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5* Boutique ApartHotel

20 Church St Manchester M4 1PN 0161 8394848

‘Let youR special OCCASION shine this year’ Imagine a place overlooking city centre landmarks and at the same time hidden away in the intimate settings of the Northern Quarter. The five star Light Boutique ApartHotel is a unique development of luxury boutique apartments, which provide a home away from home in the heart of Manchester. The Light Boutiques stunning 15th floor penthouses are the perfect venue to impress your guests, from holding formal business meetings, weddings, glamorous social events and even chilled out pamper weekends Whatever your specific needs the staff at the Light Hotel are more than happy to make your requests possible.



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o summer is now in full swing (can someone please tell the weather!) and what an action-packed season it has been so far! Our lovely city really has excelled itself this year, playing host to a number of uber-cool music festivals such as the Warehouse Project’s Parklife, Friends of Mine and Future Perfect. Culture affairs have also had their share of the limelight with the likes of Eurocultured and the Manchester International Festival taking centre stage. We’ve even had a beach festival for goodness sake. (Ian Brown would be proud!) Now you all know how much we here at Viva love to party and, as well as festivals, we have been hard at work with a few events of our own. The highlights being the light Summer Penthouse Party and the Shaun Ryder & Friends photographic exhibition which were both an astounding success. If you’d like Viva to organise and host your event contact the Viva events team on 0161 8334401 or email With so much going on it’s surprising that we’ve had time to bring you this issue of Viva! But here at the HQ we’ve been hard at work creating some new features to take your mind off the shorter days and chillier nights on the horizon. Keeping up with the twitter revolution our new feature ‘Get Tweeting Peeps’ presents the good, the bad and the amusing from our Twitter feed! We’ve also got our very own guest columnist in the form of Corrie’s Helen Flannagan, talking all things FASHION! Finally, we’ve got the perfect ‘city blues’ cure with our golf and spa country retreat special.

Now here in Manchester we are privileged to have such a thriving gay community and you can bet Viva will be camping it up at the end of August for Gay Pride 2011. However unfortunately we were saddened to discover that it’s not all fun and games for homosexuals in other parts of the world. Our ‘Rest of the World’ feature touches upon the shame and harsh treatment of homosexuals in Uganda, and serves as an interesting yet awakening read. Finally, as well as all this new and exciting stuff we have still included all your old fashion favourites with Manchester’s top brands and boutiques. Check out our fashion pages and see how Manchester fashion really is taking over the UK! Well that’s it from us! We will be back in November with a Christmas special… Enjoy!

iva X V m a e t , e v o Big l

VIVA i n t h e p i p e l i n e

The Radar Chloe Sevigny Spotted!!

Be part of the V-fest VIP entourage These days the festival season, despite the mud, rain and loosely pegged-down tents, is all about glamour. We may be partying in a field but it can’t hurt to do it with a little style. So this year one of Manchester’s favourite clubs, Entourage, has teamed up with V Festival Staffordshire to provide an exclusive bar in the VIP area. The festival, taking place from 19th - 21st August, is homing in on all things luxury, including an entire selection of accommodation a little more inviting than a pop-up tent. Sleep on a floor of silky cushions and sheepskins in one of the Cloud Yurts or enjoy or more conventional idea of holidaying with V-festival’s very own pop-up boutique hotel. This is truly doing a festival Kate Moss style, with a room equipped with a double bed, heating system and power shower. So if the idea of being at one with the elements is putting you off seeing amazing bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Razorlight, now you have no excuse! Visit and for more details. ■

Didsbury Arts Festival Get creative this autumn at the Didsbury Arts Festival, taking place from 24th September – 1st October. A whole range of exciting arty happenings will be taking place, from live bands on stage to jazz cafés and art trails; it is an event not to be missed. The event will feature Didsbury’s very first film festival, Tributes, and contestants are asked to tackle one of two of the chosen genres, comedy and horror. It is a great opportunity for people to acknowledge the large amount talent in cinema that we have in the Manchester area, rather than people believing that it is exclusive to London. Festival Director Maria Stripling said: ‘Breaking into the industry is notoriously difficult. This event will provide an opportunity for like-minded people to work together and inspire each other.’ There is so much to get involved with if you fancy yourself as a potential artiste, such as poetry, short story and photography competitions. So do not let your creative flare go to waste: get writing, get thinking and get involved! ■

Ultra stylish American actress and former model Chloe Sevigny has been spotted all over Manchester the past few weeks. Chloe has been seen leaving Hervia Bazaar, King Street Clinic and Coffee Pot amongst other places and is rumored to be filming for a new 6 part series.

Six-D Descend On The Printworks for Street Dancer Think that you could out-dance pretty much anyone in the North West? Are your toe-tapping moves enough to rival Diversity’s dance tricks? If yes, then you need to get yourself along to Street Dancer at The Printworks and you could be in with the chance of winning £1000! Street Dancer kicks off on August 6th with auditions judged by up and coming dance sensation Six D. Fresh off the back of recent tours supporting JLS and The Saturdays, Six D are the future of pop music with their incredible moves combined with impeccable voices. Six D will also be performing at the competition as well as judging. If you think you have what it takes and can impress our celebrity judges then simply email: or call 0161 829 8000 to secure your audition slot. ■

Sonar festival rivals Ibiza The summer party season is fully upon us and without a doubt Barcelona has got to be one of the hottest places to visit. Festival Sonar takes place every June and is known for its trendy crowds, amazing weather and wild parties featuring some of the best music and DJ’s on the planet. It seems Ibiza has a lot to live up to. Lets see if the white isle closing parties can do any better…

Unconditional comes to Manchester

We are all about to become EVEN more chic, with the latest addition to The Triangle –clothes store Unconditional. Manchester welcomes Unconditional’s North Flagship store which is guaranteed to get all us ladies and gents looking even slicker, just in time for autumn.

Australasia Manchester’s Food Spinningfields plays host to Australasia, a brand new restaurant with a late night bar licence on Fridays and Saturdays. With beautiful décor and an exquisite menu, eating out in Manchester just got tastier.


WHAT’S HOt WhaT’S NOT Yoga in the 21st Century Move over hippies! Yoga is fast becoming the popular relaxation technique among Manchester City dwellers with fast-paced lives. To the onlooker it might appear an odd combination of leg lunges and bows to worship the Sun but yoga, in fact, forges a deep connection between the body and mind and can help people understand themselves in a more meaningful way. In 2008, Katie Giannoulatos set up Yoga Inspiration with the intention of inspiring people with the spiritual concept of yoga and to help them understand what it really and what it really means. In the past she has appeared on the BBC’s The One show and, this July, she launched her first book. Katie’s clients include Olympic athletes such as world champion open-water swimmer, Keri-Ann Payne and she also teaches corporate, stress-busting workshops and educational sessions with schools. Widely known as ‘the modern face of yoga’, she is quickly dissolving any misconceptions that people once had about the practice. It’s not cool to be stressed, so jump on the bandwagon! 10 minutes of yoga per day can help you to de-stress, improve posture and breathing, and even help you to stay trim too! Visit or call 07989 350727 for more information about one to one sessions and workshops available. ■



City Centre Parking gets even MORE expensive!

Let’s be honest, parking fees are a bit of a sore subject for a lot of us, so now just to wind us up that little bit more, the council have increased the cost of parking in the city centre by up to 20% in some cases… come on guys, give us a break.

Phone Hacking

One of the biggest scandals to ever hit the British media has been uncovered as the world finds out about how reporters at Rupert Murdoch’s media company News international have been hacking voicemails to break some of the country’s biggest stories, it seems dirty tactics get you nowhere!

Rain, rain, rain!

This summer’s weather is definitely not hot! We’ve had glimpses of sunshine and almost got a tan but the rain seems to have soaked the nation. Let’s just hope this autumn delivers us the Indian summer we’re owed!

Rude Bar Staff

Nights out are meant to be about having fun and treating yourself – not about being treated badly by the bar staff, so this is a warning to all those rude, moody, bartenders, pull your socks up and give us service with a smile or we will be forced to name and shame! This issue’s radar was brought to you by owner of King Street Clinic :

utta Umar Bh



The shocked Mercury Music Prize nominee talks to Viva O O VIVA: Hi Katy, how are you? KATY: I’m good thanks, are you? VIVA: We’re great thanks. Your album

‘On a Mission’ - has just been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, how are you feeling? Katy: I’m feeling really good, I played the itunes festival as well on the day I found out, so all my family came down and my friends and we had some champagne and a bit of a dance, so it was a really fun day.

VIVA: Was it a shock? KATY: Yeah it was a bit of a shock because they don’t actually tell you you’re nominated; they just invite you to the nominations and only tell you when you’re leaving.

VIVA: So you’re up against a lot of talented people including Elbow and Adele, is there anyone that you really respect or think are big competition? KATY: Well I think everyone’s got a really great album on there. I particularly respect PJ Harvey and Adele but I think everyone’s got just as much chance as each other. You never know with awards ceremonies!

VIVA: Well good luck anyway! You’ve played a lot of festivals this year, including Manchester’s Parklife, how did that go? KATY: I love Parklife actually; it’s always a great one. I played last year as well with DJ Genius in the dance tent. I love city festivals. Sometimes, they’re really cool. VIVA: Are there any other festivals that have stood out for you? Or has anything gone wrong that has made it memorable?! KATY: Well I really loved Roskilde festival in Denmark. It was the biggest tent I’ve ever seen in my life. There must have been about 20,000 people jumping up and

down like maniacs and when Magnetic Man came on they absolutely killed it! I also went on with them and it gave me goosebumps seeing so many people jumping up and down – it was crazy.

VIVA: Sounds amazing! Also your tour starts in October, will this be your first proper time on the road? KATY: No, well I’ve toured with Magnetic Man and Tinie Tempah and I’ve done a tour on my own in May so this will be my second headline tour. But I’m really really looking forward to it; it’s going to be great.

VIVA: Do you prefer the gigs to the festivals or are they completely different? KATY: I think they’re completely different really. I think when people come to your gigs they’re there to listen to the music they’ve been listening to at home and enjoy it in a live setting. I think with festivals it’s more of a big party for everyone, they’re not just there for your music they’re there for a laugh really. VIVA: So you’ve collaborated with a lot of people including Ms Dynamite and Magnetic Man, will any of these be joining you on your tour? KATY: I hope so! P-Money is going to be my main support at the moment. He’s got a new album coming out on Rinse, so there will be a lot of Rinse family there. VIVA:Have you got any more plans for collaborations in the future, for the new album? KATY: Definitely! I’m really really looking forward to writing the new album; I’m missing the studio. I’m going to Ibiza soon and I’m going to set up a studio in the villa so that I can do some work because I haven’t actually got time to take a holiday so I’m going to kill two birds with one stone.


VIVA:Wow Ibiza will be really good inspiration! KATY: Yeah definitely, the sunshine and the music and just being around my friends. VIVA: So you are a London girl, where do you like to hang out when you’re not working? KATY: Well being South London I like to hang out in Brixton, I love all the pubs and clubs like SuperNanny, Live Music, and Plan B club. I also love Fridge bar and Shoreditch for going out; there are some nice bars. I do kickboxing in my spare time and I like riding my bike.

VIVA: So obviously here at Viva we love fashion, are you into fashion or are you more get-up-and-go? KATY: Well I’m definitely picky about what I wear definitely. I like to be quite relaxed because I’m always jumping around on stage, so I need to be comfortable. I like to wear Vans on stage, but when I’m not performing I like to dress up and be girly. I think I’ve got quite strong personality and I’ve got a nice collection of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes to go with it! I also love that shop ‘Opening Ceremony’ in New York, I went there last year and almost cried because I couldn’t afford anything! I got a few bits in the sale though. VIVA: Ok finally, after all the festivals and the tours what’s next for Katy B? Maybe chill out? KATY: Well my tours and stuff aren’t finishing until November so by then it will be Christmas and I’m sure by then there will be something else for me to do! So it looks like it’s going to be non-stop into next year – but I’m looking forward to it! VIVA: Thank you very much Katy, and good luck with the Mercury Music Prize! ■ words: Kaite Grange

Holly wears red jumpsuit by Lucy in Disguise ÂŁ185 from Harvey Nichols Customised studded Mickey Mouse hat by Natalie Armin


Indulge in your dark desires, awaken every sense, and ignite your infatuations, free improvisations and contrasting materials, create unapologetic style with pose.

Lanie wears dress by Roberto Cavalli £2755 & Shoes by Jeffery Campbell £120 both from Harvey Nichols. Leather crown by Lora Avedian. Gloves Stylists own

Max wears armour from Renegade Marmalade Knee pieces/set design by Natalie Armin Stylist’s own vintage Dr.Martin boots

Lanie wears sunglasses by Mercura NYC. Red dress Alexander McQueen ÂŁ995 from Harvey Nichols

Holly wears Arrey Kono crinkle coat wrap £220, Fairground leggings £70 & Uno de 50 Charm necklace £200, all available from Renegade Marmalade Max wears D&G shirt £165 & Dolce & Gabbana leather jacket £995 both from Harvey Nichols Pianegonda necklace £800 from Wave Jewellery. Knee pieces by Natalie Armin

Holly wears Bjorg spine armour ring ÂŁ350 from Renegade Marmalade Dress by Alice & Oliver ÂŁ335 from Harvey Nichols Studded shoulder pieces by Natalie Armin Sunglasses by Mercura NYC

Max wears Uno de 50 necklace ÂŁ200 from Renegade Marmalade Customised vintage jacket by Natalie Armin

Lanie wears shirt £190 & skirt £195 both by Michael Kors from Harvey Nichols Stephen Webster necklace £555, bangle £1055 & cuff £1400 all available from Wave Jewellery

Holly wears a Stephen Webster ring ÂŁ450 from Wave Jewellery. Feather headpieces by Lora Avedian

Fashion Story Credits PHOTOGRAPHER Tony Le Britton

STYLIST & SET DESIGN Natalie Armin & Ryan Boulton

HAIR Sharon Peake @ Ethos Hairdressers

MUA Sian Faulkner for Illamasqua

RE-TOUCHING Gina Hernandez

FILMING Hannah Searle

MODELS Lanie, Holly & Max

LOCATION Kraak Studios Manchester




s most of you will know, last year Lily Allen quit music to open a vintage clothing store in London and most of you would have tuned into her television show documenting the process. Since then, Lily and her older sister Sarah have created their own collection to co-exist alongside the designer vintage pieces that they already sell. To the joy of Lily and Sarah their collection will be sold in Harvey Nichols department stores all over the UK and various other department stores worldwide. To celebrate the release of Lucy in Disguise, Harvey Nichols is hosting exclusive evenings where Lily and Sarah will make appearances to answer any questions and last night was Manchester’s turn. A section of the first floor was decorated with Lucy in Disguise posters with white sofas and chairs surrounding what looked like a 1960’s lounge; an old music player played motown classics and vintage inspired cocktails were handed out whilst we waited for the sisters to arrive. Lily and Sarah, who both wore Lucy in Disguise pieces, answered questions to an audience of fashion lovers and Lily Allen admirers. They explained that the name came from a book that their mother found in her book shop and the connections to The Beatles and British music and fashion made it the perfect choice for their flagship store. Sarah also explained that having a female in the name enabled them to create a character for them to base their ideas on.

‘Lucy’ is a time travelling fashionista and the store (which is located in Covent Garden) is her apartment where visitors are able to look around and see her adventures. Their collection is also a reflection of her travels as it is made up of beautiful pieces inspired by eras such as the 1920s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Incorporating all these decades means that there is something for everyone from flapper-style dresses to pretty prom dresses, to jumpsuits and maxidresses. Each piece is of the highest quality, whether it be the fabric or the detailed beading. My favourite piece is a black jumpsuit that has red stars sewn into the body - very 70’s disco! The pricing however, is not so desirable; the black prom dress that Sarah wore and blue cotton tunic that Lily wore are both priced at £240 and the entire collection ranges from £110 to £395. If all goes well, the girls intend to expand into accessories, swimwear and possibly children’s wear ... but don’t hold your breath for menswear as Lily and Sarah both agree that vintage menswear is not sexy. Although Lily did joke that it would be called Brucie in Disguise! Lucy in Disguise is available at Harvey Nichols, Lucy in Disguise and online. ■ words: Hayley Ashworth


trends Viva tren

Do it with Denim


aking the transition from summer staples to autumnal layers can be a difficult leap to make. No more frolicking in fields, beach parties or camp fires; (which compiles the average weekend agenda for any Northerner) instead we must batten down the hatches, layer up and prepare for winter. Still, Viva have a secret way to make the change without losing out: the key is in the denim. Tan Gloves £13.99 from

Denim is one of those materials which can instantly make an outfit more expensive without costing its visual worth, another is leather but generally leather is not as versatile and is, in fact, priced as high-end as it looks. Denim can also be one of the easiest ways to cover up against the cold without having to ditch the Maxi, autumnal wear just got a whole lot more interesting.

