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WE HEAR THAT… Lord Ashdown has claimed that his Observer interview, in which he appeared to endorse another coalition with the Tories, is the „worst misrepresentation of an interview given by me I have ever known‟. However, it‟s apparently exactly what the leadership had wanted him to say. Charles Kennedy was overheard saying Sarah Teather owes it to members to say whether she would have quit if she had still been a member of the Government. As Teather played a significant role in Kennedy‟s downfall, his criticism will carry more bite. Norman Baker is said to be actively promoting his ministerial credentials ahead of the anticipated reshuffle. Baker has mentioned (ironically given his book on David Kelly‟s death) that he‟s always fancied the foreign office.

Nick Clegg was left red-faced this morning by Vince Cable as the Business Secretary nearly left his boss in limbo over the motion on economic policy. Clegg had hoped to use the debate to demonstrate a consensus behind the Coalition‟s economic plans. However, the run up to the debate seriously called into question the cohesion at the top of the party on the economy, following widespread rumours that Vince Cable would snub it. In a dramatic volte face this morning, Cable supported his leader at the debate. His dithering, however, is seemingly reflective of the Lib Dem position on the economy, torn between caution in case Osborne‟s green shoots aren‟t as strong as the Chancellor has predicted, against Clegg‟s desire to see the Party claim the credit for the economic recovery that he feels it deserves. Clegg was evidently right to dismiss Cable‟s predictable opposition as a “storm in a teacup”, but it has been a drama he could have done without on the first morning of Conference.

TODAY’S KEY EVENT This is undoubtedly the policy motion „Strengthening the UK Economy‟ at 10am. Vince Cable was expected to boycott the debate on the motion, which defends the party‟s achievements in Government. However, after the debate began it emerged that Cable would attend, with the BBC reporting that sources close to Cable described the row as “massively overblown”.

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TWEET OF THE DAY ‫@‏‬bbcnickrobinson Well well. Vince Cable will now attend his party's economy debate and vote for the Clegg motion. Last night he was planning "speech prep"




Jess Palmer, a young activist, gave what is being hailed as the speech of the day. In a debate on the Government‟s internet porn block plans, Miss Palmer was cheered by delegates as she spoke out against the block claiming that without such „adult material‟, she would have never have been able to access teenage self-help sites or understand her own sexuality.

The Anti-Nuclear movement. When voting in favour of nuclear power yesterday, the Lib Dems may have “punched a hole” in their green creds, but this move also leaves the anti-nuclear movement lacking allies. With the Conservatives and Labour backing new nuclear, the end of Lib Dem opposition leaves CND et al looking friendless in British politics.

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Liberal Democrats Party Conference 2013 Bulletin Day 1  

It's day one of the Liberal Democrats Party Conference 2013, and already there seems to be trouble at the top...

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