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ALLEY OOP 2009-2010.

Phi Delta Chi - Alpha Upsilon Chapter Ohio Northern University 125 S Gilbert St Ada, OH 45810, USA


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“Alterium Alterius Auxilio Eget ”



ALEX SEMINARA T h e Brotherhood that I have come to experience in the past year as Worthy Chief Counselor has been excellent. As the outgoing WCC Geoff Mospan has given such great leadership to our Fraternity, I knew that I had very big shoes to fill. Despite the fact that it took me a bit to shake my nerves, I believe that I settled in to the WCC spot quite comfortably. I not only wanted to continue the success that Geoff had accomplished in his term, but I also wanted to see our Brotherhood attain even more recognition and awards. In the 2009-2010 Standards of Excellence awards, we had received Silver Chapter Recognition, which was hardly matched amongst the other Greek

chapters on campus. We had also received the President’s Award, for the Greek Chapter with the highest GPA. As I had seen the Alpha Upsilon Chapter grow since my initiation, I was very excited to see how our Fraternity to grow in the upcoming year. My two main goals for the office of WCC were quite simple. I wanted to form a close knit Brotherhood and advance the Chapter further than it had ever been before. Through the help of the other officers and the cooperation of the Brotherhood, I am more than satisfied with the results. These goals have been achieved through all of our hard work and dedication. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to serve as the WCC. Through my term in office, I have grown very close with the other officers. I believe that had we not spent the amount of time

together that we have, I would not have enjoyed the office as much. Not only did I enjoy becoming better acquainted with our Advisors, but I am also appreciative of the stronger relationships that I have formed with Dr. Kinder and Dr. Stockert. While I was in office, I also became less shy, which opened many doors for me, including helping me meet our Chapter’s Alumni that came to visit. It is always great to hear the stories from our Alumni. I was also afforded the opportunity to travel to new places with the Fraternity. These trips to Grand Council and the Regional Conference have certainly been exciting, and have only deepened my conviction for Phi Delta Chi. For all these things, I am truly grateful. With the University will never cease changing and the ultimate evolution of Phi Delta Chi, I wish the new Worthy Chief Counselor Anthony Fritz, the best of luck.

BROTHERS Alex Seminara and Cory Miller show off the dressings from their new Phi Delta Chi tattoos at Grand Council in Phoenix, Arizona.




Recruiting new members is becoming more and more of a difficult challenge each year. During my time as Worthy Vice Counselor, I was able, with the help of the brotherhood, to find five new brothers to pledge in the spring class of 2009, and six more in the fall class of 2009. I designed a great rush shirt that met the approval of the brotherhood and was a big hit. For the fall class of 2009, I worked alongside the InterFraternal Council (IFC) to launch a new campaign to improve greek participation on campus. During the freshman move-in event at Ohio Northern, brothers from every fraternity wore shirts that simply had the letter “G� written on the front. Later, the secret greek message was revealed to the freshmen students. This new idea really seemed to help spark an interest in greek life. All in all, I really enjoyed my time as WVC. The fraternity has made some great changes and I enjoyed having a very successful year.

SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING on Mont Trenblant in Quebec, Canada are Brothers Cory Miller and Todd Sega


OFFICER REPORTS ALLEY OOP Worthy Keep of Records & Seals


My year as Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals has positively changed me in multiple ways. First of all, it forced me to be much more organized than I ever have been. My experience has also taught me the value of sticking to what I believe is best for the fraternity, even though there may be resistance to it, and that is something I can definitely take with me to other situations in the future. Most importantly, though, my year as an officer illustrated the importance of working together within a group and how much can be accomplished when a group works well together - a main virtue of the brotherhood.




My term as Worthy Keeper of Finance presented a lot challenges that I enjoyed meeting head on. Immediately after I took office, it became obvious that with the changing amounts for dues and increasing need for various expenditures, a completely new budget had to be created. With the new budget, the challenge of pitching a substantial increase in fraternity dues to the brotherhood quickly presented itself. However, after numerous brotherhood meetings, we were able to comprise the perfect budget that served us very well throughout the year. I also greatly enjoyed planning our annual formal dance party. In similar fashion to the previous year, we held our formals at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. We had a great turnout of both brothers and alumni. We tried to provide a convenient date for alumni to attend by matching the date of formals to that of the Ohio Pharmacist Association weekend also held in Columbus, Ohio. I had a great time serving as the Worthy Keeper of Finance and the fraternity is currently in excellent financial shape.


and former sweetheart Michalena Grosshans at the annual formal event in Columbus, Ohio.



BEN BROCIOUS When I took office two years ago, Rich (the previous Worthy Correspondent) showed me the 100% Achievement Awards that we had collected throughout the years and said these were sort of a symbol of the hard work of the Worthy Correspondent. Seeing these, I knew that I couldn’t let the Brotherhood down and had to do whatever it took to earn another trophy for our chapter. These past couple years have shown me just how much work is required to earn the 100% Achievement Award, and more. It is truly

a team effort that goes into the work of the WC. Many of the monthly reports required me to seek help from other Brothers within the Chapter, and each time they were more than happy to help out. Being the Worthy Correspondent is a job that requires you to have delegation skills, or learn them quickly, and I feel that was the biggest thing I learned my first year as WC. Fortunately, my second year went much smoother and I was able to more effectively manage the reports and make sure they were getting done earlier in the month. In addition to learning

delegation skills, having this office has encouraged me to become more involved within the Chapter. This includes going to the Gatlinburg retreat, as well as several visits to the Alpha Phi Chapter. Overall, being the Worthy Correspondent has been a very rewarding experience and I am happy to say that I did not let the Brotherhood down and was able to bring home another 100% achievement award last year. I trust that our next Worthy Correspondent will be able to continue our hard work, and I look forward to helping him however I can.

Brothers Chad Meyers, Ben Brocious and Ryan Siefring mohawked their hair before giving themselves haircuts.



GEOFFREY MOSPAN When reflecting on my term as Worthy Prelate, it seems our chapter participated in a wider variety of professional projects than usual. At the start of my term in spring of 2009,

wished their patients knew. We closed the end of the school year by contributing to a Women’s Health Screening held by professors of ONU. In the fall, a similar ap-

I began with a Hypertension Screening at a local grocery store. With the help of a faculty member, we were able to screen local townspeople for high blood pressure and provide them information via a poster board and patientfriendly brochures. Dr. Finley of the College of Pharmacy supervised while the Brothers of Phi Delta Chi were able to practice taking blood pressures and counsel patients. During spring quarter, I also put together a brochure for patients instructing them how to best manage their medications. In addition, the hand-out also gives patients information on retail pharmacy, which I believe every community pharmacist

proach was taken to the professional projects. At the yearly Homecoming parade, we developed a coloring activity for kids to help differentiate between drugs and other dangerous household chemicals to food or candy. The Brothers at the event distributed the coloring activities to the local children. By now, IPPE’s should be a household word to pharmacists and pharmacy students alike. In our curriculum, each pharmacy student must complete a certain amount of these hours in order to graduate. Besides hospital and community IPPE’s, pharmacy students must complete community outreach IPPE hours as well. To help our Brothers complete

these hours, Phi Delta Chi teamed up with NCPA and held several Blood Pressure/ Osteoporosis screenings at various locations in the community. Brother Rich Boyd helped facilitate the organizing of the events, as he was President of NCPA. The crowning jewel of my term came towards the end when the College of Pharmacy learned they received a grant which would help the pharmacy organizations on campus financially with a community outreach event. When this generous donation was made available, myself and Brother Todd Sega collaborated on an event we have been thinking of for years. Our community outreach event was different than those commonly performed by pharmacy groups. Our profession is able to help people in ways that many do not normally think. A prescription drug abuse awareness campaign to teach the dangers of abusing medications to children, typically fifth graders, was created. We wrote up a PowerPoint and had them printed on large, laminated slides which were presented on an easel. A total of 88 fifth graders at Ada and Allen East Elementary Schools learned how the trend of abusing medications among teenagers is increasing and what they can do to prevent that from happening


OFFICER REPORTS ALLEY OOP Worthy Prelate, continued

GEOFFREY MOSPAN to themselves. At the end of the presentation, each student is given a wristband stating “I choose not to abuse prescription drugs� and a pledge to take home to their parents, promising not to abuse medications. In addition, one student from each classroom received a gift card. At the end of April, a write-up was due to the outreach coordinator and monetary prizes were given to the top three pharmacy groups for future professional projects. I am pleased


to report that Phi Delta Chi received third place and will be receiving $250. Looking back, the event was definitely a success and we believe the message was taken well by the fifth graders. Since everything is already in place, more elementary schools will be contacted and the event will be continued in the fall with the new Worthy Prelate and

Brothers Zach Olds, Geoff Mospan and Anthony Fritz


myself. The professional projects held during my term were able to fulfill many of the objectives of Phi Delta Chi: developing leaders to advance to profession of pharmacy, providing quality services to our patients, improve personal and professional skills of Brothers, and serving the community. I enjoyed working with fellow Brothers on these events, faculty, and members of the community. I would like to thank the Brothers for giving me this opportunity and I wish good luck to the new Worthy Prelate Billy Maiden.


CHAD ROUNDS This was my second year as the Worthy Alumni Liaison. I’ve spent my terms trying to build stronger individual relationships with our closest alumni while trying to gain a greater alumni base at the same time. We used various mailings to keep past Alpha Upsilon brothers up-to-date with what is taking place at our chapter at Ohio Northern. Also, with the help of numerous brothers, we have

been continuously changing and developing our chapter’s website. On the website, alumni can keep track of what the fraternity is doing, upcoming events, and get to know the current brothers. I’ve also tried to incorporate small events for alumni to participate in. During homecoming, alumni are invited back to the chapter house for a cookout and a fun afternoon. Also, we set our formal’s date to the

one that coincides with the Ohio Pharmacist Association weekend in Columbus, Ohio in order to get more alumni in attendance. All things considered, I’ve really enjoyed my time as the Alumni Liaison. I hope that our fraternity can continue the great strides it had made in improving our relationship with our alumni base.




This past year I served as the Worthy Master at Arms. The brotherhood did a great job in providing two decentsized pledge classes, five in the spring and six in the fall. Throughout my time as WMA, I quickly determined that from years past and the experience I gained with each meeting, that organization was key to making the pledging process successful and worthwhile to our new members. I really loved the position of WMA because I was able to convey the importance of brotherhood and what we stand for. The pledging process really defines who we are to the new

members and allows them to take pride in what we represent. This, in turn, continually betters the fraternity and the quality of men who make up the Alpha Upsilon chapter. I was fortunate during my time as WMA to maintain a 100% percent retention rate during both the spring and fall pledge classes. The brotherhood as whole would most likely agree that we were even more fortunate to get such a great, well-liked group of men. During pledging, the new brothers learned a great deal about the fraternity at weekly meetings. They also got to know each individual brother on a personal

BROTHERS Kirt Shipley and Andy Nelson


level throughout the process. I strived to make pledging as enjoyable and rewarding experience as possible for each potential brother. They participated in every brotherhood event, including socials, serenading sororities, candy rounds to sororities, and all of the fun fraternal bonding. Looking back on my time as Worthy Master at Arms, I had a great time getting to know the new guys and preparing them to be great brothers. I also loved being a person they could come to with any issues or questions that arose during pledging



The Fraternity as a whole accomplished a great deal this year, especially in regards to fundraising and philanthropy. As the Inner Guard this year, I registered Phi Delta Chi to work a weekend at Cedar Point during one of the Halloweekends. The 25 brothers that went were split into two groups, given costumes, and were sent to haunted houses. Once at the house, the brothers were given assignments and the opportunity to scare

as many people as possible. In all, the weekend was a great success; the brothers enjoyed it thoroughly and we were able to raise over 2,000 dollars for the fraternity as well donating over 400 dollars to St. Jude’s Children Hospital in a single weekend. In addition to Cedar Point, other fundraisers that we did including the “Buy a Phi Delt Auction,” which brothers offered a variety of services to their buyer. We also had

a variety of socials with sororities this year including a spring cookout and volleyball with the Theta’s, a St. Patrick Day social with the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha, a Halloween social with the Alpha Xi’s, and Christmas social with the sisters of Delta Zeta. I enjoyed being the Worthy Inner Guard and think that as a whole, the fraternity was represented well and accomplished a lot of good things this year.










This year a group of brothers headed up to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio in order to raise a little extra money to kick off the 2009-2010 school year. Working in haunted houses, we screamed and spooked our way to raising a total of over $2,500.00. Annual Halloweekends are very popular events that attract tens of thousands of thrill seekers each year. Whether or not the new look was an improvement for some, when we adorned our black gowns and eerie masks, guests were not disappointed. The money earned during our weekend of fright and terror, went toward housing upgrades and various charity donations.

alpha xi delta HALLOWEEN SOCIAL

The lovely sisters of Alpha Xi Delta helped us to celebrate Halloween at the chapter house this year. With the smell of warm apple cider filling the house, the brothers and sisters had quite a competitive evening. In addition to rousing “pin the bone on the skeleton” races and other classic party games, groups of brothers and Alpha Xi’s went head to head, or jack-o-latern to jack-o-latern rather, in a pumpkin carving contest. A group of Phi Delta Chi brothers was victorious of course.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha joined us for a “shamrocking” good time! With the chapter house full of green-clad brothers, the sisters were invited for pizza, refreshments, and a just a night full of fun.

ST. PATRICK’S zetaDAY tau SOCIAL alpha 16


In a fun-spirited night, Kappa Alpha Theta sisters came to the chapter house for game night. Many game favorites were played included Apples to Apples and classic card games such as Uno. When the gaming came to an end, the music was cranked up and dance party erupted throughout the entire house. The night was a simple event, but a ton of fun for everyone there.

The sisters of Delta Zeta helped us celebrate Christmas the right way! They brought over dozens and dozens of delicious sugar cookies shaped like all kinds of Christmas symbols. When everyone had arrived, large bowls of icing were set out for cookie decorating. The night carried on as the cookies were devoured and everyone mingled throughout the chapter house.

CHRISTMAS delta zeta SOCIAL kappa epsilon


Our pharmacy counterpart, the sisters of Kappa Epsilon, intended to join us for an afternoon of fun in the sun, and although it rained, we moved all of the festivities inside. Brothers grilled food and set out refreshments as the Kappa Epsilon sisters arrived. Throughout the event we enjoyed pizza inside the pharmacy building. We also enjoyed catching up and meeting new initiates. With music playing loud and weekend spirits high, it was a great way to start off a Friday night in Ada, Ohio.



PROFESSIONAL PROJECT PRESCRIPTION DRUG EDUCATION For our professional project, our Brothers educated middle school students from Ada, Ohio, on the dangers of prescription drug abuse. During the talk, we focused on explaining the effects of the drugs on the body in terms the students could understand. We also stressed the potentially lethal interactions these drugs could have on the body.


Lastly, we had a constructive question and answer session with the students to clear up any confusion about avoiding prescription drug abuse. We gave an informative talk about the harmful effects of prescription drug abuse. As studies have shown, the average age of a prescription drug abuser is 12, so our target audience was middle school students.

We focused on the most commonly abused drugs in our discussion. After our discussion, we gave out wristbands reading, “I Pledge to be PrescriptionDrug Free.� We also asked the students to sign papers, reinforcing their pledge to be prescription-drug free. After we gave our presentation, we invited our audience to ask any ques-


tions they had about drug use, other drugs not covered in our discussion, any problems that arise from prescription drug abuse, and any topics they did not understand. We had several volunteers with surprisingly knowledgeable questions. We feel our

answers were honest and pointedly against any form of drug use. The students’ prescription drug knowledge further emphasized the necessity of this seminar. After our seminar had finished, we received several compliments on our presenta-

tion from school faculty and staff. We will continue this project in the coming school year by educating a new class of students; we also hope to expand our project to other school districts.


Todd Sega holds the poster for the Professional Project that won third place in a competition to win money from a grant presented by Dr. Kristen Finley









From Brother Alex Seminara, Brother Chad Meyers and Ryan Seminara




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