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2012 Vacation Planning Center: Open Daily 0800 - 1800 hrs CET (011-49) 8821-9440 from USA (49) 8821-9440 from Europe 08821-9440 from Germany (314) 440-2211 Military DSN (011-49) 8821-944-4135 Fax

brought to you by the army family covenant



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willkommen! Resting at the foot of the majestic Bavarian Alps, the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort offers military personnel and their families a vacation destination in one of the most beautiful areas in Germany. Alongside satisfying culinary options, comfortable rooms, amenities, refreshing spa offerings and more you can enjoy a vast array of outdoor adventure and leisure activities with breathtaking alpine views. Find yourself touring castles, palaces, museums, town squares, churches and breweries throughout Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This and much more awaits. Welcome to the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort.

brought to you by the army family covenant

comprehensive soldier fitness The Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is committed to the readiness and resilience of our Soldiers and those who support them. That is why throughout this Summer Activity Guide you will find the symbols below next to tours, leisure activities, winter sports and spa treatments that contribute to your physical, emotional, social, spiritual and family well-being. Even while you are on vacation, our Soldiers and their Families remain Army Strong!






Learn more about Comprehensive Soldier Fitness:

guided tours

neuschwanstein castle Towering over rocky crags at the foot of the Bavarian Alps rests the famous Neuschwanstein Castle constructed for King Ludwig II. This fairytale castle has been inspiring awe and wonder for years with its ornate and lavish interior along with a majestic design that even Walt Disney couldn’t resist when constructing his Cinderella Castle. Your tour will pass through the stunning countryside of Austria and Germany before reaching the castle and taking the grand tour. Hear the stories and myths of the Fairytale King’s loves, pains and mysterious disappearance. After touring the castle you will make one last stop at the Wieskirche, a beautiful pilgrimage church of the Baroque-Rococo style near the town of Steingaden. Note: It is a 45-minute uphill walk to reach the castle entrance. Alternative means are available for an additional Euro fee. There are over 300 stairs within the castle as well.

berchtesgaden eagleís nest Travel to the Obersalzberg area to view one of the most interesting and historic buildings from WWII in all of Germany. You will be given information along the way before ascending to the scenic Eagle’s Nest overlooking the valley. In the event of inclement weather the tour will visit the Eagle’s Nest documentation center or the salt mine, as decided by the tour group. After your visit you’ll stop in Berchtesgaden for lunch and shopping.

crown jewels of munich city

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The heart and soul of Bavaria is arguably its capital city of Munich. Roughly an hour north of Garmisch, this fascinating destination is a must-see for travelers looking for the sights, sounds and tastes of traditional Germany. Your tour will drive by the grounds of the world-famous Oktoberfest held every year in the “Beer Capital of the World.” You’ll then visit the Marienplatz, site of the Rathaus and Glockenspiel play clock with dancers, jousters and knights. Afterward, take a short stroll to the world-renowned Hofbräuhaus beer hall as you learn the history of Munich’s past. Your final stop will be at the Residenz to view the crown jewels of Munich’s royalty, past and present. You will have free time for shopping, lunch and exploration on your own.



bolzano & vipiteno, italy


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In the foothills of the Italian Dolomites rests the famous remains of Ötzi, the 5,300-year-old iceman, in the South Tirol Museum of Archeology. The city center features charming shops and cafés where one can sample both Italian and Austrian specialties. This tour also stops in Vipiteno, known for its Italian wine and leather goods. Sightseers are well rewarded with beautiful mountain vistas and postcard castles as you travel through the magnificent Brenner Pass.

linderhof palace The smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II lies near the fairytale village of Oberammergau and is the only palace which he lived to see completed. Your tour will take you through this lavish palace to see the bedchamber, dining room, audience chamber, eastern and western tapestry chambers and the grand hall of mirrors. After hearing fascinating stories and history of the palace you will continue on to Oberammergau. Stroll through the various woodshops in the town with the craftsman hard at work right in front of your eyes. Explore the many frescos in the town square and pass by the world-famous Passion Play Theater.

