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Bali Health Lounge launches VIVA introduces you to Mr Hair Tina O’Brien’s new coloumn Waves and Gatsby glamour by hairdressing superstar Pierre Alexandre How to get your body beautiful with Myshapes The garden shoot with Ethos




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VIVA’s must-have gadgets Pimp your crib The crème de la crème of cycles The Land Rover experience at Peckforton Castle Arabian nights & chillin’ days at La Sultana Marrakech

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e’ve now been in this remarkable city for two and a half years and are celebrating our tenth issue with a massive tribute to Manchester’s number one band the Stone Roses. Thanks to legendary music photographer Ian Tilton the piece features never-before-published photos of the band.

Although the weather has been the worst on record it has been one of the best summers EVER for team VIVA. So much has happened we don’t know where to begin. One of the highlights was seeing the Olympic Torch paraded through Albert Square. VIVA girl Rebecca and Velvet Hotel’s Sleepy Duckie were there to celebrate with Heathrow Hero Peter Burkill. The wet weather didn’t manage to dampen spirits at any of the local festivals this summer but the Mancunian spirit was most evident at the Stone Roses Heaton Park Weekender. For us another highlight of 2012 was hearing thousands of people singing together “I am the resurrection.” It felt very special to be a part of it. Thank you, Manchester. Happy 10th issue to us. We love you, Manchester.

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Our little animal friends are more like us than you think



Dog meets Orangutan: An unlikely relationship between Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Blue Tick Hound has attracted media attention from the likes

of none other than Oprah Winfrey! The friendships were first forged at a South Carolina sanctuary for endangered

animals, now Suryia is regularly spotted walking canine Roscoe about the park. Oprah is said to be ‘very excited’… VIVA 10

Parrot Guidance:

In possibly the most entertaining complaint from a neighbour we at VIVA have heard, police

in Glasgow were dispatched recently to deal with one rude parrot. After

receiving a call from a neighbour about noise disturbances, officers were shocked to find nothing more than a parrot screeching

out taxi bookings (‘taxi for Govan!’) along with some more ‘industrial language.’

Ugly Mugly: A

Commenting on the Strathclyde Police twitter account, one officer wrote ‘I’m glad to say this is not a wind up…My favourite call this week!’

Chinese crested dog from the United Kingdom has been named the World’s

Ugliest Dog at an

event in California. For

the ‘honour,’ Mugly will receive a year’s supply of

dog cookies, a trophy and a photo shoot. Wonder what the Best

Looking Dog won then…

Turtle separation comes as a shell shock: After an astounding 36 years together as a couple, two giant 115 year-old tortoises appear to have had a ‘falling out.’ Austrian zoo officials say Bibi, the female, has started attacking her male partner. The once inseparable

pair have now parted....

The Radar

Me and a friend Christopher Simmons have written 6 episodes of a sketch show called ‘Wayne and Abel’. The two main guys Wayne and Abel are flatmates but are like chalk and cheese. The sketch show follows their journey through a series of weekends. The shows guaranteed to titillate and who knows, maybe even make you pee yourself a bit! Check out and maybe, with a bit of luck you’ll see it on your box very soon!


I’ve no doubt that being born a spit away from the curry mile and my mum indulging in curry so much when she was pregnant with me has also been included in part of my genetic make-up. I live on its doorstep and I love the smells, the lights, the religious festivals they have like the Hindu ‘Holi’ festival which involves having a big powder paint fight. Everyone walks around with a rainbow on their face. Craziness!


Old people rule! There are no better storytellers and my granddad is full of stories! Not sure if some of them are true, but he always has me eating out of the palm of his hand. He’s a great friend and no matter what I’m worried about, big or small, I know I can always go to him. He’s also partial to the odd Guinness which is probably where my mum got it from! He tells me he was a ladykiller back in his day, must be where I get it from!





I don’t know about you but these skinny jeans on lads make me feel like my eyes are being assaulted. I mean come on they can’t be comfy! I don’t want to be able to see what your dad handed down thanks! My sister might but I don’t, it can’t be good for your chopper. You need to let your things breathe! Ya get me!

Duck Face

On nearly every picture I see of girls on a night out these days, the majority seem to be pulling this duck face. You know, that pout. Come on girls, you’re making the poor ducks feel stupid! What happened to just being yourselves? Its fake lips, fake tits, fake hair, fake nails and fake tan. And these cats are all looking for a real man! I suppose with half these magazines pointing out the tiniest bit of fat on girls (remember Karen Carpenter starving herself after the tabloids said she was fat?) doesn’t help. Me personally I like something to grab hold of, a woman should have curves not be like a stick insect. As for these stick thin models; I’ve seen more meat on a vegetarian’s toothpick. Nasty.

Headphone Drama

Every day without fail I’m always listening to music on my iPod at some point. However when I’ve finished, no matter how neatly I put them away, when I come to take them out I always find it impossible to untangle them. Some cat needs to invent something to sort this out, quick time stylee rated! This issue’s radar was brought to you by Actor Ciarán Griffiths (of Shameless fame)

Ciarán Griffiths


Rowetta O

VIVA Gets An Exclusive With Manchester’s No.1 Rock Chick

photos: Angie Wynne of Iconic Boudoir


his year it’s all been about the Manchester music legends putting their differences aside and reforming to give us the music we know and love so much LIVE again. This issue we bring you a VIVA tribute to The Stone Roses and we thought hey we can’t give the fellows all the credit, we absolutely must get an interview with Happy Mondays singer and Manchester’s number one rock chick, Rowetta. So after bumping into her at a few festivals this summer and sinking a couple of whiskies with the lady herself, we talked Rowetta into doing an exclusive with VIVA. We covered everything from Happy Mondays to X-factor to being a Dame, this lady doesn’t hold back. She can talk for Manchester. We even had to give this interview an extra page, Rowetta you are a legend! Can you remember the first time music caught your eye and you thought that’s it I want to be a singer? Some people say it comes from being in the womb and they came out singing but I think that’s a load of rubbish. Some people had music in their lives very young. I didn’t, wish I had! I’ve got an unusual distinctive voice and when I was a teenager all the bands were punk or ska and I couldn’t really see myself being in one of those bands even though I dressed in the punk fashion. It probably wasn’t until later when I realised I didn’t like school. I was a bit naughty, I only went to school to do the musicals and that was all that made me happy, that was when I was about 15 and then I started singing in clubs. When did you have your big break? Still waiting for it! Ha ha! I did really well in a competition with the Manchester Evening News that Lisa Stansfield had won previously, I was pregnant at the time and I came second even though everyone said I should have won. I used to win lots of talent competitions but I had children really young and had a bad marriage and then everything just suddenly stopped. So it’s not that I had a big break, I think I was on my way up there but then because of my marriage I stopped singing for a few years until I sorted my life out. When I did start singing again I decided I wanted to sing with my favourite band the Happy Mondays.

“The Happy Mondays, they want you to go and record with them, I was like ‘no way’, I hope their not paying me I need to pay them” HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT SINGING WITH THE HAPPY MONDAYS? The first time I saw them was on Tony Wilson’s show The Other Side of Midnight and I loved them. My agent was their agent and took me to one of their gigs. I was blown away and I thought this is the band! It was everything I wanted as a kid to sing with a punk band and didn’t think I could and then saw this punk band and thought I can see myself on stage with these guys. They’re all really normal from Manchester, the music is really infectious, you can hear the inspiration from funk and chic, reggae and punk. It was the sort of music I wanted to sing. It was a bit like Marc Bolan when he got his missus to sing with them on T-Rex tunes. I just knew my voice would really work with this. So I pursued them but I didn’t think there was a role for me at first and I had to create one. I asked to sing with them but their manager said NO it’s a lads band we don’t need a girl in the band and I was like ‘you do, you do!’ I made good friends with a few of them, Bez used to fancy me and chat me up, didn’t really see Shaun until I started singing with the band but the rest of them I used to see at the Hacienda and used to tag along with them. I gave their manager a ticket to come and see me at Legends. I happened to be singing with a big collaboration of people from Simply Red and different bands that night, I had a fur coat on and a little dress with a bottle of whisky in my bag and he said you’re madder than the Mondays. It was a bit of a mad performance but he remembered it. Then a couple of weeks later he rang my manager who was managing Simply Red. My manager knew I wanted to sing with the Mondays so much and he said are you sat down, I said yes why, he said sit down, really sit down. The Mondays they want you to go and record with them, I was like no way. I was so pleased and I said to my manager I hope they’re not paying me I need to pay them, and I remember saying if I’ve got to be paid make it really minimal and yeah I didn’t really get paid much for ‘Step On’ but it was well worth it. >

VIVA I N T E R V I E W You’ve done a bit of acting playing yourself in 24 hour party people, did you enjoy it and is acting something you can see yourself getting more into? Well yes I acted in a few things but I’ve always had to play myself, but the singing has to come first. I’ve been asked to do musicals, which would be great but I don’t think I would want to do the same part every night for 6 months. It would do my head in. I love my career so much because it’s so varied doing everything from Happy Mondays gigs to gay gigs to all sorts of different events.

“Some people want a No.1 hit or a Brit Award, I would like a DAME Award, I would like to be DAME Rowetta Of Manchester” What if you got asked to be in Glee? No I don’t watch it, I used to watch Fame back in the day but no, busting into song all the time for no reason doesn’t really do it for me any more. If you were asked to be in a love film who would you like to play your leading man? Colin Farrell, I love the Irish!

You’ve done so much in your career so far, singING in the Happy Mondays, with Peter Hooks band, been on X-factor, played yourself in 24 hour party people, had number 1 hit with ‘Reach Out’ written your own music. WhAT has been the best moment of your career. I really don’t think I’ve had it yet. I write a lot and that hasn’t really come out much but we are going to be doing new stuff with the Happy Mondays so I’ll be writing more then. I’ve had some amazing moments with each thing I’ve done. I remember the first time I was interviewed on Radio One with the Happy Mondays and doing my first Top Of The Pops. The first time meeting David Bowie at Glastonbury and having his dressing room next to mine then when we were on stage he came and watched on the side of the stage, that was just surreal, things like that are just amazing, you have to pinch yourself, it’s what dreams are made of. WITH EVERY JOB THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING THAT ANNOYS YOU HOWEVER GREAT YOUR JOB IS, WHAT ONE THING ANNOYS YOU ABOUT BEING A SINGER? Being called a ‘backing singer’! For some reason black girls are always called backing singers but then white girls like Fergie are known as Fergie from Black Eyed Peas but for some reason we are backing singers and in fact I sing more than most of these girls, I definitely sing more than Tulisa from N Dubz and better, it’s ridiculous. Some people have even said I’m the dancer from Happy Mondays, NO that’s Bez! WHAT ONE THING DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU HAVEN’T YET DONE? Some people want a number one or a Brit Award, I would like a DAME Award, for my charity work, I would like to be DAME Rowetta of Manchester.

Why would a super cool rock chick like yourself want to go on the Xfactor, what was the reason for you goING on this show? A lot of people thought that. Well first of all I used to watch American Idol and I thought Simon Cowell was really funny. It was the first series of Xfactor, I didn’t tell anyone I was going in for it and it was like a big challenge to me, I like a challenge. Did you have to line up with everyone? No I didn’t, the auditions were in Leeds so I booked into the hotel that they were auditioning in the night before. I went down to breakfast in the morning and on my way back up to my room I picked up a number, because you had to cue up to get a number, went up to my room did my make up came back down and showed my number at the front of the cue as if I had just gone to the toilet. I was in the bar the night before talking to some of the researchers and a lot of them were Happy Monday fans so they told me what to do basically. Then I had to go back for a second audition, I was supposed to be seen at 2pm but I didn’t get seen until 6pm and there was an off-licence across the road plus I was loaded up on nicotine patches because I was giving up smoking. It was a memorable audition, I don’t think I was drunk it was just a nicotine overdose. But yes people say what were you doing going on that, but I really stand by it and say it was the most outrageous punk thing I’ve ever done in my life. Plus my family loved it especially my Grandma, and my daughter was coming ever week with big signs and it gave my Grandma some great memories before she passed away, so anyone who didn’t agree with it can piss off. Have you got any solO music projects LINED UP? I’ve just released a single with Kino Club which Graham Park has backed, its called ‘So Sweet’. I’ve also brought some stuff out in Portugal and Japan but definitely I want to bring out an album soon. I’m really positive about it all. It’s just the Happy Mondays are taking up a lot of time at the moment. You’ve been on tour with the Happy Mondays since May how does it compare to back in the day you all being on tour? obviously you’RE all a bit older and probably not as crazy as you used to be, but is it the same between you all, do you still have fun and get that buzz of going on stage all together? We get on better now, everyone used to have their individual problems, addictions or not but everyone had their own little thing going on and even though we were a band there were a lot of clashes, especially when we started getting successful the problems got worse. When we split most of us still spoke but none of us spoke to Shaun for years, I didn’t speak to him for 12 years, so now it’s made it more special because we just never thought it would happen, getting back together. Like Shaun said we didn’t talk to each other for that long, he can’t remember why we stopped talking. 4 of us went to Tony Wilson’s funeral and we didn’t even talk then so after that I thought if we didn’t speak then, we never would. But then Shaun rounded us all up. The Stone Roses got back together and we were getting loads of offers as well. But I did say at first if Shaun is like he used to be then I can’t work with him but his manager said he’s different and I saw him in the jungle and he looked great and he was back to nice Shaun. We don’t really have to mix with him off stage only on stage and that’s really what we do.


What you guys don’t socialise after the shows? No we don’t do socialising with Shaun. We don’t travel together, we literally see him just before we all go on stage and just after. Not even for a 5 minute car journey because everyone’s worried that we are all going to fall out again but manager Warren’s always by Shaun’s side just in case. Sometimes he may be in the same hotel as us but we don’t see him that’s how it works. What about rehearsals? He only really comes for a day or two. Before the UK tour we rehearsed for a month and he came for two half days at the end but it works you’d think he would need to do more rehearsing but his voice is better than ever now.

Your next tune should be about Manchester Rain? Well I’ve got a song called ‘Manchester Rain’ I just need permission from Reef to use their music because I’ve used ‘Place Your Hands’. That’s how much I love Manchester and Manchester rain! I might even call my album Manchester Rain! Favourite Manchester band of all time? Happy Mondays, I sing with them!

So you’ve been doing loads of Happy Monday stuff for most of the summer, we’ve also seen your face pop up at a few local festivals and music gigs including the Stone Roses, what’s been the highlight of your summer so far? Oh defiantly the gigs, being on the UK tour. T in The Park was great although it was a proper mud bath. We’ve still got V Festival which is going to be massive and Camp Bestival plus Ibiza and Majorca Rocks. I loved doing ITV’s This Morning because back in the day we couldn’t do day time television because Shaun was banned for swearing on TFI Friday. But when I came off the show some people were really horrible on Twitter saying I was mutton dressed as lamb and I shouldn’t wear leather, I always wear leather and I couldn’t believe how critical people were, it was all women! Gaz our drummer said tell them to f**k off Tina Turner wears leather and she’s 70. I forgot what it was like from when I was on X-factor but back then we didn’t have Twitter or Facebook so it wasn’t as bad.

Favourite up and coming Manchester band? Janice Graham Band, they’re young, they look cool, they remind me of the Happy Mondays back in the day and a cross between the Clash and the Arctic Monkeys.

