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Through the Lens

The prolific stylist, photographer and creator WrenNoir Cerise shows us her take on the best winter activities.

The Proust Spotlight

Teaming up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, we shine the spotlight on the talented Sadystika Sabretooth.

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Trending Now


Artist Highlight


The Art Perspective

The ladies and gentlemen of ECLIPSE Magazine style up their best cocktail outfits.

Friend Dates

ECLIPSE Magazine sends out Persephone Vitrac to discover some of the best activities on the grid to do with a group of friends.

The World of Roleplay For this monthly installment, Ahn Avion goes in depth and explores the immersive roleplay community “Liberty Bay.”

From the WSL management company, we feature their artist Tally.

Oema continues with her monthly art review. This time visiting “The Last Unicorn.”


ECLIPSE Magazine is dedicated to not only offering an aesthetically pleasing publication, but to also be considered a platform that offers rich and relevant content. Each month, we showcase residents and groups that have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination� to such great heights that they have impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community.


Cover Story Sassy Nitely Cover Photographer Lessthen Zero


Ask Noey


Voices from the Grid


The Wayfarer

Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook

Noey Ivy London Flower offers the best advice on the grid for all your SL needs.

Each month ECLIPSE asks residents a question, see what they have to say.

Join the Wayfarer on a journey exploring the sim, Neverfar. ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 5


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I have never been good with change. Often times, I will find myself continually doing the same thing simply because I am comfortable with it. And it is in moments like these, when others around me are invigorated by the promises of a new and hopefully better year, I find myself held prisoner within the confines of my mind. While I can acknowledge that change is necessary for growth, it is the dawning of any semblance of this recognition that I find most difficult. The world does keep spinning though, and when the reverie is broken… I find myself lost and disoriented. I blink once to see if it is real. I blink twice, should the first be mistaken. And then I adapt. If only it were this simple though. If only my nights were not plagued with restlessness and my trumpeting thoughts. If only the things I felt would fall in line with the things I know [Yes, these two are vastly different.] Really though, if only I could grieve a moment for things that used to be and ignore the lingering echoes of things that once were. If only. This edition of ECLIPSE Magazine we feature Sassy Nitely, a woman of many talents. Not only is she one of the most prolific and sought after live singers on the grid, but she is also the brilliant creative mind behind the brand ChicModa. Be sure to check out “Through the Lens” with WrenNoir Cerise, where she and some friends shows us the best winter activities. On the topic of friends, Persephone Vitrac explored the grid to find some of the best activities to do with friends. We also feature Sadystika Sabertooth in “The Proust Spotlight.” This issue we have a total of eleven pieces, and I do hope you enjoy it. Happy Readings!

letter from the publi


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through the lens

wrennoir cerise shows us the best winter activities. Photography by wrenn


noir cerise.

On WrenNoir Cerise: Hair: Tableau Vivant - Veronika Hair - Blonds Head: Catwa Catya Shape: { wren’s nest } Leigh Shape Top: Addams // Rita Top w/Buttons Pants: Lybra . PJ Fatpack Slippers: * Abranimations Rabbit slippers Necklace: Doe: Merry Lights Necklace Puppy: Jian Pupper Parlor :: 16. Silver Bow Held Yorkie Decor: Couch: dust bunny . camellia couch Blocks: Winter Blessings Blocks Kittens & boots: JIAN Kitten Booties :: Decor Sleepies wood house: WhiteChristmas Gacha - haus with gifts Gift Boxes: various containers from Dust Bunny

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On WrenNoir Cerise Hair & Hat: MINA - Luca - Dark brown with winter hat Head: LeLutka Simone bento head Shape: { wren’s nest } Dea Shape Shirt: Mimikri - Nina Ajour Knit Top beige Sweater: Mikunch thin cardigan (fat pack) Skirt: Mimikri - Bliss Vinyl Skirt (Bliss beige) Scarf: Mikunch / Cable nit muffler(white) Glasses: BLUSH - Lena Sunglasses - 8 colors Nails: Zoz: Fall/Winter French Silver Double polish

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On WrenNoir Cerise Head: Catwa Catya head Shape: { wren’s nest } Leigh Shape for Catwa Catya Body: Maitreya Hair & Beanie: Beusy: Eve Hair + Beanie (gacha item) Body Suit: [Aleutia] Siri Jacket: [Aleutia] Hannah Ombre Goggles: Remarkable Oblivion - Sandstorm - Pristine - Opened Nametag holder: .Shi Gift : Namecard Holder Snowboard & boots: Astralia: Winter Break . Snowboard & boots (gacha RARE)

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 27

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On Grandma (WrenNoir Cerise): PANTS: *COCO* Wool Wide Leg Pants (Grey) (FaMESHed Jan round) SHIRT: -tres blah- Open Collar Blouse - White SHOES: :::ChicChica::: Missy Gold M GLASSES: AIR_Lilla_Silver_Msize_CM APRON: E.D. Gingerbread Apron M HEAD: LAQ Bento - Motion Capture - Vivien 2.3 HAIR: tram F603 hair SHAPE: { wren’s nest } Helen proportional for LAQ Vivien Bento Head On Granddaughter (IndiaAmari) Top: LaZo - Quinn Shirt Outfit: petit Macaron - Sophie Coveralls Hair: Analog Dog - Esplanade Shoes: Nimble - Bonnie Bella Sneakers Headband: Zenith - Tulips bloom Corolla Glasses: random.Matter - Lana Glasses Bracelet: Commoner - TidBit Band Cookies: BoWillow - Snack Bag - Chocolate Chip Cookies On Mom (Wicca Merlin) Top: Avanti - Lila Sweater Pants: GizzA - Betsy Denim Shorts Knees: Avanti - Knit Knee Warmers Shoes: REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers Hair: MINA Hair - Lily Necklace: MINIMAL - Angela Necklace Cup: Sway’s - Snowman Mug ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 29

On Wren (as man): .LeLutka.Eyes.Andrea 3.0 [Deadwool] Baph sweater - dark grey [Deadwool] Broberry jeans - washed pitch [Deadwool] Chase sneakers [Deadwool] Wool scarf [monso] My Hair - Matthew /Black [VALE KOER] LOUIS GLOVES { wren’s nest } Azrael Shape for LeLutka Andrea On Xmara Lundquist: CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0 GizzA - Ashley Set [Brown] FLAT Pants GizzA - Ashley Set [Brown] Faux Fur Jacket [hh] Lilou Fringe Booties Maitreya HAIR: adoness : valasca: pitch black MINA hairbase HUD - Angel Tattoo - Catwa Page 30 | ECLIPSE January 2018

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twice nightly

written by cajsa lilliehook. photography by lessthen zero, taylor wassep & carle

ey benazzi.

