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INDEPENDENT FASHION & JEWELLERY DESIGNERS WOMENS: Corset Dress- (Sidnae Couture) Draped Dress (Blaq by Sacha James) Lurex & Chiffon Evening Dress (Merabi by Nadine) MENS: Customized Blazers & Love T-shirt (S by Stephanie Cooper) Embroidered Top (Blaq Men by Sacha James) ACCESSORIES : Bespoke Jewellery (Fatz K) Feathered Headband (H’Atelier)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mike Manns & Colin Jay at Pumpkin Studios. HAIR: Dominique Desveaux. MUA: Kimberley Bennett at No 7. ART DIRECTION & STYLING: Fatz K.,,,

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Mulberry launch party Omega launch party Ruby’s auction and Monogram VIP Christmas Party @ Manchester235 Casino What happened New Year’s Eve in Manchester & Cheshire...

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appy New Year, Manchester and Cheshire! We hope that 2011 is a great year for you all!

So, what’s happening with Viva in 2011? Well, we all started off the year detoxing... ummm, but that didn’t last very long! What with all the Manchester and Cheshire events and parties starting off the New Year with a bang, it was only a matter of time before the champagne started flowing through our systems again! Oh well, maybe we’ll have better luck with our resolutions next year! We’ve got a fantastic new team of writers on board for 2011, so make sure you indulge in some of the brilliant features we have lined up for you in this issue, including the epic news feature on Media City. We will be bringing you more exclusive and exciting interviews with all your favourite celebrities each issue, including this month’s interview exclusive and front cover girl, Eliza Doolittle, who will be playing at Manchester Academy in March. We’ve already got our tickets, have you got yours? And as well as all this, Viva is, as you know always on the blag for freebies and discounts for our loyal readers, whether it be Christmas hamper give-aways or free tickets to top gigs around town, so keep an eye out for our competitions and giveaways throughout 2011 both in the magazine and online at This issue we’ve got a fabulous James Blunt gig ticket give-away for you, so hurry over to page 87 for more details!

And don’t forget that we at Viva magazine love to hear from the people of Manchester and Cheshire, which is just one of the many reasons that we have become THE lifestyle magazine that everyone is shouting about around town! So please keep emailing us all your news and thoughts about Manchester and Cheshire - we love to hear from you. This is not just our magazine, it’s yours too! Bring on 2011 - lets do this thang together!

Big love a v Team Vi

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The Radar

A FEW THINgS worth shouting about over the coming


We can now all visit the land of Oz with our heads held high (except Liz Hurley), thanks to our heroic cricketers (including Paul Collingwood OBE). Add to that beaches, BBQs, and sun, and it’s go, Viva Girls, go! Maybe we’ll even find out what ever happened to Crocodile Dundee?



At last TV art (Two and a Half Men) immitates life - reverse method acting at its very best. You are welcome at The Light Hotel anytime, Mr Sheen our hot tubs never get cold!





lEgAl CAsEs

his annual runway show for charity will be held on 11th Febuary 2011 at Bar 38 in Manchester. The Spring Fashion Show is an eagerly awaited event presenting the latest collections of exceptional up-and-coming designers, ranging from vintage to modern chic. Each audience member will be given an exclusive Spring Fashion Show 2011 goody Bag upon arrival. The venue will open at 5pm for you to peruse the various stalls at the ‘Fashion Market,’ each offering lots of goodies! The show itself starts at 8pm and will feature a number of designers from all over the UK. Confirmed so far are Red Mutha, The Tea Room, Victoria Rosso and Anam naseer. Tickets are £8 in advance and available from ■



o and check out the 10th anniversary Manchester tattoo show and see work by both international and local artists. Confirmed so far from the UK are; jay and Martin from Studio 81 Manchester, Dan gold from 13 Ink Tattoo / london Ink, and nicole lowe of good Times Tattoo / london Ink. International artists include Carlos Canal los Angeles USA, Paul sutton from Inner Sin Tattoo, germany and Memento Mori from Tattoo Norway.


If you want to pre-book a tattoo with one of the artists you can do so via the website or just turn up on the day where they’ll be using a kiosk service to book your tattoo. The kiosk will be situated just through the main entrance. You don’t have to get any tattoos to enjoy the atmosphere though! You can just observe other people’s work and maybe get inspiration for a tattoo of your own. The show is open from 11am-11pm Saturday and 11am8:30pm Sunday. Ticket prices are £37.50 for a weekend pass, £23.50 for a day pass, or £10.00 for a student day pass (valid NUS card required) Under 15’s are free if accompanied by an adult. Tickets are available on the door or book online at ■


Deansgate gets a new addition to its party scene, Avici White. Set in a 19th century grade II listed building in the most affluent area of Manchester, Avici White brings you a stunning contrast of a newly restored venue and a progressive and modern approach to house culture. Manchester will have a new lavish nightclub with educated music and events providing the prestigious side of town a venue to indulge in until the early hours. With access to a full VIP section and private vault, Avici White promises to provide a truly indulgent and sought-after clubbing experience. A new era begins... A few nights Avici have lined up for us: • Saturday 5th February – COPYRIgHT / Avici White residents. • Saturday 12th February – POW POW – VUlA BASEMENT JAxx / Oz / Miss B / Chip Chip. • Saturday 19th February – MIlAN – SANDY RIVERA / Avici White residents. • Saturday 26th February – STEREO SUSHI – JOEY NEgRO / DJ Oz / Antony Angel ■

A nice long negligence claim or divorce case (remember, it’s never your fault, it’s always the other party who are to blame) to give our down-at-heel lawyer friends a bit of regular cash flow. Remember, they have school fees to pay too – how else will they train up the little ones to someday replace them in their noble field of work (I guess that’s David Cameron’s idea of a job creation scheme!)


It opens this year and will see 2000 BBC guys and gals descend upon Manchester to immerse themselves in a bit of good old northern culture. Trust us, it sure beats Shepherd’s Bush, and should be interesting for all - watch this space!





And we always thought you needed at least one brain cell to be a politician - but yet again those dumbing-down Americans prove us wrong. Scary, very scary!


Go on, give us a game. Even us Mancunians would like a bit of the old rivalry back! But, honestly, is King Kenny really the man to lead you to the promised land? You could get Don Howe to assist and step back in time....?


An orange/purple room you can’t swing a cat in, vending machines in the corridors and smelly salesmen cornering you with their life stories in the blue neon bar - you don’t live like this at home, so why put up with it when you are away?


We didn’t think the star quality of participants on celeb participation shows could get any lower (except, of course, the lovely Mercedes from Hollyoaks). Still, at least it gives us a new game to watch on Saturday night: Name and List that Celeb – and this one could even have some Elisters! This issues radar was brought to you by Clive Lynton (Director of The Light Boutique ApartHotel)

ton Clive Lyn


I LOVE Media City U

From the BBC to ITV, It’s all kicking off up North. Viva visits entertainment’s new home to see what all the fuss is about...


ere at Viva, we know that london is no longer the sole hub for cultural entertainment and creativity in the UK. Over the years, the North has had no problem making its voice heard and now, the folks down South have finally started to take notice. Based just minutes away from the centre of Manchester, Media City UK is set to transform the disused wastelands of the Salford Quays docks into the busiest and most vibrant production site in the UK. It will be a place for professionals and students, for leisure and productivity and everything inbetween. Despite being in the early stages of development, the site already boasts an impressive urban skyline consisting of a new campus for the University of Salford, a Holiday Inn Hotel and numerous office buildings that are quickly being snatched up by the likes of the BBC and ITV. A tower block of state-ofthe-art city apartments will provide the lucky owners with a very unique view - the newly relocated Coronation Street set - and at the heart of all this construction lies an expansive grassy plaza which, in the coming months, will play host to a range of exciting outdoor events. And this is just the tip of the iceberg: throughout 2011 the constantly evolving site will just

SIMON BlAND REPORTS keep getting better and better. Viva was invited down for an exclusive tour of one of the longest running production studios at Media City UK: The Pie Factory. First of all, we know what you’re thinking - Pie Factory? Well actually, it’s a pretty appropriate name, as this place did in fact used to be a…you guessed it, a pie factory! After going bust, Peel Media saw the immense vacant space as an area with huge untapped potential. The building’s vast refrigerated rooms were converted into colossal sound stages, and they now provide the backdrop to an increasing number of television productions. The Pie Factory has quickly become the studio of choice for Catherine Aherne and Craig Cash, co-writers and stars of the hit BBC sitcom The Royle Family. Emmy award-winning show The Street also dropped by, along with star Bob Hoskins, to take advantage of the buildings state-of-the-art stages, and James Corden and various Manchester united players have all


Then and Now: The site under construction in 2009


used the space to shoot adverts.

The Place To Be: Media City UK’s plaza

In fact, as Viva is guided down the aptly named M62 corridor (every stage has been given a suitably Northern name: Manchester Stage, Salford Stage, leeds Stage, ect), the huge, glossy photos adorning the walls, taken by our tour guide Vishal Sharma, are distracting us from the list of stars and companies he’s mentioning, all of whom have called the building ‘home’ at some point. In one image, Steve Coogan looks dramatically towards the camera, surrounded by a multitude of expensive-looking lighting equipment. In another, the cast of the Royle Family, all decked out in their mini Christmas hats from the 2009 Christmas Special ‘The golden Eggcup’, pose for an impromptu faux family photo. Every now and then, remnants of the Freshfood Corporation’s previous residency bleeds through the renovated space. A “Must wash hands” sign can be spied in the set storage area (home of the Royle’s iconic front room), while a “Refrigerator this way” sign can be seen between production photos on the M62 corridor. It’s a case of taking something disused and making it work again, and as such The Pie Factory is a good metaphor for the possibilities of Media City UK as a whole.


lingering star presence aside, the lasting impression you get from Media City UK is its size and potential - even The Pie Factory’s green room is big enough to hold a couple of SUV’s. However, it looks like this newly refurbished space won’t stay vacant for long. “Recently we’ve had ITV come across and they announced they were going to move Coronation Street onto the Trafford side of The Media City” explains Vishal, “So, at the moment we’ve got a core group of businesses that we hope are going to attract international and national companies. There


VIVA I L O V E M Ee Dd Ii Aa C Ii Tt Yy U K is a big list of companies that are ready to move into Media City UK”. As the site begins to pick up speed, 2011 looks set to be the year The Pie Factory really comes into its own. “We do have a full plate for the rest of the year and into the start of 2012, so there is a lot of work on the horizon, ” smiles Vishal mysteriously, unable to give away too many details of future television production bookings for confidentiality reasons.

city they don’t just think of producers, directors and co-ordinators, they also think of all these other aspects of employment. I think there will be a lot of opportunities for people and a lot of avenues opening up,” adds Vishal. Just one more reason for Manchester and Salford locals to get excited, and another reason, as if you needed it, to love Media City UK. ■

It makes you wonder: if the development is this exciting now, what will it be like in ten years time? Vishal shares his expectations: “In ten years time I’d hope to see a further expansion of the area. They redeveloped the Langworthy estates over the last ten to fifteen years and it’s a similar kind of thing here. I’d hope that they’d branch out in the Quays area and that you’ll see former areas just transformed,” he enthuses. “The Coronation Street site is a perfect example. If you look at a raw photograph of it, it’s just an empty, expansive area that’s waiting to be developed. There’s a lot of areas like that so I think if Media City can branch out I’d hope to see a lot more companies move here and a lot more development.” With more and more companies taking up residency in Media City UK, will this lead to more jobs becoming available? “Yes, absolutely, I think there’s great scope for jobs and employment” assures Vishal, “There’s a lot of scope not just for the typical media professions of cameras, sound or anything like that, there’s also scope for workers, riggers, scaffolders and labour workers - there’s a wide range of professions available. And that’s quite important to remember - that when people think of media

“I think there will be a lot of opportunities for people and a lot of avenues opening up” rd Lancashire Country Cricket Ground, Old Trafford




Renowned photographer, WILL WILKINSON’S latest exhibition captures the eccentric life of an English artist working high in the Tramuntana mountains of Mallorca, far away from his background of North London. COMING to the MANCHESTER PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY on MARCH 27TH With special guest appearance from HOWARD MARKS aka ‘MR NICE’ The exhibition will run for a month

3B TARIFF STREET | MANCHESTER | M1 2FF | 0161 236 2446

ELIZA DOOLITTLE: The lovely little Doolittle has made a massive impact on the UK music scene in the last year. Viva chats to the rising star about her music, fashion, influences, food and spreading the Doolittle word around the world.....


ondon born singer/songwriter Eliza Doolittle has exploded onto the UK music scene in the last two years, with particular exposure over 2010, and has since had success with chirpy, cute singles such as ‘Pack Up’ and ‘Skinny genes’. Doolittle is currently touring and is coming to headline Manchester Academy at the end of March this year. Team Viva managed to catch a few words with Eliza, in the midst of her busy tour schedule, to talk shoes, food and fashion, amongst other things!

Viva: ‘You keep an online blog where you post videos and images that interest you. Has the internet contributed to you raising your profile and building a musical career?’

Viva: ‘On your website you list Nandos’ veggie pittas, poppy seed bagels and beans on toast as some of your ‘likes’. If you could be taken for any meal from any cuisine what would you choose and why?’

Eliza: ‘I know that there are some artists and bands who have actually gotten massive through

Eliza: ‘Mmm… I do love Nandos, obviously! I’m vegetarian and they do a great vegetarian pitta thing, and it’s quite rare to find a good veggie burger. But, if I could choose anywhere, I would probably choose The Wolseley or something - they just do really good foodthere and it’s really posh, so you feel really spoiled when you’re there.’

Viva: ‘Hi Eliza! How are you doing?’ Eliza: ‘I’m fantastic, thanks! How are you doing?’

Viva: ‘You have cited a huge variety of artists and groups as your influences (including TLC, Alicia Keys, The Kinks and The xx).Who would be your dream group or artist to collaborate with?’

Viva: ‘We’re great! So, first question… You took on the surname Doolittle as a sort of stage name – is this an alter ego you adapt on stage, à la Sasha Fierce and Beyonce?’ Eliza: ‘It isn’t, actually! That’s just a nickname I’ve had from a young age and I thought it sounded cool; so I’ve had it ever since.’ Viva: ‘So the Eliza on the stage is the same Eliza we’re seeing now?’ Eliza: ‘I guess I’m just myself all the time, but when I’m on stage I’m performing more. I’m probably not as outgoing if you’re just talking to me in the street or something, but when I’m on stage I’m putting my all into it, I guess. So there’s a slight difference, I guess, but it’s just another part of me. I think that’s the same for most performers.’

the internet and that’s been their platform that they’ve risen on, and I have used it, definitely, but I don’t think it was the thing that I got big through. I use it a lot for interacting with my fans and letting them know about my gigs and what I’m doing, but I’ve gotten more followers since my musicstarted to get recognised. It wasn’t primarily through the internet, though.’


Eliza: ‘Well, my dream collaboration would probably be with Stevie Wonder. That’s always been a massive dream of mine and I don’t know if it would ever come true, but it would be amazing if it did! But then there are so many artists and writers and producers I would love to work with - I could just name people and artists I love forever!’ Viva: ‘Flats, heels or trainers?’ Eliza: ‘Trainers!’ Viva: ‘A girly night in or a night out on the town?’ Eliza: ‘I think a night out on the town, but with my girls.’ >

Viva: ‘garage or slow jams?’ Eliza: ‘Garage, definitely – I am such a garage girl!’ Viva: ‘You have been proclaimed a style icon by many. What is your top tip for looking and feeling good with minimal effort?’ Eliza: ‘I don’t think it matters what you wear, as long as you feel comfortable and feel that you look good in it - your confidence will shine through!’

Mr Medicine, which includes the lyrics “Oh, Mr Medicine/I will take anything/ what do you recommend?’ Is this Medicine a metaphoric Mr or does he represent an influential person in your life?’ Eliza: ‘It’s a secret! Everyone has tried to work out who or what Mr Medicine is, but I’ll give you a clue: it rhymes with Mr Medicine…!’

Viva: ‘Where do you draw inspiration for your style? Are there any other musicians or celebrities whose styles ‘wow’ you?’ Eliza: ‘I love looking at other people’s styles and seeing what people are wearing, and I love Fashion Week and dressing up madly -it’s really good fun to people-watch. I don’t take any influence from anyone directly but I admire a lot of people’s styles. Everyone from Vivienne Westwood to Chloe Sevigny. I think Chloe Sevigny’s got the coolest style ever – so casual, she doesn’t even look like she’s trying very hard at all and it’s just super nice. I love Carmen Miranda and all her platform shoes and everything, and how she couldjust put a pineapple on her head and still look amazing! I even love lady gaga – I would never dress like her, but it’s so fun to see what she’s going to wear next, and it’s so entertaining and fun to see her.’

my laptop, and I’m going to try and bring pro-tools with me and keep writing on the road as that was something I was really rubbish at last year.’ Viva: ‘What do you hope your fans take from your music?’ Eliza: ‘Well, there’s lots of things I’m saying in my songs, and I think the general message from this album is just to keep positive -even though it can be hard sometimes, there’s probably someone somewhere worse off than you. It’s important to realise how important we are and keep on ‘keeping on’, really. There are other things in my songs and in my album, obviously, but that’s the general ride, I guess. I think life’s too short to be moody and grumpy all the time and it’s good to just enjoy ourselves whilst we’re here!’ Viva: ‘And finally, what does 2011 hold for Eliza Doolittle?’ Eliza: ‘lots and lots! I’m going to try and spread the Doolittle word around the word and show them my music and what I’m doing, and I’m also going to be doing lots of touring in the UK, Europe and other places - everywhere I can go, really! There will be lots of festivals in the summer, hopefully, and more singles, and more music. I’m going to write a lot more this year. I’m hoping to get my second album written and done this year and crack on with that. I’ve got a really long list in my head of what I want to do!’

Viva: ‘Do you think it’s important to have fun with what you wear, then?’

