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backstage with the dub pistols

“We are the most successful unsuccessful band ever”

michelle keegan Mancunian Angel Michelle Keegan prepares to say goodbye

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10_ Interview with Michelle Keegan 14_ Simplistic Elegance fashion story 26_ VIVA’s 2014 wedding guide 66_ Vaping around the track with Kik electronic cigarettes 68_ Manchester United announce new global spirits partner 84_ Backstage with the Dub Pistols 92_ VIVA’s 2013 Manchester highlights & celebs’ 2014 predictions

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40_ Tina O’Brien reports 40_ Tatiana’s wedding hair top tips 42_ The new Skin PA 46_ Y-Club: high intensity new year fitness classes FOOD AND DRINK 48_ I love MCR chefs’ signature dishes 54_ Destination George’s HOME, LEISURE, BUSINESS & TRAVEL 58_ Business success story: Thom Hetherington 60_ Den Interiors talk bespoke, Bury and business 64_ ‘Ere John’ got a new motor, Jack Marsden reports 70_ Abu Dhabi ‘a pearl on the Arabian Gulf’



74_ Full moon party at Bangkok bar 77_ Meeting Will.I.AM 78_ Stick em up punk, The Fun Lovin’ Criminals are in town 82_ VIVA London news

88_ On VIVA’s music radar: The Naughtys 89_ Ciaran Griffiths takes over the VIVA ipod 90_ Cinema & DVD reviews, Darren R L Gordon reports

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The Radar Bikram yoga I feel brand new after it. Training Again I feel awesome after I’ve finished and I love to work hard and push myself beyond my limits. Food I love to eat.. (Who doesn’t) Charity and voluntary work - it’s good to help those who need it and it’s also good to give back to the community. Snuggly Warm Cuddles No-one can beat a nice, snuggly, warm cuddle eating crap and watching a film and a cheeky little massage.





Bullies I can’t stand bullies who pick on the innocent and weak because of their appearance, skin colour, etc. It really makes me angry - and you wouldn’t wanna see me when I’m angry.



Turkish Delight This is the most disgusting thing EVER you could possibly eat. Ha ha ha. Getting up for work with an Hangover Need I say more! People pretending to be someone they’re not Best thing in life is to be yourself and not to lie to others or yourself. It’s just not right and you are living a lie.

This issue’s guest radar was brought to you by Professional Welterweight Boxer Denton “Achilles” Vassell

assell Denton V



appy New Year readers and we hope 2014 is a great one for all of you! What a year 2013 was though. VIVA ended it with a wild, Christmas Full-Moon-Party at Bangkok Bar with some of Manchester’s finest movers and shakers coming down to party the night away with us. In fact, we’ve have so many great Manchester memories from last year that we have put together VIVA’s 2013 highlights in this issue, plus we have asked some of our celeb friends what their 2013 highlights were and what they predict for Manchester in 2014. We have been extremely busy at VIVA this year already and we are only a month in! We caught up with Mancunian Angel, Michelle Keegan, to talk leaving Corrie and moving down to Essex. MK, Manchester is going to miss you! We also had our big wedding shoot which all the VIVA Girls got very excited about - watch out Manchester boys most of them are looking for potential husbands now this year! We’ve been rubbing shoulders with football legends down at Ryan Giggs’ new gaff, George’s Dinning Room & Bar, racing Ferrari’s with Top Gears’ Stig Ben Collins plus our girl, VIVA Ems, launched her own radio show in January, called ‘The Early Birds,’ with co-host Caz Matthews on North Manchester 106.6FM. Make sure you tune in every Tuesday morning from 8am 10am to listen to The Early Birds’ shenanigans. Enjoy reading our first issue of 2014 and we look forward to seeing you lovely lot of readers throughout the year!

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Michelle VIVA chats to Mancunian angel Michelle Keegan while she takes time out in Ireland to reflect on an action-packed year and takes flight down to Essex VIVA: Hi Michelle. Hiya, how are you? MK: I’m great. How are you? VIVA: We are really good, thank you. We believe you’re in Ireland at the moment with your publicist, Laura. Are you having a good weekend? MK: Yeah, we are. We came last night as I am here for a personal appearance, so we’re only having a short trip but it’s good to get away and Ireland is great. VIVA: Have you done much today? MK: No I’m off today. I’m still not up either – I can never get up! (Laughs) You can’t beat a lazy Sunday morning. VIVA: Well, we shouldn’t take too long, we don’t want to interrupt your day off! After 6 very eventful years, you’re going to be leaving Corrie. How do you feel about it all? I bet it feels like an end of an era, doesn’t it? MK: Yeah, yeah it is. It’s taken a couple of years to make the decision as I love Corrie so much. I think now’s the right time for me to try other roles but, yeah, it is going to be like the end of an era. VIVA: What made you take the plunge to leave? Was it a hard decision to make? MK: I always knew I wasn’t going to be in Corrie forever as it was my first ever acting job! When I arrived there I felt like a bit of an imposter, I hadn’t been on a set before, didn’t know what a lot of the technical words meant and didn’t know the industry at all really! Corrie has been the best acting school in the world and I will be forever grateful to them for giving me a chance. VIVA: It’s been quite a confusing time recently for Tina. Emotions are running high with Peter. Are you pleased with your last big storyline? How has filming been going? MK: When I heard I was working with Ali (Carla Barlow) and Chris (Peter Barlow) I was really excited. I’ve always been quite a big fan of them two anyway. They are both really good actors and everyone loves a good soap love triangle! I was a bit surprised with the storyline at first because I didn’t want Tina to be portrayed as a bad person and, initially, I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of her having an affair but Tina has changed because she has been so hurt over the years and feels lonely. She wants to be loved and she thinks Peter loves her, bless her! VIVA: Can you tell us a few of your highlights over the past 6 years or any funny moments behind the scenes, maybe? MK: The highlight was probably Reece Dinsdale playing my Dad, I loved working with Reece. Winning best newcomer was amazing - every award I have got I feel so grateful for, it’s lovely but that one was very special as it made me feel like I was an actual actor and I had been accepted. VIVA: Yes, what a great achievement. MK: Yeah, I think that’s one of my best highlights. There are always loads of things going on but, you know, you can’t think of one really funny moment when you’re asked! VIVA: Tina’s had her fair share of dramatic storylines, which one did you most enjoy working on? MK: I didn’t enjoy it but I thought it was my best storyline when my Dad (Reece) died. It was a really emotional storyline, I did a lot of crying and it was going on for quite a long time because obviously Tina got ill and Gayle got taken to court. I think it was a turning point for Tina and I think, as a character, she sort of grew up a little bit. I enjoyed it because of the people I was working with, like Jack, (David Platt) Helen (Gail Platt) and Reece. (Joe, Tina’s Dad) It was just a really nice set of people to be working with and a great storyline to be given. Yeah, so I’d say that was my favourite storyline. > 10 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


photo credit: Rosie Hardy art director: Laura Graham make-up: Collette Casey / Benefit cosmetics hairstylist: Carly Guy styling: Kelvin Barron / all Vital Creatives

photo credits: photographer: Rob Evans hair Andrew Trott-Barn make-up Collette Casey / Benefit stylist Kelvin Barron / all Vital Creatives

VIVA I N T E R V I E W : M I C H E L L E K E E G A N VIVA: How did you find playing the baby storyline, was it a challenge? Did you feel for Tina? MK: Yeah, it was a really emotional time but again it was a good storyline to play. I did research into surrogacy too, to try and really feel what she was going through. There were two sides to the story, obviously; Tina’s side and Izzy’s side. Tina had to give the baby up because it wasn’t her baby but, then again, Tina’s the one that gave birth to him and connected with him and I could see it from her point of view as well. I could understand all those emotions. VIVA: Do you and Tina have any similarities? MK: Erm, yes we do. We both come from Salford and we also have good morals although I think she has lost her way a bit recently! Before this storyline she had a good moral compass and I like to think I have. I’m a bit of a girl’s girl and she is. Tina’s a bit louder than me and a bit more confrontational, whereas I’m like, ‘Can’t be bothered with that.’ Apart from that, obviously, she doesn’t really dress up and I don’t either. She doesn’t feel like she has to look a certain way and that’s the way I feel. VIVA: Who do you think you’ll miss the most from Corrie when you finally leave? Do you have any special relationships with anyone? MK: It’s a really clichéd thing to say but Corrie is sort of like family - all the cast and all the crew too. So many people! I’m going to miss them all. In particular, I’m going to miss Jack, Kate Paula, Samia, Cath and Brooke. We are all great pals. VIVA: Aw well, there’s quite a few people then that, obviously, you’re going to stay in touch with? MK: Of course, how could I not? VIVA: So you’re leaving Corrie at the start of a new year, what’s next for you? Any plans or are you just going to chill out for a bit? MK: Nothing is set in stone just yet, so at the moment I think I will probably go away on holiday - somewhere hot and with a beach - and just relax for a bit . VIVA: You are known not just for your acting talent but also for your gorgeous looks - with both girls and boys going crazy for you - what’s it like to win so many ‘most sexy awards.’ MK: It is really nice and very, very flattering. I genuinely don’t understand it. I always say that my family’s phone bills must be horrendous! It is nice knowing that I don’t ever really have to change. I’ve

always been the same, I try and stay natural and just be myself. VIVA: It fits in with what you were just saying but do you feel under pressure to look a certain way after receiving so much attention? MK: Maybe, at the beginning after the first award, I thought, ‘Oh okay what do I do now?’ but I like the fact people can take me and accept me for who I am. I’m not the sort of girl who would wear a really sexy outfit to try and look good, I’m much more casual. I don’t wear loads of makeup, I think that’s a good thing for young girls to see too. VIVA: You’re a great role model, definitely. MK: Aw, thank you. VIVA: How do you stay in such good shape? Do you have a particular fitness regime, diet plan? MK: I don’t have a fitness regime, I try to go to the gym when I can - I went yesterday for the first time in about two months

MK: Obviously, my friends, my family. I’m going to miss waking up in the morning, driving ten minutes and being in the city. I’m really going to miss the comfort of that. And, if I’m having a bit of a rubbish day, I’ll go and see my Mum - you know what I mean - I’ll miss all that. I think though that I will end up seeing my family and friends more as I will have a lot more free time when I leave and they will come down and stay and I will travel up to Manchester a lot too! VIVA: VIVA Magazine loves Manchester and we are big party people, what would be your ideal night out in Manchester from start to finish? MK: I’d probably go to Rosso, maybe, for a nice Italian meal or Australasia – the food, especially all their fish dishes and sushi, is amazing and the service is great too. So probably either of those for a bit of a treat. Then, if I’m with all my friends and Mark and his friends - so a big group of us - we’d go to… have you been to All Star Lanes? VIVA: Yeah, we have! MK: Aww, I love it. So yeah, All Star Lanes for a bit of bowling, a few drinks. That’s it really. They have a private room there that is great and it has Karaoke too! VIVA: So, a nice night with your mates having a drink and a laugh? MK: Yeah, I’m not hardcore anymore. I like dinner, drinks, fun. I am not good the following day after a heavy night out so I don’t have them very often! VIVA: You’ve been getting a lot of media attention recently, through you leaving Corrie and you’re in demand doing photo shoots. This angel shoot that we are running in VIVA Magazine is amazing and very different to the shoots you have done before, where did it take place? MK: It took place in an old mill in Stockport. I had to stand on a fire escape five floors up, on the corner of the mill in November, looking out to the countryside. It was bitterly cold and I had a hot water bottle down the back of my leotard to keep warm! VIVA: Do you enjoy doing the shoots? MK: Yeah, I like when they are done like that; where you can use your imagination and be a bit creative, I really get into them. I love doing shoots that are a bit different, and I’m really happy with this one as I got to wear a pair of wings for a day and the pictures are great, plus I don’t think you can tell how cold I actually was! VIVA: It’s been lovely to talk to you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. MK: Aw, thanks so much. ■

“It’s a really clichéd thing to say but Corrie is sort of like a family and I’m going to miss all the cast and crew” - but I just eat everything in moderation. I love food, you see – I love food. That’s what I look forward to in the day. VIVA: Yeah, us too! (laughs) MK: Yeah! I just eat everything in moderation so, like, if I have a dead healthy breakfast and lunch, I’ll have what I want for tea. VIVA: What are some of your favourite beauty products to keep you looking so radiant? MK: Erm, good question. Probably Origins. All their products; I like the face wash and the moisturiser and that always gets my skin looking quite radiant. I use a lot of Emma Hardie beauty products too. I really like Benefit and Mac cosmetics and have a lot of their products in my make-up bag. I have a thing for lipsticks too. I think I have around 8-10 in my make-up bag. That’s not too bad is it? (laughs) VIVA: You’re setting up home in Essex. What and who will you miss about Manchester?

interview: Hannah Grubisic k | VIVA | 13

Tabatha wears: Shaun Leane Cherry Blossom Drop Earrings, ÂŁ1,095,

from Wave Jewellers.

Tabatha Wears: Eddy Kdress, £1,540, from Cheshire Bridal Wear. Kasun Vampire Claw Earrings, £210, from Wave Jewellers.

18 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Tabatha wears: Eddy K Dress, ÂŁ2,195, from Cheshire Bridal Wear.

Jared wears: Three piece made to measure suit, £1,400 from Richard Smith Bespoke Shoes, £275, from Jeffery West. Shirt, Stylist’s Own.

Tabatha wears: Mikaella Dress, £1,575, from Cheshire Bridal Wear. Lucy Q Silver Drop Umbrella Earrings, £154, Wave Silver Pendant, £154, Kasun Vampire Bite Ring, £140, Stephen Webster Large Octopus Ring, £510, all from Wave Jewellers.

Jared wears: Kenneth Cole Starkin Suit Jacket, £230 & Kenneth Cole Starkin Suit Trouser, £120, both from House Of Fraser. Shirt, Stylist’s own.

Tabatha wears: House Of Mooshki Dress £1,950 & Lucy Shoes £75 from Cheshire Bridal Wear. Stephen Webster Fish Skeleton Cuff, £1,055, from Wave Jewellers.

Tabatha Wears: House Of Mooshki Dress, £1,450, from Cheshire Bridal Wear. Headpiece from Frog Flowers. Rachel Galley Venom Gold Plate Bangle, £340, Rachel Galley Venom Hoop Earrings: £275, Rachel Galley Venom Ring, £199, all from Wave Jewellers.

Tabatha wears: House Of Mooshki Dress, £1,400, from Cheshire Bridal Wear. Wave Rose Gold Bracelet: £494, & Wave Rose Gold Earrings, £75, both from Wave Jewellers. Shoes, Stylist’s Own.

Shoot Credits

Art direction Adam Bryant Photography & Post Production John Rawson Stylist Ross Forsythe Assisting Georgie Glass Hair Brent Barlow & Paul O’Donovan Make-Up Collette Casey & Naomi Joy using Benefit cosmetics. Models Jared & Tabatha

Location Arley Hall & Gardens k | VIVA | 25



t’s the moment every woman has envisioned since being a little girl strutting around the house in their mother’s dust-covered gown - which was more meringue than McQueen. As it’s the busiest time of the year for the wedding industry and hopefully a lot of our VIVA readers too - we’re returning with our ultimate wedding feature. The festive season brought with it a sprinkling of romance and, after seeing streams of photos of gorgeous gleaming diamonds and hearing countless stories of fairy tale proposals, we’re not bitter at all that we didn’t even receive as much as a Haribo ring this Christmas! Nonetheless, since we can’t plan our own happily-ever-after just yet, we’ve decided to get some practice in by researching the best places in Manchester and Cheshire for brides and grooms to-be; in true, Monica Geller, wedding-planner fashion. So sit back and relax as VIVA has it covered. All that’s left for you to do is say ‘I do.’

Malmaison Hotel


....The Venues.... Arley Hall & Gardens Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 6NA web: | tel: 0156 577 7353 email:


o fairy-tale wedding would be complete without the dream venue. The dedicated team at Arley Hall and Gardens pride themselves on providing a magical setting for a couple’s first day of the rest of their lives together. This venue boasts everything you could possibly wish for, including plenty of character and atmosphere. Traditionalists will adore the Victorian Country House complete with elaborate carvings, gorgeous high ceilings and stained glass windows. Set amongst 18 acres of award-winning gardens, there is also the opportunity for ceremonies to be held outdoors as well as providing an amazing backdrop for those all-important, photographic memories of the big day. There’s space to accommodate 100 guests at both the ceremony and reception, meaning nobody will be left off the guest list. What it boasts in size, it certainly doesn’t lack in intimacy as this stately home definitely has that homely feeling. Arley Hall also has a specialised team of suppliers on hand to recommend for all those other wedding essentials - such as the flowers and transport - so you can rest assured that everything photos: Caroline White will be well taken care of. 28 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

1-3 Picadilly, Manchester, M1 3 AQ web: | tel: 0844 693 0657 email:

f you’re more contemporary than traditional and would choose cocktails over afternoon tea without hesitation, then the Malmaison is the venue for you. Everyone wants their big day to be different. So if you’re shortlisting venues, feel free to try all the usual suspects but then call Malmaison because different is what they do best. This is a different kind of hotel that takes planning, catering and celebrating to a whole different level. Malmaison boasts unbridled passion. It’s what they put into your big day. Helping you make it different and memorable with creative catering, an imaginative events team and a wedding venue that’s almost in danger of stealing the show from the happy couple. Almost. Just a two-minute suitcase trundle from the city’s impressive Piccadilly Station you’ll find the gem in the crown of our city which is Manchester Malmaison, a beautiful, avant-garde building formerly a Joshua Hoyle warehouse but now the most prestigious boutique hotel in Manchester city centre. Locals and tourists alike, are drawn by the lure of contemporary cuisine in Smoak and MALBAR cocktails with a twist - not to mention the slinkiest hotel rooms and the most rock & roll suites this side of Graceland. Whether you want a lavish party to go on long into the night or prefer a more intimate space to celebrate with your nearest and dearest, the Malmaison is the perfect place for you. Malmaison Manchester has the capacity to surprise and impress your guests. Let your imagination (and guests) run wild in this unique and beautiful building by saying a big “I do” to Malmaison in 2014.

