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A ONE STOP SHOP FOR FURNITURE BEDS AND CARPETS A visit to Cumbria Oak is an experience for all. With many different ranges of furniture and beds and huge stock holding, you’re sure to find what you are looking for at a competitive price. Our Plumpton showroom is laid out so that you can see quality furniture in a setting which gives you an idea of how great it will look in your own home If required, our experienced team will gladly guide you around the showroom. Or if you prefer, you can simply browse the shop at your leisure to find what you are looking for. You can discuss what you are looking for, see, touch and feel what you are buying We offer a free delivery service by our experienced delivery team who unpack and install all items as standard. With ample FREE PARKING, and a Tea Room and Garden Centre also on site, why not make an extended visit and get the whole house and garden sorted in one visit.

Open 7 days a week and located at the Pot Place Garden Centre and Tearoom at Plumpton, just north of Penrith.

For more details give us a call on 01768 894528 or go to

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Welcome to your Cumbrian Local A very warm welcome to the first Cumbrian Local of 2014 Whilst we did assist with the production, from design through to print and delivery of the Penrith RUFC mid-season programme, this was generally only distributed in the immediate areas of Penrith. I have been working on some new ways of presenting the advertising and articles, so I am hoping this magazine looks and feels a bit different to where we were in December. As many of you read, in the second half of the year there have been three key projects I have been working on away from the publication. The first is the launch of Eden FM Community radio, which will be this year. This will coincide with the launch of the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly and I’ve also been out knocking on doors, to collect signatures for the petition for people of Penrith to have the opportunity to vote ‘yes’ in a referendum for Penrith to have its own town council. The weather hasn’t been kind, but importantly, since getting out and about in Penrith to knock on doors and collect signatures, I have met so many people and received so many positive remarks, not only about the petition, but the Cumbrian Local and Eden FM Community Radio project. Thank you to all those people. Over 700 signed and there were about 2,000 people who were not at home, but to those people I did have the pleasure of meeting in Pategill, Castletown, Scaws, Pennyhill and around Stricklandgate, I really appreciate your support and kind words. Of course, it wasn’t just me knocking on doors in 2013. My thanks to Margaret, Gratten and Robin, who helped push the signatures above the target in key areas like Carleton, Wetheriggs and parts of Pennyhill. It’s great to see so many new advertisers, but equally as good to see so many stories and features. My thanks to Caroline, Paul, Nick, John and Derek. We are developing some new topics. My thanks to Andrea who kicks off our new monthly book review, courtesy of Wordsworth Bookshop and Coffee House. In the new events and activities guide, we have a 911 competition to win tickets to the 911 Lumination concert at the Sands Centre. We also have the details of the Keswick Film Festival and the next Eden FM Radio Saturday Night Live House party. I must congratulate Paul on this month’s front cover. I am trying to persuade Paul to do an exhibition later in the year. What we are also looking at doing with the front cover is asking our readers if they might have the perfect cover for our March edition. Let me know if you have the perfect front cover. By Lee Quinn Front Cover – Sunset at Pooley Bridge Pier by Paul Witterick. Printer – S & G Printers: 4 Woodside Place, Charing Cross, Glasgow, G3 7QF CumbrianLocal

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Local Wheels with Walton

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Winter recipes with John Crouch Butterscotch Bread Pudding Ingredience • • • • • • • • •

100g (4oz) soft bread cubes 2 eggs 2 tablespoons butter, melted 330ml (12floz) cups milk 6 tablespoons brown sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg dash of salt 75g (3oz) raisins

Method Place the bread cubes in a greased 1lt (2pt) baking dish. In a bowl, whisk the eggs. Whisk in the butter, milk, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Stir in the raisins. Pour over the bread cubes. Bake at 180ºC (350ºF/Gas Mark 4) for 35-40 minutes or until a knife inserted near the centre comes out clean, Serve warm or chilled.

Oatmeal Soup Ingredience • • • • • • • • • •

1 tablespoon butter or margarine 1 large onion a level tablespoonful, medium oatmeal salt and pepper (1pt) stock (½pt) milk (¼pt) cream 1 tablespoon chopped parsley for garnish salt 400g (1lb) cod, in 4 pieces

Method Melt the fat in a saucepan, chop the peeled onion finely and cook until soft but not brown, then add the oatmeal and seasonings, and cook for a few minutes. Add the stock, slowly, stirring all the time, bring to the boil, and simmer covered, for ½ hour. Then either put through a sieve, or liquidize for 1 minute. Reheat with the milk, and serve with cream and chopped parsley as garnish. CumbrianLocal

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RotaKids Raise Money Rotakids is a new initiative to bring the good work of the Rotary Club into schools. It encourages independent thinking, selfconfidence, an awareness of the community and helps with many of the school’s core subjects. This year, Austin Friars Saint Monica’s began their RotaKids club with committee members comprising of 6 students from year 5 and 6 from year 6. The group voted in a president, Daisy Quinn, a secretary Lucy Shannon, and vice, Scout Turner-Richards, a treasurer Bobby Ford and vice, Russell White. The group worked together to decide on causes to support and decided on End Polio Now as they had been moved by a speech heard at the RotaKids conference in Lancaster. The children then organised a coffee afternoon to raise money, contacting local businesses for donations, putting up posters and information sheets for parents and selling tickets each morning. We were very lucky to receive donations from Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys, who gave us some mince pies. We also received donations for the raffle from local businesses Aquaid, The Toffee Shop, Grasmere Gingerbread, Maggie’s Bakery, Furness Newsagents and Balchin’s Newsagents. The coffee afternoon was a great success, brilliantly supported

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by pupils, parents and family members. In total we raised £536, which will immunise over 2,500 children against Polio, bringing us one step closer to Polio being eradicated the world over.

to be used at the event. They received donations including sugar, milk, tea, coffee, cakes and mince pies. They also made cakes themselves and parents also donated cakes and other items.