Viva: ‘Thanks, Eliza! good luck for the tour and all the best for what we’re sure will be a fantastic 2011!’

Eliza: ‘Definitely! What’s the point if you’re not having fun?!’

Eliza: ‘Cheers, Viva!’

Viva: ‘You’re soon to be in Manchester for an upcoming tour. What do you think of the city?’ Eliza: ‘I’ve been in Manchester before! I think I did a gig there supporting Paloma Faith when I was last here. I think it’s a really cool city. It’s got some great venues and I enjoy it every time I visit!’ Viva: ‘Your next single set for release is

Viva: ‘You seem to travel a lot on tour, and are soon to hit both Paris and the USA. Have you got any keepsakes you take on the road with you to remind you of home?’ Eliza: ‘I don’t you know, but I was thinking about that recently. I’ve got a teddy bear that I got quite recently and I love it and sleepwith it and cuddle it - maybe I should bring that with me! I always bring VIVA 22

Eliza Doolittle’s album Eliza Doolittle is now available to buy in all good music stores. You can also check out her music at: Eliza Doolittle comes to Manchester Academy on Wednesday 30th March 2011… be there or be square! ■ Interview by Matt Horwood and Hayley Ashworth.

VIVA F e a t u r e E mma cambe l l REPORTS

W E ddin g feature


o. It’s 2011, and for many of you that will mean one thing and one thing only - the big day! So, congratulations! The man of your dreams has proposed, and all those years of dropping hints and catching the bouquet have finally paid off. And now it’s time to get stuck into the exciting bit - the planning. From rings to shoes, dresses to venues, everything needs careful thought and consideration.

Collections from White Closet, Didsbury

The first and most important thing to plan is the dress, and that includes drawing up a sensible budget. Unless you’re Kate Middleton, it’s unlikely you will get the chance to float down the aisle in a tailor-made Vera Wang or Vivienne Westwood dress, so be reasonable and work with a budget that will deliver both style and value. The White Closet in fashionable West Didsbury is a vintage-inspired bridal boutique, with a collection so breathtakingly beautiful it really is a place to pop on your ‘to visit’ list. Whether you’re after a ‘20’s style dress to represent the Art Deco style, or a dress that has the alternative ‘edge’ you’ve been searching for, the staff will ensure all their attention is on you, and will provide a complimentary pot of tea and some cupcakes to help take the stress out of your planning. For the ultimate feminine experience, The White Closet dresses come complete with ribbons and ruffles for the heavenliest of gowns. Manchester’s Barton Arcade houses another one of the city’s most hidden treasures in bespoke bridal and occasion-wear, CoCu and Chadwick. This little boutique stocks exquisite designs for brides and bridal parties, boasting a large array of diamante hair clips and tiara’s to help you unleash your inner princess. The boutique hosts a large selection of bespoke gowns, accessories, shoes and handbags, and has a detailed website featuring all the different styles, ideal to take a look at before visiting the store so you can browse all the fabulous options available.

Collections from Cocu - Barton Arcade, Manchester

It’s one thing deciding which store to opt for when picking your perfect wedding attire, but knowing what wedding dress trend is going to be big at the time of your special day is another important matter to consider. For the brides of 2011, you have it lucky. Big, bold and beautiful ball-gown skirts are a huge trend for this year. It’s ‘goodbye’ to last year’s smooth, satin-draped skirts, and ‘hello’ to textured princess-style gowns. Think ruffles, roses, organza pearls and layers of lace for voluminous silhouettes. Also, there is a new focus on colourful bridal dresses for 2011, where gowns will be created in an array of colours with rose, lemon and scarlet red being the designer’s favorites this year. A good place to check out for your individual needs is Richard Smith Bespoke, a made-to-measure boutique in the heart of Manchester city centre. Brides and grooms are encouraged to visit and discuss a preferred style of garment, whether it be suits, shirts, trousers, tails or overcoats. Richard’s service will take into consideration each customer’s personal needs and work hard to create the perfect fit. For those brides-to-be who have to literally drag their men to look into outfit choices, this place is perfect as it features free-view TV guaranteed to show the football for those reluctant grooms!

Collections from Richard Smith Bespoke, Manchester


Manchester Town Hall


oving on, we all know that finding the perfect wedding attire is no good without finding the perfect venue, and there are so many out there. So how do you find your dream venue? Manchester and Cheshire host many beautiful wedding venues that each cater for different needs. Some feature spectacular gardens ideal for the couple who want the most idyllic photograph collection, and some come with a classic theme for those who want a more traditional setting. Manchester’s Town Hall, set in Albert’s Square, is one of the most sought-after locations for a wedding venue, and with its historical feel and elegant décor, it is perfect for those couples looking for a wedding venue with a difference. Conference coordinators go that extra mile at the Town Hall to provide a lavish drinks and canapé reception, followed by an extensive catering service run by Manchester Fayre. The beautiful stone work exterior of the building radiates the history of the hall, providing a beautiful setting for photographs and delivering a truly stunning wedding experience. The Mere Court Hotel in Knutsford is also a popular choice for wedding venues due to its seven acres of garden and land - complete with an ornamental lake - offering truly breath-taking surroundings for the perfect day. The hotel boasts a choice of five rooms in which to hold your wedding, the most admired of the five being the Arboreum Restaurante, which boasts elegant chandeliers, oak beams and a striking view of the lake.

The Mere Court Hotel, Knutsford

For a more romantic and magical feel to your wedding, Adlington Hall country house boasts a unique location with a historical Elizabethan feel. With its exposed brick work and plush carpets throughout, the venue is cozy and traditional, with a secluded feel, ideal for those who want a family-orientated and countryside feel to their big day.

Adlington Hall, Macclesfield

Chocolate Harlot Parlour, Raw Chocolate & Pink Canvas Yurts


So you’ve found a perfect venue and your outfit is in good hands, what next? It’s those little unique extras that will give your day that special touch. To fully treat your guests, it is worth taking a look at the Chocolate Harlot Parlour CHP are a company passionate about organic, fresh, raw chocolate, and they have also branched into hosting celebratory events, including weddings . They can provide large stunning pink canvas yurts to provide a perfect backdrop for photographs, sumptuous decorations and creative lighting to create the ideal ambience for the ceremony, and also run a service where the wedding party can create a unique menu with their cooks. The carefully crafted menus are designed to stimulate all the senses and satisfy every taste bud so that all guests feel extra special. >

VIVA f e a t u r e


e also know how important this next factor is – the flowers. What colour scheme should you pick? What bouquet styles will match the bridesmaids? What flower will really set off the table arrangements? Choosing a specialist company with consultants who will go through each aspect step by step is the key. Frog Flowers are based in Manchester’s northern quarter along Burton road, have designers who take you through each individual floral need, from that special bouquet to decorative display bunches. They will take your ideas and interpret them with creative flair and imagination to produce the perfect arrangements. Deciding whether you wish to opt for traditional, extravagant or minimalist is really important, so look into what theme you are planning on creating. The trend for wedding flowers for 2011 is whimsical, tropical and fun, with apple greens, hot pinks and clementine orange being the dominant shades.

Beautiful Arrangements from Frog Flowers, Manchester

In regards to decoration, 2011 is the year for the ‘Modern’ theme. Tables are being decorated with glass vases with unique fillers, such as glass marbles, seashells and fresh fruits such as lemons and limes. If you wish to keep to this modern theme, then chose a company who specialize in linen hire for all your tablecloth, chair covers and table skirting matters. Well known companies such as keep their products up to date with the latest in wedding décor trends, and will provide stunning linens on a hire basis. This is an excellent option which will keep costs down yet also provide a beautiful visual interior in your chosen venue. And, last but not least, the most important feature of any wedding all comes down to what you’re wearing on your finger. Yes, the wedding rings! The right wedding ring can speak a thousand words. A ring to show love has to be classic, it has to be durable, it has to be wearable and it has to successfully symbolize commitment. The wedding ring trends for this year are going back to traditional favourites, with the diamond band being the most sought after. Platinum will lead the metals, and diamond clusters are a close second for the biggest trend in wedding rings this year. go for a wedding ring retailer who are passionate about their products, and can offer dedicated advice and information. green and Benz are a Manchester and Sheffield based jewellery retailer, with a large range of platinum and gold engagement rings and wedding bands. Designs include cuts of diamonds, ruff detailing and satin finishes, catering for every bride and groom’s jewellery needs.

For info check out

Just a small selection of rings for both bride and grrom from Green and Benz , Manchester


So hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought for your special day, whenever it may be. But remember, in all your wedding planning, your golden rule should be this: from the first step of arranging a date and finding a venue, to picking a decent DJ and whittling down that guest list, make finding the most helpful of companies a priority and take that pre-wedding stress away! It’s your day, so make sure you enjoy it! ■

Rocksee Pixs wedding photography | 0161 736 6339 | 07702 088 064


WIll THE ROYAl WEDDINg ROCK THE NATION? Since November 2010 newspapers and magazines have swamped the nation with endless updates of newly betrothed Prince william and his future Queen, Catherine Middleton. With speculations of an engagement dating back to last year, every gossip magazine has been waiting with bated breath for William and Kate to formally announce their future wedding plans. Now that they have confirmed the rumours to be true, 16 November 2010 marks the date of the couple’s formal engagement. Following the whirlwind of media coverage concerning the announcement, Kate Middleton’s once relatively ‘normal’ life has faded into oblivion. Kate has overnight become the lady of the moment and the interest of every publication within the United Kingdom. She has claimed celebrity status almost overnight, with an abundance of starry-eyed anecdotes revealing how William stole her heart. She has this month become the cover girl of Tatler magazine, with her ecstatic grin replicating the iconic Warhol Monroe print, fronting the Royal Special issue. Picture: Mario Testino

Picture: Tatler Magazine February 2010


Thousands of websites have all paid homage to Kate as the nation’s new sweetheart (move over Cheryl, Kate’s royally on your tail!) with a mania surrounding the future Queen as the next style icon. Bearing the late Princess Diana’s engagement ring Kate has stepped into some rather large shoes. Already the pressure is on for her to develop her own unique trend, which in succession to Princess Diana’s notorious aptitude to stun the world with her distinctive flair; this will inevitably prove a hard act to follow. A natural apprehension is undoubtedly expected, but Kate appears to be taking it in her stride and embracing her new-found very public domain.

VIVA F E A T U R E With an emphasis being placed upon Kate’s middle class upbringing, the media have relentlessly scrutinised Kate’s family background. Her mother has been portrayed as a “Trolly Dolly” air stewardess, with her father a respectable airline pilot. Nevertheless, a “commoner” family, very much removed from aristocracy. The couples’ relationship is certainly pushing boundaries, but opinions are divided whether the marriage will yield a revival of the monarchy in the public’s eyes, or whether public interest in the Royal Family will begin fade. A fairytale union formed between nobility and working-class could mean that Kate will bring a sense of reality to the monarchy, whereas the others consider her ordinariness will remove the sense of mystique surrounding the Royals. The wedding will fundamentally be the catalyst in the rejuvenation of the monarchy. The general consensus to the majority of the public is that the Royal Family does not currently play a significant part in our modern society. The traditional role of the monarchy was historically to exude authority, to have absolute power and governmental control over the country. Many people ignorantly assume the Queen to have little influence within our democratic society, as proclaimed very recently by the outspoken Charlotte Church. This may arguably be the case, but the British monarchy essentially acts as a figurehead. They are a symbol of national pride, and embody a shared sense of belonging to our country; a unity of the masses. The engagement between Kate and William is a declaration that the Royal family (or at least William) no longer consider themselves the privileged elite, detached from the ordinary classes, but very much want to be regarded as part of our shared society.

Picture: Bauer Griffin

“the wedding would receive global coverage and bring millions to the UK economy” Although it is reported that Prince Charles will be funding the event, there are reservations regarding the taxpayer’s contribution, which is alleged to reach up to £20m. The Royal Wedding is however estimated to bring a huge amount of capital into British economy. lord Archer has publicly argued: “the Royal Family are a great benefit to Great Britain Limited”; “the wedding would receive global coverage and bring millions to the UK economy”. The wedding has given rise to various (rather questionable!) marketing campaigns including royal commemorative memorabilia, and somewhat obscure and distasteful ideas featuring William and Kate courtship tours, Royal Wedding lego and English Princess boot camp, where American girls aged 8 to 11 learn the fundamentals of becoming a princess. Other more conventional means of boosting UK revenue are expected to derive from food and grocery sales; toasting champagne for the joyous occasion is estimated at £360m, with an additional influx in British tourism expecting to reach over £500m. The wedding is not only expected to generate a substantial amount of income for the British economy, but will also be a great way of escaping the considerable bleakness which overshadows our current economic climate. The wedding will be an exciting event we can all be involved with, and the majority of the British public will surely be eager to experience and celebrate the romantic & glamorous royal festivities. It will provide a much-needed feel-good boost for the gloomy British public by pulling us out of the slump and giving us an opportunity to indulge in just a hint of extravagance. ■ Words: Carla Griscti



YSL Arty Too Ring Gold, ÂŁ185 Available from Harvey Nichols

This page: YSL Chyc Small Flap Bag Purple, £995 Kara Ross Gold Necklace, £357 Opposite: Alexander Mcqueen knuckleduster Clutch Metallic Bag, £1080 Marni Resin Square Necklace, £215 Available from Harvey Nichols

This page: Theo Fennell Blue Topaz Scroll Ring, £10,250 Opposite: Kenneth Jay Lane Croc Jewelled Bracelet, £285 YSL Dots Ring, £115 Available from Harvey Nichols

This page: Alexander Mcqueen Butterfly Flower Skull Ring, £180 Kara Ross Dragon Clip On Earrings, £246 Opposite: Theo FennelL Yellow Beryl Bee Ring, £6500 Alias by Theo Fennell Silver Snake Eye Ring, £325 Available from Harvey Nichols

Photographer: Tony Le Britton Hair: Adam Bryant & Joel Francois Ethos Hairdresers Make-up: Julie Anne Pattinson Retouching: Pratik Naik @ Blush Retouching Photographers Assistant: Richie Palmer Loction: Piranha Snaps

Alias by Theo Fennell Silver Snake Eye Pendant And Chain, £895 Alias by Theo Fennell Silver Snake Eye Ring, £325 Alexander Mcqueen Bird Skull Necklace, £245 Available from Harvey Nichols

Rocksee Pixs Goes Behind The Scene Of Viva’s Kaleidoscope Fashion Shoot.....


ocksee Pixs gets ‘access all areas’ at Viva magazine’s Kaleidoscope fashion shoot at Piranha Snaps Studios located along King Street, Manchester. The team behind the shoot consisted of; world-class hair stylist Adam Bryant and his team from Ethos (, make-up artist Julie Anne Pattinson (, top up-and-coming photographer from Newcastle, Tony le Briton (tony.le.britton@, Hugo Boss models Tanya Beethan, Olivia Ward and george Askew, the lovely Julia greenwood from Theo Fennell and, to capture the day on film and in style, Hannah Searle and Ed Wilkinson. Oh, and of course we mustn’t forget Viva’s very own Art Director, Rebecca legon. Well done team, it was a great day! To see backstage footage of Viva’s Kaleidoscope fashion shoot, log on to If you would like a professional photographer for your event, behind the scenes shots at your fashion shoot, or anything else for that matter, please contact Rocksee Pixs on 0161 736 6339 or email us at

Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway: testament to the transformative power of creativity


VIVA s u c c e s s s t o r y ANTHONY lEVIN REPORTS

Shed business: the ‘Shackup’ range



sometimes ‘He’s just doing it to be northern or working class’ but actually you do it because it’s really really sensible.”

ook hard enough, and in the recesses of your memory (or your cupboard), you’ll undoubtedly find a pair of chunky black shoes. Adorned with bright orange laces, oversized safety pins and maybe - if you were uber-80s - steeltoe-caps, these heavy-duty relics only exist in your retro repertoire because of Wayne and gerardine Hemingway.

Sense and sensibility is an apt literary pairing to describe Hemingway Designs. They are ever practical, thoughtful and original. Since launching their first catwalk collection to critical acclaim in 1989 (‘Space Baby’), the Hemingways have designed everything from fold-up bikes and sheds to electronics, including the Bugtoo – a live-pause radio with mp3 playback. It looks like the robot from Short Circuit, but in 2006, it was the most affordable of its kind on the market.

The Hemingway? No. No relation. But what Ernest did to high literature, so the Hemingways did to high fashion. That is, make it accessible without losing any sense of style or originality. In 1982, when the young couple emptied their wardrobe into a stall at Camden Market to cover the rent, they had no grand plans. Chunky shoes would still be a retrograde pair of ‘Ooh, faux pas’, if they had not sold Doc Martens to a generation of students hungry for self-expression off the High Street. Suddenly, punk wasn’t just political, it was also fashionable.

Success on the back of an anti-establishment aesthetic has carved a unique position for the Hemingways in design circles. “In a way we’re outsiders because we don’t mix, we come home. But on the other hand, we’re pillars of the bloody design community! I’m chair of things, we get invited to all the big industry do’s - we’re of that age in our late forties where suddenly you’re establishment. There’s something that naturally occurs with the passage of time which means that, eventually, you’re not an outsider anymore.”

