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Pumpkins & Pizzas

Need some Halloween ideas on what to do with the inside of your pumpkin? How about the alternative to cheese and tomato? Ever tried Apple and Marzipan? Join me John Crouch in the Demo Kitchen on the ground floor of your Burrowgate Store from 10 am Saturday 26th October where I’ll be cooking up some ideas with Pumpkins and making Apple Pizzas Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Maggies Bakery, Sandgate

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Fair to say there is a lot going on behind the scenes at your local Penrith Co-operative Society as we prepare for the future and the start of a new era. In keeping with tradition it’s October and whilst we are thinking about Harvest time and Halloween we are still busy sourcing local products and getting firmly focused on Christmas. Last year we introduced our first seasonal hampers, we returned to sourcing local outdoor reared top quality Turkeys from about 20 minutes up the road.

We launched our first Christmas ale, our owned brand Medium mature cheddar and with so many lines available then out commitment to building a wider range of local products has continued through 2012. Talking Turkey, what’s cooking in the Co-op Kitchen and the first of our locally source organic apple Juice has now arrived in-store. The full stories on activities are on page 8 – 9

19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD Main Street, Shap, CA10 3NG Henderson Buildings, Lazonby, CA10 1BG St James Court, Keswick CA12 5EF

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Welcome to your Cumbrian Local A warm welcome to your October Cumbrian Local. It marks the 36th issue of what was originally the Eden Local, launched in November 2010 to 6,000 homes in Penrith. Your next Cumbrian Local will be a reflection of the previous three years, which has seen the small magazine rise to have the highest audited distribution not just in the Eden Valley, but with its circulation into the North Pennines, the North Lakes and areas south and east of Carlisle. It is now the largest printed media in these areas and its combined distribution pushes it ahead of many other printed media titles, averaging 24,000 every month. As an independent, family owned publication, launched at possibly the worst time in one of the worst recessions, we have had our fair share of ups and downs. We have created further savings in print management, design and leaflet distribution for local businesses, but importantly, we are now offering free space to local charities to advertise, as well as our continued low cost advertising for local businesses. The message is quite clear, Cumbrian Local is not only the best option for businesses, local charities and organisations, but we hope, as a free magazine, it has and continues to boost the community. Our special ‘comparison to the papers’ is on page 19. With much focus over the last three months on distribution, I have also been out and about in the towns personally delivering and presenting the Cumbrian Local to businesses. Meanwhile, the campaign for Penrith to have a town council has been gathering momentum. One thing that has emerged from this campaign is the lack of information that has been made available in the previous 2001 and 2008 referendums which failed. Will the third attempt, which people are suggesting is the last chance, actually be successful? The locations of petitions available for eligible voters of Penrith to sign, are all listed on the bottom of every page of your Cumbrian Local. It has been a great experience collecting the completed sheets from across the town. As for the boundaries of the unparished area, I wasn’t aware that the northern part Continued on page 4

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of Penrith included both the old urban area and rural district areas. I was also not aware that one side of Eamont Bridge is unparished, i.e. the Penrith side, but the other side of the River Eamont is the parished area of Eamont and Yanworth. More details are on page 20. For our readers this month and some of you reading the Cumbrian Local for the first time, we have some seasonal updates and events along with local stories and community projects, which we follow on a regular monthly basis. We have many local stories and activities reflecting the Autumn season that is upon us and the Halloween festivities.

Talking Turkey page 8

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Content Local Products & Demonstration days 2 & 3 Manic for Monopoly


The New Car on the Block


Talking Turkey with JC and EDC


Apple Pizza & Apple Juice


Seasonal Colour and Structure in the Garden 10

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in the Garden page 10

A New Book, Reviewed by Martin Cowin


Wishing You Well on a Special Day for You 12&13 Cumbria Oak


A Message from Olly by Olly McGeorge


On the Forecourt at Jim Walton


Hearth & Home Accessories


Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Maggies Bakery, Sandgate

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A New Book, REVIEWED BY Martin Cowin pAge 11 Wishing You Well on a Special Day for You page 12-13

Is the Writing on the Wall?