President Daisy Quinn said “I think RotaKids is brilliant because we get to help lots of people. I like being part of the community and getting to help people who need us”.

The RotaKids organised the event and made contacts themselves. RotaKids encourages young people to become involved in these activities and this works in conjunction with normal school activities.

The RotaKids Club at Austin Friars St Monica’s school set out to raise money for The Rotary End Polio Now campaign. They organised a coffee afternoon and the RotaKids made all the arrangements for the event by contacting local businesses for donations of items

They are sponsored by the Rotary Club of Carlisle Castle and we are very proud of these RotaKids and astounded at the sum raised of over £500 for End Polio Now. Tony Phillips School Mentor for AFSM RotaKids.

Eden House of Cakes Sandgate House, Penrith Tel 01768 899225 For more ideas go to

Maggie’s Bakery 31 Sandgate, Penrith Tel 01768 891825 The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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For the best, buy Local

Jacksons Family Butchers

A Cumbrian Local wouldn’t be a Cumbrian Local without a local plug, once again to urge people to support your businesses in the community and wherever you can, eat some low mileage food I constantly bang on about how good it is in the place we live. It looks and tastes as it should, but importantly, it’s natural and it’s not been vacuum packed and travelled hundreds of miles. It basically hasn’t been messed about with. Produced on the outskirts of Penrith, it’s our second plug on the Pork


with Jacksons Family Butchers. We did run a feature on Orchard Fed Saddleback Pigs from Stoneybeck a few years back. On the counter as you walk into the shop, you’ll see a small chalk board, which, as it should, informs you of where meat has come from. This month I sent Paul Witterick to Askham Hall. His assignment was ‘Pig Pictures’. Well, this month’s locally sourced pork is from the Lowther Farm. In keeping with tradition, try some locallly reared quality pork this weekend for that roastie!

Call Frank on 07581 480309 or Adam on 01768 868689 Jacksons Family Butchers 23 Great Dockray Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7DE The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

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B ook R e v iew

“Nothing is impossible” when you’re Alan Hinkes. When you first meet Alan Hinkes OBE you would never think you were sitting opposite a living legend. I first met him when he came to a climbing talk at our bookshop by Penrith’s Ron Kenyon. There were no airs or graces about him; he showed great respect as he listened to a fellow climber recount his own experiences. However when you get chatting to Mr Hinkes, you realise you are in the presence of a most extraordinary character indeed. For Alan Hinkes has ventured into the death zone, an altitude above 8000m where the amount of oxygen is insufficient to sustain human life, meaning that the human body dies a little whilst at that level. And he hasn’t just faced this challenge once – in fact Alan Hinkes OBE is the only Briton to have climbed the summit of all 14 of the world’s highest peaks in an 18 year personal challenge, an incredible achievement, and breaking new boundaries in British climbing.

“I developed my own philosophy: no mountain is worth a life, coming back to a success and the summit is only a bonus. I have a life wish, not a death wish. I climb to live life to the full, not to die”. Being a non-climber, I was initially drawn to read Alan’s book 800 Metres: Climbing the World’s highest Mountains because I wanted to get a sense of what drives this remarkable man to keep reaching for what to most would be the impossible. He, in his typically self-effacing manner, puts it down to “true Yorkshire grit” but we are talking about extraordinary achievements here, where only 30 people in the world have ever managed to do what he has, facing real danger such as avalanches, altitude sickness, psychogenic stress, not to mention fatigue, extreme cold, insomnia and the everyday risk from falling to your death. Indeed mountaineering is considered one of the most dangerous activities in the world. A glimpse of the personal sacrifices Mr Hinkes must undoubtedly have made in his life in his relentless pursuit of the 14 peaks is seen in his dedication to his daughter Fiona. A very touching admission is that as well as proudly carrying a national flag to the summits, Mr Hinkes carries a picture of Fiona, as a reminder of his own mortality, a reason to carry on even when

it feels like “torture”, a reminder that he needs to get home in one piece because he matters to someone. It is moments like this that elevate this book to more than “just” a climbing book. It is written (at the table of a friend’s house in Patterdale) as if he was talking directly to you – he has an open manner and way of telling his story which makes you feel that you almost lived through the nerve-shredding experiences with him! You cannot help be entranced by the stunning largescale photography throughout the book which are truly awe-inspiring; there is a sense of the mystical, an awareness of man’s “small place in the world” while achieving “great” things. Describing reaching the summit of K2, he writes, “Alone in my tent in the death zone darkness, I said, “Thank You” out loud to some unspecified greater presence”. Brian Blessed (who was once guided to safety by Hinkes on Everest) is keen to point out in his introduction to this remarkable book that Alan Hinkes is not someone who has a death wish however. In his quest to achieve the impossible, to put himself at risk when so many attempting the same have died, what shines through is Alan’s “life wish”. “I developed my own philosophy: no mountain is worth a life, coming back to a success and the summit is only a bonus. I have a life wish, not a death wish. I climb to live life to the full, not to die”. By Andrea Dennison Wordsworth Bookshop and Coffee House 8 St Andrew’s Churchyard Penrith CA11 7YE Signed Copies of Alan Hinkes’ book 8000 METRES: CLIMBING THE WORLD’S HIGHEST MOUNTAINS (Published by Cicerone Press 2013) are available from Wordsworth Bookshop, Penrith. RRP £25.00

