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The talented and renowned photographer, Kiana Jarman, shows us how she plans on welcoming the spring season.

The Blogger & Vlogger Network is a group dedicated to supporting and improving the impact of Second Life blogs and vlogs.

Page 6 | ECLIPSE March 2017

For this edition, the light shines brightly on Mericat Ireland, a wonderfully talented blogger!

The gentlemen of ECLIPSE are starting to gear up for the warmer season, showcasing for us their favorite spring time trends.

As the second installment of this feature, we explore the urban roleplay community, Asphyxiation Point!

The ladies of ECLIPSE have styled up some of the best trends of this spring season for your viewing pleasure!



ECLIPSE Magazine is dedicated to not only offering an aesthetically pleasing publication, but to also be considered a platform that offers rich and relevant content. Each month, we showcase residents and groups that have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination” to such great heights that they have impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community.


Cover Story Blueberry Cover Photographer Lessthen Zero


The Art Perspective


Voices from the Grid


The Adventures of...

Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook

Oema investigates the world of art, this time featuring the work of Maddy.

Residents around the grid answer the question, “What’s your perfect day?”

Miele Tarantal takes us on a photographic journey, exploring Junktown. ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 7

Page 8 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 9

I feel that it has become an unspoken tradition that the last thing I ever do for any issue is to write a “Publishers Note,” after much deliberation (or procrastination, whichever you prefer). One would assume that such a task would not qualify as such a lofty endeavor. After all, shouldn’t this note be a simple reflection of what I feel about the overall edition? Well, I feel relieved that we published another issue of ECLIPSE Magazine and am equally happy with the final product. In other news, I have a new life resolution. My previous one was simply to be kind, and while I do feel that I was able to follow that one rather well (although it may depend on who you ask). I have learned that continuous kindness leads to potential hurt. I can endure kindness that isn’t reciprocated. When I find myself in a situation where someone is unkind, it’s usually not a testament to how they feel about me but rather it’s a culmination of the sort of the day they’re having. The potential hurt that happens occurs when kindness is taken advantage of brutally and repeatedly. Thus, moving forward, I shall make a concerted effort to base my opinions on experience, rather than hearsay. After all, nothing is less attractive than badly covered ignorance with the exception of bold and intentional apathy or malice. This issue of ECLIPSE Magazine though! I am thrilled to feature Blueberry on the cover. While I do wish she made male clothes, she does make exceptional female clothes. Her designing talent is not the only reason we asked to feature her on our cover, she is also one of the few content creators that actively engages her customers on her social media pages. Between our regular monthly features and our fashion spreads, we also have a special article on the Blogger & Vlogger Network. This is a new group dedicated to not only supporting Second Life blogs and vlogs but also committed to improving their impact. I do hope you enjoy this issue, and happy readings!

letter from the publi


executive team

trouble dethly Publisher

Taylor Wassep

Zzoie Zee Dethly

carley benazzi

Cajsa Lilliehook

Creative Director

Lead Stylist

Creative Director

Copy Editor

the c




Ahn Avion Cajsa Lilliehook Gabriella King Miele Tarantal Isadora Fiddlesticks Novaleigh Freng Oema

Anderian Sugarplum Cubito Smit Daffodil Crimson Kess Crystal Lessthen Zero Miele Tarantal Taylor Wassep Tempest Rosca Wicca Merlin WrenNoir Cerise Xandrah Sciavo ZzoieZee Dethly

Boniefacio Caesar Langer Cubito Smit Desireme Fallen Shena Neox Silly Avro Taylor Wassep Xandrah Sciavo

guest stylist & photographer Kiana Jarman

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Page 18 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 19

Through the lens kiana jarman welcomes spring. Photography by kia


na jarman.

Jumpsuit: Maitreya Nova Romper Coral Tattoo: .Absence. Maritime Rose Jewelry: RealEvil - Mara Set Hair: *ARGRACE* MAYU - Blondes Head: CATWA - BENTO CATYA Body: MAITREYA - LARA Skin: INSOL - DARIA Make Up & Lashes: .euphoric ~ Confident Shiny Makeup Hands: VISTA - BENTO HANDS Eyes: IKON - HOPE eyes

Page 22 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 23

Pants: APHORISM - Ana Patched Jeans Top: Maitreya - Tank Top Rings: RealEvil - Luxy Rings Set Hair: .Entwined. Amelia / Light Blondes Head: CATWA - BENTO CATYA Body: MAITREYA - LARA Skin: INSOL - DARIA Hands: VISTA - BENTO HANDS Eyes: IKON - HOPE eyes

Page 24 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 25

Page 26 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Tempest Rosca is wearing: Shorts: [Pumpkin] Layered shorts - Maitreya - Lara Top: [Cynful] Chilli Bra - Maitreya Lara Hair: Tableau Vivant - Long pigtails Accessories: Foxes - Luxe Girl Headphones [Cynful] - Chilli Necklace - Maitreya Lara Izzie’s - Chunky Chain Bracelet V1 (R) **RE** Savage Watch Shoes: fri. - Dottie.Sneaks (Coal) - Maitreya Socks: fri. - Dottie.Socks (Maitreya) Head: CATWA HEAD Cami V4.9 HUD: CATWA HUD Main V4.9 Kiana Jarman is wearing: Pants: [Pumpkin] Layered shorts - White Top: [Cynful] Chilli Jersey white Glasses: *AVIATOR* Glasses *Ink No.8* Factory Shoes: Maitreya Low Sneakers - 015 Socks: (SP) Sneakers w Socks Hair: MAGIKA - SUGAR Smartphone: MyPhone 7 Plus // MUSCHI Hands: VISTA - BENTO HANDS Eyes: IKON - HOPE eyes Head: CATWA - BENTO CATYA Body: Belleza- freya Skin: INSOL - DARIA

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 27

Head: CATWA - BENTO CATYA Body: MAITREYA - LARA Skin: INSOL - DARIA Hands: VISTA - BENTO HANDS Eyes: IKON - Hope Pant: -Pixicat- Casual.Set (Blue) Shirt: [Cynful] Bombshell Top Socks: Maitreya Dahlia Socks * Standard Sizes * Beige Boots: Maitreya Stagioni XTD Leather * Bronze Tattoo: .Absence. Maritime Rose Hair: .Entwined. Lila / Light Blondes Necklace: Swallow - Rosary Necklace Female Watch: RealEvil - Alice Watch

Page 28 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 29

Collar: =Zenith=Orianna Lace Collar (Rose) Dress: =Zenith=Orianna Lace Dress (Rose) Crown: =Zenith=Rose crown Legwarmer: 10. .::Dead Dollz::. Legwarmers + Pointe RARE Hair: .LeLutka.Key hairbase.Combo 01 Head: LELUTKA STELLA Ears: UNISEX[MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season 5 Skin: Lara Hurley-Cerise LeLutka Applier Pale Wings: *COCO*_Doll_InsectWings

Page 30 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 31

Page 32 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 33

: Blueberry

written by cajsa lilliehook. photography by lessthen zero, anderian sugarplum & kes

ss crystal.

