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STARGAZING Mark Thompson: a down to earth guide to the cosmos

MICHELLE KEEGAN I am motivated to channel my energy into helping ovarian cancer







10_ IL Divo on tour with Katherine Jenkins 14_ ‘Lay and Wait’ fashion story 30_ VIVA’s guide to the ultimate fairytale wedding 46_ Michelle Keegan interview 56_ The gorgeous couple: Louise Cliffe & Jay McKray visit VIVA HQ 94_ Mark Thompson: a down to earth guide to the cosmos

26_ VIVA’s hot catwalk picks, fantastic florals 27_ VIVA’s hot catwalk picks, let’s colour-block 28_ Fashion hotlist 42_ The perfect match jewellery shoot

44_ Tina O’Brien reports on post xmas weight-loss and Valentine’s day 50_ Great start to the year for MR Male Grooming 52_ Wobbleyou 54_ Pampering & grooming HOME, LEISURE & TRAVEL 60_ Party in true style at The Light’s 15th floor penthouse terraces 62_ VIVA cribs: Wedding gifts 64_ Keeping fit and healthy gadgets 65_ Hitting the slopes 70_ All aboard the love train

72_ 74_ 75_

Cuisine: The Living Room & Annie’s Restaurant The love liquor Meet the new kids on the lock



76_ Events, shows & gigs not to miss this spring 78_ Las Manchester & Cheshire 80_ Glitz and glam meets sweat and haymakers, this is Formal Fight Club

82_ On the VIVA music radar: Danny Mahon 84_ Hollie Jay Bowes “playing on my ipod” 87_ Manchester loves the Happy Mondays 90_ Coronation Street 1977 live 92_ Darren R L Gordon’s cinema and DVD reviews

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Issue 12 published February 2013 emma LEE ANDERSON Editor rebecca LEGON Sales & marketing director ROSS FORSYTHE Fashion editor Johanna Dorey Editorial assistant KEITH McDONNELL Copy sub-editor Ed Wilkinson Senior designer WRITERS Contributor REBECCA ACKERLEY Contributor SARAH MURRAY Film DARREN R L GORDON PHOTOGRAPHERS KARIN ALBINSSON WILL WILKINSON JAYNE SMITH PACI KUB VIVA TV Alison Kimberley Matt Curry

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Helen: I’m loving everything nude. As we slowly leave winter the frosty pale pinks and light pastels really excite me. My nail colour at the moment is myth by Mac which coordinates beautiful with the “Wang.”


Nadine: Trilbys, Bowlers, they’ve all been done...but this season I’m rocking a Top Hat.

Cara Delevingne

Helen: She is one of the hottest British models around at the moment, facing campaigns from Chanel, Burberry and Prada. She is also well known for her brows.. I believe big brows are a must this season and nowhere better to go than the hd brow girls in Trevor Sorbie Manchester to get that perfect shape.


Nadine: Hassle free and my work head is on. Big things for 2013.

MERABI S/S 13 Collection!

Nadine: I can’t wait for the new collection to hit the stores! This season I’m all about Black, Whites and Brights.





Helen: Kitten heels have always been a no no! I am allowed to end our friendship if your heel is less than 3 inches Go high or go home!


Nadine: Yuk!! I actually have a phobia of them. It’s called Kreavgophobia.


Helen: We are only recovering from binging at Christmas and really could do without the temptation...gym gym gym!


Nadine: They are cold, miserable, everyone’s a bit podgy and you get left over Christmas presents....hence why I changed my Birthday to 6th May :)

KING ARTHUR (my dog)

Nadine: King Arthur getting chucked out of Sainsburys! Do they not know who the King is!!??

This issue’s radar was brought to you by Boss model Helen Holt and fashion designer Nadine Merabi Follow these little beauties on twitter @helen_hh @NadineMerabi

adine Helen & N



big happy New Year to all our readers and we hope you all have a super 2013. We finished last year on a big high after attending one of the biggest gigs of the year, The Happy Mondays at The Victorian Warehouse, as well as being invited on North Manchester FM Drive Time with Caz Matthews, taking about everything VIVA. The VIVA girls will be back on her show on the 5th February so make sure you tune in at 9am to 106.6 fm. Since getting back from the Christmas holidays it’s been all systems go here at VIVA HQ. All the girls in the office have been going wedding mad putting together our guide to the ultimate fairytale wedding. They have even launched a VIVA wedding photography website, check it out: Plus we’ve been catching up with some famous local faces including Michelle Keegan, Louise Cliffe, Karl Power (aka fat neck) Rowetta and Helen Skelton as well as out of towners, the very suave IL Divo . The mad VIVA girl that she is, Emma has signed up to Formal Fight Club, a big white collar boxing event which will be held on the 4th May at the Place Hotel. She is in good hands though as Ricky Hatton’s former trainer Bob Shannon is training her up for the fight! If you would like to come down to the event and cheer on team VIVA then you can book your tickets at Enjoy our first issue of 2013 and let’s take on this year all together in true VIVA style.

Viva X m a e t , e v o l Big

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Belle Etoile Bjorg Georg Jensen Lapponia Lucet Mundi Pandora Story by Kranz & Ziegler Swarovski Trollbeads Chlobo

IL Divo On Tour With Kathe 1 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

rine Jenkins


l Divo: you have of course heard of them but probably don’t actually know that much about them. Well an education is in order. They are the Pop-Opera quartet sensation who have sold more than 26 million albums worldwide, won the Artist of the Decade award at the Classical Brit Awards and have been number one in 13 countries around the world. VIVA chats to the boys about their upcoming tour with Katherine Jenkins and their monumental success. You are going to be touring with Katherine Jenkins throughout the UK and Europe from April. Are you excited and how are rehearsals going? We’re very excited. It’s really different from what we normally do and we think it’s really important for our fans (for us) to do different stuff. Katherine has a really great voice and is lovely, so it will probably be difficult for Carlos as the single one! We’re going to start rehearsals at the beginning of March and we’re all ready to dig in and have some good times and have fun. We’re going to do that for about a week. It’s our best stuff and we already pretty much know all of our songs, so we’re just working out together the songs we’re going to sing for the show. It’s quite straight forward really. Are you all getting on well? We’ve done a TV special before with her so we’ve always met through TV or events, stuff like that and it just seemed like a good idea; especially after working with Barbara Streisand in the same way. We just had the idea, how about doing the tour with a lovely lady? Why do you think the two acts will work well together on tour? We both cross over and there are a lot of songs that we do that she does, so it’s a no brainer and is going to be a lovely sound. When we have sung with Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand and Toni Braxton. It always works well as it gives a different colour and texture to our sound. Katherine does some pretty cool routines on stage; we’ve seen a performance clip of her being suspended by a wire with a male performer. Do you think the Il Divo guys will be getting in on this? We don’t know. Why not?! You guys are an operatic group, opera itself being a very theatrical and often exaggerated performance style. Do you play characters in your performances? How sincere can you be with opera music? A lot of people have the idea that we’re doing opera but for example, Sebastien was never classically trained. We’re more Pop Opera, so we don’t take any of the opera repertoires purposefully because we don’t want to pretend we’re singing opera. We bring something that is very accessible as we’re singing pop songs with a texture in our voices, so it opens doors to people who have probably never been that curious about opera. For some of us when we go to the opera we find it difficult to concentrate for hours with all those big voices. We make it easy for people with the same problem! Alongside stars like Katherine, you have managed to bring classical music - Pop Opera - to the masses and make it popular with a new crowd. Did you predict such a shift? Never! At the very beginning when we heard about Il Divo, it was never something we truly thought would be huge. It was a chance, as artists, to travel around the world and something that has never really existed before. Of course you can imagine four of us coming from solo careers with egos and being from different cultures, some not speaking English at all, it was a very difficult task. So we all went in thinking it’s either going to be massive or it’s going to be dramatically unsuccessful. We basically gave it our best shot hoping it would open a door to that kind of music. Now there are so many bands that try to do what we do, which is very flattering as we’ve been really lucky to keep going for ten years. It always amazes us and we’re always so scared that it will finish. Il Divo are a group based on diversity, coming from Spain, Switzerland, America and France with a range of musical influences. Does this diversity work in your favour? Definitely. Our musical tastes vary so much, from heavy metal to pop, rock bands, David likes his techno music, even Tom Jones. We have a very wide pool of taste so it definitely helps. Before it was kind of a disadvantage because we were very strong minded with our beliefs but when you leave that behind and you’re a bit more flexible and you understand that it’s about doing the best music, it actually brings a quality to the music; a bit like the EU! There is always struggle when making something beautiful. > u k | VIVA | 1 1

1 2 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

Before Il Divo you all already had successful careers, for example Sebastien, you had a thriving pop career in France. Why did you join Il Divo considering you had already made it? I have to be completely honest; it was a very difficult decision because I composed my own music. Learning someone else’s melody, sharing the song with someone, singing in different languages was all stuff I’d never done before but also being able to travel the world; it was a massive opportunity! I was very scared about how I was going to handle the whole situation as I was very independent but compromise is life. Our development was the opposite to lots of other bands we know where they grew up together and make music. Then start making money and then start fighting. We were actually the opposite as it was really difficult at first and it has only got better over the years. We all get on so well now we don’t even have to speak. We can just look at each other. It’s a very easy band to work with. What is it like when you guys are all on the road together on tour? Will Katherine get involved with the male bonding do you think? It’s very busy! Firstly,we have very different lifestyles- Sebastien for example is a real family man and would struggle to be on the road for a year without the support of his wife and kids. David is married so his wife comes along on the road sometimes and Carlos is single so it’s not so hard for him. It’s not easy to be in a hotel room when someone else has slept there and it’s not your toilet, quite frankly its weird but every time you go on stage at night you forget about all this because it is the best thing in the world. Katherine is lovely and we’re sure touring together is only going to create some nice memories. Do any of you or even Katherine have diva moments? Your name suggests so... We all have diva moments in life; you don’t have to be an artist for that. You have to think this is our tour. It’s not Simon’s or anyone else’s. It belongs to the four of us. We’re very professional and we know what we want. Of course it depends how you say it and honesty can make you feel a little bit like a diva but it’s only because you’re really experienced in your work and you know what you want. We don’t ask to have water at a certain temperature or a particular brand. We’re very easy going but we know what we want. You have performed with huge stars such as Celine Dion and Barbara Streissand, both legends in their own rights. How do you feel being put on a par with stars of their calibre? It is an amazing honour. One day when we were on the road our management came and told us we were going to perform with Barbara and we couldn’t believe it. We didn’t know that much about her until we started rehearsals and we all had a fantastic connection. We just loved working with her. There is always something to learn about from artists of that calibre; they have such an amazing charisma. Each night with Barbara is never the same, she does have a screen where she has all her lines that everyone can see but her delivery is so natural. It was a chance in a lifetime to be able to share the stage with her. You have also performed at a number of incredible places including at The Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo and at Obama’s Inauguration Ball. Does such an important and historic audience make performing for the general, average Joe, public feel slightly anti-climatic comparatively? One event that really stayed with us was the Diamond Jubilee. We received a letter with the whole ‘by the command of Her Majesty’ bit and beautiful handwriting. We’d met her before at The Royal Variety Show but we were still so proud. Singing for the Queen at the Diamond Jubilee is only going to happen once so you’re part of history. It can’t get any better. Even so, no-one is different whether you’re the Queen or just some guy it doesn’t matter. Whoever you perform for, you have to give one hundred per cent. Sebastien used to play the guitar in the subway and people didn’t care. They didn’t listen but if you reach someone’s heart and get their attention it is the best reward. We’re sure most people will probably come to the show for Katherine but nevertheless when you have a chance to perform you’re responsible for making sure people get what they want for their money, whoever they are. You always look so dapper on stage, which designers do you tend to wear? Is fashion important to you? Carlos likes Armarni, Sebastien likes lots of English brands such as Vivienne Westwood. We like different brands but don’t stick with one. We always wear suits as it wouldn’t work with jeans. We want to look elegant to match our music. Fashion is really important; there is no-one in this world who doesn’t consider what they’re going to look like. Even if you wear jeans with holes and that sort of thing you’ve still thought about it. It’s important to represent your music in the way you look. You guys have already achieved so much, where can you go from here? It would be really great to do something different, do another tour and an album that is unlike stuff we’ve done before. It’s good to find ways to feel like you’re not repeating yourself and not ripping-off your audience. It’s easy to stay in comfort zones but artists have to find different ways to evolve. You’ll be visiting Manchester In April on tour, which we’re very excited about. What do you like to do when you’re here? Where do you like to stay? We’ll be going to see a football game if we have a chance and also seeing friends. Manchester is a beautiful city and now the BBC has moved up here we’re actually in Manchester more often. We always stay at The Lowry and there is always an amazing crowd. We like to just walk around the city but we’ve never been to see a Manchester United or City game so we would like to do that while we’re visiting. ■ u k | VIVA | 1 3





The big day is here, all the planning, preparing, tears, tantrums and bridezilla behavior has all paid off. Waiting anxiously for the biggest day of your life to start, all you can do is ‘Lay and Wait’!

Jenny wears, dress by Modeca collection, £1295, from Cheshire Bridal Wear, Altrincham. Shoes by Jimmy Choo, £460 from Havey Nichols, Manchester. Snake Bangle by Fei Liu, £680, from Green+Benz, Manchester.

Jenny wears, Dakota dress by Enzoani, £1760, from The Wedding Shop, Alderley Edge. Tulle headpiece, stylist’s own.

Jenny wears, Beaufort dress by Chanticleer £1690, from Cheshire Bridal Wear, Altrincham. Dower & Hall spiral necklace locket, £235, from Green+Benz, Manchester. Flower Headpiece, from Frog Flowers, Price on Request Black Louis chair, £395,

Jenny wears, Dakota dress by Enzoani, £1635, from The Wedding Shop, Alderley Edge. Vintage rhinestone handpiece, by Fatz K, £72, from ASOS. Gold feathered disc headpiece, by Fatz K, £150, from ASOS. Cross back chairs, £99 each, from

Dante wears, bespoke (ready to wear) suit, £900, and bowtie, £80, both from Richard Smith Bespoke, Manchester. Givenchy colourblock shirt, £170, from Harvey Nichols, Manchester. O’toole wing cap shoes, £285, from Jeffery West, Manchester. Black leather baroque chair, £195,

Jenny wears, Orient dress by Chanticleer, £2080, from Cheshire Bridal Wear, Altrincham. Ungar & Ungar, art deco pendant, £1200, from Green+Benz, Manchester. Dante wears, Dsquared2 chain shirt, £395, from Harvey Nichols, Manchester.

Jenny wears, Oleda dress, £1450, from Cheshire Bridal Wear, Altrincham. Jimmy Choo shoes, £460, from Harvey Nichols, Manchester. Dower & Hall Winter Bloom necklace, £455, from Green+Benz, Manchester. White leather chaise longue, £895, from

Jenny wears, Adore dress by Blue Bridal Wear, £1940, from The Wedding Shop, Alderley Edge. Pearl shoulder piece, by Fatz K, £325, from ASOS. Tulle headpiece, stylist’s own.

Jenny wears, Danbury dress by Enzoani, £1260, from The Wedding Shop, Alderley Edge. Benjamin Adams shoes, £300, from The Wedding Shop, Alderley Edge. Flower Headpiece, from Frog Flowers, Price on Request.

