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APVMA - Ecomist Insect products are registered with the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)

Ecomist manufacturing is ISO 9001 certified

Ecomist is a member of the Franchise Council of Australia

Ecomist is an associate member of the AEPMA

All Ecomist Franchisees and staff have a Working with Children clearance and Australian Federal Police checks.


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INTRODUCING ECOMIST AUSTRALIA Established in 1993, Ecomist Australia is a leading provider of premium quality hygiene products and services, specialising in Odour Control and Insect Control. Our core product is an innovative programmable aerosol dispensing system that won an award for the Best New Product from The Aerosol Association of Australia and New Zealand.

Our ultimate aim is to enhance the environments of our customers through our high quality products and excellent after-sales service. • We have a unique 2-in-1 odour control solution that neutralizes odours and fragrances your environment. Our broad range of over 50 fragrances contain imported French perfumes • Our insect killer uses natural pyrethrum from Tasmania and East Africa, which is completely safe around food, people and pets • Our dispensers are stylish and state-of-the-art: solenoid valves, fully programmable and offer both 250ml and 650ml solutions depending on your business needs • We provide a broad range of hygiene products that help our customers achieve best practice hygiene in their business • Our Franchisees are proud to offer the best service in the market. They visit on a regular basis to change the aerosol cans and to ensure the dispensers are operating effectively.




Why choose Ecomist as your Hygiene Service Provider? Premium Quality Products

Manufactured in New Zealand, our products are backed by a full warranty and guarantee.

Serviced and Maintained

We take care of everything, allowing you to focus on your customer.

Locally Owned

As franchisees, we own the business and will ensure that your needs are understood and addressed in the best way possible.

No Contracts

Customers are not locked in. There is no financial risk.

The Ecomist Service Offer Our Franchisees are experts in their field and are completely familiar with national and state requirements for insect control, odour control and hygiene. Our Franchisees will • • • • •

Advise customers on best practice hygiene Install dispensers for optimal effect Program the dispensers to meet your needs Offer flexible solutions to meet your budget Service your dispensers at regular intervals.

Our Service includes • • • • •

Cleaning and testing the dispensers Changing the canisters Replacing batteries as needed Responding to emergency callouts at no cost 24/7 toll free customer service line.


INSECT CONTROL 1800 243 500

AUTOMATIC INSECT CONTROL If insects are a problem for your business, Ecomist offers a fully serviced automatic insect control system that repels and kills flying and crawling insects, including flies, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, ants, moths and more. Ecomist developed the original automatic insect control system which has been proven effective time and again in the most demanding environments. Our customers include household names in hospitality, schools, hospitals and hotels. Also used on farms and in domestic homes.

The Ecomist Natural Insect Killer uses natural pyrethrins, derived from the Chrysanthemum Daisy and is safe to use around people, food and pets. The computerised Ecomist dispensers continuously release small bursts of natural pyrethrin at regular intervals and are suitable for indoor and semi-enclosed outdoor areas. • • • • • • •

Solenoid valve releases finer particles which stay airborne longer Consistent volume delivery ensures the can lasts longer Fully programmable to meet your unique needs Sleek design which blends into your environment Fully enclosed operating system 250ml and 650ml options Security covers are available for dispensers in areas where vandalism may occur.

Our friendly team will install and service your system at regular intervals so you can focus on what you do best — looking after your customers.


Maxi Starter Pack (650ml) Code EMAXISPACK Refill Pack (3 cans) Code RPACK650

Midi Starter Pack (250ml) Code E4BLISTER Refill Pack (3 cans) Code RPACK250

INSECT CONTROL 1800 243 500

OTHER INSECT CONTROL PRODUCTS INSECT SNIPER Sniper is a highly effective residual spray for interior use. It may also be used outdoors but should not be exposed to the elements. It kills insects when they come into contact with it and can last up to 3 months.Typical areas that should be treated are skirting boards, under fridges, window sills and all other hard to reach places. 600ml Code 403

INSECT GRENADE Insect Grenade is a single application fumigation type product that is designed for fast and effective relief from insect infestations. It releases the entire contents of the can and penetrates hard to reach places where insects may hide. It also contains insect growth regulator (IGR) which breaks the breeding cycle for up to 6 months and prevents insects in larval or egg stage from reaching maturity. 260ml Code 402

