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Appleby Show Lee Quinn It was a bright start that gave Stevie Dee and I the opportunity to get our poles in order for the gazebo, which meant when we had a short shower around 11 o’ clock, we were in a position to sit down and just watch the rain come and go. As the Pennines re-appeared in this wonderful setting, for one of my favourite shows, just off the A66 turning into Appleby Town, the day just got brighter.

Why is it one of my favourites? I would say one reason is because of its size, and the second being the family atmosphere, and to top it off, we come away feeling really appreciated, which had been very much the same previously, a few weeks earlier with the Appleby Carnival team. It’s so very relaxed, but so very well organised and as the sun came out, many turned out to enjoy a fantastic day in glorious weather. Eden FM did get to broadcast in between a poor internet connection, but it didn’t

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stop us meeting representatives from the Appleby Rotary Club and then taking the opportunity for Stevie Dee from the Eden FM team to film Alan Mcviety of the Appleby Rotary, who has been a Rotarian since 1999, being interviewed by yours truly. The clips of our Appleby Show interviews by Kathy Mounsey and myself are on the Eden FM Facebook page to view. A key element of speaking with Alan, was not just talking about

what the Rotary Club do locally in raising money for local charities and groups, but the work that Rotary International, as a charity organisation around the world is involved in. On display at the show with their stand, they have also been raising money for Shelter Box, which has been described as one of the world’s most effective humanitarian collaborations between Rotary and disaster relief charity Shelter Box. For almost 20

years, their project partnership has provided lifesaving assistance to survivors of natural disasters and conflict. On display a Shelter Box, which Alan explained can provide essential shelter for 3 months. A typical Shelter Box can include a tent and aid items such as mosquito nets, water filters, water carriers, solar lights, cooking sets, blankets and mats.

Well, that’s how it started. It was then over to Kathy and Stevie Dee to interview and film the people behind the show, like Jenny Milburn in her first year as Show Secretary, Ian Barker, Show Chairman along with Show President and his wife Madge. They then headed off around the show to interview exhibitors. I headed off around the ground with a camera as you’ll see. It was a fantastic

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day and then something happened, which for me actually is possibly another reason I enjoy attending so many shows every year, which I hope many will relate to. It’s to do with the taking part. With the judging finished, it was time for the awards. Would it be yellow, red, green, blue or white and a prize? So many generations will understand what I mean about that tense time prior to those rosettes going out, whatever age they are. So to close my short report, I would like to thank all those involved in the organisation of the Appleby Show, all those that took part, and as Alan Barker said and many Show Chairmen, Presidents, Secretaries and committee members have echoed for hundreds of years, the shows are only made possible because of the thousands of people and the families, who for many generations support them. Here is a short story by Kathy Mounsey The Elsie Birkbeck Memorial Plate was donated to Appleby Show by Elsie's family approximately 20 years ago. Her daughter, Susan Mounsey along with her son and daughter-inlaw, Richard and Christine Birkbeck (all from Bolton) wanted to remember her love of baking and celebrate her skills, particularly in her gingerbread making. The plate is awarded to the winner of the gingerbread category every year. This year, the plate has returned home to Bolton as Susan was awarded the first prize for her gingerbread using Elsie's recipe passed down from mother to daughter. 4 • EdenLocal

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Contents The Appleby Show by Lee Quinn

Pages 2 - 4

Introduction by Lee Quinn

Pages 5 - 7

Penrith In Bloom by Scott Jackson

Pages 8 - 9

Talking Testimonials - Quinn HR

Pages 10 - 11

Well I Never! With Pam Waggott

Page 12

He’ll Be Missed by Lee Quinn



Moving out, the Sequel ‘Moving In’ by Emily Quinn



Cumbria Oak Clearance Sale


16 - 17

Appleby Carnival Success by Paul Naisbitt



The Penrith Lions Picnic in the Park by Lee Quinn

Pages 20 - 21

A Taste of Just Greek by Lee Quinn

Pages 22 - 23

Visitor Numbers are Up by Lee Quinn



78% of people trust Magazines over other Media



Shedding some light on Seagulls by Lee Quinn


26 - 27

Parking Update by County Councillor Patricia Bell



Penrith South By-Election 5th September



Sports Update Page 30 Formerly known as Penrith Saints by Lee Quinn



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Welcome to your August Issue Welcome to the August edition of your Eden Local. My thanks to all those people I have met this month who seem to know me, who I have never met before, that either say thank you as I hand them a magazine, or stop me in the street when I’m out and about. This month, possibly more than any, since we set out as a family embarking on the idea that is Eden Local and Eden FM, we seem to have gained more momentum and interest, but we have been doing pretty much what we’ve always done since we moved to the Wetheriggs Estate in Penrith in early 2010. Back then, after just moving in, I was just buying a ticket at the recently opened Frenchfield Stadium, as my love and appetite for local sport needed to be fed! A voice said to me, ‘How are you settling in?’ I wasn’t too surprised. It was my first encounter with David Buchanan, his parents living a few doors down from our new home. I’ve spent quite a few hours watching football with David since that time, home and away with Penrith AFC, and he has also spent many years, every year cleaning and sweeping our chimney and helping out with the ‘word of mouth’ communication and culture, of learning who does what and why, then who to call to fix something, or generally just someone worth meeting. In my short time spent around Cumbria which is over 20 years, I remember our first Patterdale Dog Day before the children arrived, almost as if it was yesterday, and I looked at the photos when our family became three, then four and then it became five. Our fifth member of the family, Sammy the Springer Spaniel, then attended the dog day, her first Patterdale Dog Day of course. Many of you have seen her in this magazine, when a photo of a Spaniel was needed. The fifth member of our family’s debut was in 2012. As a family growing up with the season of Summer shows, the May Day celebrations, the Christmas light switch on, the first Winter Droving, when it was actually in Winter as the sign of the start of our Christmas festivals, you really need to be here 12 months of the year to understand just much is going on, whatever the weather! It has been an amazing experience to date. Only a few days ago, a customer, who like many are more of a friend, mentioned they were reading the magazine and asked ‘is every member of the family now involved in the magazine?’ I responded ‘yes, along with many friends, neighbours and what I would say are key associates of Eden Local and Eden FM, from businesses, to local charities,

