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Through the Lens

ECLIPSE Magazine welcomes the spring season with a photo spread dedicated to flower crowns.

70. Vagrant

ECLIPSE Magazine showcases the incredible brand, Vagrant: A casual 100% original mesh clothing for men and women.

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Proust Spotlight


SL Fiction


The Art Perspective


Artist Highlight

Teaming up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, we shine the spotlight on the talented Damien Crow.

Electric Monday joins ECLIPSE Magazine as she reviews Another Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost.

Alternating with “World of Roleplay,� for this piece we share a day in the life of Eaton Peace.

This month we highlight an ECLIPSE Magazine favorite, the extraordinary live singer, Wolfie Starfire.


ECLIPSE Magazine is dedicated to not only offering an aesthetically pleasing publication, but to also be considered a platform that offers rich and relevant content. Each month, we showcase residents and groups that have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination� to such great heights that they have impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community.


Cover Story Aradia Dielli Cover Photographer Geena Carminucci


Places to Go


Voices from the Grid


The Wayfarer

Writer Cajsa Lilliehook

ECLIPSE Magazine highlights places to visit with a group of friends.


Each issue ECLIPSE Magazine asks residents a question, see what they have to say.

Join the Wayfarer as they travel the grid, visiting The Rusty Nail. ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 11

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stylists June Fallon Taylor Wassep Tempest Rosca Tiffany Parkin Wicca Merlin

guest stylist & photographer Eaton Peace, Everlina Kindred & Rita

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The world is nothing like it has been. It makes me wonder what will remain as the new normal. I find myself grasping for things that remind me of the sense of routine that I once had. It shines a glaring light on so much I took for granted previously. My thoughts wander to those that are enduring so much worse than me, and my heart breaks for them. I am grateful for my health and that of my friends, family and girlfriend. And despite how the world is spinning, they are a reminder of the happiness I have in my life. These are the things that I will hold close to me and in that find strength. There is not too much to say that has not already been said, but I do have my hopes. I hope that we find strength in each other and our community. I hope that we remember kindness even in moments that might typically demand otherwise. Mostly, I hope that no matter what happens in the coming weeks and months that we all endure. We have 10 pieces in this edition, and we have already begun working on our next issue. For this one, we feature Aradia Dielli on our cover, and I am happy to share her story. We also have a special pictorial spread showcasing the brand, Vagrant. I feel they’re fantastic and have been super supportive of the magazine. We also highlight places to visit, and a piece of a day in the life of Eaton Peace. Plus more. Honestly? I am fairly happy with the end product of our March publication. That in itself is a bit of a rarity for me. I hope you enjoy this issue.

letter from the PUBLI


Last month was an emotional month for many of us at ECLIPSE. As we do with every anniversary issue, we touched on a difficult topic impacting many on the grid, mental illness and suicide. For many of us, this hit incredibly close to home. As we wrapped up last month’s issue, we were all excited to move forward and we began preparing for the first issue of spring. Having said that, I had hoped to be writing a more positive message this month. Sadly, I can’t. What I had thought would be an easy month for me and others, one to get back into the swing of things after February, has turned into one of the busiest months I have had in my real life. And the spread of COVID-19 is impacting far too many people in the SL community. Working in the health care community, we have been monitoring the progression of COVID-19 at work. As it has spread, I have talked with members of our Second Life community who have been directly impacted by it. I have spoken with residents who have friends or family who have tested positive. I have friends who are currently living in government mandated quarantine conditions. I also have friends, both in Second Life and real life, who are on the front lines of this illness...doctors, nurses, firefighters and paramedics...working non-stop to reduce the spread and care for those who have become severely ill as a result of this virus. It’s been incredibly difficult to watch. I do want to take a moment to thank Trouble, Minnie and the rest of the ECLIPSE team for their support the past two weeks as things have intensified for me at work. I certainly have not carried my share of the workload on this issue as the events of the world have demanded more of my time than I could have expected. I owe them a great deal for their understanding and support.

I will say that as we, the Second Life community, all watch what is occurring with COVID-19, we hopefully will remember that almost every resident of Second Life is being impacted by this virus. When we think about that, my personal hope is this will help to bring us all together as a community. My hope is it will cause each of us to examine how we treat our fellow residents on a daily basis. With the global impact of COVID-19, I hope it will cause all of us to evaluate what sort of impact we want to leave on this world...both Second Life and real life.

Having said that, we bring you the March edition of ECLIPSE. As you read this month’s issue know all of us at ECLIPSE are sending you our support and well wishes. We hope you enjoy.

letter from the EDITO




e, .


