured from 1953 to 1973 by the Reliant Motor Company. Known then as ‘Mr Honda’, this might have had something to do with his specialist area of work, but in 1962 Honda UK was formed and at the 1962 Earls Court Show, 26,000 bikes were sold. In his early 20’s, it was time for Stuart to set up his own business, so he rented 12A Castlegate for £1 10 shillings a week. It was to be a bike shop and in a stable behind Great Dockray Hall for £1 15 shillings a week he set up a workshop. He then put all of his £350 savings into his venture. In between his own business he still continued doing MOT’s for J. B. Milburn. When he wasn’t at the shop, the workshop or doing MOT’s he would be over at the tip at Redhills, where Rheged is today and he would be collecting old bikes and parts, which he would get back to the workshop to repair and refurbish, then sell. We talked a lot about bikes over a coffee and with the success of the business he needed more space, so he took another premises opposite at 48 Castlegate. He also started then to include Matchbox vehicles in a small stand. Bikes in the 70’s were the Christmas present for boys and girls. The servicing and repair work which

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

came with it was also a key part of the business, including re-sizing inner tubes and making solid tyres. Stuart went on to explain that back then he could set out the components of a 40 spoke wheel and create a complete wheel inside 15 minutes. In the summer of 1976, Stuart and his wife Patricia would take residence in 1 – 2 Middlegate. The building was derelict when they looked at it in the spring. Its former owner was Farrins Fish Ltd. Mr Rankin, the former manager lived with his family in Bluebell Lane. A lot of changes had to be made to what was going to be their business and their home. The ground floor had a slope, so when the counter was cleaned it could be washed and drained. On the 4th floor loft room, the former owner used to keep chickens, so it’s was in quite a mess. The shop as we know opened and with the extra space it could stock a larger range and stock of bikes and at this time it also started to increase its range of toys. This was to be part of a new trend and over time, the toys became the main product and the bikes where discontinued. Stuart has seen quite a change in the High Street and has had to deal with trends in the ranges he stocks whilst also competing with online international companies, which unlike Harpers Toymaster, do not offer the experience of being able to see the products. Some will come in and compare the prices. They will differ, but Harpers Toymaster has served and contributed towards the community for over 50 years. We’ll come back to the trends in a moment because Stuart and I did get to talk about toys. We talked through a whole list of names and brands and how they have made it through 50 years. Hornby invented Meccano long before trains and when it started installing clockwork mechanisms it just grew. This evolved into electric and whilst Action Man has always been a strong leader, Barbie did ditch Ken for a while before he came back with a makeover! Tradition surrounds many of the toys we have today.

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June! My goodness the weeks are flying by and its time for another look at the origins of some well known phrases and sayings. I’d hate my ‘name to be mud’ by giving ‘namby pamby’ explanations, so to avoid having to ‘eat humble pie’ I’ll make a bold start but hopefully there’ll be no problems of ‘Murphy/Sod’s Law’ to get in my way of completing this on time!

Well I never...!

If ‘your name is mud’ it is usually because you have made a huge mistake and you are held in low esteem by your friends, colleagues or family, but have you ever wondered where this saying originated? It has little to do, as may first be imagined, with wet soil or dirt, in fact we have to go to the United States in 1865 and the assassination of President Lincoln to find out more. As John Wilkes Booth was making his escape from the theatre he fell and broke his leg. A doctor called Dr Samuel Mudd came to his aid taking care of the wound that had been sustained. He did not know who Wilkes Booth was or what he had just done. As soon as he realised however, Dr Mudd informed the authorities but he was judged as a co-conspiritor and was sentenced to life imprisonment. There was certainly no ‘namby pamby’ indecision in the sentence placed upon Dr Mudd. His sentence was not ‘insipid; wishy washy or soft’. In 1726 the writer and politician Ambrose Phillips wrote some particularly bland verses for children which were not at all inspiring. The dramatist Henry Carey ridiculed Phillips’ efforts by coining the nickname Namby Pamby. Carey did not feel it necessary to ‘eat humble pie’ over his comments! There was no humble apology or humiliating climb down which is what the phrase refers to. The ‘humble’ in the saying is thought to refer to the the less tasty and appealing parts of an

animal; usually a deer. The ‘umbles’ is an old name for offal - heart, liver and entrails. These were thought to only be fit for servants and those of lower rank and were often baked into a pie, so while the lord and higher classes ate the prime venison the huntsmen and lower orders in the house ate Umble Pie. Charles Dickens refers to the pie in David Copperfield where Uriah Heep says ‘I got to know what ‘umbleness did, and I took to it. I ate ‘umble pie with an appetite’ (Ch. 39). Murphy’s or Sod’s Law is much more contemporary dating to the 1940’s and means if anything can go wrong it will! There are a number of theories as to its origins. ‘The Macquarie Dictionary’ (1981) suggested it referred to a character who habitually made mistakes in a US Navy cartoon. Whereas ‘The Consise Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs’ (1982) suggests that it was invented in 1949 by a project manager, George Nichols, who worked for a Californian aviation company. It’s suggested that he developed the saying from a comment made by his colleague Captain Edward Murphy Jr who said ‘ If there is a wrong way to do something, then someone will do it’. Murphy was actually referring to the fitting of valves in an aircrafts hydraulic system explaining that if a valve could be fitted in more than one way then eventually someone would fit it incorrectly, therefore it was essential to design a valve could only be fitted in the correct way. What or who ‘Sod’ is not recorded! See you in July! References:

PARKINSON, J. Spilling the Beans on the Cat’s Pyjamas. London:Michael O’Mara Books Ltd. 2009 REES, N. Cassell’s Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins. London:Cassell 2004