Page 38 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 39

The research is in and scientists all agree, Blueberry is good for you. Just in case there are any free radicals wandering near you in Second Life®, the fashion doctors prescribe a regular dose of Blueberry to keep you and yours healthy. Mishi, the one in the lab coat concocting all the Blueberry treatments and potions, is reticent about talking about herself in interviews, though she is anything but in person. “I am very open with my girls and within reason I will answer anything so don’t be shy to reach out.” She chose the Blueberry label for its lightheartedness as well as its delicious fruity taste. She is equally reticent about the many claims by scientists and researchers on the health effects of Blueberry. Not one to oversell, she simply noted, “Some of the berries in the group report that their partners show a significant increase in vitality.” Hmm. I wonder why? If you don’t know by now, Blueberry’s clothing is distinct and immediately recognizable. That’s why Mishi’s lab coat is so short, revealing the shapely bodyconscious jeans underneath. She’s not allowed to make scrubs for fear of a rash of heart attacks in hospitals across the grid. There are just not enough defibrillators and oxygen tanks to handle the sensory overload.

Page 40 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Photographer | Lessthen Zero Featuring | Blueberry ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 41

Page 42 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE Magazine, pretending we did not already know, asked her what is the hallmark of her brand. She answered modestly, “I have a very specific way of modelling how a clothing should fit the body. If the color chart isn’t the first clue then probably the sculpting of the booty and the breasts will give it away.” Now that’s an understatement. She could have said it has “the boom boom that all the boys chase, all the right junk in all the right places.” When thinking about what she should make next, Blueberry does not suffer from a lack of ideas because she’s always getting suggestions. “My entire line is based off of what my customers ask of me and my take of it. I think it’s pretty unique and we all have a lot of fun during the development and post release.” A lot of that fun comes from the rapport and community of the Blueberry group in world. She loves the friendship and solidarity that the group has developed over time. “I am a little biased but Blueberry group represents a true community spirit in Second Life. We don’t have a rule to keep it Blueberry topic only, we talk about fashion and life in general and support one another.”

Photographer | Lessthen Zero Featuring | Blueberry, Sophia Harlow & Tinker Hax

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 43

Supporting one another is something the SL® community is known for and the Blueberry brand has stepped up every time it is asked, though usually with private donations. As she explains, “I don’t believe in advertising a good deed.” She’s not the one sounding the trumpets, though, when we note she gave a lifetime of new releases to be auctioned off for the Pulse fundraiser that raised over $20,000 for the victims of that massacre. The gotta-have-it lust for that prize was palpable and it finally went for a little over 300,000 lindens. Blueberry shares a sim with Just Because, Tetra, and Vinyl, four clothing stores that share a common fashion sensibility with a preference for casual, bodyconscious clothing. Sharing a sim can be challenging, but she finds it easy because they are usually in sync. “We got so lucky

Page 44 | ECLIPSE March 2017

with each other. None of us are stubborn and we are always open to hearing each other out, makes these decisions easy.” Rather than a challenge, she finds sharing a sim with other stores a joy. “It is the most fun thing ever, we truly love each other and we love to support each other.” Their shared sensibilities are also great for marketing with sim-wide sales and cross-promotion. People who come to the sim for her clothing, if they take the opportunity to wander, will find other stores with clothing that is sure to appeal to them. And of course, that synergy goes both directions. People visiting Vinyl, Tetra, or Just Because will find clothing they love at Blueberry. But then, just google what complements Blueberry and you will see an extraordinary variety of sweet, tart, and even savory options.

Photographer & Model | Anderian Sugarplum Top | Blueberry - Jolly Holidays Mini Sweater Skirt | Blueberry - Luxe Box November Skirts

My entire line is based off of what my customers ask of me and my take of it.

Photographer & Model | Anderian Sugarplum Jacket | Blueberry - Asia Leather Jacket Top | Blueberry - Georgina Yoga Tops Pants | Blueberry - Cake Leggings

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 45

Marketing is always a challenge for SL businesses, but Blueberry is fortunate that wordof-mouth is their most powerful marketing tool. This did not happen by accident. The secret to good word-of-mouth is customer support. As she explained, “The last couple of years we have focused heavily on customer support and we have tried to make sure every customer leaves the store satisfied.” So who is the Blueberry girl? Well, she has great skin and hair thanks to Blueberry’s antioxidants (and the skills of SL’s other creators) and a sharp eye for value, thanks to the anthocyanins baked into the mesh. She is a casual rebel–with a cause. She knows she can be smart and sexy, bold and cute, tough and chic, all at the same time without

Photographer | Lessthen Zero Featuring | Blueberry & Sophia Harlow

Page 46 | ECLIPSE March 2017

breaking a sweat. She contains contradictions because she’s no fool, she’s not a follower. Her soundtrack features AlunaGeorge and DJ Snake’s “You Know You Like It” with the anthemic words “I just wanna have some fun. Don’t tell me what can’t be done” Blueberry is one of shrinking number of SL brands that continue to focus on mainstore releases. Selling through Marketplace™ and the mainstore remains a priority. As she explains, “I prefer mainstore releases over events because I think it is very frustrating for many customers to hammer into events and it is also important for a customer to arrive at a store and find an up to date store (with all their releases available) and not feel like they have to chase the product down.”

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 47


From the talks I had with Lindens and user group meetings, it is my opinion that Second Life is going to be around and keep improving for a very, very long time.