guided tours

dachau concentration camp Dachau Concentration Camp was opened on 22 March 1933 as the first regular concentration camp established by the coalition government of the National Socialist Party (Nazi Party). Built on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory, Dachau Concentration Camp lies 16 km northwest of Munich. Your tour guide will lead you through the somber grounds of the camp, pointing out important historical buildings and monuments. You will visit an exhibit that recounts the terrifying and gruesome days of the Holocaust and watch a video of the history of the camp, including special presentations of the notable prisoners. The memorial site also includes four chapels for the various religions represented among the prisoners. Children under 12 are not allowed to view the documentary.

three country bus tour Enjoy breathtaking views of the German and Austrian Alps, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You’re ride will take you through the stunning Flüela Pass in Switzerland to a stop at the Grindelwald Glacier. You’ll then go through Davos and Wolfgang Pass for a lunch break. Continue on toward Liechtenstein after passing by the famous Rhine River where you will have time for shopping and exploration. Your tour will then take you through the Arlberg Tunnel (the longest in Austria!) on your way back to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

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leisure activities bavarian brotzeit / ettal Your first stop will be at the “Schaukaserei” in the beautiful Ammergauer Alps. At this cheese factory you will discover how local farmers make cheese and other delicious dairy products. After a tour through the factory and viewing of a short film you will have an opportunity to sample “Brotzeit Teller” - a traditional Bavarian meal. Next, take a short stroll to the Ettal Monastery to see the exquisite Basilica. You will have an opportunity to purchase some of the Monks’ famous home-made beers and liqueurs.You’re final stop will be at an Ettaler woodcarving shop to purchase beautiful crafts and decor.


griesbrau brewery Enjoy the warmth of a true Bavarian Beer Hall in the nearby town of Murnau. Go behind the scenes and learn the secrets of brewing your favorite German beers including helles, dunkel and weissbier. You’ll have an opportunity to sample one of each and try the Griesbräu’s very own beer schnapps! But make sure you pay attention - you’ll be quizzed on what you have learned at the end of the tour. If you pass your exam, you will receive your official Bavarian Brewmeister certification. Bring euro with you if you wish to enjoy the delicious cuisine at the beer hall. Ages 15 and up only, all pay adult price.

partnach gorge Experience the spectacular views of a rushing gorge right in the heart of Garmisch. You’ll be given historic information at the Olympic Ski Jump Stadium and at the gorge itself. Then travel through the beautifully carved stone with water flowing through the caverns. Afterward, indulge in a tasty dessert and/or beverage in the dramatic Partnach Gästhaus.

partnach gorge bike & hike Enjoy a leisurely bike ride to and from the gorge before taking the tour described above.

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horse & carriage ride

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Enjoy the simple pleasure of a horse-drawn carriage ride through beautiful Garmisch-Partenkirchen. One of our most popular activities that the whole family can enjoy and a great way to get acquainted with Garmisch. Children 1-14 must pay child’s price. Three time slots are available on days that the tour runs.

NEW! mittenwald brewery & City

leisure activities

Travel to the nearby town of Mittenwald to experience a unique German tradition - brewing delicious beer. Your tour will go through the brewery describing the processes and techniques on how to produce your favorite beers. Enjoy tasting the beer as well after the tour. You’ll then take a tour of the beautiful town of Mittenwald that lies along the old Roman Road. Famous for the manufacturing of violins, violas and cellos, you might just pass by a shop with a craftsman hard at work creating these stunning instruments.

garmisch-partenkirchen city tour The quaint town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen quietly rests in the Werdenfelser Valley at the foot of the majestic Bavarian Alps. Your guide will take you along the cobblestone streets of each town pointing out historic buildings, monuments, architecture, shopping spots and more. You’ll start off with a walk down the historic Ludwigstrasse in Partenkirchen - a part of what was once the Roman Road from Venice to Augsburg. Enjoy the fascinating murals & art of this cobblestone street before heading west toward Garmisch. You will learn the history of Garmisch, peruse the Marienplatz pedestrian zone and enjoy free time to explore or dine in a sidewalk bistro.

munich zoo family outing One of the largest zoos in all of Germany, the Munich Zoo is fun for the whole family! The Munich Zoo Hellabrunn was founded in 1911 as the first Geo-zoo worldwide. The animals live according to their geographic distribution in complex communities. If you follow the icons you will travel around the world and experience the different habitats.

family bingo night Looking to win prizes and money? Bingo is fun for the whole family! Check your Edelpost Weekly for times and location every week. Minimum of 15 adults for Bingo to run.

wing & sing karaoke night Show all your family and friends you really can sing! Spend the evening enjoying food & drink specials while belting out your favorite tunes. Check your Edelpost Weekly for times and location each week.