Rosylee Tea Rooms 11 Stevenson Sq, Northern Quarter Manchester, M1 1DB web: | tel: 0161 228 6629 email:


osylee is the epitome of sophistication, a collaboration of demure traditionalism injected with a refreshing contemporary atmosphere which is complemented by innovative culinary delights. The eatery, which is tucked away in the hub of the Northern Quarter, opened only last year and has already attracted a following of food fanatics and cocktail lovers alike with the addition of 1920s speakeasy bar, The Fitzgerald, ‘above’. The exquisite interior design’ which is a fine mix of Parisian chic and iconic Georgian and Edwardian features is captivating and has contributed hugely to the increasing popularity among many prospective brides and grooms to be. Choosing Rosylee as your wedding venue will secure you and your guests bespoke food menus and exciting cocktails to enjoy long into the night. As well as function space for up to 250 people, there is also a powder room available for any final dress adjustments and lipstick touch ups. It’s the finer details that the team at Rosylee pride themselves on and they can even offer full event coordination. From flowers, to the band, they’ve got it covered for you. Rosylee and The Fitzgerald are the perfect combination of old and new and set the party ambiance for weddings, engagement parties, civil ceremonies, hen and stag dos alike. Your wishes are Rosylee’s command and they’ll leave no detail untouched. After all it is your day!

Richard Smith Bespoke 2a St. Mary’s Street, Manchester, M3 2LB | tel: 0161 832 1995 email:


elieve it or not, it’s not all about the dress. The groom has to look the part too! At Richard Smith Bespoke Tailoring, grooms can make their dream suit become a reality - as whacky or as traditional as that may be. Richard is at your service to create a completely unique, bespoke suit tailored to your specific measurements, in your required fabric and colour. So there’s no possibility of having baggy trousers or a jacket too tight to fasten. Whether you long for a contemporary piece, you can get repeated wear out of in the office or want all the jazz that comes with a traditional suit for yourself and your groomsmen, Richard, a former Armani tailor, can meet your every demand. Richard Smith’s suits are investment pieces and serve as a great memento of the day. Equally he can create a versatile design which you can wear time and time again for future special occasions. Made to Measure suits are made from the finest fabrics sourced from UK and Italian mills, such as Loro Piana and Zegna. Richard can guide future grooms through all the design features - including linings, lapels and buttonholes - as well as factors you probably hadn’t even considered, such as the rise of your trouser, which all contribute to creating the perfect suit. There’s also the option to really put your stamp on your bespoke suit with a monogram of both the bride & groom’s names and the date of your wedding.

....The Suit & Dress.... Cheshire Bridal Wear 8A Goose Green, Altrincham, WA14 1DW | tel: 0161 927 9393 email:


he dress will be the topic of conversation, not only as you promenade down the aisle but also for weeks following the big day, so you have to get it right. You probably already have an idea of what you want but, no doubt, you’ll be in a state of confused awe once you see all the gorgeous dresses on offer. This is where you need the assistance of Cheshire Bridal. They’ll put you right at ease and guide you through all the options, with their long-established expertise in the bridal industry. After all, the shopping bit is all part of the wedding experience, so make sure it’s an enjoyable one. A trained bridal consultant will ask for a brief description of your wedding plans before selecting four or five dress shapes to establish the right style to suit your figure. They will also try out a range of colours, necklines and fabrics and listen to your feedback, as well as throwing out a few suggestions you may not have even considered. Just like in any relationship, it’s important to make sure that the dress is ‘the one’ so the Cheshire Bridal team won’t let you settle for anything less than perfect. Even if that means trying on all the designer dresses the shop has to offer, just to make sure you are 100 per cent certain! It’s a decision that can’t be rushed and Cheshire Bridal pride themselves on their quality of service and their skill in tailoring the dress experience to each bride individually. A trait which has won them awards for Best Retailer Of The Year. Cheshire Bridal Wear are proud to introduce new designers for 2014 - House of Mooshki, Augusta Jones and Isabelle Montagu. Their exciting gowns are a welcome addition to the growing collection giving you, the bride, the ultimate shopping experience. We haven’t even mentioned the exquisite range of accessories, tiaras, veils and collection of bridesmaid dresses!

30 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

....The Photos.... VIVA Wedding Photography Fourways House, 57 Hilton Street, Manchester, web: | tel: 0161 228 0065 email:


nvite VIVA Photography to capture the best day of your life. We have a range of fabulous packages to choose from which includes the classic album right through to digital images, as well as printed and framed photographs. At VIVA, we also have some of the best contacts in the wedding industry and can make sure we help you as much as possible to arrange the finer details of your big day. VIVA Wedding photography was established over six years ago and, since then, we have gained incredible expertise and an outstanding reputation in the industry. We are available to cover the whole of the UK and willing to travel abroad to catch every special moment, no matter how near or far that may be. Our friendly team of photographers go out of their way to make every client feel extra-special.

. . . . s g n i R e h T . ... WAVE Jewllery

Royal Exchange Arcade, Manchester, M2 7EA web: | tel: 0161 832 9868

D Tabatha Wears: Earrings, £154, Wave Silver Pendant, £154, Vampire Bite Ring, £140, Octopus Ring, £510, all from Wave Jewellers.

iamonds, emeralds or sapphire? Gold or silver? It’s like asking a woman to choose between Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp - an almost impossible decision to make but one that Wave can guide you through. Whether you’re going for beautifully understated and dainty or splashing out on a big shiny rock, the vast collection at Wave Jew-ellery promises to appeal to your individual desires. Wave’s range of designer wedding rings are available in many different styles and made from the finest metals - which include: silver, platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, titanium, white gold, palladium and varying com-binations of these precious materials. If you have something spe-cific in mind, you should take advantage of Wave’s bespoke service and design your own wedding ring. You can even get matching his and hers and tailor the ring to fit perfectly around the most unusual of engagement rings. I can assure you that you’ll be spoilt for choice with the eye candy in store but Wave’s team of highly-trained and passionate, friendly staff are always on hand to point you in the right direction whether you’re after a classic wedding band or a more contemporary style. With over ten years’ experience in the industry, Wave has acquired a reputation for quality and value-for-money which has earned it prominent status among the top 30 Inspiring Independents.

Skin:PA The Fold, 3 Back Pool Fold, Manchester, M2 1WL web: www. | tel: 0161 832 5169 email:


o you want to get that flawless look nailed before the photographer even gets the chance to edit your wedding snaps? A trip to Skin PA, the ultimate skincare clinic in the heart of Manchester, will leave you feeling picture perfect in plenty of time for the big day. Whether it’s an outburst of acne or the occasional frown line you’re just dying to banish, there’s a treatment for everyone to choose from the comprehensive list on offer. Skin PA specialise in catering personal treatments to the individual the bride being no exception. “We will tailor unique packages for a bride to look and feel good on her wedding day,” says owner Helena Steskens. Why not make a party of it and take your bridesmaids along with you. Enjoy the ultimate experience in preening and a great day out while simultaneously de-stressing and detoxing your minds and bodies. In terms of hen parties and packages, Skin PA is able to cater to the desired event - depending on the number of bridesmaids, of course. Skin PA’s aim is to allow every bride to achieve the most from her skin on the most important day of her life and, I’m sure, it will make a great impression on hubby-to-be too!

....Bridal Beauty.... BIO Sculpture stockist:


o after hours of scouting the shop, you’ve finally picked out the perfect ring but now you need perfectly-pampered hands to model it. It’s amazing what good quality shaped and painted nails can do for a girl’s confidence, so make sure your wedding day is no exception. Bio Sculpture Gel is the original, everlasting manicure. A flexible and durable gel coating, this simple yet effective treatment coats your natural nails with a professional, glossy layer of gel which nurtures and protects the natural nail underneath. Due to the longevity of this treatment, there’s no need for last minute stress-inducing trips to the salon before your wedding date. Fingernail treatments last for up to three weeks and toenails up to six! One quick treatment starting from as little as £25 - will see you through the wedding and the honeymoon, so there’s no question that you’re getting value for money. The non-exhaustive collection of Bio Sculpture Gel has over 150 colours - including a specifically targeted bridal selection if you’re dying to find a shade to complement your dress. For those wanting to add a little more sparkle to the big day, gems, glitter and studs can also be embedded into the gel and sealed for a smooth finish. Now that we’ve given you a slice of our expertise, all that’s left for you to do is return the favour with a slice of yours - the cake that is! Whether you’re seeking the perfect fairy-tale wedding or a more contemporary affair, we hope we’ve given you all the information you need to make the best day of your life the best that it can be. Just don’t forget to put us on the guest list! words: Victoria Hepworth 34 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


VIVA CATWALK TRENDS A very wise - yet mercilessly cruel - woman once said, with the utmost sarcasm, “Florals for spring? groundbreaking.” Well, it seems that designers have thrown us a curveball this season by eradicating light delicate pastels, florals and the ilk by saturating the catwalk in this season’s hottest shade - black. Unleash your inner goth and embrace the dark side, my friends.









9 10 1. Macramé Vest. Topshop, £40 2. Lucy, Jersey Midi Dress. Whistles, £125 3. Kite Crêpe Dress. Mary Portas, £79 4. Catlyn, Pointed Toe Courts. Dune, £99 5. Sleeveless Tie Jacket. Rick Owens, Drkshdw, £450 6. Satin Trimmed, Cropped, Crêpe Jumpsuit. L’Agence, £370 7. Anya, Crêpe Tuxedo Dress. Marc By Marc Jacobs, £450 8. Addison, Bow Embellished, Crop Jacket. Alice and Olivia, £335 9. Nostalgic Lace-Up Sandals. Topshop, £65 10. Broderie Anglaise, Organza, Bike Jacket. Christopher Kane, £1300

VIVA CATWALK TRENDS True Blue! Whether it is the lightest cornflower or deepest midnight, Blue has made a tremendous comeback this season. As seen on the runway at Dior, Calvin Klein, Hermès and other top designers; blue is definitely the colour of the moment. Contrast with orange or complement with grey, really play around with the full spectrum for a killer spring/summer look. Infuse your wardrobe with key pieces such as a vibrant pair of denims, a tailored suit jacket and a multi-tonal tee.








9 8 10

1. Printed Cotton Jersey T-shirt, Kenzo, £95 2. Striped Cotton Jersey Tee, Neil Barrett, £190 3. Wool Twill Jacket, Maison Martin Margiela, £875 4. Belted Trench Coat, Lanvin, £760 5. Wool Trimmed Cashmere Bomber Jacket, Alexander McQueen, £1095 6. Tri-Tone Cotton Jersey T-shirt, Maison Martin Margiela, £165 7. Brushed Cotton Chinos, Acne, £155 8. Mid-Rise Slim Leg Jean, Dsquared2, £270 9. Nike Internationalist LE, Oi Polloi, £70 10. Addidas Tobacco, Oi Polloi, £65




Medina Lace-Trimmed, Stretch-Silk Pyjama Set, Elle Macpherson Intimates, £95


Daria Balconette Bra, £65 and Briefs, £35, Stella McCartney, £35

Exotic Plume, Lace Bra £35, and Briefs £20, Elle Macpherson Intimates

FASHION HOTLIST VIVA GIRLS LOVE Lingerie! ‘Amour’ in french means ‘Love’ and VIVA thinks, at this time of year, we all need a bit of a love injection. We’ve handpicked our top choices of lingerie for this season to help you spruce yourself up from those winter blues, throw away that leftover Christmas cake and get your sexy on.”


Marisela Lace-Trimmed Chemise, Agent Provocateur, £95


Demelza Lace-Appliquéd, Tulle Corset, Agent Provocateur, £395


Marisela Lace-Trimmed Robe, Agent Provocateur, £125



Esthar Appliquéd Bra, £55, and Briefs, £28, Agent Provocateur

Laney Lace-Trimmed, Stretch Bodysuit by Yummie Tummie, £95


Double Woven, Leather Bracelet, Pandora, £45

3 1

Flame Print, Leather Pouch, Givenchy, £435


Heritage Sleeve, iPad Case, Herschel, £30

4 13

Arista Frame, Aviator Sunglasses, Ray-Ban, £175


Escobar Lavato Camel Boots, Jeffery West, £197


FASHION HOTLIST Men’s ‘New Year New You’ Accessories



Otis Bowler Hat, G Star, £70

Hallam Oxford Shoes, Crockett & Jones, £320

DZ4302 Franchise Chronograph Watch, Diesel, £209

Guys, it’s time to stock up on all those little things your other half didn’t get you for Christmas and revitalise your accessory closet. It’s a new year and a new you and what better this season than to treat yourself to a little bit of what you fancy.


Python Leather Belt, Alexander McQueen, £375



Giant Orb Wallet by Vivienne Westwood, £110

Graded, Camo Silk Tie by Lanvin, £95

Dog-Tag and Key 11 Necklace, Maison Martin Margiela, £225


Over-indulging at Christmas, experiencing the fun of the slopes as a first-time skier, the perfect Valentine’s Day and dreams of summer. Tina O’Brien reports...

A MAGICAL CHRISTMAS I had a really good Christmas! My little girl is five so the magic of Christmas has really come back with Father Christmas and presents; it was really lovely! NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS I’ve really noticed a difference - I’m not sure whether it’s intentional or not - but just before Christmas I really over-indulged, ridiculously so! I went on a cruise in October and had the biggest amount of food I’ve ever eaten and, obviously, coming up to Christmas it’s just been nonstop food and I realised that I was just pushing it too much. So I’ve cut out alcohol and I’ve decided to eat really, really healthily for a while! So it’s kind of a New Year’s resolution.

BEAUTIFUL Wedding Hair? Top TIPS WITH Tatiana Hair Extensions...


lyaway, frizzy and, frankly, not that fabulous we have all experienced ‘hair-tastrophes.’ When they happen reactions vary from hiding under a hair-havoc hat, to selfimposed bedroom exile or seeking shelter in the refuge of hair extensions. But, with your wedding game clock close to striking zero, there is generally little room for impulsive moves and nowhere to hide from people’s memories and their photographs.

GETTING FIT AND TRYING OUT NEW REGIMES My boyfriend is a personal trainer. He works for a company called Lean Fitness and they do this 19-day thing. I did it about a year ago and I dropped about five pounds in a week! I didn’t even know it was possible to drop five pounds in a week. It was amazing and at the end of it I felt really slim. It’s brilliant but, if you wanted to carry it out long term, it probably wouldn’t be something that you could do forever. I’m also doing a new class called aerial silks which is a bit like pole dancing but mixed in with acrobatics and using pieces of fabric. That’s something a bit different! HITTING THE SLOPES AS A FIRST TIME SKIER I’ve just returned from a holiday on the slopes. I am very much a beginner skier. It was my first ever trip and I loved it. It was the most amazing experience of my life and I’d love to do it again. At first I thought, ‘Why would I want to go on holiday somewhere that’s freezing cold?’ but, actually, it was so far away from anything I’ve ever done before. I would love to snowboard as well but I think, for now, I’m going to stick to skiing because it seems easier! THE PERFECT VALENTINE’S DAY I’d love a little break away to the Lakes or something, not necessarily to go for walks or anything but to cosy up and just have a really sweet time or go for a nice meal somewhere.

Hair extensions in particular can be a double-edged sword. Done properly they open the door to endless style possibilities; done poorly and you might as well scream at the alter “I am wearing extensions!” Here are a few hair extension dos and don’ts to help you avoid a follicle fiasco.

DRESSING FOR MY MOOD I tend to dress according to my mood whereas I think I need to start dressing how I want to be feeling. Sometimes, when you feel under-theweather, all you want to do is wear comfy clothes even thought they don’t look trendy at all. I think I need to start embracing more of a concept where I dress how I want to feel.

DO: Share with your stylist the colours and style of your wedding dress. DON’T: Go for synthetic hair extensions.

