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December 2015

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The Designer Showcase

82. Giftmas


Places to Go and Things to Do


This issue we feature the exquisite, finely crafted shoes of NX - Nardcotix by the talented Nardya Rousselot.

Cajsa Lilliehook takes it to the streets and investigates some of the best places to shop and explore this winter holiday season.

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This issue we explore The Wastelands, one of the oldest and largest post-apocalyptic themed residential estate within Second Life, and how they celebrate the holidays.

The Proust Spotlight ECLIPSE Magazine shines their light with a monthly segment devoted to a resident of Second Life. This month we feature blogger and photographer, Luka Requiem!

Often times in the fashion industry, it is easy to become short-sighted and forget that fashion is not limited to that small community. Fashion is the art of expression, which is an integral part of our shared virtual world and the Second Life community as an aggregate; thus, our goal at ECLIPSE Magazine is to not only offer an aesthetically pleasing publication with a heavy fashion influence and rich in content but be accessible to all of SL.. because EVERYONE wants to look good.


Never one to back away from a styling challenge, the men of ECLIPSE show us their interpretation of ready to wear winter outfits with an artist inspired twist!




Ways to Wear


Voices From the Grid


Cover Story Trompe Loeil - Cory Edo Cover Photographer Lessthen Zero Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook

This issue we challenged the ladies of the ECLIPSE trend squad to create outfits inspired by various artisits!

Our monthly fashion segment takes it even a step further... this issue certified models step up their game against some of the grid’s best bloggers! As usual, our readers vote on their favorites!

Residents speak their mind, and tells us how they celebrate their holidays.

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Letter From the Publisher Whatever you celebrate this winter season, I hope you have a joyous holiday and a healthy and happy new year! I sincerely hope you enjoy this issue. Our cover story is of Trompe Loeil, brought to life by the talented creator Cory Edo. Anyone who has received a gift from me, can attest to the fact that 9 times out of 10, I will give them a gift card to this store. Cajsa Lilliehook has been very busy this issue, exploring and investigating some of the known and not so well known places and events to shop and visit this winter season. She has also reached out to residents to learn how they celebrate in Second Life. From a fashion perspective, Miele Tarantal truly challenged our models to show us their ready to wear winter stylings with an artist inspired twist! Our very popular Ways to Wear segment has another curveball this issue because we had our PENUMBRA models style off against some of the grids best bloggers. With that, in light of the holiday season‌ my wife, Zzoie, and I have always felt that the greatest gift is to give. We will be giving away a few [over 50K value] of our favorite things from our favorite designers and content creators to a few of our very lucky readers.

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We will be announcing this giveaway in both our in-world ECLIPSE Magazine Readers group, as well as our ECLIPSE Facebook page. Shameless plug time. Join our in-world ECLIPSE Magazine Readers group here. Like our ECLIPSE Magazine Facebook page here. Remember, be kind, and happy readings!

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Writers Aposiopesis Fullstop Aradia Aridian Casja Lilliehook Taylor Wassep Zzoie Zee

Taylor Wassep

Zzoie Zee

Creative Director

Creative Director

Miele Tarantal

Cajsa Lilliehook

Fashion Editor

Copy Editor

Catalina Staheli Marketing Director

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Photographers Anderian Sugarplum ByrneDarkly Cazalet Daffodil Crimson Lessthen Zero Taylor Wassep Tempest Rosca Zzoie Zee Models Apollo Call Caesar Langer Caoimhe Lionheart DiamondGem Destiny Dimitri Shinn Dragon Fang Dragonguyuk Kaylith Zeurra Linda Reddevil Lolita Paragorn Lorelei Maggs Miele Tarantal Payton Heron SaianSamuel Skintrader Greyskin Tadeu Gartner Yashi Audion

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Men’s Trend: Artist Inspired Page 16 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photography by Tempest Rosca ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 17

Caesar Langer Inspired by Andel Adams Boutonniere: Cherished Memories - Rose Bag: David Heather - Bally Bag Hat: LODE - Headwear Tobe Shoes: Just Design - Apache Male Jewelery: MANDALA - Billionaire Smexy Complete Jacket: Rowne Men - Von Jarrar Coat Scarf: shine & sharp by [ZD] - Tubescarf Gilet: the Creatures - Bredon white Shirt: Utopia - Brandon TMP Applier Pants: David Heather - Yves Pants Gloves: Izzie’s - Fingerless Leather Glove Slink Applier Page 18 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 19

Caesar Langer Inspired by Rothko Hair: Tableu Vivant - Dreadlock series - Monk Hair Rings: MANDALA - Lustful Necklace: MANDALA - Legendary Shoes: LesPetitDetails *LPD* - Oldboy Boots Pants: Legal Insanity - hefunky pants Upper: Wonton - Oversized Duster Cardigan

Page 20 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 21

Skintrader Greyskin Inspired by Andy Warhol Hair: Scars - Hair Glico Glasses: REBELLION - “SAVANT” SPECS Suit: Brocade Tiger - PopArt Shoes: REBELLION - “TREY” KICKS (GRAFFITI) Page 22 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 23

Skintrader Greyskin Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe Hair: Dura-Boy 05 Outfit: LDHomme Cray.on Suit - Print I Necklace: PowerDesign free necklace Ring: Exquisite Man’s Love in Chains Ring Shoes: ILLI Gohan Chucks Page 24 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 25