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leisure activities highest peak in germany - the zugspitze The summit view at 2,962 meters is an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Lift tickets can be purchased at Alpine Adventures and are valid any day of the season. One ticket price allows access to the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn, Eibsee-Seilbahn and Gletscherbahn for one trip up and one trip down. Because tickets are non-refundable we suggest purchasing your tickets the morning of your adventure rather than in advance. There are two options for reaching the summit: 1) The blue cog wheel train 2) The Eibsee-Seilbahn cable car For detailed information on reaching the peak please visit the Alpine Adventures kiosk stand or visit

eibsee boat excursion A short bus ride to the foot of Germany’s highest peak brings you to Lake Eibsee. First, enjoy a calm boat ride around the lake (weather permitting) and then choose to relax on the pebble shore, hike around the lake yourself or indulge in a dessert or beverage at the nearby lakeside restaurant. You can also rent a paddle boat for around 8 euros an hour.

photo memories A keepsake photograph to capture and remember your stay with us here in beautiful Bavaria. Our staff at Alpine Adventures will take a family photo which you can download from our Flickr site at your convenience:

indoor rock climbing This is an introductory course to rock climbing. Learn basic rock climbing skills, rope work, knots, belay, rappel systems and safety procedures. Class is held at the Hausberg Sport Lodge. See if you can tackle the crag! Minimum of 2 guests to run.

tour schedule




Berchtesgaden Eagle’s Nest Just for Kids (ages 5-12) Neuschwanstein Castle Photo Memories Indoor Rock Climbing Partnach Gorge

0700 - 2000 0830 - 1630 0830 - 1700 0900 - 0915 0900 - 1300 1300 - 1630



Three Country Tour Just for Kids (ages 5-12) Crown Jewels of Munich City Bavarian Brotzeit / Ettal Kids Night Out (ages 5-12) Horse & Carriage Rides


Griesbräu Brewery

0700 - 2000 0830 - 1630 0830 - 1700 1000 - 1430 1800 - 2100 1800 - 1910 1910 - 2020 2020 - 2130 1815 - 2200

Bolzano & Vipiteno, Italy Just for Kids (ages 5-12) Linderhof Palace Munich Zoo Family Outing Partnach Gorge Bike & Hike Mittenwald Brewery Photo Memories Family BINGO Night

0700 - 2000 0830 - 1630 0830 - 1430 0900 - 1600 1300 - 1700 1600 - 2100 1700 - 1715 1830 - 2130



Three Country Tour Just for Kids (ages 5-12) Neuschwanstein Castle Bavarian Brotzeit / Ettal Kids Night Out (ages 5-12) Horse & Carriage Rides

0700 - 2000 0830 - 1630 0830 - 1700 1000 - 1430 1800 - 2100 1800 - 1910 1910 - 2020 2020 - 2130



Bolzano & Vipiteno, Italy Just for Kids (ages 5-12) Innsbruck City & Crystal World Garmisch-Partenkirchen City Photo Memories Griesbräu Brewery

0700 - 2000 0830 - 1630 0830 - 1700 0900 - 1500 1700 - 1715 1815 - 2200



Berchtesgaden Eagle’s Nest Neuschwanstein Castle Partnach Gorge Kids Night Out (ages 5-12) Horse & Carriage Rides

0700 - 2000 0830 - 1700 1300 - 1630 1800 - 2100 1800 - 1910 1910 - 2020 2020 - 2130

$57 $39 $20 $41 $31 $15 $17 $12 $10 $25 first child, $20 each sibling $20 $15 $15


Dachau Concentration Camp Eibsee Boat Ride Indoor Rock Climbing

0830 - 1700 1300 - 1700 1730 - 2130

$35 $17 $27


• Tour times and prices subject to change. • All tours require a minimum of 15 guests for the tour to run and all leisure activities require 5 guests, unless otherwise noted. • All reservations will be charged at 1200 noon the day before the tour. No refunds are given if the tour is cancelled by the guest after 1200 noon the day before the tour. • Your waitlist status for ALL activities can change at any point up to departure without warning. It is your responsibility to check your waitlist status with Alpine Adventures. • Each guest (including small children) must have a seat on tours with transportation. • Children 4 years and under must have a child seat (not provided). • Return times are approximate. • All Horse and Carriage sales are final sale.