Neon Hart Hooded jacket £120.00 from Selfridges Trafford

Take your très en vogue white Maxi dress, the one you wear with tan high sandals and a Mulberry Postman’s Lock bag, (MYW) in this ensemble you’re beach-ready, summer chic. Now add a cropped denim jacket, like this from model-turned-designer Jess Hart’s range Neon Hart exclusive to Selfridges and you’re already on your way to an autumnal look. These suede gloves will add another layer of autumnal luxury to the proceedings and keep your hands suitable cosy; avoid socks with sandals and try heeled boots like these from Carvella which are late summer chunky without being hiking boots. Still not convinced that denim can go the long haul? Try adapting your summer denim must-haves: the denim hot pants. Worn out at every festival this year, from Parklife to the Pyramid at Glasto, you’ve become accustomed to these pants. Saying goodbye for winter can be hard but bare legs in September make for hypothermia in October. Although, by teaming the shorts with tights, you’ll both please your Mother and give a new meaning to the name hot pants for autumn. These cream Bebaroque tights at Hervia Bazaar would suit any denim shorts and would look perfect teamed with tan leather boots like these from KG by Kurt Geiger at Going a little more dressed-up for the evening? These dark lace patterned tights, also from Bebaroque at Hervia Bazaar, would melt the ice with these spiky-heeled Sam Edelman boots at Although,make sure your shorts of choice are a dark colour and any studded embellishment is welcomed for a night on the tiles.

Mother Denim Flares £218.00 from Black White Denim

When it comes to Denim each season brings with it a new cut, a new must have. We had (and still live in) Skinnies. We’ve done straight leg (or was it cigarette cut?), bootleg/ cut, arch denims, carrot tops, hareem and ¾ length. But 2011 went back to 1975 and brought us back the flare. No other brand has epitomised this trend better than US brand Mother Denim. The much hyped Drama jean is a must for any autumnal wardrobe. Black White Denim is a new Wilmslow boutique and online store that only deals in things black, white and denim and it is no surprise that Mother Denim’s Drama jean takes centre stage in their denim offer. For the office, team with a simple shirt, like this Equipment nude coloured piece also from and for after-dinner cocktails with this tuxedo jacket from DKNY at Harvey Nichols. ■

Equipment shirt £230.00 from Black White Denim

E ngine

Words by Jordan McDowell

DKNY Tuxedo £390.00 from Harvey Nichols

Sam Edelman Shoes £215.00 from

Carvella Shoes £130.00 from Selfridges


Bebaroque Lolita & Luna Tights £50.00 from Hervia Bazaar

trends Viva tren



o we’ve tried colour blocking for Summer and inevitably rushed back to that ‘by the riviera’ look that makes us look slightly less garish. Fellas fret not, as autumn is fast approaching and with it comes the excuse to ditch the uncomfortable micro shorts and dabble in something a little more masculine. Denim has been our friend since our mother popped us in those dungarees when we were two and our Dads would swing us about, inconsiderately, by the braces. We’ve tried dark boot cut, light cigarette cut (straight leg to you and me) and even cut them up and made shorts for summer months. Denim is a good thing for a gent’s wardrobe: durable, friendly, easy and always pleasing on the eye. Make this autumn the season of denim and wave good bye to any attempt at the Hawaiian look that magazine told you to try. However, denim isn’t all nostalgic memories of childhood playtime, first kisses and camping trips because if you do denim the wrong way you’re more Brokeback Mountain than John Wayne.

Indigo Shirt £125.00 from Pretty Green

First of all, get that allrounder pair of jeans. It’s difficult to go wrong with Levis, the company that invented the Blue Jeans in 1873 has since been the market leader in denim wear for men the world over. Levis 501s have existed since 1879 and continue to be the staple light blue pair in any fashionable bloke’s wardrobe, tight where they should be and roomy everywhere else. This distressed pair from will ease you from beachwear to autumnal fashion comfortably. Pair these jeans with a simple white Tee. This from Acne at has a simple scoop neck which adds a modern twist to a classic look.

Umbro Tee £40.00 from Harvey Nichols

Dare to do daring denim? The latest pop colour pieces on the scene are Monkee Genes which have found a new kudos since being welcomed into Selfridges Manchester. Not exactly your usual denim but still in the Jeans section, these organic cotton and very eco-friendly skinny jeans are tight without being painful. (we all know how it feels peeling them off after a night out) Add the Peter Saville for Umbro Tee at Harvey Nichols (because we still love them) and match with these Converse from Oi Polloi, which are a limited edition collaboration with Makintosh, a colourful catapult into autumn. Denim shirts are an easy way to keep your finger in the pie. This from Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green is a cool take on the shirt your Grandad wore in the 70s. Add gloves and a thin scarf and you’ve got a textured layered look for autumn that will leave envious eyes pretty green. (see what I did there?) A denim jacket in a darker hue can also suit this outfit but denim jackets are sometimes where this wardrobe can fall apart. What do we wear them with? Chinos and casual trousers are instantly made more appealing paired with a tailored denim jacket but don’t avoid double denim. If your jacket and trousers are clashing shades of denim you’re on to a winner. Never add a checked shirt and spurred shoes for obvious reasons and stetsons should be left with fancy dress. Monkee Genes £60.00 from Selfridges

As well as all the high-end denim we’ve introduced to you here, don’t forget, denim never ages. Pop by one of the many vintage stores in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and pick up a pair of Levis for next to nothing or a wrangler jacket for under £20! Enjoy autumn guys.

Levis 501 £85.00 from Selfridges

Religion DirtyZee Jeans , £85 at The General Store, Manchester

Words by: Jordan McDowell

Converse £95.00 from OiPolloi

Katkin Scarf £35.00 from Ted Baker


Acne Shirt £60.00 from

trends Viva tren It’s Friday, fancy getting away somewhere before Monday morning? Capsule wardrobes are the way forward but how exactly do we turn options into travelling light? VIVA takes you through how to build a weekend getaway wardrobe fit for any occasion without needing a suitcase!




Just in case of cold it’s best to pop some jeans in your Hobo Bag just in case. That’s the beauty of the Florence Dress, it can double as an oversized shirt. Team with the new Victoria Beckham Bordeux Skinnies for a splash of colour and a dose of warmth. From Black White Denim £170.00



Take this beautiful white cotton bib Florence dress from Rag + Bone New York at A wonderfully simple design with high impact. A mandarin collar makes for a smart take on casual dressing and an above the knee hem keeps it fresh. This is the centre piece of your capsule wardrobe (don’t spill on it). From Black White Denim £213.00

The BedRock jacket from Boda Skins at Renegade Marmalade in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is the perfect piece of edge to add to the Florence Dress. Wear during travelling because the super soft lamb’s leather will weight your luggage down. From Renegade Marmalade £245.00


For day two these cute loafer style brogues by Manc brand Red or Dead exclusive to Schuh will keep your outfit down to earth and ready for a day of exploring shops, landscapes and bars. £70.00


Stomp into the B&B reception in these monstrous boots, urban enough for city breaks and yet calmed down by the Florence Dress for country retreats. No Body Eskimo Boots by Renegade Marmalade £50.00


We couldn’t resist this cuff straight out of the contemporary. When you’ve discarded your leather jacket at the B&B you’ll need a little leather on your person. This is where Wave Jewellery in Manchester’s Royal Exchange Arcade comes in, with this diamond and leather cuff by Shaun Leane £5,270.00

This is the bag for the weekend,.Burberry’s Hobo Bag will be the perfect place for you to store your knickers and moisturiser whilst away. The bag is also not too big for during the day when coffee by rivers and drinks at sunset will be on the agenda. Burberry Manchester, New Cathedral Street, £795 >>


trends Viva tren It’s the weekend and you’re going away, what to pack? VIVA know you don’t want a fuss so here is how to survive the weekend without having to drag a suitcase along for the ride: weekend getaway, capsule style.




When wearing the shirt sleeves down cufflinks are required. Opt for these extra special pieces from Shaun Leane at Wave Jewellery in Manchester’s Royal Exchange Arcade or online. Molded after an Eagle’s head these sterling silver cufflinks will add something a bit bling to the outfit. £260.00


A crisp white cotton shirt can do wonders for a weekend away. Wear this shirt in two ways, arrive on Saturday with sleeves folded back three times to just below the elbow and on Sunday wear them long for a totally different look. Thierry Mugler at £195.00



A pair of simple, slim fit, tapered black trousers are what is needed to complete this look. So simple you probably thought of it yourself. Alexander McQueen will see you right, at Selfridges and online £395.00.

Keep the look casual and comfortable with these Hugo Boss Arkansas Jeans at Selfridges and online. A straight leg in a dark hue these jeans keep the outfit together whilst remaining relaxing for a weekend getaway. £109.00


When it comes to trainers many seek out bottom end sneakers. If you’re sporting the latest catwalk trends don’t do yourself an injustice and keep to what you know, style. Cipher are known for their black, white and gray high top trainers, easy on the eye and under foot. The Libertine is a little va va voom for your outfit and is now in stock at Hervia Bazaar and online. £194.00

Since it’s Sunday and you’re going to hit the bar for 15:00 we best dress to impress before we collapse into our road dinner. OiPolloi know good dressing which is why they trump the Larkin shoe from Bass Weejan as a smart option for weekends >> away. £90.00


Viva F A S H I O N Making Everyone Look Smarter One Stitch at a Time


ichard Jonathan Smith opened his sartorial doors two years ago here in Manchester and has not looked back since. Richard Smith Bespoke, which is located across from House of Fraser on St Marys Street, offers a wide range of services to cater for your sartorial needs. Richard is not your stereotypical tailor, with a big personality and friendly outlook, this local boy provides a quality service that will go the extra mile to make sure a customer gets what they want.

When you first walk through the doors you are met with mannequins decorated with the tailor’s finest work, shelves adorned with an assortment of cloths, and a relaxing atmosphere set by a warm welcome from the tailor. Richard truly has the capabilities to meet any sartorial request. With a wide range of fabrics, from the luxurious Loro Piana to the unique Liberty prints, he is able to cater any request. Smith also has top quality Saville Row trained tailors under his roster, ensuring that your garment will be executed to the highest quality. Richard has trained under Armani Collezione and Emporio Armani for seven years, where his taste for exquisite cloth and design was first developed. He takes his inspiration from 0161 832 1995 2a St Mary’s St, Manchester, M3 2LB

the everyday modern man and enjoys making each garment individualised with a touch of creativity. Richard offers Made to Measure and Bespoke garments that are truly individualised from the lining of the jacket, down to the colour of the stitching of the buttonholes on a shirt. Unlike most tailors he encourages customers to be creative when choosing their garments but will always provide guidance. (stressing that less is more!)

If a unique gift is in mind, Richard offers his own concept called Tailor in a Box. One can pick a small sample of shirt or suit cloths that the recipient would be happy with that is neatly presented in a box with a letter explaining the gift. At the end of the day this bespoke tailor wants everyone to look a little bit smarter. Richard Smith will go that extra mile to find and create that truly individual garment that everyone wants in his or her own wardrobe. ■

Between the Lines of Fashion


ew for 2011, Chatsubo is a unique menswear retail portal – think more of a personal and eclectic version of Mr Porter. After just 4 months in business, the fashion company has developed a distinctive aesthetic in terms of the labels they represent, and has filled a gap in the men’s mid-range market. Chatsubo is a place where you can find a whole host of stylish designs if you are looking for more quality and individuality than the high street. However, unlike other online luxury

fashion websites, Chatsubo does not offer extortionate price tags, or the run-of-the-mill designers that we hear of everywhere. Russell Clements, one of the minds behind the brand, says, ‘When we put together the collections for the website, we select brands that fit the ‘casual, contemporary’ tag. We are trying to occupy a space in the market somewhere between high street and high fashion. We appeal to people who are looking for something individual to wear but don’t want to spend a fortune on the well-known designer brands –

and the USA. Therefore, if there is one defining feature of Chatsubo, Russell says that it would be that it is truly international. without compromising on quality.’ At the same time, the brand actively tries not to identify itself with any particular culture or movement outside of fashion. ‘Chatsubo for us simply represents well made, well fitting, interesting fashion items for men.’ However, the well-travelled team have visited boutiques around the world, including Denmark


So where is the business going? They want to continue the growth of the business so that it becomes the one-stop place to go for men’s fashion. The site will evolve further to represent a wider array of eclectic and individual collections that will guarantee to set you apart from the high street. ■

Viva F A S H I O N What Do Your Shoes Say About You...


nna Chan’s working life thus far has been anything but stereotypical: after completing her MSc in Management and Business Finance at the University of York, she became a high-flying stockbroker and, as you do, decided to travel the world before making a less-than-obvious career move into shoe design. Just 8 months later however, it looks very clear as to why she made that leap of faith. Her brand, Just Anna, features a very strong collection of 19 pairs of beautiful heels, all unique yet with a distinct collective identity. She obviously has an eye for design but why did she choose shoes over the endless possibilities in other areas of fashion? ‘I think that you can express so much through shoes; they are ultra-feminine and they can change how you feel. You can do so much more with shoes than you can with a pair of trousers or a shirt, for example.’ Perhaps her anything-but-typical career path has influenced her attitude towards her collection and the way she thinks about designing. She designs to achieve a particular aesthetic but with Anna’s shoes comes an attitude, a philosophy that has to be lived up to: you have to wear them with pride. ‘I think that stereotypes are not as prominent as they used to be and I wouldn’t say that I am a feminist but I definitely think that women should be able to reject any expectations of how they should look or dress and they should be empowered by their freedom of change.’ She is an avid supporter of challenging expectations of women and celebrates the fact that women can now wear what they want without being judged or questioned.

As we have seen, the finished product makes a bold and positive statement to inspire the customer. But when at the drawing board, staring at a blank sheet of paper, what inspires Anna? ‘Definitely people When I see people in the street, at bars and at clubs, I’m always thinking about my designs. I don’t care so much for other designers, I would rather take my inspiration from the real world.’ But at the same time, she designs for herself and creates things purely because she likes them. Her current collection has a colour and style reminiscent of Miami Beach; it is all about summer fun. So where is Just Anna going? Destined for big things, apparently. Anna wants to have standalone boutiques in New York, London and Shanghai, with her brand in the same rankings as Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. But will there be any obvious trademarks, such as blood red heels or monogram prints? Anna believes that a designer should not need to put such an obvious trademark on something as elegant as a shoe – it is much better to achieve a niche through use of colour and style as designers like Chloe and

Alexander McQueen. By looking at the collection, it is clear to see that Just Anna has already achieved a style that can maintain a distinctive identity yet is able to evolve through the trends. Anna likes her collection to have a nude and pink colour spectrum but just as this season’s stand-out colour was electric blue, she predicts that next season will see minty greens coming into the spotlight and she anticipates that her designs will loosely follow suit. ■ You can purchase Just Anna shoes online at or from Zapatos Designer Shoe Shop, Knutsford 01565 621999. Prices starting from £159




llow me to introduce you to new up and coming designer Sunny Williams. He graduated from Portsmouth university with a degree in fashion and textiles before working with the likes of Saville Row and Bryce Aime. During this time he learned about quality, fit and construction; 3 ideas that would become the catalyst for his own creations. In 2010 he established his own brand, House of Sunny. His debut collection was sponsored by hair giants TIGI and his first show saw 800 of the fashion media’s finest turn up. It was such a success that Italian Vogue ran a feature on him and the brand was nicknamed ‘House of the Rising Sun.’

House of Sunny is described as being quintessentially British, with the aim to ‘excite and express’. Sunny uses Fibonacci theory, a mathematical sequence of numbers that make everything in the World as perfect as it is, to create his clothing, making them in turn, picture perfect! The current collection is a mixture of jackets, dresses, skirts and shorts and is made from a variety of fabrics such as velvet, lace, silk and satin. My two absolute highlights from this collection are the Love Fighter (a blue velvet jacket with denim and tiger button trim) and Fanny (a green stretch knit and satin tutuesque dress).

House of Sunny will be showing at London Fashion Week in an exclusive presentation and with an addition of accessories to accompany his new collection, it will definitely be the one to watch. But until then feel free to shop his collection online at: www.houseofsunny. com and follow their Twitter and Facebook pages for all the latest gossip! ■

Wave Jewellery... Take a break from the norm – REDEFINE THE BOUNDARIES OF ADORNMENT


alk into Wave Jewellery in Manchester’s Royal Exchange Arcade and you’ll very quickly notice two things. First, the refreshing uniqueness and exceptional quality of the pieces on display and, second, the outstandingly high calibre of service offered by the friendly and well-informed staff. This simple but winning combination of desirably distinctive products and professional personnel has been, as Wave’s founders Paul and Jo Henderson readily admit, the secret to the company’s burgeoning success ever since its inception over 10 years ago. Beginning in 2001 with their first boutique in Kendal, Jo and her husband Paul have presided over the rapid expansion of Wave, opening stores in Bowness-on-Windermere, Lancaster, our beloved Manchester, and most recently, London’s prestigious Knightsbridge district. Repeatedly recognised by their peers in the jewellery industry as leaders and innovators in their field, the couple’s company has featured in leading magazine, Retail Jeweller’s top 30 list of Inspiring Independents of 2010, as well as its 2011 Buying Power List. The tremendous success and acclaim Wave has attracted in such a short space of time might come as a surprise to those who have yet to set foot in one of the company’s stores but visit any of its five branches and you’re sure to question why you’ve never bothered to drop in before. In a world saturated with the same shops, offering the same tired brands, Wave is a breath of fresh air. It showcases superior quality jewellery and watches from cutting-edge, world-renowned designers whose pieces are of an individuality rarely encountered on our homogenised high streets.

