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The theme for this issue is “Goodbye Summer,” and Justine Lemton takes us on a journey through her camera lens.

For the monthly Home & Garden feature, Blair Lockhearst inspires with the best of “Homme Living.”

Page 6 | ECLIPSE August 2018

Teaming up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, we shine the Proust Spotlight on blogger, MattNight84.

The ECLIPSE stylists put together some last minute warmer weather outfits, before the fall season!

Oema is back with her monthly art review, this time visiting “Ethereal Shapes” by Noke Yuitza, hosted at LEA2.

Need some advice? Noey Ivy London Flower offers the best advice on the grid for all your SL needs.


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ECLIPSE Magazine is dedicated to not only offering an aesthetically pleasing publication, but to also be considered a platform that offers rich and relevant content. Each month, we showcase residents and groups that have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination� to such great heights that they have impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community.


Cover Story Wicca Merlin Cover Photographer Lessthen Zero


Voices from the Grid


Artist Highlight


The Wayfarer

Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook

Each issue ECLIPSE Magazine asks residents a question, see what they have to say.

From Whispering Sands Live Promotion, we feature their artist Melly Faith.

Join the Wayfarer on a journey exploring the sim, Soul2Soul River. ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 7


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Page 10 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 11

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Taylor Wassep

carley benazzi


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Briony Writer Cajsa Lilliehook Grayden Foxe oey Ivy London Flower Novaleigh Freng Oema Synful Aeon Taylor Wassep

Autumn Rose Blair Lockhearst Carley Benazzi June Fallon Lessthen Zero Taylor Wassep Tempest Rosca Wicca Merlin

stylists AnnaG Pfeffer Blair Lockhearst Boniefacio Carley Benazzi Caesar Langer June Fallon Ombrebleue Winsmore Saian Samuel Taylor Wassep Wicca Merlin

guest stylist & photographer Justine Lemton

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This issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature Wicca Merlin. She is a talented blogger, photographer and designer. More importantly, she is also a great friend — one of the very few I have on the grid. I met her in 2013, when I decided I wanted to explore the SL modeling world. She was my instructor for the 103 class, where we were taught how to pose. Since then, she has served as a mentor to me of sorts, which has evolved into her being like an older sister to me. Second Life is a beautiful place, but the anonymity to it can also make it very cruel. I have had my share of “drama,” and even as I type this I chuckle at what once seemed like insurmountable hardships. Nonetheless, at the time, it felt like they were. Throughout this, Wicca has been there for me. Whether it was simply just someone to listen to me, or to offer advice, or even to stand in my corner to support me when I felt like there was no one else there… she is my friend. And she is one of the people on this grid, I am most thankful for. That’s the cover story! We have a total of 10 pieces this month, most notably “At Home With…” where Blair Lockhearst shows us her incredible styling and photography with the gentlemen in mind. And for this issues “Voices from the Grid,” we asks everyday resident’s how they keep cool in Second Life this summer. VFTG continues to be one of my most favorite pieces, as it brings in the perspective of randomly selected residents throughout the grid. I do hope you enjoy this issue, and happy readings!

letter from the publi


Page 18 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 19

Page 20 | ECLIPSE August 2018

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Page 22 | ECLIPSE August 2018

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through the lens

Styling by justine lemton. photography by justin


Each issue, ECLIPSE Magazine invites one of the many talented photographers from Second Life to collaborate. With this piece, they style, create and share a glimpse through their lens. Justine Lemton, blogger and photographer extraordinaire, takes us on a photographic journey of how she says “Goodbye to Summer.�

ne lemton.

Head - CATWA Sofia Skin – Glam Affair – CATWA Face Adeline (007) Hair - *barberyumyum*94 Dress - {le fil casse} Trisha Dress Vape - Peaches ‘N Cream - ‘Planet Of the Vapes’ Electric Vape Page 26 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 27

Head - CATWA Sofia Skin – Glam Affair – CATWA Face Adeline (007) Hair - little bones. Geist Dress - BUENO-Vixen Dress Hat - =Zenith=Summer Rattan Hat with Flower (Camel) Drink - :::ChicChica::: Margarita Page 28 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 29

Head - CATWA Sofia Skin – Glam Affair – CATWA Face Adeline (007) Hair - Tableau Vivant \\ Summer Hairplay - Sundowner Romper - Addams // Dinorah Romper Necklace - Necklace [MANDALA]TENSEI Earcuffs - [MANDALA]TENSEI Page 30 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 31

Head - CATWA Sofia Skin – Glam Affair – CATWA Face Gigi (007) Hair - little bones. Solar Tunic - Addams // Aracely Rustic Tunic Page 32 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 33

Page 34 | ECLIPSE August 2018

Head - CATWA Sofia Skin – Glam Affair – CATWA Face Adeline (007) Hair - Bold & Beauty :: Hair :: Mia. Romper - Tres Blah - Greta Romper Glasses - tarte. x stories & co. - sunnies (black) ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 35

Page 38 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 39

The Enchantment of Wicca

written by cajsa lilliehook. photography by carley benazzi, lessthen zero & tayl

a Merlin

lor wassep.

Wicca Merlin joined Second LifeŽ over a decade ago when a fellow musician told her she could enjoy music with people from all around the world. She was so excited about the idea she did not wait for him to introduce her and jumped right in, experiencing the dislocation and vagaries of noobdom on her own. Once she learned how to teleport, she started sim hopping. She immediately realized she needed to upgrade her looks and went shopping, though without lindens, that was a challenge. She tried out camping for a linden an hour, which was boring and besides it would take seventy-five hours of campaign to get that GURL6 hair she coveted. There had to be a better way! She came back the next day and a stranger IM’ed her to invite her to make faster money. Accepting the friendship invite and the TP, Wicca ended up at CoC: Chains of Captivity. Perhaps if her English were stronger she would have been gone in an instant, but instead she parked herself on a dance pole with animations and watched with bemusement until she earned L325, L150 for skin, L75 for that red-curled hair with wisps that eaved and L100 for some clothing. No music experiences yet. But she hung in there, learning to enjoy the people, the places, and soon, the live music events from all over the world.

Page 42 | ECLIPSE August 2018

Photograph by Lessthen Zero

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 43

Page 44 | ECLIPSE August 2018

Wicca gravitated toward fashion. A casual encounter with a woman at a shoe store led her into the world of modeling. In its heydey, modeling was the route to fashion leadership for non-creators. There were modeling schools where students learned about poses and styling. Models created their own HUDS to allow them to walk and pose in positions that showed off the clothing without sticking their arms and hands into their skirts and hair. Coordinating with other models, the announcer, and dealing with lag made it much more challenging than people who didn’t do it might think. Wicca attended a few modeling schools in 2007 and 2008 and this gave her entree to the world of fashion events. “I had clothing from fashion shows and got amazing things to blog. There was my next problem... blogging required pictures and I did not have the money to hire a photographer for each and every post I wanted to do. So I started to look into Photoshop. With much time and many tutorials, i started developing some skills and pictures began to look better, which as well brought me new sponsors for my blog. With walking runway shows, and having my pixels photographed for fashion magazines, I even earned some lindens!”

