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Cumbrian Local Publications • Issue No. 136 • July 2018


What makes Arches Carpet Centre different from the others? By Lee Quinn

For a number of years, the Arches Carpet Centre have featured articles and advertising on some unique and innovate flooring ideas, but as a traditional carpet and flooring family business, its long- established trading means it has served more than one generation. This article is no exception as once again my knowledge is increased on another new product which actually you may have come across before. On a number of occasions on visiting Terry Oliver, who many of you have known for 10, 20, 30 or more years, if he is with a customer, you have the option to pop back later, or take a seat in a small lounge area he has in the showroom, so sometimes I take some work with me. Terry’s son Kieran has also been a part of the business now for a number of years, who with a

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growing experience and knowledge from an early age, is either in the showroom or out with the fitting teams. Joining the team recently is Bryony, who like Terry and Kieran will either be in the office where the door is always open or in the showroom. When shopping for a carpet or flooring for your home or business, something you need more than just the right price, is a guarantee that it is not just sold as a sale, but it has been sold to you knowing that Arches Carpet and Flooring Centre, set on three floors, has been built on reputation, repeat business and it welcomes new customers every week, who over the years have come back. What makes Arches Carpet Centre different from the others? Well that is something that only you can find out when you visit the showroom. It’s not a carpet

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filled with an air-like gas and lined with alternating layers of cellulose and suberin. Quercus Suber is slow-growing and long-lived, some individuals surviving to 250 years of age. Cork oak landscapes are mosaics of forest habitats, comprising cork, holm and deciduous oak species, stone and maritime pines, wild olive trees, Maquis (a type of Mediterranean shrubland), and pasture.

warehouse, although adjoining their showroom is a huge unit, but it will be hard to beat on its vast range of displays and samples it has in its wall to wall and free standing displays of pretty much every option available for you. With free parking, you can take as long as you like 6 days of the week, take a sample home and it’s a service you won’t find on line. Whilst you may be thinking holidays, if you have a project at home or at your business when you return, it’s always worth a call into Arches to pre-book those dates before you fly away. Meanwhile, we have another new product launch at the Arches Carpet centre. I remember a product quite similar to this on my kitchen floor back in the 80’s, but it’s certainly evolved and what I had then is not as I see it today. The Granorte range and display is right by the door as you enter. The ‘Digital print cork floating floors’, with various flooring effects and covers including leather, vinyl, PVC-Free Polymer and traditional cork patterns, are all available from the Arches Carpet and Flooring centre. A bit about cork that you might not know, which I researched

Cork oak bark has been harvested for thousands of years, and with good reason. The Romans discovered that it would float and used it for buoys in fishing nets, as well as for making sandals. Today it is most commonly known for its use in wine bottle corks. Quercus Suber is limited to the Mediterranean Basin, and occurs in the coastal regions of southwest Europe and northwest Africa, including Algeria, France, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. The Cork tree must be 25 years old before it can be harvested for cork. Cork is stripped from the trunk in a sustainable manner every nine years. This, apparently does not harm the tree in any way and with the increasing concern for the environment, cork oak remains the only tree whose bark can regenerate itself after harvest, leaving the tree unharmed. This makes it a renewable and very environmentally friendly resource. Reference taken from www.powo.science.kew.org

The Little Business with the Big Reputation!

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, Quercus Suber L. It grows mainly in the Mediterranean. The bark is a vegetal tissue composed of a mass of cells

Road Gilwilly n to & New 88) 52 Road (B out b rounda

Unit 1-2 Hartness Road, Gilwilly Ind Est, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9BD thearchescarpetcentre@hotmail.co.uk Open Times: Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30 pm Saturday 9am to 4pm

01768 866770

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So we are into July There are many things I find a space and time to talk about each month in this opening page. Ideally, I present a snap shot of the previous month’s activities and the stories collated. I may mention something which came in that I just have to include in the last bit of space I have, as all the other pages are complete. I may even have the odd rant about something! The final touches or the opening introduction as I call it in the design, are usually put together on the day before we print. This month, however, it was slightly different. We generally print at the end of the first week of the month, with the aim of getting all the Eden Locals out within 7 – 10 days of arriving from the printers. On most occasions, most are out within 6 - 7 days of arriving. The weather plays a big part of course and it’s so unusual, this last month to have that feeling that there’s no rain tomorrow! It’s like waking on holiday in the Mediterranean and I can’t remember seeing the lawns and the grass so brown and it’s only July! Looking back at this time last year, I remember a warm day shaping up at the Skelton Show after a shower in the morning. I remember that 2016 was also a hot summer’s day for the show. Last year in the weekend that followed Skelton, we had a brilliant sunny day for the Appleby Carnival, with a deep blue sky, but for Kendal Calling it was a bit of a mud bath. We can’t predict next summer and with three lions on my shirt on a number of

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occasions, what with the beautiful weather and England’s World Cup, it’s all a bit of a dream really. Whatever the outcome, as when you read your Eden Local, it will probably all be decided by then. There are so many reasons to remember this summer. I said in the May Eden Local opening that I would be taking a break from football, especially after producing 31 match day programmes in the 2017-18 season for the Bonny Blues. However, from a very early age I was made to watch the 1966 World Cup. It was of course in black and white. I had the sticker book and I can still see some of those cards in my memory. I’m not sure where that went but I do still have some mementoes from that time and the 1970 World Cup in Mexico; they are all packed safely in a box. I remember we watched the ‘66 World Cup at my great grandmother’s house. She had a back problem, so she always sat in a genuine wooden deck chair, just like the one from the promenade. It is strange how we remember the smallest details. Closer to home, delivering the Eden Local on a Saturday morning before the first match England had to play, it was also something I will remember. A brilliant sunny day and everyone I spoke to was happy. It took me a little bit longer to finish the Raiselands Croft route in Penrith, but I met some great people. We didn’t know then how things would go for the national team. So, making the most of the flexibility of having our own reliable distribution teams to post the Eden Local, it has got a number of bonuses. You’ll see in this edition we held back five pages to include this year’s Skelton Show and the Penrith Chamber

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Contents What Makes Arches Carpets Centre Special?

Pages 2 – 3

Introduction and Contents

Pages 4 – 6

The Penrith Stars of Business awards 2018

Pages 7 - 9

More Recruitment – Tips and Advice

Pages 10 - 11

From the Kitchen Sink to the Trendy Drink

Pages 12 - 13

Jack and Jill in Pam’s Nursery Rhyme Corner

Page 14

Cumbria Oak Story (Part 2)

Pages 16 - 17

17-25 Car insurance and black box

Pages 18 – 19

The Debate Continues but here are some answers

Pages 20 – 21

The Bolton Memorial Hall Field Day

Pages 22 - 23

Fine weather and another fine Show at Skelton

Pages 24 – 25

On tour with Eden FM 2018

Page 26

Ready to go to the Appleby Show

Page 27

The RACE 2018 with Arragon’s Phil Graham

Pages 28 - 29

The Season Review for Penrith AFC Ladies

Page 29

The Rambler's Grave by Simon Jones

Page 30

Wainwright’s Annual Charity Challenge raises £1500



A Thought for the Day



Marshall Conservatory Conversions

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of Trade Stars of Business Awards. Of course, I can even boast that for the first time so many people have actually seen the England Football team not only win at penalties, but also win a quarter final, which incidentally on returning from the Skelton Show in my excitement, I was that exhausted I actually fell asleep before kick-off and woke up 15 minutes into the first half! If it can be done, I generally get on and do it. I have to see a lot of people in a month, take a lot of pictures, but each month when I write this opening, it makes it all worth it. This month, however, I did have a planned medical procedure to factor in which meant no walking, no lifting or driving for a least two weeks. So, I got as much done as I could, then the rest was from a chair and a week on after my procedure, whilst on light duties for Eden FM, my mobility was down to the help of a few friends and Charlotte driving me about. I just had to get to the Skelton Show, even if it was only for a few hours.


tasted food from a village in Italy, on a field in Bolton, did a yearly walk around a family show ground, learned of a race across Europe for a good cause and as I do every month, made a lot of new friends.


