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Hazardous Substances in e-Waste By

Did you know a computer contains hazardous wastes that have potential to harm humans or the environment?

These hazardous substances are not harmful or a health threat to humans when they are inside your computer or other IT equipment, they are harmful once they enter the environment when computers and other equipment are disposed of in landfills.

Toxins in your PC Lead

Lea d

Proportion: 10% Found in the glass of monitors and is also used in solder found on circuit boards Health Issues: Affects the most sensitive are the central nervous system, reproductive system, and kidneys.

Mercury Proportion: 0.01%

Mercur y

Found in batteries, on printed circuit boards, and in switches. Flat panel LCD screens also contain mercury Health Issues: Mercury causes central nervous system and kidneys. Also, it can cause permanent brain damage with long-term exposure.



Proportion: 0.01% Found In the phosphor coating on CRT screens, on printed circuit boards and in batteries Health Issues: Breathing Cadmium causes sever lung damage. Long-term exposure causes kidney damage



Proportion: 0.002% Found in Printed circuit boards and transistors often contain arsenic Health Issues: Low levels of exposure to arsenic causes blood cell production, and damages blood vessels. A high amount of exposure to arsenic causes death

Plastics / PVC


Proportion: 23% Found In nearly every part of a computer, including the casing, circuit boards, drives, monitors, wiring, etc. Health Issues: causes permanent liver damage and can lead to liver cancer.

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Hazardous substances in e waste  
Hazardous substances in e waste  

Are you aware of what harmful substances inside your computer? When the computers waste enter the environment, it become hazardous to human...