6 • EdenLocal

societies, clubs, groups and individuals, many of whom have been with us since the beginning.’ Nine years ago almost to the day, I was sitting at home towards the end of that summer just drafting up the first Cumbrian Local publication that I chose to call Eden Local, based on the river that flowed through the valley. It was a year later I was building the first Eden FM community radio studios. On the magazine website and radio, it was labelled as ‘The Eden project with a difference’. Eden FM attended its first Skelton Show in the summer of 2012 and launched in 2014 the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly board, which I worked on for three years, from negotiations to seeing it on the shelf in Harpers Toy Master in Middlegate, Penrith. Summer is certainly a busy time for many of us and the Summer of 2019 has not been a quiet one. I had no idea, however, back then, as it wasn’t in the plan, as some things in my life never are, that I would be creating a logo for a football team that I would be coaching called ‘Eden United’. In your community magazine this month, which someone described to me as the ‘Quinn family magazine’, I returned to the Appleby Show for another wonderful day out as a volunteer with the Eden FM team (opening pages 2 to 4) and I’ll be back there in 2020. The Penrith in Bloom judging also took place at the start of the month, after many hours of hard work in preparation and many resources working together. Photos by Dr Anna Malina, Community Engagement Officer for Penrith Town Council and Deputy Mayor, Scott Jackson reports on it being a busy morning on pages 8 and 9. My good friend, neighbour and volunteer presenter of the breakfast show, Pam, has her regular ‘Well I Never’ article on page 11. On page 13 we have something I’ve never done before which I believe a lot of people will understand. The importance of pets that are family where business isn’t just about advertising but friendship. As you read through this month’s edition, you’ll see a number of businesses are planning for Autumn and preparing for Winter, which is reflected in the seasonal trends that follow. A switch of venue for the Carnival at Appleby, but another great success, with Eden FM’s third live broadcast of the event. Stevie Dee also captured and recorded footage of the event. Paul Naisbitt has provided us with a report on page 18. That same weekend on Sunday 13th July, I was so pleased to be involved with the Penrith Lions

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

Picnic in the Park event at Castle Park in Penrith. The report and pictures are on pages 20 – 21. The next day I had an opportunity to not just catch up with Yannis, the owner of Just Greek, but to also meet his mother, so I took a day off as ‘temporary tour guide’ to show him, his mother and fiancé a few local sites. In early August, I was back in the shop with Yannis and Maria, photographing and tasting some of the Just Greek Takeaway dishes (pages 22 - 23). With the new Eden FM facility almost complete, we have a glimpse of the studios and offices to show you which have seen a record number of guests visiting these past two months. We hope to finish these very soon with the help of some fundraising ideas (page 24). Published by Ofcom, we have another summary report about media which shows the importance of printed magazines being the most trusted media platform (page 25). Following on from a meeting with a very enthusiastic local man, Peter Shearer, on our Seagull population (pages 26-27), before many of you get to read this, I’ll already be working on things for another update with a few meetings arranged whilst we are printing. In response to my recent ‘Barking About Parking’ article and correspondence received, I sat down and discussed this and other topics relating to road safety and traffic with County Councillor Patricia Bell, about how more local people need to be involved in working towards solutions across the areas where these problems are. Thank you to Councillor Bell for providing us with a summary report on page 28. Busy times ahead I think! Would I have it any other way? Probably not! It’s my first football season as Coach (some say manager) of Eden United FC, formerly Penrith Saints. The full story and other sports updates are on pages 30 and 31. Spiking temperatures, monsoon showers, localised flooding and we are in August still. We have covered quite a lot since the last issue. When you start to read this edition, chances are you could be returning from holiday, for some, futures will be a discussion point with the summer exam results announced and new school uniforms will be hanging in wardrobes for the first time. Some prior to the start of the summer may have made a decision to move out and be somewhere new before Christmas. Before signing off, I’d like to welcome those new readers in the seven new villages we have extended the Eden Local to this

month. For some, however, it will be none of the points in the paragraph above, and I hope for them, whilst some live alone because they choose to be or not, they have some constant communication which helps them stay in touch with what’s going on around them through their Eden Local and Eden FM Community Radio station. So, my final duty before going to print on a wet Sunday morning was with the Penrith Lions. The bunting had to come down, which signifies that Summer will almost be over. I wonder how many people will notice the next time they walk or drive through Penrith town centre. Next month for the first time, Eden Local will be asking questions about the ‘Penrith Pong’ and the latest campaign, with Jeff Thomson about PAPP, Protest Against Penrith Pong. Until then, thank you for reading your Eden Local Community Magazine. Lee