CREDITS ART DIRECTION Adam Byant PHOTOGRAPHER & RE-TOUCHING Jamie Cowlishaw STYLIST Ross Forsythe & Kate Mcleish HAIR Rosie Binns & Bec Armitage MAKEUP Julie Ann Pattinson MODELS Dante and Jenny VIVA TV Alison Kimberley & Matt Curry LOCATION NQ Photo Studio

Dante wears, Suit Jacket by Alexander McQueen £895, from Harvey Nichols, Manchester. Just Cavalli Silk Print Shirt, £235, from Harvey Nichols, Manchester.

VIVA T R E N D S VIVA’S HOT CATWALK PICKS, Fantastic Florals! Shrug off those winter blues gentlemen! The short, cold, dark days are finally over. To celebrate inject some serious springtime prints into your wardrobe. Anything floral is a massive big YES for Spring/Summer ’13 so go big, bold and GARISH! If you’re not feeling floral prints, go for a more subtle approach by incorporating grass and earth colours as a slight nod to this springtime trend.





ce SS






calvin klein SS/13

3. 7.

6. 8. 5. 4.

1. Blue rose Tshirt, £18, 2. Era shoes, Vans, £53, 3. Plain paisley print Tie, Givenchy, £75, 4. Safado Jeans, £120, Diesel 5. Plain green chinos, Religion, £70, 6. Printed cotton shirt, £175, McQ Alexander McQueen, 7. Floral print cotton shirt, Paul Smith Jeans, £155, 8. Printed cotton shirt, Givenchy, £235, 9. Mono floral neckerchief, £16, 10. Micro strip flower pin, Lanvin, £95,

VIVA T R E N D S VIVA’S HOT CATWALK PICKS, LET’S COLOUR-BLOCK! Ladies, stuck in a colour rut? Too much black in your wardrobe? Well, REJOICE! The dark days are over and spring fashion trends are back with a colour bang! Blocks of colours in every hue and shade should be a staple for the next few months, even wearing an all black outfit with a pop of colour (think cobalt blue blazer or yellow clutch) makes you fashion forward and fashion ready for spring 2013. Be Bold, Be loud and enjoy!

4. 3.




Victoria Beckham S/S13

Antoni Beradi S/S13

Dior S/S13



7. 9.


1. Knitted Crop Jumper, £30, Topshop 2. Deco Printed Shift Dress, Biba, £135, House Of Fraser 3. Textured Pleat Skirt, £35, Topshop 4. PS1 medium leather satchel, Proenza Schouler, £1150, Harvey Nichols 5. Gold Plated Claw Ring, DJ by Dominic Jones, £65, Harvey Nichols 6. Mint Green Skinny Jeans, Biba, £79, House Of Fraser 7. Signature washed silk shirt, by Equipment, £255, Harvey Nichols 8. Smooth Pink 1460 W boot, £100, Dr Martens 9. Anglomania Lace Overlay Jacket, £450, Vivienne Westwood 10. Cobalt Mid Rise Super Skinny Jean, Armani Jeans, £130, House Of Fraser



Chancery Croc Patent Tote, £230, Vivienne Westwood


Comme Des Garcons Play Red Knit Heart Cardigan, £293, Hervia Bazaar


Independant collar dress, Sister Jane, £70,

6 9


2 8 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

Power Mid-Rise skinny jeans, Victoria Beckham, £180,

Here at VIVA HQ we like to spread the love (sometimes a bit too freely!) and we think you will adore our pick of Valentine inspired fashions. If you are all loved up or part of a smug couple, get your other half to show how much they care by choosing one of these amazing items or if, like us, you are single, treat yourself to something fabulous this Valentine’s day because if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

Enamel Love Necklace, £21,

Yazbukey Lips Brooch, £65, Hervia Bazaar

Big smacker Jumper, Markus Lupfer, £265, Harvey Nichols



Lace Pleat Dress, Love, £38,


Graduated heart sock, £3.50,


Applique Jersey T-shirt, House of the Gods, £70, Harvey Nichols



Heart Logo Tshirt, Comme Des Garcons Play, £81, Hervia Bazaar


Taxonomy Floral sleeve bomber, £75,

New year, new you! we’ve all bagged a bargain during the sales but I’m bored of seeing the same thing! Now it’s time for a change. Be bang on trend and have a completely up-to-date look with all of these fantastic new fashions hitting the stores and online.

Rubber Strap watch, Marc By Marc Jacobs, £150,


6 8


Brixton Chelsea Boot, £75,



Two Time II Tshirt, Drink Beer Save Water, £84, Hervia Bazaar

Nylon Roll Top Bag, Christopher Raeburn, £120,


Jersey Panel Detail Asymmetric Jacket, £610, Vivienne Westwood, Flannels

Rattan Jersey Trouser, Delusion, £175, Intro

Cowl Neck Shirt, £75, Intro


Double Tabard Top, Gareth Pugh, £215, Hervia Bazaar u k | VIVA | 2 9

photo by: Cooper Photography

The Fairytale Wedding... u k | VIVA | 3 1


Photos: VIVA Wedding Photography

‘The Fairytale Wedding’- a somewhat distant and elusive concept, one that has entertained the minds of many since they were just five years old. So, when you actually - against all the odds, deadlines and working lunches - find that one special person, a whole new challenge begins; chasing the vision. The thing is you don’t have to look very far to find all the perfect components for the big day- a multitude of gorgeous boutiques and venues fill the Manchester - Cheshire area and you don’t even have to go searching as VIVA has already done the leg work. We sought out the venues, tried on the dresses (a little indulgence on our part) and tasted the cakes, seeking out the very best of the area for all of our VIVA readers. So, for those of you who have a wedding in the works or perhaps have high hopes for February the 14th, VIVA is your only port of call to bring you all the info you need for a fabulous and hopefully ‘magical’ day. > 3 2 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


p o h S g n Weddi


fittings g dress es falls in d n e tt choic y of a that nt style nsibilit e respo ose all-importa w nice to find with th n e ft o , th H p h o o . o e it h S w id ing e Br ding and help Mother of th e at The Wed d Lucy Chad e c n e upon th already in pla am Maggie a s alongside th te n e ic r w th m o te a g h n in g y y k k u d and da lush pin . e of quir mother er a multitud es, gowns in b of a high neck end ont ey off dress tr fr th g e th e g in th r n e m e to n wick. H s style knee-l the huge upco kes a move ta their ow 0 norm. 5 essica Biel and aughter Lucy e introducing h promd ic il J style of shift comes as iness role, wh aid dresses wh year by s t st A recen and design bu -free’ Bridesm described la he Wedn T le e of hous idal and ‘hass .’ Having bee e Northwest, Show in r g th ue B f in f iq o d o ’ n d e u e m n e y W ed li g e ‘totall gue as a ‘real aintain at The ith a condens a b to e w is o m te V p a t u to e n l r n ve gia ow to c fashion p really has a le ry. Having sh going all-out a o ding Sh ark this Febru time they are ee it… s P is Tatton year, th there to on last e sure you’re ti c e ll o k c sh.’ Ma ‘big spla





Cheshire Bridal We



heshire Bridal We ar be just trying a wedding lieves in its motto ‘It’s not gown; it’s the whole ble experience.’ Th memorais is a belief that is instilled in you right on arrival. Im mediately you’re en veloped by the relaxed vibe an d array of beautifu dresses with people lly traditional on hand to hold yo urs through this som times daunting exp erience. And don’t efear if you’re not the sic bride. With the clas‘knowledge behind the dresses’, they’ll the right shape to sui know t you as well as offeri gowns in shades of ng some cutting ed ge black and gold alo ngside the glittery, heels. As new mana girly gement came into act ion in September, the plan to maintain the y sta ness Awards’ Best Re ndard that won them the Trafford Bu sitailer of the Year= bu ing forward to impro t are constantly pushve brands, offer firs and to simply ‘up the t class costumer car e ir game.’ We have eve ry faith that they wi ll.

ton g n i h t r o W k Mar ers l l e w e J 2 W &M

e of course, th t what else… bu or s W oe k sh ar e dress, th the cake, M ou have the ial cherry on ther and daughter uc cr is th r jewellery! Fo lers is the place. With fa k Worthington el ar thington Jew two Wilmslow stores, M ide clean, congs r manning thei pping vintage pieces alon dget to to fit every bu es offers show-s modern couple. Pieces re trov su ea tr e e th lik r signs fo are filled es temporary de e.’ The shops rwell, while certain piec ic and durabl ai ry and all ‘class cabinets lined up the st t. Next to their jewelle g es in ith qu kl w re in l es tw ia iv ec at sp rn with ay awaiting original alte pieces have are tucked aw eir wedding gifts offer All their i. sk ov t th ar , ns Sw an importan collectio nsen and as Georg Je ving Mark Worthington different exbrands such gi lly hind them, there a who their flaga heritage be y that makes shopping ding rings at posable ed w or c st si hi as cl of e m th co sense ng ith ki w oc ir st well as love affa s, perience. As Lane store, the current cklaces, Pandora charm ne er n at lobo lio Ch al ed ite m ur ship 23 W zi vo in and their fa er Lane. You evident in Z k bracelets jewellery is at llectable lin store at 7 W co w n ne io r with a at ei in th Nom and leaving bracelets at ng ri ng e ki th ac st st ju zi r fo in g and Zin in go urselves might find yo e. or m t lo le ho w


THE ring & The gifts


O Green and Benz


Henrich & Denzel - Cassandra Collection Platinum .53ct GVS2 princess cut with side diamonds .68ct FVVS princess cut - £5,970 Platinum band with 36 round brilliant diamonds FVS 0.70ct - £4,895

Platinum Interlock 50pt Gvs2 13pt side GIA certificate (£5,050) & matching platinum Interlocking wedding ring with 11pt total diamond weight (£1,700)

reen and Benz are saying ‘Last year is so last year’. So what does 2013 have in store for us? While traditional styles like the round, brilliant cut are still popular for those who love a bit of sparkle, they are moving towards an altogether more symbolic mood. Shaun Leane designs matching wedding and engagement rings that entwine with one another, creating a look that reflects the bonds of marriage and makes for a really meaningful bespoke piece. In this way they are all about unique styles that remain contemporary, the essence of wedding jewellery that is worn for a lifetime and something that is reflected in their platinum service - staff trained in an understanding of platinum, the rarest and most durable metal. When asking the Green and Benz team to choose one favourite piece or style, they liken it to having to choose a favourite child and just can’t do it. A style is there to suit every person, from Shaun Leane’s new concepts to Henrich and Denzel’s Bauhaus inspired designs, all are totally distinctive.

Shaun Leane - Entwined Collection Platinum Outward interlocking 35pt Gvs1centre 15pt side GIA certificate (£2,880) & matching platinum Outward interlocking wedding ring with 15pt total diamond weight (£1,500)

VIVA F E A T U R E Richard Smith Bes



ll of the bespoke garments at Richa rd Smith are handmade using clo th from leading Ita lian and British Mills. A level of lux service makes gettin ury paired with one on one g a suit from Richa rd Smith a very special experi ence. He likens his with his clients to relationships that of a traditional tailor; much more a friend while creati like ng their unique, on e-off suit; personalise linings and inscripti ons included. With d this he offers a dis tive ‘tailor in a box’ tincgift service. Rather tha er or pre-requested n presenting a vouc hshirt, you give the gift of a beautifully sented box and a ha prendwritten letter wi th the invitation to in and get fitted. Th come is through word of mo exclusive service has grown and gro wn uth; people are mo re Richard’s praises all than willing to sho ut over town. Having previously worked for Armani, Richard devotes a lot time to wedding tai loring. (even a hairy of biker wedding for Da Myers) This is an all ve involving event as he from the bridesmaid can even take the silk ’s dresses to create hand-made ties, cra and linings for tha vats t all-important sen se of cohesion. Ju label alone, with its st the ‘exclusively tailored enough to turn you for you’ dedication away from off-the-r is ail forever.



O Jeffery-West


riginating in North ampton, the histor ical centre for the British leathe r industry and unde Jeffery’s father wh r Mark o ran a shoe makin g factory, Jeffery-West has an ingrained herit age within the business. To thi s tradition comes Gu bringing the flamb y West, oyance that is synon ymous with the Jef West style; gothic feryundertones with a signature cleft heel, linings and imprinte red d lyrics. It is this com Jeffery-West’s idol bination that create of the decadent En s glish gent, forever ing the line between tread‘respectability and rascality.’ Such a mo is encapsulated in the brand’s persona od l icons such as Keith chards and Jarvis RiCocker. Names wh ich shoes in the collec are given to variou tion. Others, such s as the Rochester sho equally risqué, tak e are ing inspiration fro m the libertine sty le for those of you who con sider yourself rockers on a level with Keith, as well as the more classic brogu e making up part of the collection. Men choosing a look for their wedding day often find themselv es dressing from the feet up after select ing a pair of iconic Jeffery-West shoes. A traditional flash of debauchery below the ankle that does more than add to a look - it defines it.

3 6 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

The Albert Square Chop House


he lasting impression yo Chop House is chara u take from The Albert Square cter, so if you’re sea rching for a romantic, original wedding venue thi s should be top of your list. This is a listed building wh ich was constructed to comme morate The Oath of ity in 1662, having Non conformplayed host to the ‘fre e-thinkers’ of Victor society as well as be ian ing designed by Th omas Worthington a significant histor . Such y and only one minu te’s walk from the To Hall and the Register wn Office, all in the ver y heart of Mancheste This licensed venue r! is str iki ng , com fortably holding eig seated people with hty a ma delicious food, addit ster sommelier validated bar, as well as ional space for danc ing, a private kitch and grand stairwell en . 2013 also sees eig ht boutique suites ing opened, and all bethese aspects are gre at really what attract the eye. Showing the but the portraits are Made in the North hibition of photogra exphic portraits from Paul Wolfgang Webst (some of which appe er ar in the National Po rtrait Gallery) that ebrate Manchester celfolk who have contri buted in a great wa the community, fro y to m Alex Ferguson to Lester Barr of the can prevention charity, cer Genesis. Alongside these are some exq portraits from the uisite artist Lynton Hems ley, wonderful flashe intimacy that may ins s of pire some of your ow photo opportunities n poses in the uniqu within this Venetia e n Gothic style venue .

the venue

Ostle a

C n o t r o Peckf


n the tter the here be untry. This w , g in sett e co fairytale al castle in th nclusive venue riginal v or the o -intact, medie mily-run, all-i and stunning ll fa only sti rton Castle, a oms available atic appeal of o fo is Peck ty-seven bedr ch is the dram ing of Robin u lm r with fo portunities. S host to the fi ings just can’t p d en photo o that it has be tures or recor te the natural da pic o ing us t d e m il y u m d o b d an re vario acc this liste d Doctor Who g justice. To cation, there a A chapel in n l. lo tt a ia a e such Hood pectacular s e spec a falconry arise in s bit mor do this fantasies that e the day that get a blessing, rings the b s k n princes uches that ma d and wife ca n an owl that edicated n d ve magic to the new husba r guests and e things. Three ch of the h you s mu ther a o in y e y ta in whic k r n a ta te and the ng m to en nd to display the altar, amo re also on ha ically possible ton havr a s y rings to co-ordinators nce as is ph at with Peckfo of popul h g rie weddin t of the expe ey’re doing. W with this leve mise, on ou at th . Even you and pro h r a w hassle e y w t o s out ly kn rs. gs la definite d 187 weddin e day is all ab ne that matte o th te ing hos ey make sure ill be the only w larity, th your wedding , the day

F u k | VIVA | 3 7


Hey Little Cupcake


ince opening in 2011, Hey Little Cupcake has gone from strength to strength (amazingly people’s demand for cake doesn’t falter even in a recession) grabbing the accolade of ‘Best Wedding Cake Designer’ in The Wedding Industry Awards last year. Such a title, voted for by clients and fans alike, is of course down to their stellar wedding service and vast variety of flavours but also their ethos that cake should be FUN. Fun is certainly one way you would describe their Mr Potato Head cupcake, a DIY treat that has already booked an appearance at a wedding later this year, as a Mr and Mrs double act, alongside other requests for a cow cake, a Halloween themed affair and one couple who had Lego characters and pieces in place of a traditional bride and groom. Of course you can still go for the more typical flowers and hearts but the option is there to stretch your imagination. They also offer an incredibly popular cupcake decorating and cocktail class (teaming up with The Alchemist bar) for hen parties, so you can experiment to your heart’s content and keep the more conservative styling for the wedding.