Give us Rowetta’s three top tips for being at a festival? Make sure you’re performing or in VIP so you get the nice toilets, get your wellies on and make sure they look good, I wear wedged wellies. If you’re not in VIP try sleeping with a band member so you can get in there.

Throughout your career I bet you’ve meet some amazingly cool people. Who has been the most amazing person you’ve met? The most star struck I’ve been was meeting David Bowie.

We WERE on your website and OUR favourite thing WE came across was the office merchandise Rowetta store (made in Manchester), can’t believe you sell Rowetta dog T-shirts and Rowetta Classic thong and Rowetta bibs. Do you know which merchandise sells the best? The Dog T-Shirts and the thongs do the best the gays love the thongs.

“Make sure your performing or in VIP so you get the nice toilets, If your not in VIP try sleeping with a band member so you can get in there.”

You’re HUGE ON THE Manchester MUSIC SCENE everyone loves you. What do you love the most about Manchester? I love everything about Manchester I think I’ve proved that by staying here. A lot of my friends have moved away but I’ve always stayed here. It would have been easier to move away as I was a battered wife and went into a battered wives home when I was 21 and everyone was encouraging me from the women refuge to move well away and to even move countries, but I just love Manchester. I do love the sea though so I go to Spain a lot but I always love coming home. What about the weather, you can’t love that? Well people that slag the weather off, that’s just stupid because our weather is so safe we don’t have earthquakes we don’t have floods we don’t have bush fires and you can’t get really badly sunburned. But it just rains? The only thing about the rain is it’s bad for dog walking because it makes the mud slushy but I honestly think the Manchester rain isn’t that bad, what do you want on a hot day? A bit of rain on your face, dancing in the rain on a hot day is beautiful.

If you got asked to put together the ultimate 5 piece Rowetta rock band who would you have in it and who would be your manager and who would you take on tour as your support act? I refuse to answer this one, I’ve worked with too many amazing musicians I just couldn’t choose it’s too hard! All I could say is my band would be all Mancunian. ■ Check out Rowetta at:


t h g i L l a n m u ut


Fashion Story Credits... PHOTOGRAPHER & RE-TOUCHING Sam Fairbrother STYLIST Sonia Genders & Assistant Laura Sellers HAIR Carly Guy Fake Bake Beauty Boutique Located in Selfridges, Manchester MAKE-UP Collette Casey using Artdeco cosmetics. MODELS Rebecca & Marcus

Rebecca wears; Jacket, ÂŁ1260, by Philip Armstrong, from Harvey Nichols.

Rebecca wears; Jumper, £145, by Diesel Gold, Skirt, £290, by Just Cavalli, both from Harvey Nichols. Earings and Necklace, Stylist’s own. Marcus wears; Shirt, £170, by Kenzo, and Trousers, £285, by McQ, both from Harvey Nichols.

Left hand page, Blouse, £835, by Roberto Cavalli, Boots, £160, by Jeffrey Campbell, both from Harvey Nichols. Shorts, £27.50, from Runway Knutsford or Alderley Edge and available online at Socks & Ring, Stylist’s own. This page, Dress, £260, by T by Alexander Wang, from Harvey Nichols.

Marcus wears; Cardigan, £505, by Just Cavalli, from Harvey Nichols. Trousers, Stylist’s own.

Rebecca wears top left; Dress, £745, by Alexander McQueen, from Harvey Nichols. Necklace, £145, by Dower and Hall, from Green & Benz. Earings, Stylist’s own. Bottom right; Shorts, £27.50, from Runway Knutsford or Alderley Edge and available online at

Rebecca wears; Dress, £37.50, and Gilet, £265, both from Runway Knutsford or Alderley Edge and available online at Bracelet, £340, by Tomasz Donocik, from Green & Benz. Ring, and Shoes, Stylist’s own.

RUNWAY New season reports...


Walk like a Man...


Back in Black...


Love Leather...


Fantasise about Fur...


Rise of the Oversize...


Slouch It...


Vamp up your Accessories...


Tough Love...

Every day is a fashion show and the world is the RUNWAY. With Love From

Sharon x 33 King Street, Knutsford 01565 220023 41 London Rd, Alderley Edge 01625 584180



From Emily’s laid-back Hampton beach look, to Ashley’s cute and girly outfits and Victoria’s figure hugging evening dresses, Revenge has offered us a tv show that is not only gripping but that also provides us with more

amazing clothes than Gossip Girl.


If you

haven’t watched it yet then you are missing out. The

storyline has been described as slightly Girl with a dragon tattoo mixed with the count of Monte Cristo mixed with the OC

but even if that doesn’t float your boat, the

clothes certainly will.



1. 2.




1. “The Designer” Satchel, £113, Cambridge Satchel Company 2. April Chelsea Boot, £65, Topshop 3. Converse Ct Lite Ox Optical White, £39.99, Office 4. DVF Khalila Stretch Silk Top, £270, Harvey Nichols 5. Vero Moda Very Tailored Shorts, £35, Asos 6. Prodiga Peplum Dress, £395, Flannels 7. Finders Keepers “Falls Like Rain” Dress, £95, Harvey Nichols 8. Rib Strap Bodycon Dress, £37, Miss Selfridge 9. Demi Curve Skinny Jean, £80, Levi’s 10. Play by Comme De Garcon Striped Heart Top, £100, Selfridges




Planning a party? the movie “Bright Young Things,” based on the novel “Vile Bodies” by Evelyn Waugh evokes a time gone by when the men dressed to impress and the girls

release your inner bright young thing by channelling exquisite 1930’s gentlemen style. With a focus on dinner suits

were footloose and fancy free. Following the lives and loves of a group of young socialites, and quirky accessories, get yourself dressed up to the nines


decadence and debauchery.

and prepare for an evening of Dancing,





1. DOLCE & GABBANA Half Velvet Lapel Evening Suit, 1395.00, Flannels 2. Without Prejudice Single breasted textured blazer, 299.00, House Of Fraser 3. Paul Smith Satin Lapel Evening Suit, £715, Flannels 4. ETON Self Herringbone Shirt, 105.00, Flannels 5. White and black long sleeve braces shirt, 199.00, Unconditional 6. Jeffery West Dash New Wingcap Shoes, 280.00. 7. Calvin Klein Three pack Geometric socks, 21.00, Selfridges 8. Simon Carter Gunmetal Asprin Cufflinks, 45.00, Harvey Nichols 9. Alexander McQueen Printed Silk Bow Tie, 95.00, Harvey Nichols 10. Raymon Weil Tradition, 550.00, The Watch Gallery- Selfridges


VIVA T R E N D S VIVA’S HOT FEMALE CATWALK PICKS THIS AUTUMN! With September just around the corner it’s natural to want new clothes, after all we got new school uniforms, stationery and shoes this month for years so why should it stop now? The AW12 catwalks saw the return of the power suit, defined waists and fine tailoring making this Autumn the perfect time to add some super cute pieces to your wardrobe.





Burberry Prorsum AW12 Runway

Victoria Beckham AW12 Runway

Haider Ackermann AW12 Runway


2 3





1. Paule Ka Printed Wool Dress, £565, Harvey Nichols 2. Black and White Boucle Dress, £45, Miss Selfridge 3. Straight Cut Jersey Skirt, £34.99, Mango 4. ”Harper” Suede Shoe, £195, L.K.Bennett 5. Lou Soft Leather Look Bag, £25, 6. Allix Cotton Shirt, £79, Ted Baker 7. Pop Check Trousers, £87, French Connection 8. Lanvin Belted Sateen Dress, £640, Harvey Nichols 9. Label Lab Tailored Wool Blazor, £115, House of Fraser 10. Pop Check Jackets, £145, French Connection 11. Turnlock Leather Belt, £75, Reiss

VIVA’S HOT MALE CATWALK PICKS THIS AUTUMN! Calling all tribes! The summer days of (some) sun, fun and frolics are drawing to a close but there is still time to squeeze in a few more festivals. Taking inspiration from Aztec print, release your inner native by teaming print shirts to faded denim or anything with a vintage, well worn vibe and go global with scarves and bracelets to emphasise this tribal trend. All that is left to do is throw on a rucksack full of your vital festival-going equipment and grab your wellies!



Etro A

/W 12

an Lac

roix A/

W 12



8 Aztec Print



9 4

6 7

1. Green Aztec Chambray Short Sleeve Shirt, 28.00, Topman 2.Jungmaven 6.2 oz Batik Print Tee (Navy), 50.00, Oi Polloi 3. Black Hunter Wellies, 80.00, Selfridges 4. Alexander McQueen Printed Silk chiffon Scarf, 165.00, Harvey Nichols 5. D SQUARED Kenny Twist Jeans, 300.00, Selfridges 6. Multi Woven Aztec Shorts, 30.00, Topman 7. Adidas Originals Kopenhagen, 65.99 8. Moncler Bryen Contrast Trim Parka, 590.00, Harvey Nichols 9. Aztec Backpack, 30.00, 10. Bracelet Pack, 10.00, River Island


ICING ON THE CAKE Delicious, divine, delectable. There’s nothing sweeter in life then rocking out some serious bling in candy tones. Indulge your sweet tooth with these fabulous statement pieces & with accessories like these who can resist?


6. 5.

Photo by Karin Albinson Re-touching by Andrew Brooks Art Direction by Ross Forsythe Cakes by Hey Little Cupcake 1. Dower and Hall Necklace, £395, available from Green & Benz


2. Sarah Ho Pendant, £950, available from Green & Benz 3. Sarah Ho Earrings, £975, available from Green & Benz 4. Chimento Stretch Bracelet, £580, available from Phillip Stoner 5. Fei Liu Earrings, £144, available from Green & Benz 6. Iosselliani Necklace, £200, available from Harvey Nichols



7. Dower and hall Bracelet, £255, available from Green & Benz 8. Iossellianin Crystal Gem Drop Earrings, £200, available from Harvey Nichols 9. Chimento Ring, £1860, available from Phillip Stoner 10. YSL Classic Arty Oval Ring, £180, available from Harvey Nichols 11. Sarah Ho Ring, £2250, from available from Green & Benz 12. Emerald Ring, £2690, available from Phillip Stoner 13. Fei Lui Bracelet, £240, available from Green & Benz 14. Iosselliani Coloured Stone Bracelet, £185, available from Harvey Nichols



9. 10.



14. 13.

VIVA B E S P O K E F A S H I O N Manchester Bespoke With Manchester hosting the Football for the summer Olympics, we at VIVA ask Jeffery West and Richard Smith Bespoke how they will be taking to the big stage this summer.


anchester United’s Old Trafford will play host to the Football event of the Olympics, bringing in a flurry of international fans rooting for their country to capture the coveted gold medal. Of course Manchester and its Mancunians are no strangers to a big stage, so with this summer’s grand event coming to the doorstep why not jump in feet first and show that national pride. With a pair of Jeffery West shoes you get something that is quintessentially British, something with a certain penchant for flair. To show off that British pride, Jeffery West have created a striking pair of Oxford Union Jack shoes. Called the “Brilleaux- 25th Anniversary ‘ALBION’ Oxford”, this pair of shoes celebrate Lee Brilleaux and the band Dr. Feelgood, harnessing that true British pride. Of course this pair of shoes isn’t for the faint of heart but with everyone hooting and hollering for Team GB this summer why not let your footwear join in? The ethos of Jeffery West is to create a style that gives the wearer a truly unique shoe of the highest quality and that has a

truly British flair. But surprisingly Jeffery West creates some of the most stylish and devilishly seductive accessories in Manchester. From pewter Cobra head canes to Devil Head handle umbrellas the Jeffery West man has the accessories to fit the shoes. A favourite is the pewter cufflinks that come in an array of styles set with a variety of colourful semi-precious stones. The accessories tailor towards those that seek something a bit different, something that conveys a darker side that sets you apart from the crowd. Of course with this summer season coming to a close we must now look towards making adjustments to our wardrobe and prepare for the colder months. VIVA has gotten an exclusive preview on Jeffery West’s autumn collection. Expect a nod towards a seasonal trend on metallics and eye-catching flair. They give certain flamboyance to your more practical winter wardrobe.

Jeffery West, 1 Barton Arcade, Deansgate. Manchester M3 2BB

Call us: 0161 835 9284 Accross town VIVA caught up with Richard Smith Bespoke to see how he is taking centre stage, rather in the big apple itself. This September he will be presenting at Nolcha Fashion Week, an independent fashion week that coincides with New York Fashion week. Nolcha Fashion Week provides the opportunity for independent designers to present their collections on an international stage where hopefully they can access bigger markets. Nolche Fashion week will attract press, buyers and everyone from NYC socialites to fashion bloggers who will be scouting for the next big thing. For Richard Smith’s collection he will feature what is essentially British, something that is versatile and crafted to the highest detail from the stitching to the cut of the cloth. Checks will play a major role in Smith’s collection, using Prince of Wales checks with subtle colouring to a make a statement suit that contrasts a colorful gingham shirt. This British tailor turned designer will be bringing a playful, confident kind of suited gentleman to the States, a more European cut but with the same American panache. One of the main features Richard brings to his collection is that he wants the pieces to be versatile, the ability to wear them separately and with different looks. Being one of a few menswear lines that

will be presenting at Nolcha Fashion week Richard Smith has an advantage at getting some of NYC’s most elite men to model his clothes, ranging from US celebrity models to multimillion dollar businessmen. Richard Smith has transformed his brand from a Bespoke tailor to hopefully a global brand. One step at a time, but still this Mancunian has his eyes set towards the American market to hopefully bring his superb customer service and English sartorial sense across the pond. This year is an exciting year for Britain, especially Manchester. With the Olympics in full swing and one of our own making his way to one of the fashion capitals of the world, Manchester is making its mark. From showcasing true British pride with a classic shoe, to bringing true English style to the States, Manchester’s sartorial savvy men are taking centre stage this summer. ■

Richard Smith Bespoke, 2 a St. Marys Street, Manchester M3 2LB

Call us: 0161 832 1995 words: Andre Buenacosa


ake a back seat from stress with the launch of the UK’s first ever rejuvenation pods - exclusively available at the Bali Health Lounge in Manchester city centre.