The Hemingways went on to make shoes even chunkier, even more jagged and outlandish than Dr M could envisage. Now, perspex and patent leather are styles that define 80s footwear. A fully-fledged fashion line was a logical progression, and so in 1983 Red or Dead launched its first collection.

like his career as a designer, Hemingway’s patterns of talk are desultory; he begins to outline thoughts and then improves them mid-sentence. During the interview, Wayne’s fingers are pressed into his cranium as if he’s kneading responses from his brain. I’m left with hundreds of half-finished clauses and verbal riffs. It’s not that my questions are demanding. Nor is Wayne posing for Rodin; he’s a genuinely big thinker. With his wife, he is half of one of the most influential creative duos in Europe. [later in the interview he tells me, “We speak as one.”] Together they are transforming great Britain’s psychogeography, with housing developments like the 3000 homes at Calderwood in lothian, Scotland. The focus is on livability: a concept that encapsulates affordable, sustainable social housing, inspired by the landscape and, according to their website, “creating organic patterns that are in harmony with the setting.” The couple hopes that this will counter what Wayne calls “the false dream” which prioritises home-ownership over a sense of community and shared space. >

Wayne and gerardine are anything but typical designers. A Skype video call permits me a glimpse of the Hemingway workspace – naturally lit, sparse, seemingly functional. gerardine and I don’t actually meet. “She’s sat across the desk from me now,” Wayne admits, “smiling and ignoring the interview because she likes to get on with things.” Wayne is perfectly engaging, but I get the impression that he too would rather be ‘getting on with it’ than talking to a fashion magazine about what he does. He is refreshingly unpretentious, especially for someone who has won three consecutive ‘Street Style Designer of the Year’ awards. “I think it’s a lot to do with our background,” says the 50 year-old from lancashire. “We’ve never gone along with the design industry standard. I’ve seen a lot of our contemporaries: they might turn up to an awards ceremony, and they get out of a dark windowed car, as if they’re a member of the bloody mafia or something, and I arrive on the tube - or on my bike.” growing up in the North clearly left its mark on Hemingway. But despite being an outsider, he doesn’t see himself as a renegade. “People think


VIVA s u c c e s s s t o r y Susan Sontag once wrote: “Space reserved for being serious is hard to come by in a modern society”. But it’s equally difficult to find people serious about creating space. Fortunately, the Hemingways are. With a designer’s eye for detail, they recognize the difference between ‘space’ and ‘place’ – a concept lost on most buyers before the credit crunch. “The first thing you choose is ‘Do you want to live in that place?’” argues Wayne. Strangely, architectural design is not the highest order principle. In the Hemingway hierarchy, the domestic aesthetic should follow overall quality of life. Because, Wayne says, “If where you live doesn’t afford you anything other than shelter, then in this day and age, you’re doing yourself a bit of a disservice.” It’s not unusual for fashion designers to trial their creativity in other fields. Designer Tom Ford (born in the same year as the Hemingways) made his directorial debut in 2009 with the release of ‘A Single Man’ – a film applauded by fashionistas and described by the Telegraph as “a preening perfume commercial”. However, it is unusual for two designers, working together, to be prolifically successful across various fields and numerous decades. Already, the Hemingway’s high-profile project on Tyneside has won major awards including Building Magazine’s Best Housing-Led Regeneration Project. And if reimagining tired 60s and 70s housing developments wasn’t enough, they have also established ‘The Land of Lost Content’, a partnership project with the British National Museum of Popular Culture and the University of Wolverhampton. It claims to be the world’s largest archive of 20th century pop culture. The aim is distinctly communitarian: to be “an educational design resource” for both students and teachers. The secret to the quality of their output? “We probably spend half the week working next to each other or across a big desk...We discuss strategy but then we also have our own stuff to do.” Most couples would probably be hovering with a pillow over their sleeping spouse after thirty years of collaboration and cohabitation. Not this couple. Their most significant disagreement, Wayne offers, was actually the catalyst for their multiplatform success: Gerardine didn’t want to sell Red or Dead. “I remember Gerardine saying it was like selling one of our children - our fifth child, I think she described it as. And I said ‘well, you know it’s not flesh and blood, it’s something that we’ve built and we can build something else’.” What they built was an empire of social change. ‘Starter for Ten’ is just one entrepreneurial initiative that gives fledging businesses an opportunity to grow by offering low-rent premises in commercial hubs. The resultant creative clusters replicate what Afflecks Palace and Camden Markets once were, organically, to 20 year-old design-noobs like Gerardine and Wayne.

E n g ine

There’s no predicting where the currents of interest and virtue will carry the Hemingway juggernaut next. “We’re not afraid of failure,” declares Wayne. Together they are a testament to the transformative power of creativity. And if, as that other prose master of style Bukowski once wrote, ‘opening a can of sardines can be an art’, the next Hemingway design you encounter could be at your corner store, or even on your plate. ■


‘Voted best b ar in Manc 2009/1 hester in 0 & 20 08/09’

‘s the UK ated in ars by in m o ‘N best b top 50 ependent’ d In e Th

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VIVA T R E N D S This issue of VIVA presents a simple look that can be worn for the day and easily adapted for the night using garments and accessories from some of the best British brands and designers on offer.



The staple of this issue’s feature is: the Barbour. No matter what style of Barbour you opt for, the brand is a heritage classic. Worn by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and celebrities all around the Kingdom, the jacket is a must for your spring-time wardrobe. The durability of the jacket is testament to what is expected from traditional British brands, whilst the jacket’s diverse wear-ability is testament to British style and its surprises. This International style jacket is available at OiPolloi in Manchester’s Northern Quarter for £229.00.




OiPolloi is Manchester’s home of impeccable quality, designing leading menswear with a focus on the classic and a dismissal of ‘trend’. OiPolloi have harvested this mission in their own label products which include these simple deck shoes, perfect for spring time. £180.00 OiPolloi Manchester.

Gola is the original British sports brand. The brand has existed for over 100 years and has become one of the most endearing and celebrated British sports brands in the fashion arena. Britain won the 1968 World Cup in Gola trainers and David Bedford broke the world record in the 10,000m with Gola on his feet. Carry Gola, and your other bits and bobs, around with you in this Renolds bag, £40.00 from


When night-time looms, you’re ready for a quick change before a pint at the pub. Keep hold of your Chinos but add this shirt from the Grande Dame of British fashion, Vivienne Westwood. Westwood is a lady who requires no introduction and nor will you in this stunning shirt that effortlessly mixes contemporary chic with time honoured British tradition. £105.00 from


>> Simplicity is key with the Barbour jacket and this simple black Tee will look clean and understated underneath. The Q Tee is a product by the late Alexander McQueen and so, despite being an understated garment, the current of rebellious British fashion runs clear through the ethos. £115.00 from Harvey Nichols Manchester.

The Chino has been part of British garment manufacturing since its use in army uniforms in the late 1800s. Now the Chino pant is a durable and comfortable casual trouser for the urban gent. These, by Paul Smith, evoke both simplistic utility and great British craftsmanship. £100.00 Harvey Nichols Manchester.

The last move of your evening transformation should see the deck shoes placed back in the Gola bag and these Oliver Sweeney masterpieces brought out instead. Oliver Sweeney footwear is the epitome of British design, taking old classics and reigniting them with a spark of contemporary quirk. These simple brogues will offset the utilitarian trouser and dress-up the Barbour perfectly. £145.00 Oliver Sweeny, Manchester. >>


VIVA T R E N D S With a view to the extensive British calendar of events this coming spring and summer Viva is celebrating our wealth of fashion heritage with the best of Great British design. The daytime look endeavours to bring out our femininity, combining a soft palette of warm spring tones and sumptuous fabrics. Whereas sharp tailoring and bold metallic accessories at night encourage empowerment and our strong sense of style. FROM DAy




Flower top - Daughter to two globally renowned Britons, Stella has carved her own role in the globe, providing cutting edge fashions entirely free from animal products, they don’t call us great for nothing. Stella McCartney ‘anemone top’ £425 @ Selfridges.


Shorts - Born and bred in our very own city of Manchester, Williamson’s work exudes femininity and elegance. Shorts have become an increasingly popular staple in the evening wardrobe of celebrities and mere mortals alike. Matthew Williamson ‘soft tailoring drape shorts’ £360

Clutch - If the clutch bag is the Queen of evening wear, then Mc Queen is the Queen mother (no pun intended) His signature approach to this all important piece of evening attire has become an iconic symbol of after dark fashions across the globe. Alexander McQueen ‘studded knuckle box’ £1,140.

Handbag - Founded over >> one hundred years ago Burberry has become synonymous with British fashion. Known globally for its infamous tartan check pattern Burberry has in recent years transformed itself as a representative of contemporary Great British fashion. Burberry ‘plisse-leather bag’ £795.

Shirt - The late Alexander McQueen is the definitive example of British fashion, a pioneer of forward thinking fashion and an insatiable passion for design. Alexander McQueen ‘silk bib shirt’ £380 @ Selfridges.

>> Shoes - Mulberry was launched by mother and son in the 1970s and was notorious for it’s quality leather goods. Not much has changed over the decades, whilst Mulberry continues to be celebrated for it’s iconic leather handbags. Mulberry ‘oxford flat’ £357.



Shoes - Although not of British origin, Choo’s fashion roots can be traced back exactly to our very capital. Awarded an OBE by Her Majesty the Queen for his services to Great British fashion, Choo is beyond deserving of a spot on our Great British fashion chart. Jimmy Choo ‘zafira’ £1,250. >>

Jacket - Paul Smith launched his fashion career on Savile Row and so it only seems appropriate we honour his beginnings with this beautifully tailored jacket. Paul Smith ‘one button jacket’ £415.



A ROYAl AFFAIR As the ice and snow begin to thaw, so does our social calendar, the forthcoming months shall be filled with a plethora of royally engaging events. The nation rejoiced in congratulations for the most fashionable royal couple to date upon the announcement of their engagement, and now we anticipate the celebrations of their big day. like William and Kate many of us will be attending a wedding this spring, whether as a guest or the guest of honour, and so Viva has taken it upon ourselves to prepare your wardrobe for the arrival of this spring’s newlyweds. let us also not forget one of the most anticipated events of the royal calendar, Royal Ascot, so pony up and get out those pearls as we party like royals.

Gucci, Bamboo purse in Mauve, £1190 @ Gucci

It is a fact universally acknowledged that the single most important item of apparel when attending a wedding is of course hair accessories; hat or fascinator one doesn’t discriminate as long as it’s there and clearly visible. Now should you be truly following in the footsteps of Her Majesty there is of course only one man suitable for the job, Mr Philip Treacy. Sought after by royal ladies old and young alike, Treacy’s designs inspire creativity and each bestows individual flair to its model, with prices ranging from £200 to £5,000. In today’s fashion market hats and fascinators are readily available in department stores See By Chloe, Bonded lace top £230 @ Harvey Nichols and on the high street from as little as £20, but we beg of you, please, embrace the spirit of the occasion and shun the sad and sparse sinamay base with the wispy feather sticking out aimlessly. Seek the advice of the professionals, bespoke items from independent and emerging designers do not cost the earth but are worth their weight in gold. It is certainly an imperative for being noticed at Royal Ascot, some may even be surprised to learn that it is not in fact a fashion event but they actually race horses there. Galloping on we turn to the body of your outfit, we must state that despite the progressive attitude towards fashion at Ascot, micro minis of the sixties come to mind, there are certain boundaries one must adhere to. Royal ladies respect the social norms expected of them and maintain a sensible knee length hem (or floating about there or so). Jonathan Saunders’ graphic floral print skirt would be more than suitable for a discerning regal, combined with the lace detailed blouse from Chloe ticks many of the right boxes for Spring 2011 trends. With crisp white contrasted with bold colours, a firm look at Prada and lace featuring heavily at the garden party inspired collection at Erdem. Alternatively our dress selection from Prada is figure defining whilst remaining suitably conservative, silk gives the air of luxury and the warmth of its coral tones ease your look into spring. And finally should you dare to bare, Preen offers a contemporary option for royals of the 21st century, keeping the detail in the cut of the dress the clean lines create an element of elegance and a sensible bias line.

Preen, Babydoll dress £1,020 @ Harvey Nichols

For an altogether regally respectable ensemble sharp tailoring is paramount, for the spring wedding a smart jacket can tie an outfit together. L.K Bennett’s approach is unassuming, elegant and offers an edge of femininity to the crisp tailoring. The removal of the collar eliminates the appearance of office wear and allows for any jewellery or decorated neckline to shine.

Prada faille silk dress £1385 @ Flannels

Keep accessories practical, classic and easy on the bling, feel free to add pearls but don’t feel compelled to stick to the traditional string around the neck. So here’s a toast to the future happy couples, and to a flawless spring wardrobe. Words by: Nadia Ismail

L.K Bennet, Marsi jacket, £225 @ L.K. Bennett

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Anna Tangra clutch £290 @ Harvey Nichols


KG by Kurt Geiger, Jitterbug peep toe £100 @ John Lewis

Jonathan Saunders, silk skirt, £695 @


SUITS YOU let’s step it up. Wills is getting hitched and there is an air of ceremonious pomp about things, time we bought a suit, don’t you think? A suit is to a man what a good handbag is to a lady, a necessity yet a luxury, utilitarian but extravagant. The suit can be a man’s best friend but finding the right one can be a gent’s worst nightmare. So, here’s what to do. A tailor-made bespoke suit needn’t drag you to london’s Saville Row, Manchester’s own James Personal Tailor & Son offers a bespoke tailor service tried and tested by the stars, from the likes of lionel Richie to Peter Kay. The bespoke process will see the suit’s development originate from your own personal style and ideas, guided by the expertise of either James or his son, Michael. The final product with be a unique piece that pays homage to traditional tailoring but also a piece that depicts your personal sense of style.

Red ETRO tie, £80. Purple Harvey Nichols Private Label, £40, both @ Harvey Nichols

Your first meeting will be an hour long consultation that aims to sketch out the main principals of the suit you desire. This is also the point at which you’ll be fully measured up. It is a good tip to have a good idea of the suit you have in mind; you should never expect a Tailor to know what you want. Wearing the shoes and shirt you will generally wear with the finished product will help as a guide to your sense of style. The meeting takes place in the wonderfully cluttered and eccentric office at the back of the Tailor’s in James Binney House on Cross Street. Once the ideas have been formulated the production will start with painstaking attention to detail and craftsmanship. A month later the suit coat and trouser will need to be tried on so that the finishing touches, like button height and cuff length, can be altered to your body. Another month on and the suit is ready for you to try on and take home, a quick service that doesn’t skimp on the quality. A two-piece suit with silk lining will cost around £795, a three-piece around £995.

Nudie Jeans T-Shirt, £45, @ Harvey Nichols

Not got the time for bespoke? Prefer a rummage through the exclusive rails of a designer store? Well, head to the new Hugo Boss flagship on New Cathedral Street. Hugo Boss, owned by Moss Bros., knows suiting and can offer an off-the-peg alternative to the bespoke route. The new store boasts the UK’s biggest Hugo Boss and offers the full range from Boss Black to something for the Kids. This striped suit by Boss Black is new for Spring/Summer 2011. The Summer Seascape theme takes the airy coastline of Australia and the liberal easiness of Sydney as its inspiration. This suit is a light weight durable option that would be perfect for during a more optimistic springtime day when worn with these Oliver Sweeny sandals. The look is easily adapted to night time by substituting the trousers for a pair of simple denim jeans and some high shine shoes from Oliver Sweeney. This grey suit offers something similarly relaxed and summery but leaning toward a slightly more corporate and office-friendly look. This is a distinctly urban slim line suit that shows the Hugo Boss look off to its ultimate best. The suit would be best when worn with a white or grey shirt, like this from Paul Smith, then team with a bold non-patterned tie; like these options from Harvey Nichols Private label and ETRO. This suit coat isn’t all about work and is suitable for weekend playtime when paired with a light T-shirt, like this Nudie Jeans Graffiti Tee, jeans and casual footwear.

Suit available soon @ Hugo Boss

Suit available soon @ Hugo Boss

Collating one’s wardrobe to reflect one’s personal style is difficult enough without having to account for tailoring. But, if you find the right ready-towear coat and trousers or create a masterpiece suit with the help of a Tailor you’ll have won the battle and the war, the rest will come naturally. Either that or find yourself a personal shopper pronto. Words by: Jordan McDowell

Oliver Sweeney south black pass leather sandal, £99, @ Oliver Sweeny

Oliver Sweeney London foster black high shine brogue shoe, £145, @ Oliver Sweeney


Paul Smith Poplin Shirt, £90 @ Harvey Nichols




These fantastic Pirate boots by Vivienne Westwood have been lusted after by many women since they were first produced in 1981, and this year they’re back. Made from 100% leather and brandishing five contrasting buckles, these boots have been carefully crafted, and the untreated leather changes colour over time to a black/brown colour which makes them look unique because no two pairs will be the same. Available in store or online at


The ‘Tall Suede Superboot’ from FitFlop features their Microwobbleboard technology, not only promising to give you a workout whilst you’re on the move, but also relieving symptoms of chronic lower back pain, arthritis and lower leg oedema. Perfect for busy women who want to look effortlessly stylish but don’t always have time for a workout, or for those who suffer from ailments and find it difficult to work out. The boots themselves are made from buttery-soft suede and the pull-on leg is visually slimming. Wear them straight-up or slouched for a more casual look. Available in black, chocolate, smoke grey or amethyst. £150 at

Hobbs London Elastic Side Longboot. This Chelsea style, pull on boot oozes sleek sophistication. 100% leather and incredibly durable, wear with luxe leggings and a blouse for a daytime look or a bodycon dress and blazer for instant evening glamour. £199. Available at House of Fraser in store or online at



EMU Australia has a continued commitment for innovation in the latest collection of premium 100% sheepskin footwear across the ladies, men’s and children’s ranges. While the best selling core styles remain the foundation of the collection, EMU Australia has expanded its fashion main collection to include the Illoura, Naloo, Slalom and Tundra which offer an alternative to the more traditional Stinger style. These Naloo Emu’s are priced at £220 available from



This leather brogue Chelsea boot by Patrick Cox has the typical stylish brogue pattern and supple leather upper, but its elasticated panelling is something a bit different and has more of an equestrian feel to it when compared to the classic lace-up brogue style. £275 available at


The Shearling Ascend Boot from AllSaints brandishes worn, distressed looking leather which achieves that vintage inspired style. Lace-up detailing at the front and lined with sheepskin, these hand finished boots offer style and warmth. Get yours before they’re gone! £195 available in store or at


Jeffery West zip fastening boots with brogue detailing and iguana leather panelling. The boots feature a red ‘Muse’ she-devil printed lining with an etched soles. 100% leather. Priced at £179 at or at the Jeffery West store located in the Barton Arcade, Manchester. >>

These Cannavaro zip boots by Officine Creative are a more contemporary take on the classic men’s biker boot. With zip and buckle detailing and 100% leather upper, lining and sole, these boots are a staple wardrobe piece this winter for any man who wants something a little bit different. They are currently in the Selfridges sale at just £199 (down from £425). Available instore or online at

These Festival Tall Wellington Boots from Hunter are perfect for any fashionable festival goer who wants to get noticed. A chic upgrade to the original classic Hunter Wellington, featuring crocodile-stamped panels, buckle detail and silver tone rivets. These are borderline biker-esque, yet still retain the classic hunter gripped sole and wax-coated rubber outer, complete with Hunter logo on the front. Now only £87 (down from £145) and available from

Fitflop - the shoe that offers a work-out while you walk. The initial idea for this footwear phenomenon was brought to light by founder, Marcia Kilgore, who claims: ‘I wanted to create a great looking sandal that could double task as a lower body toner. Something that busy, on-the-go women could wear for a work-out, whilst going about their hectic schedules when there isn’t always time for a trip to the gym.’ Sounds perfect, right? Now for the science bit. Fitflop shoes feature Microwobbleboard technology, which increases the time that your muscles are engaged every time you take a step. This technology, created and developed by Dr Dave Cook and Darren James, has been proven to reduce back stress, increase the amount of time your bottom muscles are activated by up to 30%, reduce foot pressure concentration and knee joint stress. Microwobbleboard technology also absorbs up to 22% more shock when you walk, compared to wearing a normal shoe.