THE cake & flowers



s r e w o l F Frog

hing ers, somet s about flow creating they ea id g n ro When s has st rog Flower ous in their designs. or design, art and ri vi which is ob ion from fashion, inte rog’s David notes F at . ir es sp lv in se r how ke ta couple them ea in their heads fo ise e th e rs u al id su an of co vi e av em h th brides le to help ro s tois an h that most le is at it look and but one th ng this is e ld ic ou rv sh se ay the big d ersonalised nal.’ Stressi ouquets, a fiercely p a ‘twist on traditio this. It is standard b made e, e rd th ga o t d an ly ts av on e en th ot rm s n d al ga war wers ces and ces but actu at Frog Flo the fact th ments and lapel pie extravagant headpie is you ge as th n h ch table arra ience wit selves su owers them me hands-on exper in which you can so from the fl s t op ge h o ks T . or partyes ’w wrist corsag l in ‘Flower School, laxed, arts and crafts stead ro in re en a or e en in d ic si trade can ev your artist icks of the g ideas. learn the tr ere. Want to explore t Frog Flower’s stron h p ou like atmos do it for you? Check get David to


3 8 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


photo by: Cooper Photography

So now the confetti has fallen on our vicarious celebration, it’s up to you. Whether you go for a tiara or Keith Richards boots, we think we have given you all the info you need to do it right. Just don’t forget to send us an invite or at least a slice of the cake! words: Johanna Dorey



The Wedding Shop 38 London Road, Alderley Edge, SK9 7DZ 01625 584674

MW Jewellers 7 Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AE 01625 537257

Cheshire Bridal Wear 8A Goose Green, Altrincham, WA14 1DW 0161 9279393

Richard Smith Bespoke 2A St.Mary’s Street, Manchester, M3 2LB 0161 8321995

Green + Benz The Corn Exchange, Exchange Square, Manchester, M4 3TR 0161 8351835

Jeffery West 1 Barton Arcade, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2BB 0161 8359284

Mark Worthington Jewellers 23 Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AE 01625 532532

The Albert Square Chop House The Memorial Hall, Albert Square, Manchester, M2 5PF 0161 8341866

4 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


Peckforton Castle Stone House Lane, Peckforton, Tarporley, Cheshire, CW6 9TN 01829 260930

Hey Little Cup Cake Little Quay Street, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3HF 0161 8320260 Frog Flowers 51 Turner Street, Northern Quarter Manchester, M4 1DN 0161 8333463 VIVA Wedding Photography 0161 7366339

The Pefect Match On your special day we want you to look as amazing and fabulous as possible. So here at Viva we have put together a collection of accessories that will add an extra special sparkle to your big day. We hope you will love them as much as we do!



4. 1.



Photography, Karin Allbonsson Re-touching, Andrew Brooks Set Design, Ross Forsythe


11. 10.

9. 8.

7. 1. White and pearl necklace, £125, from Green + Benz 2. Fei Liu Peony Bangle, £790, from Green+Benz 3. Fei Liu Peony Earrings, £780, from Green + Benz 4. Swarovski heart rose gold plated earrings, £69, from MW2 Jewellers 5. Dower + Hall Pearlicious Earrings, £48, from Green + Benz 6. Viventy pearl drop earrings with pave stud, £185, from MW2 Jewellers 7. Georg Jensen Magic yellow gold ring with pearl, £1175, from MW2 Jewellers 8. Lapponia matt cufflinks, £260, from MW2 Jewellers 9. Babette Wasserman Crystal Explosion Cufflinks, £65, from Green + Benz 10. Babette Wasserman White Catseye Cufflinks, £69, from Green + Benz 11. Swarovski champagne flutes (set of two) £240, from MW2 Jewellery 12. Ungar & Ungar Pearl and Diamond Bracelet, £4200, from Green + Benz

VIVA B E A U T Y POST XMAS WEIGHT-LOSS, VALENTINE’S PAMPERING & ACHIEVING A HEALTHY GLOW: TINA O’BRIEN REPORTS… New York! New York! Just before Christmas, I went on a trip to New York and it was the best holiday I’ve ever had. I stayed in Greenwich Village and it was just so beautiful and full of Christmas trees. I haven’t been shopping much lately but I did treat myself to my lovely gold sequin Michael Kors dress while I was over there. Giving skin some TLC after the party season I’m a huge fan of Incredi-‘peel’ pads, which I was a bit dubious about using at first as I was worried they would strip my skin and leave it feeling tight. But they get rid of dead skin cells without peeling away layers of skin and leave me looking very healthy. I’m running out at the moment so I definitely need to re-stock! I’ve also recently bought Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream which protects the skin in the winter weather. Burning off those Christmas calories My boyfriend owns a company,, that I’ve joined, which has a 19 day fat loss challenge programme. It’s a really good motivator as it has its own page, like a Facebook page, where everyone can talk to each other about their progress. I think this has definitely given me willpower to do well and so far I’ve lost five pounds.

Celebrities are just loving TATIANA HAIR EXTENSIONS. The proof is on TWITTER @TatianaHairExts To book your appointment call: 0161 236 4467 or visit the salon in Manchester on Port Street in the Northern Quarter.

Valentine’s Day date essentials If I’ve got the time before a date, I like to have a lovely bath with some scented bath bombs. In terms of make-up, I absolutely love MAC’s Powder Blush. I have a pink one which puts a bit of colour in my cheeks like I’ve been outside in the fresh air, so I have a healthy yet pretty glow. I like to finish my look off with a bit of lipstick but nothing too tacky as Valentine’s Day means plenty of kisses and my boyfriend always complains if I wear too much!

Tatiana News:


atiana Hair Extensions are renowned for their frequent celebrity visitors and November and December 2012 were no different. With a plethora of top celebrity customers coming through their doors, Tatiana Hair Extensions welcomed two more glamorous stars to the list, to finish the year off nicely. Atomic Kitten and Snog Marry Avoid star, Jenny Frost popped in to see Tatiana Hair Extensions on the 22nd of November to treat herself to a half head of luxurious, ethicallysourced Russian hair. Jenny is currently pregnant with twin girls and due to give birth next month. Jenny was so pleased with her extensions, she tweeted her delight saying “They are the PERFECT colour match, thank you Tatiana, you’re the best!” Also joining the long list of celebrity customers in 2012 was American Pie and Celebrity Big Brother star, Tara Reid. Tara visited Tatiana on the 19th of December to have preChristmas, custom made clip in hair extensions, to really give some volume to her own tresses. Tara has currently returned to her home in LA after 9 months touring. Tara was obviously very happy with her extensions, tweeting: “I just got the best hair extensions @TatianaHairExts she’s the best!”. ■

Vintage wedding dreams VIVA’s wedding feature got me thinking about what I’d want for my wedding day (should it ever happen) and I would definitely love a vintage wedding dress, say something from the 1920s and I’d definitely have a vintage hairstyle with soft curls and maybe pinned up on one side. New Year and no more beauty crimes I’ll definitely be making sure I take my make-up off before bed every night! And also, it’s not really beauty-related as much but I’ve made a promise to go to the dentist more often. It’s so important to look after your teeth so I’ll be booking myself a lot more check-ups and I might look into getting them whitened. 2013 fashion and beauty trends I think I’ll be going for a softer look with my make-up. Usually I would stick to black eyeliner but I’m swaying more towards browns, taupes and creams now. I really want to get my hands on a caramel-coloured coat; I want to get a classic style which I can wear every year. I will also be looking to getting some new fitted clothes, especially dresses, as I feel in winter I just hide away in my layers, with baggy jumpers. ■

ina@tinx aob Love one T twitter

Follow m

Photography: Rob Evans/ Styling: Kelvin Barron & Hair: Andrew Trott-Barn both Vital Creatives Make up: Colette Casey / Artdeco Creatives




ichelle Keegan may be best known as Tina McIntyre, cast regular on Coronation Street (the world’s longest running TV soap) but she is also an ambassador with the fantastic charity Inspiration Ovarian Cancer North West. Over the last two years the charity has organised two very successful fashion shows with collections from well known designers, celebrity hosts, live music, fabulous prizes and auctions; all in an effort to fund research into ovarian cancer. This year Michelle will be hosting with designers from, Renee Marion, Ringspun and Rosie Olivia Millinery showing their collections. VIVA chats to her about this important cause. You are an ambassador for Inspiration Ovarian Cancer North West, can you tell us about the charity and your involvement with it? I decided to get involved with the charity because I lost my grandma to ovarian cancer 3 years ago. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about her and I want to try and raise money for vital research into prevention and cure. The charity is called Inspiration Ovarian Cancer North Westdo you think your personal experience with ovarian cancer helps you to be an inspiration as an ambassador? I do think it helps because inspiration gives you motivation and I am motivated to try and do something about it to channel my energy into trying to help the cause. I don’t have a lot of free time with my job but when I do I enjoy using it constructively and events like these raise awareness.

“I Am Motivated To Channel My Energy Into Helping Ovarian Cancer” The charity focuses on providing support and information for women, their carers and also their families. Were these things important to you during your experience of the disease with your grandmother? Yes, very much so. It’s a very pro-active charity which is why I agreed to take part in this event. Providing information and raising awareness means that, hopefully ,more women, young and old, will know to have smears regularly and to look after and get to know their bodies. People do survive cancer especially if it is caught early, so Inspiration Ovarian Cancer North West helps with spreading the word.

More money needs investing into seeking out preventions, causes and cures. I still think early detection is crucial and hopefully with more events and fundraising opportunities like this there will be an improvement in survival rates in the next few years. One of the charity’s aims is to educate the wider community. do you think events like these will manage to bring more media coverage for the disease? The media can really help with spreading the message and educating people. I hope that by hosting the night it means that more women who know me from Corrie will be inspired to do something and maybe put on a little fundraiser of their own or find out a bit more about the charity.

“Not a day goes by when I don’t think about my Grandma, I want to try and raise money for vital research into prevention and cure” You will be attending the charity’s fashion show in March which is being held at The Monastery in Gorton. What can we expect from this event? Gorton Monastery is an amazing location. There is going to be a fab fashion show which will be hosted by myself and my Coronation street co-star Chris Fountain who plays my boyfriend Tommy. It’s going to be a fun night. Have you managed to get a sneak peek AT the fashion collections being showcased? I have! I did this shoot just before Christmas with some of the designers and the clothes are great, lots of colour and stand out dresses!

Finally, are you proud to be a famous resident of Manchester when involved with a North West based charity? I love Manchester and I’m proud to say I am a Mancunian. It’s very important to raise awareness for local charities as they often get overlooked for the bigger national ones.


Currently less than £1 million per year is spent by national ovarian cancer specific charities on research. In contrast the main breast cancer charities invested £17 million on research last year. why do you think this is? Consider that in result of such funding survival rates for breast cancer have improved from 50% to 80% over the last 20 years. Ovarian cancer needs more funding, the statistics for the survival rates of breast cancer speak for themselves.

Interview by: Johanna Dorey u k | VIVA | 4 7

the Runway Group is proud to unveil



UNWAY, home to fashion inspired by 1970s New York, is now your one-stop boutique for any important function.

Aptly titled RUNWAY Retreat, you can arrive prior to any event and receive top style advice personalised for you by a member of the ‘Get me styled’ RUNWAY Team. Once styled it is time to ‘Get Gorgeous’ in the creative hands of Claire Muldowney.

These are hands any lady will definitely want to be in, given her eight years plus experience working with MAC Cosmetics, Claire has worked on fashion week and created the perfect look for countless celebrities. Claire will listen to your requirements and ensure that you are comfortable -with a glass of bubbly in hand - while the ‘Get me Gorgeous’ magic begins. Not only can you be made fabulous for any occasion but ladies can stay so by attending a personal make-up lesson or masterclass at Runway Retreat. So what can ladies expect from RUNWAY Retreat? The ultimate experience with one-to-one RUNWAY Service. Our priority is to make you feel fabulous from the inside out. With Love From, RUNWAY Retreat. RUNWAY Retreat, 41 London Road, Alderley Edge, SK9 7JT. 01625 584180

Dermaskin only employs experienced doctors who have performed hundreds of these procedures previously. Call us now for a FREE consultation or visit the website for more information.

Botox from £99 Fillers from £200 Teeth Whitening £75 (introductory offer) Sculptra, Radiesse, laser on enquiry.

