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One year on at the Emporium

Eden Stone Emporium Logo Ideas

Cut Vinyl & Full Colour

I have known John Williams for a number of years now. I have these past 18 months seen him quit the day job and take a huge leap into setting up and running his own business. The business of course is the Eden Stone Emporium. In many ways, I was going to write about what I have learnt about John and more importantly he would insist on lots of details about his business and product range, however, I am not going to write too much about the products, mainly because these products speak for themselves. The passion and commitment that John has put in over this year in setting up this unique business in Penrith, can only be rewarded in one way and that is to go in to his business and discover what is unique, what is special and what is something that you have probably never seen before. He has some great ideas, a gallery of stone, history in itself. The range and the work that goes on behind those displays to source different stone from around the world and across the UK is never ending. I always said in the beginning, with so many samples of stone, it’s more like a visitor attraction. It is a business and it is also an education and for me I’ve seen the innovation at a high level at the Eden Stone Emporium which means it has to be seen to be appreciated. John, next month, I will do some serious advertising and we’ll talk about that new porcelain range. Lakeland Falls Grey, White & Carbon and the new Italian porcelain tiles that can be identified and replicates some of our finest Cumbrian slate, without spending £100m2 plus. In fact, it’s less than half and I do agree John that these do have to be seen to be believed. Well done John for a cracking first year. CumbrianLocal

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Steven J

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Welcome to the April edition of your Cumbrian Local To break the ice, as I did on the pond what seemed only weeks ago, we could talk about the weather, but it’s a strange one, because when you present regularly on Eden FM Community radio, you read the weather report out so often, that when someone does mention the weather to be sociable, you have to hold back in saying ‘well there will be highs of 8 degrees, with outbreaks of rain around tea time, sleet and snow on the higher ground, and by 9 o’clock this evening the temperatures will be close to freezing.’ So we are up and running and welcome to your April edition of your community magazine. I hope you had a great Easter and have had the opportunity to enjoy some lovely sunshine, highs of 20 degrees......sorry. My thanks to all those who have supported this month’s Cumbrian Local. My thanks to those new businesses who have signed up either with the magazine or for the leaflet distribution. I did a quick calculation of just how many people have been involved in creating the content of this magazine, either as an advertiser, a charity, a voluntary group, as a writer or designer. It is only 32 pages but I calculated it has been over a hundred people. This generates a lot of phone calls, a lot of meetings and hundreds of emails; well done everybody. It staggers me when I sit here in my office as I am now, at home; I look at my clock, in the morning after the dog walk on week Continued on page 6

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days it’ll be 7.45 maybe a little later. I’ll plan my day, do my list of things to do and then, I sign on to the computer, then I’ll crack on. I’ll be sending some emails, making phone calls and taking phone calls, then checking the answer because I was on the phone so I have messages. I’ll have the usual, ‘I tried your phone but it was busy, so that’s why I called you on the mobile’ and I look at the clock and its 1pm and before you know it, it’s 6pm. This month we have our last two pre-election articles. Yes I do like a good campaign and I would like to think I am passionate about the local economy and the importance of Penrith having a town council; well it is where I live. I even had the application form on my desk completed ready to submit so I could stand in the local elections. On reflection looking at my current day, as you can see above, just with my work on the magazine, then adding the 2 to 3 days I spend at Eden FM and then thinking selfishly I must put my family first, I do have plenty to do. Well we do sit down as a family and recently we did discuss that if dad wanted to stand they would be okay with it, should I be lucky enough to be elected what would happen? Now the girls, when they were much younger, still do remember my previous term as a town and county councillor and five years ago when we moved to Penrith, that was forgotten until now. My wife was apprehensive, the girls gave it the thumbs up and I then thought back to about 7 or 8 months ago when we had that family discussion in our the car, just out of the blue

