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Manchester, A City Of The World: Serving The World’s Food

has that fire, as she answers our burning questions

urban splash

Ducie House marking its two-decade long reign as MCR’s creative hub

Disconnect Fashion In a society of constant communication, the need to connect is overwhelming

‘We Love You MCR. It Doesn’t Matter What Day Of The Week It Is,You Guys Party 24/7’



06_ Exclusive interview with Ellie Goulding 12_ Disconnect/Reconnect fashion story 42_ Manchester – A city of the world: serving the world’s food 84_ Interview with Rudimental


24_ VIVA’s hot catwalk picks; punk is back 25_ VIVA’s hot catwalk picks; rockstar 26_ Professor Green X Puma summer collection 28_ Fashion hotlist


32_ Trevor Sorbie 34_ Tina O’Brien’s beauty essentials & keeping fit whilst having fun 36_ Pampering & grooming hot list 40_ Salford wake park FOOD AND DRINK 48_ Doughy eyed down at ABode 49_ Satisfy your sweet tooth with Hey Little Cupcake 50_ VIVA’s favourite summer tipple! HOME, LEISURE, BUSINESS & TRAVEL 52_ Crazy house cribs 58_ Ducie House, marking its two-decade long reign as MCR’s creative hub 60_ We talk business & Manchester with CityCo’s Mr Simon Binns 64_ The Keating, simply world beating 66_ No pizza before Ibiza



74_ Hats off to the NewHall Polo Ladies Day 78_ The Atlas Terrace Party 80_ VIVA Girls Ems’ 30th & VIVA’s 5th birthday celebrations

88_ Band on our radar: Blind Arcade 90_ The VIVA Girls 2013 festival diary VIP style 92_ Clint Boon takes over the VIVA ipod 96_ New Dawn Fade depicts a raving portrayal of iconic band, Joy Division

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The Radar Sushi

I love everything about it! I’m quite methodical with my dish arrangement. The idea of assembling my sushi utensils excites me! My little dish of Soy sauce and a Mammoth dish of ginger, it’s like a modern day tea party!

Bumbags Or Fannypacks

These beauties were my school trip ‘must have’ when I was a kid. I desperately want them to come back into fashion! I have one for walking the dogs and it’s fab for poo-bags and treats. Marvellous for everyday essentials!!

I’m trying to get myself ‘into that dress’ for my wedding and don’t have time for the gym. So I’ve recently discovered I take my laptop into my garage and do a whole workout from the site. Amazing!

John Newman – Love me again

I’m so lucky to play the hits on Capital FM! Every now and then there’s a tune that stands out from the rest and at the minute it’s John Newman’s ‘Love me Again’. A Yorkshire lad with a cracking talent!




Skin piercings? (The ones on the neck and wrists?) They look sore and uncomfortable. Every time I see one I find myself staring and asking “does that hurt?” They must get caught on everything! I bet they smell too and the dog pines after them for a lick! Ha ha!

Pedestrians with attitude

People who feel the need to walk in front of your car and stare you down when you have the right of way because they can’t be bothered to abide by the Highway Code!

Swimming Baths

I used to swim a lot as a child but never now, as ‘the baths” make me feel funny. They remind me of an enormous human “sheep dip.” Blurgh! And don’t get me started on swallowing the water!

Dog poo leavers!

Nothing winds me up more than dog owners who don’t pick up their dogs’ poo! Most people who own dogs claim “they’re one of the family!” Thank god they’re not scattering the pavements with their kids’ poo too! It’s horrendous!

This issue’s radar was brought to you by Capital FM Driveshow presenter and Vlogging all things Female at sallyvlogs. Sally Hudson

dson Sally Hu



hat a summer it has been so far in, can’t believe we are actually saying this, sunny Manchester! Our city has been absolutely awesome over the last few months packed full of exciting summer sports including the Wake Park down at Salford Quays and the insane Dulux Color Run as well as Manchester’s biggest summer festival, Parklife and Spinningfields has just been heaving with people chilling outside in the deck chairs, sipping on cocktails and Pimm’s. We’ve had some big celebrations over the summer with Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, our VIVA Girl Ems’ big 30th birthday bash plus the birth of the new Royal baby. We’ve also had some really exciting stuff going on at VIVA too. We’ve moved into the dream offices, VIVA HQ is now located in Urban Splash’s Ducie House which is just about to celebrate its two-decade long reign as MCR’s creative hub. We also have a new VIVA Girl on board the team in the name of Bernie Kelly (from the Bronx) who has taken over advertising and marketing. If you would like to speak to Bernie about advertising with VIVA then please drop her an email on We hope you are all having a top summer too and we will see you again soon for our big Christmas issue. That sounds really scary talking about Christmas already! I’m sure we will see you out and about in Manchester and Cheshire before then though!

Big Love VA Team VI

VIVA team

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ELLIE GOULDING With a new album coming out and a UK tour, Ellie has it all going on at the moment. She tells us about her new single Burn, keeping fit and her crazy, loveable fans‌



hen the chance to interview Ellie Goulding presented itself one day in the VIVA office, there were more than enough willing volunteers. Who would get the chance to talk to her!? Our VIVA Ems had the task of deciding and what better way to decide than by holding a competition of who could down a bottle of Ale the fastest? That’s just how we roll at VIVA! After spilling ale all over the office in a very undignified manner, I somehow won! That evening, I excitedly rang up the hotel in America where she was staying to speak to the lady herself. I was told she’d be under an assumed name and, after explaining this to a confused receptionist, (think Huge Grant in Notting Hill) I finally asked for Ellie Goulding and was put straight through. Later on Ellie tweeted, “Lovely girl who just interviewed me on the phone won the interview over the other girls in her office by downing ale. Sounds about right”. Here’s exactly what I chatted about with the BRIT Award winner, Ellie Goulding…

VIVA AIMEE: We are all massive fans at VIVA magazine. ELLIE: Thank you very much. VIVA AIMEE: We actually had a competition at the VIVA office because we couldn’t decide who should get the chance to interview you… ELLIE: awww, and you won!? VIVA AIMEE: Yeah! Our editor made us drink a bottle of ale and whoever could down it the fastest basically got to interview you…and I won! ELLIE: That’s so cool! That’s badass. VIVA AIMEE: Just a bit crazy! Firstly, could you tell us about your new single, Burn? ELLIE: Well I wrote my new single with Ryan Tedder who writes for One Republic. He’s an incredible songwriter and we wrote it a while back. I recorded it in Vegas actually. He wrote it kinda about coming together for one reason and just kinda letting things go off and it’s probably the most positive song I feel like I’ve done so far. “Anything could happen” has a similar feel to it but it’s more specific to me and a bit more personal, whereas this one [Burn] is a bit more interpretive. I can tell because I’m getting tweets and stuff that people are getting it. It’s very positive. I can see from tweets and messages and things and the way that people are interpreting it, people already saying that it’s helping them through stuff. I just think it sends out a really positive message. VIVA AIMEE: We all love it I can assure you. ELLIE: Oh really? Oh good. I genuinely wasn’t sure what people would make of it because I know it’s a bit more poppy and it’s a different producer. It’s Greg Kurstin, who produced my next song and the one after it. It’s new, it’s a different sound. He’s like a pop guru. It’s different to my records but I was in a bit of a weird place when I wrote “Halcyon” and I was a bit all over the place. Those songs are a bit more sad. I’ve got a lot more happy songs coming out now. VIVA AIMEE: Well, it was definitely a good choice for your first single on your album. ELLIE: Yeah, I mean it’s very unexpected. I recorded the song about a year ago so I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen but when I heard the Greg Kurstin production on it, it just suddenly all came together. I just get a feeling when something is right and when I heard that I realised that, yes, it was going to be my first single. VIVA AIMEE: You recently joined Bruno Mars on a US tour, what’s that been like? ELLIE: The tour so far has been really fun. His band and his crew, everyone is just really friendly and polite and it’s not like we’ve got that support band syndrome thing where…I don’t know, I feel like people genuinely care that we’re there and we’re part of a team. Everyone gets on with each other and watching his show every night is really inspiring. He and his band are real musicians. They all play everything. Bruno plays everything. He’s written all his stuff himself. It was just odd to see real musicians with a huge amount of talent. You can be a musician and have the chance to plays gigs but it’s what you do when you’re given an

arena. It’s making the most out of it and the production and the way you set everything up and the way you make everything flow from one song to another. It’s very clever, you know? It’s not just a case of playing song after song. You’ve got to really be clever about it because people spend a lot of money buying tickets to see you, so what they’ve done is just very clever and we’re just really excited to be a part of it. VIVA AIMEE: Is there any other artist you’d like to collaborate with? ELLIE: God, so many. I’ve always wanted to do a track with Justin Vernon and Bonn-ee Vair. I’ve always wanted to do a song with Björk. I’ve always wanted to be on a song that Drake is on. There are just certain things. Like I’ve collaborated with lots of different people from different genres of music. I’ve always had a love for electronic music and folk music and pop music. I’ve done a lot of that. But, at the moment, I’m really just trying to focus on my own stuff. I’ve been writing a lot. So yeah, I need to stop thinking about collaborations for now. VIVA AIMEE: Is there much of a difference between touring the UK and the US? ELLIE: In the US, obviously it’s a lot bigger, the journeys are a lot longer and you get a bit more tired. You don’t really get a normal night’s sleep. That’s one big difference. The crowds are unfortunately, I’d have to say, a lot more energetic and up for it. VIVA AIMEE: Really? ELLIE: Yeah. Unfortunately that’s the case. I feel like my crowds are always really up for it and crazy and funny. Something funny always happens in every show in the UK and I genuinely love touring the UK because it’s where I’m from. I just get a warm feeling when I’m home. Whereas in America I do get homesick. I have days of being like, “everything’s really different, I just want to go home!” But then I also have days where I’m like, “It’s really cool to be here, [In the US] everyone is really friendly.” It’s just a very different kind of energy, I think. VIVA AIMEE: You also performed at the Chime For Change. The Sound of Change concert at Twickenham stadium with Beyonce. What was that experience like? ELLIE: Pretty insane. I actually found that gig really, really difficult. I was playing on the side of the stage, underneath the PA. So it was really difficult to hear anything and difficult to hear myself and hear my band. So I just struggled and I thought I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost a lot of fans! I just felt like it wasn’t my greatest performance. And it’s a shame because… I mean I do get to do stuff like that quite a lot but I mean that was just a real special one for me and I was disappointed I didn’t do my best. It was sort of out of my control because I didn’t get a proper sound check and I couldn’t figure out how to make the sound better for myself and it was just so noisy and there was a lot of ambience in my ears. But everyone said to me afterwards that it was good, I just think I was hearing something very different. VIVA AIMEE: I’m sure all your fans still loved it! ELLIE: To be honest it was just a good thing to be a part of. VIVA AIMEE: You’re coming to Manchester in October during your tour. Are you a fan of the city and is there anything you specifically do when you are around here? ELLIE: I wish I could come to Manchester more often. I wish I could visit a lot of cities more often. I’m in them for like a second. In Manchester, I used to come up on the train from Hereford quite a lot. There’s one specific train which goes from Manchester all the way down to Wales. I used to get that train and I used to go and see bands. I vaguely remember seeing NOFX, Rancid and some other punk bands and I remember also seeing Jason Mraz back in the day in Manchester. I love it. It is a really beautiful city. I absolutely love shopping like most girls so I like that aspect of it. It’s just a really cool city. Some cities have certain names for themselves and Manchester has just always had a really positive name for itself. I can’t wait to come back down and tour! VIVA AIMEE: Great, we are all so excited to see you! ELLIE: Wicked. Has it sold out? I don’t even know! >

“My fans are so funny, they make me laugh so much... They won’t ever let me forget the time I fell off the segway. For some reason I got the biggest amount of press for that one time. They just make me laugh a lot and they’re just the best” 08 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

VIVA I N T E R V I E W VIVA AIMEE: I’m not entirely sure but most likely! ELLIE: Nah, I never know. I’m always like, no-one’s going to come! (laughs) VIVA AIMEE: How are preparations going for your UK tour starting this October? ELLIE: We’ve put a cover in to the set of this tour, like a mystery, silly cover. I’ve done a lot of covers and this one we wanted to do just for a laugh. It’s quite funny. As soon as I’m back from this tour I’m going to set up rehearsals and I’m going to get my backing singers back just because they’re fun and I’m going to give the band something really special because, without sounding really cheesy, I just want my band to have something special. I’m hoping that this tour will be a lot bigger and lot more epic. VIVA AIMEE: Do you have a favourite song you like to perform? ELLIE: I really like performing a song called “My Blood” on my record. And I like performing “Explosions,” that one seems to always go down well. “I know you care” is about my dad and every time I sing it… it’s a good reminder of things and of how far I’ve come without certain people in my life. There are songs that have emotional things going on. And then there’s others that are just really fun, like “Anything could happen” is so much fun, everyone just goes crazy. VIVA AIMEE: The UK’s festival season is in full swing and you’re performing at V soon Have you attended any festivals this year? What is your ultimate festival highlight? ELLIE: I’ve been to quite a few festivals. I basically just ended up hanging out at a few festivals, like Isle of Wright festival and went on some rides before I performed. Usually with my schedule I try to do as much as I can at festivals I perform at and try and see as many fans as possible. Radio 1’s Big Weekend was fun. I got there five minutes before I went on stage, completely unprepared. But it was still a lot of fun. I got to see other bands, I got to see Kendrick Lemar, I got to see Alt-J. There are some festivals coming up. I’m playing Lollapalooza and Osheaga in a couple of weeks and they’re such good festivals over here, so we’re really excited about those. When I performed at V festival a couple of years ago, it was one of my favourite performances ever. I had a really up-for-it crowd and it was really good fun. I’m looking forward to that, it’ll be nice because I know I’m touching down in London and then going straight to V festival from here so that will be interesting. But festivals are my favourite thing to do. VIVA AIMEE: We know you are a passionate runner. When did you start and do you find it hard to fit it in around your work schedule? ELLIE: Actually at the moment on this tour it’s fairly easy because I’m basically on at 7:30 every night and I finish about 8:30. So it’s actually quite a relaxed schedule. I find a trainer and then me and Lauren do a few workouts which are so tough but really fun at the same time. For example, I’m running in like an hour with a trainer around Sacramento. I’ve really enjoyed staying fit. I haven’t been drinking this whole tour just to make everything easier for myself. I want to stop relying on having a drink to do a good performance so I haven’t been drinking. VIVA AIMEE: I can imagine that keeping fit and not drinking would really help with touring. ELLIE: Yeah, it does. The last tour I did, the European tour was really tough because it was like, long bus journeys, bumpy roads and sleepless nights and small venues. It wasn’t that fun and everyone got really homesick. So, on that one I found myself drinking. It wasn’t massively enjoyable

for some reason. I was training for a half marathon as well so I was mega stressed. This tour has just been really relaxed. I haven’t been drinking, I’ve just been running every day, keeping fit, eating well. Even though I’m not home and I can’t do my normal routine, it’s good when you get a chance to stay fit. I can still manage to salvage a routine on this tour with training and eating right and stuff like that. VIVA AIMEE: You have a collaboration with Nike. Can you tell us more about that? ELLIE: Nike found out that I was in to running and stuff quite early on back in the day, and they were just interested in getting involved. My reasoning was that I wanted my fans to see a big part of me and also to have a way of doing something fun that wasn’t meetings. VIVA AIMEE: Yeah, we heard that you invite your fans along to run with you sometimes. ELLIE: Yeah, I did a competition thing every time I did a show, in fact I’m going to do it on this UK tour, where I get fans to go out running, just because it’s a really good way of meeting people. It’s more interesting. Also, I feel like people have gotten into running from it. You have to start somewhere. I figured if someone was a big fan and they wanted to come meet me and they end up getting into running as well through that then that’s a bonus. VIVA AIMEE: Do you ever get any weird fan experiences? ELLIE: Not really. I get some crazy tweets. I was just looking at my twitter now thinking how weird they are. I get all sorts of people following me now. (Laughs) My fans are so funny, they make me laugh so much. I’ve got some really, really, funny, clever fans. I’ve got fans following me on twitter that have been around for years, who started following me when they were a bit younger and now they’re older. I just genuinely think I’ve got the best fans. I haven’t had any crazy fan experiences. They buy me things…I think the last thing I got a few days ago was a jellybean machine because they know I love them. VIVA AIMEE: Oh wow, amazing. ELLIE: Yeah. And alcohol, gin and all sorts they get me. They make these funny collages, they superimpose stuff onto photos of me that make me look terrible but it’s funny. They won’t ever let me forget the time I fell off the segway. For some reason I got the biggest amount of press for that one time. They just make me laugh a lot and they’re just the best. VIVA AIMEE: Prince William and Duchess Kate have just had their baby boy. You sang at their royal wedding. How was that experience? ELLIE: It was pretty incredible. I still can’t believe it actually happened, and when I first found out that they wanted me to perform I thought it was a joke and that they might have thought I was someone else! It was just a really exciting time in my life, you know. It’s something that I’ll always remember, it’s something that I’ll always be able to cherish and tell my grandkids or whatever. I was just happy to be part of their day because they’re just such a lovely couple and they really deserve so much happiness. When their wee boy was born the other day I had a little tear in my eye, I was very happy for them. VIVA AIMEE: Thanks Ellie it’s been amazing speaking with you and we shall see you in October! ELLIE: Yes defiantly, great speaking to you too! Ellie will peform in Manchester at the 02 Apollo on the 11th and 18th of October. ■ Interview by Aimee O’Loughlin

Annabelle wears: Leather Gilet by Helmut Lang, £715, from Selfridges Trousers, Stylist’s Own.