DREAMING OF SUMMER I’m looking forward to just getting my legs out in the air! Just having a reason to shave my legs and having nice toenails to wear sandals. I feel like I’m just wrapped up in 7,000 layers to keep warm and I don’t feel as fashionable as I really want to. I much prefer summer fashion, even blazers and a little day dress. Winter for me is more about keeping warm so I can’t wait to feel more fashionable and sexier really!

DO: Take some snaps at your trial sessions to get an objective view. DON’T: Wash your hair on the morning of your wedding if you’re planning on wearing it up. DO: Go to a salon that is reputable and experienced in hair extensions. DON’T: Try extensions for the first time on your actual wedding day. DO: Treat your hair extensions with respect.

To book your appointment call: 0161 236 4467 or visit the salon in Manchester on Port Street in the NQ.

40 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

ina@tinx aob Love one T twitter

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Skin PA: ‘Manchester’s Unique Skin Clinic It Really Does Work’ The Fold, 3 Back Pool Fold, Manchester, M2 1WL web: www. | tel: 0161 832 5169 email:


t works! Long story short, for the very first time there is a skin rejuvenation clinic in Manchester which can deliver proven, lasting results. There’s science, Oh God, is there science? Not the kind of science that you get on those TV ads where the finer details whizz past before you can blink - with so many disclaimers that you forget what you were watching to start with - but real, genuine, easy-to-understand science. Pages and pages of it. Skin PA can treat all those lines, wrinkles, bumps, blushes and all the other ageing markers that life and living have etched onto your skin and make you appear a whole lot younger than you did when you first approached their beautiful clinic. They are not that famous yet but, when word gets out, (and it already is doing!) they will be. Yes I did say ‘beautiful’ clinic. They are housed in a gorgeous building - The Fold - on Cross Street in the centre of the city. If you have a clinic that, effectively, deals in beauty it can’t hurt if it’s situated in a beautiful location. And another thing. The Fold is part of Manchester’s historic, architectural past but its been given a bit of a do-over and it now looks lovely and new, its best features once more on display and it doesn’t show its age at all. Wouldn’t you just love it if your best features didn’t show your age too? Well that’s what Skin PA are offering and they really can deliver. Coincidentally this ‘hidden gem’ is itself not that far away from the famous church of the same name and like the church, Manchester is that much richer for it being there. The clinic lends itself ideally to the busy life of the city. Celebrity dentist, Dr. Lance Knight, (whose expertise is also available to Skin PA’s clients) regularly takes time out from his hectic schedule to enjoy a quick treatment. ‘It’s an oasis of calm allowing me to regenerate inside while the treatments rejuvenate the outside.” This from the man who made Shaun Ryder look good! So, the science and the credentials. Skin PA use Nu-Skin’s ageLOC antiaging products. Now, like everyone who has ever read a magazine or seen a television advert I am used to claims of anti-aging potions, creams, etc. and the ever longer and harder-to-spell scientific terminology that accompanies such adverts but ageLOC products have a bit more of a provenance than almost all others on the market. (that means that they have a trusted history) They are backed by years of clinical studies. Scientific experts with many years of experience who are twenty-five to thirty years ahead of the competition. Why? Because they are working to combat the causes of ageing not the symptoms. In short, they want to give you the opportunity to have more youthful skin not old skin temporarily made to look younger and they are that confident in their technology that Helen Steskens, Director Of Skin PA

Helen Steskens, Director Of Skin PA

Katy Willis, Leading Skin-Care Consultant

uniquely in the anti-aging industry - they offer a money-back guarantee on all ageLOC products. Katy Willis is the leading Skin-Care Consultant at Skin PA. She has over twenty years experience in the advanced skin care industry and knowledge of all the leading brands. Katy really believes in the ageLOC products. She herself is impressed with the results that ageLOC can deliver and she is immensely proud that these products are exclusive to Skin PA in Manchester. The clinic also has a lot more on offer with non-surgical and surgical treatments such as the remarkable Silhouette Soft system. They really cover the whole spectrum of skin care. There’s definitely something for everyone. Helena Steskens, Director of Skin PA is no less enthusiastic. She wants the treatments to be available to as many people as possible ‘regardless of budget.’ Because she believes so passionately in her product she is launching ‘Skin Visa’ a monthly subscription and payment plan. “I want to help as many people - both men and women - as possible to realise the full potential of their skin,” says Helena. “We are gender-neutral and we offer a unique and proven product in the very best of environments.” VIVA’s Claire took full advantage of the offer to try Helena at her word. Did it really make a difference? Didn’t it just, as Claire would tell you herself if she wasn’t too busy stroking her skin to be bothered with mundane things like typing and answering telephones. For more details on the treatments available contact Skin PA on 0161 832 5169, alternatively visit their website, or follow us on Facebook, Skin PA and Twitter, @Skin_PA. words: Keith McDonnell | photos: Amy Bettinson Dr. Lance Knight enjoying relaxing time-out

VIVA Claire’s Treatment Silhouette & Silhouette Soft Procedure

Botox from £99 Fillers from £200 Teeth Whitening £75

QUOTE VIVA 10% DISCOUNT Dermaskin only employs experienced doctors who have performed hundreds of these procedures previously. Call us now for a FREE consultation or visit the website for more information.

Call us on 0161 850 5060

NEW LOCATION & FREE PARKING- Dermaskin clinic, 66 Quay St, Manchester, M3 3EJ

VIVA p a m p e r i n g & g r o o m i n g




4. 6.



1. Hydraluron Mask: New Hydraluron moisture-boosting mask; the ultimate hyaluronic acid-infused, facial mask that leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and plumper with every use. Available at Boots for £19.99 (4 x masks, 20ml) 2. Unabashedly enchanting and fiercely feminine, Bare Mineral’s new limited-edition, spring colour collection in custom rose gold components captures the beauty of a true romantic. Available from Bare Minerals starting from £13. 3. Ojon creates highly-potent beauty rituals featuring naturally-derived, raw ingredients found in the world’s rainforests. Their rituals for hair and skin honour the purity and potency of these natural ingredients by keeping them as raw and unspoiled as possible. Available at John Lewis for £32.50 4. This year Crème de la Mer is bringing the revolutionary Shape Creation trend to beauty, with the new Lifting Contour Serum. A high-performance, sculpting serum for face and neck, it gives skin a tighter feeling from the first touch and helps define and re-shape the look of contours; significantly transforming skin’s appearance Available from Selfridges at £230 5. Instantly recharges skin for a smoother, plumper, even-toned complexion. It contains ingredients designed to give skin back its vitality. Available from for £24

6. I-Glow is hand-baked unlike many other powders which use waxes to stick ingredients together. This means i-glow glides smoothly over skin to create a radiant and youthful look. Great for accentuating a tan, the special ingredients ‘bounce’ light off the skin. Available from for £24


7. Murad’s Age-Diffusing, Firming Mask is a rich, at-home skin-firming booster that targets dull, dry, lacklustre skin by delivering essential moisture. This formula enhances skin elasticity and promotes instant firming to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Available from House of Fraser for £59.50 8. Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm dissolves make-up and daily grime. Precious starflower, elderberry and optimega oils, combined with rose and mimosa waxes and anti-ageing padina pavonica, help to deep cleanse, nourish and smooth for a glowing complexion. Available from Elemis for £49 9. Glo Minerals Luxe Liquid Foundation; with light reflecting diamonds that bend light for a soft, ageless complextion, whilst covering all marks and blemishes by erasing skin imperfections. Available from www.glo-minerals. com for £32.95 10. The Capture the Light Collection provides either Opaque or Translucent coverage with SPF 25 and can be used as stand-alone skin perfectors or alongside the Vita Liberata tanning range to truly accentuate a natural bronze tan. Available from Debenhams for £29.95







t’s beauty time again VIVA readers! We’ve given you some great product ideas to help put your best foot forward in 2014. Now I’m going to share with you some of my beauty tips for renewing and revitalising yourself, inside and out. Over the festive season we really push our skin and hair to its limits, especially us ladies! We usually forget to remove make-up properly, expose our skin to the elements and, after all those late nights, we have dark bags under our eyes. Take the opportunity in Winter and Spring to revive yourself! Try setting aside one afternoon every week to do all your beauty rituals.



Restore your skin with an exfoliator; buy separately for face and body - remember your face is ex-tremely delicate and needs extra care. Nourish your face after with a face mask, (specific to your skin type) followed by a nice hot bubble bath to cleanse your pores from dirt and grime. Afterwards, you’ll need to nourish your skin with a moisturiser. Use one with tea tree oil in once a week, as it deeply moisturises and hydrates skin. It also prevents spots and blemishes, keeping your skin healthy.





Ladies, I would recommend using a hair mask once a week; something nourishing from Aussie will do the trick! If you use heat on your hair, it’s good to use a protective spray to prevent damage and split ends. I use Incredible Milk by Milk_Shake to protect my hair from heat and it also deeply nour-ishes in the process. Men, I’d suggest using shampoos and conditioners with caffeine; they pro-mote hair growth and help fine hair become stronger with every wash.

1. Sisley Sisleÿum Discovery Kit for Men: Discover Sisley this new year with their complete skin-care kit for men which includes Sisleÿum for Men, Normal Skin, Buff and Wash Facial Gel, Eye + Lip Contour Balm Jar and Eau d’Ikar. Available at Selfridges for £160. 2. Origins Super Spot Remover: The salicylic acid in this treatment instantly helps speed healing while anti-spot technology helps visibly correct post-blemish darkening. Available from Origins for £14 3. This scented shaving soap is designed to be used with a traditional shaving brush. It lathers quickly, producing a rich foam, leaving the skin gently fragranced. Available at Selfridges for £49 4. This hair-thickening, sulphate-free shampoo with repairing Ojon™ Oil, rejuvenating Tamanu Oil plus protein-rich Soy, Wheat and Corn helps each strand reach its full potential. available at for £20

5. Murad Acne mask: Boosting the acnefighting power of your blemish regime by drawing out impurities and absorbing excess oil to control and prevent breakouts. available at for £38. 6. Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak: This super soak is a deep-heat, aromatherapeutic remedy and a powerful antidote to overworked, aching muscles, particularly after exercise. Available at www.timetospa. for £34.50 7. Due to popular demand, Kiehl’s has developed a Facial Fuel with SPF 15 to help men protect their skin. Available from Space NK for £33. 8. This exfoliator helps reduce the drying effects hard water can have on the skin, helping eliminate impurities and traces of pollution that can make the skin look dull. Available at Clarins for £21

By revitalising your skin and hair you’ll boost your confidence and prepare yourself to move for-ward into the new year. Happy beautifying! Keep your eye out online at for my regular beauty reviews, news and events k | VIVA | 45

VIVA h e a l t h & f i t n e s s

Y-CLUB: High Intensity New Year Fitness Classes! HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training with Mark Comerie... If you’re looking for a high-intensity workout class for 2014, HIIT at the Y-Club may just be the thing to check out. Led by instructor Mark, this is a ‘total-body workout and a solid, enjoyable experience.’ HIIT involves something of a mixture of exercises, so you’ll get the body weight training, the squatting, the step-ups and more. You’ll be pushed to your limits, work hard and get fabulous results along the way. Whether your aim is to tone or lose weight, you’ll end up getting both out of it because of the sheer intensity. Mark believes that, though everyone can do the class, it’s going to be tough. “People always come back even when they push themselves to their limits,” he says. “Some people look a bit green afterwards but they still come back.” Ideal for people with a good level of fitness, the class attracts a lot of 20-30-year-olds but is pretty varied and always full to capacity. There’s undoubtedly a reason gym-goers keep showing up. Mark developed the class for the Y-Club himself and you can tell he’s got a passion for it. “My job is to keep people motivated,” he says and this is something he definitely cares about deeply.

kettle mix

kettle mix

Kettle Mix with Greg Walker... Trainer Greg Walker has just introduced a new class at the Y-Club, which combines the high-intensity kettlebell routine with expander exercises. “It’s quite a fun and unique workout, different from a lot of what’s out there,” he says. The main focus of the class is definitely the core but being low-impact, it’s all about working with your own weight and your own body. The beauty of this class is that it can interest people across the workout spectrum. It’s ideal for rehabilitation; it’s ideal for toning; it’s ideal for weight loss; it’s even great for footballers. Greg has been training for four years but finds himself especially drawn to this new class. Perhaps because, as he says, “It has an appeal for everyone.” So far, the results are pretty fab. The class has had such high numbers that they’ve actually had to make cuts. So that says something in and of itself. KettleBells with Rich Brodie... The kettlebell class at the Y-Club seems a bit intimidating at first. The fact that it can burn approximately the same amount of calories as a one-hour jog on the treadmill says a ton about its intensity. You know this is going to be a challenging class that requires a good baseline of fitness to get into it but for someone looking for a quick, high-intensity workout that’s going to kill off 20 calories a minute, it’s like a golden ticket. “High-intensity training is definitely a fad right now,” says Rich. “It’s what people want right now.” My guess is that this has something to do with how busy everyone is these days and such classes get in the workout and burn off the calories without burning the time. “People love it because it’s completely different,” he adds. “Kettlebells really bring in a lot of exercises and a full-body experience.” Rich also points out that kettlebell workouts are incredibly beneficial to runners. The effects can be felt right away when you’re doing runs because you’re working the hamstrings, core and gluts. Personally, he feels he’s gotten better at running because of this class. Though Rich wouldn’t recommend kettlebells for a complete beginner, he does say, “If you push yourself, do what you can, rest when you have to, you’ll see the results and want to keep doing it.”

boot camp

boot camp

Y.Club, Liverpool Rd, Manchester, M3 4JR web: | tel: 0161 837 3535 words: Marie Southard | photos: Amy Bettinson 46 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

kettle mix

Top tips for your fittest year YET. Adam Crofts at Lean Fitness Reports... Develop Good Habits

There are some simple steps, that you can put into place each day, that will help develop or maintain a clean and lean body without any real effort. Make these steps a habit and part of your everyday routine! *Hydrate – ensure you drink at least 3 litres of water each day – starting with a pint of water on waking. *Sleep – our bodies recover best when we sleep; try to ensure you plan in 8 hours for adequate recovery. *Preparation – Get used to preparing food for the coming week or following day. It’s when we get caught out that we usually go for the nearest snack available and make slip-ups. *Avoid sugar – Stay away from ANY form of sugar as much as possible and half of your battle is done!

Add Variety

Even the keenest gym-goers can get bored of working out in the same location, try to add a variety of activities and venues to help you get fit, think outside the box! Try adding any of these activities to your routine to add variety to your training; Yoga / Indoor rock climbing / Silks / Swimming / Bootcamps / Cycling / Martial Arts or Self Defence classes.

Lean Fitness fitness packages include a 3-week, ladies-only, intensive, fat-loss course and a 19-day drop-a-clothes-size plan. For more information on these courses email - call 07966004026 or visit the website

Get out of your comfort zone

Often the things we fear can be the most rewarding. Try joining a sports team or club, entering a 5k or 10k race. Putting all your training into practice will bring a whole new social aspect to your health and fitness and keep you motivated in the long run.

Look at the bigger picture

Try not to get caught up in any fad diets. Most of these are not sustainable and will leave you unsure what to do when you finish them. Try to look at the bigger picture and put steps into place that will see you staying clean, healthy and active throughout the year.

Manchester’s largest club for over 20 years, A FRE E with our proud reputation and presence in DAY PASS the fitness industry worldwide, we can FOR V meet any fitness requirements and levels. READ IVA ERS

As a special gift to all VIVA readers, we would like to offer a free day pass for two people to try all the facilities and classes available to the members. As a Special Discount to VIVA readers; if you decide within 7 days that you would like to become a member, you will incur No Joining or Admin Fee saving YOU £65! Y Club, Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4JR web:, tel: 0161 837 3535

Chefs Like any great city, Manchester is a hub for incredible food, the options are limitless and the diversity of choices immense. It can be a little overwhelming to choose a restaurant for a meal out; whether you’re going on a date night, organising a business meal or getting together with a close-knit group of friends. There is just so much talent on every street corner. So, we at VIVA decided to scout out some of the best restaurants and their premium signature dishes to help narrow down the endless choices. Because we love mixing it up, we went for a pretty intense variety of venues - from traditional English; to irrepressible Italian; to homestyle, Southern U.S. and to Manhattan elite. The chefs at our four chosen restaurants are all so passionate about their food-y creations that you can’t help but feel passionate with them as you taste their perfectly tender lamb or crisped-to-perfection chicken. Seriously, these are four Manchester hot-spots when it comes to the kind of ‘so-delicious-it’s-almost-sinful’ meals that we all love sinking our teeth into. The Hungry Manc and Marie Southard reports...