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An Open Door to Ideas I was at Arches for my regular catch up with the owner and proprietor Terry Oliver. It was a quiet Saturday when I arrived, which was unusual. So, after a number of articles on products, the objective of our review and discussion was to plan this month and next, whilst getting feedback. It’s what I do with all my customers. Like clothes, home furnishings and decorations along with flooring, all follow trends and fashions. With the Arches Carpet Centre, when you have thousands of carpets, LVT’s and other flooring products, including artificial grass all in one place, how do you choose? I always look at the grass because more recently when doesn’t come at a price at the Arches Carpet and The Little Business with the Big Reputation! I’ve been out delivering the magazine, I’ve seen more Flooring Centre. in gardens, but some people have what we call real As Terry informs me, the trend at the moment is 100% artificial grass in playrooms and other areas. Herdwick wool carpets, so that sounds quite local. Something we did review was something that is also Now I can take a picture of this carpet, but I reckon we a trend. In the area where we live here in the Eden can do better than that. We had a good catch up and Valley, we have an abundance of new homes for sale a highlight for me was when someone walked through and a few now coming available to rent. A lot of these the door on the basisly Rthat oad they had seen Arches Gilwil properties come with flooring already down. When wton Carpet Centre in the Local, closely followed & NeEden 5288) Road (B out which for me was reward we look at a new home, that could be of any age, of by one of my neighbours, b a d n u ro course we look at the flooring. This can be quite an enough! expense, especially if it needs replacing, but it’s a very Unit 1-2 Hartness Road, It’s a local independent store, free parking, it’s easy to personal thing flooring. That’s why with a large rangeGilwilly Ind Est, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9BD find and piece of mind. Set on three floors, it’s straight to choose from and a budget in mind, you might need thearchescarpetcentre@hotmail.co.uk through one door. a bit of help. You will need the area measured by aOpen Times: Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30 pm professional, to get the right sizes and cuts if they are The Little9am Business Saturday to 4pmwith the Big Reputation! required, so there is less waste.

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To walk into Arches (open Monday to Saturday) with Find us on Facebook to discover some rough measurements is a good start, because our latest exclusive offers! you can then get an idea of costs. In my 8 years working with Terry, I’ve learnt a lot about flooring and one he will tell you is, the importance of getting the best flooring and where it’s best for, from a living and Road Gilwilly n long-term perspective. All these things you need to to & New 88) 52 consider possibly before you’ve even got to a colour, or Road (B out b rounda a texture and then you can get to grips with your twist and your pile! Knowledge is a strength at the Arches. Fitting is a skill, but both can be a saving and an investment in your home. Like any business, as an independent, Terry and his team will not comprise on the quality of the service they offer. There is a price for getting it wrong and when it comes to putting the flooring down, when it comes to the type or style, you have to consider the function of the room or area it is going to be used in. It’s not just about the colour! Important advice that

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A Tweet for your Garden It was a sunny day in the Eden Valley in May and there I was sitting outside in Jonathan’s garden discussing his business, The Birds’ Bistro, which was established 20 years ago. He and his wife Jackie took it over 6 years ago. Jonathan and Jackie for many years prior to taking on a life changing experience, had been business consultants working with high profile clients, so the switch from what they were doing to what they do now has been quite a transition, which is now reflected in how the business stands today. Managing changes to an established business has been a steady but carefully managed process, whilst retaining much of the businesses’ core objectives and its customers. Like many businesses out there, in the last 6 years they’ve had to re-think how it would reach new customers by not diversifying too much, but adding and complimenting what they were already doing. This meant keeping

Jonathan & Jackie with Jasper and Boo many of the traditional practices it inherited. It is all in the mix, sourced from the best suppliers around the world across several continents. A Bistro, to us, can mean many

© Jonathan Taylor 12 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

things such as a small restaurant or café in France. For our feathered friends and those with red bushy tails, it’s all about a quick, simple and nutritious meal. A meal which changes with the seasons and as I discussed with Jonathan what is most popular with diners can vary all around the Eden Valley, just as it varies across the UK. To be a wild bird and red squirrel feeding specialist, you have to understand who your client is. Have you ever purchased a bargain bag of bird feed from a supermarket, put it in a feeder and watched it sit in the feeder totally ignored by birds? Fat balls turning black and rotting away? I suppose it’s when you see the seed turn to wheat grass you know something is drastically wrong. Some bird feeds are 60% wheat and end up on the floor attracting unwanted vermin to mop up the debris, while the Wild Birds go in search of what they need. There’s nothing

chirpy about cheap! As Jonathan explained, they would never comprise quality and value for money and they do not use cheap fillers. At the Birds’ Bistro they know where all the ingredients come from, which cannot be said for all Wild bird and Red Squirrel food bargains. Unfortunately the Wildlife don’t get to read the packet I suppose, but in my experience I could fill a feeder, we have about six, last thing at night and by mid morning they could be all but empty. The Team at the Birds’ Bistro can advise the place to put feeders, the best feeders for what you want to achieve and the right feed for attracting a whole variety of visitors. Behind quality food, comes a quality service and free advice, locally and nationally. There are too many do’s and don’ts on what we should be feeding Wildlife. A lump of bread chucked out the backdoor or a bird table might look attractive but a baby bird wouldn’t be able to digest it. Unfortunately the mother or father or the baby bird don’t know this and as a result it could choke. A visit to The Old Forge at Penruddock, the home of the

Birds’ Bistro, is without any doubt an education and experience. However, you can also visit online. One of the strategic changes made in recent years is an upgrade to the website, so you can view and purchase from the full range 24 hours a day every day and make the most of a free local delivery service for orders over £25 across Cumbria, via the regular weekly delivery schedule which is on the website. Another innovation for those readers online is the national delivery service also available. However, if you are not an online shopper and can’t get to the Birds’ Bistro, you can just give them a call. Another small change made to accommodate more of our shopping habits is the extended opening hours across 7 days a week. Whether you’re online or you can take a trip to the shop, you’ll see a wide variety of products to attract other wildlife too, from bats, to bees, butterflies and bugs, hedgehogs and ladybirds. A bistro and accommodation for your garden to help make an oasis for your local wildlife and like the Team at the Birds’ Bistro, you can also be at the frontline of conservation by doing your bit.

Are you Hungry for the Birds’ Bistro? If you are ordering online please input the code BB0619local on the website or mention this article if ordering by phone, to get 20% off your next order. Valid one use per customer, expires 31st July 2019 Opening Times Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm Sat 10am to 4pm Sun 12noon to 4pm You can follow The Birds’ Bistro of course, on Twitter and Facebook both as The Birds' Bistro The Birds' Bistro The Old Forge Penruddock Penrith CA11 0RD 017684 83100 www.thebirdsbistro.co.uk

© Lee Quinn

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SKELTON SHOW … CELEBRATING THE 125TH SHOW THROUGHOUT THE YEARS Commenting on our 125th event, Show Director John Slee comments “We are delighted to have reached this milestone and looking back through the archives we have found some fascinating material which illustrates the ups and downs of rural life during the last 140 years as a number of shows were cancelled in that time.”