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through the lens


Each issue, ECLIPSE Magazine invites the many talented photographers from Second Life to collaborate. With this piece, they style, create and share a glimpse through their lens. For this addition, Everlina Kindred, Minnie Dethly, Rita, Taylor Wassep and Trouble Dethly gear up for spring with flower crowns!

Photographer: Everlina Kindred

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Photographer: Trouble Dethly

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Photographer: Taylor Wassep

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Page 44 | ECLIPSE March 2020

Photographer: Taylor Wassep

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Photographer: Rita Page 46 | ECLIPSE March 2020

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Photographer: Minnie Dethly Page 48 | ECLIPSE March 2020

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the face

photography by cassie middles, geena carminucci & june fallon. writt

en by cajsa lilliehook.

Aradia Dieli has become “the face” of Lelutka. She deals with the customers and bloggers, promotes the brand on social media, and does the marketing and brand representation. Since Lelutka is one of the most widely adopted mesh head companies, you could say she is “The Face” of “The Face” of Second Life. Lelutka is one of Second Life’s oldest and most wellknown brands. It is formed by the decade-long partnership of Jaden (formerly Minnu Palen), Thora Charron, and Aradia Dieli. They met soon after she joined Second Life. They all were relatively new and met each other at a party. They got to talking and the rest is history. They began with MMS (Minnu Model Skins) where Aradia provided customer support. Then they opened a sim and a magazine and rented to other stores, all adding to her tasks. They expanded into accessories and clothing and began hiring designers to help create collections. By then her job had grown from not just managing the brand, but managing eight designers, including checking the quality of the work, that it integrated into the look of their brand, and that their releases were a success. With growing responsibility came growing trust and a deeper relationship. Aradia was invited to become a partner. The partnership works. Of course, as Aradia notes, “There are challenges, we are three different individuals, but our minds are quite connected, and our visions all lead to the same place. To be honest, this is the dream team, no matter how much time passes, when our brains come together, we work best and our results are proof of such.” She describes herself as the mini-brain. She brainstorms, keeps her eye on social media, learns what people want, and analyze what she learns to bring it to the table. “I am the social butterfly, the one who is out there coming face to face with the customers, bloggers,

Page 56 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 57

Page 58 | ECLIPSE March 2020

and social media in general.” She describes Jaden as “the creative soul,” the one who models most things and focuses on most of the female products. Thora focuses more on the male items. “We all have a very important role, but the most rewarding is being able to keep not only a great partnership through the years, but a friendship that goes beyond SL.” She thinks of them as non-blood related siblings. “I would not change that for anything in the world, they are genuine, loyal, humble and so generous. My life has been shaped by them in many ways, and I am grateful to be their partner and part of what we worked so hard to build.” It is lucky that Aradia went to that party those many years ago. She was never much of a party-goer in her first life. “Life was a little boring at times, so my cousin told me about IMVU and I joined, later she told me about SecondLife and I joined that too, little did I know this would become my new favorite thing to do.” She is a bit of a contradiction, a shy social butterfly. “I felt SL allowed me to be social without having to come face to face with anyone, but it also prepared me to feel more comfortable with being myself.” Her early days in SL were a lot of fun. It was time spent with friends, shopping, talking, decorating, and just living life. One of her friends even became a Linden. That changed when she started working in SL. fun always becomes secondary. For those who are ambitious, it can become nearly nonexistent. “Regardless of how busy I was, it was always fun, but it came a time where I had to take a step back and I left SL to face the real world, SecondLife truly prepared me to face the big bad wolf we call the real world, I blossomed, became a professional, I grew up and six years later here I am again, I returned to a place that has always had a special place in my heart.” That hiatus was during a period of rapid change, when SL fashion changed from system layers

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 59

and flexi-prims to mesh, from system skins and triangulated noses to mesh heads and bodies, and from fashion weeks, runway shows, and store releases to events, events, and events. Lelutka has a close relationship with Glam Affair and several others. They don’t think of them as partnerships, they are friendships, longtime friendships, people they can trust and be sincere with. “When you collaborate with another brand, things can get a little tricky. Aida (Glam Affair) is someone we have known for a long time, almost as long as we have been on SL, we work well together, and she takes our criticism well. When collaborating with brands such as Maitreya, Glam Affair, and Stray Dog, we go back and forth on the work done, we express our desires, they express theirs and we meet at a place where we are all both happy and satisfied.” While they love working with their friends, they are trying to create a stronger identity for their brand. This has led them to creating faces (tattoo layers) for the Evolution line. “We wanted to make the HUD, and head all about the brand, it is important for us not to show favoritism, so we are doing things a little different with the new line, while still maintaining a close relationship with those we have worked with in the past.” For those who want to emulate Lelutka’s tradition of collaboration, Aradia’s advice is to “work with individuals you can trust, those you have a strong bond with, and share the same passion as you, that is probably the most important thing to share, passion!” As the “face” of Lelutka, readers may be surprised that Aradia has done some creating of her own. In fact, the first things she created were before meeting Jaden and Thora. Back then she made eyes and a facelight. “Believe it or not, those things sold so well. After my partners and I met, Thora