Presenting the ‘Wren’ boot in tan by Oliver Sweeney. This effortlessly stylish brogue boot boasts a full leather upper and sole with contrasting lime green leather lining. It also displays the Oliver Sweeney logo stitched on the back of the ankle. Priced at £245. Available at the Oliver Sweeney store located in Spinningfields, Manchester or online at

‘The Floatfeet Effect’ In a recent 20-person study conducted by Salford University, results showed that the pressureloading rate of a foot wearing a FitFlop sandal was reduced by an average of 25%. Pressure in the toes was reduced by an average of 30%, and pressure in the heel was reduced by an average of 15% when compared to a foot in a high street pump. Just by wearing FitFlop footwear you can potentially alleviate plantar foot pain and ease symptoms (like heel spur pain and plantar fasciitis) by reducing forces and distributing them over a larger area. Dr Dave Cook and Darren James, the brains behind the technology, claim they never imagined such simplicity would alleviate such a vast range of musculoskeletal complaints. For more information or to buy FitFlop online visit

VIVA F A S H I O N sTREET sTylE jordan, aged 20 teams brogues, jeans and a pale blue shirt with a long beige mac perfect for wrapping up warm in the January weather. He works for French Connection, however loves the clothes from high-street store Topman. His style is influenced from fellow Northerner Morrissey whom he cites as somewhat of a fashion idol. >>

Benito, aged 24, keeps it simple by contrasting different shades of grey against each other to create an understated stylish ensemble. Claiming that he creates his own looks and does not see the point in copying celebrities in order to create a quirky style. Wearing high-street labels such as Topman and All Saints he sets his look off with a rather special Vivienne Westwood brooch pinned to his jacket. >>

Emma, a 35-year-old personal assistant, shows us a classic elegance teaming a leather jacket with black shorts and high-heeled boots. A splash of colour with a kaiki top can make an outfit look sophisticated yet differentiate it from work clothes so it is still funky and casual. Her cropped blonde hair is the real stand out piece in this outfit, meaning she does not need to go overboard on bright colours. >>

A brightly coloured trench coat is perfect for adding a touch of colour to the winter wardrobe. jessica, aged 19, used royal blue to contrast against her grey jumper to create a unique look that is finished off with her matching brown bag and shoes. A fashion student at Salford University Jessica draws her inspiration from style icons Alexa Chung and Mary Kate Olsen, as well as her love of the vintage British look.




Adam is a sales representative for Firefly Photography and on his feet all day so comfy shoes are essential. He teams them with the on trend ripped jeans and a comfy farmer style jacket to keep him warm. Adam prefers to wear any clothes that are different and will help him stand out from the crowd, however his store of choice is Selfridges where he can pick up some great designer clothes.

Jeans and leggings are always a winning combination as Emmelia shows us. The use of a patterned scarf is an easy way to add texture and patterns to any outfit and teaming it with a bright coloured shoe helps the her stand out from the crowd. This self-employed stylist loves the Boho style and wears it whenever she gets the chance.



Aside from being incredibly talented, one of the things that sets this young, successful pioneering businesswoman apart from her competition is her passion for sourcing the finest quality hair available. Tatiana insists on using only natural virgin Russian hair, which she sources personally by making up to eight trips a year to her native Russia. In doing this eliminates the need to use high margin TATIAnA HAIR EXTEnsIOns she hair brokers and can ensure that the hair is Tatiana Karelina is the innovative and driving sourced ethically. Tatiana’s commitment to ethiforce behind Tatiana Hair Extensions, one of the cally sourced hair extensions was evidenced in the most recognised names in the UK hair exten2008 BBC 3 documentary ‘Whose Hair Is It Anysion industry today. Born in Russia, Tatiana was way?’, where Tatiana educated pop star Jamelia in first introduced to the world of hair extensions the sometimes harsh realities of the hair extension when she moved to the United States. Moving to industry, an industry where some women can end london a few years later, she rapidly gained experiup being paid a mere pittance for their ence by training with a notable london hair due to unscrupulous hair brokers. salon. In 2008, deciding that she could do things In addition to leading the industry on better, Tatiana decided ethically sourced hair, Tatiana’s other to branch out on her own contributions to the advancement of and launched a salon that hair extensions in the UK include bebetter reflected the soing the first salon to break away from phistication of her clients. the dated practice of using damaging A roster of high profile glue to attach the hair extensions, in clients, explosive press and favour of using Micro-Rings and Clipan emphasis on creating In extensions. Tatiana’s formula of usa unique client experience ing the best quality hair and the safest prompted Tatiana to extend attachment technique, paired with the luxury hair extension outstanding customer service, makes experience from london a trip to one of her salons a fantastic to Manchester’s Northern experience. Her Manchester salon is Quarter, with further salons situated on Port Street in the Northplanned for North America in ern Quarter of Manchester. 2011.





Tatiana Kare

Jamelia on BBC3’s ‘Who’s Hair For more information, please visit: Is It Anyway’

TATIANA HAIR ExTENSIONS 56 Port Street Manchester M1 2EQ 0161 236 4467


et her feel like a million bucks this Valentine’s with Very Hollywood Michael Kors Eau de Parfum. The fragrance debuts with mandarin and iced bergamot as the plot unfolds with wet jasmine, ylang ylang and rasberry against gardenia and topped with Italian orris, creamy amber and soft white moss with vetiver for the perfect Hollywood ending. For stockists please call 0870 034 2566, £69.00


hy just settle for flowers when you can get a whole box of roses! This lovely Valentine’s Day gift set consists of 50ml Eau de Parfum and an 180ml Body Cream, all beautifully presented for the special person in your life. The perfume is a mix of red roses and fiery black violet,complimented by cyclamen, that produces a lovely floral scent to keep the feeling of romance going for a long time after Valentine’s. Available from John Lewis, £59.00


exy Mother Pucker Extreme-Plump XL is Soap and Glory’s newest and strongest lip plumper! Using triple action plumping power the product includes natural plant oils to stimulate circulation, nanovectors to smooth your lips, and immediate effect photofillers. This lip shine will puff all surface lines and wrinkles and give your lips volumes that people will just be dying to kiss! Available from Boots, £10.00

gent Provocateur has brought out a new fragrance that aims to capture today’s femme fatale with a secret ingredient to bring you a truly unique smell. In a stunning box, the shape symbolizes feminism and fertility with a modern twist, however the bottle is only available through a peephole to keep the secrets inside. The packaging is elegant and sophisticated yet playful, a perfume for every mood. Available From Harvey Nichols, £50.00


ive your hands a little love with Vie Hand in Glove. The exfoliating sugar scrub contains rose-hip seed oil and blends echinacea and chamomile with sweet almond oil and beeswax, leaving hands rejuvenated and soft to touch. For stockist info call 0207 381 6226, £8.50

Gifts for the girls this


ierac extreme balm is perfect for dehydrated skin and is enriched with 5% glycerin and 10% of a moisturing complex NMF and botanical oils,which work together to meet the needs of dehydrated skin. Available from Selfridges, £34.00


onnock London have created a candle using a little-known ingredient – Kukui Oil - for a truly luxurious experience. Kukui Oil has been used by Hawaiians for centuries to keep skin soft and is effective against the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and acne. This candle comes in anexquisite glass holder, with a specially designed box and Connock signature matches. This aroma will lift even the darkest of moods. Available from Urban Retreat, £36.80



ucker up this Valentines with Bare Minerals luscious Red Velvet lipstick, for stockist info call 0870 850 6655, £14.00

linique has brought out the perfect scent to melt your love’s heart this Valentine’s with the gift of this pretty pink fragrance set, complete with happy heart roller-ball, a must for any lady’s handbag. For stockists call 0870 034 2566, £30.00


VIVA g r o o m i n g


And fo


r the boy


s DA


et him be loud this Valentine’s with a new fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger that shoots right through the soul of your youth. With patchouli and a whisper of rose taking over, this is a must-have scent that will make your man stand out from the crowd. It also comes with really cool packaging, inspired by the look of vinyl records. Available from most department stores. For stockists call 0870 034 2566, £39.00


his Clinique Skin Supplies Set is an ideal gift for those men who want to maintain their fresh and youthful looking skin, but keep their masculinity intact with the stylish matte, black packaging and fresh Clinique scent. The set includes Age Defenses Hydrator SPF 15 (50ml,) Face Scrub (30ml) and Age Defense for eyes (5ml.) Available from 4th February online at, £25.50

s this y


he Dermo System Moisturising Lotion by Dior is a light, non-oily emulsion which has been specially formulated to revitalise the skin, providing a natural and progressively tanned complexion. Available at Selfridges and House of Fraser instore and online at www.selfridges. com and, £37.00


he Collezione Barbiere Regenerating After Shave Lotion is an incredibly soothing balm which quenches the skin, preventing dehydration and that tired, worn-out look. The water mint base is more suited to oily and normal skin tones rather than dry or combination skin. Other ingredients contain extracts of myrtle water and rice protein, so this light weight lotion gives an immediate sense of freshness and relief. Available at Harvey Nichols, £40.00


his luxury shaving set from Taylor of Old Bond Street contains a pure badger hair shaving brush, Victorian style Mach3 razor and a 150g bowl of Sandalwood shaving cream. Both brush and razor are embellished with the brand’s logo and the set is presented in a blue satin-lined gift box. The perfect way to pamper the man in your life this Valentine’s day. Available in store and online at, £69.95



reat your man this Valentine’s day to this luxurious sport gift set from Molton Brown, comprising of three perfect products to relax him after an intense gym session or a hard day at work. Revitalise with active cassia hair & body sportwash, then freshen up afterwards using the active cassia body deodorant. Also included in the set is the bracing silverbirch thermal muscle soak to unwind aching muscles. Available in store or online at:, £54.50


FANCY A 15 MINUITE BEAUTY FIx ? Celebrities flock to James Roberts hair & beauty, the unique salon for Manchester’s beautiful people


elebrities -including Coronation Street stars Michelle Keegan and Brooke Vincent - joined hairdresser James Roberts at the launch of his new beauty boutique this week. James Roberts Hair and Beauty is the unique new beauty salon launched by the 34-year-old, specialising in quick-fix beauty treatments to help Manchester stay beautiful. The salon in St Mary’s Street has expanded next door to create a sumptuous new beauty suite which includes two treatment rooms, tanning booth and make up area, with treatments starting from just £10. “The concept is unlike anything else currently available in Manchester because it is all about quick, 15 minute treatments that will make you look amazing,” said James. The independent hairdressers, which has been in business for over five years, and the new beauty boutique is headed by former Harvey Nichols and Harrods beauty experts Shadia Dadio and Natasha Filippidi. “I think it’s a really good idea to have quick-fix treatments, especially if you are on the go as much as I can be. I’ve been coming to the salon for a long time for my hair, as I know I’m in safe hands here, so I’m really excited about the launch into beauty and will be popping in all the time for treatments too.” said Michelle Keegan. The Salon offers a full range of treatments, including waxing, threading, nails, Sienna spray tans, lash and brow tints, brow shaping and Guam body treatments, suitable for both men and women. The beauty suite will also offer make-up over the weekend, so that Manchester’s beautiful people can face party weekends looking their best. James Roberts Hair and Beauty clients range from royalty to business leaders and celebrities, including Rhianna, WAGs such as Coleen Rooney and Stacey Giggs as well as Corrie beauties Katherine Kelly, Kym Marsh, Helen Flanagan, Jane Danson, Brooke Vincent and Shobna Gulati. “It’s great to go somewhere and have all the beauty and hair treatments you need under one roof. James’ team are really professional and warm, and you leave the salon knowing you have had star treatment,” said Brooke Vincent. “We have taken a few tips from our celebrity clients, so everyone who comes to James Roberts Hair and Beauty will get the full red carpet look,” added James. Anyone interested in finding out more about James Roberts Hair and Beauty should log onto or call 0161 832 2448.


VIVA h e a l t h & f i t n e s s The BMW Homage concept: far too cool to look at the photographer

Ric moylan, who is the strength and conditioning coach with Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton’s stable of boxers over in Hyde, Gives us his top tips on keeping fit in 2011

Stretching: Sometimes take it easy and do some stretching or something similar


o, 2011 is here and it’s that time of year again where we all decide to change our bodies forever this time, honest! Generally, for the guys out there, this means bigger muscles and a killer six-pack. We hit the gym, throwing weights all over the place, and after a few months decide it’s not quite working, get bored, and give up till next year!

Have fun: Train with your mates

So what’s the secret to success? There is nothing wrong with weight training - in fact, I am a fan myself. However, I’m more a fan of bodyweight training. It’s simply that I enjoy it more on a personal level. Which leads me rather neatly to the whole point of this article: we all have to learn to enjoy our exercise! With that in mind, here are some of the principles I use with the team Hatton fighters I train.

1. Enjoy training Well, that’s an easy one to start with, isn’t it? Put simply, if you don’t enjoy a certain type of training (i.e. running) then why do it? You will get very little benefit from any form of training you don’t enjoy, simply because you won’t put all your effort into it. There are tonnes of alternative fitness activities out there, so keep trying until you find something that suits you. I really don’t like running, but I love boxing and kickboxing, which are completely different forms of cardiovascular exercise, but just as good.

2. Train smart Nobody can train 110% every single day. The key to success is to train most days, but not to train hard most days. Even if you are doing split routines, there are very few people who can train hard every day. So make sure you occassionally take your foot off the gas a little, do some stretching or something similar.

3. Eat well I’m not going to start spouting on about five portions of fruit and veg per day, etc, etc. We have heard all that a million times before. My view is different and can be a little controversial! Here it is: there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. We are all unique, and yes there are certain things we should all make sure we get enough of (fish oil, protein, etc) but there are also plenty of foods which agree with some of us, and don’t agree with others. Keep a diary, record how you feel after eating, and find what works best FOR YOU.

Not everyone enjoys running: Do a cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy such as boxing and kickboxing


VIVA H e a l t h & F i t n e s s

Swimming: The benefits to your mental health are enormous


Take supplements: Kre Alkalyn (left) gives you all the up sides of creatine. Everybody should take fish oil (below)

Have music on that you like whilst exercising, train with your mates, have a laugh as often as possible, get away from the city for some fresh air! life is fun!

5. TAKE sUPPlEMEnTs Personally, I think everybody should make sure they get lots of protein. It’s great for fat reduction, tissue repair, muscle growth - need any more reasons? Kre Alkalyn is also a fantastic product. Basically, it gives you all the up sides of Creatine (power increase, strength) without any of the down sides, such as loading and water retention. But my favourite above all is fish oil. EVERYBODY should take fish oil. World-renowned trainer Charles Poliquin states ‘fish oil offers benefits that range from neurological health to cardiovascular health, to skin and eye health’ I get all my supplements for both my clients and the fighters from the vyomax nutrition website ( ).

6. wATER Drink it and swim in it! Everybody knows about taking in 8 glasses of water a day (although I think we should drink a fair bit more than that) but the power of swimming is majorly under-rated. Increased flexibility, core stability, and injury prevention are all massive bonuses of swimming, but the benefits to your mental health are also enormous. Swimming makes you feel great both in mind and body, and it also helps with focus.

7. REsT All my fighters take a daytime snooze! This might not be practical for some of you but there are others who can take advantage of a regular naptime. What about weekends? The European sleep patterns are proven to be the healthiest.

8. RElAX It is impossible to be around stressful situations constantly and be fit and healthy. Absolutely impossible. Whether they are caused by work or something in your personal life, you have to rid yourself from as much stress as possible. Every day spend a few minutes simply sitting and doing nothing. When was the last time you did that? Turn off the TV, turn off your phone, switch off facebook and chill out! Even heard of cortisol, the ‘stress chemical’? If not, my advice is to google it, read as much as you can and learn what causes the increases in cortisol levels. You can never be as fit and as healthy as you like while surrounded by stress. ■

Rest in the day: European sleep patterns are proven to be the healthiest

To book your free training session with an f4f trainer email




alligaris Candy Stool. The 70’s are back! Bright colours added onto once overlooked items of furniture will be a huge trend throughout 2011, and this fun little stool is a great way to add colour to your home. Available in a wide variety of colours, the stool measures in at 48cmx48cmx45cm and costs £118. Available at Manchester based store, Stocktons.