The urban spa oasis in George Street launched 12 of the pods with a VIP party, where celebrities and Manchester’s beautiful people relaxed in style and tried out the unique pods in a stunning setting. Coronation Street star Michelle Collins, Blue Peter’s dare-devil Helen Skelton , former Olympic star Diane Modahl and Emmerdale’s Roxanne Pallett, were among them. Each pod is separated by a fibre-optic lighting soft screen which releases soothing lavender scents while customers take a back seat from stress in a superb luxury Bali massage chair. The Bali Health Lounge rejuvenation pods cost just £10 for a 30 minute session or £15 for 60 minutes, giving busy workers, shoppers and those who simply want to chill, the perfect oasis in the heart of the city. And what’s more the health lounge’s superb masseuses can provide additional one-on-one treatments whilst customers are in the massage chair, including scalp, foot and hand ritual treatments starting from an additional £20. “Massage is one of the oldest healing treatment in the world and has been shown to help with everything from back pain and migraines to reducing anxiety,.” said owner Jonathan Pitayanukul. “Our philosophy at the Bali Health Lounge is to bring massage to more people because just 15 minutes of relaxation a day can make you so much more productive at work and also in all our busy lives as parents, partners and friends. “The rejuvenation pods are unique and we created them so even the busiest person can take a back seat once in a while.” The Bali Health Lounge’s luxury massage chairs provide Shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and tapping functions. A hidden gem, it fuses the best in traditional Oriental and contemporary treatments with a team of hand-picked expert masseuses and beauticians. Opened just six months ago, it is set on three luxurious floors with a tea lounge on the first floor, the rejuvenation pods on the second floor and treatment rooms (including doubles and Yoga massage room) on the top floor. It offers facials using Payot and Ytsara brands from just £39 with body treatments from £36, Indiba and i-Lipo face and body treatments start from £65 as well as manicures and pedicures from £18. The Bali Health Lounge has also created its own unique signature massage oils and offers signature body massages from £30 as well as traditional Thai Yoga massages. Open seven days a week from 10am to 6pm with late night opening until 8pm on Thursday and Fridays, to book call 0161 850 2288 or email To find out more, log onto ■

MR MALE GROOMING is on the move


arl Lewis and Chris Philips, the owners of MR male grooming barber’s salon in Spinningfields, took a brief moment to tell us a little bit about the business. Previously managers at City Gent barbers they have taken their talents and ideas and created a seriously successful grooming parlour of their own. MR Male Grooming opened in January 2011 and has grown steadily for the last eighteen months. The décor is quite masculine but nonetheless extremely stylish giving the salon a traditional gentleman’s retreat, barber’s shop feel. “Somewhere,” they say, “where you can have a good, blokey chat while getting your hair cut.” It works. And the salon services supplement the experience: complimentary beer with each haircut, beneficial laundry service and a luxurious range of MR branded hair products all contribute to ensure that exceptionally high quality barbering is not the only thing to enjoy at MR. Yet for all that, the salon is without the pretentiousness common in other Manchester establishments. Chris began his career at the age of sixteen in women’s hairdressing while Karl fell into the job when he broke his arm and had to stay with his hairdresser sister. Their attention to detail, customer care and high quality styling skills meant that they have had to move to

a bigger location after just eighteen months. Their popularity might also be attributed to the fact that they deliver a high-end service at very reasonable prices. All the staff are very friendly and the atmosphere of the salon is affable and comforting. Karl and Chris hope to achieve ‘world domination’ - they say jokingly - ‘some time this year. They are looking to open another salon in Leeds and plan to expand the brand and number of salons as and when it’s right. “We might look for a unit on Mars,” was said with a chuckle. The name MR - fits perfectly so where did it come from? “There is,” they said, “nothing worse than a name like ‘Hair by Audrey.’ We wanted to create something simple that sounded more like a brand. You can have a play with the words

as well. ‘MR’ could stand for ‘Men’s Room’ for instance.” Whatever else it may stand for MR means an exceptional hairdressing experience for any man that walks through their door. And with business thriving the way it is, there will be many more MR doors through which to walk before too long. ■

Mr Male Grooming salon visit: call: 0161 834 1610 Unit 2, New Quay Street Spinningfields NCP Manchester, M3 3BE


Open 6 days a week - Week days by appointment only, contact us on 0161 834 1610 for more details. Oppening times are: Monday - 9am-6pm, Tuesday - 9am-6pm, Wednesday - 9am-6pm, Thursday - 9am-6:40pm, Friday - 9am-6pm, Saturday (Walk ins only) - 10am-4pm - Prices ranging from £18. Mr Male Grooming, Unit 2, New Quay Street, Spinningfields NCP, M3 3BE Terms & Conditions 25% discount offer is only valid for new customers.

Olympic torchbearer TATIANA NEWS...


Chemmy Alcott

gets a Union

Jack makeover


hemmy Alcott, Olympic Alpine Ski Racer and Dancing On Ice contestant, carried the Olympic torch during its 70 day journey from Land’s End to the Olympic Stadium on July 24. She come over all patriotic by having the union jack dip dyed into her hair. Completing the look with her flag ski suit and carrying an official Olympic torch she looked every inch proud to be British! And Britain’s Hall of Fame skier Chemmy Alcott is delighted about the selection, describing it as “an amazing honour and privilege”.

The look was completed by Tatiana Hair Extensions, and clip in Olympic pieces are available in the salon now (made to order). Chemmy, who is a good friend of Zara Phillips, has competed in three Winter Olympic Games. ■

For the Manchester salon visit: call: 0161 236 4467 or pop into the salon, 56 Port Street, Manchester, M1 2EQ


When I need to shop for my daily beauty essentials, I pop into either Superdrug or Boots in the high street. I’m not really fancy with my cosmetics, I like to be simple and make sure I have all the essentials I need easily accessed without the fuss. They’re both really great stores for accessing everything anyway and always have everything I need in. With loads of bargains on most products, so it’s a win-win situation!

Getting into the Olympic spirit!

With the Olympics coming up, I feel it’s important for everyone to do their part and, in some way, get sported up for the event! It’s such an amazing event to be taking place in our country. I’m really getting into sport at the moment. I’m doing my bit by taking up a thirty day sport challenge at I’m trying my best with it but basically I’ve just suddenly gone ‘oh’ and I’ve realised I’m not at their level. But I want to be so I’m going to soldier on with it! And instead to simplify it for me, they’re doing this challenge where they will put together a programme for me and there will be results by the end of it.

My Best beauty products

Going to events and wanting to feel as glamorous as I can be, I like to beautify my eyes a bit more to make an effort, even though I support the natural look as well. At the moment, my favourite beauty product has to be Art deco eyeliner, it’s in a gorgeous elegant black coal colour and it looks amazing when applied for a night out. It’s suiting me really well. You can buy it from Debenhams for £14.50.

Boho Style and Alba admiration!

I love the boho style this season. Celebrities who can support the look and can pull it off really appeal to me. I love it; I just think it looks really trendy. I absolutely love Jessica Alba’s style. Just anything she seems to wear or be styled in looks amazing. I wish I could wear what she wears, so simple. Yet looks so nice! I suppose it helps too that she’s gorgeous!

x b Love Tionna @tinao tter twi Follow me

Staying beautiful

I think it’s really important to keep your skin healthy and shiny. Looking after my skin is my top priority. I think it looks best when it’s natural. I just bought myself some eye cream. Which I think is really nice. And it’s doing really well so far. It’s by a company called Bliss. So I’ll be putting that on every night before I go to sleep. I definitely feel that it’s important to I barefaced days, I myself feel a lot better without as much make-up on. And seeing as the barefaced look is coming back into trend for autumn, I feel it’s a perfect season for my type of look. My eyebrows aren’t low maintenance and require a lot of work! I’m actually always trying to fill them out a bit more. They’re a bit too thin. There are lots of ways you can fill them out to make them fuller or a bit more shaped but I prefer to use an eyebrow pencil thicken mine out a bit more.’’

Sweet boutiques

I’ve really fallen in love with a little clothing line called ‘’Dahlia boutique.’’ It’s been recognised by Topshop for its amazing clothing and is also now stocked in Topshop. Every time I go to London now that is like my little pleasure, I’ll go ‘’ooh I’ve got time’’ and I’ll try on loads! I just go there and want to buy everything. Everything in there is just my perfect ideal style. It’s all so pretty. Its vintage styled, but up-todate clothing. The price range is from £20 – £65 or upwards. Some of the pieces are quite expensive but really gorgeous, so worth it. I’m also supporting a boutique in Manchester at the moment called Hannah Makes Things; I really like her clothing and style! It’s her own boutique and her website is called: ■

Dermaskin only employs experienced doctors who have performed hundreds of these procedures previously. Call us now for a FREE consultation or visit the website for more information. Botox 1 area £99 2 areas £198 3 areas £270 Botox for underarm sweating/hyperhidrosis £350

Chemical peels 1 peel £99 Course of 3 £250

Teeth Grinding £275 Radiesse from £350 Sculptra from £400

Fillers Nasolabial fillers £240 Lips £280

QUOTE: VIVA10 on booking to get 10% off total treatment where value exceeds £150.

Call us on 0161 850 5060 Suite 3, 49 King St, Manchester, M2 7AY email:




he supportive underwear market was made famous by Bridget Jones and the big ‘hold em in’ knickers she opted to wear for her hot date with Daniel Cleaver. This market is now worth millions, with many huge brands such as Playtex, Spanx and Marks and Spencer making their own range of supportive garments to help women and more recently, men, lose inches off their waistlines. The newest contender in this fiercely competitive industry is “MyShapes” which not only does the traditional task of streamlining one’s silhouette, they also claim to reduce cellulite and actually help you loose weight. The brand, which has already been featured in The Sunday Telegraph and Daily Mail is planning to roll out into high end department stores nationwide in the Autumn.


The secret to Myshapes is ‘Emana.’ Emana is an innovative new fibre, developed in Brazil, a country famous for the body beautiful. Emana contains bioactive crystals which absorbs body heat and returns it in the form of far infrared rays. (FIR) These rays penetrate into the skin and interact with the body, stimulating blood micro circulation and cellular metabolism.


To put plainly when worn regularly the MyShapes Emana range reduces the signs of cellulite, takes centimetres off the waist, hips, thighs and bum, gives younger looking skin and offers comfort and wellness. Independent studies show Emana increases skin elasticity by 8%, reduces the signs of cellulite by 11% and increases the production of collagen by between 6-16%. Emana also reduces muscle fatigue, increases body energy and improves body oxygenation. But it’s not only these amazing health benefits that makes MyShapes the shape wear range everyone is talking about. Just look at the before and after pictures of plus size model Jenna. Her shape is transformed with the Emana Top Shaper and Leggings, and her dress size dramatically reduced to a 14 from a 16! Myshapes come in a full range of women’s undergarments including pants, vests, boxer, brief and leggings, perfect for under any outfit to give you a sleek and slim silhouette! The full range can be bought and viewed directly at their website ■ Exclusive offer for VIVA readers please enter code Vivamag2012 to claim 20% discount on your first order!

years either in south Manchester or Cheshire and, with the team’s photographic work being published overseas, they are looking for the opportunity to do shows and seminars abroad. “At the moment we are developing a close link with Stockport College,” said Sharon, “So that we can have more control over the NVQ training.” “If we keep everything in-house we can properly maintain the quality of what the students are learning.” explained Adam.



alon Director Sharon Peake and Creative Director Adam Bryant gave us the lowdown on the ethos behind Ethos and their wonderful ‘garden inspired’ hair shoot. Ethos first opened in Manchester’s Northern Quarter in 2003. Within a year a second salon was added in Chorlton. The salons are both contemporary and stylish and manage to deliver a high-end yet friendly atmosphere rather than the sterile or clinical feel. Customers feel appreciated, they are part of the process, their views valued and we take time to listen so that we can offer the very best possible advice and service. There is a particular and refreshing attentiveness to the smallest of details - a varied seasonal drinks menu, freshly laundered gowns sealed in bags - which enhance the whole experience for each client. Ethos work locally with the charity Hair 4 U and The Christie hospital in Manchester cutting and styling wigs for teenagers with cancer. There is a passion about this side of their work. “It’s really great,” said Adam, “We provide high-quality wigs, consultations, stylings and fittings and then they (the teenagers) return to us for any follow-up care such as shampooing or further styling.” Sharon too is extremely enthusiastic about the charity side. “Working with Hair 4 U means we can use our expertise and experience alongside a national charity while helping local families.” The team at Ethos are all carefully handpicked by Sharon and Adam who take every opportunity to promote their staff and showcase their abilities and creativity. In April they completed their first presentation at the Professional Hair Show Live in Manchester - appearing on the Creative Workshop stage - and are now being entered into national competitions. Sharon, having gained three consecutive titles at the British Hairdressing Awards, is now a judge for the BHA and has been entered into their Hall of Fame. She and Adam are keen to develop the team in the same direction. “Next year we have to decide on our gameplan for the Awards simply because there are so many categories that we will be able to enter.” Ethos, though is not standing still. There is an ambition to open a third salon within the next two


For the first time ever the whole Ethos team worked on the shoot. Adam, as Creative Director, led the team in developing styles for the shoot. They created moodboards following the theme of ‘in the garden.’ Petals, mosses, woods and creepers were variously used for inspiration. “The hair of one model,” commented Adam, “Was made to look as if it had just been done in the salon, only for her to walk out and have it blown about by the wind and affected by the elements.” ■

Fashion Story Credits: Hair by the Ethos creative team Art direction by Adam Bryant Photography by Tony Le Britton Photography assistant Lee Brown Retouching by Craig Fleming Styling by Natalie Armin Makeup by Julie Ann Pattinson Clothes by Harvey Nichols Jewellery by Fatz K

VIVA P A M P E R I N G 2. 1. 3.

1. James Read gradual tan for body – light and medium. £24.50 available at Harvey Nichols. Give your body a bronze boost with this moisturizer, combined with a touch of self tan the colour will start to develop in under an hour, but will go deeper with every use. 2. The colour adapting All In One BB cream. Available from the body shop. £12 All In One BB cream holds a formula that provides 24 hour hydration and colour adapts. Creating a perfect match and a smooth and detectable finish. 3. Cowshed slender cow three step solution. Each sold separately. Cowshed Slender Cow Extra Firming Body Butter, 200ml £28 the scrub 350g £34 The Serum 150ml £36 A specialized trio of products, to help detoxify firm and tone skin. 4. LP Skin therapy priced from £15 available from is based on a simple philosophy a healthy mind means healthy skin. The range combines actives and peptides to combat signs of ageing with ingredients known as nootropics; they are smart nutrients which release ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain.

Beautify yourself this AUTUMN... ...for HER


5. 4.

5. Hydra control moisture revive shower gel. 250ml Available from £14. Moisturises and conditions whilst forming a rich creamy lather and natural ingredients to cleanse skin, the body wash will relieve dryness and flaking of skin. Uses an ingredient called desert lime and it is extremely high in antioxidants. 6. Clinique chubby stick moisturising lip colour balm. £16 each. Available from Boots stores. Irresistible colourful lip crayons. Clinique introduces eight new vibrant shades. Packaged in the same playful, crayon-like barrels.

7. 4.

7. Butter London Autumn Winter 2012 Lacquer Collection. Colours include, Lovely jubbly, Trustafarian, Gob smacked, Shag, Dodgy Barnett. £12 Available at Harvey Nichols or 8. New from Bare Minerals SPF 20 correcting concealer to hide any of those unwanted blemishes, so no matter what you’ve got to hide we’ve got you covered. These multitaskers of course are great for your skin combining a mineral colorant that helps disguise serious skin imperfections, and a lemon peel extract, a botanical brightener that works to decrease the appearance of dark spots and discolouration over time. Available in 8 shades from most department stores, £21.

8. 4.

9. Treat yourself and relax with Voya’s Lazy Day’s wild harvested seaweed bath. This hand-harvested Atlantic seaweed, combined with organic sea salt to care for your skin and help the signs of aging, whilst very relaxing at the same time. Available from Selfridges, £18.

9. 4.

6. 4.





1. StriVectin Men’s wrinkle fighting tool kit. Daily shaving can aggravate the skin, reducing the skin’s natural barrier against ageing. Clinically proven to help reduce visible signs of aging. Skincare for men that delivers smooth skin. From Harvey Nichols for £67.


