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Welcome Welcome to Eco Car Cafe. Our company specializes in auto detailing & premium car wash services as well as providing automotive paint restoration for customers in Bellevue, Seattle and the surrounding region. We stand apart due to our focus on innovation, convenience & eco-friendly practices. To prove that let us explain a bit more about our wash method. In our quest for innovation we discovered that we are able to wash a car with steam,

This produces zero-waste water and only uses 1 gallon of water. This is at least 50x’s less than traditional wash methods! Through our proven method we are able to safely remove dirt, grime, and tar without harming a vehicle’s paint. Furthermore with our steam cleaning process we can also deodorize and disinfect the interior of a vehicle.

Paint Restoration Arsenal Paint Restoration is the most innovative paint restoration service on the market. Arsenal Paint Restoration fixes swirls, scratches and issues in a vehicles clear coat. Most damage is done to the clear coat not the actual paint of a car. This can be easily fixed with our system. Save the time, trouble and money by restoring your clear coat instead of repainting, cutting & buffing for countless hours or.

Our 2-Part system actually bonds with the existing clear coat resulting in a stronger and more scratch resistant finish. The process is hand applied guaranteeing consistent coverage and superior results from any competing system.

Q Wash Q Wash keeps your car looking fresh with services 20-50% more affordable than in our shop. No need to spend gas money driving to our shop or a tunnel wash, we wash where you park.

Wash eliminates long lines and gets you results without having to wait for lengthy service times. Pre pay, go shopping and we'll do the washing.

Address: - 401 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA, 98125, USA

Call Us: - 206-619-6334

Website: -

Eco Car Cafe: Car Detailing in Seattle  

We are committed to offer you professional and trustworthy service. Professional means trained, knowledgable, and effective. So leave the ca...

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