Page 60 | ECLIPSE March 2020

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Page 62 | ECLIPSE March 2020

taught me to make hair, so I created hair, and it was a great experience, but that is about all I have ever created.” Now, though, she is starting to create avatar enhancements like makeup. She might even venture into skin-making. “My main focus has always been taking our brand to new heights, so that will always be the most important task for me.” Have readers ever wondered where the name Lelutka comes from? It is from the Croation word “lutka” which means puppet. “We felt it was fitting as our characters are like little puppets, we manipulate how they move, look, the options are endless.” Their customers are the core of their business and brand and the reason they spend so much time anticipating what their customers need and want. “They are truly the best, they are loyal, and so helpful to one another, there are many amazing options out there, but they choose to stick with us, and we love them for it. To each of you reading this, we love you, and appreciate your support.” While Aradia is not doing any of the mesh modeling, all three partners discuss each new release, put their thoughts together before they move forward. “We go back and forth for weeks, sometimes even months when something is being created, we all have to like the product, we do not just tell one another we do not like something, we always discuss why we like it or not. This is after all a partnership, it is not a power struggle, this is why we have made it work for so many years.” The Evolution line is exactly what it is named, an evolutionary step forward, though not the random evolution of Darwin, but more the epigenetic evolution of Lamarck. This is planned evolution. “We have put everything we have learned to the test with the Evolution line, we wanted to focus mainly on BoM (Bakes on Mesh), and cut down on the inevitable lag those onion layer heads cause, we also focused on new scripts, a new HUD, new moods were created

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 63

using MoCap, and the list goes on. Speaking from an SL brand perspective we feel if we show appreciation for the innovations SL is bringing to the grid, they will continue to invest in our world.” She is eager to see what new innovations Linden Lab will bring to Second Life now that they are selling Sansar. She expects that move will be good news for Second Life users. As that happens, Lelutka will surely be on the leading edge of those finding ways to incorporate and best exploit the new innovations. For example, consider the AXIS Hud that lets users position every bone in the avatar face. “All of us share a very special love for photography in RL, and our ad campaigns have always conveyed that message, the AXIS hud was born out of that love, and it was an idea by Thora and Mel, our earlier scriptor. They wanted to be able to manipulate all bones on the face for the sake of photography and to help those who share the same love and passion.” The hud took two to three months to complete and all of them have enjoyed seeing how it is used, seeing all the photos, and hearing all the positive feedback they have received. So what is coming next? They are always thinking and evolving but their main focus right is a release for the male audience and updating older content to the new system. “A lot of thought goes into doing so as we want to be sure we are not affecting the content that has already been created for the older heads, but we will figure it out. Our goal has always and will forever be to offer our customers the very best.” As someone who rushed to buy up every new release of clothing, this customer was curious if there were any plans to produce high fashion again. They have discussed it a few times, but have decided the need to remain impartial and create for all bodies would be too time-consuming. “It is not something we are interested in doing at the moment, but perhaps in the near future we will venture into doing so again.” Page 64 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 65

Page 66 | ECLIPSE March 2020

In her first life, she is a healthcare professional. This allows her to make a difference in people’s lives and is very rewarding. She lives a quiet life in her free time. She likes to spend her time with her significant other and her family. She enjoys movies and Netflix when she needs to relax. She loves reading poetry and finds peace in reading. Of course, finding free time with both first and Second life work responsibilities can be a challenge.

events but feels it has taken out the excitement of a store release. “When we created clothing, we loved doing collections, following a theme and seeing how excited our customers got. Sharing the spotlight with fellow designers is great, but it seems a lot suffer fewer sales if all they do are individual releases, there has to be a way to bring some of the old days back.”