Photographer & Model | Kess Crystal Top | Blueberry - Luxe Box Cutietop Skirt | Blueberry - Luxe Box November Skirts Page 48 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Photographer & Model | Kess Crystal Outfit | Blueberry - Piki Dress

That does not mean Blueberry releases are never found at events. “While I do prefer mainstore releases to events, I find it important to participate to events to remind people that you are still there, who are not in your update group, “ she noted. Blueberry participates in Epiphany, Collabor88, Luxebox, Ultra, and The Arcade, rotating among them so she does not get overwhelmed trying to be in every event. She chose these events for the quality management and promotion that ensures they are worth her time. Looking to the future, she has confidence in Linden Lab’s™ commitment to Second Life. She points out that they have proved their commitment time and time again. She is looking forward eagerly to Sansar and what it will bring and is not worried that Sansar will decimate Second Life. “From the talks I had with Lindens and user group meetings, it is my opinion that Second Life is going to be around and keep improving for a very, very long time.” She would like to add something to their list, though, “I would want Linden Lab to do something about alpha’s bugging out when they interact with another alpha texture.” ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 49

On a personal note, Mishi is eager to point out that SL has been a blessing in her life. “I don’t think anyone else other than my colleagues would understand. I work just as hard maybe harder than the times I had a real life job, but I have a huge community to inspire me and cheer me on while I do so. It doesn’t even feel like work right now, I am scared of jinxing it. But even if it had to come to an end one day, I will always be grateful for having this opportunity. I have never felt so lucky and blessed in my life.” The Blueberry community provides her with all the inspiration she needs. It is likely that community will grow as she carries out her plans for the future. “I am expanding Blueberry to cover more than just clothes. I will reveal more in the very near future.” If that means more people enjoying the benefits of Blueberry, we will all be healthier and happier. Check out Blueberry on Flickr. Check out Blueberry on Facebook. Teleport to the Blueberry in-world store.

Page 50 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Photographer | Lessthen Zero Featuring | Blueberry

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 51

Photographer & Model | Kess Crystal Outfit | Blueberry - Scarlet Angelic Dress

Page 52 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 53

Photographer & Model | Anderian Sugarplum Outfit | Blueberry - Luxe Box Misti Shackleton

Page 54 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 55

Page 56 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 57

Page 58 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 59

blogger & vlogger net

written by novaleigh freng. photography by xand


drah sciavo.

While many of us in the fashion community in Second Life® have spent the last several weeks patiently awaiting the opening of the next round of our favorite event, or toiling away in Photoshop® trying to get our latest in-world snapshot of our favorite designer’s newest release just right, we have missed something extraordinary forming right beneath our pixelated noses. And no, I’m not talking about a pimple. I’m talking about the newest Mecca of information for the bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers) of Second Life—the Blogger and VLogger Network. The Blogger and VLogger Network (or BVN for short) is described by co-founder Kess Crystal as “the first group of its kind to support both bloggers and vloggers in accessing information, networking and learning opportunities across a number of platforms.” The project is the brainchild of Marketing and Public Relations expert Kess Crystal, ECLIPSE owner Trouble Dethly, and Delicate T. Flower of Seraphim. With their powers combined, the trio formed the BVN with one goal in mind—improving the accessibility of information and the impact of blogs and vlogs within the Second Life community. You’re going to love it. How, you ask?

Page 62 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Photographer | Kess Crystal ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 63

Let’s take a moment to count some of the ways.

1. The BVN gives users access to video tutorials that teach them how to do everything from smooth out lines to add things that weren’t even in the photo to begin with. The BVN can be your one-stop shop for that special effect to give your photo the extra edge you were looking for. They will no longer need to troll Youtube®. Do you know of other great Second Life Photoshop tutorials? There’s a form right on the page to add them, too! 2. Photography and videography tutorials for both budding and experienced users. CassandraMiddles Resident has already authored several articles and posted several videos on the BVN geared toward video-making and vlogging in particular, an increasingly popular resource in Second Life. 3. Inventory organization tips (because who doesn’t need those? 4. Windlight tutorials, downloads, and how-tos. 5. A list of photogenic sims where you can actually rez. Second Life’s official website offers something similar, but there’s no guarantee whether or not you’ll be able to rez your poses or props once you arrive. Hopefully this feature at the BVN website will eliminate some of the guess-work involved with that process and alleviate some of the stress of the photo-location hunt.

Page 64 | ECLIPSE March 2017

While all of those may seem like some fabulous benefits on their own, the BVN is far more than simply a website full of useful tutorials and SLURLS. It is, at its core, a community, and of course, the idea of community has many different levels. The BVN of Second Life is no different. The BVN hopes to set itself apart from other blogger networks by being a more inclusive resource for the community and offering bloggers and vloggers resources and input from the ground up. “We’ll be looking at all the angles and aspects [of blogging and vlogging],” BVN co-founder Kess Crystal explained to ECLIPSE, “by including designers, creators, event organizers and blogger managers to join us to discuss a wide range of topics close to everyone’s heart.” Heart. This is where we get to the interesting part. At the center of every community, there is a heart. Something special, something unique that makes that community a place that people want to be. A place that they want to put down roots. ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 65

The BVN hopes to be such a place for the blogging and vlogging community in Second Life. Aside from the website’s archived video resources on various topics, a Flickr pool for its users, and a community forum, the BVN also boasts something truly unique. The founders of the BVN are all in agreement about this particular feature of the project—it is by far their favorite—and you’ll understand why. It’s one thing to watch a video tutorial, or spend hours searching Youtube for a specific technique or item you’ve been looking for. It’s another thing entirely to go through the steps live with another Second Life user just like you. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The heart of the BVN, the heart of the newest community dedicated to the bloggers and vloggers of our beloved Second Life, is a schedule of live weekly events

Page 66 | ECLIPSE March 2017

and tutorials centered around you and the things that you want to do. This feature is unlike anything else any other community currently has, but if you check the BVN website, you’ll see that several live events have already been scheduled. Not sure if you should give it a shot? The BVN founders don’t cut corners with their event hosts. That first event, “Taking the Picture” is hosted by WrenNoir Cerise, one of the founders of the prestigious Visionaire Institute of Photography in Second Life, and a talented photographer with a gifted eye. Of course, the 18th is also the day of the launch party, which means that this is only the beginning of live events with the BVN. There is much more planned for the future. Topics will vary, and the subjects will depend on you and your interests because the BVN is all about you.