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Penrith in Bloom by Scott Jackson

been over last year and I think that should be the word by which we define what we do. Balance. Since my own interest in horticulture sprouted (again with the puns!) I’ve become a firm believer in the power of gardening and growing things. It can bring peace to the mind, pride to the heart and potatoes to the table and I am increasingly seeing how this has benefited people. Of course not everyone has their own garden but it is amazing what even a few pots on the doorstep can achieve for a person’s wellbeing. So to those inspiring gardeners and tidiers, you’re leading such a profound improvement in people’s lives and I thank you. There is a lesson in leadership to be learned from Penrith’s efforts in Cumbria and Britain in Bloom. While I usually find myself extolling the virtues of having good officers working in local councils to coordinate such things, here I would like to highlight and celebrate the much smaller yet altogether more farreaching kind of leadership that can be found in our streets and communities. Be it an organisation or individual Penrith has no lack of dedicated volunteers who just make the place better and in doing so encourage others to join in. The ‘in-Bloom’ work is perhaps the most visually impactful example of this. It works on the small scale, drawing latent green fingers out of people who hitherto struggled with simple indoor pot plants but who now find joy in the careful arrangement of a perennial bed. More fundamentally, however, it also pushes people to take more ownership of the environment around them, be it by helping to plant a communal arrangement or even by repainting a street sign. It is one of the most wonderful things I have experienced in my time as a councillor seeing people decide that the space in which they inhabit could and should be improved by their own hand. What our local councils should be doing then is welcoming and encouraging this drive, if you’ll pardon the pun, from the ‘grassroots’. The people of Penrith are very clear in their desire not only for beautiful and welcoming greenery but also for understanding more about our impact on the natural world and its impact on us. To plant can feed the stomach and the soul and the steps this town is taking will be ever more vital in the coming years as we tackle climate change. When the Britain in Bloom judges visited our town they noted how much more balanced our entry had 8 • EdenLocal

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HR Talking Testimonials

I love the diverse nature of my work and the businesses I assist! No two days are the same and the greatest reward for me is being approached and being able to offer advice and support to organisations that really need it, particularly when they are not in a position to have an HR resource of their own. It’s great to receive feedback from clients. Here’s what some of my clients have to say about Quinn HR and the support they have received.

Having previously worked with Charlotte for several years as a company Director colleague, I had no hesitation in retaining her services to support me in a new leadership role. Her dynamism and broad knowledge of the subject area, combined with her exceptional interpersonal skills, have assisted me greatly in introducing a range of systems, including Staff Handbook implementation, Safety Critical Medical Screening and Dispute Resolution. This, in an established company suffering from an underdeveloped HR function made the task complex, requiring cultural change at its core. Charlotte was able to draw on her significant professional and personal experiences to provide the right support in the right areas to underpin my confidence in her as a trusted advisor

Tony Bush - Managing Director Locomotive Services (TOC) Limited London and North Western Railway Heritage Company Limited. (Cheshire) 10 • EdenLocal

Charlotte was friendly, approachable and understanding of our business position and the immediate needs in taking over an existing business and staff base. She worked quickly to identify the best and most effective ways to provide us with the correct requirements to meet employment laws and employer regulations. We will definitely maintain our relationship with Charlotte. She is a vital part of our Human Resources expertise

Gillian Hunt - Operations Director Calthwaite Hall & The Globe Inn (Cumbria)

We extend our grateful thanks to Quinn HR and especially Charlotte for her valuable support and guidance in steering the Charity through a very difficult, complex and sensitive situation. As a small charity run largely by volunteers, we occasionally require additional professional advice to help us manage some events and situations. When we found ourselves facing a serious situation, Charlotte was recommended as the best person to help. From the outset we found Charlotte to be professional yet approachable and easy to work with. We received prompt, relevant and good guidance, as well as timely attention that enabled us to manage the necessary processes correctly. With Charlotte's support we were able to reach mutual agreements and resolve the issues. We have no hesitation in recommending Charlotte and Quinn HR Lyz Turner-Dow - Chief Executive Officer Animal Concern Cumbria (Cumbria)

The magazine that relies on doors for circulation not sales

When I urgently needed to secure some expert analysis and advice on my complex and very detailed job re-evaluation submission, I was strongly recommended to approach Charlotte. A short conversation later and it was apparent to me that Charlotte completely understood my requirements and Charlotte was also able to suggest a very reasonable timeframe to comprehend the reference documents and then to undertake the substantive piece of analysis work. Against a tight deadline, I was pleased to receive all her feedback, suggestions and observations on schedule. I also readily accepted and incorporated all Charlotte’s suggested amendments and improvements. Having made this modest investment to engage with Charlotte, I am now significantly more confident with the strength, tone and content of my job reevaluation submission Chartered Manager Local Government (Scotland)