Tadeu Gartner Inspired by Andy Warhol Facial Fine Lines | (NO) Cosmetics - Facial Fine Lines Hair | *Dura-Girl*54 Suit | Dot-be MR SL KHRONOZ outfit Glasses | * S O R G O - AKIRA / Tort Camera (Neck) | -ATTIC- Elfman Vintage Camera Camera (Hand) | [BUC] Zante Polaroid Camera Page 26 | ECLIPSE December 2015

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Page 28 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Tadeu Gartner Inspired by Ansel Adams Facial Fine Lines | (NO) Cosmetics - Facial Fine Lines Beard | DECO - MESH Shifty Beard Cardigan | ...Scars... Knit Cardigan Pants | ::GABRIEL::Ripped pants Loafers | .Shi : Elpizo . Slink [Him] Fedora | * SORGO - Fedora w. Feathers (A) Bag | :::LP::: Camera Bag Display Book | 6 -STRIKE IT- Innocuous Charms Book

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The Illusion of Reality Page 34 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Written by Aradia Aridian ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 35

Photograph by Zzoie Zee

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ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 37

In the beginning was the Prim and the Prim wa Prim was of us. All things were made by the Pri Prim was not anything made that wa

Photograph by Zzoie Zee Page 38 | ECLIPSE December 2015

as with us and the im and without the as made...

There were trees and houses, chairs and couches, pillows and paintings and all the other constituent elements that make up our virtual homes and gathering places back in 2005 when Cory Edo first rezzed in Second Life®. Our world already existed and it had dimensionality. Our avatars walked behind and beside our furnishings, sat on them, slept on them and lived in our houses, but no matter how much effort, it was obviously an imitation of life, it was not verisimilar. Cory Edo was one of the people who changed all that. As part of the team at Electric Sheep Company, a company that often worked with corporations and other first life clients who were trying to capitalize on the new markets created in virtual worlds, she was involved in designing and creating entire sims for several businesses and other enterprises in SL® and lead the team that created the “I Am Legend” sim and in-world game. She also did special projects like recreating the BBC’s Newsnight’s set and making custom avatars of Jeremy Paxton and Paul Mason so they could present the news in a special broadcast from within Second Life. Projects like this gave her the confidence and experience to eventually launch her own business, Trompe Loeil. For Edo, it was the ability to create and furnish our entire world that drew her into the Second Life in the first place. She saw an ad featuring a woman’s face, half biological and half avatar. She was intrigued at the idea of having that much control over appearance and environment in a game. “I’ve always enjoyed gaming from the time I was little, but I was the type of player who would use cheat codes to skip levels just so I could check out the different environments - so the idea of a an online game where you can make whatever you want, and explore what other people have created, an endless source of new places and things to check out, was fantastic. I think those early pitches for SL really targeted the artists and scripters.” ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 39

When Edo joined SL, she already was proficient in PhotoShop and computers, so she did not find it difficult to adjust. “I didn’t run into too much of a learning curve - I had already taught myself how to use computers in general and Photoshop to the point that I used it for my job, so in contrast the SL client wasn’t that difficult. I do remember finally being taught how to select individual faces on prims - that really opened up the rest of the creative possibilities!” From the beginning, Edo saw possibilities more than limitations and it inspired her. “I was pretty well captured the first night I signed up, flying around the mainland seeing what people had already built. Granted, there wasn’t a whole lot - this was before private regions, before mesh and sculpted prims, before Windlight environments, before flexible prims even - but just the fact it existed showed that LL [Linden Lab™] was serious about letting users create their own world inside their platform. It was really exciting - I had never run into anything like it before, and really, there still hasn’t been anything quite like it since.” Now we have windlight, we have mesh, we have materials that allow textures to reflect and refract light naturally. Back then, there was none of that. Until someone added a shadow prim and that was innovative and exciting. Then we began to see baked on shadows and sunlight from windows and homes began to be verisimilar. Some resisted and still do, believing as they do that when there are no limits on what environments we can create, it is selflimiting to create one just like the real world. For others, though, Second Lift is not about alternate realities, but about an extension of current reality, an expansion of current reality, not an escape. Page 40 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Zzoie ECLIPSEPhotograph December 2015by | Page 41 Zee

Edo planted her flag on recreating reality when she named her store Trompe Loeil. And it was a trick of the eye that made her creations so compelling. With baked textures that mimicked the effect of sunlight coming in through the window blinds and shadows from the walls or the staircase, she brought light and dimension into the flat planes of our homes. Those baked on shadows and splashes of light are less necessary now that we have materials, but many creators continue to use them because so many users do not turn on Advanced Lighting to enable materials.

Nonetheless, Edo did not intend the name Trompe Loeil to be a manifesto. “At the time I launched the Trompe Loeil brand in 2007, my region was located next door to Tableau (a long-established shopping region still active, run by Nylon Pinkney and Polyester Partridge). I wanted to stick with a French name to fit the existing theme, and “trompe l’oeil” jumped out at me as an interesting way of describing 3D art viewed through the 2D medium of a flat screen.” The apostrophe was dropped due to the vagaries of the SL database, though perhaps that was fortuitous. “it helped to establish the Trompe Loeil name as a separate brand in its own right as well.” As to her choice of a brilliantly colored maple leaf for her logo, she explained, “The maple leaf has a lot of emotional resonance for me personally, for several reasons, but overall I think it helps convey the appreciation of natural materials and bold colors I tend to favor in creating environment assets.” For Edo, Trompe Loeil is a serious business that is about more than making only what she likes or wants in her real life decor, although she is clear that everything she makes is something personally appealing to her. “There’s a lot of other factors that Page 42 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photograph by Zzoie Zee