Disconnect/Reconnect In a society of constant communication and networking, the need to connect is overwhelming. Take time to disconnect, find your sense of self (and style) so you can reconnect to others as a brand new you.

Annabelle wears: Top by Rubina Khanum, p.o.a.

Manachain wears: Top by Marina Olipuian, p.o.a. Trousers by Dries Van Norton, ÂŁ455 , from Selfridges

Annabelle wears: Jacket by Label Lab, £99. La Promenade shoes by Mary Portas, £89.99, both from House of Fraser. Leather Shorts by 2nd Day, £175, from Harvey Nichols. Socks Stylist’s Own Manachain wears: Shirt by MCQ Alexander Mcqueen, £245, from Selfridges. Jeans by JBrand, £160. Boots by Alexander Mcqueen, £515, both from Harvey Nichols

Annabelle wears: Gillet by MSGM, £400. Wedge Sneaker by Isabel Marant, £360, both from Harvey Nichols

Manachain wears: Jumper by Saint Laurent, ÂŁ420 from Selfridges. Joggers by Neil Barrett, ÂŁ525, from Harvey Nichols. Slip Ons by Rubina Khanum, p.o.a.

Annabelle wears: Top by Marina Olipulan, p.o.a. Cardigan by Label Lab, £99, Jeans by Mary Portas, £79, both from House of Fraser. Manachain wears: Coat by Rubina Khanam.

Manachain wears: Leather Top by Marina Oliputan. Jeans by Nudie, ÂŁ90, from Harvey Nichols. Annabelle wears: Sports Style Blouse by Mary Portas, ÂŁ49, from House of Fraser. Wide Leg Trousers by Rubina Khanum, p.o.a.

Manachain wears: Jumper & Trousers by Rubina Khanum, p.o.a.

CREDITS ART DIRECTION Adam Bryant PHOTOGRAPHER & RE-TOUCHING John Rawson STYLIST Ross Forsythe Assisting Kate Mcleish & Georgie Glass HAIR Sharon Peake & Bec Armitage MAKE-UP Collette Casey MODELS Manachain & Annabelle VIVA TV Tobias Longmate LOCATION The Point Studio

VIVA T R E N D S VIVA’S HOT CATWALK TRENDS, PUNK IS BACK! Time to raid your haberdashery boxes ladies! Pull out those safety pins and studs as PUNK IS BACK! A massive trend for autumn/winter ’13, those of you who remember punk the first time round can relax in the knowledge that this time punk has gone sensible. An oxymoron in itself but punk has grown up, got a day job and a brand spanking new wardrobe to match. Mix tartans with leather then top it off with some seriously killer footwear et Voilà! Instant grown-up punk.

1. 3.



Vivienne Tam A/W13

Etro A/W13

Givenchy A/W13




6. 9.


1. Sarah Red Cross Jumper,, £10. 2. McQ Alexander McQueen Mesh Panelled Stretch Jersey Top £140 3. Dira Tartan Point Platform Shoe Boot,, £20. 4. Knitter Rib Crop Jumper, Topshop, £34.00 5. Alexander Wang Leather Panelled Wool Blend Gilet, £750 6. Vivienne Westwood Classic Crew Cardigan, £220 7. Vivienne Westwood Freedom Skirt, £250 8. Marc by marc jacobs leather ankle boots £320 9. Vivienne Westwood Winter Tartan Bag, £320 10. Helmut Lang leather and jersey twill dress £400

VIVA T R E N D S VIVA’S HOT CATWALK TRENDS, ROCKSTAR! Envious of the jet-set lifestyle and the sheer awesomeness of Indie rockstars? Wish you could be strutting around the festivals with girls on each arm? Well rejoice! Imitation is the best form of flattery so grab these rockstar inspired garments, throw them on, grab some Jack Daniels and Lucky Stripes and you are good to go!



, sh



13 eySs S/ erosnakc M v ic t r A



f so



n to




C agale nebs, Kbing SSs/o1f L 3 eon



calvin klein SS/13


7. 10.




1. Just Cavalli Printed Cotton T-shirt £120 2. Alexander McQueen Skull Print Chiffon Scarf £165 3. Maison Martin Margiela shearling collar denim jacket £785 4. Moncler Aviator Style Acetate Sunglasses £210 5. Converse All Star Hi Black, £47.99 6. Cheap Monday Jeans £39.99, 7. Cheap Monday Jeans, £49 8. Paul Smith Fairisle Intarsia Wool Blend Hat £95 9. Topman Black Suede Chelsea Boots, £48. 10. Dsquared2 Wool Blend Felt Jacket £800


This is the best day EVER!” screams James, a little boy who had just high-fived Mr Professor Green during his signing. The queue of giddy girls waiting to get their time with him all laugh as Green smiled and offered James a photo with him. Little James walks off with the biggest smile possible. He wasn’t the only one. The VIVA girls went to Footasylum to meet the famous rapper and singer/ songwriter, Pro Green, who graced Manchester with a visit to launch his new X Puma summer collection. It seems not only can the man rap but he sure knows how to dress too. This is his second collaboration with Puma. This time his collection nods towards summer with a festival and outdoorsy feel. Professor Green’s own personal distinctive style is evident throughout the collection, as everything is classically understated with an urban twist. Expect animal prints and vests with clashes of dark and light tones and colours to create a smart and casual look. His playful Honey Badger logo is, of course, also present in these pieces. His clothing line is innovative and fresh and certainly worth checking out if you’re a fan. We asked the man himself which item was his favourite: “My favourite piece from my collection would have to be the satin bomber and the shorts!” He says, pointing out the grey shorts he’s sporting today. “You can never find a good jersey short anywhere.” Well now, thanks to Pro Green, you can. The Professor Green X Puma Summer Collection 2013 is available at JD and Footasylum. ■ word: Aimee O’Loughlin

Answer the question below to win yourself a load of Professor Green X Puma Summer Collection: Q. What was the No1 hit song called that Professor Green collaborated with Emeli Sande on? A) Read All About It B) Read My Mind C) Read All These Words Email your answer, name and telephone number to 26 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c




Tiger Print cotton T-shirt, Jacky Tsai, £75.00


Petal Skull Print cotton Tshirt, Jacky Tsai, £75.00

Homies appliqué cotton T-shirt, Brian Lichtenberg, £60.00



The communion cotton jersey t-shirt, This Is Not Clothing, £80.00

Aah the humble T-shirt, how I love thee. You can be understated, basic, bold, brash, blingtastic, logo’d, printed, embellished, ripped and so many other things. You are so much more than just an item of clothing. You are a statement to the world screaming “ HERE I AM, NOTICE ME!!!!”. Here I present to you this season’s must have T-shirts. Enjoy.



Tangled Tree T-shirt, Gareth Pugh, £300.00

28 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


Vintage robot printed cotton Tshirt, Markus Lupfer, £90.00


Shark print T-shirt, PRPS Goods, £95.00

White bolt T-shirt, Topman, £20.00


Dahlia Print Modal & Cashmere Scarf, Givenchy, £270



Apocalyptic wrapped cuff, Marc by Marc Jacobs £140


Rosalyn Metal Corner Plaited Handle Bag,, £25

Tori Chain Bowler Hat,, £16.99


Classic silk-lined leather gloves, Dents, £65



Studded Saffiano Leather Phone Case, Michael Kors, £95

“It’s almost time to say goodbye to those summery clothes and search through your dark storage cupboard for all your autumn gear. VIVA want to make this transition as easy as possible. Here are ten of our favorite trend-setting autumn accessories. You don’t have to say goodbye to summer altogether, try introducing some colour popping pieces in with your traditional autumn colours and we have thrown in a funky phone case too, just for good measure!”



Mini matt leather shoulder bag, Sophie Hulme, £295

6. 10.


Javier owl iPhone 5 case, Marc by Marc Jacobs £40

Effie Hobo, Mulberry £575

Round Stainless Steel and Leather Watch, Emporio Armani, £185


Black Anaconda Alex Belt, Vivienne Westwood £95

Premium Rhinestone Collar, Topshop £60 k | VIVA | 29


In the run-up to this year’s Soap Awards, sponsored by Lambrini, The Styling Suite launched a new concept in luxury VIP pampering!


n a unique collaboration between beauty expert Armand Beasley, hairstylist to the stars Vincent Allenby and top NorthWest publicist Laura Graham, The Styling Suite offers a personalised and exclusive style and wellbeing experience to VIPs for red carpet events and special occasions. The Styling Suite launched in the chic 5 star Lowry Hotel in Manchester where acclaimed make-up artist Collette Casey, session stylist Richard Philipart, fashion stylists Kelvin Barron and Lorraine Mcculloch, beauty therapist Jill Nolan and hairdresser Carly Guy were on hand to buff, bronze, powder and preen actresses including Michelle Keegan, Georgia May Foote, Paula Lane and Tina O’Brien to perfection for the big occasion. Actress Tina O’Brien said: “My styling team were fantastic, I loved how Carly did my hair and Collette my make-up and was very impressed with how much care and thought went into my overall look beforehand.” Laura Graham said: “The launch was a great success, and we are already in talks with another national event organiser to hold the next Styling Suite. Our clients were noted by countless national newspapers and magazines for their style and beauty.” The Styling Suite will be holding more bespoke events in the UK later this year. For more information contact Laura Graham: or visit ■

The Original inspiration for RUNWAY stems from the New York City Rock Collections of the 1970s.


haron Cleasby has adopted her own unique style and been able to source the most amazing collection of clothes, shoes and accessories available for you in the heart of Cheshire. RUNWAY style is for the independent woman who knows what she requires as well as her own personal style…. The aim at RUNWAY is quite simple; to change your perception by adding a touch of RUNWAY style to your personal collection. The RUNWAY Skin and statement pieces have become the staple to many a woman’s wardrobe. You simply must view the new season’s collection but prepare to be amazed! ■ Alderley Edge

‘Remember every piece at RUNWAY is sourced with Love’

RUNWAY 33 King Street Knutsford WA16 6DW Tel No 01565 220023 Open 10am till 6pm Monday to Saturday RUNWAY 41 London Road Alderley Edge SK9 7JT Tel No 01625 584180 Open 10am till 6pm Monday to Saturday


RUNWAY Retreat 41 London Road Alderley Edge SK9 7JT Tel No 01625 584180 Open 10am till 6pm Monday to Saturday

RUNWAY Retreat

The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others TREATMENTS AND PRICES

Get Me Gorgeous

Face Enhancement Treatments HD Brows Eye Make-up £20 Deluxe Eyebrow Thread Full Make-up £30 Includes a free eye massage Strip Lashes £5 Deluxe Brow Thread and Tint Eyelash Tint Individual Eye Lash Extensions 1/2 Hour Xtreme Lashes £40 Eyebrow Tint 1 Hour Xtreme Lashes £80 Full Face Thread Lip or Chin Thread Semi Permanent Make-up Eyeliner Top 2 sessions £275 Lip and Brow Thread plus Tint Eyeliner Bottom 2 sessions £225 Eyebrows 2 sessions £300 Nail Treatments Lips 2 sessions £300 Manicure Yearly Top up £150 Pedicure Shellac Hands Depilation Lycon Waxing Shellac Feet Under Arm £15 Lip £10 Botox Lip and Chin £15 One Area 1/2 Arm £20 Two Areas 1/2 Leg £22 Three Areas Full Leg £30 Bikini £15 Fillers Brazilian £25 Half Syringe Hollywood £30 Full Syringe Full Leg and Bikini £40 Full Leg and Brazilian £50 Full Leg and Hollywood £55

£35 £20 ​ £25 £10 £10 £35 £10 £30

£20 £25 £30 £30

£20 £25 £20 £40 £55

Vertical Sunbed 3 Minutes 6 Minutes 9 Minutes 12 Minutes 15 Minutes

£5 £15 £20 £25 £30

Get Me FIT Strawberry Laser Lipo Guaranteed Inch Loss 1 Treatment 2 Treatments 4 Treatments 6 Treatments 8 Treatments

£90 £160 £310 £460 £610

£210 Each Strawberry Laser £230 Lipo treatments covers 2 £250 areas and includes a free 20 to 30 minutes personal training session targeting £190 cardio vascular exercises. £290 Personal Training Sessions 1/2 Hour from £10 1 Hour from £20 Prices upon assessment

Get Me Bronzed

Gentlemen Club Men’s Lycon Waxing Chest Back Stomach Chest and Back Chest, Back and Stomach

Fake Bake Spray Tan Spray Tan Prep 1/2 Body 1/2 Body Gold Full Body Gold Spray Tan

£2 £4 £6 £8 £10

Runway Retreat can offer packages for special occasions, please contact us for details!

Schedule an appointment today 01625 584180 41 LONDON ROAD, ALDERLEY EDGE, SK9 7JT

VIVA b e a u t y

Manchester’s Most Cutting Edge Salon


IVA visited the award winning Manchester salon, Trevor Sorbie and VIVA girl Bernie was lucky enough to have them weave their magic on her own locks. The man himself wasn’t there unfortunately, yet we managed to hear a good account of the business of one of the most revolutionary and inventive hair stylists around. We spoke to one of Trevor’s creative stylists, Kitty, about what was on trend this autumn. “Each year there is a revival with hairstyles along with new fashion trends. Trevor’s main hair philosophy is suitability. We like to keep it classic with a twist of what’s in trend. Coppers and warmer shades are a usual trend for the autumn season,” explains Kitty. Trevor was once quoted as saying it’s all about “attitude and not age” when it comes to hair. “If someone is not happy with their hair we make it better. We have the power to change their life in some way. They can leave the salon as a new person with a newfound confidence which can ultimately help other aspects of their lives. It’s very rewarding,” says Kitty. We could all use some hair loving after this summer’s heat wave. Trevor Sorbie has a new collection named Salon Approved which can do just that. Their UV protection product is perfect for protecting your hair from the excessive heat and prolongs your colour. Kitty also recommends their Salon Approved frizz free mask for this upcoming autumn. It has avocado oil and a balance of proteins and moisture to repair your hair and help you maintain it during the autumn rain. A visit to Trevor Sorbie is a must. Trust me, your hair will thank you for it. ■



Trevor Sorbie Salon, 19 Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 1FB 0161 839 2255

Mark Worthington, MW2 Jewellers, 7 Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AE Tel: 01625 537 257


Pretty in Paradise!