Sign to get the truth 20 Activities for Half term with NCL


Wainwright Society update by Derek Cockell 22

A Message from Olly page 16

Love Solar 23 Peaks & Pathways by Nick Wells 25 Beware the Buzz words 26 North Lakes Spa Christmas 26 Halloween & Bonfire Festival


Resin Drives UK 28 All articles above unless stated are compiled by Lee Quinn

Living for today page 22

Peaks & Pathways page 25

StobarS Hall residential Home

The aim of Stobars Hall is to offer our guests maximum independence in order that they can lead full and varied lives, cared for by trained staff who provide physical, emotional and social support every hour of the day. If you would like further details, or a simply chat about life at Stobars Hall, please telephone Euan or Beryl on Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4HD 017683 71291 Stobars Hall, The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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The lid’s off and it’s Manic for Monopoly (by Lee Quinn)

I have worked on a lot of projects with a number of industries and in a number of locations. When you have the honour of securing a project with an international brand and you bring this to a local level, you never know how it will be received and adopted by the community. The reaction from the Cumbrian Local article was firstly, to get a call from BBC Radio Cumbria, which led to an interview on the breakfast show. Before this, a flurry of emails which increases daily and with the Facebook page now active, even more and more interest. Last month’s article is free to read at www. if you missed it. In that article, I made everyone aware that this project is to raise money to help Eden FM Community Radio secure its long-term goals in serving the community as a hub of communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for many years to come. In the most recent meetings I have had with businesses, individuals and local groups about the board, the contributions towards ideas about what should be on the board have been brilliant. There will be many activities arranged with regards to the design of the board, the order of the squares and the descriptions on the Chance and Community Chest cards, which will include the classic phrases like ‘Advance to...’, ‘Take a trip to ...’, ‘Go back to...’. Many important historical landmarks of the area have been suggested and it will be important to include as many as we can and what we can’t fit on the 36 squares, we will try and fit on to the 28 cards.

If you would like to be a sponsor of a square or a card or if you have ideas about the Penrith and Eden Valley Monopoly board, please drop us a line on Facebook or on email to Next month, we will be presenting some of these ideas in the November Monopoly update.

Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Eden Estate Agents, Little Dockray


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Your New Dealership now in Cumbria

For more information call Mark Fleming on

01768 864545 Visit Your New SsangYong Dealership at Cumbrian Ullswater Road Garage. Ullswater Road CA11 7EH The best rates in advertising, with the best distribution for local business


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Penrith Co-op Society District Council’s Food Safety Team and as part of a joint theme, we have a special demonstration day on 20th December, which takes on two headings – ‘Talking Turkey’ and ‘Turkey for Two’. Meanwhile, in preparation for this, John prepared another superb dish in the demo Kitchen in support of the importance of how you cook and prepare your turkey.

The importance of shop local, eat local, taste local is a simple phrase, but one that your local Penrith Co-op Society has been strongly focused on more than any other local supermarket in Cumbria during 2013. As we enter the last quarter of 2013, it’s time to reap the benefits of what we have sown with our local suppliers. Of course at a local level, its not always just as simple as ordering a product and putting it on a shelf. For the products made specifically just for your Co-op society, they have to be planned in months ahead, sometimes a year. Keeping a local range in stock is more susceptible to changes in weather and seasonal availability and as we know, with a staggered start to the year and fantastic summer, with temperatures above average for the year in September, there is some fantastic availability. The thing with local fruit and veg, is that when it is available, it is at its peak and predicted volumes this year could deliver some very good local prices

sourced products, we launched our in-store demonstrations at the close of 2012. More recently, local Chef John Crouch has been in our kitchen on the ground floor of the Burrowgate store. Recently, John was in the kitchen and he prepared Balti Persian Murgh. It was truly a taste of India, but the products include local honey and the rest of the ingredients, all from in-store, were Fairtrade and Co-operative produced, giving you a local and should we say fair taste. The recipe cards for the Balti Persian Murgh are available in the demonstration kitchen opposite the Beers & Wines Department. This month, John and Penrith Cooperative have linked up with Eden

In our determination to get our customers to buy our locally Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Eden House of Cakes, Sandgate

Talking Turkey with John Crouch and Top Christmas Food Safety Tips Since the turkey was introduced from North America in the 17th Century, it has become the mainstay of the traditional British Christmas dinner. Every year, nearly 10 million turkeys are sold during the Christmas period. Poultry, such as turkey, goose and chicken, can cause food poisoning if not cooked properly. Eden District Council’s Food Safety Team will be passing on some top food safety tips in the Winter edition of the Council’s ‘All About Eden’ residents’ magazine, which is due out in November. Chef John Crouch, will also be ‘Talking Turkey’

