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Dear Friends, Change, sometimes dreaded, but bound to happen. In my experience change has always been positive even if it seemed uncomfortable at the time. This year I believe that change will be something everyone will be experiencing first hand including eleMENts by Beaute’. We hope the changes that will be adopted in the eleMENts culture will make your experience more enriching and help in comforting you during some of your life changes. Here are some new changes that are now available to you: - A larger and more informative magazine. - Online shopping. - Interactive virtual forums. - Weekly Newsletters. - First hand education regarding ilike Organic Skincare Products. - Why Pay More Wednesdays?™ - Spalabrations!™

Lorianne Riley’s makeup artistry can be seen throughout California—on the

runway, in photos, and on the faces of the stars of Chico’s Wake Up! news show. Additionally—as an educator for Mirabella, California Skincare Supply, Szep Elet, and SkinCare Fundamentals—Riley has trained countless beauty professionals. When she isn’t working as a freelance makeup artist on photo shoots and runway shows, the licensed cosmetologist and certified massage therapist is bestowing the benefits of her experience on clients at eleMENts by Beaute. Trained in LED, ultrasonic, and microcurrent therapies, she draws out skin impurities, enhances facial features, and removes chronic pain and tension. Riley provides massage work, body treatments, and nail care. During men’s and women’s treatments, she uses organic products that are never tested on animals or Barbie dolls. Guests can sip on green teas, organic coffee, or fruit-infused water while lounging on Asian- and French-baroque-inspired furniture and humming along to jazz, world beat, and Euro music.

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Lorianne S. Riley

Contributing Editor

Lindsey Jester Sandra Eastus Marcie McBride Jon Shoop

Contributing Photographer

Lorianne Riley Publisher

Lorianne S. Riley

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eleMENts By Beaute

Lorianne S. Riley Emilly Varnum Megan Sweeney

3410 Bell Rd Chico, CA 95973 530-895-3430

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Lorianne S. Riley

Contributors 1


1. Emilly Varnum California State University, Chico Class of 2013

5. Marcie McBride

California State University, Chico Class of 2010 Bellagio Spas & Salon, Irvine

3 2. Lindsey Jester

California State University, Chico Class of 2010

6. Megan Sweeney

California State University, Chico Class of 2013


4 3. Sandra Eastus

California State University, Chico Business Administration Class of 2010

6 4. Marc Andrew Fitzgerald


Lead Designer at Able Abe Clothing, Commercial Photography 7. Mike Hall Head Chef 5th Street Steak House Chico, CA


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Organic Beauty

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Healthy Cooking With Local Chef


Sustainable Style

Earth Friendly Fashion Ideas


11 How Do Students Find A Dayspa?

eleMENts Spa Menu

Interview With Marc Andrew Fitzgerald of Able Abe Clothing By Lorianne S. Riley


What came first the Characters or designing

and reconstructing clothing?


I always drew characters, always, but the clothing came as another outlet for my creativity and as part of the fashion in the 90’s, you remember all the kids wearing jeans with drawings on their jeans and t shirts, I was doing that too.


How did you come up with wanting to reconstruct clothing?


Not that long ago I had the pleasure

to interview Marc Andrew Fitzgerald Johnson a Chico local who is the Creator and Owner of Able Abe Clothing. Marc is a talented young Entrepreneur, Photographer, Designer and Artist in his 30’s. He creates fun colorful urban designs and artwork. His creations can be seen in local fashion shows, online and in various boutiques.


How did you come up with the name Able Abe?


When I was a kid in church one day I was looking at a penny with Abe Lincoln’s likeness on it. I kept thinking Honest Abe, Honest Abe, Honest Abe and some how it turned into Able Abe. The name stuck. As far as the initial logo goes when I was little living in Sacramento and before we moved to Orland for a work opportunity my mother took. I felt out of place in Orland, there weren’t many kids that looked like me or had much in common with me, unlike Sacramento. The little kid with the Afro was kind of like my alter ego and got me through.

I loved watching “The Cut” and “Project Ru way.” I thought to myself, “I can do that!” My first project was an Atlanta Braves ball cap that I reconstructed into a visor. It looked pretty cool. I wish I still had it.


Do you do your own screen-printing?