15 & up

child 5 - 14

infant 0-4

$39 $20 $40 $41 $31 $15 Free download $20 $20 $17 $12 $10 $39 $20 $40 $39 $29 $15 $30 $20 $10 $25 first child, $20 each sibling $20 $15 $15

$39 $39 $40 $25 $25 $17


$35 $15 $35 $10 $25 $39 Free download $25 $5 $39 $20 $40 $41 $31 $15 $30 $20 $10 $25 first child, $20 each sibling $20 $15 $15

$39 $20 $40 $41 $29 $15 $25 $15 $10 Free download $39

$25 $12 $27

$15 $10

kids activities ask about our babysitter list! just for kids Every day at Just For Kids is an adventure. We know how to provide kids a great time through encouragement, education, exploration and achievement. Bavaria offers an excellent playground of activities for kids to discover the joy of learning a new activity and culture. Simply put, our instructors love kids and their genuine excitement will shine through to the kids. Available for children ages 5-12. A minimum of 4 paid children for the program to run. Children must be 5 years old on day of participation.

kids night out Let us entertain the kids for the evening while you spend some quiet time together. Kids have a multitude of activities to do at our Just for Kids Center on the Artillery Kaserne. This program is one of our most successful and encouraged activities. Reservations can be made at Alpine Adventures. Available for children ages 5-12. A minimum of 4 paid children for the program to run. Children must be 5 years old on the day of participation. Please feed children prior to check-in at 1800 hrs. First child is $25, each additional sibling is $20.

u.s. army garrison garmisch At the USAG Garmisch Child, Youth & School Services, you will find the same quality programs you receive at your home garrison. If your children are registered with CYS Services at home, we can arrange to have their files sent to us electronically and save you paperwork. Whether you’re here for a few days or a few weeks, we’ll make your time in Garmisch as enjoyable for your kids as it is for you! Child Care Child care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old is available at the USAG Garmisch Child Development Center, located next to the Edelweiss Resort Vacation Village. The CDC can often accommodate same-day requests, but reservations are recommended. The CDC honors Army Family Covenant entitlements from your home garrison, including free and/or reduced-fee child care hours. Open: Monday – Friday 0700-1700 Closed: Federal holidays Frequently open Friday nights and weekend mornings – please call and check availability DSN: 440-2684 CIV: +49 (0) 8821-750-2684 Middle School/Youth Center Recreational activities for youth in grades 6-12 are available at the USAG Garmisch Middle School/Youth Center, located next to the Edelweiss Resort Vacation Village. The MS/YC offers a TV/lounge area, computer lab, game room, video games and more. Youth are also welcome to participate in MS/YC field trips and sports activities. Open: Monday – Thursday 1430-1800, Friday 1430-2200 Closed: Sundays and federal holidays DSN: 440-2600 CIV: +49 (0) 8821 + 750-2600

big adventure

tandem paragliding flights* Daily Flights • $115 plus lift ticket (approximately 15 Euros) Take a tandem flight with an experienced instructor off the Kreuzeck Mountain. It is around an 11 minute flight down. You may take your camera with you to photograph the whole experience. Sign up in Alpine Adventures. Report at 0745 hrs in Alpine Adventures the day of your flight to receive directions to the meeting point, a flight time and a voucher for payment. Activity is weather dependent and flights are offered in the morning. It is a 10-15 minute walk or a 5 minute drive to the meeting point. SUPPLIED: Helmet, safety gear, instructor. REQUIRED: Sturdy shoes (no flip-flops or sandals), long pants (no jeans), weather appropriate gear, water bottle and Euros for lift ticket. LIMITS: Minimum age 8 years. Weight limit of 100 kilos (220 lbs).

high adventure activities

These activities are conducted by our partner contract professionals. All feature fully certified guides and instructors. All of these companies adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry. Activities are subject to availability and minimum participation requirements. Advanced booking recommended. For detailed information on these activities please visit our website:

certification paragliding courses* Instructional courses and certification are also available. Please visit our website for dates, prices and additional information on these courses.