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with an alternative Northern Indian curry recipe to tantalise your taste buds at Christmas. For more top food safety tips, visit So we are already planning Christmas, but at the end of September we were also putting recipes and plans in place for October. As an added bonus, John Crouch has also been talking through the recipes and ingredients on Eden FM Community Radio. Once finished in the kitchen at the Co-op, he is straight into the studios at Eden FM were he discusses the day, the methods, describes the taste and lets everyone know about the following month’s recipes and activities in the demo kitchen. So in September, John turned up at the studios with Apple Pizza, one of the October recipes that John will be cooking up in the Kitchen on Saturday 26th October from 10 am. Pumpkins will of course feature in many households, but how many people know what to do with the inside of the pumpkin when they’ve made their lantern. Join John in the Kitchen and find out what you can cook up before carving this Halloween. As mentioned last month, we took delivery of the first batch of 100% pure organic Apple Juice, which came directly from Beech Tree Farm, Reagill. Getting to know the supplier, is really important in understanding the

product. There are many products on the shelves of supermarkets, but how well do you know those products. We generally get to see the end product of a process. So here is our behind the scenes work with Paul Witterick, photograper and a gallery of the processes from the orchard to store. Our thanks to the Woodstrover family, not just for a wonderfully presented product, which looks and tastes unbelievable, but for agreeing to be a local supplier to the Penrith Co-op Society. Apple juice tasting with John Crouch cooking demos from 10 am on Saturday 26th October in your Burrowgate store.

19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD Tel: 01768 862366 Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Bargain Booze King Street

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Seasonal colour and structure in the garden After the bright colours and the greens of the summer garden, there’s a danger that autumn and winter seem dull and drab and that all the gardener can do is a lot of cutting back and waiting. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as Lizzie Newport of Buzy Lizzie Garden Design and Wildroof Landscapes explains: With a bit of planning, the autumn garden can be full of gorgeous colour and even the frosty days of winter can reveal the structure and shape of ornamental grasses and shrubs. Small trees, particularly acers such as Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Garnet’, change gradually through the year and can create a colourful focal point even in a small garden as long as they are sheltered from the worst of the winds. Amelanchier lamarckii is another small tree with lovely autumn shades too. Other plants that provide autumn colour in a garden, and these are all suitable for quite small plots, are Euonymus alatus compactus, Cotinus coggygria ‘Dusky Maiden’, Viburnum opulus ‘Nanum’ and an

unusual grass with red tints called Panicum virgatum ‘ Shenandoah’. Once autumn is finished and we are really into the Cumbrian winter, frosts and even snow, one of the highlights of a garden can be Box topiary shapes. These don’t need to be on the scale of a Levens Hall display – there are some humorous examples on the road through Newbiggin near Penrith – but they add structure and shape and, with a frost on the cobwebs, can look stunning. Ornamental grasses also look good with a frosting of white and dogwoods such as Cornus alba, sanguina and stolonifera, especially if they are underplanted with Heuchera and Luzula sylvatica Hohe Tatra, will give colour throughout the winter. And one final point: now is the time to buy and plant bulbs. The flowers may not be seen until 2014 but don’t forget to freshen up your display with new planting for the spring.

Garden design, landscaping & green roofed structures “Passionate about creating beautiful gardens” For a consultation and site visit call Phil or Liz Newport T 01768 868007

M 07834 093737 Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at The Town Hall


Book : Review

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Settle to Carlisle: An Artist’s Odyssey, A Review by Martin Cowin.

One of the most scenic railway journeys in England, the SettleCarlisle line runs through 72 miles of Pennine Hills and Dales, from the market town of Settle to the Border City of Carlisle. In this book, artist Les Packham uses watercolours to capture the most appealing views from along the route. Villages and towns along the line are portrayed through the seasons, along with the viaducts, bridges and stations that connect them. The iconic Ribblehead Viaduct, the magnificent Wild Boar Fell and the natural beauty of Eden Gorge are all included, as are many other locations along one of Britain’s best-loved lines. The wraparound cover of the book is a watercolour of Ribblehead Viaduct, complete with steam train and eight carriages crossing the twenty-four arches, which sets the theme nicely for the rest of the book. The book begins with a route-map of the line, marking not only the stations and stops on the line, but also the towns, villages and other places of interest which are included here on in. The Foreword of the book, by Mark Rand, Former Chairman of the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line (FoSCL), faces a painting of Tanner Hall, Settle, better known as Preston’s Folly, as it was built by Robert Preston in 1675. The Introduction by the author is accompanied by a photograph of his maternal grandfather, who worked for Midland Railway (operators of the Settle-Carlisle line) a century ago. The first painting is of the bridge crossing the River Ribble in Settle, before moving to the School Chapel at Giggleswick and the houses surrounding the village green at Langcliffe. The book then nods to the Three Peaks (Whernside, Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent) and includes a painting of a red telephone box at the hamlet of Selside. Page eight begins with “The ghost of Big John was often seen in the vicinity of the signal box [at Selside] although it is not known who Big John actually was”! Followed by a short article regarding Ribblehead and the Viaduct, then the paintings of Pen-y-ghent from Hortonin-Ribblesdale, Chapel-le-Dale, St Leonards Church and Ingleborough from Chapel-le-Dale. The line at this point leaves Yorkshire and enters Cumbria, with paintings of the hamlet of Arten Gill and Arten Gill Viaduct – Eleven arches, 117 feet high. Page twelve gives great detail by the author of his visit to Dentdale: “The wide sweep in the painting of Dentdale was painted from near Dent station, which isn’t exactly