Speaking of their initial breakthrough into the business, Paul and Jo believe they identified a gap in the market for jewellery with a difference. “It’s not that our pieces were whacky in any way, it’s just that everything out there was the same and people appreciate a bit of good design.” Travelling the world to source the best products from the best manufacturers, the couple have continued to adhere to this principle of originality in design and excellence in craftsmanship. Many of the brands sold at Wave are firm favourites with celebrities; Stephen Webster is one such designer whose creations have captured the hearts of Hollywood’s glitterati: his jewellery has been worn by the likes of Christina Aguilera, Johnny Depp, and Cameron Diaz, as well as Britain’s very own David Beckham and Russell Brand. As five-time winner of the UK Luxury Jewellery of the Year award for his gothic, glam-rock inspired collections, Webster’s dramatic and edgy pieces effortlessly command that elusive ‘must-have’ appeal. Other top designers promoted by Wave include Shaun Leane, whose exquisitely crafted, boundary-breaking jewels have been described by Sotheby’s as the ‘antiques of the future’ and Paul Spurgeon, whose pioneering of gravitydefying settings and new diamond cuts has earned him a reputation amongst his contemporaries as the ‘Goldsmiths’ Goldsmith.’ With flair in design and faultless workmanship evidently coming as standard at Wave, it is easy to see why Italian Vogue named its Knightsbridge store as ‘the best place to shop for designer jewellery in London.’ Catering for both men and women through a superb selection

of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings; watches from luxury brands like Bell & Ross; as well as an extensive range of timelessly unique eternity, engagement, and wedding rings, it seems that whatever the occasion, you’re bound to make the perfect purchase at a Wave boutique. And even if you can’t find exactly what you desire, or if you want something truly exclusive and personal to you, Wave boasts a first-class bespoke service, offering to design and create your own individual piece of jewellery according to your chosen specifications. Unquestionably, the Wave team strive for the ultimate in customer satisfaction. As owner Jo says: “We give fantastic service; we go the extra mile for our customers. We’re told that time and again.” A visit to Wave’s website and a brief perusal of the abundant testimonials from thoroughly impressed customers, soon confirms this assertion; visitors to Wave shops are consistently bowled over by the warm professionalism and dedication of the staff, who from advising on styles, to gift-wrapping your purchase, provide expert assistance throughout the difficult decision-making process. A devotion to meeting the needs of the customer, fused with a commitment to supply individual jewellery for individual personalities, form the lifeblood of Wave and constitute the driving force behind its success. But don’t take my word for it: this is a company whose service needs to be experienced to be appreciated. So what are you waiting for? Your dream piece of designer jewellery could be in a Wave store near you right now. ■ Words: Amy Coaker

‘Fashion & Beauty is right up my street’ HELEN FLANAGAN REPORTS...

after filming. For all things designer I head to Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. I especially like J-Brand jeans. I also love Topshop and find the stylists really helpful when I’m pushed for time.

I LOVE BOUTIQUES! I’ve just moved to Alderley Edge and have discovered a gem of a boutique called Runway. I love how glamorous and reasonably priced it is! For a more dressed-down look I also like to go to Black and White Denim in Wilmslow - Their Victoria Beckham Jeans are fab! I LOVE MANCHESTER SHOPPING! I think we’ve got an amazing shopping city in Manchester and I love to have a look around

MY FASHION CRUSHES I caught a picture of Justin Bieber’s girlfriend Selena Gomez the other day and I’ve got to say I was impressed! I love her natural but sophisticated style and think she’s going to go a long way in the fashion stakes. MY STYLE I would describe my style as glamorous with a quirky edge, taking classic looks such as Chanel pieces and roughing them up with an individual twist. But when I’m chilling out I like nothing better than a comfy hoodie and a pair of Uggs!

STREET STYLE: Heda, who works as Area Manager for Christian Dior, looks stunningly sophisticated in a classy blue dress from Hobbs NW3 and sexy, peep-toe heels from Agent Provocateur. Blue is this summer’s hot colour and Heda sets it off beautifully with an oversized grey Prada bag and her blonde hair tied casually but elegantly to the side. Heda is happy to shop anywhere on the high street for her clothes but prefers to splash out when it comes to accessories – a brilliant style ethos! Quality statement bags, shoes and jewellery can lift any outfit and give it that extra ‘wow’ factor. >>

Inspired by her mum’s style during the 1960s, Kay looks the epitome of retro chic in a smart blue skirt and chequered sleeveless top with pearl button detail. She is dressed head to toe in Fred Perry, aside from her peep-toe white shoes and matching earrings, which are both gems she unearthed from Manchester’s abundant vintage stores. Kay fuels a lot of her classic looks with lucky finds from charity shops, one of her favourite haunts being Oxfam Originals in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Take your lead from Kay in the style stakes this autumn/ winter season as trends of the 60s are very much making a comeback. >>

BEAUTY FAVES I believe fashion and beauty go hand-inhand and I think a spray-tan is a must for any fashionista! Moisturising is really important to keep your tan looking healthy and even and I really love Laura Mercier’s Almond Moisturiser to keep skin glowing. MY NEW DO I recently cut all my hair off and I have to say I’m loving it! My hair is so much healthier now and takes me much less time to get ready in the morning! FASHION FAUX PAS! I’m not really one for costumes but I remember when I was 17 I dressed up for Halloween as a cat in an Agent Provocateur corset, Christian Laboutin boots and Topshop hotpants! I thought I was the Bees Knees! Follow me on twitter: @helenflanagan1

Nick has got the tousled, rugged look down to a T, sporting a pale blue shirt with rolled sleeves, turn-up jeans, and suede pumps. Dressed entirely in clothes by Diesel, it is unsurprising to learn that this is one of his favourite brands! Nick names River Phoenix as his style icon and loves to shop in Oi Polloi – a Manchester institution when it comes to menswear. >>

We love Tom’s effortless cool! A walking advert for American Apparel, he is an out-and-out fan of the all-American preppy look. Stripes are back this summer season and Tom shows he’s right on the fashion mark in his croppedsleeve shirt, teamed with turn-up jeans and brown leather penny loafers. His crimson red socks and vintage Wayfarer sunglasses pack a style punch, giving his outfit that quirky, head-turning edge. >>

Rocksee Pixs wedding photography



There’s No Risk When It Comes To Tatiana Hair Extensions!

air extensions have been subject to a lot of negative press in the last few months, after some hair specialists have suggested that the glue used can damage hair and lead to traction alopecia, ripping out hair at the roots and causing small bald patches. Of course, this has resulted in people being scared off enhancing their hair in this way; our natural locks are irreplaceable, so why would we want to put themat risk? But for those of us who want longer and more luscious hair without the risk: do not despair! Viva magazine has found an innovative and exclusive hair extension salon based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter that promises to solve the problem.Tatiana Hair Extensions is one of the most prestigious names in the UK hair-extension industry today, and uses its very own custom-made Micro Ringlets which are thought to be the safest and most effective application technique available. Tatiana Karelina, the driving force behind the company, explains that using glue to apply the extensions is very similar to putting in gum; and when it is removed it can easily lead to hair breakage. However, 0161 736 6339 | 07702 088 064


Tatiana’s Micro Ringlets can be left in for 3 to 4 months and their removal does not involve any sudden force on the hair, which means that it will not result in damage. Tatiana Hair Extensions also offers a wide range of luxury clip-in extensions, perfect for somebody who wants to achieve a dramatic look with the flexibility of choosing when and where they want to wear them. Her clip-in extensions offer the same quality product but with the ease of being able to purchase from the online shop and delivered to your door! So don’t let the recent speculations stop you from achieving show-stopping hair that, most importantly, stays happy and healthy. Tatiana’s luxury Manchester salon, which prides itself on ethical practices and outstanding customer service, is situated on Port Street in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. For more information visit:

call: 0161 236 4467 Or pop into the salon: 56 Port Street, Manchester, M1 2EQ



ummer is nearly over, and it is the time of year that we begin to remind ourselves of the countless hours we have spent under the blazing sun, endless nights of partying too hard and perhaps one scoop of ice cream too many. But do not fear, here at Viva we have all of the products you need to pamper yourself back into top condition.


et one of your five a day with the new soothing cucumber facial kit from Yes to Cucumbers. The products gently cleanse while easing redness and irritation caused by changing weather conditions. What better than a combination of green tea and Aloe Vera to soothe away your end of summer blues? Available from, £19.99

n ideal alternative to foundation, which can feel too heavy and sticky in the heat of summer, Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer is a super hydrating, lightweight gelcream with SPF 15 that offers just the right amount of coverage to leave your skin looking smooth and flawless. Available in six different colour tones, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect shade to compliment your sun-kissed skin. £21.00


ake the time to rejuvenate your skin after the summer season with Institut Esthederm’s Cellular Water. This unique water is the only water identical to the water in the skin. It optimizes the cells’ energy environment so that the skin will function at full capacity and have the opportunity to recover from those harmful August rays. Available from Selfridges, £13.90


e don’t spend all summer worshipping the sun for all our hard work to fade in a couple of weeks. Sisley Aftersun Tan Extender not only helps to prolong our well-earned golden tan, but it keeps skin soothed and shimmering whilst containing a mild tanning ingredient. Available from House of Fraser, £81.00


he elegant and silky scent of Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir captures the mood of late summer. A decadent blend of warm and woody tones makes this a must-have autumn fragrance! Availiable from Selfridges, £50



hen you want to soothe both the body and the mind, why not try out Shiffa’s magical Healing Balm. Containing Arnica extract to restore the skin,and fragrant lavender to soothe the mind and soul, this product is a must-have for today’s hectic lifestyle. Availiable from, around £50

ur constantly busy hands undergo a lot of stresses and strains throughout the day, so protect your nails and keep them in great condition with Dr. LeWinn’s Renunail Sensitive Nail Strengthener. Fortified with pearl powder, diamond dust, and calcium, it promotes stronger, longer, and healthier looking nails, and comes in a nude shade to complement the natural colour of the nail. £13.00

VIVA g r o o m i n g


iva have found the ultimate selection of grooming products to see you through the post-summer months; from calming after-shave to soothe sun-tired skin, to taming hair gel that will keep you looking cool in the late August heat, we have chosen the best toiletries to ease you into autumn.


ummer partying and relaxing in the sun can leave skin dry and tired-looking. Clinique’s new Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel helps reduce puffiness and dark circles, rejuvenating the delicate skin around the eyes. Packed in a convenient, slimline ready-togo applicator, it can be thrown into a briefcase, gym bag, or jacket pocket and quickly called into action whenever you need it. £20.00


hey say you can’t buy personality, but Giorgio Armani has brought that statement into question. Purchase some attitude in a bottle or at least the scent of it, in the form of a bold and natural essence of Sicilian Lemon with a touch of Coffee Absolute. This masculine fragrance is the perfect choice for the move into the autumn months. Available from Selfridges, £46


he minty freshness of fish freezer hair styling range will not only wake up your senses in the morning, but provides the perfect tool to create whatever look you want to achieve. It is applied like liquid and dries firm to keep your hair tame. Available from Boots, £5.99


echarge your batteries after the long summer months with this Molton Brown exfoliating body bar. Packed with Madagascan black pepper oil and cracked peppercorns, it is tough enough to smooth out even the most tired of skin. Available from Molton Brown, £12.50


f you want to get rid of irritated skin, this alcohol free, non-greasy and quick absorbing gel is all you need. Containing orange and cardamom, it refreshes and invigorates skin and comes in a handy compact bottle – perfect for using after a morning gym session. Available from:, £12


esigned to regulate perspiration throughout the day, Acqua di Parma is the ultimate in luxury deodorants and contains a gentle fragrance of Colonia Intensia, which works to provide an instant freshness that lasts all day long. Available from Selfridges, £20


reat yourself to a toiletry bag made of the finest Italian leather by Maxwell Scott. With many different compartments and available in three different colours, it is the travel and gym essential which will carry everything that you need. Available from, £105.99


The man behind Hervia Bazaar, the fashion extraordinaire...

Mr Oscar PINTO


AW2011 Rick Owens

Hervia Bazaar Boutique Manchester

AW2011 Yohji Yamamoto

Eudon Choi & Caroline Rush BFC

Panel for the ELLE/British Fashion Council Launchpad

AW2011 Gareth Pugh


his issue VIVA magazine meet sCreative Director of luxury brands retailer Hervia Bazaar, Oscar Pinto, who tells us all about designs, timelessness and his business relationship with Vivienne Westwood. Hervia was born eighteen years ago as a fantastic and very organic concept from fashion lover Oscar Pinto, who went on to open seven franchise stores in the United Kingdom for fashion legend Vivienne Westwood’s brand. Hervia Bazaar – a luxury multibrand fashion store – is now back and exclusively in Manchester, where Oscar Pinto himself grew up. “I love Manchester and am very involved with it”, said Oscar. “It’s been up and down over the years but I am proud to be from here.” Oscar went on to say that he loves the clothing from Vivienne and that she produces some “truly amazing pieces.” It is no wonder the two have such a long-standing business history with one another. In terms of inspiration when choosing pieces for Hervia Bazaar, Oscar Pinto is a man who likes to keep things global. As well as the Japanese labels for instance, he is big fan of European major brands Rick Owens and Ann

Demeulemeester. There is a sense of cultural diversity across the cuts, designs and feel to the clothing you can find online or in-store. All brands selected with his distinct taste are sold exclusively in Manchester at the Hervia Bazaar store on Spring Gardens. This season the store is proud to present Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garcons & Gareth Pugh as unique collections in the city. In addition to his position as the Creative Director of Hervia Bazaar, Pinto sits on the panel for the ELLE/ British Fashion Council Launchpad, who recently chose Holly Fulton & Eudon Choi as the two winners for their esteemed and fresh designing talent. Both designers have their collections available in store, along -side many renowned names stocked by Hervia Bazaar. Oscar’s vision for Hervia is something of ‘timeless clothing.’ He chooses pieces that you will not get fed up with and would perhaps pass on to a daughter. ‘It does not have to be classic’, says Oscar, ‘it can definitely be ‘out there’ and still stand the test of time . . Yohji [Yamamoto] is an example of this – quirky but able to stand the test of time.’


Hervia Bazaar looks to have a bright future ahead of itself. The retail group have launched the first Y-3 store in London, whilst a range for the younger males and females – Junior Bazaar – is very close to being a part of the Hervia we already know and love. Can you imagine seeing your children, nieces or nephews in some miniature Todd Lynn? To die for... VIVA recently saw some of Hervia’s brands in a fashion event held in our very own Manchester. Showing swimwear from Y3, (the only swimwear stocked by Hervia Bazaar) some classic evening gowns and jewellery and a preppy ‘casual’ set from the likes of Comme Des Garcons, it is safe to say we were more than impressed. Oscar is most definitely a modest but extremely talented man - with a beautiful and open vision - and knows exactly how to hand-pick the cream of the fashion crop for his beautiful store. And we are proud to say that it is currently only in Manchester. (although this is bound to change in the future) ■

Words: Matt Horwood



1 2 3. 3 4

Decorative gold framed large round mirror H: 1400mm W: 1400mm Price £525


Quirky shaped silver fruit bowl with mosaic glass fruit L: 630mm Price £65 bowl & £15 fruit


Stunning silver female torso in large black frame H: 1200mm W: 600mm Price £295

French inspired art nouveau chair with striking gold leaf framework and luxurious black velvet upholstery. H: 1630mm W: 650mm Price £350

5 6

Unusual Hand carved Easter Island tree H: 1200mm Price £250


Eye-catching large Golden Eagle statue with exquisite hand painted detailing H: 1350mm W: 670mm Price £ 2500



SNOB Furnishings t: 0161 237 5533 w: e: 58 Port Street Manchester M1 2EQ

Tucked away in Manchesters Northern Quarter is a furniture shop with a difference. Snob carries unique and stylish pieces that will add a twist to any room or business. Snob also employs commercial designers that can create the perfect interior for any type of business and individual client specific taste.





‘shop’ is a place where people can come in, take a look around and, if they like what they see, take it to the till and walk out with a purchase. We are used to this idea and take it for granted and without question. But when you think about it, is it not a little old-fashioned, perhaps even out-dated? What if the customer sees something that they like but would prefer in a different material or colour? At times this shopping environment can be very restrictive and not customer orientated. As a response to this, Gary McPherson and Paul Montegrande have made their furniture company, The Den, just a little bit different. Nestled right in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, The Den is described by Gary and Paul as a ‘hub’ a place where customers can come to and be greeted with several options aimed at making their requests a reality. ‘There are three areas in The Den; a retail side, a consultancy area

Re-inventing Traditions... and a commercial hub.’ These three different services mean that customers can get the exact shopping experience they are looking for, be it a one-off purchase of one of their bespoke chairs, a new design for their entire living room or the start-to-finish interior design of a 100room hotel. ‘It’s all about customers wanting to come here to The Den and talk about their ideas, their visions of what they want and we focus on putting them together in a practical way.’ You could call The Den an antithesis to Ikea’s customer philosophy: unlike the international brand, they are all about personal touches, local Manchester-based materials and top-quality design. They are just about as far away from a flat-pack chest of drawers as you can get. They clearly have a distinct design running through all their pieces: classic items with opulent fabrics, an eccentricity amongst the traditional. Gary and Paul both insist that what

words: Leanne McClean

influences them the most is what the consumer wants at the moment. ‘In the past few years there has definitely been a shift from people opting for bareness and minimalism. People have been getting braver in their choices and now want opulent colours. Interior design is very much a part of fashion and trends change quickly.’ Indeed, trends come and go, but buying a piece of furniture is much more of an investment than a Topshop dress. How can we be sure that our purchases will look out-dated in 5 years’ time? The Den avoids this problem completely: they create things that are, in one word, timeless – they wouldn’t look out of place in a period drama, yet they have a contemporary feel to them that won’t go out of fashion any time soon. ■ Pay a visit to The Den 42-44 Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

photos: Jennifer Quinn



GET TWEETING PEEPS... I f you’re not already on twitter, what are you waiting for? It’s a great way to follow the glamorous lifestyles of celebs, to gain contacts and new opportunities or just to waste a few minutes on your lunch break. But whatever you use it for, it’s addictive stuff and we promise that once you start tweeting you won’t be able to stop! Plus VIVA are always on the look out for favourite Tweets for our new feature ‘Get Tweeting Peeps’. Check these little beauties out...