2. The fresh energetic fragrance of the ocean is captured with a citrus fragrance. Polo blue sport represents a man who loves competing. Available at Selfridges for £43.

3. Clinique Anti-Blemish oil control cleansing mask (100ml) can be bought from Selfridges for £18. The soothing natural clay-based mask helps heal blemishes, prevents breakouts and helps rejuvenate skin. 4. Jack of London Double Duty facial moisturiser ideal for daily use. This lightweight moisturiser is advanced to visibly improve the skin’s overall appearance and provides lasting hydration without oilyness and heaviness. Available from for £28. 5. De-Stress Bath & Shower Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Lotions. The powerful oil blends in each product, analgesic that helps support tender muscles, as well as Ginger and Black Pepper. Available at for £45.

...for HIM

6. Trussardi Uomo 100ml Aftershave lotion is a new formula with vegetal ingredients that combine with the toning effect of alcohol to give the skin a feeling of freshness. From Harvey Nichols for £45.

6. 4.

5. 4.

7. R’enegy 3D is a firming complex formulated by Lancome, it’s designed to combat wrinkles and loss of firmness, it features 25,000 microlifts to lift every millimetre of skin. Available from Selfridges, £53. 8. The Acqua Di Parma luxurious after shave balm (100ml) is lightly perfumed so your skin is left scented with the delicate fragrance of the labels Colonia intensa scent. Can be bought from Harvey Nichols for £37. 9. ‘The art of shaving’ Carry on Kit contains the essentials for a close yet comfortable shave whilst you are on the go. Guarantees optimal shaving results. Available from Harvey Nichols, £43.

9. 4.

8. 4.

7. 4.



his issue we look at three hot gadgets for making sure you’ve got the best soundtrack to your summer – and a brand new gadget that’s caught our eye as an extremely special ‘one to watch’. So, the top gadgets as recommended by VIVA this time around are…

1.VIVA’s ‘One to Watch’: Little Printer Here at VIVA we like to think we’re one step ahead of the crowd, and we like our readers to be too… Little Printer is a miniature device that – via your smartphone – will collect games, puzzles and news stories, printing them out into your own miniature and personal newspaper style format. The device is already working with partners the Guardian, Google, ARUP, Nike and foursquare to produce original, relevant tailored content. If you don’t believe us, watch the video. Buy: pre-ordering expected to be available sometime around Autumn 2012 See:

3. Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay The latest gadget from Bang & Olufsen is iPad speaker frame BeoPlay A3. The portable piece has an artistic and flexible build and is ideal for background music either at a gathering or whilst cooking, working or simply relaxing. When portable, the BeoPlay A3 has seven hours battery life – or when plugged in the mains will charge your device as it plays. Currently only in black. Price: £449.00 Buy: in-store from Bang & Olufsen 55 King Street Manchester M2 4LQ

words: Matt Horwood

2. ‘Retro radio’ The ‘Retro’ radio from British company View Quest acts as a musical Midas, for its combination of chic design, affordable price and impressive functionality; with its leather surround and strap and choice of colours – it can fit into any lifestyle. With Digital, FM Radio and docking options (iPhone, iPod and an AUX-in for other sources) – it’s a gadget perfect for all occasions. Its fifteen hour battery life makes it portable for road trips, picnics on the beach or just drinks in the garden. Price £99.99 Buy:, stores including Currys, Maplin, PC World and Argos.

4. Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A8 The second gadget we’re looking at this issue from the fabulous Bang & Olufsen is their BeoPlay A8 – a wireless hub to stream all of your favourite music. Although its design is loyal to the sleek, chic feel of other B&O products, the BeoPlay A8 works with integrated Apple AirPlay technology – meaning it will play all your favourite music via your iPod, iPad or other musical device with no need for physical connection. The hub can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf, is extremely simple to start and continue using, and comes with a removable docking station as an additional option for users. Price £749.00 Buy: in-store from Bang & Olufsen, 55 King Street, Manchester, M2 4LQ

Pimp Your Crib 2.




5. 6.


2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Rousseau’s Design Bubble Chair is an aerial masterpiece, available from at £3,950 Luxury Roman Slate Bed Table is available from at £11,295 The Jacuzzi Nova Inset Whirlpool Bath is available from Art and nature collide with Vanessa Mitrani’s beautiful aquarium. Enquire within at This striking and unusual PL-130 Polyethylene Planter can be bought from at £6,630 Sleep like never before with the HiCan Futuristic Bed. Enquire within at

VIVA Style








8. 9. 10. 11.

Make your home stand out with the Hex Table by Incorporated. Available from at ÂŁ573 Why not relax and get cosy with the Slabend Champagne Table, on enquiry at The Eco Smart, easy to use Mini T Fire Place by Paul Cohen can be bought from Enquire within The Hex Chair is on offer from at ÂŁ2,090.99. More colour options are also available Giancarlo Zema has designed the unusual Bright Woods Collection. Enquire at


The Crème De La Crème Of Cycles:



reme is a European company manufacturing classic, quality commuter bikes. Although a young company Creme has deep roots in design and manufacturing, with expertise reaching as far back as the beginning of the century.

Creme’s ideology is to create high quality classic style bikes that appeal to a wide range of sub cultures, young and old. Timeless style is a fundamental value that can be found with Creme. Creme believe that most of today’s Urban Bicycles are dull, built poorly or packed with features that make it difficult to focus on the simple pleasure that comes from riding a bicycle. With this in mind and along with a wealth of experience from other areas in the bicycle industry, Creme teamed up with a cult steel frame maker from Japan and created something totally different. Whether you want to get somewhere fast or the journey is as important as the destination, Creme have something for you. It’s all about quality, style and comfort. All Creme models are hand assembled and painted in Europe - so expect nothing but perfection! These bikes are for everyday people who don’t necessarily ride bikes, for people who don’t need carbon and clever components. The range has been tested with non-bike people in mind.

“Bikes have always been our hobby, our passion and our job. Our whole life has been revolving around two wheels.”

VIVA S P O R T Café Racer – Men’s and Ladies – Starting from £499.99

The Café Racer commuter bike’s design is influenced by hand built porter bicycles of the 50’s and 60’s. The semi-upright position will give you a perfect balance between comfort and speed, whilst the front rack will be ideal for carrying your groceries, laptop or just about anything else that you need to take with you. But take note that the Café Racer is not only practical but also exceptionally beautiful. Look closer at the paint job and the finish of the parts. You will find some rare features not commonly found in today’s bicycles, like hand polished rims and a lugged frame and fork, making this machine a treat for bike connoisseurs. However, you don’t have to be a bicycle mechanic to ride this bike every day - there are no external dérailleurs, no adjustment knobs, and all Café Racers feature very clean cable routing. All this will give you a classic looking bicycle that is a pleasure to use every day.

Café Racer

The Café Racer comes in 2 price levels, as a single speed or 3-speed, with men’s or ladies frames, each in 3 sizes.

Glider – Starting from £419.99

The Glider is a great bike for bike paths, beaches and other recreational rides. We guarantee a smile every time you ride. It’s comfortable, stylish yet at the same time practical and fast. The bike has no fenders and front hub with quick release system, so it’s easier to pack it in the back of a car or carry it upstairs. It has a beautiful lugged steel frame with sexy curves. The big tyres ensure a smooth rolling ride on all surfaces.


Available in single speed or 3 speed versions.

Holy Moly – Mens and Ladies Starting from £499.99

The Holy Moly bikes are the perfect choice for anyone who believes that the journey is just as important as the destination. The Holy Moly’s design is influenced by classic Dutch bikes, with a lugged frame and great care to details giving this bike a fine retro taste. With the completely upright position, we can guarantee that if you take a ride on the same route as you normally do on your mountain bike or road bike you will notice things that you never saw before. At Creme, we use the Holy Moly bikes on our evening cruises that take us to our favourite restaurants in our seaside resort of Sopot, Poland. If you value style and comfort over speed, then this is the bicycle for you. Available in 2 price levels, 2 frame sizes with men’s or women’s frames. ■

Holy Moly

VIVA m o t o r i n g

The Land Rover

Experience at

Peckforton Castle


ver the past thirty years, Land Rover have grown from agricultural tool to a highly desired luxury item of the rich and famous. This has been perfectly galvanized by accoladestudded Peckforton Castle’s acquisition of their highly prized Land Rover Experience package.

Jubilant Chris Naylor, owner of Peckforton Castle stated that “This is just the start of what is to be a new chapter in the Castle’s history. I am excited that this is the first step of what will be an exciting future for us.” The full fleet, located within the stunning Peckforton grounds, gives thrill seekers the opportunity to try out the latest models of Defender, Range Rover, Discovery, Range Rover Sport, Evoque and Freelander-all ‘off road’ and in the heart of the beautiful Cheshire countryside. The grade I listed castle itself is already home to some of Cheshire’s best kept secrets, such as their AA Rosette winning restaurant 1851 and their beauty spa Tranquility. And with their new additional 11 en-suite rooms and excellent transport links, the already popular Cheshire retreat looks set for 2013 to be one of its biggest years! With activities ranging from a half-day introductory course for whetting your appetite for the off-road experience to the intensive level 2 experience, where drivers can ‘take to the elements,’ enjoying the more extreme terrain the Cheshire countryside has on offer.


It is a great time for Peckforton Castle to be linked with Land Rover as the Indian-owned car manufacturer has just reported annual pre-tax profits of £1.51bn confirming it as the brand that is ‘in demand’ amongst car lovers. Having already bounced back after falling victim to a highly damaging arson attack last year, the hotel is on the rise once more after a £2.3 million restoration project. But this recent addition to Peckforton Castle is just the beginning for the castle. On the subject Chris has revealed his high hopes for the new takeover: “The acquisition is a natural progression in developing Peckforton Castle as the perfect magical venue and market leader in our industry. The Land Rover Experience will form the backbone of our £1.5 million new activity centre, which will be located within the Castle grounds, due for opening in 2013.” Nonetheless, if you’re looking for the ultimate in Land Rover experience with a touch of prestige hard to match, then Peckforton Castle is well worth a visit. Land Rover’s long history of luxury juxtaposed with extreme practicality is highlighted perfectly at Peckforton. ■ Peckforton Castle
Stone House Lane, Peckforton,
CW6 9TN T 0844 848 6001 

“Arabian nights & chillin’ days” at La Sultana Marrakech...


n oasis in every sense of the word, Marrakech has an atmosphere, and climate far removed from our own. A place where sub-Saharan Africa meets Arab North Africa, creating a melting pot of cultures and a must see for all travellers. After our initiation in the art of bartering with the airport taxi driver we found ourselves, some fifteen minutes later in the heart of imperial Marrakech, being waved down the narrowest of meandering passageways into the discreet entrance of the Hotel Sultana. Once escorted through the modest reception area, we were lead past the calming tranquillity of the courtyard swimming pool and up to the roof terrace with its views of the bustling city both below and beyond. La Sultana is made up of five separate Riads (courtyard houses) , each with their own distinctive architectural style and atmosphere and after a refreshing mint tea we found ourselves entering one of the most beautiful hotel rooms created; the Elephant Suite in Riad Almohade. Combining the worlds of the Indian maharajah and Moorish sultan it is an overload for the senses; six foot high elephant tusks, copper baths, hand carved cedar wood furniture, trays of dried fruits and nuts and a breeze draped balcony overlooking the shady colonnaded pool below. Luckily the hotel manager advised us that due to the heat of the day we shouldn’t venture out into the city until the sun was going down, so we didn’t feel guilty indulging ourselves for the rest of the afternoon in this haven of paradise. As the sun began to set we left the calm of la Sultana and entered the swirling narrow streets of the medina and on into the Jemea El Fna Night market; a heady cocktail of music, noise and smells. Each evening dozens of open air kitchens are set up on the east side of the square with each trader vying for your custom, everyone seems to know Jamie Oliver (and some Jeremy Clarkson as well!), so we chose the busiest, and weren’t disappointed with a vast area of simple local dishes; lamb and chicken brochettes, spicy sausages, grilled fish and the old staple Couscous. We then ventured a few yards north and suddenly found ourselves in the world famous shoppers market, the Souk, a dizzying array of narrow passages each filled with the same type of speciality shops; be they selling leather slippers, wallets, bags, jewellery, lanterns and carpets, and every stall holder offering the “really best price” but then happy to haggle down quite substantially if you remain patient. However unluckily for them we were staying in an oasis of calm, the draw of which was too appealing, so, after a brisk evening stroll through the back streets, we were back in the cool of La Sultana. Breakfast was taken on the hotel’s rooftop terrace, which gave us the early opportunity of ticking off a bit of sightseeing as we could look down onto the Saadian Tombs; where the secluded royal tombs of the Country’s 16th century

Outside dining at La Sultana

rulers lie and across to the Badii Palace with the nesting storks above. While the hustle of Marrakesh could be heard far below we grazed our way through a buffet of seasonal fruits, freshly cooked pastries and eggs benedict and quickly came to the conclusion that city breaks shouldn’t just be about dashing around ticking off each tourist sight, they should also be about relaxing, so we booked a taxi and headed off to Nikki Beach club. Being VIVA we had already sampled a Nikki Beach club in Miami but this was Marrakesh so, although there was no beach, (which one previous on-line reviewer complained about!) it was a sanctuary of calm away from the heat of the City. We lounged by the vast pool and, when the temperature became too much, swam out to one of the floating bars for a Mojito and treated ourselves to a superb lunch of sushi which was served imaginatively on a wooden boat. As the afternoon wore on the DJs started to increase the volume and the clientèle’s dancing became more frenetic so we bid our dues and headed back to freshen up, for our evening out at a traditional Moroccan restaurant. On arrival at our restaurant, La Salama, we were whisked up to the rooftop terrace for a pre-meal cocktail allowing >

Elephant Suite

at La Sultana

The beautiful and relaxing Spa at La Sultana The swimm

ing pool at

La Sultana


Swimming pool &

fine dining at Nikk

i beach.

Jemaa el Fna Square in Marekech

us the opportunity to take in the sun setting across the rooftops of Marrakesh and marvel at the large African skies beyond. Two floors below we were served a traditional local meal of beautiful grilled meats while being entertained by a bevy of belly dancers, one of which could perform this task while balancing a tray of burning candles on her head, which from our own experience is not something you should try to join in with after a satisfying meal and a few aperitifs. Fortunately the phrase, “your carriage awaits” came into our minds, and the restaurant kindly arranged for us a horse drawn taxi back to the hotel which rounded off another quite memorable evening. Along with having the City rarity of its own beautiful courtyard swimming pool, La Sultana also showed us another relaxing way to shy away from the heat, by spending the morning in its stunning basement spa, complete with a star-domed marble Jacuzzi, hammam and solarium. With an extensive range of treatments on offer, we indulged in a traditional body massage that was so relaxing that we had very little option but to while away the rest of the day in the tranquillity of the hotel. In fact it was so relaxing, that it seemed only fitting, that we should spend our last evening indulging our senses dining under the stars on the hotel’s magical roof top terrace. With the noise of the mosques and streets below, the smells of the various smoking aromas wafting across in the wind and the ever changing colours of the evening sky, any meal could only be a backdrop but somehow along with impeccable service, the food was the real star. The chefs say they treat all their meals like works of art with all the ingredients being sourced daily from the local markets using only the freshest fish and meat; for our main course we were served a tajine of slow cooked honey glazed leg of lamb, the exotic flavours of which - like Marrakesh will stay in the memory for ever… ■ words: Clive Lynton

Belly Dancing & food at La Salama Restaurant.