convenient for the community with the village being four and a half miles away. The first time I attempted it, it had to be abandoned due to a huge plague of flying ants; however, a little later in the year, the conditions produced the painting seen here”, and the visit to Garsdale is marked by a portrait of Ruswarp the Border Collie, the statue of which is at Garsdale Station. The following paintings are of the Moorcock Inn, Lunds Viaduct and the School Cottages at Lunds. Moving towards Kirkby Stephen, the author stopped off to paint Pendragon Castle, the hamlet of Outhgill and the imposing Wild Boar Fell. The author paints the centre of the village of Crosby Garrett, before making a detour to paint Brough Castle and Church Brough, both bathed in sunshine. Moving on to Appleby and the author took up a place beside the River Eden to paint the river and Appleby Bridge, followed by a view of Long Marton. The village green at Temple Sowerby and Acorn Bank are included, with a view of New Biggen. The book breaks at this point to bring the double page print of Ribblehead Viaduct, which features on the cover. The book resumes with a painting of the Signal Box at Culgaith, supplemented by articles regarding Little Salkeld, Langwathby and Long Meg. Page 27 has a winter scene of Little Salkeld Viaduct and an image of the Old Mill (watermill). An image of Long Meg and her Daughters is accompanied by a wintery image of Eden Bridge, Lazonby, and Kirkoswald Square. The Bell Tower at Kirkoswald is followed by two paintings of Eden Gorge, with the river cutting through the landscape. An article regarding Armathwaite rounds off the page. Another detour includes a painting of Wetheral Priory Gatehouse, before concluding with paintings of Citadel Station and Town Hall Square, both in Carlisle. The line is now complete, but from page 35 are three pages of paintings of the ‘Locomotives of the Line’, followed by the Acknowledgements, Bibliography and a poem by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe, which closes the book beautifully. The book is a delight to read and enjoy. Settle to Carlisle: An Artist’s Odyssey by Les Packham is 48 pages, full colour in paperback. Published by Northern Arts Publications, an imprint of Jeremy Mills Publishing. RRP: £7.50.

Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Lakeland Integrity Office, King Street

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Wishing you well with a special Introducing you to the Wishing Well as a business is one objective of this short article. Describing what Joan and her team can do for you will take more than a few lines in a magazine. I have known Joan probably for a couple years and it was back then that we first started discussing how we would put this article together. Understanding the meaning of wellbeing, understanding more about yourself and just how unique you are. It’s what is on the inside that makes life on the outside more enjoyable. I would be shocked and surprised if you didn’t know someone who has tried a diet. Maybe you yourself have tried a diet at some point in your life? Have you ever signed up for gym membership, got on that treadmill, given it a go and then walked away, still with that regular 12 month subscription to pay? A diet or a workout are not ideal for

everyone and even if you have lasted the term, has it really made you feel any better on the inside? Much of what happens at the Wishing Well is not about charts and personal trainers upping your game to the next level, helping you punish your body to achieve the dream, which inside leaves you numb with the consequences of what happens if you stop. The key goal is for you to establish a balance in mind, body and soul. Wishing Well can help you lose weight with just a 4 week commitment from you; a safe weight loss programme combined with straightforward, sound, nutritional advice and support. As you gain confidence with what can be achieved in 4 weeks, you may choose to continue the programme for another 4 weeks. That decision is entirely yours. Enough said. You can find out for

yourself on Saturday 2nd November. Come and visit the Wishing Well and meet the people and personalities who are there to help you feel good about yourself. Come and have a look around, have a go or just have a chat. This might be just what you need. If you want to find out more, just pop in or give us a call on 01768 899500. Hi I’m Joan. My aim is to provide a place for you to exercise at your own pace; a place where you will feel comfortable and relaxed. We will do our best to make you feel good about yourself and experience the enjoyment of exercise. Wishing Well can work for you. All you need to do is come along to our special day and see for yourself how together we can help you feel and look good with some simple guidance and one to one support. If you’ve been through the ‘no