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 67

Page 68 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Second Life has spent thirteen years evolving into what we know it as today, and so has the blogging, and more recently, the vlogging community. The Blogger and Vlogger Network is a step into the future of what blogging and vlogging can be. It is a way to enrich our content, to empower ourselves, to broaden our reach, and to continue marching forward and improving. The interesting part about the BVN is that in a community with live tutorials, weekly events, and forums based around the issues you want to tackle is that the sky truly is the limit, and the BVN will allow you to reach for the stars. For more information about the Blogger and Vlogger Network, see the website. For more information about the live events, click here. Visit them in-world.

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 69

Page 70 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 71

Page 72 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 73

Page 74 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 75

the proust spotli

photography by merica

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second Life®. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick. Mericat Ireland has been blogging fashion under the ReadMeri banner since 2013 and for years longer just about her adventures in Second Life and the other place. She would classify her fashion style as mostly ‘girl next door’ with a bit of indie/folky stuff thrown in where possible. She initially went into fashion blogging because she simply couldn’t stop buying clothes and people began to suggest it.


at ireland.

What is your ideal of perfect happiness? A book, a cat and a bar of Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate – and peace. Always peace. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Modesty. I don’t mean in terms of bragging about yourself, but more in terms of how you behave. I’m not a modestly behaved, quiet kind of girl. I think we should all live in a joyful and loving way whenever possible. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? On the blog? Fabulous! Wonderful! Lush! Amazing! Please, can someone make me some more words? What do you consider your greatest achievement? Survival. I’m very accident prone. Ever since I was a child I tend to fall off things and over things. I bang my head a lot. I once stuck a lit cigarette in my eye. As my partner Thom said ‘It’s for this reason you shouldn’t be let out alone, Meri’. What do you most value in your friends? A sense of humour. I like people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Obviously I like them to be kind too, that’s highly underrated these days. I like people who like shoes. And cats. But seriously, the sense of humour thing – essential. What is your most marked characteristic? My personality I think. People assume I’m very confident and I know I appear that way a lot of the time. I use humour to diffuse situations, to make people feel better, to show affection and familiarity and just generally to avoid anything I dislike. I’m very outgoing and mostly brimming over with happy, but on occasion can feel very shy. Happily, in SL, no-one can see you blush. For more information on Meri and samples of her work, check out her Blog and Flickr.

Page 78 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 79

Page 80 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 81

Page 82 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 83

Page 84 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 85

Page 86 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 87

Page 88 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 89

Trending now

The gentlemen show us their favorite spring fashion trends. photography by TAY


Taylor Wassep in Slogan Tees Hair: Taketomi - Kris Tank: Boys To The Bone - Grunge Crop Wrap: Overhigh - Knotted Izzie Shirt Shorts: Amitomo - DailyLook Gacha Leather Shorts Leggings Sandals: Versov - Sandov

Page 92 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 93

Taylor Wassep in Parkas Hair: Dura - Dura-Boy 73 Jacket: Chronokit - ModsCoat Jeans: Pumpkin - Ripped Knee Jeans Boots: Versov - Blendov Boots Page 94 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 95

Cubito Smit in Super Short Shorts SHIRT: Gabriel - Open Shirt 2016 SHORTS: NO! - Shorts Safari SANDALS: ILLI - Phoenix Sandals HAIR: elua - Thao BRACELET: Realevil - Ikal NECKLACE: Mandala - Haramita Page 96 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 97

Page 98 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Cubito Smit in Onesies Jumpsuit: Isil - Advanced Jumpsuit HAIR: Burley - Joe SANDALS: Kenvie - Sandals Slippers SUNGLASSES: Steinwerk - Aviator Custom BAG: E-Clipse - Owl Bag

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 99

Caesar Langer in Luxury Bondage Top: Noche - Short Sleeved Shirt Harness: Gabriel - Body Chane Bottoms: Sugar For Men - Strapped Pants Shoes: Balkanik - Zanocci Gloves and rings: Real Evil Industries - NeeX Leather Gloves Earring: Codex - Silver Tribal Shades: Zoom - Close Eye Mask Nails: MissEm Boa Style - Mens Mesh Nails Squared Page 100 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 101

Page 102 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Caesar Langer in Punk Backpack: Benjaminz -VM Backpack Top: Ascend - Ian Cardigan with shirt Bottoms: Deadwool - Pleated Jeans Necklace 1: Gild - Round Studs Necklace Necklace 2: Real Evil Industries - Primal Necklace Bracelet (r): Real Evil Industries - Primal Bracelet Bracelet (l): Lapointe&Bastchild - Swear Braided Woven Rings: Formanails - Design Punk Boots: MV Alternative Fashion - Digital Rabidity ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 103

Boniefacio in Squared Up Hair : Tableau Vivant \\ Miles hair Shirt : *chronokit* Shirts05 Pants : Dot-Be Fashion - MICHAEL JEANS Boots : [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots Gloves : Dot-be Gloves HUD - Slink

Page 104 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 105

Boniefacio in Oversized Shoulders Hair : [INK] Hair___ PIRO Jacket : -David Heather-Kang Blazer Pants : ::K:: Dual Belt Chinos Homme Shoes : ..::ILLI::.. Sander Platforms Bag : BeloD - Dol handbag

Page 106 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 107

Page 108 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 109

the world of role

this month we feature “asphyxiation.” written by ahn avion. photography b


y zzoiezee.

Page 112 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 113

When in search of new adventures that could lead to wealth beyond imagination, no venture is too great, even if it could lead to one’s demise. To reach this land of opportunity, sailors had to pass through a strait so perilous that they often held their breath out of fear that the next hard breath, the next body shift could send the boat smashing against the sharp rocks. Once the danger was past, sailors would be panting and gasping for breath. Welcome to Asphyxiation Point. A small fishing village turned tourist town, Asphyxiation Point offers a myriad of opportunities for the intrepid roleplayer. The city itself consists of multiple neighborhoods that span all segments of the class divide. You arrive at the beach but where will you end up? Will you be one of the aristocratic few living atop the hill? Will you form the middle class in the theater district? Will you find your home in the midst of the crime ridden lower town? Or will you sink even lower and become one of the denizens of the Red Light District? Asphyxiation Point has no dearth of options.