With a professional life inside and outside, Aradia does not have a lot Another enthusiasm is doing wildlife of personal time. However, when she rescue work. “I have rescued and owned does, she likes to surround herself with two disabled opossums, doing this was the positive energy and people. She will highlight of my life, I know… rescuing an head for a club or go to a party, if invited. animal that resembles a rat may not be She will take a photo now and again, but glamorous to many, but for me, knowing her main focus is the brand. “I have not I made a difference in a being who did not had many challenges coming back, other have much of a chance otherwise made than learning how to walk again (lol), it is me happy. I love educating everyone just fun to be back and see how this virtual about their kind, and explaining how world has evolved.” important they are to our ecosystem, and the prevention of Lyme disease, little Asked what she wants readers to know, things like these make me happy, and she said, “I want to tell our customers these are the things that matter most to what I feel they already know, we are me.” committed to providing them with a great product and the most up to date Returning after six years was a big shock. innovations that SL has got to offer, I know She came back just a little over a year change is not always easy, but we promise ago, so nothing is the same as when she we always have the best for you in mind. left. “Back in the days magazines, fashion With that said, we hope you enjoy the shows, and modeling agencies were a new line, and cannot wait to show you huge thing, Blogotex did not exist, events our future releases. Thank you for your did not drive sales for creators, neither continued support.” mesh nor bento were a thing, the list could go on.” Aradia Social Media Facebook - Flickr For Aradia, she does not miss the past. “Doing fashion shows was a challenge, Shop Lelutka and I sometimes questioned whether it Marketplace - In-world was good for a brand or not, some models would not rez, nor would their outfit, so Lelutka Social Media it defeated the purpose of showcasing a Facebook - Instagram - Youtube product, but it was fun to put together, Flickr - Flickr Group - Website and see it come to fruition.” She likes ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 67

Page 68 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 69

brand showcase: vag

syling by cassie middles. photography by cassi


ie middles.

Page 72 | ECLIPSE March 2020

Victoria Set

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 73

Vanessa Set

Page 74 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 75

Je Page 76 | ECLIPSE March 2020

enna Jeans & Top || Josephine Scarf ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 77

Page 78 | ECLIPSE March 2020

Brooklyn Set

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 79

Andrea Set

Page 80 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 81

Charlotte To Page 82 | ECLIPSE March 2020

op || Jessica Shorts ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 83

Charlotte Set Page 84 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 85

Page 86 | ECLIPSE March 2020

Josephine Top || Victoria Jeans

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 87

Page 88 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 89

the proust spotli

photography by dam

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second Life®. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick. ECLIPSE Magazine has teamed up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, so each month the blogger we showcase on the Proust Spotlight is a group member. The group member we feature this month is the talented Damien Crow. He shares, “Hi :p I started my blog about a year and a half ago... It’s something I’ll never regret doing because making pictures for my blog finally gave me an outlet to share my creativity like I never had before. But it’s also a great outlet for my mood, which some days are very dark and others days somewhat bright... which reflects in my pictures. Though I do not always put words with my pictures, I would like to believe all of my pictures tell a story of what’s going through my head on that given day. I wouldn’t give up a second of being able to create an outfit then venture out across sims to find the perfect little spot for my picture. This would never have been possible without the incredible community of bloggers and my close friends that inspired me to blog in the first place. To them, I am very thankful. ”


mien crow.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “Hmm...”, “Oof”, “rip” If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be? A crow... I know it sounds a bit cliché. But honestly, I chose ‘Crow’ as my last name because I feel in many ways like one. In the case, that I came back as a crow, i feel I’d forever watch over those that I care about as a dark, silent protector. What do you most value in your friends? Ones that follow through with what they say they are going to do. What is your greatest regret? Wasting any amount of time. I try to constantly be doing something meaningful with my time... even though I struggle with determining what is truly meaningful at times. I still push to do as much as I can with the time that I have. What is your motto? “When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside.” I’m normally pretty quiet as a person and people tend to underestimate me because of it. When in reality, there’s so much inside of me that they do not see. What is your most marked characteristic? Dark - Passionate - Loyal Connect with Damien on his Flickr, Blog and Facebook.

Page 92 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 93

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ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 95

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Page 98 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 99

the art perspect

written by electr

Each piece, ECLIPSE Magazine discovers, reviews and highlights the work of some of the most creative and talented artists on the grid, offering a fresh perspective in the vibrant and vast world of the arts. For this month’s feature, Electric Monday showcases the work of Cica Ghost and her installation “Another Fairy Tale.” Be sure to visit before March 24th!


ric monday.