Photograph by Carley Benazzi Wicca’s Wardrobe - Janet ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 45

Photograph by Wicca Merlin

After gaining experience, she founded her own agency with two friends. They called it SL Art Couture. They had a show on Metaverse TV, the KULT magazine, and the first two issues of Fashion Teller were under the auspices of SL Art Couture after they added a fourth partner. However, in time priorities change and they parted ways. Wicca continued to teach at several modeling academies, including Glance, MVW Academy, Scala, as well as at individual workshops. She walked shows, did some in-store modeling and was sometimes tapped to judge contests and pageants. However, as time passed she realized blogging was more rewarding. “I never gave up blogging and with time passing by I figured, that blogging was a better way to express myself and do my own stylings than runway shows could do – even if they were fun sometimes.” Somehow, while doing all of this she also ran a Roleplay sim with three other Germans for a long

Page 46 | ECLIPSE August 2018

time. Eventually she gave up the sim, selling it, and taking a break from SL® for a few months to take stock. A real-life breakup also made her think about how she was spending her time and made her determined to come back with more direction.

Photograph by Wicca Merlin

Wicca recognizes that the time of the runway model has come and gone. “If it were 2012, I would have some reasons why you should go to modeling schools. Nowadays, I have a hard time thinking of reasons because modeling in general is more or less dead in SL.” There was a spirited discussion about whether mesh had killed the modeling industry on “New World Notes” last year. In Wicca’s opinion, “There are nearly no shows anymore. Many designers render their vendors and advertisements and many stores work with store model bots. There is not really much work left for a SL Model these days and then why you should go to an academy to learn something you will most likely never do?”

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 47

Page 48 | ECLIPSE August 2018

Photograph by Taylor Wassep Wicca’s Wardrobe - Misaka

While she enjoyed teaching and had lots of laughs and good times in classes, her heart is not in it anymore. “Today I would suggest people go to photography or blogging classes. The Blogger & Vlogger Network, for example, is doing them at the BVN University. Blogging and Vlogging, together with off-grid networking (Flickr, Facebook, Plurk, Twitter or Instagram) became huge and for me it replaced modeling in terms of promotion and helping designers to sell their creations.” Wicca’s blog photos are immediately recognizable for the iconoclastic and original styling. Asked for her approach to styling, she quoted a friend, “I would like to start that answer with a cute quote from a very dear friend and sister of mine in SL, Kimmera Madison. She once said ““How she puts her looks together? She takes a long running leap into her closet and when she comes out, she will be fabulous” In other words, Wicca doesn’t think too much about styling. She either starts with an item she needs to blog and then tries different things until she likes the look or she just tries things on, by trial and error, until she comes up with something she likes. Then there is serendipity. “I just randomly unpack bags from a shopping tour or stumble over something while I am cleaning my inventory. That usually gives me one piece and then I do fiddle around with all kind of things until I do find my final styling. Usually my mood, my emotions do a lot and music is a big part of the whole inspiration process as well.” ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 49

“When I came back, I did know I still wanted to blog, but I also wanted to do more than just modeling. That was when I started making poses.” Two of her friends introduced her to posemaking and she mainly made poses for her blog. If you spend any time looking at her blog, you will see she has a fascination for posing akimbo, in extreme positions that catch the eye and evoke surprise and emotion. Admirers asked her to sell her poses so she opened a small pose store.

She downloaded the open source modeling program Blender, took one look at the screen and all those menus and closed it right back down. Six months later, her first and Second Life partner Redclaw Inshan took up Blender. They tried to conquer it together and working with tutorials and by doing they kept at it until they figured it out. “We learned a lot over the years and if i look back at our first meshes, I cannot even believe we put them for sale *giggles*”

While she did not yet know how to create mesh, she discovered she could create lovely outfits by texturing and coloring fullperm templates. She added clothing, shoes, and accesories to her poses. She soon felt frustrated with templates because all she could do was texture. “The desire was there to create my own things.” And thus Wicca’s Wardrobe was born.

It took about a year before they could create and rig properly but Wicca thinks the time was well spent. Since she was a musician in her first life, she had the flexible, open schedule to dedicate to learning her craft. She had gigs on the weekends and only a few private students during the week.

Photograph by Taylor Wassep Wicca’s Wardrobe - Niobi

Page 50 | ECLIPSE August 2018

She has recently taken a job as a fulltime music teacher with a regular

Photograph by Carley Benazzi Wicca’s Wardrobe - Isabella

weekly schedule. This has led to a drastic reduction in her SL time since her first life manifestation, unlike her avatar, needs sleep. Having a partner, though, makes it still work. “While I had to cut back making meshes, my partner really had found his fun with creating in blender. Nowadays he is making most of the meshes and I come in with most of the creative ideas for designs, textures and I do all the vendor pictures or promotional work.”

In fact, despite cutting back hours, they have big plants for changes at the store. They have a retirement sale soon, retiring all the templates so their future store will have only original mesh, mostly releases from the last year and a half. They are also opening a new custom made store with a new logo that expresses their brand identity better. And what is that identity, who is the Wicca’s Wardrobe woman?

They added Silly Avro to their team as general manager, managing bloggers and helping with promotion. This team approach will not just allow them to continue in spite of Wicca’s reducted free time, but will allow them to explore new and expansive ideas. “With having such a great team, things became more and more professional. Everyone has it’s department to work on and with that time management has become way easier.”

According to Wicca, “First of all we create things that we like ourselves. That can be all kind of different things and genres. If I would have to narrow it down, I would say we make a mix of fantasy, roleplay, fetish, steampunk and at times even cute casual things with a certain twist.That being said, the WW woman probably needs to be very brave, strong and versatile.”

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 51

Photograph by Lessthen Zero

Page 52 | ECLIPSE August 2018

Wicca cannot name her favorite item. “If I could name THE favourite item… we probably would have stopped designing already, because every new item kinda is a new favorite item. Designing is a constant flow as fashion is too, Choosing THE favourite item feels like looking back instead of moving forward. Certainly I do have some items that I do like more than others or that feel more like being me, but that would be already too many to really name them and they kinda change everyday with a new mood as well.” She wishes she could name her most popular, “If I would always know what appeals, creating would be so much more easy I guess. It always is a hit and miss - sometimes you nail it, sometimes you don’t.” Nearly all successful designers market through events, Wicca’s favorite events are those, where event owners, staff, bloggers, designers and customers come together to have a great event with an amazing experience. For Wicca, Helen Keller’s quote expresses how she feels about events, whether as a blogger or creator. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 53

Full disclosure requires pointing out that Wicca is part of the ECLIPSE Magazine family. She is one of our regular photographers. Many people in Second Life blog, many create, many are photographers. Few do all three and ever fewer do it with so much style and panache. As Wicca evolves, she adds new talents, new skills, new activities but keeps on keeping on, doing what she did before. Wicca finds it amusing, “When I have Trouble in my IMs asking me if I am available for the upcoming issue of Eclipse. In that very moment I don’t even know if he needs me as a model, photographer or even something else.” She enjoys her work for ECLIPSE. “I love taking pictures and I love the challenge of never knowing what is coming. I do not see the styles of

Photograph by Wicca Merlin Page 54 | ECLIPSE August 2018

the models for the ‘Trending Now’ section before the shoot usually, I do not know what kind of landscape I am going to shoot and the biggest challenge mostly is the ‘’Ask Noey: The Advice Guru’ column. You never know what those questions are and sometimes it is really hard to find something that goes with those. Sometimes on the other hand, things pick my brain and I can even pull out inspirations for other projects of myself.” To keep her photos fresh and interesting, especially for “Trending Now”, she researches trends on the internet and examines how fashions are showcased. “That gives me a lot of inspiration for my own pictures and how I want to arrange them. The best part of taking pictures is, that for the sake of variety I have a reason to get off my plattform and roam around for a bit.”