Page 114 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 115

Page 116 | ECLIPSE March 2017

“I had a vision of a RP environment that didn’t exists anywhere so I gathered the best team anyone could imagine. We shared our visions and ideas which resulted into Asphyxiation Point,” Deranean Sands, owner of Asphyxiation Point states. “February 22nd was our 2 year mark.” Two years for a roleplay sim is quite remarkable and only a select few can boast such a claim. Some sim owners will hang on with dwindling traffic hoping they can find that elusive magical formula to keep things going. Asphyxiation Point is not one of those sims. “Well our main group at this time has 5365 members and we are consistently one of the top four urban roleplay sims - this is despite the fact that our competition has multiple sims and we only support a single sim.Our traffic has been remarkably consistent across the life time of the sim. Our biggest issue is having enough housing for all the players, but we make do and I have considered a second sim. A few times,” Deranean adds with a laugh. Having been in my fair share of roleplay sims, the one consistent thing t among the successful ones t is the sense of community. It’s not enough to put together a bunch of prims, call it a city, and tell people to go do what they do. “I think it is really important for me and all the AP [Asphyxiation Point] admin to get out and mingle. I always tell our team that we set the tone. If each of us RP with one other player we can have 10 -14 players RPing on sim at all times..

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 117

From the beginning, this has always been a players sim. It was built by players and it’s run by players,” she expresses proudly. With over 5,000 members after two years, I’d say it’s working! Part of the mass appeal can be contributed to a variety of RP events created by Deranean and the AP admin team. The current sim-wide roleplay consists of players having to find clues in a classic whodunnit.. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, despite or perhaps because of the risk of danger and violence. As I was touring the sim, I had managed to come across a couple of female players in the tunnels holding lead pipes. I can’t help but wonder if I had called out, “Miss Scarlet in the tunnels with a lead pipe!” if I would have won the game. Being curious of nature, I sent a message to Phedre Dumouriez, one of the AP admins and a dear personal friend of 10 years on SL. Phedre is the type of roleplayer that makes most other roleplayers want to be involved as she is so open and giving in her approach to storytelling. When I was able to catch up with her to find out how the lead pipe came into play, she was more than happy to Page 118 | ECLIPSE March 2017

share her experiences while her character was starting to recover in a hospital. “Phe was kidnapped weeks ago and has been drugged for much of it,” she starts. “Long story short, her and her cellmate busted out tonight just as the police finally tracked down their kidnapper.” Drugs, kidnapping, violence. And that’s just scratching the surface. Phedre and her character of the same name, had come across Asphyxiation Point back in August 2016. I wondered what made her choose AP out of all of the sims available to a player of her caliber. “Honestly? I have to say that it was the warm welcome I received the very first day I popped in. It’s what made me want to play here. Not only was I welcomed by the admin, but the folks were all so welcoming. And because of the split between Uppertown, Lowertown and the RLD [Red Light District] - you have these great thematic environments piled one on top of the other. So you can actually control how ‘dark’ your adult experience here can be. I started Phe off as strictly ‘goody two shoes’ - cover the news, but never making it, and.. well.. all these months later, and you saw her wielding a lead pipe.”

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 119

Page 120 | ECLIPSE March 2017

That was something I had experienced at Asphyxiation Point as well - the personal greeting by the owner, Deranean Sands. Some time had passed since I concluded the interview with Deranean, and I had moved on to catch up with and interview Phedre. My partner and I had visited AP a few months prior and thought to see if we could put together a small roleplay scene of our own to see if we might enjoy it enough to apply to become citizens. As we sat and enjoyed our breakfast at the diner, Deranean had private messaged my partner and me separately, welcoming us to the sim and extending an invitation to message her or the admin team should we have questions. Here is someone that knows the power of customer service! So far, I had spoken to the sim owner and one of the admins, but I wanted to hear the perspective of a new citizen and so I reached out to Savvy Moyer. According to Savvy, “Sav Moyer is currently “officially” unemployed. Unofficially he is in the import/export business of.... commodities of questionable legal status.” I asked him why Asphyxiation Point appeals to him. He says, “I have been RPing in Second Life for years, and several people mentioned I needed to check out the SIM, so I came to check it out, and saw an opportunity to create something different than what I have done in the past.”

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 121

Since Savvy is also an experienced roleplayer, I pressed further about what sets Asphyxiation Point apart from other sims. He replies, “In the past I have RPed in either worlds that are very well defined, based on a show, or movie theme, or a postapocalyptic world. AP is much more in touch with the real world, today, but with more drama. Although that should seem easier to play because it is based in our world, the fact that it does not come with a known universe, or history, like a TV show, it makes it more challenging to create the scenarios, rather than playing into the established theme.” When asked for final thoughts, Deranean says, “There’s always room for one more! Anything else would sound like I am bragging.” Asphyxiation Point is a sim that’s been running strong and steady for two years with people waiting to have a RP place to live and with nothing but word of mouth advertising. Those are some serious bragging rights!

Page 122 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Phedre adds, “My advice would be to read the website. Seriously. All of it. There’s SO much good stuff in there - from IC history about the Point that can be incorporated into your backstory, to info about the many businesses, the difference between the sectors, and even OOC stuff like RP etiquette and fight scenes. My OTHER advice would be to get out once you have an idea of who you want to be and RP! Talk up strangers (We sometimes play a game called ‘Stranger Danger’ to encourage just that.) and make new friends.” Asphyxiation Point is one of the most visually stunning urban roleplay environments in the virtual world Second Life where characters live, laugh, and love while crime, despair, and conflict brew just under the surface. A small fishing village turned tourist town, Asphyxiation Point is both beautiful and dangerous. Will you succumb to the darkness or will you rise above it all? Where will your adventure take you? Who will you be? Will you hold your breath?

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 123

Page 124 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 125

Page 126 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 127

Page 128 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 129

Page 130 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 131

Trending now

the talented women of eclipse show us their favorite spring fashion trends. photography by wic

cca merlin.