Fairy tales belong to no one. They have been passed down from generation to memories of their childhood. The reader usually encounters legendary chara magic in the air—even if it is not very plausible. Fairy tales are sometimes use but many times a fairy tale can be all about the magical setting and the imagin at Cica Ghosts’s, A Page 106 | ECLIPSE March 2020

o generation. For many people, it is a story that brings them right back to the acters the likes of trolls, giants, and sometimes even talking animals. There is ed to describe very happy stories with dreamy endings and surreal romances, nary creatures who perform wondrous tasks. This is exactly what is taking place Another Fairy Tale. ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 107

Page 108 | ECLIPSE March 2020

“Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch.” This, Cica’s welcome to visitors, is a quote from Hans Christian Andersen, who is best remembered for his fairy tales that inspired so many works of art—from sculpture to dance and more. Cica shared with me how excited she was as a child to read new fairy tales. She even expressed that she would explore her library for fairy tales from other countries, too. Could this be why Cica holds the ability to create such imaginative and original visions for us to experience in Second Life? We may never know the true answer to this question! This sim installation is Cica’s way to bring a new chapter to her build Fairy Tale, one of her previous sim builds. As observers of Another Fairy Tale, we experience sights, sounds, and movement. The windlight setting is reminiscent of a dark, brooding setting, however, Cica has promised me that the animals found here are not scary or mean! She told me that she has tried to create frightening creatures before, but they somehow always turn out to be funny or cute. I could even add that they are more than funny and cute, they are quirky, creative, and have a personality that makes you want to find out what is going on behind their inquiring eyes.

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 109

The land where these creatures live is so full of life—giant, colorful flowers bloom amid craggy hills and gentle slopes covered in thick grass; sometimes you even see a tail of a creature and wonder if it is plant life or animal! There are even cavernous rocks where you can find some of the smaller creatures of Another Fairy Tale. When I sat upon the spots implanted into the flora and fauna, I noticed that the marvelous creatures nearby would fly around and some even turn their gaze

Page 110 | ECLIPSE March 2020

toward me, perhaps to see what I was up to! Cica said that these creatures enjoy having visitors and that’s why they will let you sit on them or fly with them! Speaking of flying with the creatures, Cica’s personal favorites at Another Fairy Tale, are the flying insects. She said, “I was making similar insects for the Lullaby and Silly installations, but this time it’s a bit of a new insect with a funny face and big eyes.”

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 111

I took my own ride on one of these flying insects and found that it brought me dangerously close to a giant dragon-like creature rising out of the sea. Fortunately for me, the flying insect kept me just safely out of reach of the dragon, but as Cica said, there is not much danger from the creatures found on Another Fairy Tale! It seems as if this particular creature is watching all the activity here at Another Fairy Tale—not only does he want to be sure that the visitors are being safe, I personally think that he wants to keep an eye on the local inhabitants to make sure they are behaving with all the avatar visitors!

Page 112 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 113

Page 114 | ECLIPSE March 2020

Visitors can interact with more than just the flying insect creatures—make sure to mouse over different objects to find locations containing sits or dances. Don’t miss out on the more elusive of these creatures either, hiding in the hollow rocks or behind the large flowers. They are the most observant on the island and have much to share.

I created my own version of a fairy tale using these fantastical creates as my inspiration and you should too! Visit Cica’s Another Fairy Tale soon to create your own fairy tale of what is going on here between the creatures. You can also visit Cica’s shop to see creatures from some of her previous builds and other delights.

Another Fairy Tale is quite a delightful experience and lets each visitor use their own imagination. For Cica, building a fantasy installation again was “fun because dragons are never-ending inspiration.”

For more information about Cica Ghost, Serbian artist in Second Life since 2010, please visit her Flickr.

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 115

Page 116 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 117

Page 118 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 119

sl fiction...

Second Life is rich in roleplay opportunities, and ECLIPSE Magazine rotates between their “SL Fiction” and “World of Roleplay” feature to showcase this. Dedicated to telling each character’s story by taking the concept of “a day in the life,” we invite our readers to SL Fiction. Eaton Peace is your typical twelve year old boy with a great love for Egg McMuffins and anything sweet.

Eaton Peace only enjoyed early mornings on Christmas — today was not Christmas. His older brother, at the urgings of their father, had awoken him just when the first sun rays had broken the sky. Bleary eyed, he got ready with the hopes that they were on their way to get breakfast. He did love a good Egg McMuffin or two or three. Instead, he found himself here at a pebbled beach. Leaning against a wooden pillar and out of breath, his lips formed into a pout with his brother looking at him with a clear expression of exasperation, “Come on, Eaton. It’s only been a quarter of a mile. We’ve got to do at least a mile.” No, this was not going to be a good day for Eaton.