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Well I never...! As the year moves steadily onwards and holidays are in full swing it’s time to look at the origins of the few more well-known phrases and sayings. Now, I don’t want to tar you all with the same brush in wondering if you are as mad as Hatters for reading this article , nor do I want to take you for a ride and trick you by telling you any nonsense because ultimately the buck stops here, with me, to give you something interesting to read! To be ‘tarred with the same brush’ means that everyone is considered to have the same failings or faults and so are judged unfairly as the group rather than as individuals.The origins lie in old methods used by farmers to mark their sheep. In days gone by farmers would use a brush dipped in tar and daub a mark on the fleece of each animal in the flock as a form of identification or brand. All of the sheep from the same flock were marked using the same brush and the same tar from the same pot to indicate their owner, so making them all the same. To be considered ‘as mad as a hatter’ was popularised by Lewis Carroll in his 1865 novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’, although surprisingly the character was never actually described as ‘mad’ in the novel. It is thought that Carroll based the Hatter on a furniture dealer of the time called Theophilus Carter who had the nickname Mad Hatter given to him as he always wore a top hat and created many wild and silly inventions. It is also thought that hat makers at the time were often affected by the chemical mercurous nitrate, which was used in the making of felt hats. The chemicals absorbed into the body had the effect of making the worker tremble badly and could also affect their mental capacity. An alternative suggestion is derived from the Anglo Saxon word ‘atter’ meaning poison and which the name adder comes from (the only poisonous British snake). If bitten the venom can cause shakes, dizziness and mental confusion. To be ‘taken for a ride’ has sinister connotations, though now tends to mean that you have been conned or duped by something and you may be considered a little gullible. The origins of the phrase goes back to the underworld gangs in the 1920’s and 30’s

in America. Any gang member who challenged or incurred the anger of a rival gang leader would be invited to ‘take a ride’ in the leader’s limo to ‘discuss’ the situation, however the miscreant would be dispatched never to return alive or even for the body to be found! And finally if the ‘buck stops’ with you then you are considered ultimately responsible for something, or conversely if you pass the buck then you pass the responsibility on to someone else...but what is the buck? It simply refers to early games of poker when a buckhorn knife was placed in front of the player who was the next to deal! The phrase was made most famous by US President Harry S. Truman who had a sign on his presidential desk at the White House to remind himself and his staff that he had ultimate responsibility for every decision made during his term of presidency. When I join you next time the school holidays will be over and the autumn will be well on it’s way! So enjoy the rest of your summer...! PARKINSON, J. Spilling the Beans on the Cat’s Pyjamas. London:Michael O’Mara Books Ltd. 2009 REES, N. Cassell’s Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins. London:Cassell 2004

FINESSE JEWELLERY Vintage, Antique & Collectables

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MARVIN’S JEWELLERS for Fine Jewellery & Watches since 1962 2-3 Angel Lane Penrith 01768 862938


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He’ll be missed by Lee Quinn

years have been Radley’s friends. So, from what was ‘Phone Call Mobile Carpets’ that Terry set up in 1985 from home, to the Arches Carpet Centre and Flooring Centre showrooms on three levels at Hartness Road, we thought we would keep this month simple. Please drop in like many have, many do and many will, as bookings are now already being taken for pre-Christmas fittings. I wrote my first article with The Arches Carpet Centre in November 2012 for the December Eden Local, issue No 26. It was when they were preparing for the move to their new premises, from 1 Victoria Road in Penrith, to the showroom they have today at Hartness Road on the Gilwilly Industrial Estate in Penrith. It is strange when you look back at these things. I couldn’t guess how many hours I have spent with Terry Oliver this past seven years. This short advertorial simply refreshes our minds on just how long Terry has been working in the business of carpeting and flooring almost 35 years. On average I’ll spend at least one hour a month with Terry, sometimes 2 hours or longer, and on the phone, well if we start talking football, it takes us a while to get back to why we’re on the phone! On the days when Terry’s had to break away from our meetings to take a call or advise a customer coming into the showroom, I’ve always had someone to keep me busy. That someone being Radley the dog, who for 11 years has probably tested more carpets than any dog.

And whilst we can’t fit a picture of every sample of carpet and flooring stocked by Terry on this page, one thing we did was actually count for the first time just how many samples and choices there are available for you to select for your home or business at The Arches Carpet and Flooring Centre. Over 12,000 samples of Carpets on over 60 displays Over 200 Rugs in stock and over 400 Roll Ends in stock from £1 per Square metre But it’s not just carpet with nine Vinyl supplier brands and eleven LVT Supplier brands on display

Bespoke to Budget Flooring

Normally Terry would come in with his coat pocket full of biscuits, and whether he was in the shop or out at a meeting and measuring, Radley wouldn’t be far away. By the end of the day, the pocket would be empty, they would lock up and home they would go. My recent visit was quite different. There was no Radley to greet me. Unfortunately, quite unexpectedly he fell ill and passed away soon after at the start of this month. As many of you probably know Terry as a man of routine, he still had the dog biscuits in his pocket the day we met a week later. As a dog owner, with our mad Springer Spaniel who is now 12 ½ and the fifth member of our family, when asked if I could just let people know that the ‘Icon of The Arches’ has gone, why would I not take this opportunity to share this loss of his best friend with you all, and all those customers who, for so many

Unit 1-2 Hartness Road, Gilwilly Ind Est, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9BD thearchescarpetcentre@hotmail.co.uk Open Times: Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30 pm Saturday 9am to 4pm

01768 866770 Find us on Facebook to discover our latest exclusive offers!