QUOTE: VIVA10 on booking to get 10% off total treatment

Call us on 0161 850 5060

NEW LOCATION & FREE PARKING- Dermaskin clinic, 66 Quay St, Manchester, M3 3EJ email:

RUNWAY The Runway Group is proud to unveil... RUNWAY Retreat in Alderley Edge

Get me gorgeous... Get me styled... Get me bronzed... Get me fit... Every day is a fashion show and the world is your RUNWAY. With Love From

Sharon L 33 King Street, Knutsford 01565 220023 41 London Rd, Alderley Edge 01625 584180

Great Start To The Year For Mr Male Grooming


R’s move to new digs in Spinningfields was inevitable given their unstoppable growth since starting up two years ago. Now re-established once again, the team are happy to be celebrating their anniversary with a look to the New Year and new treatments. Having spoken in the past of world domination, the gang are well on their way with their plan for a new MR salon in Leeds as well as an MRS partner for Manchester. We can only assume that, at this rate, they will be upgrading yet again in another two years. With six stylists on hand (six and a half including up-and-coming junior stylist Andy) and much more room to manoeuvre, the salon is a lot calmer than before whilst still maintaining its happy, professional vibe. Although there are multiple treatments for women available - such as party lashes and celebrity definition brows - MR Spinningfields salon is, at heart, a male retreat. On offer is a laundry service, complimentary beer, hair products, a range of treatments and, of course, a great haircut! It’s a fusion of hairdresser and barbers so there is something to suit everyone. Reverting to cliché, one wouldn’t necessarily bet on the longevity of an establishment

devoted to male grooming and aesthetics; such things not always being at the top of a man’s to-do list. The boys note though that, while guys might not go looking for styling, if it’s all on offer under one roof, men are more than happy to get the works done. ‘If you build it they will come.’ With this their clientele are a varied pool, but generally leaning towards the young and trendy; suited types flying the metrosexual banner loud and proud. As the salon reopens technician Emma already has her hands full with varied treatments that go beyond the usual haircut: teeth whitening, Diamond Dermabrasion, LHE Hair removal and the brand spanking, new Cellulos Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment - a process that has only been available in this country for a mere couple of weeks, having just migrated over from Hollywood. MR already has their hands on one of these amazing machines which can take a whole inch off you through fat cell reduction and creates permanent results in just four sessions. With MR having the only machine in Manchester, they already have celebrity clients jostling to book their appointments. It is this kind of exclusivity that recommends MR as your only port of call for personal grooming in the city. ■

* Open 6 days a week * Call 0161 834 1610 to book your appointment * Unit 5, No.1 Hardman Boulevard, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3AQ * Follow them on twitter @mrmalegrooming 5 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t




mile Stylist is the place for Invisalign, the amazing brace alternative that people find themselves wanting after missing the boat in their teens and all because ‘Invisalign changes your life not your lifestyle.’ It uses sophisticated 3D computer technology to produce custom-made, clear aligners from impressions and photographs of your teeth. Aligners that are worn 22 hours a day like a gum-shield and changed every couple of weeks to shape your teeth into the perfect smile. Helen Skelton of Television and Sport Relief fame is one of the many people turning to Invisalign. Having sucked her thumb as a child, (or until she was 20, but who’s counting?) her front teeth now lean forward. Obviously not a huge problem but one that can lead to issues in later life with malocclusion putting stress on the jaw. After a chipped tooth she finally decided to go for it,and finds that, even with her life on the road and in front of the screen, she barely notices it, and, more importantly, neither do other people. What attracted her to the treatment in the first place was the fact that ‘you’re in control.’ After your first free consultation you are shown exactly what is going to happen and what your teeth will look like and you’re free to take it out at any time if unhappy with the process, unlike a traditional wire brace. With eight months to go until completion, Helen can only look forward to the end product now but it is one that will be all the better for a complimentary teeth whitening session and being a faultless, healthy smile. ■



Dr. Sandeep Kumar, owner and principal dentist at Smile Stylist Group


till need to shift the pounds after Christmas but the option of running into work a sweaty mess, frantically changing in the loo and all before working a full day shockingly leaves you a little cold? Well... wobbleyou. No, that isn’t a cruel jibe but a new ‘FLABéLOS’ way to keep in shape. Turn up (you don’t even need an appointment) in whatever you have on; suit, jeans, bodycon dress and hop on one of the FLABéLOS vibrating machines, leaving minutes later toned and sweat free. With FLABéLOS you can get the benefits of an hour’s workout in just ten minutes, ‘the most strenuous thing you need to do is take off your shoes!!’ It all seems slightly unbelievable but don’t knock it till you’ve wobbled it. The magic of the FLABéLOS machines lies in the Law of Gravity - the plates of the machine move up and down at varying speeds while the machine itself oscillates on a pivotal system creating a see-saw movement. The body responds to this and tries to stabilise itself creating rapid muscle contractions and generating vibration impulses. Standing on one felt strange at first, almost like standing on a surf board and it has most people in fits of giggles their first time on. And while you simply stand there jiggling away the benefits are all kicking in. Alongside aiding weight loss, toning and general fitness, there are also a number of medical advantages; improving flexibility, (in particular for those with arthritis)

relieving lower back pain, maintaining skin elasticity and normalising insulin levels. FLABéLOS is a perfect alternative to the gym or a great aid to regular exercise to really accelerate results. Client Michelle said: “I have been using FLABéLOS for 6 weeks, 3 times a week. I have lost weight & inches! Really pleased.” The wobbleyou community is a great one to be a part of too. This lovely bunch have an instant rapport with clients and are all ‘trained to the max.’ On top of the machines a weight management service is available, with supplies from the world’s leading weight loss and nutrition company. The team are there to help you on the road to your goal with ready advice and support, as well as clients being able to book a free thirty minute wellness consultation. And, if even this isn’t enough, every week a unique ‘wobblework’ class is held in which you use the machines alongside aerobic exercises and music. The studio itself is even open for hire, as it offers a spacious and classy venue. So with it only being 3 minutes’ walk from Piccadilly Train Station and Piccadilly Gardens, it’s perfect for the busy commuters of the City. What on earth are you all waiting for? Get FLABéLOS! 47 Dale Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 2HF. 0161 228 3375 Find out much more at



5 2 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


VIVA’ No 1, The Regenerating Serum by Creme de la Mere is an absolute must for your New Years Skincare routine. Us VIVA girls LOVE this- it’s like nothing else that you have tried before, with its silky lightweight texture a little goes a long way! It is slightly on the pricy side but it lasts a long time, usually 6 - 12 months so it is definitely worth the investment, and you won’t believe how this fantastic advanced serum with its anti-aging ingredients will transform tired and dehydrated skin. Use every day and the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores is diminished and skin’s natural collagen and elastin is supported. £220, available from Selfridges, Manchester



Murad’s Time Retinol Concentrate, targets those deep wrinkles and crow’s feet, this fantastic cream reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles by 45% in just 6 weeks! This is a no-brainer... £65, available from Urban Retreat, Harvey Nichols

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation An award winning product stepping out in a new look- Jonathan Adler and Bare Minerals bring you a foundation that gives you flawless coverage and luminous, natural looking skin. Available in five different shades. £50, available exclusively at Selfridges, Manchester


VIVA Picks the most revitalizing products to give your skin a health kick this NEW YEAR!


Clinique Moisture Overnight Mask, wake feeling revitalised, and hydrated- this mask delivers intense hydration to your skin with moisture-locking hyaluronic acid, creating an invisible moisture mesh that preserves optimal hydration. £38, available from Clinique counters in Manchester.

MAC Making Pretty Lipstick, Brighten up your new year with this fierce Runway Red lipstick. £20.50, available from MAC counters in Selfridges, Manchester.


Natio Gentle Skin Toner, An alcohol free, plantbased toner with Organic Rosehip Oil, Aloe and Mandarin to purify, balance and revitalise skin. Soothes, softens and preps the skin for moisturiser. £10, available from Debenhams


6 8


H20 Marine Gel Mask, formulated to calm aggravated skin, this calming mask contains red marine algae, cucumber and aloe vera extracts.This is the perfect antidote for red, stressed skin that has been battered by the elements.

Laura Mercier new foundation primer. This is a must have for keeping your makeup looking fresh and colour true, which also hydrates skin at the same time with Jojoba Oil and Vitamins A, C & E! Limited edition so make sure you get yours quick, £35, available from House of Fraser, Manchester

5 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


Sai-Sea, Green Tea Purifying Soap, comes in a handy net bag to produce a thick, creamy lather and exfoliates at the same time! Leaves skin extremely fresh, soft and supple. £15 Available from Space NK Manchester

James Read Sleep Mask Tan Wake up with a glow! This is the first of its kind, combining overnight skin beautifying ingredients with a touch of self-tan. £25, available from

VIVA G R O O M I N G Cade Shaving Bowl with Soap. The Cade for Men range has taken inspiration from the true stories of Shepherds in Provence. Something to mull over when whipping up a generous lather with this vegetable-shaped soap, which ensures a soft, smooth shave and protected skin. £29, available from L’Occitan, Trafford Centre


3 1

Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care Shave Cream. A rich, lubricated lather with notes of citrus and warm spicy depth that softens the beard for a close, comfortable shave. With vitamin E and aloe vera, this leaves the skin looking its natural best. ‘Take the sting out of shaving!’ £8.99, available from Selfridges, Manchester.

Versace Eros Eau De Toilette A sensual, virile fragrance that takes its name from the Mythological Greek God of Love; this is a fragrance for a ‘strong man, passionate and master of himself.’ Are you up to the task? £35


Kyoku Pore Reducing Serum. Works by absorbing excess oil, altering pore metabloism and with anti inflammatory properties, it’s effectiveness comes from rare Japanese ingredients such as liquorice root extract and eijitsu rose. £18, available from Boots, Manchester.




L’Occitan Shower Gel A gentle 2 in 1 shampoo for guys on the move, packed with organic extracts and a cleansing base of coconut, sunflower and palm oils. Invigorating and revitalizing with the added benefits of being eco-designed! £13, available from L’Occitan Trafford Centre.

American Crew Grooming Cream. With sweet almond oil and beeswax, this styles your hair without leaving a greasy film. Natural looking and great smelling, the perfect go to product for hair care. £10.63, available from

VIVA Picks the most revitalizing products to give your skin a health kick this NEW YEAR!



Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Body Lotion, Tom Ford’s encapsulation of the Italian Riviera with citrus oils, floral notes and amber undertones, this rich cream nourishes the skin totally. Described as ‘transportive,’ let this take you to the cool waters of the Riviera. £40, available from Selfridges

Ortigia Sicilian Lime Bath Oil. With the aforementioned injection of citrus flavour, this will give you an aromatic and uplifting bathing experience. A masculine and subtle scent to go with a stress relieving bath at the end of the day. £26, available from


Billy Jealousy About Face AntiAging Serum. A preventative formula that will put your aging woes to rest as, after using this stuff, we’re sure you’ll inspire lots of (Billy) jealousy...!! £29, available from u k | VIVA | 5 5

Photo: Andy Lesauvage


The Gorgeous Couple: Louise Cliffe & Jay McKray Visit VIVA HQ…


ince Big Brother the gorgeous couple have been inseparable. We had a good old chinwag with the pair about everything from the big wedding to the launch of Jay’s music career. VIVA: So the world’s properly come about you two in the Big Brother 12 house where you became a couple and then a year later you’re married. You guys just seem so in love. What’s been the highlight of your relationship so far? Lou: It has to be the wedding day. Jay: But we’ve had so many good laughs. Like, I found out about these cabins and they were all different themes like the Versace suite and I did a little treasure hunt for Lou.

VIVA: Where did you have your wedding? Lou: In Durham, in a registry office. It was like the south of France you wouldn’t have thought it was near Newcastle. Jay: Yeah, we had a big do with friends and family. It was great fun. VIVA: You guys are always together, not just socially but with work too, does it get a bit intense and do you fight quite a bit?

VIVA: So Lou you were the original Miss Manchester in 2006, what do you think of the other Miss Manchesters that have taken your crown over the last few years, have they got better or worst? Lou: The last girl was really nice. Jessica was gorgeous. Elicia, she is one of my friends, absolutely mad. They have all been really great in their own different ways. I never really mention Miss Manchester as, at the time, I wasn’t even going to do it. Beauty pageants aren’t really me but my ex-boyfriend told me to go in for it and I thought it would be good for my confidence because I used to be painfully shy and I couldn’t believe I won it.

“If Lou gets something in her head she will bicker on for about three days”

Lou: Malta was nice too. We had our own private swimming pool and the bed was probably the size of this room and we had a Jacuzzi which was a detoxing machine. And also, when Jay proposed to me on Manchester’s big wheel, it was so romantic, our song is Rihanna’s ‘We found love’ and it came on in the Wheel when he proposed. VIVA: Tell us a bit more about the wedding. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Lou: We went to Spain with our Mums and Dads. We’ve got a really close relationship with all our families.

Lou: We don’t really argue. Jay: If Lou gets something in her head she will bicker on for about three days. Lou: Yes but I have every right to say what I say! But no we really don’t. We say in total that we’ve been together 10 years. Most couples get up, go to work all day and then spend about 3 hours a day together but we are together all the time. So we’ve seen all the good sides and the bad sides and we enjoy each other’s company. VIVA: So are there any plans for a baby? Jay: I’ve said let’s wait until she’s 30 and I’ll be 32 because I’m still a bit radge at the moment and I need to calm down a bit before having a baby.

VIVA: But you started your career off as a model and have been on the front of quite a few big magazines. What’s the favourite front cover you have been on? Lou: That was an accident getting into that too. I was bored at my sister’s flat and she said let’s take some pictures of you and we sent them off to some newspaper and then a few weeks later they called me and said they really liked me and would I come and do a shoot with them. Then I got my first front cover with Loaded magazine. I would say Bazaar was my favourite cover though. VIVA: We hear you’re massively trying to get into acting? > u k | VIVA | 5 7


Lou: Well yes. I used to do a bit of acting and then my career took off in modelling. I used to go to the Manchester School Of Acting and I got a part in Wrong Turn 3. (horror film) But yes, I’m definitely going to get back into it and aim for Hollywood. VIVA: You’ve both done reality TV. Is this something you would like to continue doing if the opportunity came up again? Lou: If someone approached us and wanted to do a fly on the wall documentary then yes definitely. Jay: Yes it would be cool to have our own show doing mad stuff and that and I would probably do ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ for the crack. VIVA: Lou, what was it like meeting Pamela Anderson on Big Brother? Lou: It was amazing. She is such a lovely women and she’s mint for her age and really down to earth.

as I did writing lyrics I would had been working for NASA by now!

VIVA: What’s your plan for the future, careerwise?

When I came out of Big Brother, Whitney Houston’s nephew Gary Houston approached me and wanted me to work with him but since the recording, he’s taken time out after such a sad year, losing his auntie. Anyhow I started writing my own songs and now it’s just expanded from there.

Jay: Well Lou and me have just done our calendars but I’ve never really been a model. I did the Galaxy manhunt but that was about it. I’m going to stick with my music that’s what I enjoy doing so I’m going to see where it takes me. VIVA: You’re tattoo mad, what’s your favourite tattoo on your body?

VIVA: It’s a very dancey track; is the rest of your album going to be dancey or a bit of a mix? Jay: Well I thought I’d start with a dancey one first but I’ve done a few ballads and drum’n’base tunes. I wanted to prove to my record label that I’m not just a one trick pony. A bit of what Example does, singing and rapping.

Jay: I’m going to have to say the one of my wife on my leg. VIVA: What will you two be doing on Valentine’s day? Lou: Well, Jay’s got a surprise planned and he’s not giving anything away. To be honest though I’d be happy just to turn the phones off, have a gorgeous candlelit meal at home, maybe watch a dvd and just be with Jay.

“If someone approached us and wanted to do a fly on the wall documentary then yes we’d definitely do it”

VIVA: Jay, your music career is starting to kick off. Your new track ‘Music Is My Life’ is on sale now. You wrote this with another guy called Nick Hussey. Is music and writing music something you have always wanted to get into? Jay: I’ve always written lyrics and I used to MC in pubs in Newcastle, and my Mum always said if I’d spent as much time in school

VIVA: So everything you’ve done on your album you have written yourself? Jay: Aye!

VIVA: Jay you came across very romantic on BB writing little notes in love hearts, Lou what’s the best present Jay has given you on Valentine’s day?

Jay: Ozzy Osbourne! He’s crazy and a living legend.

Lou: We’ve only had one Valentine’s Day together so far and Jay is very romantic. I got chocolates, flowers and champagne on the day but he saved my real present for later. I got back from a shoot on a Friday and he’d packed a w/e bag for us without telling me. We drove to a log cabin up in Scotland. It was very cold but we had a big log fire in the cabin, really romantic. I had no idea he’d planned it, so it was the best Valentine’s present ever.

VIVA: What’s it been like for you going from being a plumber to, all of a sudden, getting fame?

VIVA: Last question for you guys, because we love Manchester. What do you enjoy doing when you are both in Manchester?

Jay: If you’re from Newcastle you never really leave and I was that well known in Newcastle I couldn’t go 3 feet without someone knowing me, so it hasn’t really been that much different. I think it’s just the picture thing that does my head in. Everyone wants to take a picture with you. You know, you’re going to the Coop for a pint of milk, your hair’s a mess or you’re dying from all the drinking the night before and then someone wants a picture with you. That’s the only thing I don’t like.