TORPEDO Dirty drains are the breeding places for fruit flies which are attracted to dark, moist environments with food residue. Torpedo Drain Foam is designed to sanitize your drain and discourage fruit flies from breeding there. It should be used daily as part of your end-of-day cleaning routine and used throughout the fruit fly season. 630ml Code 408

BUGBULLIT Protect yourself from those nasty biting insects when you are out and about. BugBullit with Deet is an aerosol filled with a powerful insect repellent. This tropical strength spray will protect you for up to 6 hours. Effective against mosquitoes, flies, fleas, sand flies and other annoying insects. 215ml Code 410


ODOUR CONTROL 1800 243 500

AUTOMATIC ODOUR CONTROL SERVICE Improve your business image by keeping your premises odour free and smelling wonderful! An odour free environment will lead to: • Improved perceptions of your establishment • A clean and hygienic image • More satisfied customers and staff.

The Ecomist 2 in 1 odour neutraliser is a unique formula that removes odours and also fragrances the air. It attracts and encapsulates the odour particles, pulling them down to the floor where it oxidises them, effectively destroying odours. Simultaneously the dispenser releases the scent of your choice to create a wonderful fragrant environment. • • • •

Perfumes imported from France Manufactured to European standards Over 50 fragrances to choose from Eliminates unwanted smells in washrooms, pan rooms, sick bays and throughout your establishment • Eliminates tobacco, cooking, mould, pet and everyday smells. The computerised Ecomist dispensers are fully programmable to meet your unique needs and release small bursts of odour neutraliser at regular intervals. • • • • •

Solenoid valve releases finer particles which stay airborne longer Consistent volume delivery ensures the can lasts longer Sleek design which blends into your environment Available in 250ml and 650ml options Security covers are available for dispensers in areas where vandalism may occur.

Our friendly team and their staff will install and service your system every month. We will program the dispenser to meet your needs so you can concentrate on what you do best looking after your customers!


The EcoPro (250 ml) is designed for indoor usage.

The Maxi (650ml) is designed for larger areas and semi-enclosed outdoor spaces.

ODOUR CONTROL 1800 243 500

REMOVE BAD ODOURS INSTANTLY If you have an offensive odour that needs immediate removal from an area, Ecomist Odour Bomb is the solution for you. Unwanted smells can ruin the experience for your guests or customers and can leave bad first impressions. With the help of the Ecomist Odour Bomb your premises can be left smelling clean and fresh quickly and easily!

Odour Bomb is designed as a one-application fumigation type product that empties its contents at once to overcome the most stubborn odours. It can also be used in small bursts by not fully depressing the trigger. • • • • •

Rids the room of unpleasant smells (body odours, alcohol, food, tobacco) Easy to use Delicately fragranced Leaves the area with a subtle, clean and fresh smell Formulation uses top quality odour neutralising chemicals.

Ideal for use in: homes, motels, hotels, offices, rental properties and aged care residences, office spaces, washrooms. Coverage: 65m2 Size: 225ml For best results, use in conjunction with an Ecomist odour control and fragrancing dispenser system.

3 x 225ml Odour Bomb Code 409



THE ULTIMATE INTERIOR ACCESSORY In-store fragrancing is the specific use of fragrances to create an enticing, comfortable and interesting retail environment. Fragrance, like colour, can make a room feel more inviting, spacious, elegant, relaxing or festive. Fragrances target a person’s acute sense of smell and create an environment that will be remembered long after the shopping experience. University studies have shown that customers will stay longer, buy more and have a better perception of your brand and your business if the environment is fragranced.

ECOMIST FRAGRANCING SYSTEMS Ecomist fragrancing systems offer an outstanding experience that builds customer loyalty and sets you apart from your competition. With two decades of experience in making stores/business premises smell wonderful, we use our advanced Ecomist dispensing system to tailor programs to suit the needs of your environment. We’ll ensure your premises are beautifully fragranced all the time.

Select from our extensive range of exquisite fragrances and achieve a point of difference. Over 50 French fragrances to choose from...

Our fragrances draw inspiration from nature, the great perfumeries of Paris and the spice houses of the Far East. All fragrances are blended and manufactured in New Zealand with perfumes imported from France.

We can even design a signature fragrance that is exclusive to your brand! We will visit your premises and discuss the most appropriate fragrance for you. Our fragrancing solution will be tailored to your specific needs, and our service takes care of everything, allowing you to focus on your customers.