48 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


VIVA c u i s i n e Chef Damien Bell from Neighbourhood Signature dish: The Black Cod


t Neighbourhood, head chef Damien Bell strives to bring Manhattan to Manchester. He spends quite a lot of time in New York, scouting out what Manhattanites are raving about, often sampling four or five restaurants a day and it shows. The tricky thing about New York food is that New York doesn’t actually have a cuisine of its own. The city is a melting pot of cultures and diversity and doesn’t subscribe to one cuisine in particular. Of course, there are always trends and city favourites and this is what Damien captures. He particularly enjoys making seafood and finds that the inclusion of seafood dishes gives the restaurant a more universal vibe, so it’s not too surprising he chose a cod for his signature. The best way to describe the dish would be fresh. It was light, it was tasty and it was probably an ideal springtime meal. Laid on a bed of greens, this is a dish you get when you’re after something healthy and airy. “We’re moving with the times,” says Damien, “And creating an up-to-date environment that radiates Manhattan.” Having lived in Manhattan for many years, I could see this was true - in the food especially. Manhattan is all about light meals – meals that are good for your heart and your silhouette. The blackened cod will undoubtedly be a Neighbourhood favourite when it hits the menu this spring. Address - The Avenue North, Spinningfields, MCR, M3 3EB Phone - 0161 832 6334 Email - Web -

Chef Lee Fannon from Southern Eleven’s Signature dish: The Southern Fried Chicken


here is no denying that Southern U.S. food will never go out of style. Who doesn’t love fried chicken and mashed potatoes, after all? I actually spent a summer touring the southern states and the one thing I loved most was the food. Georgia, Louisiana, the Carolinas, every state seemed to produce incredible meals. So could a Manchester restaurant possibly compare to the real thing? I was sceptical. I shouldn’t have been. Head chef Lee Fannon created something so authentic that I was sure I had magically arrived back in Tennessee. His southern-fried chicken is everything fried chicken should be - crispy on the outside, tender on the inside - but his had a slight spicy kick to it that made all the difference. Paired with mashed potatoes, in one of the best white gravies I have ever had the pleasure of ingesting, you have yourself a good, old American meal. As Lee says, people love southern U.S. food because it’s got that traditional, homemade feel to it. What people don’t often like about these foods are the calories. “With the health craze, people were kind of afraid to open up this kind of restaurant,” says Lee. So for Southern Eleven, being different and producing foods that won’t ever go out of style was a unique opportunity. I was able to check out the sampler platter as well, a mix of belly, pulled pork, brisket and parmesan fries. Though probably way more than enough food for one person, every bite was cleared off that plate. Southern Eleven’s ability to create authentic and hearty food in a friendly, at-home atmosphere is impeccable. Address - 3 Hardman Street, Spinningfields, MCR, M3 3EB Phone - 0161 832 0482 Email - Web -

VIVA c u i s i n e Chef Dominico Deiana from Don Giovanni’s Signature dish: The Rack of Lamb


sucker for pasta, pizza and anything in the carbohydrate family, I cannot pass up the opportunity for legitimate Italian food but, prior to visiting Don Giovanni’s, I never quite realised just how lacking my knowledge of the aforementioned, legitimate Italian food actually was. I went in to test the chef’s signature dish thinking it would undoubtedly be the cliché Carbonara or maybe a chicken Alfredo. Instead, I was presented with rack of lamb on a bed of fresh baby spinach. Where was the spaghetti? Why was there green on the plate? These questions briefly puzzled and worried me, that is, until I actually tasted the lamb. Something of a lamb newbie, I was astounded at the tenderness of the meat. The combination of garlic and rock salt was, literally, utopian. According to sous-chef, Dominico Deiana - who hails from Rome, “Lamb is well eaten in Rome and people just love it everywhere.” Dominico has been cooking since age 14 and picked up skills whilst living in Italy, (of course) Dubai, Australia and the UK but his Italian roots undoubtedly come into play at Don Giovanni’s and breed an explosion of authenticity and flavour. Though the lamb was definitely an incredible experience, the baby spinach was a surprise. Veg can be a tricky thing to bring out the taste in but, sautéed in baby oil, this spinach was lush and memorable. Address - 1-2, Peter House, Oxford Street, MCR, M1 5AN Phone - 0161 228 2482 Email - Web -

Chef Rob Cox from Michael Caines at ABode Signature dish: The Goosnargh Duck Salad


obert Cox was part of the original kitchen team at Michael Caines’ Restaurant at Abode six years ago. From the Michelin 2-star Gidleigh Park, chef Caines brought a foie gras terrine dish as part of the menu. As head chef, Robert has spent three years evolving this dish and, in his own words, “I’ve still not finished playing with it.” But the current incarnation is a superb dish that sticks true to both Robert’s ethos - and the restaurant’s - of producing dishes using seasonal ingredients. The dish in question is a Goosnargh duck salad with foie gras, hazelnuts, Yorkshire rhubarb and blood orange. It is a very, very pretty plate of food and, despite using seasonal ingredients, it is light, colourful and summery in appearance. The hazelnuts appear as whole, candied and crushed in a crust of the foie gras. The rhubarb is in pickled chunks or a delightful purée. There is duck breast with five spice and honey glaze and duck heart for the more adventurous. While these were all fantastic elements of the dish - producing great combinations of flavours, tastes and textures - the burnt blood orange purée was, for me, sublime. Delicious, zingy drops of tastebud-livening sweetness that cut through and contrasted the selection of meaty offerings. Personally, I’d happily have had more of that purée on the plate but this is a great dish – can’t wait to see how it evolves further. Address - 107 Piccadilly, MCR, M1 2DB Phone - 0161 247 7744 Email - Web -

52 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

VIVA c u i s i n e

Destination George’s…


anchester is spoiled for choice when it comes to dining but, out in the suburbs, there has been an empty niche for the slick, high standards of the city centre to be introduced to the increasingly sophisticated, local villages. A new wave of urban eateries has emerged, providing all the quality on offer in the city but with the character and convenience of its historic neighbourhoods. New on the scene is George’s restaurant and bar in Worsley and it is going to put this picturesque village on the radar as a destination for great dining. This place has it all; outstanding food, wine, décor, service and location - oh and did we tell you that its owners happen to be football hero Ryan Giggs, restaurateur Bernie Taylor and food aficionado Kelvin Gregory? The trio have 54 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

known each other since school days - that’s over 30 years if you’re counting - and, being local boys, they had a desire to offer the area a much welcome venue to rival those of the city centre and South Manchester suburbs. Head Chef Andrew Parker was personally scouted by the Guys and with good reason. Foodies will know that he has over 15 years experience, cooking at restaurants like Devonshire Arms, Harvey Nichols and Stanley House. He was given free rein to create a menu that is Modern-British in design and utterly delicious. Changing seasonally and adapted to the lunch, dinner and weekend service, there is something for everyone. Hang out for brunch at the weekend or maybe bring the family for the obligatory Sunday roast. Drop in at lunch times during the week for either a ridiculously-good

value, set menu lunch or afternoon tea - or head down in the evening and enjoy a meal accompanied by live music on selected dates. Children haven’t been forgotten as they have their own menu, all the same carefully selected ingredients as the adults but catered to younger tastes and portion sizes. On entering, you are greeted by a small bar complemented by a cosy sofa space that is a stop-off on the way into the dining area or a pleasant setting for a drink with friends. The neutral palate of cream and gold is accented with carefully chosen wall coverings that give it an ambience of relaxed elegance. Private dining is available upstairs - with its spectacular floor to ceiling window - in an area that can hold up to 70 seated and 100 standing, providing the perfect setting for special occasions. >


If you were wondering about the significance behind the name George’s, you’d be forgiven for guessing that it was in honour of football legend George Best but it’s actually named after architect Sir George Gilbert Scott, who was one of the most prominent architects of the Victorian era and responsible for many iconic landmarks including St Pancras Station and, more importantly, the local church in Worsley Village - St. Mark’s. The architectural reference could well be considered an indication for the future at George’s and the boys’ ambitions to build on a concept for the modern dining lifestyle. Though George’s is still in its early days, all those involved in its creation are really optimistic as to where things will go next. Meeting Ryan over coffee we asked him what the plan was? Is the next step to

open a restaurant in Manchester city centre? He replied, “It’s early days. We managed to get this place. I think all three of us are ambitious and want to see where it takes us and, hopefully, get a mix that everyone will enjoy.” ■ George’s Dinning Room & Bar 17-21 Barton Road Worsley Manchester M28 2PD 0161 794 5444

photos: Georgie Glass words: Claire Sinclair


THOM HETHERINGTON From Marine Biology to writing for one of the nation’s leading titles at the age of 14, Thom Hetherington has done it all. But even he couldn’t have predicted his success as one of the North West’s most prosperous entrepreneurs. We caught up with him at Cicchetti (the food enthusiast’s second office) to learn how this northern lad is tackling our London-centric country to promote the talent of Manchester’s art and culinary scenes.


ou’ve certainly had a busy and varying career. When did it all begin for you? It’s not a typical career path. I did a marine biology degree - of all things - and I quickly realised that marine biology was possibly not for me so I got a job selling advertising on a magazine. It was real hard-bitten stuff but I’d always loved publishing and writing. I actually managed to blag myself a job, writing an amazing fact column in the Sunday Sport newspaper, when I was 14 which was unbelievable and that was my first taste of journalism. I used to have to take the pay slips into school to prove to people that I was getting paid to write for the Sunday Sport because no-one would believe it. I got approached to launch a website/magazine for the restaurant industry which was called The magazine is still going today and is called Restaurant magazine. So I was one of the founder team members of that. I think that was the first time in my life where I thought ‘I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this!’ Then they relocated the head office down to London and I’ve always been a northern boy and been based in and around Manchester so I didn’t really have any great drive to move down to London. I don’t feel the need to go to London to prove myself. I have an awesome quality of life up here and I love Manchester. We got the opportunity to buy a restaurant exhibition at Manchester Central. There were lots of shows based in London but they realised that the national shows were getting almost no-one from the north of England. So myself and my business partner, Andrew Clayfield who is a vital part of the business and has been from the start - did a deal to buy the show. We worked very, very hard at it; we weren’t genius or rocket scientists, we just put our heart and soul into it and we really turned it around - doubling it in size in two years. We realised that, instead of staying in the restaurant sector per se, there was actually a massive opportunity because there were all sorts of markets or niches where the north of England didn’t have a show which, when you look at the size of the population and affluence around the M62 corridor, is crazy! 58 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

You are known for being the Managing Director of the Buy Art Fair. What’s your art background? My background in art is fairly limited. I grew up with access to art - we had artists and people who worked in the arts around us when I was growing up and my Uncle was actually the Chief-Exec of the Lowry - but I’d not really been working with the arts. Then a friend of mine (also my Dad’s partner and they were both into the world of art) said, ‘Why are there no art exhibitions in the north? Why do we have to go to London?’ At the time I had bought several pieces of art, including a couple of Liam Spencers and it just made me think, ‘Well here’s something else where there’s probably a market.’ We launched and over 5-6 years it has grown to a scale where it sold over £400,000 worth of art in Manchester over the weekend last year. Everyone said to us that we wouldn’t sell any art in Manchester and it’s nice to prove people wrong and dispel some of those myths and stereo-types about our city. Obviously we spoke to you last year at the opening of the Buy Art Fair. How did it go? Did it meet your expectations? I think it was probably in line with expectations but our expectations are always quite bullish. We expect to grow each year, we’re ambitious. So I think we probably had the strongest set of galleries we had ever had, in particular galleries in Manchester, we had some brilliant new names in. The numbers in the art sale were up substantially - by almost ten percent year on year - which was great. So we have cemented our position as the biggest art fair really outside of London and Edinburgh but we don’t see that as the finish for us. I would also like to get international galleries recognised in Manchester as a place to come and sell art. Northern Restaurant and Bar has grown from strength to strength over the last 12 years. What can we expect in 2014? Lots. The show this year is going to be about 15 percent bigger, which is nice. It’s a lazy statement but it is the largest hospitality exhibition outside > of

VIVA I N T E R V I E W : S U C C E S S S T O R Y London. We’re bigger than the shows in Birmingham and Scotland now. There are two or three key elements which we are going to be adding in this year. In terms of big names we’ve got a couple of real coups. We’ve got Michael Caines, James Martin and Simon Rogan and Aiden Byrne back again They are going to be doing the show off the back of the BBC 2 documentary about the restaurant scene in Manchester - which goes out in February I think - which will be brilliant in terms of profile. We’re also doing our first ever conference alongside the exhibition which is going to take three of the most significant, respected and probably interesting operators in the north of England and beyond and really talk to them about what points of difference there are between them and what commonalities. We also want to work with them and some industry experts as well, to look at where the restaurant and bar industry in the north is going and what we are all going to be eating over the next 12 or 18 months. Then the final thing we are doing is a new addition too, which isn’t official yet! It’s about making the city come alive. I’d be really proud to do that this year and I know that we can. Why is it so important to celebrate our region’s hospitality sector? With my business hat on, it is a major economic driver for the region. Whether it’s operators at fine dining level or casual dining, there are very few areas in this London-centric world where we live, where we can look the capital in the eye and say we’re as good as those guys and, actually, I think food and drink is one area where we can and we should be immensely proud of that. We’ve got L’Enclume in the North West which was voted best restaurant in the UK and we’ve got The French under Simon Rogan as well which was voted best newcomer in the UK and the twelfth best restaurant overall. When you consider how much London sucks in investment and talent, to be able to have those sorts of people doing their thing up here is brilliant and I’m hugely proud of it. It drives tourism, it drives investment and, for all those people who live in the north, it makes life a lot more fun if you’ve got nice places to eat and drink. Your role as MD must give you a good excuse to enjoy great food and drink….Do you have a favourite place to go? It does! (laughs) Manchester’s restaurant scene is so strong and diverse and I adore a lot of places - from the authentic Japanese of Yuzu, the slickness of Living Ventures, the thoughtful refinement of The French and the wanton hedonism of Almost Famous. I suppose another way I look at it, when I tot up all my expenses and things, is to look where I’ve got the most receipts from and to me that’s paying with my own money. By far, the most time I spend is here in Cicchetti. It’s a brilliant place. The food is great, the service is good, it’s a lovely environment, it’s open 8 ’til late and I come here whether it’s a breakfast meeting, taking my kids out for dinner at the weekend or quiet entertaining. As well as being a successful businessman, you’ve also got young children. How do you keep the balance between being a family man and keeping on top of your business projects? I’m quite lucky in that we have a team of about six or seven people and the office is in Glossop where I live. It’s actually about two minutes’ walk from my house to the kids’ school and to my office. Every day I drop the kids off at school and my girlfriend, Sophie, also works in the business so we can kind of each pick the kids up from school every day and we also get to spend a lot more time together than the average couple which is great. Friday-Monday, I’m at home, I don’t go out and I spend a huge amount of time with the kids, building Lego or standing on freezing-cold touchlines watching Football and Rugby and I think that probably keeps me sane. You are also the MD of Manchester Contemporary which is the largest fair of critically engaging visual art outside of London. As Manchester continues to grow, how do you think it compares to the big city? As I mentioned before it’s a slightly unfair comparison because you have a city which is not only unique within the UK but probably internationally. There are probably only two or three cities which are global cities in the sense that London is - it’s awash with global wealth and

has got a global population - but Manchester isn’t. I think it’s very much about making Manchester the best that it can be and about not worrying too much about what London is doing but maybe looking internationally. Whether it’s looking at cities like New York or looking at what Barcelona has done or looking at some of the strong German cities, it’s about making Manchester the best that it can be and there’s huge potential. What do you have planned business wise for 2014? We’ve made a conscious decision actually to concentrate on the two areas where we’re very, very strong which are food and drink and arts and culture. We get invitations all the time about working in different cities and taking our work to different cities but I actually think the most fun comes from taking the areas where you are most strong and building around those areas so we have a very strong restaurant exhibition. We’ve launched the Restaurant Awards; we’re now launching a restaurant conference and I’m sure there are many other things that we can do that are connecting up the same audiences of suppliers and restauranteurs and operators. Finally, give VIVA your top tip to becoming a successful entrepreneur. I think the biggest tip - and this came from my dad - is that it’s useful to work hard and to be intelligent and talented but the single biggest thing that will make you a successful entrepreneur is bloody-minded tenacity and an absolute refusal to give up, even when it’s not going right or when everyone tells you it’s not going to work in the first place. It’s almost a force of will. I’m sure we all have brilliant ideas everyday but how many of us decide to jack in our job or risk our house to follow our dreams through and make them happen? Not many and it’s the people who do who will become the successful entrepreneurs. It’s also vital to pick the right business partners - people with a completely different skills set to yourself. ■