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A Town Council for Penrith (Part 1) By David Claxton Cumbria Association of Local Councils Governments generally have been supportive of town and parish councils (local councils) - the tier of elected local government closest to where people live. The current Government has announced proposals to make it easier to set up local councils in areas in where they do not exist. It recognises that local councils can make it easier to take action and can provide formal democratic representation for an area people identify with. Local councils have the ability to deliver services to the community as well as being able to influence other decision making bodies. There are around 9, 500 local councils in England, including 231 in Cumbria. The unparished areas in Cumbria are Barrow, Carlisle, Penrith and Whitehaven. Local people have recently taken the initiative to seek to establish town councils for Penrith and Whitehaven. The mechanism for establishing a new town council is through what is called a community governance review under which local people in the case of Penrith can petition Eden District Council to carry out a community governance review to establish a town council. A group of committed local people has felt that Penrith (like Appleby, Kirkby Stephen, Kendal and Keswick for example) merits its own town council and has been out on the streets collecting signatures for a petition to be presented to Eden District Council. Currently the requirement for a valid petition is that it must be signed by 10% of the electors in the area proposed for a town council. After pounding the streets of Penrith over many dark and wet evenings the group will, by the end of January, have collected the required number of signatures. The petition will provide an indication of public support for a town council for Penrith and the hope is that the District Council will decide to hold a referendum later in the year, possibly in May or June, to gauge whether there is majority public support for a Penrith Town Council.

Town Council becomes a reality. To date a number of people have freely given their time but as the campaign gathers momentum there will be unavoidable expenses for making and presenting the case for a town council. The group has been successful in securing a £5,000 grant from a Government established fund to help campaign groups establish new councils. This will be of great assistance in the weeks and months ahead. So, assuming that a referendum shows majority support for establishing a Penrith Town Council, what happens next: 1. Eden District Council will need to decide whether the referendum result shows sufficient evidence of public support for a Penrith Town Council. If it decides that it does it will proceed to make the necessary legal orders providing for the setting up of the town council. This will define, among other things, the town council’s administrative area, the number of councillors to be elected to the new body and whether there will be temporary or shadow body. . The new council’s start date often starts from the beginning of a financial year, ie from 1st April so that the District Council can collect the precept for the year. In Penrith’s case this could be from 1st April 2015. 3. Elections are usually held on the same date as County or district elections to avoid unnecessary cost. These are usually held in May with the next taking place in 2015. . All or part of the gap between the District Council agreeing to form a new local council and the council coming into full existence, following the election of local councillors, can be bridged by either a temporary or a shadow local council with limited powers.

This is the start of the process and there is much more to do before a Penrith CumbrianLocal

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On Your Door Step A Town Council for Penrith (Part 2) by Lee Quinn - Chairman Town Council Group

What do the people of Penrith say? To establish the reason as to why I have given so many hours of my time knocking on doors and why I have dedicated so much of my time asking the residents of Penrith to sign a petition in favour of getting a referendum for Penrith, I’ll have to go back to late summer 2010. Back then the two main topics on the Penrith Chamber of Trade agenda were the New Squares Development and the Chamber’s campaign to get Eden District Council to consider a Town Council for Penrith. With experience in this area, I said then that should the opportunity come about, it would be one I would be committed to supporting and promoting. Three summers later in 2013, as a result of an Eden District Council Scrutiny committee, it concluded and proposed that the people of Penrith should be given the opportunity to start the process towards having a referendum. This did pose a slight problem in that most of those people behind the 2010 campaign were now generally engaged in other town business and development projects important to the town, like the Penrith BID and the Penrith Partnership. Presented in local press in July 2013 by Eden District Council, the offer on the table was to have an online petition for the people of Penrith to sign. Like an advertisement, it was asking for someone to come forward and petition for the referendum. The process for Penrith to work towards having a town council had effectively started. I was concerned that this opportunity could not be missed. The timing for a petition and referendum was perfectly placed to align with the European Election May 2014, which could be the Town Referendum day saving money at the polling stations and the Eden District Elections in May 2015 could potentially be the Town Council elections. As I said I would in 2010, I agreed to petition Eden District Council for a Town Council Referendum. I did have concerns regarding how many people in Penrith actually use the Eden District Council website and how many traditional, registered voters over the age of 55, which is quite a high percentage of the population and voters, would go online. With no information relating to the statistics and performance of the Eden District council website, which most websites have as an everyday function, i.e. information collated on what people are looking for, what age they are but importantly where they live, I had no idea as to how the online petition would pan out. In conjunction with the online petition, I also decided that as back up there would be a good old fashioned, sign here petition. I recruited some help in September to start the process off, collecting signatures by hand. A small team of 4 to knock on doors and a treasurer was to be the first phase of the team. The online petition was to run until 31st October. With only 62 online votes, the door knocking campaign had started in the September. In the July, petition forms for signing were put in shops, the Town Hall and Mansion House. Only 14 signatures were collected from the Town Hall. It was going to be a long winter and a wet one. The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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As pointed out above, and in David Claxton’s article on pages 10 & 11, the importance of the first phase was key to the election calendar in 2014 and 2015. Could a referendum for Penrith on the day of the European elections be favourable with numbers? As David explained, to get a referendum, you require 10% of the residents on the voting register to sign. This requirement is due to change and is going to be reduced to 7%. For this referendum, the target was therefore around 1250 signatures. In my quest to get signatures, over half of the 700 people I spoke to on the doorstep didn’t know what a referendum was. In simple terms I looked it up. As defined in the Oxford Dictionary it’s ‘a general vote by the electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct decision’. I’m not sure when asking a simple question ‘yes’ or ‘no’, or a simple question of ‘yes’ became political, but what I do know from collecting signatures, being invited into homes and talking to people on their doorsteps, I learnt so much about the history of Penrith and the challenges faced by its people. There is an interest in ‘yes’ , to having local people, from the estates that make up our town, from varied backgrounds and a cross section of age groups, to be given the opportunity to make decisions about their town. CumbrianLocal