Photograph by Lessthen Zero

Photograph by Taylor Wassep Page 36 | ECLIPSE January 2018

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Page 38 | ECLIPSE January 2018

Most Second Life® residents choose to direct their creative energy in one avenue, but Sassy Nitely is a true double threat as a clothing designer and a live musician. But then, Sassy Nitely is not your usual Second Life resident. She first came to SL® as a member of law enforcement. It was 2007 and the press was down on SL, alleging it was a vector of criminal activity. She was assigned to play the game for a few weeks and report her impressions. While she didn’t find the hotbed of criminal activity she did find a community that drew her in. She remarked, “I found joy in roaming around the sims. I found music, fashion, friendly people - - so I created Sassy Nitely in October 2007. As a noob I would frequent freebie beach and several other freebie islands. I thought I looked fabulous in my blinged out shoes, but who didn’t? LOL” Singing was her first career in SL. Her first live show was in the Spring of 2008, just a few months after she joined. The designing started a year later. She had a background in graphics so it seemed something she could do. Her first brand was Sas-It-Up which might be familiar to older avatars. ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 39

Singing has been part of Nitely’s life since birth. “I grew up in a musical family, so being a musician is just a part of my pedigree. I was twelve when I did my first public performance at the school talent show. I sang Please Don’t Go Girl by New Kids on the Block. I know... groundbreaking, right?” she chuckled. Her musical influences are Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Taylor Dayne and Jewel. Those with vocal power and a point of view. But she does not want to give short shrift to the others. “There are so many others though. One voice that always gets me is Stevie’s though. She has this haunting voice that just demands my attention.” Describing her own voice, Nitely picks LOUD! She’s a powerhouse, but then so are her idols. She sings a bluesy soulful rock which is easy to understand when you consider her influences. Put on the spot to decide whether Janis was the greatest singer who ever lived, she chose the tactful answer. “Janis is most definitely one of the greatest voices, but it would be so hard to pinpoint one as the greatest who ever lived.”

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Photograph by Lessthen Zero ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 41

ChicModa - Raven Photographer & Stylist: Taylor Wassep

Nitely sings covers, but she also writes her own music. “Writing is my refuge. I have countless pieces of paper, word documents and email drafts with lyrics I’ve scribbled down over the years. The song I’m most proud of is one I wrote for my son back in 2012. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. He was depressed and in a dark place. I wrote “The Chase” for him and part of chorus is: Even the silent can sing, drifters find their way. When all hope is lost, when skies are gray. Just close your eyes and take a leap of faith It’s never too late to join the chase She wrote this to encourage him to chase after his dreams no matter how hard the race, even if he has to run to catch up, he can win if he keeps chasing. For her the chase is life and of course, it is never too late. Page 42 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ChicModa - Kim Photographer & Stylist: Taylor Wassep ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 43

ChicModa - Halle Photographer & Stylist: Carley Benazzi Page 44 | ECLIPSE January 2018

Ch Ph

Her clothing brand is ChicModa and features a lot of club wear. It seems possible that singing in clubs, Nitely naturally was drawn to creating club wear, but she says that connection was completely unconscious. “But I love that connection for sure. There are times I draw inspiration off an outfit I like in RL, but then as I’m designing it takes on it’s own personality.” She started making system clothes in 2009 and then shut that brand down in 2011. She decided to take up meshing in January 2016 and freely confesses her first release Abby was horrific. The favorite thing she has made is the Mae dress. It’s a strapless babydoll design with ribbon frill outline on the bodice, chiffon overlay skirt tied off with a ribbon belt.

hicModa - Josie hotographer & Stylist: Carley Benazzi ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 45

Page 46 | ECLIPSE January 2018

She does her own work from start to finish. She creates the mesh, rigs, textures, and scripts the HUDS. “It would be nice to have a partner to help do all these things to make room for more events and mainstore releases, but for now I am content. After upload, my brand manager helps rig test and quality control the packaging before release and that is a huge help.” Between the two of them, they can catch pretty much all rigging issues on her shape and the five shapes she tests. She has advice for aspiring creators, “Don’t give up. I know Maya/Blender, Zbrush, PS, and all those graphics programs can be a pain - just keep going. Ask for help when needed. The developers in SL are more approachable and willing to help than you may think.” While she is self-taught, she got texturing advice from Blueberry and rigging advice from Cynthia of Cynful. “I guess you can say I was prideful and wanted to learn everything on my own but there were a couple times I was absolutely stumped, so I bent the ear of Blue & Cyn. I adore those ladies more than they will ever know.”

Photograph by Taylor Wassep ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 47

For aspiring performers, her advice is common sense. “For performers, most definitely get on board with a management company. They have the hookups you need to get into venues. Although you will probably start out at tips only, it helps get your foot in the door to paying venues.” Singing in Second Life has helped her first life singing career as well. “My guitar playing wouldn’t be half what it is today if I didn’t have the SL shows there to help me practice. SL helps me keep my voice conditioned for RL band shows as well.” She sings with a band in her first life, but they have not played SL yet. “Not the full band just yet, although we’ve talked about it. Our keyboard player, Cory, has joined me on a few shows. He and I sound great together. He is fascinated with SL. Now...if we could only get him to create an avatar and get in inworld all the time, that would be great!” For Nitely, SL has been a winwin-win in designing and in music. “SL has affected my first life in such a positive way. I have made remarkable RL friendships from SL. It’s fun to get together with SL friends in RL, drink wine, and just enjoy each others company. There’s a great feeling with getting to actually HUG the real person behind the avatar.” ChicModa - Olivia Photographer & Stylist: Taylor Wassep Page 48 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 49

She wants people to know she is an open book and loves to make new friends. She’s far more playful than serious, so if you see her around, say hi and be sure to check out her performances. Nitely said, “Music is universal. It can bring out so many emotions out of people that they didn’t even realize they had. It’s powerful!” Asked to bring that power into effect, ECLIPSE Magazine had her put on a doctor hat and prescribe the perfect song for specific conditions, taking advantage of the power of music. What Ails You

Song Prescription

I’m feeling blue.

You Were Meant for Me - Jewel

I have no energy, am feeling lazy.

24K Magic - Bruno Mars (That one always gets me up)

I feel overwhelmed.

Landslide - Stevie Nicks

I am so damn tired.

Shadow on the Wall - Brandi Carlile

My heart is broken.

Little Girl Blue - Janis Joplin

I feel helpless.

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

How dumb do you think I am?

Rise Up - Andra Day

I am angry.

You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette

I am grieving.

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

I am so happy I can’t stand it.

Kiwi - Harry Styles

I am worried.

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel

I am confused.

Gravity - John Mayer

I feel like a loser.

I’ll Be Your Shelter - Taylor Dayne

I need to move on.

Ruin - Shawn Mendes

I deserve more.

Now - Paramore

In Love.

In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

Check out Sassy on WSL Radio, her band page and her page. Listen to Sassy on Youtube and follow her on Flickr. Teleport to ChicModa and check out the Marketplace. Follow ChicModa on Flickr.

