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Vol. 10 Issue 2 Official publication of the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. July-December 2016

Dr. Lucio C. Tan with the TYKFI Board of Trustees and officers at the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Foundation at The Theatre at Solaire

A Hundred Million Miracles The 30th Year Celebration of the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc.


s a thanksgiving event for partners and friends, the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. (TYKFI) hosted an appreciation gala concert as it celebrated its 30th anniversary at The Theater at Solaire Resort and Casino Manila last August 20, 2016. Dr. Lucio C. Tan, Chairman and President of TYKFI, Madame Carmen K. Tan and the other members of the TYKFI Board of Trustees welcomed the guests to witness the spectacular show.

The Foundation held the musical dance concert entitled “A Hundred Million Miracles” in partnership with Ballet Philippines, UE Silanganan Dance Troupe, Manila Symphony Orchestra, Viva Voce, and several world class artists. The event was also a milestone for the Lucio Tan Group of Companies as it marked the centennial anniversary of the Philippine National Bank (PNB), the 75th anniversary of Philippine Airlines (PAL), and the birthday of Dr. Lucio C. Tan. TYKFI Executive Officers Dr. Lucio C. Tan, Chairman and President; Harry C. Tan, Vice Chairman and Executive Director; TYKFI Trustees Frank C. Chan, Shir-

ley T. Chua, Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban, Marixi R. Prieto, Washington Z. SyCip, Carmen K. Tan, and Tan Hui Bin; Juanita Tan Lee, Vice President and Corporate Secretary; Jaime J. Bautista, Treasurer; the Group’s executives, PNB and PAL’s valued clients, as well as partners and friends of TYKFI came to celebrate and witness the “hundred million miracles” of the Foundation’s 30 years as presented through a corporate audio-visual presentation. In his Welcome Remarks, Trustee Frank C. Chan gave an overview of the Foundation and shared how their late father Mr. Tan Yan Kee inspired his brother Dr. Lucio C.


Viva Voce, Ballet Philippines, and UE Silanganan Dance Troupe

Candice Adea and Timothy Paul Cabrera

Tan and their siblings to start the Foundation. Paul Alexander Morales, the show’s overall director, toured the crowd in the same way Dr. Tan has traveled – from his humble beginnings to being a well-respected business tycoon - in a lively blend of color, dance, music, and visual images. The “Dreams” part of that night’s journey was opened by

Aicelle Santos, a theater and T.V singer, actor, and recording artist, and theater actor Fred Lo with a spectacular rendition of “A Hundred Million Miracles” from the Broadway Musical “Flower Drum Song” by Rodgers and Hammerstein. With the ballet number “Grand Pas de Deux” from “Don Quixote,” Candice Adea and Timothy Paul Cabrera left the audience

breathless because of their grace, elegance, and synchronicity of movements. It was only appropriate that a number was taken from Don Quixote as he was a man with a heart of a dreamer and a fighter, just like the Foundation’s dedicated leader. After the duo, the ballet artists performed “Ilocandia” from the ballet production “Sarong Banggi” with music arranged by Ryan Cay-

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abyab and choreographed by Cyril Aran Fallar. This was one of the dance tales in the said ballet concert which described the evolution of a Filipino family. As Juliene Mendoza, the master of ceremonies, said in his introduction, Tan Yan Kee’s family came to the Philippines and found a home that would embrace them and nurture their dreams. The family easily adapted to the culture of the Filipinos and shared with the latter an unwavering respect for elders and filial devotion. Reverting to an enchanting musical ensemble, world-class singers Myramae Meneses and Viva Voce rendered “Sa Sariling Bayan” from “Kanser, The Musical”. The song, with music by Joed Balsamo, expressed love of country as performed by Meneses and Viva Voce. The next number stressed Dr. Tan’s belief that education is the key to a brighter future. Viva Voce together with the UE Silanganan Dance Troupe performed “Tuwing


Camille Lopez-Molina

Ballet Philippines

Aicelle Santos Ballet Philippines

Ballet Philippines

Umuulan at Kapiling Ka” as a tribute to the UE’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. To cap off the first part of the concert, “Syudad” was performed by Ballet Philippines and Manila Symphony Orchestra, which also celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. “Flight”, the second part of the program, opened with Ballet Philippines performing “Lahat ng Araw” with music by Mike Velarde, arrangement by Ryan Cayabyab, and choreography by Alden Lugnasin. Aicelle Santos then gave an-

other stellar performance as she delivered “Love Look Away” from “The Flower Drum Song”. The crowd was given a different taste from the first set of performances of song and dance numbers as the first Filipino graduate of the Peking Opera Performance program and MA in Directing Chinese Opera at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing gave an electrifying act that the audience may have not expected. Soprano Annie Luis showed her brilliance through her performance of an excerpt from the Peking Opera, “The Drunken

Beauty”. To tickle the hearts of the audience, soprano Camille Lopez-Molina performed the Filipino classic “Mutya ng Pasig”. She was accompanied by the dancing pair of Candice Adea and Timothy Paul Cabrera who were choreographed by Alden Lugnasin. A medley of popular Filipino music such as “Paano Kita Mapapasalamatan”, “Doon Lang”, “Dito Ba”, and “Gaano Kita Kamahal” through the arrangement of Joed Balsamo fascinated everyone through the excellent performance of Fred Lo, Annie Luis, Camille


Lopez-Molina, and Myramae Meneses with Viva Voce. Ballet Philippines with Viva Voce then performed “Rurok” with music by Joed Balsamo and choreography by Alden Lugnasin. The number was dedicated to the Tan Yan Kee Foundation as it stands on its peak of excellent service for three decades now. The Philippine Airlines’ theme “The Heart of the Filipino” was sung as a finale number by Aicelle Santos and the entire cast. With the heart of a Filipino, Dr. Lucio C. Tan and his group of companies like PNB, PAL, and the Foundation have been a true partner in building a better Philippines.Thirty years ago, the Foundation started to make “little miracles” in people’s lives. Its legacy of caring for the Filipino people where needed and when needed is being felt and enjoyed in different parts of the country through more and bigger miracles.A hundred million miracles indeed are happening every day and continue to bless the Group and its stakeholders. n


The entire cast of A Hundred Million Miracles


hrough the graceful interpretation of the Manila Symphony Orchestra of classical music, together with the performances of Ballet Philippines and the UE Silanganan Dance Troupe, the life and journey of Mr. Tan was celebrated. The show was both interesting and inspirational in such a way that it showed that no matter where one is at the moment, one can still pick oneself up and have a better life. It was also an opportunity for me to meet and reacquaint with my colleagues from the LT Group of Companies who continue to work under the leadership of a great man behind great success, Dr. Lucio C. Tan.” —Ms. Phyllis Sy-Kei Branch Head –PNB 168 Mall Branch RBG – Branch Banking Group Philippine National Bank


he Tan Yan Kee Foundation treated its guests to a series of incredible performances showcasing Filipino musical talent and prowess. Headlining the roster were highly acclaimed ballet dancers. The vocal performances were also astounding. The audience were thrilled by the great performances. I also learned that the Tan Yan Kee Foundation was named by Chairman Lucio Tan after his father to show deep respect and gratitude to his parents.” —Ms. Mary Rose D. Gonzales Branch Head -PNB Main Branch RBG -Branch Banking Group Philippine National Bank


e both enjoyed the show. We were very impressed with the performers of the musical play. It was entertaining at the same time informative especially on the corporate social responsibility geared towards education, health service, and social welfare of the Tan Yan Kee Foundation.” —Ms. Mary Anne Cuevas and Ms. Rebecca Cuevas Galang Director/Owner, Sulu Hotel


t was a night well spent. The celebration of TYK anniversary is a very successful and entertaining one. Kudos to the TYK Foundation and to Dr. Lucio Tan. May they continue to do their good deeds. More power and long live TYK!” —Mr. & Mrs. George and Judith Chua Cham, President, ASPEC Construction and Prime Fields Corporation


would like to express my gratitude to the Foundation for inviting my family to be part of the Tan Yan Kee Foundation celebration gala concert, A Hundred Million Miracles. We were awed and amazed by the show’s elaborate music and choreography. All vocalists and singers were fabulous. Kundiman songs and classic Filipino retro songs of 1960-1970 brought back fond memories of glorious Filipino composers and artists. Kudos to the management, staff, and organizers of the concert. Excellent Filipino pride. Mabuhay po kayo lahat.” —Mr. Frank Ngan PAL Million Milers 4


he program “A Hundred Million Miracles” gave us a background behind the man Dr. Lucio Tan. We enjoyed the performances of Ballet Philippines and the songs rendered by the world class performers.” —Marina and Peter Ma General Chemicals & Resins Consortium, Inc.