As for July, well it’s going to be a busy month, but I’ll be back in August Lee Quinn


This month in summary, I got to research and write about Cork Trees, shared the happiness of a good friend winning a local order with a big thumbs up and I learnt a different meaning to a word when used with Prosecco! I asked a lot of questions and got a lot of answers, I

6 • EdenLocal

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Find out more about Calthwaite Hall, listen to the Interviews with Tony Kenvig the man behind the renovation project of a lifetime as he prepares to open the gates to this historic building and gardens to the public for the first time Sunday 29th July. The Story of Calthwaite Hall will be played in clips around 10.20am and 3.20pm Monday to Friday from 23rd July on Eden FM 107.5 in preparation for the opening day at Calthwaite Hall.



The evening began with a drink in the glorious sunshine enjoying the amazing view, followed by a three-course meal ahead of the main event - the awards. The evening continued with a disco, which gave everyone a chance to dance the night away. The Stars of Business Awards were created to recognise the diversity of businesses in Penrith and the local area and interest in them has grown year on year. This year, the Awards were sponsored by Armstrong Watson, Dodd & Co, O’Reilly Wealth Management and Penrith BID, and saw the introduction of a new award, ‘Employee of the year’ and the ‘Unsung Hero winner’ which was decided by the public. This year’s winners and runners up of the 2018 Penrith Stars of Business awards are:

Winner of the Penrith Business of the Year

(sponsored by Armstrong Watson)

Cartmell Shepherd - The judges chose this winner because of the Creative, dynamic & dedicated team all working together around the County. With an outstanding commitment from a local based firm in the community, everything from cupcakes, dementia stickers to supporting sport activities such as cricket. They genuinely see it as part of their business responsibility and everyone embraces it Runners up were (alphabetically) AB’s MOT’s Test Centre, Servicing & Repairs, Elaine Swann Hair, Heart and Soul

© Nigel Jenkins - Eden Lighthouse

The awards, which are part of the Chamber’s Annual Dinner, took place at the Roundthorn Country House in Penrith, with nearly 120 business people from the area coming together to celebrate the incredible local businesses that Penrith has to offer.

© Nigel Jenkins - Eden Lighthouse

The winners of the seventh Stars of Business Awards, run by Penrith Chamber of Trade & Commerce and sponsored by Burnetts Solicitors were revealed in a ceremony on Saturday 7th July.

Winner of the Penrith Retailer of the Year (sponsored by Penrith BID)

Sassy Nix Boutique - The judges chose this winner for their ability to make women feel fabulous & want to wear their underwear outside rather than inside! Offering after care, for breast cancer patients and postsurgery needs, a greatly needed for service to women in Penrith who have undergone traumatic surgery. With great customer service and lovely products, they are moving with the times providing new services. Runners up were (alphabetically) Arragons Cycles, Clarke’s Fusions and The Lion Gallery & The Unicorn The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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© Nigel Jenkins - Eden Lighthouse

Winner of the Penrith Food & Drink of the Year (sponsored by Dodd & Co)

Dockray Hall - The judges chose this winner as they demonstrate a real team spirit in the establishment, all striving to achieve the excellent dining experience to create the right ambience locally. With vegan and gluten free well catered for with award winning beers too. A great addition to food served in Penrith with great community spirit. They have forged partnerships with other local businesses that means they are focused on the community as a whole rather than just their own business. Runners up were (alphabetically) Foundry 34, The Filling Station / R & R Catering and Three Crowns Tea Shop

Winner of the Penrith Employee of the Year

© Nigel Jenkins - Eden Lighthouse

Matt Bainbridge - The judges chose this winner who had evolved through the ranks with a ‘fresh eyes approach’ to change but then leading that change and empowers the team with his charismatic approach. He is passionate about his work and makes a real difference to the business and his colleagues, raising the bar constantly. Has truly embraced being part of a family and adores his job and the people he works with. Runners up were (alphabetically) Alexandra Csakvariova, Ian Dryburgh and Luci Aked 8 • EdenLocal

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Winner of the award for Penrith Unsung Hero of the Year

(Sponsored by O’Reilly Wealth Management) Tim Lorton - General words used …. Bravery, Awesomeness in a crisis, Hero, Such a caring man, always smiling, Heroism, Legend, He’s a hero! This is for a man who has always got a smile on his face. Always has a cheeky word to make you smile. But on Monday May 14th 2018 at approximately 2.15pm he was a hero. The horrific accident in the town centre missed him narrowly but unfortunately someone else was not so lucky. Tim jumped into action and thinking nothing for himself went to the aid of those who were injured. He kept cool and calm until emergency services arrived. Runners up were (alphabetically) Dan Harding former Penrith BID President, Joan Robinson of Eden community gardeners and Richard Utting of Penrith Chamber of Trade & Commerce / Town Events Finalists and winners of the Stars of Business Awards were all nominated for their contribution to business in the local area and were judged independently from the Chamber Committee and Sponsors of the evening, making the decisions impartial. Thank you to the judges who were Caroline Dean who is Group Sponsorship & Business Development Manager for Newsquest Cumbria, Cath Howard who is Chief Operating Officer at Cumbria Community Foundation and Sarah Williams of Kendal BID. Stephen Macaulay, President of Penrith Chamber of Trade, delivered a welcome speech introducing himself to the audience and summarised the year with an overview of the Chambers work in organising various events including business to business events for members and town events including Christmas In Penrith, Penrith Goes Orange and Penrith on a Plate and The Eden Food and Farming Festival. The re-vote on the Penrith Town Bid and the news of the Penrith Industrial Estates BID was welcomed and the Chamber’s involvement in supporting both of these BIDs both through member’s active involvement on the board and in promotion as well as financial support for the Industrial BID highlighted. Stephen spoke of the Chamber’s overarching mission to make Penrith ‘Better for Business’ and the fact that this was not limited to the Town Centre but

"Thank you everyone I know I've said it before but I'll say it again it is really really humbling to know that people took the time to vote for me and ultimately got me this award thank you. Thanks to Karen Radcliffe for going on my behalf with Ang and thankyou to the Penrith Chamber of Trade for hosting the event and once again a big fat massive thank you to you all " Tim encompassed all aspects of the Town as part of a wider Placemaking agenda. Working closely with other stakeholders on a vision for the town would be a key to future success. Kevin Beaty, Leader of Eden District Council and Oliver Shimmell, Assistant Director of Eden District Council were both guests of the President with Mr Beaty presenting the ‘Penrith Retailer of the Year Award’ in place of the sponsor who was unable to attend on the night. Sunbeams Music Trust was announced as the Chamber’s Charity of the Year and Annie Mawson, the Trust’s Founder and Chief Executive gave a moving speech on the work of the charity and also presented the ‘Employee of the Year’ award.