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Photograph by Lessthen Zero ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 51

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ChicModa - Mae Photographer & Stylist: Carley Benazzi ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 53

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ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 55

the proust spotli

photography by Sadystika Sa

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second Life®. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick. ECLIPSE Magazine has teamed up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, so each month the blogger we showcase on the Proust Spotlight is a group member. The group member we feature this month is the talented Sadystika Sabretooth AKA Queen Sady. When asked to share something about herself, she tells us, “People often tell me that I’m crazy and while that might very well be true, I can’t help but think of my favorite Charles Manson quote: You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”



Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Curse two favorites are f**k and c**t If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be? Obviously a royal squirrel. What do you most value in your friends? Honesty, loyalty, and a sense of humor. How would you like to die? On the toilet, like Elvis! What is your motto? So goes life. What is your most marked characteristic? Probably my sense of humor and lack of filter. Connect with Sadystika on her Blog, Facebook and Flickr.

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Page 66 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 67

friend dates

written by Persephone Vitrac (alexis1oreily). photography by Persephone Vitrac (alex


Page 70 | ECLIPSE January 2018

As another New Year arrives, new friends and new adventures await in the coming months. What do you do, though when you’ve all gathered, ready to hang but nowhere to go and nothing to do? Second Life® is a massive virtual world and often it’s easy to forget just how much is out there to do with your friends. The truth of the matter is that when it comes to fun activities, Second Life has as many options as you would find out there in the real world. So, what do you do? Try an interactive game? Interactive games have become exceedingly popular in Second Life. MadPea features a good deal of them on their own sim which differ in both difficulty and time required to complete them. Their Escape Room Bunker is a timed escape room simulation in which you are given thirty minutes to escape the locked bunker you’ve stepped in to. With only a corpse to keep you company, you’ll want to escape as quickly as possible. This is

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 71

definitely one to bring your friends to! The more bodies you cram in, the tighter the Bunker will feel and with the counter ticking down, you will definitely start to feel the stress. With friends to assist you, there is definitely a higher chance to figure out this difficult puzzle- if only you all work together. Admittedly, it took my friends and I two tries to figure it out- after spending twenty minutes fishing a clue out of a rather unmentionable location. The Tower is another interactive game that can be found at MadPea. With an E for ‘Everypea’ rating, minimal action, and extreme puzzles to solve, this is definitely a game for a group of friends itching to show of their sleuthing skills. In the game, you wake up with no idea who you are or how you got there. The only way to escape? Search each room and solve the puzzles! The cool thing about this HUD driven game is that you can earn themed prizes and exclusive outfits upon completion. This game is estimated to take approximately four hours to complete and it does involve a 1000L fee to receive your game package, but with everything put into this game, it’s more than worth it. MadPea is always changing out their games and bringing in new adventures, so this is one sim you can visit with your friends, again and again.

Page 72 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 73

Page 74 | ECLIPSE January 2018

Go Hang Out At The Beach? Surfer’s Bay is a beautiful Adult beach sim, with plenty of activities to do with friends. Show up in your best beachwear or go au naturale and check out what the sim has to offer. The sim features a Surfer’s Beach for lounging in the sun, riding on jet skis, and just enjoying the virtual waves. There is also a tennis court for when you’re feeling competitive, a party lagoon where djs and dancers often hold events to entertain, and some hot springs to get close and personal. This sim is absolutely beautiful and while there is no rezzing, it can still act as a wonderful photo backdrop for a quick

summer pic. With a tropical build and locations ranging from the shore line to a dark, stone cavern, there are plenty of locations to get that perfect shot you’re looking for. Events are held almost everyday, giving you a place to take your friends, dance, and enjoy the music. Who wouldn’t enjoy a Summer night out, dancing and partying with their friends? At Surfer’s Bay, you can do just that, on top of everything else. Surfer’s Bay is restricted to group access, but the group takes only 300L to join, which is a fair price to pay for such a lovely sim and the ability to keep up to date on sim events and DJ shows.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 75

Page 76 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 77

Check Out A Museum? There are a great deal of museums showcasing various different sorts of art within Second Life. The Vordun is an interesting and interactive option for those looking to get a little cultured and learn something new. The museum is unique due to the existence of its HUD and voice guided tour.

the museum, choose the piece you wish to learn about, and your camera will zoom in on the work of art, detailing the history and meaning behind the piece both through audio and an excerpt posted in your local chat. This makes the museum friendly for the hard of hearing who wish to enjoy the art as well. The Vordun is free to enter, making it the perfect thing to do with your friends on a Wearing the HUD you can wander around budget.

Page 78 | ECLIPSE January 2018

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ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 81

Try for a Hole in One? AERO Golf Club is a free sim where you can play HUD based golf! If you’re up for a competitive but friendly tournament, this is the place to go. The course starts with a par 4 hole, but even that first hole is likely to give you a challenge. Before heading to the sim, why not go on a shopping spree to get in the mood? Buy some preppy golf shorts, a nice polo, and a flat cap so you can look the part of a golfing professional. Everyone loves shopping with friends and making a goofy outfit can be even more so. Once you’ve got the proper duds, teleport to the sim, and grab the group invite. Now just touch the golf bag, and bam! You’ve got the HUD, the scorecard, and the golf club. Nothing else is needed to get your game started. Like any other game, AERO golf requires skill. You have to predict how the physics will work, of the ball, the hills, the hole itself. Before long though you’ll get the hang of the game and be having endless fun with your friends. Regardless of what sort of night out your friends are looking for, there are plenty of options to be found in Second Life. Dancing, swimming, golfing, surfing, learning, and even gamingthere’s always something fun to do in Second Life with your friends.

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ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 85

Page 86 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 87

the world of role

this month we feature “liberty bay.� written by ahn avion. photography by a


alex avion.

Page 90 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 91

Unlike the majority of sims, Liberty Bay is not a Rental Community with Roleplay thrown in to fill the open spaces but instead has been purpose-designed by a team of experienced role-players and sim designers to bring you the absolute best and most immersive role-play town ever constructed. I’ve been role-playing (RP’ing) a very long time. I’ve seen sims of nearly every genre and time period Second Life® has the capacity to offer. I’ve seen the almost primitive surroundings of Gor to the futuristic lifestyles of Battlestar Galactica. I’ve roamed the lands of King’s Landing and followed faeries into the Underworld. I’ve visited modern sims that welcome child avatars and include adoption centers, some that host mostly LGTBQ citizens yet keep their doors open to all, and even a few that welcome Furries among them. Despite visiting lands before time and post apocalyptic zombies, it isn’t difficult to become dispassionate in the worlds of role-play. Liberty Bay eagerly takes on the challenge of not being like the others. I had the honor and privilege to delve into the mind of one of Liberty Bay’s owners, Cheree Shippe, to see how she and her team go about accomplishing this tremendous feat.