VIVA B E A U T Y Star of

Emmerdale, and Rocky Horror show gets makeover in the form of summerready beach





AUTUMN WARDROBE ESSENTIALS As the weather becomes more unpredictable, I’d definitely recommend wearing a little blazer along with a scarf and having them as the key basics in your wardrobe just because they’re easy things to put in your bag. I’d say that layers are definitely the way to go with this changing weather as it’s becoming colder. 2013 BRITISH SOAP AWARD OUTFIT I wore a dress by designer Nadine Merabi at the SOAP awards. It was the most beautiful dress I have ever worn. It was comfortable as well. It was gorgeous. I was so fortunate to wear it. It was a champagne, pale off-pink, almost salmon colour. It was just beautiful. In terms of hair and make-up, because of the style of the dress, my hairdresser Carley Guy created a messy up do, as the back of the dress was very high neck and it was also sequined. If I’d had worn my hair down then it would have got in the way of the dress a little too much, as well as get tangled in the sequins. So it made a lot of sense to have my hair up, which I was happy to do.Collette Casey did my make-up which was glowy and natural. I loved it!


ocal Manchester resident and star of Emmerdale and the Rocky Horror show treated herself to a full set of luxurious Tatiana Hair Extensions in the Manchester salon to update her look in time for summer. Roxanne Pallett transformed her look from a short sleek bob, to enviably girly beach waves. Roxanne completed her look with an on-trend neon crop top that perfectly complemented her new hair and proudly showed off her Tatiana Hair Extensions tote bag. Roxanne attended Tatiana’s salon with Rocky Horror show star and boyfriend Harry Neale who looked very pleased with the results! Roxanne received 18” 3/4 high quality Russian hair. Tatiana Hair Extensions gave Roxanne a wavy ponytail to give her own hair more volume and body. ■

TOPPING UP THE TAN I’ll be faking it during autumn. I’ll be hopefully nipping down to the Fake Bake Beauty Boutique in Selfridges . With all the really good weather during summer I decided to go cold turkey and hadn’t been even giving myself a tan. I just let myself get a tan with my own natural colour. Bit of a shock to my system! But I sort of thought it was about time really because I thought it would be nice to be my own colour for once. RECENT BEAUTY LOVES I’ve been using MAC’s Prep and Prime highlighter. It goes on your cheekbones on top of your foundation as a highlighter and gives off a shimmer. It’s brilliant, it’s absolutely fantastic. Also, I used to always wear the same fragrance but I’ve recently switched to a new one, the old original Jimmy Choo fragrance. You can buy the highlighter at and fragrance at FUN YOGA AND BODY PUMP After doing the Greater Manchester run, I’ve not carried on running but I’ve since then taken up Aerial yoga which is kind of like yoga but in a hammock and you swing upside down. It’s really good. They do it in the Manchester City centre and it’s called Body Barre. I go every week. It’s been fantastic for my core muscles and also my arms and things like that. It’s really fun, that’s kind of why I decided to do it. I needed to do something that I was going to keep going to. I’ve started that and I’ve also started body pump which is a killer! ■

To book your appointment call: 0161 236 4467 or visit the salon in Manchester on Port Street in the NQ.

ina@tinx aob Love one T twitter

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photo credits: Rob Evans / styling Kelvin Barron / hair & makeup Collette Casey

Botox from £99 Fillers from £200 Teeth Whitening £75

QUOTE VIVA 10% DISCOUNT Dermaskin only employs experienced doctors who have performed hundreds of these procedures previously. Call us now for a FREE consultation or visit the website for more information.

Call us on 0161 850 5060

NEW LOCATION & FREE PARKING- Dermaskin clinic, 66 Quay St, Manchester, M3 3EJ


MAC Tropical Taboo: This colour collection is gorgeous. The Mineralize Skinfinish in particular is the ideal colour for summer! It gives you a glowing shimmer which would look perfect on your summer tan. Available at MAC counters, £22.00




Melvita’s Rose Nectar Moisturising Mask: A great product for post-summer. It instantly moisturises your face and soothes any damage created from too much sun. Available at, £21.00

Clarins NEW Be Long Mascara: This is the season’s must have mascara! With concentrated pigments, instant strengthening formula and exclusively designed lash boosting wand this is the ultimate tool for long lasting, immaculate lashes. This really works! £21. Available on counter August 2013.



DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating EDT Spray: Hydrates your skin, leaving you smoothe and satisfied. Make sure to buy this spray as soon as possible, great addition to your makeup essentials after summer! From House of Fraser, prices start at £39.

VIVA Picks our top beauty products to revitalize and rejuvenate after the Summer Holiday Season!



Bert Bee’s pink grapefruit lipbalm; This will refresh your dry lips instantly. It’s made with nutritious Pink Grapefruit Seed Oil, which has tons of vitamins. It tastes delicious too! From, £3.69

Crème Da La Mer, Soleil de la Mer: Crème De La Mer are introducing their new collection, the Soleil de la Mer, and we’re loving the face and body gradual tan. The VIVA girls adore Crème De La Mer, so we would definitely recommend this! It gives you a natural looking glow, allowing you to keep on top of your tan once summer is over. From Selfridges, £65




Elemis Frangipani Salt Glow; This scrub will cleanse and exfoliate your dead skin cells, leaving you feeling soft and soothed. After being under the sunny rays, this scrub is a must. From John Lewis, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols stores or online at www.houseoffraser., £36.50

36 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

bareMinerals Locked and Coated Mascara: Bare Minerals know that gentle is better and that’s why they’ve developed a new body tanner that gives you that beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel bronze without the harshness of the sun. Avoid harmful rays but immediately receive an all-over glow that develops into a golden tan. From Selfridges, £20

Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Spray; Want to fashion a carefree, textured beach look with your hair? This spray will help you create the very look used backstage at the Issey Miyake SS13 show. From, £8.90



Argan Blend Shave Oil; This Argan Shave oil from Lock Stock & Barrel helps to reverse the effect of aging on your skin, whilst giving you the most precise shave possible. Available from at Harvey Nichols, £13.00.

Melvita’s Men’s Anti-Ageing Fluid: A nourishing moisturiser which quenches summer skin. Available from , £22.00




NUBO six pack treatment; Although it can’t promise miracles, this product will help sculpt your abs. It speeds up your metabolism and burns fat, firming and toning to make you look fit and healthy. From The Harrod’s Gentleman’s Lounge or, £59

VIVA Picks our top grooming products to revitalize and rejuvenate after the Summer Holiday Season!


Gentleman Only, by Givenchy: A masculine fragrance with a spicy, fresh scent with strong intense woody notes for the modern man. From, £35

4 5

Futur Brushed Steel Razor: New from Mankind’s Merkur range has got a raving reputation for producing the finest razors around. This razor is not only stylish and practical, it also guarantees’ to give you the closest shave possible. From, £50.00



Refinery Eye Gel: Is saving grace for tired puffy eyes and dark circles; the gel hydrates the delicate skin around your eyes and refreshes your eyes. From, £26

Hanz De Fuko’s Quicksand: Adds texture and volume to your hair, allowing you to easily create the style you want that will defy gravity. From Selfridges &, £14.50

Champney has developed the Men’s Revitalising Muscle Rehab bath soak: A great product to help ease muscle discomfort, relieving any tension and helping you relax. Professional athletes all turn to Champney for help with recovering, so you know you’re in safe hands. Available at boots stores everywhere or at , £.6.00. k | VIVA | 37

#TheColorRunUK The Dulux Color Run

Paints Manchester

To The Max I

t says on the Color Run website that this is the happiest 5k on the planet. photo: Phill Konecny Yes we would definitely agree with that statement and would like to add, the funniest, messy and most insane 5k we have ever done. We joined over 5,000 mad Mancunians down at the Manchester Etihad Campus for what would turn out to be a big colourful mess by the time we had finished the run. With only two rules, wear white at the starting line and finish plastered in colour, we would say a VIVA rule is you have to accessorize yourself with the brightest and craziest accessories as possible which seemed to be the case with most participants. Spotted joining in the fun were the Hollyoaks cast with the boys looking extremely pretty in multi-coloured tutu’s as well as local celebrity chef Andrew Nutter styling a very cool pair of shades saying BOOM! The run kicked off at around 3pm with The Hollyoaks Boys looking 5 different colour stations to run through to get yourself covered from head to toe in multiple colours of powder paint. Then, if that wasn’t enough fun, once you made it through the finish line the fun continued with a gigantic “Color Festival” with the Key 103 DJ’s playing some top tunes and throwing goodies into the colourful crowd. This was a truly sensational experience that we would highly recommend and you don’t need to be a good runner to join in the fun. The Color run goes round the world every year. Keep an eye out on their website ( to see when it’s next back in Manchester as this is one run you will definitely have the ultimate fun on! ■ A BRILLIANT VIVA SPOTTING: At the end of the day we spotted a rather excitable Andrew Nutter (celebrity chef) with friend Lucy Roper (owner of Luci Living Design) steel the finish line balloons. Not only did they steal them but they wrapped all the balloons round themselves and rolled down a big hill popping them all in the process!

y Roper e c u L & Nutter aint hom Andrew e than just p r took mo

photos: Georgie Glass & Getty Images

very pretty

Local Celebrity Chef Andrew Nutter, BOOM!

Fabrizio Santino, Hollyoaks

The Hollyoaks cast with the Dulux Dog

photo: Kathryn Kynes

Salford Wake Park Makes Waves This Summer W

akeboarding is fast becoming a popular water sport, shown by the grand launch of the Salford Wake Park at Salford Quays. On Sunday 26th May, Salford Water Sports Centre had professional wakeboarders like the British Wakeboard team, including pro boarders such as Steph Caller, Alex Newman, Freddy Carter and Lewis Cornwall, hitting the waves big style. Crowds were wowed by the many incredible stunts occurring in the glorious sun-soaked weather. The event allowed the public to brush shoulders with athletes and make a splash themselves. They were towed with a cable or motorboat, allowing them to skim on the water and make jumps themselves. Team VIVA visited the launch and made some waves ourselves. The whole team down at the Wake Park are really enthusiastic about the sport and made our whole experience extremely fun. We are now addicted and are looking into booking a few more lessons over the summer as we want to start mastering some of those jumps! For more information and to book in for some wakeboarding ride time go to â–

40 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

photo: Kathryn Kynes

The new and improved lifestyle website for Manchester & Cheshire... @vivamagazines /vivamagazines


A City of the World:

Serving the World’s Food

The Hungry Manc Reports...



ccording to an Observer report last year, Manchester has “speakers of at least 153 languages including some rare dialects” making it arguably the most “diverse (city) in Europe and possibly second only to New York in the World.”

It should come as no surprise then that, when it comes down to the food being served up in and around Manchester, there is as significant and varied a choice from across the globe as you might hope to find anywhere. To try everything on offer would undoubtedly be a bucket load of fun as well as calling for several purchases of new trousers with larger and larger waistbands. So given the difficulty of the task, we’ve picked out a few of the global options available to you in Manchester...


NEIGHBOURHOOD The Avenue North, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3HA 0161 832 6334

New York - that other global melting pot and a slice of the Big Apple arrived in Manchester last November on the edge of Spinningfields in the form of Neighbourhood. But how to represent a city that is so diverse? With influences from across the planet what do you include and what is left out? Well you could take some classic European ingredients and give them an American spin. So take some beautifully cooked scallops but serve them with a sweetcorn salsa. Or a tuna tartare served in corn tacos with guacamole. Or you could serve cuts of meat that while popular in the city that never sleeps, you’ll not find in other Manchester eateries. The Flat Iron steak is one for the rib-eye lovers, the right combination of fat and texture to make a cracking good steak. Different areas of the restaurant allow diners to have different experiences. Whether you want to be in the centre of it all and close to the bar or if you’d prefer something a little more intimate, the layout and differing décor make it possible. Wherever you end up seated, there is an emphasis on having fun. As restaurant manager Steve says, “We want to encourage people to relax. Share their food. The starters are designed in a way that we can accommodate different numbers of diners at a table.” With a bar open until 3am at weekends, Neighbourhood is not your traditional restaurant. But then, New York isn’t exactly known for sticking with convention.

EVUNA 79 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1LQ 0161 833 1130 Guess who turned up at the wrong restaurant? Who knew a second Evuna had opened up in the Northern Quarter? Well, not me. Spanish tapas have been a high street mainstay since the rise in popularity of holidays to the “Costas” some years ago. However, Evuna began life as a wine merchants specialising in small vineyard produce that you will not find anywhere else. At some point the decision was taken to serve the classic sharing plates that I’m sure we’ve all tried. What a great decision. First and foremost this informal space, where strangers share tables or gather at the bar, is all about the booze. Whether it is a Pedro Ximenez sherry to accompany the wonderfully smooth chicken liver pate or a fermented white Rioja with one of the NQ specials, the wines on offer are fantastic. One of the house reds had so much vanilla on the nose, I thought I had a dessert in front of me. Lip-smackingly good. This new Thomas street location also has food to match the wines. The specials here; the paté, hake with lentils, cabbage and chorizo or the breaded, deep-fried morcilla with celeriac cream and hazelnuts are all great little dishes to share. Or, if you’re of my persuasion, snaffle away and ask for seconds. Manager Natalia said, “The wine on offer here draws people in, the food will bring them back.” It’s hard to disagree. But get there early – this place gets busy.

ABODE 107 Piccadilly, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 2DB 0161 247 7744 It wouldn’t be fair if someone wasn’t keeping the British end up. One of Manchester’s leading lights on this front is the Michael Caines Restaurant at ABode where head chef Rob Cox, who was part of the start-up team 6 years ago, continues to turn out innovative dishes using British produce. Fish from Fleetwood, quail from Devon and chicken from the one and only Reg at Goosnargh are some of the produce you’ll find being showcased on the menu in this relaxed, lower-level dining room. Of the dishes I tried - which may or may not make it onto the menu this Autumn - the quail salad neatly encircled with potato strings was incredible. If it does make it to the table I’ll be back for that alone. Delicious pink quail, perfectly cooked quail egg, a scattering of hazelnuts, girolle mushrooms and the crunch from the potato made it a winner for me. That’s not to say the monkfish with pearl barley risotto wouldn’t get snaffled up too. An increasingly popular British twist on an Italian classic, for me, it offers a little more bite than the original. A “twist on a classic” kind of sums up ABode. A grade 2 listed building that has been refurbished and modernised without losing the character of the original. The latter part of that could be said for the food at the Michael Caines restaurant. Ingredients you may know and love, updated and re-presented for modern dining.