100th anniversary 1980 According to committee records, this year is the 125th agricultural show which will be held on Saturday 6th July. Held in the delightful setting of the Old Park at Hutton-in the-Forest, this traditional country show has earned a reputation for being an excellent day out in the countryside for all the family. This year the main ring attraction will be the Fell Pony Society’s official Display Team who will perform a musical ride and a ‘then and now’ pageant showcasing the history and versatility of the local heritage breed – the Fell pony. Costumed riders will have fun showing off their ponies while the commentary covers the history of ponies in Cumbria from pack ponies, farming and Border Reivers up to present day with Pony Club Games, endurance rides, drag hunts, carriage driving and all-round family fun. In addition, we will be entertained by the Ullswater Community College Cheer Leaders squad who will perform a couple of dance routines; plus there will be the 14 • EdenLocal

traditional fast and furious scurry racing and the calmer Concours d’Elegance equestrian riders who were extremely popular last year. Another ring attraction will be the fun Terrier Racing spectacles which always cause much hilarity and laughter. We are also pleased to be hosting the 15 stone World championship in the Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling which this year has a total prize pot of £750.

George Bowman 1960s

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

And it’s not just our 125th year but also the Penrith Town Band. This local brass band has performed at the Skelton Show many times throughout the years and their tunes always add to the showground atmosphere, so it’s fitting that we share the same anniversary! Chairman Andrew Bargh, is keen to reiterate the traditional agricultural aspects which are at the heart of Skelton show: “as well as cattle and sheep (including the new Dutch Texel Classes and Coloured Ryelands), there is a marquee full of classes for children plus cooking, painting,


A great day out for all the family The 125th

Skelton Show

• Kid • Ba • Vin


Racing •• • Scurry Scurry Racing Concours d’Élégance Display Town Band •• • Penrith Concours Fell Pony Society d’Élégance Pageant • UCC Cheer Leaders Display • Plus Hosting the C & W Wrestling 15 World Championship •stone Penrith Town Band

• • •

• Visit Cumbria’s largest village show • Fantastic display of livestock including cattle, sheep, dogs, horses and ponies

Enquiries: Antonia Reid www.skeltons • Fur and Feather Show • Cumberland & Westmorland wrestling

Saturday 6th Saturday 6th July 2019 Skelton Show • Large horticultural and industrial marquee

• Over 150 trade stands, gifts and crafts and food hall • Kids entertainment • Bar and food

• Vintage vehicles

Entries close Friday 28 June 2019

at Hutton in the Forest, Penrith (3 miles west of M6 Junction 41)


ADMISSION PRICES Adults £12.50, OAP’s & 11-17 years £7.50 Children under 11 FREE Car Park Free Ringside (limited) £15 Advance Discounted Tickets Available Online

• Visit Cumbria’s largest village sh • Fantastic display of livestock including cattle, sheep, dogs, horses and ponies • Cumberland & Westmorland wrestling • Fur and Feather Show • Large horticultural and industrial marquee The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business EdenLocal • 15 • Over 150 trade stands, gifts and crafts and food hall




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not sales





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Secretary Information & Presidents Tent 2 First Aid/Doctor 3 Police Control 4 taste@skelton Food Festival 5 Gifts & Crafts 6 Catering Tent 7 Bar 8 Take Away Food 9 Fur & Feathers 10 C&W Wrestling 11 Penrith Town Band 12 Chainsaw Carvings 13 Equestrian Secretary 14 Disabled Toilet & Baby Changing Livestock Secretary 15 A - H Trade Stand Avenues RN Ring Number Hardcore Access Road

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8.30a.m. Judging of cattle, sheep, horses and vintage 12.00pm. Skelton Companion Dog Show 12.45pm. Marquee open to public 12.45pm. Scurry Racing 1.50pm. Ullswater Community College Cheer Leaders 2.00pm. Child With Pet in Main Ring 2.20pm. History of Fell Pony Society Display 2.45pm. Grand Parade 3.15pm. Parade of Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds 3.30pm. Parade of Vintage Vehicles 3.55pm. Ullswater Community College Cheer Leaders 4.00pm. Fell Pony Society Musical Ride 4.20pm. Terrier Racing 4.35pm. Pony Sports 6.45pm. Compline in Hutton Church Throughout the day from 11am: Magician, Chainsaw Carvings Dog Show, Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling and Music by Penrith Town Band. Kitchen Demonstrations @TasteSkelton food festival In the Cranston’s Quality Butchers Kitchen. 11am. Mr James Whitesmith Head Chef at the popular Oddfellows Arms in Caldbeck 12pm. Mr Ben Queen-Fryer Head Chef at the newly reopened Dog & Gun Country Inn at Skelton 1pm. Mr Ben Clementson Head Brewer at the Brack’N’Brew Micro Brewery, Watermillock Nr Penrith 2pm TBA 3pm Mr Ricardo Rodriguez Mexican Food Master Class EdenLocal • 17

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e pleased We aretopleased continue to supporting continue supporting Skelton Skelton Show www.greenvetskelton.co.uk sed to continue supporting Skelton Show Show We do our own out of hours cover. and the Farming and the Farming Community Community and the Farming Community Call one number for all services Surgery opening times are

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Weural arepractice a rural Wepractice aredeals a rural that practice deals thatall deals kinds with of animals all kinds of animals that with all with kinds of animals Our canOur tocan all your attendveterinary toneeds all yourneeds veterinary needs eam canteam attend toattend allteam your veterinary 24/7 friendly professional Dog grooming Dog also grooming availablealso available Dog grooming also available

care for farm animals, horses & pets all www.greenvetskelton.co.uk www.greenvetskelton.co.uk w.greenvetskelton.co.uk yearcover. round We do our own out our ofcover. own hours outcover. of hours We do our own outWe ofdo hours

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LCP 1970s

1911 officals floral arts, vegetables and walking sticks. Other attractions include the ever popular dog show, pony sports and over 150 trade stands. The Vintage Vehicle Section continues to expand and is a sight to see (and hear) when all the vehicles enter the main ring in file for the grand parade”. Our ever popular horse section continues to grow with something for everyone in our equestrian section – from Shetlands to Heavy Horses and at all levels to allow every competitor to participate and enjoy their show. For advice and enquiries regarding the extensive equestrian section, please contact Kelly (details on the website) and remember all class bookings can now be made direct online via our new (safe and secure) website www.skeltonshow. com.