FROM 10 AM SATURDAY 2nd NOVEMBER TILL 4PM COME ALONG FOR OUR ‘WISHING YOU WELL ON A SPECIAL DAY FOR YOU’ EVENT Drop in say hello, come meet the team and have a look around. We have so much to offer under one roof, our facilities also include our own Hair salon and Beauty therapist. Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Penrith outdoor Pursuits, Middlegate

CumbrianLocal • 13

day for you: Saturday 2nd November (by Lee Quinn) pain, no gain’ barrier or got stuck somewhere in between, Wishing Well have recently installed Shapemaster Powertone and Easytone power assisted equipment, which is for anyone. We here at Wishing Well, offer something completely different. In addition to the Shapemaster Powertone and Easytone equipment, we also offer the fantastic True Vibe Vibration Plate. Just 20 minutes of exercise to achieve better results in less than half the time of conventional exercise, you can even use the True Vibe to reduce back pain and joint problems, not forgetting the anti-ageing benefits plus so much more.

You can find us at Skirsgill Business Park, for those that remember it the old Lilliput Lane site. It is immediately adjacent to to Jct 40 of the M6. Head west on A66 towards Keswick from Penrith we are immediately after the junction (approximately 100 yards) enter via the slip road. Open Monday to Thursday 9am to 8pm Fridays 9am - 7pm Saturday 10am - 2pm Closed Sundays

For over twenty years Shapemaster have been designing and manufacturing exercise equipment which has improved the health and wellbeing of thousands of users across the globe. Most recently we have seen users living with many conditions such as MS, Fibromyalgia and Parkinsons benefit greatly from using both our upright and tonning table machines. Unlike conventional exercise equipment, our machines do not rely exclusively on muscle power, but by an electronic power system, so the user can work passively or actively, depending on their ability. As the user does not have to provide the motive force, they do not have to overcome inertia in order to use the equipment, so it is a perfect choice for anyone coming back to exercise after periods of rest or inactivity, including the elderly or those with mobility issues. It gives me great pleasure to welcome a centre like the ‘Wishing Well’ who are not only promoting good health and offering a complete wellness solution, but have invested in a great deal of training in their staff to provide a first rate service with added customer care. I wish Joan and team every success for the future.

Want to Lose Weight, Reduce Cellulite, and Feel Fantastic...The Simple Way? With our new SimpleSlim programme, we deliver Weight Loss, Cellulite Reduction, and Massage in an unbelievably enjoyable way. SimpleSlim can significantly reduce your weight safely in just 4 weeks; using the SimpleSlim Capsule with its groundbreaking medically proven technology. Are you that person who wants both health and wellbeing? Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at the Eden FM Studios

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Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at the Penrith Leisure Centre

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Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Tattie Tims Potatoes, Market Square

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A Message from Olly by Olly McGeorge

Today I returned to Lycée for the start of my second year. This time last year when I started at the college I found it rather difficult as not only was I studying ‘catering’ but I also had to study general subjects all in French! Fortunately my French improved very quickly as very few of my class mates can speak any English and I was also boarding at the college so I had to speak French constantly. Practical lessons are my favourite subject and I have learnt so many new skills and classical dishes such as Bouillabaisse and Veal Blanquette. During my first year I also completed a month ‘stage’ (work experience) at L’Abbaye de la Celle, an Michelin star restaurant owned by Alain Ducasse. In December

I am very excited as my work experience will be at Villa Archange, a 2 michelin star restaurant in Cannes. Also this year we went on a college trip to Barcalona where we visited the Cava vineyard, a luxury 5* hotel and a chocolate factory. I have also managed to secure a part time job at the newly opened 5* hotel in Marseille called Hotel Dieu. This is a great opportunity to improve my skills and to get used to working in a French kitchen. I am having a fantastic time in Marseille, however there are a couple of foodie things I miss from England like; fish and chips and bacon sandwiches with brown sauce, something the French can’t do!