Yang Sing 34 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 4JY 0161 236 2200 |

64 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c 62

Given the longstanding connection between Manchester and China it seems only right to start our exploration out in the East. The Yeung family have been running the Yang Sing restaurants in Chinatown since 1977. Proprietor and head chef Harry Yeung, who recently celebrated his 60th birthday, still heads up the kitchen and remains passionate about creating authentic Cantonese food. That doesn‘t mean there is an inflexibility about the food on offer as daughter Bonnie explained: “Some dishes allow us to have fun. The Cantonese style fillet steak, for example, wouldn’t be served on a sizzler at home but in the restaurant it’s dramatic and entertaining. As I witnessed – perfect for those “ooohs” and “aaahs” when eating with friends and family. Similarly, the Bumblebee available from the Dim Sum menu is inspired by traditional ingredients and techniques but is presented to resemble a bee – the symbol of Manchester. A delicious little breadcrumbed ball of minced cuttlefish complete with almond flake wings and sesame eyes. My personal favourite dish is a “Harry Special” lobster. Now keep it under your hat but I don’t really like lobster, I find it all a bit sweet and rich and to be honest a little faffy. However, when it comes already portioned-up on a big platter that everyone can dive into, flavoured with ingredients redolent of one’s travels across Asia, I can’t get enough of it. So if you haven’t already and I can’t imagine how you haven’t, you should go visit this grande dame of Manchester’s Chinatown. ■

Doughy Eyed Down at ABode

with head chef Bryn Evans... ABode, 107 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2DB 0161 247 7744

M ryn Evans irl steal: B A VIVA G shhhh! gh recipe secret dou

ays any Different W M So gh ou D e On

white flour *500 grams of t to make wholegrain bread 250 an w u yo in flour and (Tip if ss of wholegra me am gr 0 25 e us e flour) grammes of whit salt of dried *12 grammes of t or 10 grams as ye h es fr of *20 grammes

yeast a virgin olive oil *Splash of extr 300ml) *Cup of water d tip in the salt in the middle an *Make a well ke a paste yeast and oil, ma add the water *Then gradually nds er with your ha ead it, *Mix it all togeth surface and kn ol co a to on t *Tip it all ou isture out to get all the mo s s te nu mi 10 r fo 4 different piece the dough into d pe op ch en f( th *We ead, bagels, mu t this ent types of br to make differ d frizelles but you can adap fins, focaccia anyou like, have fun! recipe however

ichael Caines dining is the heart and soul of every ABode. He has created a stunning Michelin-star menu of the highest quality but has also produced modern, accessible foods that are simply delicious. The Café Bar & Grill by Michael Caines is an informal all-day and evening venue that you can pop into for mid-morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea or a casual evening meal. The adjoining BarMC is the place to come for chilled tunes, cutting edge cocktails, and late night snacks and meals. But it’s not just Michael who has made what the Café Bar & Grill is today as head chef Bryn Evans, who was part of the opening team, is also a big part of creating all the amazing dishes that the restaurant serves. Bryn started his career as a chef at The Chester Grosvenor under Simon Radley, then moved through some amazing places such as The Devonshire Arms and Bodysgallen Hall. He then moved to Manchester and worked under Robert Craggs at Harvey Nichols. Most people would have heard of Bryn from Obsidian where he was Head Chef and got the chance to really do what he wanted with flavours and ingredients. But coming back to ABode, Bryn explains, was a great chance to work with Michael again and also work in a casual venue where he could create some amazing dishes whilst also making a bloody great burger!

photos: Georgie Glass 48 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

We ask Bryn what made him want to become a chef: “Honestly? I was fat and always hungry as a kid growing up and so it was a natural progression to want to work with food. These days as well as being Head Chef here I play rugby for Burnage so I train hard to stay in shape and still enjoy good food,” says Bryn. After hearing how amazing the bread was down at ABode VIVA went down for an ‘All You Need to Know About Bread Making‘ class with Bryn. This is Bryn’s own recipe but it’s picked from lots and lots of different recipes he has come across - “it’s the one I use at home as it’s so easy and this dough recipe you can adapt in many different ways,” says Bryn. Skeptical at first, Bryn taught us how to prepare, knead and season our dough to ensure the optimum outcome for our bread. We then learnt many different ways to treat our dough to create so many different kinds of breads. From bagels to muffins and even some more eclectic breads, by the end of the day VIVA learnt the art of bread making! Our final question to Bryn was what would you say is the key recipe to being a top chef? He replies: “Cooking from the heart. Impersonal food is bulls**t! Personality has to come out in a dish to make the food more personal and not generic.” ■

VIVA C u s i n e

h t o o t t e e w s r u o y y f is t a S ! e k a c p u C le t it L y e H h wit

Big Bird Cake at VIVA Em’s 30th Birthday


IVA were treated to lunch by queen of baking and business, Sarah Wilson, owner of cupcak shop, Hey Little Cupcake. After finishing her degree in advertising Sarah realised she wanted to combine her skills with her other passion – cake! “I just thought I would rather sell my products than other people’s and I have loved baking since I was a little girl doing it with Mum,” Sarah said. Her cupcake flavours are inspired by the countries she visits (also a talented photographer her prints are displayed on the walls of the shop and are available to purchase) such as the ‘Le Paris’ a chocolate cupcake with strawberry icing and a marshmallow centre – yum! Even Manchester has its own signature sweet treat, the mint in the Manchester whoopie pie is grown in Sarah’s garden.

New for this summer are a range of cupcake-inspired Ice creams, we munched on the cream cheese flavour with red velvet sprinkles. Hey Little Cupcake was the genius behind the amazing yellow big bird cake for VIVA Em’s 30th Birthday Bash. “We were so pleased with that cake, we put it on our facebook page and it got a lot of likes,” Sarah said. “We have also done a Mr Potato Head cake – we can do anything.” Watch out for Sarah this August on the X factor as Hey Little Cupcake went down to the Manchester auditions at Old Trafford. “We handed out cupcakes with Dermot O’Leary and gave some to the judges.” So cake lovers rejoice and say hey, to Hey Little Cupcake. Hey Litte Cupcake Hardman St, Manchester, M3 3HF words: Hannah Walker Photos: Georgie Glass



t’s no secret that the VIVA team love a tipple or two – oR three. There is nothing we enjoy more than soaking up the sunshine with a cool beverage. so we wanted to share a list of our favourite summer drinks!

Langleys No.8 English Gin At VIVA we love a good G&T, and Langley’s new English Gin No. 8, which is exclusive to Harvey Nichols, is one of the best we have ever tried. From the award winning distillery, Langley’s is inherently British. The gin is handcrafted in small batches and made with 100% English spirit blended with eight secret botanicals that give its lingering, robust and unique flavour. A pleasingly dry gin, flavours of spicy juniper, aromatic coriander and zesty citrus wonderfully complement each other, creating a mix of flavours that dance on the tongue. In particular we savoured how smooth the gin tasted on the palate. A really refreshing flavour we recommend this drink to be enjoyed in the evening sun after a tough day at work. Pure bliss. Langley’s No.8 is available at Harvey Nichols Wine Shops nationwide and online priced at £35.00. For more information visit

Aperol Aperol is unique. Bright orange in colour and thanks to its secret recipe, which has never been changed, it has a signature flavour like nothing we have tasted before. The drink is an infusion of selected ingredients including bitter and sweet oranges, rhubarb, and many other herbs and roots in perfect proportions. A great ingredient for a number of cocktails, our favourite being Aperol Spritz made with Aperol, Prosecco and a splash of soda, this drink is also great served simply with a handful of ice cubes and a good wedge of orange. Perfect for summer BBQ’s, this drink is the Italian version of our British Pimms and its low alcohol content of only 11 % - which gave us the excuse to have three – makes for a fun and fruity drink to sip on all day long. Priced at around £14. For more information visit

Manchester Pale Ale, MPA This pale ale is a wonderfully refreshing drink inspired by our beloved city, the one and only Manchester. As their slogan states, “You can take the beer out of Manchester but you can’t take Manchester out of the beer!” The golden ale is filled with tasty light fruits, medium bodied and well-rounded citrus, malt and floral aromas to satisfy your taste buds. MPA is the perfect drink to quench your thirst on any sunny day or to accompany you as it begins to get colder. A great drink for gatherings or parties or just a casual relaxing evening down at your local. Whatever the occasion, you’ll be sure to love it as much as us. MPA is brewed at 4.1%. Distinctive and alternative, this drink is made with passion. Do make sure to go and check it out at your local pub, you won’t be disappointed. For more information visit 50 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Vega Lounge

at M235 Casino is bringing OUR CITY SOME Vegas glamour!


aving sampled a fair few mojitos in our time, trust us when we say the Vega Lounge’s combination of fresh mint, plenty of lime, even more Bacardi rum and their secret ingredient (a splash of apple juice but shhh!) were some of the most refreshing and delicious we have ever had. The ‘Vault’ cocktail lives up to its name with the jugs of mojito (normally people share but the VIVA girls had one each) served inside a 2ft tall safe complete with flaming dynamite. Their other signature drinks were the ‘Poker Face’ a peachy sugar-sweet cocktail served with a shot of pink champagne on a giant playing card, and ‘Shot Roulette,’ a dangerous game played on a real casino wheel where if the ball lands on your number, you must take a drink. One of the most impressive cocktails was a ‘Smoking New Fashioned’, a twist on the original, made with Ron Zacapa rum combined with maple syrup and smoked in a flask. “As soon as I start making one of those everyone turns around to watch,” says bar woman Emma Richardson. “Even if you’re not particularly a rum or a whiskey drinker, the smokey sweetness means anyone can enjoy it.” Offering VIP booths and cocktail making master classes, The Vega Lounge is a venue in itself, not just a casino bar. Emma said: “We are noticing people come here earlier for a nice drink and on Friday and Saturday nights when we have a DJ everyone loves to get up and have a dance.” So if you like your cocktails shaken, stirred, or smoking, The Vega Lounge has a drink for you. If you are interested in reserving a booth for the evening, or booking a cocktail masterclass, please get in touch with the Events team events@ ■ Vega Lounge Manchester235 Casino, Great Northern Warehouse, 2 Watson Street, Manchester M3 4LP Tel: 0161 828 0300 | Email:

y Mr. Bond? reall , d’ stirre not aken sh ‘A dry martini – uld disagree. wo emist ch Al e Th se u ca Be Are you sure?


n a hot July evening the VIVA Girls and some of our favourite people from the Manchester Scene went down to The Alchemist on 1 New York Street to a cocktail master class taught by the cocktail wizard himself, Mark. Upon arrival we were treated to the most gorgeous Kir Royal cocktail we’ve ever tasted. (trust us – we’ve had our fair share of cocktails) It was beautifully refreshing and came with a twist, a fruit jelly on the top which really got our taste buds tingling. We then got to sample 3 incredible cocktails and then had a go at creating them – they were a Smokey Old Fashioned, French Martini and Passionfruit Mohito. Each one was gorgeous in their own way, from strong whisky kicks to scrumptiously sweet Chambord liqueur there was something for everyone. We also learnt the true meaning behind shaken and stirred; Shaking introduces tiny air bubbles into the mixture, giving drinks containing juice a slightly frothy appearance . When you stir no air bubbles or little shards of ice to cloud the clarity of the drink. For example drinks like martinis should be stirred, not shaken, Bond’s got it all wrong. This is a great night out for a bunch of friends or work colleagues, the cocktail masterclasses start at £25 per person. To book please contact Alchemist direct. ■

Alchemist on new york st 1 New York Street, Manchester, M1 4HD Tel: 0161 228 3856 Email: photos: Georgie Glass

Crazy House





6. 5.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Snuggle down in this 15 foot Giants Bird’s Nest Bed, available from at £9,865. Treat your fish to a holiday around the world! The Aquarium Coffee Table is tailor-made from This Cactus Wine Rack is available from at £95. These Bubble Shelves are a fun way to store everyday items available from at £290. The walnut tree shadow of this chair is actually a wool felt rug, available from at £1,720 Bring the playground to the dining room with this Swing Table available from at £6,895.

52 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

VIVA Cribs



10. 9.

11. 12.

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Lights, camera, action with this Theatre Style Tripod Table Lamp available from at £430. Funky Porcupine Mirror available from at £460. Travel in style with this quirky vintage style print mini suitcase, available from at £65. Brighten up your living room with this fun Missoni Markusy square cushion from at £209. Light up any dark corner with this Tetris Lamp available from at £40. The ultimate in recycling, this Bathtub Sofa is available from at £714. k | VIVA | 53



o after 2 years working in a basement with no windows, VIVA HQ has moved into shiny new offices in Ducie House. We, of course, wanted to put the VIVA stamp all over our new home. So we turned to the boys from Den Furniture and Interiors who came up trumps with our amazing VIVA custom-made sofa. Den Furniture and Interiors are expert furniture makers who offer bespoke and tailor-made interior design. They allow customers to choose their own fabrics rather than the one-sizefits-all approach offered on the high street, so you get exactly what you want – whatever crazy design that might be! They also offer a striking furniture collection from ornate mirrors to elegant dining tables so something is guaranteed to catch your eye.

LEGO man storage heads, £16.95

The fabulous fabric covering our sofa, featuring all 13 past covers of the magazine, was created by Citrus Rain, who offer custom-made digitally printed textiles. With over 100 years experience, their fabric range and textile printing, together with their customers’ individual designs, give amazing results. They offer other printed furnishings including personalised roller blinds, cushions and wallpaper that make any space unique. And what office is complete without a giant LEGO man storage head? Check them out at For more information head to and

54 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


VIVA’s custom-made sofa by Den Furniture, fabric by Citrus Rain

The cheeky Den Furniture boys

The VIVA chillout zone at our new HQ


his month, Manchester’s Ducie House building is celebrating its 20th birthday, marking its two-decade long reign as Manchester’s creative hub. The building was developed in 1993 by the award winning regeneration company Urban Splash and was the first commercial development added to the company’s portfolio. A former Victorian petticoat factory, its redevelopment was timed perfectly with the city’s emerging new reputation; Manchester was fast becoming a cultural epicenter and buzzing with creativity. Ducie House became the pinnacle of this and attracted every budding artist, musician and business in the city. Some of the most famous cultural and creative names in the city including Ear to the Ground,DJ, A Guy Called Gerald, Mancunian legends 808 State as well as Simply Red and music producer John Drape, have all occupied space at the building – as did Urban Splash themselves. Their early occupation reinforcing Urban Splash’s claims that this was the pinnacle of Manchester’s creative industries. 58 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

It’s a far cry from the intended fate of the building which, in the early 1990s was destined to be demolished and turned into yet another car park. To create somewhere that would succeed and attract Manchester’s fashion, design, musical and cultural darlings, Urban Splash initially teamed up with renowned architect Ian Simpson. He helped the developer transform the space into 64 unique studios and workspaces totaling 33,000 sq ft. Spaces as small as 82 sq ft ensure that startup businesses can operate alongside bigger companies taking the larger units upwards of 3,000 sq ft. There are also stunning duplex units which emphasise the original features of the building. Paul Jones from Urban Splash, who looks after all the lettings at the scheme, said: “It’s rare to develop somewhere like Ducie House which has cultivated a vibrant, cool and cutting edge business community. I’m amazed when I think we’ve sustained its culture for 20 years now.” Paul continued: “I’m biased but it is a great proposition for any business in Manchester. There’s our commitment to flexible lease terms – our tenants can sign up for just a month if they >


HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY TO DUCIE HOUSE marking its two-decade long reign as Manchester’s creative hub

wish – affordable rent and the appeal of working alongside our fantastic existing tenant community, a large number of whom have been working from Ducie House for many years.” Tenants at Ducie House benefit not only from the originality of the units but also communal spaces including a striking reception area, free meeting room and large secure private car park to the rear. The building is located on the fringe of Manchester’s Northern Quarter and is just two minutes walk from Piccadilly Station, the city’s busiest mainline and Metrolink station. ■ For information about Ducie House contact the Urban Splash commercial team on commercial@ or call 0333 666 0000. uk | VIVA | 59


VIVA Girl Hannah interviewing Simon

‘WE TALK BUSINESS & MANCHESTER WITH CITYCO’S Mr Simon Binns’! W hat was clear when speaking to Simon Binns, was the pride he has for his adopted home of Manchester. Moving here aged 19 to study at Manchester Metropolitan University, he arrived on the day of the 1996 IRA bombing - his mum ordered him back to his hometown of Middlesbrough immediately but, as he watched the city recover, it cemented his passion for Manchester and its people. After a short time working for the Government in London helping football fans form collectives and take over their clubs. “London was too mental for a man in his 20s, I was travelling up and down the country meeting fans, being their voice, but the lifestyle was unsustainable.” Simon pitched up back in Chorlton – “before it was good” – and the rest is history.