Page 92 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 93

Page 94 | ECLIPSE January 2018

Liberty Bay is a city in Clatsop County, Oregon, United States. Situated near the Columbia River where it meets the Pacific Ocean, the city was named after an 19th Century Fort that originally stood on the same location as the city does today. Fort Liberty, as it was known at the time, was founded at the site in 1811 and was incorporated by the Oregon Legislative Assembly on October 21, 1876. Liberty Bay holds the distinction of being one of the first permanent United States settlement on the Pacific coast and for having one of the first United States Post Office locations west of the Rocky Mountains. Cheree Shippe, along with Brooke Markham (alyssa.drechsler), opened Liberty Bay on May 25, 2017 with two sims and, as of this publication, opened sim number six, Gold Rush. Cheree and Brooke had previously run a role-play sim for about a year in early 2015. They took the best parts of that sim’s style, Stonehaven, and sat down with some of their friends to start talking over ideas about a new sim. What evolved was the detail level they had in Stonehaven mixed with real life inspiration location of Astoria, OR. From that, Liberty Bay, OR was born. “I’ve been running some of the largest role-play sims in Second Life for other people for the better part of 9 years so I put all my knowledge and experience into Liberty Bay and let Brooke do what she does best -build and put detail into things,” says Cheree. One of the statements on the website is that Liberty Bay isn’t one of those RP sims that just fills in spaces while people stay in their houses. What does Liberty Bay do to keep people from camping in their houses rather than engaging in RP? As an avid RP’er that has spent many hours in a sim of people hidden within their pixel houses, I was anxious for this reply.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 95

“Over the years I’ve been able to make a lot of connections with modern roleplayers. There are a lot fewer of us than most people really think. We’re all kinda one community, which has afforded me a lot of opportunity to encourage those people here. It’s allowed us to build a huge base of ‘old timers’ who have been role-playing for years that not only provide leadership in our city services but also in running player businesses. When you have that strong core at the center of things, they post their ‘RP Inducers’ and notices into the group chat which draw people out of their homes to come see what is going on which allow us to get them actually involved, even if in a minor way, into the role-play itself,” she explains. “In addition to that, Liberty Bay really is a non-profit sim, meaning literally every Linden goes back into the sim, which allows my staff to focus on the people, not the money, encouraging and teaching new players, and even coaxing others, into the whole experience that is Liberty Bay that exists beyond their doors. When you couple that formula with the fact that all my staff members, including me as an owner, actively engage with our population every single day both IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) we’ve developed the feel of community people want to be a part of and bring their friends and family to be a part of just affording more activity as a whole.” Page 96 | ECLIPSE January 2018

A core of Liberty Bay’s citizens are veterans who had given up on SL RP, modern RP celebrities popping by to do anything from jump into a scene or test a new RP vehicle, and even those who have never RPed before become involved. A few nights ago, a new citizen who had never been involved in an RP in SL before jumped in and participated in something as simple as a pizza delivery. Some of the best stories and player connections start small. The fact is, anymore you have two real choices in Modern RP. There are the residential sims, those that pretend to be roleplay but are really just huge profit centers of houses that make money on housing where they throw in roads to try and make it feel like RP. Or there are some of the old grunge sims that can be so cliquish that most new players can’t seem to find a foothold. Sadly, most of the in between sims tend to be fly by night sims that exist for a week to a month and then close because of money or bad management or both. It’s made a ton of people jaded with modern RP sims, it’s made it almost impossible for someone to find a real community where you aren’t just a ‘noob’ or a jerk to the ownership. That is why Liberty Bay has come to fruition and has grown by over 250 citizens in under two months.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 97

“I don’t care about people’s money. If they want to come here and rent to help the community grow, great! If they want to come here every single day and roleplay and never once rent a single thing, perfectly fine with me!” Cheree exclaims. “We’re here to have fun, to show people that Second Life role-play isn’t dead, that it isn’t about lining the coffers of owners. That you don’t have to be a part of a sim where the owners are jerks or only certain groups of people get promoted or put into positions that people want to be. Every last person on this sim in any position of authority in the role-play all came here and started as a normal citizen.” The staff of Liberty Bay is built from within, their division leads all hired from inside the departments they are now leading. Cheree adds, “Liberty Bay is about the fun, the experience, about bringing back those feelings from the old days where roleplay sims were about building a story, about building the experience, not about throwing down a bunch of houses and then saying, “Oh yeah, if I put a Fire station and Police station in I can call it a role-play sim.” Every last Page 98 | ECLIPSE January 2018

one of the 6 sims has roleplay elements in it, the only sim with more residential than RP space we have is actually a neighborhood sim (Stunning Views) where our school sits. Every other sim is greater than 50% RP space.” Liberty Bay isn’t focused on grunge, or sex, or anything like that. The one thing people convey to sim management when they visit is how amazingly real things feel. The way things flow together. They have a high end neighborhood, a downtown, a lower income area, a waterfront area, but none of them feel like they were added at different times. They have tried to bring the way real life grows and expands into SL to offer something for everyone, from schools for the kids to bars, even an English pub for the adults. Something I’ve always asked of each modern RP sim I’ve interviewed - is there a laundromat? Car wash? Grocery store? Convenience store? Cheree laughs. “Yes, No, Yes, Yes. We have a laundromat that is actually a sim owner but player run business. No car wash -- it burned down so many times I figure they must have been using ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 99

gasoline instead of water in the hoses, multiple grocery stores and convenience stores. We also actually just had a new store open, one of two BeYou Role-play system stores which also sells BeYou compatible groceries.” BeYou is a role-play HUD system that requires participation in activities to sustain life. Exercise and showers to stay healthy and clean, eating food to stave off hunger, and the like. It is exceptionally popular with family role-plays but, overall, just adds a lot of new experiences to keep people active. Need a job when you get to Liberty Bay? “All of our City Services are constantly hiring. Police, Fire, DoT (Department of Transportation). We also have a Court System always looking for Lawyers, DA’s, even Judges, and our School System is looking for good teachers and students! We also have many different RP Businesses around the city which people can work at or take over for a minor rental cost or places for them to start their own businesses, much like our Pizza Place.” The school is in the process of getting started. It is a multigenerational school for kids and teens of all ages. Go, Mustangs!

Page 100 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 101

Page 102 | ECLIPSE January 2018

One thing for sure, Cheree is passionate about the sims! “As I always tell people, feel free to stop by, come for a look and never know what will happen. Most of our longest time residents came by looking around and then ended up never leaving!” Want to give Liberty Bay a try? Cheree offers this advice, “I’d encourage them to talk to people, join our OOC group. Overall, just don’t be afraid to observe and get involved. Remember that every new player’s story starts with something simple. They don’t need some elaborate reason to start something it can be as easy as a ‘Hello’. New or experienced, we all started somewhere. don’t hesitate to reach out anytime. I aim to be as available as possible. It’s kinda my thing since I’m so used to sim owners projecting this high and mighty attitude. I’m just a crazy girl who runs the joint!” Visit them in-world. Check out their Flickr and website.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 103

Page 104 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 105

Trending now

photography by Tayl

Trending Now is a monthly piece dedicated to showcasing some of the best ready-to-wear fashion found on Second LifeÂŽ. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine stylists put togetheir their best cocktail wear outfits.

lor wassep.