Charlotte Pollock adds “We have maintained our admission prices this year and are confident the show will once again provide excellent value and entertainment for all age groups – a great day out in the countryside”. Admission charges for 2019 (including parking) are Adults £12.50, OAP’s and Youths 1121 £7.50 and kids under 11 free. But remember advanced discounted tickets are currently available on the website; by

purchasing tickets during May will save £2 per person, reducing to a £1 off in June so book now to take advantage of this worthwhile saving. Schedules are now available from the secretary Mrs Antonia Reid on 01768 484122 or downloadable from our website www. skeltonshow.com and competitors may book their entries in online for the horse entry classes, trade stand, food hall and gift and craft entry applications.

sheep judging 1970

The extensive Taste@Skelton Food Festival and the expanded Gifts and Crafts tents provide a wide range of local produce to taste and purchase plus the Fur and Feathers tent and family Dog Show all ensure there is plenty to do and see for all the family. A wide variety of food and bar facilities all add to the enjoyment of the day. Following Beverley Bargh’s retirement, having held the position for 12 years, the newly appointed Treasurer EdenLocal • 19

Meet YOUR New Town Councillors PENRITH EAST WARD

James Fallows

Nicola Hawkins

Charlie Shepherd


Jonathan Davies

Dave Knaggs


Gratten Bowen

Hilary Jane Snell


Margaret Clark

Roger Burgin


Paul Donald

Ron Kenyon

Scot t Jackson

Caroline Whitby


Doug Lawson

What YOUR Town Councillors do Town Councillors are not paid and work extremely hard to make a real difference to people's lives. Each day they balance the needs of the local area, local residents and voters, community groups, local businesses, their political party (if they belong to one) and the Town Council. 20 • EdenLocal

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Councillors sit on Three Standing Committees Finance


Cllr Burgin (Chairman)

Cllr Bowen Cllr Jackson (Chairman) Cllr Knaggs Cllr Shepherd Cllr Snell Cllr Fallows (Standing Deputy)

Cllr Bowen Cllr Hawkins Cllr Jackson Cllr Kenyon Cllr Shepherd CCEG Cllr Bowen Cllr Davies Cllr Donald Cllr jackson (Chairman) Cllr Knaggs

Cllr Snell Cllr Burgin (Standing Deputy) Cllr Shepherd (Standing Deputy)

If you are passionate about Penrith and want to make a difference

BECOME A TOWN COUNCILLOR NOTICE OF CASUAL VACANCY AFTER ELECTION CARLETON WARD Notice is hereby given that by reason of insufficient elected members, the Town Council has vacancy amongst the members of the Town Council. An application form and procedure is available on request from theabout TownPenrith Clerk and email: If you are passionate want to make a difference townclerk@penrithtowncouncil.co.uk become a Town Councillor Unit 1, Church House, 19-24 Friargate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR Tel: 01768 899 773 Email: office@penrithtowncouncil.co.uk

OF CASUAL VACANCY AFTER ELECTION Or visit NOTICE the “Policies” section of the Council’s website and open the “Co-option Policy”: CARLETON WARD www.penrithtowncouncil.co.uk Notice is hereby given that by reason of insufficient elected members, the Town Council has vacancy amongst the members of the Town Council.

Penrith Mayor We are pleased to announce that at the Annual Town Council Meeting on 20th May, 2019, Councillor Doug Lawson was elected Council Chairman and Mayor. Cllr Jackson, who was formerly the Town mayor, has taken on the role of Vice Council Chairman and Deputy Mayor. As the first citizen and ambassador of the Council, Mayor Lawson will work to promote Penrith, participate in civic functions and host receptions for representatives of local businesses and voluntary and community organisations, locally and regionally.

Your name must appear on the current register of the Voters An application form and procedure is available on request from the Town Clerk email: List or the applicant should, during the whole of the twelve townclerk@penrithtowncouncil.co.uk months preceding the relevant date have resided in or Or visit the “Policies” section of the Council’s website and open the “Co-option Policy”: within three miles of www.penrithtowncouncil.co.uk the parish of Penrith or the applicant’s only place of work during the whole of the twelve months Your name must appear on the current register of the Voters List or the applicant should, the whole of the twelve months the relevant have not be preceding theduring relevant date is in thepreceding parish. Youdate must resided in or within three miles of the parish of Penrith or the applicant’s only place of work during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date is in the debarred from standing as a Councillor. parish. You must not be debarred from standing as a Councillor. CLOSING DATE: 1 JULY 2019


At its Annual meeting on Monday 20th May 2019, Cllr. Doug Lawson was elected Chair of Penrith Town Council and Mayor of Penrith. Cllr. Lawson said,

Thank You The Town Council wishes to thank all past Town Councillors for their endeavours, with a special acknowledgement to David Whipp, who was the first Mayor of Penrith. You may contact us for further information about Penrith Town Council, its responsibilities, services and Town Councillors, using any of the following communication channels. Office Tel: 01768 899 773 Email: off ice@penrithtowncouncil.co.uk Website: www.penrithtowncouncil.co.uk

“Penrith has a council it can rightly be proud of. We have filled all but one of the available seats and, as new members find their feet, I am very much looking forward to significant and positive changes around town. With so many people stepping forward to represent the places in which they live and work within the town, we have a clear mandate to make a real difference. “As a starting point, tonight we have resolved to apply for a Local Council Award Scheme Quality Gold Award. We have already assembled a wealth of supporting evidence to suggest this is attainable. Only a handful of councils nationwide have gained this accolade and, in joining this group, Penrith Town Council’s achievements and the hard work of its excellent officers would gain proper recognition.


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CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE “Councillors resolved to adopt the General Power of Competence as the Council has met the eligibility criteria and we are confident that the Council’s governance framework meets national standards - this is available to councils with at least two thirds elected members and a fully qualified Clerk. This will allow the Town Council much further reach and ability to serve the people of the Town.