Jack Spratt is a relaxed continental style café restaurant that offers lunch, dinner and drinks throughout the day. It is owned by two brothers and run by themselves and their friends. With our laid back approach to dealing with customers, phenomenal playlist and great homemade food- we are fast becoming the perfect place to dine without all the fuss. Monday - Saturday Serving lunch from 12pm to 2pm Also serving A la Carte from 5pm until 9:30pm Monday - Friday from 5pm - 7pm Early evening £7.95 for 2 courses We now serve Sunday lunch from 12pm - 4pm 11 St James’s Square John Dalton St Manchester M2 6WH 0161 833 1016

/Jack-Spratt-Healthy-Eatery /JackSpratteat



Manchester is well known for its vibrant nightlife and the lively pubs, clubs and bars it plays host to. As VIVA loves a good party and in eager anticipation of Christmas, we’ve been looking at some of the city’s best and most unique party venues. Whatever it is you’re looking for to help your festive celebrations sparkle, we’re sure our handy guide will leave you spoilt for choice.

Go penthouse style with The Light Boutique


f you’re looking for a truly unique, private space to host a Christmas party then look no further than the 15th floor Platinum Penthouse Suites at the Light Boutique Hotel. Both suites have two bedrooms, two bathrooms and large open plan kitchen and living areas which are fully equipped with everything you could need for an exclusive Christmas event. The larger terrace and apartment is suitable when combined for events with up to 100 people, whilst the smaller terrace and apartment

is suitable for events with up to 40 people. Each Penthouse also has a six person hot tub, tables, chairs and sun loungers. If the infamous Manchester weather takes a turn for the worse then marquées and heaters are available to use. With stunning views across the cityscape of Manchester, this amazing venue cannot fail to impress.

the events team to suit your festive occasion. Music and entertainment to complement your event can also be provided or recommended on request. If you really want to host the Christmas party to outdo all others, then why not hire the entire 15th floor? This space is incredibly versatile and the only thing that would limit a Christmas event here is your imagination.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt you then consider the bespoke catering arrangements and drinks packages that can be tailor made by

For prices and more information visit or ring 0161 839 4848 20 Church St, Manchester, M4 1PN

Go chic at Manchester235 Casino

With 24 hour opening, bars, restaurants, live music and state of the art gaming Manchester235 has all the right ingredients for a great Christmas night out. From Thursday 29th November through to Saturday 22nd December the casino is hosting Christmas Sharer Parties for £55 per person. This complete festive package starts at 7.00pm with a cocktail on arrival for you to enjoy during a ‘learn to play’ session on either Blackjack or Roulette. The taster gaming session is followed by a traditional three course Christmas dinner

complete with mince pies and tea or coffee. After your meal you can enjoy live entertainment from ex-Man City footballer turned smooth singer Mr Jim Whitley. This year Jim is joined by the beautiful Bombshell Belles performing vintage Christmas classics and more modern hits with their own unique twist. With alcohol served until 6am and the resident DJ there until the early hours you can quite literally party the night away. If you want to add a more exclusive, private feel to your Christmas Party then why not consider hiring the fully dressed Winter Wonderland event suite?


Manchester235 is conveniently located and easily accessed either by public transport or car and if you are a Player Rewards card holder, the casino will pay your parking costs at both NCP Great Northern Car Parks. For more information on events, room hire and menus visit or ring 0161 820 3038. 7-9 Great Northern Square, Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EJ


Go fun times at The Birdcage

Since opening in 2006, The Birdcage has offered one of Manchester’s most unique nightclub and cabaret experiences. With great music from the 80’s, 90’s and now, glamorous showgirls, sexy male dancers and the famous flamboyant drag artists, a Christmas party here would certainly be one to remember. Christmas Dinner Shows can be booked for Thursday 13th December and Thursday 20th December 2012. Tickets are £39 per person and include reserved seating, a delicious four

course meal and fabulous Vegas style cabaret entertainment with Miss Jay the drag compère to lead you through the evening. Drinks packages are also available to help you add that extra bit of fizz to your festivities. There are also festive themed Christmas Party Nights on Fridays and Saturdays throughout December. If you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve party too then from only £10 per person, The Birdcage can offer a night of glitz and glamour at their New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball.

If you can’t wait until Christmas then why not go along sooner? For more details and for information on ‘What’s On’ reserved seating, queue jump tickets and the exclusive VIP Lounge visit or ring the Booking Hotline 0845 603 6950 (Mon – Sat 10am - 7pm). Withy Grove, Manchester, M4 3AQ (opposite The Printworks)

Go ubber cool at Jack Spratt

Jack Spratt is run by brothers Marcus and Som and, although it started life as a humble sandwich shop, since November 2011 it has been a thriving 64 seater ‘continental style café restaurant.’ As well as breakfast, lunch and evening menus it also has a 1 o’clock drinks licence making it an ideal place for a Christmas Party. The whole restaurant is available for hire and can cater for up to 60 people in informal, relaxing surroundings. The traditional Christmas menu has a mouthwatering choice of starters, mains and des-

serts with vegetarian options available. Prices for large bookings are £25 per person for the lunch time sitting and £30 per person for the evening sitting. The restaurant can also offer extras such as deluxe Christmas crackers, Champagne, Mulled Wine or Cocktails on arrival, live music or a DJ and even a photographer. If the Christmas booking is for 8 or more people, the party organiser will receive a meal for themselves and three friends for half price! (Meals cannot be taken during Nov/Dec).


Marcus and Som are always more than happy to discuss any requirements for your party so why not give them a ring or better still, pop into the restaurant for a chat and try their two course early evening special for £7.95 whilst you’re there. (Available Monday to Friday 5pm - 7pm.) For more information and prices visit: or ring 0161 833 1016 11 St James’s Square, John Dalton St, Manchester M2 6WH

! g n i n n a l p y t r a p time for you to get



nlike many other well-known pizza chains, Manchester’s Dough restaurant is an enlightening experience for its customers. Taking dietary requirements into consideration, Dough caters for all with their extensive range of exciting vegan, gluten and dairy-free pizzas. With Dough and Apotheca creating somewhat of a ‘tunnel system’, interlinking with each other, Dough provides the perfect dining experience, with pre and post-dinner cocktails on the agenda at its funky sister bar Apotheca. After four years of success under its belt, Dough has recently launched a new menu, extending the range of pizza toppings even further. And the selections are already out of this world. Whether you want to experience a Full English Breakfast on your pizza or a classic British fish & chips, Dough’s talented chefs bake these fresh for you on site. The mantra of the restaurant is

that the base is just as important as the topping so fresh dough is made on the premises - also the story behind the name of the restaurant. Party packages are available throughout the year for those special occasions. Whether you’re organising an intimate shindig with friends or celebrating a big birthday, Dough has specific event packages to accommodate your needs. And once you’ve had a slice of Dough, why not test your own pizza tossing skills? To big up the fun ante, Dough are now offering pizza making classes, with the option to enjoy your pizza at the end too. Learn to make dough the authentic way and add your own delicious toppings. This is a great little way to enjoy Dough’s freshest ingredients and divulge in a bit of education too!

The restaurant prides itself on being extremely family-friendly and the weekends often see the eatery chock-a-block and bustling with families getting together to enjoy a taste of Italy right in the heart of the Northern Quarter. The company even won an accolade when it first opened, approving of their family-friendly approach. Mix this with its contemporary cool attitude and you have all the attributes of an awardwinning Pizza Kitchen. And who knows, maybe we’ll see a chain of Dough restaurants adorning the streets of other British cities in the near future! ■

Location: 75-77 High St, Northern Quarter To Make A Booking: 0161 834 9411 Online:



ne raining summer’s day the VIVA girls had the pleasure of being invited to try the very famous Zombie cocktail at the ultra cool Tiki style venue, The Liars Club! The Zombie Cocktail was first created back in 1934 by the legendary Don the Beachcomer, and Lyndon our cocktail waiter/fire-breather has added his very own northern twist to the almighty drink and has tweaked it in all the right places! Unfortunately if you fancy trying the amazing fire Zombie cocktail you will not be able to create this masterpiece at home the recipe is TOP secret, but I do know that its mixed up with 6 different rums, tropical juices, liqueurs & FIRE... FIRE... FIRE... This fierce cocktail is one not to be abused and Lyndon recommends only 2 per person! They are served out of a pint tankard and after we had drank 3 of these bad boys between us, we were feeling slightly w**kered! We definitely recommend trying one out for yourself but we advise you to drink responsibly... ■ The Liars Club, 19A Back Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 2PB. Tel: 0161 834 5111


0161 236 9014 WWW.BAKERIE.CO.UK


n the edge of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, resides a new kind of bar. Equipped with all the requirements needed to fit in with this trendy area of town, Bakerie bread & wine bar also offers diners a quirkier experience than your average conventional wine bar. Delicious freshly baked bread and the finest wines sourced from around the world are at hand to tantalise your taste buds, all in the most ambient of surroundings. And it’s common knowledge that wine and bread complement each other beautifully.

hortlist forr s e h t e d a ve m come Bakerie hand store as best new al both bar a ood and drink festiv at at the f et voting for them s g d awards so foodanddr

Owner Alyson and her husband are the driving force behind the new creation, which interlinks creatively with their other Northern Quarter retreats, Dough and Apotheca. The idea was to create a space where friends could rendezvous and enjoy affordable, home-cooked fare. With Alyson’s husband having a family history in the baking industry, the business idea seemed like a natural progression. Bakerie wine tasting store which is located at the back of the bar creates a unique experience for customers, offering them the chance first-hand to sample the wide variety of wines on the shelves. Wine


Director Dale Meakin is the man behind sourcing the wine and has 25 years of experience in the wine trade with an impeccable palette to match. Guests can really get involved with the experience thanks to the funky wine jukebox that adorns one of the walls. This invention is ready to use simply with a top-up card, or a ‘wine gift card’ if you like. A range of sixteen wines line up at any one time and diners are able to taste a sample and then buy the whole glass if they enjoy the tipple. A ‘try before you buy’ mantra which has gone down a storm. Wine tasting events can be somewhat daunting for some people, which is why Bakerie’s wine store focuses on teaching people; the room even adopts a classroom-esque theme which adds to the fun of the experience. It’s a great idea for social gettogethers and corporate events and at just £20 per person and drinks on arrival, this is a fun and fabulous way to unwind with friends. With the Northern Quarter being a cove for hidden treasures like Bakerie, it is definitely a venue that should be checked out. A revival of an 80s wine bar, offering affordable yet high-end wines, this is something of a first for Manchester and a unique experience to be enjoyed by all. ■


Here at VIVA we build up quite an appetite constantly discovering what’s hot, happening, fresh and new in Manchester. So with this in mind we decided to quell our hunger by heading down to Fahrenheit restaurant located in the Genting Club on Portland Street. The Genting Club, previously the Circus Casino, is undergoing an extensive refurbishment to update and expand its facilities, with the work being carried out in stages it is due for completion in early October. On Arrival we were pleasantly welcomed and immediately whisked through the busy and buzzing atmosphere of the casino to Fahrenheit. The clean, modern décor was pleasing to the eye and so were the staff who were also friendly and informative. The ambience was relaxed with some contemporary chart music floating over the hubbub of the casino and we appreciated the fact that we could hold conversations without raising our voices and that the

words: Ross Forsythe

screams and shouts of success or defeat on the roulette table did not spoil our meal. We perused the menu and were spoiled for choice and had to deliberate for some time as all of the food options sounded mouth-wateringly good. Whilst we were deciding we managed to talk to Genting Club Manchester General Manager, Debbie Phillips about Fahrenheit. She declared that “We already have some of the best gaming facilities in the city, and we wanted to improve these for the benefit of all our customers. We are also updating our restaurant, bar and all-round leisure facilities so that those customers who don’t necessarily want to game, and simply want to enjoy a first class meal and a drink, can do so in stylish, comfortable surroundings.” We noticed that you can also have two courses for a purse pleasing 14.95 or three courses for 19.95. Both come with a complimentary drink and a five pound free bet at the casino. >

So onto the food, we shared an appetiser board containing a generous selection of olives, ciabatta and toasted cheese, onion and pepper ciabatta. This was accompanied by a delightfully crisp and fruity Minini Pinot Grigio Blush. As we devoured this our starters came out, delicious seared black pearl scallops with chorizo and Josper grilled asapragus. The scallops were tender and the addition of chorizo complemented each other beautifully whereas the asparagus was soft yet crunchy. The presentation of the food was spectacular and the eye for detail was exemplary. Our main courses were beyond delicious, I had the tender pork belly with crispy crackling, garlic mash potato and pureed apple sauce which went down a treat. Whilst the VIVA girls had the lobster and monkfish in a savoury broth and a delictable ten ounce sirloin steak (medium rare) with a zingy mushroom and peppercorn sauce. We had sides of courgette frittes and crisp, chunky

salted chips. We highly recommend all of these dishes and barely had room to have desserts which came in the form of Callestick Cornish ice cream with shortbread, lime and ginger scented cheese cake and the divine chocolate and praline fondant. For anyone with a sweet tooth these desserts are orgasmic and well worth upping your gym attendance for a week. With full bellies we said our goodbyes and left before we over indulged on the wine and slot machines. A thoroughly enjoyable meal that I would strongly advise you take a gamble on and get down to Farenheiht restaurant to experience yourself. â– To Book your table at Fahrenheit call: 0161 2280077. Genting Club Manchester 110 Portland Street Manchester


M1 4RL




VENUE: LOWRY THEATRE, SALFORD DATE: 19TH-22ND SEPTEMBER TICKETS: £17-£39 Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is undoubtedly the most famous ballet of all time and one of the greatest love stories ever told. Join in with the fairytale romance and witness a timeless story of good, evil and the all-conquering power of love.



Last year saw 15,000 people descend on Piccadilly Gardens to enjoy tasty street food from around the world available from sixteen different stalls. There will be family entertainment all weekend including music and activities for children.


This is the first of the 2012 Michael Caines evenings, so sit back and relax as the man himself introduces his seasonal menu. Diners will be greeted with a champagne and canapés reception before being seated for a spectacular dinner accompanied by the finest of wines.


venue: sound control date: 29th august tickets: from £27.79

Signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation, she made her impact massively this year with DJ Fresh’s top hit Hot right now and opening concerts for Coldplay. The tour will include her other two hits “RIP” and “How we do”. Her appealing image and style has been recognised in the media and is a major style icon for 2012.



VENUE: CHESHIRE LOUNGE, ALTRINCHAM DATE: 4TH AUGUST TICKETS: £15 This is an Independent Music Festival hosting all genres of bands, acts and DJs. There will be outdoor stages for the day then DJs will take over the tent area for an evening with an almighty light display. This is a great way to end your summer!

VENUE: THE ALBERT CLUB, WEST DIDSBURY DATE: 11TH AUGUST TICKETS: £9.50 Set in the heart of Didsbury, this fabulous BBQ is a sell-out every year. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with a complimentary glass of Pimms along with a mouth-watering selection of tasty BBQ food. A top live DJ will provide entertainment for the evening.