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More Tips & Advice on Recruitment Last month, I provided some general tips and advice on recruitment and selection. This month, I am going to explore one area in more detail.

So, I thought I’d start with references... 1. Do you need to provide references if they are requested? There is no employment legislation specifically written to deal with supplying references. There is no obligation to provide references for existing or ex-employees, however, it is good practice and many employers do.

2. If so, what information should you provide? Always stick to the facts. References should be objective, not subjective. The information you provide should always be true, accurate and fair. The information should be sent to a specific person, normally the person who has requested it and marked confidential. Avoid verbal references as you could be misquoted. If you do need to supply a verbal reference, make a note of what you have said, so that you could provide the same reference in writing if requested. 10 • EdenLocal

Many employers provide basic references, simply confirming the dates of employment and job role(s). If you choose this approach, it is advisable to make sure all your employees know this is the case, that you apply it consistently and you make those requesting references aware this is your company’s policy. If an employee has been involved in something serious whilst employed by you, you should not use this approach to avoid communicating the facts relating to a serious incident. Avoid problems such as possible claims by training your managers and having proper procedures for them to follow when writing references. They need to understand references must be factual and they must not express their personal opinions when writing them. Be aware that employees and prospective employees can request to see their references and whilst they are provided in confidence, they may need to be disclosed in the future to an employment tribunal.

3. Should you disclose someone’s absence history? Always seek advice before disclosing any absence related information. Even the supply of factual information could lead to a discrimination claim.

4.Should you disclose disciplinary sanctions or suspected misconduct? You could leave yourself open to a claim from the new

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

employer if you fail to disclose a serious issue which you knew of, or genuinely suspected. Always make sure you state whether the allegations have or have not been investigated. Do not conceal things. In terms of disciplinary sanctions, only disclose those that are current.

5. Do you need to seek references? There is no obligation to seek and check references, however, it is good practice to do so. References should be sought to give you an idea of whether the applicant would be suitable for the role you have advertised.

6. If so, when should you request them? References are normally sought once the successful applicant has been made an offer of employment, however, you may wish to seek references when you have short listed your candidates and prior to interviews. You should seek agreement from the applicant if you wish to approach their current employer for a reference. It is advisable to make all offers of employment conditional on you receiving satisfactory references and so it is best to not allow someone to start work with you until you have received their references.

7. How many should you request? It is advisable to request a minimum of two references. One of these should be the applicant’s current or most recent employer.

Next month, I will explore other areas of recruitment in more detail. In the meantime, if you would like any advice on recruitment or any other employment matter, please give me a call on 01768 862394 or email me at charlotte@quinnhr.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you! The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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From the Kitchen Sink to the Trendy Drink An interview with Kelly Spooner at the Globe Inn Calthwaite by Lee Quinn have another afterwards, but you get a great deal less people just going out for drinks now unless it’s a special occasion or celebration,” Kelly explained. We talked about special occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day and celebrations, but has Valentine’s Day changed much? It was explained to me that whilst the Globe Inn is a cosy, traditional village pub, ideal for couples, it can only set so many tables for two. Kelly explained it’s not so much about couples anymore. “It’s group dining and people go out and celebrate together rather than the traditional going out and being all ‘Luvvy duvvy’. I think that’s definitely changed.” We then moved on to discuss drinking habits and how it’s become a fashionable thing. “It is fashionable and trendy” said Kelly, “especially with flavoured gins. They are so popular now, it’s unbelievable. When I was younger, we were drinking cider or pints. Now the younger generation are coming in and drinking gin and tonic.” I added that there are a lot of local gins. Kelly mentioned the Solway gins, but they are a bit on the expensive side.

After a phone interview, followed by a visit and discussion, I think I am quite well versed in current drink trends. Talking to Kelly who has been at the Globe Inn now for just over 4 years, her first experience was aged 13 pot-washing in a pub kitchen. Her career has been spent mostly in food and drink. She left the industry just once, but within six months as Kelly explained, “I couldn’t stand it, so I went back to what I know and enjoy best.” I asked her why. “I like working with people.” We talked about shared experiences of working in a pub, as Kelly explained she enjoys it most when it’s really busy, more intense and things are buzzing, which I totally understood. I put it to Kelly that in 15 years in the pub, food and drink industry, she must have seen a lot of changes in how people eat, how people drink and what budgets are like. “When I first started, obviously I couldn’t drink. My parents were in most weekends where I worked. Pubs were always for drinking, but now I see them being more about food. People come in for the food; they may have a drink with their meal and they may 12 • EdenLocal

Are people that concerned about the price or is it about the taste and the quality of what they are drinking now? “A lot of it is the trying of different flavours, then they might stick with one until they try another. If you go through the Whitley Neill and the Edinburgh Gins, they tend to try all the range until they find the one they like,” explained Kelly. Popular with younger people, have older people been swayed towards the new flavours I asked? “Yes definitely. I don’t know if it’s the coloured bottles that attract people. I don’t know what it is.” I think Kelly has a point as some other brands have been made to stand out on the basis of the colour of the bottle, even though when you pour, it actually is clear like water. We discussed Gordon’s Gin is a green bottle and Sapphire Gin isn’t blue but the bottle is, but over the years gin has generally been in a green bottle. Kelly continued, “there are so many today, it’s unbelievable.” Does the presentation make you think, ‘it looks good, so let’s try it?’ “Definitely and there are a few that are coloured like the Raspberry Gins and the Gordon’s Pink Gin. The Blood Orange one has a bit of a tinge to it. Yes, they are getting colourful.” I also noted when I took the photos and recently when I saw someone order a gin and tonic, as the fashion of gin has changed so has the way we serve it. The tall glass

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

with ice is out and the oversized wine glass is in, along with gin manufacturers introducing their own glasses, like breweries have done for beer and cider. The first of the tulip bowl glasses has already arrived for the gin. What is the next drink trend? “Well I wouldn’t be shocked at anything,” Kelly went on to explain. “We’ve had the flavoured ciders and we have the Pimp Prosecco trend.” I thought Kelly said Pimms and Prosecco, but no, Kelly meant Pimp Prosecco, which is the trend to add simple ingredients to your glass of Prosecco! TIMEOUT MAYBE! For those of us with older teenagers about, there are a lot of words used now that have a totally different meaning to what they were. Pimp is a word that has greatly shifted in meaning, as it sometimes now means "great" or "cool," as in "That bike is pimp!" However, that's a slang meaning that many people, especially adults, won't understand or like, but importantly I thought it would be useful to point it out. Should I happen to promote a Pimp Prosecco recipe, which could mean adding candy floss, blackberries or elderflower, basically anything goes or is tried, it’s cool. I heard another expression this week, ‘Across the pond’ and this may have originated ‘across the be pond’ in the American TV show back in 2004 ‘Pimp my ride’, which was about a resourceful team of experts who took old cars, customizing them to a completely different level and turning them into impressive new rides. Well, we conclude our drink discussion with cider, which after the very popular swing to berry fruit ciders, it is still very popular, although it has moved on from pear and raspberry Kelly explained. “You have pomegranate and there is kiwi and lime. It’s not even like cider anymore. It’s a fruit alcohol pop, which isn’t really where you want to go back to. So we stuck with the gin ideas. Thank you to Kelly for a great update on the trends out there. I took some pictures and I have to say the gins do look a bit special. Of course, you people Pimp Prosecco with gin all the time!

