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The Consequences of Sin

God’s Plan When God created the earth and man, it was the Lord’s intention for man to live and not die. God provided man with a perfect living situation where man did not have to worry about where to get food to nourish their bodies nor would sickness and death be a part of the circle of life. But because of sin this was short lived.

What Is Sin? Sin is the transgression or breaking of the laws of God. Sin is dangerous because it allows the root of evil to be fed and helps it grow in ways that are unimaginable. Sin is never limited or has boundaries. Sin is like a deadly bacteria, it spreads and spreads. It will consume its host if it is not stopped or removed.

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When man sinned in the garden, the Knowledge of Evil entered into the hearts and minds of mankind. Sin, like a persistent garden weed, began to grow and multiply in the earth, causing those who did not resist such evil to commit horrific crimes or acts in the earth, but more importantly it caused man to reject God and risk eternal damnation.

Sin was the sole reason behind the first murder on earth. Cain disobeyed the Lord and allowed Satan to convince him to NOT offer God the required sacrifice. Instead, Cain opted to give God an offering of his choice. When God rejected Cain’s offering, the evil and sinful root in Cain’s heart manifested itself with Cain killing his brother Abel who gave God an acceptable offering.

The First Murder

The Consequence Cain’s actions did not go unpunished. We all know from science class that for every action there is a reaction. So understand when you break the laws of God there is a reaction or consequence. Cain became a vagabond or fugitive in the earth. Cain was a tiller of the earth or a farmer and as a result of the great sin he committed, God cursed the ground. Therefore, the ground would never yield her full increase or give the best harvest again. The earth is still dealing with this curse.



As mentioned before, sin has no limits or boundaries. The murder of Abel was the FIRST murder but it certainly was not the last. As man began to multiply on the face of the earth, wickedness began to increase greatly. God saw that the imagination of the thoughts of man’s heart was evil continually. The earth was corrupt and filled with much violence.

Lifespan Cut Short

Adam and many of the forefathers lived for hundreds of years, with Methuselah living the longest at 969 years! But because of the multitude of sin, God cut the lifespan of man to a mere 120 years before the great flood.

Destruction With Water Now, just how was God going to destroy the earth? Water. Yes, God was going to use water to destroy this earth!!! God was going to cause it to rain so much as to cause a great flood. This great flood would result in every living thing that had the breath of life to be destroyed, with the exception of a select few.

Noah Finds Grace Despite the wickedness of the people, there was a man by the name of Noah who walked with God. Noah was a just man and perfect in his generation. Because of the grace Noah found in the eyes of the Lord, the Lord made a covenant with Noah. Noah, his wife, his three sons as well as their wives would be the only 8 people saved in all the earth.

Protection of the Ark Because of the nature of the destruction God was going to bring upon the earth, the Lord commanded Noah to build a special vessel called an ark. This ark would be able to withstand the rain and the flood. The ark was gargantuan. Not only was Noah, his wife, his 3 sons and their wives going to live in the ark but animals were going to be on the ark also.

Inhabitants of the Ark s

Noah used gopher wood to make the ark according to the Lord’s measurements and specifications. Per the Lord’s instructions, Noah gathered a male and female of every living thing of all flesh. More specifically, for clean animals and all fowls, they were to be gathered 7 by 7 (7 females for 7 males). And for unclean animals, they were to be gathered 2 by 2 ( 2 females for 2 males). Noah was to also bring food into the ark for all 8 people as well as for all of the animals.

Let’s Talk About It Take a look at what God was about to do. He was going to destroy his entire creation with a great flood because of sin. Sin was so great that man disregarded their Creator and his laws. Instead, they chose to fulfill every wicked thought that Satan put into their hearts and mind. Understand this, the sin committed on the face of the earth wasn’t new. It was simply a continuation of that evil root that was planted in all living flesh after the sin in the garden. That same evil root that led to the killing of Abel. As you can see, sin grows and grows and has no limits or boundaries.

Today vs. Time of Noah Next week we will continue the lesson on the great flood. But for now let’s look at the lesson and see if we can draw some parallels, that is, find similarities, between the flood and the time we are living in today. Prior to the flood, the people had riotous living, they ate, drank, and did whatever they desired. Violence filled the land. Man fulfilled his own wicked desires. The laws of God were of non effect or were not desired of the people.



Drawing Parallels Let’s look at today’s people in the world. Are they not living wildly too? Killings and murders are gruesome and unspeakable. Sodomy and all forms of fornication is accepted as normal. People do as they please and the laws of the land change to fit the desires of the people. God is very unhappy to say the least. Just as he destroyed the wicked before, he has plans to destroy the wicked again and for good.

How Do We Know?

In Matt 24:37-39 it states :�But as the days of Noe were, so shall the coming of the Son of man be (this is Christ). For as the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.�

How Do We Know? As we have read in the scriptures, God is going to take the wicked by surprise as he did during the time of Noah. But we must be like Noah and make a covenant with the Lord and follow him that we might find grace in his sight and be saved.

Let’s Sum it Up! It was never in God’s plan for •man to die. Sin is the breaking of God’s •laws. The sin that happened in the •garden c aused the root of the knowledge of evil to be put in man.

•Sin has many consequences. God will save and protect those •who keep his laws and resist sin.

Consequences of Sin Sin can cause your life to be •cut short. Sin has caused many violent •acts to be perpetrated since the first murder. Sin is the reason God destroyed •the earth with water and the reason it will be destroyed with fire in the end. Sin can lead to eternal •damnation (permanent death).

The End!

Special Thanks

This presentation was developed by: Tam Walls

Consequences of Sin (2013)  

When God created the earth and man, it was the Lord’s intention for man to live and not die. God provided man with a perfect living situati...

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