Most of the time. If the project is a large or an extremely intricate detailed project I send it out, but if it is a smaller limited edition project I want to do the screen-printing myself, which makes it more personal and intimate being it is hand crafted.


What would be the ultimate project for you to do as a professional designer?


Long term goal, I would love to run a production agency, which would encompass all my talents and passions from art, design, photography and film making, but short term, or in the next 4 months of 2010 most importantly, is to continue building the Able Abe brand with smaller more managble projects and really push the limits of my creativity and abilities as a visionary through great limited edition projects and collaborations.

www.communit 39

Small Steps to Achieve this Organically-Beautiful Look

...using eleMENts by Beaute’ Natural Products

Want to get Aidee’s look?

Let us show you how!

HAIR DIRECTIONS 1) Spray Hair With eleMENts Protecting Shine Spray. 2) Section Hair in 1/4” Wide sections . Starting At The Nape Of The Neck, Wrap a 1/4” square Sub-Section Of Hair In A Spiral Pattern Around Curling Iron. 3) Spray With eleMENts Untimate Finish Firm Hold Spray. 4) Repeat Curling Pattern, Sectioning And Spraying,

MAKEUP DIRECTIONS Eyes - Apply our Beaute’ Beachy Over Entire Lid. Then Apply our Beaute’ Sin City In Crease With A Swiping Motion. Also Apply On Outer Corners Of Eye Lid. Blush - Apply our Beaute” Coleoptera blush To Apple Of Cheek And Brush Straight Back Toward Ear. Lips - Brush our Beaute’ Re-Make Gloss From Inside Of Lip To Outer Corners.

Spa Healthy Recipes Mike Hall - Chef de Cuisine, 5th Street Steakhouse

Mike has over 10 years of experience in culinary arts. Starting at Johnson & Wales University where he received a Bachelors in Culinary Arts. Then he worked at the Back Bay Hilton in Boston and the Popponesset Inn in Cape Cod, after that he moved to Germany for a year cooking and tasting food in Germany, France and Italy. Finally ending up here at 5th Street Steakhouse, where he started out as the saute cook and quickly moving up to Sous Chef for the past seven years and finally being promoted to Chef de Cuisine over this past year. The cuisine at the Steakhouse is self explanatory; large steaks and potatoes with the exception of the nightly specials. Creating specials allows Mike to have fun and be creative.

Baby Articoke-Spinach and Mascarpone Stuffed Raviolis Recipe With Cognac-Heirloom Tomato Sauce Cilantro Micro Greens Tossed In White Truffle Oil.

Heirloom Tomato Sauce 8 ea heirloom tomatoes 1 ea yellow onions 1 tbsp garlic 1 tbsp shallots 1 tbsp jalapeno 1 bnch basil 1 oz cognac 1 tsp sugar

Dice and combine all ingredients saute and de glaze with cognac reduce and season with salt and pepper


Micro Greens

Combine all and kneed for ten minutes

Serves 10 Calories 242 Carbs 26 Fat 12 Protein 8

2 cup Flour 3 ea Eggs 1 tsp Salt 2 tbsp Olive oil


1 cup canned baby artichoke 1 cup baby spinach 1 cup mascarpone 1 tbsp garlic 1 tbsp shallots Combine all and stuff inside

1 tbsp cilantro micro greens 1 tsp white truffle oil

Chico Clubbing

Green Style


Eco-friendly jewelery -by AicoraGems & Boots Raven

“Turn it up a notch, add some glamour to your makeup with red lipstick and fabulous eyelash extensions.” - Kori Ellis,


“A nude lip is the perfect element to top off a bold eye look.” -Beauty Expert,

“The 2013 Emmys have shown that gel manicures are stronger than ever.” -Desiree Haggerty,