about what you miss from where we used to live. All of us agreed, friends. Yes we have new friends, but those that you have known all your life, that’s hard. My girls also added they don’t miss me having to go to meetings every night and working every weekend. They don’t miss not having a proper holiday. But actually having me around, chilling in the evening watching television, just being there, school runs, school events etc. Well interesting enough, these last 6 months have been more like those we used to have for me. My planned holiday for Easter didn’t happen. To be a town councillor is a marvellous experience. When I did it before, yes I had also set up and run a community radio station; I also ran a local magazine and I was involved with the local football club and rugby club as a committee member and as a trustee at the local theatre. I ran my own business consultancy and on top of this I was a councillor. I don’t know to this day how I did it, but what I realised recently was that whilst the opportunity to be involved in an historical moment of the setting up of a town councillor was a goal and I had set my sights on this, this project would be above any I had ever taken on as far as time and commitment. Look around and you will see a town that needs a lot of care and attention; it has changed since it lost its local authority over 40 years ago and now, the time has come to take that authority back. I believe it’s going to take more than 19 people sitting around a table to put it right. Importantly people voted yes for it to happen, but since that

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time in July, the people have had no say in the budgets for the council, its assets or its frame work. If we are not careful, it could easily become just another level of politics facilitated and run by the District. I didn’t put my application in. I like many look forward to seeing the dynamics of the new town council and the district council working together in harmony, many of these possibly the same people, I hope working with local groups in the voluntary sector and in business, they can get the foundations in place to make Penrith a better place in the future. Maybe if enough people stand I might even get a chance to vote, beware the paper candidate, people with their names on an election sheet, who are there just to fill a space on a form and to gain a space for their political party. You’ll root these out when you view their community activity to date. As I believe now, you don’t always have to be a councillor in these times to make things happen. I’ll always be looking for the person who has got a previous track record of good work in the community and they have experience of the local community at some level, in some organisation or business. I’ll catch up with all of you again after May 7th

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The Media vs the Politicians board at work. It was of a man with a big nose and a toy boat called Morning Cloud, standing in what was a dole queue being told there aren’t any jobs for ex prime ministers. I had no idea what it meant at the time. As I grew up, I remember being in a council flat, with my grandparents, no central heating, no double glazing, granddad finishing his shift at the factory, then doing a cleaning job with nan to make ends meet. Then came a time when there was no electricity because of the miners’ strikes.

So let’s talk politics. I remember

grandmother, the word Tory

standing outside the labour club

wasn’t a word used much. My

as a boy with a bottle of coke

granddad had a pipe and so did

and a packet of crisps. Brought

Harold Wilson. One day after an

up by my Scottish grandfather, a

election, I was asked to draw a

factory worker and my southern

cartoon for my granddad’s notice

It was fun with the rooms lit by candle light; I didn’t know that in areas of the country it was like a war zone. In those days the news was at ten. We only had 3 TV channels and everything was in black and white, including the 1966 world cup and the nab on the moon. You even had to get out of a chair to turn on and turn off your television. Media’s reign was in the paper, a brief bit of news on the television, but many of the battles in politics were not on the television, they were on the radio or in the paper I suppose. With

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the Falklands War behind me and government that said people would own properties, have two cars and yes when the bomb went off in Brighton that night, I heard it. I wasn’t influenced by politics then, but I was motivated by opportunity. And here we are, news everywhere, social media with children airing their views about their indifferences about their friends to all, cyber bulling the weak, people tweeting that they just woke up or they are just going to bed. Once footballers, now celebrities selling crisps, but with the influence of being able to drop their views on twitter to millions about what they think of politicians. Then we have the show must go on, the political debate, as directed by the media. TV media will basically whip the stories up and like a lion tamer in the circus, you’ll have a show, but when everyone’s enjoyed that moment, the lions will go back to the cage until the next show. The question I ask is, who is running the country? Who is running this election and who will decide; the people or the media? Now this article isn’t about politics, but it contains my thoughts as someone in local media. Communication and knowledge is what we need to make an informed decision; media can cloud this judgement. Unfortunately, can you live without paragraph three above? Importantly it’s not always what you see or what you hear, but I believe achievement and track record go a long way. Change can be good, but it has to be managed. Strong foundations in business should lead to sustainability in the right structure, which then help make changes, if it’s in the plan. Is government the same?