To be given the local authority to make decisions on its facilities, its finances, its public services, its amenities, its portfolio for those on the outside looking in, but above all its future. Is life what we make it? The town where people live for so many years is the place where many are born and where some families are as old as the brick work of the town, but when it was built it was owned and run by the people of the town. A number of things have driven me to complete on getting the required number of signatures, which will give the people of Penrith the opportunity to make a decision. In some ways we have to go back to the future - to a time when the people of the town decided on the future of the town. People are starting to understand that there would be a considerable difference between having a group of people that live in the town, who volunteer their time and aim to get the best for their town, in comparison to a group of people, who whilst they have the best intentions for the town, if they are not residents and are not at the ground level as ears to listen and a voice in the town to be heard, is it right that they should have the authority to make decisions in areas where they do not reside?

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We Supply & Fit all Makes & Types of Garage Doors

All a board! It’s a short Monopoly update this month. Paul and I have been finalising the layout and experiencing the cold start of January. It happens every year. It’s not about the weather, but at the time of this update, we are chasing graphics. We had a break in the weather, so we’ve been able to get some images. Most of the sponsors now have their squares signed off and in March we will be releasing the launch details. The board is the key fundraiser for Eden FM Radio transmission equipment. Eden FM Community radio will feature on the board. To make their square complete, the final piece of artwork will be the number that you’ll need to move your radio dial to for the FM frequency. As soon as this is released from Ofcom, we will be going to print. For updates on the Penrith & Eden Valley Monopoly, you can follow these on the Penrith and Eden Valley Facebook page. To reserve a Penrith & Eden Valley Monopoly board, please email Everyone who has already done this should have received confirmation. If you have not, please email again or call 01768 862394 between 10 – 3 Monday to Friday. The reserve list is growing on average by 2 - 3 per day. Shortly you will be able to purchase the boards online at the Eden FM radio shop. We do have some Monopoly vouchers on sale by collection via Ullswater Road Garage, Penrith Outdoor Pursuits in Middlegate and direct from the Eden FM office and studios at Ullswater garage. Full update and 4 page special in the March edition of Cumbrian Local. Watch local press for more details.

Insulate your Garage with Garage Doors Services Cumbria For a FREE , no obligation site survey, please call: 01768 870 208 For full details visit or email:

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Local Wheels at Waltons


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I have written about the Walton family and their history on a number of occasions over these past three years. Looking ahead, I am already working on a new article for 2014 which focuses more on the current family and their lives in the family business. It will reflect their attitude and approach to the present, the new trends in the trade and how they plan to reach that landmark of 50 years and beyond. For now, we celebrate these times of a family business, which with traditional values have responded to many changes and how they have re-adapted to serve the current and future needs of their customers. I catch up with Alan Walton over a coffee on a regular basis at the showroom on the Gilwilly Industrial Estate and yes, we just talk and talk. The more we talk, the more I learn about the business that is Jim Walton Toyota and yes, primarily it’s known for selling cars. For the benefit of new readers and for those who have known the family for a few years (its 46 years of trading), here is a little insight and reminder for 2014. Like the shop in the High Street, it is open for business with a huge forecourt and frontage with at least 50 vehicles in stock. Not all of these are out on the forecourt as they have a forecourt not a football pitch! Jim Walton, of course, doesn’t just sell cars. It has to buy them and behind the showroom is their service centre where they can service all types of car. This means you don’t have to have a Toyota to make the best of this knowledge and experience. Sales and servicing are key parts of the business set up, however, helping you finance your purchase, helping you protect and insure your purchase, can also be a part of the service . As we reach March, the activity in car sales will be on the rise. It’s new plate time and from 1st March 2014 new cars will appear. Throughout the year, Jim Walton works far beyond the forecourt and across the UK every trading day. It sources new vehicles, demonstration models and used vehicles to order. The power of the internet to deliver the best locally! So here is your first reminder - if it’s not on the forecourt, it’s not on the website and it’s not advertised in the paper, all you have to do is ask. Your second reminder - please remember Jim Walton buy and sell all types of cars and some commercial vehicles and they have been an established Toyota specialist for over 40 years. So whether it is going to be a new or used car, whatever the make or model, let Jim Walton organise your wheels and help you with those bills this 2014. A warranty organised by Jim Walton can save you money and help with that budget, leaving you with peace of mind. One final tip! Call the team at Jim Walton and see what they can do for you. All you have to do is ask.

Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN Telephone 01768 864555 Fax 01768 867280 Parts Direct 01768 865428 Fax 01768 892979

Check our vast stock of vehicles on

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Showroom open Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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There is a feeling of desirable luxury on entering the cabin – black leather* is complemented by metal grain trim. The driver’s seat features a memory function* to make swapping seat positions child’s play. However, it’s a luxury that is matched by practicality. Seven seats are standard, with the rear row conveniently folding when extra luggage space is required - to maximise internal space, a five seat option is available. Automatic air-conditioning makes controlling your environment straightforward and the standard in-car-entertainment unit provides CD, iPod and radio functions and will connect to your phone via Bluetooth. There is a SatNav upgrade available that also includes a DAB radio to provide up to the minute in-car-entertainment.

rexton w

Rexton is characterised by a blend of elegance and traditional 4x4 values and the latest Rexton W brings things bang up to date. The exterior styling has been enhanced by a new grille and projector headlamps to create a totally contemporary look. Rexton W blends the multi-role flexibility of great offroad performance with the comfort and equipment levels of a luxury saloon.