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Moving out, the sequel Moved In! 17-25! By Emily Quinn Since writing my article last month on the trials of moving out, a lot has happened. Everyone warns you about how difficult the first month of moving out is, but you don’t really realise just how difficult it is until you’re in the thick of it. We’ve had all sorts of dramas! From deliveries to bills. Waking up in the morning to find you have no electric and the fridge and freezer is warm is a bit of a bummer. And don’t ever let anyone tell you flat pack DIY is a job for one person. The adverts lie! No one wants to spend 5 hours putting a bookcase together alone with instructions that make no sense. The funny thing is the instructions were in English but for someone who doesn’t understand shorthand, it was extremely frustrating to figure out. So, going back to these deliveries I mentioned…. we’ve been getting a lot of deliveries. A fridge, sofa, furniture - bits and bobs like that. The real low point for us though was when they sent us a flat pack of a ridiculously heavy king size bed rather than the dressing table we ordered. To make a bad situation worse, they then said we had to wait another 3 weeks for the right thing to be delivered and we had an 8ft box sitting around the house waiting to be picked up. But after a week of navigating round the box (after them refusing to pick it up sooner) we had to take it back to the store ourselves. It wouldn’t have been an issue if it wasn’t so flipping heavy! The dreaded bills are the next fun topic. Did you know if you are sent a letter concerning insurance or tv licencing or changing water or electric and you don’t reply within 30 seconds of receiving the letter, they send you 12 more that week to get your attention? We’re getting letters about things we didn’t even know were things… and not to mention, everyone wants your money! Anyone else think that council tax is over-priced and unnecessary? This is not a dig at our wonderful amazing government, but I reckon council tax is just an easy way to take money from us for their 5 star lifestyles. I know there is a lot of 14 • EdenLocal

money being distributed by the government into things such as the NHS, but let’s face it, it’s not that much because look at the glorious state that’s in (still have to wait 4 hours to see a doctor in minor injuries when it’s you and one other person sitting in the waiting room when you can hardly breathe with the pain after your car accident.) (I lied - that whole rant was a massive dig!) Lack of basic utilities has also been an issue. Equipping an unfurnished flat is a very expensive task. There are still things we need such as a washing machine. You don’t realise how much you rely on something until you don’t have it. Even when we’re cooking a meal and realising, we need another pot because we’ve already got something cooking in the pot we have. The money just keeps slipping away. It is really lovely though having our own space, coming and going as we please and just being together. Me and my partner had a bit of an accident involving his head and a door. Our front door is a bit sticky in the hot weather and you’ve got to give it a bit of a shove to get it open. I was coming in the door and he was going out the other side. In brief, it resulted in him lying on the floor with a seriously bad headache. It was ironically a bit of a realisation moment. We have each other and that’s really all that matters. We’ve come a very long way since making the decision to move in together and every obstacle is just a tiny hurdle, but it can and has been overcome. We are a very strong couple, and everyone struggles with the first move. The fact we haven’t given in and have just kept overcoming everything thrown at us has proved to us that we can do it. It has been stressful, but ultimately, it’s been exciting and a noble challenge to learn about all these new things and how to deal with them. Next month, I’ll steer away from the concept and adventure of moving out and take a focus on something else which may be an issue for so many of us young people.

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Another Carnival Success by Paul Naisbitt As for the carnival itself we changed venue at the last minute mainly for financial reasons as tickets for the evening dance weren't selling very well and people asking when we were moving back down town rather than the castle as they felt it isolated the town. Talking to the businesses afterwards they said the atmosphere was totally different there was a real buzz in the town and they felt a lot more involved. But I would like at this point to pass on behalf of our committee our grateful thanks to Mrs Nightingale and her staff for letting us use the castle grounds over the last three years as without Sally's offer of the castle grounds there probably wouldn't have been a carnival. Despite being restricted for space the weekend was very successful and we got a lot of positive feedback. The weather was very kind to us and the weekend started on the Friday evening with the prize bingo which had a record attendance. On Saturday I started the day at 10am with last years Royal party judging the shop window dressing which was of a very high standard, and glad I didn’t have to judge it but I did guide them a bit. Then we had the crowning of this years royal party by our new mayor Jilly Dixon-Docherty, this was followed by the grand parade which was really well supported except we only had 3 floats which is mainly down to the difficulty of insurance and health and safety. The atmosphere on the field was really good with three different bands playing throughout the afternoon "Blue Jam from Penrith", "Milnthorpe Steel Band" and Appleby Town Band. Thanks to EDC we had use of the Broad Close car park for the larger fairground rides which worked

very well and the older children really liked it. We had our usual wrist band area for the smaller children which is always popular especially with the parents as it makes it a bit cheaper for them. We also had the Llama Karma with their llamas and there small animals and creepy crawlies pet handling, the Owl Trust who brought all sorts of owls and you could even have your photo taken with hem sat on your arm. Nick Clifford and his friend had two miniature steam trains giving rides all along the length of the field. In the evening the dancing to the band "Live Wires" was tremendous by the end of the evening it was more like a pop festival with about 500 people all on their feet dancing and singing along with the band (the band even messaged us the following day to thank us for making them feel welcome and what an enjoyable night they had). On Sunday the primary school football attracted 6 teams from Appleby, Kirkby Stephen, and Penrith. There was some great football with one of the Appleby teams beating Kirkby Stephen in the final. Then Sunday afternoon it’s time to relax at the Alms Houses Garden Fete where we draw the Grand Raffle. As yet at the time of writing this report we haven't got a final figure but it has cost us approximately £12,000 to put on the Carnival Event. We have had to spend a bit extra on new table, bunting and barrier fencing to put along the river bank, but I think by the time we have paid out and got outstanding monies sorted we should about break even. I would like to thank my hard working committee and all our helpers over the weekend and the businesses, Town Council and various individuals for their support, but mainly all the general public who turned out to make Carnival 2019 one of the best ever.