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 43

Page 44 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photograph by Zzoie Zee

go into deciding what to make for a release, especially the type of styles that shoppers tend to like more than others; products that are more in-demand, or flexible, or unique; or styles that translate better to the lowpoly SL platform. My RL decor tends towards darker woods, natural materials, and classic antique pieces.” Edo has always been interested in design. When she was little, she was into Legos, construction toys and turning huge cardboard boxes into elaborate buildings. She loved to draw house schematics and blueprints. She went further, “I even woke up early one morning and mixed up a bag of concrete my father had for home repairs so I could lay a foundation to my own “clubhouse” in the back yard - that didn’t go over well. 3D design work is much less laborintensive and messy!” Second Life has been transformative for Edo. For her, the greatest lesson she has learned in SL is that she can make a living as an artist. “SL was really ahead of the curve when it comes to the current wave of independent artists selling their work directly to the public - Etsy, Society 6, the Unity and Steam asset stores, Daz, Turbosquid, and on and on. SL taught me that it’s actually possible to make a living as an artist!” This has had a profound effect on her life. She has worked in SL for the last ten years and during that time has done a wide range of projects. “I’ve gotten to meet brilliant artists from all over the world, and it’s allowed me to establish a career in 3D art creation on my own terms and timeline, regardless of what physical location I was living in or what the local marketplace was like for 3D artists.” Edo finds joy in that “moment when it all comes together and you know it’s going to work, and work well.” For her, that moment is seldom early in the process. More often, she does not know for sure that it will work well until a few hours before her deadline. Every once in awhile, she recognizes that the project just will not succeed and she has to set it aside. A couple of times a year, she finds she just has to shelve a project because it won’t come together. Success in Second Life requires a strong work ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 45

Photograph by Zzoie Zee

ethic. A steady flow of new releases and participating in frequent events are essential to keeping people aware and familiar with the brand. For Edo, that means being organized and methodical. “I find I work best at night and my partner works best first thing in the morning. We usually release 3-4 times a month, which can mean up to a dozen or more individual models, uploading, baking, animating, boxing, and advertising. I usually have an idea of what to work on for a specific upcoming release, my Page 46 | ECLIPSE December 2015

partner and I review our options and reference material, and decide together what we can accomplish in the timeframe available. From there it’s usually 5-7 days modeling, and 2-4 days texturing and everything else that goes with it.” They try to give themselves a day or two off each week, though not during the holidays. To meet all the holiday deadlines, they will be working flat out until the end of December. Of course, by days off, Edo means she won’t

be modeling and working on new creations, but she will still be checking in and taking care of customer service requests and answer customer questions. “Working for yourself is an every day job, but I love it,” she says. The most challenging part of her work is working with SL’s limitations to achieve lifelike results. SL is a low-poly platform. It has its unique coding language. It has specific and idiosyncratic limitations and mesh

requirements. There are legacy bugs and quirks that are not explained, and high quality work often requires knowledge acquired only through time and experience. According to Edo, “just learning how to make something usable in here is a technical challenge in and of itself.” Edo and her partner are looking ahead, making plans to keep their business alive no matter what changes may come to Second ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 47

Life. They plan to expand into other 3D marketplaces. With the experience they have gained in SL, they are confident and hopeful they will be able to other platforms. Edo is also interesting in architectural visualization, working on 3d interior design and construction models for architecture firms. They also are eagerly anticipating the release of Project Sansar and bringing their skills to the next brave new world.

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Edo has the advantage of ten years of watching SL evolve, adapting to user demands and customs, modifying and incorporating new technologies and influencing and being influenced by the broader culture. When SL began, online dating and commerce were still new and still viewed askance. Now, a third of U.S. marriages start with online dating and it is no longer viewed as weird or desperate except in oldfashioned television crime dramas. Now, 201 million people shop online for everything from groceries to clothing to health care. There are even over the internet doctor visits. Looking back, Edo said, “when SL first launched I think LL wasn’t quite sure how society in general was going to end up absorbing the potential and features of online interactivity, so they more or less pushed for an “entirely alternate you” concept that hasn’t really shaken out with regards to how people present themselves and relate to each other online in 2015. SL is as real as any other social media platform: it’s populated by real people, who have real lives and obligations and troubles and joys, and who usually try to curate how they present themselves to the community of people they interact with. Asked if there is anything she wants readers to know about her, she replied, “I’m a very quiet, private person who is truly appreciative of everyone who has enjoyed our work, and truly thankful for the opportunity to make things that people enjoy.” As to making things that people enjoy, she has been a great success. Her trompe l’oeil illusions of reality have made our world more beautiful, more verisimilar, more real and that has given all us moments of joy. Cory Edo’s Profile Trompe Loeil Blog Trompe Loeil Facebook Mainstore SLurl & Marketplace Link Page 48 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photograph by Lessthen Zero

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 49

Page 50 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photograph by Lessthen Zero

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 51

Designer Showcase Page 56 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photography by Byrne

eDarkly Cazalet ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 57

Apollo Call NX-Nardcotix Patrick Loafers [Black] Page 58 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 59

Apollo Call NX-Nardcotix Patrick Loafers [Camel] Page 60 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 61

DiamondGem Destiny NX-Nardcotix La Nuza Patent [Silver] Page 62 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 63

DiamondGem Destiny NX-Nardcotix Delilah [Blue] Page 64 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 65

Dimitri Shinn NX-Nardcotix Patrick Loafers [Black] Page 66 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 67

Dimitri Shinn NX-Nardcotix Patrick Loafers [Camel] Page 68 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 69

Miele Tarantal NX-Nardcotix Freja Stiletto [Crimson] Page 70 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 71