Photograph by Wicca Merlin ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 55

Part of Wicca’s evolution in SL has been her friendships and SL relationships. “There are really many people that I met over the past 10 years, that did matter to me. Some I still call friends, while others vanished or decided to turn on me, though there are not too many of the last ones, thank God” She has already named two important friends, Silly Avro and Kimmera Madison. She demurred at trying to list them “I probably would make a way too long list. It is like the credits on a CD, you only have limited space and you are always scared you forgot one in the end. Those who are important to me do know that and I hope I am always able to show that to all of them–at all times.” “The most valuable relationship that grew out of SL for me was my partner Redclaw Inshan. We met in 2009 in SL first, at a club where I was working while he was the DJ there. We became friends and both did not even think about, that we could have a relationship, that would be more than a friendship. Now a couple of years later we are living together and being partners in crime in both lifes.”

Page 56 | ECLIPSE August 2018

Photograph by Carley Benazzi Wicca’s Wardrobe - Jordan ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 57

Page 58 | ECLIPSE August 2018

Anyone who has spent significant time in SL are changed by it. For Wicca, at the beginning, SL was an escape from reality, because her first life was a struggle. Now, though, she is loving life in both her first and Second Life. Now, SL is a way to express her creativity as well as a way to spend some time from the stress of a busy life. “Today I know there is a red “X” in the upper right of my screen where I can ‘pause’ my amazing virtual ‘dream’ life to have an awesome RL, away from my computer as well.” In the end, Wicca wants readers to know that she is approachable and likes chatting with new people and making new friends. “If you want to know more about me, maybe just shoot me an IM and talk to me.” As to the future, well, there is the new store and logo, beyond that,though, “I don’t know yet. I guess I missed the fortune teller class - I know there will be future, but what is in there… I will find out when it happens.” Follow Wicca on Flickr. Check out Wicca’s Blog. Check out Wicca’s Wardrobe on their website and on Facebook.

Photograph by Taylor Wassep Wicca’s Wardrobe - Esther Boots & Nicole Bodysuit ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 59

Dead Dollz: Margot Romper Photographer & Stylist: Carley Benazzi Page 60 | ECLIPSE August 2018

Photograph by Wicca Merlin

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 61

Page 64 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 65

Page 66 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 67

at home with...

STYLING BY blair lockhearst. photography by blair lo

Alternating each issue between the talents of Blair Lockhearst and June Fallon, ECLIPSE Magazine explores the long underappreciated and overlooked world of home and garden design. The flourishing diversity and abundance of choice since the mesh revolution has led to a bold new world of world creation. For this month’s feature, prepare to be inspired as Blair showcases eclectic versatility with a masculine touch. This is the best of “Homme Living” decor.


Page 70 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 71

Page 72 | ECLIPSE August 2018

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Page 74 | ECLIPSE August 2018

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Page 76 | ECLIPSE August 2018

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Page 78 | ECLIPSE August 2018

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Page 80 | ECLIPSE August 2018

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Page 82 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 83

Page 84 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 85

Page 86 | ECLIPSE August 2018

Entryway: Console. The Loft - Orville Console (modified) Rug. Apple Fall - Althea Rug Frame. Apple Fall - Original Artwork: L’Homme de la Nuit (modified) Sconce. The Loft & Aria - Zoete Accordian Lamp Bowl. The Loft - Catch All Bowl Decorative artichoke. Apple Fall Decorative Artichokes Picture frame. The Loft & Aria - Riley

Studded Picture Frame Picture frame. Fancy Decor - Tortoise Shell Frame (silver) Jar. Apple Fall - Temple Jar Book stack. Fancy Decor - Whale Tail Book Stack (modified) Vase. Fancy Decor - Modern Vase Plant leaves. Loft & Aria - Tropical Glam Vase Wire basket. Fancy Decor - Flora Basket Coat rack. Blue Sky - Propeller Coat

Living Room: Couch. Loft & ARIA - Cozi sofa Pillow. The Loft - Chidi Pillow Coffee table. The Loft - Zinc Top Coffee Table Ash Chair. The Loft - York Chair Green Rug. MudHoney - Greta Rug Matryoshka dolls. Tres Blah - Nesting Dolls Geisha doll. The Loft - Kouki Doll Candle. Erratic - antler candle stand Trinket container. Tres Blah - Trinkets Decorative box. Fancy Decor - Inlaid Box Wishbone. Mudhoney - Wishbone Magazine holder. Fancy Decor Copper Magazine Holder Wall shelf. Fancy Decor - Bernard Wall Shelf Standing lamp. Consignment Vintage Theatre Spotlight Plant. Dust Bunny - Hoya plant Jug. Fancy Decor - Norton Jug Vase. Fancy Decor - Norton Vase Storage box. The Loft & Aria - Linen Storage Box

Bowl. The Loft - Lola Bowl Stone Book pile. The Loft & ARIA - Riley Book Pile Mirror. The Loft & Aria - Gearmirror Pot. The Loft & ARIA - Branwyn Potted Agaveium Plant. Dust Bunny - Unicorn Planter Cloche. Apple Fall - Unknown Specimen Cloche. Apple Fall - Fern Specimen Books. The Loft & ARIA - Abalone Decorative Books Books. ARIA - Bella Book Pile Books. Fancy Decor - Stack of Books II Books. Fancy Decor - Antiquarian Books Books. Fancy Decor - Watson Stack of Books Books. Fancy Decor - Marble Pyramid & Books Books. Fancy Decor - Flora Book Stack Books. Fancy Decor - Whale Tail Book Stack Books. Fancy Decor - Jansen Art Books

Dining Room: Counter. Commoner - The Wine Cellar / Bar Table. The Loft - Roxanne Industrial Table Chair. Trompe Loeil Dining - Chair Basket of pears. Hive - basket of pears Water bottle. Fancy Decor - Jansen Mineral Water Grapefruit. Apple Fall - Elvira Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit

Bar stool. Commoner - The Wine Cellar / Bar Stool Vase. FD & Commoner - Slater Cactus Light Fixture. The Loft - Roxanne Balance Pendant Plant. ARIA - Olympia Vase With Gypsophila Plant. ARIA - Ava Vase with Monstera Deliciosa Leaf Kitchen set. Consignment - Catia Kitchen Spices. Bazar - Magnetic condiments

Bathroom: Sink. The Loft - My Love, My Beard Sink Mirror. Aria & The Loft - Baxter Mirror Sconce. Fancy Decor - Davis Sconce Shower. The Loft - My Love, My Beard Shower Hamper. David Heather - Laundry Hamper Basket. Fapple - Laundry Basket Rug. Apple Fall - Fiber Rug (modified) Towel basket. Cheeky Pea - Falkland Towel Basket Toilet paper. MudHoney - Cooper TP Stack Brush. MudHoney - Cooper Body Brush Bath towels. MudHoney - Cooper Bath Towels Crates. MudHoney - Cooper Crate Basket. The Loft - My Love, My Beard Basket Soaps. ARIA & The Loft - Baxter Cake Stand With Soaps Sponges. Apple Fall - Natural Sea Sponges in Cloche