We deliver leaflets in your area from £24 per 1000 (no VAT) You can advertise as a local business in Cumbrian local from £30 per month

Publications and distributions

Call us now 01768 862394 email or for more details visit our website Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Hearth & Home, Brunswick Road

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£7,495 Registration:EA61 TLX Year: 2011

Mileage: 14000 miles Colour: Silver

Gearbox: Manual Interior: Cloth

Full Service History (FSH), Alloys, Remote Central Locking, Electric Windows Power Assisted Steering (PAS), CD, Air Conditioning, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

Registration: MA10 CSU Mileage: 35337 miles Year: 2010 Colour: Blue

Gearbox: Manual Interior: Cloth

Alloys, Remote Central Locking, Electric Windows, Power Assisted Steering (PAS), CD, Air Conditioning, Airbag Passenger, Airbag Driver, Safety Belt Pretensioners, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)




£16,495 Registration: KU60 SNK Colour: Silver Year: 2010 Gearbox: 6 Speed Mileage: 37000 miles manual

Interior: Half leather MPG: 47 CO2: 154 g/km

Full Service History (FSH), Alloys, Remote Central Locking, CD Multi Player, Front Fogs, Climate Control, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Privacy Glass, Tilt Steering Wheel, ABS,Immobiliser, Four Wheel Drive


Registration: TB11 JDB Year: 2012 Mileage: 21500 miles

Colour: WHITE Gearbox: AUTOMATIC Interior: LEATHER

Full Service History (FSH), Alloys, Remote Central Locking Leather Interior,Climate Control,Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Privacy Glass, ABS, Immobiliser, Parking Sensors



£5,495 Registration: SB09XGR Mileage: 54900 miles Year: 2009 Colour: Blue

MPG: 70 CO2: 94 g/km

Gearbox: Manual Interior:Cloth

Alloys, Remote Central Locking, Electric Windows, Power Assisted Steering (PAS), CD, Air Conditioning, Airbag Passenger, Airbag Driver, Rear Seat Belts, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Immobiliser

Registration: GU62 YJF Year: 2012 Mileage: 4000 miles

Colour: Blue Gearbox: 6 Speed Interior: Cloth

MPG: 44 CO2: 140 g/km

Full details and listing of all vehicles at Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN

Telephone 01768 864555 Fax 01768 867280 Parts Direct 01768 865428 Fax 01768 892979 Showroom open Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to best havedistribution a Town Council at Seagraves Cornmarket The best rates in advertising, with the for local business & Dixon, Cumbrian Local

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Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Mansion House

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Is the writing on the wall for local regional newspapers? Across the UK, local newspaper sales were steadily dropping long before we entered the recession. The power of the internet and the mobile phone today wasn’t there 20 years ago. Regional news presented on TV and radio was there and it’s here now, but today it is questioned about how local it is as the regions covered can stretch for miles across borders and real ‘on the ground’ reporting isn’t covered. The need for instant news and the cost of obtaining news have been contributors to the decline of local regional papers. Is the monopoly, once controlled by regional papers, now lost forever? Online free to read local and national news, the growth of social media and word of mouth that now floats through the internet on twitter and Facebook, have all given the future and the current generations a choice of where to seek the information, communicate business to business and then search for all the news they need. The new trends immediately impact on the age of the readership local papers have. How many children read comics, then graduate towards magazines then newspapers? How many see their magazine as their only news? We are of course all very busy, generally trying to balance our life and finances, many of us having more than one job. As a region, we have one of the highest percentages in the UK of what is called ‘double jobbing’. As a region we live in one of the most sparsely populated areas of England and we basically spend a lot of time travelling.

How would this affect the sales of the local paper? Time has become the most valuable possession we own. Whatever saves time, could mean more hours earning or more hours relaxing. Saving time and money online has become a way of life and a trend that won’t be going away. Online buying and selling of cars, houses and even looking for a local job, are all made easy via internet access. Regular readers, I’m one of them, buy a paper to catch up with local news. In the past, looking for a job, a car or a house, was always via the local paper. Online sites carrying out these services have been developed and have created a drain on key advertising income. A good website for any business will catch business on the net and potentially strengthens the much needed revenue lost on the High Street. This has been proven and we have many local businesses that have adapted to doing this and it has kept them their shop front. Revenue is dropping through declining sales, which indicates a drop in readership. With businesses cutting back on marketing budgets and classified ads taking a large cut online, what will be the outcome? In many areas, when sales continue to drop, there aren’t many options. Here are some figures close to home for the Cumberland Westmorland Herald. The source available via the internet is from ABC media org Jan – June 2007 18,835 price 55p Jan – June 2013 15,722 including the Keswick edition with average sales 727 price 75p

Our advertising prices and distribution figures are current, audited monthly and no secret Would you like to advertise in shops, cafes, waiting rooms, pubs, clubs, public places and be seen in the homes across the Eden Valley, North Lakes, North Pennines and more? Would you like your advertising printed and delivered 24,000 times next month? Call us now 01768 862394 email lee@cumbrianlocal. or for more details visit our website

We are the small magazine with the biggest distribution in your area and we can deliver your name for as little as £24 Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at The Town Hall