“The Town Council will also be reviewing the Council Plan to take into account all the feedback from the Neighbourhood Plan consultations when we engaged with residents and businesses to gather their views. This provides clear strategic priorities for the Town Council.” “This is a very exciting time for the whole council and I feel particularly privileged to be part of the new era.” Also at the meeting, the council considered and a majority voted for declaring a climate and ecological emergency. The motion, presented by Cllr. Lawson, was discussed for a short while, before resolution was reached to aim for net zero carbon emissions in Penrith by 2030. The ambitious motion will involve ‘Councillors, residents, young citizens, climate science experts, businesses, and other relevant parties’ in a drive toward sustainable energy and climate action. Part of the plan includes consideration of a citizen’s assembly to ensure every action taken by the council is weighed against its impact now and for future generations. When asked about other priorities, Cllr Lawson added, “As well as the climate emergency, high on my list for this year is ensuring we listen carefully to all our residents and talk clearly and often about all the positive benefits we can provide. No-one in Penrith should be in any doubt that their council is here and is acting for them. “Cllr. Jackson will be the lead Member for devolution of assets and we look forward to working cooperatively with Eden District Council to bring more facilities under our control.” 22 • EdenLocal

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I have touched on affordable housing previously and the events of me moving out. But I thought I’d expand on that to try and give some useful insight to others who are looking to move out of the family home, whether it’s alone or with a partner. My partner and myself have spent the last two months looking for a flat in Penrith that is big enough for us but that doesn’t cost too much and it’s been impossible! Affordable housing does not seem to exist in Penrith. No wonder you get so many young people moving away, because they can’t physically afford to stay here. When looking, we discovered that there is actually a reasonable amount of accommodation, however, it’s all tiny studio flats or ‘one up one downs’ for between the prices of £400 and £500. And that’s just basic rent! You’ve got water, gas, electric, council tax, wifi, broadband, food and other costs on top of that. Although my partner works full-time, I am still at university full-


Moving on and up! By Emily Quinn

time and that is not affordable living. My greatest advice to a person or people moving out would be, do not just look online. It took us forever to get our heads round the whole online thing. You have to sign up for all these different things and you can never seem to find something in your budget that sort of meets what you are looking for. Your best bet is going into plenty of different estate agents and having conversations with them about what you would like and need. We have at last found the perfect little place, which we are hoping to move into soon. But it took us a long time to find it. We only came across it because we went in to one particular estate agent. They were so kind with us being first time young property renters/buyers looking for a new place. The conversation made us realise there wasn’t anything that would fit what we wanted, however, after lots of conversion, we were told that there was a whole block of flats becoming available soon and they stuck us on that list the second we found out. Once you’ve committed to moving out, there is so much to plan and organise. It’s not just the money or the cost of getting things to fill the flat, it’s everything from how you’re going to transport stuff to the flat to physically setting it up once it’s there. These are all things you have to plan and budget for well in advance. Figuring out your dimensions and how you’re going to get stuff through the door to fitting it, so it’s not cluttered. There is a lot to think about. Budgeting for everything you need to fill an unfurnished flat requires a good amount of dedication and willingness and you can kiss those savings and pay-checks good-bye! The second you get paid that money; it’s getting thrown into the savings pot for the new place. Before we’d really started talking about moving out together, we were saving up for a holiday. We’ve had to put that saving pot on hold so we can put every penny we earn into moving out.

And in the meantime, we still have to make ends meet with ongoing bills, going out and expensive costs such as fuel for the car. Moving out is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you’re not sure, don’t do it. Too many people make the decision too soon and just aren’t ready for that kind of commitment and responsibility. It is a huge step in life and just one of the first of many more to come. Another thing which has made this process quite difficult for my partner and myself is we have both just started new jobs. We were in no position to be looking at moving out when working for our previous employers. Sadly, a job where you work blood sweat and tears doesn’t pay what it should. We are both much happier in new jobs and new positions though and much more stable financially to go forward with moving out. We have both been in our family homes now for 20 years and counting; nearly 21 for my partner, and there comes a stage where something just clicks and you’re ready to move on. It’s nothing against your family and not wanting to be with them, because that is not the case at all. It’s just like something changes and you’re suddenly ready to take on so much more and start building on the future without mummy and daddy holding your hand like they always have. I’ve got a lot of respect for my parents. I will always come home for mum’s cooking, but you get to the stage where you feel like you are living on top of them, not with them. I want a happy family and a happy relationship with them and I feel like moving out, if anything, will make me appreciate and respect my family a lot more because I will be doing all the things I have taken for granted over the years. Both my partner and I are very excited and love the experience of all the processes and the responsibility we are taking on. If you are in the position where you are ready to move out, just be mindful it’s a long and slightly stressful process!

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How Are You Managing Absence? Introduction If you employ staff, then you’ll undoubtedly have to manage their absence at some point. Staff absence can be costly to your business and managed poorly, can potentially be even more costly. So, how do you do it to ensure you’re fulfilling your responsibilities, whilst balancing the needs of your staff and your business? Most absences are genuine, so always approach a situation with a member of staff with that in mind. If it becomes apparent that an absence is not genuine, then you can deal with it through an appropriate procedure, like disciplinary. It is important for organisations to have effective absence management policies and procedures that all staff are aware of and can access when necessary. These should be easy to follow and provide clarity for all involved in a situation. Line managers are key in any absence management situation and should be familiar with the organisation’s policies and procedures and have the ‘people’ skills to be able to hold appropriate discussions with their staff in relation to absence. Absences will fall into one of two categories – short or long term. Managing short term absences can be quite different to managing long term absences. The following tips and hints may provide you with some ideas of how to manage absence more effectively in your organisation.