Hair products. Tres Blah- Jolie - Hair Products Lotions. Apple Fall - Bathroom Lotions Dish. David Heather - Bathroom Dish Soap tray. Fancy Decor - Roux Soap Tray Toothbrush. MudHoney - Cooper Toothbrush Cup Mirror. POST - DeWitt Shaving Mirror Towel holder. Fancy Decor - Roux Towel Holder Toiletry bag. David Heather - Toiletry Stuff Bodycream. Apple Fall - Body Butter (Raspberry) Grooming kit. SORGO - Grooming Kit Plant. Dust Bunny - Potted Rubber Tree Cleaning supplies. Second Spaces Bathroom Clutter Shampoos. MudHoney - Cooper Shampoos

Bedroom: Bed. Bazar - Traveler Double bed Bench. The Loft - Taylor Bench Magazines. FD & Commoner - Slater Magazines Rug. Cheeky Pea - Country Home Rug Shoes. Bazar - Stockholm - Sneakers Sneakers. Vale Koer - Reference Sneakers Sneakers. Vale Koer - Fragment Sneakers Drawers. Apple Fall - Travel Drawers (Peruvian) Plant. Dust Bunny - Fiddle leaf tree Skis. Cheeky Pea - Aneto Skis Shelf. Consignment - Nautical Shelf Hanging lamp. Brocante - hanging cage light (red) Coral sculpture. Apple Fall - Coral Specimen Accessory holder. Le Primitiff Accessory Holder Tie frame. Apple Fall - Bow Tie Art Watches. David Heather - Rolex Pyramid RARE Sunglasses. David Heather - Sunglass Display Candle. Fancy Decor - Foskett Scented Candle Books. Apple Fall - Design Books

Bottles. Apple Fall - Stoneware Vessels Medals. O.M.E.N - Medals of Honour Shell fragment. Apple Fall - Nauticus Shell Vessel Cloche. Apple Fall - Unknown Specimen Books. Fancy Decor - Bernard Books Sidetable. Fancy Decor - Bernard Side Table Books. Fancy Decor - Jansen Art Books Vase. Fancy Decor - Nannerl Vase Floorlamp. Fancy Decor - Bernard Floor Lamp Slippers. Fancy Decor - Miles Slippers Wall frames. Fancy Decor - Large Frame Group Picture frame. The Loft - Napa Picture Frame Plant. Apple Fall - Reaching Plant Phone dock. Fancy Decor - Phone Dock Coffee cup. Fancy Decor - Bernard Coffee Mug Clock. Soy - Retro Flap Clock Watch. Sorgo - Watch Keys. Sorgo - Lucky Keys Wallet. Sorgo - Leather Wallet Coins. Sleepy Eddy - Money Clip

Wine corner: Chair. Apple Fall - Wingback Chair Rug. Revival - Vintage rug Martini table. The Loft - Frezza Side Table Whiskey tray. O.M.E.N - Whiskey & Cigar set Whiskey bottle. DYNASTY - The OxFord Effect - WhiskeyBottle/Cigar Art print. ARIA - Diana Retro Print Bar. Apple Fall - Masculine Bar Sconce. The Loft - Pepta Sconce Wall racks. Kunst - Wine bottles wall racks Wine rack. Kunst - Wine & glasses wall rack RARE Tray. The Loft - Pepta Drinks Tray

Metal boxes. The Loft - Pepta Metal Boxes Ice bucket. The Loft - Pepta Ice Bucket Decanter. The Loft - Pepta Whiskey Decanter Ice bucket. ARIA - Diana Ice Bucket & Shakers Cocktail tools. ARIA - Diana Bar Tool Set Whiskey decanter. ARIA - Diana Decorative Whiskey Decanter Bottles. Kunst - Balleys Original x2 Bottles. Kunst - Absolutely bottles x2 Bottles. Kunst - Cazador Tequila x4 Bottles. Kunst - Balleys Vanilla x2 Bottles. Dust Bunny - autumns calling - wine bottle

Balcony Area: Chair. Apple Fall Lily Wicker Chair Sailor Chair. Apple Fall Lily Wicker Chair Cream Cushion. Apple Fall Cushion - Mudcloth, African Cushion. ARIA &The Loft - Portico Bench Pillow Sidetable. MudHoney - Leslie Garden Stool Books. Apple Fall - Stacked Books Books. Fancy Decor - Whale Tail Book Stack (modified) Decorative kiwi. Loft & Aria - Callisto Standing Kiwi Potted plant. Dust Bunny - potted bromeliad Newspaper. Apple Fall - Times Newspaper Basin. Nutmeg - Basin and Watering Can Rug. The Loft - Meyer Fringe Rug Rug. The Loft - Wooden Rug Coffeetable. The Loft & ARIA - Attwell Coffee Table Cheeseboard. Apple Fall Cheeseboard Decanter. Apple Fall - Whisky

Decanter Winebottle. Apple Fall - Argentinian Malbec Wineglasses. Apple Fall - Wine Glasses Cigarette. Apple Fall - ‘Lucky Numbers’ Cigarette Carton Lantern. The Loft - Metal Lantern Black Lantern. Loft & Aria - Callisto Lantern String lights. Hive - dark string lights Pot. Dahlia - Strawberry Large Pot Bench. The Loft - Taylor Bench Watering can. The Loft & ARIA Winslow Watering Can Strawberries planter. ARIA - Emmerich potted blooming strawberries Plant. The Loft & ARIA - Winslow Potted Poppies Plant. ARIA &The Loft - Portico Potted caladium Plant. The Loft & ARIA - Winslow Potted Amaryllis Plant. Loft & Aria - Callisto Potted Strelitzia Reginae Plant. ARIA &The Loft - Portico Potted Bromeliad Plant. Apple Fall - Rosemary Plant. Soy - Potted Cheese Plant Plant. Soy - Super long Hanging ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 87

Page 88 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 89

Page 90 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 91

the proust spotli

photography by Mat

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second Life®. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick. ECLIPSE Magazine has teamed up with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, so each month the blogger we showcase on the Proust Spotlight is a group member. The group member we feature this month is the talented MattNight84. When asked to share something about himself, he tells us, “That quiet guy (Yes, I’m a real introvert). I joined SL only a year ago and started blogging a few months in. It is something that I have found a real passion for. I continue to be inspired and amazed by the people in this crazy virtual world.”



What is your ideal of perfect happiness? Laying on my bed with headphones on listening to my favorite music. Oh and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee! What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Patience. People say that good things come to those who wait but waiting around is not going to get you anywhere. Good things come to those who work hard and make things happen. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “Sorry”. I’m Canadian though so it’s kind of a difficult habit to kick. What do you consider your greatest achievement? In Second Life it would be my blog. It is something that I have really fallen in love with doing. I continue to learn and grow and am proud with what I have done so far. What do you most value in your friends? Honesty, humor and accepting me as I am. What is your motto? Simply put, it is to be kind. Connect with Matt on his Flickr and Blog.

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Trending now

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Trending Now is a monthly piece dedicated to showcasing some of the best ready-to-wear fashion found on Second LifeÂŽ. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine stylists enjoy the warmer weather trends one more time!

cca merlin.