“I actually managed to blag myself a job, writing an amazing fact column in the Sunday Sport newspaper, when I was just 14”

interview: Victoria Hepworth | photos: Karin Allbinsson k | VIVA | 59

Dan explains what it’s like to see his furniture in venues across The biggest thing I Manchester. “Well it’s good, for example, going into Rosso and want to get across is seeing it four years on, still that clients are key looking as good as it did. It’s nice. I like to keep track of difwith us and to give ferent materials we have used them a unique product – obviously I go out quite a lot at a really kind of sen- researching.” Although creating a unique product is of key importance sible price. to Danny, “It’s more about working with people,” he explains. “With us you get a great product but without someone at the front like myself, who’s quite sociable and amiable, to open the doors, the opportunity wouldn’t be there.” Positive that he has the right contacts in the right places, Danny justifies moving Den to Bury. “I didn’t mind moving out to Bury because I knew I had all the important contacts and they’ve all come along with us.” After seven “happy accident” years in the eclectic Northern Quarter, Danny bought a warehouse in Bury. Set to bring bigger and even better things, he explains, “It’s a great space, a great place to go into and develop really. It’s just far enough away, I think - 20 minutes – half an hour. Location wise, it’s more accessible and more flexible. It’s not as busy and there aren’t as many people wandering in and out as much. You don’t get any tramps walking in and out with beer cans.” (laughs) Although he wishes he ‘could put it here,’ [Manchester] he believes it to be a great opportunity for Den; allowing more space for unique oneoffs as well as lines of popular products. Danny states, “We are having a massive re-furb of the showroom that will probably take about four weeks.” Filled with “super bespoke” pieces the exciting new space will hold various furnishings, from armchairs to stylish, chic light fittings, so the warehouse will ooze a feel of sass and sophistication but at an affordable price. It’s definitely important to Danny to make sure that Den has a particular air about it, giving people the opportunity to receive quality products at proper prices. Dan stresses, “We are going to give people that kind of high-end experience but at a much more reasonable price.” Listening to Dan, it seems the customer is Being born in to a family involved in always right and pleasing people is key in creating a the furniture profession meant Dan was successful business. Knowing that he’s done a always surrounded by the business. As ‘good job’ and ‘seeing the client’s happy face’ is all a child he used to visit furniture exhibi- Dan desires at the moment. “The biggest thing I tions with his Dad. Hating it at the time, want to get across is that clients are key with us he never gave it a second thought. How- and to give them a unique product at a really kind ever, it soon came calling after trying out of sensible price. Sensible is probably the best various other business ventures. “I tried word to use really, because there are some crazy a sports shops, Ice cream and just other prices out there.” little things but I came back to it [furniDen is certainly concentrating on exclusive, ture] because it was always around me. on-trend interiors this year. With the refurbishI don’t think you realise how much your ment of the mill, a brand new website on the cards early influences – now take control,” and a constantly blossoming client list; Dan is Danny explains. definitely set for another impressive year. ■ Coming full circle and now back where he began, Danny has set up the best bespoke Den Furniture, 1st Floor, New Victoria Mills, furniture business in Manchester and, Wellington Street, Bury, BL8 2AL more recently, Bury. With a renowned web: | tel: 0161 761 3601 repertoire of clients - including the likes of Rosso, Home Sweet Home and Bem Brazil - he is certainly in high demand. words: Hannah Grubisic | photos: Sven Eselgroth

Den Interiors Talks Bespoke, Bury And Business


espoke furniture entrepreneur, Daniel Healey, takes a seat on our VIVA sofa and chats about his budding interior business, Den. Taking the furniture market by storm, Danny has built a great reputation with his sociable persona and endless list of recommendations. Gracing us in his tailored blue jacket with intricate stitching, grey brogues and turnups, he imitates the individual style of Den. Taking a seat on our very own VIVA sofa - made possible by the man himself he briefly catches up with our editor. Boss man, Danny has always had a ‘desire not to work for anyone else’ – with various business ideas from a young age, it’s clear he has always been driven. Expressing his own personal motivation, he emphasises how it’s important ‘to be in charge of your own destiny.’

60 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


GoPRO HERO 3+ - £359.99, www.GOPRO.COM The GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition is brand new on the market and the creators have managed to produce a camera that rivals its amazing range of predecessors. Boasting an endless list of special features - including water resistance up to a depth of 40 metres; improved sharpness and reduced image distortion; faster built-in Wi-Fi for improved connectivity; upgraded audio performance and an even better battery life - the Hero 3+ is proving to be the extreme sports enthusiast’s perfect companion. Combined with the right range of accessories, this is a must-have product for snowboarders, mountain bikers and scuba divers alike. Its best feature is, perhaps, that it is 20% smaller and lighter than previously, making it even more portable and user-friendly. However there’s no need to fret as it is still compatible with all GoPro accessories, giving you an excuse to splurge on this 2013 Emmy Award-winning, professional camera which has been spotted in the possession of the world’s best sporting stars and celebrities.

VIVA MUST HAVE GADGETS! ‘Watch Your Memories Dive, Fly And Glide Into Life With These Top Outdoor Activity Cameras’.

ZEAL OPTICS FILM GOGGLES - $399, www.ZEALOPTICS.COM When it comes to finding your ideal outdoor camera it’s all about merging functionality with style. At Zeal Optics design meets technology in a beautiful partnership which revolutionises the world of activity film-making. There’s no need for clumsy-looking lenses attached to your head or chest as Zeal Optics have it covered with their stylish goggles featuring an in-built, 12 megapixel camera. VIVA are majorly crushing on this device which is going to be the essential accessory for our snowboarding holidays in the Alps. In addition to a high quality camera, the goggles have a 170 degree lens, meaning there’s little chance of failing to capture those all important memories. The goggles are available in two different specifications, one of which includes an in-goggle viewfinder making it possible for you to see everything you are shooting in realtime! Prices for these fab gadgets start at $399 from Pros on the snow, such as Mike Henitiuk, Liz Clark and Brian Grubb, are ambassadors of this wonderful product - meaning you really would be buying the best.

LIQUID IMAGE EGO - £149, So far we’ve covered land and water but this list wouldn’t be complete without a device suitable for all the daredevils out there who enjoy taking to the skies for their adrenalin rush. For those wanting to add a little more colour to their activities the Liquid Image Ego is perfect as it comes in red, yellow and blue - as well as black and white for those who like to keep things simple. At just £149.99 this is the perfect budget item for those who have blown all their cash on trips across the world in search of the best skydiving locations. This miniature device is capable of shooting full HD-quality video footage and 12MP still photos. This, alongside the camera’s impressive Wi-Fi capabilities, make it everything a beginner could want from a camera and more!

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Jack Marsden Reports...

‘Ere John,

Got a New Motor?


t was scouse comic Alexi Sayle that famously asked ‘ere John, got a new motor?’ on his ‘alternative comedy’ hit single way back in the heady 1980s but now Liverpool doesn’t just boast a ‘new motor’ but a new motor manufacturer has set up in the city. BAC MONO has arrived and they mean business! It’s a testament to the success of the new, scouse ‘motor city’ that BAC Mono decided to relocate from its Cheshire base to be in the city that also produces the globallysuccessful Range Rover Evoque, fine company indeed for this expanding independent sports car manufacturer. It was the demand for this stunning, single-seater, sports car that prompted the move as the company needed a bigger production facility to meet its ever-growing order book. Not suprising when you have Jeremy Clarkson saying, ‘It’s called the MONO and it’s amazing!’ when it was featured on the hit TV show Top Gear.

The plaudits don’t end there for this stunning piece of motor engineering (or is it art?) with Nick Trovitt from Autocar stating ‘Your car collection is incomplete without a BAC Mono’ and The Stig (yes, from Top Gear) voting it his car of the year! The Mono has been called the ‘F1’ for the road and you can easily see why, with many of the racing-car features ‘lifted’ directly from F1 racing design. It is ultra-lightweight and its ultra high-performance comes from using the latest racing techologies; including the high strength, carbon-composite, driver’s safety shell which is fully compliant with the latest FIA regulations. The Mono’s blistering performance - we are talking 0 to 60mph in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 170mph - is delivered by a 2.3 litre, Cosworth engine - linked to an F3, race-spec gearbox and producing 280BHP. All of which might make

popping out to the shops for a pint of milk a bit more interesting and, let’s not forget, this thing IS ROAD LEGAL! It’s probably safe to say it’s best performance will be at the hands of the BAC Mono’s own driving expert, Oli Webb, Cheshire’s very own rising, racing star. Oli, at the age of just 22, is already a winner in F3, a driver in the GT Championship and has just secured a drive for Oak Racing in the Daytona 24 hour race in March. He is certainly one to watch in the future, as is the Mono itself, which will be hitting our TV screens in the coming months as the feature car in Sony’s new advertising campaign for their soon-to-be-released ‘DriveClub’ video game on PS4. For more super images and info check out and if anyone is asking ‘Ere Jack, got a new motor? I wish I did and I wish it was the Mono! ■ words: Jack Marsden. The GT Driver profile picture credit: George Sharman

Vaping around the track VIVA gets into top gear with the original Stig, Ben Collins & Helen Flanagan

courtesy of Kik

Electronic cigarettes...


t’s not often you get asked if you would like to drive a Ferrari 458 Spider around a race track, plus be taken for a ride by Top Gear’s Stig, Ben Collins, in a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Convertable. Well that’s exactly what Kik, the new electronic cigarette company, invited us to do one fresh morning in January. Kik have recently launched online; bringing a new and fresh style to the electronic cigarette world. As Product Manager Michael Holliday said, “It’s not smoking it’s vaping!” And you can vaper with all sorts of different flavours from fruity tastes such as strawberry and banana to menthol and chocolate, plus they even do drink flavours like Redbull - which gives you an energy hit - coffee and cola! Back to driving fast cars. Our girl, VIVA Ems and her new radio co-host, Caz Matthews, turn up at Three Sisters race course in Wigan to be greeted by Top Gear’s Stig, Ben Collins. Ben is excited about racing us round the track in the Lambo but admits he actually prefers the Ferrari which is, in fact, the best car he’s ever driven. “It’s a great car, really balanced and a more real drive, especially in greasy conditions like we have today. “The 458 is just an amazing platform, it’s a well developed

car, the lambo is great too, it has that look from the 80’s. The retro look,” says Collins. (You can read our full interview with Ben online at vivalifestyle. Being a mix of excitement and nerves, the girls got in the Ferrari and ragged it around the Three Sisters track - hitting speeds of 95 miles an hour. VIVA Ems was styling it in her Zeal Optics goggles - which feature a built-in camera - and filmed some excellent footage of the Ferrari driving experience plus screaming round the track with Ben driving the Lambo jokingly saying he has been known to pass out at the wheel! (Bristol boy humour). Also spotted at the track looking super-glamorous wearing an all-in-one, lycra race-suit was Corrie star Helen Flanagan who is the new face of the Kik brand. “I’m really excited to be the face of Kik. I’ve given up smoking normal cigarettes as I was just starting to feel really unhealthy and smoking is really bad for your skin. Kik electronic cigarettes have really helped me,” says Flanagan. You can order Kik electronic cigarettes online at www.kik., free deliveries on orders over £30 plus, for a limited time only, you can buy any four refill liquids for only £10.■

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Aperol Spritz Announced As Official Global Spirits Partner Of Manchester United


f you spent any time around the hugely social Spinningfields area of Manchester over the summer you couldn’t have failed to notice it turning a vibrant shade of orange with the Aperol Spritz brand sponsoring the lawns area. The latest move from Italy’s number one spirit literally doesn’t get any bigger! Aperol, the globally-renowned Italian liqueur, has announced a partnership with Manchester United to become the club’s Official Global Spirits Partner from January 10th 2014 until the end of the 2016/2017 season. The deal is another successful step in Aperol’s ongoing international expansion, thanks to the light sparkling and refreshing signature drink Aperol Spritz and will give supporters across the world a new way to celebrate their passion for Manchester United. Aperol will become global partner of United and, as part of the partnership,

Aperol branding will be prominent on the Old Trafford digital advertising boards during Premier League, FA Cup and Capital One home matches. Aperol have a winning formula 3-21 …. 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and 1 part soda water. The Manchester United supporters will be hoping that some of the winning formula mentality will rub off on the team following a wishy-washy last few weeks! Bob Kunze-Concewitz, CEO, Gruppo Campari commented on the partnership saying, “We’re delighted to announce Aperol as the new way to celebrate the joy and passion for Manchester United.” Manchester United legends, Denis Irwin and Peter Schmeichel, were on hand to get the launch party off to a flying start, displaying their post playing days skills as would-be bartenders! ■

words: Natasha Turkington

VIVA T r a v e l

Abu Dhabi

‘A Pearl on the Arabian Gulf’


t never ceases to amaze me that, in the time it would take you to drive from London to Scotland, you can get on, in essence, a metal tube in one country - with a certain culture, language, temperature and smell - and step off that same tube into a completely different environment with a different heritage, custom and feel.

Abu Dhabi, part of the United Arab Emirates, is no different in this respect. In fact, on many levels, it’s quite the extreme when compared with the UK. The Al Nahyan family has ruled Abu Dhabi since 1793 and has transformed the emirate into a modern society that maintains its natural and cultural heritage. It is an emerging country that is taking its wealth from oil to invest in green energy, transport, health, education, the arts and, of course, tourism. Major new attractions are being realised and luxury five-star resort hotels and desert retreats are popping up like mushrooms. This is all part of Abu Dhabi’s plan to encourage European tourists to forgo the usual holiday destinations and, instead, experience something culturally different but, at the same time, exotic and exciting. Not only is the end of October and the beginning of November a great time to go to Abu Dhabi as the temperature gets a tad cooler but also because the Formula One circus comes to town. This lights the touchpaper for other fun things to 70 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

do. There are plenty of parties and gigs at the ‘Du’ stadium next door to the Formula One circuit on Yas Island about fifteen minutes drive from the city. With the likes of Jay Z, Muse, and Depeche Mode playing over the race weekend, you can tell that Abu Dhabi will go the extra mile to make your stay one to remember. Also next to the circuit is ‘Ferrari World’ theme park which boasts the world’s fastest roller coaster, a ‘must do’ if you are a speed junky. ‘Yas Waterworld’ is another amazing attraction for the whole family that offers 43 rides and slides as well as the longest suspended roller coaster in the Middle East. Away from the F1 circuit and Yas Island there are more leisurely pursuits such as ballooning in the desert, kayaking in the mangroves or a Dhow cruise with a buffet dinner thrown in. Learn about Abu Dhabi’s pearl industry aboard Ali’s authentic ‘Jalboot.’ Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is the third largest in the world accommodating over 41,000 worshippers and which houses the world’s largest carpet - measuring 5,627m2 - and one of the world’s biggest Swarovski chandeliers. If you’re into golf there are a number of first class golf courses that are ready to challenge both the amateur and professional golfer and all with stunning views. Being on the Arabian Gulf, you can only expect great fishing and >

an abundance of fish, such as dorado, kingfish and tuna, can be had. The best time for fishing is between September and April. There are also many good dives around Abu Dhabi, including reef, wreck and deepwater dives. If you’re after that Lawrence of Arabia moment there are several Desert Safari tours for you to experience - a must if you are in a country where 80 % of the land mass is desert. The hospitality in the Hotels in Abu Dhabi is second to none, with great facilities, food and levels of comfort. There are plenty to choose from and all have their specialties and appeal. No more so than ‘Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort’ just 90 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi and set within the famed Liwa Desert. This lavish retreat is an oasis in a breathtaking desert panorama. The beautiful pool and spa - with several treatment rooms that overlook endless desert dunes - add to the ambience and the ‘getting away from it all luxury that the resort offers. Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort also has a separate mini-hotel complex with its own restaurant, chef, pool facilities and villas set well away from the main resort. Available to rent for you and your family if you are looking for the utmost privacy and do not want to be disturbed by outside influences. Abu Dhabi is an emerging tourist destination investing enormous sums in its tourism and the future of the country which is most definitely bright. You can feel a confident air, that they know how to look after the needs of the overseas traveller. However Abu Dhabi develops in the years to come will be done with a style which is not always apparent elsewhere and I for one will be interested to see how they do. ■ words & photos: Will Wilkinson k | VIVA | 71






STICTLY COME DANCING Venue: PHONES 4U ARENA Date: 6TH & 7TH FEBRUARY Tickets: FROM £35 Model and winner of 2013’s series, Abbey Clancy, Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden, Coronation Street’s Natalie Gumede and many others will all take to the arena, demonstrating all the classics of ballroom. Alongside the celebrity line-up, judges Len Goodman, Craig Revel-Horwood and Bruno Tonioli are back with local actress and presenter Lisa Riley as host.

Venue: PALACE THEATRE Date: 3RD – 8TH FEBRUARY Tickets: FROM £12.90 Rock ‘n’ roll inspired musical Dreamboats and Petticoats will be taking to Manchester’s Palace Theatre this February. Based on popular songs from the fifties and early sixties it encompasses the exciting rock ‘n’ roll era. Catch this entertaining and nostalgic musical from the 3rd – 8th February.



Venue: O2 APOLLO Date: 7TH & 8TH FEBRUARY Tickets: £23 English indie rock band Foals are coming to Manchester for two dates with the support of well-known rock band, Cage The Elephant. The Apollo is set for a jam-packed night of bustling crowds. Foals front man, Yannis Philippakis, never fails to please with his energetic performances and ability to woo any crowd - you’re in for a treat.