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OPOV. One Person, One Vote. It is a founding principle of representative democracy, it requires that each person must have the same capacity to affect the outcome as the next. We don’t really have that when it comes to a General Election. Hypothetically speaking ‘S’ votes for Rory Stewart, the incumbent, while ‘J’ votes for the Labour candidate Lee Rushworth. The Conservative voter only adds to the 11,240 votes above what Stewart needed to be elected, the Labour vote only adds to those that had no chance of affecting a Labour victory. Both are wasted. Now take a look at Labour’s Hampstead and Kilburn seat where Glenda Jackson is defending a majority of just 42. That’s one street missed off a campaigning session, that’s one community angered by development on a playing field and that’s one seat lost. At this election that could very well be the difference between one coalition of parties in Westminster and a different one entirely.

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I’m not going to lie, Penrith and the Border is what’s known as a safe seat. This does not stop any candidate campaigning hard or our MP doing a damn fine job but in plain and brutal statistics, the outcome is not that difficult to divine. Does that mean that in our area you shouldn’t turn out on 7th May? You could not be more wrong! In 1992 the Conservative candidate for Westmorland and Lonsdale won by over 16,000 votes, in 1997 that was down to four and a half, in 2001 just over three and in 2005 Tim Farron had overturned that to win by 267 votes. In 2010 his majority was over 12,000. In the safest seats if there is a will there is a way. Want something more immediate? Want a real opportunity to affect you community? The local elections in our area, at district and at parish that also take place on 7th May are a hive of competition. There is not a single candidate taking anything for granted, even the anonymous correspondent writing here. It is entirely in your hands to affect the outcome not just at the ballot box but in your conversations, your letters and your social media output. Your candidates are out there for you, call down the street if they miss you, ring them up, email them. Don’t assume that being taken for granted is a one way street. To borrow from Patrick Stewart… Engage!! CumbrianLocal

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The Trouble with Banks By Tony Butterworth, Butterworths Solicitors

2014 will go down in history for unprecedented fines levied on UK banks by the watchdog regulator the Financial Conduct Authority. Whilst these fines are a fraction of the actual money that the banks set aside to make redress payments to customers, they do show that the watchdog is baring its teeth at last. The long-running saga of PPI claims continues, albeit at a reduced pace, where the banks have collectively now paid out over £25 billion to customers affected. The banks have also repaid almost £2 billion relating to the miss-sale of interest rate hedging products. As the economy continues to pick up however, the banks are still acting as a drag on many small and medium sized enterprises. Not only are they lending less, lending margins have increased, and the appetite to lend is still more restricted. Despite assurances to the contrary, banks still appear reluctant to go that extra mile to help business customers, and in many sectors of the economy, in particular farming, care homes and property development being a few, the banks are if anything making life even more difficult than it ought to be. In addition to the sale of products that didn’t suit customers, businesses have been faced with very large exit fees and break costs when repaying loans, with the imposition of higher margins on existing loan agreements, of reneged loan commitments, and sudden suspension of overdraft facilities. These issues are coming at an extremely bad time for many business owners; farmers are facing low milk prices that threaten their livelihood, care home owners are negotiating their way through the new social care regime, and property developers are grappling with higher survey fees and changes in stamp duty.

Tony Butterworth

With the upcoming election in May, the current government’s various business ministers are banging the drum of recovery and growth, but the level of disputes with the banks continues to grow, and as yet, despite the rhetoric, the banks don’t appear to have really turned over a new leaf. As a result Butterworths Specialist Banking Team is busier than ever trying to help affected local businesses. Contact Tony Butterworth for a no obligation no cost consultation on 01768 868989 or

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Boot & Shoe Gre ystoke

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Yes, Eurovision is almost upon us and 2015 is a special 60th birthday year It all started in 1955 with the European Broadcasting Union having the very first idea of an international song contest where countries would participate in one big TV show. The idea was that it would be transmitted in all of the participating nations by each individual countries public broadcaster. At a time before satellite television this was a massive undertaking for the terrestrial network. Eurovision has been broadcast every year since then without interruption making it one of the longest running television programmes in the world! It is not only broadcast throughout Europe but is also in places such as Canada, Egypt, India, the USA…and this year Australia will be participating! Eurovision has been broadcast in Australia for over 30 years, so to mark the celebrations of 60 years of Eurovision; the country has been invited as a special guest participant. They will be represented by Guy Sebastian performing ‘Tonight Again’

Australia, as well as Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom have automatic entry to the final of the contest and should Australia win they could return for the 2016 competition!