Page 134 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Desireme Fallen in Shades of Blue GLASSES: Glamistry - Sunglasses - PU2003 PANT: GIzzA - Urban Sailor BRA: GizzA - Urban Sailor TOP: GizzA - Urban Sailor FOOTWEAR: MOoH! Megan Tip toe High tops HAIR: Tableau Vivant- Long pigtails JEWELRY: GizzA - Odyssey - Watch & Bracelet

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 135

Desireme Fallen in Bold Stripes TOP: !gO! - Peasant Woman Corset- Rare Gacha PANT: Emery - Lydia Wide Pants Stripes PURSE: LaGyo - Roses Satchel Bag FOOTWEAR: Invidah - Kailey Flats HAIR: LeLutka - A-NV-0001

Page 136 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 137

Shena Neox in New Athleisure Headphone: Azoury - Eden Hair: Tableau Vivant - Side pony Pants: Gizza - Jogging Suit Jacket: Gizza - Sybille Puffer Jacket Sneaker: Azoury - Ironic Sneaker Clutch: MoonRabbit - Clear Envelope Clutch Nails: Zibska - Fluoi Slink Fingernails

Page 138 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 139

Shena Neox in 80’s Glam Hair: Analog Dog - proud mary Necklace: Azoury - Miele Dress: Gizza - Drapped dress Jacket: Diram - Blake Sandals: Zibska - Vega Nails: Nailed It - Metals Set Page 140 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 141

Silly Avro in Straps Top: Hilly Haalan- Jessie Top Pants: Asteria - Lana Panties Earrings: Ec.cloth - Helens Earrings Footwear: Reign - Arya Heels Hair: Tableau Vivant - Bun pigtails add-on

Page 142 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 143

Page 144 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Silly Avro in Slogan Tees Top: Legal Insanity - Nelly sweatshirt Chic Pants: Blueberry - Rene Pants Footwear: Empire - Kalmia Hair: Shi - Octavia ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 145

Xandrah Sciavo in Romance with an Edge Dress: Baiastice - Tattoo Dress Boots: Empire - Coreopsis Earrings: Zafair - Cautivo Earrings Hair: Tram - F1124 Hair

Page 146 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 147

Page 148 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Xandrah Sciavo in Bra Tops Top: Zafair - Bustier Folclore Sweater: Noche - Paris Off Shoulder Fur Pants: Zafair - Torero Pants Lady Damask Shoes: - Josie Platforms Necklace: Minimal - Choker Bow Tie Bag: LaGyo - Roses Satchel Bag Hair: Vanity Hair - Suite in G Major

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 149

Page 150 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 151

Page 152 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 153

the art perspective oema sheds insight on “GARDENS BY THE BAY,” ECLECTIC ARTWORK BY MADDY. written by

oema. photography by miele tarantal.

One of the aspects that make Second Life® a fascinating world is the ability to create environments that replicate real places. This capacity has allowed some owners with intense artistic creativity to create real “virtual art.” Among the owners who have this “creative vision” is Maddy (nibby. riddler), who is known as the creator of Eclectica. As this splendid SIM no longer exists, Maddy needs to create new projects to indulge her creativity. One of her latest projects is “Gardens by the Bay,” hosted by LEA15 (Linden Endowment for the Arts). When you arrive at “Gardens By The Bay,” you will receive an explanatory notecard of Maddy’s project. My advice is to read it to fully appreciate the creative work and commitment to the reconstruction of Singapore’s Majestic Garden by the Bay, its superb botanical gardens and the magnificent display of the famous Super Trees. Maddy’s replication is faithful to the original; the result suggests a significant commitment and dedication. The Page 158 | ECLIPSE March 2017

notecard is also useful to compare the first Singapore’s Majestic Garden by the Bay with her artistic creation. Singapore’s Majestic Garden by the Bay is spread over a sprawling 101 hectares (205 acres) and gives visitors a rewarding view of the Marina Bay skyline and mesmerizing waterfront. This horticultural destination is the winner of many awards and is a beautiful sight to behold. The sky meets the decorated structures and skyway bridges that let the visitor take a walk amidst the supertrees and flower filled gardens. Maddy, in her original note card also specifies that “Real life Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is home to sculptures from around the world. Featuring unique pieces, intriguing crafts and stone works, these sculptures complement the beauty of the plant displays and add a new dimension to the landscape”. Visitors the the complex artistic work by Maddy who are familiar with the original Singapore’s Majestic Garden by the Bay will be dazzled by the loyalty of the reconstruction. ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 159

The first thing to catch their eyes are the Supertrees that, as Maddy explained, “ are tree-like structures that dominate the Gardens’ landscape with heights that range between 25 meters (82 ft) and 50 meters (160 ft). They are vertical gardens that perform a multitude of functions, which include planting, shading and working as environmental engines for the gardens. The Supertrees are home to enclaves of unique and exotic ferns, vines, orchids. They are fitted with environmental technologies that mimic the ecological function of trees – photovoltaic cells that harness solar energy which can be used for some of the functions of the

Page 160 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Supertrees, such as ligh also serve air intake and part of the conservator There is an elevated wa Skyway, between two o for visitors to enjoy a pa of the Gardens”. The Sup the center of the art sce virtual reconstruction a by Maddy, and it is fasc faithfully she reproduce Similarly, the walk in th the Supertrees is sugge traveling in a mouseloo ones, through the use o

hting, The Supertrees d exhaust functions as ries’ cooling systems. alkway, the OCBC of the larger Supertrees anoramic aerial view pertrees that are at ene of this beautiful are original creations cinating to see how es the original.. he clouds surrounding estive; I recommend ok or, for the lucky of a 3D mouse.

A second aspect of the first garden that was faithfully reproduced is the flower clock. In this regard, Maddy introduces visitors saying: “A gift from Audemars Piguet on the occasion of Singapore’s 50th anniversary, this seven-metrewide Floral Clock draws inspiration from the signature characteristics of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak collection and fuses traditional and contemporary landscaping elements in its design. Featuring plants with colored foliage and flowers, its plant palette will regularly be refreshed for the public to enjoy”. The botanical clock is created by Kriss Lehmann, of Botanical, an SL professional in the creation of botanical gardens and landscapes.