Miele Tarantal NX-Nardcotix Lola Heels [Emerald] Page 72 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 73

Yashi Audion NX-Nardcotix Jordan Wedge [Red] Page 74 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 75

Yashi Audion NX-Nardcotix Liz Stiletto [Cobalt] Page 76 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 77

Page 80 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 81

The Wastelands: Giftmas Page 82 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Written by Aposiopesis Fullstop Photography by Daffodil Crimson ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 83

Weary old ruins and precarious hovels dot the ten-region expanse of The Wastelands, a post-apocalyptic world of scouring sands and sucking swamps. But its bleakness belies a vibrant and versatile community with its own strange culture. (Some of it bacterial). Page 84 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 85

Page 86 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 87

Page 88 | ECLIPSE December 2015

For nearly nine years, the Humans, Ghouls, Mutants, Manimals, and Botans of The Wastelanders have created, explored, constructed and deconstructed this beautifully-ruined setting.Some claim a plot and build or maintain their own squalid shack or shop. Some, with darting eyes and rapid feet, lope along the sands, scavenging for resources, crafting items, and fighting for survival in the Wastelands-exclusive game. Some weave the story of their own unique character into the grimy, mysteriouslystained cloth of our long-running, residentdriven roleplay. Some host or attend events from weekly Fight Nights to Mutant conclaves to annual festivals of all sorts. Some do all of the above. Some just drop by and take pictures. Like real-world cultures and communities, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve developed some of our own celebrations over the years. While many are original, others are distorted riffs of realworld holidays, skewed interpretations as might be celebrated after centuries of misremembered lore. For, ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 89

in the world of The Wastelands, an uncountable number of generations have passed since the Fall of Civilization -- long enough that what we the players would call “the modern world” has almost completely lapsed into myth and legend. It’s a tabula rasa: there are no realworld geopolitcs or religion or economics or other big social systems. Nobody blames the Russians or ISIS. Nobody knows what a President is. Nobody’s ever heard of Jesus. There’s no Christ, and so there’s no Christmas. Instead, we have Giftmas! In brief out-of-character terms, Giftmas begins sometime in midto late December and often lasts through the first week of January, During this time, limited-edition collectibles appear in the spawn of scrap for the game, there’s a place where people (whether gameplayers, RPers, or visitors) can pick up freebie gifts and leave their own, and the regular weekly events often have special seasonal editions. All of which is pretty standard, for seasonal Second Life celebrations. In terms of the roleplay lore and culture, however... Giftmas happens during the last part of the Season of Withering, just before the Season of Shelter, which some - but not all cultures consider the start of a new span. All cultures definitely consider it a time of long, bitterly cold, desperately dark nights. Page 90 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 91

Strangely, amid all the usual Bits Of Fur and Chunks Of Plastic and Pipe and Chemicals and Iron Scrap, lucky scavengers begin to find toys. Familiar-looking toys! Small collectible figures in the exact shape of familiar objects and traders. (Items like this could never be made by hand, so some have a guess that the Tin Man, strange metal caretaker of The Wastelands and maintainer of the Salvage Masheens, does something to manufacture Page 92 | ECLIPSE December 2015

them, then spreads them around for scavvers to find. If just because we think he likes to give us reasons to fight each other some more.) But on one of these dark nights, from wherever-the-hell-itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s-hidden throughout the rest of the year, a strange contraption is dragged out and placed somewhere on unclaimed land.

It’s a huge, round, grey-ish boiler. With a pole on top. And some rusty airplane wings welded on, with a flickering light dangling off one of them.

of The Wastelands’ first span.

Nobody’s quite sure why it started. The scavengers of The Wastelands are used to fighting each other over basic food and scrap, The word “TREE” is spraypanted in huge red after all - especially, lately, those collectibles and green letters along one side. - and tend to trade no more or less than fair. Maybe it was an animistic attempt to bribe The crafty masheener named Gutterblood the warmth to come back by leaving an Spoonhammer salvaged it together at the end offering around the boiler? Maybe some dimly ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 93

remembered rumor about the ancient past? But a tradition arose of leaving gifts around this boiler “TREE” for anyone to enjoy. Usually, it’s something you made with your own two hands. (Unless you have four, or maybe just the one now.) But you put it out there for everyone - for the old hand and for the newfolk, for enemy and the ally. For just that short stretch of time, when the nights are the coldest and the food is the scarcest, when even the smartest and wisest taleteller can’t be sure if the sky-fire will ever come back, when we’d be at our most entitled to hold on hard to our every last and least... we give something back. Nobody else is going to save us, after all. Nobody saved the entire world. Nobody magical is going to reward the good, and what’s “goodness” anyway, now? We’re all just filthy, ragged lowlives doing whatever we can to keep being alive until tomorrow. All we’ve got is us, and we know it. Click here, for more information. Click here, to visit The Wastelands. Page 94 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 95

Page 96 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 97

Page 98 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 99

Page 100 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 101

Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trend: Artist Inspired Page 102 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photography by Tempest Rosca ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 103

Caoimhe Lionheart Inspired by Georgia Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Keefe Hat: Miamai, Memento Boreal Hair: Rowne Mode, Natasha Necklace/Ring: [Mandala], Princess Dogtag Earring: (Kunglers), Tamires Coat: Gizza, Iona Vest Top: Blueberry, Tank Pant: Ison, Sidelace pant Shoo: Maitreya, Stagiono Bag: Tee*fy, Crossbody Bag Page 104 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 105