white water rafting*

kletterwald high ropes course* Individual Rate: $25 per adult, $20 per child Family Rate: $25 per adult, $20 per child, 3rd child free (ID required) Group Rate: $20 per adult, $20 per child (group = ten ore more) Enjoy a day of climbing with many different courses available high in the trees on the Wank mountain in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. There you have the choice between 5 different courses, all with different difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced. All ages are welcome to try out the courses, great for team building and/or family activity. Sign up in Alpine Adventures.10 minute drive or reachable by bus. SUPPLIED: Belaying equipment, helmets, harnesses are included. REQUIRED: Sturdy shoes, loose clothing, weather appropriate gear. LIMITS: Ages 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult on the course itself, minimum age is 6 years old. Adult is 14 yrs & older, child is 13 yrs & younger.

*Transportation to activity is not included

Adults Mon-Fri $55, Sat-Sun $60 • Youth (12-18 yrs) Daily $50 One of our most popular programs! Alpine Adventures will book a white water rafting trip on the fast moving Inn River in Austria. This activity includes a safety lecture, paddle & stroke demonstration and the river trip itself. Sign up in Alpine Adventures. Approximately 1.5 hour drive to the rafting center. SUPPLIED: Safety equipment (wetsuit, jacket, helmet, life vest, water shoes) and guide. REQUIRED: Swimsuit, towel, a change of clothing and PASSPORT or ID Card with leave documents/orders. LIMITS: Minimum age 12 years. Must be able to swim. TRIP TIMES: Mon - Fri: 0900 & 1230 in Haiming, Austria Sat - Sun: 0900, 1230 & 1530 in Haiming, Austria (arrive 15 minutes early)

advanced white water rafting* Mon-Fri $125, Sat-Sun $130 Check out our ultimate challenge! Warm up in the morning on the Inn River, take a break, and then head to the thrills of the Otzaller Ache River; great fun and bigger thrills! Sign up in Alpine Adventures. Approximately 1.5 hour drive to the rafting center. SUPPLIED: Safety equipment (wetsuit, spray jacket, helmet, life vest, water shoes). REQUIRED: Swimsuit, towel, a change of clothing and PASSPORT or ID Card with leave documents/orders. LIMITS: Minimum age 16 years. Must be able to swim. TRIP TIMES: 0830 in Haiming, Austria (arrive 15 minutes early)

big adventure flat water rafting* $35 Adults, $25 Children 14 & under Join us for a relaxing float trip on the beautiful Loisach River. This 2-3 hr scenic float trip is great fun. Be ready for some wet and wild action as a water war is sure to break out along the way. 1000-1300 daily. Sign up in Alpine Adventures. LIMITS: Minimum age 8 years. Must be accompanied by an adult and be able to swim. REQUIRED: Swimsuit, towel, change of clothing, lunch and drinks.

mountain bike rentals Adult Bike Tandem Bike Child Bike

Hourly $7 $10 $5

Adult Bike with... Child’s Seat Child’s Trailer Child’s Pedal Trailer

1/2 Day $15 $20 $10

Full Day $20 $30 $15

2 Days $35 $50 $25

5 Days $80 $120 $60

$20 $22 $22

$27 $30 $30

$45 $55 $49

$105 $130 $115

These bikes are intended for leisure riding during daylight hours only. Off-road and trail riding is done at guests’ own risk and is not recommended by the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. You will be charged a fee for damaged bikes. No refunds due to inclement weather. No refunds on multi-day rentals. Four hours or less is a half-day rental. Four or more hours is a full day rental. Please return by dark on rental day. We do not accept reservations on bike rentals. Each rider must be present at the POiNT Wellness Club desk to rent a bike.