Lou: We just love hanging around with the family, they all love Jay. ■

VIVA: When’s the album going to be out? Jay: Hopefully next year. VIVA: If you could collaborate with any other artist in the world who would it be?

You can download Jay’s new track ‘Music Is My Life’ from itunes plus follow Lou and Jay on twitter: @RealJayMcKray @cliffe1

Photos: Karin Albinsson

Breathtaking views from Penthouse Terraces

Party in true style

at the Light’s 15th floor

Penthouse Terraces!


ucked away in the trendy Northern Quarter, The Light Boutique ApartHotel stands above the skyline of Manchester like a welcoming lighthouse at sea. Originally built as a textile warehouse, it manages to combine Manchester’s important industrial heritage with its cosmopolitan style as a cultural hub. For people visiting the city, having the Northern Quarter right on your doorstep is a huge plus with its abundance of quirky and alternative pursuits, as well as being just around the corner from all central transportation. This fabulous apart hotel boasts 59 modern, contemporary apartments including seven 5* penthouse apartments that offer that home-from-home feeling. All are classic and understated and all have access to a state of the art gym and the 63 Degrees French Restaurant, one of Manchester’s finest French restaurants that offers “French elements with a modern twist.” With this, all hotel guests receive 10% off their final bill at 63 Degrees when they show their room card.

Stunning Sunsets

While the hotel offers these gorgeous apartments for travellers coming through, their penthouses are a true luxury up in the skyline. High up on the 15th floor there are two fabulous penthouses which you can hire together if needed and have the entire floor to yourself. The 15th floor offers two 5 star suites and access to a pair of large outside terraces, all of which offers the perfect setting for any event, something The Light is prepared for with specialist event management. Here you can have marquées constructed, hot tubs fired up, hog roasts prepared alongside anything else you can think of, ask and you will receive. Even with the sky as the limit, the prices are totally down to earth as it is an affordable venue for anyone. This is the fantastic thing about The Light as it remains a blank canvas for you to daub across and caters for anything from eighteenth birthday parties, fashion shows, book launches and weddings. But while the terraces remain a blank canvas, the view is quite the opposite, an incomparable look at the skyline of Manchester which, as the night advances and the city lights up, creates a spectacular backdrop. ■ The Light Boutique ApartHotel 20 Church Street, Manchester, M41PN 0161 839 4848

6 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

‘Come & celebrate your special occasion with us’ we specialise in Wedding receptions, Parties, Events & Corporate Meetings

20 Church St Manchester M4 1PN

t:+44 (0)161 839 4848 f:+44 (0)161 839 4898

Wedding Gifts



4. 3.



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Set of 3 black leather Croc Trunks, perfect for new homes and honeymoon adventurers, £395, from Graham and Green, London. Georg Jensen String Bowl, A touch of the unusual, £100, from MW2 Jewellery, Wilmslow. White Celebration Album, a sophisticated home for your treasured memories, £650, from Asprey, London Georg Jensen large stainless steel cobra tray, an avant-garde flash of silver, £130, from, MW2 Jewellery, Wilmslow Lapponia Chess-board, for the gamers among you, play away in true style, £10,465, from MW2 Jewellery, Wilmslow. Rondo garden table, it’s biodegradable and recyclable! Available from for £420.

6 2 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

VIVA Cribs

7. 8.

10. 9.

11. 12.

7. Georg Jensen elephant bottle opener, add a touch of safari to your drinking experience, £30, from MW2 Jewellers, Wilmslow. 8. Top Hat Ice Bucket, a bit of fun, and far more reliable than the real thing! £45, from Graham and Green, London. 9. Stainless steel Georg Jensen Flora Vase a deviation from traditional china, this is the modern centrepiece, £100, from MW2 Jewellers. 10. Gold-Dipped Cutlery, these two-tone tools add a little shine to the table, £32, from Selfridges, Manchester. 11. Vera Wang with Love Champagne Flutes, pair made for the first toast as a married couple, £47.49, from John Lewis. 12. Vera Wang for Wedgwood gilded weave tableware, Added glitz to a wedding gift staple, £130, from John Lewis. u k | VIVA | 6 3

VIVA G A D G E T S BeachBuoy - from £14.95 - GPS The BeachBuoy Waterproof Case is fully tested and approved by the British Standards Institute (BSI). It’s made from a durable material that offers you the ultimate in waterproof protection for your smartphone, iPod or camera. Using a simple (but really effective) grip seal system, the BeachBuoy is 100% waterproof, so you can rest assured that your £500 iPhone is protected from water, sand and sticky fingers.

Mango Bikes - from £269. Fully customisable Mango Bikes is a fresh, young brand offering bespoke bicycles that come in 100s of different colour and component combinations but whose arresting designs won’t break the bank.


Denon AH-W150 Sports Heapdhones - £129.99 Did you know that listening to music while working out can enhance your performance by at least 20%? Denon has developed the ultimate wireless fitness headphones that are your perfect training companion. Sweat proof, featuring stereo Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless connectivity and an integrated amplifier, the headphones are professionally tuned to energise your workout. Completing the package is a seven hour rechargeable battery and integrated controls and microphones for on-the-go use.

6 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

BASIS:WRIST-BASED HEALTH TRACKER - $199 At Basis our mission is to help fit health into our busy lives. To put this in reach, we designed our wrist-based health tracker and online personal dashboard to help people easily incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines. Basis leverages four types of advanced sensors in its lightweight, customizable design to calculate steps taken, calories burned and sleep quality, as well as physiological metrics like heart rate. We help you set new health goals and automatically adjust weekly targets based on your progress. Using this flexible approach you’ll build healthy habits you can maintain for years. Due to overwhelming demand, Basis is currently on backorder visist to place an order when they are back in stock for purchase.

VIVA t r a v e l


THE SLOPES> words: Sarah Murray


serre chevalier vallee


ne of the biggest resorts in Europe as well as the highest in the Alps, you’ll have access to kilometres of runs for prime ski and snowboarding opportunities. Thrill seekers will love the opportunity to go snowmobiling, snow-kiting, paragliding and even driving on ice! The latter offers a high-speed ride across the frozen mountain. (how very Top Gear!) For those looking for more traditional ski holiday activities be sure to check out dog-sledding and 6 6 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

horse riding. If you want to really take your breath away then the hot air balloon rides are certain to make this a memorable holiday. After an active day skiing, snowkiting and dog-sledding you’ll be looking forward to putting your feet up and relaxing by the fire. For a cosy and friendly night’s stay, we recommend the Chalet Des Arbres, run by owners Jane and Alec. Said to be “like staying with old friends,” the Chalet Des Arbres is perfect for families or groups of up to six or seven people. It’s also fully catered so you won’t have to

worry about cooking after a tiring day on the slopes. For more information on Chalet Des Arbres visit: Vital stats Where: France Height: 1,350m – 1,400m Piste: 250kms Runs: 55 easy, 44 intermediate, 16 difficult Chairlifts: 66 Longest run: 7.5kms

VIVA t r a v e l


sierra nevada


ou might not associate snow with Spain but this Mediterranean country offers some of the best ski resorts in Europe. (but that’s just our secret!) The Sierra Nevada is one of Europe’s highest resorts and has a long season from November until April or May. Because it is located near the coast of Spain you’ll be almost guaranteed to snowboard and ski in the sun. As well as trying out Sierra Nevada’s many runs, visitors can also enjoy activities in-

cluding Ski Bike, Inner Tubing and ice skating. Don’t forget to experience the “Roller-sled,” a cross between a roller-coaster and bobsled which is sure to prove a hit amongst the kids. When searching for accommodation at Sierra Nevada you can choose between hotels and apartments in the Lower, Mid and Top Zones, ensuring you’re in the best location for all your activities and interests. For those on a budget, self-catering accommodation is offered in the mid and top zones

with the lower zone hosting most of the hotels. For 5* accommodation with a view you can’t go past the Hotel Vincci Rumaykiyya which is located directly in front of the main chair lift. VITAL STATS Where: Spain Height: Piste: 102.89km Chairlifts: 29 Runs: 16 Green runs, 40 Blue runs, 50 red runs and 9 Black runs Longest run: 6.18km u k | VIVA | 6 7

images from




ocated in Finland’s picturesque North East, Ruka ski resort is one of the most amazing ski locations in the world. Known as the home of Santa and playing host to the breathtaking northern lights, Ruka is packed with a whole host of activities to suit all the family. For those wanting to do something more than just ski and snowboard, choose between ice carting, a husky or reindeer farm visit and ice fishing. There’s also the thrill of a snowmobile safari which takes you across 6 8 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

frozen lakes! Offered both at night and during the day, it’s probably your best option to see the northern lights. If you’re planning your trip in advance then Christmas is the ideal time to travel as you’ll be able to visit Santa and his elves at his grotto. A must if you want to make this a trip the children will never forget! Treat yourself to Ruka’s premier accommodation at the Ruka Village Ski Inn Hotel and Apartments. Located right next to the main ski lifts, this stylish complex offers guests the choice between bed and

breakfast suites or self-contained apartments. With a private sauna in all units, it’s a wonder you’ll ever get out on the slopes! Visit for more information about Ruka Vital stats Where: Finland Height: 295m Piste: 20kms Chairlifts: 18 Runs: 10 easy, 14 intermediate and 6 difficult Longest run: 1300m

VIVA t r a v e l

Mayrhofen, Austria

snowbombing festival


f you want to experience the ultimate music festival then book your tickets to the Snowbombing festival in Mayrhofen, Austria. With the hottest bands, in the coolest location, (figuratively and literally) artists including Kasabian, Example, Katy B and Rudimental will be entertaining the crowds on the slopes. You’ll party in some of the most amazing locations including a sky high igloo and an icy forest clearing. For over a decade, Snowbombing has showcased the best live acts from this stunning

location. For those wanting some serious action alongside their music, Mayrhofen features Austria’s steepest piste alongside an award wining terrain park. Visitors can party hard and play hard, snowboarding and skiing in this stunning location. After you’re finished partying on the slopes you can rest easy in one of Mayrhofen’s luxurious hotels and apartments. There’s a range of accommodation options to suit every budget from 4* hotels to self-catering apartments. If you’re wanting to escape the action you

can relax and unwind in one of the town’s many spas which offer luxurious treatments in the peaceful surrounds of the Austrian mountains. Accommodation and festival tickets book quickly so plan your trip now and don’t miss out! To book your snowbombing tickets visit: Vital stats Where: Mayrhofen, Austria When: 1-6 April Piste: 650kms Chairlifts: 172 u k | VIVA | 6 9

7 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


All Aboard ‘The Love Train’


eminiscent of England’s 1930s ‘Belle’ trains, the Northern Belle oozes luxury and decadence from the finest craftsmanship, which goes into the opulent décor, to the beautiful British scenery that it passes through. With its chintzy china crockery, mosaic floors, glistening brass and mini lanterns adorning the carriages, the train is the perfect intimate setting for you and a loved one. A ‘Love train’ indeed. This Valentine’s Day, the Northern Belle is hosting a wonderful dinner for you and that special someone in your life. Departing from Chester and Manchester, you can sink back into the comfy cushioned seats, fit for a King and Queen. And you’ll definitely feel like royalty as you sip champagne and take in the breath-taking views of the Great British countryside. Indulge in a lavish five-course meal for true romance on the rails and be waited on hand and foot by liveried stewards. If Cupid fails to shoot his arrow this Valentine’s Day, then why not treat the most important lady in your life this Mother’s Day with an extra special day out on the Northern Belle. Whisk your mum away from her daily duties and indulge her pure glamour and opulence in the carriages of one of Britain’s most prestigious trains. Departing from Macclesfield, Manchester and Stoke on Trent on Sunday 9th March, your lucky mum can kick back in one of the plush armchairs and enjoy a delicious three-course meal and copious amounts of champagne. To up the luxury amp even more, guests can book a private coupe, order a bouquet of flowers or a gift from the Orient Express boutique to say a big thank you to your mum. The VIVA girls were lucky enough to board the Northern Belle back in November and thoroughly enjoyed a night of extravagance and lots of fun, courtesy of a Rat Pack on the tracks theme. The experience is highly recommended and the originality of it makes for a wonderful treat for someone, with a big band playing to make the atmosphere even more special. No longer seen as an experience just for the older generation, these out-of-this-world train journeys are fast becoming popular amongst young couples and groups of friends who want an unconventional day out that they’ll never forget. Prices start from £250 for the Valentine’s Day dinner and £190 for the Mother’s Day lunch. For reservation please call 0845 077 2222 or visit: u k | VIVA | 7 1

The Living Room...


ocktails, an array of starters and fabulous main courses, all followed by a platter of puddings such a splurge of decadence doesn’t usually apply to a Monday lunchtime but this is how VIVA spent theirs. Another day at the office, aye... Such indulgence took place at The Living Room, where in 1999 the original Basil Grande cocktail was conceived before it became a global drink. Quite a calling card, so we were rather excited on arrival, and justly so.

Our first taste came in the form of the pink Passionate Fizz cocktail, which smelled divine and tasted just as good. We further explored the menu with duck pancakes, battered prawns, Moroccan lamb and mussels, while topping ourselves up with the fantastic cocktail selection.


When the sharing platter of desserts came, we barely had room to move but managed a fair few spoonfuls of chocolate, crème brulée and Eton mess, a course that would be the perfect accompaniment to a Valentine’s Day romantic outing. For the day in question at the Living Room, not only would you enjoy a sensational dinner but book your meal before the 7th of February and you will be entered for the chance to go to a Disaronno VIP BAFTA screening event, as well as a pound being donated from your meal towards Bowel Cancer UK. Have a fabulous evening with the possibility of a second and do something good for charity; what could be better? ■ The Living Room 80 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2ER 0161 832 0083

Annie’s Restaurant...


ocated at the bottom of busy King Street, down a little side street – Old Bank Road – you will find Annie’s Restaurant. Annie’s is extremely deceiving from the outside, just a small entrance with no fancy signage, discreet and very sweet. When you enter the top level bar you are greeted by friendly staff who lead you downstairs to the larger dining room and another impressive bar area. We were seated in a cosy corner to have a good look at the menu although we already knew what we wanted and had been salivating over the thought of the Three Cheese and Onion pie leading up to dining here! But we will get to that soon as we, of course, had starters first. VIVA’s Emma Opted for the mussels, which was no surprise. She said the flavour of the sauce was intense and that it was so good that, to my embarrassment, she even asked for a spoon to finish it off! I had the Potted Ham Hock. It was presented beautifully and reminded me of my Granddad’s home recipe which he makes yearly for us to take home at Christmas. It was very flavoursome, really enjoyable and a nice light starter to complement your three course meal. For mains we would (surely) share the famous Three Cheese and Onion pie and we had even contemplated getting 3 mains so that we could both have a cheese pie each but we knew that would be a bit greedy so we just got the one

and the 6oz fillet steak with thin chips and water cress salad. First of all, the Three Cheese and Onion pie, a firm favourite with the Manchester press. I can only describe the taste as cheese heaven in your mouth; as soon as you try it you’re hooked! My partner’s 5 year old daughter would absolutely love this and I will be bringing her to try it when she comes to visit. This is the objective with Annie’s, it is such a lovely, homely atmosphere, perfect for the whole family and, if you want good home comfort food that is cooked with a lot of passion, this is a great alternative to staying at home. The steak was cooked to perfection and was complemented well by the peppery watercress salad. As you can imagine, we were feeling slightly full at this stage but of course we had to try some deserts. Annie’s has a wide selection to choose from, all served with homemade vanilla ice cream, custard or cream. We opted for the sticky toffee pudding and the apple crumble both were delightful! We even had the pleasure of meeting Co-owner Jennie McAlpine (Fizz from Corrie) as she was having dinner with some friends. She was very friendly and extremely passionate about her new family venture. We love Annie’s! ■ Annies Manchester 5 Old Bank Street, Manchester, M2 7PE 0161 839 4423



The Love Liquor... A

ward-­winning BLOOM London Dry Gin has partnered with London’s Primrose Bakery to create the BLOOM Gin & Tonic Strawberry Cupcake exclusively for Valentine’s Day. The cupcake will be available at Primrose Bakery stores from 1 February 2013. Primrose Bakery Head Chef Lisa Chan and BLOOM Master Distiller, Joanne Moore, have combined their expertise in blending the finest ingredients to create a cupcake that represents the perfect BLOOM serve, a Gin & Tonic with Strawberries. Savour the taste of the delicate and floral BLOOM London Dry Gin in this special Valentine’s Day cupcake. TO ORDER To enjoy the limited edition BLOOM Gin & Tonic Strawberry Cupcake in time for Valentine’s Day visit to pre order online and avoid disappointment,

7 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

or pop into Primrose Bakery. Prices start from £3.45 per cupcake and delivery is available nationwide until 28 February 2013. ENJOY YOUR CUPCAKE WITH A BLOOM GIN & TONIC For a very British twist on this classic simply quarter 3 strawberries and add to an ice filled glass of BLOOM London Dry Gin with Fentimans Botanically Brewed Tonic Water. The subtle sweetness of the strawberries is perfectly complemented by the honeysuckle notes of BLOOM and balanced by the light citrus aroma of pomelo and quinine of the tonic. WIN For your chance to win half a dozen BLOOM Gin & Tonic cupcakes simply visit the Facebook page or Twitter page for more details.