That will be a visit to the Boot & Shoe

This year the UK is represented by Electro Velvet comprising of Alex Larke who teaches part time in a primary school and is a Mick Jagger tribute performer who tours with the ‘Rolling Clones’, and Bianca Nicholas who has appeared on the ‘The Voice’, and she has also performed for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

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Their song ‘Still in Love with you’, is described as ‘…an up tempo electro-swing song’ and ‘…a hugely catchy song, a real ear-worm’! Apparently as good luck charms, Bianca likes to wear something small that was

Outside dining in the sunshine after a walk.


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CumbrianLocal • 13

m-bang-a-bang! urovision time! her grandmothers, while Alex has to wear odd socks!! This year Eurovision will be held in Vienna, Austria having won the competition last year by Conchita Wurst and her song ‘Rise like a Phoenix’. The final will take place on 23 May. For true diehard Euro-fans the first semi-final will be on the 19th May including the entries from Belgium, Denmark, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Estonia, Greece and many more. The second semi-final takes place on 21st May where, among others, Israel, Azerbaijan, Switzerland and Sweden will aim for a place in the grand finale.






5 Bowling Green Lane, New Squares, Penrith

Of course more importantly you will be able to join ‘Team Quinn and Pamelaaaaa’ for all the pre-Eurovision gossip, song previews and opinions on Eden fm 107.5 as we will be getting you prepared during May for the final on the 23rd…think of it as light relief from The General Election and Penrith Town Council elections! So if you are looking high, high, high for a great winner and don’t want to feel like a puppet on a string, Eden fm will be able to help you in making your mind up. Hopefully there won’t be any more of the bad old days where the UK was like a cry baby scoring nul points and the audiences pleaded… don’t play that song again! UK could be like a jack in the box even if we have to beg, steal or borrow the Eurovision crown once again. With any luck Electric Velvet won’t be rock bottom. Maybe then the Eurovision countries will realise that its better the devil you know and then we can give Electric Velvet our congratulations because they have gone one step further. Remember that no dream is impossible and the UK could once more be flying the flag for you!

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Did you spot all 15 UK Eurovision songs?


de Un


Keep an eye on the Eden FM Facebook page, our website, and by listening regularly for more information for when we will be having our Euro-specials!

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The Penrith Royal British Legion Club is holding its Annual Ball (Posh Frock Night) on Saturday 16th. May 2015 at 8pm.

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Who can join us on air? Anyone who likes talking about what they do. It’s that simple. So far we have been joined by Alice in Wonderland, a Crocodile, an international author, a bookkeeper, a sailing centre instructor and a perfume consultant – is that diverse enough? What have we been doing for the past 2months

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on the Eden FM Business Show? By encouraging business owners to tell us about themselves, we get to know the people behind the companies, shops and services available to us in Eden. We also share and like local businesses on social media. When we invite people to join me on the show, the reaction is usually the same, “oh no, I’m too shy”

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Where and ss Show

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Refurbish or Replace?

or “I wouldn’t know what to say”. If you are able to talk about your business, how you came to be in that industry, what you wanted to be when you were younger etc. then you are more than able to chat to Caroline Gunning, the show’s host. After the show guests are asked “how was it for you?” Not one of them has run out crying, all have left with a smile on their face and glad they took the opportunity to do something different. Where is the studio? It’s a portacabin adjacent to Ullswater Road Garage service workshop. Hey! Don’t knock it, we all start somewhere. The show is live on air every Thursday, 1-2pm and replayed on a Saturday morning, 7-8am. You can find us on Facebook, Eden FM Business Show and Twitter @EdenFMBiz. If you would like to come in and chat on air, please contact

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Hearth & Home (Cumbria) Ltd

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Great Gable Peaks & Pathways by Nick Wells

After viewing this great mountain from other peaks, I decided it was time to add Great Gable to my growing list of walks. I set off at Honister slate mine and took the west path up towards Drum House, an old ruin at the top of the ascent. Here you can either go right to Fleetwith Pike, straight on to Haystacks or left on the path I was taking towards Grey Knotts and Brandreth. Passing by Brandreth I headed along Moses Trod (reputedly a track used for the transport of illicit liquor in days gone by) to the summit of Green Gable, and then down to Windy Gap before quite a difficult scramble up Great Gable. This is not an easy walk, and one needs to wear the correct footwear.