Page 106 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Caoimhe Lionheart Inspired by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Hat: tram, Cat Beret Hair: *ARGRACE*, Nao Jacket: Bowtique, Sophia Coat Skirt: Maitreya, Leather mini Socks: L&B, Knee Socks Shoos: ::MA::, tUggS Ring: [Mandala], Prophecy ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 107

Page 108 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Lolita Paragorn Inspired by Frida Kahlo Dress : LamuFashion Frida Pull : Countdown Autumn sweater Fur : Kaithleenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fur vest Tights : Leezu Maria Earnmuffs : Artilleri Armwarmers : Drift Unisex Scarf : Emotions Nele Hair : Tram C407 Boots : KC Yeti Ring : Je Suis Voyante Brooch : Mandala Corsage ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 109

Lolita Paragorn Inspired by Ansel Adams Tousers : Ryvolter Telia Coat : Ryvolter Zola Pull : Countdown Autumn Sweater Hair : Dura ARA102 Boots : Essenz Bratislava Fur : Gizza Fur Stole Woman Jewels : RE Monroe

Page 110 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 111

Lorelei Maggs Insipired by Mark Rothko Top: KITJA - Pia Pants: Maitreya - Leather Skinny Pants Shoes: Glamistry - Linaria Jewelry: Gabriel - Maria Choker Schadenfreude - Owl Wee Beastie Ring Schadenfreude - Raven Wee Beastie Ring Hair: Exile - Take Chances Nails: Energie - Long Nails Slink Elegant Page 112 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 113

Lorelei Maggs Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe Dress: coldLogic - mckay Leggings: Erratic - Basic Leggings Shoes: KC Couture - AMY “Ballerina” Flats Hair: enVogue - Alice w/ addon tail Jewelry - Erratic Hoop Earrings Prism Natalie Blue White Floral Bangle Bracelets

Page 114 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 115

Page 116 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 117

Places to Go and Things to Do Page 120 | ECLIPSE December 2015


Written by Cajsa Lilliehook Photography by Daffodil Crimson ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 121

Page 122 | ECLIPSE December 2015

In the northern hemisphere, the longest night of the year is soon upon us. With the solstice, the time of springtime and light are officially on their way. The days grow longer and hearts and hopes turn to spring. For that reason, it is a time of celebration, of holidays and holy days, of saying goodbye to the old and welcome to the new.

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 123

In Second Life速, the season is celebrated in many traditional and untraditional (see Giftmas article) ways. In SL速, as in the first world, shopping is a part of the season. One of those shopping traditions is The Arcade and the joyful, quirky creativity of the many items sold in gacha machines. The Arcade is perfect for gift shopping because everything is transferrable and many items are inexpensive and fun and most are oriented toward the holiday season.

Page 124 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 125

Page 126 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 127

Tannenbaum is another fabulous Christmas shopping event. It is a popup market, a onetime event with two sections, a gacha market with decorations all designed to fit and complement the Botanical Christmas tree. The tree skirts, ribbons and lights are all formed to be a perfect fit. There are all kinds of decorations so you can choose to have a wildly eclectic tree or stick to just one or two gachas for a themed tree. The other area features all sorts of Christmas decorations, home decor, clothing, and accessories. Radio Riel is hosting several Second Life Christmas events, including the Tenth Annual Yule Bonfire will be held on December 21st at the Caledon Highlands.

Page 128 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 129

Page 130 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 131

Page 132 | ECLIPSE December 2015

At New Babbage, several Christmas traditions have developed over the years. The canals are frozen over for an interesting and unique place to go iceskating. There will be a snowman building contest and a midwinter dash that starts at the Turkish Baths. From there, people run through the streets in the bathing suits until they reach the sauna. A chilly time will be had by all. Steam Santa will come visit the Boiler Elf and all the children and even the adults can have a visit with Santa. There is a huge Christmas Buffet at Brunel Hall and the Boiler Elf will continue his series of Clausology lectures, sharing his expertise on Christmas traditions and characters, particularly the monsters. You can keep up with the goings on at The City of New Babbage web site or Facebook page. Click here for their website. Click here for their Facebook.

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 133

Page 134 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 135

At Hakoniwa there is a Christmas shopping village and a hunt along with a HUD-based adventure game. Players receive helpful advice, clues and run about gathering dust to turn into gems that can be used in recipes to receive gifts. But it is not just about getting gifts, it is really all about helping Santa. The artwork is delightful and the scenery is a delight. Be sure to find time to explore and play the game. There are instructions for the game at the Hakoniwa site. Click here for teleport.

Photograph by Cajsa Lilliehook

Click here for instructions.

Page 136 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 137

Page 138 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photographs by Cajsa Lilliehook

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 139

Page 140 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photograph by Cajsa Lilliehook

Rebel Yell Concerts is hosting Winter Ice Rock Fest 2015. There are fun activities with a sky-rail, skiiing, sledding, skating and a Santa Sleigh ride. There are also many concerts scheduled and you can also plan a lovely romantic dinner with your holiday honey at the Christmas Restaurant, or you can sidle up to the bar and have a beer with Moose and Squirrel. Click here for a teleport. ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 141

For SL Premium members, there is Winter Wonderland at Portal Park where you can go snowboarding and snowmobiling and have snowball fights with your friends. You will feel so chilly when you arrive because there is a whistling cold winter wind, so be sure to dress warmly. Click here for a teleport.