VENUE: PICCADILLY BASIN DATE: 22ND, 23RD AUGUST TICKETS: FREE ENTRY For the first time ever, a floatin-walk-in-drive-in cinema will come to Manchester to celebrate the 2012 Canal Festival. Captain America will be shown on the first night and a Twitter vote-off will decide which film will be screened on the Thursday evening.


venue: the village date: 24th - 27th august tickets: £ 20.00 A carnival fun filled event covers the streets of Manchester for Gay pride weekend. Set to attract the young and old. Consisting of over 70 hours of non-stop partying. Headlining the event is pop band Steps, other acts Bjorn Again, Louise Dearman, Scarletts Roses and Cleo Sol.


VENUE: MEN ARENA DATE: 27TH, 28TH, 29TH SEPTEMBER TICKETS £30 Liverpool-born comedian, John Bishop, has added an extra two dates to the Manchester leg of his ‘Rollercoaster’ tour. On his last tour, Bishop topped the charts with the fastest selling stand-up DVD of all time.


Venue: Apollo Date: 20th October Tickets: From £49.00


One of the most famous American bands founded in 2001, spawned from the scuzzy gay nightlife scene of New York. On March the 13th of this year they announced their album Magic Hour along with their new comeback song “Only the horses” Returning to Manchester for their UK tour the band can be described in general as a major inspiration to other bands that are in the genre of glam rock disco and alternative music.



VENUE: MEN ARENA DATE:24TH-29TH OCTOBER TICKETS: £35 Michael McIntyre follows in the footsteps of comedy giants Peter Kay and Lee Evans by playing multiple nights at the Manchester venue. He won the 2010 British Comedy Award for Best Male TV Comic and has released two best-selling DVDs.


Venue: MEN Arena Date: 22nd October The mad rapping singing sensation that is Nicki Minaj is coming to Manchester. She brought her tour to the UK with a bang when releasing her album Pink Friday: Roman reloaded. Tour dates sold out quickly when the tour first was announced. And now new dates have been added and announced. The star’s tour will include songs from her album that have been made popular in the charts, including Right by my side featuring Chris Brown and number two in the charts, ‘Starships’.

The first ever UK arena tour of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary rock classic will visit the MEN this September. Casting includes big names such as musical comedien Tim Minchin, Spice Girl Melanie C and radio host Chris Moyles. The starring role of Jesus will be left up to viewers to decide on the ITV primetime show Superstar.



VENUE: BRIDGEWATER HALL DATE: 14TH OCTOBER Jazz singer Katie Melua will perform songs from all five of her albums, including classics such as ‘The Closest Thing To Crazy’ and ‘Nine Million Bicycles’. The performance is part of her European autumn tour. In 2006, Melua was named Britain’s best-selling female artist and Europe’s highest selling European artist.

VENUE: OPERA HOUSE DATE: 25TH SEPTEMBER6TH OCTOBER TICKETS: £15-£45.50 Five times Tony nominated West End and Broadway hit Sister Act comes to Manchester this Autumn! A feel-good time is guaranteed thanks to this family-friendly show based on the much-loved film.



Venue: MEN arena Date: 4TH OCTOBER Tickets: £64.90 Nickelback arrive in the UK for a series of live dates in October. See the band play UK arenas in October, promoting their last album “Here and Now.” They are one of the top selling artists to come out of Canada and have brought seven studio albums to date, and a total of 32 music awards.


Fake Bake Summer VIP p



he event was a Summer VIP launch at the Fake Bake Beauty Boutique in Selfridges , Exchange Square, Manchester, hosted by Fake Bake’s CEO Sandra McClumpha and skin expert Tracey Bell. Guests were treated to a complimentary skin analysis by Tracey Bell, and plenty of gifts from Fake Bake including the new 60 Minute fake tan and the Sport Tan. VIP’s enjoyed white cosmopolitans with a frozen orchid inside and smoking bourbon cocktails created by The Alchemist and feasted on smoked salmon and goats cheese canapes, mini cupcakes from Hey Little Cupcake, american cookies and retro sweets. The event was organised by Manchester’s renowned Vital Public Relations, and guests included Hollyoaks actress Jennie Metcalfe and her partner Sylvain Longchambon, Hollie Jay Bowes, Sarah Jayne Dunn, Leah Hackett, Sam Faiers (fresh from filming in Marbelle for the TOWIE special) Sinead Moynihan, Chloe Cummings and Emma Edmondson. ■

DKNY event with the Naked Goddess in support of H4H D KNY fashion store, Manchester played host to help promote The Naked Goddess, anthology in support of H4H. Jeannette Slavinski of Cheadle Hulme, former AESG teacher, whose own mantra states. “I believe everyone has a poem in their heart”. Compiled The Naked Goddess a reality book for the people by the people.

The anthology contains Jeannette`s own verse & poetry from poets all over the world, who donated their verse via the web & Facebook under the themes of love or war. The book has been regularly featured on the BBC radio`s John Gillmore programme. By opening the pages of her reality book Jeannette


he bright, stylish ‘pop-up’ bar held it’s VIP launch at the beginning of the summer which was attended by Catherine Tyldsley, Andrew Lancel, Ben Ryan Davies, Bez, Ciaran Griffiths, Mikey North and Capital FM’s Rachel Burke Davies, Nigel Cluclas and James Wilson. The bar’s already infamous watering can cocktails were served, along with food from the delicious Summer House menu and entertainment from carnival band Battuta. DJ Jamie Holmes made sure the party went on til the second the doors closed at 11pm. Bringing a splash of life and colour inspired by Europe’s pop art gardens, Summer House replaces the iconic Manchester wheel with a pavilion bar and garden serving stylish summer drinks, mezze, summer salads and deli style bar snacks with a special Summer House twist. The Summer House is the latest project from Heart Soul Rock & Roll, the team behind Spinningfield’s successful pop up Yacht Club. ■

says: “The Naked Goddess is all about caring & sharing the love, we all need to nurture our minds & the world, the book contains the very hearts & minds of the people”. When DKNY heard about The Naked Goddess, their New York head office sanctioned the book to use as a poetry in motion fashion event with their unique label with a percentage of the sales going to H4H.

The newly elected Lady Mayor Wendy Meikle & her daughter Lady Mayoress Claire of Stockport, were guest of honour alongside Bramhall WW11 Veteran, Lt. Norman Hariss. ■

e s u o h r e m m u S e h Summer fun at t

The Northern Quarter Gets Seen On Screen S een on Screen Nails and Beauty Salon officially opened its doors at the being of the summer with a star-studded event hosting complimentary food and drink; fabulous entertainment; beauty treatments and a guest appearance from Brook Vincent who came straight from the set of Coronation Street to support owner Claire Louise. Speaking about Claire, Brooke said “I’m a big fan of her beauty work, she has always made me look fabulous on and off screen”. Also showing their support of Claire’s work was Olga Butkevych and Yana Stadnik from the Great Britain Wrestling team who will be competing in this year’s Olympics, Sacha Parkinson (Corrie), and Denise Johnson (Primal Scream). Djing on the night was Shine MC, who had a top 10 hit in 2000 with Sweet Female Attitude’s “Bring You Flowers”. Talking about the evening, Claire said “I am really happy with the response tonight; it has been an amazing night and I am so overwhelmed by everyone’s support. I’m booked up for the next few weeks from tonight’s event, which is great. ■

2 y t i C e h T n I e l T Sty l e t o H n o t l i H e h t t a

his prestigious event which had its première last year was yet again another huge success, attracting over 400 people from the Insurance and Legal community in Manchester and beyond, all showing their surport for The Christie Young Oncology Unit.

It all kicked off at 11:30 on Friday 6th July with VIPs arriving for a Champagne reception on the 45th floor above the Hilton. The show began at 1:30 and continued until 4pm with a fabulous fashion show, motown singing and a guest appearance by the lovely Alice Clarkson all hosted by Barry Thompson. Also showing their surport were Corries Sally Dynevor, Emmerdales Tony Audenshaw and legend football players Denis Law and Dennis Tueart. ■


nside Soap, Britain’s best-selling soap magazine, launched its 2012 Awards in association with on 9 July at Manchester’s Rosso restaurant.

The party saw soap royalty and special celebrity guests descend on Rio Ferdinand’s restaurant in central Manchester to celebrate the launch of the year’s biggest soap awards. Inside Soap Awards 2012 will see soap’s finest competing for accolades including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Newcomer, Best Bitch, Sexiest Male and Sexiest Female. The event will also reveal the coveted Best Soap winner. Steven Murphy, editor of Inside Soap, said of the launch: “We are delighted to be launching the Inside Soap Awards in Manchester, the home of the nation’s – not to mention the world’s – longest-running soap. Following the huge success of last year’s Awards, we can’t wait to celebrate
the talent that makes British television so special.” ■

2 1 0 2 s d r a w A p a o S e id s n I


The Greater Manchester F r

inge Fest

In July launched The Greater Manchester Fringe festival with four weeks of pure talent performances and wonder across Manchester in venues such as Tiger Lounge, Kings Arms, The Lass O’Gowrie and Sandbar. This year The Fringe featured ‘The Year of The Sex Olympics’ which is based on a 1968 BBC show by Nigel Kneale. It predicted a future when the population would be controlled by endless porn and reality TV. Roll on 44 years and we think he was bang on! Another great act was Paula Williamson and Claire Jones who met at Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre in 2002 on a BA Hons in Theatre Arts. They soon realised they loved comedy more than the seriousness of the thespian world so in 2005 they joined forces to form ‘Brides of Comedy’. This has been the first year for the festival in Manchester with venues working together to promote new work and perfomers, we look forward to it coming back next year. ■

Ladies Ascot Day at the Lowry Hotel S uzanne and Cole Page, patrons of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital charity, celebrated the most fashionable date in the racing calendar at their Ladies Ascot Day held at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester – all helping to fund a Giggle Doctor at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

The event in support of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity saw guests being able to place their bets and browse stalls including getting top beauty tips from Harvey Nichols, as well as enjoying a sumptuous three course lunch. Cole Page took to the stage to entertain the glamorous ladies and was joined by special guest Natasha Hamilton to perform swing classics. Coronation Street


ith celebrations of the Hacienda’s anniversary taking place across the city of Manchester from May 21st 2012, Harvey Nichols Manchester hosted this pre-launch event centred around the exclusive clothing collaboration named “Label, Location, Legacy”.

The bespoke designs commemorate three decades of the legendary nightclub and have been inspired by the spirit and history of The Hacienda. During the event, Peter Hook expressed his love for the Ellesse brand and explained how this collaboration is different due to the influence Ellesse had over the Hacienda era. The collection is now available to buy in Harvey Nichols Manchester for a limited time only. Alongside the limited edition product launch, both Peter Hook and Graeme Park hosted live DJ sets entertaining the guests before and after the Q+A. When discussing the event, Peter Hook commented “We’ve had a great time, I’ve always loved Harvey Nichols and we’re so pleased with what the team here have done for us.” ■

star Michael Le Vell was also on hand to judge the best dressed filly, which was won by Elise Smith who was wearing a fabulous fuchsia pink outfit that matched the theme colour of the day.

The day also saw some fabulous prizes up for grabs in the auction including a three day break at a luxury lodge resort in Abersoch and a signed Take That framed disc. Suzanne Page commented: “It was a fabulous day with lots of lovely ladies looking very glamorous and enjoying the excitement of Ladies Ascot Day in Manchester. Everyone had a great time but most importantly we have helped to make a difference to children at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.” ■

ty r i h t e t a r b e l e c s d n e g Hacienda le y at Harvey Nichols year birthda

s ie r o t s 5 1 s lk a t s k r Howard Ma high above Manchester! O n Wednesday 4th July, Manchester’s Light Boutique hotel played host to an exclusive evening with Howard Marks aka Mr Nice. The hotel’s penthouse terraces were opened to VIPs and celebrities to enjoy a one-off event of live entertainment with stunning panoramic views of the city.

From 6pm, party-goers were given the ultimate VIP service with complimentary wine and beer for the first hour provided by drinks sponsor, Bondi beer and a delicious special hog roast dinner from Crazy Catering. Amongst guests at the event were Happy Monday’s stars Rowetta and Bez, Kermit from Black Grape and Shameless actor Ciaran Griffiths – all of who are huge fans of Mr Nice himself. Despite the torrential downpour, marquees were provided and nobody’s spirits were dampened as guests gathered on one of the rooftop terraces to be enthralled by Howard’s speech, which went down a storm with all. The rain certainly didn’t stop the party’s flow and Howard’s reminiscing talk about his past certainly put a smile on everyone’s face and caused laughter amongst all. >

footage Check out Munah Yahkup’s film of this event at www.myvivaonline

Howard says: “Above the rain, higher than the tallest story, riding on a roller coaster of rainbows, cocooned in the comfortable company of charismatic characters, vitalised by the vivacity of VIVA, and hosted by the heavens. I loved it. Please book me again.” Fun Lovin Criminals, Fast & Frank provided a thrilling DJ set throughout the evening alongside an engaging acotsic set by local lad Danny Mahon. Fast (FLC) says: “Frank and I had a great time at the VIVA Magazine Howard Marks event. Howard is an amazing man with too many great stories! The Light hotel penthouse has the best views of Manchester and was a great place to spin our tunes! We partied with the people into the night at the Black Dog Ballroom! We look forward to spinning at another VIVA event, these girls know how to party! Thanks VIVA” The entertainment continued into the night at the event’s official after-party, held just down the road at Blackdog Ballroom, where guests continued to relish and shake some moves on the dance floor to Fast & Franks live DJ set. Everyone was in high spirits and there was a fantastic vibe in the room, which was apparent throughout the whole evening. ■ To book an event on the Light Hotels 15th floor penthouses call Kim on 0161 839 4848 or email words: Rebecca Ackerley | photos: Karin Albinsson

VIVA l i v e m u s i c

. . . e l y t S P I V y r a i irls 2012 festival d

The VIVA g

Sat 9th June: Park



s Rowetta said in her interview with VIVA, her top tip for being at a festival is to either make sure you’re performing or you’re in VIP. Well the VIVA girls are not in a band YET but we did manage to score ourselves VIP tickets for some of the festivals this summer starting of with Manchester’s finest, Parklife. Although we were backstage in VIP we still had to trek through the main bit of the festival to find our VIP entrance and nearly fell over in the slushy mud a few times, the Manchester rain was with us all weekend.

On stage at Parklife

VIVA's photographer 'Streets' hanging out backstage with journalist Debbie Manley

After 2 or 3 or maybe 4 festival pints in the VIP bar we headed to the side of the stage to see the almighty Chic. Whilst having a bit of a boogie to some of their old school classics we got invited up on stage to dance with Nile Rodgers. As you can imagine being up on stage in front of thousands of people dancing next to a legend is a pretty surreal experience and one we will never forget and yes we felt like little rockstars for a few minutes. We were buzzing! Mooching around backstage we bumped into the Noah & The Whale lads just coming off the main stage, also spotted backstage was Nile Rodgers (Chic), Johnny Marr (Smiths) and Rowetta (Happy Mondays) all hanging out together.

Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne crowd balling!

Backstage with Noah & The Whale at Parklife

Flaming Lips were the headliners on the Saturday night and how they deserved it too and although we only knew one of their tunes the entertainment on their stage made up for it especially when front man Wayne Coyne got into a big inflatable ball and crowd surfers it across the crowd, NUTTER! Oh and how can we forget: we tried a crocodile wrap at the Safari food stall and it was fantastic, keep an eye out for it at next years Parklife!