AnnaG Pfeffer in Rain Mac Hair:Dura-Girl 51 Glasses: Haysuriza - London2 Jacket: Ison- plastic bomber Crop: Baiastice -Cami Crop Top Pants: Coco- _WideLegTrousers_ Shoes: Baiastice-Plexy Platform Ring: Kunglers - Aya Bag: Indyra - Last Call Totes

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Boniefacio in Statement Camels Hair : Modulus - Jon Hair Top : not so bad . mesh . YAEL shirt Pants : <Kalback> Original Chino M2_ Footwear : {COLD-ASH} Mens CHELSEA Boots Necklace : MINIMAL - Night Necklace Rings : [Since1975]-DJ Ringset ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 109

Caesar Langer in Action Man Top: Ascend - Ethan Tucked In Shirt Bottom: Ascend - Ben Casual Short w/Belt Shoes: Vale Koer - Tactical Flip Boots Hat: Rebellion - Infiltration Cap Glasses: Meva - Dez Aviator Bag: Reverie - Gimme Shelter Backpack Ring: Kunst - Wire Ring Page 110 | ECLIPSE August 2018

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Ombrebleue in 80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day & Night Hair: Tram - H0701 Shirt: Mimikri - Kira Choker: Mandala - Pearl Rain Season 3 Skirt: Ison - Pleated Boots: Maitreya - Zoie Page 112 | ECLIPSE August 2018

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SaianSamuel in Eighties Top: Orion - Blazer&Under-Tee Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild - Edge Business Suit Shoes: Daniel Grant - Timothy Hair: i.mesh - Roberto Glasses: Since 1975 - Minigoggles Necklace: TCoD - Chain

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Wicca Merlin in Pastel Attack Jacket: C’est la vie- Chus JK Top1: Vinyl - Matchbox Bustier Top2: Vinyl - Twenty Turtleneck Pants: Kaithleen’s - Frill Denim Shorts Shoes: Gos - Monza Belted Boots Hair No.Match - No.Arrest Rings: Slipper - Cadence Rings Septum: kunst - Anuket Makeup: Zibska - Syra Eyemakeup

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the art perspectiv

featuring “Ethereal Shapes” by Noke Yuitza. written by oema. photograph


hy by oema.

Serendipity happens when you are lucky enough “to be in the right place at the right time.” Serendipity happened to me the other night, August 5th. I went to LEA2 where I knew that Noke Yuitza, the creator of the famous E.V.E. store of artistic decor, was preparing her installation. I did not realize that, not only was installation already finished, but it was the second evening of the Opening that feautured the singer Skye Galaxy in that precise moment; he is one of the most beautiful and engaging male voices I’ve ever heard in Second Life®. All of a sudden I found myself immersed in a dream environment, a medicine for the soul broken by life.

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Those who know Noke Yuitza and her E.V.E. store know that her artworks are frequently used to decorate fantasy settings in SLÂŽ. Truth be told, her own store is an artwork, because of the way her works are exhibited and offered to the public. That night, however, in addition to the beautiful artistic sculptures of Noke Yuitza, the enchanting voice of Skye Galaxy was there to decorate and make the installation at LEA2 even more evocative. The warm voice of this singer, capable of improvising a song with the names of those present and inventing a rap in the moment, left everyone speechless. He made carefully chose the songs to create a soundcape appropriate to Nokeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ethereal environment.

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So there we were, one hundred of us, (and the countless numbers who tried to attend but could not enter the full sim) withour feet ankle-deep in the water, wholly ecstatic and captive in the soul by the vibrating energy in that meticulously conceived and created setting. For all those who want to know more about the E.V.E. store, there is a landmark giver at the LEA2 landing point where you will also learn some necessary information about the installation “Ethereal Shapes” in local chat. Before describing my feelings about the installation, I want to ask a question: have you ever seen forms in the sky on a clear night as a child? ,Have you seen a face or an animal in the glittering wakes of the stars? Often these experiences are quickly cataloged as the “fruit of children’s imagination.” Sometimes even adults live these experiences, in moments of calm, when they are far from the frenzy and heaviness of daily life.

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These are moments of magic, of connection with our child’s soul, free to fly without external conditioning. In these moments we are present in life, at the “here and now,” without worries for the “after” and without regret for the “before.” These are moments of happiness, timeless fleeting moments. Noke Yuitza, in her essential presentation at the installation, claims to have created 4 main spaces about the shapes that the stars seem to represent: Dreamer, Galaxy, Ballet, and Eyes. Noke notes “The concept that brings them together is the dreamer that looks at how stars dances in a galaxy ballet.” Perhaps her own explanation from her website is the best introduction. “E.V.E is artist Noke Yuitza’s brand for CG art and fashion designs in Second Life. The brand objective is to expand users imagination

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and preserve their originality through applying science and art techniques, as how light performs over sand particles or clothes behavior under zero gravitation, to create pieces that are original from their concept design to the final product, innovating and being avant-garde in the way they perform in virtual worlds.â&#x20AC;? Freedom and originality are, therefore, the ideals that inspire Noke in her creations. She is attentive to the needs of her audience and her customers. The artistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s thought is aimed at the creation of works that allow the admirer to create a unique style, as the combination of various and numerous productions enables you to assemble an enchanting and very careful setting. Visit Ethereal Shapes by Noke Yuitza @ LEA2. Check out the E.V.E. website.

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ask noey: the advice guru

send your questions to noey here, and it might be in our next issue. written by noey ivy london f

flower. photography by wicca merlin.

Dear Noey, My SL husband and I have been together for close to five years. Two weeks ago he confessed that he had an affair. This affair lasted six months. He tells me that he’s sorry and it’s the biggest mistake he’s ever made. I really do love him but am not sure how to go from here. Is there a place to go from here? I haven’t forgiven him. I wish I could. Cheated Carly Dear Cheated Carly, Well... Have you two had a serious talk with each other? Where you dedicate a specific time uninterrupted where its just you two? No interruptions of any kind including Second Life? Its easy to get caught up in a innocent flirtation online, especially SL, and then before you know it you are deeper in than you thought. Five years is a long time to be with someone in SL, thats almost like a lifetime! With that being said, he did come clean. That doesn’t make what happened go away, but he could have decided to take the other route and not tell you. Keeping things secret in Second Life is very easy. So now the ball lays in your court... You have to be the one to decide whether or not you can continue on being with him online. Online relationships take an enormous amount of trust. You really have to have that to make it last in here. If you feel as though you cant move past that, then you need to move on from the relationship. You wont be doing him any favors by staying with him and it wont be fair to you. I recommend taking some time away from each other so you can think about what you want without being preoccupied with him. You will figure it out. Trust in yourself.

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Dear Noey, I am Irish in real life, but in SL my skin is black. Recently my group of friends found out that I’m not black in real life and a few of them feel betrayed and have begun to ostracize me from our group. We’ve been friends for like a little over a year and I’ve never claimed to be black. Am I wrong for not disclosing the color of my skin behind my avatar? Sad Sally Dear Sad Sally, To be fair.....I can see why they might be slightly weirded out that you were not “black”. Perhaps they think if you lied about this, then what else could you be hiding as well? I have the feeling that it just never came up and needed to be addressed because it just wasn’t of any real importance. Its not something any of us think to establish from the get go. But, in all honesty...do any of us look exactly like our avatar? No. I sure dont! Its pretty interesting to see this considering that in this day and age labeling is something of the past. Yet you find people acting like this, not being your friend anymore because the color of your skin does not match your online skin. Its a little silly if you ask me. Granted you have to try to understand where they might be coming from, but its something that should not end friendships. Reach out to them, explain yourself and how you view the situation and then give them the same respect. If they just cant seem to kick it, then just let them know you respect their feelings and try to move on. If they are pretty good friends they will come around. Remember to be calm and understanding. Your feelings are not the only ones affected here. Good luck!

