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Eco Car Cafe is proud of our efficient, knowledgeable, and well trained personnel who are dedicated to providing trustworthy and professional service for our clients in Bellevue and Seattle. For your convenience we’ve located our shops by Bellevue Square.

Northgate Mall to ensure you entertainment, dining and shopping choices while we detail your car. For the deeper cleans or tougher paint jobs we also offer extensive paint restoration services.

SAVE WATER GIVE WATER Eco Car Cafe is enthusiastic to team up with charity: water for our all new campaign save water : give water We've created this campaign in order to make a difference & positively impact society.

SAVE WATER: Water conservation has been on the top of the list ever since we started our business. We proved this by introducing an innovative system which uses an average of 1 gallon per car wash. But we wanted to do more than just save.we wanted to give!

Address : 401 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA, 98125 Phone : 206-619-6334 Website :

Eco Car Café Mobile Car Detailing Seattle