Will Calthwaite Hall be the venue for your future event, wedding or special occasion? Come along to our first Public Open Day on Sunday 29th July from 10am - 4pm or our special 'by invitation only' day on Sunday 5th August. Be one of the first to see a new historic landmark, back to its original former glory and discover what is on the other side of the wall, at Calthwaite Hall on these special open days. After many years of renovation and restoration, come and see the Calthwaite Hall Gardens and Grounds and have a guided tour of the wedding ceremonial areas (5th August only) inside this wonderful home. Gardens recreated to celebrate its designer and famous Lakeland artist William Sawery Gilpin. Walk with the Peacocks and follow the trail of the Enchanted Garden; sample a taste of what Calthwaite Hall has to offer. There is a small charge for entry on the all funds raised on the day which will be going to the Calthwaite Church fund.

Calthwaite Hall Calthwaite, Penrith, CA11 9QU 01768 894529 • calthwaitehall@gmail.com www.calthwaitehall.co.uk

To book ‘your special look’ around to our ‘invitation only’ exclusive day on 5th August please email calthwaitehall@ gmail.com to book your place. Numbers are limited on this show case The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business Edenday. Local • 13


Nursery Rhyme Corner Summer is here and it’s time for another dip into the nursery rhyme archive! We all know this favourite...

Jack and Jill went up the hill To fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after. As ever there are a number of theories as to the origin of the rhyme, which is most accurate? You decide! There is a small village in the north of the county of Somerset called Klimersdon, which is perhaps the home of the well known tale of Jack and Jill It is said, in the village, that in the late 15th century, a young unmarried couple regularly climbed a nearby hill in order to enjoy some privacy for their romance away from the villagers prying eyes and gossip. They were enamoured with each other and it wasn’t long before Jill fell pregnant and no doubt there were some raised eyebrows! Just before the baby was due to be born Jack had an accident as he was caught in a rock fall on the hill with a rock hitting him presumably on his head (crown), killing him outright. Tragically only a few days later Jill died giving birth to their child. Their story is commemorated and retold in a trail of inscribed stones along the footpath that goes up the hill which you can follow today. Another theory lies with King Charles I who was very keen to raise money for the royal court and what better way than to raise taxes and in particular to reform the taxes on liquid measures. 14 • EdenLocal

His proposal to raise the tax on the half pint measures (then called a 'Jack') were blocked by parliament. However not to be outdone the King ordered that the volume of the half pint be reduced. At that time (and even now) the half pint line is indicated as an imperial measure with the 'crown' symbol. By taking this crown down a notch, King Charles managed to get more taxes without ever having to raise them! The quarter pint measure is a ‘gill’ (pronounced with a soft ‘g’ to sound like a ‘j’). So returning to the rhyme when the half-pint or ‘Jack’, broke its 'crown', the quarter pint or ‘Gill’ measure was also reduced (tumbling after)! So perhaps the rhyme was a protest by drinkers who were disgruntled at getting less ale for the same cost? It has also been suggested that Jack and Jill represent King Louis XVI of France, who was deposed and beheaded in 1793 (lost his crown), and his Queen, Marie Antoinette (who came tumbling after), however this is a much less likely theory as the earliest printing of the rhyme pre-dates those events. I’ll leave the final references to the great bard, William Shakespeare who himself refers to Jack and Jill in two of his plays

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

"...In your waking shall be shown. Jack shall have Jill. Nought shall go ill. The man shall have his mare again, and all shall be well.' A Midsummer Nights Dream (1601), Act III: Scene II “...Our wooing doth not end like an old play; Jack hath not Jill" Love's Labours Lost (1597), Act V: Scene II Join me next month for another dip into the stories behind traditional Nursery Rhymes. References: historic-uk.com, owlcation.com, rhymes.org.uk & Wikipedia


ghtly green No more unsi lovely UPVC moss on your e on your frame or grim ach roof. difficult to re After


Does your conservatory need a

professional CLEAN?

A complete, affordable interior and/or exterior conservatory cleaning service using specialist access and cleaning equipment that will leave your conservatory looking like new. A CONSERVATORY is an excellent investment, increasing the value far above its cost and when looked after properly, it will last for years. But, if it isn’t cleaned properly, there could be problems – and that’s where ConserVClean* comes in. Michael McFarlane could not find anyone to clean his own conservatory, so he started up ConserVClean which has been growing ever since. Most work has come via customer recommendations. The company is fully insured and uses specialist cleaning and roof access equipment. The system can extend the life of a conservatory and also helps to prevent potential leaks and algae growth. “Conservatories cost on average about the same price as a family car”, says Michael. “Proud car owners wash and wax their vehicles and spend hundreds of pounds a year maintaining them. But, you only keep a car two or three years, and you lose money on it.” “A conservatory costs thousands too, but it will last a lot longer than a car, and it’s an excellent investment if it is properly maintained. It’s only common sense to keep it properly cleaned.” “Wet weather and bird muck can contribute to the decay of a conservatory. If conservatories are not maintained, they will become dirty and green algae forms, possibly feeding on the rubber seals”, says Michael. “Algae can grow within key joints which if left untreated may leak and the value of the conservatory may fall unless expensive repairs are performed. This need not happen if the conservatory is regularly cleaned.”

Powerwashers and normal cleaning brushes can damage seals and scratch poylcarbonated roofs, making good homes for dirt. For a fraction of the cost of maintaining a car, ConserVClean will increase the looks, reduce problems and prolong the life of your conservatory. Trying to sell your house? A gleaming conservatory will increase the selling appeal. Let in more light! A brighter interior – even a thin layer of dirt can diminish light penetration. Preventative Maintenance. Cleaned once or twice a year, your conservatory will be kept in good condition and you will get maximum enjoyment from it. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY "Thank you very much for such a good job. A 100% well done - very professional. Hope to see you again for future services and to keep the conservatory looking so good." Mrs K, Kendal, 1st May 2018 "After every year's clean, my 20 year old conservatory looks like new again. An excellent service and good value for money. I'm always delighted." Mrs. C, Carlisle

01900 871808 or 07821 909772 www.conservclean.co.uk

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A fresh look at Cumbria Oak (part two)