What Are Chico State Students Saying About Finding a New Dayspa? Moving to a new area is always stressful; you’re stuck organizing the new home, reactivating the cable, meeting neighbors, and of course, finding a quality spa to satisfy your beauty needs. Suddenly you have flashbacks of that bad haircut in middle school and how long it took to grow it out. Even just simply switching hairstylists can trigger these trust issues inherent to a situation involving a stranger with scissors and bleach. Walking into a spa, no reservations should exist about what you will look like walking out the door. You should be excited for the tranquil surroundings, soothing music, and talented staff keeping you on the edge of new trends. Whether you’re getting an eyebrow wax, facial, or makeup for a special event, only settle for the best. Remember: life is too short to spend hiding behind a bad haircut. We were all assured as children growing up that looks don’t matter. Looks won’t get you a job, get you a promotion, or even promise a fairy-tale ending. I have never disagree more. Getting a great hair cut, walking away from a facial with rejuvenated skin, or showing off a polished manicure, will make you feel like a million bucks. Just finding that time from your busy schedule to go to a spa, relax, and receive superior service can dramatically improve many aspects of life. That boost of confidence will automatically transfer into your daily life, exuding positive vibes which will instantly be attracted back to you. This can improve job performance, relationships, increase your energy level, and open new opportunities for success. Routinely reserving time for yourself is not only a necessity for feeling great physically, but mentally as well. Looks alone won’t get you a job, but feeling comfortable in your own skin and confident in your appearance, inside and out, can do just that. By Sandra Eastus

Being a female, I have specific standards when choosing where to go to get a facial; Being a college student, I have different, but still specific standards when choosing where to go to have my skin cared for. As you may imagine, these standards are often conflicting, but can be managed. The biggest differences in these two sets of standards are the price ranges. When I was living at home, working full time with no bills to worry about, I could spend about $100 or more on a facial. Now that I am living on my own, worrying about so many different bills (rent, tuition, books, electricity, cable, internet, etc.), I have a very limited income to spend on the necessary extras. In my four years in college, I have gone through some good skin times and some bad; what I’ve learned is the most important way to choose a place in the right price range is to hear from someone with the same range who loves the place where they go and have rave reviews. Relying on a dayspa with the right price and location is not the way to go, and neither is listening to a friend who has an unlimited price range. Since I’ve learned a few lessons and gotten a couple bad facials, I still do a little research after I hear a great referral. It’s always very helpful and relieving when there are good reviews posted online, which could only mean that someone else loved it so much that they wanted to share their opinions. By Lindsey Jester

Waxing Services

a highly individualized therapeutic massage experience. The holistic approach to your body and mind is rooted in Swedish massage and integrates techniques such as Hot Stone, and Lymphatic massage, as well as Amber LED light therapy which is FDA approved for aiding with pain. The eleMENts of Hot Stones 90min $80.00 Hot basalt stones soaked in Himala- yan mineral salt water which act as an extension of the therapist’s hands to relax tense muscles. When placed on specific areas such as meridian points, chakras and areas of chronic stress, hot stones directly relax muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity then massage alone.

Facial Services

Body Treatments

3410 Bell Rd, Chico CA . 530-895-3430   Eyebrows: $15.00   Lips: $10.00       Toes: $10.00   Cheeks: $20.00   Chin: $12.00   Full Face: $40.00

Custom Facial: 90min $50.00 My facials are preformed with result orientated Natural Wild Crafted and Organic products.  All facials include a light facial, arm and hand massage, as well as LED, Ultrasonic, Ultrasound, Galvanic and/or Microcurrent within the 90 minute treatment. I proudly use The following brands of skin care; ilike Organic Skincare, Anakiri Wild Crafted Skincare and Rose Mira Organics which are available in the Eco Boutique.

Body Wrap: 90min $50.00 I have a variety of Organic Farm Fresh Body wraps to treat all skin types. Every Body wrap starts with a lactic acid yogurt exfoliation followed by a fruit based mask. These yummy treatments help with circulation, skin firmness, hydration, sunburns and can alleviate the appearance of cellulite. Every treatment Includes Scalp Treatment, and a Light Effleurage Massage.

Peel: $150.00 First, make-up and impurities are removed and the skin is deeply cleansed. Next, one of our peels is applied. Peel includes pre-care and after-care to insure optimal results. Acid selected is based on skin condition.

Pumpkin Orange Marmalade - Nourishes, charges skin with vitamin, deep regenerating effect, stimulates collagen production an vitalizes the skin.