Page 142 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photograph by Cajsa Lilliehook ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 143

Page 144 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photographs by Cajsa Lilliehook

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 145

At Organica, they will be celebrating the Winter Solstice on Saturday, December 19th with a day of music and community for the 8th time. The festivities begin at noon and continue throughout the day with many psytrance and trance DJs playing great dance music. Click here for SLurl, and click here for more information. Page 146 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photograph by Zzoie Zee

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 147

Page 148 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 149

Since our April issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we have done this segment “Ways to Wear” to highlight how style is unique to the individual by providing two models the same items while resulting in two different looks. We took this concept a step further with a friendly competition between our models, by empowering our readers with the opportunity to “vote” on who they feel styled it best. This issue we have our certified models style against some of the best bloggers and stylists on the grid. As always, vote for your favorites!

Ways to Wear Page 152 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photography by Anderian Sugarplum ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 153

Dragonguyuk q p Saian Samuel

Cardigan - [ZE-Men] Casper Cardi Hair - Phoenix - Rick Hair Watch - RealEvil Industries - Elegance Watch Pant - BlankLine jeans pants Boots - Giomen - Lumberjack Boots Page 154 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Click here

Jacket/shirt - [ZE-Men] Casper Cardi Pants - SUGAR for Men - City Casual Pants Shoes - ..::ILLI::.. William Shoes Hat - To Be Unique - [DY-02] Hat with Hair Jewels - MISSeM Boa Triple braided leather bracelet - FUSION Horn Cord Necklace - :SZD: Deathless Eyebrow Piercing - .:E.A.Studio:. Piercing Bare Code

e to VOTE!

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 155

Dragonguyuk q p Payton Heron

Pant - .:villena:. - Chinos Hair - Dura -B&G*63 HAIR Coat - chronokit - Duffle Coat 02 Bag - -David Heather-Cameo Bag Boots - ILLI - Classic Timbo Boots Page 156 | ECLIPSE December 2015

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Pants - .:villena:. - Chinos Jacket - R.icielli - HADLEY Mesh Jacket Shoes - [Armidi Gisaci] Oxford Leather Ankle Boots Jewelry - je suis...voyante *plain* earclips ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 157

Dragonguyuk q p Linda Reddevil

Jacket - SPIRIT - Teola coat Hair - Action Inkubator Jack Pants - AMERICAN BAZAAR - Barry Jeans Shoes - [VALE KOER] THE FORMAL ECCENTRIC Page 158 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Click here

Jacket: SPIRIT - Teola Ring: Yummy - Candy Earrings: Ryca HOOP Purse: LeLutka - LoveJUNKYbag Pants: monso - My Ripped Jean Shoes: CandyDoll - Asuka Hair: Tableau Vivant - Hill

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ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 159

Top: K - A/W Car Coat Femme Corduroy Hair: Elikatira - Nataline Eyeshadow: Zibska - Hera Eyeshadow Lipstick: Zibska - Marian Glasses: Contraption - Half Moon Glasses Earring: / / KAYLITHIUM_ : Feather Earrings Bottoms: MoiMoi - Skinny Jeans Gloves: Adam n Eve - Slink Hands Tattoo - Leather Gloves Pipe: Adjunct - Churchwarden Style Pipe - Lesepfeife Bag: Ison - Two Tone Leather Bag Socks: Izzieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s - Unisex Socks Shoes: Bens Boutique - Oxford Booties

Kaylith Zeurra q p Saian Samuel

Page 160 | ECLIPSE December 2015

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Coat - ::K:: A/W Car Coat Homme Corduroy Pants - R3 - Declan Jeans [V2] Shoes - ILLI - Galliano Leather Slip-ons Cap/Hair - .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BRADY (suede) Izzieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s - Short Leather Gloves SLINK Applier C L A Vv. Vintage Music Student Totebag ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 161

Dragon Fang q p Saian Samuel

Pants: [VALE KOER] - HYPEBEAST SHORTS Skin: Belleza - Jamie Uber Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Aviva Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes Top: BOYS TO THE BONE - Velvet Croptop Hand Wraps: Clemmm - Bandaged Hands Nail Polish: A:S:S - Very Chipped Polish Shoes: Flite. - Vaders Page 162 | ECLIPSE December 2015

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Shorts - VALE KOER HYPEBEAST SHORT Top - Ignition Art - The Thieves Armor Gloves - IGNITION ART - Street Fight Gloves Shoes - Rerty-Zanotty Ears -MANDALA - STEKING_EARS_Season5 Hair - Besom - Derek Tattoo - Infected - April Tattoo Gift AZOURY Ingenu Mask ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 163

Top: Ryvolter - Kirsten Crepe Blazer Hair: Elikatira - Rue Eyeshadow: Zibska - Noir No. 2 Eyeshadows - Riley Lipstick: Zibska - Marian Sunglasses: Meva - Ladies Sunglass Scarf: Apple May Designs - Bundle Scarf Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Silver Drop Pendant Bottoms: Plastik - Militia Jeans Bag: 1992 - Heroine Bag Socks: Izzieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s - Unisex Socks Shoes: Bens Boutique - Ivy Ankle Booties

Kaylith Zeurra q p Payton Heron

Page 164 | ECLIPSE December 2015

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Blazer - .: ryvolter :. Kirsten Crepe Blazer Skirt - .: ryvolter :. Kirsten Lace-up Skirt Shoes - Shey Granada Stilettos Jewelry - Finesmith Forbidden Love Necklace & Earrings ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 165

Shoes: Rebel Hope - Jennifer Mesh Boot Dress: Dead Dollz - Hecate Hair: Elikatira - Tinsley Eyeliner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - Jester Cat Lipstick: Zibska - Marian Lipgloss: Blacklace Beauty - Hi-Gloss Lips V2 Earrings: EarthStones - Madison Pearl Earrings Gloves: Avanti - Noir Lace Gloves Stockings: Blushed - Seamed Pantyhose

