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Preschool Education years



P O L E V E D D N A LIVE S E C N E G I L L E T N I R U g n i n YO r a e l & n o i t a c u r ed o f e r i s e d The

g. a child’s fascinatin f d o n s a a g e r in a is ll tely surpr rowth in a consider a child’s lu g o s le b a ib d is e r c is o hild such an in h height. If we als y to learn ess of a c f it c c o o a r d p p io a g r c e in c ir p e su The learn f life are a ain take place at tive life, th o c e s f r f e a e d y n g a ix a e The first s r an activ will never o f it l t a a ti th n t te n o e ed developm y and their great p n conceiv o ti it s a c io u r d u c E s ol huge happines r Prescho o d f n . d a le o e b r th a e la m welf incalcu S: our new ontributing to the ID K d e n c have desig rt with the aim of e ne. w , y tl n e o f ef hool routi c d s n y a il Consequ r a u d o rness, rig uring the with eage ren and teachers d ild of both ch

HOW DOES THE teache r feel with ?

… The tea ch … The tea er will be in tune w ith the chil cher will f eel free a dr .... The te n d supporte en’s thinking. acher wil l d during realise ho of educati the daily w materia n g . routi ls support h … The tea is or her p ne cher will r ersonal w espond to ay diversity in the classr oom.

. . . n e r d l i KIDS ch

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will have s ie it il b a g eir thinkin th e s u a c e b rtunity of pts. o e g c p n in p o n o c o e t s n a th re d ere nnect diff ill have ha nse of humor. rove their o p w c y im h e l ic il th h w e w us se ... e answers ality beca ithout forgetting a iv n g o s to r e le p b d a esources nces, w lent an r e a t g ig ll ir in e n te h r t in a le iple velop g them as using mult in ... will de s m u y. e , y th it g in linar y wa creativ n ip d c n is a d strengthen r n te io t in a municatio n in m a g o a c in t im n ls e ir r ia r iffe ain the these mate worked d in e t v n ... will ret a e h s l e il r p w h tasks are reading. since they d n e r io s a on throug s h ti e s r a since Art c p in u x t d r e e l a l a p na en erb to emotio ctively tak e a rich v d v a e a c e h u v l d a il o h tr l w in ... wil and they e they are is c ls in e s n s n g a n h c activities . l eli y e a f r m e o ir v n e e s h to t u a sh in managing motional n in Engli io s s e r p ... will be s, regulation and e x e since oral m s li a awarenes u g bin duced to o r t in e b ... will ed. encourag

THE CHARA in your a



MOLE AND PILL BUG get together with the

intention of running adventures: they dig tunnels that will lead them to unknown and unexplored places.

GOAT AND BUTTERFLY are a special couple who

must fulfill a mission that will drive them to NYC, Egypt or the Amazon River, or, for example, to build flying refrigerators (actually we’re not kidding!).

OWL AND HAMSTER are two brothers who

receive a bottle of magic bubbles as a gift which will take them to places where they will learn many, many things...

N A C N E y CHILDR and Enjo

SO riment, Imagine, Create Expe


KIDS aims f

or globa l themes, attractive work divided in t wo u to suggestio children, ns to the without fo nits per term. It in teacher a interests nd opens rgetting the passin troduces differen to the sur t co a door to g rounding knowledg of the year and th ntents using mot s, this is, iv from the e, educa inside to ting from e seasons. Each u ating the outsid nit offers children’s e. curiosity and




1. At Sch

years ool

2. The Sw


1. The Big

eet Facto


3. The De


4. Castle


5. Anima


6. The Cir




2. Inventi


3. The A


4. Egypt

2. Space 3. Life in

y. Books


the Poles

4. The O

5. The Fa


6. Pirates

1. Librar



5. Dinosa


6. In a H

ot Air Ba


978-84-683-0902-6 978-84-683-0975-0 978-84-683-0976-7

ISBN: 978-84-683-0977-4 ISBN: 978-84-683-0978-1 ISBN: 978-84-683-0979-8


ISBN: 978-84-683-0980-4 ISBN: 978-84-683-0981-1 ISBN: 978-84-683-0982-8

N A C N E R D L I H C O S Expe

agine, riment, Im


y. and Enjo


for young artists vity from tistic and scenic creati Enhances musical, ar es the three ting work that match a global and integra y story that int is an extraordinar arts. The starting po tion. fantasy and imagina encourages children’s


for young investigator

doors teacher will open the The children and the ir the d knowledge of to experimentation an surroundings. w: we the child’s point of vie It is conveiced from ne «O , k» ctions as «Clic can enjoy different se . s» on ents» o «Inventi Day in...», «Experim

THE ADVENTURES OF to share reading

Promotes shared reading, encouraging children to answer questions, repeating expressive elements, ending lists of words and rhyming… The sense of humour is present as a way to develop linguistic intelligence.



to manage emotions

News for the family

e emotions n’s ability to describ Enhances the childre ll as d precise way as we in an appropriate an m. and and regulate the the ability to underst

Introduces and values the contents worked by children. It comes with an informative LEAFLET.

I to celebrate rt of ever yday brations are pa Parties and cele workbook ol. This student’s take place routines at scho k on events that or w to s ge pa d and includes o formats: printe tw in ar ye ol ho during sc digital.

r e H C A E T room E s s H a l c T e h SO rming t



tr is thrilled

GUIDE ks to be GUIDE that allows tas A visual and custom ntents in co s, ce cts, oral resour undertaken as proje English... check the cher will be able to UNIT MAPS. The tea d organize an y sil each unit ea in ed lud inc s ial ter ma d students’ interests an them attending to the m needs. oo ssr cla them to the ing tat ap ad , es tiv tia ini

MURALS eresting topics which contents and their int the to ed lat re es ag Im the weather and in projects. Murals of as rk wo to ow all o als d routines... seasons, birthdays an



VISUAL DISP LAY. Manipu lable materia to work with l, with flexib class conten le usage, in ts and routin order es. PETS AND TR AVELLING B OOK. The tw come with a o characters, travelling bo mitten shaped ok and a ba them from sc , ck pack so child hool to their ren can carr home, from y their home to school... THE STORY TELLS US... B ig book with and reusable a book rest w stickers that ith the stories allows to wo rk as in proje cts if desired MINIBOX: . • KIDS PICS : Photograph ies related to flashcards S the topics. In how Me in E clude nglish, Treasu to work routin res images a es. Sheets fo nd materials r emotional ed photographie ucation: 9 ca s and emotio rds with n al expressio project. They ns mentioned become a re in so this urce to create in the classro om. The Feelings • Pull-down Corner sheets of num bers, shapes • 2 audio C , colours... D’s. • Audio CD Show Me in English. • DVD with Resources fo r the Compute Whiteboard r and the Inte . ractive • CD with R esources for the classroom managemen t. TREASURES. Real objects for the differe our character nt adventure s live. s which

MANIPULAB LE MATHS M ATERIALS. Fo students, ther r 4 and 5 ye e are logic b ar old locks to work with.

Stories to

their enhance


usica al and m r o s p lo Deve n. expressio



c athemati m h it w s to play memor y. Activitie and concepts

ation eir educ th t r ta s To h. in Englis

s dventure Playful a of the world. ent par ts in differ

! l o o h c s D AT

N A E M O H T A s p p a





way: w e n y l mplete achers. o e t c d a n n a i s S Live KID ivities for familie act l and fun


Our new preschool education project!

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