THE FIRST PREMIUM COCKTAIL DRINK BLOOM has also joined forces with the acclaimed Fentimans, combining their expertise in the blending and sourcing of the finest botanicals from around the world to create a perfect Gin & Tonic cocktail. Launching in Sainsbury’s across the UK from 1 November 2012 at £3.99, Fentimans and BLOOM have crafted a perfectly balanced, perfectly blended premium cocktail to enjoy at home or on the go. Presented in the classic Fentimans curved glass bottle, savour the taste of the delicate and floral BLOOM London Dry Gin with the distinctive herbal and plant root notes of Fentimans Botanically Brewed Tonic Water. BLOOM Master Distiller Joanne Moore says “This is an exciting launch for us and a wonderful way to showcase how BLOOM can be enjoyed with ease without compromising on quality.” ■

Meet The New Kids On The LockS


estled on the edge of Deansgate Locks and standing alone next to the other conventional bars along the locks, is Lock 91. Aiming to create a homely atmosphere with a rustic décor reminiscent of that of a lock-keeper’s cottage, the venue is an amalgamation of a club, bar and lounge all in one. Plush leather sofas in deep greens and reds adorn the rooms and lanterns are placed on the tables to further enhance the country house ambiance with a buzz of the city. Owners Andi and Gary have worked tirelessly since the establishment in August 2012 to create the essence of the Northern Quarter to Deansgate Locks, whilst injecting their own personalities into the venue. Gary said: “We want to make this a regular haunt for people around here. We feel we appeal to the young professionals but our aim all along has been to attract all demographics.” The festive period was a particularly busy time for the bar, with Christmas parties been held on most nights. Andi said: “It was busier than we anticipated, with lots of private functions and events. The whole success of the bar really couldn’t have gone better.” In the past, the venue has also been a space where networking events have been held for young solicitors, recruitment agencies and Twitfaced. Andi said: “In the future, our aim is to definitely push the envelope to

being more event led. We’re working on our terrace outside so we’re really excited for the summer to arrive.” The bar also has plenty of drinks offers, with a ‘Good Drinks, Good Times’ promotion from Tuesday to Friday and are regularly attracting a large crowd. It is apparent throughout the rooms in Lock 91 that the lads have been committed the whole way, with plenty of passion and drive. The friends of 12 years have a bond like brothers and, as a result, the venue is well-thought out and a product of a lot of hard labour. The future looks particularly bright for the pair. Adding a muchneeded unconventional touch to the stereotypical Deansgate Locks makeup, the bar is fast becoming a rendezvous haunt for regulars. And in terms of long-term plans? The boys have a vision of building a ‘Northern Triangle’ enterprise with a chain of bars in northern cities such as Leeds and Liverpool but, for the time being, the city of Manchester can most certainly appreciate this new addition to the bar scene. Lock 91 is open Tuesday to Saturday 5pm until late and are currently running club nights every Friday & Saturday, go to for more information. ■ 9 Century St, Manchester, M3 4QL 0161 8195444 /Lock NinetyOne @Lock91Mcr u k | VIVA | 7 5




VENUE: O2 APOLLO DATE: 15TH FEBRUARY TICKETS: FROM £27.50 The indie band from Leeds will return to another northern city this February as they perform at the o2 Apollo as part of their extensive 2013 UK tour. The tour is in support of the four piece’s new singles collection, ‘Souvenir: The Singles 2004-2012.’ The band are expected to play some of their classic anthem hits such as ‘I Predict A Riot’, ‘Oh My God’ and ‘Ruby.’


With brand new jokes, ‘Gagging Order’ promises to be packed with hilarious one-liners and stories to make this the ultimate night of comedy. The 8 out of 10 Cats presenter has sold over a million DVDs but there’s no better way to watch comedy than to watch it live.



VENUE: MEN ARENA DATE: 1ST MARCH TICKETS: £25 The UK rapper will play 12 dates across the country this year in a tour, following the release of this third studio album, ‘The Evolution Of Man.’ This show at Manchester will be the finale of the tour, which will feature support from Micky Slim, Sway and Benga. 2012 was a great year for Example, in April he played a massive 14-date UK arena and in the summer he maintained his stranglehold on the world of Electronica with 12 shows in Ibiza spending the summer months on the road playing a plethora of festivals across the UK and Europe including T in the Park, Wireless, Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend and Benicassim to name a few to rave reviews.




VENUE: ACADEMY 3 DATE: 16th FEBRUARY TICKETS: £10 AWOLNATION have been touring HAIRSPRAY constantly since the release of their VENUE: THE LOWRY THEATRE debut album ‘Megalithic Symphony’, so will be well practiced by the time DATE: 11TH-23RD FEBRUARY they get to Manchester. The album has TICKETS: £29-£46 already sold almost 300,000 copies The West End’s favourite musical while their videos are closing in on comedy is coming to Salford. The an incredible 100 million views on musical has been a sell-out in big Youtube, so we predict 2013 will be theatres in London and on Broadway the year they make it big- go see them which has called for an expansion to while you can still get tickets! other cities. Eastenders star Lucy Benjamin will join leading man Mark Benton with Freya Sutton as bighearted, big-haired teen heroine Tracy Turnblad. The first UK show was in 2010 where it played out to three-quarters of a million people.

7 6 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

The British glam rock band’s latest tour will come to Manchester as well as other cities in mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The band were formed in 2000 and since then, their popularity has continued to bloom, with their single, ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ transforming the rockers into a global phenomenon. The tour will promote the release of the band’s third album, ‘Hot Cakes’, which was released back in August.


With NME suggesting they could be “the next big British guitar band” with their second studio album, ‘Wolf’s Law’, The Joy Formidable are well and truly cementing themselves into the UK’s alternative rock scene. 2012 saw the Welsh trio support Muse on a number of their tour dates and then spent the closing months playing high profile shows in Europe and the UK.

The Geordie duo will be embarking on a UK-wide tour this spring after adding an additional 38 dates to their in-demand shows. It’s been two years since the last tour which was a complete sell-out so the upcoming one is expected to be an even bigger success. The TV presenters-cum-food experts plan to entertain fans with everything from strip-tombola to a dinner party being cooked live on stage. Audiences will also be treated to tales of their culinary expeditions and be taken behind the camera to discover what happens on tour as they circle the globe all in the name of food.



23-year-old English folk and soul singer, Lianne La Havas has taken the UK music industry by storm since her debut album, ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’ was named iTunes Album of the Year in 2012. And 2013 is set to be even bigger and better for the London-born lady. The singer will embark on a UK tour before performing a 20 date tour of the US and Canada. The UK tour dates are reschedulings of her cancelled gigs back in October of last year. She is expected to perform tracks from her album as well as some unheard gems.



VENUE: MEN ARENA DATE: 25TH MARCH TICKETS: FROM £49.49 Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro will appear in Manchester as part of their UK Spring 2013 tour. The tour will follow the band’s release of their double album, ‘Opposites’ and is set to be their biggest arena tour to date. It follows a successful 2012 for the band, which saw them perform at a number of festivals in the summer, including, iTunes, Download and the Isle of Wight. The band also won both the Q and NME awards for best live band.


The girls return in 2013 with some extremely witty new sketches as well as all the best bits from last time round. The show will focus on the everyday annoyances of a woman’s life; from their teenage children to the insanity of DIY. The sketches will feature Toyah Wilcox and Julie Coombe and is guaranteed to be full of plenty of hilarity and madness. Grab your girlfriends and head down for pant-wetting laughs.




VENUE: MEN ARENA DATE:21ST & 22ND MARCH TICKETS: £32.50 The nation’s favourite cheeky chappy will perform two dates in Manchester this March as part of his latest tour. The Essex-born pop sensation has been one of the most successful new male singers of the past decade after his successful time on the X Factor. The singer will be performing tracks from his first three albums, including, ‘Heart Skips A Beat’, ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ and his latest tune, ‘Troublemaker.’

BAFTA award-winning Mrs Brown’s Boys are back in 2013 for their biggest arena tour to date. ‘For The Love Of Mrs Brown’ is the fourth series and the tour follows the huge success of the BBC show. The last tour, ‘Mrs Brown Rides Again’ was a complete sell-out and the show has won plenty of accolades, including, TV Choice Award for Best Comedy Show and the Scottish BAFTA Award for best comedy entertainment programme.


The MEN will be the only venue in the North to stage this whirlwind tour that immerses audiences into Michael Jackson’s creative world. Featuring visuals, dance, music and fantasy, the show will capture the essence of the King of Pop and celebrate a legacy which spans over many generations.

Welsh warbling sensation Katherine Jenkins teams up with classical quartet Il Divo for a spectacular show, complete with a full orchestra. The artists will perform classical interpretations of popular songs, whilst also dueting together for the very first time. With over 30 million sales between them, the show is set to be nothing short of spectacular.

THE WEDDING SHOW Venue: tatton park Date: 23rd - 26th JANUARY 2013 Tickets: FROM £8

Tickets: £9 in advance, £10 on the door, £15 for VIP and a guaranteed catwalk seat. There will be 150 bridal industry professionals from boutiques, florists, photographers and cake makers all under the one luxury marquée roof. Four choreographed catwalk shows will take place for a bit of inspiration on both days, as well as featuring local bands, entertainers and a champagne bar. u k | VIVA | 7 7


s e h c n u a l e r d o o Vivienne Westw Spring Gdns Boutique! 1 4 December 2012. Vivienne Westwood has relaunched its boutique at Spring Gardens, Manchester. The store re-opened its doors on 13 December 2012, celebrating the refurbishment with an in store party, drinks and live DJ. At the event, Vivienne Westwood Manchester enjoyed an evening with loyal customers and press, who received exclusive discounts and had a special preview of Westwoods Spring Summer 2013 collection.

The refurbished boutique, is a regional destination for Vivienne Westwood’s four collections; Gold Label, the house’s couture/ready to wear line; Red Label, the prêtà-porter line representing Westwood’s interest in Savile Row tailoring; Anglomania, the diffusion line taking inspiration from the brands extensive archives and MAN, the dedicated menswear collection emphasising tailoring and British fabrics. The Manchester store also offers a full range of statement accessories, including jewellery, bags, shoes and perfumes. Located at 47 Spring Gardens on King Street, this special boutique invites customers to experience the world of Westwood in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant shopping district. ■

Stars help raise funds at a charity ball for Autism S

tars of the stage, screen and sporting world came together at the weekend at a Mad Men style ball to support the Hearts and Minds Challenge.

enjoyed by all and we are delighted we have managed to increase people’s awareness of autism and our plans for a new school in Manchester.”

The ball, which was held at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester on Sunday, November 25, was a resounding success, raising £40,000 for the charity, which supports children with autism.

Boyzone and Coronation Street star Keith Duffy, said “I’m really grateful to my friends and family for coming along to support the cause, and I’m sure they had a great time. We all had a lot of fun but what’s really important are the funds we’ve raised.”

The star studded event was hosted by three of the charity’s dedicated celebrity patrons; Paul Scholes, Mel Sykes and Keith Duffy. All the funds raised will be going towards a £1 million project to build a new school in Manchester for autistic children. Founder of the Hearts and Minds Challenge, Ian McGrath, said “We’re thrilled that the ball has been such a hit and such a substantial sum was raised. The event was

The Hearts and Minds Challenge aims to raise the quality of life for individuals and their families affected by autism, by ensuring the provision of the highest standards in education, care and support. For more information, please visit: ■

Milly & Mark launch MW2 Jewellers in true style! I

t’s has been a much-anticipated wait but the VIVA girls were thrilled to be invited to Mark Worthington’s new store MW2 launch party in Wilmslow! All we can say is that Milly & Mark Worthington definitely know how to throw a great party, which started softly at midday and finished off late with a lavish after-party at Revolution Bar.

Stilt walkers and fire breathers greeted arriving guests who were also treated to some fabulous entertainment, free flowing champagne and endless canapés. The turnout was such a huge success that, at one point, there were so many people in the new store that everyone was spilling out into the marquee! Milly & Mark even organised a special MW2 Christmas light show at the same time that Wilmslow town’s Christmas lights were being switched on! Apart from all the fun and entertainment, money has also been raised for the Kirsty Club and Francis House. Mark Worthington’s flagship store at 23 Water Lane features in The Kirsty Club’s ‘Uptown Girl’ 2013 calendar, which is being sold in MW2 for £7.99. Kirsty attended the launch party to show her support along with other celebrity guests including Everton’s Tim Howard and actress, Alison King.

photos: Karin Albinsson

MW2 and Mark Worthington’s new online E-commerce site is the home of affordable luxury jewellery with individual and unique pieces that you will not find on the high street from designers such as, Belle Etoile, Bjorg, Georg Jensen, Pandora, Lapponia, Diamonfire, Nikki Lissoni, Zinzi, Lucet Mundi, Story by Kranz & Ziegler, Swarovski, Trollbeads and Chlobo. Here at VIVA we highly recommend a visit, especially if you are looking to treat that certain someone with some unique and fabulous jewellery for any special occasion! ■

Martell Cognac Very Special Night At Cloud 23 W e’re sure 2013 will see many momentous occasions but none so exciting right now as the new institution that is The Hilton’s monthly party. Held in Cloud 23. (on the 23rd of every month of course) as a celebration of their recent refurbishment, every month will see the bar playing host to a night of drinks, food and music.