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Where do you start with the Penrith Lions Picnic in the Park? by Lee Quinn

A short walk from my house, but not one I have done often enough! After attending several meetings with the Penrith Lions, the idea popped up earlier in the year, and as I walked around the park on the Wednesday before it was due to take place, to complete the Eden FM site survey, in preparation for a live broadcast, I asked myself the question why this had not happened before.

For now we are going to talk about another successful community event, one visited by some for the first time, and for others, it may have brought back memories for them as youngsters who may have ‘unofficially’ climbed on the ruins, which today they would now try and stop their own children or their grandchildren from doing just that! For the lady, young at heart, as we spoke she recalled coming to the park when courting. Some have taken a guess as to how many people attended the Picnic. The families that threw down a blanket and just soaked up a relaxing lazy afternoon, on a day that was also the Wimbledon Finals, World Cup Cricket and the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. Well, the Lions handing out the event guide, ran out within the first 30 minutes of opening as people flocked through every entrance to enjoy the Picnic for the first time, and for some they re-lived the days when the park was busy.

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Eden FM completed its second outside broadcast of the weekend on location, and once again Stevie Dee was behind the camera. The clips posted the same day on Social media have been watched by over 20,000 people. Are these listeners or just watchers? Anyway, enough said

as we got some great pictures, and most of the comments we took in were along the lines of why hasn’t this been done before and I hope we do it again. Well, at the time of printing, after talking to representatives of the Penrith Lions, we hope to have an answer to this question in the next issue of Eden Local. A thought shared. Well done to The Penrith Lions and all the organisations, volunteers and supporting businesses for another fantastic town event!

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It’s Time to refresh your memory and maybe those taste buds asked for a Kebab. Yannis, as I have observed so many times, then went through almost a painstaking routine of saying and describing, as best he could, that on the rotating on the two vertical spits were Yeeros, which is not a Kebab. The choice being Pork or Chicken, or mixed. The lady looked at me and asked what was the difference, I explained Kebabs are Turkish and vary from Lamb meat to processed Lamb depending on where your buy them. The taste of course is quite different, because it’s not its Pork or Chicken. I think it was three or four large mixed Yeeros orders that were placed

Yannis Papameletis took over ‘Just Greek’ in King Street, Penrith around 15 months ago, we’ve had the odd story featured and I have spent a number of hours talking to Yannis in how we can simply educate and explain the difference between what the Greek people call Yeeros, many people call a Kebab but is hardwork. On a busy tea time just recently a family on holiday were at the counter and as a lot of customers do they

22 • EdenLocal

So at Just Greek means ‘no Kebabs’, as in you won’t find a Kebab in there, you might think you can see one in the window on looking in, but whilst you might think they are, they are seriously not. It is Yeeros which is either Pork or Chicken, it’s also Certified Gluten Free. Now about that taste to find out want Yeeros really is. All you have to do is go in to Just Greek and asked Yannis or Maria to cut a piece off so you can taste it, then you can decided if you would like Pork, chicken or both along with a traditional range of Greek dishes to take out or to eat in. Meeting Yannis for a number of people I know has been a breath of fresh air as a relatively new business. After almost a year working 6 days a week and on day seven doing a lot of preparation, covering all the bases by himself, he is one of the happiness people I know.

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Of course after 2 hours of taking pictures recently, to present some of these now, might have you salivating, there are a lot of meat options, but I must confess I tried my first Vegetable Burger and I think the best way to describe this is with a photo, which meant I had to try a whole one!

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Visitor Numbers are Up at Eden FM by Lee Quinn

A busy two months, out in the field literally with the outside broadcasting team since the Lions May Fair and the Brougham Wartime Weekend. Maybe if Eden FM had the funds, it could be selling tour T shirts, but at its new home at suite 6 in Cumbria House, the main focus has been on the building of its new studio set up through June and July, in between weeks of work experience students and possibly more visitors in two months than it has had in the last twelve months! I think space has a lot to do with it. Accessibility and the launch of the ‘Be Seen and Heard in the Community you serve’ style of campaigns, giving businesses and local organisations a local media platform, affordable to all that includes print, radio, audio visual and social media, could also have something to do with it. Being on air for 24 hours a day, local people are starting to understand that as a community station it is quite unique, in that it’s not commercial, it’s not the BBC and when local charities and groups make donations to your local station, it makes all the difference.

now means programmes can be produced from home and broadcast live from home. Access to Eden FM also helps to overcome rural isolation, transport issues and disabilities that may prevent people from visiting the station. With new members joining every month, it might be time for you to join the team, or find out if your town in Eden would like its own show on 107.5 FM every week or once a month. It might be that you’re a local business that needs to be heard, or a small voluntary group, just like Eden FM, with no salaried staff, but an eager committee or society.

Forging ahead with its technology, with remote access studios, it 24 • EdenLocal

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Call us now on 01768 899107 or drop an email to admin@edenfm. co.uk. We don’t have volunteers in the office 24 hours a day and we do receive around 40 emails a day, because of the industry we are in is both locally, regionally, nationally and worldwide based, so please bear with us in responding, because we will eventually!