Page 110 | ECLIPSE January 2018

Caesar Langer Top: Deadwool - Peak Suit Jacket w/ Tux add-on Pants: Deadwool - Peak Suit Trousers Shoes: Deadwool - Monk Shoes w/ Dandy socks Ring: Ysoral - Luxe Ring Temeo Cigarette: YV - Coco ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 111

Linda Reddevil Clutch: PM - Amanda Ring: ieQED - soiree Top: ISON - asturias Jewelry: LaGyo - Xenya Slacks: Mimikri - Marci Shoes: Similar - Nubian Hair: Wasabi - Foxy Page 112 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 113

Page 114 | ECLIPSE January 2018

Ombrebleue Winsmore Hair: Vanity - Knot Today Glasses: Glam Affair UNI - Lyra Jewels: Nanika - Ella Stole : Ryvolter - Mink Princess Dress: Azul - Wynne Shoes: Empire - Artemisia

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 115

SaianSamuel Suit : monso - My Autumn Suit Shoes : Daniel Grant - Timothy Ring : Ysoral - Luxe Ring Temeo Hair : Stealthic - Hysteria Page 116 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 117

Ahn Avion Hair: Dura - B76 Jacket & Pants: Champagne - LINE Rings: RealEvil - Elegance Rings Necklace: Gabriel - Black bead necklace Shoes: Redgrave - Elegance Tattoo: V3 - custom

Page 118 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 119

Wicca Merlin Dress: Like Design - Nur Dress Belt: Lazuri - Kaya Belly Chain Gloves: AE - Natalie Opera Gloves Shoes: Utopia - Smilla Clutch: 22769 - Seconds Clutch Necklace: Kunglers - Mirian Bracelets: Kunglers - Melissa Hair: Envogue - Arianna Makeup: alaskametro - Soiree Lipstick: alaskametro - Fey

Page 120 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 121

Page 122 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 123

Page 124 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 125

artist highlight

photography by taylo

or wassep.

Tally is one of the many talented live artists with Whispering Sands Live Promotions, having recently joined them in the last month. Initially, he was brought into Second Life from a friend that wanted him to make some clothes for his brand (before the time of mesh). As he was going through a rough patch in real life, he found solace in listening to music. He shares, “I was listening to Stone Sour’s Bother and thought “I can do this”. Having played in bands for years, as well as leading music in Churches, I dug out my old six string and I sang the song ‘Bother’ over SL voice to some friends. I didn’t even know about live music in SL. They convinced me to do a short show at the club I owned back then, so I did. I did 30 minutes (because I didn’t have enough material then), but one of my friends invited Ryleigh Sorbet, who happened to manage Dee Timeless in SL. So she got me started in the live scene with my first few shows and aside from some time out to concentrate on my RL, I’ve been doing live music for the past 7 years now.” While he does not have a singular stand-out favorite performance, he is quick to note that he has a very loyal group of people who come to his shows that truly make it what it is. He does detail some characteristics of a good show, “ I’d say the main thing is talk! Talk in local. Crack jokes, make fun of me and others, but be nice about it - and give me feedback - sometimes it can feel like you’re just singing into a computer. But 99% of the time, I know I am connecting with the audience because I get feedback from people.” These are his top 5 favorite songs to sing at the moment: Fix You Wicked Game No Ordinary Love Skinny Love Chandelier If there is one takeaway, he would like ECLIPSE Magazine readers to know is music truly is his passion. “Music is my life. It saved me from the darkest days of my life. I breathe through my music - my shows are full of emotion and each song, even if I did not write it, has some part of me in it! I am friendly and love meeting new people - never be scared to IM me and say hello! I am not elitist about myself - I am just another human who has found something to do that makes people happy!” For a sample of his musical talent, check out his Facebook and Youtube.

Page 128 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 129

Toxie’s Top Five Songs to Sing “Am I The One” by Beth Hart (Favorite Blues Singer) “Bilingual” by Jose Nunez (Favorite Adult Tune) “She Used To Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles (Her life soundtrack) “Possum Kingdom” by The Toadies (Loves the rock vibe) “Imagine” by John Lennon (Reminds her of SL)

Page 130 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 131

Page 132 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 133

the art perspective

Oema sheds insight on the “last unicorn gallery.� W

Written by Oema. Photography by Oema.

I returned to the “Lost Unicorn Gallery” with great pleasure after a one year absence. I appreciate the style of this gallery in particular, because I love the fantasy setting that characterizes it and the well-made structure that hosts the artworks. The creator of this property is Yllanys, while the owner and curator of the “Lost Unicorn Gallery” is Natalie (natalie.montagne). The gallery name refers to the setting of the fantasy gallery and the unicorns who welcome visitors to the landing point. The main feature of this incredible fantasy gallery is the careful selection of the artists and their artworks, curated by Natalie Mountains. In fact, the owner of “Lost Unicorn Gallery” is meticulous both in the choice of the artist and the work of individual artists those have to fit in harmoniously with the landscape of the gallery. Every time I visited the “Lost Unicorn Gallery” I found exhibiting artists of medium to high profile with an excellent Flickr portfolios.

Page 136 | ECLIPSE January 2018

Another aspect of the gallery is the rich photographic contest that the owner hosts every year, publishing the results on their website. For those interested, the current photo contest will last until January 6, 2018, and the jackpot is interesting. The photographs must be taken at the original sim (Fairy Tale, 227/220/23) or to the sim gallery (Storybook, 164/129/104). For more information, visit the website of “Lost Unicorn Gallery.” To find the list of exhibiting artists (There are so many), at the landing point, immediately behind the panels illustrating the current photo contest, you can find a receptionist with some valuable information. These include the full list of artists currently exhibiting at “Lost Unicorn Gallery.” If you like it, please leave a message in the guestbook: you will encourage artists and the art curator to move forward with their beautiful projects.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 137

Visiting the gallery, I met artists known to me and discovered new artistic talents. An artist of great talent, specializing in fantasy settings, is Meriluu. Viewing her photostream on Flick, you will realize the imagination and technical ability of Meriluu in Second LifeÂŽ photography. An expert in the creation of fantasy backdrops and seizing the right shot through a thorough understanding of the operation of the camera in-world.

Page 138 | ECLIPSE January 2018

Wandering around the g Annyzinh Oliveira. Her F to children, but there is photographs of adults. A in creating fantasy settin and detailed. I saw with Antarctica Slade, a graph life, combining her pass her enthusiasm for SLÂŽ, color, movement, and fe

gallery, I discovered Flickr gives preference a good number of Also, this artist is skilled ngs, extremely accurate pleasure the splendid hics professional in real sion for graphics with creating works rich in eeling.