Plan B hanging out with fans at Rockness

Annie Mac on stage at Rockness

June: Rockness th 10 9tphohtos &by: PaSulun Sat Campbell ckness Ro

ce onfe n a d us to at Parkli s e t i m nv Chic ie with the stag

Located right on Loch Ness there is an incredible view at Rockness and those lucky enough to have VIP tickets woke up overlooking the iconic loch and highlands. Although the glamping aspect does include hot showers, power sockets and private bars, Rockness is certainly more of a festival for music lovers who don’t mind the elements.

Best performance of the weekend was definitely Ed Sheeran; who according to reviews generated the best response from a crowd ever at Rockness. Of course, home grown band The View, also caused a bit of fuss with their set having to be moved to a later time and a bigger stage because too many people tried to get into the tent.

Sat 16th June: Chester Rocks Chester Rocks: Seriously the poshest festival we’ve ever been to! How often do you go to a festival and have a swanky buffet laid out for you? Well that’s what happens in the VIP area of Chester Rocks and we loved it. We headed over to Chester Saturday afternoon in the VIVA jeep with our good friends, fellow journalist Debbie Manley and Happy Mondays, Rowetta.

Backstage of Chester Rocks with The View, Rowetta & Debbie

Backstage we had a cheeky chat to the lads from the View, took a look at the Rifles tour bus, Debbie exchanged stories with the guys from Cast about the good old days at festivals, Rowetta was eyeing up the talent all afternoon and we got invited into the Courteeners dressing room. And this was all going on between watching the acts on stage which included The Suns, The Fallows, Sound Of Guns, The Rifles, The View, Cast and headliners The Courteeners. Lovely festival, great company and fantastic music, we highly recommend Chester Rocks to you all for next year!

The crocodile wrap! It's all about festival VIP We love Liam Fray


es Fri 6th to Sun 8th July: Wak We headed over the Welsh Hills to Wakestock...the Festival for the discerning Wakeboard and Music lover. Infact it is the largest Wakeboard Music Festival in Europe. It takes place in Cardigan Bay a really lovely area to visit even if you’re not there for the festival.

The Rifles outside their tour bus The girls & Cast's front man John Power at Chester Rocks

We have to say the organisation is brillant at this festival and they tried their very best to cater for the weather that on the most part was fine and sunny from Saturday onwards. The Two Large tents housed a big line up including Calvin Harris, Katy B, Dizzee Rascal,

Rizzle Kicks, Ms Dynamite and Ed Sheeran and a load more including some great DJ sets from the likes of Goldierocks, Zane Lowe and High Contrast. There was also a round of the Rail European Wakeboarding qualifier with some of the big names from the sport in town to compete. An enormous pool was setup on site with jumps and rails for the would be champions to show off their skills. Backstage we bumped into Ed Sheeran, what a lovely guy.

The talent at Wakestock Katie B rockin it out at Wakestock

. . . d e u n i t n o c e b o T

Bumping into Ed Sheeran backstage of Wakestock

VIVA l i v e m u s i c Capital Breakfast with Rob Ellis Weekdays 6-10 am


he end of the Mancunian summer may have come earlier than everyone expected but when we change our clocks back an hour (I think that’s the good one) on October 28th - the year of 2012 begins to wind down but plenty of stuff in Manchester will just be taking off. As soon as the 2012/2013 Premier League fixtures were released every footy fan’s eyes turned to when the red and blue sides of Manchester would lock horns. If not a footy fan, maybe the partner of a footy fan was just as keen to know when that was going to be!

up for a Manc party. Or maybe check out friend-of-the-show John Bishop, who can give you a few belly laughs when he takes over the arena for a 3night stint from 27th September. So plenty going on around the city but on Saturday 9th June, we put on a gig of our own – The Capital FM Summertime Ball. We had all the biggest names in music playing the gig of year – Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Usher, & Katy Perry to name a few as well as a special surprise appearance from Cheryl. You can look back at some incredible performances of everyone who took to the stage at

“As the football kicks off, Manchester Pride begins its annual celebrations of all things LGBT.”

The first league meeting isn’t until December, but with Manchester City opening their campaign against newly promoted Southampton on August 19th and Manchester United playing the following evening away at Everton the rivalry across the city has never been so high.

As the football kicks off, Manchester Pride begins its annual celebrations of all things LGBT. Running all week leading up to the bank holiday weekend in August, retro-poppers ‘Steps’ will be headlining the event alongside loads of other parties across Manchester thriving gay scene. Manchester Arena will also start to fill up with more acts now the festival season draws to a close, with A-listers like Lady Gaga (11th September), Kelly Clarkson (12th October) and Nicki Minaj (22nd October) who recently played to a sold out Manchester Apollo, all hitch

We’ve still been getting some great guests on the show too; we caught up with Keith Lemon when he was in Manchester promoting his new film and Conor Maynard recently came on for a quick chat. However, now it’s time for us to come and meet you guys. We are taking the show on a world tour of Greater Manchester! We’ll be visiting Warrington, Bolton, Wigan, Bury and Stockport in a bid to get out the studio and also give away some amazing holidays and prizes to help kick off the summer holidays across Greater Manchester. Come and see us and get involved when we head out from Monday July 30th, otherwise check us out as usual from 6am until 10am every weekday on Capital Manchester. Here comes the summer… Capital Breakfast with Rob Ellis

On the VIVA music radar: A-me b U

p and coming northern Amy burns (A-ME B) is setting out to make her mark in the UK music scene this year with her addictive music. Her songs, inspired by personal experiences send out inspiring messages to her fans. She is considered a role model for young girls around her area, being made an ambassador for one of the UK’s leading youth clubs called ‘’ambition’’ doing song writing workshops, along with teaching girls how to rap and perform. She said “It’s great. It’s really nice to get feedback saying they’re enjoying it and stuff. I like to give a bit back.” Supporting, Akala, Dj Ironik and Tinchy Stryder at the age of 17, she is no stranger to big crowds. She had seen Dizzee Rascal perform on the same stage two years before and how she had said to herself how she had wanted to be on the stage. And two years down the line she made it. Amy’s style is far from your typical stereo-type of a girl, she said “With female rappers. There always seems to be one extreme from another. Either their style is really girly in dresses and heels, or they all seem to be laddish. But I just feel like I’m in between.” Talking about how her new single called ‘’wake up’’ listed on the new mix tape, set to release within the next couple of weeks, she told us how it was based on an artist who she had came across selling herself sexu-

ally but taking a liking to the beat from it, she used the beat to put it into her own on the track to rap across the message of how girls selling themselves for different reasons to get further in the music industry is wrong. Amy is constantly in Manchester, meeting different artists and collaborating on different tracks. Using public transport and seeing different characters inspires her for her music, she said “They’re the catalysts to what I write. But I also like writing stuff people can relate to as well.” Still at the age of 19, discovering herself. Amy is looking at different images, to work with her new mix tape that will be a bit more dubstep, pop and dance kind of vibe. Although, she is one feisty young female who won’t be changing herself for anyone else. She talked of how recent labels she has been approached by have tried to mold her into something she’s not. “ It’s just not me, I want to stay true to myself as an artist and I think It can get difficult the further you go. But I think it’s best to stay true to yourself and that’s when you get more respect from people. You can listen to Amy’s mix tapes and watch her videos at burns.39589, and her website.

photo: Ian Tilton




Manchester and the rest of the world have been going Stone Roses mad this summer. We catch up with some familiar

faces who have been there from the beginning of this band’s incredible journey...


hey have only ever released two albums, taking an average of 5 years to make each one; they have never had a number 1 single or album and despite rumours circulating for years following the split, they hadn’t really spoken to each other properly until last year. Yet on the 18th October 2011 Ian Brown, Reni, John Squire and Mani sat together at London’s Soho Hotel to announce that a reunion tour will take place. It is believed that whilst Reni and Mani had made attempts to reform previously, it was at the funeral of Mani’s mother that Brown and Squire finally put their differences aside and agreed to tour together. The “homecoming dates” were originally 2 days at Heaton Park but when both of those dates sold out within a matter of minutes a third day was added making it the fastest selling music gig of all time. 220,000 tickets in 68 minutes to be exact! So why did they sell out so fast? Since their split they had all individually had successes; Ian Brown with his solo career and Mani with Primal Scream for example but as a united band they were a formidable force. The 8 months between announcing the tour and the Heaton Park Weekend were certainly excitable with critics claiming that the dates will end up being cancelled, that Brown’s voice isn’t what it used to be and that some band members will change their mind at the last minute and not turn up. But luckily none of those rumours were true - lucky for Mani too, who, after checking his bank account to make sure he had enough money for milk and bread discovered someone had put close to £2million in his account...the Stone Roses are believed to have made a collective £12million over those 3 days – and on June 29th all four members stepped out on their home turf and delivered a show that wowed the crowd and silenced critics. Fans sang along to I Wanna Be Adored and I Am The Resurrection whilst Rock’n’roll royalty such as Jarvis Cocker, Liam Gallagher and The Happy Mondays and stylish celebrities Lily Allen, Holly Willoughby and Rio Ferdinand rocked out in back stage and V.I.P area. Photographer Ian Tilton was there from the beginning and was actually the first to photograph the band with Mani (see the photo sequence on the top of this page). Ironically enough, Tilton tells us, Mani’s face wasn’t actually seen on the last photo because the band burst into fits of giggles after Reni blew Ian a kiss... there are many of these kinds of stories that Tilton shared with us having been the Stone Roses official photographer for the duration of their career. We ask Tilton to chose one of his favourite unpublished shots he ever took of the band, he chose the one on page 82 which was taken outside Victoria Station and has (until now in VIVA magazine) never been published: “this is a really rare print as Reni didn’t turn up for the interview and photo shoot as he couldn’t be assed and so we only shot with the other 3 Ian, Mani and John, it was a notoriously hard photoshoot because none of them really wanted to be there. I shot on inferred colour film, hence the psychedelic colour, pale and waxy.” says Tilton.

John & Ian at The Stone Roses book launch, Manchester Photographic

Tilton first met the boys in 1987 at a studio in Chorlton for their first major music magazine interview and claims that their appeal comes from the very individual characters that each band member has. “They are all leaders, very northern and musically brilliant. But they are also human and by no means perfect which makes them easy to relate to.” That could explain why their audiences are made up of die-hard fans that saw them the first time round and younger generations that grew up listening to their music but never getting a chance to see them. Over July Tilton held a photographic exhibition at the iconic Manchester Photographic gallery in the Northern Quarter called ‘Set In Stone – The Stone Roses’. The success of, Manchester Photographic keeps growing and has seen some outstanding exhibitions come to the gallery including ‘The Hacienda’s Thirtieth Anniversary’ as well as John Robbs book launch, ‘The Stone Roses’. > The Stone Roses official photographer Ian Tilton

Above is the first shoot with Mani in the band. Photographer Ian Tilton explains: “Mani’s face wasn’t actually seen on the last photo because the band burst into fits of giggles after Reni blew Ian a kiss”

The cast of Spike Island

For biographer John Robb, his connection with the Stone Roses started before they had even played any gigs; “I met their original bass player Pete Garner first. He used to work in Paperchase records in the early eighties. Pete was always really nice and loved music and we would chat. He told me he was in this band. When I moved over to Manchester with my band the Membranes we started rehearsing in Spirit studios and the Roses were next door, we thought they looked pretty hard and they thought we looked pretty psychotic! I saw Pete with them and asked to borrow some guitar strings off them and they were really friendly and I’ve know them ever since.” His new biography The Stone Roses: The Reunion Edition is an 80,000 word update on his original book released in 1996 and includes all the new stuff that the band have been up to as well as interviews (which no other Stone Roses book has). Robb believes that the Roses may be the best musicians that he has ever met with “a charismatic front man who captured the baggy cool of the times perfectly.” Ian Brown has confirmed this to be the best of them all with the catchy quote “Brother John Robb knows. He was there.” It isn’t just biographies and photo exhibitions that have been created in their name; Spike Island is a film based on the Roses’ infamous gig in 1990 and follows a new up and coming band as they try to get tickets. The gig that was later dubbed “Woodstock for the baggy generation” was considered a failure due to poor organisation and technical difficulties but writer Chris Coghill believes that because of the sheer amount of people that turned up (nearly 30,000) to support the Stone Roses it was great success for the time. Born and raised in Manchester, Coghill has been a fan of the Stone Roses from day one claiming that “there is something romantic about them, that they arrived at a time where society was changing and they pretty much stuck two fingers up to it”. Although they don’t have an exact release date yet, Coghill is confident that the film will be out in cinemas before the year ends. And a love of the Stone Roses isn’t all Tilton, Robb and Coghill have in common. They have also hinted that the Roses are definitely releasing another album very soon with Coghill confirming that a record contract has been signed and Tilton mentioning that a few tracks have already been recorded. But for now, the Stone Roses are taking their reunion tour around Europe and Asia before returning for a couple more UK dates at the end of summer and after Mani’s constant comments that a reunion would never happen, a new album certainly doesn’t seem like a silly idea considering what they are currently up to.

Chris Coghill, writer of Spike Island

Whilst the Stone Roses reformation has bought a lot of people a lot of happiness, our thoughts and condolences go out to the family of 22 year Christopher Brahney, who lost his life after he attended the Friday night set. ■


Never been published before: Ian Tilton’s choice of photo to run in VIVA’s Stone Roses tribute

photo: Ian Tilton

Famously known photo of The Stone Roses at Spike Island

photo: Ian Tilton


PLAYING ON THE VIVA IPOD... Lucy Rose Like I Used To Released 24th Sept Warwickshire-born Lucy Rose Parton may just be finding her feet as a solo artist but the young 23-year-old is no stranger to the indie music scene. Having contributed backing vocals to Bombay Bicycle Club’s albums ‘Flaws’ and ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’, Vogue magazine has stated she is ‘one of indie music’s breakout stars of 2012.’ Armed with an acoustic guitar and reels of determination, Lucy played every openmic imaginable before heading for the Big Smoke. As well as being a talented vocalist and guitarist, Lucy also has a passion for playing percussion and the piano. The album will follow from her single, ‘Lines’, which was released in July. Her past four singles have taken the indie/ folklore industry by storm and all will feature on the new album.

Muse 2nd Law Released 18th Sept There has been much talk surrounding the band’s sixth studio option which they have promised will be ‘very diverse.’ The Devon trio say there will be a bigger emphasis on groove and brass, with some songs even adopting a tinge of Dubstep. Having previously focused on a symphonic rock sound, it has been said that the band will be drawing a line under a certain period of their career and exploring more alternative sounds. The new sound will no doubt have avid fans intrigued to tune in but also adapt a whole new set of music followers. The album comes out ahead of their autumn tour in which they will perform at five shows.

Macy Gray Covered Out Now Famed for her raspy and somewhat distinctive voice, Macy Gray’s music returns to our ears this summer as she releases her sixth studio album, consisting of songs handpicked and reinterpreted by the American songstress. The album is influenced by great pop and rock singers of the past and features well-known classics by big names such as Kanye West and My Chemical Romance; all reproduced in her own inimitable fashion. The singer-songwriter rose to fame back in 1998 when she landed a record deal with Epic Records. Her second single, ‘I Try’ is perhaps one of her most famous releases to date and in 2001; she won the Grammy Award for ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.’