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 161

Page 162 | ECLIPSE March 2017

Another unique character of the original Singapore’s Majestic Garden by the Bay is “The Spider.” Maddy introduces it by saying that “these curious ants seem to be hard at work and are a favorite with our young visitors. The pieces were designed and sited by renowned local artist, Eng Siak Loy. Those larger-than-life wildlife sculptures are amongst the many which are dotted around the Gardens, to stimulate our curiosity and help us reconnect our urbanized lifestyle with nature”. The virtual reproduction is also an original creation by Maddy and completes the landscape on the highway. Two other elements that furnish the SIM are the DragonFly and FlowerFly that can be found everywhere along the way. The creator of DragonFly is Kalia Firelyte. Finally, the Greenhouse, which in the original is “designed with glass that sits on a steel grid which acts like an eggshell, the two Cooled Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay are the world’s largest columnless greenhouses”. Obviously, a faithful reproduction was not possible for practical reasons. However, I think Maddy’s choice to symbolize it through an original E.V.E. creation is very appropriate. Once again, after Eclectica and Mystica, Maddy was confirmed as a creator and an original and passionate artist. this amazing sim is a very pleasant experience, so I suggest it keeping in mind that will run until the end of June. Teleport in-world.

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 163

Page 164 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 165

Page 166 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 167

Page 168 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 169

Page 170 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 171

Voices from the g

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second Life® residents on the salient issues of the day. For this month, we asked various people in Second Life, “What is your perfect day? ” This is what they had to say.


Carissa Claridge Carissa Claridge is a photographer and creator in Second Life. She spends her time capturing moments with her loved ones or creating for her store Mannequin. Whenever she has free time she loves to blog her daily ootds! A perfect day would have to be a great big party with all of my friends I’ve made on Secondlife! Because that’s all that really matters to me. I’d love to meet everyone and we’d all go on a huge shopping spree and eat all of the food we love. At the end of it all i’d love to snuggle up with my cats Salem and Kovu and cuddle for hours, and they would behave and not run away from me. I would love to bring my pets outside and let them run around with me as well! That would make me extremely joyful and that would be just perfect. Check out her Flickr, Blog and Facebook.

Photograph by Carissa Claridge.

Page 174 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 175

Coqueta Coqueta Georgia was born in October 2007, during all these years was enjoying every stage of her life in SL and at a point of that process found a way to express themselves through photography to get out all her creativity and shaping in each photo a story of the fantasies that Live in her mind. Today she is a photographer and blogger. She is also the Owner of Umbral, an exclusive place designed to take pictures where each photographer can rezz objects and enjoy natural landscapes including changes of seasons, A place that for the last three years has been the source of inspiration for many photographers and bloggers of SL.

Page 176 | ECLIPSE March 2017

A perfect day for me, it has to be a not govern me. Where I have freed without obligations. It has to be a of laughter and fun, and with man beautiful when in a day you have your work has Been recognized an received affection, when you have good mood or when you have ma receive a smile.

a Georgia

a relaxed day where time does dom to do what I like to do a very joyful day, with moments ny positive emotions, it is so received congratulations, when nd valued, when you have e astonished someone with your ade another happy and instead

I think emotions are what determine how good or bad our day is. Feeling many pleasant things gives us happiness, who has not felt that it is a perfect day when the love of our lives has been reciprocated? Feel butterflies in the stomach when the person we love is close or have moments of tenderness, !even crying for excitement for something good that has happened! All that makes us very happy. I think then that giving and receiving good things makes a day perfect! Photograph by Coqueta Georgia.

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 177

Terry Fotherington Terry Fotherington has been in SL since 2007. Some of the the “crazy things’ he has done at include working as a DJ, scenographer, builder, photographer, and blogger on Flickr. I like to explore all the possibilities of SL since the beginning and I have always been very curious ....Rather solitary I always built places where people could get together to listen to music and I had several places and created addresses that still resonate for some people. But for more than a year I built step by step THE VILLAGE (my baby). And surely my best achievement, a place where people can also meet and listen to the best SL djs ... To visit, to meet other people but also recently to rent a few spaces ..... I have seen in recent years the evolution of the avatars of the second life and the objects of the creators who become more realistic and I who loves The details I am delighted and even more addicted lol ... About the question of the month ‘what is my favorite day?’ I think it’s tomorrow:) ‘’ thats what i think ;) but When you get up in a good mood in the morning, when you have time to make a good breakfast, learn good news, or get back to bed with your lover;) ... have time to take care of yourself .. see friends or family, ride a bike! (Because I like this freedom) ...,be able to make SL quiet lol ... but especially to take the time to appreciate the smallest moments of life. Thats a good day for me;) Check out his Flickr. Photograph by Cubito Smit.

Page 178 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 179

Lawrence D. Pryce Lawrence D. Pryce describes himself as a “hermit photographer that enjoys the company of friends and solitude.” Currently, he manages the bloggers for Hoorenbeek and has a blog called the Pryce Perspective where he blogs such brands and events as Kalback, ::K::, 22769, The Crossroads, Signature Event and 6 Republic, just to name a few. He says “In Second Life, it’s important to find your own peace and I’ve done so through my intimate number of sponsors.” It has been asked of me to describe the perfect day. What will I do? Where will I go? To whom might I enjoy this day in company? Aye, at first I attempted to imagine such occasion. Include the many interests of mine or simply escape to my cabin and indulge in peaceful solitude. There’d be nothing more than the trail of trees and mountainous terrain. A chilled breeze that wrestles the rage of the fire. The gentle crashing sound of the river as it travels upstream. Me, amid the waters attempting to catch the evening’s dinner within my grasp as seen on such shows of Survivor or my favored, Swamp People. Aye, yes, I would be the mountain man for the weekend before returning to the land of wolves, civilized by the reality of my days. So, what then is my answer to the question to settle this inquiry? Well.... This perfect day wouldn’t...isn’t perfect at all. I’d return to the moment hope’s salvation waited patiently at the door till it grew weary. Crossing the Page 180 | ECLIPSE March 2017

threshold of its doorway as I stood a spectator in witness. The wails which filled the room. Items flung, brittle against surfaces. Agility a friend and foe. Exasperated companions futilely expressing their perspectives. Both valid in their stances yet one silent, blinded to the true loss being voiced. For everyone believes there is always time for such things? The thought to just give a few days as it would work itself out. After all how many times have such words been spoken? Regarded? Shown daily in actions? If only given the chance, I’d intervene. Take a least perfect day, turning it’s tide that saves the hearts of two. Calming the incited tempers. Rebuking the snares that entangled them in war upon the other. This waging of will and incessant need to be right. Might the difference I could have been. If in that moment, yield an offering of wisdom that would contrite the hearts. Humble the pride, stricken the mind so that it spoke the sincere truth within it. For love is unconditional and at times it spears us to the core but only such love can be witnessed between two when passion flares. You want to hate. You want to walk away but you can’t. For if you could, silence would resound as you departed. Indifference would comfort you as you moved forward. Aye you see, I’d take this moment back. Rewrite the tale in memory, for even if anger heightened; love, forgiveness, understanding would have been the resolve. This to me, is what I would do. The what in where I would go and the company in which I’d be to save...... two. Check out his Blog, Flickr, Blogger Classified and the Galvanized Lens. Photograph by Cubito Smit.