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Dear Noey, I started dating a guy a few weeks ago, and my best friend who is male and gay has started to act weird around me. He would alternate between wearing his female and male avi but now is wearing his male avi all the time. He also accuses me of never having time of him anymore. What am I supposed to do? Frustrated Frannie Dear Frustrated Frannie, Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s probably nothing more than a little jealousy. We have all been there when a close friend gets into a new relationship, and then they kind of disappear for a while. Real life and in SL. Yea it sucks, but you have to feel where they are coming from and realize that you would probably feel the same way. Its super important to balance out relationships with friendships. Both are equally important. Its not difficult to do, and its definitely not tough to do online. Give a little extra effort and spend some time with your friend. Invite him to hang out with you and your new man. Then make sure to set aside some time to spend alone with your new boyfriend. Also set aside some alone time with your friend too. Friendships are not disposable, remember when you reach a valley, that friend is going to be the one to pull you out. So if you decide to just dump him when something new and shiny comes along, most likely hes not going to be around when you need him most. Be a good friend and listen to what hes trying to tell you.

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Voices from the g

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second Life® residents on the salient issues of the day. For this issue, ECLIPSE Magazine asked residents, “How do you beat the heat in Second Life?”


Photograph provided by J.R. Howell. Page 146 | ECLIPSE August 2018


.R. Howell is a published poet in RL with one book collection (2016) and two chapbooks forthcoming. He wrote and illustrated the serialized graphic novella titled The Vagabond Fugue (2014) in the SLE News Source and was the creator and curator of the in-world virtual literary experiment called The Beautiful Creatures (2009). J.R. also teaches writing and literature in Oregon. He is currently working on a novel as well as trying to improve as a SL photographer/painter. See him splashing about here.

j.r. howell

Nothing beats the shade of an oncoming wave, even in Second Life. After paddling out far enough for the ephemeral names above avatar heads to disappear in what looks like a heat-mirage from the sand, the sea will raise up her hips to meet me. There is a thrill-albeit imagined in this pixelated world- of being at the mercy of something vastly bigger than myself, as I carve out a path that will soon disappear from behind me. And just before the point of no return, before the wave curls so far around me that the physics of it all must give way in a thunderous crash, the sound of the wave almost sounds like the roar of applause— When I was in high school, my friend and I would leave Portland in his beat-up Chevy Luv, and with our hand-me-down boards lashed to the bed of his truck,we’d ride for the Oregon Coast. Our destinations were the regular spots; The Point at Seaside if the old locals let us, then Indian Beach or Short Sands. Each shore had a different texture of minimalist to storm pounding waves. One thing they had all had in common- even on the hottest of days, the water was cold, cold, cold. After a 45-minute session of mostly getting tossed about by the surf, we would scuttle ashore and lay flat on our backs in our full body wetsuits, trying to absorb the heat of the sand, our teeth chattering away for several minutes until we were ready to go out again. Even so, each time on our way home, I would always go for the rainbow sno-cone, my body still shivering, the frozen grains against my tongue, all so I could flirt with the freckle-faced girl behind the cart with her auburn braids and paper hat. Now that I’m older, it’s still the cry of gulls and the nearby surf that cools me down. A ferry sounding its distant horn in the morning fog. The flavor of salt in the air. This Victorian town at the tip of the Olympic Peninsula is my yearly retreat to escape from the heat of my home. Because here in the High Desert, the heat bears down heavy. In one way to beat the heat, a writer friend implores, as a cheeky public service announcement, for us all to throw our underwear into the freezer. It’s a good idea, one that will no doubt require some explaining when my son reaches in for a popsicle, but still a good idea, I think. Some evenings my partner and I take turns with ice cubes between our teeth as we trace each other’s heated collarbones, sternums and linger at the hollows of our throats. We give a dab or two at each other’s salty temples, then ultimately against our shared and eager lips. When it comes to my time in Second Life on the hottest of days, I soak a t shirt and wear it, fill a mason jar with ice and water and lime, so I can chill out on some beach like Elysion or Surfer’s Bay. Because here in Second Life, I am almost that impossibly young and flirty boy again, with the roar of the surf curling over my head— ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 147

Photograph provided by LeithDrew. Page 148 | ECLIPSE August 2018



eithDrew - a.k.a Jihye - joined Second Life in 2015 out of curiosity after a friend had mentioned it. Second Life was just a game for the first seven months until Jihye started to dabble with mesh creation in November of the same year. Many, many hours of hair pulling, rage-quitting and deleting later her first mesh item was created, a simple bag, which was released as a free gift on the Marketplace™. She enjoyed sharing her work so much that within a few days of that first release she established her store–AsteroidBox. The unusual name has been a question from many people over the years but the simple answer is there is no meaning behind the name, it was just a random combination of words that sounded pleasing to Jihye. Now, two and a half years later, Jihye is still creating items and has recently branched out into making female clothing and hopes to continue creating for years to come. I am certainly not a summer person, prefering to sit around under layers of blankets than brave going out in the sun. This summer has been unusually hot for where I live–London, U.K –with it being the longest hot period since the 70s. Us English folk aren’t used to hot summers, we’re used to constant rain with perhaps a few warm days scattered throughout July. The hot period has not been kind to my computer, causing it to overheat a number of times and causing myself to overheat quite often too, so trying to beat the heat in Second Life has been difficult, especially because of the high computing intensive software that is needed to create products. I have, on occasion, put my avatar into a kiddie pool on my working platform and attempted to live vicariously through my avatar while being stuck in my 90 degree room. However, the heat has inspired me to create more summer-related items, such as a bikini set which will be released at an event in early August and to bring my avatar out of her usual leather jackets and skinny jeans. With all that being said, beating the heat has become a real challenge during this hot, hot, hot summer and, to be truthful, I’m eager to welcome in the cooler months! Check out her Flickr, Mainstore and Marketplace.