Way Globe Black Chrome Eyeball Drop Light. These lights would be perfect for any home, office or even a business such as restaurant. Versatile and simple, these suspended lights are designed to emit light evenly throughout a room, as well as giving focused pockets of lights underneath each ball. These modern and sleek designs are available at just £40 from Icon Lights in Salford.

sTylE sPECIAl revamping your crib this spring...


pring is on its way and you know what that means - Spring cleaning! And what better way to start off the new year than with a revamp of your tired furniture? We have put together a few products which are all very ‘on trend’ for Spring/Summer 2011. Colours and retro furniture are back and the idea behind it all is to have your mood lifted with bold colours and curvy, fun furniture, brought up to date for the modern world.


askros. For a perfect finishing touch to any newly decorated room, check out this pendant lamp designed by Marcus Arvonen. The intricate paper design casts lovely patterns of light onto your walls and floors, creating a calm and serene ambiance. Once assembled, the lamp has a diameter of 55mm, so you will not have to worry about it becoming an overly dominant feature in your room. Available from Ikea for £50.00



ooking at this table, you would think it was the very latest from a contemporary designer, when in fact this table is a high quality reproduction based on a design from 1947 by Isamu Noguchi. Noguchi even said that it was his favorite piece of furniture design. The table features a glass top with a sturdy wooden frame and would be perfect in any house, from an old period home right up to a pent house apartment. £175 from


ontempi Casa Glass Shelf. If you are looking for something that’s a little bit different to liven up your home, check out this funky and original shelf! Available in blue, transparent or sandblasted, it will look great against a white wall for a truly original way to add storage to your home. With a width of 860mm, diameter of 200mm and height of 170mm, this is a roomy fixture that can hold all sorts of items, from CDS to trinkets. Available from UrbanSuite in Manchester, £150


f you want to add a touch of designer glamour into your home then a great starting point would be this Etch candle holder, which is made up ofdigitally-etched brass sheets. The pattern is inspired by the logic of mathematics and, once a light is placed inside, beautiful patterns will be created all over your room. From Manchester based Ferrious, £26


ig Spider. This charming clock takes it’s name from its spider like qualities with long metal bars with 12 balls representing numbers. It is a simple and elegant piece that could be a focal point in a modern room. Available at Den Furniture Shop in Manchester or online at

his fun and funky table is available in white, black or red, and will be a talking point in any room. If you are fed up of boring tables and want something a little bit different to shake up a room, then this would be a perfect addition to your home. Coming in at 600mm high with a diameter of 400mm and costing £123, the Podd table is available from Netfurniture in Salford.


VIVA g a d g e t s 3 rd Generation F l ip U t r a H D



to shadow. The low light sensor, however, gives consistent and relatively noise-free footage indoors and at night.

’m writing this under gray January skies, with snowdrifts slinking into view every time I turn my back. The good folks at Flip, though, have some faith in the forthcoming summer (and our collective national desire to down tools and abandon the country as soon as the cover comes off the new calendar), sending me the 3rd generation UltraHD camcorder complete with underwater case.

All dry-land footage does suffer from a quirk of both the UltraHD’s diminutive size and, perhaps, my caffeine intake: shakiness. Unlike larger camcorders, the Flip is designed to be held in one hand, which is far less stable than cameras with larger housings (many of which also boast image stabilization and optical zoom), but a necessary sacrifice in Flip’s quest for portability.

Billed as the world’s simplest HD camcorder, able to deliver results rivaling those of devices several times its price, the UltraHD certainly measures up to the first claim. It’s light and pocket-sized, all the expected functionality can be accessed through four clearly-labeled buttons, and recording passable hi-definition footage is the epitome of point, shoot and share. Its 8GB of storage afford two hours’ recording time in a resolution of 720p, at 50fps. Files are saved in the universally playable MP4 format, and the inclusion of an HDMI port means that you’re never more than a cable’s length from showing off your movies on virtually any HDTV. If your intended audience happens to be farther than the next room away, the pre-installed FlipShare software enables you to share footage directly to YouTube et al.

The form factor also gives rise to the UltraHD’s most annoying quirk: the titular flip-out USB arm is short and flimsy. Coupled with the camcorder’s just-enough bulk, this forces adjacent devices out of their ports, and eventually lead me to appropriate a longer USB cable from elsewhere. The UltraHD is simple then, and delivers competent results with few usability niggles. It’s a shame that Flip aren’t able to chase the gray skies away, but when the mercury eventually soars I’m sure the UltraHD will fulfill its promise of allowing you to record and share your holidays quickly and easily. 3rd generation Flip UltraHD from £159.99 See for stockists

Unfortunately the package arrived several months too early for my surfing trip, but I braved some very strange glances and tested the underwater case from Aquapac up to less than a third of its touted five-metre operating depth in a public swimming pool. The watertight case adds very little bulk, and the straightforward interface becomes a real boon when you’re submerged and seeing double. Sub-aqua footage came out clean and clear, so I took it upon myself to experiment with the other side of the sun / sea equation and test the UltraHD in some typical outdoor conditions. Video quality is generally good, but with a tendency to become blown out in those currently-mythical bright conditions. The accompanying spec sheet lists automatic white-balancing, black level calibration and exposure control as features, but their limitations are readily apparent when shooting in areas with patchy light or transitions from glare

Photo: Ben Quinton


VIVA M o t o r i n g E co W hee l s , or H ow T o Look D amn Good I n A Go l f C art

The BMW Homage concept: far too cool to look at the photographer

simon moore REPORTS


nternal combustion’s had a good run. First perfected by a certain Karl Benz in 1885, it’s had more than 120 years dominating the way we travel on a day-to-day basis. A decade into the 21st century though, and we’re still rattling along our roads in clouds of exhaust fumes, incurring the vocal wrath of cyclists and making polar bears cry.

Audi’s e-tron: now 50 times more efficient than you

Enough is enough is enough. We need zero-emission electric transport, and we need it to be able to stand next to Steve McQueen in his 1968 Ford Mustang and say we’ve progressed since then. With a straight face. We don’t want crummy Smart cars, and Boris Johnson’s endorsement of the bicycle is not helping, so where do we turn? Actually, there are a few ideas knocking about. Big names like BMW and Audi have proudly pushed forward their conceptual scribbles, looking trim, classy, even sexy (if that’s your idea of a good time). Running on the ‘We’re German, and Germans are efficient, so there” ticket, BMW’s Homage concept boasts lightweight, completely recyclable building materials. This means no more scrapheap for old cars, which means less waste, which means we’re listening. Audi makes a fair bid for our attention with their delectable e-tron model. Their techs say it’ll go round corners like a go-kart outta hell. Powered by two Lithium-ion batteries (rather than an engine full of hundreds of tiny little bits that are bound to pop loose or wear out), the e-tron is slick, uncomplicated beauty on four wheels. Sadly, like the Homage, you can’t have it. It’s still a concept, locked away somewhere in the deep dark dungeons they call the Audi test labs.

The Tesla Roadster: making some windmills look cool by association

Possibly the strongest contender for changing public conceptions of electric cars is the British-made Tesla Roadster. That picture is not a computer-generated concept; the Roadster actually exists. It actually looks that good. It also actually nips round a track faster than a skittle-fed whippet. In-built battery heaters mean no more calls to the AA on frosty mornings, so there’s plenty of time spare for a few laps round the car park. We can’t all be single millionaires with a penchant for power-sliding, though. Not to worry. Vauxhall have come up with the Ampera, an affordable, extended range saloon. This tusky heart-throb might


VIVA M o t o r i n g

Vauxhall Ampera: the Heathcliff of modern motoring

not do 0-60mph in 3 point whatever seconds, but it’s got it where it counts. Like James Dean in glasses, this isn’t just effortlessly cool, it’s smart too. While Tesla owners will be sat in the garage charging their mid-life crisis on wheels, Ampera owners will be out there glamming up the roads, thanks to a smart battery that regenerates energy every time the driver uses the brakes. Nice.

The McLaren T25 prototype: Crisp, autumnal landscape an optional extra

So. Impressive stuff, car manufacturers of the world. We’ve seen the hip sports models, the whipsmart saloons, even the wildest dreams of Germans. So how about the mini drivers? What is there about electric cars to coax them away from their prized Fiat 500s? How about a McLaren T25? “Hold on a tick,” you say. “I’ve seen one of those before, it had some fat men in plaid and golf clubs sticking out of it”. A fair point; the T25 is no looker, whatever angle you choose. You could hardly lean on the roof and casually ask a girl’s number; for one thing, you’d be afraid of tipping it over with your body weight and squashing the poor lass. Granted, it’s a landmark accomplishment of traffic-beating nippiness, no arguments there, but there is a reason the Bubble car didn’t catch on. João Miguel Dias has some very different ideas about the future of electric cars. He’s designed the Zeus, possibly the most ambitious concept car of them all, as a way of baiting dithering car buyers into the glittering, futuristic electric market – and who’s to say it won’t work? The Zeus might as well be plucked from the digital world of Tron, for all its mouth-watering sleekness and jaw-droppingly gorgeous lines. Dias’ design proposes a whole new approach to driving. Steering, braking and acceleration are all operated by two joysticks; the carbon nanomaterial chassis stores solar energy; the wheels morph into two different shapes as you move from the inner city to the motorways...the head spins at the very thought of driving a Zeus around the real world. True, it doesn’t exist beyond the conceptual stage, and there’s hardly room for a suitcase, never mind the weekly shop. But let’s not impose boring quibbles about practicality on what is essentially a dream machine. Let’s imagine what could be, and wipe away the dribble that’s collecting on the keyboard... ■

The Zeus: powered by dreams. Possibly electricity too





Giant Buddha at Leshan



CONTRASTS so you want to discover China?

Well, you might need some help. If the opening ceremony to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 was any kind of cultural barometer, China is vast, diverse, complex and contradictory - a fusion of ancient and modern, and arguably the most important economic dynamo this side of late capitalism (an irony of sorts). Historically, the idea of a unified China is relatively new. The Qin state, which emerged in 221 BC, is said to be the first incarnation. But with a long history of dynastic rule, changing borders, warring provinces and cultural assimilation, the European notion of ‘China’ was only popularised by Marco Polo in the late 13th century. The most common name used throughout the pre-modern era was Zhōngguó, meaning Middle Kingdom. And if nothing else can be agreed upon about this country, China is certainly a Kingdom of stimuli. >

Terracotta warriors at Xian The forbidden city




In a land heavily mythologised by the West, you could be forgiven for thinking that the famous Terracotta Warriors at xian, referred to as ‘Qin’s Armies’, guard something more secretive than the afterlife of China’s First Emperor; or that the giant Buddha at leshan may some day surface from meditation to cast nets in the rivers at his feet and eat fish with the Jade Emperor. For all the futurism of Shanghai, China still presents itself as ancient myth made real. But to get inside the heart of China, it’s not enough to sit on the toenail of a Buddha. In a way, these icons are too obvious. like the Hollywood Sign or Disneyland in America, they have become virtual trademarks of Chinese culture, which, if experienced as items on a list, devolve into touristic tropes.

Nine villages valley, Sishuan Singing sand dunes

Reed flute caves

If you’re Mancunian and you want to sample the complex palate of ancient meets modern, then Wendy Wu’s Tours should satisfy your urges (www. Sure, it’s easy to be cynical about package tours, but these are probably as close as you can come to experiencing China with expert guidance and an explorer’s wonder. There is an emphasis on innovative programs and reaching unreachable areas. Tour possibilities are extensive, with 52 itineraries ranging from ‘Wonders of China’ to the ‘Majestic Yangtze’ tour. If you want an overview to whet your appetite for the orient, then ‘grand Tour of China’ will spin you from the Forbidden City to ‘the Paris of the East’, Shanghai. If you’re an intrepid traveler, you might like to ride across the rooftop of the world as part of the ‘Himalayan Express’ – a tour that takes in the temples of lhasa and the thin air of the Tibetan Plateau via the highest rail link in the world. You can even traipse in the footsteps of Marco Polo himself, as part of the ‘Silk Road Explorer’. Here you’ll taste the hand-stretched noodles of lanzhou and hear the squeaking chorus of the Singing Sand Dunes. Nomenclature in China may


Heavenly lakes, Reed Flute Caves, Forbidden Cities – but only because there is an excess of natural, ancient beauty that belies the sometimes controversial political environment. In Turpan, a city that celebrates Turkic and Mongol influence, you’ll witness why China is not the homogeneous superpower we like to conceive it as being from the outside looking in. From the inside, China is a Darwinian dreamscape of evolving colours, a botanical gallery of experience much like the Nine Villages Valley in Sichuan, which features countless waterfalls, crystal-clear pools and protected species. Every province of China is a pool darting with life. Where the mineral waters cascade down mountains in Huanglong, it’s hard to believe that the razor-skyline of Pudong in Shanghai exists, let alone that it stands at the forefront of international business. The faceoff between old and new is what defines modern China. Contradictions confront you at every stop. In Beijing’s gulou District, you can have a quintessentially urban experience: wander through kilometers of trendy shops, down a few lychee martinis at Maison Boulud near Tiananmen Square or sample Peking duck at the Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant (southwest of Dongsi Shitiao Bridge). A few days later, you’ll still be licking your lips as you gaze at the limestone hills that tower over the li River near guilin. It’s not that the cities are close - distance in China is woven into identity - but the tastes can be savoured even as they bunch up and clamor for dominance. The challenge is assimilating a vision of a nation that is both coming into being and shedding old skin, both Confucian sage and capitalist disciple. As such, China is the new fault-line of East and West. >

VIVA T R A V E L If the thought of it overwhelms you, you’re not alone. All-inclusive tour operators like Wendy Wu exist for good reason. Tours generally range from 11 to 30 days in duration and cost anywhere between £1500-£2500. You won’t have to worry about transfers, meals, hotels, toilets, guidebooks or even what to pack. And because the schedules are assiduously conceived, you’ll be secure without feeling as if you’ve just spent twenty days on google Maps. There’s another reason to try a tour: China is less the land of milk and honey and more the land of rice and opportourism. Many have been burned by visiting the Terracotta warrior exhibit – only to discover the real exhibit a kilometer away. If the concept of the fake was invented in China (handbag, t-shirt or shoe), it only became a thriving alternative economy because of hapless tourists. Not to discourage you from trying new things; in big cities like Xian, it often pays to point to something unrecognisable on the menu. And no guidebook will direct you to the tastiest yak meat dumplings in Tibet like your nose can. Undoubtedly, China rewards fearlessness and good humour.

Shanghai night sky

China Bistro

The Great Wall of China

By virtue of its size, you should have plenty of time to take in the literature of the landscape. It takes about ten hours to fly from the UK to Beijing, and traversing this grand country will inevitably involve countless buses and trains. So it could be worth taking some reading material. Maybe something by liu xiaobo. If you would like to find out more information or book a wendy wu Tour then please contact the friendly representatives at Miss Ellies Travel on 0161 228 7363.

Li river



Michael Caine and Head Chef Mark Rossi

Cauliflower soup


Michelin-starred restaurant still eludes the city of Manchester, however there is an award-winning Michelinstarred chef, Michael Caine, who is trying to change all that. ‘Manchester deserves a star and we are an obvious choice, it’s a big goal for us but ultimately three would be great, wouldn’t it!’ With Michael’s renowned reputation there seems to be a great deal of optimism surrounding his restaurant at the Abode hotel and the recognition that it could bring to the city. With this in mind, three of us at Viva magazine thought it would be a good idea to head over to Piccadilly to try the posh nosh for ourselves and meet the man himself along with new head chef Mark Rossi.

Lake District saddle of venison

Venturing down the stairs to the basement restaurant, you are instantly greeted by four colourful photographs of Debbie Harry, along with many other photographs from Brian Aris, including snaps of The Rolling Stones, David


Bowie and The Who. The decor is striking; subdued lighting complements the beautiful dark wood and dark brown colour scheme, accompanied by a fitting soundtrack of uber-cool lo-fi music. But it wasn’t the decor we were here to try out, we were here to sample the fine dining cuisine on offer. Caines and Head Chef Mark Rossi have created a menu of inventive and tasty combinations, which aim to showcase the quality of British produce. ‘We’re lucky that we have got great suppliers locally and we use a lot of local produce from Yorkshire, lancashire and within the vicinity of the North East. What’s important when you cook regionally in season is that you look at what’s readily available around you.’ We sampled two dishes from the ‘grazing’ menu (which essentially consists of smaller versions of the dishes on the à la carte menu) and two dishes from the ‘amazing graze’ lunch menu, along with


Scottish organic salmon

Pistachio parfait a different dessert for each of us. The three of us were of the opinion that all of chef Mark Rossi’s dishes hit the spot. For all of the extravagant presentation, smeared purées and precisely dribbled sauces – and there was some of that, this is fine dining after all – with each dish it fundamentally came down to one strong central ingredient perfectly complimented by a couple of others. First up was the succulent Scottish organic salmon (£7.00), accompanied with salmon jelly, cucumber, sevruga caviar, honey soy, and a delightfully zingy wasabi and greek yoghurt vinaigrette. This was followed by a frothy cauliflower soup topped with curry oil and served with a light, fluffy cauliflower beignet. Up next was the ‘Confit Goosenargh’ duck leg, which was beautifully cooked and presented with fennel, orange and a black olive salad.

Honey and orange financier But for me, best of all - and the clearest sign of just how serious a kitchen this is - was the saddle of venison. Packed with gamey, smoky flavour, the saddle was left wonderfully rare and was perfectly accompanied with the sweet chestnut puree, bold red wine and currant sauce. To finish off, three different desserts were brought out; a light pistachio parfait with hazelnut nougatine, mille feuilles and cocoa nib ice cream was a neat combination of textures and ingredients, along with a rice pudding and coconut beignet presented with lime foam cubes, mango and lime sorbet. However. the honey and orange financier was a cut above the rest, featuring a small but perfectly formed whipped orange ganache, with an orange sorbet that balanced out the sweetness against the bitterness from the orange zest.