@jonobi: Manchester is a breeding ground for brains. @helenrambo : Some of the birds here would give my big fat gypsy wedding a run in the style stakes. @Rioferdy5 : Just destroyed my lil men at mini golf, there were tears + tantrums but I’m #winning so its all good! Bringing them up in the #toughskool @debbiemanley : The sun is out... oh no its in...its out again! Glastonbury - a micro climate all of its own! @rozhughes : Wonder if Kate and Wills will take my parcel for my new niece as the post office still refuse to take it due to a Canadian postal strike. @therealboon: Didn’t get much sleep. Baby Cassius seemed to have ‘baby-lag’ or summat. He’s flat out now. Hector hurricane just got up. @Nicolakisspr : @kelvin_fletcher is it a bad idea to bring the groom and boys to the Miss Manchester party at Panacea Alderley on Thurs?? Hangover 2...... @themichaelowen : Gutted. Daughters sports day cancelled. Not bothered about Gemma - I was looking forward to the Dads race!! @NatalieStylsit: “Fashion isn’t about relying on dressing with labels it’s about manipulating a simple piece of fabric – fashion+art.

@simonrim : RT @Bob_Monkhouse When i was a kid people used to cover me with cream and put cherries on my head. It was tough growing up in the gateau. #TOPDAD #badjoke @paulcarruthers: heed the ancient proverb that says, If you slice a banana with a spoon it will end up in your lap. @stormskingskc: When the space shuttle lands, everybody wear ape suits, pass it on. @BrookeleVincent: Finally leaving Marbella with a tan, no voice, and a 3rd degree burn on my leg!!! Oooo the memories… @TonyLeBritton : I wonder if anyone on Jeremy Kyle have ever been to the dentist? @OfficialMrNice : Well that was an expensive night. £100 for smoking in my hotel room. Worth every penny. @Matthewhorwood : Not found new jeans so managed to find a prehistoric pair of batty riders. Now limping extremely slowly to work... #everydayimshufflin @DirtyLilBlunt : The newspapers in Ibiza today are claiming that house prices on the island went up when Noel Gallagher left - despite the recession.

VIVA g a d g e t s






his issue VIVA HAS paid a visit to the fabulous Bang & Olufsen on King Street, a Danish brand that sells luxury electrical goods such as televisions, telephones and home accessories. After getting over the store’s slick, chic and forward thinking interior and products, we managed to sit down with some of the friendly staff to chat about a few of their hottest and most popular products OF the moment.


The Beo6 remote is one of the store’s most adaptable and personal gadgets. Completely customisable for the client, its coded system integrates all of your electrical channels into its inventive and aesthetically pleasing design. For example, the remote can be used to control your PS3, switch on Apple TV, set your sound system to an easy listening, early evening volume and even dim the living room lights to match. For watching television, you can programme in your favourite Sky television channels, instead of having to dial in 401 each time you’re looking for Sky Sports 1. The Beo6’s ‘zones’ feature makes it easy to use in all rooms – whether the living room or the kitchen – and its ‘menus’ setting means you will never have to remember a two, three or four digit number ever again. With its back lit, widescreen display and no sharp edges present – the Beo6 is as easy on the eye as it is on the hands. Magnetic, it will sit firmly on your table top, almost permanently in its stand-cum-charger, meaning that it will never be low on battery life. Its combination of a rounded bottom and squared display screen give it a confusedly cool and contradictory look, three steps ahead of the (lack of) competition, as with all of Bang & Olufsen’s high end products. And it does not all stop on day one. As your Bang & Olufsen collection expands, the retailer will send one of their team down not only to

integrate it with your latest piece, but also to update its software to make sure your remote is as up to speed as it possibly can be. RRP: £600


The BeoTime is Bang and Olufsen’s classic and iconic alarm clock; with its own unique and in-built chime and stunning flute-like appearance. Easy to use, the device can sit on your beside table and will not light up until its alarm sounds, letting you sleep in peace. Or if you would rather, you can sit the alarm clock on the wall bracket supplied with it – this is magnetic and so allows you to move the device left or right or even upside down, with no difficulty at all. The electronic display will adapt to this, meaning that the time will never appear upside down on its three square display. In addition to this, the device can be integrated as a timer for your other Bang & Olufsen products, meaning you can happily both fall asleep to, and wake up with, your favourite tunes or late night show. The device uses three batteries which demand an extremely small amount of current, meaning its lifespan is infinite and you will never have to worry about missing a wakeup call ever again! RRP: £330


The BeoSound 8 was launched as the first iPad dock at Bang & Olufsen but will also work with any other Apple product and is the fastest selling product in the retailer’s 85 year history. The system is comprised of two speakers, each with amplifiers, allowing for the most note-perfect and phenomenal sound quality. It charges the device whilst playing sound from it, can be operated either from the main unit or its supplied and separate control or products from Bang & Olufsen such as the Beo6 remote. The device has connections on the back that allow it to play out through a television, Mac or any


other computing device. Even more impressively, the system will always revert to playing what is in its dock. This means that you can stick in your iPod whilst it is connected to the television and the sound will transfer smoothly without a clash of two different outputs. Aesthetically, the BeoSound 8 is both stunning and customisable. The piece comes in two main finishes – black and white – but speaker covers in colours such as blue, light green, violet and yellow can be purchased from Bang & Olufsen at £60 per pair. A wall mount also comes with the BeoSound 8, allowing it to become the ultimate centre piece of your living room. An iTunes application named BeoPlayer App can be downloaded and used with the sound system. The £9.99 application comes with an alarm clock and 13, 000 online radio stations for streaming, meaning that you can access a wealth of music from just the touch of a button. A free version of this application is also available, offering the alarm clock alongside twenty radio stations. This, and the integration of other Bang & Olufsen products, allows you to wake up to your favourite radio station each morning through the BeoSound 8 - perfection. RRP: £895 So, there you have it, the cream of the crop of some of Bang & Olufsen’s most impressive products. And with such a handy integration system, why stop at buying just one? From leisure, to routine, to entertainment, each device does more than it says on the tin. A remote is not only a remote, an alarm clock does more than wake you up and a sound system does more than just play your own music collection. It is no wonder Bang & Olufsen have such a respected, successful and long-standing brand and VIVA are extremely pleased to have one so close in our very own Manchester! Bang & Olufsen can be found in Manchester City Centre off its famous King Street.




t’s a dull rainy afternoon in Knutsford as we drive to our destination. No sun and no magnificent blue sky in sight. However, as we approach something magnificent and blue does catch my eye – I am of course talking about the Rolls Royce 102 EX Prototype or Phantom EE to give the car it’s alternative name - the EE standing for Experimental Electric. This experimental nature is something synonymous with the Phantom and I’m sure that Henry Royce and Charles Stuart Rolls would be filled with paternal pride as the newest addition to the Phantom family silently rolls off the assembly line – almost completely silent as this car makes very little in the way of noise. Upon further inspection the car is every bit as exceptional as its petroleum cousin, with a few key tells that this is a piece of pioneering technology. The paint job alone is a result of highly extensive research into reflective finishes using ceramic nano-particles creating a perfectly iridescent metallic finish. The Spirit Of Ecstasy sits atop the radiator grille – which usually made of stainless steel – is made of makrolon on the 102 EX and is bathed in blue LED light hinting at the electric power-plant underneath the bonnet. A more remarkable feature is that in place of the fuel cap there is a lead connected to a 3 pin domestic plug – imagine that plugged in next to your lawnmower! The interior is just as forward-thinking as the rest of the car which is not to the detriment of the luxurious nature of the Phantom. Put the Savoy hotel on wheels

and you only come halfway to experiencing the sheer magnificence that is reclining into this fantastic machine. Unlike most modern technology this car is built to last with its long lasting and luxurious leather which is uniquely derived from a pioneering vegetable tanning process that increases the look and life of the leather. Also, each interior will have a bespoke finish due to the fact that the vegetable tanning produces a distinct pattern where no two will look alike. In place of the teak trim the engineers have modernised the vehicle by incorporating aluminised foil weave, which gives the appearance of carbon fibre, only white. The dials on the car would not be out of place on any elegant Swiss-made watch – however the style does not compromise the functionality and the display is uncomplicated with a hint of retro. Again, another tell that this is a futuristic piece of engineering is the battery meter in place of the petrol gauge. This car can complete 125 miles without running short of juice which would make it ideal for short runs and city centre commuting – in a choice between this and the G-Wiz I know what I would rather be seen in. Whilst this car is not yet in production – forecasts place the cost at around a million pounds; some seven hundred thousand more than its petrol counterpart. The money that you spend in purchasing you may make up in usage expenditure – this car, rather amazingly, only costs 2p per mile to run. Conclusively, this car delivers almost exactly the same performance and drive of its petrol predecessor making it a very enticing alternative. ■ words: Paul Streetly



PAGEANT OF POWER Start your engines please...


couple of weeks ago and I was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a motoring garden party for those with a fancy for two and four wheels. Most people are unaware that there is another automotive event beyond the Watford Gap during the summer. Head up North and The Cholmondeley Pageant of Power roars into life. In its fourth year and in partnership with exclusive marque, Bentley, it has an exhilarating mix of all things motorised, from cars, bikes, to powerboats and helicopters, all set in the romantic settings of the 19th century Cholmondeley Castle. Despite rain being forecast, this didn’t put off the crowds descending to the Cheshire estate. Centred around the hillclimb, the various categories of cars and bikes took to the 1.2 mile course with veritable aplomb, showcasing the speeds of their machines. From F1 cars to threewheelers, there was something for everyone. I arrived just in time to see the super cars and watched as the Bentley Continental Supersports, driven by Juha Kankkunen, the world speed record holder on ice and four times world rally champion, sped up the hill. Machines from a bygone era were there to take part and no-one could miss the sight of the flame-throwing 42 litre V12 Packard Bentley from the 1930s roar up the tree lined course. Bike offerings from brands such as Norton, Honda and Suzuki also added to the action and World Superbike star, Tom Sykes raced around on a Kawasaki KR 750. Being mostly about cars, plenty of clubs had turned up to bring some nostalgia to the event and enthusiasts could drool over exquisite beauties like the 1930’s 1.5 litre Singer or the more recent Renault Alpine. Away from the track and aviation fans were more than catered for and whilst checking out the latest Ferrari dealer offerings, my head was turned to see Team Abarth in the sky. With utter precision, British aerobatic champion, Mark Jefferies performed a highly visual, jaw-dropping, aerobatic routine. Helicopter rides over the estate were available but nothing was more visually impressive than seeing the fleet of defence helicopters, with the castle as a backdrop, whilst the hillclimb competitors were flying across the finish line next to them. The British Army were out in force with an array of artillery on display and aimed as a family day out, kids and adults alike jumped in for tank rides. All ages were well catered for with plenty to keep them occupied; climbing walls, segway riding and go-karts were just some of the activities on offer. Those visitors who were more ‘aqua’ than ‘auto’ headed for the lake in the immense grounds where there were plenty of boating displays. Add Dakar Rally racers, classic scrambler racing and a rally stage you were sure of an action packed day out! To end a day of speed and nostalgia visitors turned up with their picnic baskets and rugs to settle down to an evening of music, fireworks and a Military Tattoo. Understated and charming, the Pageant of Power will no doubt continue to have a place in the motoring calendar for years to come. ■ Photos & words: Olivia Gauch



UK GOLF & SPA Floors Castle & The Roxburghe Golf hotel, SCOTLAND


estled in the beautiful Scottish Borders countryside, 40 miles south east of Edinburgh is Scotland’s largest inhabited castle. Floors Castle was built in 1721 for the 1st Duke of Roxburghe and, after countless restorations, the Duke’s ancestor is proud to welcome you into their charming family home. Today it stands proud and brings to mind a classic fairytale castle; it is not hard to imagine a damsel in distress hiding within one of the turrets. The Roxburghe Hotel lies alongside the banks of the River Teviot and is surrounded by the most incredible views of the stunning Scottish landscapes.

The Roxburghe Hotel

The Hotel Roxburghe Hotel is a carefully converted country house which features 22 elegantly designed bedrooms, all in keeping with the traditional and decadent theme of the hotel itself. As soon as we arrived, we felt as though we had been transported to another century. Furnished entirely with traditional fabrics and vintage paintings. This period theme runs throughout, with the grandiose drawing room and the incredible library housing some of the Duke of Roxburghe’s finest books. The hotel effortlessly transforms from a place of relaxation during the day, into a cosy evening setting by dusk. The Library is a great place to enjoy a relaxed lunch in front of a roaring fire and sample the wide selection of malt whiskies on offer. Enjoy a delightful end to your evening with a delicious dinner served in the hotel’s elegant dining room.

The Golf Course

The Grounds The multitude of vibrant colours amid the Castle’s spectacular grounds creates the perfect country retreat, allowing you to unwind and release that city stress. Work will certainly be far from your mind as you enjoy a stroll through the 18th century landscapes. As well as picturesque views, you can also enjoy a number of sporting activities such as clay pigeon shooting, horse riding, fishing in some of the most sought after salmon hotspots and the fantastic 18 hole golf course set amongst 200 acres of beautiful parkland and breathtaking scenery.

Floors Castle

Other activities Roxburghe is the perfect place for that much needed relaxing countryside break and close enough to explore the mysterious and cultural city of Edinburgh. The hotel has a wide selection of summer offers, including their Fringe Frenzy package, which includes accommodation over the Edinburgh Fringe Festival period (5-29th August), full Scottish breakfast, lunch, dinner and champagne on arrival. Also included in the package is a complimentary visit to Floors Castle and free shows at the festival. For more information visit [] Exquisite cusine at the Roxburghe Hotel

Twenty Ten Course & Clubhouse



here really is nothing like running away to the countryside to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and what better way to do it but in true style and luxury. Nestled in the beautiful Usk Valley in South Wales, the Celtic Manor Resort combines fine dining, sumptuous spa treatments, lavish suites and championship golf courses together with the most exquisite views. With resort activities designed for both him and her, Celtic Manor can be the perfect romantic retreat, an indulgent girlie getaway or an ideal sporting break for those golfing gurus. The Golfing Celtic Manor Resort

Enjoy a full buffet breakfast in the Olive Tree Restaurant before getting whisked up the hill by mini bus to the Twenty Ten Course clubhouse to be in time for an 8.30am tee off. Viva’s Clive (a keen golfer unlike myself) was greeted by Head of Guest Relations, Paul Mahoney, who kindly offered expert golfing tips and regaled us with his impressive fountain of knowledge to what some call the “best ever” Ryder Cup, which was held at Celtic Manor in 2010. Before teeing off Clive was delighted to be informed that his personal locker was also used by Davis Love III during the Ryder Cup; a little golfer’s treat before packing up the buggy ready for the short drive to the immaculate practice area.

Swimming Pool

After a quick try out of the clubs, the adventure began with a photo opportunity on the first tee with the yellow Ryder Cup hoarding in the background and the daunting challenge of the Twenty Ten 18 holes in front. Clive’s rundown on the course after being presented with a souvenir silver medal commemorating his round of golf on the Twenty Ten: “Considering the course is relatively new, the setting, condition and recent Ryder Cup history gives it an established feel that some clubs over 100 years old would aspire to have. Throw in the company of Paul (an ex scratch golfer) and the numerous water hazards, this made for one of my most memorable rounds of golf.” The Spas

The Newbridge on Usk

For those of you who would prefer a relaxation and pamper session there is a choice of two luxurious spas to indulge your senses in pure tranquility. The Forum Spa and Ocius Treatment Rooms offer a range of contemporary therapies that leave you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. The combination of softly lit ambient treatment rooms, aromatic scents and cleansing Elemis therapies will induce a state of pure serenity. Dining

Exquisite cusine at The Newbridge on Usk


With a plethora of cafés and fine dining restaurants on offer in both the resort and amidst the beautiful Welsh countryside, you will not be stuck for choice. The Crown at Celtic Manor offers a unique culinary experience and this three AA Rosette awardwinning fine dining venue will certainly not disappoint. For a less formal dining experience a visit to the quaint 200 year old country inn, Newbridge on Usk is highly recommended and makes for a pleasant evening. A traditional, warm and friendly country pub only 8 miles from the resort offering great food and local ales, set among the most stunning surroundings, the hotel also organises and pays for your taxi transfer. For more information visit: []


Stoke Park Bridge

Pavilion Suite



ith so many city spas to choose from in London, sometimes you need something a little different. Stoke Park, a historic mansion built in the 1790s, less than an hour from London Paddington offers the most indulgent spa treatments, championship golf course and tennis courts, mouth-watering culinary delights, luxurious suites and stunning views of the beautiful country gardens and parkland. Just a short train ride to London, you can savour both the bright lights of London, and the tranquillity of the countryside, all in one day. Where to stay Stoke Park offers an eclectic mix of traditional, ornately decorated suites in the Mansion building and contemporary chic in the Pavilion. With freestanding baths, four-poster beds, elaborate textiles and bespoke furnishings, the Mansion rooms have a rather decadent and luxurious feel. The Mansion’s Pennsylvania suite was famously featured in ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary,’and certainly would make a perfect romantic setting.