Simon credits working as a Journalist for over 10 years as the reason he got the Heart of Manchester BID manager job in April. “I first showed an interest in Manchester businesses when I started writing about them, I worked for a paper called Crains Manchester Business which was 3 and a half years of me watching how the city worked and how the businesses worked together.” He also dabbled in TV and children’s TV -“That was a strange 3 months of my life” - for the BBC, and got known in Manchester for writing stories about the people who live and work here.

short of £1 million. Simon wasn’t worried about investing the money though. “I’ve got a lot of plans, it just depends whether I get to do them or not.” The real task is managing the expectations of what can be done. Simon stresses that he isn’t trying to rescue Manchester, but building on what we already have. “Manchester is considered the best city centre outside London, I want to maintain that position by animating public spaces through events that encourage people in.” These events include ‘Dig The City,’ Manchester’s urban gardening festival taking place from the 3-11 August with loads going on including turning exchange square into a forest with 75 trees, talks by gardener Monty Don and turning New Cathedral Street into Meadow Street with half a dozen show gardens and a band stand in the middle. Also, coming up this autumn, Vogue is coming to Manchester for the first time on October 10th for their fashion night out, where over 100 shops will be open late with lots of other events in the city’s public spaces. “Vogue said Manchester was streets ahead of the rest and no other city outside London was up to the job,” Simon proudly said.

the people, “I Just love living here. I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the UK and when you see the great businesses that exist it gives you another passion about the city, great people doing great things, being creative it’s impressive, especially when you see it up close.” For more information on any of the events discussed please visit City Co online at ■ words: Hannah Walker photos: Georgie Glass

“Manchester is my spiritual home and I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the UK”

The Heart of Manchester BID (Business Improvement District) is a CityCo initiative that’s working with retailers to make the city centre a more dynamic and interesting place. “This is the first business improvement district in Manchester and a new job for CityCo. It’s quite a big responsibility.” Simon added, “I spent 12 years telling people what they should be doing. I thought it was time to put my money where my mouth was.” There are 380 retailers involved in the BID which contribute to an annual budget just

When asked why Manchester is the city centre to visit, Simon points out of the coffee shop window to the building across the street, “Look at those stone gargoyles and the plaque, that has a story behind it, walking up Kings Street the shops have a story, you don’t get that at Liverpool One.” His enthusiasm for Manchester is infectious, inspired by the city and k | VIVA | 61

VIVA G A D G E T S ID KEY - Shipping in September, $169.99 USD, The Arkami ID key is a great gadget for storing passwords and other vital information. It is a USB- connected device that connects to a password management programme. With fingerprint-activation it ensures that only you can access your data, and if someone else tries to use it multiple times unsuccessfully, the content automatically deletes, keeping your information safe from hackers. Embedded in the key is voice recognition so it can hear what you’re looking for. You simply have to say “Gmail Password” and the information will be displayed on the screen.

LENOVO IDEAPAD - £722 inc VAT, The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 gives all the cutting edge benefits of a thin and light laptop. The 11.6” HD display is a fully interactive touch screen and has a HD webcam that makes conferencing with colleagues simple. The design means the screen can flip all the way round and operate like a tablet. The device has the added benefit of having Lenovo’s acclaimed Accutype keyboard and works as a traditional notebook. It hosts other smart technologies including energy management software to maximise battery life.

WORK HARD, PLAY HARD BUSINESS GADGETS! SLIMSCAN SS100 - $140 USD, If you are required to travel with your business, carrying around stacks of paperwork can be annoying. Losing receipts can be the same as losing cash if you claim for expenses. The SlimScan SS100 is a credit card sized scanner which allows you to create up to 600 digital copies of receipts and expense reports.

SMARTPEN - £115, Created by Livescribe, the Echo Smartpen records everything you hear, say and write. It quickly replays the audio recordings from your Livescribe paper, a computer or a mobile device – all with a simple tap with the pen nib. Perfect for replaying notes from meetings. It has never been easier to stay organised. You can easily send and share your notes and audio to Email, Google Docs and Facebook.

POCKET PROJECTOR - £360 inc VAT, The 3M MP180 Pocket Projector fits neatly in any briefcase ready to use for your presentation anytime, anywhere. This will project your PowerPoint presentation clearly on any wall and has battery life lasting for two hours. Around the size of a remote control it can hold up to 4GB of data with a Micro SD card slot for more memory and is WI-FI compatible.

62 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

No Trauma, You’re in the Safe Hands of Hilary Meredith!


ilary Meredith is the founder and CEO of the award winning Hilary Meredith Solicitors Limited, with offices in Wilmslow and London. Hilary Meredith Solicitors specialises in major trauma accident cases with emphasis on the armed forces worldwide. The work her firm does for people is incredible, they act for anyone who has suffered serious injury – whether it’s in a car, at work or in a sporting activity – her main area of expertise is in helping the armed forces worldwide. Hilary says: “I have investigated accidents for the military since 1987 and brought the first ever case against the Ministry of Defence. I have helped those who suffered injury from events in Northern Ireland in the 1990s, Bosnia, the first Gulf War, Iraq and now Afghanistan. I spend time in the military’s rehabilitation unit at Headley Court and have seen the numbers of men and women with double and triple amputations who have been blown up by roadside bombs in Afghanistan. It’s a very humbling experience; they deserve the best.” The aim of my company is to restore quality of life after a serious accident. The firm fights hard to win cases for their clients and many of them go on to achieve amazing things. “We obtain adapted housing, aids and equipment to assist mobility, careers, case managers anything a client needs to live as independently as possible. I think seeing my clients leading fulfilling lives, no matter what their injury, is my greatest achievement as we helped in that process.” ■

Follow Hilary on twitter @HMhelpforforces

Jack Marsden Reports...

The Keating. ‘Simply World Beating’ H

ere at VIVA we know that knowledge is power. Just look at the lifestyle tips we give you! We also like to ‘fly the flag’, and why not, especially when you look at the tally of our technical British firsts; trains, computers and Concorde. So it comes as no surprise that when the question is asked ‘What is the world’s fastest road car?’ the answer is…Err Bugatti. Well yes, that will be the answer that you find from 98% of the population but that doesn’t mean it’s right, because it ISN’T! I can CATEGORICALLY STATE that the world’s FASTEST production road car is NOT the Bugatti Veyron. It is, in fact, our very own BRITISH KEATING TKR - built right here in MANCHESTER! Yes, Antony Keating, a genius British designer and engineer based in Bolton, has been quietly achieving what all the major Supercar companies can’t and that is to produce a ROAD LEGAL supercar that can blast along at a recorded 288mph. Now don’t get me wrong, this is no ‘prancing horse’ that is sensitive to the touch or a car for those ‘special occasions,’ this is a car built in the industrial heartlands in the north of England and was bred from a heritage of iron and steel and traditional stone mills. Fred Dibnah would have been proud! This beast was born to do one thing and one thing only and that is to be THE fastest Super Car in the world. . A title which it rightly claims but you can BUY ONE and drive it to the shops because Tony

does! But don’t just take my word for it, since 2006 Antony and his team have simply been ‘getting on with the job’ in true Dibnah fashion, designing and building and then dashing across the Nevada desert flats in the stunning sports car at recorded speeds of up to 288MPH!! The look and feel of the Keating TKR is every inch a Supercar. You simply can’t turn up and drive at such speeds by accident or just rely on pure horsepower or brute force because at these speeds anything moving that fast simply wants to take off and fly. Not so with the Keating, Antony’s design genius actually pushes the car down on the ground giving it extra stability and punch. The Bugatti simply cannot match the Keating’s speed even if it had TWO engines bolted on to it, as the Bugatti design cannot cope with the forces produced when driving at such a colossal speed. Next year the team will be returning to the desert to take the coveted 300mph speed record and cement the Keating name into the history books forever and we at The GT Driver and VIVA will be with them all the way! You can see the guy’s amazing story so far at www. and remember when someone asks in your local pub quiz ‘what’s the world’s fastest sports car?’ You’ll know what to say! ■ words: Jack Marsden k | VIVA | 65

No Pizza before Ibiza! VIVA Takes a Trip to the Sunshine Island... I

biza. Ever since I was a teenager I had dabbled with the idea of taking a trip to this magical island where stories of debauchery, drunken nights and hangovers spent by the pool enchanted and excited me. Unfortunately I would have been the token gay bangle on an all “girls” holiday and the idea of going with the “lads” made me inwardly cringe. So with this predicament I put the dream of an all-party holiday on hold whilst exploring other parts of the world. However at VIVA we like to toss the rulebook out of the window. We decided it would be a FANTASTIC idea to send a motley crew of thirty-something women, a young child and a FABULOUS fashion editor to this holiday destination. On reflection this worked out quite well as I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ibiza isn’t just parties, booze cruises and fish bowls. By having a varied crew we really discovered that this Balearic island caters for all, whether you are a thrill seeker, sun worshipper, culture vulture, party person, old, young, sober or a raving alcoholic.

Playa Den Bossa Beach

The Basics

When we went the climate was around twenty degrees, which is perfectly bearable. However, when you read this the temperature will be hovering around the thirty-degree mark. Too much beer and not enough water will have you heat stroking in an instant, so just bear that in mind. The flight takes on average two and a half hours from Manchester Airport to Ibiza and, with last minute deal websites, you can pick up some REAL bargains. (we managed to swing our flights for under £100 for a return) We flew Ryan Air out and Thomas Cook on the way back. Ryan Air was pretty much the Tesco value meal of flight companies with unenthusiastic staff and a real basic approach to customer service whereas Thomas Cook was the complete opposite and a pleasure to fly with.

Where We stayed

When we touched down we were whisked away to our Hotel in Playa D’en Bossa. This fantastic town is located ten minutes from the airport and the same from Ibiza Town, the Capital. Playa D’en Bossa is the antithesis of the party hot spots of San Antonio and the infamous west end. The balance of calm > 66 | VIVA | w w w. vi va life s t y k

Hotel Garbi, Playa Den Bossa

and serenity with the option to let your hair down was a big decider in staying in this location. We were fortunate enough to stay in the simply wonderful Hotel Garbi. This newly renovated, 4-star hotel is right by the superb Playa d’en Bossa beach, 4 km from Ibiza town and has a half hourly bus service to the town centre from the hotel. The hotel features spacious, comfortable, modern rooms and bright, airy public areas. The impressive facilities include a pool bar, a chill-out bar and restaurant in front of the beach, a disco, a tennis court, a supermarket, a souvenir shop and parking for guests. The on-site gym and spa area was a must have for hangover days. I booked myself in for a truly decadent massage that cured all the aches and pains from my all night dance-a-thon at Tantra.

What We did

The Old Town, Evissa

If you get the chance I thoroughly recommend you rent a car for the day and go explore the island. We paid about fifteen euros each to hire a six-seat car for the day from Sixt car rental. ( This gave us a perfect chance to reach some of the most INCREDIBLE beaches, especially Sant Miquel and Pontinax. Other points of interests are the Castle in Ibiza Town, Las Dalias night time market and the Hippy Market in San Carlos where you can pick up some really nifty handmade garments, gifts and souvenirs. Ibiza Town, for us, was the icing on the cake. This picturesque port city had so much to offer we could barely stand to stay away. Cobbled streets littered with cute boutiques, club clothing brands and familiar stores such as Religion and Guess Jeans led us down to the marina where you can hire boats for the day and take chartered trips to the surrounding Islands. I highly suggest you make this one of THE things to experience whilst visiting Ibiza. Check out Blue Dream Yachts ( to book a tailor made nautical adventure.

Bar Maravillas, Evissa

There are bars, restaurants and clubs tucked into every nook and cranny of the capital. Maravillas was our bar destination of our vacation. Popular with locals and tourists alike, Maravillas is a tight squeeze inside but Francesco made us feel like VIP’s and gave us some of the best holiday memories. > k | VIVA | 67

VIVA T R A V E L Sunset at Cafe Del Mar


A truly magical Ibiza experience wouldn’t be complete without an all night session at one of the famed superclubs this Island is famous for. Pacha, Café Del Mar, Amnesia, Ibiza Rocks, Space and relative newcomers Sankeys and Ushuaïa tease and tempt the party crowd into their hallowed spaces for nights that legends are made of. We have to give a big shout out to Tantra ( for a fantastic night with the brilliant DJ Tommy Will (TOMMYWILLMUSIC on spinning some of the hottest house tunes. If you are hitting the Island at the end of the clubbing season, booking tickets for the closing parties is a MUST. To save disappointment go to to get the lowdown on all the club nights, events and information on how to book. So with my eyes opened to the infinite possibilities and activities this Vibrant, beautiful and dynamic holiday destination has to offer, the VIVA crew left with a heavy heart and headed back to reality after this dream vacation. Same time next year guys? ■ words: Ross Forsythe Amnesia Club, Ibiza

68 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

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The Volcanic Lava Cave.

Ice Ice Baby!

Have you ever fancied a movie night in the ‘centre of the earth’?


very year, locals and visitors to Reykjavik wait with baited breath for some of the world’s top film directors to descend onto the town for the International Film Festival .(RIFF - 26th September – 6th October) A 10 day long party where innovative new films and documentaries are shown in local, quirky venues providing an incredible viewing experience. There is the annual tradition of a film showing in a heated swimming pool, along with classic titles from the 80s to see and film viewings in the ‘Centre of the Earth.’ This is where guests are driven by bus to watch the film inside a volcanic lava cave. For those looking for a unique festival experience who want to be the first to hear Iceland’s next big band, Iceland Airwaves (30th October - 3rd November) is hard to beat! Festival goers can stay at the funky Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina, located in the heart of the action and the place to be seen at the coolest after parties in town. Since Iceland Airwaves first kicked off in 1999, it has become a premier showcase for new music, both international and Icelandic. Iceland Airwaves incorporates a selection of eclectic and intimate venues throughout Reykjavik with a mixture of

70 | VIVA | w w w. vi va life s t y k

local and international bands combining alternative, pop, dance and techno. Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina is centrally located and close to all of the film showings and gigs at the festivals. The hotel has a fresh and funky cosmopolitan city design offering an authentic and relaxed Reykjavik experience and is home to the Slipp Bar, Iceland’s largest cocktail bar offering a wide variety of hand selected wines and tasty cocktails. The bar’s Canteen also offers simple and tasty meals to soak up the alcohol before bed. A place to see and be seen, the bar is also home to traditional Icelandic music evenings and refreshing stand-up comedy, so guests can be immersed in the local atmosphere. Reykjavik boasts one of Europe’s best literary festivals (International Literary Festival: September 11th - 15th 2013) and where better to stay than Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura, that hosts weekly ‘bedtime’ story readings! Every Thursday night at 9pm, guests come together and listen to a guest speaker read bedtime stories in English. Guests are encouraged to wear their pyjamas and each week the evening features a different theme from Icelandic literature. >

Wannabe writers and passionate readers will love listening to readings, interviews and group discussions led by both international and Icelandic authors at The Reykjavík International Literary Festival. The event takes place in various locations across Reykjavik such as the beautiful Harpa Concert Hall and more intimate locations like Nordic House. To finish off the week, visitors can dance the night away with their favourite authors at the Bi-Annual Literary Ball which takes place on the Saturday evening. Sound good? Well what are you waiting for! VIVA have got together some top offers to help you get you on your Icelandic adventures. Three nights at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura costs from £207 per person based on two people sharing a double room, including breakfast. This is based on travel in September. Three nights at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica costs from £265 per person based on two people sharing a double room, on a room only basis. This is based on travel in September. Return flights from Manchester to Reykjavik costs from £196 per person based on travel in September. For more information or to book any of the above special discounted VIVA packages please visit: or call reservations 0844 811 1190. ■ words: Georgie Glass Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina

The Beautiful Harpa Concert Hall

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina lounge area




Macklemore and Ryan Venue: o2 Apollo Date: 12 Sept Tickets: £20.50

Open-air theatre production of Twelfth night

The combination of producer Ryan Lewis blending club tracks to piano based ballads, with Macklemore’s skilled and humorous rapping style Venue: Capesthorne Hall makes for an electrifying performance Date: 14th August of their latest album The Heist. Their exciting and fresh style of hip-hop Tickets: £13 includes themes of anti-drugs and A brand new production of Shakepro-equal rights. speare’s comic tale of shipwrecks, sea storms and mistaken identity. Unforgettably larger than life characters, a whole host of playful pranks and the sound of enchanting music come together to create the perfect evening of romance and laughter.