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 149

Photograph provided by Crys Barbosa. Page 150 | ECLIPSE August 2018


crys barbosa

rystalls Resident, now known as Crys Barbosa, is like many other members of Second Life, but at the same time nothing like them. Joining May 30th, 2012, she came into the world of SL to roleplay, shop, and get away from the stress of the real world. Though she no longer roleplays as much as her early years, you will find one interesting thing about Crys is that she lives as an Avariel. What is an avariel one asks? Well they are known as elves with wings or sky elves. This race of elf had much conflict with dragons and were wiped out so even they are known as mythical to the current elven races. The years in Second Life changed her from more than a role player, but into an entrepreneur as well. She was amazed at all the opportunity of creating and building within Second Life and started out building with prim and creating a shop called “Sew Charming”. She has found her niche with the Gacha Market and today, Crys is a business owner in-world and on Marketplace. She owns a small GACHA shop called “Sew Charming” which is located at Ulta. “Sew Charming” can also be found on Marketplace by following this link: “Sew Charming”. The business has allowed her to explore many areas of SL and with all the beauty of watching others build and create. Changing from prim to mesh creation, she was drawn to photography and capturing many things within Second Life. You can now find her photography and captures of those creations and her life at: Crys Charmed. Crys now sales and loads many of her images to DeviantArt which can be found at the following: KLeaFoxx. It has been hot summer in and out of Second Life, but it was easy to beat the heat in Second Life this year with all the amazing shopping opportunities at some of my favorite Gacha locations! There were so many gacha events, with new builds and creations by many of Second Life’s top builders and creators! It kept me on my toes, and honestly my wings are exhausted from flying from sim to sim and grid to grid! The themes of Summer Gachas this year in Second Life had my bum in the sand and toes in the water! Decorating my shop and home this summer gave me many cool areas to enjoy my summer. The “Sew Charming”, had such a touch of a cool summer!!! Yes, I was singing the song “cool summer” in my mind while stating that! My shop and SIM had beach-inspired locations to cool off in the water, as well as grabbing cool drinks, sweet treats and even ice cream. Keeping myself cool was easy with all the amazing gahca events that I visited such as, “The Arcade, Chapter Four, The Epiphany, GAHCALand, The Gacha Garden, and more!” Trying to even pick a top five for my favorite GACHAS summer themed creations would be impossible to do, but many of them literally had me throwing on my swimsuit, flip flops, and enjoy the sunny days and sandy nights. This summer ended up in a wedding event and an adoption that was truly a white barn summer night. Not only did we celebrate our new partnership, but we welcomed the adoption of our son Davey, and we also welcomed our newborn son Layne with a small number of friends and family over the summer was amazing! We had dancing, food, and of course lots of picture taking to make sure others not in attendance were able to see all the new things going on in our Second Life over the summer. When not enjoying all the events, I found myself keeping cool with hanging out with my inworld family. We did a lot of kicking off our shoes in the air-conditioned treehouse and sitting around chatting and enjoying the sounds of music, and the sounds of a crying baby! Our home SIM become a summer island as we would use the warm nights to go out on the water kayaking. Then coming back to the beach curling up next to the camp fire eating barbecue and making smores while telling stories of past times. Riding the Quads home again in the late-night air gave me time to take in that much needed air and time to think about how cool my Second Life is. Beating the heat was so easy in Second Life this year because I was able to make so many amazing friends, family and memories! ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 151

Photograph provided by Alyssa Valentino. Page 152 | ECLIPSE August 2018

alyssa valentino


lyssa Valentino joined SL in 2010 and immediately began to working to succeed. She’s smart, sassy, ambitious, flirtatious, and very alluring. Oh, but please beware fellas, because this southern belle is happily taken. From modeling, house-Hunting, fashion shows , rooftop parties, daily breast-feeding routines, charity balls, cooking, and daily shop-a-holic meetings, she’s managed to stay grounded in the chaotic word of SL. To the naked eye she may seem like she’s all about glitz and glam, but behind the scenes you’ll see that she’s nothing more or less than your average southern belle–full of love, passion, and kindness. Hmmm, How do I beat the heat in Second Life? I would say I switch up my scenery. I enjoying new surroundings, and/or fresh perspectives within Second Life. I can say in all of my years both on and off Second Life, I’ve never been a resident of any community, homestead and/or private island for more than one year. I enjoy luxury, so I tend to vacation and rent different places . I enjoy exploring and taking photos in new places. As an avid photography lover and Fashion enthusiast, I tend to explore every and any fantasy my heart desires. I’m rather shy believe it or not. I enjoy socializing ,and attending the latest and most exclusive events, but I’d have to admit I’d rather be home chatting with my partner. If I’m not behind or in front of a camera. I’m probably tanning on a private island, relaxing on yacht , hiding somewhere far away in the mountains with my SL family , sipping wine and enjoying the scenery in Rome, dancing in the clouds, or reading a book in Africa. To sum it up...I bring the heat along with me and make sure I look darn good while doing it . I’ve learned in Second Life the only way beat the heat in SL is to embrace or bring it. Either way the heat never leaves. Check out her Flickr.

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 153

Photograph provided by GraciAnne Harte. Page 154 | ECLIPSE August 2018

gracianne harte


raciAnne Harte is a photographer, blogger, student and all-around troublemaker, but not always in that order. She’s enjoyed Second Life since 2011 capturing her experiences in her Flickr pics. Her blog chronicles some of her adventures throughout the metaverse.

She has a large and quite messy inventory and is an avid supporter of many shopping events in Second Life. She also enjoys long walks on the beach with her puppy dogs. Summer in Second Life can be an endless season depending on where your teleport takes you. Just as Mother Nature decorates our real lives, some sim owners lavishly decorate their areas for summer. But no matter where you land, it’s a season for fun and adventure. For me, it’s a time to hit the beach. The sight of lifeguards and other assorted hot-looking guys slick with suntan lotion does wonders to take my mind off how hot the sun feels and the rhythmic sound of waves crashing on shore is so soothing. With so many beach sims like the Bajas and Pandora Resort, I’ve been able to relax and beat the heat by lazily floating in the cool water. Ahh, but when the beaches get too crowded, it’s time to head indoors for what else... a little bit of retail therapy. Nothing beats the feeling of coming inside from the sun like the chill of air conditioning. That cool breeze hitting the back of my sweaty neck is absolute heaven and makes me pause just to savor the feeling for a minute or two. And now, there are so many new events cropping up and so many fantastic designs on display, it’s a wonder I have any Lindens left in my pocket! And finally, when the summer heat has squeezed all the motivation out of me, you can find me under the trees in my little piece of SL, cold one in hand, chatting with my online friends. Check out her Blog.

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 155

Photograph provided by Paulusl Woller. Page 156 | ECLIPSE August 2018

paulasl woller


aulusl Woller {The Lone Sith) joined Second Life in 2007. Life for him in second life has been fun. He has met many people, made many good friends, and even found love. He loves taking pictures and has been getting very good at it. His Flicker reflects his work.

To beat the heat in SL, I love relaxing by the beach, a pool, in a boat. Anything by the water. Relaxing in a boat as it floats along the water, with the waves lapping the side. Listening to the birds flying above, waves crashing against the rocks. Its the most relaxing thing. Keeping a foot in the water keeps me cool. Floating in a pool float, with a hand in the pool, moving it around. Or even just swimming. Jumping in the cool water, feeling weightless, swimming to the surface and taking a breath of air before diving back down. Watching the fish swimming around. After sitting in the sun, getting all hot, to jump in the cold ocean water, even though its a shock to your body, the instant cooling effect it has is amazing. The feeling of the water on my body, as it glides over it, while I swim through the reefs. Being under the water, seeing the world above, and the world below, as I cool off. And then coming to the surface and floating on my back, my front warming from the sun, while my back is still cool from the water. That is how I beat the heat in Second Life. Check out his Flickr.