Swimming Pool

Contrasting the traditional style of the Mansion building, the Pavilion offers a modern and contemporary theme. Our suite was spacious and elegantly designed. With fabulous vintage pictures and film posters, tasteful furniture, magnificent views of the grounds and a stupendously comfortable bed, made even more appealing knowing Daniel Craig had nestled under the very same covers when filming ‘Layer Cake.’ Where to eat We enjoyed an alfresco lunch at the relaxed Italian San Marco’s, accompanied by a crisp glass of house champagne. The Dining Room was an exciting culinary experience with an innovative modern British menu designed by Chris Wheeler. We indulged in seared scallops with crispy pancetta and caviar, followed by pork belly on a bed of black pudding mash, culminating in a delicious milk chocolate and salted peanut parfait smothered with hot butterscotch sauce. An ambient setting, delectable food and panoramic views of the beautiful estate certainly made a unique and enjoyable evening. What to do Experience an array of sporting activities during your stay, with 13 championship tennis courts, a gym with weekly classes including Zumba and Yoga and the celebrated Stoke Poges Golf course. Boasting an impressive 27 hole course, Stoke Poges has been awarded one of the “Top 100 Courses in the World.” Golf lessons are available to book and recommended if you are a novice, it is much harder than it looks! It was certainly daunting to walk out onto the green as a complete beginner surrounded by many top golfers in their fetching attire. Our instructor Stuart was incredibly patient and encouraging and by the end of our lesson we were confident in putting, a little less confident in chipping and I was an absolute dab hand at driving the buggy. After a day’s strenuous activities be sure to unwind at the Stoke Park Spa and treat yourself to one of the many luxurious spa treatments. I chose a relaxing full body aromatherapy massage using calming lavender and chamomile oil. A quick dip in the pool followed by a cleansing steam and we were almost ready for another glass of champers. ■ Words: Carla Griscti

Aerial View of Stoke Park


Tucked away in the Northern Quarter is one of the best-kept secrets in Manchester. The Northern Quarter Restaurant & Bar prides itself on using the best seasonal ingredients that the North West and the British Isles has to offer. Recommended in the Michelin Guide to Great Britain and Ireland 2011 this restaurant serves up classic food done well. Throughout the year they run ‘Gourmet Nights’ in addition to their Friday Jazz Nights, which is part of ‘TNQ’s Summer of Jazz.’ To celebrate the colder festive months The Northern Quarter Restaurant has started taking bookings for the Christmas period, so book your tables now. For more info find us on facebook, twitter or visit our website. Gourmet Nights September 28th: Argentinian Wines and Latin American Flavours October 26th: Vintage TNQ Champagne and Seafood NYE 2011: Classic French

The Northern Quarter Restaurant and Bar 108 High Street, Manchester, M4 1HQ Tel: 0161 832 7115 Web:




The Northern Quarter is one of the most coveted gems of Manchester so VIVA takes a gander to see what all the fuss is about. The Northern Quarter has always held a special place in Manchester’s heart. During the 18th century it was the centre of the industrial revolution with over 100 mills occupying the area. As time progressed it became a thriving location for businesses as many shops and stalls dominated the area; it was believed that over 20,000 shoppers and sightseers would wander around the Northern Quarter each day. With that many people in one small area it also became the location of many political and public debates. Whilst the area declined during the wars, it slowly began to rebuild itself with the lure of lower rent and a different feel to that of the busy city centre. Now the Northern Quarter is famed for its mixture of vintage boutiques, restaurants, bars and eclectic shops. Its cool, laid back vibe attracts a variety of different people making it constantly busy and always exciting. Kick starting the Northern Quarter vibe was Cord. Opening in 2001, this bar has set the standard for both the nights and the events it puts on. It hosts themed nights such as Mani’s (Primal Scream) legendary Mod night and the new John Robb’s Punk Rock Disco - another first for the Northern Quarter. Throughout the week you can unwind with a cup of Illy coffee and one of the Cord’s food platters whilst listen-

Cord Bar

ing to a selection of music from the touch screen Spotify jukebox. Alternatively, situated on the edge of the Northern Quarter, Lammar’s flamboyant decor offers a great backdrop for a lavish meal and tasty cocktails. Want something cosier? Then pop down to the Crown and Anchor, a traditional British pub with a great menu. Another pub that offers a great vibe whilst still encapsulating that Northern Quarter edge is The Bay >


Horse which describes its food being homely and comforting, and with a pool table in the basement it ticks all the boxes for a great local. The Black Dog Ballroom, located on the corner of Afflecks Palace, has a New York speakeasy feel to it with two rooms, the pool room and the ballroom, it’s the ideal place to unwind after a hard day’s work. Whilst Elliot Eastwick’s World Famous Pub Quiz is reason alone to visit the Black Dog, it has also attracted some celebrities such as Mr. Nice and more recently Snoop Dogg! In keeping with the New York theme, they have recently launched a new and very tasty menu with a variety of New York burgers and milkshakes. Although the Northern Quarter is known for its nightlife, there are an array of fabulous restaurants. The Northern Quarter Restaurant and Bar offers amazing service, a great choice of

VIVA F E A T U R E food and has a number of different offers available. It prides itself on using the best seasonal ingredients the British Isles has to offer and as well as the best wine from all over the world. Their jazz night runs every third Friday of every month, and every Friday throughout August. The newly established Thomas Restaurant offers everyone’s favourite dishes and drinks, with an emphasis on quality and value for money. Last year it won City Life’s ‘Best Newcomer’ award and with a top floor Club Room available for private hire, a mezzanine and a double height glass façade and delicious food, it’s easy to see why this restaurant is so popular. On the opposite side of Manchester, and perhaps not as commonly known, is the Simple Bar and Grill at The Light Hotel. While it follows a New York theme like the Black Dog, it could not be any more different. The breakfast

Of course, the Northern Quarter isn’t just about eating and drinking. Have a nosey down any street and you will see all kinds of places that make the Northern Quarter what it is. For example the Manchester Photographic Gallery, currently home to the Shaun Ryder and Friends exhibition, is mixed in with all the restaurants and shops. Also in the mix of everything Northern Quarter is Frog Flowers. This florist specializes in cut flowers, exotic plants and creates exciting and vibrant displays for weddings, events and > Frog Flowers

Thomas Street Restaurant

Thomas Street Restaurant

‘Now the Northern Quarter is famed for its mixture of vintage boutiques, and tasty cocktails.’

menu offers pancakes, waffles and bagels; the main menu consists of burgers, sticky BBQ ribs, pizzas (which you can also order for take away) and cheesecake that the Big Apple would be proud of! Simple also provides free Wi-Fi making it an ideal place to catch up on some work and eat amazing food.

Simple Restaurant

Cord Bar

Black Dog Ballroom

Close, male grooming various other occasions. The owner David prides himself on offering his own personal and tailor-made services ensuring a quality service every time. Flowers aside, David also offers an exquisite and quirky range of glassware, aromatic diffusers, lighting and artwork making this flower shop well and truly one of a kind and for those who are interested in learning about flower arranging, Frog will be starting its flower school again in October. As the popularity of the Northern Quarter has grown, more and more people have been locating there. Tatiana Hair Extensions, the genius behind Cheryl Cole’s luscious locks, has set up shop there, as has Close, Manchester’s first truly bespoke male grooming salon. Not just satisfied with a simple 3 on the top and 2 on the sides, Close also provides traditional cut throat shaves. However, what separates Close from the rest is their full complimentary drinks menu and, prepare yourselves for this boys, wireless Xbox 360 and PS3’s!

Black Dog Ballroom The latest trend to hit the Northern Quarter is fun and quirky furniture stores. Snob offers an interior design service and has been responsible for a number of interior fits in offices, nightclubs, bars and restaurants across Manchester and the North West. Looking for a new bespoke sofa? Then head to Dens Furniture on Oldham Street. They will upholster your furniture in any material and fabric you like whether it be a single item or a whole set. For places to stay in the Northern Quarter it has to be The Light Hotel with its boutique feel and amazing penthouse suites; there really is no alternative. The next time you find yourself in the Northern Quarter, whether you’re a newbie or a regular, have a good mooch around and who knows what amazing gems you’ll find. ■ Words: Hayley Ashworth Photos: Andre Buenacosa

Close, male grooming


The Northern Quarter Restaurant


igh Street in the Northern Quarter plays host to a number of very trendy bars and restaurants but none can quite compare to the aptly named The Northern Quarter Restaurant and Bar. It describes itself as being ‘funky but not frightening...the place to come for classics done well.’ In the six and a half years it’s been there The Northern Quarter Restaurant has picked up a number of honours including a recommendation in the famous Michelin Guide to Great Britain and Ireland 2011. The restaurant itself boasts high ceilings and large windows with the option to sit indoors or out. The decor is a simple olive green feature wall with the windows taking up most of the space. The staff are friendly and welcoming and even during its busiest periods the atmosphere is always relaxed. The Northern Quarter Restaurant and Bar fea-

tures a variety of offers. The Love Lunch menu (Monday to Saturday 12-7pm) offers 2 courses for £9.95 or 3 courses for £13.95; Happy Monday (Monday 12-10:30pm) is 2 courses and unlimited house wine for £25 and Sunday Lunch (Sunday 12-7pm) is 2 courses for £13.95 or 3 courses for £16.95. Once a month they also provide gourmet nights. July’s theme is ‘Caribbean Food and Rum Fiesta.’ Past events have included ‘A Taste of Italy and ‘Vintage TNQ-Champagne and Seafood.’ Now for the food! For starters we had Pea, courgette and broad bean soup (£4.95) and crab with avocado, red watercress and filo pastry. (£7.95). Our main dishes were suckling pig with seasonal greens, fondant potato and a cider and Dijon mustard sauce (£19.50) and summer vegetable >


risotto. (£7.95) All 4 dishes were full of flavour yet light; they seemed to suit the weather as well as our appetites leaving us totally satisfied without that heavy feeling. Ever noticed that no matter how full you are, you can always manage dessert? The situation was no different here. With a selection of desserts (all priced at £5.50) we were spoilt for choice but despite the warm weather we finally settled for sticky toffee pudding and crème brûlée. The sticky toffee pudding was the highlight of the entire meal; served in a bowl of hot toffee sauce and ice cream, it satisfied that sweet tooth without being overwhelming or sickly. Both classics, both done well...just as they promised!

Apart from excellent customer service and amazing food, The Northern Quarter prides itself on their wine list. The aim is to provide you with a wine that is not only tasty and suits your meal but is also ‘a bit out of the ordinary, from places that you wouldn’t normally choose.’ The bottle picked out for us was a summery red pinot noir from Oregon, a new one that they have only recently brought. For more information visit and to make a table reservation (which I fully recommend) call 0161 832 7115 ■ Words: Hayley Ashworth Photos: Andre Buenacosa


VIVA D R I N K Enjoy thIS SUMMER with Barefoot Wine


ounded in the carefree days of California in the 1960’s, Barefoot Wine’s award-winning range is the ideal accompaniment to your good times this summer. Barefoot Wine’s collection of fun, flavourful and affordable wines includes Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, White Zinfandel and the newly launched summer hit, Moscato. Each are perfect for any fun and relaxing occasion, whether it’s a beach BBQ or some al fresco dining in your own back garden, with the easy-sipping range guaranteeing everyone a relaxing time. As well as the current Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project, which is calling on volunteers to help return beaches all over the UK to their natural state, Barefoot Wine also works with local charities in the Manchester area - from the arts to environmental groups to educational organisations, we’ve been stepping it up and helping to put the “fun” into fundraising. As well as enjoying Barefoot Wines on their own or with your meal, try one of these funky takes on a cocktail classic… Barefoot Moji-toe Nothing says summer more than a crisp, refreshing Mojito. Barefoot’s Moji-toe, which is made with muddled mint, sugar and lime juice, gets a pick-me-up with a splash of Bare-

foot Moscato. Just pour over ice and top with a splash of seltzer for a bit of added fizz. Then serve in a tall, icy glass and kick back and relax with thoughts of cool waves and hot sun on your face. Cos-Moscato Made famous by four sultry city gals, the Cosmopolitan certainly had its day in the sun. Now it’s had a makeover with the addition of Barefoot Moscato. Mix up cranberry juice, orange liqueur and freshly squeezed lime juice and shake with ice in a shaker. Strain into a chilled martini glass, top with Moscato and finish it off with a fun curl of lime peel. Mix up a batch before a girls’ night out, while hosting a happy hour or even for a movie night at home. Look out for us at the Manchester Jazz Festival in Albert Square, Manchester Pride and the annual Manchester Hoteliers’ Association Ball, where funds will be raised for Hospitality Action and Christies. Since 2004 the Ball has raised £72,677 for Hospitality Action. If you have an event coming up or you just want more information on Barefoot Wine, contact Sarah Mason on:

Pot Roast Wood Pigeon with black pudding and fondant potato. INGREDIENTS 4 Wood pigeon crowns 4 Large potatoes 125g Butter 1 Garlic clove. Crushed 2 Sprigs of thyme 250ml Game or meat stock. Thickened 125ml Water 4 Slices of RS Ireland black pudding 2 tsp Olive oil Salt & Pepper The Mark Addy Stanley Street Salford M3 5EJ Tel: 0161 832 4080


s part of the Mark Addy’s calendar of summer events August Bank Holiday Weekend will see the award-winning venue hosting its first Real Ale Fest! Taking place from the 27th to the 29th inclusive, the festival will feature an array of traditional English food from Executive Head Chef Robert Owen Brown including his famous Hog Roast barbecue. 40 guest ales will be served, with a selection of new and exclusive beers available for tasting, along with Brew Demos and the chance to cast your vote for the new Mark Addy House Ale. Enjoy The Best of the Northwest in the open air! Why not make it a day out for all the family with Free Entry, Live music and entertainment.

If you have always fancied cooking a Game dish but never managed to get around to it then this recipe could serve as the perfect introduction. You could ask your butcher to prepare the pigeon crowns for you but, if you do, then remember to ask for the legs and trimmings in order to make your own stock. Alternatively, using a good quality meat stock from the supermarket is fine but first you will need to reduce it to thicken it up a little, before using to de-glaze the pan. To serve, place the fondant potato on the plate, the black pudding on top of this, with the pigeon to the front and drizzle the jus around.

METHOD 1. Cut each potato into a disc shape- one inch thick and two inches across. Then place into a small roasting tin with the water, garlic, thyme and 100g of butter. 2. Bake in a hot oven for 45 minutes at gas mark 6. 3. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan, seal the pigeons and then roast for 12 minutes, adding the black pudding halfway through the cooking time. 4. Remove the pigeons from the pan and allow to rest. De-glaze the pan with the stock and reduce the sauce to a coating consistency before passing through a fine sieve. 5. Melt in the remaining butter and season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Gin Fizz INGREDIENTS 2 oz Whitley Neill gin juice of 1/2 a lime (or lemon) Sugar syrup Sparkling Willow Water METHOD Shake gin, juice of lime, and the sugar syrup with ice. Strain into a highball glass over two ice cubes Fill with sparkling Willow water, stir, and serve. THE SUGAR SYRUP INGREDIENTS 2 parts sugar 1 part Willow water METHOD 1. Boil the water, dissolve the sugar into it, stirring constantly. TAKE CARE! 2. Once the sugar is dissolved completely, remove the pan from the heat. 3. Allow to cool completely, then bottle.


ater and ice are often overlooked as key ingredients in cocktails and mixed drinks. The quality of the ice, and the characteristics of the water it is made from, directly affects the dilution of a drink, and therefore the taste. Keep a bottle each of still and sparkling Willow water in your fridge ready for your next cocktail-making session and remember to keep a plentiful supply of Willow water ice cubes in your freezer! Gin Fizz is a drink of almost legendary status - Originally known as the Gin Fiz it is the most popular cocktail of the Fizz family and in the 1940s it was even featured in the famous French Cookbook L’art Culinaire Francais. Perfect for an Al Fresco cocktail party - Simply multiply the quantities for the number of people and serve in a pitcher. Make up the sugar syrup in advance; you can easily make as small or large a batch as required, and store the remainder in the refrigerator in a suitable, sealed container, for up to 6 months. Finished with a splash of sparkling Willow water, this cocktail is perfect for enjoying on a warm summer’s day. For a contemporary twist serve over crushed ice in a Martini glass.




Venue: Spinningfields Date: 4th August – 1st September Tickets: £2

Venue: Tatton Park, Cheshire Date: 20th-21st August Tickets: £7.50 2000 classic and vintage cars will gather in Tatton Park on the weekend of 20th August for the 24th annual car show. There will be special events for the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club and Avis Owners Club.

This summer period, Spinningfields brings you Screenfields: a line-up of exclusive outdoor movie screenings featuring some of the most influential films and documentaries of our time. Highlights include silver-screen classics such as The Breakfast Club, Saturday Night Fever, Grey Gardens and Ghostbusters.