LeannE Rimes


Venue: Palace theatre Date: 12th SepT to 16th Nov Tickets: from £20 The Musical phenomenon that tells the untold story of the witches of Oz. Wicked has already sold over 85 000 tickets at Manchester’s Palace Theatre and has now added two extra performances.

Venue: Bridgewater hall Date: 16th Sept Tickets: £27.50 Leanne Rimes has sold 40 million albums worldwide and was the first country-recording artist to win best new artist category. Leanne will be performing her new album spitfire, which was released earlier this year.

The sleeping beauty Venue: the Lowry Date: 25th to 28th Sept Tickets: from £21

Rat pack Vegas spectacular

Venue: opera house Date: 21st Sept Tickets: £21 Relive the glamour and the music of the 60’s with The Rat Pack a sing-a-long stage show featuring Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra look-a-likes supported by a strong band and dancing girls. Covering audience favourite songs like ‘come fly with me’ it’s fun for the whole family.

72 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

The Sleeping Beauty is considered one of the greatest ballets from Imperial Russia. This thrilling production is by Birmingham Royal Ballet’s former director Sir Peter Wright.

Bruno Mars

Wiz Khalifa Venue: o2 Apollo Date: Friday 27th Sept Tickets: £23 Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known by the stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. His single ‘Black and Yellow’ broke into the UK top ten, and he’s also doing 4 tour dates this September across the UK.

Venue: MCR Arena Date: 5th Oct Tickets: £44.80 The Hawaiian-born singersongwriter will be performing hits including Just The Way You Are, The Lazy Song and Marry Me at his October Manchester show.


Venue: MCR Arena Date: 10th Oct Tickets: £29.90 M People are an English house music band which formed in 1990 and achieved success throughout most of the 1990s. The name M People is from the initials of Mike Pickering, who formed the group. This October they’re touring the UK celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Ellie Goulding Russell Brand

Venue: o2 Apollo Date: 9th Oct Tickets: £32 Russell Brand is an English comedian. In 2004, Brand achieved mainstream fame in the UK as the host of ‘Big Brother’s Big Mouth’ and has starred in Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Get Him To The Greek’. His world show ‘Messiah Complex’ reaches Manchester in mid October.

Ellie Goulding best known for her songs “Your Song” and “Starry Eyed” is coming to Manchester to perform her album Halcyon and performing her hit song ‘anything could happen’.

Deep Purple

Venue: o2 Apollo Date: 12th Oct Tickets: £40.50 Deep Purple are a British rock band formed in 1968. They are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock although their musical approach changed over the years. Get your ticket now! They’re hitting the Manchester Apollo this October.

Kate Nash


Venue: MCR academy Date: 19th Oct Tickets: £14.85

Venue: MCR Academy Date: 15th Oct Tickets: £21.25 Blue, who went their separate ways in 2005 to pursue solo careers are making a comeback tour because of the demand from their huge fan base. No doubt Blue will be singing some of their classics such as ‘one love’.

Venue: O2 Apollo Date: 11th Oct to 18th Oct Tickets: £22.50


Venue: o2 Apollo Date: 16th Oct Tickets: £22 Lawson are a British pop band, their debut album, Chapman Square, was released on 22 October 2012 and reached number 4 in the UK Album Chart. Their ‘Everywhere We Go’ tour starts this September and runs through to the end of October.

Kate Nash is an English singer, songwriter, musician and actress. She had a UK number-2 hit “Foundations” in 2007, followed by the platinum-selling UK number-1 album Made of Bricks. She’s touring this October and is definitely one not to be missed!


VENUE: MCR ACADEMY DATE: 23RD OCTOBER TICKETS: £18.50 The Feeling are back on tour in the UK for a series of dates this autumn. The band are promoting their new album “Boy Cried Wolf”, which is released on 7th October, along with their first single ‘Rescue’. The 11-track record showcases The Feelings ability to craft perfect pop songs that guarantee to put a smile on your face, and their Manchester gig promises to do the same. k | VIVA | 73


y a D s e i d a L o l o P l l a H w e N e h T o T f f O s t Ha N

ever ones to turn down an opportunity to do a fancy hat or potentially find a rich husband the VIVA Girls hastily accepted an invite to the first ever NewHall charity polo tournament at Peover Hall in Knutsford organised by Gin & Jag Innovative Management. Held in the grounds of property developer Andrew Irlams extensive home the event was sponsored by Harvey Nichols and was organised to help raise money for several charities including Destination Florida which arranges holidays for terminally ill children. Sporting suitably fancy hats from designer Jen Scott-Russel shop H’atelier ( in Manchester the VIVA team got to watch a full polo match before getting the chance to ‘stomp the divots’ where ladies use their designer heels to replace the lumps of grass pulled up from the field. After watching lots of men cavorting on horses we got to rub shoulders with various wags for the afternoon whilst being treated to high tea, a fashion show, starring our girl Lanie Naomi Wilson, and entertainment courtesy of a Michael Bublesque singer. As to be expected at the polo the room was awash with dazzling outfits, designer labels, and exquisite hats but none as exquisite as VIVA Girl Rachel’s who managed to bag the title of ‘Best Hat’ bringing home the glory for team VIVA. ■

words: Rachel Perera


Ian Brown photo by Sue Dean

h t r i b e R e h T r o F t u O n r u T A Top a C r a B f O y Launch Part B arca is back! Situated in gorgeous Castlefield, the fabulous location next to the canal was perfect for a re-launch party. The sun was out and the outdoor terrace area filled up quick with guests getting stuck into a range of shisha’s, canapes and cocktails. Entertainment was key, Peter Hook had the crowd going with his DJ set and there were also fantastic live music sets from The Tapestry, Danny Mahon, Blind Arcade, and more DJ sets from 808 State and Bez. Celebrity guests included Harry Potter star David Bradley who said ‘the entire night has been brilliant!’. Rowetta, Happy Mondays front woman, turned up in style in a pale blue Rolls Royce. But the biggest guest appearance was from Stone Roses legends Ian Brown and Mani who came straight from their film premier announcing that ‘Manchester is the place to be’ and that night, at Barca, it really was! ■ words: L’Oreal Blackett | photos: Carl Sukonik

Seen On Screens 1st Year Birthday A t Seen On Screen Nails and Beauty’s 1st birthday party, it was obvious how far Claire Louise’s business has come in the last year. The party welcomed loyal clients for a champagne reception including Claire’s favourite celebrity customer, Brooke Vincent. Claire and her team regularly work with the soap star for award ceremonies. The salon has become renowned for creating celebrity makeovers at affordable prices. Frequent requests they get include Nicole Sherzinger and J-Lo. Claire said, “Even though we are in the city centre, I do have lots and lots of special offers on constantly and my prices are affordable... If I can provide something for someone that’s good value but also comes with great service and great products, that’s all the better for me.” Claire has great appreciation for what she has achieved in her first year but has bigger hopes and targets for the future, good luck Claire! ■ words: Victoria Hepworth | photos: Viran Mistry

76 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

It’s Been One Big Aperol Spritz Party In MCR This Summer

BOWLING has fast become Manchester’s favourite past time as local brand Black Dog Ballroom launched its exciting new late night ten pin bowling venue, Dog Bowl, in an amazing event.

The New York style venue features the unique personality of the original Northern Quarter hang out with even more fun in the form of five full size lanes of ten-pin bowling, accompanied by Black Dog Ballroom’s s we say a big hello to the of epic parties to promote the popular speakeasy and diner. sun shades that means delicious cocktail, called Aperol


one thing only… mouth-


cocktails! Aperol Spritz During the daytime, the WimExpect ball dispensers inspired by the brand’s own blackwatering dog, Bruce the activity Patterdale Terrier, have created a new to bledon gamegleaming featured on woodwidescombat those inevitable musings creen TV’s to satisfy tennis fans. en floors and fantastic Tex-Mex dishes made with only the best local produce. Dog Bowl serves delicious of “what’s new, cool and exciting Come the evening, the bar transquesadillas, BBQ grilled steak, fried chicken and fajitas toplus cocktail late into the night. do?”it’s Andbespoke it attracted a few list formed into the party place to be along thebrand way! Blackwith sets from up-and-coming BOWLING has fast become Manchester’s favourite pastcelebrities time as local Dog Ballroom launched All the festivities kicked off on musicians on Fridays and SatThursday 20th of June at urdays. its exciting new late night ten pin bowling venue, Dog Bowl, in the an amazing event.

the Rosso Bar and Restaurant, Attracting a host of celebrities where the guests enjoyed the including Coronation Street’s tunes Jazz singer, Alexander Vincent andout Ryanwith ThomThe New York style venue features the unique personality of ofthe original NorthernBrooke Quarter hang Stewart. Then the Spinningas, the parties were a total suceven more fun in the form of five full size lanes of ten-pin bowling, Black Dog Ballroom’s fields’ pop-up baraccompanied hosted a series by cess! ■ words: Georgie Glass popular speakeasy and diner.

Living Ventures Have Officially Taken Over Spinningfields L

Expect ball dispensers inspired by the brand’s own black dog, Bruce the Patterdale Terrier, gleaming wooden floors and fantastic Tex-Mex dishes made with only the best local produce. Dog Bowl serves delicious quesadillas, BBQ grilled steak, fried chicken and fajitas plus it’s bespoke cocktail list late into the night. iving Ventures have opened their most challenging and exciting restaurant to date, Artisan, set in a vast 12,000 square foot, semi-industrial space in Spinningfields. Fire is at the literal heart of the restaurant, with two wood ovens burning throughout the day and night. The team of chefs take cooking back to basics with fresh ingredients cooked using age-old techniques, at modest prices. A collection of innovative cocktails will be served from a unique 20 foot long bar. Sitting alongside a perfectly formed, selection of wines, spirits and beers. Tim Bacon, Living Venture’s Managing Director, says of Artisan, “It’s the people, the art and the food, you should always leave with a story.” Open all day, every day, serving brunch on weekends as well as lacing the city with music and drink into the night, Artisan will embrace Manchester’s thriving creative scene and produce real, honest dishes from its open kitchen. ■ words: Georgie Glass

235’s New Vega Lounge M anchester235, has relaunched its Fusion bar under the new name of Vega Lounge and will continue to operate as one of Manchester’s only late night bars. Exciting new cocktails include; The Vault, in which a cocktail will be presented in a modified safe with a working lock, TNT explosives on the side and lit sparklers! Justin Carter, Venue Director said; “We’re extremely excited to announce the rebranding of Fusion to Vega Lounge. We believe this name reflects everything the bar represents – it’s engaging, exciting and immediately resonates with the glamour of Vegas.” Open 24/7, Manchester235 Casino gives the city a unique party destination featuring a stunning contemporary restaurant, a chic cocktail bar, a luxurious multi-use private event suite, a spacious poker lounge and a multitude of gaming facilities. ■

words: Georgie Glass k | VIVA | 77


The Atlas Terrace Party


t was approaching June and the sun should have been shining. In true Mancunian fashion that wasn’t the case but that didn’t stop us here at VIVA from bringing in the bank holiday weekend a day early. Ignoring the rain and miserable weather, tucked away within the Deansgate railway arches, the newly refurbished Atlas Bar oozes the kind of metropolitan, chicness that ensure busy, work filled rainy days are forgotten about. When asked what the bar is bringing to Manchester, owner Mark Wrigley explains that ‘Atlas separates itself from the Locks and is aiming to create a friendly atmosphere for everyone…’ This is evident entirely by the staff on hand to serve divine drinks ranging from cocktails (the Atlas special ‘Slow Summer’ is a must have!) to a selection of wines, beers and gins (which the bar specializes in) and various foods and all the while smiling and chatting along with everyone, creating a relaxed and friendly environment. Entertainment was second to none and came in the shape of DJ Vince Vega and Manchester icon Bez. When asked what they thought of the event and the bar itself Happy Mondays member Bez said that ‘Atlas is in a brilliant location. It’s nice to see the changes that have been made are good ones…’ Vince raved that ‘Atlas is much better now it’s been changed around’ in true Manc form the DJ from Sale went on to say that ‘It’s going to be a good one here tonight, we’re going to absolutely ‘ave it.’ And ‘ave it we did, spinning a range of tunes ranging from Twisted Wheel to The Jackson 5, the party continued late into the night. Manchester’s weather might be unsure of what it’s doing but one thing is for certain and that is that Atlas Bar is back on the map! ■ words: Natasha Duffy | photos: Karin Albinsson

The Atlas Bar is an iconic city centre bar in the heart of Manchester, situated within Deansgate railway arches. Recently fully refurbished, it now proudly presents the look and feel of Manchester. * New refurbishment * Outdoor terrace seating up to 80 people * Specialising in Gins from around the world, the biggest in Manchester * Sharing food plates, award-winning pies, salads, paninis and more * Hosting functions, corporate events, parties and networking evenings 376 Deansgate Manchester M3 4LY 0161 834 2124 twitter: @AtlasBarManc facebook: /Atlas-Bar


IVA Girl Ems’ 30th & VIVA’s 5th



he 4th July is usually known for American Independence Day but not for VIVA. To us, it’s our 5th anniversary. And, more importantly, it’s our VIVA girl Ems’ birthday!

After a big day of preparations for our surprise party, in that what turned out to be a ‘not so much of a surprise party’, a blindfolded editor arrived at the venue dazed and confused flanked by Bhamji and Nkem from Cliche Model Management, in her gorgeous dress which was designed by the talented designer, Alex Christopher from ‘Each To Their Own’ boutique in Barton Arcade. The roof terrace venue was supplied by owner of the point building BarBa Amhed and was decorated with beautiful red and black balloons by the people down at the Celebration Party Shop in Chorlton. The ambience of the evening was spectacular as the cosmopolitan crew of Manchester watched the sunset over the tribecca of the city skyline as they danced away with a carefree attitude. Drinks were kindly supplied by leading distributors, Halewood International. Guests sampled tipples such as Bootlegger Whisky - made from a white grain - Chinese beer, Tsingtao, Lambrini Cider and Whitley Neil Gin. The party was an intimate gathering of some of VIVA’s close and personal friends and there was no better place to celebrate than on the top of a fabulous terrace garden.

The party was catered by Yang Sing Chinese restaurant, who provided the most delectable canapés for us to nibble on. Not forgetting our sweet tooth, mini cupcakes and a fantastic Big Bird cake were provided by the talented people at Hey Little Cupcake and we also got some treats provided by Teacup down in the Northern Quarter. The night was a rush with fabulous people! Vince Vega (Happy Mondays DJ) organised the music lineup which included our VIVA Girl Emma’s favourite Manchester front man Jonny Brown from Twisted Wheel and DJ performances from Nicky Lockett (MC Tunes) and Andy Hunt. Needless to say, it was an amazing night. Happy birthday Emma. Here’s to another fabulous VIVA year. A huge thank you to the party sponsors: Each To Their Own, Yang Sing, Hey Little Cupcake, Teacup on Thomas Street, Dom at Sixth Sound for supplying the PA & Celebration Party Shop. Also a massive thank you Melissa from Cliche Model Management and to the lovely models Bhamji & Nkem. ■ You can watch the video to this party on VIVA TV: words: Georgie Glass | photos: Karin Albinsson

Louis Molloy, Tattoo Artist, Manchester.