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You can sign if you want to know the truth by Lee Quinn

do. There is only one route to discovering the answers to these questions and that is to be in a position to find out what a town council can do, what it should do and then what it would cost and what benefits with the cost defined, will it bring to the people in the town and the district. We need 1250 people to sign the petition at the start of the process in working towards having a town which stands with an independent hand on its future. By the time this small article is read, I will have knocked on a lot of doors and members of the small team supporting this campaign for the truth, would have already been knocking on doors. As for the online petition, when I knock on doors, I will be asking those who sign why they didn’t sign on line. I believe it’s a lot of little things that make a difference; basic town needs, cleanliness, tidiness, accessibility, toilets, linked thinking of local groups. These little things, together, make big things happen. I will leave you with this and other thoughts and some simple questions. A local person cutting the grass in public places, collecting the grass, recycling the grass. It’s the last article before the clocks go back but more of a short reminder, as the editor of Cumbrian Local and the petitioner for a referendum for Penrith to have a town council. A lot can be said, but not enough clearly has been said. Importantly, a lot of questions need to be answered in order that people can make the right decision. An internet petition on the Eden District Council website was offered to all the people of Penrith following on from the conclusion of the Scrutiny group which was asked to look into this matter. This was an action requested by the local businesses of Penrith 2 to 3 years ago.

A County Council contractor cutting the grass, leaving it to rot. Which costs more? Who benefits? Are you happy with what you see at the moment? If you had a choice, who would you prefer?

Everyone I talk to confronts me with what it is going to cost. There is no simple answer to this without a proper investigation. People of Kirkby Stephen, Appleby and Alston pay a cost. Everyone in a village parish pays a cost. The people of Penrith are already paying this cost, so why should it cost any more. All the parished areas of Eden have their own uniqueness. Penrith and its people share this uniqueness but not the controls and the decision made at ground level on the future of their town. Local people, young people, wise people, dedicated people who live in Penrith, should be given the opportunity to find out whether it is the right thing to Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at the Penrith Leisure Centre

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at Penrith Leisure Centre

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Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Penrith Outdoor Pursuits, Middlegate

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A Pennine Journey 75 years on … of the Pennines to Hexham. A day spent in exploration of The Wall and its antiquities was the precursor to a return over the western Pennines back to the starting point. His long walk was set against the backdrop of the Munich Crisis of 1938 when the fear of impending war with Germany occupied the thoughts of ordinary people and Wainwright admits in his book that his holiday was an escape from the worry and tension. Wainwright wrote: ‘Everybody felt sick, upset, nervous. … In the solitude of the wild Pennine hills, I found peace.’ A Pennine Journey - Foreword This year is the 75th anniversary of a momentous 11-day walk through the Pennines undertaken by Alfred Wainwright. It was this walk that was the inspiration for his first full-length book, A Pennine Journey, although it was not to be published until 1986. As it turned out, it was a walk that did not go quite to plan. The objective was the Roman Wall (Hadrian’s Wall) and the route to be taken was from Settle travelling north along the eastern flanks

He arrived at Alston on his return and the following day his plan was to walk to Appleby over Cross Fell. However, he was hit by storm-force winds and driving rain for two days and he was forced to change his plans. He decided to seek the shelter of lower ground in the Eden valley and on arriving at Hartside in dreadful conditions he dropped down to the first hamlet he could find – Gamblesby. With the storm still raging the next morning, and now behind schedule, he splashed his way via Appleby to end the

day in the tiny village of Soulby. He nearly abandoned the expedition here and decided to walk to Kirkby Stephen and catch the train home to Blackburn, but the sight of distant hills as he approached the station raised his flagging spirits, enabling him to complete the long walk back to Settle. A Pennine Journey is very much a book of its time, but seventy-five years on, it is worth reflecting for a moment about its importance. True, it was not published for nearly half a century after it was written, but did this book give Wainwright the confidence that led many years later to the writing of the Pictorial Guides? Note: A Pennine Journey is published by Frances Lincoln. If you would like to know more about The Wainwright Society, log on to the website at www. or email Derek Cockell Secretary The Wainwright Society

Dougie McClean

DPM Gas Services 07506 121733 Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Lakeland Integrity Office, King Street

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Solar powered schools, farms, houses, businesses, sheds and yurts. 4Kwp domestic systems from £6000. Annual returns and savings of up to £1000 Single panel off grid systems for man sheds, and yurts from £500