* EX only

from £21,995


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MAR 2014

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Your local Cumbria SsangYong Dealership

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Is this going to be your year for new windows?


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CumbrianLocal • 19

The Heart of Your Home

Steve Davis recommends Network Veka

At Hearth & Home we supply and install fires and fireplaces as well as stoves

To help you decide on making the right decision, like our windows and conservatories the message is quite clear. We are local company, we are based in Cumbria and a family business meeting the needs of local people and their families. We’ll help you find the best in windows, doors conservatories, associated PVCu doubled glazed products and related home improvements. We are the Window Outlet

We have a vast range of gas, solid fuel or electric fires available with everything from traditional to contemporary and can design something to become the heart of your home. For all you essential accessories, the maintenance and cleaning of your fire or stove we have every thing you’ll need in our showroom and shop, along with sound and safe advice

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Hearth & Home (CumbriaLtd )

6 Brunswick Road, Penrith, CA11 7LU

01768 867200

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A Typical Winters Sunday at the Wittericks This generally involves getting the tribe up for weekend breakfast (bacon, Cumberland sausage and poached eggs) once they’ve been fed and watered it’s time to don the boots, hats, gloves and every other bit of walking paraphernalia we seem to have amassed, then it’s off for a short ride in the car (with dog in tow) to the Lakes or up one of Eden’s Pikes. The great thing about getting into the countryside is you can get away from life’s day to day distractions, mobile phone, tablets, Xbox’s just technology, and see the beauty we have on our door step, and it gives you a really big appetite for the tradition that is The Sunday Roast, a must for everyone. This was a job Zoe (my wife) used to do, but I’ve taken the reigns laterally, there is nothing better than


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CumbrianLocal • 21

slow roasted Beef, roasted winter veg, potatoes, piping hot gravy and horseradish sauce, that and a English breakfast in one day alls I’m now fit for is an afternoon in the armchair. While the lads crack on with their homework, Zoe’s catching up with the ironing (a favourite pastime) I will spend an hour getting my camera kit ready for the week ahead. Then its showers and a bit of TV before hitting the sack…. Ahhh lazy Sundays. Witt-Woo 2014 So as we enter our 3rd year in business, things are looking bright. 2013 seen us embark on some fantastic opportunities and meet some fab people, the build up to Christmas was manic and were really pleased to have made a lot of families happy with special photograph presents. And to finish of the year being asked to provide a Pop-Up Studio Photobooth for local celebrities wedding was the icing on the cake. So what has 2014 got in store for us, well we’ve as well as carrying out Studio Photography, we can now offer businesses an aerial photography service, ideal to showcase you business premises, whether it be a caravan site a car showroom or you idyllic B&B, we can photograph it so you potential customers see the best perspective. We have also been chosen as area photographer by Holiday (A trip advisor company) and we are in the process of setting up a 360 Degree Virtual Tour Photography Service for a large internet search engine…. What this space! So with the Monopoly Board, Cumbrian Local and everything else, 2014 looks like it going to be a “gud’un” at Witt-Woo.

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All’s Fair in With all the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day, it’s not surprising for the singletons amongst us to ponder the meaning of love. Let’s face it; love makes the world go round, all’s fair in love and war, love will find a way and the course of love never did run smooth. What if the word love is replaced with ‘business’? Now that spring is in the air (please, grant me a little poetic licence?) and the year-end tax returns completed, we find ourselves wanting to venture out into the world to meet potential partners. Now, when looking for love there are many ways to meet your true love, the same is true if you are looking to make new connections in business. You could try online networking, social media, traditional advertising, attending shows and events or you could be brave and enter the world of business networking - possibly try a ‘speed-dating’ networking event? By getting out and meeting people, face to face, you are more likely to build a better, stronger and longer lasting rapport because you will spend time getting to know the person (business), and in doing so they will understand you (your business) too. Some people find it is easy to mingle, others prefer to keep themselves to themselves, only venturing out for hot dates, sorry I mean crucial meetings. But where do you go for a meeting if you don’t have your own premises yet still want to look professional and have a degree of privacy? There are many hotels offering small meeting rooms, two of my particular favourites

are The Westmorland Hotel at Tebay Services and The George Hotel, Penrith. Both have small meeting rooms with wifi available to hire for a reasonable fee – plus coffee and cakes are available to buy all day. There are meeting rooms to hire at Eden Workshop, Jersey Ice Cream Farm, Upper Eden Visitor Centre in Kirkby Stephen and Appleby Business Centre. With many people working from home it can be an isolating experience, especially if you are on your own. For those who would like to come together with like minded people to share ideas, offer practical support in return for advice in kind etc. there is a scheme called Jelly. Jelly was formed out in the USA where on a monthly basis homeworkers, freelancers, small business owners etc would come together, at a venue that offered free wifi, to share problems, generate ideas or simply to spend some time working in the company of others. Throughout Cumbria there are a few groups, if you want to find out more take a look at or find them on Facebook under ‘UK Jellly’. If anyone would be interested in attending a Jelly group in Eden please drop me a line at info@ But what do you do once you have found someone who has fallen for your charm & skills? Much the same as the romantic hero and heroine in every Jane Austen novel, you must court them with reminders of how important they are to you, present little gifts or tokens of appreciation – and it does help if you,