Among my favorite artists ever and I saw with pleasure on the occasion of this excellent art gallery, there is Awesome Fallen. She is a complete artist, a great connoisseur of photography technique, but also the most engaged artistic composition. An expressive, communicative, provocative artist and “outside the borders� of convenience and approval. Another artist that I discovered, and I appreciated her ability to turn the photograph

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 139

Page 140 | ECLIPSE January 2018

in-world into a beautiful painting is Freyja Merryman. The use she makes of colors, brushes and the brightness is charming and quaint. There were also beautiful works by Rhea Choral, who I followed with pleasure on Flickr for a long time. She specializes in landscapes, evocative and colorful, a wave of positivity and expression at the same time. Another artist that I love for her extraordinary ability to create fantasy settings is Duchess Flux. Her Flickr is an explosion of color and imagination can create serene environments alternating with darker shots, always in a very professional manner. Another very talented photographer is Kiana Jarman. The six works on display are heterogeneous; “Praying”, “I’ll be your clown”, “Gravity”, “Tallyesin”, “Fanaa” and finally “Water Beauty.” The artist has a remarkable ability to express her feelings using different styles. Silvermoon Fairey is a photographer with multiple styles: from landscapes to closeups, the artist can express herself well through colors, textures, and faces.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 141

In this article, I have just talked about some very inspiring artists hosted by “Lost Unicorn Gallery,� in reality, the art scene this rich fantasy structure can offer it is much broader. I think, for lovers of art and photography, start the year with a visit to this charming in-world location is a fascinating way to welcome 2018. On this occasion, my best wishes to all readers for a charming new year! Teleport to the Lost Unicorn Gallery.

Page 142 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 143

Page 146 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 147

ask noey: the advice guru

send your questions to noey here, and it might be in our next issue. written by noey ivy london f

flower. photography by wicca merlin.

Dear Noey, My wife wants to adopt a child (toddleedoo) in SL. I have zero interest in family roleplay, but she has been pushing this for months. How can I get her to understand this is not something I want to do? Signed, Frustrated Frankie Dear Frustrated Frankie, You have to make it clear to her that this isn’t something you are willing to budge on in sl. List the reasons why. Then give her the chance to explain her needs. On how to go from there? It really depends on how she reacts to your answer. If she refuses to hear you out and come to an understanding with you in a negative way, then that might be something you need to think about in continuing the relationship with her. If she sees where you are coming from and would rather be with you then ruin a relationship over a rp child, then it turned out smoother then you thought. Is this something you are willing to budge on since it is really just a fictional character in sl? I think you need to think about what it is about RP’ing a family in SL. It freaks some people out.... others, well it fills a need that they may be missing in RL. All in all you just need to lay it out there and let her know if this is something you are willing to budge on or if you are dead set on not participating in anything like this. Stick to what you are comfortable with.

Page 150 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 151

Dear Noey, My best friend had dated a guy for four and a half years. About five months ago they broke up. Her ex and I have recently become closer and have developed feelings for each other. I really like him, but I don’t want to lose my best friend. Is there anyway I can have both? Signed, Torn Tracey Dear Torn Tracey, Absolutely not. You cant have your cake and eat it too, sorry. You will lose your best friend, and for good reason. If you value having a possible relationship with this man over her long friendship with you....then go for it. Just know that you will be asking for it. Not only is it a terrible thing to do, but you will feel terrible for doing it. True friendship in sl is very hard to find. And there is a code in having one. Choose your friendship. Its not worth it to loose something rare over a guy you have been talking to a short time and have a crush on. Do the right thing. And be a good best friend.

Page 152 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 153

Dear Noey, I have recently come back to SL after not logging on for two years. All my old friends either no longer play or have moved on to other friendships. What are the best places to meet people? Signed, Friendless Franny Dear Friendless Franny, I would definitely reach out to my old friends and try building those friendships up again. Every time you log on, hit one of them up. Going to events with Dj’s , joining places that hold discussion topics would be a good option too. Just avoid places that tend to be more dramatic then others. Make sure to be friendly and genuine. And most importantly be patient. Finding good people in SL is getting tougher and tougher. Its not the same place as it was 2 years ago. So as long as you go into it knowing that its going to take some time to repair some lost friendships and then make some new. I really feel like you wont be disappointed. The more effort you put into it, the better outcome you will get. Welcome back to the Grid!

Page 154 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 155

Page 156 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 157

Page 158 | ECLIPSE January 2018

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 159

Voices from the g

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second LifeŽ residents on the salient issues of the day. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine invited residents to share their New Year’s Resolution.


Photograph by provided theblackcloud by FreyaOh Cromwell. Page 162 | ECLIPSE January 2018

theblackcloud oh


heblackcloud Oh was introduced to Second Life in 2007 as part of a recovery group for people grieving from traumatic loss. While most of those friends she met in her early days have long since gone, she has remained here in Second Life for over the last ten years. Wanting to give back to the community that gave her so much, she has been opening her home of Black Kite since 2011. Black Kite is explorer, blogger and machinima user friendly. It is also home to one of the best designers on the grid, 8f8 Creations by iBi. When not hiding above the clouds on her sim she spends her time like most residents ... taking snapshots, exploring, and enjoying all the wonderful creations in and about Second Life. I’ve never made New Year’s Resolutions. I feel resolutions are much like holidays. We shouldn’t need a special day to remind us or motivate us to show someone how we feel, care, or to better ourselves.We should be doing that every day. And for me, as silly as it sounds, I’m mostly happy when I can make just one person smile. Just one person, because we’re all going through something. Yet so many of us are wrapped up in our own little worlds. Though with the close of 2017 and the start of 2018, perhaps I might just change my ways. Those few people who are close to me know what a truly horrible year 2017 was, and I’ve been very lost in both worlds. That magic and spark that drove me, seemed to have faded and I’ve been trying so hard to get it back. Recently I was showing someone my art from my college days. Something I loved with such passion. Something I was told I had a great talent for. But you know how life goes, sometimes it gets in the way and those hopes and dreams you have as your younger self fade as you move on in the world. This person, after seeing my work agreed, I had a talent I could no longer waste and my goal for 2018 would be to paint and draw again. So maybe, maybe just this once I’ll make a New Year’s Resolution and hopefully, like most, it won’t be one I will break. Check out her Flickr.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 163

Photograph by Wicca Merlin. Page 164 | ECLIPSE January 2018



harlyRayne has been in SL since May 2012, Having heard of this alternative World from a friend and having a curious mind , naturally she had to visit...and she has not left since. She has run through the usual gamut of SL activities such as hosting. Dj’ing , Zombies, she eventually found herself at a crossroads, wanting to be serious about finding something to do in SL. She’s alway been drawn to the visual aspect of SL and fascinated by how we find our individual style and look as avatars. This drew her to making shapes, the foundation for every avatar’s look. She loves making shapes, styling, and shooting her vendor pics. While she admires the digital paintings many create, she is more of a what-yousee-is-what-you-get photographer who loves to take profile pics with a natural look. This stands her in good stead with her business as well since her customers know what they are getting. She tries to be true to herself and her shapes by remaining as “natural as possible” while being beautiful and affordable to most. Her shapes can be found here and her little guilty pleasure Flickr can be found here. The simple answer to the question for me is NO. The why is a bit longer ... I realized a long time ago that very seldom are resolutions met. People do go into the New Year, I believe, genuinely wanting to make a change. But, the reality of it is, things happen. Rl happens. Time issues , finances and commitments usually get in the way . I personally believe in being true to myself. Knowing myself, I know, I am not one to do things because I have to, but more the do because I want to. By making a resolution, it automatically falls into the category of “HAVE TO” and by nature of my personality I will rebel against that. However, this seems that I am negative and don’t like change. This is far from the truth. I am by nature a very competitive person and always endeavor to better myself in all aspects of life. I am constantly setting myself goals, and will set out to achieve them. The difference being, it’s constant, not just once a year as a resolution, but striving to be a better person always .... as a result resolutions are then no longer needed.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 165