Venue: MEN Arena Date: 31st August Tickets: £30


Venue: MEN Arena Date: 11th September Tickets: from £50 This autumn the one and only Dolly Parton stops off in Manchester as part of her Better Day tour. Performing many of the classic songs that she made famous such as Jolene, 9 to 5 and I will always love you, the tour promises to be as memorable as the star herself.


Venue: The Mere Golf & Country Club, Knutsford Date: 7th October Tickets: TBA Experience the delights of another culture this October at The Mere. The German Oktober Fest will feature traditional German food, beer, drinks, lots of party games and to top it off an Oompah band. Visit for more information.


For the first time since 2007, the increasingly popular experimental rock band Arcade Fire will be visiting all the way from Canada. Not only will they be performing tracks from their hit third album the suburbs, they will also be playing the most popular tracks from their first and second albums, Funeral and Neon Bible. With Noah and the Whale as supporting act, it is surely an event not to be missed.

Venue: Tatton Park, Cheshire Date: 20th-25th September Tickets: From £10 Moscow State Circus comes to Cheshire this September with the sensational extravaganza, Babushkin Sekret. Known for being the best performers on earth, they combine contemporary and classical circus for an unmissable performance. Don’t miss the chance to come and witness the most famous circus performers in the world!

ALDERLEY EDGE WINE TASTING Venue: Secret location, TBC Date: 22nd September Tickets: £10 Renowned for being the northwest’s champagne capital, Alderley Edge’s independent wine specialist Corks Out is hosting the first mini wine festival to take place in the village. It is a great way to experience the taste of a wide array of wines, without getting too tipsy! What’s more, the ticket is refundable against any purchases made in the night. For more information visit




Venue: 02 Apollo Manchester Date: 21st October Tickets: £27.00 Londoner Jessie J, who is most famous for her recent single ‘price tag’, will be playing at the Manchester Apollo in October. Her recent rise to fame has seen her climb up the top 10 charts in 22 countries and it looks like she has much more to come.

Rambert Dance Company

Venue: The Lowry Date: 21st – 23rd September Tickets: From £15 This year the Rambert Dance Company celebrates 85 years at the heart of British Dance, and to commemorate it returns to The Lowry with a brand new programme. The three works to be performed will be accompanied by the Rambert Orchestra and promise to wow audiences with their magical and playful qualities, with some of the world’s most talented dancers.



Venue: 02 Apollo Manchester Date: 7th October Tickets: £17.25

Venue: Opera House Date: 16th-21st August Tickets: from £18 Here is another chance to catch this fabulous production that is great for all the family. Taken from the biblical story of Joseph, his eleven brothers and the coat of many colours; it is definitely a must-see late summer treat before the kids go back to school.


Capesthorn Firework Champions Venue: Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire Date: 20th August Tickets: from £15

Capesthorne Hall’s spectacular event features 3 of the best firework companies in the UK, followed by an amazing finale choreographed to music. It is the only event of its type in the UK and the audience can vote for their favourite displays via their mobile phone!

Venue: All around Manchester Date: 9-29th August Tickets: from £12.50 As one of the highlights of the Manchester social calendar, people come from all over the world to experience the atmosphere of Manchester’s gay pride festival. This year the festival turns 21, and to celebrate in style it has 10 days of exciting goings on, including a parade with a ‘Best of British’ theme, a fringe festival, and a spiritual candlelit vigil.

Venue: 02 Apollo Manchester Date: 16th September Tickets: £33.50 British singer-songwriter Adele has achieved high recognition both critically and commercially over the past few years, and her strong soulful voice has attracted high demand on both sides of the Atlantic. She will tour the UK throughout September in response to her successful current single Rolling in the Deep.


Following the release of their third album on August 29th, alternative rock band Bombay Bicycle Club will pursue their biggest tour yet. The four piece band, who got their big break after winning the channel 4 competition ‘Road to V’ will be touring 16 different locations in the UK in October, Manchester Apollo being one of them.


The Summer Soul In C Alderley Edge

hampagne and chandeliers for a charity fundraiser: Alderley Edge welcomed the start of the summer period in style this June with a ball in aid of three Cheshire charities; Francis House, Claire House and Beechwood Cancer Care Centre in Stockport.

Manchester presenter Terry Christian brought amiable northern humour to the evening as host for the night, entertaining guests and auctioning items in a bid to hit the fundraising target. Manchesterbased company CI Research organised the evening with sights set on raising £20,000 for charity in the next 12 months, to mark their 20th year in business. With a smart/casual dress code and a glass of Pimms on arrival, it was such a refreshing contrast from the stereo-typical ball, one of floor-length dresses and over-formality. The atmosphere was fun and up-beat; guests relaxed in the summer sun whilst tasting exquisite Thai canapés and being amazed by one of the mischievous magicians, or ‘test-driving’ the Royles Jaguar simulator. The mouth-watering affair was made even tastier with food courtesy of the Chilli Banana restaurant in Wilmslow, and with a wide choice of different dishes, you just had to try them all! After the popping-open of countless champagne bottles, guests proceeded to dance the night away to motown classics, confirming that the night had been a huge success, both for the guests and for the charities involved, raising a fantastic £5000 in total. ■ words: Leanne McClean

words: Hayley Ashworth


Defining moment in Knutsford history with lunchOf McLaren Manchester M

cLaren Manchester unveiled its bespoke state-of-the-art showroom on Thursday during a prestigious celebration at Canute Place in Knutsford.

ments in McLaren’s history. We look forward to delivering an elite range of sports cars to our customers, old and new, and welcoming them to the stunning new showroom.’

As one of only three McLaren showrooms in the UK, the highly anticipated launch of McLaren Manchester completes a trio of exclusive automobile brands that dominate the Knutsford landscape.

McLaren has invested nearly £800m since 2005 to establish itself as the world’s newest sports car company. That investment has focused on the development of a range of innovative, technologically ground-breaking,and bespoke high-performance cars, as well as the construction of a brand new manufacturing facility, the McLaren Production Centre (MPC), at the company’s headquarters.

Themed around ‘Defining moments in history’, last week’s launch of the landmark showroom revealed the ground-breaking McLaren MP4-12C performance sports car along with Mika Hakkinen’s 1998 Formula 1 World Championship Winning car. With his melodic tones, singer Adam Glover created a serene backdrop to the long-awaited event while Christian Audigier provided the exclusive themed cocktails from an illuminated bar. Offering the best in customer sales and service, the exclusive new showroom represents a significant investment by McLaren and will be one of only 35 bespoke retailers worldwide to boast this unique range of highperformance sports cars. Managing director, Jon Crossley, said, ‘We are extremely proud to be welcoming McLaren to Knutsford and bringing this iconic brand to the North. As the McLaren Automotive brand continues to grow globally, we are delighted to be a part of these defining mo-

McLaren anticipates expanding its global retail network to around 70 locations by the middle of the decade when the full range of cars is under construction at the MPC in Woking. The 12C, the company’s first ‘pure’ McLaren sports car, is already experiencing high demand with over 18 months of production already accounted for. Taking residence in the old Rolls-Royce showroom at Canute Place in the heart of Knutsford, McLaren Manchester joins McLaren Birmingham and McLaren London as the only three retailers in the UK. ■



Alderley Edge Centenary Festival 2011


heshire`s Alderley Edge, Music, Speech and Drama Festival Centenary 2011 grand finale, of which the Queen is Patron, was held at the Alderley Assembly Rooms. In the century since its formation the festival has attracted an abundance of talented competitors far and wide around the globe, this year 2500 competitors took part in a wide range of music and speech and drama classes from the age of 5yrs to adulthood. Trophies, prize monies and media interest all help to give the competitors a fine focused objective and the educational value is priceless. It has has a wide variety of sponsors and volunteers who work freely and enthusiatically. Keith Lowe, who is the chairman has dedicated his efforts for seven years, in fact his whole family were involved at the finale as they busied themselves making sure everything ran smoothly. Keith announces how his passion for the festival is rewarded by helping to develop talent. His favourite classes being the Solo singer of the year and Thespian of the Year.

announce my student Chloe Hunneyborne won the coveted Shakespeare Cup, which I also donated. The overall talent is astonishing and would leave Simon Cowell simply begging for more. The evening opened with the Ben Clarke Company, Fanfare, followed by 22 finalist. A solo Sax player who certainly had the `wow` factor and has formed a group called, Casual Sax. An Italian operatic vocal Duet with Charlotte Hoather and Erin Alexander lifted the roof and Oriental Breeze, world music group brought the evening to a thundering crescendo. Distinguished guest attending the Grand Finale were the Mayor and Mayoress of Macclesfield, Halle director, Gordon Baxendale and the Queens, Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, David Briggs. Who announced “On behalf of her Majesty the Queen, congratulations to your reaching a centenary and best wishes for the next 100 years.” Next year`s 2010 Jubilee Award he will be offering the Queens Award, for voluntary service. Nominations are now up for grabs. ■ words: Jeannette Slavinski

As a thespian myself, elocutionist & advocate of the spoken word, I`m pleased to


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New food Menu by our award winning chef, Best Bar None winner 2010 2 courses for £9.95, with a glass of wine £12.95 Monday - Thursday 12-7pm. 2 for 1 cocktails Monday to Friday 4 till 8pm plus house wine only £8.95 Open Mic night on Thursday with super star Naymedici Resident DJs at the weekend with drinks offers, 3 Jagerbombs for £10, 4 Sambucas for £10 and Double Vodka Red Bull for £3.50 97 Piccadilly Approach, Manchester | 0161 236 4161 |

When 2 people dine with our 3 course Sunday lunch you will receive a complimentary bottle of wine when quoting ‘viva’ 2 courses for £9.95, with a glass of wine £12.95 Monday - Thursday 12-7pm After work social Amstel £2.50 a pint 4 till 8pm Monday to Thursday 2 for 1 cocktails, double up on selected spirits for £1 Live Lounge’ on Thursday with Paul Hand as featured on Capital Radio Resident DJs every weekend till late 11 Westminster House, Portland St, Manchester | 0161 236 4161 |


New food menu recently launched, buy any main meal and receive a starter and dessert for free when quoting ‘viva’ 2 courses for £9.95, with a glass of wine £12.95 Monday - Thursday 12-7pm. Monday till Friday 4 till 8pm house bottle of wine only £8.95 and 2 for 1 cocktails. Open till 4am every Saturday night with DJ’s and live bands playing thorughout the evening Our award winning roof terrace is available for FREE hire for any special 58 Bridge St, Deansgate, Manchester | 0161 834 0242 |




The 5 * Light Boutique Hotels Annual Summer Bash

gorgeous summer breeze and a relaxed atmosphere filled with Manchester’s finest made for a perfect event at the start of July at The Light Boutique Hotel in Manchester – no less than in its penthouse suite… Guests included journalists, fashionistas, top business people and some of VIVA’s friends from Channel 4’s ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Coronation Street.’ The occasion? The Light Boutique’s Annual Summer Party and what a great way to showcase the Light’s stunning 15th floor penthouses by having a catwalk show with some of Manchester’s home-grown high-fashion retailers, in the form of the fabulous Merabi, Renegade Marmalade and Hervia Bazaar. Models walked up and down a long, gorgeous red carpet on the outside roof top in evening gowns, swimwear and ‘preppy’ casualwear to name just a few of the styles, whilst the media and fashion elite in attendance whispered, pointed and wow’ed at their favourite pieces from the show. All items were available for purchase after the show had words: Matt Horwood photos: Steven Cox

finished, which may well have explained the sudden surge from the rooftop to the inside of the gorgeous apartment when the beautiful ladies had finished on the catwalk. To complete the glamorous affair were some top tunes, in the form of a live band Muntfinger and DJ’ing from the Kid British boys, who are launching their new album soon. In addition to this the tantalising Cherie BeBe – one of the most respected and sought after burlesque dancers in the UK – gave a fantastic show that was not to miss. Cherie allowed the mood to mellow as day turned to evening, and as we moved into the night what was first a sophisticated gathering morphed into a fabulous party for all! The polite swaying turned to dancing, the quiet chuckling and chatter turned into roaring laughter and real natter and the Jacuzzis were turned on as we all reminded ourselves why Manchester is best known for its music, its fashion and – more impotantly – its Mancunians!

As standard, the best food and drinks were on offer – Barefoot Wines and Singer beers were free for guests, whilst a few ‘welcome’ cocktails were on hand from the brilliant Obsidian, who also provided the canapés for the soiree. VIVA want to thank all of those who were involved in the event, Rolls Royce, Hey Little Cupcake, the fashion retailers, Rachel & Alex and the fabulous models to the food and drink suppliers and especially to our guests, who definitely know how to enjoy a party! As for our favourite piece from the fashion show? We couldn’t possibly say – but it is definitely fair to say that there was not one frumpy looking model in the house for this event – fabulous darling! If you are interested in enquiring about an event at the 5* Light Boutique Hotel please call the hotel directly or contact us at Viva Magazine ■ 0161 839 4848

VIVA l a s m a n c h e s t e r

Soccer Kids Strut the Catwalk for Charity O n a sunny July 3rd, footballers and their WAGs gathered together at Manchester’s illustrious Hilton hotel for a fabulous event being hosted in aid of charity.

Organised by Everton captain Phil Neville and his wife Julie, a children’s fashion show was being held to raise money for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Clothes, which had been lent generously by department store Selfridges, included pieces by Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture and Gucci. The event, from start to finish, was hosted by Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh. The catwalk itself was preceded by a range of performances, from Britain’s Got Talent dancing sensations Aidan Davis and Razi Gogonea, X-Factor stars Same Difference and girl-band Fanfair, who had visited many of the children in the hospital in recent weeks, and went on to perform two original songs (As I Am and Miracle) as well as an acoustic cover of Let The Sun Shine. Following performances and the catwalk itself there was an auction held, including prizes of holidays to Miami and Morocco, tickets to the X-Factor live auditions and November finals and signed football shirts. This was followed with a raffle with prizes such as a stay in The Hilton’s Cloud 23’s Executive Suite with bed and breakfast included. For the kids, too, there was plenty going on! This included a bouncy castle, hook-a-duck, wordschocolate & photos:fountain, Olivia Gauch make your own pick and mix sweet bag, hoopla and rails of Selfridges’ clothing that could be purchased on the day. There was even a giant Hello Kitty and a live

joke-making clown walking around the sites! However, as star studded and good fun the afternoon was, it is important to remember the importance of the occasion. Phil and Julie Neville’s daughter Isabella was born with cerebral palsy and, since, Julie has decided to take a stand. Kids (heart) Fashion is one of many events Julie hopes to hold to raise awareness of the condition and to raise money for the hospitals that treat those with it.

On the event itself, Julie told us: ‘This is an event for the kids, not the adults, where they can bring friends along and have fun! I thought the models would be nervous but they have turned out to be real divas asking for their dresses backstage! Isabella loves shopping, and so it’s a great one for her. Of the collections I’ve seen, I’ve already picked out one of the Barbour jackets!’ This event was glamorous, family-orientated and had a real, deserving cause. Let’s hope it raised plenty for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. ■ words: Matt Horwood




he Crown and Anchor pub stands boldly in Manchester’s Northern Quarter; Famed for being the ‘trendiest’ part of town with its Banksy murals and one of a kind boutiques, this quintessentially traditional pub with a modern twist is only 5 minutes from Piccadilly train station. Behind its classic exterior it plays host to a family run Bed & Breakfast, furnished with rich dramatic wallpaper combined with traditional pub features. Ideal for the budget conscious professional, or visitor to the city centre, rooms are tastefully decorated throughout, perfect for a weekend getaway or city-centre business meeting. In house caterers provide traditional home cooked classics, choose to eat in the warm surroundings or opt for al fresco dining on the heated roof terrace.

Offers: 3 jagerbombs for £10, Bottle of house wine red/white £8 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EE 0161 228 1142


Bang & Olufsen 3 day Extravaganza


ang & Olufsen of King Street recently held a 3 day Networking Event in Conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce.