8 1800 243 500



Floral Shanel

Musky and exotic, green, jasmine


Floral, fruity, peach, rose, mint

Country Mist

Rose, peach, apricot and amber vanilla


Fruity, light floral, woody and powdery


Classic, delicate garden rose.


Watery citrus, floral, light woody notes

Milky Way

Rose, jasmine, sandalwood and oakmoss


Crisp lemon, floral & violet

Red Dwarf

Red rose, orchid, musk and sweet wood


Fresh jasmine


Green flora, powdery vanilla, caramel amber


Floral franjipani, powdery

Moonlight Dancer

Fresh summer with a hint of apple


Marine, coconut, caramel, peach


Sweet and light tropical floral


Light fruity, warm, woody

Summer Story

Floral, fern and vanilla

Tropical Coconut

Exotic and tropical, creamy coconut, vanilla


Bergamot and vanilla

Natural Peppermint

Clean and fresh

Enchanted Garden Intense green, herbal, woody Citrus

Fresh citrus blend


Calming and purifying, eucalyptus

Lemon Talc

Sharp, powdery and spicy


Clean with antiseptic properties


Citrus, floral, musky Berry


Citrus, floral, woody


Sweet and fruity


Sweet woody tang and green herbal notes


Green citrus, orchard, amber musk


Sweet fresh raspberries


Refreshing mix of juicy fruits and berries Foody


Fruity Citrus Zest

Citrus, white flowers, sandalwood


Sweet, juicy orange


Fruity, grapes, intense fruity and light woody


Citrus floral, herbal tea, white musk

Monte Carlo

Citrus and lavender


Fresh and fruity, peach


Crisp and fresh, apple Spicy


Floral, light leafy, amber and sandalwood


Fresh, floral, woody and spicy


Citrusy, oriental and spicy

Far Out

Heavy, woody and masculine


Oriental and woody, citrus & bergamot


Woody, tea, vanilla and patchouli


Sweet, sensual & smooth


Fresh juicy mango

Blueberry Muffin

Sweet and warming, freshly baked muffin


Pure, rich chocolate


Fresh roasted coffee

Baby Talc

Powdery, floral and fresh



Royal Sport

Sharp, woody, musky, green


HAND & BODY HYGIENE 1800 243 500

PREVENT THE TRANSMISSION OF INFECTION Effective hand hygiene is the most important thing you can do to prevent the transmission of infection to yourself, your staff and your customers. We pick up thousands of bacteria on our hands when completing single every day tasks in the workplace, and these can easily be passed on to colleagues.

SPRAY SOAP SYSTEMS The Spray Soap closed pump system delivers a fine mist of liquid soap of 0.2ml which is only 20% of ordinary systems. • • • • • •

4000 shots per refill cartridge Easy to install & maintain Factory sealed cartridge system improves hygiene No drips or blockages 96% biodegradable Available in Hand lotion and Antibacterial.

* Also available in stainless steel.

800ml Dispenser Code SZ5001 Soap Refill (6) Code VU5011

FOAM SOAP SYSTEMS The Foam Soap dispenser delivers a foamy mound of soft luxurious soap. Every shot contains around 0.4ml of foam soap resulting in an economical 2000 shots per refill cartridge. Also available in an automatic dispenser. • • • • • •

Easy to install & maintain Quick to lather, cleanses and rinses easily Unique soft-push dispenser makes it easy for everyone to use Factory sealed cartridge system improves hygiene No drips or blockages 90% biodegradable.



800ml Dispenser Code SZ8001 Soap Refill (6) Code VU8019

HAND & BODY HYGIENE 1800 243 500

HAND SANITISER • Alcohol based formulation kills 99.99% of pathological micro-organisms, reduces cross contamination and prevents the spread of diseases • Moisturising ingredients prevent drying and chafing keeping skin soft and supple • Only 0.2ml used in every shot resulting in an amazing 2000 shots per refill • Quick to dry • Recyclable packaging • Easy to fit - refill clicks straight into the dispenser • Factory sealed refills improve hygiene • No drips or blockages.

400 ml Dispenser Code SZ 4501 400ml Refill (12) Code VU 4502

BETASAN HAND SANITISING STATION This is an automatic station and is a highly effective, fast drying formulation that contains moisturisers to leave hands soft, moisturised and germ-free. There is no need to physically touch the dispenser as it automatically senses your hand movement. • • • • • • •

Ideal for entry and exit points in high traffic areas A touch free system that kills 99.9% of common germs Convenient stand can be moved around in high traffic areas Quality product - sturdy and easy to assemble Economical - 2,500 shots in every 300ml refill 300ml and 5L refill options available Alcohol or alcohol-free formulas available.