Page 122 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 123

Many things could be said about Eaton, one of which is hopeful. Despite the cheeks, he searched the house for his older sister. He would, of course, find her the dog in a teacup in confusion, before shaking his head to remember the task the Egg McMuffin. Alas, his words fell on deaf ears, “Ea

No, this still was n Page 124 | ECLIPSE March 2020

e awful beginning to his morning — he was hopeful yet. Wide eyed with his cherub r in her bathroom getting ready to put on some make-up. For a moment, he glances at k at hand. Flailing his arms in excitement, he made his case on the beauty and merits of aton, I have things to do. I don’t have time to take you anywhere.”

not a good day for Eaton. ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 125

Disheartened and disappointed, Eaton needed to get out of the house. His fo women selling flowers and the blonde girl he had a bit of a crush on. Squaring h word could escape his lips — he was laughed away. Face flushed, a single tear whispered words carried,

No, this was not a good da Page 126 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ootsteps tread rather clumsily against the sidewalk, as his gaze flickered between the his shoulders with a bouquet in hand, he offered them to her and before even a single r would burn down his cheek only to be followed by one more. From behind him, her “Oh gosh, Eaton is such a weirdo.”

ay for Eaton… it was an awful one. ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 127

Slamming the front door shut, Eaton sought his oldest brother in hi onto the red couch. His eyes would take a quick inventory of the ro he loudly lamented his grievances for the day. Only to realiz

No, this awful day for Eaton was takin Page 128 | ECLIPSE March 2020

is computer room. With an unceremonious thud, he loudly plopped oom and the energy drinks that lay haphazardly on the floor, before ze that his words were falling on deaf and uninterested ears.

ng even more of a turn for the worse. ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 129

Eaton stared at his brother blankly, even as he noticed a half smile forming on his follow into the kitchen, and his vision was instantly filled with cakes and trifles and middle. And for the first time that day, the corners of his lips lifted into a smil

And just like that his day turned around, al Page 130 | ECLIPSE March 2020

scruffy and unshaven face, “Rough day, huh?” His oldest brother beckoned him to d souffles and cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches that lay upon the island in the le as his brother patted his shoulder, “So tell me again what happened today?”

lthough the bit of sweets certainly helped. ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 131

Page 132 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 133

artist highlight

Written by tiffany parkin. photography by taylo

Artistry and creativity are at the foundation of everything we see and do in Second Life. The same is true for all we hear in Second Life. In showcasing residents and groups who embody the concept of “your world, your imagination,” Eclipse Magazine is honored to showcase Second Life’s amazing musical talent. In this month’s “Artist Highlight,” we shine the spotlight on the incredibly talented live singer, Wolfie Starfire.

or wassep.

Most of us know what we want to do in life before we ever graduate from high school. Inspiration often comes early in life, during those early formative years. A doctor cures us of an illness. A nurse comforts us when we are most scared. We are fascinated by the pilots and airplanes at the airport. Or we see a musical on stage for the first time. For Second Life performer Wolfie, it was a showing of Beauty and The Beast as a young child that inspired her to perform. Throw in a guitar bought in high school and inspiring vocalist like Kristin Chenworth (Glenda in Wicked) and it’s no wonder Wolfie found her way to the stages of Second Life. With a sound that Wolfie describes as “Taylor Swift pop, while also carrying a strong voice like Carrie Underwood,” it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that country music is Wolfie’s favorite music genre. She shared, “I love the lyrics that come from country songs... I can sing most genres but country is definitely my favorite.” Her love of country could also explain why The Climb by Miley Cirus is a song that speaks to her. “So that song really hits home about always finding a way to move on even when you’re at your lowest. I see it as being about not worrying about the destination but enjoying the moment as well. And when times are tough you’ve gotta keep climbing,” she recounted during her interview with ECLIPSE. Recognition didn’t come immediately for Wolfie. Like many performers, it took her time to get noticed. While some would grow frustrated by not achieving success early, Wolfie didn’t let that stop her from performing. When asked about what has kept her performing and what other aspiring performers should focus on, she offered these words, “I recommend doing this not for the money cause you’re not going to make much but do it for fun! If you do it to make money you’ll find yourself not having fun or disappointing yourself.” That belief of performing for the fun drove to keep performing while she looked for a manager. A chance encounter with Laurie Alexis led to an audition and ultimately a position with Key West Management. Three years later, she is still performing and loving every minute of it. If you are looking to find Wolfie when she isn’t performing, the best place to start is other performers’ sets meeting fellow Second Life residents and supporting her fellow performers. “There are so many talented artists around! [And] I really enjoy meeting new people here,” Wolfie stated. For her, it’s those connections we make in SL that really matter. As she shared with ECLIPSE, “What’s cool is finding out someone is on a completely different continent or in your side of the pond. It’s cool knowing how expansive this platform is.” Click here for more information on Wolfie. Page 136 | ECLIPSE March 2020