canyoning* Daily $95 Europe’s latest craze, a combination of climbing, rappelling, jumping and swimming will help you discover the mystical mountain gorges and nature in its most unspoiled form. Canyoning requires no extra skill or training, other than an average fitness level, balance and a good head for heights. Sign up in Alpine Adventures. Approximately 1.5 hour drive to the meeting point. SUPPLIED: Safety equipment (wetsuit, jacket, helmet, climbing harness, and hiking boots). REQUIRED: Swimsuit, towel, a change of clothing and PASSPORT or ID Card and leave documents/orders. LIMITS: Minimum age 14 years. You must be able to swim. TRIP TIMES: 0830 in Haiming, Austria (arrive 15 minutes early)

kayaking* One-day course $80, three-day course $200 Learn the fun and exciting sport of kayaking. Day one starts out on a local lake for introduction to kayak paddle strokes, games and theory. Groups may even hit the river on the first day, depending on progress made on the lake. Following days will introduce river running and exploration of more challenging sections of the river. Sign up in Alpine Adventures. LIMITS: Minimum age 12 years. You must be able to swim. PROVIDED: All technical and safety equipment and instruction. REQUIRED: Swimsuit, towel, change of clothing, lunch and drinks.

alpental golf course* Enjoy a round on one of Germany’s most beautiful courses at discounted military rates. Pull carts, golf clubs and golf balls are available at the Pro Shop. Group and individual lessons are also available - call the Pro Shop for pricing and instructor times. CIV 08821-945-670 Schwaigwang 3 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen *Transportation to activity is not included

spa services Relax your body, refresh your spirit and renew your well-being with our pampering services offered in the Point Wellness Club. Our certified aestheticians provide a healing environment that rejuvenates and restores your senses as you refocus your thoughts and quiet your mind.

With an array of massage treatments, facials, waxing and body treatments you can find the perfect relaxation technique that will help heal your mind and body. Everyone has a vision of what a relaxing vacation should be. Let us indulge your senses.

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spa services

massage treatments Each massage session is tailored to address your specific needs and requests. Add a 30 minute sea salt glow or mud wrap to any individual massage for an additional $35 each. Swedish Massage, 60 min. $65 // 90 min. $95 This classic full-body massage increases circulation, reduces stress and helps eliminate soreness throughout your body. Light to medium pressure is applied throughout the massage. Heated Stone Massage, 60 min. $70 // 90 min. $100 Polished basalt river stones are heated and incorporated into a Swedish massage. The heat from the stones helps melt tension and sedate the central nervous system inducing a state of deep relaxation. Deep Tissue Massage, 50 min. $65 // 80 min. $95 This massage features a firmer touch, penetrating to the underlying muscles that can cause chronic pain. These long strokes slowly stretch and release strained muscles. Sports Massage, 50 min. $65 This invigorating massage combines compression, mobilization, stretching and uses pressure points to improve circulation and range of motion. Great for post activity. Maternity Massage, 50 min. $65 This prenatal treatment is uniquely designed to give relief to the special needs of the mother-to-be. Paired Massage, 60 min. $125 (limited to select dates) Our paired massage features two tables and two therapists giving a Swedish massage in the same room. Anyone can have a couples massage - husband and wife, mothers and daughters or close friends. Please advise reservationist upon booking if a maternity massage is desired. “My First Massage� ages 6-14, 30 min. $35 Choose one, two or all three areas of focus during treatment: foot massage, hand/forearm massage and head/neck/ shoulder massage. Duration of treatment will last no longer than 30 minutes, regardless of number of treatments. Parents must stay in the room during the entire treatment. Children will not disrobe - please wear loose clothing.

body treatments Due to skin sensitivity, we recommend unshaven and unsunburned skin for spa treatments offered. Therapeutic Essential Oil Wrap, 50 min. $60 This treatment begins with a gentle full-body exfoliation followed by a blend of therapeutic essential oils massaged into the skin. To finish, a warm cocooning wrap and scalp massage will have you drifting off to somewhere else. Choose from a detoxing, relaxing or revitalizing blend of essential oils. Sea Salt Glow, 50 min. $60 This full body skin treatment exfoliates and stimulates the skin. Sea salt is applied with light strokes and once the salt is removed, cream is slowly worked into the skin. Mud Foot Wrap, 50 min. $60 This treatment begins with a warm application to the feet followed by a gentle scrub, mud wrap and foot reflex massage. Our mud foot wrap cleanses and detoxifies, leaving your feet invigorated and relaxed. Purifying, 60 min. $70 Indulge in the decadence of a therapeutic oil wrap and a sea salt glow.