Eye Repair & Lip Treatment: $30.00 Farm Fresh Organic Eye Repair Treatment: $15.00 Farm Fresh Organic Lip Repair Treatment: $15.00

Massage Services Massage Fusion: 30min $30.00, 60min $50.00, 90min $75.00 Anything but ordinary. A combination of multiple bodywork techniques, hot and cold applications, essential oils and personal consultation provides

What’s Your Flavor?

Berry, Berry Nice - Nourishes, increases elasticity of skin, regenerates, hydrates, soothes & improves blood circulation. Anything But Sour Cherries - Nourishes, regenerates, hydrates, tightens, strong anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects, binds free radicals decreases edema. Apple Delicious - Great for Sunburned Dry Skin. A Chico Must! On The Rose To Better Skin - Acne, seborrhea, rosacea, tired, low circulation skin & allergy prone skin. Sugar Me: 60min $50.00 Ultra Hydrating Heated Sugar Scrub. Renew your Skin. Makes skin glow and feel baby soft.

Makeup I Airbrush Kett High Definition foundation on my clients for a flawless look. It’s lightweight, photographs and films like a dream and last for hours.  I specialize in commercial, runway and bridal makeup.  Created with health and earth in mind— products are vegan, paraben and fragrance-free and never tested on animals. I also carry my own brand Beaute’ as well as Youngblood in my Eco Boutique for the do it yourselfer. Bridal Package: $400.00 Key Benefits Includes private bridal consultation for the bride and other bridal party members day of wedding. Pre-wedding consultation for the bride. Bride Only: Pre-wedding and makeup application on wedding day $160.00 Bride Only Consultation: Prior to wedding day $60.00 Additional Guest: $100.00 each False Eyelash Strip Including Application: $20.00 Commercial print High Definition Makeup Application: $100.00 for first look $60 for every look there after. *events outside of Chico are $0.55 per mile **events outside of the Chico area that require an overnight stay client is required to purchase accommodations and allowance for meals.

Air Brush Spray Tanning I proudly use the original sunless tan, Mystic Tan. No Spray Tanning Booths! My tans are hand air brushed on for a custom look. The superb formulations are paraben-free and contain powerful antioxidant ingredients such as AloeVera, Green

Tea extract, Acai and Larrea Divaricata to nourish the skin. The formula’s contain a odor control system that eliminates the DHA development reaction odor, so you leave and stay smelling amazing all day. $35.00

Eyelash and Eyebrow Services Eyelash Extensions: I offer Lavish Lashes™, the highest quality synthetic eye lash available on the market today. This exciting new product makes your eyelashes look a 3rd  longer as well as thicker. When extensions are applied professionally and properly they feel just like your own eyelashes and are so natural that no one but you will know the difference. Perfect for daily wear and active lifestyles. Lavish Lashes™ service is performed by a Trained Certified Lavish Lash™ Professional. Full Set $150.00, Fill after 2 weeks $100,00 Fill every 2 weeks $50.00 Eye Brow Tint:  $30.00 Eye Lash Tint:  $30.00 Eyelash Perm:  $35.00

Nail Services I am proud to offer Spa Manicures and Pedicures featuring my own lovingly handcrafted natural product line Lavenderology. My Pedicures and Manicures also feature nail polishes that are free from Toluene, Formaldehyde, and DBP.  Beaute’ nail polishes are handpicked and exclusive to eleMENts by Beaute’.  Gel manicures are also available. Organic Manicures: Include a deep sea salt and lavender soak, followed by cuticle maintenance, shaping of the nail, as well as a light hand and arm massage and LED Hand Therapy: $25.00 Organic Pedicure: Include a deep sea salt and lavender soak, farm fresh sugar sugar scrub and foot mask followed by cuticle maintenance, shaping of the nail, as well as a light foot and leg massage: $35.00 Gel Polish: $10.00 add-on • Just Polish: $5.00

eleMENts byBeaute’ eco boutique & spa


Nails Make Up

3410 Bell Road Chico CA, 95973 530-895-3430

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Eco beauty magazine  

Eco Beauty is a magazine that encourages people to achieve natural beauty inside and out. Eco Beauty pages are filled with organic and natur...

Eco beauty magazine  

Eco Beauty is a magazine that encourages people to achieve natural beauty inside and out. Eco Beauty pages are filled with organic and natur...