before with Amy, however it was low cloud and we could see nothing and we needed a compass to find our way off the mountain. It’s easy to see how people get into trouble in bad weather. I walked over to Westmorland Cairn, and looked down to see Tophet Bastion and the upper wall of the Napes before I headed off down to Windy Gap, here I went left down the head of Ennerdale, past Haystacks and back down to the slate mine. This walk is about six miles in all, and took me four hours. There are

Reaching the summit at 2949ft the view was excellent in every direction, I could see Wastwater at the foot of Scafell to the west. Moving round there was Sprinkling Tarn, and behind was Pike of Stickle and Harrison Stickle in the Langdale valley. To the North was Pillar and Haystacks on either side of Ennerdale. I was here the week CumbrianLocal

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several popular routes up Great gable, from Gatesgarth the route is much tougher than from Honister, from farm you take the path alongside Warnscale Beck, then passing Haystacks to pick up Moses Trod. From Seathwaite Farm take the rout up alongside Sour Milk Gill, which takes you up the back of Green Gable, then onto Great Gable. So many wonderful routes, but always check out our route before you set off.

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Buried Treasure on Lank Rigg Fifty years ago, Alfred Wainwright was conducting the fieldwork for the last of his Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells: Book 7, The Western Fells. These were the most remote fells to reach for somebody who relied on the buses as a means of transport. And the most remote fell of all was Lank Rigg, a lonely outpost on the outskirts of Lakeland. Upon reaching the summit of the fell, Wainwright decided that he would leave one of his lucky readers a small gift. He described it in his chapter about Lank Rigg: ‘The only exciting experience in the lonely life of the Ordnance column occurred on a gloriously sunny day in April 1965, when it was a mute and astonished witness to an unparalleled act of generosity. In an uncharacteristic mood of magnanimity which he has since regretted, the author decided on this summit to share his hard won royalties with one of his faithful readers, and placed a two-shilling piece under a flat stone: it awaits the first person to read this note and act upon it. There is no cause to turn the whole top over as though pigs have been at it - the stone is four feet from the column. If the treasure cannot be found at this distance it can be assumed that a fortunate pilgrim has already passed this way rejoicing. The finder may be sufficiently pleased to write in c/o the publishers and confirm his claim by stating the year of the coin’s issue. If nobody does so before the end of 1966 the author will go back and retrieve it for the purchase of fish and chips. It was a reckless thing to do, anyway.’

Calling all independent Bakery retailers, Food retailers, Convenience Food & Village stores, Cafe’s, Hotel’s, B & B’s and other outlets selling or using bread products. Hethertons can provide you with Kingsmill price marked products across Cumbria. All these products retail at £1 and are proving very popular in other regions we operate in. Offer your customers more with Hethertons

The Western Fells, Lank Rigg, p. 7 When the book was finally published in 1966, the ‘treasure’ was found quite quickly by a local couple from Workington. But why did Wainwright leave this ‘treasure’ on Lank Rigg in the first place? Was it, as he said, ‘a reckless thing to do’? In fact, Wainwright revealed the true reason in his last book. He realised that on reaching the summit of Lank Rigg, that most remote of fells, he would now be assured of completing his book and left the ‘treasure’ on Lank Rigg by way of a celebration. It was as much for himself that he left the gift: a reward for thirteen years hard work. As Wainwright put it: ‘These have been the best years for me, the golden years.’ The Western Fells Some Personal Notes in conclusion

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Oystercatcher in flight © John France

Thackawatch April 2015

As I write this on Good Friday, Thacka Beck Nature Reserve is still waiting for its first returning migrant birds. Sand Martin, Swallow and House Martin can’t be too far away now! One bird which has returned however from its winter break on the coast is Oystercatcher, which is a large black and white wading bird with bright orange bill and pink legs. Two to three pairs breed around the Thacka area, and can often be seen pulling up worms in the fields around the reserve, and from the grass verge on Bowerbank Way. Listen out for their loud kleep kleep kleep call as they fly overhead. Gregarious flocks of noisy House Sparrows can be seen on a daily basis around the reserve. Look in the bushes at the Bowerbank Way entrance, and on wire fences along Thacka Lane. Whilst it is still an abundant species in Cumbria, House Sparrow has declined by 70% in the UK in the last 25 years. Towards the end of the month watch out for Common Whitethroat, Sedge and Willow Warbler which will be pairing up to breed around the reserve. Male House Sparrow © John France CumbrianLocal