Confit Goosenargh duck leg

Rice pudding and coconut beignet Michael’s ethos for the restaurant is simply this: ‘To serve great food to local people at reasonable prices and to cook well in a creative way, whether that means brazing some classical techniques or by modernising the way we cook. Either way, at the end of the day, good food is good food.’ And this is precisely what is on offer. Where else can you get three courses of fine-dining loveliness for £13.50, or £22.50 if you throw in a couple of glasses of wine? Whether or not this is the place that will finally bring the elusive Michelin-star to Manchester, only time will tell. But, if you want exceptional, well-presented cuisine in a funky, unpretentious atmosphere, without burning a hole in your pocket, then this is the place to go. ■

VIVA t h i r s t q u e n c h e r Apotheca

is quickly becoming one of the best cocktail bars in Manchester and we spoke to Asahi Rising stars 2010 winner, and bar manager, Charlene Holt about her passion for constantly pushing the boundaries with daring cocktails. Charlene started her career in the mind set that spending a long time with fancy showboating just to create a drink was a waste of time, however she soon realized that making constantly high quality cocktails is an art form and it did not take long for start mastering the art of combining and balancing flavours to create the perfect drink. Now owning and running her own multi-award winning cocktail bar in Manchester, Charlene obviously has a passion for cocktails and Viva is bringing you exclusive reviews of some special Apotheca only cocktails mixed in with some classics with a twist that will be perfect for Spring.

Charlene Holt

Enter the Dragon

This award-winning cocktail carried Charlene through all the regional heats right through to being crowned champion at the Asahi Rising stars 2010 in October, winning a trip to Japan. Showcasing the youngest talent in the business the competition has only one rule you have to be under 30, other than that it was completely freestyle. Combining wasabi, red chili, lime, lychee liquor, Sipsmith gin all mixed with apple juice then, in case it wasn’t hot enough, it is then lit on fire! This cocktail will warm you up in the cold winter months, however if you are not a spice fan do not worry, Apotheca tailor make each drink to suit your taste-buds so you only have to have it as hot as you can handle. The lychee liquor balances out the chili’s to create a pleasant drink with a kick. Viva Rating: 4.5/5 - £6.95

Strawberries and Lychee Mojito

Caribbean Sailing

If you are already fed up of winter and want to be taken away to a hot beach to relax and soak up the sun then this cocktail can take you there. Shaking together spiced rum, Jamaican coconut rum Koko Khanu, strawberry liquor and coconut syrup alongside fresh pineapples, strawberries, pineapple juice and a squeeze of lime. The fruits burst through immediately with this frothy cocktail automatically transporting you to a lovely hot beach. Describing it as a twist on a traditional Caribbean punch Apotheca brings the Caribbean into a city centre and the outcome is a refreshing, fruity drink that reminds you summer is just around the corner. Viva Rating: 4/5 - £5.95

To ease you into Spring with fresh fruits and an eastern twist on a cocktail classic Apotheca have designed a light and unique alternative to the classic mojito. Strawberries, are placed in the drink first alongside lychee syrup, these are then muddled together before adding limes and muddling again. In keeping with the original mojitos that has become a firm favourite on cocktail menus, mint is then added, with a double shot of rum and topped with crushed ice, however there’s another twist as no soda is added . The lime is the main ingredient to come through with this drink with a faint hint of the mint and strawberries that blends perfectly together to create a long, refreshing drink almost reminiscent of a smoothie. Viva Rating: 4/5 - £6.10


If you like your desserts such as trifle and bakewell tarts then this is the drink for you. This firm favourite is a naughty treat to the mouth combining the almond flavours of Disaronno Amaretto, the hazelnut taste of Frangelico and Chambord for a black raspberry sensation they are mixed and then topped with a Nuts and Berries layer of milk and cream, garnished with flamed chocolate. Drunk from the glass all the flavours combined create a trifle in your mouth, however if you are not too keen on the milk/cream aspect of the drink it can be drunk through a straw so the drink now changes into a bakewell tart flavour. This two in one drink is delicious for anybody with a sweet tooth and Apotheca have created a truly fantastic drink. Viva Rating: 5/5 - £5.95

Easter comes hand-inhand with Spring and one of the best things about Easter? Chocolate! This cocktail will help recapture your childhood in more ways than one. Chocolate liquor Creme de Caco and Velvet Falernum is mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice then put into a shaker with half crushed and half cubed ice, then poured over a glass of ice and garnished Chocolate Lime with flamed chocolate. The drink is fresh with a tangy kick and tastes just like the hard-boiled chocolate lime sweets, with the added fun around this time of year that it reminds you that you still have a pile of Easter eggs on its way. Viva Rating: 3.5/5 - £5.95

VIVA l a s m a n c h e s t e r gET On THE MAnCHEsTER sOCIAl sCEnE



Saturday 5th February | 10pm till late | After being closed for the whole of January, Bijou will be reopening on Saturday 5th February 2011. Expect glamour, style and sophistication with Disco, R&B, Urban and Funky House music.


Saturday 5th February | 11pm-6am | Hed Kandi launch. 2 Rooms of House Music. Room 1 - Hed Kandi with Carl Hanaghan. Room 2 – Venus. £12 entry.


Friday 11th February | 7pm till late | Kick start your Valentines weekend with classics from the 80’s and 90’s! Cocktail + Dinner + Show. Tickets are £19.50 per person


Friday 18th February | 10pm – 3am | Manchester’s most exclusive Friday night is a favourite to the Sports’ stars and television world. YHl promises to play only the sexiest R&B, combining L.A and Miami influences.


Friday 18th February | 10pm till late | . You can be as glamorous, beautiful or as creative as you want, paint your mask decorate it or even just paint your face or come as plain as you want and just come as yourself. DJ Silva and DJ Delingo will be playing the best in Soulful House and Hip-Hop and R&B Club Classics with a twist till the early hours with exclusive live P.A. on the night.


Sunday 20th February | 7:30pm till 1am | Carnival Devine returns to Matt + Phreds Jazz Club with a Burlesque + Alternative Cabaret showcase! Advance tickets - £8.50. Tickets available at


Wednesday 16th March | 8pm till 1am | A chic and vibrant city centre bar in the heart of Manchester, with a distinct and sophisticated New York feel. Enjoy Mojito’s for £3 all night, or other cocktails at half price. A mix of raw tunes and fresh cocktails.


Sunday 3rd April | 10pm till 3am Presented by Behind Closed Doors Events, Sugar Sundays at Sugar Buddha has it all; class, sophistication, location and atmosphere. With resident DJ, ‘DJ g2,’ playing a variety from Old School Classics to Hip Hop and R&B, Sugar Sunday promises the right music and the right vibe.


Every Wednesday in 2011 | 9pm till late | Open Mic night at lammars Manchester will host a selection of musical talent with live house bands and musicians playing a fantastic selection of classic and modern pop with their very own twist.


Every Thursday in 2011 | Free Champagne and roses every Thursday this year. Recreate the romance of Valentine’s Day at Cinnabar and be treated to roses and a glass of Champagne on arrival when you dine in Vermilion restaurant.

VIVA l a s m a n c h e s t e r gET On THE MAnCHEsTER sOCIAl sCEnE



Sunday 6th & Monday 7th March | Tickets from 27.50 Beady Eye’s debut album ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ will be released on the 21st February followed by their first UK tour in March 2011. lead by the main man of the rock ‘n’ roll scene himself liam gallagher, Beady Eye will be hitting Manchester’s Apollo on the 6th and 7th of March, it’s going to be a big night for Manchester!


Saturday 19th February | Tickets from £16.50 After first appearing on the British music scene in October 2010, Double MOBO awards winner Tinie Tempah will be taking to the stage in February for his UK tour, performing songs from his #1 album ‘Disc-Overy.’


Friday 25th & Saturday 26th February | Tickets from £24.51 Twenty two year old Derülo, who has written hits for the likes of Sean Kingston and P. Diddy and opened the show for lady gaga on her recent tour will be returning to Manchester this February to headline his very first world tour.


Saturday 5th March | Tickets from £16 grammy Award winning Robyn returns to Manchester for what will no doubt be yet another fantastic show. The Swedish singer is a triple threat with her vocals, keyboard and piano skills, all of which will no doubt be featured in her ‘Bodytalk’ show.


Friday 18th March | Tickets from £25 The popular three piece band from Dublin promise that their 12 UK arena date ‘Science & Faith’ tour will be their biggest and best to date. Their increasingly popular music has been featured in video games as well as TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries, The Hills and 90210.


Saturday 19th March | Tickets from £84.98 The Scottish rockers are making their way south this March for what promises to be a fantastic show. The five piece alternative rock group first came onto to music scene in 1982 and have since sold 10 million albums.


Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd March | Tickets from £22.50 Katy Perry decided to add extra dates due to many venues selling out within minutes. She promises to make the 2011 ‘California Dreams’ tour her biggest world tour to date. She sold 192,000 copies of her sophomore album ‘Teenage Dream’ in just one week.


Tuesday 29th March | Tickets from £30 Nashville sweetie Taylor is embarking on her first world tour with her hugely successful third album ‘Speak Now,’ which sold over 1 million copies in its first week of release.


30th March | Tickets from £12.50 london born singer / songwriter Eliza is a newbie on the music scene, releasing her self titled album in July 2010. Her catchy songs including ‘Skinny genes’ and the summer anthem ‘Pack Up’ have boosted her immensely on her journey to stardom.


Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd April | Tickets from £65 Queen of pop Kylie brings her ‘Aphroditie – les Fois’ 2011 tour to Manchester for two nights. This tour promises to be an absolute landmark in the career of Kylie Minogue as she intends to create a live spectacular that will surpass even her own previous groundbreaking shows. PAGE 48, MARCH 2010 VIVA

VIVA l a s m a n c h e s t e r MUlBERRY lAUNCH PARTY “Never have I seen a room of women silenced so quickly.” This was the response of a few men when the guests of the Mulberry launch party in Spinningfields were told that there would be three prize draws throughout the night and the winners would be receiving Mulberry bags. “Never have I seen a room of women silenced so quickly.” This was the response of a few men when the guests of the Mulberry launch party in Spinningfields were told that there would be three prize draws throughout the night and the winners would be receiving Mulberry bags. But of course, that wasn’t the only reason why 250 very glamorous people attended. Pink champagne with petals on top for the ladies, bottles of beer for the gentlemen and pink non-alcoholic cocktails for those who didn’t want to drink were handed out throughout the evening, along with delicious canapés, mini cheeseburgers and mini fish and chips. For the entertainment, the über cool Daisy Lowe played an hour DJ set as the guests arrived, followed by a beautiful performance from the very talented newcomer Sunday Girl. The surprise of the night, however, came from Ellie Goulding who (despite admitting that she was really rather drunk!) decided to treat us all to an exclusive performance of Guns and Horses. Using Sunday Girl’s yummy guitarist she grabbed the microphone and sang an acoustic version of her new single before continuing to mooch around the store, drink in hand! As the evening progressed, Daisy Lowe and Ellie Goulding were joined by the tiny Jamie Winston (Made in Dagenham) who announced the final prize winner and purchased a tan Bayswater laptop case. Elsewhere in the very chic and light store, people were piling themselves into the Mulberry photo booth (I daringly went back for seconds) and admiring the incredibly desirable bags, shoes and clothes. Naturally the Bayswater and Alexa bags were the favourites, but the SS11 shoes did put up a strong fight. The new collection - which is said to be inspired by The Secret Garden - features a pallet of girly pastels, delicate materials and flowery corsages. The store itself has a gold exterior, making it stand out from the rest of the luxury shops that have taken addresses at The Avenue. The evening ended shortly before 9pm, and on our exit we were each treated to a gold balloon in the shape of the infamous Bayswater bag, a Mulberry branded box containing very tasty Victoria Sponge and a fabric gift bag (hello, my new bag for life!) containing Kiehl’s goodies, sweeties, a discount for Nicky Clarke and a sachet of carrot seeds. The whole evening had a very chilled-out feeling; no one was rushed to leave or made to feel unwelcome. The sales assistants were cute as buttons in their navy uniform dresses and handled the demands of all the guests extremely well. The manager of the store was very approachable and made you feel like her best friend. All in all, the party was a great success and a great introduction to The Avenue. ■


Omega Launch Party Jessica Ennis Shines at Omega launch Olympic hopeful, Jessica Ennis helped celebrate the launch of OMEGA’s Trafford boutique at Room in central Manchester at the end of 2010. Manchester’s hottest movers and shakers were joined by a host of local celebrities including Paddy McGuinness and Terri Dwyer to mark the opening of the brand’s first boutique outside of London. Guests were treated to a night of exquisite food and mouthwatering cocktails, courtesy of celebrity chef Simon Rimmer and the BarWizards. Music was provided by Manchester legends Dave Haslam and Jason Herd. Party-goers danced until the early hours, kicking-off the festive season in true style. Jessica Ennis commented: “It’s been a fantastic evening and I’m delighted to have been here to support OMEGA in launching its Trafford boutique.” Frederic Nardin, Brand Director of OMEGA UK, commented: “We are delighted to open our first boutique in the North of England and are thrilled that Jessica could join us to mark the opening of our Manchester Trafford Centre boutique. The evening has been a great success – one that we hope is echoed at the boutique as we introduce OMEGA to a new audience and share with them our brand and its rich history.” The new 85sqm boutique – located in Manchester’s Trafford Centre – offers both new and classic OMEGA collections. It’s the largest collection available outside of London including watches, fine jewellery and the recently introduced leather collection. OMEGA Trafford is the sixth boutique in the brand’s portfolio in the UK. Additional boutiques include The Royal Exchange in the heart of London’s financial district, Westfield London, Terminal One in Heathrow airport, Brown Thomas in Dublin and the flagship boutique situated on the prestigious Old Bond Street in Mayfair.

MAKE YOUR ROOM BOOKING TODAY Single Room | Sun-Thurs £39.00 | Fri-Sat £49 Double or Twin Room | Sun -Thurs £59.00 | Fri-Sat £69.00 Triple Room | Sun-Thurs £89.00 | Fri-Sat £99.00 Quad Room | Sun-Thurs £120.00 | Fri-Sat £130.00


The Mitre Hotel, 1-3 Cathedral Gates, Manchester, M3 1SW Tel: 0161 834 4128 | Fax 0161 839 1646 Email:

If you fancy staying in the uber cool Northern Quarter then make your room booking at our sister hotel The Crown & Anchor located on Hilton Street.



Single Room £30.00 | Twin Room £50.00 Triple Room £70.00 PAGE 48, MARCH 2010 VIVA

The Crown & Anchor, 41 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EE Tel: 0161 228 1142

VIVA l a s m a n c h e s t e r RUBY’S AUCTION AND MONOgRAM VIP CHRISTMAS PARTY @ MANCHESTER235 CASINO In December, Manchester235 Casino hosted its Christmas Monogram party for its crème-de-la-crème VIP members with enormous success.


he event, which ran from 10pm until the early hours of the next day, was thrown by Manchester 235 both to thank its VIP members for their loyalty to the casino, and also to celebrate a big birthday taking place on the same night. Predominantly, however, there was a root cause bringing guests together for the night, which was to raise both awareness and funding for Ruby’s Auction.This auction was held for Ruby Tanswell, a sixteen month old baby who has been diagnosed with a rare form of throat cancer named rhabdomysarcoma. Ruby needs to go to America to receive the treatment, but her family can’t afford the costs and need help. Items put up for auction included a guided tour of both the Coronation

Street and Shameless sets (and the opportunity to feature as an extra in the latter), framed and signed Cristiano Ronaldo posters, and a signed Wayne Rooney away shirt. The auction raised over £6,500, in addition to a donations bucket that became fuller by the hour. Team Viva were lucky enough to spend a lot of the evening getting to know the family – including mother Adelle Wright and father Lee Tanswell – who were warm, friendly and very engaging company. Alongside charity organiser Jamie Whittaker, Ruby’s family have already raised £15, 000 towards the cause, and hope to further increase this as time goes on and as they host more events. Whilst there is no doubt that no family deserves such misfortune,

Ruby’s family and friends appear to be looking ahead and remaining positive, truly grateful for all of the help and generosity that they have witnessed in recent months. Manchester235’s VIP Christmas Monogram party, complete with arrival drinks and hot Christmas buffet for guests, was an event not to be missed by its elite members. Viva were made to feel extremely welcome by casino members, event management team members and bar staff alike; it was clear that a strong rapport exists between the casino’s best clients and its staff – the bar guys and girls knew the desired drink choice of many attendees before he or she had even ordered it!

Viva takes on Liverpool, in association with Mojito Events, to celebrate a double whammy 30th Birthday for a day and night of fun & frolics


ow, if you’re planning a group party and fancy a change from the ‘usual’ Manchester club scene, why not take a short trip to Liverpool and check out the fun and frolics that this cosmopolitan city has to offer. As Viva were heading out for a very special occasion - two birthday girls in our group, hell yeah! - we decided to book our package with Mojito Events, who will organise everything that your group party needs to make sure you have a ‘buzzin’ time. We stayed at the very stylish 5 star apart-hotel Posh Pads located in Liverpool city centre. Also included in our package was an hour-long ‘fame style’ dance lesson at Blue Bar, where a complimentary cocktail was provided to loosen the muscles! After a few more of these delicious cocktails and with our inhibitions well and truly forgotten, the party spirit really took off and we all showcased our new dance moves (or lack of)! Back at our posh pad, we welcomed our very own cocktail slave and American-themed dinner. Later we headed to Alma De Cuba bar where we had our own private booth and waiter. The Alma is a fabulous bar with a brilliant atmosphere, and us southern girls partied until the early hours before returning to our supercomfortable beds. Mojito Events did us proud - they took care of everything, and all we had to do was have a lorra lorra laughs.