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places to go

photography by minnie dethly. written by minn

“Places to Go” is a monthly feature showcasing some of the best sims to visit for activities in Second Life®. One of the biggest complaints we hear from people on Second Life old and new, is that they don’t know what to do or where to go. The thing we think that draws most of us to Second Life is the endless possibilities it gives us from the comfort of our home. Finding cool and interesting places to go is sometimes challenging so we’ve decided to highlight a few for you to check out.

nie dethly.


Hello Kitty isn’t just for kids anymore! Sure the sim a hot air balloon ride that over looks the whole sim prizes there is so much to do and see there, you’l Page 142 | ECLIPSE March 2020


m is family friend but it’s fun for everyone, go on m! Or play the cake game for a chance to win fun ll have no problem keeping yourself entertained. ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 143


Jian has done a wonderful job setting up a life lik north pole and the south pole. Feel free to bring t pettin Page 144 | ECLIPSE March 2020


ke zoo for us all to visit, it’s got animals from the the little ones along with you, as it also has a small ng zoo! ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 145

MadPea Sp

Join the magical journey many people have taken away from you. You can play solo, play with a grou befo Page 146 | ECLIPSE March 2020


n before you in a magical adventure in a realm far up of friends, or play some people you haven’t met ore! ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 147

Rainbow G

This golf course is made up of 18 holes, with two your favorite set of clubs or you can try the new a Islan Page 148 | ECLIPSE March 2020

Golf Links

o options on how you want to play. You can grab alternative of disc golf, the choice is yours at Playa nds. ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 149

Infused Rain

Is a tropical paradise where you can get away fro keep you entertained for an afternoon. From sur soon to say it fe Page 150 | ECLIPSE March 2020

ndrop Beach

om your trouble and woes, it has plenty to do to rfing, sightseeing and photogenic areas you’ll be eels like home. ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 151

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Voices from the g

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second Life® residents on the salient issues of the day. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine we asked residents to share “What is your reaction to the news that Linden Lab is selling Sansar and plans to focus on Second Life? ”


Photograph provided by White Rose. Page 158 | ECLIPSE March 2020


white rose

hite Rose [stiletto34] was born on a frosty January morning in 2015, it was gloomy, gray outside the window. Out of boredom, he turned on the computer and he never regretted that he did not finish the book he promised to finish.This is how his adventure with Second Life began. The enormity of possibilities delighted him. White Rose has changed and evolved and is still doing it, I suppose. It is probably one of those innate features of this game that he underwent. He loves to change clothes, change his character, shape, role, but he never cheats on who he really is. Although he hides his person behind the avatar, he is very eager to talk about reality, for him they are inseparable worlds, he can not separate them here and here he tries to be himself. From the need for creation, a fascination with photography was born, an ocean of possibilities and its limit is only the horizon of imagination. I think this is great news, the possibilities of Second life are practically limitless, a great platform for anyone who would like to add their small piece to this virtual world. Sansar, although surprisingly beautiful, is quickly boring. I hope that from the combination of experience gained in creating Sansar, Second Life will regain its splendor. At this point, I would like to present my own modest work. I have a Flickr where I have outraged someone with my bare chest and male member, so it’s status is moderate for viewing. I am also developing a store. Currently, it is only on Marketplace, though I plan to open a small shop in world. It is called 2faces where I sell a hand-cut skin I have made. I am more of a constructor than a painter. You could think of the skin as the result of a lot of cutting and gluing. I know how it sounds, but it is not “Silence of the Lambs” although the technique is very similar. It gives me immense joy to be absorbed for long hours in the pure pleasure of creation. That’s why at this point I would like to appeal to Linden Lab, I have the impression that many users of this game agree with me, to Linden Lab to do something with such huge lags present in the game, now the whole world is loading thanks to our computers, people changing avatars, clothes, but yet there are permanent elements in the game, but the decor - the architecture, the flora of the land, the sims are often the same for months. Could it not be possible to load solid elements from the game on Linden Lab servers? I met with many opinions that this is one of the main reasons that deter people from Second Life and they play Sims. Check out his Flickr, 2faces Flickr and Marketplace.

ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 159

Photograph by Taylor Wassep.

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elise sirnah

lise Sirnah joined SL twelve years ago. Her great love for exploration and photography has led her to many places exploring and meeting people from around the world. Many of them have been immortalized in her own unique way, via her second love-taking photos. Her innate kindness has given her many friends, whom she is always willing to support and help. After a few years break, she returned to SL deciding to take photographs, learning so much, and meeting so many people. After Mystic Timbers closed she wanted to continue the magic and relaxed feel and created Mimmo. A magical place, a paradise of inspiration for every photographer Elise has had much support from friends who have moved on to concentrate on other things, she is so grateful for their support. Mimmo is now managed by Graice Shade and Elise, who are proud to offer Mimmo for all. Please come visit. There’s even a photo competition going on until March 28th. Her passion has developed and she now blogs expanding, her horizons for the wonderful creators who sponsor her. Her restless spirit and inquisitive mind always lead her to new, creative paths whatever she does. In her little free time, you will find her dancing and enjoying a glass of cider. When Linden introduced project Sansar I was both excited and full of dread. A VR SL with new dimensions and experiences, a smoother running SL and with a 3D virtual feel completely immersive. However, it became apparent that only those with the VR headsets and high-end graphic cards would be able to participate. Many of the SL users are there for varying reasons, not all can afford this and just want to enjoy a fantasy world where they can meet individuals from across the world. Having a vision of everyone with a VR headset on for hours on end did make me feel uncomfortable. I have not actually created an account for Sansar and not visited so I am unable to comment about how good or bad it is. As part of my research, I have now downloaded and created an account, only to find there is no IM function, I had to voice. This is not always possible for people, and many of us reserve the right to do this only with those close to them. Having that choice is appealing to people and takin that away reduces the desire to join Sansar. In addition to this, there was no way of transferring items that were purchased through SL. Most people are spending their own money within SL. Having to start again with no financial assistance will discourage people completely. In the initial development of Sansar, it was my understanding that many of the creators and designers were working with Linden on Sansar development. This was disappointing as it left SL with no or little creative development. I would be pleased if Linden invested more into Second Life, improving the platforms, reducing lag creating elements of items used for building, etc. This platform is more widely available, has been running and many of the ‘glitches’ have been designed out of SL. Those with reduced technology available to them are still able to log in and enjoy the experience. Having said this there is always room for improvement, investment in servers, and encouraging the designers and creators to invest in SL with a future is a very good thing. Looks at her inventory, “There’s no way I could leave Second Life and start over!!” I look forward to watching the developments and improvements that will be possible with further investment. Check out her Flickr and Mimmo. ECLIPSE March 2020 | Page 161

Photograph provided by Elaine Lectar. Page 162 | ECLIPSE March 2020

elaine lectar


laine Lectar first rezzed ten years ago, motivated as much by fun as curiosity. She wanted to discover and use her innate creativity. This led her first to devote her time creating small items. For a few years, she made and sold her small creations. Then she turned to photography. For the last two years, equipped with her camera, she has been taking photos while wandering the grid. A year ago, a furniture creator asked her to blog and so her new adventure began. Today she is a busy blogger with a passion for photography. My reaction was of initial amazement! I think Linden Lab was doing a great job with Sansar. But I am very fond of Second Life because it has always given residents many opportunities, and many ways to work and express yourself in a world parallel to reality but not different from it. If selling Sansar means bringing everything that Sansar has acquired in terms of graphic quality to Second Life then my reaction can only be positive. Implementing Second Life with them would make everyone happy. And I believe that concentrating all your strength on a single project only benefits the project itself. And I am convinced that Second Life offers a lot of potential both from a cultural, social and even commercial point of view. Check out her Flickr, Instagram and Blog.

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THE wayfarer...

photography by temp

“The Wayfarer” is a monthly feature showcasing some of the most aesthetic places in Second Life®. His feet landed clumsily upon packed gravel, as the Wayfarer blinked his eyes rapidly for a moment to become accustomed to The Rusty Nail. Gathering his bearings, he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jacket, while he began to explore this new land. A sense of nostalgia coursed through his veins, there was beauty in this simplicity was the resounding thought that caressed the forefront of his mind. For a moment, he pauses, choosing to sit one of the many worn bridges — his feet dipping into the serene water. Immerse yourself in The Rusty Nail.

est rosca.

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