Do you have a vision for your business but don’t quite know where to start in expanding your empire? Please contact us to see how we can help develop, define or diversify your business. E: • T: 0845 643 0557 We’re bold enough to stand out, bright enough to blend in...... CumbrianLocal


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Love & Jelly by Caroline Gunning

unlike my ex-husband, remember their name! When In business as in life, we like to be appreciated and admired, but if you don’t make your presence felt, you we were dating (some 23years ago), way back before might miss out on meeting the one person (or business) mobile phones, texting, Facebook etc. he ‘phoned my who becomes besotted with your style and ability to parents house to speak to me but when my mother support them in achieving mutual goals, which in turn answered the phone he managed to reel off many blossoms into a beautiful relationship that withstands different names but mine. She politely suggested he the test of time and inspires you on to greater things called back when he remembered my name. My father (oh dear, Jane Austen has taken over!). On that note, did say “if he can’t remember your name he doesn’t I leave you with this business dating advice: “Doing realise your worth” – a man of few words, but an astute business without advertising is like winking at a girl in businessman with an amazing knack of recalling the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else NL Cumbrian Local 0214_Layout 1 30/01/2014 16:10 Pagedoes.” 1 people’s names, jobs, hobbies etc. ― Steuart Henderson Britt.

Go above and beyond this Valentines Plus, any off % 5 1 ional addit ts booked n e treatm prior ival to arr

Upgrade your treatment Treat yourselv es to Dinn to 55mins er £ 2 5.00 p for just person er £10.00 for 3-cours es

t: 01768 865185 e: North Lakes Hotel & Spa, Ullswater Road, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8QT

Terms & conditions apply. Subject to availability. Dinner offer excludes Friday 14th and Saturday 15th February.

with a day of relaxation at the North Lakes Hotel & Spa 25 minute Taster Treatment Full use of Spa Facilities Glass of Buck’s Fizz Fruit Platter For 2 People £80 Monday – Thursday £90 Friday and Sunday Single Rate £45 Monday – Thursday £50 Friday and Sunday

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A Business Built on Boxes by Caroline Gunning


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Tucked away in the heart of the Eden Valley there lies a place that is considered to be one man’s Utopia, a warehouse full of storage units and boxes. Ok, it’s not everyone’s idea of a dream location but to this local lad it is, and to be fair, a warehouse full of immaculately stacked boxes, swept floors & staff who quietly and contentedly go about their work does have something of a calming feel about it. In January 2012 Robert Airey opened Eden Safe Store Ltd in addition to his domestic removals company, Airey & Parker Removals. Sharing his reasoning behind it he said “I was being asked to do more commercial jobs as companies downsized premises and moved to electronic data storage, so they had a need to house a lot of paperwork off site. With so much talk of a depressed market it may have seemed foolish to start a new venture however, I believe in the old adage, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Following on from the home moving business, Eden Safe Store was a natural progression that brought together my experience in removals, warehousing and confidential waste management. We offer a range of services aimed at businesses that need a safe, secure and reliable service when it comes to office moves, temporary or seasonal warehousing, archiving, document destruction and storage of technical sundries such as data backups, laptops and year-end accounts on paper or memory sticks. We have also been known to house goods that have been repossessed, prior to them being sent to auction. This is an area we are actively expanding into.” He went on to explain “we also support the needs of one man bands, and people working from home.

Where you are standing will soon be home to a walk in fire safe, a place to keep documents, for example wills, power of attorney papers etc which is an ideal solution if an elderly relative has to go into care. Laptops, spare car keys or even the whole vehicle (especially for trades who have tools stored on board) can be stored if you are going away and want to know it is being kept safe. Access can be provided, in an emergency, out of office hours. We work with companies to support their disaster recovery plans. Discretion and the security of customer data and assets are at the heart of what we do. Access to the warehouse is strictly limited and supervised, many of the items are tracked by a bar code system and the entire building has a security monitoring system. We work closely with a local IT specialist who advises us on market developments, changes in legislation etc. so we can be sure to be one step ahead.”

Eden Safe Store Ltd • Archiving • Storage • Secure Shredding • Commercial Removals 0845 5197 355

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Blencathra Peaks & Pathways Nick Wells