Venue: PHONES 4U ARENA Date: 25TH & 26TH FEBuary Tickets: FROM £55

Venue: PHONES 4U ARENA Date: 22ND FEBRUARY Tickets: £33.50 Every year we tune in to watch talented hopefuls perform week in, week out and every year we have the Venue: O2 APOLLO chance to see contestants live. Well it’s Date: 21ST & 22ND FEBRUARY that time of year again! Are you an X Factor fanatic? Join Sam Bailey and Tickets: £21 all eight X Factor finalists at Manchester’s Phones 4U Arena this February. Prepare for a night of poetic rhymes and energetic drum and bass. British electronic quartet Rudimental return to Manchester this February, accompanied by Bipolar Sunshine – solo project of Manchester based Adio Marchant, who created immense buzz with his ‘Aesthetics’ EP last spring. you’ll find it hard not to feel that bass.

7 2 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t y le.c

British singer-song writer Tom Odell takes to Manchester’s Apollo in February. A perfect valentines date, perhaps? This angelic faced, piano-playing, romantic certainly knows how to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Winning last year’s Critic’s Choice Award at the BRITS, Odell is set for a good year.




Venue: O2 APOLLO Date: 11TH FEBUARY Tickets: £20.50


Venue: THE LOWRY Date: 24TH FEBRUARY Tickets: £20 Posh totty Jack Whitehall is set to take to the stage of The Lowry’s Lyric Theatre this February. With success in acting, hosting and stand-up he seems to be the talk of the moment. He recently showcased his chat show with Father, Nigel Whitehall, on BBC Three and is best known for his part as JD in Fresh Meat.

Queen B is back. Heroin of the 21st Century, Beyonce has added a second Phones 4U Arena tour this February as part of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. 2014’s dates follow her three sold-out Manchester shows in May of last year. With almost every song of her career being recognisable and relatable, the Queen creates utter hysteria. If you are amongst the lucky ones and are able to grab yourself a ticket, this is a night NOT to miss.


THE SMYTHS + GUEST DJ Venue: THE RITZ Date: 28yh Febuary Tickets: £12.50

Tribute band to the famous Manchester group, The Smyths are set to play ‘The Smiths’ 30th Anniversary of their debut album, plus all of their greatest hits. Fans of the ‘The Smiths’ they have certainly made a name for themselves, demonstrating an accurate and exhilarating tribute. Associated to the real thing or not – they’ve got it. Catch them at The Ritz on the 28th February.

Venue: MCR ACADEMY Date: 8TH MARCH Tickets: £18.50


Venue: PHONES 4U ARENA Date: 1ST – 6TH MARCH Tickets: FROM £50 Much loved Canadian gentleman Michael Bublé returns to the UK this spring with the first stop being Manchester’s very own Phones 4U Arena. The five night spectacle will showcase Michael’s latest number one album, ‘To Be Loved,’ alongside hits from previous successes, ‘It’s Time, Michael Buble, Call Me irresponsible, Crazy Love and 2011’s Christmas.’ With a phenomenal fan base the Phones 4U Arena will be well and truly on its feet.

The Wirral’s Miles Kane is set to take to Warrington this March. With hits like ‘Rearrange, Inhaler and Come Closer’ spouting from his debut album ‘Colour of The Trap’ he was set for success. Coming of age and progressing to his second album ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are,’ it’s clear that Kane isn’t just associated with co-front man of The Last Shadow Puppets, Alex Turner, anymore; he’s progressing his music and taking it to the next level.

VENUE: THE PALACE HOTEL DATE: 3rd May TICKETS: FROM £80 Launched in 2011 Formal Fight Club is now established as the premier White Collar Boxing Organisation in the Northwest. This is a black tie event, on the night you will be treated to reception drinks and then be seated at your table for a 3 course dinner whilst watching fight and post fight entertainment. For tickets email



Venue: PARR HALL Date: 17TH MARCH Tickets: £17.50

American sister act, Haim, are set to take Manchester by storm in March. After a roaring success last year – appearing on the renowned Pyramid stage at Glastonbury and serenading Prime Minister David Cameron - they seem to be tearing up the UK. The enticing Californian trio mesmerise with their soulful harmonies and rhythmic riffs, likening them to 80s synth and nu-folk.


Venue: THE LOWRY Date: 27th MARCH Tickets: FROM £20.35


Venue: MCR ACADEMY Date: 26th MARCH Tickets: £18.50 All the way from Harlem, New York, American rapper and singer songwriter, Azealia Banks is taking to Manchester Academy once again. With her punchy lyrics and fast-paced tone Azealia doesn’t shy away from shocking crowds. Last year’s Lovebox saw her in a figure hugging all-inone which can only be described as a Power Ranger outfit without the bottom…

Returning from their sold-out European tour, Goldfrapp announced they are coming to Manchester this March. 2013 has seen Goldfrapp play a number of different shows around the world, as well as headlining Lovebox – this cultured lot are a must-see.


Venue: SPORTS CITY Date: 10TH MAY Tickets: FROM £30 Electric Run™ is the Premier Nighttime 5k run/walk experience, where the participants are an integrated part of the show. Featuring immersive “Lands” of light and sound that transport the participant into an electric wonderland, Electric Run promises to transport the mind, body and soul to a new world in a healthy and drug-free way. Participants are encouraged to join in on the art by lighting up with glow sticks, LEDs and anything else their imagination can conjure up. Register now at k | VIVA | 73

Full Moon Party At


In Association with Singha Beer & VIVA...


ast night was my first VIVA-hosted party and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Held at the Bangkok Bar and Restaurant, the atmosphere of the evening was radiant all the way through ’til the early morning hours. The venue itself set the stage for an amazing atmosphere and a hybridization of eastern and western cultures. Decked out with luminous, neon artwork and vibrant lanterns on the ceiling, you genuinely felt like you were in a unique bubble, totally separated from the city just outside the walls.

In association with Singha Beer and Scruff of the Neck Records, the Full Moon party brought together people from every creative category in Manchester; musicians, actors, fashionistas, writers, dancers, entertainers and entertainment-lovers. In a way that can only be described as old-fashioned, everyone was amiable, everyone was open to conversation and everyone was ready to be friends. Rapper/musician Paul ‘Kermit’ Leveridge of Black Grape made his rounds, ready to strike up a chat with just about anyone while other celebs, including Bez, Rhian Sugden, Ciaran Griffin and Robin Reed, cruised the dance floor and enjoyed the complimentary food and drinks in the VIP lounge. The night kicked off with some Thai Boxing — a sport I had never borne witness to before. Not being much of a sports gal, I was impressed by just how artistic this martial ‘art’ actually is. Guests who arrived early were able to enjoy a free Singah beer while gathering round to see the boxers perform in the most electrifying of ways. Singha also provided some entertainment for the night, apart from the obvious booze. Their fire

show was absolutely gorgeous. To be able to manipulate such a dangerous element and make it look so stunning is really a testament to the talent of the performers. But it was acoustic pop/folk singer/songwriter David Liversidge who really blew me away. I had the chance to interview David before his performance (you can check that out here) and knew straight off-the-bat that this guy was going to put on a jaw-dropping show but nothing could have prepared me for how amazing he really was. He gave one of the most emotional performances I have ever seen in my life, proving to any skeptic that the acoustic guitar has just as much power, energy and feel as any electric. He captivated me to the fullest possible level and, as I looked round, I could tell most people felt the same. Thus far, David has released some singles with Scruff of the Neck here in Manchester with more to come in 2014. Gears changed a bit after David’s performance as the Beautiful Boyz of Bangkok made their way to the dance floor to put on their own unique show. When I heard the title I was half-expecting characters out of the Bird Cage to pop onto the stage - beautiful cross-dressers whom you could tell were actually men - but nope, these ‘ladyboys’ were “lady-like” in every possible sense. Had I not been told beforehand that they were actually men, I would not have believed it. They were just stunning - truly sexy women whose bodies moved in ways I could only dream of ever accomplishing myself. I was amazed, confused, enamored and totally questioning my sexuality for the entirety of the performance. >

By the time the headline act, Jay McKray, got up on stage the vibes of the guests had skyrocketed - undoubtedly because of David Liversidge and those gorgeous Beautiful Boyz. The Newcastle-born, former Big Brother star, proved - on this night - that he is more than just an ex-reality show contestant. His music was sh*t hot and he was wearing a purple suit which, let’s face it, not everyone can pull off. He could dance, he could sing, he could rap. He was eclectic. Backed by an acoustic guitar player and a female vocalist as well, Jay unveiled a brand new tune to us all and it revealed a whole new side to him. The song was slower, more acoustic-based perhaps even more heartfelt than his usual dance music. I was impressed. I had the pleasure of speaking to Jay before the show began (interview to come as well!) and was surprised by just how down-to-earth he really was. In terms of his new song he said, “People are going to be surprised. They’re going to see how much I really have to offer.” and he was right. DJ sets ran through the night, in-between shows and through to the morning hours. Featuring Vince Vega, DJ Smiles and our very own VIVA Diva, Ems; they brought the best, most ecclectic range of tunes we could’ve hoped for - a mix of the old and the new - they played Michael Jackson; they played The Happy Mondays; they played just about everything on the dance music spectrum, ensuring everyone’s song of choice was played and keeping everyone literally on their feet and moving to the beats all night long. Overall it was a brilliant night, one that brought people together to bond over music, epic entertainment and, of course, Singah beer. The variety of guests and performers couldn’t have been better. It was one of the nights that show you that, no matter how seemingly different you may be to another human being, there’s always some common ground. ■ UV art work by artist Patricia Lopes. photos by Karin Albinsson. words: Marie Southard k | VIVA | 75

NYE Celebrations At The Legendary Hacienda Club


ith legendary Hacienda DJs on the decks, Happy Mondays’ Bez dancing on stage with Rowetta and silver streamers shooting into the air, New Year’s Eve doesn’t get much more memorable than this. The queues had been snaking around Manchester’s historic Albert Hall to gain a coveted dancing spot at the Hacienda’s New Year’s Eve party and once the midnight hour struck, the crowd were singing along to Ride on Time. The iconic Hacienda was the most famous club in the world in the 1980s and 1990s. It may be long gone now but the spirit lives on with Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry, Marshall Jefferson, Graeme Park, Tom Whitehead and 808 State playing storming sets. Some of the 2,500 ravers wanted to share their memories and one loved-up married couple told me how they met at the Hacienda. Others were far too young to remember the original club but just loved the music. photos: Jack Kirwin words: Debbie Manley

XFM’s Mighty Winter Wonderland...


ulti-band gigs give you a chance to recognize under-the-radar musicians on an essentially equal level to those known on a massive global scale which is why they’re such a beautiful thing. This held true at XFM’s Winter Wonderland night at the Manchester Apollo in December with a line-up of Darlia, Josh Record, The 1975, Primal Scream and Jake Bugg. Darlia is one of the tightest bands I have heard in a good, long while, blending alt-rock and funk into loud and proud perfection. Josh Record kept ‘New Folk’ alive better than Marcus Mumford ever has, if you ask me. The 1975? Well, they appeased all the angsty, teenybopper kids. Primal Scream, there was no way they weren’t going to be absolutely epic and new bassist, Simone Butler, added a never-

76 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

before-seen, hotness factor. (plus they took home XFM’s Inspiration Award) As for Jake Bugg, the 19-year-old, Nick Drake and Johnny Cash-inspired, singer/songwriter solidified his status as one of the most talented musicians to come out of Generation Y. We were able to exclusively interview Jake and found that off-thechart talent and pretentiousness don’t always go hand-in-hand. After the gig he had hot plans for a night of PlayStation and you just have to love someone who sings in front of thousands and then relaxes by turning to good old PS3 immediately after. For the full review of the night and our interview with Jake, check out words: Marie Southard Ospina

WILL.I.AM Shows Us He Really Is The Main Man!


n our last issue of VIVA we featured the main man Will.I.AM on our cover. Not only were we lucky enough to get an interview with Will, prior to his Manchester gig but AEG Live invited us along on their diamond hospitality experience and, yes, we got to meet Will too. The pre-show party was hosted on the top floor of the Football Museum with complimentary drinks and canapés for all guests. We were then escorted over to the arena where we met Will.

On the biggest high, after meeting the ‘dopest’ man on earth, we were shown to our VIP seats situated to the right of the stage. With a brilliant view we settled down to watch his set unfold and what a set it was! Will.I.AM look-a-likes, ginormous 3D faces and one amazing DJ set later, Will personally thanked Manchester, wrapping up with, “I’ve been coming to Manchester with my boys and it’s just as good as London.” Yes Will, we agree, possibly even better! photos: Amy Bettinson

Michelle Collins Enjoys A Brew & A Bevvy At The Launch Of Tearoom 42


oronation Street’s Michelle Collins joined tea devotees and cocktail enthusiasts for a ‘brew and a bevvy’ at the launch of Manchester’s alternative tearoom – Tea 42. “Forget your doilies and chuck out your chintz” in the words of Tea 42 owner, Will Hannah. “The design brief for the place was white leather - poncy and glam.” The exclusive launch evening featured a recital of a specially-commissioned poem from renowned tea poet, Elizabeth Darcy Jones - whose poetry you

will find on the walls and doors. Also performing on the night was The Northern Violinist, Kate Chruscicka, who treated guests to classically played, contemporary Manchester favourites from the likes of Elbow, Oasis and The Stone Roses. Guest of honour, Michelle Collins, whom Will and business partner Jason Abbott credit with coming up with the Tea 42 idea, said, “It was a great night and it was lovely to see Will and Jason’s plans come together so successfully.” words: Hungry Manc

Celebrities Party In Style At Ono Uno Launch


elebrities came out in full force last night for the much anticipated Ono Uno fashion event, held at the brand new, private members club in Manchester, The Milton Club. Ono Uno is a new women’s wear label with ‘local, entrepreneur, celebrity designer’ Nadine Merabi as their Creative Director. Celebrity guests who attended were: Coronation Street Stars Brooke Vincent, (Sophie Webster) Samia Ghadie, (Maria Connor) Katie McGlynn (Sinead Tinker) and former Coronation Street star, Tina O’Brien. All looking fabulous, wearing dresses from the new stunning winter season collection by Ono Uno. If you want to be the ‘Belle of the Ball’ for any party, this range is now available to buy online at k | VIVA | 77

Stick Em Up Punk, The Fun Lovin’ Criminals Are In Town


hen The Fun Lovin Criminals come to town you know it is going to be one big P-A-R-T-Y! and their January Manchester Cathedral gig was no exception. After ironing shirts and changing into new fresh pairs of socks backstage the FLC boys Huey, Fast and Frank hit the Cathedral stage in super style rocking out to new and old skool classics including the all time favourites ‘Scooby Snacks’ and ‘The Fun Lovin’ Criminals’. Spotted in the crowd were Oasis guitarist, Bonehead; Rowetta from Happy Mondays; Coronation Street and now cheese maker, Sean Wilson, who all continued to party into the Wednesday night at The Liars Club official FLC after-party where our girl, VIVA Ems, (The VIVA DIVA) was spinning some reggae / hip hop / funk tunage. The after-party also saw a DJ set from FLC Fast whilst Frank wowed the guests with his FLC charm. It was an all round top night! We can’t wait until the FLC boys are back in town! photos: Karin Allbinsson

Chadders & Rupet’s Sweet 80th


overs and shakers of Manchester’s Media Crew partied hard at the Liquor Store to celebrate not just one but two landmark milestones in one night. Usually 80th birthday celebrations are tame affairs. Nope, not this one – as Inspirational Inc’s Rupert Cade and Life PR’s Emma Chadwick celebrated their thirtieth and fiftieth respectively. (that makes 80!) Everybody by now should know that VIVA loves a good party. Usually we’re found event-hopping to ensure that we don’t miss any social event shenanigans (all for our readers, of course!) but this one was too much even for

78 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

us. Apparently, it was too much for the birthday girl too – who had to be carried home. Fuelled by the Liquor Store’s infamous blue drinks, (believe: they get you smashed!) revellers were entertained by fire breathers and acrobats, with the party lasting until 3am. The Liquor Store is on St Mary’s Parsonage, just off Deansgate, where some of the best mixologists of Manchester make magic drinks and is a bit of a hot-spot for the crazy media crew! words: Sam Bramwell photos: Hannah Grubisic

Football Legends Celebrate The Launch Of Ryan Gigg’s New Restaurant George’s


anchester United player Ryan Giggs has recently gone into business with old school mates - Kelvin Gregory and Bernie Taylor - to transform the old Milan Italian, located in Worsley, into a swanky, new traditional English eatery. The trio hosted a stylish VIP launch on a Thursday night in late December to showcase their new business venture. George’s Dinning Room & Bar was heaving with guests including Ryan’s former teammates, Nicky Butt and Gary Neville; plus reds’ legend, Bryan Robson. Also spotted enjoying the complimentary Prosecco and extremely creative canapés were: Corrie lads Alan Halsall, Andy Whyment and Jack P Shepherd; as well as Happy Mondays singer Rowetta and DJ Dave Haslam. The restaurant, located on Barton Road, is already looking like it will surely put Worsley back on the map!