Sanitising Station Code: HSBETAS 300ml Cartridge (6) Code: HSBETASR 5l Refill Code: HSBETASAN

ALPHA MOUSS SHOWER GEL Alpha Mouss is a smooth and modern design 3-in-1 shower gel dispenser that can be used as a hand wash lotion, shower gel and hair shampoo. Particularly suitable for high traffic hospitality washroom areas (hotels, motels, leisure centres and spas). • • • • • • •

Key locked dispenser reduces theft Rinses clean and does not leave a film or scum High foaming pearly gel with a delicate fragrance Conditioning and moisturising qualities The gel is 100% biodegradable The refill cartridge is recyclable Each cartridge delivers 350 shots. Shower Dispenser Code H80533 Refill (24) Code H80534 SUPPLIED BY



BEST PRACTICE HYGIENE The clean, sparkling appearance of a washroom can have an influence on the reputation of your business. With today’s health conscious society, it’s imperative to have a washroom that not only looks clean but is hygienically clean. Ecomist offers a range of hygiene solutions to keep your washroom clean and fresh. Our Franchisees will provide a free hygiene inspection and advise on best practice hygiene.

WASHROOM DEEP CLEAN Don’t let harmful bacteria build up in the washroom. Create a hygienic & pleasant environment for your staff and customers. A Deep Clean is performed by specialists who use industrial cleaning equipment to de-scale and remove all foreign bodies caught up in washroom fittings and drains. This thorough clean removes uric acid and lime encrustation in the drain, from urinal grates as well as behind and on the top of the step. A Deep Clean can also be performed to floors, walls, toilet bowls, wash troughs and hand basins in both male and female toilets. • • • • • • •

Eliminates unpleasant odours Reduces risk of infection Improves hygiene standards Improves cosmetic appearance Removes ingrained & harmful bacteria that regular cleaning can’t Prolongs the life of amenities and pipe work Removes uric acid and lime encrustation in the drain.

Our experts guarantee results If you are not happy we will repeat the job free of charge. A noticeable & cost effective face lift for washrooms Can be performed on urinals, floors, walls, toilet bowls, hand basins and wash troughs. Best practice hygiene Leads to a better image for your business and happier staff & customers.



TOILET ACCESSORIES Take a Seat Dispenser

Urinal Targets

Code BR3501

Code UT001 (Pack of 6)

Refill Bladder (Pack of 6) Code VU3502

Keep your boys on target and the washroom clean.

Toilet Seat Sanitising System, that eliminates germs and bacteria with one wipe. • 2000 shots per refill

• Help keep toilets clean • Improve hygiene • Easy peel adhesive backing for easy application

Biotab Urinal Sanitiser

Sweet Lu Blue

Each flush dissolves a portion of the Bio Tab, releasing its blend of active, biodegradable cleaning agents and activates the release of a pleasant scent that helps keep the urinal smelling fresh.

The simplest and most cost effective method to keep toilet bowls and urinals clean and hygienic. Cleans, deodorises and sanitises with every flush.

Unitab urinal deodoriser

Sparkle urinal mat

Code H09702 (Pack of 10)

Code HCU030 (Box of 12)

Complete screen and chemical block bonded together. Automatically cleans, descales, deodorizes with every flush.

Code H09600 (Box of 12)

Also available in Clear and Slimline.

Code H09630 (Box of 12)

Cleans, freshens, deodorises and disinfects the urinal with every flush. Suitable for all wet/dry urinals. Assists in capturing both paper and rubbish to help prevent drain blockage.




PAPER PRODUCTS Ecomist supply a full range of high quality paper products to the commercial market. Available in recycled, economy, standard or premium paper products.

PAPER HAND TOWELS Our paper hand towel range delivers superior absorbency and strengh. • Interfold paper hand towel. Delivers single sheet dispensing, helps reduce waste and provides optimum hygiene. • Interfold half cut hand towel. Very economical, only uses half a sheet. Soft, strong and highly absorbent. • Roll hand towel. Absorbent wiper, created for busy, high traffic washrooms. • Centerfeed roll towel. All-round, absorbent wiper for diverse working environments.