A few words from a few of our many happy customers We are making a yearly annual return of 12% and we don’t even use our excess electricity to heat our water, we can’t think of a better investment; Mr and Mrs Armstrong, Brampton We got 3 quotes & 3 surveys from 3 companies, Love Solar were by far and away the most knowledgeable and helpful, we are very happy with our system and the service from Love Solar. Mr and Mrs Thornton, Silverdale. To connect my shed to the grid would have cost thousands of pounds, Love Solar provided a perfect lighting solution for less than £600, its brilliant. G. Rowley Little Salkeld

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The more local people we have the quicker we can deliver. It might be one hour, it might be half a day or a whole day, but what makes a local magazine special is local people delivering it. There might be just 5 properties where you live there might be 500. We want to get through every door. You do not need a car but you do need a landline number, mobile and email address. We work direct with our customers and our delivery team are paid directly by Cumbrian Local, there is no one in the middle. Living local, help deliver local, your Cumbrian local

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be Seen AnD be SAFe 37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 • Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30 Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Tattie Tims Potatoes, Market Square

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Helvellyn Peaks & Pathways Nick Wells

Situated to the south of Lake Ullswater stands one of the most walked mountains in the Lake District. Helvellyn with it’s impressive Striding Edge is not for the faint hearted, as it has claimed several lives over years gone by. I managed to get parked near the Travellers Rest in Glenridding, and made my way past the youth hostel and the old greenside mines, along the foot of Birkhouse moor on to Glenridding Common. Here the ascent gets steeper along the side of Red Tarn Beck until reaching Red Tarn itself. On my left was Striding Edge, to my right was Catstyecam leading to Swirral edge with Helvellyn in front of me. I took the same route as I took last year by the way of Swirral Edge, a formidable ridge in itself, even Oscar found it a tough scramble to the summit. The top of Helvellyn is the centre of a massive range that, in the words of Wainwright, “forms a tremendous natural barrier from north to south, between the deep troughs of the Thirlmere and Ullswater valleys”. After taking in the views, and at over 3000 feet, everywhere could be seen. I made my way to the steep

scramble down to Striding Edge. To my right was a sharp drop down to Nethermost Cove, to my left was Red Tarn, actually looking quite red. Here I was faced with a steep climb over the Chimney (a vertical rock gulley of about 10 feet), then onto Striding Edge itself. One needs to be careful here but there is a path just below the ridge top for the less adventurous. After Striding Edge I reached Birkhouse Moor, and the “gap in the wall” which leads to Patterdale. I chose to stay on the path back down to Glenridding offering a magnificent view of Lake Ullswater. This walk is about seven miles in all, and took me four hours. I would grade it as medium to hard.

Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Penrith AFC Frenchfields

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Don’t get stung

buzzwords by the

If you “surf” accountants’ websites some familiar catchphrases will soon appear such as , “a high level of experience and technical expertise”, “a wealth of experience”,” proactive business advice and support”, “ensuring all deadlines are met”, “positive impact”, “effective tax strategies” and so on. You, as a prospective customer might well be entitled to expect a certain level of expertise and experience, same as when you go to the dentist he/she knows which end of the drill to hold; and let’s face it, meeting deadlines is all part of the “every-day job” for an accountant.

support, but too often, the quality and quantity of either doesn’t match the marketing hype or service levels gradually deteriorate. Is this a picture you recognise? Here at Full Circle Accountancy, we prefer to talk plain English, giving clients straightforward assistance and advice at a cost that is both fair and reasonable. It is crucial that our clients have the right information at the right time and with our common sense approach this is what they receive.

So is this all just “pointless marketing speak”, trotted out without any real thought? Or does any of it become reality? For too many business owners the answers are often yes and no.

So for a straight talking accountant call Jonny Miller at Full Circle Accountancy

Each business requires different levels of advice and Project4_Layout 1 02/10/2013 11:08 Page 1

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For tickets call 01768 865185 or email North Lakes Hotel & Spa Ullswater Road, Penrith, Cumbria, Lake District, CA11 8QT Sign the petition ‘YES’ for Penrith to have a Town Council at Eden House of Cakes, Sandgate

Halloween & Bonfire Festival CumbrianLocal • 27

25th October to 3rd November

25th - 27th October Spooktacular Fancy dress, games, pumpkin carving, face painting and trick or treat trail all at Wild Rose Park. Enjoy a meal, live entertainment and more at the Cock ‘a’ Hoop bar and lounge

1st - 3rd November 2nd November celebration. Traditional evening with Guy Fawkes bonfire, firework display, hot food & beverages, bar with live music and party (after display) Bring your tent or tourer to Wild Rose Park this autumn or try out our Holiday Homes for rent or even a Wigwam!

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