Kik E-Cigarette launch party


eaches Geldof and soap beauties, Helen Flanagan and Gemma Merna, all showed their support for new e-cigarette brand KiK – - at the brand’s VIP launch party - held at Manchester’s Epernay Champagne Bar last night. Guests who attended the exclusive party were greeted by LED performers and two KiK supercars - a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Convertible and a Ferrari 458 Spider - before entering the party to enjoy a DJ set from Peaches Geldof and an endless supply of champagne and bespoke KiK cocktails. Helen partied away with guests including: Sarah Harding’s other half, DJ Mark One; (who thanked KiK for helping him give up smoking) tweeting to his followers that he was officially switching from cigarettes to KiK’s healthier alternative e-cigarettes. Earlier in the day, Helen donned a superglamorous, all-in-one, lycra race-suit and caused chaos amongst Manchester shoppers when she pulled up on Deansgate in the KiK Lamborghini, driven Top Gear’s Stig, aka Ben Collins.

The Atlas Bar is an iconic, city centre bar in the heart of Manchester, situated within Deansgate railway arches. Recently fully refurbished, it now proudly presents the look and feel of Manchester. * Outdoor terrace seating up to 80 people * Specialising in Gins from around the world, the biggest collection in Manchester * Hosting functions, corporate events, parties, Hen and Stag do’s and networking evenings *Summer BBQ events planned for 2014

Watch VIVA online for details of Atlas Bar’s forthcoming Gin event and official launch of their Gin Bible, in March 2014 Take a virtual tour of the bar at our website: 376 Deansgate Manchester M3 4LY 0161 834 2124 Twitter: @TheAtlasBar Facebook: /Atlas-Bar

KIRI BLOORE REPORTS: Happy New Year from the VIVA London Team. Here’s the lowdown on what’s going on in the Big L. We hope to see some of you Northerners soon...

RUBY’S BOUTIQUE Ruby’s Boutique



he formidable women of Britain have struck again as Jacqui Davis, a determined mother and successful business owner, has joined the elite crop of successful handbag designers. Ruby’s Boutique was born from Jacqui’s desire to be a mother and career woman. She says, “I wanted to try and start my own business so that I could work from iva is simply one of the best- home and spend more time with my kept secrets in London and young daughter, Ruby.” there are very few celebriThe principle of the handbag range is ties on TV who haven’t worn their very similar to, perhaps, other success creations at one time or another. stories, such as the ‘The Cambridge This particular designer creates Satchel Company’ but what sets these the most exquisite and perfectlybags apart is that they are all handmade crafted dresses that celebrate the and personalised for you. curves of the modern women and, Speaking with the lady of the moment in my mind, there is no better dress she said, “I started doing personalised designer out there at the moment. children’s designs (and still do) which Most of the dresses are meant to seemed popular and then expanded to be worn on more formal occasions other designs that hadn’t been done - office wear and evenings out. They before - such as pets - and personalare a little bit more expensive than ised them with the pets’ names. Sales your average high street store but exceeded all our expectations and it was they are worth every penny. certainly an exciting time to watch my The formed structure, quality business grow so rapidly.” material and perfect design leaves Its popularity grew and, within a you with the ultimate impact dress. matter of months, Ruby’s Boutique was If you have weddings, events and born and aptly named after Jacqui’s occasions this summer look no fur- daughter. ther than Diva Catwalk. You won’t find them in many stores so there is an added bonus that no-one else will be wearing the same design.


Diva Catwalk




82 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

O2 Climb

ondon is full of endless entertainments - bars, restaurants and art galleries - but, if you are looking for a different experience with one of the best views of London, climbing the 02 might just be for you. We arrived and checked into our allocated slot. After being greeted by welcoming staff we were taken into one room to watch a tutorial video then we were moved to a second room to get changed into weatherproof suits. Before we knew it we were at the base of the 02 ready to climb. The whole process takes around 90 minutes and it is literally freezing. I think, by the time we had reached the top, it was around minus six but we did climb in the middle of winter. The view is certainly worth it. Once you reach the viewing platform you have an amazing 360 degree view of the whole of London. Adult tickets £26




Claire Watt-Smith; a young designer who launched the brand just over a year ago. Since when her creations have already featured in Vogue, as well as being spotted on the arm of many ulberry has been the buzz celebrities. word for several years now but This is the time to be ahead of the as its popularity grows and fashion and get yourself the next big bag prices soar it’s definitely time to find an thing. All of the bags have been carefully alternative. created with the fashion-lover in mind Here at VIVA London we have stum- and what we love even more is that they bled across a designer that certainly de- are all created in England. serves the status of the new must-have. Bobelle is a handbag range created by




f you’re looking for adventures to fill your diary with this summer in London, then look no further as, on Saturday 14th June 2014, FOUND Festival returns to East London. The intimate outdoor festival will showcase some of the world’s most celebrated electronic talent. Having cemented its name in its founding year as one of the must-do festivals of the summer, Found 2014 looks to be even bigger and better. Tickets last year sold out in 10 weeks so, if you want to join the revellers, be quick in getting yours. For 2014 they have teamed up with a selection of brands that rest at the core of London’s thriving underground club community. Nofitstate, Love Fever and, hosting a brand new VIP concept, Krankbrother Present: The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Hefty talent such as Moodyman, Magda, Damian Lazarus, DJ Sneak, Ejeca, Bicep and Heidi are among the first names to be revealed. Full line-up and tickets available at Found Festival




hat I love about London is that, around every corner, a new designer is emerging. We have a culture that encourages creativity and inspires a nation. DURRAH is a newly-established British, luxury-jewellery label offering an eclectic fusion of British and World influences. The creative force behind DURRAH is London-based designer, Durrah Khalil, who worked for Tiffany & Co in London before establishing her own business. Durrah says “A lot of my designs are influenced by my travels which are another passion but I always keep a thread of London running through all my jewellery, as this is the heartbeat of the DURRAH brand. Patterns on doors, wallpapers, floors, tiles, fabrics, furniture and flowers have all influenced pieces I’ve designed. In Paris I’ve seen sewer covers with interesting patterns on them – inspiration really can come from anywhere.”

If you have any exciting London news or would like a chat with the VIVA London Team then please contact Kiri Bloore words: Kiri Bloore

BACKSTAGE WITH THE DUB PISTOLS VIVA EMS REPORTS: The Dub Pistols played the last leg of their big UK tour at Manchester’s Sound Control night – Low Down and Dirty – at the end of last year and what a gig to end on! I have to say it was one of the best gigs I went to in 2013 and I’ve been to a lot of gigs over the last 12 months. Front man Barry Ashworth was on total top form for the evening and invited myself and fellow VIVA girl Amy, backstage for a chat and a few drinks. Here’s what the wild rocker had to say for himself. >>>

photo: Amy Bettinson



IVA Ems: Tonight is the last leg of your UK live tour, why did you decide to end it in Manchester? Barry: The thing, to be honest with you, is that the Dub Pistols haven’t really – unlike down south and the rest of Europe and to a certain extent the rest of the world – traditionally had a big following up north and I’m not sure why that is but the Low Down and Dirty Crew have always been really cool to us. I mean, we do well on a DJ level here and last year they put a lot of effort into it. The Low Down and Dirty night for me is an awesome night. The boys are really cool, so we wanted to end it up here to kind of make a statement and it’s just panned out to be perfect. It’s exactly what I wanted. VIVA Ems: You said on your website that this is one of the best venues you’ve ever played. Barry: Yeah and one of the best crowds. Like I said to you, from coming up here last year. We played on a Wednesday night and it wasn’t full but it was absolutely rocking. It was such a fantastic night and the guys are good close friends. Tonight’s sold out and I think we’re going to be out moving it. So I think it was the right thing to do. VIVA Ems: You’re literally, after this, DJ-ing everywhere around the world from December on to next year, you’re going to Thailand and everything! Which place are you most excited about going to? Barry: I’ve been lucky enough, for the last eight years, to spend 6 weeks a year in Thailand, and played some fantastic festivals over there. I’ve spent, I think, 5/6 weeks in Thailand to Dubai but the Dub Pistols are off to tour India for the first time. We’ve got five shows at the end of January through February. So literally two months. It gets too cold for me over here so it’s the perfect end to the year. It’s brilliant to wake up on a sunny beach in the morning. Thailand is just a fantastic place to party. VIVA Ems: Are there any countries that you are not allowed in? Barry: Countries that I am banned in? Yeah, absolutely. I can’t really say because I am trying to get back into them. We’re doing a documentary at the moment about the history of the Dub Pistols called ‘What Could Possibly Go On?’ Even though we’ve been going a long time, I call ourselves “the most successfully unsuccessful band ever.” We’ve had some amazing deals and some amazing times but we’ve already f*cked them up. We were just rock and roll by the very definition and you realize that’s not what people want – or not what promoters want. We’d have rocking shows and then we’d just royally f*ck it up because it’s just the way we are. It’s not an aggressive way but we are twats. Do you know what I mean? I guess we used to drink a lot and take a lot of drugs and things just went wrong – like they do for most bands. You have that moment where it’s going f*cking well and then it just falls apart. I’ve insulted a whole country, live on national television, by saying things that I thought were funny but were really very insulting, really derogatory. I’ve literally been escorted out of countries and put on an airplane. VIVA Ems: Ha ha, I’m looking forward to watching that documentary! One of your DJ tours is called “Taking The Piste Tour.” Do you snowboard or ski? Barry: I’m a shit snowboarder. I had lessons, and I was one of those people who was amazing and got it straight away. Then last year, I went back to snow-bombing, and I went up the mountain to one of the hardest runs you can possibly get and I didn’t realize when they asked

me whether I was goofy or whatever it was, that I strapped the board on the wrong way around. I basically fell down from the top to the bottom of the mountain, on the black run, literally like a snowball. Like Homer Simpson going down the mountain. I got halfway down and said, “Do you think I can go down a ski lift. Just get the f*ck off because I can’t take this anymore?” And they said, “No Barry, you can’t, because it’s uncool.” So I literally had to fall down. So I’ve kind of stopped because I’m shit but I do like sitting there in the sunshine drinking a lot. VIVA Ems: My mates were hanging out in Rompa’s Reggae Shack most of the time at Snowbombing whilst I was bombing it off around the slopes on my board. I left them at the Shack one morning and it was dead then came back about an hour later and the whole place was banging with loads of people dancing you could hear it up the top of the mountain and as I came down I saw it was you DJ-ing, ha ha, it was brilliant! Barry: We got abandoned and left out there! VIVA Ems: Ha ha, how? Barry: They were like, “You got to stop now, the ski lifts are closing and you’ll just be left.” And I was like, “Yeah, whatever,” not paying

14 years. And that’s kind of quite emotional for us to do Gangsters and songs that we’ve done together. We’re just about to announce a tour which is the Dub Pistols featuring Neville Staples from The Specials. VIVA Ems: Is there anyone in the music industry that you haven’t worked with but really want to? Barry: Oh millions. I don’t know if we’ll make it happen but I’ve always wanted to work with Ian Brown. He’s another god of mine. We did a remix of “Girlfriends and Monkeys” and we’re friends. He was supposed to come around and do a track but it just hasn’t happened. But that’s someone I would want to work with. VIVA Ems: There have been loads of cool bands to come out of 2013. Who, for you, has blown you away this year? Barry: I think the people I’ve enjoyed watching live are Rudimental. I think if someone else creates the energy that I’d want to see live, it would be them. They’re good. VIVA Ems: So what are the plans for the Dub Pistols in 2014. Barry: It’s gone through the roof, really. We’re announcing the new tour on Monday. We are doing our first Indian tour. Then we come back and go to Canada for two or three weeks, then we have a month touring the UK with Neville Staples and then we’re going to Europe for a month, and then it’s festivals. I think we’re booked until next New Year’s where we end in New Zealand. VIVA Ems: Are you going to have any time to make new music? Barry: Well the album is supposed to be out now. This was the “White Lines” tour, which has turned into the “White Lies” tour. So we’re going to do an EP with Neville from The Specials and then we have the White Lines/Lies album next year. But it’s still not f*cking finished yet. We wrote the songs six months ago and that’s why we announced this tour but I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to mix it down. It’s sounding good, though. Emma: I saw that you teamed up with Sturban Clothing! Barry: No! It was just one of those blogs. I just recorded a blog for them. Emma: Oh right, well would you say you’re a bit of a fashion icon in the music industry and if so, talk us through the Barry Ashworth’s look? Barry: I can be Barry-dandy Ashworth. I will say I’m not a fashion icon. I have the things that I’m into. We used to be sponsored. One of my first biggest sponsors were Kikwear in America but they were f*cking dreadful. The jeans were like gangster jeans. So that was a disaster. I’m still into my mod stuff. I like strapless trousers, a pair of brogues, Fred Perry or a nice shirt. So no, I’m definitely not a style icon. I like to dress sharp though. VIVA Ems: So you’re obviously known as quite a party animal. Talk us through a typical night. Barry: No, I think that’s misleading. I’m in bed by 8:00. I think every line of my face tells a story and that’s just because I have laughed my face off, thinking “How the hell am I getting away with it?” I like to party. I think life’s too short and you have to live the way you want to live and this is the way I want to live. Most people can’t and I’m lucky enough that I can. I only drink when I’m working. If I get home for a couple of days, I don’t drink. My body needs to stop. When we play, I’ll do two bottles a night of vodka plus whatever else. Drinking is part of the job. ■

“We are the most successfully unsuccessful band ever”

86 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

attention. And then it was like, “We can’t get down.” F*cking threw the toys out the pram, and we’re like “I’m cold!” VIVA Ems: I also saw you guys at Bestival this year. You were on quite early! Barry: Yeah, I think traditionally we’ve done every Bestival. We did the first one ever on the main stage and we normally get to play really good sets and times but that was the first time we’d been invited back to the main stage. It was their anniversary. It was a bit early but it was kind of cool. VIVA Ems: You’re a proper mover on stage. My friends were well impressed when we saw you at Bestival. They are all new big fans now! Barry: That’s cool! We did go through a bit of a rough patch at one point. My friend said, “Barry, just knock it on the head mate. You don’t look like you’re enjoying it anymore. It’s embarrassing; to be honest with you, mate. People are paying to come to see you and you can’t even f*cking walk.” And I was like “Whoops” but then the next year we turned it around. We won Best UK Live Act for DJ Magazine. Then we won the year after. We were runner-up at Ames to The Prodigy because we were f*cking clearly knocked out of the park. And we’ve been nominated for so many more awards since. We’ve really turned it around from being pricks to being loveable wankers. VIVA Ems: Who’s been the person you thought, “Wow, that was really cool working with them?” Barry: Well, I mean, Terry O. obviously because The Specials were the most important and inspirational band to me so to actually have Terry O. come around to my house and record in my studio was pretty amazing. And then because of that Nimble Golden joined us on stage and they haven’t played together for like 12 or

photos: Amy Bettinson


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THE NAUGHTYS @thenaughtys



appy New Year! We’ve hit the ground running on The Rob Ellis Show in 2014 in more ways than one. We’ve given away thousands of pounds of money to kick January off and even a holiday to Barbados to ease the year in nicely. January is, traditionally, a time of dieting fads and exercise regimes and we are no different! Rob Ellis, Rachel and Drive-Time presenter Sally Hudson are all taking part in this year’s ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon and training is already in full swing. Rob is doing the full marathon, Rachel is doing half and Sally is putting together a relay team so there’s a chance for everyone to get involved. It takes place on April 6th, starting and finishing at the iconic Old Trafford stadium. This will be the third time Capital have been a partner with the Marathon since it returned after a 10 year absence. Notice how Wingman’s name hasn’t popped up? Well he’s getting married in May and he’s taken on his own weight-loss programme with the help of Juice

Life Drinks. He’s lost nearly a stone after 2 weeks and is on track to look dapper in Vegas when he marries the lovely Hayley. We are also massively proud to be involved in The Brits 2014. Once again sponsoring The Best British Single. Nominees include Calvin Harris, Disclosure, Ellie Goulding, One Direction and you can see all the nominees and categories at The Awards take place in February and we’ll be backstage at the event with new evening presenter (a JLS member) Marvin Humes all over the gossip and goings-on from the O2 in London. You may have noticed The Wheel of Manchester has returned and is up in Piccadilly Gardens. If you dare take on the dizzy heights of the wheel, you can see all across the city and also have Rob, Rachel and Wingman give you an audio education of all things Manchester on your trip round and round.