An interview with Robert Whiteley – By Lee Quinn

In last month’s Eden Local, we began to discuss how trends and furniture fashion had changed in the home over the years since this family business began. However, in this interview I wanted to go back to the very beginning. I discussed how it all came together and the journey to where it is today with Robert Whiteley, the founder of what is known as Cumbria Oak. Robert was born in Kendal and grew up in the small village of Burneside. Home furnishings and furniture wasn’t Robert’s chosen profession. He was an Electrical Engineer by trade and he went on to explain that he was made redundant at the age of 51, approximately 12 years ago. He had to start again and at that time he said, “we had been dabbling in antique pine furniture and there was space available at Wetheriggs Pottery, just outside Penrith to rent.” This was before it became the Wildlife Rescue Centre (and appears to have just sold as a development plot for executive homes.) He went on to explain, “so at that 16 • EdenLocal

time, I put all of my redundancy money in to buying stock to launch an antique pine furniture business.” Robert continued, “as I said, we had been dabbling. We’d had antique stalls at GB Antiques Centre in Lancaster where you could rent a space. The idea for an antique stall was Gillian’s, my wife and the history behind this basically goes back to when she decided to buy a new bedroom suite. She was very keen on purchasing a restored antique pine set and we had a lot of old mahogany in the bedroom at the time which we didn’t know what to do with, so we decided to rent a stall and sell it. It was really down to Gillian how it all got started. So, in theory it was started as a way to have a clear out of the old items not wanted at home. Time went by and Graham went off to university and we stopped selling the antique furniture as we simply did not have the time. He came back with a degree in business management and was actively looking for a job. I had just been made redundant, so we decided to work together and that’s why we went to Wetheriggs.”

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

E L A S E L A S E L A SALE S I put it to Robert that it must have been an interesting thing to do at the time. “I can’t say it was easy changing professions and working so closely with family. There were many challenges along the road, but we think we have it just about right!” So how did it work? Robert with his experience and knowledge, Graham fresh out of university with ideas.


“Well he was bang up to date with all the latest technology as he’d been doing computer studies as well as marketing. He was in a good position to think about how we could start a business and I had many years’ experience of managing a large team and working with other companies. However, in those days we used to do everything ourselves. The deliveries after work; it was long hours as we never had any staff at all then. All the restoration work, the selling and the maintenance of the store. Then the site was sold for the second time and we were told to vacate the premises at short notice. We knew Kevin Roper, the owner of the Pot Place and we asked if we could try selling a few pieces of oak and pine furniture. It was such a success that we moved up to the Pot Place site permanently which was about 9 years ago now. We had about 500 square feet when we started and now we’ve got about 4000 square feet.”

and where he sees Cumbria Oak in the future. The importance of the future for Cumbria Oak is that we continue to have a good team with the right skills. It is something key to our business strategy to ensure that we provide excellent customer service above and beyond that of our competition. Robert went on to explain that he doesn’t see the business changing a great deal, but you never can tell. “We’ll continue to adapt the business as market conditions change with customer requirements and ensure their needs are being met. The new range of painted furniture and rugs that have been introduced, which we mentioned in the previous article, is due to the demand in the market place. This has extended the range available at Cumbria Oak, but oak furniture is still the main focus of the business and something that we feel we do better than anyone else.”


We talked about the Pot Place Garden Centre and Robert explained the many advantages of a dual site operation. People might pop in for a coffee or lunch at the Pot Place, then they might end up buying a new dining table. Or they could see our advertising and while looking at furniture, see the great sheds they have on offer and buy one of those as well. A lot of people do come in looking for one thing, see the huge range now available and buy several items.

To see the huge range of oak furniture available at your local store, visit www.cumbriaoak.co.uk, or pop into the shop at Plumpton. Its only 10 minutes from Penrith and once you walk into the store, I am sure you will be impressed by the huge range of furniture on offer.

Enjoy fantastic savings on solid oak furniture for your home, with a large selection of rugs, table lamps and gifts also included in the sale.

As I had discussed with Graham, I also discussed with Robert the transition the business had been through

From our store to your home, we take pride in our customer service ensuring you have long lasting quality furniture that is affordable and delivered in perfect condition.

You’ll be glad you made the short journey to visit us.

The Pot Place Garden Centre, Plumpton Nr Penrith CA11 9PA

01768 894528





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17-25, Car Insurance and the Black Box! By Emily Quinn Firstly, I would like to say that last month’s article represented the views of only a few individuals. It is difficult to present everyone’s views on a particular topic when I write. One of the main reasons I write these articles is to express the views of younger people to older people, to help them understand what younger people might be thinking. If you feel very strongly about something, please let me know and I’ll see if I can include it in my writing. Please bear in mind, my articles are about why younger people feel they are portrayed and perceived in a certain way. I have also been incorporating the views of other generations because I think it’s healthy for other people to share their views along with younger people in a productive, constructive way.

This months’ article is car insurance orientated! Nobody likes thinking about it and it’s not something they teach you about in school, however, living rurally as many of us do, a car is almost a necessity. In your first year of driving after you’ve passed your test, having a black box installed in your car tends to make the cost of the first year of car insurance more reasonable. It is good training to make you drive both safely and properly. But!!!! And there’s a big but… Is it really effective in the long run? I know I don’t speak for everyone, but as soon as that black box comes out and your every move from turning the ignition on isn’t being watched, are you really going to continue to drive as safely as before? The last thing you want to be doing is

putting yourself and others at risk when you’re behind a wheel. The main problem with car insurance companies that issue you with a black box is, the chances are you will continuously have that device in your car restricting you. And I don’t just mean making you stick to the speed limits as that is something you should always do. I mean giving you a bad score when you drive at night or if you have to emergency stop, or even swerve to miss someone who may be drunk stumbling into the road. If you have to do these things, they’re not your fault, however, the black box punishes you for them. Those of you who aren’t familiar with the black box, it is installed in your car to monitor the way you drive. The smoothness, speed and efficiency of your driving. I’m not 100% sure if different insurance companies do it in different ways, but the black box I used to have gave you scores. The scores ranged from -10 (being very bad), to +10 (being excellent). I was scored in these three areas every time I drove and I was then given an average overall score which was always changing depending on my driving. One of the main problems I really found with the black box, which when talking to others, they found too, were if you had to emergency stop, you’d get a -10. I understand this is not smooth driving but it’s often not your fault and it doesn’t make you a bad driver. Now, I’m no driving instructor, but I think it’s a much better idea slamming

18 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd

your breaks on and miss hitting a child running into the road than hitting it. And yet the black box gives you a -10 which will drag your overall average down significantly. Another problem I experienced was the driving efficiently score. If I just popped to my local shop or to get some petrol, because I’ve a long list of things to do and I was driving for under ten minutes, that would be another -10 because it wasn’t seen to be efficient driving. Joking aside, I’m not going to drive around wasting fuel for an extra five minutes just so I could get a better score. I don’t see wasting fuel as being more efficient. And look at it this way, the longer you are driving around for, the higher risk of something happening, the more chance of someone running into the road or someone pulling out in front of you and not seeing you. In terms of efficiency, driving at night is also frowned upon and is another -10, even though I was informed by my insurance company there was no curfew with my policy? I appreciate there are a number of risks associated with driving late at night, however, I don’t really understand why should you be penalised for it? If there is an emergency in the middle of the night and you have to get somewhere, what are you supposed to do apart from go and forget about the fact you’ll get another -10?