: e c a l a P e h T t A b u l C t h g i d n Formal F A e l u R t s r i F e h T k a e r B We E ! t I t u o b A k l a T

veryone who is anyone in Manchester graced the Palace Hotel for Formal Fight Club’s fourth boxing extravaganza. Guests – that included Arg from TOWIE and Coronation Street’s Ryan Thomas– gathered to observe the carnage played out in the boxing ring. It’s our very own VIVA Ems that powered her way to victory in the first fight. Our amazing VIVA girl became the first female victor in the event, whilst looking fabulous in her Suzi Wong boxing ensemble. Neil Dalloway took the second fight, and unanimous draws concluded the third and fifth spars. Andy Martin concluded the first of three rounds, producing an opponent with a blooded face. Finally, Jonathon Ward took fight six before Chris Greenhalgh bounced back from a hail of fists to take the night’s only knock-out! The concluding fight showed fashion director Umar Kamani burying his opponent in a tirade of fists. The night was a roaring success. VIVA lovers gathered to glory in the astonishing feat of Em’s boxing win. ■ words: Jess Atkinson | photos: Karin Albinsson

K-Swiss Showcase Their California Loving S aturday 15th June, saw K-Swiss enthusiasts wowed by break dancing, beat boxing and live DJs all at the Trafford Centre. The teams smiley, animated and confident personas reflected the California lifestyle and definitely encouraged VIVA girls to sign up for a chance to win a trip to the sunny US state. The up beat, hourly performance gave passer-by shoppers an insight into urban talent and reflected the brand perfectly. Along with a chance to win a pair of their amazing trainers thrown in, Trafford goers were certainly in for a Saturday afternoon treat they could not refuse. The famous Sports lifestyle brand was founded in Van Nuys, California in 1996, hence their fantastic give away and tag line ‘California Love’. Hip hop culture originated in California, therefore the event mirrored the brands aesthetics and origins to a tee. ■ words: Hannah Grubisic

viva events

Are YOU thinking of having a event and want it to be remembered? Viva Events can organise any event big or small to suit ANY BUDGET. VIVA EVENTS specialise in, live music, celebrity appearances, drink sponsors, food, fashion shows, venues & much more Contact VIVA EVENTS for a consultation on 0161 2280065 or email


‘We Love You Manchester. It Doesn’t Matter What Day Of The Week It Is, You Guys Party 24/7’

photo: Jonathan Ben Matthews

84 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

VIVA l i v e m u s i c


udimental: “We love you Manchester, it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, you guys party 24 /7″. YEAH WE DO! And that’s exactly what we did when Rudimental came and played at Manchester Academy 1. Whilst Beyonce was rocking out at the MEN on the other side of town the recent number 1 hit band, Rudimental was totally rocking out Academy 1. After VIVA Ems falling in love with the band at Snowbombing festival it was a must she got an interview with them when they came to Manchester for the last stretch of the sold out UK tour. So she arranged to meet up with a couple of the Rudi boys, Leon and Kesi just before they hit the stage… VIVA Ems: To be honest, I didn’t really know that much about Rudimental until I saw the line-up for Snowbombing and then I checked out some of the bands, and I checked out you guys on YouTube and I was like ‘Oh my god you’re amazing’. Can you please tell me some of your background? How the band got together, I know you’ve been together for quite a while now. Leon: So there are four of us in the band obviously; three of us, myself, Kesi and Piers, we grew up with each other in the same area of Hackney. We shared two loves, it was music and football, and we pursued them through our years from the age of about 13. We did the pirate radio station scene, we had grime MCs all over our houses at times and whatnot just having a wile out, a rinse-out or whatever. We eventually got to the point, where we thought you know what we can do something with this, under the name of Rudimental and we met up with Amir who was doing the same thing with us. We met up with him two years ago and worked on our single ‘Spoons’ and then we formed Rudimental as a quadrant, a quartet if you like! Four of us. VIVA Ems: I absolutely love ‘Feel the Love’, it is the best tune ever. When I feel down, I always put that on, so what is your guys’ happy tune? Kesi: Oh! I’ll have to go with ‘Inspector Norse’ by Todd Terje; it’s like a house-y, disco-y type of thing. There are no vocals on it, it’s just an instrumental and literally whenever I put it on, I get up and I’m dancing about. Leon: That’s the beautiful thing about it, I remember the first time we heard it, we were in different places in a pub and we ended up coming together to the centre of the pub and we were just like, what is this? Yeah! And there were just vibes into it and ever since then, we play it before we go on stage, it’s our warm-up song. We play it for about four or five minutes and really go into it because it is the one track that gets us up for it. VIVA Ems: Cool! I love your sound, it’s a mash-up of drum‘n’bass, trumpet playing, amazing vocal tuneage madness! How did you guys figure out the sound you wanted to go for with the whole band? Kesi: Well, I mean we have been making soulfully-influenced music for a little while now and in the past a lot of the time people didn’t really understand our music because it was just about the hardest sound and getting that out and our music sort of got bypassed but then luckily about a year ago, somebody in the right place heard our music and believed in it and it’s just took off from there!

Leon: Yeah, like your favourite song ‘Feel The Love’ gave us a licence to go out there and put trumpets on drum’n’bass tracks and put a soulful implement on these tracks and if you hear the album, it’s full of soulful music, it’s not just hard-hitting ‘bam bam bam bam.’ I’ve always said the album ‘Home’ is all about the influence we have had growing up but it also enables you to go out to festivals and want to scream and shout, strangers become friends and whatnot and you feel at home when you’re listening to the album as well as making you want to drive fast to work when you’re working and do that dreaded clean on a Sunday. So, it has all of those influences in there and we’ve really gone for that. VIVA Ems: Your latest single ‘Waiting All Night’ it went to number one, It’s about a bike-rider who had an accident? Is he a friend of yours? Kesi: No he’s not a friend, I wish he was! ‘Waiting All Night’ was actually written last summer around the time of the Olympics and the Paralympics. The Paralympics were on our doorstep, and it was one of the biggest events in our local area. I think it outdid the Olympics and it was such a community event, all the schools got to go, there were lots of families there and people from the local community got tickets. We just loved the Paralympics and we found out about this guy and we loved his story and wanted to show his story and give him a voice and do something different from the normal video. Leon: It’s definitely a common trend that has run through all our videos, you’ve got ‘Feel The Love’ which is a real-life project in Philadelphia where they use the horse riding community as a way of engaging the kids to do something positive with their lives and then you’ve got ‘Not Giving In’ where it is based on a true story, and then ‘Waiting All Night’ which is based on a true story as well with the actual guy who was involved in the accident, sort of losing his leg, breaking his leg, puncturing both lungs, cracking all ribs but yet still he has come from that and managed to get back on a bike and do all of the things that he did before with a prosthetic leg. It is all about positivity and I believe to get our message through a video and we only have three to four minutes to that for a video and there is no better way in this day and age to do that and that is what we’re about you know, making someone feel something from a video. VIVA Ems: Definitely, it is a wicked song, you should be proud of yourselves. You’ve worked with some amazing people over the last few years doing a few vocals on your tracks, like Ella, Emeli Sande and John Newan, who have you got lined up to work with next? Kesi: To be honest, there is a lot of amazing talent, up and coming talent on our album that we love working with and we’ll probably work with a lot of them again on our second album which we are currently working on. VIVA Ems: When is that going to be out? I know you’ve just released one! Kesi: When it is ready, we’re perfectionists, we don’t let it go until it’s fully ready but, as I said for us, it is all about the quality of the vocal. Doesn’t matter if they’re well-known. We met John Newman, he was just in the pub singing. We had already written ‘Feel The Love’ and we just heard John singing and thought your voice will work. It is just a case of having the right vocal no matter how famous or up-and-coming the artist is. >

VIVA l i v e m u s i c

photo: Karin Albinsson

VIVA Ems: And who did the artwork for the new album, it’s really cool? Leon: It’s a mural in Hackney where we live. I used to walk past it every day for school and it is just a wicked reflection of Hackney because there are so many different cultures, such diversity. It is something Kesi had to fight for to get on our album cover because I was away at the time when these decisions were being made and that is something that holds dear to our heart. Every time I went shopping with my Mum to Sainsburys in Dalston we had to take the bus on the way back and walked and drove past that all the time. No matter where you’re from, you could be from Manchester, Liverpool or Scotland, wherever, every time you’ve come to London you’ve had to pass that at one point in your life; it just represents Hackney in such a positive way, you know, there are soul elements on there, positive people all coming together and if you look deeply into the pictures so many positive protests going on within the picture itself that are amazing. It just had to be on our album, because that is where we’re from. VIVA Ems: You’re obviously on tour at the moment. What has been the highlight so far? Leon: A lot of people forget that we’ve been doing this live thing for about a year and a bit now, our second performance was in front of 8,000 people. We were expecting not a lot of people to turn up in all honesty. That was done on our doorstep, that was at Hackney Marshes, Hackney Weekend for Radio 1; that was a special moment for us just being able to play in front of all those people on the pitches that we played Sunday league football on. We can see it from our house! It was just an emotional moment.

And in terms of this tour, I think the highlight has probably been our album coming out as we’re on tour because we get to celebrate it on stage every time we play, and I’ve got a feeling tonight’s gonna be the best night, Manchester! VIVA Ems: What is your favourite thing about Manchester when you come up here? Kesi: Just good vibes, the people seem to like to party. Leon: People open up their minds, sometimes in London people live for the weekend, in Manchester they live for Monday to Sunday and that is what I love about it. VIVA Ems: So, one last question, you were on the Jonathan Ross show the other day, what was Meatloaf like? Kesi: (Laughs) Meatloaf is a legend, an absolute nutter, he’s a loony,but so are we and we love that. VIVA Ems: Were you fans of him? Leon: Oh definitely, the funny thing about Meatloaf is that he actually asked us to work with him. VIVA Ems: Oh my god, you so should! That would be awesome. Leon: We got all his contact details, and Jonathan Ross’ details so if we need to go through Jonathan that will be cool. But yeah, I’d love to work with him, he’s a great guy. Telling us to live for the moment, he said basically f*****g live every moment, that is what he said and we plan to! ■ Rudimental’s debut album ‘Home’ is out now!

‘Even before all this happened and before ‘Feel The Love’ and before all the tracks that we have let out there, we’ve always come up to Manchester and had epic moments’

VIVA M U S I C Capital Breakfast with Rob Ellis Weekdays 6-10 am

Kermit & Evermean Beats


he summer has been kind to Manchester this year and it’s made life good! Manchester Day on June 2nd was a huge success, now in its 4th year attracts 50, 000 residents and visitors to the city and was this year hosted by our very own Rob Ellis and joined by Sally Hudson from the drive show. (check Sally out from 4pm on Capital) Then a fortnight later Rob Ellis became a married man! The first wedding from the show to the lovely Lisa, and didn’t our Rob scrub up very well. As did Rach and Rob’s ushers Wingman and Producer Gorgeous. It was a great day up at The Place Hotel in Piccadilly and Rob even gave away some places to his wedding on the air! The other Rob making a noise in town was been Robbie Williams. He took over the Etihad Stadium for a few nights in June and both Rob and Wingman warmed up the crowd on the decks before the gig. What a show, and Olly Murs supporting made for a very happy crowd. The Etihad will be turned back into its more familiar sea of Blue in August, when the Premier League season kicks off again, with Man City facing Newcastle (19th August 8pm) in their first home game and Man Utd play their first home game against Chelsea (26th August 8pm). The first question

on every blue and red fan’s lips is ‘when is the derby?’ – The first one is 22nd September at the Etihad. Which side of Manchester will the trophy end up this year? Our biggest event of the year also took place on 9th July – The Capital FM Summertime Ball. 80, 000 people packed into Wembley Stadium to see the likes of Will I Am, The Wanted, Taylor Swift and even Psy doing his Gangnam Style among loads of other top artists. It was all hosted by Justin Timberlake and we sent plenty of Manc’s down to take in our biggest Ball ever. Keep your ears open for the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball that we’ve already began to start organizing for this winter. As usual, we’ve had all the big names coming into the studio to have a chat with us and we have plenty more lined up for the next few weeks. We have even been sending people further afield to see their favourite artists – Olly in Berlin, Pink! in New York City and Jay Z in London. Bruno Mars will be at Manchester Arena on October 5th and Rihanna has already done two stints there in July. Manchester continues to be a hot bed of activity across the summer, heading into Autumn and we’re here to enjoy it with you every morning from 6am. ■

Rob, Rach & Wingman

Band on our radar


eet the latest band to be hitting the streets of Manchester. First member is frontman Kermit, who you may know from fronting Ruthless Rap Assassins and Black Grape previously, then there’s female singer/song writer BB James, and finally producer/ programmer Evermean Beats. Together, they are the band Blind Arcade. Or rather collective, as Kermit would prefer to describe themselves, a collective of artists all coming together and offering different sounds. This is exactly what makes this band stand out. BB James offers soulful female vocals, which is then mixed with upbeat music, rap and an early 90s feel. There are many ways to describe this band but an electric mix and mash up of different vibes and style is just about as pigeonholed as they can get. Their musical influences go from Marvin Gaye to Green Day, reflecting their own varied sound. Lyrically, their music is pretty honest. “Give it away” and “Under my nose” are both personal songs written by Kermit, who writes all of Blind Arcade’s lyrics. “Give it away” is about me giving away my addictions and my bad habits and I just turned the heroine in to a relationship, which it is really,so that people could understand it more and relate to it”, explains Kermit. These intimate lyrics are set amongst upbeat music, which went down

Blind Arcade photos: Karin Albinsson

extremely well when they played at Antwerp Mansion recently. They are certainly worth a listen to. The band had no intention of forming Blind Arcade in the beginning. After creating tracks together for fun, their music began to get positive attention, which is when they decided to start gigging together. Suddenly, organically, Blind Arcade was formed. So, what’s next for Blind Arcade? “We’re setting up a little tour at the moment and doing some more recording. The album should be ready in a year or by the end of this year. We’ve got about 15 tracks that we want to use and about 32 tracks that are sitting around. We just need to go through everything. We’ve got new stuff that has been done recently and have really good potential that we’re gonna work on… We’ve got ideas of bringing in other people as well. We’ve got a plan”, says frontman Kermit. ■ Follow Blind Arcade: facebook/Blind-Arcade soundcloud.

BB James

VIVA l i v e m u s i c

. . . e l y t S P I V y r a i irls 2013 festival d

The VIVA g


- 16th J Isle Of Wight 13th


ithout sounding too biased, it is a fact that Manchester has some of the best musicians in the world and that’s exactly what all the islanders were saying at the Isle Of Wight festival this year when not one but two of our top bands, Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses, headlined on Thursday and Friday nights. The crowds set sail in their thousands – over the most expensive part of the sea, to where I call “Grandma Nellies island” – to set up camp for 4 days in Newport for what will be remembered as one big epic festival in the summer of 2013. Open only to the campers, Thursday evening saw the Happy Mondays smash the headline spot in the BT Infinity Big Top tent. They went on to a loud excitable packed-out tent and set the tone for the rest of the festival. Before I go on, I would just like to mention how friendly this festival was and I was genially surprised when the happy-to-help, yellowvested guards put up our tent in the VIP area as well as inflating our blow-up mattress. So a big congratulations to the organisers and staff for making the festival so enjoyable. The sun was shining and it was day two with a lineup not to miss on the main stage. Jake Bugg, Emeli Sandé and Paul Weller followed by the almighty Stone Roses. One of my festival buddies was a big fan of Ellie Goulding and dragged me along to the Big Top to see her. In the end I was glad she had as Ellie was brilliant and soon became one of my highlights of the festival. But day two was all about The Stone Roses! The cool laid-back Mr Brown had all the Isle Of Wight festival goers in the palm of his hand. I think even the mainland could hear everyone singing along to ‘I Am The Resurrection.’ Ian and the boys timed it well, as soon as the fireworks went off at the end of the last tune the heavens opened and it started tipping it down. Day three and we were starting to feel a little the worse for wear. Muddy, sunburned and vodka supply low we headed over to the Strongbow area for a bit of a chill and were lucky enough to come

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The almightly Ian Brown at IOW

The Dorset massive at IOW

On stage with the Happy Mondays at IOW

The most burnt bottom at IOW

Ellie Goulding rocking out at IOW across Starsailor’s lead front man, James Walsh, whacking out some tunes on the Strongbow stage. Now I would prefer to keep this a secret but I went to meet a few friends who were in the Big Top tent rocking out to Little Mix and I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this but I am now a Little Mixer! They were really great! It was another top line-up for the Saturday with Ben Howard, The Maccabees, Block Party and The Killers on the Main Stage as well as Alex Metric in the Dance Tent and


Sub Focus live in the Big Top. The highlight of Saturday, however, has to be the Silent Disco presented by Smashing Blouse. Have you ever taken off your headphones in a silent disco tent? Absolutely hilarious! We didn’t actually stay for the Sunday but heard from fellow festival buddies that Bon Jovi more than lived up to everyone’s expectations, plus Blondie was just too cool! Islanders you have VIVA’s seal of aproval, you totally know how to throw a top festival!