really enjoyed the evening. It was a beautiful and well-orchestrated production from the costumes, backdrop, songs, dances, and story line. Everything flowed seamlessly with the choice of songs, costumes, performances, and the timing of the emcee as he tells the story of the life of Kapitan. The length of the play was also just right – not too long and not too short.” —Ms. Imelda Capistrano Country Head, Wells Fargo – Philippines


hanks for inviting us to the Tan Yan Kee Celebration. We truly enjoyed the excellent program and the superb choreography. Dr. Lucio Tan is a man of vision not only for his business acumen, which is needless to say, but for his foresight to center on the core areas of social responsibility of the Foundation some 30 years ago.” —Mr. & Mrs. Ben and Lilian Yao SteelAsia Manufacturing Corp.



UE-TYK Scholars Excel in 2016 Board Exams


Dental Medicine was not easy. She has always challenged herself to become worthy of the prestige of being a UE-TYK Scholar, thus making sure that the sacrifices she has endured all paid off. Engr. Delos Reyes attributes his success to God and his family. He just graduated from a public school with honors and so his parents were problematic on how they would support his educational goals knowing that his potentials were so much more. He believed God heard his prayers and the UE-TYKFI scholarship was granted to him. Through the grant, he was able to finish college with the added bonus of becoming a topnotcher

hree of this year’s UE-TYK scholar graduates are among those who ranked in the 2016 Licensure Examinations for Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Dentistry, and Electronics Engineering.

A University of the East – Manila graduate of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), Dra. Nissa D. Boñaga, ranked 7 th place in the July 2016 Dentistry Licensure Board Examination. Engr. Neil M. Delos Reyes placed 8 th in the Electronics Engineering Board Exam last October 2016. Meanwhile, Ms. Evangeline Ko, CPA was on the 9th place in the CPA Licensure Examination last October 2016.

The 23-year-old licensed dentist has always excelled not only academically but also in showing her skills as a leader inside and outside the classroom. Dra. Boñaga graduated Cum Laude and named as her college’s Distinguished Awardee. For her, maintaining her scholarship throughout the two years in Preparatory Dentistry and four more years to complete her Doctor of

in the board exam. As young as sixteen years old, Ms. Ko knew that she wanted to become a Certified Public Accountant, just like her mother’s dream. Five years ago, it was all a dream for her. Through the UETYKFI Scholarship Program, her life was given a clearer direction. All the challenges she faced helped her achieve her dreams. If it was not for that one opportunity she seized, she would not achieve her goal of becoming a CPA. She owe a lot of gratitude to the Foundation especially Dr. Lucio Tan. These achievers deserve praise and encouragement to excel further in their future endeavors. n



am very grateful to all who are part of the UE-TYK Scholarship Program, especially to our dear Dr. Lucio C. Tan for giving me an opportunity to become a Dentist. To all the staff and officials of the University who helped in motivating and guiding me in maintaining my scholarship, thank you. It is a prestige title to be a Tan Yan Kee scholar during college, thus, pushed me to go beyond my boundaries. Being a TYK scholar is a big factor to where I am now today. Again, thank you and someday I know I would be able to give back all the support and kindness that you have shown us.” —Dra. Nissa D. Boñaga Cum Laude and College Distinguished Awardee Doctor of Dental Medicine 7th Placer, Dentistry Board Exam (July 2016)


boy dreaming of something to make his family’s life better – that is who I was five years ago. I just graduated from a public high school and had nowhere to go to continue my college education. As a mere 15-year-old boy, I cannot do anything but pray and God was really kind for He made a way. I owe a lot of gratitude to UE and Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. Without the UE-TYKFI scholarship, I would not be able to pursue my dream of becoming a degree holder of a course that I want in a stimulating and competitive institution. Growing up from a less privileged community has not only offered financial and academic challenges, but has also helped me realize the value of a college education. I would like to thank Dr. Lucio C. Tan and all the people behind the foundation for generously supporting aspiring students like me. I am truly blessed to become part of the UE-TYKFI family. I hope that one day, I would be able to give back and share all the support, kindness, and love. In behalf of my parents, thank you very much!” —Engr. Neil M. Delos Reyes Summa Cum Laude BS Electronics Engineering 8th Placer, ECE Board Examination (October 2016) 5


ive years ago, I was just a 16-year-old girl who had no concrete plans. I didn’t even have any idea where to go for college because of financial constraints, although I knew I have always wanted to become a CPA, as it was my mother’s dream to become one. Being able to finish college, maintaining a scholarship, and passing the board exam sure wasn’t easy. I thank the University of the East and TYKFI, for they really were the instruments directly used by the Lord to enable me to finish college and build a bridge towards my dream. To the TYK Foundation, words are not enough to express my gratitude to you. Surely, many opportunities opened for me, mainly because of your support. To Dr. Lucio C. Tan, thank you. I do not exactly know what I have done for me to become one of your scholars-- for a person like you to help me in achieving my dreams. I owe the things I have now to your generous heart. I hope I can make you proud when someday, I will become “somebody” through your help when we were still “nobody”. I pray that we too would become channels of blessings, just like the way you were to us. —Ms. Evangeline A. Ko, CPA Magna Cum Laude BS Accountancy 9th Placer, CPA Licensure Examination (October 2016)



Early Gift-giving for Schoolchildren of Nueva Vizcaya


ducation is the way to gain knowledge that removes doubts and fears. Through this, one can see the world as a beautiful place, and through it one can become a happier and more peaceful individual; it is the key to improve as human beings and to live a life of purpose, especially one that our country can use to solve its problems and advance its ideals.”—An excerpt from the inspirational message of Ms. Valerie Tan, TYKFI Officer

The Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. distributed school supplies for schoolchildren of Macdu Elementary School and Tan Yan Kee Elementary School in Nueva Vizcaya as part of its program in education. Everyone was in high spirits, particularly the kids who were genuinely ecstatic as they happily accepted their gifts. The children received notebooks, pad paper, pencils and pens, schoolbags, slippers, TYKFI jackets, and uniforms for them to use during the 2016 -2017 academic year. The TYKFI project team who were present during the distribution were Philip Sing, Jonathan Anuma, Evelyn Abao, and Valerie Tan. Miss Tan gave a very inspiring message addressed to the children, parents, and teachers on using knowledge


obtained through education as means of giving back to their community and their country. The Barangay Captain of Kayapa, Hon. Roldan Martes; Pastor Santiago Navarro, UMC; Dr. Jonathan Fronda, District Supervisor of Kayapa East; and other barangay officials also joined the joyful ceremony. The school supplies distribution would not be possible without the efforts of the Macdu Elementary School officials: Mr. Romeo Hinggangan, the PTA President; Ms. Anita Tiyang, Teacher; and Ms. Noralyn Roxas. Ms. Marites Delio, the School Head, reminded the children and their parents to do their part to uplift their academic performance and subsequently, their lives. The children, teachers,



and parents made a commitment in return, not only to the Foundation, but more importantly to themselves by investing in hard work and determination to become success stories. Meanwhile, Barangay Captain Romeo Bugtong of Balete, Santa Fe, Ms. Cecille Latumbo, Teacher-inCharge; Ms. Nellie Binan, Ms. Annie Paclit, and other teachers, assisted the team in the distribution. The project ended with a resounding success as both the foundation and school officials worked together and made a difference in the lives of the children. It is not every day that people would go out of their way in order to help them, but true to the Filipino spirit of Bayanihan, the school officials and the Foundation became the heroes of the schoolchildren. Anariza Dumyaas, a grade 6 pupil of Macdu Elementary School thankfully addressed the TYKFI for its generosity: “We, the children of Macdu ES, can be likened to young plants or seedlings; and those of you at Tan Yan Kee Foundation are the ones who take care of us and help us flourish. From the bottom of our hearts, we proudly offer you our boundless gratitude for your unending support for us to finish our education. We assure you that we would treasure these gifts and use them for the betterment of our lives.” For now, the only things that the children could give back is their gratitude and their dedication to their education. Their future successes would be the perfect testimony for the Foundation’s goal of changing lives through education.n




Supplies of Hope and Happiness for Schoolchildren of Ilocos Sur


he object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”— Robert M. Hutchins As part of its education and social welfare programs, the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. distributed sets of school supplies and uniforms to elementary students of four different schools in Ilocos Sur. From September 20 to 22, the TYKFI, represented by Elizabeth Alba, Valerie Tan, and

Dareene Malinao, did not only hand out supplies and uniforms but hope of a brighter future. Each of the 767 students received a school bag, notebooks, pencils and pens, slippers, a TYKFI jacket, and a set of uniforms. Given that their families might not be able to provide

these things for them, the Foundation was there to help. On the first day, the team went to Babayoan Elementary School and distributed 173 sets of school supplies. The members of the local government unit who graced the ceremony were Mr. Virgilio Lupdag, Barangay Captain; Mr. Walter Juldo, Barangay Captain, and Barangay Kagawad Willy Quidaog. Ms. Violeta Javonillo, Head Teacher III; and Ms. Violeta Laoagan, teacher. Ms. Javonillo expressed how thankful they were for all the gifts and blessings the Foundation has shared with members of their community. She said that they will be utilized for the improvement of the performance of the students. According to her, 8

all the help with regard to education in which the TYKFI assisted in providing for the schoolchildren will aid in elucidating the low grade results, alleviating the standard of living in the community, and ultimately, solving poverty. In Nagtenga, Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur, students of Nagtenga Elementary School were also given 186 sets of school supplies. The representatives of Nagtenga Elementary School who helped distribute the school supplies were Mr. Carlos Javines, Head Teacher as well as Ms. Josie Gacusan, Ms. Joselina Javillonar, and Ms. Delia Rodora Javillonar, who are all members of the faculty. The personnel from the local government unit who assisted



during the distribution were Mr. Dominador Bustillos, Barangay Captain of Nagtenga; Barangay Kagawad Lucrecia Javillonar; Ms. Ma. Loisa Ragucos and Mr. Oscar Romano, Guests from LGU. The last batch of students to receive the school supplies was from the Sidaoen Elementary School. A total of 138 sets of supplies were distributed among them. Those who assisted in the distribution were Barangay Kagawad Ruby Macasaddu and Kagawad Jerry Bagaoisan; Ms. Victoria Tejada and Mr. Ruel Lozano, teachers; and Frisco M. Josue, teacher-in-charge. 9

The next day, September 21, 2016, the TYKFI team visited San Julian Elementary School and gave 269 sets of school supplies. The joy and excitement could be seen in the faces of the children as they received the packages. The members of the local government unit who participated in the turnover ceremony were Mr. Restituto Arcena, Barangay Captain of San Julian Norte; Mr. Urvillo Paa, Barangay Captain of San Julian Sur; Ms. Maricar Adame, Barangay Secretary of San Julian Norte; and Ms. Adela Arcano, Barangay Kagawad of San Julian Norte. n



For TYK-STA Scholars, A Blessed High School Life

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”


for the scholarship grant because of financial instability. Through the scholarship, they enjoy free tuition and miscellaneous fees, school supplies, and set of uniforms and shoes. They can also opt to stay in the school dormitory since their home is located in the remote areas. STA, a Catholic secondary school in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya, developed different formation programs for the students while making sure that they excel in their classes. In one of the formation programs, several activities for the scholars

–Benjamin Franklin

n partnership with Saint Teresita’s Academy, TYKFI gave 81 young individuals the opportunity to attain their dreams by continuing their education through the TYK-STA Scholarship Program. Children from different poor farming families were carefully chosen through qualifying exams and interviews and house visitations. The scholars who

mostly belong to the indigenous people or minority group hailing from far areas such as Kayapa (Macdu and Caretas), Aritao, and Santa Fe said that they applied


were held to promote socialization and camaraderie among them especially to those who would be living in the dormitory. They prepared presentations to showcase their talents. After the dormitory blessing and scholars’ socialization, a simple dinner was served among the students and the teachers. Another formation program is “Kumustahan of Tan Yan Kee Scholars”, where the students wrote down their concerns and experiences. The school also made sure to know the concerns of both the students and the parents for them to feel at ease by discussing the issues in a meeting with the parents. In another effort to know the students more, some teachers, school officials, and students



went to visit the homes of some scholars in Kayapa. Ms. Miriam Shog-oy, the school librarian and assistant matron of the TYK Dormitorians, observed: “They have small houses and simple living. They live with nature. Most of them depend on agriculture and small business like sari-sari stores.” The scholars also actively participate in the Church mass and activities. Some of them are part of the choir. They participated in the events like Indigenous People’s Day held in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya where they were able to share their talents. Beyond all the activities and busy schedules, the scholars make sure that they allot time for their studies to achieve high marks. Collaborative study periods are done especially during examinations. As shown in their performance records, some TYK



uring the past semester of studying here in STA, I felt very happy and glad. Although I knew that private schools like STA are more advanced in some lessons than public,what I did was just read and read the text books that I have. Some lessons were difficult but through reading, I have learned. In the process, I have gained friends. I [also feel like I have] improved my personality. I study and work hard for my assignments and projects. I was also elected as the auditor in the Dance Troupe and through this, I boosted my self-confidence and able to show my talent. I also recite oration and read stories in class. Through the financial support of the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, I was granted the opportunity to study in this very great private school. I want to say thank you to the Foundation especially to Dr. Lucio C. Tan.”— Maribeth A. Moran, Grade 7 – Saint Cecilia


uring my past semester in STA, I felt uncomfortable because I had no friends and did not know my classmates yet. For me, it was hard to adjust because public

scholars belonged to the top 10 during the first quarter. Through the TYK-STA Scholarship Program, these deserving students value the quality Catholic education they get while helping their families sustain their farming livelihood. They are really thankful to the Foundation for the opportunity given to them to uplift their lives. n

and private schools have many differences. Time is gold for private schools and lessons are advanced. The challenge I once encountered was when I did not finish my project on time although I did my best to do it. I learned and experienced a lot. We even decorated the costume of our Lakambini and Lakan for a contest. Above all, it is memorable because I am part of the family of the Tan Yan Kee Scholars. I am very thankful to the Foundation especially to Dr. Lucio Tan because I was chosen and given a rare opportunity like this.”—M arinela C. Sangil, Grade 9 – Saint Thomas More

Recollection. The scholarship grant helped me and my family by giving me the chance to study in a private school and helped my family to solve the financial burden in terms of my studies. Just like the other scholars, I want to thank Dr. Lucio Tan for giving us the opportunity to study. I wish that he will continue on the road of success so that he can help more people to achieve their dreams.”— Francis S. Lacquias, Grade 8 – Saint Benedict

studying hard to be one of the top ten students. My memorable experience was when I was chosen by the Foundation as one of the scholars. This scholarship grant helped me so much to finish my studies even though I am a poor student. I want to say thank you to Sir Lucio Tan. Because of you I am here in STA. Thank you also to Sir Anuma and Sir Philip for your goodness.” —Novelyn O. Lacquias – Grade 8 Saint Benedict



learned to focus in my studies. When I was in the public school, I could not study well. Now, I am studying here at Saint Teresita’s Academy with quality education. The scholarship grant helped to change my life as well as my family’s. Thank you to the Foundation and to Dr. Lucio Tan.”—Jhonray A. Agmallo, Grade 9 Saint Thomas More

Sta. Fe


uring the past semester of studying in STA, I felt excitement and I also felt happiness to be in a beautiful and well-cultured school. I admit that to adjust is a little bit hard because I was not used to the rules and policies of the school but as I encountered new friends, they taught me how I could easily adjust and follow the rules. There were challenges that came along such as the activities that I am not used to do but the most memorable experience I could share is the Behavioral Camping and the



TA is advanced in teaching lessons that I need to study. I adjusted by thinking about my situation in life. Considering my situation and family, I bear in mind that I need to finish my studies. There were many challenges that I encountered like


ko po ay masayang-masaya dahil naranasan ko pong mag-aral sa private school. Nakapag-adjust po ako noong kami ay nag-choir sa simbahan at ako ay sumali sa mga extra-curricular activities. Naging isang malaking pagsubok naman po noong may bagyong Lawin. Ako po ay kinabahan dahil maraming malalalaking puno dito sa dorm pero sa awa ng Diyos kami po ay safe. Nakakatulong po talaga ang scholarship na bigay ng Foundation dahil nakaka­ bawas sa mga gastusin sa aking pag-aaral. Salamat po sa naitulong ninyo sa amin lalong-lalo na po sa inyo Sir Lucio Tan. Maraming sala­ mat po!”—Ian M. Lacbungan, Grade 7 – Saint Cecilia



TYKFI and CCF Sponsor MFI Training for the Youth


n October 21, 2016, 10 beneficiaries of the TYKFI-CCF Uplift Cares scholarship livelihood training series received their certification in Practical Electricity with Workshop Math Course and TESDA NC-II Electrical Installation and Maintenance Course at the Meralco Foundation, Inc. (MFI) during a culmination ceremony at the CCF Center in Ortigas, Pasig City.

The Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. in partnership with Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) through its ministry, Uplift Cares Global Movement Foundation (UPLIFT), sponsored the training of the 10 scholars at the Meralco Foundation, Inc. (MFI) for Electrical Installation and Maintenance. The program started with a short devotion led by Pastor Mario “Ito” de Jesus, president of CCF’s Uplift Cares Global Movement Foundation. He delivered an inspirational message on being “appointed” for a purpose. In his


message, he told the graduates that among many Alternative Learning System (ALS) graduates, they are chosen and appointed to fulfill the work that would make their life more meaningful. He is very proud of the graduates for having completed all the technical work requirements and passing all their examinations. The second batch of graduates under the TYKFI-CCF-UPLIFT training program were Mike Balbaboco, Hector Biglang-awa, Jr., Kim Hendrick Cruz, Ronald Diaz, Renz Galoy, Patrick Galsim, Ivan Gimenez,


Neil Carlo Piamonte, Jake Sanchez, and Jomar Valencia. All the graduates received their NC-II TESDA Certificates in Electrical Installation and Maintenance and Certificates of Completion from MFI for Building Wire Installation and Maintenance. Ivan Gimenez and Jake Sanchez were also able to pass for NC-III in Electrical Installation and Maintenance. Each of them also received a gift pack from TYKFI containing a set of electrical tools they can use in their jobs. With the help of UPLIFT, most of the scholars have already found full-time employment in various companies after graduation. All the graduates received their NC-II TESDA Certificates in Electrical Instal-


Pastor Mario “Ito� de Jesus with the scholars

lation and Maintenance and Certificates of Completion from MFI for Building Wire Installation and Maintenance. Ivan Gimenez and Jake Sanchez were also able to pass for NC-III in Electrical Installation and Maintenance. Ms. Valerie Tan in her inspirational message congratulated the graduates for their successful journey with determination, discipline, and faith in their hearts. She reminded them that life should not end with just attaining certificates and

awards, but should be the beginning of dreaming bigger. She also encouraged them to give back to the community just like what the Foundation stands for. The training program has been a collaborative effort of Ms. Loida Dumaguin and Mr. Vladimir Santos of MFI; Ms. Elizabeth T. Alba, Ms. Evelyn Abao, and Ms. Valerie Tan of TYKFI; Pastor Ito De Jesus, Mr. Ian D. Resuta (Consultant and Project Coordinator), and Ms. Sunshyne Dioso (Assistant Project Coordinator) of UPLIFT Cares. n




TYKFI-FLP Scholarship Program Names Its First Batch of Scholars


leven law students have been selected to join the first batch of scholars of the TYKFI-FLP Scholarship Program for 2016-2017.

The Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. (TYKFI), in partnership with the Foundation for Liberty and Prosperity (FLP), granted full scholarship to students from prestigious law schools in the country. Both Foundations saw

Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban’s 75th birthday celebration last December 20, 2011. FLP aims to perpetuate his core judicial philosophy that jurists and lawyers should not only safeguard the liberty of the people but must also nurture their prosperity under the rule of law. The unique legal scholarship is indeed one of the keys for development as its main purpose is to promote responsible citizenship through education – the main goal as well of TYKFI. Last November 3, 2016, an interview was conducted at the 1 st Division Conference Room, 3rd floor of the Supreme Court Building in Padre Faura, Manila by a Panel of Judges headed by the Supreme Court Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes P. A. Sereno. The other

the need to improve the quality of education in the Philippines by supporting scholarship programs in order to produce the country’s best and brightest lawyers. The FLP was formally and publicly launched during former 14

members were Dr. Edilberto C. de Jesus, FLP Board of Trustee and former Secretary of Education; Dean Ma. Soledad D. Mawis, President of the Philippine Association of Law Schools and Dean of the Lyceum of the Philippines University College of Law; Evelyn Toledo-Dumdum, President of FLP; and Atty. Ma Cecilia Pesayco, Legal Counsel of Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. Former Chief Justice Panganiban, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of FLP and a trustee of TYKFI, and Atty. Martin Angelo Esguerra, Executive Director and COO of FLP were also present during the interview with the scholars. A free discussion was conducted by the panel of judges who were carefully directing



Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes P.A. Sereno (3rd from right) and former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban (3rd from left) with the Panel of Judges and scholars.

questions to the aspiring scholars. Originally, the plan was to choose only 10 scholars. However, the panel was really impressed with the acumen of the all the applicants that they decided to grant full scholarships to the 11 LibPros scholars namely: Sean James B. Borja of the Ateneo de Manila University School of Law; Kaycelle Anne M. Castillo of the Far Eastern University Institute of Law; Ervin Fredrick H. Dy of the University of the Philippines College of Law; Rexlyn Anne M. Evora of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Law; Kevin Ken S. Ganchero of the Far Eastern University Institute of Law; Jose Noel B. Hilario of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty

The formal awarding ceremony for the LibPros Scholars was held at the University of the Philippines – Bonifacio Global City campus last December 1, 2016. Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes P.A. Sereno graced the event as the Guest of Honor. Chief Justice Panganiban was present during the program with Evelyn

of Civil Law; Violeta M. Najarro, Jr. of the San Beda College of Law Alabang; Dion Ceazar M. Pascua of the San Beda College of Law Manila; Tess Marie P. Tan of the University of San Carlos School of Law and Governance; and Vanessa Gloria S. Vergara of the Ateneo de Manila University School of Law. 15

T. Dumdum and Atty. Esguerra of FLP, Atty. Pesayco and Elizabeth T. Alba of TYKFI. The awarding ceremony was indeed a fitting introduction for the 11 outstanding scholars who will carry on the vision of TYKFI and FLP which is academic excellence, and ultimately, the betterment of the nation – one scholar at a time. n



Four Seasons of Love: Fun and Games for Schoolchildren of Nueva Vizcaya


or children coming from different farming communities in Nueva Vizcaya, the holiday season of 2016 will always be special and memorable.

The children celebrated the season of giving with the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. during a day-long program of prayer,

fellowship and festivities held on December 10, 2016 at the Geonature Compound in Brgy. Digdig, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija.

More than 400 students from Tan Yan Kee Elementary School, Macdu Elementary School, Saint Teresita’s Academy, and Nueva Vizcaya State University, their teachers and some parents came to celebrate the season of loving and sharing. The program started with a Holy Mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Silverio D. Ablaza, the school director of Saint Teresita’s Academy. The 16

TYK-STA scholars-choir group led the singing of the hymns during the Eucharistic celebration. The season’s greetings and messages of gratitude were lovingly expressed by the school heads and students. Ms. Cecille Latumbo of Tan Yan Kee Elementary School (TYKES), Ms. Marites Delio of Macdu Elementary School, and Ms. Marcelina Dalay of Saint Teresita’s Acade-




my (STA) were all grateful for the invitation and the continued generosity TYKFI has extended to the poor schoolchildren. TYKFI’s representative Ms. Valerie Tan gave a heartfelt message to all the students and hoped that they become better leaders of the community through education. She also mentioned that this season is not just about opening presents and gifts but opening of hearts. She said that “the Foundation will always be around to fill everyone’s hearts with warm and unforgettable memories of the season.” To extend more cheer and goodwill to the students, teachers and parents, the program included a hilarious set of fun, games, and laughter from a funny clown and magician team. This was followed by performances of selected students from each school. All rendered Christmas-inspired song and

thank the Tan Yan Kee Foundation as our generous benefactor in achieving our dreams. As they say, Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. On behalf of the Tan Yan Kee Scholars of St. Teresita’s Academy, I would like to express my sincerest and humblest gratitude to the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. headed by Dr. Lucio C. Tan for the unending support. May God continue to bless you a hundred fold.”—Romel Pilde, Grade 11, Saint Teresita’s Academy

dance numbers but with different themes and creative outfits. Ms. Valerie Tan enjoined all the students, teachers and barangay officials to join in the exciting parlors games such as Face the Cookie, Plastic Cup Relay, Balloon Relay, Suck-It-Up, Noodling Around, Banana Eating Relay, Newspaper Dance, Bubblegum Flour, and Picture Perfect. The winners received prizes but everybody had fun. Each guest to the party brought home a TYKFI 30th Anniversary bag containing a Spaghetti Package, Cheese, Fruit Cocktail with Cream and Condensed Milk, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Lollipop, Chocolate Bars, Yoghurt, and Vitamilk drinks. The joy of seeing a child receiving a simple gift is enough reason to celebrate the coming of Baby Jesus. Christmas, the season of giving, is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. n


ula po sa amin sa Tan Yan Kee Elementary School, kami po ay lubos na nagpapasalamat sa Tan Yan Kee Foundation lalo na po kay Dr. Lucio Tan sa lahat po ng tulong, suporta, at pagmamahal sa Tan Yan Kee Elementary School. Marami pong salamat at bumabati po kami ng Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat.”—Kenlyn Bentican, Grade 6, Tan Yan Kee Elementary School


ami po ay lubos na nagagalak at nagpapasalamat sa inyong walang sawang pamimigay ng mga pamaskong regalo sa amin. Ito po ay hindi namin makakalimutan. Nawa po ay mas marami pang biyaya ang inyong matatanggap para mas marami pa ang inyong matulungan at mapasaya. Muli, maraming maraming salamat po, Tan Yan Kee Foundation. Mabuhay po kayo!”—Kriza Pudonan, Grade 6, Macdu Elementary School 17



TYKFI Shares Love in Ilocos Sur through Gift Giving 2016


ore than 700 students and teachers from four schools in Ilocos Sur received food packages from TYKFI last December 14-15, 2016 under its annual Food Packs Distribution Program.

The Foundation went to Babayoan Elementary School, Nagtenga Elementary School, and Sidaoen Elementary School in Santa Cruz, Ilocos Sur and San Julian Elementary School in Vigan

the fun and participated like kids. Their effort to win the many prizes made the program livelier. TYKFI team of Elizabeth Alba, Evelyn Abao, Flora Lim, and Dareene Malinao was warmly welcomed by the faculty, parents and school children. In Babayoan Elementary School, Pastor Benilda Gonzalo of Brgy. Babayoan UMC, Barangay Captain Walter Juldo of Brgy. Pidpid, Brgy. Captain Edwin Rebollido of Brgy. Lalong, and Barangay Captain Virgilio Lupdag of Babayoan, together with the school staff assisted the TYKFI team in distributing

City, Ilocos Sur on December 2016. Before the start of the program, the kids eagerly participated in the games prepared by the Foundation and their teachers. Even the teachers and the parents shared in


the food packs to the students. The kindergarten pupils gave Christmas Thanksgiving cards to express their gratitude to the Foundation.

At the gym of the Nagtenga Elementary School, Gerald Javinar, PTA President; Barangay Captain Dominador Bustillos of Brgy. Nagtenga, Brgy. Kagawad Lucrecia Javillonar, other LGU members and guests, and all the school officials joined in the program and distribution. They too expressed their endless thanks as they could see that all the students were really happy with the


Education blessings they received. The next day, the students of Sidaoen Elementary School were full of energy as soon as the Foundation staff arrived at the venue. After the games, selected students presented a number to showcase their dancing skills. Before the distribution, kindergarten students presented a number to say their Christmas greetings to the Foundation. Ms. Ma. Loisa Ragucos, Guest Speaker of the LGU; Brgy. Kagawad Ruby Macasaddu, and Brgy. Kagawad Susan Angeles in cooperation with the school administrators and staff helped the TYKFI team in the distribution of the food packs. Lastly, Brgy. Captain Restituto Arcena of San Julian Norte, Brgy. Kagawad Adela Arcano, Brgy. Kagawad Reynaldo Pugrad of San Julian Norte, and Brgy. Secretary Maricar Adame of San Julian Norte helped in giving the schoolchildren their Pamasko packs. A select group of graceful grade 6 students also presented a Filipiniana number to entertain the guests.


hank you for the unending love and care to the Nagtenga Elementary School. It has been a wonderful year with your presence gracing our school. Every gift you humbly give to us is treasured and remembered. May you all have a Merry Christmas!”— Delia Rodera Javillonar, Grade III Adviser, Nagtenga ES


hank you for the gift this Christmas. I am so happy that we have food for this Christmas season. May you have more blessings to come. Merry Christmas! I love you Tan Yan Kee Foundation!”—Thania Rose Reyes, Grade IV, Nagtenga ES


million thanks to Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. for the continuous love and support to Babayoan Elementary School. We pray that you keep on blessing not only our school but those who need your help the most. God bless and Merry Christmas!”—Caridad Tulingan, Grade V Adviser, Babayoan ES

Broad smiles could be seen from the faces of the schoolchildren and their teachers throughout the program. After the program, they could not stop expressing their gratitude to the Foundation and Dr. Lucio Tan. They said that their Christmas is merrier through the simple gift of love believing that they are always in the heart of the Foundation. n


alamat po sa maraming regalong binigay niyo, Tan Yan Kee Foundation. Hindi niyo po kami nakakalimutan mula sa School Supplies Distribution hanggang ngayong Pasko. Ang Pasko po namin ngayong taon ay magiging mas maligaya dahil sa mga binigay niyo. Sana po ay marami pa pon kayong matulungang mga bata gaya namin. Maraming Salamat po sa lahat!”—Russel Joseph Albano, Grade 6, Babayoan ES


hank you very much Tan Yan Kee Foundation sa mga gift na binigay niyo sa mga bata. Kitang-kita na napakasaya nila sa mga regaling binibigay niyo palagi. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”—Bebeth Lupdag, Parent, Babayoan ES

“N school every day and study more to achieve their dreams. The parents were also happy for their children’s eagerness and enthusiasm in learning. Mabuhay ang Tan Yan Kee Foundation!”—Frisco M. Josue, Teacher-in-Charge, Sidaoen ES


he TYKFI greatly influenced the lives of children especially in realizing their dreams to become successful in life. The giving of school supplies and Christmas gifts were highly anticipated by the pupils. These motivated them to come to 19

agpapasalamat po kami ng madami sa walang sawang pagbibigay ng tulong at mga aguinaldo. Laking tuwa po namin sa aming natanggap, maging ang mga kapwa ko magulang. Upang masuklian namin ang inyong kagandahang loob, pangako pong tutulong po kami na turuan ang aming mga anak sa kanilang pag-aaral. Maraming salamat po at mabuhay.”—Mr. Danilo de Guzman, Parent, Sidaoen ES



Tykf-Aabmss Monthly Medical Forum


very month, the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. and the Association of Asia Brewery Medical Specialty Scholars (AABMSS) hold a medical forum designed for laymen. The forum provides people with a venue to learn about the latest medical issues, trends, and available treatment options. Asia Brewery medical scholars render free consultations and discuss pertinent matters in layman’s language. The forum is held at the Century Park Sheraton. elling”): process of reconstructing,

n Movement Disorders (Dyskinesia):


repairing or improving lost, injured, de-

neurological conditions that affect the


fective or misshapen body parts by

speed, fluency and quality of movement


transfer of tissue

n Hyperkinesia: excessive involun-


n Cosmetic Surgery: to improve one’s

tary movement


physical appearance

n Hypokinesia: slowed voluntary

Paresthesia (Peripheral Neuropathy)

n Common Invasive Procedures:


Olfactory disturbance

Early Prostate Cancer (Stage 1 to 2A):


n Hemifacial Spasm:


asymptomatic, favorable – risk of pro-

Breast augmentation

Rare neuromuscular disease char-


gression and still organ confined.

Face lift (rhytidectomy)

acterized by intermittent, involuntary

Blurred vision

n Risk Factor:

Eye lift (blepharoplasty)

muscle contractions on one side of the


Men 40 years old and up

Nose lift (rhinoplasty)


Weight loss

n Active Surveillance: kind of selec-

n Face Lift (Rhytidectomy): improve

Common in female ages 50 to 60

n Risk Factors:

tive individualized approach that can

visible signs of aging in the face and

n Causes:


reduce risk of over or insignificant treat-



Above 65 years old

ment (retaining the option of definitive

n Injectibles: most common non-inva-

Arteriovenous malformation

n Diagnosis:

treatment for patients with signs of

sive procedures to enhance the outcome


Medical history (clinical


of face lift

Multiple Sclerosis


n Criteria:

n Botox: eliminates frown wrinkles


MRI, tremor analysis, drug test, SPECT,

70 years old and up

and wrinkles on the side of your eyes

n Parkinsonism: a common progres-


Appears safe of progression for 10 to 15

when smiling

sive and incurable neurodegenerative

n Treatment: no cure currently exists

years (6 years in Gleason’s Cancer Grade

n Fillers: adds volume to the face

disorder that affects movement and

to stop the progression of the disease,

and small amount of cancer found in 12

making skin looks tighter

body functions

only offers symptomatic relief that can

needle cores biopsy)

n Precautions:

Signs and Symptoms:

temporarily restore function and en-

Not eager to undergo immediate

Avoid smoking and alcohol

n Early Signs:

hance quality of life


Monitor and control sugar levels

Loss of smell

n Early Stage: physical therapy and

n Diagnostics: Done every 3 to 6


Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer Johnson L. Sy, M.D. (Clinics: CGH: 711-4141, Metropolitan: 254-1111)


Small handwriting

medications (Levodopa, dopamine ago-

months while with biopsy at 1 year

Continue on blood pressure mainte-

Limited facial expression

nists, antidepressants, hypnotics, GIT


nance medications (Hypertensive)

Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

or GUT drugs, Botulinum toxin injection,

n Total Serum Prostate Specific Anti-

Maintain weight by having diet and

Sleep Behavioral Disorder

blood pressure management)

exercise, especially before and after

n Motor:

n Late Stage: MAO-B and COMT inhibi-


Tremors (shaking)

tors and surgery


n Reconstructive Surgery: restore

Rigidity (stiffness)

n Essential Tremor: hereditary dis-

n Prostate Needle Biopsy: Elevated

approximate normal physical anatomy

Slow movement

order characterized by uncontrollable

serum PSA

and function of the body parts affected

Unstable posture or stance

shake or tremble of both sides of the

n Digital Rectal Exam (DRE)

by burns, traumatic injuries (facial bone

Loss of postural reflexes, flexed pos-

body during voluntary movement, not

fractures and breaks), congenital or de-

ture (dropped head syndrome)

associated with slow movements,

velopmental abnormalities (cleft palates

n Non-motor:

muscle rigidity, and postural changes

or lips), infectious disease and cancer or


n Causes:

cy, urinary symptoms or other related



Enhanced physiologic tremor: occurs


n Restoration of Anatomy:


during stressful or fear-provoking times

n Most Common Cause of Death:

n Repairing cleft lip and palate: child


Medication induced tremor: herbal,

not cancer itself but Cardiovascular

can look and speak normally


prescription and over the counter medi-


n Recreating breast after breast re-


cations or sudden drug withdrawal

moved due to cancer (mastectomy)

Obsessional and repetitive behavior

Excessive use of caffeine or other

n Restoration of Function:

Panic attacks


Repairing the tendons, bones, blood

Sleep disorders

Presence of another neurological

vessels and nerves of the hand or

Bladder disturbances (urgency,


replanting of finger: done under micro-

nocturia, frequency)

Post traumatic tremor: due to head

scope (microvascular surgery)



Orthostatic hypotension

Thyroid disease

gen (PSA) Blood Test: Tumor marker (less than 10ng/ml: low risk of progression and

n Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mp MRI) n Treatment: can cause impoten-


It’s Not Just Botox and Nose Jobs: A Beginner’s Guide to Plastic Surgery

Brian Christopher Ang, M.D. (Clinics: CGH: 711-4141, Cardinal: 727-0001, St. Luke’s QC: 723-0101, St. Luke’s BGC: 789-7700) n Plastic Surgery (from Greek word

“plastike” meaning “the art of mod-


Movement Disorders in the Elderly

Criscely L. Go, M.D. (Clinics: Metropolitan: 254-1111, Delos Santos: 877-3888, Infant Jesus: 731-2771)


Sexual dysfunction

Blood sugar fluctuations

Dry eyes

n Chorea: a neurological disorder


characterized by involuntary quick


movements of the feet or hands that


are comparable to dancing


n Causes:


Health Services Genetic

(CPR): using repetitive pressing to the

n Causes:

Eye injury


chest and breathing into the patient’s

Old age



airways, a simple inexpensive lifesaving




skill that can be learned by anyone

Prolonged use of steroids

n Kinds:


n Importance:


Open-angle: most common, have no


Approximately 50% of deaths from


symptoms and pain, but can cause side


cardiovascular diseases occur as sudden


vision loss


cardiac arrest. It is the most common


Close-angle: more of an emergency


mode of death in patients with coronary

n Symptoms:

type that can cause red painful eye with


artery disease occurring out of hospital

Gradual blurring of vision

headache and rapid vision loss due to



Light sensitive

extreme high eye pressure


Improves chance of survival upon the

Dull color vision

n Diagnosis: eye pressure and eye


arrival of advanced life support, known

Reduced sharpness of vision

canal check, Optic nerve and visual field


as the best lifesaving technique for car-

Increased near sightedness


n Diagnosis:

diac arrest

Doubling of vision

n Optical Coherence Tomography

Physical examination: detailed family

Keeps enough oxygen and blood flow-

n Treatments:

(OCT): to check the thickness of the

and medication history

ing to the brain

Early Stage: eye glasses

nerve rim

Routine blood work: stroke and

n Steps:

Phacoemulsification: surgery for

n Treatment:


Check the safety of the place and re-

dense stage, removes cataract leav-

Regular use of anti-glaucoma eye

MRI: acute hemichorea (affect one

sponsiveness of the patient.

ing a portion of anterior capsule and the

drops or pills to control eye pressure

side of the body)

Call 911 (emergency medical service

whole posterior capsule intact. Implant


Thyroid studies

hotline) for help.

permanent intraocular lens in between


(C)irculation: press the chest repeti-

the remaining capsules.

n Age-related Macular Degeneration:

tively to restore blood circulation.

n Diabetic Retinopathy: can cause

disease that affects individuals over 60

(A)irway: open the airway by head-tilt

changes in the blood vessels of the

years old

and chin-lift.


n Kinds:

(B)reathing: do mouth-to-mouth

n Symptoms:

Dry: most common kind in which


Eye bleeding

drusen (yellow patches) are found in the

Swelling of the retina

macula that can cause the slow deterio-

Abnormal blood vessels growth

ration of retinal cells

Kinds and Complication:

Wet: new blood vessels behind the

Proliferative: more severe and visual

retina, start to grow beneath, which is


where fluid and blood leak can create


a large blind spot in the center of the


Dengue and Other Viral Infections from Mosquito Bites

Endymion Tan, M.D. (Clinics: Metropolitan: 254-1111, FEU: 983-8338, Olivarez Gen.: 826-7966, Ospital ng ParaĂąaque: 825-4902) n Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika


The Aging Eye

Nikki Angbue Te, M.D. (Clinics: Chinese Gen.: 711-4141, Metropolitan: 254-1111)

Viruses: all transmitted by bites of

Diabetic Macular Edema: accumula-

visual field, that can cause vision drop

Aedes mosquito; belong to Flaviviri-

n Parts of the Eye:

tion of fluids in the macula due to weak

n Symptoms:

dae family

Cornea: makes up 2/3 refracting

and leaking blood vessels

Blurring of central vision

n Signs and Symptoms:

power of the eye

n Risk Factors:

Difficulty recognizing fine details

Lens: for focusing

Long duration of diabetes

Straight lines appear wavy, dark or

Parts responsible for transmitting

Kidney problems from diabetes

empty area (blind spot) appears in the

images to the brain:


center of vision

Retina: light-sensitive inner lining of

n Diagnosis:

Rapid loss of central vision

the eye

Comprehensive Retinal Examination:

n Risk Factors:

Optic Nerve: connects eye to the brain

every 3 to 6 months, to check and moni-


Macula: central area of the retina re-

tor the central vision


sponsible for sharp central vision

n Treatment:

Family history

n Treatment: no cure currently exists

n Error of Refraction: difficulty in

Laser: to prevent worsening of vision


to stop the progression of the disease,

seeing objects clearly or having blurred

Injection: lessen the swelling of

Cardiovascular disease

only offers symptomatic relief




Drink more fluids, take paracetamol

n Causes:

Surgery: for severe case of retinal

High cholesterol levels

and other symptomatic treatment



n Management: stop smoking, take

n Prevention:


Control blood sugar, blood pressure

vitamin and mineral supplements,

Inject dengue vaccine

n Kinds:

and cholesterol level

regular eye check-up

Avoid mosquito breeding sites

Myopia (nearsightedness)

n Management:

Dry: lutein and zeaxanthin (macular

Wear long sleeved shirts

Hyperopia (farsightedness)

Strict blood glucose

pigments that protect the retina from

Use insect repellents or mosquito net


Pressure and cholesterol control

ultra-violet damage), omega 3 fatty

n Presbyopia: age-related gradual

Regular check-up

acids (reduce oxidative stress)

hardening of lens that will lead to loss of

n Glaucoma: damage of the optic

Wet: repetitive photodynamic therapy

ability in focusing nearby objects

nerve due to elevated eye pressure; is

and anti-vascular endothelial growth

n Treatment:

the second leading cause of blindness

factor (VEGF) injections (to target

Reading Glasses: for near-sighted

n Risk Factors:

specific chemical that caused vessel

Bifocals and Progressive Lenses: for

Increase eye pressure

growth) n

far-sighted or with astigmatism

Ages 60 and up

n Cataract: usually age-related grad-

Family history

ual clouding of the lens in both eyes

Steroid users


Basic Life Support for Lay Rescuers Henry Chan, M.D. (Clinics: Chinese Gen.: 711-4141, Metropolitan: 254-1111)

n Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation



Health Services

TYKFI-ABI Medical Scholarship Program



he Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. and Asia Brewery Inc. gave another Filipino doctor a chance to train abroad and acquire valuable knowledge to be shared back home. Dra. Maria Blanca de Guzman is now back after her fellowship training in Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology at the National Heart Centre in Singapore (NHCS). The center prides itself as a national and regional referral institution for cardiovascular diseases.

The 33-year old doctor has been an outstanding student leader and has received various awards for academic excellence as a student. This year, she achieved another milestone in her career as she finished her training with emphasis on Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) / Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT). Dra. de Guzman describes her training and experience in NHCS as enlightening. She was able to perform several cardiac procedures under the guidance of her supervisor Dr. Ho Kah Leng and other renowned senior EPS consultants. She was also introduced and had the chance to assist in procedures using the latest trends and innovations in Cardiology. As a scholar and a doctor, Dra. de Guzman was able to complete three research studies under the supervision of Dr. Teo Wee Siong, one of her mentors. She was able to present one study entitled “Failures in Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation (RFA) of Patients with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome: An 8-Year Retrospective Study of Factors Related to Failure of Initial RFA” in the 9th APHRS Scientific Sessions in Seoul last October

am sincerely and forever grateful to the TYKFI-ABI Medical Specialty Scholarship Program and Dr. Lucio Tan. The support and this once-in-lifetime chance have been invaluable in allowing an aspiring Adult Cardiologist like me attain clinical competence and acquire high quality experience in Electrophysiology and cardiac devices practice. With these acquired knowledge and skills, I hope to contribute in improving academic standards and Cardiac Devices and Pacing practice upon my return to the Philippines. As I start my practice in Bulacan and in my alma mater, USTH, I wish to stay true and uphold the principles the Foundation is built upon – that is promoting and supporting academic and medical excellence, in order to serve and to benefit the Filipino patients.”

2016. Meanwhile, her paper “Evaluating Efficacy and Safety of Remote Magnetic Navigation System for Ablation of Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Tachycardia: An 8-Year Experience” was accepted for oral presentation at the CardioRhythm 2017 in Hong Kong in February 2017. Dra. De Guzman says that despite all the achievements and adventures, the six months she spent abroad was not all smiles and ease. She says, “Being in a foreign land, I needed to adapt to the environment – may it be in the institution or with the locals in the area. With the endless words of encouragement from my family and support of fellow Filipinos working in Singapore, I successfully completed the program.” She believes that the opportunity given to her by the TYKFI and ABI as an aspiring Adult Cardiologist was not just for her to gain professional advancement but also to broaden her viewpoint, discover her passion, and grow in faith. Beyond all these newly acquired scientific knowledge, the best lesson she learned by heart was to do her job properly, efficiently, and always safely. n



Health Services

A Doctor’s Dream: Better Hospital Services for the Philippines


rainings and experiences are valuable to people to improve and become more successful in their chosen field. The Foundation once again helped another medical practitioner achieve her dream of upgrading the country’s medical services through a special training abroad.

Dr. Emmeline Elaine L. Cua attended her Intensive General Surgery Laparoscopic Course Training last May 20 to June 4, 2016 at the renowned Institute for Research into the Cancers of the Digestive System at the Asian Institute for Telesurgery (AITS) in Taichung, Taiwan. The AITS Laparoscopic General Surgery Course is focused on the process of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). MIS is a surgical procedure that uses advanced technologies and has been proven to decrease pain and shorten recovery time by eliminating the need for the large incisions used in traditional open surgery. AITS is under the guidance of IRCAD (Institut de Recherche contre les Cancers de l’Appareil Digestif) Laparoscopic Training Center/European Institute of Telesurgery (EITS) – one of the most renowned surgical training centers in the world. Through AITS in Taiwan, international experts affiliated with IRCAD/EITS are now within close proximity of Asian surgeons. Dr. Cua, a graduate of University of the Philippines – Manila, College of Medicine, is now training as a general surgery resident in the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Doctors like her are being trained to be capable of performing both basic open and laparoscopic surgeries. Laparoscopic surgery has long been present in the country and flourished in private institutions. With the dawn of laparoscopic equipment PGH this year, her department is aggressive in sending residents and consultants to further train in

because she saw how advantageous laparoscopic surgeries are compared to open surgeries. Dr. Cua said: “The patients recuperate faster in a day or two. Most patients are happy with less pain and being able to go back to their normal life faster.” Dr. Cua added that learning laparoscopic surgery is literally transferring western knowledge to the east. Working with the international crowd with varying levels of experiences showed her that laparoscopic skills can be learned with persistence. Given that AITS is a training center with doctors from different cultures and races, she had to adjust to other nationalities she was training with, aside from dealing with the culture of her foreign host country. Dr. Cua said: “The medical experience in Taiwan was an eye-opener. In my interaction with other doctors, I saw how different countries – Western or Asian – modified their medical practices to fit their patients.” Learning from various internationally renowned surgeons widened her horizons. The awe from having experienced the future

both basic and advanced laparoscopic skills to provide cutting edge medical practice in the country. The 27-year old doctor decided to pursue this field of medicine


of surgery and medicine will always be the highlight of her journey overseas. Dr. Cua fondly recalls, “There was this sense of amazement with what the future trends have installed for medical practice, and the thought of bringing them to the Filipino people excites me.” Meanwhile, Dr. Cua is inclined to pursue a career in thoracic surgery, a specialization she was impressed with during a brief medical rotation in Toronto General Hospital, a premiere center for thoracic surgery in Canada. Dr. Cua dreams of such a hospital for the Philippines during her lifetime. Dr. Cua is very thankful to TYKFI for its support to doctors in need of assistance for overseas training. She said that many physicians who are just starting a career still rely on their family or seek other sources of funds for post-graduate training. “Who I am now used to be a childhood dream. I dedicate who I am today to my parents and to God. I hope my presence today will be an inspiration to the generations to come to be better than where we are now.” n