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By John France

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Your Local Garden Centre, Tea Room and Farm Shop

Oystercatcher © John France

Conservatory and Summer house furniture. Indoor & Outdoor Mirrors and other internal & external accessories for your home and your garden. Come visit our new showroom

A Great place to meet friends for a light lunch or afternoon tea

Open 7 days a week 9am - 5pm Mon - Sat, 10 am - 4pm Sun

01768 885500

Female House Sparrow © John France

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Comets retain the Ian Thomas Shield one but retired as he was clearly struggling following his earlier crash, while Ricky held on to second place but the Diamonds 4-2 put them 14 in front and left the Comets just 2 points in front on aggregate with four races to go.

The Workington Comets retained the Ian Thomas Shield in dramatic fashion after the teams had tied on aggregate over the two legs. Following the Comets 53-37 success over the Diamonds at Derwent Park on Saturday night an identical score at Brough Park meant that after 30 heats of speedway the aggregate scores were locked together at 90-90, which meant that a run-off was required to determine who would win the shield for 2015. Workington won the toss for gate positions and elected to put topscorer Ricky Wells on the inside, while the Diamonds nominated the hitherto unbeaten Lewis Kerr to face him from the outside grid. As the tapes rose it initially appeared to be Kerr that made the gate but it was Ricky that led into turn one and moved out into the dirt line where he controlled the race from there until the chequered flag, much to the delight of the travelling Comets supporters. Earlier the match had seen the CumbrianLocal

Diamonds eat into the Comets first leg advantage as the Comets struggled to get to grips with the Brough Park circuit, particularly as the cooling moist air made the inside line increasingly greasy as the match wore on. Following a ‘sun break’ after heat 4 as the setting sun caused a problem with the riders vision on turns three and four Kenneth Hansen changed bikes for his second ride, however as he exited the fourth bend for the first time he lifted and fell (bursting an air fence panel as he did so) and cleared the track. Then, in heat 8, the Comets pairing of Ricky and Nicki looked set to turn a 3-3 into a Workington 5-1 as Ricky went under Lewis Rose at the end of lap 1 and Nicki followed him through but then locked up mid-corner and fell heavily, with Rose doing very well to miss him. Nicki was excluded but Ricky won the re-run to keep the Comets 8 points down on the night and 8 in front on aggregate. In heat 11 Kenneth held third place on the back straight of lap

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The following race saw Nicki bite the dust again when on the apex of turn three and four second placed Rene locked up slightly on the greasy surface and third placed Nicki had to pull a locker to avoid him, falling as he did so and causing the following Lewis Rose to crash into him quite heavily. Thankfully everybody was able to walk away but Nicki was again excluded. In the re-start the tapes did not rise on the outside but, next time round they did as Rene followed Kerr home to put the score at 4428 in the Diamonds favour, making the aggregate scores level with three races to go. With Nicki replacing Kenneth in heat 13 the Diamonds 5-1 put them 20 points ahead on the night and had them thinking that they were going to reclaim the shield that they won in 2013. However, Rusty and Nicki had other ideas and led from the gate, with Rusty winning in style around the outside while Nicki saw off the opening lap challenge of former Comet Simon Nielsen to keep hold of second place as the tie-saving 5-1 for the Comets meant that the aggregate scores were level once again going into heat 15. Kerr led the nominated heat from the tapes with Rusty applying pressure on the opening lap and with Ricky holding the crucial third

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place from Lindgren who tailed off and retired on lap three. But, the shared heat meant that a run-off was required to determine the winners of the Ian Thomas Shield for 2015 and of course that’s where Ricky did the business for the Comets! Afterwards the Comets team manager Tony Jackson said: “To win the Ian Thomas Shield in the way we did was dramatic to say the least. “Having taken a 16-point lead to Newcastle we saw it gradually reduced heat by heat and with two races to go it looked as if the shield was slipping away from us. However, that maximum heat advantage from Rusty and Nicki in heat 14 kept us in it. “I know it’s a cliché but speedway was the winner over the two matches with the Diamonds this weekend – great entertainment to the very last race, and certainly a couple of meetings that did the memory of Ian Thomas proud. Retaining the shield gives us a nice lift ahead of our official fixtures, which get underway next weekend at Edinburgh and Glasgow; both of which will be tough matches.” Scorers:

Pudding Night

13th May

Sweet tooth? Join us for our monthly indulgent night of puddings. In addition to a tasty set main course why not try a selection of 5 different hot and cold puddings in one night? All you can eat for just £15 per head! Advanced bookings only.

Wine tasting – 12th June Enjoy a relaxing evening of fine dining accompanied by the perfect wines. Our chefs will be preparing an exceptional taster menu all matched to wines carefully selected by our wine expert. See website or facebook for further details.


NEWCASTLE DIAMONDS 53 Steve Worrall 12, Christian Henry 4+1, Lewis Kerr 15, Anton Rosen 4+1, Ludvig Lindgren 11+1, Simon Nielsen 3+1, Lewis Rose 4+1. WORKINGTON COMETS 37 Kenneth Hansen 1+1, Ricky Wells 10+1, Rene Bach 8, Rusty Harrison 7+2, Kyle Howarth 5, Nicki Barrett 6+2, Paul Bowen 0. Aggregate score: Workington 90 Newcastle 90 Ricky Wells defeated Lewis Kerr in a run-off to give Workington the Ian Thomas Shield for 2015.

TAXIS 01768 899 298 4 - 6 - 8 Seaters • NVQ qualified • CRB checked

Lunchtimes: Looking for somewhere different for lunch? Overlooking the Lakeland Fells, why not while away the afternoon at Stoneybeck Inn? Delicious lunches, tasty light bites and great kids’ meals. With a selection of real ales and an extensive wine list you are sure to find something for everyone. Enjoy the best of what Cumbria has to offer. Open all day. Evenings: Enjoy great atmosphere, great service and great food every night of the week. Traditional favourites, daily specials and delectable desserts including a large selection of homemade ice creams and our signature sticky toffee pudding. Booking strongly recommended! Group dining: Why not bring your family to Stoneybeck for that special celebration meal? Birthdays, anniversaries christenings catered for in our restaurant or in your own private room for parties of all sizes.

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Spring Rising: Focus on Europe By Oliver Biggs

Upon returning from Australia and Asia I was able to secure work for a young german by the name of Bernd Ritthammer for the start of the 2015 season. Bernd has dual standing this year; playing a steady mix of golf on the main European Tour and the second level - the Challenge Tour. After two missed cuts at the South African and Indian Opens, enough statistical data had been collected to see emerging patterns - both positive and negative. Fortunately Bernd was able to take advantage of the cutting edge facilities at European Tour Players Institute in Dubai, which was conveniently en route to the next event back in South Africa at the Joburg Open. Here we were able to implement equipment alterations and small technical changes to hopefully try and create a more effective and efficient outlook on the golf course. Since the changes were implemented, Bernd has been playing much better. He comfortably made the weekend at the Joburg Open, cashing his first cheque of the year. The next event was the Madeira Islands Open, where local golfer Gary Lockerbie was also competing. Unfortunately the weather that week was not dissimilar from standing atop of Helvellyn during a January storm so the tournament was cancelled after one round with Bernd two shots off the lead. The following week was the Trophee Hassan II in Morocco where Bernd had four rounds under par to finish T17 - his best ever finish on a main European Tour event.

Looking forward: Bernd is playing two Challenge Tour events in Kenya and Madrid in late April, before hopefully returning to main tour action at the Spanish Open in Barcelona at the start of May - where focus is wholly in mainland Europe.