Photograph provided by Mirabelle Sweetwater. Page 166 | ECLIPSE January 2018

mirabelle sweetwater


irabelle Sweetwater has been a resident of SL since 2009. A curious woman by nature she has dabbled in everything from building to sailing and most things in between including her current past time photography. When she isn’t visiting one of her favorite shopping events to satisfy her shoe and hair addiction, she can be found in the company of one of her close friends, horseback riding or roaming alone enjoying some quiet time. I get asked this question every year by my coworkers and friends. I find it interesting that we torment ourselves setting goals that we ultimately will not attain or at least most people won’t. Years ago I would begin the year with good intentions. Some of the resolutions I remember making were to eat better and get more sleep, plan time to see my friends more often, and organize my closets. You can imagine with two boys what a mess those were. I do remember one particular year setting a goal to work less. At the time I was a fitness instructor who in addition to my own scheduled classes, filled in teaching classes for absent staff. I also worked full time at another job and was raising two boys on my own. Teaching additional classes meant extra money but it left little time to do things with my sons. Catching up with life meant cramming all the chores I couldn’t get done during the week into the weekend. There was one Sunday night close to the end of the year that I was putting my youngest boy to bed. I was so tired, I had pulled him onto my lap for a hug and it hit me, if I didn’t slow down I was going to miss what was important and that was their childhoods. I needed to stop agonizing about house cleaning and about extra money. It was the one and only New Years Resolution I recall reaching and maintaining during the remainder of their childhoods. The goal was quantified by the dust bunnies under our beds and the closets that remained unorganized over the years. I won’t be making any resolutions this year. I’m fairly certain I would abandon them by the end of February being a creature of habit. I will however adopt a close friends tradition of being thankful for all that I have in my life and for the people that share it with me in both worlds. I think that’s a resolution I can live with. Check out her Flickr.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 167

Photograph by Wicca Merlin. Page 168 | ECLIPSE January 2018



ink0 [foofoo25] has been in SL for three years and eight months. She loves to shop and style clothing, taking photos that she posts on Flickr with credits, microblogging SL fashion. Dressing up and styling her outfits is a real pleasure for Pink0 and she loves the freedom Second Life gives her to be a total fashionista. She loves the many kinds of freedom SL gives her to indulge her imagination and creativity. She’s been studying photo processing and is now studying Blender. She hopes to open her own store one day and feature her own designs. My plan for the new year in 2018 is to be happy. I have a happiness plan for 2018 and preparations to greet the New Year are already being done. My goal is to polish myself up and have confidence in myself in 2018. I am studying beauty and fashion to get a professional license. I make an effort for this every day. So what is life and fashion? It changes quickly by the season and the fashion trends, but I think that is what makes it fun. I can be standing in front of the mirror and putting on my favorite clothes, and just with a change here or there, the same clothes can seem different again. And of course, going shopping at shiny new stores, meeting up with friends to shop, that makes me happy, too. Personal relationships are important and meeting up and talking with my friends also makes me happy. Having the kind of friends who I can discuss things with sincerely is meaningful to me, far more important than surface relationships. When there is a fine day, there is also a day when it rains. After it rained, a rainbow appears. The weather is felt just like Kagami in life. I think it’s important for 2018 and for years in the future to be my own change. I’m wishing sincerely that it’s the year when everyone can find happiness. Thank you very much. Check out her Flickr.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 169

Photograph provided by Debi Baskerville. Page 170 | ECLIPSE January 2018

debi baskerville


ebi Baskerville began her journey in Second Life back in 2003. She didn’t participate much in those early years due to an addiction to World of Warcraft. That addiction soon switched over to Second Life where she has made lasting friendships and discovered her passion for living virtually. In 2008, she began making jewelry and opened a small shop, Blushed, with her business alt, Blush Bravin. More recently she became a moderator for the Maitreya Lara Friends group. As a retired real life art teacher, she enjoys helping people learn how to use their mesh body parts and solving problems people encounter using them. Currently, she splits her time between helping people in Second Life or creating content for Second Life and Sansar. I don’t typically make resolutions based on New Years. I’m a very goal oriented person, so making resolutions is something I do all year long. Last year around this time Bento was being released, so I resolved to earnestly learn Blender because the static mesh rings I was making using Mesh Studio wouldn’t work with bento. I had to be able to rig rings to the bento bones and to do that I needed to use Blender and Avastar. The problem was I had tried, half heartedly, for over five years to learn Blender with no success; but with the proper motivation, I finally learned Blender. I’m really enjoying making content using Blender now and want to further my skills making mesh products. So, with the new Fashion Release in Sansar, I am committed to buying and learning Marvelous Designer this year. I have some real life experience with garment design and creation, so I’m very much intrigued with how MD uses sewing basics to create 3D models. I’m sure I’ll make many more resolutions as the year progresses for real life, Second Life, and Sansar. Check out her Flickr, Flickr Group, Blush Bravin’s Flickr and Marketplace.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 171

Photograph provided by Reo. Page 172 | ECLIPSE January 2018

reo [reotn]


eo [reotn] began her Second Life in August 2015 and soon began blogging. She is the staff and blogger manager for the bi-monthly fashion showcase KURENAI on a historical Japanese sim. The event features Japanese and Asian fashion, decor, and accessories. It will be held bi-monthly until August 2018. Her goal is a happy cooperative coexistence for the event and the bloggers. My resolve is to study English. I started an event featuring Japan theme in 2017. I was worried about this opportunity to communicate with users in English speaking countries. Therefore, I want to become able to communicate more smoothly. Check out her Flickr and Kurenai website.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 173

Photograph provided by Saelwen Resident. Page 174 | ECLIPSE January 2018



aelwen Resident is a resident of Second Life much longer than her date of birth shows and she became very quickly an enthusiastic fashion blogger addicted to this virtual world. From the first day Sae loved traveling around and spent her time saving moments on her Flickr stream and blog and after almost 11 years she is still in love with all the possibilities that SL can offer its creative residents. The New Year is already here, we’ve got 12 months, 365 days full of new plans, hopes and dreams. I used to believe there is something magical in this one night between old and a new year and these few hours can make us better. Throughout the years I have made multiple lists full of plans and achievements and I was always a bit disappointed in myself, when I failed and couldn’t reach all of my goals. But you are wrong, if you think I give up on it! Not yet. This time I will try to keep my plans in both worlds very simple, short and specific, so in Second Life I have only two points on my resolution list for the upcoming year. Firstly, I’m going to continue what I love and what makes me happy - it means more photos! I enjoy exploring new places so I’m planning to improve my landscape photography while wandering around. I’m going to be a better and more creative fashion blogger. I’ve just started my new blog, which is a small personal project for the coming year, based on daily photo projects from RL and I hope it will help me to publish posts more frequently. I think also about stepping out of my comfort zone and practicing more as a photographer for hire, but it’s a plan for the second half of the year. The second resolution is more personal. I usually tend to get lost in my private world and I’m rather a loner in Second Life, so this year I’m going to be more social person, which means not only to continue to stay in touch more often with all of my old friends but also to be open to meeting new people and making some new friends. Or just to have fun with others, away from my platform. So please don’t hesitate to say hi, if we meet in-world! Will I succeed? I will tell you next year.