Ju Parklife Weekender 8th & 9th


The highlight at Parklife: Rudimental

anchester’s annual Parklife festival was set over numerous stages across a two day extravaganza at Heaton Park. This year saw a big leap for the festival, which not only moved from one side of Greater Manchester to another (held in Platt Fields Park previously) but has also hugely expanded in its number of tickets sold. Artist bookings stepped up to match, with VIVA split down the middle on which tents to bounce between during the two days. Plan B headlined the main stage on Saturday, which was a huge highlight for the festival going crowd. The Brit rap star sounded even better live than he does recorded. VIVA loved his set, which was topped for us only by the fantastic boys from Rudimental.

Plan B headlining Parklife

Access All Areas Parklife Backstage with Benga at Parklife

VIVA’s favourite Hackney quartet took to the stage with the energy and charisma that we’re used to seeing from them. The laid back lads sailed through their set to a climatic finish with smash hit ‘Feel The Love.’ This was definitely a festival highlight for us. Other highlights for us came from Disclosure, Jaguar Skills, Cyril Hahn, Baauer, Aussie-born rap sensation Iggy Azalea, Benga, Sunday headliner Example and the incredible DJ Fresh. Rita Ora also drew in huge crowds, and it must be said that her set was flawless. There was a general consensus amongst festival goers that the crowd at this year’s Parklife seemed rougher than ever before. The park felt overcrowded and there were also a lot of complaints about overcrowding in the tents. Getting back from the park also had issues, with lengthy queues for taxis snaking around the site exit. We definitely think Parklife’s move to Heaton Park was a bold one and, musically, its 2013 extravaganza was a success. Whilst the festival is already one of Manchester’s calendar highlights, its continued growth will really help it hold its own as one of the UK’s best non-camping festivals. Logistically a bit hit and miss, we think the weather was definitely the saving grace of the event. Parklife was a fantastic start to our summer of festivals and we look forward to seeing what the guys bring to the table in 2014.

Exit Festival 10th - 14th July

MCR's own Broken N English at Exit


The wild crowd at Exit

The beautiful seroundings at Exit Snoop Dog was the main man at Exit IOW photos: Will Wilkisnon & Sara Lincoln Parklife photos: Jonathan Ben Matthews Exit photos: Anna Albinsson-Whitehead

xit Festival in Serbia started In year 2000 as a party for the people as Milosevic’s brutal era drew to a close. They hoped to prove that music can connect and bring people together and it lasted 100 days! Now in 2013 with an eclectic line up, cheap abundant beer, friendly locals and very reasonable flight prices it’s no surprise Westerners are getting drawn to this five day festival held in a fortress overlooking picturesque Novi Sad which is perched on the River Danube and 200,000 people now attend. Day One of the festival and we are treated to West Coast’s finest - Snoop Dogg! He dropped his old classics and gave us a little insight to his new ‘Snoop Lion’ reggae influenced album. Hours later and much of the crowd had stayed to catch Manchester’s own Mc DRS and Strategy (Broke N Eng-

ish) along with Dub Phizix on the decks. They played the last set and did not disappoint the crowds who had waited for them. It’s always a proud moment to hear fans from far off countries singing along to your favourite Manc artists. The following evening it seemed all 200,000 in attendance had flocked to the main stage for the Prodigy who played an electrifying set and sent the crowd crazy. Those seeking a respite from the crowds headed to the clock tower to take in the stunning views or relax in the hammocks by the Latino stage, before dancing in the hilarious silent disco... Other acts not to be missed included; Atoms For Peace, D.J Fresh, Chase N Status, Bloc Party and Camo & Crooked with Dynamite MC. All in all a festival not to be missed... ■ k | VIVA | 91

The Ruen Brothers ‘Walk Like A Man’ If you love 50s rock n roll like I do, you’ll be blown away with these guys. Two young brothers, Henry & Rupert, from Scunthorpe wearing their influences very proudly on their sleeves, Elvis, Jerry Lee, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison etc. Goosebump stuff. Totally cool.

The Tea Street Band ‘Push the Feeling’ A Liverpool band who I fell in love with a few months ago. Imagine old school rave music played on guitars. Euphoric and nostalgic but totally contemporary at the same time. They look great too. Like a bunch of lads at a bus stop who’ve just robbed the local music shop. The band I’d love to be in. If I wasn’t already in one.

Findlay ‘Off & On’ Natalie Findlay from Stockport (now based in London) has released a couple of brilliant singles in the last year or so. Earthy, sleazy, dark blues / rock n roll. Potentially the new Amy Winehouse. (she’ll probably hate me saying that) Me and Mrs Boon hung out with Natalie and her gang recently. Party girl. A real Star.

John Newman ‘Love Me Again’ This is one of the most exciting singles of this year. I loved John’s vocal on Rudimental’s recent single ‘Feel The Love’.’The video for ‘Love Me Again is ace too with some very cool northern soul dancing. I wish this young Yorkshire man a very long and lucrative career. A truly immense voice.

Vaccines ‘Melody Calling’ photo: Karin Albinsson


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92 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

What I love about the Vaccines is the way you can never predict what direction they’ll be going in with the next release. Current single ‘Melody Calling’ is a dirty take on the spirit of Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’. In my opinion. One of Britain’s great modern bands.

Doves ‘Pounding’ I always say ‘Pounding’ is my favourite record of all time. It never fails to give me shivers of excitement. Doves have a beautiful way of being incredibly understated on stage whilst making, quite simply, the most beautiful music imaginable. I often play it twice in my dj sets. Consecutively.

N-Trance ‘Set You Free’ For very personal reasons, this record touches me more than any other at this moment in time. More so than when I first heard it twenty years ago. It’s all in the lyrics. Every word reminds me of a very special little person who I got to spend a few days with last year.

The Chameleons ‘Swamp Thing’ Another single which features regularly in my dj sets. Released in 1986 by Middleton boys The Chameleons. If they’d stuck around longer I believe they could have had some of the glory The Stone Roses subsequently earned. Instead, the band split up soon after this single. One of Manchester music’s greatest losses. ‘Swamp Thing’ is a wonderful piece of music. One I wish I’d created.



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Alan Patridge Apha Papa 7th August 2013



Filth – 27th September 2013


ames McAvoy keeps up his ration of Brit-Flicks with this highly charged, dynamic cop drama. Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) co-stars in a seasonal drama set at Christmas as Bruce Robertson (McAvoy) engages in a narcotic binge. The fact he is bipolar and also holds some questionable viewpoints doesn’t sit well with his status as a police officer. Fuelled by a flawed perception of reality and empowered by his profession he engages in a series of acts that are motivated by the desire to gain promotion and get his wife and daughter back alongside undermining and criminalising some of his colleagues, including his biggest threat, Ray Lennox. (Bell) As his actions become more erratic and his shady past starts to creep up on him, his drug habit gets out of control. Colleagues start to suspect and the heat is on. Based on the novel of the same name by Irvine Welsh. (Trainspotting) A strong cast includes the effervescent Jim Broadbent, Imagine Poots (28 Weeks Later) and Eddie Marsan. (The World’s End) Expect some graphic scenes, striking characters and powerful performances in what promises to be both entertaining and occasionally shocking.

teve Coogan reprises his most famous character for the big screen in this much anticipated and long awaited feature film. The minor radio celebrity from Nor folk Digital Radio finds himself cast in the unlikely role as hostage negotiator, and could there be anyone less qualified or suitably skilled! Some well known faces make cameos in what promises to be a cringe-fest but what I hope won’t be one of those projects where a sitcom character struggles to have the staying power for the big screen, like recent flop ‘Keith Lemon The Movie’.


Kick-Ass 2 14th August 2013

Jim Carrey joins the original cast members of Chloe Grace Moretz and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the follow up to the 2010 smash hit. Kick-Ass joins forces with a number of other vigilante citizens motivated to suit up and take on the bad guys, but nemesis ‘Red Mist’ has an evil scheme to hatch that will have horrid implications for everyone Kick-Ass knows.





Thor 2 – 30th October 2013

s with all Marvel projects, the storyline is shrouded in a wall of secrecy but we do know that Chris Hemsworth returns as the blonde Adonis Thor, God of Thunder. Hot off the heels of unifying with the rest of the ‘Avengers’ to overcome the threat of bitter and twisted half brother Loki, Thor is forced to seek his help to protect Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) from the dark world of Svartalfheim. The first in this franchise was a fun, witty and sometimes moving production. Hopefully we can expect more of the same as this strong collection of actors attempts to rescue the genre from the destruction that poor efforts like ‘Pacific Rim’ and the disappointing ‘Man of Steel’ have done to it. Idris Elba appears again as Heimdall, and seems to be a Marvel favourite after also appearing in ‘Ghostrider 2’ and ‘Pacific Rim, and though those projects were not the greatest, his work is consistently excellent. We can expect another Captain America movie very soon, as well as a second in the new ‘Spiderman’ series. And if the superhero thread isn’t your bag, look out for news on Kill Bill 3 and of course, the new Star Wars movies, the first of which will be shot here in the UK.

94 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Ender’s Game 25th October 2013


Sci-Fi adventure, gifted youngster Ender Wiggin, is plucked from the bosom of his dysfunctional family and thrust to the forefront of an inter galactic war that has been battled over 70 years. Faced with the task of helping to create the strategy that will save his species against a far more technologically advanced foe, Ender goes on a journey of self-realisation and begins to hate himself, but can he stay focused in the biggest challenge of his young life? Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley augment a young cast.


The Place Beyond The Pines 12th August 2013


s a tutor in the craft of acting, I often sight the quality of the acting performances as a significant dimension of my reviews, but It would be a travesty not to reference such outstanding performances as given by Ryan Gosling (who is consistently brilliant) and Bradley Cooper (also fast becoming a master of his art) in this gripping, emotive and scenic drama. The film has two distinct halves, and each actor takes one of those halves as we follow their characters journey. Really, I don’t want to tell you too much except that this is one to add to your DVD collection as it is one of the most powerful and engrossing productions you’ll see this year.



Oblivion 19th August 2013

et on Earth in the future, when the vast majority of the population has left the planet, a small number of people remain, posted with the responsibility of monitoring the industrial collection of sea water to transport to ‘our’ new home. Tom Cruise plays ‘Jack’, an engineer who lives in one of these outposts in the sky with his wife. A watchable film for many reasons, though ultimately in is just entertaining. We do see Tom go through his obligatory collection of facial expressions and I really loved the soundtrack.



Behind the Candelabra - 14th October 2013


ichael Douglas has received plaudits insisting this is his most stand out performance of a long and impressive career, but when you are playing someone with the outward exuberance and charisma of Liberace, it would be hard not to make a big impression. The tragic fact was that Liberace for all his camp flamboyance, was a man wrestling with his sexuality and desperately closeted. This film charts the establishment of his relationship with Scott Thorson (Matt Damon), a young man who had a troubled upbringing and saw the rougher side of life. Upon meeting Liberace, he is suddenly thrust into a lavish and decadent lifestyle and they become lovers. Liberace becomes more and more demanding and possessive of his soulmate as time wears on, subjecting his to restrictive activity and even forcing him to have plastic surgery. Eventually Scott rebels and Liberace finds another lover, throwing Scott out onto the street. Scott pursues what he feels he is entitled to via the courts and a legal battle ensues, but through it all, the two maintain an affection for each other that doesn’t waiver.

Iron Man 3 9th September 2013

obert Downey Junior stars as the arrogant genius Superhero inventor, Tony Stark in the third of this franchise, and if the signs in the film are anything to go by, the last he will be appearing in. Skating on the after-burn of the ‘Avengers Assemble’, this was always going to be falling into the ‘tough act to follow’ category, and sadly a plot that lacked much substance and became more like a ‘ Transformers’ movie the more in progressed, didn’t do much for me. Amusing sub plot of an awkward relationship with a young lad who helps Stark regain his self-belief.


Mud - 2nd September 2013


et in Arkansas, a young boy and his friend discover a peculiar sight in the form of a boat stuck in a tree on a small island. They climb up into the boat thinking it’s their discovery only to find bread and a footprint. Leaving the island, they are spooked when they find the same footprint in their own boat. It turns out to belong to Mud (Matthew McConaughey) who is on the run from the police and dangerous bounty hunters, as he has killed someone. One of the boys doesn’t want to know, but the other, Ellis (Tye Sheridan) forms a cautious bond with the itinerant and becomes embroiled in Mud’s attempts to reunite himself with his true love ‘Juniper’ (Reese Witherspoon), who is surviving in a run down pit of a motel hoping to see Mud again. Ellis becomes a go between, relaying messages to Juniper whilst trying to evade the watching forces of law who are desperate to capture their man. Ellis himself is challenged by his own relationship problems as he struggles to win over a girl, and witnesses the slow implosion of his parent’s marriage. A touching and sensitive drama. k | VIVA | 95



New Dawn Fade depicts a raving portrayal of the iconic band, Joy Division.


rian Gorman’s play, New Dawn Fades, was the show that was the talk of the Manchester Fringe Festival. Passionately emotive and hauntingly sad, this tale depicts the life of Factory Records founder, Tony Wilson, who sadly passed away in 2007. He is responsible for discovering the likes of the Happy Mondays, amongst many other iconic bands. The play focuses on the formation of one of Manchester’s most legendary bands, Joy Division and the outcome of the suicide of Ian Curtis. Lee Joseph took on the all important role of Tony Wilson, and did not disappoint. His performance was flawless, thankfully as the whole play’s success was arguably on his shoulders. As soon as the play began he transformed into Wilson from head to toe. Michael Whitaker played Ian Curtis and had the challenging task of performing Curtis’s epileptic attacks. “Michael Whittaker really threw himself into portraying Ian Curtis, and was determined to get everything right…it was genuinely unnerving to see him collapse several times on stage each night and carry on with his powerful emotional performance,” says Brian. The band was played by Michael Whitaker as Curtis, Barney Sumner by Sean Croke, Peter Hook by Guy Wills and, and Stephen Morris by Andrew Michael Grogan, who all gave respectable portrayals.

“I was crying. It was very emotional at the end. It was brilliant. It captured everything perfectly,” stated Happy Monday’s singer, Rowetta. When they release more dates fans of Joy Division should definitely flock to see this play, otherwise it is certainly worth watching if only to see an exceptional portrayal of Wilson’s life and the union of characters present in the play, as well as being an engaging insight in to the music scene and era of Manchester during the 1970’s. For more information about the play and the Greater Manchester Fringe festival, visit photos: Elspeth Mary Moore & Shay Rowan


Ellie Goulding front cover and interview


Ellie Goulding front cover and interview