When I came to Cumbria in 1979, Blencathra was the first landmark I saw when driving over Stainmoor on the A66. I see it every day from my house, so earlier this year I thought it was time. Blencathra, or nicknamed Saddleback derived from its saddle shaped top, stands in Northern Lakeland and is the proud owner of the famous Sharp Edge. It is likely that the name Blencathra is derived from the Cumbric elements blaen (a bare hill top) and cathrach (a chair). This would give a meaning of “the bare hill top shaped like a chair”, which perfectly describes the topography of the mountain. The most popular ascent begins at Scales just up from Threlkeld, here you park in the long layby which is very quickly filled on a fine day. The A66 is a busy road so care needs to be taken as you make your way to the start of the walk. Having successfuly navigated our dogs over Helvellyn’s Striding Edge, we thought we would give them a go at Sharp Edge, but you know what thought did. Respect must be given to this feature at all times. The ascent of Scales Fell is a long steep walk for about the first half hour, then it levels out as we reach a crossroads in the path. Left takes you up the rest of Scales Fell narrowing out into a ridge before reaching the middle of the saddle, right takes you nowhere interesting, we took the path straight ahead, which was a parade of about a mile above the river Glandermackin. We could see Sharp Edge now, so this easy section of the walk gave us time to prepare for the most feared ridge in Britain. Upon reaching Scales Beck, we followed it steeply upwards until arriving at Scales Tarn. We had made it to base camp and enjoyed lunch as the dogs took their usual dip. It doesn’t get much better than this, the Tarn is guarded by Sharp Edge, Scales Fell and Blencathra. Taking the route from the tarn up to Scales Fell is certainly the easiest but we were here to conquer Sharp Edge, so we headed right and steeply up to the start of what can be discribed as a mass of bare rock with an edge sharp enough to shave on. It wasn’t long before we realised this tricky scramble was too much on this particular day as it was quite damp and very slippery, so we turned back before becoming another casualty for the mountain rescue, in fact everyone was turning back. Backtracking to the start of Sharp Edge, we dropped down the north side and walked an easier path up to Foule Crag, which is the right side of the saddle, and onto the summit of Blencathra on the left side. As usual the views were spectacular, and being on the edge of the Lake District at 2848 ft, we could see it all. We decided to decend this great mountain by Halls Fell Ridge, and our disappointment of Sharp Edge was soon forgotten as this ridge was magnificent from top to bottom. It was tricky in places, but safe enough before taking us all the way down, then turning left to Doddick Gill along the foot of Doddick Fell and back to the bottom of Scales Fell. This walk is about six miles long and took us four hours. I grade it moderate to hard.

37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383


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The Pictorial Guides a Third Edition

In a recent newspaper interview, Clive Hutchby revealed that he has been given the task of revising Wainwright’s Pictorial Guides. This is the second time that the classic guidebooks to the Lakeland fells have been updated. Frances Lincoln is planning to publish the Third Edition of The Eastern Fells in 2015, the 60th anniversary of the publication of the original guidebook. Alfred Wainwright was 45 years old when he began work on the Pictorial Guides and he soon realised that he would not be able to undertake a revision of the work. In The Central Fells, the third book in the series, he wrote: ‘If I were thirty years younger I should already be looking forward to the time when … I could start to go over all the ground once again with a view to making such revisions as may be found necessary. I fear, however, that by that time age will have shackled my limbs to such an extent that the joyful task may be beyond me. Guidebooks that are inaccurate and unreliable are worse than none at all, and I am aware that in a few small respects Books One and Two are already out of date. … Therefore, because it is unlikely that there will ever be revised editions, and because I should just hate to see my name on anything that could not be relied on, the probability is that the books will progressively be withdrawn from publication after a currency of a few years.’ The Central Fells, Some Personal Notes in conclusion Kitchen image supplied by Lincoln Customer Sept 2011

Wainwright was always against the idea of the Guides being revised in his lifetime, but during the 1970s he had got to know Chris Jesty, and they cooperated in a joint venture: a panorama of the view from Scafell Pike. In 1989, Wainwright wrote to Chris: ‘The [Westmorland] Gazette and I are in complete agreement that you are the best person (and indeed the only one we know) capable of revising the Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells and maintaining the neatness of the originals. But we also agree that no revision should take place in my lifetime.’ The Wainwright Letters Ed. H. Davies p. 395 Little could Wainwright have guessed that his original guides would be digitally scanned enabling subtle changes to the text to be made using a specially created font, aptly called ‘Lakeland’. Chris Jesty has spent ten years revising all of Wainwright’s guidebooks and now that he has retired, the mantle has passed to Clive Hutchby. If you would like to know more about The Wainwright Society, log on to the website at or email Derek Cockell - Secretary, The Wainwright Society

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911 – Stars of ITV2’s ‘The Big Reunion’ now headline their own Spring 2014 UK Tour! 16th March CARLISLE - Sands Centre Box Office No: 01228 633 766 and 1995…Britpop and club music collided across the UK when Jimmy Constable met Spike Dawbarn whilst working as a dancer on the cult late-night TV show “The Hit Man and Her”. Jimmy and Spike started to receive more recognition than the acts they were dancing for and decided to start a pop group of their own. 911 was born… Lee Brennan soon joined and after achieving 2 consecutive top 40 singles independently the fledgling ‘boy band’ were soon snapped up by Virgin Records after a major label bidding war. The band crossed over as the boys scored their first top ten hit in May 1996 in the UK with the single ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’. 911 had arrived. Nine more successive hits followed including the top 5 singles “More Than A Woman” (2) their massive signature anthem “Bodyshakin” (3) and their first UK number one “A Little Bit More”. 911 were one of only five music acts to score 10 consecutive Top Ten hits in the 90’ss and the band enjoyed success with 4 hit albums between 1997-1999 including the top ten hit albums “There It Is” and “Moving On”.

Keswick Film Festival

27th February - 2nd March 2014 The 15th Keswick Film Festival welcomes a range of guests this year including Dame Janet Suzman who will be introducing three of her films and ‘In Conversation’ on Saturday at the Theatre by the Lake talking about her life in the theatre, film and as an anti-apartheid supporter. There are lots of other guests, Charlie Cattrall introducing his film Titus, Eric Knudsen with his film The Raven on Jetty filmed around Ullswater and with a special winged guest in attendance!. And Dan Hartley, Adam Dawtrey and more. We hope we have something for everyone, over 30 films to choose from whether you like old UK films like Gone with the Wind, award-winners as Cannes comes to Keswick like Blue is the Warmest Colour, searing documentary like The Act of Killing or sports-action like The Crash Reel. We open and close with upbeat films; Felix, Dame Janet’s latest film is described as ‘Billy Elliot with a saxophone meets Buena Vista Social Club in Cape Town, and also with music embedded within it, our closing film (also showing on Friday) We Are the Best is ‘a joyous celebration of youth, friendship and rebellion’ Buy a pass and you can fit in about 14 films AND come to the Opening Party ! Full details on the website – including discounted travel thanks to Stagecoach