An all season fire with a lot of ‘Skope’

Introducing the new Gazco Skope Electric fire. Visit Hearth and Home to explore the possibilities of this specialist bench and chimney breast that we have put on as live display in our showroom. When you love the flame effect but don’t need the heat, the all year round glow at the hub of your home and focal point of your room is there now at the flick of a switch. You can light your fire as a feature and not have the heat. Ideal for that chilly evening when it’s two warm for the central heating but just needs a boost to you room? In the winter when the heating goes on you can flick the switch and light your room with a warm glow without worrying about the gas bill, or if you have enough solid fuel or fire lighters. A range within your range and budget is now available at Hearth and Home

As I said at the start, there are positives to the black box. It makes people want to drive slower and safer because they want the highest score, but at the end of the day, the law is the law and you should be sticking to the limit and driving safely anyway so is it really effective? Next month’s article will be very much about society’s take on younger people as that is one of the main topics I tend to cover through writing this article. Once again, thank you for the feedback I get as it inspires me and creates the kind of responses I want to trigger from people. I look forward to hearing from more of you and if you have thoughts and ideas you would like me to discuss, please let me know.

6 Brunswick Road, Penrith, CA11 7LU

01768 867200


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The debate continues but here are some answers……….. How do Lads and Lasses. Owz it ga’an? Are we all enjoying the weather??… I have turned into one of those Cumbrians I just wanna slap roond the chops.

Hmmmm, it sounded very hippy dippy, I explained to them both my battle with mental health and asked if it would help me… and this is where it got complicated….

I spend all winter whinging about the weather and how I hate the rain and I spend the summer whinging about the lack of the sun… but not this week.. oh no, I have become ‘that’ person. I. am. Melting. My skin is pink, my migraines are making me blind and I can’t sleep coz I’m sweating all ower my Lad. I want, no, I NEED shade, a big fat Thunderstorm to clear the air and a chance for my sensitive skin to have a break…. I’m wearing layers of factor 100 like it’s a wooley coat! On the plus side, my head has been in an amazing place. There’s nowt like a bit of Vitamin D to keep the demons at bay!

Apparently these guys sell CBD products as a food supplement so they cant give me any medical advice…..………..errrrrr wha???

This month has been amazing. I feel like I’ve found my get up and go in a huge way. I’ve been wedding planning, visiting places in and around Cumbria that I love and I’ve been putting my brain to use over some massive debates! My favourite debate this year…. CANNABIS! It absolutely broke my heart to see Billy Caldwell’s mum fighting to get her son medicinal marijuana to save his life, and my god, the whole story has sparked some blinding debates in our house. I learned that a Cannabis Company had launched in Cumbria called Lakeland CBD so I went down to the shop in Atlas Works in Denton Holme in Carlisle to find out what the crack was…. 20 • EdenLocal

I’ll be honest, I expected a grungy dark room with Snoop playing in the background and posters of Bob Marley on the wall… but it was quite the opposite… I was greeted by two smiley blokes, a nice clean waiting area and I was promptly offered a brew… the way to every Cumbrian Lasses heart…. Turns out the two smiley blokes were the Directors of the company, Luke and Chris. We sat down over a cuppa and chowed the fat. I couldn’t hold my own watter…… “Is this all legal? Really?” Both of them laughed and said “Yes” Luke explained that Cannabis is made up of several components but the 2 most wellknown were CBD and THC. “THC is the bit that gets you stoned and CBD doesn’t, but when you put CBD into your body it opens up something called the Endo-Cannabinoid system (which apparently all of us have) and it helps your body to improve its health and wellbeing from the inside out.”

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Chris told me that the MHRA – the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency don’t currently recognise CBD as having medicinal properties, so companies in the UK can sell it as a food supplement, a bit like selling vitamins or homeopathic stuff…. But not a medicine. So, they’re bound by UK Law and have to comply, fair play to them. Luke then showed me the oil and it is definitely not what I expected. It’s like a black treacle substance… I expected olive oil type stuff… but apparently not, apparently the runnier oils are because the CBD is mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil, but theirs isn’t, it’s purely CBD and honey for flavour….. he put some on a bit of chocolate and told me to eat it… welllllll taste sensation. The only way I can describe it is like an earthy marmite flavour. Nice. Luke said I would have to start on one drop three times a day and increase my dosage week by week until I had found the right amount for my body… it’s a natural substance that works with your body naturally… so there’s no exact science for it. It comes in different strengths 300mg & 600mg and you would always

start on the lowest dose and build up. I asked them if they were pro- legalisation and I got a resounding “YEAH” from them both. Chris said, “There are too many cases around the world of where Cannabis has played a part in helping someone with conditions and diseases. We have customers who use it for various reasons, and all of our feedback has been positive.”

Keeping you posted Eden Local

So do you see a day when cannabis is legal in the UK? Again, a resounding yes….. Their collective opinion is that medicinal cannabis will be legalised soon and I agree, the government can’t not legalise it when there’s kids like Billy Caldwell who need it to survive and there won’t be just Billy, there will be hundreds of folk who could use it and live better lives and if it was something that could help my mental health, then I’d be all ovver it. Chris said something that really resonated with me. “We don’t just want to sell products, we want to build a community. We want people to come and see us, talk to us. We want to have networking meetings and CBD users’ meetings. We’re not just in it for the business, CBD has changed mine and our teams lives and we want to share that….. we want to improve the lives of our fellow Cumbrians.”………. It brought a tear to my eye. I really did have a dead good crack with them both and they obviously have done their research and know what they’re talking about. You can hear the passion from them both. They really do want to change the world and they’re starting with Cumbria…. what a damn good place to start! So with my little bottle in hand, I came away in awe of them. They’re taking what is really a taboo subject, turning it on its head and trying to break down the stigma around it so they can help people…. Not all heroes wear capes… some have dreads and beards….. Speak next month All my Love CL xx

Local news, local views and local stories about local people. Posted through local doors and delivered by local people every month of the year. We are looking for new distribution team members in Penrith, Great Salkeld and some villages around Penrith. For more information please email lee@ cumbrianlocal.co.uk or call 01768 862394. Be part of a team who do a great job in spreading good news across the community where we live. www.cumbrianlocal.co.uk

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On the field at Bolton with a taste of Italy By Lee Quinn