TOILET PAPER Our Toilet Paper products provide practical and cost effective solutions for any bathroom.Available in 1 & 2 ply. • Interleaved toilet paper. It offers superior hygiene, easy maintenance and cost control. Single sheet product flushes more easily. • Standard roll toilet paper. Offers ultimate softness, thickness and value. It is individually wrapped for improved hygiene. • Jumbo roll toilet paper. Suits high-traffic areas. High capacity with minimum maintenance.

FACIAL TISSUES Our Facial Tissues are designed to complement most environments and offer high quality, comfort and softness. • 2 ply tissues • Available in regular or premium.


14 1800 243 500


TOILET PAPER DISPENSERS We supply a full range of toilet paper holders, please contact us for more information.

Multi toilet roll holder

Triple toilet roll holder Code PHA3000

Code PAMA833

The solid construction offers a sleek modern design that makes it an ideal dispenser for large venues. It is key locked and designed for surface mounting. Holds six standard toilet rolls and is available in stainless steel.

Double toilet roll holder

This triple-line toilet roll dispenser is made for those environments that need a strong robust unit without the frills. It is key locked and stainless steel, wall mounted and holds three standard toilet rolls.

Jumbo toilet roll holder Code PAM784CS

Sleek modern design that is suitable for medium traffic washrooms. These dispensers are designed to be wall mounted and hold two standard toilet rolls. Available in stainless steel/white metal and in a triple toilet roll holder.

Code PHA841

Perfect for high use environments that need a strong robust unit without the frills. It is key locked & holds a standard Jumbo toilet roll. Available in stainless steel and plastic.




PAPER TOWEL DISPENSERS Choose from an extensive range of paper towel dispensers to suit all business requirements. Available in a variety of sizes and designs - Slimline, Ultraslim and Compact.

Metal Paper towel dispenser

Plastic Paper towel dispenser

Code PAMD106

White metal

Code PH37511 White ABS

Slimline interleaf paper hand towels. Dimensions (mm): 275x330x133

Slimline interleaf paper hand towel. Dimensions (mm): 260 x 300 x 95

Slimline Paper towel dispenser

Stainless Steel Paper towel dispenser Code PAMD106CS

Satin Stainless Steel

Code PAMA855 Stainless Steel

Slimline interleaf paper hand towels Dimensions (mm): 275 x 330 x 133

Slimline interleaf paper hand towel. Dimensions (mm): 265 x 370 x 70

Interleaved tissue dispenser

Roll paper towel dispenser

Code PH37501A-DRT White metal

Code PA/ABCD-250i White ABS Interleaf paper tissue 1/2 cut paper towels




We supply a full range of Hand Dryers, please contact us for more information.



Code M88A

Code M09A

Suitable for medium traffic settings, especially areas where noise is an issue.

Suitable for high traffic areas and where vandalism is an issue. Also available in a stainless steel.

Noise: 60dB Drying time: 38 seconds Design: ABS thermoplastic Air Velocity: 65km/h

Noise: 68-75dB Drying time: 8-10 seconds Design: Solid white steel Air Velocity: 325km/h



Code M99AC

Code M08A

Suitable for medium traffic areas especially where noise is an issue - small offices, restaurants, theatres.

Suitable for medium traffic settings, especially areas where noise is an issue.

Noise: 60dB Drying time: 38 seconds Design: Stainless Steel Air Velocity: 65km/h


Noise: 70dB Drying time: 10-15 seconds Design: Solid, high impact ABS Air Velocity: 210km/h

Jet Speed Dryer

Code E05

Code H81821

Suitable for high traffic settings e.g. sports stadiums, schools, petrol stations. Noise: 70dB Drying time: 29 seconds Design: Vandal proof steel White epoxy coating. Air Velocity: 96km/h

Popular in low to medium traffic settings with low risk of vandalism. Noise: Noise: 70dB Drying time: 5-10 seconds Design: ABS plastic Air Velocity: 340km/h



INFANT HYGIENE 1800 243 500

MAXI NAPPY WRAPPER SYSTEM Hygienic and time saving way of disposing nappies. The system is easy to use, reduces odour, assists with hygiene control and improves staff working conditions. • • • • • • •

Unique patented disposal system for all types of disposable nappies Smell free, germ free and hygienic Convenient and maintenance free Anti-bacterial agent for built-in protection against germs Fresh citrus fragrance Bin holds up to 50 medium nappies Each cartridge wraps up to 180 nappies.