spa services

facial treatments All facial treatments include the essentials of quality skin care: a comprehensive consultation, detailed skin analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, toning, steam, relaxing massage and moisture. All skin care services are customized for individual skin types, including teens and men. For best benefits, men should shave before treatment. European Facial, 60 min. $75 This treatment focuses on relaxation and restoring the natural radiance to your skin. Deep Clean Facial, 60 min. $80 This treatment includes a special enzyme peeling mask designed to purify and detox congested skin. Results reveal healthy, smooth skin. Back Facial, 50 min. $60 This treatment follows the same steps as the deep clean facial. Best choice for teens, athletes and anyone with problem skin on the back. Teen Facial, 60 min. $75 Our skilled aestheticians will offer skin care advice for our developing clients while giving a facial specialized for their age group. Ages 12 & up only. “My First Facial” ages 6-14, 30 min. $35 Your kids will love the “full spa experience” of a cleansing, mask and facial & scalp massage. This treatment will be mild compared to regular facials and will use a limited amount of products. Parents must stay in the room during the entire treatment. Children will not disrobe - please wear loose clothing.

about the spa

Add a 30 minute oil wrap to any facial for an additional $35. Add a brow wax to any facial for $15

Environment From the moment that you arrive, it is our goal to provide our guests with a peaceful, relaxing experience. Because of our utmost respect for your comfort, as well as the focus of your therapist, we ask you to refrain from bringing your children with you to your treatment. Hours of operation are 0700-2200 hrs.

waxing treatments Please note the following waxing recommendations prior to scheduling an appointment: • Unfortunately, we are unable to perform waxing services on clients who are taking Accutane, Retin-A, Alpha Hydroxy or Antibiotics. These all increase skin sensitivity and potential to lift the skin. • Hair growth must be approximately 1/4” (approximately 3-4 weeks) for best results. • Please allow 8 hours before showering and 24 hours after waxing before exposing yourself to the sun, tanning bed, swimming pool and/or hot tub. Bikini (not Brazilian) Full Leg Half Leg Bikini & Full Leg

$30 $40 $30 $65

Brow Back Lip Chin

$20 ($15 add-on) $35 $15 ($10 add-on) $15 ($10 add-on)

Arm $25 Chest $35 Underarm $20

transforming packages Soothing, 110-120 min. $135 Enjoy any massage and European facial to get away from it all. Length of treatment depends on choice of massage. Package consists of two separate treatments. Upgrade to a deep clean facial, add $5 Renewal, 110 min. $135 Your skin will be glowing from head to toe after a salt glow and a deep clean facial.

Reservations Spa appointments are very popular with guests here at the Point Wellness Club. We recommend that appointments be made prior to, or upon arrival in order to meet your scheduling needs. All treatments are subject to availability. While scheduling your appointment, please let us know if you have a gender preference for your therapist. With the exception of any current Youth specials, the following rules apply: Ages 12 or older for facials. All other treatments, ages 15 or older. Ages 15-17 must have a parent in the room during treatment. For reservations please call 08821-944-4150. Extension 4150 from your room. Reservations are available up to two months in advance. Etiquette Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled service to fill out a health intake form and to use the restroom or shower. If you should arrive late, your session may be shortened to ensure the satisfaction of all guests. During each treatment, you will be fully draped and covered with a sheet. Loose clothing is advised for any waxing treatments. Gratuities are not included. Cancellations We require at least fours hour notice to change or cancel appointments. Cancellations made within four hours are subject to a $20 room charge. No notification will result in a full charge of service. Cancellations must be made directly with the Point Wellness Club front desk at the number above. Health Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine/alcohol before and after your treatment. Anyone with a contagious condition such as a cold or flu should not receive a massage. A massage could worsen your condition, spreading it throughout the body.

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your ideal winter getaway

A Destination For All Seasons If Garmisch is your ideal summer getaway, just think of all the fun you will have in the winter too! As a year-round travel destination, Garmisch-Partenkirchen offers outdoor enthusiasts an array of fun and exciting activities with a stunning backdrop to accompany the thrills. This winter find yourself skiing or snowboarding in the Alps, sledding down a mountain of fresh powder or relaxing in the outdoor hot tub as snow gently drifts to the valley floor. For more information on these and more activities offered during your visit please download last year’s Winter Activity Guide on our website: