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ECS, trusted steward of the science

The nonprofit professional Electrochemical Society has led the world in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology and allied subjects since 1902. We advance scientific theory and practice through publications, meetings, continuing education, and collaboration. Our robust global membership develops solutions to the planet’s major challenges. Scientists, engineers, and industry leaders share research at ECS biannual, co-hosted, and sponsored meetings. The ECS Digital Library on IOPscience hosts abstracts and highly peer-reviewed articles from publications including Journal of The Electrochemical Society (the oldest journal in its field), ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, and new open access ECS Sensors and ECS Advances

Catenate with the ECS Community


Growing community of more than 54,000 individuals

• Interface: 9,000+ average downloads per month

Presenting 5,000+ abstracts annually at ECS biannual meetings

• ECS Digital Library: over 8.2 million page views per year

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Digital Advertising Opportunties

Journal advertising options


IOP Publishing partners with The Electrochemical Society

The Electrochemical Society (ECS) is proud to partner with IOP Publishing in the publication of the Journal of The Electrochemical Society and the ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, and hosting ECS Transactions, ECS Meeting Abstracts, Interface, as well as hosting ECS’s retired publications archive—ECS Electrochemistry Letters, ECS Solid State Letters, Electrochemical and SolidState Letters, and ECS Proceedings Volumes

Reach a global audience of researchers by creating an advertising campaign running across our digital journals platform.

Journal of The Electrochemical Society (JES)

JES is the flagship journal of The Electrochemical Society. Published continuously from 1902 to the present, JES is one of the most highly cited journals in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology.

ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology (JSS)

JSS is a peer-reviewed journal covering fundamental and applied areas of solid state science and technology, including experimental and theoretical aspects of the chemistry and physics of materials and devices.

ECS Sensors Plus

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The Electrochemical Society’s family of journals champions the study and advancement of electrochemistry and solid state science and technology with:

• Over 550,000 page views per month;

• 7,934,936 downloads in 2022;

• One of the most highly cited journals in the field;

• Content consumed by readers from every continent in the world.

ECS Sensors Plus is a one-stop shop journal for sensors. This multidisciplinary, gold open access journal provides an international platform for publishing high-quality impactful articles and promoting scholarly communication and interactions among scientists, engineers, and technologists whose primary interests focus on materials, structures, properties, performance, and characterization of sensing and detection devices and systems, including sensor arrays and networks.

ECS Advances

ECS Advances is a multidisciplinary, gold open access forum of peer-reviewed, highquality content covering all technical areas supported by the Society. ECS Advances publishes full-length original work, brief communication-style papers, perspectives, review articles, and special issues.


Please contact IOP Publishing for pricing and more information. Email: Curtis.Zimmermann@ioppublishing.org

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Digital Advertising Opportunties

ECS Homepage

248,554 pageviews*

9.50% of 2,617,183 total page views

Banner: 720 x 492 pixels

ECS home page ad rates (displayed above the fold)

1 month $3,296

3 months $6,489

6 months $9,785

12 months $17,510

• Ad placement: Banner ad, run of site.

• If multiple sponsors, ads rotate evenly. No more than three ads run during any one time period.

• Acceptable files: PSD, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, or PNG.

ECS News

239,816 page views*

9.16% of 2,617,183 total page views

ECS News

Banner: 200 x 80 pixels

ECS News ad rates (displayed on main page and ALL individual posts)

1 month $3,296

3 months $6,489

6 months $9,785

12 months $17,510

• Ad placement: Banner ad, run of site.

• If multiple sponsors, ads rotate evenly. No more than three ads run during any one time period.

• Acceptable files: PSD, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, or PNG


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*Page views are metrics in Google Analytics that refer to when a user loads a webpage on a site.

With the electrochemical industry continuously evolving, ECS wants to keep the industry informed and up to date. Working with the publishing team at Multiview, the new ECS Weekly eNewsletter will reach over 48,500 electrochemical professionals every week.

Brand awareness: stay top of mind with prospects who match your target audience

Brand affinity: build trust and align your compnay with a trusted leader within the industry Exclusivity: gauranteed 100% share of voice on the advertising zone chosen

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ECS Webinar Series

Cutting-edge research presented by leading scientists

PhysicsWorld is co-producer

The webinars are broadcast on PhysicsWorld.com, the official website of ECS’s publishing partner, the Institute of Physics. The site hosts webinars from many of the world’s leading scientific authorities, routinely generating more than 800,000 monthly page views.

Webinar sponsorship opportunities are available. Sponsors’ names/logos appear on the landing page and they receive the lists of all webinar registrants giving permission to be contacted.

• Registrations on average: 500+

• Lead capture: 100+

Digital Advertising Opportunities
and past webinars are at ELECTROCHEM.ORG/WEBINARS
Email Curtis.zimmermann@ioppublishing.org Reserve your sponsorship space today!
ECS Weekly Newsletter Delivered to over 47,931 inboxes and growing! Horizontal banner: 970 x 90 pixels ECS WEEKLY NEWSLETTER Vertical banner: 160 x 600 pixels BENEFITS INVENTORY Purchase banner ads directly by visiting https://jobs.electrochem.org/employer/pricing salesinquiries@multiview.com 972-402-7070 ECS Career Center ads (One or two ad placements) Learn more about advertising: ECS Career Center 10,490 job views/month *Disclaimer: This is a sample only. Scale and details subject to change. Advertisement Advertisement
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ECS Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide (DEVguide)

Digital advertising is the next step in a successful sales campaigns. The ECS Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide (DEVguide) provides a strategic showcase for your organization and product(s). DEVguide brings exhibitors’ and sponsors’ brand stories to customers at scale, in context, in a real-time, personal format. Digital advertising delivers real-time results and metrics that help marketers make their campaigns more cost effective—and demonstrate a tangible ROI.

Upcoming Meetings

243rd ECS Meeting with SOFC-XVIII

May 28-June 2, 2023 – Boston, MA

Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston

244th ECS Meeting

October 8-12, 2023 – Gothenburg, Sweden

Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre

245th ECS Meeting

May 26-30, 2024 – San Francisco, CA

Marriot Marquis San Francisco

PRiME 2024

October 6-11, 2024 – Honolulu, HI

Hawaii Convention Center & Hilton Hawaiian Village

Share your message: advertise in the ECS Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide! From visibility to credibility, advertising at ECS meetings is right for your organization. Today’s successful sales campaigns include digital advertising. The Society’s powerful platform entices major new customers and enhances relationships with current customers around the world.

• Distributed to all live and online audiences in the critical electrochemistry and solid state science market;

• Provides a strategic digital showcase for your organization and product(s);

• Brings brand stories to customers at scale, in context, in a personal format;

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Acceptable Applications

• Adobe Illustrator (version 6.0 or higher),

• Adobe Photoshop (version 4.0 or higher) and Adobe PDF

Unacceptable Applications

Microsoft Office:

• Microsoft PowerPoint

• Microsoft Word

• Microsoft Excel

To ensure your ads are reproduced at the highest quality, please send electronic high resolution PDF files (all graphic elements and text at least 300 dpi) with all fonts converted to outlines. Video: MP3, MP4 from one to three minutes; or link to a YouTube video.

To learn more about ECS exhibits and sponsorship, please email sponsorship@electrochem.org.


DIGITAL EXHIBITOR&VENDORGUIDE 242ndECSMeeting ATLANTA,GA October9-13,2022 AtlantaHilton electrochem.org DIGITAL EXHIBITOR & VENDOR GUIDE 241st ECS Meeting VANCOUVER BC CANADA May 29-June 2, 2022 Vancouver Convention Centre electrochem.org ECS Meeting DIGITAL MEETING October 10-14, 2021 Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide www.electrochem.org/240
FORMAT SIZE (no bleed) SIZE (bleed) Pricing 4-Color Width Height Width Height US$ Full page 7” 10” 8 ” 11 ” 3,500 ½ page 7” 4 ” 8 ” 5 ” 2,500 ¼ page 3½” 5” N/A N/A 1,500 Addition of a second full-page ad with video 500
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Meeting Advertising

ECS online program

Highlight your brand to our entire community as a supporter of ECS. Our community is making key discoveries that address global sustainability challenges. Join us, as we look to further advancement in these areas.

Online program footer ad – $6,500*

• Three sponsorships available

• Ad links to sponsor’s website

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Online program symposium ad – $5,000*

• Multiple sponsorships available

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Online program navigation panel ad – $3,500*

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As images shrink in smaller screen sizes, be aware of not making text too small.

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Symposium Ad*
Left Navigation Ad* Footer Ad* *Disclaimer: This is a sample only. Scale and details subject to change.

The Electrochemical Society Interface is an authoritative yet accessible publication for those in the field of solid state and electrochemical science and technology. Published online, Interface provides the global science community with the research, news, and views they need to keep informed on breakthroughs, challenges, and emerging trends from around the world.

Researchers on the cutting edge

Inform the ECS membership and the wider science community on how the latest advances in your goods and services can aid them in their research efforts.

Global reach

Build relationships with scientists around the world through our extensive networks.

An active community

Benefit from added word of mouth from ECS’s highly engaged community where professionals from various industries collaborate and share information of mutual benefit.


Align your brand with a prestigious nonprofit with a rich history of advancing scientific knowledge for a better future.

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Why advertise?
VOL. 31, NO. 4 Winter 2022 N A VIGATING SUSTAINABI L I YT 11—Calloutscangoheretodiscover 91 — Cla l o u t s c an g o here todiscover 29—Call outs cangoheretodiscover 41—Call outs can goheretodiscover 21—Call outs can g o h e r e t o d i revocs ACTIVATE WITH ECS PUBLICATIONS LEARN MORE

Interface Advertising Opportunities


Celebrating 30 years of publication

Reach your markets in our quarterly magazine, Interface, a staple for leading electrochemical and solid state science engineers and scientists. Downloaded one million+ times from the ECS Digital Library in 2022, Interface readership grew by 59 percent from 2020 to 2021.

Spring 2023

Special issue: Neuromorphic Computing

Advertising close date: January 30

Advertising copy submission: February 10

Publish date: March 31

Summer 2023

Industrial Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering (IE&EE)

Advertising close date: May 1

Advertising copy submission: May 12

Publish date: June 30

Fall 2023

Special issue: TBD

Advertising close date: July 31

Advertising copy submission: August 11

Publish date: September 29

Winter 2023 Sensor (SENS)

Advertising close date: October 23

Advertising copy submission: November 3

Publish date: December 22

White papers and advertorials

Have a report or product you’d like to share with potential customers?

Publishing a white paper or advertorial is an innovative way to introduce or promote your product or services.

With Interface, you reach tens of thousands of researchers, academic leaders, students, industry partners, and influencers in the electrochemical and solid state science community. Contact sponsorship@electrochem.org for more information.

Key advertisers include:

sponsorship@electrochem.org 9 AN VIGATING SUSTAINABI L I YT 11—Cal o scangoheetod c ve 9 C g he e dicove Ca ou s a goheetodicover 1 C o an gohe odi co er 21—C l ut n h ev

Interface Advertising Specifications

Design ad specifications

Interface display advertising

The Electrochemical Society 65 South Main Street, Building D Pennington, New Jersey 08534-2839




Contact: sponsorship@electrochem.org

Ad requirements

Electronic high-resolution PDF files preferred

Acceptable applications: Adobe Illustrator (version 6.0 or higher), Adobe Photoshop (version 4.0 or higher), and Adobe PDF.

Unacceptable applications: Microsoft Office: PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.

Supporting files/graphics: Include all supporting files and fonts along with page layout. Acceptable formats: Illustrator and Photoshop. High Resolution TIFF or EPS files must have at least 300 DPI.

Compression: Zip (PC) or any other self-extracting compression software.

Production charges: All ads not meeting the above specifications are subject to production charges for color separations; typesetting; alterations in copy or layout; reproduction from photographs, either halftone, silhouette or drop-out, etc.; and any artwork corrections or for any other special requirement and necessary repairs.

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Trim size: 8 1/8” x 10 7/8” Type page: 7 x 10” Bleed size: 8 3/8” x 11 1/8” Column width: 2 1/8”
Column height: 10”
Three columns per page
BLEED Space size Width Height Width Height Full page 7” 10” 8 3/8” 11 1/8” 2/3 page 4 1/2” 10” 5 1/4” 11 1/8” 1/2 page 7” 4 7/8” 8 3/8” 5 5/8” 1/3 page 4 1/2” 4 7/8” N/A N/A 1/3 page vertical 2 1/8” 10” N/A N/A 1/4 page 3 1/2” 5” N/A N/A 1/4 page vertical 2 1/8” 7 3/8” N/A N/A 1/6 page 4 1/2” 2 1/8” N/A N/A 1/6 page 2 1/8” 4 1/2” N/A N/A Full page (7 x 10”) 2/3 page (4 1/2 x 10”) 1/2 page (7 x 4 7/8”) 1/3 page vertical (2 1/8 x 10”) 1/4 page (3 1/2 x 5”) 1/4 page vertical (2 1/8 x 10”) 1/6 page (4 1/2 x 2 1/8”) 1/6 page (2 1/8 x 4 1/2”) 1/3 page (4 1/2 x 4 7/8”)