Guests were invited to indulge their senses with the breathtaking acoustic technology on offer and to have demonstrated the latest home cinema projector systems. It was a formal evening and the guest list relaxed and enjoyed the nose of fine wines and Champagnes from Jean Juviniere Wine Importers. The event lasted for three days and the feedback from customers has been very encouraging – everyone who attended said they had enjoyed themselves and marvelled at the latest generation of Bang & Olufsen Products. Each day Mercedes-Benz Central displayed their latest cars for guests to audition the amazing acoustic technology of the Bang & Olufsen in-car audio system and for the ladies Hervia Bazaar showcased exquisite high-end fashion clothing, jewellery and accessories. There were delicious canapés and champagne for guests to enjoy and Visitors took advantage of exclusive offers throughout the 3 day event. ■


An all round fantastic launch for Circle 360


ircle 360, the new champagne and cocktail bar launched in the Trafford Centre by the legendary Circle Club, opens in style this week with a VIP party. The stunning 45-seat new white marble bar will specialise in desserts as well as the finest champagnes and cocktails and was officially opened on Thursday, July 14, with an exclusive VIP party. Called ‘360’ because it is an open bar, perfect for people spotting, giving a view of the whole Orient, it is the ideal place for busy shoppers to stop for an affordable treat, from morning coffee to bubbly and oysters. ‘We will also be specialising in mouthwatering desserts including an exclusive range from Lollicakes, making it the ideal venue for people to unwind, enjoy a glass of fizz and tuck into some sumptuous sweets,’ said Craig Ince, Managing Director of the Circle Club. ‘We’re now working with a local supplier on an organic champagne ice-cream that we’re just putting the finishing touches to it hopefully in time for opening week and we will be launching a sushi menu in the next month or so.’ Manchester’s exclusive 24-hour private member’s club, The Circle Club, announced it was expanding its empire with the launch of Circle 360 earlier this month. The white marble bar, designed by award-winning Paul Astill, will take pride

of place in the Italian Galleries on the first floor of the Orient food court. The 50-strong cocktail menu, includes both classic and contemporary drinks priced from £4.50 and it will serve 21 champagnes with bottles from £40 (Moet and Chandon) to £550 (Armand De Brignac Ace of Spades), with glasses starting from £4.95. Gordon McKinnon, Director of Operations at The Trafford Centre, said: ‘We are delighted to have secured such an exciting new concept for our customers, and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate fit for the kind of customer we attract.’ Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Circle Club expanded its original basement club to launch the VIP Inner Circle in 2008 and the Kitchen bar restaurant in 2009. It is a regular haunt of celebrities, including footballers, soap and movie stars. Circle 360 is its latest venture and already they are looking for other similar venues to expand the concept. ‘It’s a very exciting development for us and the icing on the cake in our 10th anniversary year’ said Craig Ince. ‘In fact one of our first customers was John Whittaker who was so taken with the bar he observed how he could see the potential for the concept at other sites.’ To find out more about the Circle Club and Circle 360, log onto www.thecircleclub. com or phone 0161 288 8118. ■

viva events i

Are YOU thinking of having a event and want it to be remembered? Viva Events can organise any event big or small to suit ANY BUDGET. VIVA EVENTS specialise in, live music, celebrity appearances, drink sponsors, food, fashion shows, venues & much more Contact VIVA EVENTS for a consultation on 0161 8334401 or email

Stylishly lit and boasting chic décor, Label is more Manhattan than Manchester. Following an impressive refurbishment, the Deansgate bar now has a distinct throw-back feel, with egg chairs, dark wood flooring and graphic screening saluting the 1960’s and all its luxury. Label serves exceptional food daily with DJ’s playing throughout the whole weekend as well as a downstairs event space for hire.

78 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2FW | 0161 833 1878 |




his Summer Team Viva were lucky enough to head down to Macclesfield for the fabulous Friends of Mine festival. After packing the obvious essentials – cider, makeup wipes and a Kodak disposable – we hit the road with competition winner Isobel Hutchings and an Brown once said ‘Manchester’s got evefriends for what was a weekend to remember… rything except a beach.’ Proving him wrong or a weekend to remember not remembering Beached Festival in Castlefield staged a anything, if you catch our drift! beach party that brought in sand, picnic tables and a line up of awesome emerging artists to entertain the summer hungry festival goers of Manchester. With the sizzling of the grill, pouring of the drinks and the blasting of tunes Manchester was immersed in summer atmosThe site for the festival was surrounding the phere. beautiful Capesthorne Hall, a mere fourteen minutes south of Manchester. It was a beautiful The festival was held in Manchester’s prime location for what managed to be a chilled out, location, Castlefield, where industrial canals met rocking, family-friendly, ghetto fabulous, tasty party beaches to form an inner city beach party treat of a festival – and VIVA are extremely glad that welcomed the summer months. The small we were there to experience it first-hand! The festival held two stages that boasted such artsts weather left a little to be desired but, overall, it as Italian band The Hacienda and Manchescould have been worse. (bar a miniature torrenter locals Seeing Hester, where they played to tial downfall when running across the fields to crowds of people enjoying the man made beach. the House Party on the Saturday night!)




With a ten thousand capacity and a number of stages, there was plenty of space whilst the festival was still roaming with hipsters, hippies, hot mammas, cute festi-kids and every other type of festival-goer under the sun. The beauty of Friends of Mine was that the collection of friends that had been attracted was diverse, fun and extremely friendly. (as it should be!)

The festival also hosted a dance tent where local regulars of the Madchester night scene such as Belly of the Beast and Knees Deep DJs entertained people deep into the night. The festival was a unique chance for Manchester to experience a beach festival within the hustle and bustle of the city. ■

Festival highlights included Virginmarys, The Cribs, Cherry Ghost and VIVA favourites Kid British – who definitely got the crowd going early on the Saturday evening! Whilst the Lake Bar offered a great spot for relaxation, there were whacky water hamster ball rides, ferris wheels and more for the more fun-seeking. Absolutely brilliant food and drink throughout the site – such as an ostrich burger that we tried and absolutely loved – also made sure that this was not just any event.

Headliner Russell Howard: ‘I only met Lee and his mum briefly but they had a massive impact upon me. He’s one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met so to do a gig in memory of him is an honour and a privilege’. Shortly before Lee’s passing, Linda called Russell- Lee’s favourite comedian and ‘perfect night out mate’ if he would join Lee for a birthday drink. Russell duly obliged, and not only was a great day etched in the memory but a bond had been created that Linda built upon.

FUTURE PERFECT 2 Event specialist Clive Leighton: ‘pitching the event to all was so straightforward as Lee and Manchester reflect one another with vibrancy and creativity. As a musician, artist and dj Lee embodied the city. The performers, crew and crowd turned up in great numbers with the perfect attitude creating a quite uniquely memorable vibe. Although loss can be a lonely place - we have shown it doesn’t have to be suffered alone. By giving people an outlet to celebrate their loved ones Future Perfect and Linda have shown the way’. So why Future Perfect 2? Linda explains: ‘While Lee was at Durham University, he and 3 friends organised a two day music & art festival called Future Perfect. Little did Lee know that his future was anything but perfect: but with the advancements being made in cancer treatments I believe that the future could be perfect. It was Lee’s dream to make the festival an annual event and I therefore decided to carry on the festival in memory of Lee as it is a befitting tribute to a extraordinarily gifted and talented young man’. ■

Whilst VIVA were guestlisted for Friends of Mine, at well under £100 for the weekend tickets, it definitely would still have been a festival worth paying for. So, we have high hopes for 2012, and hope to see you with your cider in one hand and your best friend in the other for next year’s Friends of Mine Festival! ■ words: Matt Horwood

hen Linda Wyatt’s son Lee lost his battle to bowel cancer in Aril 2010 she did what every mother would do - she set up an annual city centre ‘Arts versus Cancer’ Festival to celebrate his life and his creative passions. Future Perfect 2 opened its gates to 2000 revellers in Castlefield Arena on Sat 25 June and featured 60 acts including djs, comedians, acoustic, jazz, blues, rock, indie, funk, avant garde, rock, rap and, well you get the picture, set across 4 stages.

words: Andre Buenacosa

words: Clive Leighton

VIVA l i v e m u s i c



fervid Tennessee dust bowl scene ensues as the Followill family emerge in front of a huge and incredibly diverse crowd. It’s a scene unimaginable when reminiscing about the LANCASHIRE CRICKET GROUND long-haired hipsters who initially cultivated a t was definitely a case of ‘Slippery When UK following with Youth, Young And Manhood. Wet’ as Bon Jovi took to the stage at the Once four unkempt rabble-rousers – Kings Of Lancashire County Cricket Club, Old TrafLeon have transformed into Grammy Award winning arena stars, whose previous album, ford, on Friday 24th June, but the boys weren’t Only By The Night, sold in excess of six million about to let a little rain stop play as they rocked copies worldwide – the only question is whether out for their Manchester fans.
 this process has tamed their ferocious spirit. ‘It’s like taking a shower with 46,000 of my closest friends,’ quipped Jon, commenting on the lovely English weather and at the same time in his female fans (or was it just me?) LANCASHIRE CRICKET GROUND instilling the hope that he might just (please, God!) take Being on such a capacious stage certainly his shirt off, as they kicked off the gig with some doesn’t seem to daunt these slick rockers, in a of their classic hits. Bon Jovi have an almost set which encompasses both moments from ridiculous number of classic songs to chose from. ruffian origins, and the post Sex On Fire success- I’ll Be There For You, Always, Bed of Roses es. Even the relatively obscure screeching quirk (three songs which absolutely demand lighters!), of Charmer gets an airing, as does California Sleep When I’m Dead, Keep the Faith, Dead or Waiting, just a couple of the esoteric concessions Alive (where the audience sang the whole of the given to long-time fans. Clearly an audience of first verse and chorus on their own), Bad Meditwo halves. It’s amusing to see puzzled facial ex- cine (including a mash-up of Roadhouse Blues, pressions next to animated enthusiasm as each Lulu’s Shout and a slightly unexpected dig at Glastonbury - oh dear, Jon, were you knocked song gets underway. back for that gig?!), were all met with almighty ‘I never knew cricket fans were so wild,’ roars and mass singing from the crowd and, of exclaims Caleb Followill as the darkness takes course, what Bon Jovi gig would be complete hold and lighting adds to an already electric at- without a resounding encore of Livin’ on a mosphere. The heavy bass of On Call reverber- Prayer? ates around this oval shaped venue, just one of the many fantastic songs making up such a Even after 27 and a half years, Bon Jovi still revered back-catalogue. Molly’s Chambers too bring the rock’n’roll hard and fast and with real provides a raucous reminder of the roots which flair. Jon belted out the vocal like a legend, the incredible Ritchie Sambora was in excellent laid the foundation for global recognition. form (with a particularly awesome solo in Dry After a lengthy bout of screaming from the County), and Tico, Hugh and David did their crowd the band re-emerge, beginning their thang to do what Bon Jovi do best – put on a encore with a moving rendition of Knocked damn good rock show.


Up, the opener to third album, Because Of The Times. Starting with a simple bass strum, this track builds to become an anthem sung back word-for-word by a 50,000 strong choir. ‘Without you we’d just be a bunch of guys back in Nashville painting houses,’ says Caleb, seemingly with a lump in his throat. ‘You made us into kings. The Kings Of Leon.’ As the masses leave singing the most ubiquitous song of the night, Sex On Fire, in unison, it’s clear just how true this humble statement really is. ■ words: Simon Butcher

Despite the weather, despite poor Jon’s busted knee (it was in a brace as he’d damaged it during a previous gig in the tour) and even despite the fact that Ritchie had only just returned from a stint in rehab especially to finish off the European leg of the Circle tour, the band deliveredbig style. They came, they saw, they conquered. (and, ok, they got a bit wet as well)
 A damn feisty performance from an excellent band - 10/10 overall. 11/10 if you’d taken your shirt off, Jon. ■ words: Ann Richardson

his year the Manchester International Festival has put on a wide range of musical acts exhibiting artists such as eccentric musical maverick Bjork to the up and coming, and very mysterious, local boys WU LYF. But best of all the acts to grace the festival was Snoop Dog’s Doggystyle performance. For many Snoop Dogg’s debut album Doggystyle was a record that defined a genre and generation. The unique show at the Manchester Apollo comprised of a multimedia experience that would bring together the original featured artists of Snoop Dog’s infamous debut album to be played in its entirety. With a few glitches and an eager crowd the gig stormed off with a huge introduction from original support rappers performing ‘G-Funk Intro’ which was soon followed by Snoop Dog appearing and performing his notorious song ‘Gin and Juice’. From this point on the show kept people on their feet bouncing and nodding to the beat. Between songs video clips were played that were filled with various rappers and actors that recalled times reminiscent of 1970s funk and soul. To keep the crowd rolling Snoop Dog played a variety of songs such as Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” which would signal a row of other hit songs not particularly on Doggy Style.


Although not everyone was happy with Snoop’s choice to play his new single that was collaborated with David Guetta ‘Sweat’ he kept spitting out those rhymes and beats unique to his West Coast style. To close out the show Snoop performed ‘What’s My Name’ and ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ that left everyone in an elated state of feeling like a G. For many, Snoop Dog and his unique and notorious style defined a decade and a genre and his performance at the Apollo lived up to every expectation. In the end you couldn’t really help but feel like a P.I.M.P. ■ words: Andre Buenacosa

VIVA l i v e m u s i c The Rob Ellis Show Weekdays 6-10 am Summer officially kicked off – then went again. But that hasn’t stopped Manchester enjoying what has been offered, and what is still due over the coming months. Manchester Day took over the city for its second year while we look forward to Manchester Pride celebrating its 21st year over The August Bank holiday. Just as Manchester International Festival comes to an end, which has featured acts like Bjork, Snoop Dogg and Johnny Vegas doing shows at various smaller venues across the city, the premier of Batman Live takes over The MEN arena running until July 24th.

If you had the energy to do some exercise of your own, congratulations to everyone who took part in the Manchester 10k run in May. If that has got the legs pumping, it was exciting to hear the announcement that the Manchester Marathon will be returning in 2012. So start training now if you want to join the 5, 000 taking part next April over 26.3 miles around the city. Come on – it’ll be Olympic year! We got to hold the Olympic torch not long ago and keep your eyes peeled for when it passes through Manchester next year on its way to the Opening Ceremony.

‘We got to hold the Olympic torch not long ago’

Now the festival season begins to draw in, Manchester live music venues begin to get lively once more with the likes of Adele taking over The Apollo for two nights (16th & 17th September) and Peter Kay moves back in to The MEN for another month long stint of comedy gold. And if you managed to make it to the Take That ‘Progress’ shows at Eastlands you won’t need reminding the local lads put on a night to remember.

Speaking of Giggs, mid-August will see the start of the new football season as the rivalry between Manchester United and Manchester City gets closer than it’s ever been. If it’s a new stadium name for the blue half (now The Etihad Stadium) or new hair styles for Rooney, this season has all the hallmarks of a classic – especially come derby day.

Through our doors at Capital, we’ve had guests like The Wanted who were in town after their gig at Chester Rocks and also American number 1 star Jason Derulo. We put all of our interviews online at and we also have loads of pictures from our Summertime Ball which happened at Wembley Stadium. Half of Manchester descended on London to see artists like Jennifer Lopez, Example and Cee-Lo Green. Capital FM also broadcast the event live back to everyone at home just in case you couldn’t make it down yourself. Plenty to keep you going there, enjoy… Music, footy or running. The Rob Ellis Show ■



n early July we threw a summer extravaganza at the penthouse suite in the Light Hotel where we all celebrated the peak of summer and stayed hopeful for warmer days. As the sun was setting on the Manchester skyline in walked room four guys decked out in daring spandex, fierce face and an attitude that would knock out socks off.

This glam rock cover band jammed out tunes that kept our hips shaking and our feet dancing all night long. This four-piece band hails from down south near Oxford and Cambridge where they came together to create a party cover band with a twist called Muntfinger. The guys loved playing live music and decided to pump up their glam rock look with spandex and face paint Tom Michell. (lead guitarist) ‘It gets people’s attention and creates a visual impact while we play. In the end it’s all tongue in cheek, but when we play, the whole aesthetic rubs on the crowd and keeps them raving all night long.’ The band’s influences come from a variety of genres but predominantly classic rock. They are influenced by bands such as Thin Lizzy, Led Zepplin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even take note of Ska, Reggae, 80s cheese pop and the ever-wondrous Phil Collins. So one might ask where does the puzzling name Muntfinger come from? The name for the band comes from a place of childhood sorrow and a bit of fun. Tom as a kid had the nickname munt head due to his supposedly large head, and while playing at a gig with no name someone shouted out Muntfinger as a name for their band. Out of the ashes of ridicule rises a rock band that has attitude, spunk and four guys that love playing their favorite song. So what is this rock’n’roll band up to next within the up and coming months? This fall they will be touring around the UK and in the winter season they will be touring around France in the Ski Resorts. With hits from Michael Jackson to Kings of Leon under their roster, this band will make sure you keep on dancing all night long. If you would like to book Muntfinger for your event you can contact the band direct on 07947 160 637 or email or check them out on facebook: groups/muntfinger. ■

Photo: Dee Durkin VIVA 88

Rocksee Pixs music photography | 0161 736 6339 | 07702 088 064



Kasabian - Velociraptor!


asabian are back with their unique brand of punchy electro-rock. Their latest record, ‘Velociraptor!’ is set to be an album bursting with crowd-pleasing an thems of a calibre akin to previous hits, ‘Club Foot’ and ‘Empire.’ With their typical Oasis-style bravado, the Leicester lads are promising eleven tracks of smash potential, describing the new release as by far their best to date. Only time will tell whether the entire album will live up to the band’s hype but if the brief glimpses we’ve been permitted so far are anything to go by, then perhaps we better start taking them at their word. ‘Switchblade Smiles’ – one of a couple of singles previewed by Kasabian during their stint on this summer’s festival circuit – has many of the attributes of a bona fide hit, with heavy guitar riffs and a catchy hook (“Can you feel it coming? OOF!”) conspiring to invade the mind and capture your approval. Let’s just hope that the rest of the album is this good. [Released 19 September]

Ed Sheeran - +


n a world where the proliferation of talent shows has encouraged many to seek instant fame at any cost, the success of Yorkshireborn singer/songwriter and guitarist, Ed Sheeran is a refreshing reminder that determination and traditional hard graft can pay off for artists who are prepared to work patiently for their big break.

Red Hot Chili Peppers I’m With You

Learning to play the guitar at an early age and writing his own songs while still in school, Sheeran moved to London at 16 and built up a legion of loyal fans by playing as many gigs as he could – sometimes three a night – and selling his CDs out of a rucksack. Refusing to compromise on his music and jump through industry hoops, Ed released five EPs off his own back, without big label funding or publicity; the last of these records, ‘No. 5 Collaborations Project’, shot to number two in the iTunes album chart after just 24 hours, superseded only by Rihanna. Sheeran’s latest offering – his new album entitled ‘+’ – is the product of a six record deal signed with music giants, Atlantic Records, earlier this year. Hardcore fans might worry that Ed has sold out by agreeing a contract with a top, mainstream company, but Sheeran has assured his followers that this is the right deal for him and the future of his music. ‘The A Team’ is the first release from his new album and should work to convince fans that the Ed they know and love is still very much in action; entering the UK singles chart at number three in June, the track features Sheeran’s trademark acoustic guitar and folksy melodies, accompanied by intelligent and emotional lyrics about a girl he met while working in a homeless shelter. Channelling the likes of Jamie Woon, Just Jack, and James Morrison, and counting Elton John and Jamie Foxx amongst some of his more famous devotees, Ed looks well on his way to stardom at the tender age of only 20. Love or loathe his material, there is no denying that Sheeran’s success represents a victory for independent, grassroots music, and stands as an inspiration to bedroom musicians everywhere. [Released 19 September] Words: Amy Coaker


Nero - Welcome Reality


ondon-based DJ duo, Dan Stephens and Joe Ray, better known to the world as Nero, are set to release their eagerly anticipated debut album, ‘Welcome Reality’, under Chase and Status’ label MTA. Nominated for the BBC’s Sound of 2011 poll, and with the last three releases from their album – ‘Me & You’, ‘Guilt’, and ‘Promises’ – selected consecutively by Radio 1’s Zane Lowe as his ‘Hottest Record In The World’, Nero’s dancefloor-quaking, genre-transcending fusion of drum’n’bass, dubstep and house music is unquestionably making its mark on the public consciousness. No doubt rocking a field near you this festival season, you’d be hard pushed to resist the pull of the pair’s searing basslines, soaring vocals, and shuddering beats – well worth the muddy, welly-clad trudge to the dance tent! [Released 15 August]


fter their longest hiatus to date between studio albums, the Red Hot Chili Peppers return with their first release since 2006’s ‘Stadium Arcadium’. The new album, ‘I’m With You’, also marks the debut of new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who joined the band after John Frusciante’s departure in 2009. With a new member on board, the Chili Peppers have diverged from the heavy riffs characteristic of their previous material and instead have introduced a refreshing poignancy and subtlety to their music. Taking inspiration from eclectic influences, including the African music scene, the band have produced an album of beautiful, poetic songs about life, death and betrayal that promises to be another brilliant collection of infectious classics. [Released 29August]



My monologue was a lot of fun to perform and getting into this character was quite easy for me as I think we both shared similar characteristics. Although on first receiving the monologue script from my tutor, Chris Hargreaves, I saw the first few lines were in French (stitch up) and I had a bit of a panic. But it wasn’t too much of an issue me being so bad at French, as the character I was playing was also supposed to be terrible at the foreign language!

EMMA REPORTS.... What a journey DNA has taken me and my fellow acting students on! At the beginning I think we can all say we had our own little bit of stage fright and myxomatosis but as the 2nd stage of our course has come to an end the anxiety and fear of performing in front of an audience has turned into fewer nerves and enjoyment.

Over the last few weeks we have been building up to our end of course live performances which concluded with a monologue and duologue. For the duologue we were each partnered up with another class-mate and given a scene and script to work with. I think the main object I found hard about the duologue was trying not to think so much about my lines and to listen more to what my partner was saying to me and respond in a more natural way.

So our last acting session for ‘acting for stage and screen’ we all headed down to Label along Deansgate in Manchester to perform our pieces. As a whole I was really proud of my group’s performances and how far everyone had come since our first lesson back in January 2011. Everyone had seemed to take on board all the criticisms that Chris had been throwing at us over the two courses in order to improve our acting skills and most of all were being REAL! The next course ‘professional screen actor’ starts up in September so I am now on a bit of a summer break from acting classes which will give me a chance to reflect on what I’ve learnt over the last 7 months at DNA. I’m thinking of joining an extras agency to gain some on-set experience and also to build up a portfolio for myself. DNA have been very helpful in advising me which agencies to check out. So until next time keep an eye out for me on your TV screens!! ■



Twitter : Dar renRLG ordon / DNA_PR

3 Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - 16th September



S uper 8

- 5th August


his is the movie I really wanted to see this summer and many of the reasons why were justified by what I saw. The acting from the main cast was excellent, the young actors, and especially the lead ‘Joel Courtney’, were superb throughout this gripping, mysterious sci-fi drama. The movie had tension, pace, lots of great action and suspense. It keeps you enthralled and on the edge of your seat. There are a few weak one-dimensional elements used to flesh out the plot but for me they are as insignificant to the experience as they are unnecessary to the story. Writer/Director JJ Abrams who you may recognise as the Executive Producer of ‘Lost’, has really done his producer – a certain Mr S Spielberg – proud on this one but if there are any major criticisms then here they are. The film has a very average ending, which I won’t spoil, and the film seems to reference a lot of Spielberg’s earlier movies. (watch it and tweet me when you work out which ones!) That being the case, I would still suggest that this is definitely one to go see.

ense, sophisticated, intelligent classy and thrilling with a cast that would blow your socks off. Based on John le Carre’s novel, this film is set against a back drop of the Cold War and an old expert in espionage is pulled out of retirement to help identify a Russian spy who has established themselves in the hierarchy of MI6. Tom Hardy (currently filming as ‘Bane’ on the latest Batman project) leads alongside BAFTA winner Gary Oldman, Oscar winner Colin Firth and an array of recognisable talent.

4 The Three Musketeers - 12th October


ometimes when you stare into the minds of the creative at the big movie ‘houses’, it is a little frightening just how simplistic the approach is that structures what we are offered on the big screen. Clearly, where this production is concerned, the powers that be thought ‘what story can we rehash, utilising (the cinema saver and rejuvenator that is) 3D. I wonder how long it took them to think up this gem. This is a story told many times, mostly badly and this version brings a pace, wit and dynamism but little more than that.



Tyrannosaur - 7 October

The Inbetweeners Movie - 19th August


any of the younger students that attend my acting class have been salivating over the prospect of this movie. Having only ever seen one episode of the TV series that spawned this movie, I was curious to see how the antics of these four socially-inept teenagers expressed itself on the big screen. Would it be a victim of the ‘not really a film, more a feature length episode’ scenario that befalls many TV show to feature film conversions. (‘The Simpsons’ for example) In truth, I can’t really answer that question as I haven’t seen enough of the TV show but I can say that the film was funny, horrible, awkward, horrific (in that aspects of it reminded me of my teenage years) and transformed me back to being 17 on the isle of Majorca and trying desperately to pull but not having any ability to do so. The boys venture to Crete for a lad’s holiday and if you enjoyed ‘Kevin and Perry go Large’ then book your ticket for this one ASAP. Favourite quote: “Can one of yous help me? I think she might be a two man job!”


f you have never heard of ‘Paddy Considine’ then it’s about time. This man is one of the shining lights of the British film industry, mostly as an actor but he puts on his directors hat for ‘Tyrannosaur’, and shows that he knows how to get performances out of other actors, not just himself. His greatest asset as an actor is his ability to keep things clear and simple and his direction radiates the same principle. This film is about a woman who tries to escape from an abusive relationship. It’s touching, earthy, gritty and emotional.



3 Hanna - 29th August


aised by her father to be an expert assassin, the film follows her mission across Europe. She is tracked by a cold-blooded agent and her operatives as they try to stop her, permanently. Hanna is a tense action movie with a good cast and a storyline that keeps you interested. It’s along the ‘Bourne’ movie lines so if you’re a fan of that trilogy, give this film a go.


4 The Fast and the Furious 1-5 (10 Disc) Box set - 5th September


13 Assassins - 5th September

his special collectors edition is limited so order it quickly, it comes packaged in a ‘wheel’. All 5 of the movies in this franchise are featured including the most recent film that adds Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson to the usual cast of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez. These movies are all about fast cars, flash pain jobs, driving that makes Louis Hamilton look like a pedestrian and plenty of eye-candy both amongst the men and the women. The storylines are superficial, predictable and weak, much like Diesel’s acting, but these movies weren’t made to win Oscars.


nother assassin movie? Yes I’m afraid so, and yes one of my favourite all time movies is ‘Leon!’ Perhaps I should see someone about this fixation… back to the film. As the title would suggest, we see 13 assassins launch an attack on the dwelling of an evil warlord in an attempt to end his tyrannical rule. Theirs is a suicidal action as they are ridiculously outnumbered but the need to complete their objective is motivation enough as they fight for ‘the people’ and are true Samurais. This film is a remake of a film in the 60’s which featured a 30 battle sequence, Director Miike surpasses that with a stunning, absorbing and exhausting 45 minute effort. Films from East Asia are known for being visually spectacular but thin on plot and to be honest, this doesn’t escape from that banding but the film is highly entertaining from a martial arts and sword-fighting perspective. This is a subtitled film as its in Japanese but that won’t spoil your enjoyment of the film, the pictures tell you all you need to know.

5 Attack the Block - 19th September


British Zombie horror movie set on a housing estate in South London? Can it be any good? Well, it depends. If you’re into channel four, E4 and BBC3 comedy series, listen to grime or dubstep, walk around with your hand down the front of your ‘trackies’ to keep ‘it’ warm, speak in a vernacular than comprises a hybrid of Jamaican patois, cockney and gibberish, you have a good chance of really getting into this film.

Bad Teacher - 17th October


love Cameron Diaz! Justin Timberlake, what were you thinking letting her go? Talented, versatile and stunning with the cutest smile, but enough of my gooey-eyed musings. Bad Teacher is a comedy film about a rude, dismissive, foul-mouthed and selfish high school teacher who is dumped by her rich older partner and ends up focussing her attention on a colleague, thus bringing herself into competition with a more popular and appropriate teacher in the school. The fact is that this is a funny film but it is not the script that makes the good bits work. The cast rescues this movie repeatedly and saves it from being a complete disaster. Miss Diaz (ahhhhh) is delightful in her misanthropic manner and her skill in expression and tone make some of her moments really hilarious but this film doesn’t have the strength it needs to be regarded as much more than average. It was like eating Cookie-dough ice cream but not finding much cookie-dough, still tastes alright, but you can’t help feeling disappointed. Oh, Cameron’s ex (not me, the less talented singing one) is also in the cast…



‘Since back in the day Karin has been part of the firm...’ Shaun Ryder


AAA Shaun Ryder & Friends Swedish photographer Karin Albinsson showcases never seen before photos of the man himself, Shaun Ryder after a decade of being his personal photographer


he city’s 24 hour party people were in attendance for the launch of acclaimed snapper Karin Albinsson’s ‘AAA Shaun Ryder and Friends’ exhibition at the Manchester Photographic Gallery last month. Featuring images of the local legend from the past 15 years, the shots capture everyday life and post-gig goings-on for the Happy Mondays’ artist as he worked on his solo projects and fronted Black Grape. Karin and Ryder have been firm friends after meeting at a Swedish festival in the mid 1990s, and she was even drafted in to photograph his wedding. The series of monochrome prints are spilt into three chapters, Black Grape, Ten Mancs and On tour with Shaun, and include appearances from other musical legends such as Clint Boon, Mani and David Bowie. Speaking of the collection, she told us: ‘Every image tells a story, and I see different aspects of each personality I photographed come through in just one shot.’ During our exclusive interview, she also

revealed her favourite picture. ‘There’s one with Shaun’s dad Derek and Kermit from Black Grape, which is just so relaxed and un-posed of the two of them backstage. It brings together the two different aspects of family in Shaun’s life. ‘I like to be behind the camera and I’d always be on the sidelines capturing the most intimate and natural moments.’ Kermit himself joined the crowds to show his support for Karin, alongside Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice, who was his usual charming self,and said of Karin: ’you are indeed, an excellent photographer.’ Marks then headed to Lammars for the after event, delivering an incredible DJ set to an audience made up of The Courteeners, Denise Johnson from Primal Scream, and The Coral, who had literally stepped off their tour bus to join the party. Also providing entertainment were bands The Little Volcanoes and Leon Meya, plus a fantastic performance from Julie Gordon, who took over from Rowetta in Ryder’s band, with her group Caulbearers. And not to mention the fabulous Charly T. Tiefenaur busking for all excited guests on arrival.


Sponsoring the event were Swedish cider connoisseurs Kopparberg, who provided the refreshment for VIP’s with their fabulous Pear and Mixed Fruit varieties which judging by the bar queue, went down very well! Like her work with Ryder, Karin’s photography is ongoing and she will be returning to Africa next to add to her range of Sahara images. ‘Every project I do is continuous and I’m always working to add something to it, because life does not stop after the image is printed, it carries on and I enjoy documenting the changes.’ Karin’s ‘AAA Shaun Ryder & Friends’ exhibition is being showcased at Manchester Photographic Gallery located on Tariff Street in the Northern Quarter. For more information about the exhibition and how to order prints please contact Andy at Manchester Photographic Gallery on 0161 236 2446 or visit the website at: You can also check out Karin Albinsson’s work at: ■ words: Jennifer Quinn photos: Jason Lock


The issue of human rights is thrown across the media with every international intervention that the west conducts, whether it is used to preserve or justify occupying another state. But the infringements against the rights of homosexuals are vastly overlooked. Words: Andre Buenacosa


n this day and age we are blessed to live in a country where society has made major steps towards equality and the pursuit towards the eradication of discrimination. But on the other hand others are not so fortunate and live in a world where relentless persecution and societal taboos force individuals to live in fear and strife. The road for gay rights within the west has been long and treacherous but for the most part there have been momentous steps within society and laws that aim towards a more progressive and brighter future. Recent media coverage such as BBC 3’s documentary ‘The World’s Worst Place to Be Gay?’ brought to the forefront the starkly polarised society of Uganda and its views on homosexuality. In places such as Uganda the lives of homosexuals are under constant abuse, ostracization and persecution not only from the government but also by the majority of society. According to an international survey, the Pew Global Attitude Project poll of 2007 estimated that 96% of Ugandans believe that homosexuality should be rejected by society (where a LGBT population is estimated to be 500, 000). This anti-homosexual attitude is mirrored in the country’s laws, which are entrenched with policies that enable uninhibited discrimination and persecution. Laws that prohibited homosexual activity were first put into place under British colonial rule in the 19th Century. Within the law homosexuality is referred to as ‘carnal knowledge of another against the order

of nature’ and in some cases can carry a prison sentence up to 14 years. On October 2009 the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was submitted to the government that would broaden the criminalisation of homosexuality by introducing the death penalty for people with previous convictions, those that are HIV positive and for people that engage in same sex relations with those less than 18 years of age. The bill has been under discussion for most of the past year and has not yet been decided upon due to international pressure from governments and organisations.

The resentment and fear of homosexuality is so deeply entrenched within Ugandan society and stems from the right wing Christian groups. In ‘The World’s Worst Place to Be Gay?’ Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills confronts a Ugandan pastor who believes that you cannot be born gay but are either taught it or are recruited into it. The church is one of the most influential catalysts for the persecution of homosexuals in Uganda and holds a great deal of control over its society.

‘I think it’s a lot better than it ever was, and I think that’s due to the Pink Press and various campaigners such as Amnesty International, ’

This legitimised persecution not only comes from the government and its policies but also from the media in the form of public hit lists. In 2006 the Ugandan tabloid newspaper Red Pepper published a list of first names and professions of 45 allegedly gay men who, as a result suffered harassment from the public. In 2010 another Ugandan tabloid newspaper Rolling Stone published full names, addresses, and photographs of 100 prominent and alleged gay Ugandans, which also called for their execution. The newpapers act as a public outing mechanism that put in danger not only those who are gay,but those who oppose the majority.


With such a deep stigma within society against homosexuality is it possible for there to be change to better the lives of gays in Uganda? ‘With Uganda it is quite difficult, there is that traditional mindset and laws that make homosexuality illegal. I believe the only way to change that would be through major intervention by Western governments and the United Nations which would ultimately hold them accountable,’ Press Officer of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation Joanne Dunning said. ‘These higher powers should show through legislation that it is simply not acceptable to persecute; and that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people are people too.’ >

‘The label of being gay in Uganda has such a negative reaction from society that it can be used as a weapon to destroy lives.’


Uganda is just a small example of a country that persecutes individuals for their sexual orientation. According to the ILGA, an international body that promotes the protection of human rights for homosexuals, there are numerous states that practice through law discrimination and even use the death penalty on a basis of being gay. (Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia) The issue of human rights is thrown across the media with every international intervention that the west conducts, whether it is used to preserve or justify occupying another state. But the infringements against the rights of homosexuals are vastly overlooked. For years human rights concerning homosexuals has been pushed under the radar compared to others but recently it has been pushed to the forefront by the media. ‘I think it’s a lot better than it ever was, and I think that’s due to the Pink Press and various campaigners such as Amnesty International,’ Ms Dunning said. ‘Governments that wouldn’t really want to speak about gay rights before now do because of external pressures.’

VIVA 100

The elimination of discrimination based on sexual orientation is a difficult and complex issue. In cases such as Uganda where homophobia is deeply entrenched into societal values, it is difficult to begin to eradicate such blatant hate. No deep societal issues can be easily cured overnight through governmental intervention and laws but they are steps towards a more progressive future. Education, just laws and campaigning can help alleviate these issues but the most important factor is time. To live in a country where you are able to love whomever you choose is a true right that should be universal. ■


Katy B cover


Katy B cover