Rob, Rach & Wingman

he Naughtys first emerged as ones to watch on the Manchester music scene in 2007. Around this time the band would regularly share the stage with the likes of The Courteeners and Twisted Wheel, who both went on to be snapped up by major record labels. In the years that have passed since, The Naughtys have continued to deliver their raucous brand of guitar music to packed-out shows up and down the country and to churn out new music. The band have played at venues such as the 900-capacity Manchester Academy 2 and supported their musical heroes such as The Specials - as well as consistently releasing new studio material for free online download. “They were mad times, them,” charismatic, lead singer John Bailey told us. “We might not have landed a megabucks record deal but we wouldn’t change one bit of it. We played some top gigs and built a following that still come and watch us to this day. We still love playing live and we just want as many people as possible to hear our music.” Recent collaborations with local Hip-Hop artist Baileyz have

had an influence on tracks such as their new single ‘It’s Gonna Get Ya’ – soon to be released on Scruff of the Neck Records. This is a fast-paced, one minute and forty second song that is filled with bouncy beats, jangling guitars, sing-along chants and riotous raps. The story of the song is something many a Mancunian can relate to and is sure to lure in a new flood of fans. To mark its release, The Naughtys will play Manchester’s popular new gig venue, Gorilla, on the evening of Saturday 8th February with support from other promising local outfits, BrouHaHa and Jolanga. Scruff of the Neck Records have become a presence on the Manchester music scene in recent years, developing and launching a number of local artists. After organising strings of sell-out shows at some of the city’s most eminent venues in 2013, expectations are that The Naughtys will follow suit and kick off 2014 with a bang. Website: Tickets: scruffoftheneckrecords. com/events


Bob Marley - ‘Stir It Up’ I’m starting with this one because it appeals to me in two ways. This was My Mum’s favourite. She said this was her and my Dad’s song when they got together and, even though they split up when I was two, she never stopped dancing to it. The second reason is the lyrics, “It’s ok to see what can do baby. Just me and you,” all about the nice parts of life/love and here I am!

Munday ‘Galway Girl ’ Basically all my Mum’s side of the family are from Galway which I think is the best city in Ireland. (not biased at all) So this one is very high up on my list. It’s a great story, great tune and the way he describes his Galway girl with black hair and blue is my Mum to a tee..

Junior Kelly ‘Dem Wrong ’ This song always gives me that bit of inspiration. You know sometimes when your confidence isn’t great and that bit of doubt starts creeping in? I always find this track a great pick me up.

Happy Mondays ‘Loose Fit’ “Do what ya doin’, say what ya Sayin’, go where ya going, think what you think, it sounds good to me.” Sounds good to me too. Great Manchester track by, in my opinion, the best band to come out of Manchester.



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A Guy Called Gerald ‘Voodoo Ray’ I used to love all the Old Skool stuff, (still do really ) I just don’t go clubbing anymore. (as advised by my dentist who said if I carried on I’d be unidentifiable from dental records)

N Joy ‘Anthem’ Another classic rave tune. Lost the plot to this many, many, too many times. Eyes rolling back in my swede, jaw tighter than a Motherfucka, you know the dance. Which reminds me, I’m going to Ibiza for my best mate’s - T-Bone - stag do in June. Shit, just got butterflies.

Rufus ’n’ Chaka Khan ‘Ain’t Nobody’ Love all the 80’s soul; I don’t think they make ’em like this anymore. I play all this tackle, upstairs at Mulligans Irish bar on a Saturday. Get yourselves down for a boogie.

Clancy Eccles ‘Fattie Fattie’ I love this tune because it’s a guy telling his large woman how much he loves her. I feel, in today’s society, it’s a fucking joke how some of these newspapers and magazines make out that anything above a size 8 is too big. One thing I’m not scared of is a bit of timber. (form an orderly queue parcels!)



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Robocop: 12th February 2014

I 1

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 4th April 2014


he much-anticipated, second instalment of the Captain America brand continues to fuel the fire that builds towards the next Avengers movie which is currently in production across three continents. Chris Evans, one of very few actors who have been able to play two superheroes in their career, (which is a list about to be added to by Ben Affleck playing Batman after his catastrophic portrayal of Daredevil) returns as the powerful all American hero. Steve Rogers is adjusting to life in the modern world - post his involvement in the ‘Battle of New York’. He becomes entwined in a S.H.I.E.L.D-based issue that puts the planet at risk! Samuel L Jackson returns as ‘Nick Fury’ and expect a Marvel film all about this character at a multiplex near you soon. Expect the usual epic, all action and spectacle as Captain America evades the attentions of assassins, sent to silence him once and for all, while he battles to find the truth behind this situation eventually bringing him face to face with an awesome opponent. Will he overcome?

n 1988 I saw my first 18 rated movie at a cinema in Canada and, though I was well underage, the 18r policy (you can see an 18 as a minor if accompanied by a responsible adult) over there allowed me to watch the original Robocop. That was my most exciting cinematic experience to date (I was 12) and the film still holds a fond place in my heart as a cult movie of its time. The modern remake already looks to be very different in style. Slicker and more comic strip than its predecessor. A cast that features Gary Oldman and Samuel L Jackson promises some integrity so I have my fingers crossed but low expectations.

4 300: Rise of an Empire release date TBC


he sequel to 2007 movie ‘300’, which received lots of positive criticism. Writer Frank Miller says this story is set roughly 10 years prior to the events depicted in that film. All the signs are that this film is of a similar ilk, full of swordplay but this time set an sea. High octane, huge rallying cries and chest thumping speeches coupled with muscular men and scantily-clad women so something for everyone. The archetypal David versus Goliath scenario.



Noah - 28th March 2014


es… you are reading this right, Noah! If you needed any further evidence of just how desperate Hollywood is getting for storylines that capture the public’s imagination, then surely this is it! Having rinsed out the fairy-tale angle and moved steadily through remakes of classic 80’s and 90’s films, the obvious place to look next? Well, it’s biblical! For those of you that didn’t sample the joys of Sunday School, (ah the memories) God loses faith in mankind and decides to flood the Earth as a clean-up exercise. He advises the pious Noah to build an Ark and stock it with two of every species so that the planet can be repopulated after the flood. Russell Crowe leads a cast including Ray Winstone and Emma Watson, plus a number of animals that haven’t all been individually credited. Perhaps this will be the start of a series of Bible-inspired projects, Samson and Delilah? A remake of Moses and the Burning Bush. Oh hang on, I did see a variation on that title somewhere. 90 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Enemy 14th March 2014


ake Gyllenhaal plays a history teacher whose life is in a bit of a slump. He is encouraged to watch a film by a friend and, while so doing, spots an actor in it - playing a minor role who looks exactly like himself. Curious, he seeks out the agency the actor works for and goes to find him, leading to a series of events that turns both the men’s lives upside down. An interesting and dark drama which I imagine will have a short cinematic run, but could be worth a look.


Captain Phillips 10th February 2014

Tom Hanks stars in this topical drama directed by British filmmaker Paul Greengrass of ‘Bourne’ movie fame. He is the man credited with the stylistic edge that that franchise is lauded for and he brings that same sharp, dangerous and frenetic quality to this film - based on the Somalian pirate issue that has had a lot of press over the last couple of years. Greengrass’ history in documentary film has definitely influenced his style and this film is striking and provocative in both pace and tone. A dynamic, absorbing thriller with another consuming performance from Mr Hanks.

4 Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa 3rd March 2014


have a very silly sense of humour. I love Family Guy, South Park, American Dad and shows of that genre. Jackass and the antics of its collective have always tickled me so this film was always going to get a thumbs-up just for how daft it is. The brilliant thing about it is how outrageous and juvenile the comedy is and the reactions it garners from the public. A series of fart gags, inappropriate comments and bad behaviour.



Gravity 3D - 3rd March 2014



f you missed this film at the cinema, you really need to try to watch it in 3D as the most powerful aspect of this production resides in the quality of imagery and the impact of some of the best use of such technology in the history of 3D filmmaking. The circumstances of this film - set in space and basically involving a dualogue between Sandra Bullock and George Clooney - are perfect for projectiles being thrown in the audiences’ faces and I certainly found myself ducking into my seat a couple of times at the convincing optical illusions. Beyond that, the film itself is reasonably entertaining, if a little slow at points. Clooney gives his usual assured, swaggering performance and this is one of the roles where Bullock isn’t annoying and silly but hard-edged and feisty. It is a film that is very typically American in structure and the nature of its ending is a reflection of that. I just wonder if the film would have anywhere near the same effect in two dimensions. Somehow I doubt it!

47 Ronin 28th April 2014

eanu Reeves stars as a ‘half-breed’ Samurai in this action-adventure movie. He ends up leading a band of banished Samurai in a battle against a tyrannical and treacherous warlord who has massacred so many of their kind. An unsophisticated, predictable endeavour that won’t change your life, this is an also-ran film that is mindless entertainment at best. Sadly a typical Reeves movie but there is a rumour that a new ‘Bill and Ted’ movie is in the pipeline…


Leon 20th Anniversary Special Edition Steelbook 3rd February 2014

don’t usually include older films in my DVD reviews but there is an exception to every rule and I can’t think of a movie that deserves it more than this one. Even today Leon remains in my top three films of all time. Stellar performances from Gary Oldman; a very young Natalie Portman and a, now more familiar, Jean Reno, coupled with a stunning example of exquisite direction and wonderful use of film score from Luc Besson, make this a mustsee film. It’s a bit depressing to think it’s 20 years since I first saw this film but I wholeheartedly encourage you to watch it as it is a masterpiece. The story centres on a peculiar relationship between a recently-orphaned, young girl and a man with a very skilled job as a ‘cleaner.’ The girl wants to learn the craft, in an attempt to avenge the death of her family at the hands of a sadistic and addicted corrupt cop. (Oldman) If you don’t achieve any of your other resolutions for 2014, make seeing this film one resolve that you stick to. k | VIVA | 91


VIVA’s 2013

Manchester Hightlights


f you asked the UK what their favourite moment of 2013 was you might get something mundane like the birth of Prince George, the heatwave or the moment when, actually using it to sing, Miley Cyrus put her tongue back into her mouth. If you ask Manchester though, you’ll get something a whole lot cooler, more unique and altogether better. All hail VIVA’s ten highlights of 2013. We can’t wait to live the next ten!

Out Night ’s ashion F atthew E M n U VOG d Mancunia thon Saunders an

Jona on while Super designers tside the Malmais ed a cigarette ou ar sh n Webster, minia ph So Williamso r, ne sig an and shoe de ing year’s most excit Alexandra Schulm lmination of the cu e th al. s gic wa It ma ly in. gled with and it was tru ent for Manchester the th wi s ur ho rly ea and important ev the t from morning ’til isky cockThe city was aligh al stilettos with wh nd sa d an s nd ha idges, the lfr Se at rush of jewelled ing ontaneous danc sp e Th . dy graced our rea rs e tails at th itain’s designe d the chicest of Br 2013. of ht nig IT ’s city-wide deals an and made it VIVA ce en es pr eir th city with

Happy Mondays “Bummed” 25th Anniversary Tour

photo: Sue


photo: Annmarie Stothard

Any list about M cannot exclude th anchester e Happy Mondays and 2013 was a ye truly earned their ar they place on ours. Th ey’re VIVA’s favou chester band and rite Manthat is saying a he ll of a lot if you co rock talent Manch nsider the ester has produc ed. Playing a punk more thrilling ren ier and dition of their se cond album, the sent the nostalgi Mondays c crowd into palpi tations with their ended with the ico set which nic ‘Step On.’ So good were the gig twenty-fifth anniv s on the ersary tour that we went to three. Pl loved Rowetta’s us we glow in the dark poi preformance , go girl!

VIVA Ems’ Big Bird Cake by Hey Little Cupcake Never has a

semi-offensive nickname produced so much happiness. The quaint little sugar-haven of Spinningfields’ Hey Little Cupcake whipped up an enormous yellow cake moun ted on its pedestal of cupcakes for our very own Big Bird. (that’s VIVA Ems) It’s not only us who think it was the bees knees. Hey Little Cupcake recently voted it into their top twenty cakes of 2013 - Obviously.

’ Polo DaY Newhall Ladies caught up in the Northern

If, at times, we are inexplicably ificent Cheshire. In Quarter, we never forget our very own, magn tuous Ladies’ sump the for ford Knuts to out d heade we summer by Gin and ised organ event ever Polo day. It was Newhall’s first if we didn’t even eyes our in ss succe us fabulo a was it Jag and agant hats, our manage to find a rich husband! We wore extrav in our first (but ed indulg we d, dresse best won l Rache VIVA girl taking high before divots the ed not last!) polo game and stomp . Choos y Jimm and s Birkin the gst tea amon

Don Giovanni DisH We said that it was the’s Lobster firs

t finger count on ou hand of great Manc r one hester Italian restau rants and we mean Their fish special, lob t it. ster thermidor, ma de us literally quive with delight. We we r re presented with a whole lobster-wort of meat glistening in h egg-yolk, cream, tom ato, mustard and parmesan and it too k willpower of steel to keep from wolfin all down without sha g it ring. We knew that t FighttosCdolub off until 5am) bu me Formal co n’t let was tough (the sti h enough to

VIVA Ems this tough. Toug ow that she was llar, boxwe didn’t quite kn ’s fourth white-co Formal Fight Club at the Palace d in un g ro r rin he g n wi the elevated boxin ich wh in a h diners. nz lis ga sty ing extrava in front of the to a flurry of fists st e wake ho th d in ye ht pla nig tel all Ho d Essex partied an ter es men ch wo an d M Stars from heroes of men an hts which made eir fig th ld me ho rso to fea ed e th uir of sheer stamina req e th to ed us un previously own in the ring.


We love all of our cover stars equally but there is only one that we can describe as truly dope. 2013 saw ’s first solo UK tour and the inimitably spacy star granted us not only an exclusive interview but a pre-show meet up. He joked and chilled with us just minutes before he graced the stage and signed a couple of our winter issue copies. Proceeding to tap dance and perform his way to the crowd’s screaming exalt ation, Will concluded with his admiration of Manchester. “It’s just as good as London,” he shouted. We’ll convince him of our superiority yet.

Pride for Gay Supersonic ng and interviewing eti me be uld wo we we re told that

When we we nchester Airport, corde hangar at Ma The Feeling at the con to find ourselves t, when we turned up bu d ue piq ost ly tab sui were them, we were alm ual aircraft to meet k kic to y wa ct rfe escorted onto the act pe nic event proved the rso pe Su e ng eli Th Fe al. e ric hyste r favourite Th and jamming to ou off 2013’s Gay Pride was just endlessly ne pla the of lly be the classics underneath list-worthy.

Manchester House


We really, really like entrepreneur Tim Bacon. He’s Manchester’s Willy Won ka. He’s given us The Oast House, Australasia, The Alch emist and now we have the enormous and decadent Manches ter House to dance about. We chatted with Tim about his amazing journey to the top and the new venture which has Aiden Byrn e at the helm of his innovative kitchen. A Michelin star on the cards perhaps? Watch this space.

Markets gly The Christmas stmas markets make us feel all snug

The Manchester Chri annual festivities with pulled and warm inside. They kick off the and, in 2013, the awardpork sandwiches and mulled wine date. After the gigantic to est bigg winning markets were the t of a 25,000 live crowd, the Christmas lights switch-on in fron t they do best - enchant wha do to d German markets continue lots of food and we say the us while providing us with lots and yet! ones best the 2013 markets have been

Local celebs 2013 highlights & 2014 predictions>>>

Local Manchester Celebs

2013 Highlights

& Their PredictIONS For Manchester In 2014 Ro’s prediction for Manchester in 2014: I would love The Smiths & Oasis

DAYS M HAPPY MON ROWETTA :FMRanOchester United winning the league ind

to re-form and do a massive gig at Old Traffo rd with The Stones Roses and my band, Happy Mondays, along with Peter Hook & The Light, 808 State and Inspiral Carpets. It’s not going to happen but I can dream.

d an 2013 Highlight ing to Old Traffor ’s final year and go d an d en leg a ’s Sir Alex Ferguson him. He say thank you to was amazr tou Albert Square to ed mm Bu ppy Mondays s New Years Eve’s I love him. Our Ha ht of the year wa nig e rit ou fav e Frankie my ing and Singing alongsid The Albert Hall. e and a ibl red inc s wa Hacienda Party at s er legendary DJ oth me so d an s Knuckle end 2013. beautiful way to


2013 Highlight: Taking Nutters to Dubai and properly showcasing the best of Manchester produce and traditions to a worldwide audience - NUTTERDIDDUBAI !!! And we rocke d it!!

utter, extreme eer class - watch this space!

decadence and sh

n for Lou’s predictio 2014: ard for MancthhateMsantechrestein r will win an aw

I predict I also think the nse of humour. the best city se one sunny afe an appearance Queen will mak girls office and VA VI lk into the ternoon and wa en leave. Foooriiiiiiiiit” th say “Maaaaaad


2013 Highlight: I’d say the highlight of my 2013 was rediscovering myself and being able to pursue and follow my dreams again with a different outlook on life.

Michelle Keegan from Corrie

Nutters predictio n for Manchester in 2 0 14: I predict a pop-up restaurant of

2013 Highlight: I got engaged. That was definitely a highlight for me!

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2013 Highlight: When I got asked to present Xfm’s Inspiration Award 2013 to Bobby Gillespie and Primal Scream at Xfm’s Winter Wo nderland gig at the Apollo in December. To be asked to give such a prestigious awa rd to such an important and bril liant band at such an iconic venue on behalf of the grea test radio station in the wor ld. Another great example of why I feel like I’ve got the best job in the world.

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Manchester 2014

photo: Georgie Glass


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Michelle Keegan front cover and interview inside


Michelle Keegan front cover and interview inside