Maxi Nappy Wrapper bin Code NW854340

STANDARD NAPPY WRAPPER SYSTEM The Hygiene Plus has an advanced germ seal film with an anti-bacterial barrier which keeps on killing germs even inside the tub. The twist lock technology individually seals each nappy, locking away germs and odours. • Bin holds up to 25 nappies • Each cartridge wraps up to 180 nappies.

Nappy Wrapper bin Hygiene Plus Code NW840017

NAPPY WRAPPER REFILL CASSETTES Replacement cassettes for use with the nappy wrapper bins are also available with a new improved film for better odour control. The cassette just drops into the top of the bin and is ready for use in seconds. It fits both the Standard and the Maxi Nappy Wrapper bins. • 18m of film per cassette • Wraps up to 180 nappies per cassette.



Nappy Wrapper Refill cassette 18 per carton Code NW830317

INFANT HYGIENE 1800 243 500

BABY WIPES Our baby wipes are Ph balanced and dermatologically tested to gently cleanse a baby’s skin, leaving a protective layer to help prevent nappy rash. • • • • • •

Hypo-allergenic Fragrance free Alcohol, Paraben and Soap free Soft and super-absorbent Each pack contains 80 wipes Each carton contains 20 packs

Regular Baby Wipes • Size: 20 x 18cm • Code: WBBW3223 Premium Baby Wipes • Size: 20 x 22cm • Bigger and thicker • Code: WBBW4323 Bio-degradable Baby Wipes • Size: 20 x 18cm • Code: UBABYWIPES6101

NAPPIES Our range of nappies will vary in different states. Please contact your local franchise owner for more details. • Available in M/L: 128 nappies per pack • XL: 112 nappies per pack • Junior: 100 nappies per pack




CARPET CLEANER FOR DRY STAINS Cavalier Bremworth Dry Stain Remover is designed to be lightly applied as a spray and then the resulting powder vacuumed up using a fine nozzle. Designed to work on most food, drink, oil and grease-based stains. Effective on almost any dry stain that has not caused a chemical reaction with the carpet fibres. Suitable for wool and synthetic carpets and rugs. Size: 350 g/390 ml Product Code: CB-DRY

CARPET CLEANER FOR WET STAINS The emergency Cavalier Bremworth Wet Stain Remover acts instantly to treat wet stains on all carpets and rugs. Effective against tea, coffee and red wine, soft drinks, juice, beer, body waste (such as urine or vomit). Size: 350 g/390 ml Product Code: CB-WET


Pack of 3 Carpet Stain Remover (3 dry) Size: 3 x 350 g/390 ml Product Code: 3CBDRY


Pack of 3 Carpet Stain Remover (3 wet) Size: 3 x 350 g/390 ml Product Code: 3CBWET

Pack of 3 Carpet Stain Remover (2 dry + 1 wet) Size: 3 x 350 g/390 ml Product Code: CB-2dry1wet


NILOGEL Fluid Absorption Powder Nilogel is designed to absorb, gel and deodorise liquid spills, vomit, urine and other accidents in one easy step. It is the most effective odour control absorbent available. Contains the Original Super N Concentrate which destroys even the toughest odours. • • • •

Absorbs over 100 times its own weight Absorbs spills quickly and effortlessly Eliminates odours No fuss - shaker bottle

Nilogel Body Fluid Absorption Powder can be used across a number of industries hospitals, child care centres, night clubs and bars, nursing homes, fitness centres, ambulance and police stations, prisons, taxis and schools.

227g shaker pack Code NG001

SENTRY VOMIT BAGS A convenient and cost effective system, designed to work in a variety of environments. Easily kept in every room, the bags are large enough for any situation and have a twist lock to seal the bag from spillage. As used in hospitals. • • • • • •

No more unpleasant odours Easy to hold, tough plastic rim Isolated splashback control Measuring guideline to allow monitoring of fluid loss Minimised chance of cross infection Single use disposable units 1.5Litre 50 per box Code VB001

CLEANING CLOTHS • Super absorbent- will absorb 10 times its own weight in common liquids. Designed for water, solvents, oil and grease • No odour retention - there are no chemical additives in the cloths • Colour coded to help reduce the risk of cross contamination between different cleaning areas • Reusable & autoclavable, making it an economical choice • Soft but super strong fibres. Ideal for use in food manufacture, hospitality, aged care, childcare and more.