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Panacea’s Ocean’s Eleven Party Alderley Edge & Manchester Panacea Manchester and Alderley Edge blasted open the doors to 2011 Danny Ocean style, as the scene was set to welcome in the new year with the fast-paced glamour of Ocean’s Eleven. Guests rocked up in a racey mix of slick suits and headturning gowns, fully embracing the glitz of the occasion. And the carefully-executed plan was aided and abetted by Panacea chefs who delivered a four course show-stopping menu to compliment the theme. Card tricksters and cunning magicians were on hand to dazzle guests, with a sleight of hand that even Rusty Ryan would have been proud of! Both restaurants and bars were sold out in advance and the evening proved to be another huge success for the Panacea brand. words: Panacea’s Claire Byrne

Lammars Manchester

To celebrate the beginning of 2011, we at Lammars transformed our fabulous venue into the glitter-ball wonderland that is our annual NYE party. Our restaurant magically morphed into a series of VIP booths, each hosting a range of nibbles, to be washed down with only the finest champagne, of course! And as for our party plans, well, with a mixture of fancy dress, celebrity attendees, and of course our very own resident DJ Mark, playing only the best classics to herald in the new year, it was set to be an impressive night! After only a short time spent advertising, we didn’t have a ticket left - no surprises there, then! The night was a resounding success. The Lammars staff looked amazing in full fancy dress, from a cocktail-making Scooby doo, to a sober Amy Winehouse! And with fireworks at midnight the atmosphere was electric, the drinks were flowing, the glitter was flying, and one customer was moved to exclaim: ‘I’ve never seen anything like it!’ It truly was an amazing New Year’s Eve celebration – and we can’t wait until next year! But what fabulous events have Lammars got lined up for you this year? Well, the first date in the Lammars 2011 calendar is Valentine’s Day, so get in touch with us and book your romantic meal now by calling 0161 237 9058. words: The Lammars crew.


Piccolino Hale

The great and the good of Hale certainly made sure they saw in the New Year in style when they celebrated at Piccolino in Hale. The atmosphere was incredible and the prosecco was flowing all night long as people counted down the hours and minutes to 2011. The restaurant was packed and looked amazing, filled with happy party people and balloons galore. Everyone who chose to see in 2011 at the famous Italian eatery certainly has great taste – the restaurant was the choice of venue for the Man City players’ Christmas party in December. They all caused quite a stir in their outrageous fancy dress costumes, making national headlines the following day. And talking of footballers – who enjoyed a preChristmas drink in the Manchester Restaurant Bar & Grill? None other than David Beckham ... Swoon. words: Piccolino’s Jayne Brierley

Great John Street Hotel’s Elegant House Party Manchester Guests at Great John Street hotel celebrated New Year 2011 in style at the hotel’s first Elegant House Party. The party hosted over 180 guests who ate, drank and danced to their hearts content across all three opulent lounges and floors of the hotel. The hotel was transformed into two unique dance spaces for the evening, complete with Soul & Motown Band, Cheap Cuts, and two DJs playing a range of 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, and noughties music. The dance floors were never empty and even the most hardened anti-dance types showed off their moves! On arrival, guests were treated to glasses of champagne and explored the hotel, spending time sipping champagne and cocktails on the heated rooftop terrace (or ‘playground’ as it is known) or sitting in one of the lounge areas, otherwise known as the Oyster bar, and the library. A gourmet buffet of fresh fish, meats and vegetarian food was served, more champagne was drunk, crackers were pulled and dessert was served, all just in time for the band to start playing. Set up in the hotel’s Mezzanine gallery area, above

the dance floor, the band really did get the party started and within minutes the floor was full. Dancing, drinking and mingling continued until close to midnight when everyone went to the roof top to count down to the New Year and watch the amazing firework display across Manchester. Shortly afterwards, the band re-lived the New Year countdown and the guests got to celebrate all over again with a fabulous rendition of Auld Lang Syne. The party continued until the wee small hours (3am, to be precise) with many guest then retiring to their suites and having a long lie-in before taking breakfast in the hotel. Feedback from one of the guests was: “I have been to many New Year’s Eve parties in hotels across Manchester and Cheshire, but this is by far the best one that I have been to! It was a really nice and friendly crowd, and everyone just had a great time in really sumptuous surroundings.” words: Great John Street Hotel’s Tiffany Sykes

Mr Blunt ended 2010 on a massive high with the success of his third album release. Viva caught up with him before he set off on his big 2011 tour. 1.) So, you’re back with your new single ‘Stay the Night’. How are you finding the reaction to it so far? So far it’s been amazing, actually! In Australia they’ve gone mad for it and throughout Europe as well. It’s gone to number 1 already in Amsterdam, number 2 in Austria and it’s in the top 5 in Germany and France. The reaction has been great through a whole mix of places, really.

describe the feel and vibe of it in comparison to your other two? It’s generally more upbeat and up tempo and with all the kind of 90s innocence of our teenage years. 4.) Have you felt slightly more pressure this time around with it being your third album with the sense that you have to live up to the success of your previous two? It was amazing but i feel like I almost closed the door on the first two after the world tour and now I’ve started a new chapter. It’s been a real release for me being able to go back into a studio after a recent break. I’ve now been able to write the type of album I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve felt no pressure, just really enjoyed the process. It’s been really fun to make and I love the album.

now been able “toI’vewrite the type of

2.) Fantastic! So the single’s been a real international success already? I guess so! When you write an album and you record it, this amount of success is always a possibility in the back of your mind but if it actually happens its really incredible.

album I’ve always wanted to write

3.) Your third album ‘Some Kind of Trouble’ was released on November the 8th 2010. How would you VIVA 86

5.) I read once that you found the greatest joy from going on tour. What is it you love about touring so much? I guess as a musician that’s the purest part of it. I mean, I’m with a band and I’m playing songs to an audience and feeling them respond - it’s almost like they own the song as much as you when they know it, in a sense. It’s about being able to feel a connection with people all across the world: even if you can’t understand the language, you can understand the emotion behind it. Being able to communicate through music is really one the purest forms of communication - it’s about being able to understand and communicate emotion. It’s the type of connection most politicians would kill for. 6.) Do you feel having the army experiences in previous years might have made you more grounded perhaps than the average musician? I hope so! I found it hard to feel at ease with the music business when I first began, due to the fact that previously I had been dealing with life and death and was then suddenly jolted to having to deal with more fickle things like the charts and what’s fashionable and what’s not -

I feel uncomfortable over here under the “Ifspotlight I call my best friend who’s in Afghanistan

things that I found difficult to find important after having such experiences within the army. As time’s gone on, I’ve got used to the music side of things. I feel chilled now. If I feel uncomfortable over here under the spotlight I take comfort in knowing that I can call up my best friend who’s in Afghanistan today, dealing with the difficulties that they go through in a very real capacity. It certainly puts life in perspective. 7.) What inspires you when you’re writing? Do you prefer to write from personal experiences or take inspiration from other things? All my songs are written from personal experience. However, on this album I have focused many of the songs on telling a story through the eyes of someone else. ‘Heart of Gold’ tells a story through the eyes of a woman who feels like she’s judged on her looks, whereas ‘Superstar’ is through the eyes of a teenager who, when he turns on the TV, just gets bombarded with pictures of celebrities telling him what music to listen to, what clothes to wear - problems which are very relevant to the media today. 8.) What do you think is the best song you’ve ever written? It’s tricky to say, really… ‘Same Mistake’, I think, is a really powerful song that I like to play live, I really love it. On the new album I’m really excited by a few of the songs - ‘Superstar’ and ‘No Tears’ in particular, that’s a special little song.

The new album cover

9.) When you’re up in Manchester for gigs, etc, what do you like to do here? What I love about Manchester is the way the crowd are really up for it, that’s one of the greatest thrills that I get from what I do. I feel so strongly that I give something to the audience and I love that - I just like to get out there and have some fun. Manchester is great - it’s got a really fun nightlife. 10.) And finally, if you weren’t a musician what do you think you’d be doing right now? I’d probably still be in the army. There’s still a war going on today so I’d probably be in the war still doing whatever I could to help. WIN TICKETS TO JAMES BLUNT’S NEXT GIG AT THE M.E.N. Answer the following question: What is the name of James Blunt new album? Email your name, telephone number, address and answer to:

James Blunt playing at the M.E.N in 2009


Photo: Steven Cox

Arcade Fire - Manchester Central, 11th Dec


hree years and one new album later, Arcade Fire return to Manchester having officially graduated to stadium band status. Known for their raw and frantic live shows, it’s no wonder there’s an air of excitement circulating the cavernous Manchester Central. The Montreal 8-piece kick things off with a sucker punch of ‘Ready to Start’ and ‘Month of May’, two of the more adrenaline-laced tracks from new album, The Suburbs. Before the crowd realise what’s hit them, they’re

transformed into a wave of bouncing bodies. “Manchester, how’ve you been?” exclaims front-man Win Butler, “This was the fastest selling-out date of the tour, everywhere else we had to beg them to buy tickets” he laughs, clearly excited to be back. All those worried that a bigger venue might dilute the charm of their live performances can relax, it more than survived the transition. The band’s bizarre mix of the wild and intimate is as present as ever. With arrangement shuffles and members seamlessly sharing instruments, it makes you wonder if they’re even aware of the audiences’ presence. Playing a well-mixed set, newer tracks are

Peter Andre - M.E.N Arena 19th Dec


mbarking on his first arena tour for fifteen years, December 19th saw singing sensation and ladies’ favourite Peter Andre grace the MEN for what turned out to be a fun, exciting and heart-warming gig for all in attendance. The show highlighted not only Andre’s singing capability but equally his possession of more credible and memorable material than one may have previously realised. The tour, which featured songs from Peter Andre’s career, did not remain faithful to one particular genre or ‘vibe’. Andre’s sound was promiscuous, moving from one sound to the next, generating a multi-dimensional atmosphere for his audience. And the response was impressive. Singing some fantastic ballads, including both a song for Harvey as well as a love song with which Andre serenaded a beautiful female

Photo: Dee Durkin


welcomed with open arms. ‘Rococo’ sends the crowd into an escalating chant, while ‘The Suburbs’ is superbly aided by Spike Jonze’s atmospheric video and a mid-song tribute to The Smiths. “Take a shot whenever you hear a riff from a Manchester band that we ripped off,” smiles Win, clearly no stranger to Mancunian music. However, it’s in their untouchable back-catalogue where the show really comes to life. ‘Rebellion (lies)’ works the audience into such a frenzy that they’re left howling the chorus long after it’s ended; ‘Keep The Car Running’ from the album Neon Bible causes the sea of fans to dance in unison and, closing the show, ‘Wake Up’ acts as an epic yet bittersweet farewell. ■ audience member, we saw this performer’s softer side. Both tracks really showcased the vocal range of Peter Andre, his ability to hold a note and the emotion invested by himself in his career. In sheer contrast to this, newer tracks ‘Defender’ and ‘Call The Doctor’ had a far fresher feel to them; the former hard hitting, ‘pop’ but relevant, whilst the latter took on a smooth and mature R&B feel to it. There were times where Andre could have quite realistically been compared to urban male artists such as Robin Thicke or perhaps even Justin Timberlake. Despite this, there was only one man who Pete consciously aimed to emulate during the night: King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Andre’s show featured a Jackson medley which, although bordering on slightly cheesy, was both enjoyable and very realistic. Peter Andre not only did the Jackson tunes the justice they deserved, but the audience truly felt how inspired he was by the late and great MJ. ■

VIVA l i v e m u s i c

Photo: Ben Quinton

JLS - M.E.N Arena 16th Dec


rena full of screaming female teens? Check. All singing, all dancing boy band? Check. A number of bored, unimpressed dads? Check. This was the scene at the MEN Arena on the 16th of December when the UK’s newest boy band JLS took over. The tour, named after their current album Outta This World, is the band’s first official arena tour. The two hour set saw three scenes; a drivein cinema, The Phantom of the Opera and space, during which the dancing robot Titan

Paul Weller - M.E.N Arena 3rd Dec Snow in the UK has a habit of turning everything into chaos as those unfortunate fans who had intended to see Paul Weller in Newcastle on the 1st of December will tell you, but luckily enough the weather eased and Weller was able to take to the stage at the MEN arena on Friday 3rd December with a host of rock royalty. The 52 year-old ‘Modfather’ played a high energy set that had the audience on their feet and dancing the cold away. Weller opened with Moonshine, the first track from his latest album, and was joined by honorary band member Steve Cradock. With the red and blue Mod logo taking prominent place on the stage, Paul and his band took us through a number of his newest tunes before bringing out “the World’s greatest” tambourine player (yes, you read me right, I did say tambourine)

came onto the stage to have a dance-off with the band. The band, of course, won, thanks to Aston’s backwards somersault. The highlight, however, was when JLS paid homage to boybands N’Sync and Backstreet Boys. Using the original dance routines, the foursome sang Backstreets Back, I Want It That Way, Girlfriend and Pop. Being one of the oldest in the arena at a mere 22, I was one of the few who actually knew the words to these songs and I have to admit that the boys did a very good job. JLS also covered Rihanna’s Umbrella and Justin Bieber’s Somebody to Love.

the boys concluded the main show by singing the dance hit The Club is Alive which had everybody off their seats and dancing, even the dads! For the encore they chose their first ever UK number 1 Everybody in Love bringing the highly energetic and entertaining gig to a satisfying and loved-up close. ■

After singing songs from their first and latest album and serenading all 20, 000 attendees, Gerald “Mani” Mounfield from Primal Scream. The legendary musicians then continued the set, which included The Style Council hit Shout To The Top and the ever beautiful You Do Something To Me. Of course, no Paul Weller gig would ever be complete without a few Jam classics such as Pretty Green, Manchester favourite Town Called Malice and Start! Over 20 songs later Paul left the stage to prepare for the first encore. His song of choice? The touching Broken Stones. But rather than follow that with, let’s say Eton Rifles, he chose to bring out the final guest of the night, James Skelly from The Coral. The duo performed an exceptional cover of The Beatles classic Ticket To Ride, Manfred Mann’s hit Pretty Flamingo and The Coral’s 2002 single Dreaming of You. With the crowd fully satisfied with what they had just heard, the stage was cleared of all band members only to be filled again a few moments later. Again, Weller chose to surprise the


audience by singing Art School, a Jam song that only true fans will be familiar with as it was one of the very first tracks the band recorded. He then concluded the mammoth set with two of his older songs, Come On/ Let’s Go and The Changingman. Paul Weller never fails to disappoint and this gig was no exception. He has an infectious energy and the ability to connect with the audience like no one else can. I guess this is one of the many reasons why, after 33 years on the stage, he is still as popular as ever. ■

VIVA l i v e m u s i c The Rob Ellis Show Weekdays 6-10 am A very Happy New Year to you all! That’s right, it’s 2011 already and with the start of the year comes the start of our new column in Viva Magazine, Manchester! There is a new sound to Manchester this year in the shape of 102 Capital FM, which launched in Manchester on January 3rd. We are the breakfast show, made up Rob Ellis, Wingman and Rachel who have been on the air together for over three years and are heading up the new line up on Manchester’s newest radio station!

The start of this year already has some great gigs lined up from Drake, Alexandra Burke, The Saturdays, Tinie Tempah and Jason Derulo all at The Apollo, as well as JlS, Usher and Neyo all playing the Manchester Arena before March has even begun. We often get tickets for these gigs to give away as well as getting the artists themselves in for a chat when they’re in town, so listen up to try and win your way in! 2010 saw a lot of new places pop up around the city that have quickly become markers on the local map. Thomas Street restaurant which opened in June, The Alchamist cocktail bar in Spinningfields and Twilight Salons in the Northern Quarter are all great new additions to the city backdrop that will help you out if you need some new ideas for this year’s eating, drinking and styling!

“Happy New Year! And with 2011 comes the start of our new column in Viva Magazine Manchester”

There are a few new voices to listen out for too; you can catch Roberto from 10am to 1pm every weekday as well as The Bassman, on-air from 1pm to 4pm, followed by Sally Hudson, taking you home from 4pm to 7pm. You may already be familiar with The Rob Ellis Show and Sally Hudson from galaxy 102.

So, not only a big year ahead for ourselves but also for the music and the artists we play. Manchester has established itself as a great city for live music and a place that a lot of the artists we talk to look forward to visiting. If 2010 was anything to go by, we are in for more of the same this year!

That’s the introductions over, as well as a little sneaky peek at what we at Capital FM are looking forward to seeing and doing in the new year. Check us out every weekday morning from 6am to 10am on 102 Capital FM Manchester or The Rob Ellis Show

MY BAND..... MATT gOUgH FROM THE jADE AssEMBly The saying “can’t see the wood for the trees” really resonates in the Manchester music scene. So many bands, so much attitude, so much history. How can you tell what is real and what is fake? Some bands succumb to the vacuum of the scene, absorbing themselves in the pomp and the glory of spin-doctors, always itching to be the next big thing. Some bands. The Jade Assembly are not ‘one of those bands’. On the surface, their demeanour is typical of an indie rock outfit. But brimming underneath the exterior is a thousand emotions, waiting to be exposed. Emerging unscathed from years of well-trodden paths of punk and indie is a band that now display all the hallmarks of a new northern treasure. There is nothing fabricated or posed, just an inescapable force of conviction in their music. From the passion of Andy Watson and Jimmy B’s rhythm section, to the cutting psychedelia of Matt gough’s guitar work, each Jade tune feels right, there is a sense of purpose, nothing is contrived. All of this is built on the main point of difference, in John (Foz) Foster , they have a true northern poet. A songwriter that places honesty above favour, a frontman who possesses an imposing sense of belief, not devoid of arrogance - but full of commitment. Every word counts. Some people can’t see the wood for the trees, but if you don’t see The Jade Assembly, you’re missing the best bit of the forest... Clint Boon is quoted as saying ‘The Jade Assembly are the best guitar band since Kasabian’. Bolton Wanderers player Kevin Davies and Radio One’s Vernon Kay have also got behind the band and are helping to promote the second single ‘Our Town’. The Jade Assembly signed a record deal in front of 22,000 people on match day at The Reebok Stadium. They have also played a live set to over a thousand people before the match in the Stadiums ‘Fan Zone’. The Jade Assembly will be releasing their second single ‘Our Town’ on independent record label ‘Maison Rouge’. To coincide with the release, the band are embarking on a nation-wide music tour. Please check dates at: or the record label website at: You can download the band’s current single ‘Same Time, Same Place’ from all good digital retailers including i-Tunes, Amazon and HMV.