I hope this year brings much love and joy to you all, don’t forget to do something that makes you happy and may all your wishes come true. Happy 2018! Check out her Flickr and blog.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 175

Photograph provided by Armand Nevada Parks. Page 176 | ECLIPSE January 2018

armand nevada parks


rmand Nevada Parks is a model, photographer, and creator on the Second Life platform for almost two years. A close friend of his introduced him to the blogging world of Second Life. Initially reluctant at first he now can’t get enough! Today you’ll find him at various photogenic sims taking photographs hanging out with his friends or at sandboxes creating furniture and clothing for his brands Nevada Park and Nineteen Ninety Seven. New Year’s Resolutions for me have always been a restart button. Expanding and generating new ideas for the future and to be able to move forward with a clean slate. For me, I make about three to five resolutions for the year. These resolutions for me usually are goals in terms of both improvements in the personal and social aspects of my life and also to make new friendships and to heal from disappointment, lost friendships and/or tragedy. This year is no different. With the ringing in of the new year, I am making several New Year’s resolutions. Some of them are to improve my graphic design abilities through actual classes and coursework, work on socializing and going out more in both Second Life and in real life. My third resolution is to improve my skills as a 3D content creator through workshops and classes. These resolutions were written as a to-do list and a way for me to be able to expand my hobbies which encompass the Second Life platform. There are some of those (myself included) that are never able to fulfill their resolutions….and that’s okay. I think of resolutions as tentative goals for the year and to be able to set a goal for the improvement of one’s own life and to be able to help others within their lives as well. These resolutions in a way help me to stay focused and to allow me to take charge in my own life. For some its a new beginning for others it can change their lives and set them on a path to success. One of my personal and favorite quotes I’ll leave you with is from Oprah Winfrey which says “ Think like a Queen. A Queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” Cheers to a new year and a new you! Check out her Flickr, Marketplace and blog.

ECLIPSE January 2018 | Page 177

Photograph provided by Vanessa Ulderport. Page 178 | ECLIPSE January 2018

vanessa ulderport


anessa Ulderport joined Second Life ten years ago. She is the owner of the .FrenEzo. kitchen store that she founded in April 2015. Previously she had a clothing store but found furniture building more rewarding. Her favorite leisure activity is photography. She loves to decorate her home, which she regularly redesigns when a new idea comes something that happens quite often. She follow fashion and loves to dress up in SL. Her motto is “Always the maximum in everything”. If time allows she goes dancing and visiting with her friends. She likes the thematic events and tribute concerts. She has tried many things in world, sailed, drove airplanes, played various role-playing games. Check out her Flickr and In Wold Store I never make resolutions at New Year’s, but I always trust that the New Year will be successful, both in work and in private life. I like harmony and tranquility around me.

This year I closed an era, and in the New Year one begins a whole new chapter. If I look back over the last 10 years many things have happened. I have enjoyed many experiences and it is not over yet, this world always has a surprise for us. I will continue my current business, because it seems people love what I’m doing, and this is always fills me with new energy. I can not run out of ideas and I look forward to implementing them. Check out her Flickr, her other Flickr and in-world store.

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ukihana Boa joined Second Life in 2007 and went to work at a nail salon before opening up a clothing store. She started the Tattoo Studio in 2008 and closed the clothing store. She took a break from SL to deal with some first life issues before returning in 2013. In 2016, she started her own blog and is proud to blog for Mon Cheri. I like to take pictures very much. With the inspiration of others, I am enjoying taking pictures. Using my snapshots, I post on my blog so that other SL residents will know more about my favorite products. My New Year’s resolutions are to make more beautiful photos and to make many memories with people who are important to me. I hope more people will know the pleasures of the photos. Thank you. Check out her Flickr and blog.

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Photograph provided by Arwen Clarity. Page 182 | ECLIPSE January 2018

arwen clarity


rwen Clarity started playing Second Life almost 10 years ago. She started out this life being fully immersed in the Roleplay & Combat community of NoR for 4 years. Since then, she has spent her time cheering for, playing in and owning a football team, started a photography business, and has tried her hand at blogging. The question I was asked was about New Year’s resolutions. I do make New Year’s resolutions every year. I feel like it is always important to make goals in life. If you don’t, what are you doing? Where are you going? I definitely haven’t always stuck to my resolutions or made the goal by the end of the year, but that doesn’t stop me from setting a new one each year. I have learned over the years how to set realistic and measurable goals however, and I think that has really helped me get as close as possible to achieving them. For 2018 my New Year resolution for my Second Life, is to spend some time catching up with my friends on the grid. And the way I play to achieve this is to offer to photograph every friend I possibly can before the end of the year. That way we’ll be able to catch up a bit during the photo session, and then hopefully beyond that. I think too often we get caught up in blogging and creating that we don’t spend enough time with each other anymore. That’s what this place is supposed to be about right? Making friends and spending time with them. I want to change that in my Second Life. Happy 2k18! I hope it is your best year yet! Check out her Flickr, Facebook and blog.

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Photograph provided by Lexo Merlin. Page 184 | ECLIPSE January 2018

lexo merlin


exo Merlin has been in Second Life for over ten years now. She was called to be a guest blogger in “Inventory Mess Blog” by Mili Miklos and she has her own little blog here. When she is on line she likes to take pictures for the blog and sometimes to build some stuff. You can view her pictures on Flickr.

It is the New Year and with the hope of a new beginning and fresh start we dream to make it better and happier, It is easy to start the New Year with good intentions and a list of resolutions. And wow, it probably will not happen in one moment. It´ll happen in little moments. Be grateful. If you fail one or two or thousands, it´s ok. You have got a lot of more little moments ahead of you. You´ll get better. On the other hand: Never give up. And yes, this is my resolution for 2018.

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THE wayfarer...

written by xandrah sciavo. photography by xandr

“The Wayfarer” is a monthly feature by Xandrah Sciavo showcasing some of the most aesthetic places in Second Life®. This January, the Wayfarer finds herself immersed in a serene, Winter landscape at Neverfar. A quaint seaside town at the base of a snowcapped mountain range, Neverfar offers a glimpse into the quiet life, where a snowy paths and rustic wooden bridges offer cozy and photogenic nooks and crannies for a visitor to get in touch with nature, spend time with loved ones, or to ponder the coming year.

rah sciavo.

Follow the snow to Neverfar.

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Est. 2015 | Issue 35

ECLIPSE Magazine January 2018  
ECLIPSE Magazine January 2018  

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