As we arrived for the maiden voyage - and were greeted with a delicious cognac cocktail, a ‘sidecar’ and raffle ticket - we took a moment to take in the spectacular panoramic view of the city that the bar offers as well as a swing singer belting out classics and Manchester’s A-list sashaying about. However our eye was almost immediately (and rather inevitably) taken with the canapé tray making the rounds, goat’s cheese tarts, smoked salmon blinis and chocolate truffles among many other treats that we couldn’t stop going back to. As the night was all about Martell Cognac, we were excited to test out our expert palates with another taste. (or maybe a couple more...) This was on offer through a range of cocktails from a sharp, fruity number to a rich, caramel option, both being totally gorgeous. Also, to really boost our classy credentials, a cognac tasting class was taking place. Directed to drink, swoosh, swallow and breathe out, our ideas of ourselves as professionals was being put firmly into place... that was until I accidentally sucked some up my nose and yet, even after choking, it was still very enjoyable. The mark of a great drink!

s r e k a m y a H d n A t a we S s t e e M m a l G d n Glitz A


. . . b u l C t h g i F l a m r o F s I This

here is just no stopping the Donnelly family. They own one of the biggest fashion labels in the world Gio Goi, hosted raves that have gone down in music history, worked with the infamous Factory Records and now they have launched Formal Fight Club, a premier white collar boxing organisation.

Chris Donnelly and his sister Tracy launched Formal Fight Club in 2011 and since then have hosted three successful events ‘The Unusual Suspects,’ ‘The Good The Bad And The Ugly’ and the most recent one; held just before Christmas at The Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel called ‘Goodfellas.’ “There were a lot of other licensed, white collar events going on but nothing glitz and glam. So I thought, I want to fight, there’s a bit of a gap here to make something special and push the boundaries a bit” says Chris. These events are really something special, glitz and glam meets sweat and haymakers. Around 500 suited and booted men and dolled up women attended the Goodfellas event with the running order of a 3-course dinner, 8 boxing fights and post-fight entertainment & DJs.

Capital FM’s Wingman was the MC for the evening and former middleweight world champion boxer Robin Reid was the referee. There were also quite a few familiar faces in the crowd including ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings’ star Paddy Doherty, Bez from ‘Happy Mondays’ and Hacienda DJ Mike Pickering.

Boxers on the evening were from all different walks of life and had been training in their own time or taken advantage of Formal Fight Clubs trainers Michael Jennings and Thomas McDonagh. Included in the lineup of fighters was legendary Manc prankster Karl Power (nicknamed ‘Fat Neck’ for obvious daring reasons) who had massive support from the crowd including, one of his best mates Bez and of course VIVA magazine and who went on to win his fight. Before Karl’s fight we bump into him on the up stairs balcony and asked him what his tactics would be, he answered: “Just to jab and move, see what happens and look for the big right.” Go Fat Neck! It was a truly fantastic evening and we highly recommend it to people, into boxing or not, who want to experience something a bit different and exciting. Chris and Tracy Donnelly are making plans for the next event which will be held on 4th May at The Place Hotel. To book your tickets visit: Follow Formal Fight Club on Facebook and Twitter and if you are interested in signing up to fight go to: signup

VIVA L A S M A N C H E S T E R Q&A’s with the nation’s favourite pankster Karl Power ‘Fat Neck’ Q1. What have you been doing training wise in the lead up to

your big fight tonight? I’ve just been running and training in the gym with big Gary and Tony.


So what are your tactics for tonight? Just to jab and move and see what happens and look for the big right.

Q3. What else have you been up to this year besides training

for the fight tonight? I’ve been writing a book called ‘Neck’ that’s why I’ve got Neck on my hoodie that I’m wearing tonight. The book’s going to be about all the pranks I’ve done in the past. Director Michael Winterbottom wants to do a film about my life so I’m doing the book first. It will hopefully be out next year and I’ve got Damien Hirst the artist doing the front cover for me.

Q4. Amazing, are you planning any more pranks for 2013?

Yes I will have something coming up for when the book comes out, I’m not going to say what it is but it’s a good one! I’ll let you know nearer the time!

Q&A’s with the man behind Formal Fight Club Chris Donnelly Q1.

What inspired you to set up Formal Fight Club? Without boring you with lots of details I used to run marathons and I busted my leg up running. So I stopped and put loads of weight on and decided to do something about it, so I took up boxing two years ago. I train with professionals Michael Jennings and Thomas MacDonagh and I thought there needs to be a goal to my training. There were a lot of other licenced events going on but nothing glitz and glam so I thought, I want to flight, there’s a bit of a gap here to make something special and push the boundaries a bit.

Q2. So have all the boxers tonight been training together?

Chris: Basically when they sign up to fight they can either train at their own gym or come to our gym, which is the Collyhurst and Moston Lads Club. It’s a gym that is steeped in history, Ryan Hughes used to run it, now Thomas MacDonagh runs it and you’ve had world champions like Robert Reed and Tyson Fury train there. It’s not like going to Total Fitness it’s a dirty smelling, horrible man’s gym, you open the door and 30 years of sweat hits you in the face.


This is your 3rd event is there anything different you’ve done tonight than previous events? Its definitely evolving from the first one we did a year ago, the production gets better, we have kept some things the same, like Robin Reid who’s our referee, he’s a two-time world champion, loads of people have tried to poach him but he’s part of our firm. He’s exclusive to Formal Fight Club. And then Wingman from Capital FM we love him so he’ll always be our MC. There’s other white collar events that have popped up and if you look at their websites they just lift whatever we have done, take the text and just change a few words, they wait for us to do things and then copy it, so we need to change a few things and step up because we are the number one. They say copying is a form of flattery but it does my nut in, they need to get some of their own ideas.

Q4. So what’s your plan for the future with Formal Fight

Club? We are building a brand, we are never going to be doing the MEN arena because it would lose it’s “thing” anyway and as long as we keep it to five, six hundred people, put a great night on for everybody, keep changing it up and putting fair fights on. There’s no money in it we are just doing it for the love of it. Next year we are thinking of doing a daytime moving into the nighttime maybe in Tatton Park with fireworks but it’s all depending on the weather so we shall see.


You’ve got Karl Power boxing tonight, if you could have anyone in the world prank your boxing match who would it be? Ha ha there’s nobody better than Karl, he’s a good mate. I’ve known him since we were kids, and the fact he stood on the pitch with Manchester United to have a picture, well he will always be a genius in my eyes, so its got to be Fat Neck! Photos: Paci Kub


Out of all the pranks you have done what’s been your favourite one? The Manchester United was my favorite from all the others. I had a really bad accident and I got told that I would never walk again and was in a wheelchair for months. I pulled myself together and got back on my feet, that’s when my pal Tommy came along with the plan, so this was my new physio Man United! So from being told that I may not walk again to doing this stunt, military style, was a TOP achievement, so it has to be the one for me.


We’re really big fans of tennis so we loved the Wimbledon prank you did. If you could choose anyone in the world to prank your fight tonight, who would it be? VIVA magazine ha ha! No it would have to be my son. KARL’S BOOK ‘NECK BRITAIN’S FAVOURITE HOAXER’ WILL BE OUT SOMETIME NEXT YEAR. KARL IS ALSO LAUNCHING ‘SUBSONIC RECORD LABEL’ IN FEBRUARY WHICH DOES RECORDING, REHEARSAL ROOMS AND PROMOTION. FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN THIS EMAIL:

VIVA M U S I C Capital Breakfast with Rob Ellis Weekdays 6-10 am


hristmas came and went in a flash and we have hit the ground running in 2013. Literally. Last April Capital joined forces to bring back the Greater Manchester Marathon and we will be doing the same in 2013. Rob Ellis and Rachel from the Capital Breakfast Show will be running on April 28th on the newly designed course taking in some of the most iconic sights of Manchester in 26.2 miles. If you want to join the team and also raise some money for Help A Capital Child, with all the money going to the Teenage Cancer Trust here in Manchester, then get to now and stick your name down. If there was ever an excuse to put your New Year resolutions to the test then this is it! Manchester comes back to life after the New Year across the city’s music venues. The Arena continues to play host to the worlds biggest stars including Justin Bieber (February 21st and 22nd), Example (1st March), Girls Aloud (5th, 6th & 7th March), Ne-Yo (9th March), The Script (17th March) and Olly Murs (21st & 22nd March). Then in April Pink! does 2 nights on the 21st

7 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

and 22nd. A lengthy list passing through the doors and guess what - we have tickets for all of these gigs! Throughout March we will be giving you access to all of these stars when they come to our doorstep. This carries the form of our recent Jingle Bell Ball, where we descended on London’s O2 Arena for 2 nights. Artists like One Direction, Cheryl Cole, Bruno Mars and The Wanted among others, all took to the stage in arguably one of the year’s best gigs in the entire country. Now January is out of the way and the new fitness plan or diet is a month in or 2 weeks forgotten(!) theres still plenty to look ahead to. Valentine’s Day isn’t far away, the Easter Bunny is lurking around the corner and then we’ll be pounding the pavements of Manchester for the marathon. Either way, whatever is going on across the city, Capital Breakfast will be out and about getting stuck into everything on offer. We’ll be looking at some of the best new additions to Manchester in 2013 in our next column.

Rob, Rach & Wingman

On the VIVA music radar:



ailing from Manchester and well and truly establishing himself on the music scene is singer-songwriter, Danny Mahon. Armed with a guitar and a down-to-earth attitude, Danny is fast-becoming a favourite in the city in which he was born ‘n’ bred. He is also the face behind club night, Rent A Crowd, a concept designed to accumulate all local bands together for one night. Within six months, the event had won an NME for best indie night. It was a revelation for the Manchester music scene and created ‘good vibes’ throughout the city. On a personal note, 2012 turned out to be a successful year for Danny. Reverend And The Makers’ frontman John McClure was so impressed with the singer that he was asked to join the band on their most recent tour. Danny said: “Through the Reverend tour, my fan base got bigger, it was better than I ever

expected and it reaffirmed my belief in myself. I think people just ‘got’ my music.” And indeed, it is clear to see why. Danny’s songs, likened to modern folk or acoustic punk, are all based on real life. Inspired by his surroundings, the singer has even decided to call his next album, ‘Ten Boroughs’, adapted from the ten boroughs of Manchester. He said: “The main priority now is to get the album out. It’s all very northern and all very relatable as I base everything on real stuff. A lot of my old music had been around a while and needed putting to bed, so hopefully we can get the new music out there and it can get just as good a reception.” With a tour lined up in March and plenty of summer festivals to look forward to, 2013 is set to be a wonderful year for the lad from Ancoats. Follow Danny on facebook: /dannymahonmcr and twitter: @DannyMahon


John Legend featuring Teyana Taylor- Bliss This song has a really old school R N B vibe and just takes me back to the days of coming back from school and sticking MTV base on.

AlunaGeorge - you know you like it This has been on repeat for me for about 6 months I can’t get enough of Aluna’s angelic voice!

Giant - Drumstick VIP This is a dirty dubstep tune and it never fails to make me pull a dirty bass face.

Bipolar SunshineBlossom This is a soundcloud find. It’s Adio Marchant’s new project (kid British) really easy listening you can relate to the lyrics whilst drifting into the smooth sounds that have been created!

Bonjay- Stumble


This for me is really different! There aren’t many tracks like this. It’s got a real new sound. You either love it or you hate it.


The Smiths -Bigmouth Strikes Again.


Alt-j - Taro

“PLAYING Follow Hollie on twitter @jolliehaybowes

I like to pick an old school album every so often to stick on and I always end up finding a new favourite track.

This song is quite personal to me, it’s one of those songs that if you close your eyes you can be wherever you want to be. It always takes me to a hot grassy field in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a blanket!

Clean Bandit- A&E What a perfect track to get you out of this winter stage! Makes you shake your shoulders and puts you in the best mood.

Photo credits: Rob Evans / Vital Management for photography @vitalmanagement, Fran Murphy stylist, Armand Beasley makeup and Carly Guy hair @Vitalcreatives 8 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


VIVA l i v e m u s i c


anchester’s most loveable band, the Happy Mondays, last year made the big announcement that all hardcore Mondays fans were waiting for: the original line-up are back together again!

Shaun Ryder, Paul Ryder, Mark Day, Gary Whelan, Paul Davies, Rowetta and Bez ended their jam-packed year on a big high at the end of 2012 with a UK tour finishing with a home coming Christmas gig at the Victorian Warehouse in Manchester. The super seven also toured South America and dominated the festival scene last summer; playing the likes of V Festi-

8 8 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

val, T In The Park, Camp Bestival, Sea Sessions, Mallorca and Ibiza Rocks. Rowetta: “It’s been more enjoyable than ever, everyone’s playing and singing better than ever and we are really humbled that people came out and partied with us.” So what’s in store for the Mondays this year? Well, after being asked in one of their first interviews all back together, would they be doing a new album? Shaun replied, “No we are leaving it to the youngsters.” Everyone was unsure if they could all work together again but after getting back together for the UK tour, it all went better than expected. So they decided to do more shows.

In rehearsals and at gigs new ideas started coming together, especially with the band jamming together and, with deals being offered and everyone wanting to try new ideas and write new songs, they went in the studio and started putting down ideas and sending each other ideas to work on. Rowetta: “Those ideas are now great demos and we are really looking forward to playing these live and putting together a new album.” Gaz, Paul, Mark and Rowetta worked closely together in the studio with programmer Dan while Shaun did his lyrics separately, and that’s the way it works for them. Now with technology the way it is, they can all write and >


record from home and send it to each other…. And, with Paul Ryder living in LA and Gaz living in Canada, it means if any of them are feeling creative they can all get in on it, no matter where they are. So what does the main man himself, Bez, think of the new tunes? Rowetta played Bez a couple of the demos when they went away together to Bangkok for a Hacienda event and he was well impressed! Rowetta: “You can always tell when Bez is into a tune, he gets right into it, and he was buzzing off the tunes!” As well as finishing off the new album and, hopefully, following up with an

album tour the Mondays have just announced a tour down under in Australia. Rowetta: “Happy Mondays’ original line-up have never toured Australia before so I’m really excited. We’ll be touring many other countries this year too and headlining the Isle Of Wight Festival in June on the Thursday. Stone Roses are headlining Friday. We never plan too far ahead but it’s great to be back!” And yes I think we can all agree it’s great to have them back! Keep up to date with Happy Monday’s tour dates and news at: ■ Photos: Will Wilkinson u k | VIVA | 8 9





Photos: Karin Albinsson

f you haven’t visited the Lass O’Gowrie yet then this is an absolute MUST for you to do in 2013. This quirky little pub is full of character and old school memories and throughout January they were hosting the Lassfest. Featured at the Lassfest this year was an exciting list of fringe style live performances including ‘Coronation Street 1977’, ‘V For Vendetta’, ‘Withnail & I Live’ and ‘Katie Mulgrew: Your Dad’s not Funny’.