It started as a maybe, that then went to possibly. Stephen Hill, a new friend to Eden FM with whom we now share residence in a building that Stephen owns, who is also a business owner and the Deputy Chair of the Penrith Chamber of Trade, asked if we would cover a story for him. Well, we certainly owed him a favour. With about three weeks to go to the Bolton Memorial Hall Field Day on 23rd June, it was a bit last minute. We just about had the radio up and running in its new home. At Eden FM it takes two people to make a decision on this happening; Steve Hall our Technical Director who knows how to plug things in, who also built the current studio we now have in Bluebell Lane, Penrith and the other person would be the person who also built the studio with Steve, which would be me! Of course, there was one other person for a project like this; a previous 2006 Rose Queen of the Bolton Memorial Hall Field Day, our 6pm – 8pm Monday presenter Kathy Mounsey. In a brief outline of events, Stephen had also given me some background to the event. Bolton has visitors from Italy each year at this time as it was at the Field Day on Saturday 16th June 2012 that Bolton was officially twinned with Vobbia, Italy. Normally we are a year ahead with outside broadcasts, at least we hope for a few months to test signals etc, 22 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

but as a voluntary group the earliest a test could be done at Bolton was subject to Steve getting off work at a decent time on the Friday before. Kathy checked it was okay with the Memorial Hall Committee prior to the site survey that we could broadcast, so as they say subject to survey we would do it. As we do on many occasions, we rolled with it at the very least. On the morning of Friday 22nd, with the Italian party arriving, I awaited the arrival of Enrico Mendace from Vobbia, in the Eden FM studio to talk about the event and the links between the two villages. What a lovely guy, who absolutely loves the UK and Cumbria. He confirmed he would be attending the event with Mario Benvegnu and they would be serving up a Taste of Vobbia with some local cheese, meats, honey, rose syrup, Italian breads and wine from the area around his village. As we finished the interview I will remember, I had one of those moments that you do when Enrico left. I only knew about this event, by chance. Villages across the Eden Valley all have these special unique days and events. At the very least I would have to get there with a camera. Luckily Steve had managed to complete the checks and we could do the transmission. After finishing our work in the studio just before midday, as the radio car was still full of bits and pieces from our move, it was radio kit into the Smart Car and off we went. I had to be at another appointment in Carlisle by 4.30pm! It was a day when we not only felt very welcome, but one that I couldn’t understand why we hadn’t been there before. I took a lot of photos. This year’s theme was “1918” following the procession that left from Bolton Primary School, led by the Rose Queen, Ellie Holmes and her retinue. The official opening took place on the field by John and Judith Cotter, followed by the crowning of the Rose Queen and judging of the fancy dress competition based on the 1918 theme.

Followed by the Appleby Town Band, School Dance Display, some ‘wellie wanging’, children’s sports and games, there were also craft competitions for all. It was a memory bank and now shared with you and Eden FM will look forward to supporting Bolton in future events. A big thank you to all those involved in the organisation of the event. I suppose I should mention it; the taste of Vobbia, Italy was quite special. Thank you Stephen, Enrico and Mario. The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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“Fine weather, a picturesque setting and the England win made the day very memorable” by Lee Quinn

A perfect setting for a perfect day. It’s a show that I welcome the call to attend every year from John Slee and it’s one that Eden FM as a radio station has grown and developed with since it began in 2010. Skelton Show has been running since the late 1800s and grown from a small local show held in the village to one of the major agricultural shows in Cumbria. Held on the first Saturday in July in the picturesque setting of the Old Park at Hutton in the Forest near Penrith, if you could choose the site for such an occasion, this is the one. In a very short period of time over these past 8 years, since Eden Local has promoted the show, we’ve seen the best and the worst of the weather and as a presenter at Eden FM, I have had to announce the cancellation of the show in the past. Knowing how much hard work goes into this event and what it can do financially, to bounce back shows the depth of support it has behind it in the community, as it has established as a landmark show that attracts up to 10,000 people in a day. With my Press pass, I nipped into large horticultural tents and got some amazing photos just after the judging had been completed. It drives it home just how much work goes in from local people, across the community of all ages. With so many trade stands, 24 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

I did the complete tour of as many of them as I could, whilst pausing at the main ring on more than one occasion a few times. A reputation for being a great day out in the country for all the family, I spoke to John Slee, Show Director well before the day, right up until the interview on Eden FM Radio on the Friday night before. Last minute arrangements for the World Cup and the hot weather were all in place. Unfortunately I couldn’t spend as much time as I would normally at the show due to doctor’s orders, but the show must go on and it certainly did, right up until the final whistle! I am one of many people who could pull up a chair in a high street café anywhere in the world and just watch people go by and at Skelton, in between presenting the live show over the years from the field, this year I stepped away from the mic and I lost myself in the atmosphere of what I have experienced as one of the best shows in the county and that is above many I have seen and attended in other counties. A credit to all those involved, committee members, volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees. I caught up with Show Director, John Slee on the Sunday after a very long Saturday, which leads to a long Sunday for the team taking things down and tidying away for next year. John confirmed he and his team were delighted with the attendance and the friendly atmosphere of the show ground. This followed a busy week in which their show ground layout was re-designed to give the cattle and sheep more shade. Ironically this created space to extend the bar area and secure a big screen for the World Cup quarter final! All the hard work, however, had paid off with a near record crowd who enjoyed the wide ratings of entertainment and activities. This was truly something for all the family. John said, “we are very grateful to all the competitors, whom despite the warm weather, made a real effort to present a very high-quality display of stock. The day went extremely well with the large crowd enjoying a wide variety of family entertainment with something for everybody. The fine weather, picturesque setting and the England win made the day very memorable”. He added that, “we have received so many compliments on social media which will spur us on to deliver another successful show on 6 July 2019 - get the date in your diary now!” Last year I remember texting John after a very long day and I said after communicating with my team, family and my friends, everyone appreciated what a great show it was. I said, “we’ll be seeing you again next year.” I was tempted to re-send the message on Sunday, but I thought a short article in the Eden Local, thanking them would be equally as good. The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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107.5 Eden

On tour with Eden FM Some people might think all the work is in the studio, but last year with 31 live broadcasts on location, the work by the volunteers is not all done in the cosy studio. If you like to meet people and discover new things about where you live, maybe you might want to be on the road with Eden FM somewhere in the Eden Valley? Behind the scenes is of course where a lot of the work is done, making sure the systems run, which means the right music and local output is going on air 24/7. You don’t have to be a local voice on Eden FM to be a local volunteer behind the scenes. Discover how a real independent radio station works and join a local team. No experience is needed; just a commitment to about 4 hours per week or every other week. Call 01768 899107 or email lee@edenfm.co.uk 26 • EdenLocal

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The RACE 2018

Phil Graham of Arragons Cycles is race mechanic for a team competing in this year’s Race Across Europe. Phil was last mechanic in the Race Across

America which saw his team breaking the World Record and before his departure he sent us this release On the 3rd July 2018 I will be part of the support crew for the Steve Prescott Foundation Race Across Team. We aim to support them as they cycle 3000 miles in less than 7 days and hopefully set a new record for Race Across Europe. Playing rugby union in the St Helens and Liverpool area in the late 1990’s and early 2000, everyone was a fan of “Saints”. Steve Prescott was a fantastic player for “Saints” and Hull FC, his story is quite remarkable. Once you have read Steve’s book “One in a Million” which