40 sheets per pack, 40X30cm Code JUNIVSFCCRGSB



ECOMIST CHEMICALS The range of chemicals may vary in different states. Please check with your local representative.

Natural Surface Cleaner Spray + Wipe Cleans all washable hard surfaces instantly. With a unique formulation that penetrates and lifts away grease, fat and grime. Best used for walls, doors, counter tops, tiles, woodwork, stoves, range hoods, plastic and upholstery.

Designed to readily dissolve grease & grime from hard washable surfaces. Solvent free and is safe to use on most surfaces: plastic, metal, glass, enamels & paint.

Pine Disinfectant

Non Rinse Sanitiser

Cleaner and deodoriser. A one step cleaner and disinfectant suitable for use on all washable surfaces. The routine use of this product will render these surfaces free from most common bacteria. It also has excellent deodorising properties.

An odourless surface sanitiser that is a formulated disinfectant used to render surfaces free of bacteria. Ideal for kitchen bench tops, chopping boards, fridges, bins, baths, changing mats, children’s toys, toilet seats, taps, potties, wash basins.

Antibacterial Hand Wash

Phosphosan Sanitiser

Ecomist Pink Hand Soap contains moisturisers that leaves hands soft and clean. Ideal for re-fillable soap dispensers.



All-Purpose Cleaner

Industrial strength acid base wash and sanitiser. It provides broad protection against bacteria, moulds and yeast. Removes rust and hard water staining. Excellent for stainless steel troughs, urinals and drains.

PROTECTIVE WEAR 1800 243 500

We provide a full range of protective wear, including aprons, masks, ponchos and coveralls.

DISPOSABLE GLOVES Food grade disposable gloves, natural ambidextrous and close fitting protection for a variety of applications, including: food preparation and handling, printing and agricultural use. Also available in blue for easy identification in food preparation areas.

Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Code GBNG3583, box of 100 (sizes S, M, L), blue or clear

Vinyl Disposable Gloves - Powder Free Code GBNG3883, box of 100 (sizes S, M, L), blue or clear

Latex Disposable Gloves - Powder Free Code GBNG2833, box of 100 (sizes S, M, L)

Polyethylene Disposable Gloves

Code GBNG8883, box of 100 (sizes S, M,L), blue or clear *10 boxes per carton

*Other type of gloves are available upon request (Nitrile etc.)

DISPOSABLE CAPS Recommended for use in food processing, healthcare, manufacturing, aged care, childcare and more. • • • • •

Breathable and made from non-woven paper Comfortable and lightweight Conveniently disposable Double elastic edge, crimped Available in white and blue.

Code GBNR21224, 1000 caps per carton


Protection from cross-contamination of footwear Comfortable and lightweight Conveniently disposable Made of Polyethylene, elasticised Available in blue.

Code GBNR28131, 1000 per carton




SERVICED SANITARY BINS Ecomist provides an affordable, flexible and reliable sanitary bin service, that can be tailored to your requirements. Our trained service team provides a discreet efficient disposal and maintenance service. We supply a full range of sanitary bins: standard, pedal and automatic. • • • • • • •

No contracts Collection of your bin at regular intervals Supply of a fully sanitised bin each time Discreet, prompt and reliable service Stylish units Fortnightly service available Australia wide service.

Please contact your local Ecomist representative for more information as our range varies across states and territories. Price will vary depending on quantities & commercial relationship.

MEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL Our company provides services related to the removal of medical waste including hospital, clinical and dental waste, and we offer a flexible pickup service. We offer a range of clinical waste bins and sharps disposal containers for the safe collection of clinical waste at the clients location.

NAPPY BIN SERVICING We provide modern, clean, safe and hygienic nappy disposal units that are designed for daily use. Suitable for all kinds of facilities including day care centres, kindergartens, special schools, aged care facilities, medical centres and more. • • • • •

Safe and hygienic Freshly sanitised bins at each service Unique vaporising agent neutralises unpleasant smells Child-safe security validated friendly staff Serviced weekly.

Each nappy bin holds approximately 50 used nappies depending on nappy size. SUPPLIED BY


Head Office:

Unit 4 / 28 Barcoo Street Chatswood, NSW 2067 Australia

Postal Address: Freecall: Email: Website:

PO Box 30, Willoughby, NSW, 2068 1800 243 500