VIVA T H E A R T S u s i c


jOURnEy wITH DnA’s

ACTIng ClAssEs!



ell, 2011 has arrived and this year, for me, is all about setting myself new challenges. I’ve always been really interested in acting and my family, on numerous occasions, have said that I take after my theatrical grandma who was a fabulous actress back in the day! So, after stumbling across DNA’s Darren gordon’s card at the end of last year whilst clear-

ing out my coat pockets (the card had obviously been there since the time I randomly met him in a queue at Sainsburys petrol station), I decided to book myself on one of the DNA acting classes. DNA have classes and work-shops to suit all standards of acting. I started on the Building Blocks course, which will take me and my fellow students on an epic journey to improve our confidence, build up a whole range of acting skills and get us started in pursuing a career as professional actors and actresses.

Initially, on day one, I felt quite exposed, nervous, slightly shy, and felt myself holding back a bit - plus some of the exercises we were

being made to do seemed a little strange. BUT as the lessons continue I’m becoming more relaxed, not so self-conscious, and I’m starting to really enjoy acting. To quote the mantra that our tutors have been drilling into us over the last few weeks, to get the most out of these classes you can’t stand up and perform half-heartedly - you need to put in 100%! The classroom is there for us to make mistakes and to look like fools in a safe environment, so you have to throw yourself into it - because you don’t want to be making these mistakes when it comes to a real performance in front of thousands of people! Eep! Scary no? But I will not be deterred! I have always wanted to act, so it would be silly to blow my new year’s resolution - and the opportunity - just for the sake of a few silly nerves. Will I succeed? Follow my progress in Viva magazine and find out....!

VIVA F e a t u r e gOOD TO BE BAD It’s award season, a time to reward the awfully good as well as the just plain awful. Viva talks to J O H N W I L S O N , creator of Hollywood’s anti-Oscars: The Golden Raspberry Awards, about giving showbiz a good old poke in the ribs… 127 Hours



ell, it’s 2011 and Oscar season is fast approaching. Will the Academy finally accept director David Fincher’s friend request and award him the best picture gong for The Social Network? Will Christopher Nolan be rewarded for his mind-boggling efforts directing Inception, the most epic nap in film history? Or, now that it’s been announced that Toy Story 3 is eligible to win best picture, will Pixar do what it does best and blow the competition out of the water?

The Social Network

And the tough decisions don’t stop there. Between now and the February ceremony, there are a few late arrivals that the Academy simply can’t afford to ignore. 127 Hours has Danny Boyle tipped to win, True grit puts Jeff Bridges in the lead for best actor second year running, not forgetting Colin Firth’s amazing turn in The King’s Speech. Whatever way you slice it, it’s going to be a tense night. Recognition - that’s all anybody in the ‘biz wants, but those snubbed by the Academy shouldn’t worry, chances are John Wilson has an award with their name on it.

The King’s Speech

Who’s John Wilson? He’s the creator of the golden Raspberry Awards (The Razzies for short), the ceremony for movies that are so bad that watching them becomes an ordeal worse than a homemade human centipede experiment. 2011 marks the 31st anniversary of his coveted alternative Oscars and over the years they’ve become as recognised as their high brow alternative. Needless to say, Wilson’s never had a shortage of nominees. Inception

“We don’t consider ourselves a slap in the face, we’re more like a banana peel on the floor” chuckles Wilson when Viva catches up with him at his Hollywood home, “Our message is not ‘How dare you?’ it’s ‘Why would you?’” After seeing one too many crappy movies, Wilson started the event as a joke in his front room during a dinner party. “We put up a cardboard podium, a foam ball on a broomstick pretending to be a microphone, it was even sillier than it is now but everybody loved it.” The rest is, as they say, history. By scheduling the event on the eve of the Oscars, Wilson’s dinner party joke quickly attracted worldwide press coverage

Toy Story 3


VIVA F e a t u r e

Bullocks To You: Wilson (right) presents the Oscar winning actress with her Razzie

Berry’s Berry: Received her Razzie for 2004 mega-bomb Catwoman

from news stations hungry for a pre-Oscar scoop. Despite being a poke in the ribs to Hollywood, not all Razzie winners take it in their stride. “The main target of The Razzies that I’ve always understood doesn’t find it funny is Sylvester Stallone,” explains Wilson. “He’s been nominated for thirty different ‘achievements’ and he’s won ten. He won worst of the century!” giggles the event mastermind. “He may be back this year. Expendables is like a highlight reel of all the bad movies all those bad actors ever made, re-enacted from the motion picture retirement home!” Sly aside, big name stars have been known to drop by and poke fun at themselves. Sandra Bullock’s appearance quickly became a classic Razzie moment. “Within 72 hours she won the Razzie, the very next night she won the Oscar, and the next morning it was revealed that her husband was a jerk. So she had a completely life changing weekend,” muses Wilson. Oscar winner Halle Berry also attended, completely unannounced, with her Oscar statuette in hand. “When Halle Berry stepped out onto the stage, for a nano-second, the audience thought it was an impersonator and then they realized, that’s a real Oscar, that’s really Halle Berry - and the theatre went nuts. “She got a minute-long standing ovation and she was hilarious for close to eight minutes. That was the perfect way to handle what we do. You embrace it, you poke fun at it, you accept it, you move on. “If you get up there and you’re just being nasty that’s not funny, it doesn’t make you look good, and it really doesn’t damage us because we’re already saying you’re not very good and here you are showing everyone that you also have no sense of humour!” From one set of award predictions to another, we ask the Head Raspberry himself which films he thinks will win big at this years Razzies ceremony. “M. Night Shyamalan is one of those people who seems to be participating in his own demise,” muses Wilson. “He keeps thinking ‘well I’ll do this and they’ll like me’ or ‘I’ll do that and they’ll like me’ and it’s like ‘meh, we just don’t like you’ but last Airbender is obviously a great big juicy Razzie target.

Founder John Wilson at the first ceremony in 1981

“We don’t consider ourselves a slap in the face, we’re more like a banana peel on the floor. Our message isn’t ‘how dare you?’ it’s ‘Why would you?’” “The other likely big target is Megan Fox in an awful, awful box-office bomb called Jonah Hex. She’s really only in the movie for maybe seven or eight minutes and sucks in every one of those seven or eight minutes” chuckles Wilson. As long as Hollywood continues to praise itself at the Oscars, The Razzies will be there to knock them down a peg or two. “If our point was to keep Hollywood from making bad movies, then we’ve failed horribly because they still make bad movies and they always will,” laughs Wilson, “They’re just asking for a cream pie in the face, and that’s what we’re here for!” ■ The 2011 Razzie Awards take place on February 26th with The 83rd Annual Academy Awards ceremony scheduled for the following night.




Twitter: DarrenRLGordon / DNA_PR

3 True grit - Feb 11


rue Grit is another remake. Taking on the role of ‘Marshal Rooster Cogburn’ originally played by John Wayne, Jeff Bridges leads the charge in this occasionally tense revenge story. Matt Damon also appears as LeBoeuf and 14year old Hailee Steinfeld gives a feisty performance as the young ‘Mattie Ross’, a bright, educated girl, determined to avenge the murder of her father. Mattie hires Cogburn to help her, stubbornly insisting that she must be part of the posse that pursues the assailant ‘Tom Chaney’ (Josh Brolin).


Black Swan - January 21

A watchable ‘Western,’ it had a consistent pace, but never really got above tepid.


he latest offering from exciting director Darren Aronofsky is a fascinating, tense, dark and passionate film set within the ballet ‘Swan Lake’. Those of you who, like myself, don’t fully appreciate ballet as an art-form, needn’t worry - the film is far from a dance movie. Aronofsky’s style of direction, developed through notable films such as ‘Requiem for a Dream’ and ‘The Wrestler’ amongst others, encourages striking, impactful characterisation and doesn’t give the audience a chance to disengage as the momentum-driving style of filming takes us right into the heart of this moving journey. Natalie Portman plays a young ambitious dancer with a pushy, obsessive mother, who bullies her with tough love. Racked with some of the stereo-typical eating disorders and physical issues that one might associate with professional dancers, and an unfortunate, shy and reserved disposition that wants so much to succeed but is too shy and intimidated, she is suddenly thrust into the position of being the lead in her company’s next major production. The duality of the lead character and her director’s desire to harness the darker side of that persona (the Black Swan) force Nina to shake off her innocence and starts a psychological rollercoaster that she can’t control. Aronofsky is well known for directing outstanding films on very small budgets and this film has a relatively small budget at an estimated $13 million, but that figure will really be dwarfed by the funds for his next film his next film – The Wolverine – if the rumour-mills are proven correct!

4 Big Momma’s: like Father like Son - Feb 18


ig Momma’s: Like Father Like Son is the third offering from this franchise, and since the original film had an estimated budget of $30 million, and is reported to have grossed in excess of $171 million, you can understand why this has become a trilogy. FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) and his 17-year-old son, Trent, go undercover at an all-girls performing arts school after Trent witnesses a murder. Posing as Big Momma and Charmaine, they must find the murderer before he finds them. This film offers some good fun and amusing escapism.



Just go With It - Feb 11

Brighton Rock - February 4


owan Joffe – writer of ’28 Weeks Later’ and ‘The American’, - turns his writing into a vision as the director of this new adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel ‘Brighton Rock’. The cast is lead by the brilliant Helen Mirren and John Hurt, and ably supported by Andy Sirkis (the voice of ‘Gollum’). Those of you who have seen the 1947 production starring Richard Attenborough, don’t expect the same film at all. Though based on the same novel, Joffe has penned the screenplay this time, and his interpretation and focus brings a very different tone and atmosphere to the story. Instead of focusing on young crime lord ‘Pinkie’ (played by Sam Riley) as the original did, Brighton Rock 2010 - which is set a few decades later than the original, in the 1960’s – focuses on ‘Rose’ beautifully played by Helen Mirren, and she as usual does not fail to deliver! Joffe is a 2009 Bafta winner for Best Director, but this is his first feature and he certainly proves to have the talent required. Writer-directors sometimes fail to convert their writing effectively into visual imagery, and I wonder how Joffe felt about his previous writing once he watched other director’s interpretations of it.


owerful comedy partnership Dennis Duggan (director) and Adam Sandler continue their attempts to corner the comedy market with their latest offering ‘Just go with it’. Jennifer Anniston leads the cast of this ‘Rom-Com’, with Nicole Kidman for company. The tag line ‘sometimes you need a girl to get a girl’ perhaps gives away the gist of this movie. Sandler finds himself enlisting the help of a woman and her children to help him win the affection of the woman of his dreams.

Don’t forget to look out for Salford lad Steve Evets (Looking for Eric) as ‘Mr Wilson’.


VIVA D V D R E L E A S E S 3 Buried - Feb 14


ot one for the claustrophobic, Buried revolves around a US contractor, working in Iraq, who wakes up to find himself six feet under in a coffin with a cigarette lighter and a mobile phone for company. Fancy a go? I certainly don’t, and this film had me squirming in my seat as I contemplated the impact of being stuck in that situation. Buried is a very good suspense thriller, and is very well directed by Spaniard Rodrigo Cortes. The simple scenarios are usually the best, and this certainly keeps to that rule.

The Town - January 31



en Affleck has been at both ends of the critic’s pen, and his artistry has been questioned, accused of being the dead weight in his early partnership with Matt Damon, but this film has seen him emerge with much more credibility as a director, writer and leading man. Just under $40 Million funded this movie, but is has so far grossed nearly quadruple that amount, and that kind of return will see more of his projects funded by the big production houses in the future.

4 Wall Street 1&2 - Jan 31

Ultimately, the film’s success comes from the fact that it is a good story well told. We are allowed to form a relationship with the character as we witness all areas of his life, from romance to bank raids, and understand his motives and actions. When things really start to descend, we are interested enough to care and that is an issue that has blighted some of Affleck’s characterisation in other productions. Here, he strikes the balance of getting us to sympathise even though we know what he does to survive is wrong.


ichael Douglas reprises one of his most iconic characters, Gordon Gekko, in this edgy sequel to Oliver Stone’s 80’s film. With Shia LeBeouf for company, Douglas exits prison and seven years later forms an allegiance motivated by revenge.

Look out for the late Pete Poslethwaite as ’Fergus’. Already quite ill when this was filmed, he gives another natural, engaging display. Look out for a couple of special features on the DVD too, including Ben talking about the challenge of Actor-Directing.

To truly appreciate the change in Gekko, you must witness his persona in the original film, so the fact that you’ll be able to get both movies in this special collector’s edition is a real bonus - and after-all, “Greed is Good!”

5 Red - Jan 31


hen ageing and retired Special Ops agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) finds himself the target of an attempted assassination, he decides to take action by putting together his old team. Mostly suspicious of his motives, initially, they eventually dust down their old skills and form a formidable group who fight to save their lives.

The Social Network - February 14


A cast of many ageing faces, this is a fun, if slightly fluffy movie. Entertaining without really gripping, it’s a film that raises a chuckle or two.

f, like me, you spend far too much of your time on facebook, then this movie should appeal to you as it is an insight into the history of a site that seems to have absorbed far too many hours of my life! Even as I type, I can hear someone messaging me on ‘chat’, and it is on the back of the phenomenon that facebook has become, that this movie has ridden. But, to suggest that someone was simply cashing in on a name that everyone knows would be naïve, as it is the very means by which ‘the facebook’ came to exist as we know it, and all the legal wrangling and conjecture that surrounded it’s birth, which is the essence of this interesting, well paced and brilliantly acted movie. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg is portrayed as a computer genius with the socially inept demeanour you might expect from such. We witness the evolution of the concept and the variety of egos that get bruised and good friendships that are ruined. Justin Timberlake gives a striking performance as Napster founder Sean Parker, and the cast also features new Spiderman Andrew Garfield. DVD features include a ‘making-of’ documentary and a multi-angle scene breakdown.



VIVA I P O D PLAYING ON THE VIVA IPOD... Beady Eye – ‘The Roller’


ince the departure of Noel Gallagher the rest of the Oasis boys have been rather quiet, however they have been working hard and are back with their new band Beady Eye. Formed by the three core Oasis members Liam Gallagher, Andy Bell and Gem Archer with the addition of Chris Sharrock they are, once again, ready to take the music world by storm. The Roller is the first official single taken from their debut album “Different Gear, Still Speeding” and hits iTunes on 24th February, however will be available as a 7” single from the 21st February and will

feature a new b-side called “Two of a Kind. This is their first commercially available song as they released album tracks “Bring the Light” and “Four Letter Word” both of which proved that the band are more than capable of producing quality music with just one Gallagher brother. The melody is upbeat and the lyrics catchy, however you can not help but notice how Lennon-esque the track is, although this is something that we have come to expect from Liam and is not necessarily a bad thing.

The Streets – ‘Computers and Blues’


or the past 10 years there has been no doubting the cultural impact The Streets have had upon the UK music scene and Mike Skinner has been in control of the whole thing from day one. However, as he has already stated that this will be the last Streets album, it seems only fitting to go out with a bang, and this is exactly what this album does! With the album due to be released on 7th February, Skinner has claimed that it is “dancing music to drink tea to”. Featuring social commentary about today’s modern society,

the progression from Original Pirate Material is very apparent throughout and you realize that Skinner has grown up and his priorities are no longer about mates, drinking and parties. Discussing his leap into fatherhood as well as his battle with M.E the personal touch is a nice way for him to give the fans a final insight into why he had to retire The Streets. The closing song ‘Lock the Locks’ discusses a man quitting his office job and is quite clearly a strong reference to him closing the page on The Streets. There is no doubt Mike Skinner will be leaving a large hole in the industry after he disappears following this album.

Bruno Mars – ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’


runo Mars has been involved in creating songs for the likes of Sugababes, Flo Rida, Alexandra Burke, Travie McCoy, Adam Levine and even Cee Lo Green’s Forget You. Now he is stepping out on his own and releasing his debut album on the 24th January. The lead single “Just The Way You Are” topped the charts back in September 2010 and it looks like there will be many more number ones coming from this album as every song is a potential hit. Containing only 10 tracks and just 35 minutes long the album is fast and punchy and

does a fantastic job of leaving the listener wanting more without feeling rushed. Speaking about the unusual title for the album Mars remarked that “Some songs are doowops and some are hooligans, the doo-wops are for the girls and the hooligans are for the boys.” Light-hearted, catchy and fun this album will bring a smile to your face, already a worldwide hit this highly anticipated album will be a stand out one this year and Mars is definitely a musician to look out for.

Elbow- ‘Bulid a Rocket Boys!’


ulti-award winning Northern band Elbow are back for 2011! Their fifth studio album is set to be released on 7th March and we cannot wait! Produced locally in Blueprint Studios here in Manchester, the band all agree that the songs were written with big stadiums in mind, so naturally they are kicking off a tour just 8 days after the album’s release. Their previous album, ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’, picked up the 2008 Mercury Prize, gained critical appraise everywhere and moved the band from cult status to classic established band – so no pressure for this album then!

But you needn’t worry - judging by the track Elbow released on Boxing Day - ‘Lippy Kids’ - this album is already managing to please fans and critics alike. Despite thinking about stadiums, it is the band’s lead singer, Guy Guarvery’s childhood in Bury which is the main source of inspiration for this album, and the songs reflect that. A really down-to-earth tone runs throughout the album, which will both please loyal fans who have been following Elbow for 20 years, and also further establish the band in the hearts of the newer fans.


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Eliza Doolittle cover and interview


Eliza Doolittle cover and interview