28 • EdenLocal

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

charts his sporting career and battle with cancer. It is both heart breaking and inspirational. When approached to help out the SPF team on such a extreme challenge, I could not say no. The SPF also support the Christie Hospital, who treated my Uncle Howard Graham. Howard also a rugby legend, the Union code, in the Wigton and Buxton area lost his battle with Cancer earlier this year. So if I can give a little back to the hospital that looked after him, it only seems right that I do. The RACE (Race across Europe) is a once-in-a-lifetime cycling event featuring the very best of riding in Europe for supported teams and unsupported solos and pairs. This event requires exceptional

teamwork, stamina, energy, strategy and humour to succeed. Don’t let ‘race’ put you off though. If you cycle in a supported team this challenge is achievable by most people. Those who finish can proudly say that they competed in, and completed, what we think is one of the hardest cycling events on earth. It is not just about the cyclists either, this event allows even those with no interest in cycling to take part through acting as support crew to the cyclists, driving vehicles, navigating, cooking and boosting morale etc. The support crew are critical to the success of the cyclists and in many ways have the harder challenge and gain just as much by way of a major life achievement as anyone on a bike. It is truly a team event for everyone! The RACE 2018 starts in Boulogne sur Mer, tracks north through the French Ardennes and crosses the Rhine into Germany. From here it climbs briefly into the Black Forest and onto a high plain that traverses east across Germany into Austria before heading south into Italy then immediately east into Slovenia to cross the Vrsic Pass. The route then descends back into Italy and heads due west, crossing the Colle dell’Agnello back into France. We ride through Provence, climb over Mont Ventoux, then head south into the Languedoc Roussillon to cross the eastern Pyrenees into Spain. Spain provides consistently good road cycling all the way to the orange groves of Andalucia and the final rolling roads to Tarifa, with views of the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and mountainous north African coastline. Riders include rugby league legends Steve Hampson, Gareth Ellis, Steve Hall and Cumbrian Ewan Dowes. Support Crew includes Roy Palmer from Egremont and Team Mechanic Phil Graham from Penrith. Whilst away on the trip we also received some great photos via Sarah Graham from Phils epic journey on route with the team, which we’ve also included prior print. Hopefully we’ll have a full update for you on Phil’s return.


Season Preview 2018/19 by Kathryn Savage An exciting and challenging new season lies ahead for Penrith AFC Ladies as their promotion to the Premier Division of the NW Womens Regional League was confirmed at the Leagues AGM. Penrith will welcome a host of big clubs to their Frenchfield home this season including Wigan Athletic, Trammere Rovers, Fleetwood Town, Stockport County and FC United to name just a few. Manager Simon Savage said “It’s a big step up in quality for us. There will be no easy games in this division. Every game will be a real challenge and we will need to prepare professionally for what lies ahead” Preseason training commences this week and the Ladies will train twice a week for the pre season period as usual. They also have an attractive programme of pre season games lined up which includes a tour to Amsterdam for 2 fixtures there. Savage continued “ We need to make the most of the pre season period as the start of the season on the 2nd Sept will come all too quickly”. Penrith finally got their hands on the silverware this week as they were presented with the NW Division 1 North Title Trophy at the AGM. There was also an individual honour as strikers Nat Broad received the Leading Scorer Award for the same division with an impressive 31 goals in 18 league games. In the Lancashire County Womens League Penrith AFC Development team also received good news this week as they too were rewarded with promotion to the Championship Division after finishing 3rd in the First Division. Manager Matt Owens said “Only the top two teams were ensured of promotion in this league however we were informed at the Leagues AGM that a 3rd team was being promoted. It’s fantastic news and rounds off an historic season at the club with both senior Womens teams being promoted”.

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The Rambler's Grave As evening comes and shadows fall

The Wainwright Society’s annual Charity Challenge raises £1500 for the Great North Air Ambulance Service The Wainwright Society is delighted to announce that a total of £1500 was raised by members during the annual Charity Challenge, which took place during three weeks in May.

I'll rest my boots and lay Here below the place I fell Below that feared and rocky shelf As darkness draws around the day So take me past the lonely tarn The swaying fields and bended tree The wind it whistles through the fells As misty mountain creatures play Their dance of darkness over me And grateful will my spirit host That feral nightly company As twilight plays upon the scene The imprints of my boots be lain Those passing travellers for to see And sheep will tend my silent grave Beneath the ancient tree As boots disturb the stones above The owl at night will sing for me That winged nocturnal knave And midnight at the village inn You hear a cry through frosted pane Please raise a silent cup within This spirit of the lakes is free And walks the moonlit fells again By Simon Jones ©

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The Challenge celebrated the 30th anniversary of the publication of Fellwalking with a Camera in 1988. Alfred Wainwright used his camera to record landscape features and views before returning home to turn the photograph into pen and ink sketches for his Pictorial Guides: each one a miniature work of art. Society members visited a selection of his viewpoints taking their own photograph of the scene whilst raising money for the Great North Air Ambulance Service. Members of the Society met in Keswick for a walk to Castlehead before returning to the town via Friar’s Crag. They were joined on the walk by Sophie Weir from the Great North Air Ambulance Service and the Challenge organiser, Caroline Nichol presented Sophie with the cheque for £1500 at Friar’s Crag. Sophie Weir, Public Liaison Assistant at GNAAS, said: “We are very grateful to The Wainwright Society for raising this fantastic sum of money. These funds will help us continue to provide world class pre-hospital care.” Further donations will be given to the Great North Air Ambulance from sales of the Society’s 2019 Calendar, which goes on sale later in the year. If you would like to know more about The Wainwright Society, log on to the website at: www.wainwright.org.uk or email: secretary@wainwright.org.uk Derek Cockell Secretary The Wainwright Society

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Thought of the day

As I write this the sun is shining outside, and my thoughts turn to those long hot summer days. Cliff Richard sang we’re all going on a summer holiday No more working for a week or two Yes, summer is a time when we can relax and recharge our batteries, doing exactly what we want, when we want and hopefully return home totally relaxed. But for some people the holiday period can be full of stress. I have taken notice that the children who attend our church are starting to get restless as they think of those six weeks of doing nothing. As a parent, our thoughts would turn to how to fill those days, what could we do as a family, how do we juggle our time between work and family and also the extra expense we face. We cannot escape from that holiday feeling, being in Cumbria we are a holiday destination for many. Go to the local shops and you find them caterng for the outside life, sleeping bags, tents, bbq’s. all suppling the needs of those who visit the area. The other week we as a family went to St Ives in Cambridge for our friend’s retirement. We decided to stay longer and enjoyed a few days holiday camping. Perfect holiday for me, nice weather, able to relax, get up late, no pressure on my time. Cambridge is a part of the country we have never visited and were surprised at how flat the countryside was. On the way home over the Pennines we saw the contrast from where we had been to the countryside we have on our doorstep. Carole asked me which I preferred and I had to admit living in Cumbria we are very fortunate. It may not be flat and see for

long distances, but when you walk in Cumbria, climb those hills you may be fortunate enough to glimpse a spectacular view. The other week I was out and I stopped at a viewing station, the view was amazing looking out over the lake, the local town in the distance baked in the sunshine, no need to go miles away and see the beauty of God because it is on our doorstep. But we all know life is not always easy. It is like the hills around us. Sometimes we have to work hard to reach the top and other times we are in the valley going along very nicely. As Christians we put our help in God. In Psalms 121 says “Where should I look for help in my need To majestic mountain peaks that probe our skies or to giants of industry that clog our land? To satellites that circle the world or to computers that store our knowledge The answer to my problems and fulfilment of my needs must come from God Who created the skies, the mountains and men and women to dwell in the midst” Therefore, wherever you or I find ourselves let us be assured that whether we are coming or going, God knows the course we take and He promises to go before us. So in the days ahead, let us look to the hills and the flat ground and be thankful that we are never alone. Major Alan Donaldson (Minister) The Salvation Army Penrith Corps

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