Managing Short Term Absence Short term absences can be really disruptive to any business, so having some tools in place to help manage them could be truly beneficial. What could you consider? 1. Return to work interviews following every absence not only demonstrate that you wish to support your staff, but that you also take absence seriously 2. Offering other types of leave for different absences, for example, compassionate leave and leave for family 24 • EdenLocal

situations 3. Offering flexible working for a defined period of time or maybe indefinitely 4. Having a policy and procedure that includes triggers for monitoring absence levels and sets out when disciplinary action may be instigated 5. Making timely referrals to Occupational Health for professional advice 6. Promoting Health and Wellbeing in your business

The Role of Line Managers Line managers are key to managing any staff absence, however, they are crucial when it comes to short term absences. Good communication skills and a working knowledge of the organisation’s absence management policy and procedures are so important, particularly as the line manager is likely to be the first person the member of staff speaks to when there is an absence issue. It is often assumed that managers can just pick up a policy or procedure and apply it to a situation and that they already have the skills and confidence to manage certain situations. Many can’t or don’t, so it is really important to help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to be able to manage situations confidently, sensitively and effectively. So, what should your managers be trained in? • The organisation’s Absence Management Policy and procedures and any absence triggers • Their role and the role of others who can provide support, for example, HR and Occupational Health • The importance of keeping records of discussions, facts and figures • The differences between managing short and long-term absences • How to carry out effective return to work interviews

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• How to interpret GP fit notes • How to approach more complex, sensitive issues • The Equality Act 2010 and the protections afforded to certain groups of staff

Gutter Cleaning from £20

Managing Long Term Absence Long term absence tends to be classed as absences lasting four weeks or more. They can be challenging to manage and for the member of staff, returning to work can be harder the longer they are away from work. Sensitivity is key when managing long term absences. My top tips for managing long term absences include: • Keeping in touch regularly, probably weekly, so that the member of staff does not think you have forgotten about them. They can feel isolated, so this is really important. Get the balance right though as you don’t want them to feel they are being harassed • Consider how and if you can make any adjustments to their role and the work environment to facilitate an earlier return to work. Seriously consider flexible working • Make sure you get professional support and advice as required as early as possible, for example, from Occupational Health • Agree a return to work plan and have regular reviews when they are back at work as the plan should be monitored and may need to change

How else can I help?

Fully Insured Family Run Business New Roofs • Roof Repairs • Chimney Work Dry Verge Systems • Storm Damage Insurance Work • Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

01768 865416 info@onecallpenrith.co.uk

• Chiropody/Podiatry • Sports Therapy • Remedial Sports Massage • Physiotherapy • Personal Training

Whatever your employment-related query, I would be delighted to help. In addition to Managing Absence, the following are typically some of the areas I cover: • Employee relations – disciplinaries, grievances, whistleblowing, bullying and harassment • Performance issues – appraisals, managing poor performance and capability • Staff Handbooks – policies, procedures and standards • Employment contracts – terms and conditions of employment • Recruitment and selection – recruitment exercises and job descriptions • Pay and benefits – pay structures and job evaluation • Reorganisation and redundancy • Health and Wellbeing Advice and support can be provided on an ad hoc basis or through a retainer service, where for a small fixed, monthly fee, you can access support as and when you need it. I’d be delighted to hear from you, whether you need some immediate advice or whether you would like to discuss ongoing support.

Please contact me at charlotte@ quinnhr.co.uk or on 01768 862394.

• Military Circuits • Food Intolerance Testing 07812 217 302 • 01768 840 034 info@jamespittam.com @Penrithleisurecentre

Can you help deliver your Eden Local magazine? We are looking to start new teams in Langwathby, Eden Hall, Lowther, Askham, Melkinthorpe, Clifton, Little Strickland, Great Strickland, Morland, Cliburn, Newby, Long Marton and other areas. We are looking for holiday cover as well as individuals who can spare a few hours every Month for regular routes Please call 01768 862394 - 07881 530085 Or Email lee@cumbrianlocal.co.uk www.cumbrianlocal.co.uk

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ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN (CONTINUED FOR PAGE 9) and something that was launched in 1969 and bounced from the sixties, through the seventies and eighties then almost disappeared, but is still jumping around today is the ‘Space Hopper’ which of course was available at Harpers then and is still available today to take away.

Stuart Harper cira 1995 in Middlegate Shop They have been rebranded, remoulded and some have become stars in films and books and been brought to life so they can walk and talk. As a dad with two girls, the voice of Barbie saying ‘I love horses, giddy up!’ is ingrained in my brain. I don’t see Barbie sitting in front of a computer on her x-box glued to a screen, or sitting on a sofa with her head down looking at her phone playing a game in a world of her own. With the launch of electric toys came electronic toys and then computerised games and upgrades. No longer did we have control on the budget. Have children lost that interaction? Games weren’t always happy, because someone had to lose, but some had to win and at the roll of a dice anyone could win. Stuart talked about one game that is still a favourite, Snakes and Ladders and Harpers Toymaster sold the most Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly boards when they were available and they were one of the many sponsors. On a wet Cumbrian day, people also pop in and buy playing cards, Lego and look for holiday games, board games. When I was in the shop recently, someone came in to by a Monopoly. We talked about Monopoly. Has it changed? Well, the playing pieces have. Some of those traditional pieces like the Horse Rider, Wheelbarrow, Thimble, Iron, Canon and along 26 • EdenLocal

with the boot have been given the boot. Replaced by a Cat, Penguin, Rubber Duck and a T-Rex. What is London coming to! Surviving since 1942, the Battleship, the Scottie Dog, the Racing Car and the Top Hat still remain. In the year that Harpers Cycles and Toys opened, on the shelf you may have seen then and in the years that followed brands like Dinky, Matchbox, Airfix, Marx, Corgi, Barbie, Cindy, an action man who talked, Hornby trains, dolls, prams, dolls houses, scooters, Spirograph, Etch-aSketch, View master, Battling Tops, Mouse trap, Scalextric and Subbuteo, possibly the 1966 World Cup edition. Play Doh was also about which you couldn’t get out of the carpet! Hot Wheels was rolling on an orange track

The experience of playing, sharing, winning and losing for those that are losing their game today, they can switch it off, reset and start again. We used to call that cheating! The trends of change have been ridden quite well for Harpers Toymaster on the retail roller coaster. As Stuart explained, more recently with the big toy retailer Toys ‘R’ Us closing, much of the stock that was already made for them was purchased by supermarkets, bought cheap and I reckon it would have been sold cheaply. Unfortunately, the big chains may have a taste for it now to sell toys all year around and when they start buying and ordering in bulk the family business which Stuart heads up with Patricia and their son Alistair will once look at how to adapt to this changing landscape. Meanwhile Stuart and Patricia do have other duties these days, they

Patricia with the 50th Anniversary card from Local traders. Stuart with his 50 years in Business award from Toymaster.