Kaylith Zeurra q p Linda Reddevil

Page 166 | ECLIPSE December 2015

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Boots: Rebel Hope - Jennifer Mesh Suede Hair: ploom - Moxie Dress: B E N D E R - SugarSugar Coctail Earrings: AvaWay - Corina Hat: LaGyo - Kirby Necklace: HANDverk - Strand Bracelets: HANDverk - Strand Stockings: Big Beautiful Doll - Nylon Polka Dot

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ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 167

Dragon Fang q p Payton Heron

Dress: Just BECAUSE - Charisma Dress Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Crystal - Doll V2 Hair: Magika - First Light Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. - Delicate Eyes Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Loverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Solitaire Heart Rings: Noodles - Megan Ring Set Shoes: Ingenue - Alma Boots Page 168 | ECLIPSE December 2015

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Dress - Just Because - Charisma Dress Shoes - Bax Coen - Prestige Boots Jewelry - MEVA Long Necklace Spheres MEVA Silver Bangles & Round Ring ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 169

Dragon Fang q p Linda Reddevil

Leggings: CandyDoll - Asuna Leggings Skin: [PXL] - Aurora Eyes: IKON - Sovereign Eyes Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Aeternus Jacket: L&B Swear - Cropped Leather Jacket Belt: [Scarpunk] - Scratched Studded Belt Gloves: Izzie’s - Fingerless Leather Gloves Boots: Blackburns - Gothic Punk’d Stacks Page 170 | ECLIPSE December 2015

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Pants: Candydoll Asuna Leggings Hat: LODE - Trussets Earrings: MG - Disco lover Cross Top: Rowne - Kivvy Jacket: Rowne - Kristin Shoes: whatever - High Heel Gloves: Izzieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s - Fingerless Leather

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ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 171

While we skipped our “Ways to Wear” spread last issue, this is the recap for the November issue’s winners. Don’t forget to vote this issue for your favorites!

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Page 176 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 177

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second Life速 residents on the salient issues of the day. For many of us, the month of December begins the season of celebration.This month Voices From the Grid asked residents how they celebrate the holiday season in Second Life速.

Voices From the Grid Page 180 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Written by Cajsa Lilliehook ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 181

Page 182 |by ECLIPSE Photograph JuneDecember Fallon 2015

June Fallon June Fallon has been in SL for over nine years. She is part owner of a pose company and has been actively blogging for a while about fashion, role-play fashion and decor. She plays around making some mesh items in blender when she has the chance and time for fun. She enjoys shopping with friends and visiting new fashion events and is an irredeemable gacha addict. I am celebrating this holiday season in Second Life spending most of my time with close friends and fiancĂŠ. I plan to do a few more holiday post on my blog to keep the Holiday spirit alive within this month. There are so many amazing designers that have released some gorgeous items this December, so you will see a lot of them in my posts to come. My blogging has gravitated me to more of the decor only shots rather than just fashion, I am finding it very therapeutic. However, I will always be a fashionista playing around with role-play ensembles at heart. Most of my time here has been devoted to our pose company [evoLove] we have made some great poses for this month, you can find them at the white elephant gacha fair. We have also made a new holiday release on marketplace trying to keep us in the spirit as well. I recently got engaged to my boyfriend and business partner samuel.moorsider, we are planning to have a wedding within the month with our close friends we have met over the years. Sam and I are inspired by the idea of a winter wedding having the snow in the photos will be beautiful and especially with the talented photography skills of Sam. I hope you all have an amazing Holiday season filled with love. Kisses, June Fallon Her Blog. ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 183

Photograph by Lici Le

Lici Le Lici Le has been in SL for seven years and eight months and has been a blogger of fantasy fashion for just over a year. Her blog is called Time and Lace. She began just blogging fashion and then went on to include other things like decor and blogging tips as her whimsy led her. Page 184 | ECLIPSE December 2015

The holidays in second life for m by blogging about holiday relat house and taking as many snow Being from Australia in rl and in to experience snow even in win white christmas as itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s summer the white christmas decoration

me are celebrated these days ted items, decorating my w related pictures as possible! n particular Adelaide I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get nter and Australia never has a here. I find it fun to experience ns and take pictures of the

different places I visit or of scenes I make myself. I tend not to go towards dressing my avatar too wintery during this time as just looking at all of the winter coats etc makes me feel hot! So I incorporate lovely dresses and other more summery clothing into winter scenes because the cold never bothers us in second life! ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 185