Wednesday 24 July

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Friend or Foe or simply just adjusting to the modern world? By Lee Quinn Back in May whilst publishing some readers emails, I finished my report that was titled, ‘Is it time to solve some age-old problems in Penrith?’ with ‘In Residential areas, how many people put their rubbish out for collection only to see seagulls rip the bags apart? Is that the only problem we have with Seagulls?’ A loaded question maybe, but worth asking as Peter Shearer wrote to me and offered information should I want to know more about the population of seagulls. Well, of course I did. Sometimes what we say can lead to assumptions, and for me, if people are presented with the right information, they will hopefully either ask more questions, or develop their own opinion. I just wish sometimes that the magazine was 48 or 60 pages to be able to put all the information I receive in, but it’s not affordable or sustainable to do that, as well as expand

Year 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

26 • EdenLocal

Gilwilly 117 159 109 58 62 71

Ullswater 73 82 75 90 74 88

Total 190 241 184 148 136 159

into new areas and keep up with the new letter boxes which appear every month on the existing routes. I have a brief knowledge of birds generally, and when it comes to seagulls, my knowledge like many is based on personal experience rather than factual information. On receiving the email from Peter and discussing what we hear about seagulls on our industrial estates and across the town, just listening to Peter took me in a whole different direction. Meeting Peter at the offices and studios in Gilwilly, which from three large windows we were able to view the nesting areas of many gulls, made for interesting

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viewing and discussion with Peter. This was after he sent me the statistics produced by local people since 2014, based on the Gulls we have in Penrith which are Herring Gulls and Lesser Black Backed Gulls. So, before we go down the route of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ 1963 American horror-thriller film, directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock, that was loosely based on the 1952 story of the same name by Daphne du Maurier, the film showing birds on a series of sudden and unexplained violent bird attacks on the people, we’ll stay with where we are going. Peter has been in touch with representatives and people he is working with, and we are looking to have meetings with a number of organisations and businesses, to share what Peter knows and the information he has, which will mean specialist advice. Meanwhile, I have researched a bit, based on information Peter passed to me on The Regulations of Urban gulls in the UK, which goes back to the 1940s when gulls began nesting in urban areas. Aberdeen City Council have also produced a ‘Living with Urban Gulls – Survivors Guide’. Some other points Peter pointed out to me in the British Birds Volume 112 May 2019 282 – 292, was that Gulls are not confined to a single centre of activity and they are perfectly capable of making a round trip of up to 100 Km in search of food. Whilst a number of councils will be focused on dealing with what is termed as a problem, it is in fact in many factual reports one of re-education in knowing more about why we are in this position and how it is better communicated to the public and businesses to manage the situation as a strategy, rather than automatically starting off with it being a problem to solve. On the list of endangered species of gulls is the Herring Gull, after the population more than halved over the last 40 years. The Lesser Black Back Gull is not a concern as a species in danger. As more information comes in and meetings take place, another update will follow. Meanwhile, here are those statics collected locally on our seagull population for the Ullswater and Gilwilly Industrial Estates. My thanks to Peter Shearer for his help and being a source of knowledge and information.

‘Penrith Town Council is consulting the local community on its Business Plan 2019-2023’ Penrith Town Council is consulting on each of six priorities in its Business Plan 2019-2023. The Business Plan will influence the budget process and resource allocation of the Council. The Plan is flexible in order to meet changing demands as the District Council further devolves services. It has also accommodated emerging feedback from the information gathered from the Statutory Regulation 14 consultation for the Penrith Neighbourhood Development Plan. The Town Council hopes all residents/stakeholders in the local community will give their views by completing the Survey, which is available in hard copy from the Council Offices, Unit 1 Church House, 19-24 Friargate CA11 7XR, and from Penrith Library. It is also available to complete online at https:// cumbria.citizenspace.com/other-public-sector/penrithtown-council-business-plan-2017-2023/ and to download from the ‘Your Say’ page of the Town Council website at www.penrithtowncouncil.co.uk. The survey will be open for completion between 1st August and 9th September. After the consultation closes, a report including the analysis of public feedback will be provided to full Council at their meeting on 23rd September. When the Plan is formally resolved by full Council, it will be used as a formal document.

Unit 1, Church House, 19-24 Friargate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR

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Follow up to Barking About Parking By Lee Quinn

Following on from some points made in recent issues of Eden Local about roads and parking in Penrith I was pleased to hear from Penrith County Councillor Patricia Bell, who sent me this update

Penrith parking: problems from the past and a wish list for the future Town parking has always been problematic. Nobody likes to pay for parking. If it’s free then so much the better, but then motorists vie for the spots closest to where they want to be. Most people want to park outside the place where they live. Just about every one dislikes commercial vehicles parked in residential areas. We all hate cars parked near corners that restrict visibility and we don’t want cars obstructing the pavement. Let’s face it, in many residential streets in Penrith there are simply not enough spaces for us all to park – day or night. So how did it get to be so bad? There are now many more cars on the road; we are driving for longer; car-owning adult children are still living at home. It would be good if we could all cycle or bus to work, but the roads are not the safest places for cyclists and there are next to no buses. The current parking situation in town is unsustainable. As more and more people move into the town centre, so more zone A permits are given out. Now there are more permits than places. Ridiculously, parking is not a reason the planning committee can consider when planning applications for the town centre are decided. The harsh truth is that our parking problems are not going to be solved through piecemeal actions that simply move the problem into someone else’s backyard. Residents parking schemes solve problems for some residents only to cause misery and grief for many others. Double yellow lines may improve visibility and enhance safety but they too push the parking problem somewhere else.