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 157

Photograph provided by Trixta Silvercloud. Page 158 | ECLIPSE August 2018

trixta silvercloud


rix [Trixta Silvercloud] joined SL in 2009, after hearing about it from a RL friend. She was fascinated from the very first day, drawn to the people, the fashion, the creativity and the live music scene. For several years, SL was all about making friends, shopping, dancing, & exploring. Trix discovered Flickr in 2015, and what started as the posting of a few candid pics here and there has has since developed into a real passion for SL photography. This led in turn to the creation of her own poses, and the opening of her store Sensation Poses in early 2017. The question for this month’s issue is ‘How do you escape the heat in SL?’ I thought about this from a weather perspective, because I know it is summer for many SL residents, but as an Aussie it is winter for me so i’m not trying to escape the heat, I’m trying to snuggle up to it! So then I thought about escaping the figurative ‘heat’ of real life, and I liked this angle better. Second Life is a genuine escape for me; a way to unwind and relax and chill out. Real life is crazy busy, so it is lovely sometimes to just sneak away into SL to lose myself in another world for a little while. I love the quiet solitude of photography... visualizing a scene, creating poses, experimenting with windlights, playing around with edits and filters, and then that sense of satisfaction from the finished product... I find it an almost meditative process, and I love it, from start to finish. I also love to wander beautiful SIMs, or just relax with my wonderful partner at the beachfront paradise that he & I have created together. If I’m in the mood, there is shopping to be done, too, along with socializing and spending time with friends. I’m not a roleplayer; so I don’t leave the real life me behind when I log in, but instead I just leave behind the pressures and problems of real life. This is soul-soothing for me. It is a place where I can dress how I want, shrink my butt if i decide its too big; a place where my 5 inch heels don’t murder my feet. But also, it is a place of diversity and equality. It is a place where we can get to know people whose paths would never cross ours otherwise. It is a place where without really even realizing it, we put aside real life prejudices like appearance or age or disability and we get to know people for who they are on the inside. And I think that might just be the most beautiful escape of all. Check out her Flickr and Marketplace.

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 159

Photograph provided by Yeriak Couturier. Page 160 | ECLIPSE August 2018



eriak Couturier joined SL in 2010, started in the modeling industry, working in different agencies such as AVENUE, Trempe, Ferosh, Versus, and KABUKI. She worked as a model in stores, on runways, for vendor pictures, and for magazines. She has also worked as a blogger manager. In 2014 she started blogging, first with fashion trends and currently she started blogging at home and garden and landscaping. In 2015 until 2017 she founded her own agency called ICONIQ. She currently works at VERSUS High Modeling Institute (CEO) and VERSUS Magazine. I stay at home with my Daikiri ice tea, it is important to stay hydrated. My house is very cool, so I try to have a good temperature in some parts of the house. In the evenings when the sun is sleeping, I prefer to take a long walk with my pets, it is a wonderful temperature and the heat is lower, but if I need to go out in the afternoon I keep some tricks. I use a solar SPF for my skin and face, I use comfortable and cool clothes and I try to go shopping when there are fewer people at events, stay away from the crowds and please always carry a cold bottle of water. I think the best part of the day is when I take a shower, another wonderful moment is in the pool or on the beach is the best for this heat. Check out her Flickr and other Flickr.

ECLIPSE August 2018 | Page 161

Photograph provided by Tomomi Homewood. Page 162 | ECLIPSE August 2018

tomomi homewood


omomi Homewood was born in 2007 and soon became crazy about making avatars and enjoying dresses. It was around 2010 that she took a photo of a Look of the Day (LOTD) and started to upload it to blog. She has also blogged for many shops and events. Eleven years have passed since she was joined, but her daily routine has not changed. In that time, she has uploaded 1685 photos to Flickr. She is excited to see other people enjoy her pictures and have fun. She will continue to take pictures for her enjoyment from now on. In Japan, there are several ways to beat the heat of summer.

For example, it is going to the summer festival, watching fireworks, wearing a yukata, going to a Japanese style haunted house. Many events - JAPONICA, KURENAI, and Okinawa Summer Festival, etc.- are held in the summer in the Japanese community. It is my every summer enjoyment to go to the festival by wearing a cool yukata. The light of the fantastic firefly which can only be seen in the summer night also makes us forget the heat. And the starry sky is also the same. And cold food watermelon and shaved ice are a classic dessert in Japanese summer. Please come and visit Japan event and experience it! To close, I like to hang out with friends of SL under the cool air conditioning room in RL :P

Check out her Flickr, Blog and Twitter.

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Photograph provided by Ashley Carter. Page 164 | ECLIPSE August 2018

ashley carter


shley Carter took her first steps in Second Life back in July, 2011. After wandering the grid aimlessly for a while, she found her true calling through the camera lens. Taking her from the sandy beaches to the outermost reaches of space, no two days were quite the same from that moment on.

Being a devoted beachgoer, I’m used to lying in the sun for hours. Now I’m well aware of the dangers associated with that, but my skin doesn’t seem to burn… like, at all. I can’t seem to tan either, I have a better chance of sprouting a mermaid tail. Despite all this, I don’t try to beat the weather, I embrace it. As much as I might complain about how hot it is one day, I know that come winter time, I’ll be missing it. Conversely, I enjoy anytime it rains, especially during a summer heatwave. Rain is essential for our bodies, as well as for the plants and wildlife around us. Not to mention it helps breed life, that’s kind of amazing don’t you think? It’s also a great excuse for me to go watch a movie. Winter is by far my most favourite time of the year. Anytime it snows there’s like this magical sensation that takes over. When I step out onto a street covered in soft yet crunchy white snow, I instantly feel like a kid again. My eyes grow wide with excitement and I can’t resist sticking my tongue out for a taste (you can keep those dirty thoughts to yourself ). The world feels new again, like its been given a fresh, clean slate. There’s nothing else like it. Not only am I a beach-aholic, but I’m also a certified space traveller (with a degree to prove it). I’ve visited planets made up entirely of molten lava. I’ve hung out with Cloudorians; think of them as walking, talking clouds - quite friendly when you get to know them. When I told them about the weather we get on Earth, they looked at me with complete astonishment. At least I think they did, it was hard to tell because they were just clouds. The point is, it’s easy to take things like the weather for granted. We can forget that not everyone gets to experience it the way we do. That’s why I don’t try to beat the weather, there’s only so much you can do about it anyway. So I make the best of the situation, and enjoy it for what it is. Check out her Flickr.

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artist highlight

photography by taylo

or wassep.

Melly Faith is one of the many talented artists represented by Whispering Sands Live Promotions and has recently joined them. When asked about her musical inspiration, “Artists like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, are just some of the few that i really look up to and love what they stand for. I would like to sing music that inspires people and makes them happy like their music does for me.” As for her sound, she details how she would call it “Country Pop.” She began live singing at the urging of her family and friends, if it were not for them “[live singing] would have never been a thought.” Melly is quick to acknowledge that this is all new to her; however, she finds it exciting and is eager to see where it takes her. As for the most meaningful song she has sung during a performance, she names “Fly” by Maddie and Tae. “It meant so much to me because the song is about taking those baby steps and so many people pushed me to do the live singing and take the baby steps to do this.” These are her top five favorite songs to sing: Can’t Help Falling In Love Dibs Fearless Last Name When You Say Nothing at All Be sure to check out her performance at Jagged Edge on August 22, 2018 at 4PM SLT. Listen to her on SoundCloud. Follow her on Facebook.

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THE wayfarer...

photography by taylo

“The Wayfarer” is a monthly feature by Taylor Wassep showcasing some of the most aesthetic places in Second Life®. For this issue, the Wayfarer discovered the stunning Soul2Soul River. Whether you visit to simply take in the beautiful scenery, are looking for a photogenic sim or even perhaps a new place to call home, you will be immersed in a land inspired by the Thames Valley circa the 1960’s.

or wassep.

Explore Soul2Soul River.

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ECLIPSE Magazine  

This issue of ECLIPSE Magazine we feature on our cover, the talented photographer, blogger and designer, Wicca Merlin. On the fashion front,...

ECLIPSE Magazine  

This issue of ECLIPSE Magazine we feature on our cover, the talented photographer, blogger and designer, Wicca Merlin. On the fashion front,...