Photograph by Mokatana Boa Page 186 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Mokatana Boa Mokatana Boa became an SL resident in 2007. In 2008, she started to share moments and findings, like locations she had visited or things she had purchased through Flickr. In 2010, she decided to create a fashion blog called Moka’s Way. At first this was meant to be a simpler way to share her passion for styling and exploring in SL and, in particular, to make it easier to provide credits and landmarks to the few people that usually sent her IM’s or flickrmails asking her where found things. Surprisingly, the blog started to have a lot more visitors that she would ever have expected or imagined and the wider audience made her more and more dedicated and committed to it. First of all, I love the Winter Season in Second Life! I enjoy having in SL all the snow that I sometimes miss having in RL (since there’s no snow where I live in RL and we always want what we can’t have, right?!). So one of the things I like the most in this season is to go out and explore all the Winter and Holiday themed sims, venues and events! I find this so inspiring and helps me so much to enter and embrace the Christmas spirit! At Christmas even the smallest things become magical! But in RL you have to deal with all the chaos, worries, stress and over-scheduling with planning, shopping, cooking and whatever you need to do in time for the holidays. All that rush sometimes makes you forget to notice all those little and special things that make Christmas such a wonderful time! The greatest thing about SL is that, without all those distractions, you can just sit back and enjoy the Holiday in all its magic and wonder! The peaceful feelings and the inspiration I get from SL help me transfer this Christmas spirit to my RL! I also love to make Christmas decorations in SL. I have a lot of fun and spend most of my time creating several interior and exterior scenes and I invite friends over to play around with props and poses! I also like to dress myself with Christmassy clothes and accessories (like Santa hats, reindeer headbands, Rudolph’s nose, etc.) and, specially, to live and celebrate the holiday season like a child would do: filled with magic, wonder, amazement and lots of fun! Let’s face it, there’s no Christmas like a child’s Christmas and we all deserve to become kids again once in a while, don’t we? And, of course, I always gift my avatar a little Christmas present because she works hard all year and deserves a special treat! And this is it. This is how I celebrate Christmas in SL! I take this opportunity to wish all the SL Community a very merry Christmas and a new year filled of peace, joy, and love! ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 187


Pandora Box is a Second Life resident from Arg

My way of celebrating holidays SL is doing what I family and friends! I usually go to fashion events a avatar, usually Photograph by Pandora Box Page 188 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ora Box

gentina and the blogger at DieAntwoordBlog.

I like taking photographs, spending time with my also. Another of my hobbies is to change my style, y change often. ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 189

Ikki Kanto Ikki Kanto has been in SL for 8 years. She has been taking photos for much of that time and had a few showing of her photos. She has also owned a club and a small shop, but for her, the constant thread in her SL has been doing photography. About the question what I will do for Christmas in Second Life, i have an easy answer: the same as the rest of the year, do photos for my blog. I already decorated my little house and I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know if I will have time to party, maybe I can go to a club of a friends for have a little break, or to visit some monthly event , but taking photos is my full time activity on SL. Anyway, I will enjoy Christmas in SL, because is always very special time. Her Blog.

Page 190 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photograph by Ikki Kanto ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 191

Twinklestarlight Twinklestarlight is currently working on her Graphic Arts Degree. She found her niche in digital design when a friend invited her to try an online multimedia site called Second Life. She immediately became enamored with the creative possibilities available there. She now builds complete sets, avatars, backgrounds and themes to fit each of her artistic concepts. Twinkles is an amateur photographer and often times uses pictures she has taken as overlays for her artwork. Page 192 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Her use of coffee stains, leaves, parchment paper, peeling paint etc, helps lend to a sense of whimsy bordering on the surreal to each of her pieces. I celebrate the holidays in Second Life by decorating my land. The artistic possibilities in SL are endless. I absolutely love creating whimsical sets and scenery for the public to enjoy. That is the reason I named my studio Whimsies and Dreamscapes. This time of year is so joyful ! I never quite finish decorating for Christmas as I am always puttering around and

changing my sets to fit my clients preferences giving that goes on this time of year. I am and needs.This year I have some beautiful fortunate enough to be able to share in the joy items featured in my sets by one of my favorite by making pictures for SL couples and families. creators in SL called {Anc}. Im always out searching for new stores and fun and unusual items to use. Koinup: Christmas is also a very busy time of year for me in Secondlife because of my photography studio (Whimsies and Dreamscapes). I have many clients who want to freshen up their profiles for the holidays. There is a lot of gift

Flickr: Photograph by Twinklestarlight ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 193


Urjwan is a passionate photographer inspiration and joy that

Second life in holiday seasons means usually gather with my friends decoratin I enjoy exploring and visiting different p and designs. We all know how many mi in second life. Actually as a blogger and miss any event and get items t Photograph by Urjwan Page 194 | ECLIPSE December 2015



r and blogger. Second life to her is an t polishes her creativity.

so much fun and excitement to me. I ng sims and houses. As a photographer places to take pictures of creative ideas ind blowing creative designers we have d a shopaholic, I make sure that I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t to blog and share with others. ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 195

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second Life速. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick.

Proust Spotlight: Luka Requiem Page 198 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photography by Luka Requiem ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 199

Page 200 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 201

Page 202 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 203

Page 204 | ECLIPSE December 2015

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 205

Luka Requiem, dog treat eater and secret lover of cute attachable pets, began experimenting with SL photography in 2011 but has been blogging officially for the past two years. Both very talented and humble, he tells us, “I will say that any success or recognition I have gained would not have been possible without my amazing and talented friends who have taught me so much.” He’s a firm believer in hard work, humility and sharing your knowledge. Besides taking the blogging world by storm, he is the customer service “aka woof woof helper dog” for CerberusXing, and he DJ’s “booty popping music.” Not one to keep it generic, while he could say he enjoys “shopping” and “exploring,” he equally enjoys “standing around with my friends and laughing at something as silly as fish throwing, SL glitching or table flipping.” What is your ideal vision of perfect happiness? I’m living it. I have the best friends and family SL has to offer. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? I have three: Focus, Obedience and Silence. If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be? Moon Moon What do you most value in your friends? They’re honest with themselves therefore they are honest with me. What is your motto? “I got this.” What is your most marked characteristic? Apparently I’m a dog. Click here for his Blog. Click here for his Flickr.

Page 206 | ECLIPSE December 2015

Photograph by Oakley Foxtrot

ECLIPSE December 2015 | Page 207

ECLIPSE Magazine December 2015  

This edition of ECLIPSE Magazine we feature Trompe Loeil by the very talented Cory Edo on our cover. We take it to the streets to explore so...