R&S Plant Sales, Hire and Servicing

Caddy - Oliver Briggs, European Tour Golfer - Bernd Ritthammer

Access Platform • Dumpers • Excavators • Diggers • Fork Lift Trucks • Telehandlers • Cherry Pickers • Tractors and more... Next day We’ll get R & S Plant Sales, Milestone House Garage, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9NQ delivery is g in ov m u yo available Telephone: 01768 866539 • Fax: 01768 868623 on any job . 07836 777943 • • CumbrianLocal

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The new SsangYong Tivoli is arriving in June 2015

Is it the new car for you? 1.6-litre petrol, 1.6-litre diesel, 4x4 Diesel Six speed manual or automatic available







To find out more, come into Cumbria Ssangyong at Ullswater Road, LIMItLEss MILEAgE pick up a brochure and put your name down for the launch. wARRAntY Seeing is believing.

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Pre Season at Nunwick Cricket Club By Adam Collins

Over the last month Nunwick CC players and members have been hard at work on and off the pitch getting themselves and the club ready for the upcoming season. The senior players have been put through their paces in the indoor winter nets which the club run on Sunday evenings, with an array of different drills such as circuit training, boxing, crazy catch net drills, and fielding, batting and bowling work, its safe so say some of the lads have been very stiff at work on Monday morning!! The ground staff have been working hard with head groundsman Chris Malpas leading the way in trying to get the pitch in tip top shape again for this years fixtures and training evenings. A mixture of the two senior teams got together and put in a days work tidying the pavilion, sweeping the astro pitch and nets, and completing a host of other jobs as well as building a barbecue. The pitch and club is just about ready to go and with some more fine tuning in the nets and with two pre season friendlies arranged against Braithwaite and Appleby the players of both the 1st & 2nd teams should be ready for an excellent season. Off the field, the club held a very successful quiz night at Great


Salkeld village hall, where 26 teams packed the hall out for a highly competitive quiz with curries, rice and naan breads served at half time supplied by Spice King from Appleby, and a big thanks goes to Helen Hodgson for preparing the food. The club raised in excess of £600 with the lucky winners of the quiz scooping a £100 1st prize!! The club would like to thank everyone who supported the evening and with the positive feedback we received, we will be making it an annual event. Next on the fund raising list is a bingo evening which is being organised by professional bingo caller Mike Carrick and further details of that will be published soon.

Nunwick 8’s Tournament takes off

Also it is now only 2 months until

Nunwick cricket club.

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for the very first time which the club is extremely excited about, all the tournament posters etc will be going up in the local area and we hope everyone gets behind the event and comes along for a fun filled family day out. So things at Nunwick CC are moving along very nicely as the season approaches and with the Junior coaching starting on Tuesday 14th April 6.15pm for primary school kids and 7.15pm for U13 & U15 we hope the season will be a very enjoyable one for everyone connected with

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Bonny Blues Update by Karl Collinson

© John France

Be one of the last people to buy one of the last Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly board games

£24.99 The Bonny Blues have had a tough run of fixtures since the beginning of March and on paper have had some disappointing results. However, those of you who’ve kept a closer eye on the Northern League would have appreciated that we’ve played 3 of the top 4 teams, taken points off 2 of them and we’re unlucky not to claim a point from high flyers Shildon.

Available from Eden FM Studios Ullswater Road Business Park Five Gift Shop in New Squares Penrith Harpers Toymaster 1-2 Middlegate, Penrith Jim Walton Gilwilly Industrial Estate Penrith For more information on buying or selling this limited addition board game call 01768 899101 or email

We’ve been on the wrong side of a few refereeing decisions which resulted in a disappointing home defeat to Ashington. We’ve still got 6 matches left and have secured our league status for next year so it’s pleasing to see our manager, Matt Henney, giving young talent some experience on the pitch as we look to plan for next season’s campaign. Let’s hope we can finish the season strongly.

© John France

We’ve got a supporters coach going to Bedlington Terriers on Saturday 18th April. It’s setting off at 11am and it’s £10 per person. Contact the club for more information.

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WHY SHOULD YOU INSTALL A RESIN DRIVE? That’s simple; our product naturally drains water through the finished surface which means no more puddles. It is also resistant to frost attack, hence giving it all round better traction for tyres and making it better for walking on. Last but not least its up to 10 times more eco friendly than concrete. And don’t forget, we have a great colour range to choose from to give it your personal touch!

NE W OR TRY OUR STEM OVERLAY SY h to n’t quite stretc

does If your budget hy not try e install then w riv D in es R ll a fu Overlay r cost effective pe su w ne r ou low or visit the number be System? Call find out more. our website to


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