Blondie Blondie Live Out Now An American rock band, founded by Debbie Harry, Blondie were the pioneering force in the New Wave and punk scenes of the 70s. And fast-forward four decades, and they’re back. Blondie Live contains live songs performed at various venues between 1998 and 1999. The album features all the classic, singing-intoyour-hairbrush hits such as ‘Maria’ and ‘Heart Of Glass’ and will bring back memories for any diehard fan. The album takes note of the bands eclectic mix of music styles and the live performances of such great tunes only adds to the thrill of the album. The album is released just be preparation for the band’s tour of their native America.

BBC Radio One Big Weekend Hackney Out Now For those who couldn’t make it to the annual Big Weekend festival or for those who simply want to re-live the best acts, this album features 2 CDs jam-packed with hits performed over the weekend. With this year’s edition having to complement a plethora of landmark events London is hosting (i.e. the Olympics, Diamond Jubilee et al), the weekend has ‘supersized’ itself dramatically. Featuring well-known hits from newcomers such as Emilie Sande and Rita Ora to massive classics from Jay-Z and Rihanna, this album perfectly sums up the infamous festival. BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend is the biggest free ticketed music event in Europe and always includes a host of new artists, and this year it didn’t disappoint.




ne of the most successful fringe theatre companies in the North West Vertigo Theatre Productions (Out, M, Die, Mommie, Die, Numb, Rage etc) have now opened a new off shoot company called Gen-X productions that is dedicated to bringing edgier and more diverse work to the stage. The off shoot company is owned by Vertigo but run by 2 of the Vertigo founders Craig Hepworth and Karl Burge as well as Richard Allen and Stuart Reeve and will première their debut play this coming September at the Three Minute Theatre. The first play is the UK Première stage version of ‘EXAM’ a psychological thriller based on the British film by Stuart Hazeldine.

to work on adapting it and I think we have created something really cool, it’s stylish and engaging and a really interesting piece that builds incredibly well.

Adapted to the stage by Gen-X the play will be directed by award nominated Craig Hepworth and first time director Richard Allen.

Eight talented candidates have reached the final stage of selection to join the ranks of a mysterious and powerful corporation. Entering a windowless room, an Invigilator gives them eighty minutes to answer one simple question. He outlines three rules they must obey or be disqualified: don’t talk to him or the armed guard by the door, don’t spoil their papers and don’t leave the room. However with no question in front of them it soon becomes apparent that this test is going to be unlike anything they have experienced before, and with every one of them desperate to be chosen it’s not long before the candidates begin to turn on each other.

The cast are exceptional in this piece so I don’t have to worry there. The biggest challenge is creating tension, allowing the audience to feel like they are trapped in the room with the actors. Music is playing a huge part in this show and that helps a great deal. The other challenge is realistically portraying some of the more violent moments on stage, it’s all trial and error really but I think we are getting there.”

How far would you be willing to go to get what you want?

Craig says: “I love thrillers and we had really good success with an original thriller we did a few years back called ‘M’ so I knew I wanted to do another. One night I watched the film Exam and the moment it finished I knew I had to put it on stage, the film is great and Stuart Hazeldine the writer did a wonderful job, but I knew It would work brilliant on the stage and make for a tense claustrophobic night. Myself, Richard Allen (my co director) and Stuart Reeve got

An exciting psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end and have you on the edge of your seats. Casting includes David Degiorgio, Haydn Holden, Adele Stanhope, Andrew Marsden, Ben Rigby, Natalie Perry, VIVA girl: Emma Wilkinson, Stuart Reeve and Lily Dong. Exam will play 5th to the 8th of September at the Three Minute Theatre, Afflecks Palace in the Northern Quarter, these dates have been a sell out. An extra date has been added on the 4th September but there are limited tickets left. ■ For ticket bookings email:

viva events

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3 Ted - August 1st



The Bourne Legacy - August 13th


o Matt Damon (I’m not doing the voice, honestly) and no Paul Greengrass, so two of the ingredients that made the original trilology (for at least the latter two as Greengrass didn’t direct ‘Identity’) so ground breaking, breath-taking and still very watchable, are not in the mixture for this as Aaron Renner fronts the cast alongside Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. Expect an action-filled, fast paced, dynamic, espionage-ridden rampage, with direct links to the previous movies in this franchise. Pam Landy and a number of the hierarchy are involved as the plot plays out though a development of the ‘Treadstone’ storyline. This unearths the fact that ‘Jason Bourne’ was just the fallible tip of the iceberg and that a greater more efficient and refined threat is still at large. Definitely worth a watch if you enjoyed the first three but the film lacks the same intergrity’ perhaps because the writer of those movies has become the co-writer and director of this one. Edward Norton is his usual, sophisticated, intense best. Also look out for Paddy Considine.


f you’re a Seth Macfarlane fan - like myself - then you will have been eagerly anticipating this film and maybe have checked out the trailer on youtube. Well, I hope you were careful to watch the PG one rather than the R rated one, unlike my friend, who showed his sheltered life partner the wrong one and left her traumatized at the sight of a cute Teddy bear performing suggestively lewd acts with a chocolate bar. Mark Wahlberg stars alongisde a randy, cheeky and irresponsible bear with the voice of Peter Griffin.



The Expendables 2 - August 16th

very now and then you see a film come along and you know that the only reason there is a second movie was because the first made so much money they couldn’t not do it. After the disgrace that was ‘ The Expendables’, we are now subjected to a second helping of it. Surely it couldn’t be as bad as the first time around. It isn’t, it’s cheesy, corny and full of aging action heroes mixed with the current generation and plenty of explosions. How can you not do it all over again...

5 The Sweeney - September 12th


ased on the 70’s show, Ray Winstone stars in this action packed Brit-flick. Nick Love (The Football Factory, The Firm, Outlaw) directs an edgy, in your face earthy drama full of car chases and cockney charisma. For those of you not familiar with my native London vernacular, ‘Sweeney-Todd; is cockney rhyming slang for ‘Flying Squad’, the divison of the Police that the key protagonists work in. Winstone takes on the role made famous by the late John Thaw (Inspector Morse), as Detective Jack Regan, an irrepressible and unrepentant old-school copper who is brash, blunt and ruthless in his determination to make the ‘bad boys’ pay. Made on an estimated budget of £3Million, this is a cheap production when compared to many of its American counterparts but with a decent cast, some excellent chase and action sequences and a reasonably engaging storyline, this is a classic example of how when finance is slim, the imagination kicks in.


Skyfall - October 26th

ames Bond has been rejuvenated by Daniel Craig. He has brought back the cold, steely menace that this character needs. Standby for the third instalment from his incarnation of the nation’s favourite spy. The best thing about this series is the fact that in Dame Judi and Craig, they have two excellent actors, and the plot to this movie gives them every chance to butt heads. M’s past proves the difficulty this time and their ‘bond’ is truly tested as James has to deal with the threat to MI6.

VIVA D V D R E L E A S E S 3 The Cabin in the Woods - September 24th


hris Hemsworth ( Thor, Red Riding Hood and the Huntsmen) is destined to be a cinema ever-present this year as every month seems to present him in another role, it’s a good job that so far, he’s held up his end of the bargain by being consistently good. This is not the usual, obvious and predictable horror flick, full of some excellent twists and turns that keep you gripped. If horror is your genre of choice, then you should enjoy this and if it isn’t, then it is more sophisticated than the usual ‘slasher’ movies that bore me to tears.

The Hunger Games - September 3rd




Safe - September 10th

ason Statham is fast emerging as the Bruce Willis of his time. Feisty, deadly, brooding and cut, he is the charismatic British hero, James Bond with a splash of ‘yippee ki yay’. ‘Safe’ is the latest offering of his vein production, full of the usual fast action, car chases, gun fire, combative scenes and heroism, it does everything you expect a Statham film to do. Predictable and safe!



illed as the biggest movie of the year, ‘The Hunger Games’ is the beginning of a new franchise. In thinking about what to tell you regarding this film, I had a look on IMDB, where it is rated 7.5/10 and that is the problem, this was almost a great film. It almost had all the factors you look for, a solid cast, good cameos, a gripping storyline, engaging script and good direction, but in all these areas there was that magic quater missing. The biggest problem for me was that we were meant to sympathise with the main character due to the fact that she had to win against the most extreme of odds, or face certain death. Her plight never really truly hits home as the films just doesnt feel real enough. It has to be measured against films like ‘Battle Royale’, and the clear and present danger that film projects a tangible sense of, is just not prominent enough in this film. Donald Sutherland is his quirky, sinister self as the leade of a future world split into districts where the games, a barbaric competition, are held on an annual basis. it’s good but didn’t achieve greatness.

The Raid - September 24th

was invited to the premiere of this film at the Printworks but was tied up and unable to attend, and I’m disappointed as this is a throwback to the Bruce Lee era. If you’ve seen ‘Game of Death’ then the format is comparable in that the plot centres on the raiding of a building, where each level of progress possess a new and more threatening opposition that than the last. Truly a film for the console generation, we are carried on a violent, blood thirsty rampage of carnage until the ultimate contest.


Battleship - August 20th


hen an alien force takes on a fleet at sea, Hasbro has something to satisfy fill the void left by a Transformer-less Summer. Explosions, heavy metal (not in the musical sense), and American Marines. In a time of war, Americans love a movie where their ‘boys’ are taking on a formidable and superior opposition and look to be doomed. Liam Neeson, who is coming to our big screens in November with Taken 2, leads a cast that is also graced with the presence of global superstar, Rhianna. Do you remember playing this game as a kid? I think you’ll probably have been more emotionally involved in those games than you would be in this. Predictable, lazy and uninspired. Rhianna is well handled as her biggest challenge is firing some mean weapons and she doesn’t get enough exposure to embarass her like Janet Jackson in ‘Poetic Justice’, or Mariah Carey is everything except ‘Precious’, but why Mr Neeson, why? When excellent actors take projects like this, it has to be for the money...surely!




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The highest sand dunes in Morocco at Erg Chebbi, Merzouga.

Discover the real Marrakech, the hidden Morocco, the culture of the Berber people and a traditional Wedding Party..


arin Albinsson is a photographer covering the music scene and other events for your favourite magazine. Originally from Sweden, Karin now lives in Cheshire but it seems that every now and again the wanderlust takes over and off she goes ...

I first discovered Morocco in 2006. Following a difficult period in my life I needed to pick myself up again. So I learned to ride a motorbike and booked a mini-Dakar tour in the Sahara desert, as one does. My first experience of North Africa was such a buzz and stayed with me long after I returned to England. Everywhere I went I took photographs of local people. I felt completely safe and at home, enjoying myself so much that I stayed on after the mini tour

ended and I spent the time meeting people, taking their pictures and enjoying their wonderful hospitality. When I returned to England work took over and it was some time before I was able to properly study the photos I had taken. The beauty of the Berber people touched me. I knew nothing about them, not even their names, only the villages where they lived. I made the decision that I would go back to Morocco to track down the people I had photographed and to present them with their portraits. A year and a half after my first visit I returned, with my daughter Jenny, to Ouarzazate (nicknamed ‘the door of the desert.’) to find the people whose >


pictures I had with me. Although I spoke neither Berber nor Arabic I was able, with the help of local people, to find almost everyone I had photographed. We then went through the highest dunes in Morocco to find a family I had photographed in 2006 and I stayed for several days taking even more photographs. Morocco and its people have become a quest for me and I have now visited the Saharan region of that lovely country eleven times. Each time gaining a little more insight into the culture and traditions. My fondest memory is when I photographed a Berber wedding in July 2010. My friend Moha had already explained the custom of the three day event. I was fascinated and the following year, I received an invitation to photograph his wedding. I had only two days so I flew immediately from Manchester to Marrakech and drove, with a guide, for ten hours to get to his desert village. Berber weddings are very traditional and conducted with great ceremony. So having met me and escorted me to the women’s house, Moha went to stay with the menfolk in a separate house, (the bride and her family stayed in a third) leaving me to survive with just my meagre knowledge of Berber for a couple of days but my lack of language skills was not a problem. Somehow the women managed to involve me in the wedding traditions such as wafting your skirt over burning coals laced with scented herbs to arouse men’s interest and increase fertility, although a long-established serious tradition we were giggling as we did it.

The wedding festivities - and it is a feast - start with the slaughter and preparation of the sacrificial goat. Along with many other delicious dishes it was specially made to feed the hundreds of guests who came not only from Moha’s village but from far and wide to celebrate his wedding. Berbers are wonderful musicians and their drumming has a natural and energising beat that is hard to resist. The dancing and singing carried on throughout the night, even old people didn’t stop until the early morning. I should have been exhausted but carried away by the music and the occasion I stayed awake until very late finally falling asleep on the roof looking up at the stars. I have created a documentary about my visits to Morocco and the photographs from the wedding are an extremely important part of it. They show cutoms that may soon disappear as the nomadic tradition is slowly lost. Moha’s generation is the first that have settled down and gone to school. This seems to be happening throughout the Berber peoples and, though a few still live as nomads, many of the practices of their nomadic existence are being replaced by the necessities of a different way of life. The changes are far-reaching. The men work in hotels or as tour guides while the women and children remain at home but home is changing as urbanisation encroaches on these hidden gems of tradition. Roads are replacing donkey tracks, villages are being connected to the national electricity supply and the trappings of western civilisation are being foisted on these simple-living people. >

The children of Ouarzazate, who are mad about football.

Ouarzazate Village at night.



Morocco is a country of great diversity and now is the perfect time to experience these varieties before they are forever lost to us. I love Marrakech. Eating in the main square - Jmaa-El-Fna - you are constantly entertained with storytellers, witchdoctors, snake charmers and even performing monkeys from the hundreds of stalls that form the backdrop for your meal. It’s almost like being on a film set. At the back of the square is the souk, a labyrinth of passages filled with shops selling spices, oils, ceramics, clothes, woodwork, gold, jewellery, food, leathers, lamps and all manner of goods both useful and decorative. The sights, sounds and smells are almost overwhelming as the stallholders hawk their wares or haggle - an integral part of life in Morocco with their customers. If you are prepared to try, haggling can deliver real bargains in the souk. Travel over the Atlas mountains from Marrakech and you will come to Ouarzazate - a Berber name meaning ‘without noise’ the last stop before the vast expanse of the Sahara desert. Ouarzazate is most famous for its Atlas film studio and the Kasbha Ait Benhaddou. The most famous of all Casbahs. If you do decide to explore the desert you can ride a camel over the dunes at sunset, stay in a nomadic tent eating dinner around a campfire and listen to the Berber guides playing drums. I combine my trips with my documentary work and riding an off road motorbike with the company wilderness wheels, these bike tours are well organized with a guide leading and a mechanic following in a 4x4 car. The experience of riding of the beaten track is a real adventure where you can find the ‘hidden Morocco.’

In June 2012 Karin gave Hamid a lift on her bike, to visit his family in an oasis words & photos: Karin Albinsson

Karin and Nizha Moha’s wife

The Berber bride covers her face during the three day wedding celebration

A traditional Berber Wedding in Sahara desert


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This is our speical 10th edtion featuring a tribute to the greatest band in the world, The Stone Roses


This is our speical 10th edtion featuring a tribute to the greatest band in the world, The Stone Roses