28 • EdenLocal

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Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a simple solution? If only we could have a free multistorey carpark in the centre of town! Undoubtedly some businesses and store car parks have helped a lot and made life easier for many of us. How about a parkand-ride scheme with a regular bus service from Kemplay roundabout and Stoney Beck? One-way streets in residential areas would give more space for domestic parking, but we would have to accept slightly longer journeys to and from our houses. We could magic up more land for parking. This truly is a wish list. In the current financial climate none of these is going to be possible since in the short term as the government no longer gives out money for capital programmes as a matter of course. Frustratingly, our best hope of raising money for large scale parking improvements is to carry out yet another a parking study which would provide us with evidence for when public funding opportunities do eventually arise. The good news is such work is underway and all your councils and local businesses are working together on this. There may never be a better time to find strategic parking solutions for Penrith than now. It is up to each of us as individuals. We have to take personal responsibility for this problem in the best way we can, rather than leaving it to others to sort out the mess. Patricia Bell County Cllr East Penrith August 2019


Statement of persons nominated for Penrith South district ward The following is a statement as to the persons nominated for the election of a Councillor on Thursday 5 September 2019 for the Penrith South Ward.

Persons nominated

Home address

Description, if any

Proposer’s name and seconder’s name

Reasons for which the Returning Officer has declared a nomination invalid

59 Wordsworth Street Fearon, Helen Jane Penrith Cumbria CA11 7QY

The Conservative Party Candidate

Barrie Cheetham (Proposer) Carole Tully (Seconder)

Labour Party

Nicola S Hawkins (Proposer) James M Henry (Seconder)

Surname, other names in full

Knaggs, Dave

(address in Eden)

Quinn, Lee

5 Rydal Crescent Penrith CA11 8PJ


Jean May Connor (Proposer) Charlotte S Quinn (Seconder)

Wilde, Kerryanne

35 West Lane Shap Penrith Cumbria CA10 3LT

Putting Cumbria First

Gail Noble (Proposer) Margaret C Lawson (Seconder)

The persons above whose names no entry is made in column 5 have been and stand validly nominated.

01768 899408

28 Devonshire Arcade Penrith 7SX

TAKING YOUR FIRST STRIDE AS A 2019 BRIDE Finesse Bridal 40 Middlegate, Penrith 01768 866799 The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business

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United they are and they're ready to go By Lee Quinn So, I was asked to help out as a favour. That’s where it began in February, and on 23rd February, I then watched Penrith Saints beaten 4 – 0 by Wetheriggs United Reserves. In last month’s Eden Local, under the title of ‘The Underdogs of Division 3’, a term you may have heard, I set out my stall based on what I had seen and the challenges ahead over the summer to prepare the team for a new approach. After discussions with all the players, the training format that was introduced meant increasing their training schedule from one hour to 4 hours a week. Training would be on grass and included full pitch training. Our pre-season had started very well. In between training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we introduced over some weeks a full match on Thursdays and Saturdays. This assisted with developing match fitness and the induction of new members to the team over the summer, as well as strengthening the existing team and those players normally waiting on the line to get more match experience.

Unfortunately, before most people had read my last report in the July Eden Local, there was a difference of opinion and thoughts on the future of the team that was Penrith Saints FC, and with the potential threat of terminating the team at the end of the 2019/20 season, on 20th July, Penrith Saints became Eden United. I am pleased to report that this has not affected the team registration with all of those finishing last season now completing most of the eight pre-season friendlies where they could in between work commitments, holidays and injuries. The change has come at some expense, as the Penrith Saints kits will be returned to its founder. They have made their last trip to the launderette. We now owe a huge thank you to Graham Whiteley at Cumbria Oak, Plumpton, who has agreed to be the new Team Shirt Sponsor, which the team will be wearing for the first time, when they play Ullswater United on 17th August, in the first of six fixtures Eden United have between 17th August and 4th September. So, I have said so many times I’m not a writer, a photographer or a journalist. I will always confess, however, to being creative. Next to the Cumbria Oak brand on the shirt will be the Eden United Crest, which, players and many others, who even after just the short journey of pre-season, agree the new logo you see now, says a lot about who they are and why they are Eden United FC.

30 • EdenLocal

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The first six Fixtures for Eden United FC:

• Chiropody/Podiatry

James Cropper Westmorland League Div 3 Sat 17/08 2.30pm Ullswater United Home Wed 21/08 6.45pm Langwathby United Home Sat 24/08 2.30pm Endmoor KGR Reserves Away Wed 28/08 6.45pm Wetheriggs United Reserves Away Sat 31/08 2.30pm Braithwaite Home Wed 04/09 6.45pm Penrith Royal Away

• Sports Therapy • Remedial Sports Massage • Physiotherapy • Personal Training • Military Circuits


• Food Intolerance Testing 07812 217 302 • 01768 840 034 info@jamespittam.com @Penrithleisurecentre

17/08/19: Penrith v Newcastle Benfield. 3:00 pm - Northern League One 21/08/19: Penrith v Billingham Town: 7:45 pm Northern League One 31/08/19: Penrith v Guisborough Town - 3:00 pm - FA Vase First Qualifying Round 07/09/19: Penrith v Sunderland Ryhope C.W. 3:00 pm- Northern League One

Penrith Rugby Union Football Club fixtures for September & October


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