Win Two 911 tickets for 15th March Sand Centre Concert Email with the answer to this question Who is the man in the middle? All entries must be received by Midnight 27th February 2014. The live draw from all the correct answers will take place on Eden FM at 1.15 pm Friday 28th February 2014 Conditions apply* CumbrianLocal

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Eden FM Live 8 pm – 2 am Saturday 5th April 2014 The Friday Night House Party crew are back, for another night of quality DJ`s playing quality music. The venue remains the same after last years successful event at O’Neils Sports Lounge up in the Attic Bar. Tickets are on sale now: £8.00 each. For more details email: This years line up is strictly a local affair with Maffa Robinson, Dick Jackson, James Horrocks and Mark Keysy Davies (Justkeys)

Annual berthing: Price per berth Vessel LOA must be contained within the berth length

5 metres 6.5 metres 8 metres 10 metres 11.5 metres

£1000 £1200 £1600 £2100 £2400

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Just a short update this month from the Eden FM team This time last year, we were just getting over the process of completing our application for the full time community licence (all 18,000 words); we were negotiating on the transmission site; our main sponsor was in place and the challenge for the team was generally to stay motivated and wait in anticipation of the announcement. Well, we have had better starts to the year in the 3 years the project has been running. As the process of setting up the transmission via a 2nd, 3rd and 4th party could run for 6 to 12 months, we have now had to move the original site. this means a delay in the transmission. The merger of Scot-mid with the Penrith Co-op has also seen us now loose our

main station sponsor. These things do come in threes I am told! After our application for the Eden District Community funding was deferred in November, which was for essential equipment for the broadcast, we were informed last month that we would not received any funding. This will have a knock on effect and already we have had to change and cancel some plans. The immediate focus for the business is to raise the funds that will cover the cost of the transmission equipment and allow us to get on air as soon as our FM frequency is released from Ofcom, so that we can give you that number for your dial.

Eden FM Evening & Weekends 16:00 - 17:59

18:00 - 19:59

20:00 - 21:59

22:00 - 23:59


70’s & 80s with Lee

Eclectic Mix with Ljay

Motown Monday take 2


Tea with Lee

Chunky & Beano

Music Roots with Neil Eden Folk with Hairy Dave Girls Night In or Wingo Show* Soul & Motown with Andy

Sound & Vision Take 2


Tea with Lee

Sound & Vision with John TBC


Tea with Lee

The Flipside with LJay

Rock Show with Dave

08:00 - 09:59

10:00 - 11:59

12:00 - 13:59

Friday Night House Party take 3 Music Roots Take 2 FNHP Maffa Dick & James 14:00 - 15:59


Zoe Take 2

Teenage Takeover

Eden Country

Eden FM Sport 1st Half


Morning with LJay

Talk the Walk with Nick Classical Sunday with Thomas Teenage Takeover Take 2

16:00 - 17:59

18:00 - 19:59

20:00 - 21:59


Eden FM Sport 2nd half

70s & 80s Take 2

GNI/Wingo Take 2*


Chunky & Beano Take 2 Sound & Vision Take 2

Wednesday Tea with Lee

Eden Folk Take 2

22:00 - 23:59 Friday Night House Party take 2 Eden Country Take 2

*Shows aired every other week

StobarS Hall residential Home

The aim of Stobars Hall is to offer our guests maximum independence in order that they can lead full and varied lives, cared for by trained staff who provide physical, emotional and social support every hour of the day. If you would like further details, or a simply chat about life at Stobars Hall, please telephone Euan or Beryl on Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4HD 017683 71291 Stobars Hall, CumbrianLocal

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L - Jay




Andy •

4 - 6 - 8 SeaterS • all DriverS NvQ’D

January 25th Squeeze Box 6.30pm April 17th Comedy Night 7pm May 25th Car Boot from 10am August 16th Family Fun Day and evening in a marquee, live music August 22nd, 23rd & 24th PRUFC 2nd Beer festival For information on any of the above please contact Spike 07713074842 or email

Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 32,000 whendistribution you return


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INVEST IN YOUR... Promotional material plays a vital role within your company’s marketing mix.

ESTABLISHED in 1912, Stephens & George Print Group is one of the UK’s leading printing companies. Specialising in the printing of magazines, brochures, catalogues and various marketing materials, our Company has a wealth of experience, knowledge and the latest equipment

required to produce print of the highest quality. We understand how difficult it can be to produce a piece of print exactly how you want to it to look and feel. That is why we have invested heavily not only in equipment but also in our people so that we can assist you throughout

the printing process. At S&G we can offer you useful suggestions and advice to save you time and money at each stage in the process. This begins with file supply, choice of material, colour specification, pagination, folding, finishing, binding, inserts mailing and polywrapping.

Spotlight on: 6 PAGE LEAFLET

1 FINISHED SIZE: 210mm(h) x 99mm(w) IDEAL STOCK: 150gsm Gloss FILE SUPPLY: High resolution pdf with colours converted to cmyk and images at 300dpi. Make sure section (1) is 3mm shorter.


01685 388 888 // // CumbrianLocal

The Thebest Out every magazine rates month, in that advertising, free relies to read, on doors with no bad the for best circulation news, distribution a positive not sales for in your localletter business box