Social Welfare

Restoring the Farm Life: TYKFI Distributes Seeds to Scholars’ Families


he Foundation helped restore the farm life of the TYKSTA Scholars’ families by distributing seeds and farm inputs to help them get back on track. Prior to the devastation left by Typhoons Karen and Lawin last October 2016, the farming families in Nueva Vizcaya peacefully lived their lives relying on their crops as means to survive. These families included the parents of the TYK-STA Scholars who did not have a stable source of income. In an interview conducted by the Foundation with the help of Saint Teresita’s Academy’s teachers and staff, the parents of the scholars who came said that their farmlands were totally damaged. Almost all their crops were not salvageable. Their other properties such as their house, vegetable gardens, piggery and even their poultry animals were also affected by the ravaging typhoon. A total of 24 beneficiaries from Sta. Fe, Aritao, and Kayapa received seeds, several farm inputs, and a cavan of rice from the Foundation last December 2, 2016. Everyone expressed their profound gratitude for the help extended to them because these are beyond what they hoped for. The Foundation knows that their parents are really working hard for their children’s future – supporting them every step of their academic journey for them to make a difference in their life and consequently, their country. n 24


Social Welfare

Legacy Forest Project Workers Attend Mass to Celebrate the Christmas Season



n the joyful spirit of Christmas, TYKFI officers and staff attended the Holy Mass with the Legacy Forest Project team at the St. Francis Chapel near the project site in R.A. Padilla, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija last December 8, 2016.

Fr. Jerome Ponce from the Divine Mercy Chapel of Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya officiated the celebration of the Christmas Mass which coincided with the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Members of the Divine Mercy Music Ministry led the singing of the hymns. Fr. Jerome’s Homily centered on the Virgin Mary who he said was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Fr. Jerome said that in the same way, the Legacy Forest Project volunteers were also chosen by God to take care of the environment. Thus, he reminded them to continue their mission of enriching the land and forests to leave a lasting legacy to future generations. The TYKFI team invited everyone who attended the Mass

Abao, Flora Lim, and former Sta. Fe Mayor Teodorico Padilla, Jr. The project team members were happy that the chapel has been repaired and ready for Mass celebrations. They see

to lunch and distributed calendars and gift items to the volunteers. Among those who attended the event were the Foundation’s Philip Sing, Jonathan Anuma, Valerie Tan, Evelyn 25

the chapel as a symbolic seed of faith among the Catholic parishioners in the area. As the tree seedlings they have planted grow from day to day, so does their faith in God. n


Social Welfare

LCT Legacy Forest Project Update


s of the last quarter of the year, the Legacy Forest planting force continued to work on baselining, brushing, plantation establishment and replanting of seedlings. For 2016, they planted timber, fuelwood and fruit trees on 223.71 hectares of land in Barangay RA Padilla, Carranglan Nueva Ecija. To date, the project already covers a total of more than 500 hectares of planted area having planted seedlings on 278.45 hectares of land in 2015.


Meanwhile, the Legacy project team also oversees the protection of 285.22 hectares of a natural bio-diverse forest which is home to a variety of rare plants and wildlife.

To protect the planted areas, they also constructed firebreak paths and conducted 24-hout foot patrolling in three shifts. There are now seven lookout sheds manned 24/7 in three shifts by two watchmen per shift. Professional foresters supervise the planters and evaluators have been assigned to document the number of seedlings and trees planted by the different teams. There are also two checkpoints which monitor entry of people in the project area.

Nursery Activities Nursery activities in 2016 included baselining, brushing, strip brushing, seedling classification, sorting and grading, potting, preparation of seed beds and continuous watering until they were ready for permanent plant26

ing. By year end, they were able to raise and mainatin more than 150,000 timber, fuelwood and fruit seedlings. Agro Forestry Projects By September, the Foundation started to study new agricultural livelihood projects for unemployed farmers. Engaging professional agriculturists, it sponsored a short training project in onsite vegetable farming in a medium-sized farm at a lowland area of Carranglan, Nueva Ecija.


Social Welfare

The livelihood trainees learned the various scientific steps and materials needed to produce various types of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants in of the Tan Yan Kee Model Farm Project. The first group of trainees produced organic vegetables like lettuce, corn, cabbage, gourd, luffa, upo, okra, string beans, chili, bell pepper, regular tomatoes and cherry tomatoes and herbs like basil and lemon grass.

n Total Number of Seedlings Raised and Maintained

Processing Cassava As another livelihood opportunity, the Legacy Forest planters planted cassava along firebreak areas of the forest plantations. The planters were trained in cassava production where the harvested cassava fruits were crushed, dried and converted into tiny chips. Individual planters may follow this production procedure to earn a livelihood by selling the chips.

Species A. Timber 1. Narra 2. Batino 3. Benguet Pine 4. Agoho 5. Rubber tree 6. Mahogany 7. Kalumpit 8. Toog 9. Malaruhat Pula 10. Balobo Sub-Total B. FUELWOOD 1. Mangium 2. Ipil-ipil 3. Antsoan Dilaw 4. Falcata 5. Palawan Cherry 6. Banilad 7. Japanese Acacia 8. Sagimsim Sub-Total C. AGROFORESTRY 1. Guyabano 2 . Sampalok 3. Nangka Sub-Total Grand Total

Scientific Name


Pterocarpus indicus Alstonia macrophylla Pinus kesiya Casuarinia equisitifolia Heave brasiliensis Swetenia macrophylla Terminalia microcarpa Petersianthus quadrialiatus Aglaia edulis Diplodicus paniculatus

72,394 4,927 802 3,152 1,143 855 9,788 9,484 5,180 2,405 110,130

Acacia mangium Leucaena leucocepala Cassia spectabilis Falcataria mollucana Cassia nodusa Sterculia comosa Acacia auriculiformis Syzgium brevistylum

10,145 8,636 13,220 1,780 1,900 5,884 50 1,925 43,540

Anonna muricata Tamarindus indica Artucarpus heterophylus

50 550 500 1,100 322,234


New Trees for 2017 In 2017, the planters will start to sow seeds of Mangium, Guyabano, Nangka and Cashew. When they start to grow, they will pot them in Hiko trays. Thereafter they will prepare the Hiko Tray beds and start pricking and transplanting germinants. As the seedlings grow, they will apply the appropriate organic fertilizer for the trees to grow bigger and healthier. n n 2016 Plantation: Total Planted Area by Species

Species A. Timber 1. Narra 2. Batino 3. Malaruhat Pula 4. Bitaog 5. Lipote (?) 6. Kalumpit Sub-Total B. FUELWOOD 1. Mangium 2. Ipil-ipil 3. Antsoan Dilaw Sub-Total C. AGROFORESTRY 1. Guyabano 2 . Sampalok Sub-Total Grand Total

Scientific Name


Area (Has.)

Pterocarpus indicus Alstonia macrophylla Aglaia edulis Calophylum inophyllum Syzgium curtiflorum Termenalia microcarpa

38,558 28,241 2,107 1,722 4,693 3,785 79,106

46.29 19.61 2.53 2.07 2.82 4.54 77.86

Acacia mangium Leucaena leucophala Cassia spectabilis

46,793 95,591 43,453

28.07 57.34 26.07

Anonna muricata Tamarindus indica

18,663 38,628 57,291 322,234

11.20 23.17 34.37 223.71


LT News


r. Lucio C. Tan receives the prestigious Highest Achievement Award in Beijing, People’s Republic of China for being recognized as one of the world’s most successful Chinese business tycoons and for being a leading philanthropist in his home country, the Philippines. Dr. Tan receives the award with his wife, Madame Carmen K. Tan, who is a Trustee of the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. where he is Chairman and President.

Dr. Lucio C. Tan Receives Prestigious Award in Beijing, China


Legacy July-December 2016  

Official publication of the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Inc. Vol. 10 Issue 2 July-December 2016