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 181

Gwen Arielle Gwen Arielle has been in SL for many years now and there she finds enough to nourish her inner universe and the possibility of transforming her dreams into images. It is not always possible to unite one’s darkest nightmares with an constant affinity for pink and all the pretty things, but she does her best. She uses her images and her blog to share her feelings with others. As a blogger, she is curious and always looking for improvement, while she continues to explore SL. She never tires of seeing all that is best in others. I am almost sure that in another life I was a cat ... A perfect day begins with the harsh fragrance of the wet ground after a big storm...on a spring day. Then comes the smell of coffee and this irrepressible desire to stay under the duvet, to take a look at my phone, to respond to the nighttime messages of a friend a little too anxious and to smile at the nonsense that one can read on the “social networks�. Getting up without worrying about the time or anything at all, to slip into a hot bath, hot but not too much, perfumed with essential oils and some bath salts, to relax with a good book or Manga (yes, we do not always want to play it intellectual). A little later, to join my friends at the seaside for a meal on the beach. As far as I can remember, I have always loved the sea, contemplating it, swimming there, listening to it roaring on stormy days, it is an essential part of my well-being, I can not imagine living anywhere than by the sea. Paradoxically, I do not swim well. After spending a long time with my loved ones, laughing, talking about our little lives and exchanging a lot of amusing anecdotes, going home to find myself calm, listening to music, a soundtrack based on James Morrison, Placebo or others. Then I will lay quietly on the chair by the window, but not before I had to fight with the cat to get my place ... or maybe I will just give up and sit on the armrest, Because I am weak in front of my cat. And then I will dream, let my imagination run free for a while, just do nothing and know how to appreciate it. Check out her Flickr and Blog. Photograph by Gwen Arielle.

Page 182 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 183

Ruby Ornamental Ruby Ornamental is a Model, Blogger and Stylist. She takes pleasure in being able to leverage the virtual world for helping challenges in the physical world. Ruby is a model with the Penumbra agency and works as an Instructor at SCALA™ where she graduated from in Aug 2015. Ruby is an Angel with The Fantasy Angels agency among other agencies she prides to work with. Her blog is her passion and she spends time displaying work of her sponsors. Her blog also covers events like SWANK, PENUMBRA fashion week among others. Some of her favorite stores include Wicca’s Wardrobe and GizzA. Every day starts with the aim of wanting to make it perfect, needless to say life often has a plan beyond of us and thus “my perfect day” lies in those moments in the day that I do things that mean so, much to me. I am more of a night person than the morning and thus it would be unfair to start my day anywhere else. I wrap up work at about 1 AM (yeah I work nights and I love it) to come home to tons of licks and cuddles from my two year old lab “Shadow”. His wagging tail fiercely banging against the wardrobe creates quite a stir to add music to what could be a dull night. Without doubt a perfect day for me has components of things I Page 184 | ECLIPSE March 2017

enjoy very much. Music to my ears, my power nap on my way to work and the wonders of petting a two year old pooch while answering questions of my teenager. The cherry on the top is being able to spend time on Second Life styling for my time at Gizza or just for my blogs which I enjoy very much. Over the last several months I have started to spend time on polishing my skills on Second Life photography and I hope my blogs and Flickr’s are showing the raised standards I am pushing myself to deliver. Describing the “perfect day” is actually an assignment I do every few months to ensure I continue to remain in touch with and close to the things I desire. This helps to keep me grounded and aware of all that I have and helps me remain positive and in gratitude. I am thankful for the friends I have on Second Life, Mecca, Cub, Zipi and Milla among others. I am thankful for the people I work with Angy and Adonis and Seashell and Krypt for these are those people who I know care and love me even if we may not talk for days and weeks. I think their presence in my virtual life is a strong component of making my otherwise busy days on my platform perfect! Check out her Blog, Flickr, Facebook, or send her an E-mail. Photograph by Ruby Ornamental.

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 185

Page 186 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 187

THE adventures o

written & photographed by miele

“The Adventures of...” is a monthly feature by Miele Tarantal showcasing some of the most aesthetic places in Second Life®. A post-apocalypse compound cut off from civilization after a nuclear fallout. There is much to explore. Hang-out in the container yard with friends while playing games or traversing the ropes. Listen to music at the open stage. Lots of photography opportunities and hidden places to discover. Even if you’ve visited before, come explore the new Steampunk floating islands above Junktown! Fun to hang out, explore, take pictures and fly a flappter around. Fly up to the islands or use the landmark. Enjoy!


e tarantal.

Visit Junktown in-world.

Page 190 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 191

Page 192 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 193

Page 194 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 195

Page 196 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 197

Miele Tarantal Bodysuit: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Chiara Body Boots: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Fury Road Booties Pants: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Sakuma Chaps Jacket: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Sakuma Top Pauldrons: The Forge - Tyre Pauldrons Lipstripe Nuuna Makeup Lipstripe 2 v8 Eyeliner: MONS - black eyeliner series-5 Eyeshadow: Nuuna’s makeup v6 9 Frost Kit Designs - Fierce Ear Cuff Rings: FORMANAILS Accessoires RINGS SIMPLE Hair: Discord Designs - Leah (edited) Hair: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Tracer Hair Eye Patch: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Cybernetic Eye-Patch

Page 198 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 199

Page 200 | ECLIPSE March 2017

ECLIPSE March 2017 | Page 201

ECLIPSE Magazine March 2017  

This issue of ECLIPSE Magazine we feature the exceptionally talented Blueberry on our cover. From there, we showcase the Blogger & Vlogger N...

ECLIPSE Magazine March 2017  

This issue of ECLIPSE Magazine we feature the exceptionally talented Blueberry on our cover. From there, we showcase the Blogger & Vlogger N...