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Some of the Community Gardening Team working on Penrith in Bloom The Toby award with Ian Edmunds MD Toymaster Ltd also have two daughters Julia and Adele and their other son Nigel and on certain days in the week they Stuart and Patricia also get to play and look after their grandchildren. And so it continues Children and toys, mums and dads and grandparents sitting on the floor or at the table with toys. As I was just finishing off this article I had one thought and I rang Stuart. Good answer they do stock adult Space Hoppers! Let’s not forget online doesn’t have a shop front or a window, we generally talk to people online when we have a problem. Take a trip visit and share and experiences that has been shared by generations. The excitement of what new toys are coming in and seeing them on the shelf isn’t as exciting as reaching up and taking them off the shelves, as I remember. Things do have move on but don’t go of your childhood by setting on a phone or in front of a screen. Whats next for Stuart and the team, their listed building that houses Harpers ToyMaster is due for another investment in having its windows and solid oak timber frontage restored back to its original colour and varnished very soon. So, don’t walk past; don’t just look in the window. Take a trip around the store to the fourth floor and you’ll see a lot more. My thanks to Stuart and his family for sharing some great times and let’s hope the new generation follows with tradition and keeps it there for future generations. I will leave you with the great news that Stuart and Patricia recently received the Toby award from Ian Edmunds, Managing Director of Toymaster Ltd in recognition of 50 years in business. Here locally, we can pop in and congratulate Stuart and his family personally for the years serving generations locally in the community.

Local innovation; two minds with one simple solution that ticks a lot of boxes. ‘Ewe know it makes sense’, and now you have the opportunity to try Ewe Grow. I took a call from Ernest in April. He’s a sheep farmer and in late May I met him and the other half of E & D - David. Do we call it compost or natural recycling? I think both. Reference www. knowhowgarden.co.uk had this statement on sheep compost ‘It is high in both phosphorus and potassium, essential elements for optimal plant growth. These nutrients help plants to establish strong roots, defend against pests and grow into vibrant and productive plants. Sheep manure can also be used as organic mulch.’ Reference www. bettervegetablegardening. com/sheep-manure.html

on sheep manure had this statement ‘Sheep manure, due to its low nitrogen level is referred to as cold manure, it is an excellent natural slow-release vegetable fertilizer.’ Which to be honest is exactly what the lads said at the farm. Ewe Grow is made of Sheep Manure, Sheep Wool and Sawdust. It has no peat in it at all, yes, I did put my hand in the bag to get an idea of what we are talking about. Tested by Agrovista soil health, Ewe Grow is produced at Town End Farm in Long Marton and packed locally. Sometimes some of the simplest ideas are those naturally produced. Was it a wise man who said ‘One man’s rubbish may be another’s treasure’? Locally grown and definitely locally produced, for your plants or you crops and now helping Penrith in Bloom.



Multipurpose Compost

specially formulated for plant and crop growth Made with Sheep Muck, Sheep Wool, Sawdust and farmers' expertise

£5 For a 50 litre bag! To purchase, please give us a ring on 07711 485021 OR 07802 788081 Bulk buy and local delivery can be arranged for a small fee

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We are Barking about Parking still! By Lee Quinn Previously, Helen from Hearth & Home wrote to Eden Local about working and parking in Penrith. My thanks to Kristina for also now writing in about parking and litter. "Hi, after reading your article in the latest Eden Local magazine, I thought I felt I needed to drop you a line. As far as parking in Penrith is concerned, I have a couple of ideas. I appreciate the problems people have with paying for parking every day at work, I have been there in the past. Two ideas - how about a park and ride on the outskirts of town. This approach seems to work everywhere else in the country. The other idea is issuing parking permits for people who work in the town at a reduced rate. For this to work it would have to be a greatly reduced rate. These could be issued monthly, half yearly or annually. As far as the rubbish problems in town go, yes, we could do with a few more bins, but I don't see that will solve the problem. So many times, I have walked through town and seen rubbish on the ground within a couple of yards of an empty bin. The problem is people’s attitudes regarding rubbish in general and I’m not sure where we go with that one.

Simple solutions are needed first for parking; I’ll come back to litter in a moment. Whilst we have a lot of new councillors at District and Penrith Town Council that are just settling in and adjusting to the new District ‘Rainbow’ Council, the District and the County are very much in control of the parking. County Councillors have in previous years introduced permit parking, which shifts the problem to other areas other, but doesn’t solve the problems long term. The only way forward, as I see it, is with people who are not councillors, but residents and of course people that have to park in town in order to work. There needs to be a working group, which I think should include the BID, possibly the Penrith Chamber of Trade and then Councillors from all tiers, which meets once the people have had a chance to put some ideas on the table. Linked thinking and joint working towards a common goal often works. We have become a culture of ‘Consultation’, however, unfortunately of the over 54,000 people living in Eden we don’t have generally more than 5,000 activists and people that take part. Of course communication is the route of this. Communication is not the biggest of budgets at Eden District Council, but it should be.

I hope you get lots of ideas sent in for these 2 problems and maybe we can make a difference." Kristina Braithwaite (Mrs) On the subject of parking, some won’t like me saying this, but for those that do park their car at the work premises, many do not see or engage with the problem. It’s a bit like when we lose bus services, the only ones in my opinion that are affected are those that catch the bus.

TAKING YOUR FIRST STRIDE AS A 2019 BRIDE Finesse Bridal 40 Middlegate, Penrith 01768 866799 28 • EdenLocal

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BAKERY 01768 891825 31 Sandgate, Penrith CA11 7TJ

At County Council we’ll see a press release, but with regards to any updates about what is going on in Penrith and the Eden Valley, it is a rarity. As we approach the County Council 2021 elections, you’ll be showered with leaflets and brochures about what has been achieved by your local County Councillor approximately 3 years and 10 months previously. You would have received your last election leaflets from a pending or existing candidate. I know a few County Councillors will read this, so before my telephone and email in basket catches alight, I should say we do have some very good County Councillors out in the Community, who do get involved not just in their wards, but also with other tiers of local government. I’ve been to the meetings and I know who they are, however, linked thinking has to be across the town and Eden, it is unfortunately the only way this can be achieved. The truth is we need to know what’s going on, not just day to day, but next month. We should know what our County Councillors are working on to solve the problems and are they engaging with the community that elected them? What comes next? Well we need more letters and if there are any councillors out there that would like to be a part of this, I would like you to drop me a line. Recently in the Euro-elections and in the District elections, a comment that kept coming up was ‘The people have spoken’. Litter, well I’ll come back to this one soon, but please send me your letters on your thoughts. Note if you are writing and not on email, please send letters to Lee Quinn, Editor Cumbrian Local Publications Ltd, Suite 6, Cumbria House, Gilwilly Road, Penrith, CA11 9FF or email lee@ cumbrianlocal.co.uk. Thank you again to Kristina. Thank you for the point you closed on: ‘I hope you get lots of ideas sent in for these 2 problems and maybe we can make a difference’.

Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd

The ACR NEO 3 Electric Stove is one of the Stoves on display in the Shop.

Stoves & Fires for All Seasons @ Hearth & Home If your home is well insulated or heated, you may feel you don’t require a Stove or Fire as you may not be reliant on the heat generated by one but, if you love the look of a Stove and would like a focal point for your room or miss the cosy glow you see with a real fire an Electric Stove or Fire might be the right thing for you. You can light your Fire as a feature and not have the heat. An Electric Fire is ideal for that chilly evening when it’s too warm for the central heating but you just need a quick burst of heat to your room, the flame effect also makes you feel warmer. Hearth & Home provide a bespoke service to help you find the right Stove & Fireplace which suits your lifestyle, design & budget. Further information can be found on our website www.hearth-home.co.uk or on our Facebook page. The Gazco Skope Electric Fire with Bespoke Chimney Breast & Bench can be seen in the Shop


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Piano, Violin, Singing, Theory One-to-one lessons for all ages & abilities

www.edenvalleymusic.co.uk 01768 870048

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Out and About with Eden Local & Eden FM Radio Bolton Memorial Hall Field Day

Saturday 22 June 2019 from 1pm – 5.30 pm Bolton Primary School children came up with the idea of the theme being 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' to tie in with their studies this year.

Stainton Garden Gadabout

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June from 12.00 – 5.00PM Explore 15 Village Gardens, Tickets, Refreshments & Tombola in the Village Hall. For those who enjoy gardening or just like looking around gardens, there is an opportunity to wander around 15 Village Gardens which will be opened by enthusiastic gardeners. There is a wide variety of gardens, large and small, with beautiful views, landscaped gardens, natural gardens with rockeries, ponds, wildlife areas, vegetable patches, orchards and areas to socialise, play and eat, something for everyone. In aid of Hospice at Home, Carlisle and North Lakeland and the Village Hall. Tickets available from New Stainton Village Hall costing £5.00 which covers both afternoons, children under 16 are free.

The Carnival goes from strength to strength. Thanks to my superb committee and the support from all the towns business’s and most of all the great support from the public. We have a weekend for everyone from the Bingo on the Friday evening, right through to Sunday afternoon with the Garden Fete at the Alms Houses. The main day on Saturday starts with the Crowning of our Carnival Queen, Kayleigh Ingham, King Josh Robinson, Princess Fearne Winder, and Prince Jasper Peck, followed by the Grand Parade to the Castle where there are lots of events and attractions going on all afternoon. In the evening, this year’s band is “Live Wires” an absolutely fabulous band. Have a listen to them on our website or Google them (Live Wires Party Band, Stafford). So get your tickets early to avoid disappointment. Also we are getting Carlsberg to provide the bar, so there will be a good service and selection of drinks at reasonable prices all afternoon and evening. So come along and enjoy a fun packed weekend for all the famil.y Paul Naisbitt (Chairman)

Appleby Carnival Weekend 12th/13th July

The weekend begins with the traditional bingo evening in the marquee at the castle. From the floats, fancy dress to the traditional races and olden day rides this is a great family occasion for everyone to enjoy. After the float ride through the town, the carnival procession ends at Appleby Castle where there is something for everyone. Parents can relax with a cream tea or Pimms on the lawn in the inner bailey whilst their children explore the many attractions of the day in the grounds of Appleby Castle. The evening concludes with one huge party in a marquee in the grounds of the castle. Tickets for the evening band and party are £12.50 per person. Entrance to the Castle for the carnival is free. A note from the Chairman Well, for Carnival 2019 we have gone with a theme of “Decades” as we are nearing the end of yet another decade. This is the fifth decade I will have been part of the carnival committee. 30 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

maximum towing capacity

SsangYong Turismo-Tourist 2.2 ELX 5dr Tip Automatic 4WD 2.7 Tonne Towing Limit.

4x4 with low range

e 420Nm torque†

Fishing, Festival, Camping or Touring?

Year: 2017 • Colour: White • Interior: Leather • Gearbox: Automatic Mileage: 500 Miles • Registration: PX17 RZV Features: Alloys, Remote Central Locking, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Power Assisted Steering (PAS), CD, Leather Interior, Front Fogs, Tow Bar, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Privacy Glass, Airbag Passenger, Airbag Side, Airbag Driver, Tilt Steering Wheel, Rear Seat Belts, Safety Belt Pretensioners, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Immobiliser, Four Wheel Drive, Alarm, Parking Sensors, Electric Adjustable Seats, Sat Nav, DAB Radio, Blue Tooth, Sleeps 4

(2 x Adult – 2 x Children), Rear Elevating Roof, 4 x single seats that make 2 x single seats – 2m long Memory Foam Mattress as Standard, Child Roof Bed. Rear Conversion comprising of Sink, Glass Top Slide out 2 Ring Hob, Leisure Battery, 25l Compressor Fridge, Domestic Porta Potti, Fresh and Waste Water Containers, Mains Hookup, Eberspacgher Diesel Night Heater, 100W Solar Panel, Tailgate Awning.


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Show home now open. Nestled between Carlisle and Penrith in the idyllic village of Plumpton, Brockley Bank features a collection of 3 bedroom semi-detached and 4 bedroom detached properties, including 30% affordable homes.

BROCKLEY BANK PLUMPTON 28 High Specification 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes from £194,950 Brockley Bank, Brockley Moor, Plumpton, CA11 9PA

Sales suite open Thursday to Monday 10.30am – 4.30pm

To book a viewing call 07971 050114