Being big Corrie fans VIVA headed down to watch Coronation Street 1977 Live starring comedy actress Denice Hope playing Betty Turpin, newcomer Kimberley Hart-Simpson as barmaid Bet Lynch and back by popular demand Joan Kempson and John Draycott reprising their roles as Hilda and Stan Ogen plus Jeni Howarth Williams as Elsie Tanner, David Crowley as Ray Langton and Kathryn Worthington as Renee Bradshaw. The concept and set up of this production was like nothing we had been to before. It really took you back in time to 1977 like you were playing a part of the shenanigans going on in the production. Kimberley Hart-Simpson said: “I was so excited to be playing Bet. My family grew up in Royton and they always watched Coronation Street when I was growing up. Bet was my Dad’s favourite character and I just wish he was here to see this. He’d have loved it.” Congratulations to directors David MacCreedy and Colin Connor and writer John Stevenson for putting on such a fantastic production. We are looking forward to the next one and seeing where Annie Walker’s awful carpet will end up next!




fter the VIVA girl’s recent stint at some broadcasting courtesy of North Manchester FM, we caught up with presenter Caz Matthews, the lady behind two of the station’s biggest shows, ‘Morning Glory Breakfast Show’ and ‘80s Revival Drivetime.’ Caz hasn’t always had an eye (or should we say, ear) for radio though. But having spent a few years in Spain presenting a community radio, San Miguel, Caz brought her new found radio expertise over to the North Manchester FM team. Now hosting two of the station’s iconic shows, Caz has met an array of big names from the music scene, including, Howard Jones, Rick Astley, Tony Hatley, and her all-time favourite, Midge Ure. She said: “Midge Ure was definitely the most memorable person I’ve interviewed. He was just generally a really nice guy with so many amazing stories.”

9 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

Although having a penchant for a wide variety of music, she revealed 1980’s big guns such as Human League and Madness have a particularly special place in her heart. “I would love to interview Madness. Unfortunately, I’ve not managed to bag an interview with them yet, although I’m hoping I have more success when they come to The Lowry Theatre in April.” The radio station has gone from “strength to strength” according to Caz, with more presenters than ever before. However, the VIVA girls are always welcome additions… “The VIVA girls were brilliant, so bubbly, and the magazine is amazing!” Tune in to Caz live every Tuesday from 7-10am for Morning Glory Breakfast Show and tuesday from 5-7pm for 80’s Revival Drivetime on Mcr’s 106.6fm. The VIVA girls will be back on air on the 5th Feb at 9am, don’t miss it!


mma Wilkinson reports: So we have just started a new term at DNA Performance Resource Acting School and everyone is on top form and ready to go this year. I’ve now been training at DNA for 2 years and have learnt so much over my courses and now it’s time to start putting what I’ve learned into practice. This year is all about getting my name out there and branding myself. As Darren our tutor has said he doesn’t want to see any of us in class by the end of the year. I.e we need to be too busy with acting jobs. So what are my objectives for this year? First things first, I will be putting together a show reel to plug myself all over the world wide web and to send off to casting direc-

tors. We are going to be doing quite a bit of filming this term in class so I will be investigating some scripts to perform in front of the camera for good material for my show reel. Secondly I will be getting myself an agent who will put me forward for auditions. You need to remember not to just rely on agents to get you jobs; you need to be on the case yourself too. No-one is going to put you first more than yourself. An agent takes 20% of the fee you get for each job therefore if you look at it this way they will only be putting in 20% of their time finding you jobs that means you need to put in the other 80%! Thirdly I will be massively on the case contacting casting directors and networking with film directors and people within the industry. Our tutors at DNA have been very helpful with giving us some top casting directors contact names. So I’m sure soon they will be inundated with CVs from us all at DNA, ha ha! Class of 2011 this is our year let’s smash it together!



reative director for NQ, John Surdevan, makes it very clear his passion is music. This focus takes him and business partner Mark Bristol to multiple festivals and music nights around the UK to capture live music at its peak. Having covered huge events such as Parklife and The Warehouse Project, as well as doing music video work at NQ for musical giants like Peter Hook of New Order, John is quick to point out that this isn’t luck but knowing your trade- no drama and no stupid questions. It is this professional attitude and an ability to ‘capture a club scene’ that lead to Island Records calling up with an offer to work with Annie Mac after seeing his ad for Ministry of Sound. On top of such success, 2013 promises to be even better with plans for The Big Freeze in

the works and further forays into TV and web based virals. John stresses he will not be put in a box even with extensive club and rap shoots. He admits to remaining a rocker at heart - which is something that plays naturally into their festival work. To film someone leaping off their drum kit, while exactly catching the strobe light as it hits the crowd a second later is quite a skilll. One John likens to conducting an orchestra. The whole multi-camera affair is so highly tuned that it can only be orchestrated by a professional pair of hands, such as those of Surdevan Creative. Surdevan Creative is located in Stevenson Square, Manchester. Contact the team by email: or visit the website:



nce budding performers themselves, Gina T Frost and John Topliff decided to try their hand at being on the other side of the curtain. Having 30 years of experience under their belt, together the pair have a multitude of skills. 3 Minute Theatre was brought to life to encourage and help the promising young talent of Manchester reach their full theatre and performance potential. Initially going into the teaching profession to pass on their skills on upcoming performers, Gill and John bought an empty space in Manchester’s iconic Afflecks Palace to sell the theatrical costumes they’d acquired over the years. In April 2011, the couple moved downstairs to open the quirky concept, 3 Minute Theatre. Three is the magic number for the couple, with the name for the theatre being adapted from the musical ‘Ghost in the Machine.’ Financial prospects weren’t too promising after the couple had left the teaching industry, so their ethos was to recycle, with the vibrant 1970s orange cinema seats adorning the theatre had been obtained from the Aaben cinema. As Gina said, their motto is to be, “green as chips!” Not just a theatre, the venue also hosts film productions, live music and album launches. Gina and John are very much focused on being feeders for the mainstream and with their gradient project which sees people develop from Junior Headway up to Headway, the results of their hard work is apparent in the potential of their Greater Manchester apprentices. Gina said: “We have a Headway project coming up which will be for four seasons and then one of our associates will be doing an adaptation of Shakespeare. It’s definitely an exciting time for us. Our aim is to help our local talent fulfil what they need to achieve.”

Photos: Jayne Smith u k | VIVA | 9 1



Twitter : Dar renRLG ordon / DNA_PR


“ 1

Flight - 2nd February 2013


his film has had plenty of marketing exposure so you may well have seen the trailers. Denzel Washington stars as a heroic passenger flight pilot who save his passengers and crew from death only to find himself under threat of imprisonment when it is discovered he had alcohol in his system. The film has one of the most powerful opening sequences you will see this year but the real potential in this movie is the descent of ‘Whip Whitaker’ (Washington), a proud man, who after initially being lauded for his efforts, is forced to face the realities of who he is as his addictions are exposed and career and personal life are thrown into chaos. A tense, gripping drama on a large scale with another solid and emotive performance from the lead man which rescues a dip in the strength of the film overall post the epic opener. In many ways the trailer tells you everything, and when they use the classic ‘Gimme Shelter’ as the theme tune, they have my attention straight away.



Jack the Giant Killer 3D - 22nd March 2013

es, the fairy-tale theme continues as Hollywood looks back to the future for ‘new’ ways to secure our bums on their cinema seats. The fact that we are being subjected to a diet of adult versions of children’s stories and remakes of 80’s classics could be construed as evidence of the apparent lack of imagination but in truth, it is a sign of how weak the American economy is and that the safest bet for attracting an audience is to tell popular old stories in new innovative ways. You can expect in the near future for example, another ‘Die Hard’ movie, remakes of ‘Police Academy’ and ‘Never Ending Story’ as well as a new ‘Superman’, and that’s just the tip of an Iceberg that is much bigger than the one that has recently reappeared in cash-generating 3D. Perhaps though, the answer isn’t simply that there are few new ideas, so much as that the big pictures houses are looking to guaranteed money-spinners to keep them afloat during these troubled times. The audience that they are making films for is of an age that will be curious about seeing the stories of their youth on the big screen and the films of their youth with a new, trendy cast using more modern and polished filmmaking techniques and equipment, even if it’s just so we can go and moan about how the original was better! Anyway, ‘Jack’ is played by Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy) and stars Ian McShane, Bill Nighy and Ewan McGregor. 9 2 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

Hansel & Gretal: Witch Hunters 22nd February 2013

Is there a lack of imagination in Hollywood?” I hear you ask. Perhaps… but this is not the same old story we were told at school. This is H & G for the 2013! Instead of naïve, unassuming and innocent children suckered by their sweet-tooth, we have two ruthless and relentless Witch hunters, combing the world for evil Witches to massacre. Gemma Arterton (Clash of the Titans, Quantum of Solace) and Jeremy Renner ( The Avengers, The Hurtlocker) star.



Parker 8th March 2013

f you like, fast paced, cheeky, predictable but colourful action dramas, then this is one for you. Jason Statham stars as a thief who is double-crossed by his crew and left for dead. He initiates a revenge mission that sees him pair up with the feisty Latino that is Jennifer Lopez. Lots of fighting, fast cars, gunshots and explosions ensue. Statham has never fully captured the American audience, so the hope is that this will be the project that does it for him. Taylor Hackford directs.



Hitchcock 8th February

nthony Hopkins plays the famous film director as he struggles to produce his most notable production ‘Psycho’. This promises to be a dynamic and entertaining depiction with an all-star cast including Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and even Ralph Macchio (the original ‘Karate Kid’). If you enjoyed ‘Psycho’ and like the movie business then this is a fun insight into behind the scenes issues of the industry with the little bit of creative licence.

VIVA D V D R E L E A S E S 3 Skyfall 18th February 2013


kyfall has been referred to as the greatest Bond movie of all time. It played to packed houses for weeks after its opening and the film certainly has some memorable and touching moments which I won’t spoil for those of you who haven’t seen it. This is an excellent film. Moving, entertaining and of course, the direction of Sam Mendes alongside the acting of an immense cast make this a must see, even if Bond isn’t usually your cup of tea. (my mum loved it)


Rise of the Guardians 12th March 2013


playful and enchanting animated tale where Jack frost joins forces with the Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Sandman and a number of other mythical characters to protect the innocence of the children of Earth from the Pitch (Jude Law). An adventure fantasy in true Dreamworks fashion. Pure family entertainment as Jackman reverts to stereotypical type, playing a moody Australian ‘Bunny’ with an attitude problem.


Taken and Taken 2 box set - 4th February 2013


t probably suggests I have a sad life but one of my biggest disappointments of last year was Taken 2. Eagerly awaiting the follow-up to the original classic, I anticipated more bad-ass, gritty, dark and brooding action from the mean, uncompromising and brutal character created by Liam Neeson. Instead, we got a cheesy, weak, bloodless nonsense of a film that insulted the vast majority of the audience. Anyone that hadn’t seen Taken but saw this would wonder what all the fuss was about and putting these two films in a box set is like pairing a Rolls Royce with a Mark one Ford Cortina. Why? Well, the writer of these films is one of my favourite directors, Luc Besson (Leon, The Fifth Element). He retired from directing and has since pursued film work through writing. His efforts include the ‘wonderful’ ‘Transporter’ movies starring Jason Statham. This in itself tells you a lot as Mr Besson appears to have sold out and followed the cheap money in return for formulaic, dire action films and, in Taken 2, he has taken a great concept and stamped on it repeatedly as if it were a spider in his baby’s cot. Shocking.

End of Watch 22nd January 2013


tense action thriller surrounding the lives of two cops who are the top men in LA. We see them roaming the streets putting away the bad guys and enjoying the attention. All is fine and dandy until they stumble upon a situation that ends up making them the ‘cartel’s’ number one target. A hard-hitting, passionate and chest thumping battle for their lives, end of watch is one I’m adding to my DVD collection.


Argo - 19th February 2013 I have often questioned Ben Affleck’s acting ability. After seeing ‘Daredevil’ I was convinced that he had a very limited talent that had been able to stretch far beyond its abilities. However, perhaps he knew that in truth the best person to get a performance out of him was himself. ‘The Town’ saw him self direct an excellent performance, but ‘Argo’ sees him surpass himself. The story of how the Americans came up with a fake movie concept to rescue 6 American embassy workers from Iran was only made public knowledge under the Clinton Administration but what a wonderful film Affleck has created, and it is getting its reward at the award ceremonies. It never got the attention at the cinema but this is well worth watching, is entertaining throughout and shows that Affleck is as gifted a director as he is an actor, perhaps more so. u k | VIVA | 9 3


VIVA talks to astronomer Mark Thompson about Stargazing Live, being friends with Brian Cox and a new comet which could be gracing our skies this year...


pace is a fascinating concept which not all of us are fortunate to see. But maybe we are. Mark Thompson, one third of Stargazing LIVE presenters, alongside Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain, believes seeing the skies and beyond is easier than ever with the naked eye. Having developed an interest in astronomy from the age of ten, when his father took him along to the local astronomy society, Mark was lucky enough to spot Saturn in all its glory, through a telescope which ignited his passion and, since then, has wanted to share his love and enthusiasm for space with others. And with his new book, ‘A Down To Earth Guide To The Cosmos’ the wellknown astronomer aims to “appeal to the everyday man on the street who wants to know about space.” The book, Mark hopes, will be a revelation for the astronomy world and fill a gap in the market, as there haven’t yet been many books that cater for the human mind in a simple form, instead of being scientifically overpowering. The book, out this January comes shortly after the third series of the wonderful and eye-opening Stargazing LIVE 2013. Dubbed by Dara and Brian as the “poor guy in a field” whilst they were in the cosy confines of a studio at Jodrell Bank Observatory, Mark couldn’t have enjoyed his experience on the show any more. He said: “Brian and Dara were absolutely brilliant to work with. All our skills worked neatly together as we all know how the universe works and we take great interest in that. Combining my background in astronomy, Dara’s theoretical physics degree and of course, Brian’s PHD, worked so well and consequently, created a great show. The three of us have a good relationship so we had a lot of fun filming.” Various episdoes saw Mark explain the colour of stars to viewers and organise Dulverton town’s biggest light switch off, amongst other fascinating experiences. “One of the most memorable moments for me was during the second night of filming where we were very fortunate to have a clear night’s sky, which is quite rare in Cheshire. There’s something ever so appealing about seeing things live, it adds a whole new dimension.” The show, having three series under its belt, has attracted over four and a half million viewers, something which Mark has always aimed to achieve. The audience even participated in the discovery of a new planet the size of Neptune, named Threapleton Holmes B, taken from the names of the two men who spotted it. It was further proof that the show was helping ‘amateurs’ to be productive in learning about our universe. Mark said: “The show intended to appeal to everyday people and it has done. It’s got so many people engaged in astronomy, there’s been an increase in university Physics courses as a result and the best thing is that it’s encouraged people to stop and look up at the sky. You don’t always need a telescope to do this and I think we’ve proven this through the show.” Using his astronomy expertise, Mark has predicted the arrival of a wonderful new comet, named ISON which, should it grace our skies, will be as bright as a full moon. Mark said: “The comet will head towards the sun and if all goes well and it isn’t broken by gravity, we should be able to see it as bright as we would a full moon in November time.” Although notoriously difficult to predict, it looks like 2013 could be an exciting year for the skies. But the all-important question, could there undoubtedly be life on other planets and how close to us could this be? Mark firmly believes that there is due to the physical logistics being high. He said: “Absolutely yes do I believe there’s life on other planets. From even doing Stargazing, there have been more and more suggestions that there is. But astronomy is such a wonderful level of science, that there’s still so much to learn.” ■

The Eagle Nebula, visible to us due to the hot young stars it has produced!

Moon & Pleiades Map

“Absolutely yes do I believe there’s life on other planets. From even doing Stargazing, there have been more and more suggestions that there is”

One of the closest and brightest barred spiral Galaxy to Earth, Southern Pinwheel Galaxy!

Words: Rebecca Ackerley Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain colleagues on Stargazing Live u k | VIVA | 9 5



IL Divo & Katherine Jenkins front cover and interview


IL Divo & Katherine Jenkins front cover and interview